5 Ways To Improve Your Online Game

Online dating sparks debate in the manosphere. Some swear by it, others hate it. Tuthmosis recently acknowledged the merits of online dating. Western Cancer later countered that it hamstrings game. Both men make well-reasoned and valid arguments.

Online game is not perfect. It is true that you are unlikely to find many 9s or 10s online. It can also become a huge waste of time and energy if done improperly. It is not appropriate for all men. And it can hurt your game if used as an excuse to avoid approaching women in real life.

But you can get laid online consistently with minimal effort. Having a good system in place is crucial to success. It helps to approach it as a business. I like to make a game out of it, challenging myself to pull new women online efficiently.

Here are five ways I have personally improved my online dating efforts:

1. Macros

I cannot take credit for this online dating idea. Macros make online dating much more efficient. Download and install a macro program into your browser. Spend a few minutes creating and recording custom messages. After that, you just hit one button and quickly send your standard email to each new girl. This drastically cuts down on keystrokes and eliminates copy pasting.

2. Dating Apps

You may want to send openers from your phone. In this case, the standard free smart phone app for each individual dating site works well. Use that with an app like ColorNote. Save your custom messages in note form and then copy/paste your emails from your phone. This method is not as good as using macros on your PC, but it is much quicker than typing on your phone.

3. Email At Work

This applies to those who still work for someone else. Stick it to the Man. Set aside a few minutes each day to shoot off openers. Use boring meetings or cubicle down time as an opportunity to send emails. Focus on contacting girls who are “online now.” They obviously tend to respond more quickly and can be open to same night meet-ups.

4. Stack Your Dates

This is an effective way of planning dates. Schedule your dates back-to-back. Keep the two venues close by and leave a half hour cushion in between. Ride the momentum from one date into the next. Every time I have stacked two dates in one night, I have banged at least one of the girls. Stacking two dates in one night creates a real abundance mentality that is hard to fake. It also gives you an excuse to cut the date short if needed.

5. The Local Coffee Shop

I sometimes use bars for first dates. But I’ve been most successful meeting women at coffee houses for first dates. Avoid national chains; look for local shops close to your place instead. Many serve beer and wine. Coffee shops are usually cheaper than bars and will sometimes have evening happy hours. Timing your dates for this will reduce your overall cost per lay.

Online dating is not perfect, and not all men will find it useful. I agree it should probably not be your only source of new women. But, with a proper system in place, it can become an important part of your dating and seduction efforts.

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12 thoughts on “5 Ways To Improve Your Online Game”

  1. ha ha. I get a great laugh when I’m a starbucks and see a an online date going on. No way in hell you are coming close to that on the same night

  2. if you stack dates how can the first date ever end in a bang, since you have to leave for the second date? Do you just blow off the second one if its looking like you will get it done on the first?

    1. Mr. Minter’s advice is solid but I do it a bit differently. With online dating, I almost never attempt the first date lay. I end all my online first dates after 60 minutes max, whether they go well or not. Saves time, money, and allows for stacking.
      I escalate for the lay on the second date, movie night at my house. No time limit on the second date.
      One rare exception: Girls from online coming straight to you house for the first date are likely down to fuck same night. So, no time limits or stacking dates if that happens.

  3. To answer the stacked question above. If the first date is going as you wish then you blow off the second. And it does add that sense of abundance. Your looking at your watch. You’re distracted. You have plans running through your head. And you almost have a sense that you want to get the fuck out of there. Aloof is very easy in this circumstance.
    I once stacked 3 dates in one night. All day long I was worried about how I was going to actually do it, to swing from one to another to another. The first situation clicked and I just blew off all the others. I was in Madrid. It was a final Saturday night. I never heard from the other two ever again but frankly I didn’t care. The stacked the other two behind the first because the first had been a foot dragger on other dates. So I had assumed the same thing this time and was ready to bail at the first moment merely to get on with the other two. Never underestimate the power of Dread in a woman and her ability to sense disinterest on your part.
    I highly concur with not only stacking dates for the same night but only for the same time slot. Flaking is an enormous issue in modern dating and especially if you travel to another country.
    If you go to another country and you use online dating to meet women then definitely stack and stack and stack. You can filter out flakes as you approach the time of the date(s).
    Roosh had a suggestion of making a date for a few days in advance and telling the girl that you would text on the afternoon of the day of the date with final instructions. Then don’t send the text. If the girl is genuinely interested then she will text you with a query about the final plans. If she doesn’t then she probably had blown you off and was going to flake.
    So by stacking multiple dates for the same day and also for the same time slot you can filter as you get closer and closer, even at the last minute. Go with the best option that has shown avid interest in meeting you. In Colombia, you could leave it open such that you go with the first girl that actually shows. Often you agree to meet somewhere public before going to the actual site of the date. Flaking is abysmal in Colombia and tardiness is legendary. You spent a lot of money to get there and a flake can blow your whole trip if you foolishly allow yourself to be dependent on her. Often the date will not go worth a shit and you can be standing there on a Saturday night, alone, in a foreign country after a failed date. So by stacking you have a backup plan.
    Trust me, women are doing something similar to you and they do not hesitate nor feel bad when they flake on you because a better offer presented itself. She can wake up in the morning and look herself in the mirror and ask herself, “How am I going show this guy that I am genuinely interested in him?” And she has the opportunity to act accordingly. She can respond to communications in a timely manner, in a tone that shows interest. On the date, she can try to work with you, find common ground, find a reason to construct a relationship, and show genuine desire for you. If she doesn’t, then she lost.
    If women were not flaky, if you could assume that things would go well on dates with them, then these strategies wouldn’t be necessary. She knows already because you asked her out that you will probably come, that you will probably like her and you will probably want to be with her. You do not have even close to the same assurance about her. She holds that she is reserving judgement and it is her right to do so. Fine. But you don’t have to take it.
    She has every opportunity to make the situation work. If she doesn’t take the initiative, make the investment, show she cares, then you have options.

  4. I would add this one thought to my above comment.
    Tony Boselli was a nasty left tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars that was one of the first left tackles to use aggression in his blocking strategy against the defensive end. He would slap the defensive player at the snap of the ball, not merely react to the rush, but actually drive the guy the direction he chose, and literally fight the guy all through the play.
    He said “Where is it written that the blocker is supposed to take crap off of the pass rusher.?”
    Stack dates. Don’t take any more crap from women.

  5. Stacked dates are awesome! Had 3 in one night also. You just bounce with a completely different vibe knowing YOU’RE THE MAN IN DEMAND. It’s a power heady trip that make all the dates individually better.

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