The Dissident Right Should Adopt Gandhi’s Strategy Of Nonviolence

We are operating in times of oppression. The alt-left is vastly more violent than the alt-right, murdering five police officers, shooting a Republican Representative, and condoning Islamic extremism. With a controlled media, we are rendered weak when a single, stupid, neo-Nazi, who may have been panic-stricken, rams his car into Charlottesville protesters. As Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky write in their 1988 treatise, Manufacturing Consent, “the media serve, and propagandize on behalf of, the powerful societal interests [globalists] that control and finance them.”

However, this should not discourage us: similar wars have been fought, and won, in the past. In particular, I document the reasoning behind Mohandas K. Gandhi’s peaceful struggle for Indian independence. Although Gandhi had a few personal demons, he offers us, in the dissident right, a template for strategic action amidst a sea of present-day troubles.

This is not a general call for nonviolence, which is merely a strategy. I have no doubt that if civil conflict erupted, we on the right would triumph against cranky leftist cat ladies. Yet any victory would be pyrrhic at best. We need to tussle towards long-lasting success, and in this case, nonviolence offers the best opportunity.

The Indian Mutiny

British colonialism, mostly due to Christian missions, brought much good to India: schools, hospitals, and universities. Regardless, colonialism was, overall, a cruel master; The Bengal Famine, Amritsar Massacre, and Partition were simply tips of the imperial iceberg. Fundamentally, no nation should be enslaved, a sentiment the American Founding Fathers recognized.

In 1857, perhaps inspired by former revolutions, Indian troops (sepoys) rebelled against their British colonial masters. Initially, the sepoys used the element of surprise to great effect, seizing important towns and forts. However, the superior British forces fought back, massacring Indian sepoys and civilians in Delhi. By December, 1858, the so-called Indian Mutiny had been fully suppressed.

British newspapers revelled in propaganda during this period, and were particularly drawn to rape reports. The Times, for example, claimed that, in Delhi, bloody-eyed, brown-skinned sepoy men had raped 48 innocent English girls. The report, however, was from a clergyman based in Bangalore, 2,000 km from Delhi. Indeed, this tradition of false sexual assault reports continues to this day, as Western feminists claim that India is a rape-infested urban jungle.

A decade after the Indian Mutiny, Gandhi was born. The Mutiny’s memory, of course, would never fade from British memory – much like Charlottesville may never fade from the left’s.

Gandhi’s Strategy

Degenerate leftists have propagated the myth that Gandhi was a pacifist. On the contrary, Gandhi once wrote, in “Doctrine of the Sword,”

…where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.

He even believed in the right to bear arms, and thought that Indians should gain firearms training, rather than “crawl like a worm at the bidding of a bully.”

In other words, nonviolence, for Gandhi, was a strategy, not an overarching philosophy. He knew that Indians were outgunned, and that efforts at armed rebellion would only result in publicity fiascoes. Nonviolence, on the other hand, exposes the enemy for what he is: pure, calculated evil.

The practical effects of nonviolence are threefold:

  • Engaging in nonviolent strikes and independent business, thus depriving your enemy of economic power.
  • Cooperating with authorities, when appropriate, hence freeing your movement from legal blame.
  • If your enemy acts violently, then ensure that you have a camera: you can capture your enemy’s barbarism for the world to see.

Ninety years after the Indian Mutiny, in 1947, India attained independence, at least partially thanks to Gandhi’s tireless struggles.

Lessons for the Dissident Right

Fighting violently against the alt-left is too costly; the police, academia, and the media back BLM and antifa. Although we have been winning the online war, who knows how long that will continue? Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Paypal are against us. Instead, we should adopt a nonviolent strategy.

First, we need to organize clandestinely, much like Roosh organized his Canadian lectures. This allows us to plan, while building masculine solidarity and community spirit. We need not confine ourselves to ROK readers; countless men are angry at the establishment.

Next, we should carefully withdraw our economic services; masculine men produce the bulk of GDP, giving us immense power. Refusing to pay taxes, serve SJW customers, or work at a leftist company can strengthen our cause. This step, however, must be used intelligently; for instance, James Damore’s firing from Google red-pilled many moderates – would your dismissal do the same?

Capturing the media is the next stage; we must videotape alt-left barbarians amidst nonviolent yet defiant right-wing men. Protests and rallies can be useful, but only when we are willing to sacrifice our bodily safety to exhibit leftist brutality. In other words, right-wing leaders should understand that protests, rallies, and direct action serve a strategic purpose.

Finally, we require good leaders. Men like Richard Spencer, who had a death on his activist scorecard, must be exorcised from the movement. Instead, we require organized, thoughtful, and inspirational captains of masculinity. They need to control crowds, and be mindful of media spin. Most importantly, perhaps, they need a winning strategy; in this instance, I suggest nonviolence.

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183 thoughts on “The Dissident Right Should Adopt Gandhi’s Strategy Of Nonviolence”

  1. Many of us here are both able and willing to face down violent leftists, but we will be charged with crimes if we so much lift a finger against them. Chris Cantwell, one of the planned “neo Nazi” speakers at Charlottesville, is being held *without bail* in jail until his preliminary hearing in October for merely pepper spraying a leftist ( They’re treating him like a murderer for political reasons.
    We really don’t have a choice but to use non-violence because we’ll be immediately imprisoned otherwise. If you choose to fight back, your best hope is to open the eyes of sheep who believe the globalist narrative by acting a martyr to change opinions and breed wider resistance.

    1. Notice how they got Alex Fields (the car rammer) pretty much on lockdown? The leftist media doesn’t even want to even HEAR his side of the story (panic attack, his car was being pelted with rocks, etc.) to do anything to upset their cold blooded Nazi narrative. I suspect he might “get disappeared” or “have an accident” before trial to keep that narrative alive.
      The left got exactly what they wanted from him and don’t want to F it up.

        1. I’ve never in my life seen so much praise and martyrdom placed upon that 32 year old SJW spinster-in-training who got unintentionally killed. She had essentially accomplished nothing in life.

        2. Chinese proverb returns
          “Woman who run in front of car get tired”
          “Woman who run behind car get exhausted”

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      1. It was a false flag, the video was too perfect…why did the cameraman choose to follow a car driving the speed limit, there was nothing exceptional about it? Then the car speeds away for the stunt driver to escape. That whole thing had been completely set up long in advance. The false flag is the easiest thing to do, then that gives the elites the reason to beat you up with police.

        1. The photo of the driver caught by onlookers with cell phones also looks absolutely nothing like the kid they arrested and charged. You’d think the CIA would have been smart enough to use a darker tint.

      2. I think he tried to hurt his mom on numerous occasions….and she called 911 on him at least once.

    2. Just do a habeas corpus to get bail…get the NC Supreme Court to look at the situation.

    3. The momentum and ideas are on our side. Normies are very open to right-wing nationalism. I notice them being more open about it whenever there hasn’t been a controversy in a while.
      But then they have to shut up whenever Richard Spencer and his buddies come out with their latest embarrassment.
      If the Right can find some discipline in messaging and sideline the Nazicucks, we will win.

      1. Bingo; I’ve had it *up to here* with neo-Nazis nosing in on conservative rallies. They verbally claim to want to help, which does two things;
        1.) It clearly shows their lack of understanding of our Founding Fathers principles,
        2.) Their mere presence gives pretty much every enemy of the Constitution ammunition to use against the conservative/libertarian/constitutionalist cause.

        1. I think you missed out of something Myron. The real neo-Nazis were not invited to Charlottesville. No biker gangs, no Aryan Brotherhood, no tattoos. There was 1 swastika flag by my investigation. The Left smears all white people as Nazi now. The marchers were alt-right or white nationalist. Most of these people have no sympathy with Nazism.

        2. They say that no one knew who the swastika flag people were, also, notice how they haven’t been doxed despite having their faces all over the media.

      2. We still go to keep Jewish infiltrators out. Every right wing movement that has Jews will fall down hard.

    4. Self-handcuffed alt-right protesters in a government sanctioned peaceful march down the streets should suffice. They can even twist the narrative with some gay symbolic shit by doing something like putting the key to the cuffs in their mouths as they march.
      Just don’t swallow.

    5. Non-violence only works if your opponent has a conscience. The USA has no conscience.

      1. It isn’t the USA that has a conscience, it’s the MSM, Leftists, and Politicians that don’t. They’re fake Americans. But you’re right about non-violence. That’s why the Left has been telling itself that the Right is nothing but Nazi for half a century…the purpose is to remove any sort of empathy for their victims.

    6. This judge should be investigated. Where’s the ACLU?? Clear violation of Cantwell’s constitutional rights. Also the state is guilty of “selective prosecution” singling out Cantwell as the only one using pepper spray and being violent…

      1. Are you kidding? The whole purpose of the ACLU is to selectively defend people to advance leftist causes. They are a tool of the elite.

    7. Fight or die.
      It’s the way of the world. Gandhi was dealing with the British. We aren’t. The communist left will gladly beat someone to death and their not fighting back won’t bother them.
      A martyr is another name for a victim and victims aren’t leading anyone anywhere. How many white martyrs are there in Zimbabwe or South Africa?

    8. But we American Conservatives are already the least violent group around. We carry our guns, but we DON’T shoot them.
      Whereas the left-wingers (that includes the Nazis) are the ones who are actually putting out violence.

      1. The left wingers have always been the ones putting out violence. It has been that way since the Lincoln assassination. just about every assasination or attempt at assasination afterwards have been by leftists. The right believes in law and order and patriotism and have religious underpinnings. The left has no such American or moral values. They are tools of communism/socialism one world government types. The Greatest Generation produced the Baby Bommers and they have produced the snowflakes. Imagine the kinds of children snowflakes create.

    9. We don’t have any Buddhists among us, so we can’t do what the Vietnamese protestors did.

  2. Someobody please contact me if anything is happening in the Buffalo NY area.

    1. Would like to assume you’d be secure in Buffalo but one can never be certain.

      1. In rural exurbs actually ten minutes from a small town outside Buffalo.

        1. Ten minutes from THAT SMALL TOWN which itself is about 20 minutes from Buffalo. Could be anywhere, really. Similar to midwest in some regards.

  3. Thing is, what happens when the body count starts to rise? Too many martyrs can kill a movement as well as too many criminals. And I wouldn’t put it past AntiFa and friends to do that sort of thing (and they’ll probably get away with it too because… NAZIS!).
    I’m not recommending violence, but there are certain realities to take into account here. Sympathy points from being a victim can only get you so far for so long.

    1. Especially when no matter what you’re going to be portrayed by the MSM as the bully, there will be no sympathy.
      Show up, be non-violent, allow the left to do what they want & watch the media portray it as weak cowards getting what they deserve.

      1. I’ve also heard the opinion that in confrontations, we need to remain nonviolent, cool, and stoic in the face of the left’s insanity. This, supposedly, will convert normies to our side as they see how irrational the left is.
        I disagree wholeheartedly though, because the left will still spin it as “look at how meek those nazis are now that they are confronted. They’re not so tough now are they.”
        We need to realize that if we fight back they will portray us as bullies. But if we don’t fight back they will portal us a cowards. Either way they will demonize us.
        We cannot base our plan of actions on how they will portray us because they will portray us negatively regardless of what we do.

  4. One problem I see with this strategy is of it’s only men, no one will care and quite possibly even cheer them on. The best way, is to have women and children involved. The second a child shows up on the news beaten and bloody on account of the commie brown shirts is the moment they’ll life the initiative. I’m willing to concede how that could possibly backfire though.

      1. Most people would just see it as irresponsible. You don’t bring your child to a dangerous place even if you think it would be politically advantageous.

  5. I think now is a good time to go in semi-hibernation mode in the dissident right for awhile, say the rest of 2017. Go invest in Crypto, improve your game, read good books, lift weights, and let the left eat each other. As long as the Chief (Trump) is still in office at New Years then it’s ultimately our win anyways.

    1. My thoughts exactly. It’s suicide to fight a war with them on their terms since they control all nodes of power. Trump hasn’t been as helpful in the culture war as I had hoped.

      1. Trump will definitely be helpful; it’s just matter of time and it’s not too far. Don’t know why, but somehow I can “feel” that Trump will be a major reason for us to TRIUMPH.

    2. The left’s coalition will eventually break up because it makes no sense any way. Our elites have ganged up blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, South Asians, Pacific Islanders, feminists, gays and transgenders because these groups all work to make normal white people’s lives worse, not because these outsiders, misfits and degenerates all organically love each other. They demonstrate that “social justice” can never happen because they have conflicting grievances amongst themselves that they cannot reconcile.

      1. Conservatives and Liberals both use Negroes as a political football for amassing power. The ball just happens to be in the Liberal’s hands though they’re the more deceitful of the two. Liberals are the fox to the Conservative’s wolf. Negroes care for neither. America isn’t our country nor our problem.

      2. The split is not left vs. right. It’s always been involuntary vs. voluntary, slave vs. free. That’s how muslims, feminists and sodomites can be on the same side. One side defines freedom as how many bullets you are permitted to have. The other defines freedom as, “I don’t need your permission.” It works the same way with words and everything else. Sodomites could always eat cake. What’s important to them is that you make it for them and smile while serving … because “Freedom!” Do I really need to elaborate on islam?

        1. “One side defines freedom as how many bullets you are permitted to have. The other defines freedom as, “I don’t need your permission.”
          I am confused about that statement, what do you mean?
          I figured the left never actually cares about freedom. In fact, they almost never use that word. They use a perverted version of the term “rights”, and they say “security”.
          Side Note: I do love your avatar. I was wondering when someone would use something from that movie.

        2. Free men do not need a pretext, permisson or explanation to make a choice. Some groups hate that. They can’t do anything about it without redefining the meaning so that you do require one … that they can then judge insufficient. So you burning your personal property, say a quran, justifies their physical violence against you. Plus they still get to be your victim!
          In the case of bullets, I choose to purchase a firearm, from a willing supplier, with x+1 capacity. The claim will be made that I only need x. See. My need wasn’t judged sufficient. Their decision is the limit of my freedom. Anything that you do or don’t do can be dictated in a similar fashion.
          What do you value more? Your individual liberty or telling other people what they can or can’t, do, say and think … That is the divide.

        3. Ah, ok, thank you for the clarification.
          Yep, you yourself aren’t a free person if you are permitted to act like a little dictator.

        4. In any agreement that is not voluntary (on all sides, not just yours) somebody is a slave. Nobody has to serve me against their will. Not a lot of people can make that claim.

    3. Bingo, this is how you win wars of this nature. Guerilla warfare. You got punched in the face and lost badly. Ghost yourself now… *poof*. Alt-right is “eliminated” let it go into their propaganda machines. Let them celebrate.
      Then move to other places, regroup, plan, and be born again with the “cancer” cut out. Nazi LARPers, “White” nationalists, calls for violence where you are outnumbered literally 100 to 10,000, etc.
      When you reappear, do it the way you run game. Charismatic, fun, funny, appealing to hamster brains, etc. All the while you are dripping RealTalk into their ears. This is quite literally, the only viable strategy and anyone who isn’t living in a race war delusion understands this.

      1. Yes, exactly, this cancer is giving the MSM (possibly on purpose) more ammunition to throw at the REAL American right-wing.

    4. In terms of the classic three phase insurgency, the dissident-right was moving from phase 1 to phase 2, and got knocked back on its ass. Now the counterattack has taken out many of our safe bases. When this happens the model is to revert back to phase 1. You go to ground and wait for the surge to recede. Then you reestablish safe bases, rebuild cadre and commence low level hit and run operations.
      We need to go to ground and rebuild for a time. Establish new websites and forums..go to the darknet if we have to. And work on and support alt-tech. Return to our strength..the meme war and work harder on building support and shifting opinion. Our real enemies are the information monopolies. They must be targetted.

  6. The right needs to look at strategies that work…NRA…homeschoolers…the left in the ’60s. Right now the left controls the media, academia, the culture, and both parties, so it can use strategies of dominance…the right needs to use strategies of weakness…study Mao and Washington.

  7. Sorry, guys, but the West is over. There is no way to win it or take it back. There is no right way.

  8. This is good advice, if it can filter through the right to become disciplined policy, enforced by movements / leaders. The left gets its fuel from the idea that everything that opposes it, is a form of violence. All forms of hate, racism, homophobia, misogyny, are ultimately supposed to derive from a violent, hateful instinct. There is a reason that misogyny has never really taken off as a concept, and that’s the fact that despite a handful of depraved rapists and serial killers, most men obviously like women, and the misogyny / hate idea rings hollow the moment it’s examined. Race & homophobia is slightly different in that it can be framed as though were the hate bubbling under the surface ever to be freed from its constraints, blacks, jews, gays etc would be wiped out in a bloody holocaust of hellish violence. Now that’s bollocks, but its sustained by the nazi archetype of genocidal, hate-driven racist violence. The truth is the left has always had blood on its hands in a way that is simply not true for the right, particularly conservativism. Beyond the nazis (who were actually ideologically socialists), slavery and colonialism was sometimes violent, but generally conservativism has entirely peaceful. If one compares that to the killing fields produced by revolutionary violence on the left it’s pretty much a blood free zone, and it’s only a handful of neo-nazi morons, like Fields, and the clutch of neanderthal skinheads who occasionally march through the streets to the absolute delight of their opponents who allow the left and particularly the antifas to maintain their fantasy that the right is driven by hate, which will ultimately be expressed in violence.
    The only part I would disagree with is the idea that non-violence should only be considered a tactic. Sure sometimes we may all be called upon to fight the good fight, and even take up arms (I can’t imagine it myself but then I’m living in UK / europe) but non-violence should ideally be a principle to live with rather than merely a tactic. Ultimately the left has framed ‘the right’ as motivated by hate, and at risk of an reversion to atavistic violence, should the constraints that bind it be loosened. Eschewing violence tactically cannot of itself contradict that claim. It has to be real. That doesn’t mean one cannot be ready, trained, prepared to take any kind of necessary action, just to say ultimately mere tactics won’t be enough

    1. There is a reason that misogyny has never really taken off as a concept

      If women would just show better judgment and more emotional maturity in their 20’s, men would probably have a better opinion of them.
      Come to think of it, why do our elites put so much emphasis on indoctrinating and propagandizing youngsters with the diversity ideology, but they don’t teach them how to make good decisions regarding careers, money and relationships?

      1. Our elites aren’t invested in creating a stable functioning society. They are invested in creating markets and a cheap amenable labour force

  9. Well, the British in India ha a lot of scruple and had since 1919 been hyper-liberal. The left has absolutely no scruple and is a master of all dirty games and tricks.

  10. It’s hard to imagine how one could be so wrong in so many ways without trying to do so.
    1) The non-violence strategy can only work when the enemy has a tradition of morality and conscience. Without the British culture, rooted in Christianity, there is no Gandhi – or at least not one who lived long enough to succeed. Doubt it? Imagine Gandhi going up against Mao or Stalin.
    2) Our enemies are not subject to moral persuasion or attacks of conscience. Neither are they susceptible to logic, truth, or reality. Once a man has crossed that threshold, his chances of coming back are remote at best.
    3) Our enemies do not see their own violence against us as something unfortunate but necessary. They see it as something righteous, glorious, and to be sought and continued. Non-violence doesn’t work under those conditions.
    4) Endless photographs of bloodied Trump supporters, Alt-Rightists, and ordinary non-leftists have not produced any backlash. If allowing oneself to be beaten for the cause was going to produce results it would have already been producing some. Instead, they merely embolden the left and create a new normal.
    5) The arrest/jail problem is our only real problem. It is clear by now that the authorities are loyal only to those who sign their paychecks and provide their pensions. “Back the Blue” was a nice try to win them over to our side but it failed. Dollars always speak louder than Tweets.
    Avoiding arrest boils down to one of three options:
    a) Avoid being seen. You don’t get in trouble for what you do. You get in trouble because someone saw you do it.
    b) Make your moves in such large numbers as to present overwhelming force at the point of contact and render it nearly impossible to make arrests.
    c) Wait until the SHTF in earnest. Once a true breakdown has occurred and law enforcement types are no longer getting paid – you can do as you please. You might be waiting a day, 10 days, 10 months, 10 years, or longer. Just remember, while you wait, you continue losing.
    6) Stop letting your enemies decide who you can be friends with. You cry about Spencer and the “Neo Nazis” because the left tells you to. You let people who hate your guts tell you that you’re not allowed to hate. Do you want to know why leftists constantly lecture you on hatred? It’s because hatred is their most effective weapon and they don’t want you using it.
    Adopt a “no friends to my left – no enemies to my right” mentality, be as ruthless, persistent, and serious about winning at all costs and by any method as our enemies are and you have a good chance.

  11. I see my logical and reasoned comment on the fallacy of non-violence in this situation has been deleted.
    This was my expectation because I instinctively understood that a site full of men trying to figure out what it means to be a man will never actually reach their goal.
    I shall trouble you no more. Feel free to continue taking it up the ass and wondering why your butt hurts.

      1. Nope. It isn’t. And stop trying to lure me back to your faggy site. I’m not interested.

        1. To have a comment deleted here, you must have said something really dumb.
          But feel free to leave. I have a pretty good memory, and I don’t ever remember someone with the screen name BMV participating or contributing anything useful here. So are you a newbie, already crying and threatening to leave??
          Gee… what will we do without you, kid?

        2. You cucks sure do get upset when someone doesn’t bow to your Iranian teacher.
          Pretty funny.

        3. Dude… I’ve now seen some of your comments on Taki, and gotta say it appears we agree on much more than not. And you were a capt. in the Army? Much respect. I was enlisted for >10 yrs.

        4. Please accept my apology. There is too much wrong on the other side for us to be dividing ourselves over small differences on ours.

    1. Go out into meat space and prove your point. Until then you are a fantasizing beta cuck hiding behind a keyboard. So tired of you fuckers dragging this movement down…
      I got SWATTED and went to jail for trying your method. Et tu, brute? Shhhh…. grown ups are talking. World of Warcraft is calling you.

      1. Yet there you are – frequenting a website run where an Iranian tries to teach you how to be a real man. Can’t get much more cucked than that.
        If you ever do get a girlfriend, you’ll probably invite him over to fuck her for you.

    2. problem with violence is how will you do it and who will you attack ? you will just be branded a terrorist

  12. I say we keep pushing, even if you suggest nonviolently, until there is a war, let them try and ’round up’ every dissident. There is no calm before this storm, so might as well open the windows and pry the doors ajar. The left/right is just another control mechanism established by (((them))). Anyone else seeing through this charade, or am I the only one?

  13. Already doing this. My suggestions
    1. Live/travel to only non-SJW countries or places in USA.
    2. When in the USA, live in van or RV. The elites have set up society so the unwashed masses must pay massive rent/mortgage to them. Keep your money, don’t buy into the lie that consumerism will make you happy.
    3. Get ham radio access to internet. Don’t rely on ISPs and wireless providers of your communications. Sites like ROK will soon be censored after Trump is removed from office.
    4. Boycott SJW businesses like Starbucks, NFL, Google, Camping World, etc.. Well just about all of them.

    1. Boat also a good idea and easily manoeuvrable off shore….. get an offshore sailing licence….. then an open ocean….. sail the seven seas……aaaarrrrrrrrr!

    2. I’m intrigued by the idea of travelling in a van or rv for several weeks. But Idk about living in one (down by the river)
      Do you?

    3. Everything is good, especially “boycotting businesses” that support SJWs and pamper pussies.
      But hey, regarding “after Trump is …” ! Wait !! Donald Trump will REMAIN in the Office for the NEXT TERM as well. I am not kidding or joking, it’s surely going to happen.

  14. We should also encourage the hiring of as many diversity idiots, misfits and degenerates as possible into positions where competence and results matter. That will help to collapse the system faster and discredit our elites’ childish utopianism.

      1. No, let’s go for intersectionality here: More big-titted Muslim Hispanic transgenders.

        1. No, we need more crossdressing black lesbian shemale trannies. That is the ticket. But let’s be honest, there is a lack of diversity in big companies today. For example, who would not want to work with a neo-Nazi, a communist, militant homosexual Mormon, a left libertarian? What about that kind of of diversity?

    1. Total societal collapse my be the ONLY option remaining. But even then, elites will be standing by afterward to mop up and begin a new form of control.
      It still comes down to the usage of violence and its justifications. Reverting to the Constitution as originally envisioned, the Bill of Rights and the Christian Bible might be the only forms of hard written and long lasting justification required in the face of tyranny, and the many faces it takes to shame and subvert us into their notion of “justice”.

    2. There are plenty of predominately black run cities in America where this has happened.

    3. That would hasten the collapse, however ‘they’ will never admit wrong doing or guilt, ever.

    4. Yes! We need to meme this into being. Replace the Jewish Internet Raj with hordes of Angry black chicks and trannies.
      When you cant stop convergence, the best option is to hasten it.

  15. Non-violence only works if your opponent has a conscience. The USA has no conscience.

  16. We are being cornered and I suspect many don’t realize the planning and nature of the enemy.
    They control the media, and soon the internet; So any action you take, or don’t take, will be narrated to fit their agenda.
    They control academics from kindergarten to post college graduate studies; So expect only more foot soldiers to be created for their cause. Also prepare for homeschooling to be outlawed.
    They control government and non-government institutions; You will be labeled racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic by entities that have the power to cripple your income and freedom. Without the proper narrative and access to communications the government will be able to direct force against you and justify it.
    We can’t vote ourselves out of this, we can’t read and write ourselves out of this. I wager this implementation of globalism has been war-planned for a very long time now and they have every avenue covered to ensure victory. Trying a slow infiltration of these various points of control will be useless as they have HR departments ready and weaponized for your potential subversion.
    What pisses me off the most is that it appears we are going to go down without a fight. That we were taken advantage of and fooled without any resistance that actually matters.
    At some point in the near future there will be a call for war. We will be brave and strong enough to rally, or will we let freedom, liberty and the right to have White pride die with a whimper?

    1. “At some point in the near future there will be a call for war. We will be brave and strong enough to rally, or will we let freedom, liberty and the right to have White pride die with a whimper?”
      The second one. You will go quietly into the night. Look to South Africa for your metric. When ‘the entire world” is against you, you have no choice but to not exist.
      That you are calling for war shows you literally have no idea how to act in your fear and confusion. The article itself tells you how to -begin- to unfuck this situation. Open conflict will only hasten your extinction. Yes, its that bad… I said it before on another post here recently.
      Adapt or die. It is that simple.

      1. I do not call for war. You’re mistaken.
        I am not confused nor fearful. If I see it in starker terms than you do then so be it.
        The powers aligned against us will demand war or supplication. Which would you rather do? Perhaps you have more elusive and note-worthy strategies against a movement that holds all the cards?
        As I posted here earlier, retreating and regrouping will only cede more ground for leftists to enact full spectrum control. They are close now, as they hold almost all the chips. What will be the flashpoint that denotes an over-reach of tyranny that finally awakens patriots?
        We can only retreat to regroup so far, I simple suggest being ready and not surprised when all out violence erupts.

      1. ^ 909 comments, 1500 upvotes.
        You seem new to this. Sowing dissent on the board? Maybe your a plant?
        See what I did there?

  17. I get the impression that a lot of these young guys who jumped into Alt Right activism, like showing up in public demonstrations, haven’t thought about the need to prepare for the consequences financially. Like the poster below who said we need to take a time out for a few months and work on improving our personal situations, the firebrands who have stayed employed probably need to save up some Fuck You Money, say 6-12 months’ living expenses in cash, before they attend their next demonstration.

    1. I wonder if a lot of these young men have no job worth any meaning to begin with, and have nothing to lose because of a system that no longer values them.
      Perhaps young men dejected by our current culture without job opportunities or the ability to pair-bond with a quality woman will become our front line troops and new leaders?
      Warriors are created in hard times, and warriors need not be State sponsored anymore.

      1. You nailed it brah. I am remiss to link to Youtube given they are 100% the enemy propaganda channel now, but I’ll make this one exception.
        This movie, like Orwell’s 1984, was 100% on point just a bit wrong on the dates. In the late 90s we hadn’t reached critical mass yet. Now? It is pretty much the reality of the situation and this particular speech is poignant and has never ever been more true since the turn of this century.

  18. I’m a Pakistani and I’m warning you; Satyagaraha can only be utilized when a country is ready for it. Gandhi soon realized his lesson after 21 policemen were burnt alive in the village of Chauri Chaura at Gorakhpur in February 1922. Or when 10, 000 Moplahs ransacked an armory in 1921 at Tirur and got 4000 of their men killed by the Brits. That’s why Jinnah tried to warn Gandhi, but that man was one stubborn cookie. Let me tell you this. With the kind of fervor and enthusiasm most right-wingers down in the US possess, I wouldn’t be surprised if things go out of hand.

    1. interesting comment, and comparison, but still I would say India’s inter communal violence is rather unique to the subcontinent

      1. I wouldn’t say that. Ethnic and cultural boundaries are plainly visible in Europe and they are further embellished by heightened nationalism and other factors. The symptoms dangerously resemble those of Indian nationalism when it was at its peak point. Whatever happens, all grievances with foreign bodies in European states have to be addressed and cured if we REALLY are going by this plan.

        1. I would say the closest thing in europe to the kind of intercommunal violence you get in India is in the Balkans (and maybe northern ireland etc). Conflict between nations is a different thing, and in recent history is usually explained in terms of nationalism (whether that’s all there is to it is another thing). There are certainly inter-ethnic tensions in the west, both in the US and in europe, but that’s a largely recent phenomenon.

  19. That sounds all well and good if you had decades to spare and fight a long slow political battle.
    The problem is that the people of Western Europe do not have such time. Whites are projected to be a minority within mere decades and once that happens it’s going to be very difficult if not near impossible to reverse. The only way to ensure our very survival as war given the enemy system to heavily stacked again us. The sooner it comes the less bloody things will be.

      1. The only way to prevent the demographic doom is to overthrow the entire political establishment with force.

  20. If you can’t beat them, join them. How do you go about becoming a member of “the elite”?

    1. I’m not sure, but the answer probably has something to do with shitloads of money and a penchant for pizza

  21. Ghandi didn’t have a billion dollars worth of jewish-controlled media propaganda lying to the masses. No one is going to hear of your good deeds when you turn the other cheek and allow another of your sons or daughters to be beaten nearly to death by communists.
    The right spent the 18 months prior to the first Stickman ever appearing being pacifists. Do the lying jew media talk about it? Is there any sympathy for them as victims? Of course not. All of it has already disappeared down the memory hole, while the leftists celebrate even more violence. The goyim know that entire period of terrorist attacks and attempted murder as “those violent Trump supporters…”
    You’re going to shame people that think it’s OK to kill anyone that disagrees with their politics by letting them punch you till their arms get tired? Good luck with that.

    1. Cool, I like your idea! So here is your next step. Unjockey from your keyboard. Take your internet bad-ass mentality into meat space. Show up at the next event and take the “fuck the non-violent” approach you espouse. Watch as you are not only pummeled by Antifa but arrested and imprisoned on trumped up charges w/o bail and your career and livelihood are ruined.
      Until you are willing to do this? Shut the fuck up. You are part of the problem, not the solution. So tired of you keyboard tough guys that have NO skin in the game.
      I tried your method by the way. You know what it got me? House raid by a SWAT team pointing machineguns at me, arrest, loss of career, some jail, and narrow avoidance of prison.
      Protip: You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. Adapt or die white man, you are doing it wrong…

  22. I dont understand why people still give a shit? Just let it be, It’s out of everyone’s hands anyway.
    And don’t give me that “to do nothing is to collaborate” bs, do what exactly?
    Relax and think of all the little good things still left like pork sausage, Brahms and the odd week end in San Salvador getting laid and drinking Pilsener on the beach.

  23. This is naive. It only works against those who have a moral conscience. The Alt-Left believe they have a moral imperative which allows them to take extreme measures against their enemy. You assume they can be guilted into change. How has that ever works for the cuckservatives?

  24. Agree with this article. Ghandi tactics , nonviolence is the way to go. Watch the movie “Ghandi” with Ben Kingsley . The Ghandi folks would just march or do civil disobedience and then get the beat down by the Brits . This got covered by the sympathetic press and eventually the Brits granted India full independence. AntiFa can’t help themselves. They are autistic toxic-nerd-Spergs with no impulse control and will commit violence.

    1. This is my take, too, but it could be based on the movie.
      Ghandi irritated the heck out of the British, running around in his loin cloth and stirring up protest. They finally overreacted, the news got back to England, and sympathy went to Indian independence.
      Unfortunately for this to work in this instance we need a sympathetic press. Any violence is still painted as right wing; lots of people haven’t heard of Antifa. So I agree that “capturing the media is the next stage; we must videotape alt-left barbarians amidst nonviolent yet defiant right-wing men.”
      Trump supporters and the right have been taking it on the head for a long time, yet they are portrayed as the bad guys.

  25. Perhaps you are right. I hate the idea of non-violence but we need to consider this very carefully. The goal is to win, not to show how big our dicks are.

  26. India did not become independent because a handful of people organized non-violent protests. Throughout the British Raj were forming fearsome guerrilla groups and the English to avoid a disaster, they gave up.
    Attention, I am not encouraging anything. I’m just saying that what happened in India was not substantially thanks to Gandhi.

  27. With a few well placed agent provocateurs, the left could make a peaceful demonstration appear to be violent, and the beatings that the peaceful demonstrators would endure would appear to be justified, and the peaceful demonstration would be in vain.

  28. Sounds like a fine strategy, but I don’t know anybody who is willing to let himself get beat to death by Antifa, so his martyrdom could be used to turn public opinion against the left.

  29. I believe this movement is doomed. Just reading the replies here tells me much that I need to know. Lots of talking heads putting on their internet bravado, not a -single- one has ever taken a risk in their life for this movement. It is easy to be Chuck Norris from the comfort of your couch.
    Until you cut these fucking idiots and this cancer of fantasizing beta cucks you are forever doomed to repeat Charlottesville. This is dedicated to every single one of you that replied about what a bad idea this is and to be “go all out” and be violent and resist, etc.
    Guess what? GET OFF YOUR COUCH FAT BOY. Until then, the grown ups are talking. Can we send these people to the other side or something? The sheer number of people that replied this way is terrifying to me.

    1. So, shall we internet cowards assume that you are volunteering to let yourself get beat to death by Antifa so that your martyrdom can turn public opinion against the left?

      1. I’ve already “martyred” myself for this cause buddy, but I will not say my name here and make it worse. The only thing I escaped with is my life. Everything else was stripped away from me.
        So I did it wrong. My point is, there is a healthy combination of non-violence and knowing when and how to act. Your rigid thinking is the reason we lose. Non-adaptable = defeat.
        I learned from my very costly mistake as I was effectively non-personed. What will it take you to learn? What risk are you willing to make?
        If you don’t understand adaptation don’t even bother suiting up for the game, you are an automatic liability.

        1. Apex asks, “What will it take you to learn? What risk are you willing to make?”
          I do not have your high level moral character or your high level of bravery. Many years ago I (and some close comrades) had our own personal war against the force that you are so devoted to opposing. Our methods were not those of public demonstrations, but more along the lines of covert “economic” operations. Damn, that was fun… at first.

        2. I don’t know your story but I do know that fighters with the spirit and force behind them maintain their health and the shirt on their back. The enemy goes after your family though and turns them against you every way from sunday. Proof that they’re evil is when they prey on your family.
          I wouldn’t blame any man who goes ballistic over their family being preyed on, attacked or used as leverage to disempower or isolate him. (kangaroo feminist family courts). Everytime I read of a guy who goes apeshit in family court and throws tables, the newspapers are ready with a smear story or a blurb in the rear police blotter section and nothing more said. No parade, no mention of martyrdom, not even a heralding cheer from the neighborhood folk. Neighbors and acquaintences remain silent or give off a dumbed down “moooo” like cows headed to slaughter. When your neighbor man is clusterfucked by the system, it breaks my heart to hear my countrymen going “moooo” like dumb animals. They haven’t been sparked. The spark will come.
          I’d like to see more rallying for men and families both who get clusterfucked by the system. Leftists and feminists have always had the mantra that “if you hurt one woman, you hurt ALL women”. ‘Hurt’ could mean anything from objecting to her whoring to not forking over money on demand for bling.
          Feminists convinced western wives in the 60s-70s that it’s a free country and it’s their body and they can do what they want with it and that anyone who disagrees is a controlling domestic abuser. In that one catchphrase they destroyed trad marriage and also gave a windfall bounty to the family courts of jurisdictional domain over the lives of men. The divorce rape collection racket became the biggest growth industry for skirts with paralegal/legal training. Any man who resists with his entire body and spirit needs more than supporting words. He needs his six covered.
          The biggest problem living in a consumerist industrial plantation state society is that we’re managed like barnyard farm animals. The compulsory codes, regulations, education, shots and meds. “MOOOO”.
          Whatever you’ve got, you’ve still got your blood flowing and your tribal genetic memory. Break away with that and drag along one or two genetically compatible breeder women. I myself have restarted from scratch and I’ve learned to stonewall the enemy. They can smell when someone is prepared to go ballistic. They don’t fuck with me now. If only I hadn’t been so nice and open in the past. That’s what they prey on.

  30. “Capturing the media is the next stage; we must videotape alt-left barbarians amidst nonviolent yet defiant right-wing men. ”
    Stop pretending otherwise.

  31. “We really don’t have a choice but to use non-violence because we’ll be immediately imprisoned otherwise.”
    Run silent. Run deep.
    And quit trying to wallpaper your ass. Google and the rest will eat you when they want to.
    List and find out all their office and server locations. Prepare.

    1. I am blocked on Hyper for my “hate speech” but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciated your comment. This one is pretty good too! They will eat you when they want to, so fight the good fight till then. Be well.

  32. All I have to say, knowing what I know, seeing what I’ve seen (specially recently) and almost finishing reading 1984, things look very gloom.
    The part where the botherhood book says there are three lever high, mid and low… and eventually explaining how the middle will use the low (blacks-libs-fems-etc) to come to power and then once in power it will treat them worse than the previous high class did rung very true. Especially when you see how the blacks in the last 30 have been getting worse by programming.
    Sad future folks, this programming sht is serious, did any one notice how the media has used Charlottesville to hide the fact that the whole Russian-Trump-hacking thing has been dropped??

  33. I don’t want to violate the RoK comments policy, but has it occurred to anyone that “covert operations” might be more effective than “demonstrations” — especially for fellows who might not be interested in becoming martyrs? Just asking.

  34. non violence doesnt work.The british left india because ruling over India was no longer profitable.I was also a gandhi believer in my teen days but not anymore.You guys especially need to produce more right wing babies or atleast adopt them and turn them right wing so that they vote for republicans in future.
    Non violence will get you nothing.

    1. Right wing whites have fairly good fertility. The problem is that the left is content to import its voter base.

      1. There are more white babies (don’t know left or right !!) popping out in this Country, day in and day out (unfortunately, more number of “daughters” !!). Nothing wrong, absolutely natural and normal. Any “imports” doesn’t immediately get “right to vote”. It takes years or at least second generation to get the “right to vote”.
        Blame goes to the (white) politicians, businesses, corporations and “vested interests” who:
        =pamper & pedestal “pussies”
        =import asylum seekers, refugees & allow ILLEGAL border crossers into the Country
        =feed whores/sluts, thugs and criminals
        They do all these kind of (destructive) things (and many more) to achieve their own “goals and profits”; at the cost of TAX PAYERS (majority MEN) MONEY.

  35. Should we also adopt the being Ghandi had that continental Africans were inferior to Indians as race?

  36. I dream my department hires a tranny. Hopefully a creepy looking, manly one with a bad make-up and a huge Adam’s apple.
    Everyday I would go to the most cucked, PC co-workers and loudly ask them to join our new “female” colleage for a cup of coffee. If they give some akward excuses like “oh, Im busy, too much work” and such.
    I would say “I would really appreciate if you’d join, **Michelle** wanted to chat about fighting transphobia in the workplace and making it more inclusive”.
    There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching hipocritical baby-boomers putting their money where their mouth is. They’re all liberals, in words at least. Would be nice to test it.

    1. I was listening to the news tonight and Alex Jones was going on about Michelle being a drag queen. It was a mian topic. Alex Jones is officially as close to real news now as you can get in 2017. Forget the gook propaganda dinasaur media.
      Even the Washington Compost looks like the gook propaganda newsboards in Beijing when viewed through a red pill lense. You can’t tell the Wash Post apart from a Chinese propaganda rag anymore. It’s all squiggly lines of gibberish and lies.

      1. I believe Alex is right about that. But who the hell can you say that to without getting laughed out of the room. But it is scary to think whaat sort of operatives could have placed a black Muslim homosexual married to a tranny in a nation that had elected George Bush four years prior. I am not 100 percent convinced Alex is right, but the newsreels were disturbing. I did look back and see some high school pictures of Michele Obama online, and she looked female. But still………….. These days, it is hard to know what is going on.

  37. Hell NO!
    We must be MORE VIOLENT than the enemy to win a fight!
    Non-violence was a good way when Television was new, and violence on the TV screen was so abhorrent to the Western viewers that even wars were stopped or fought by silly restrictive rules because of that.
    But times are a-changing, TV and MSM already lost its grip on the population.

    1. “not skirmishing on the streets with college droputs and barristas thinking they are the new Che Guevara.”
      great quote sir

      1. Why thank you, Sir!
        Feel free to use that quote anytime you wish so!
        We must win the Culture Wars, by all means available, by all means necessary.

  38. The situation today reminds me of Spain before its civil war. If the right had adopted the author’s advice then the far left would have won the war. We can only imagine the horrors the communists would have visited on the Spanish.

    1. You only ever hear about the “evils” of Franco’s Nationalists…. the Republicans were much worse…. I’ve read Anthony Beavers book on the civil war… and George Orwells Homage to Catalonia. Good reads on the conflict. Needless to say the Communists and Socialists and whatever other conglomeration of idiotic collectivists were so disjointed they lost but not before they had the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands.

        1. Your eyes are not lying. Even Orwell could not have predicted this. The current mayor of Paris is the daughter of Republican refugees. She is partly responsible why many Parisian streets are now resembling Dakar. These people hate us.

  39. The police do not back BLM. At least not the white ones. And most likely the majority of the black and hispanic ones don’t much care for BLM/antifa either.
    But Liberals mayors and city councils do. And cops want those pensions after 20 years, so won’t risk being insubordinate and losing their jobs.

  40. Organizations like republican party, or even “alt-republican party (not rascit/NAZI though) need to have grassroots meet-ups. Leftists have their “gender queer” groups, their BLM, etc, but it is harder for the right. Right has organizations that have been inflitrated and castrated like churches. It is hard to reach out to traditional men and people if you live in an urban area. After being disowned by my family for being a conservative and voting Trump, it has been a long hard slog making new friends that share my interests. I now have a group of mostly conservative pizza buddies I meet every week-end, a couple of shooting buddies and an friend I like to get together with and discuss theology a couple of times a month over a Starbucks coffee. But in your social life you need to network, in your personal life, wwork for economic and self-reliant success. Garden, shoot guns, go to gun shows with buddies, create or participate in theologlical discussion grouups etc. What I would like to go but am afraid of being called a psycho would be to form a friendly neighborhood community watch group where men walk around and patrol the community like Zimmerman. Armed or not armed is ok. We need to be able to respond in times of peace with networks of vibrant cultural discussion and interest groups but ready to act in times of societal chaos. I really like Roosh sites as it is the best men’s magazine around. Pushes people to work-out, be successful financially, shoot guns, garden, network, be aware metaphysically etc. And as a man learn game, be a travelling pussy-trekker or be a celibate monk or a traidtional familily man etc. (but making an enlightened choice)

  41. True courage springs from being right. No one can stand alone or be certain when he is wrong unless he has some kind of reassurance. Men find it in either sex or violence.

  42. I get what you are saying but from what I’ve noticed, this may not be the basket in which to place your eggs. The Civil Rights movement was rightfully criticized by the Nation of Islam for doing this. The Nation of Islam, and other Black self help groups, advocated for the development of Black owned platforms as a mean of securing independence. The Dissident Right must pursue a similar agenda as well as policies that support it (ie. government deregulation of businesses).

  43. The only way to beat the left is to not give them any control in the first place…..Why go to the streets to protest anything? The greatest form of protest is to unplug yourself from their world. Leave the city, be a leader in your neighborhood, join a fraternity, study your faith,grow your own food, raise your children your own way. When you actually lead, you will find it amazing that other men will follow.

  44. Is Gandhi really a good analogy? Were the British authorities really willing to use force to suppress pro-independence activists to keep their empire going? I doubt it.

  45. “…we on the right would triumph against cranky leftist CAT ladies”.
    Amen ! You nailed it, @Eusebius.

  46. I think it’s an information war. Leaked e-mails, undercover videos, ‘autistic’ research like on reddit/4chan/voat, those are the things that expose the left. If you can’t create, promote with memes and discussion.

    1. Eye witnesses report antifa and kkk came off the same buses in Charlottesville. If someone had made a video and distributed it that would have been something.

  47. Non-violent strategy in certain selected venues? Why not? It has worked before for others.
    A non-violent strategy would certainly put Antifa in a bad light. It might work.

  48. Can anybody point me at the actual mission statement of unite the right? I would like to read it for myself to see exactly who they were and stop hearing it second and third hand. Thanks!

  49. The only shining light in this is those same Alt Left types will be slaughtered by the Muslims and other groups once this is all over. Look at Europe, they will get their asses handed to them by the large Muslim hordes. Also leftist whites in coastal cities should really watch out because if the economic order is disrupted, the blacks and hispanics will target them. Only reason why black and hispanics join the leftists is the welfare and affirmative action gravy train, if that is gone, they will turn on the white leftists.
    I have witnessed repeatedly how much most European men are complete pussies when a Muslim comes to pick a fight with them. Its the same with coastal leftists in the large US cities. Coastal liberals will call for the same “Fascist” forces like the police to protect their asses when an angry minority is staring them down.

  50. If Antifa know you won’t be violent, they will be even more violent because they don’t have to worry about you and they already have the cops on their side. They hate you and want to destroy you. The media will cover for them and make you appear violent even if you weren’t. There needs to be a lot of rethinking of strategy to deal with this. Gandhi had a sympathetic press, white guilt and a far more compassionate British empire than what we have in blue states.

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