ESPN Pulls Robert Lee From Game Duties Because He Shares Name With Confederate General

Via Breitbart: 

ESPN pulled an Asian broadcaster named Robert Lee from a University of Virginia football game because of his name. Lee is being moved to cover a game in Pittsburgh instead.

“We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name,” ESPN officials disclosed in a statement obtained from ESPN spokesman Derek Volner. “In that moment it felt right to all parties.”’s Clay Travis broke the story Tuesday evening. Travis wrote:

In a story that seems made for The Onion, but is actually true, according to multiple Outkick fans inside ESPN MSESPN decided to pull an Asian college football announcer named Robert Lee off the William and Mary at University of Virginia college football game because they were concerned that having an ASIAN FOOTBALL ANNOUNCER NAMED ROBERT LEE would be offensive to some viewers.

Did I mention that Robert Lee is Asian?

ESPN originally scheduled Lee to cover this weekend’s game between William and Mary College and the University of Virginia. Instead, ESPN reassigned Lee to cover the game between Youngstown State and Pittsburgh. Dave Weekley will cover the game in Virginia. “Unless someone tries to take down Dave Weekley statues between now and kickoff,” Travis wrote. “In which case ESPN will be royally fucked.”

Travis continued:

Does ESPN really believe people are this dumb or that having an Asian announcer named Robert Lee is too offensive for the average TV viewer to handle?

Yes, yes they do.

“It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play-by-play for a football game has become an issue,” the ESPN statement concludes.

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185 thoughts on “ESPN Pulls Robert Lee From Game Duties Because He Shares Name With Confederate General”

  1. With events like this, I’m starting to think that our best mode of action is to step aside, let the left destroy itself, and then pop up at their weak moment. They don’t seem to care who they attack, so let them attack each other.

    1. Well patience is a virtue. Just do what needs to be done around you and the ones you love.
      No need to dabble in silly identity politics.

      Yup, best to employ the preffered tactics of James Longstreet. Arguably the best Corps. Commander in the whole Civil War.
      “As a general, Longstreet showed a talent for defensive fighting, preferring to position his troops in strong defensive positions and compel the enemy to attack him. Once the enemy had worn itself down, then and only then would Longstreet contemplate an attack of his own. In fact, troops under his command never lost a defensive position during the war.”

      1. Rope-a-dope.
        But you really need to have patience and tolerance for that.
        Nothing should annoy you and you must exercise MAXIMUM APATHY.

        1. I am descended from the Chamberlain who defended Little Round Top in the Battle of Gettysburg. Actually, from his brother (who fought alongside him), as Joshua didn’t father any children. Despite my ancestors having fought on the side of the Union, I am greatly offended by the left and their sudden desire to rewrite history. My ancestors fought valiantly for what they believed in, and so did the Confederates. The descendants of those brave men have every right to be angered by the rush to take down longstanding symbols of their heritage just to spare a few individual’s feelings. Removing statues doesn’t change what happened, but rather obfuscates reminders of what ought not be allowed to happen again.

        2. Oh, this is not a re-write of history. It happened.
          Story goes he was leading his Union boys into battle, and it was muddy. Chamberlain, not prone to riding horses, was covered in mud so the color of his uniform was obscured. He ended up getting far ahead of his troops and ran into the Confederate troops he was supposed to fight! So he puts on his best southern drawl and says “follow me boys!” and leads the Confederates right to his own troops. After a bit of fighting the Confederates surrender and gave Chamberlain a big round of applause for his sheer audacity.
          Its the fun bits of history they never seem to teach in school.

    3. ‘Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.’-Napoleon Bonaparte.

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        1. You might inadvertently rouse them-better to sit back and amuse yourself at their folly.

    4. Yes, let the cannibalizing begin. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Why am I getting a socialist commie feeling about these lefties. I’m not going to be wearing a Chairman Mao outfit, squatting in a gulag rice paddy while listening to Anita screeching from a loud speaker.

    5. True.
      I was a liberal just a couple of years ago. I was pushed right by the left’s hatred of masculinity and their insistence that being a cuck is a great idea. Sometimes they would insist this LITERALLY. These are all real quotes said to me by actual leftists:
      “You have to experiment and not be stopped by outmoded ideas of masculinity. Giving another man a blowjob was one of my most interesting and memorable experiences.”
      “Trans women are real women. If you don’t want to have sex with one, you are a transphobe who doesn’t consider her to be a real woman.”
      “A real man should have no problem being pegged by a strap on. If you disagree, you are probably insecure about your masculinity.”
      “Open marriages are happier marriages”
      “Who are you to tell her who she can or can’t love even after marriage”
      YUCK! This is nuclear cancer. Let them push this stuff without trying to one-up them with Nazi rallies.

    6. ” I’m starting to think that our best mode of action is to step aside, let the left destroy itself,”
      Seriously. One has to wonder if there is an outside element at play that is über retarding the left.

      1. Yep. It’s name is President Donald J Trump. He is to leftists what a black light is to an hourly rate hotel room. Exposing the vile and disgusting.

        1. Now, I’m not Trump’s biggest fan, but that comparison/simile is pure gold. Well done!!!!

    7. Yep. You know, i collect a conversional toolbox. When i see an event like this, i put a link in my toolbox.
      I’m sure i will use it later or sooner….
      – Discrimination is BAD !
      – Sure, like the time it was PC to get fired an asian Broadcaster because his name was Robert lee and i could trigger some people…

    8. That makes sense! Use logic and cunning and marketing techniques as well that appeal to irrefutable emotion yet have a logical basis.

    9. A version of that could be accomplished mixed with the non-violent demonstrations. Hold hundreds of quite, candle vigil, non-violent demonstrations around the country every year, and quietly wait for them to destroy themselves. You could even ask the people on the right remain silent (at the demonstrations) to show how they have no voice.
      Plus, this would put the power of the voice in the hands of the leaders, thus making sure nothing too stupid was said. It’ clear that the MSM will conflate one stupid person with a whole movement. And lots of voting 40, 50, 60, 70 year olds still watch that shit and buy it. I know one of my two brothers does and he’s in his thirties.
      Of course, if you are going to try to control the narrative like this, each little subgroup on the right needs it’s own leader.

    10. Agreed. Yet, without resorting to their form of destruction, it would be nice to devise ways to accelerate their demise of self-destruction. I guess for now, the “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” tactic is our best hope.

    1. I’ll have the #5 Special:
      White Chicken
      White Rice
      General Tso Chicken
      Cream of Sumyunglad soup

        1. Colonel Sanders = white racist nazi.
          General Tso = racist to name a chicken dish after him.

  2. Is “Robert” in the U.S. going to become as verboeten as “Adolf” everywhere else?

  3. Really shows how modern liberalism has become a mental disease, these two look nothing like each other but for the record this kind of lunacy is not modern. When one of my maternal great aunts before the turn of the twentieth century fell in love with a southern gentleman by the name of Lee and they wanted their permission to marry they had him investigated for any possible Klan connections. He didn’t have any but he was a Virginia Lee I am told.

    1. Jon Liebowitz showed great hindsight when he changed his name to Stewart or he would have been fired too

        1. In the current climate it would make him sound like a jewish chinese slave owning confederate general. Which can be bad for ratings.

  4. It’s his fault to be honest. He probably tried to sound white instead of speaking Engrish.
    But in all seriousness, here in nearby Midland, Texas, a former high school football star, who also happens to be black, wants to change the name of his alma mater. The name? Robert E Lee High School, and the mascot is the Rebels. This school happens to be the rival of Odessa Permian High School, from Friday Night Lights fame. Which is ironic. The school gave him the chance to play high caliber ball AND a change at a college education and this is how he replays them. Bet it didn’t bother him back in high school, but that’s partly because his head was literally in between the legs of a blonde cheerleader.

  5. Heh, just because he’s a chink doesn’t mean he’s not racist. I’m brown and I was racist once

  6. Guys this is SERIOUS SHIT. The Alt-Left wants to start banning clothing with confederate symbols, swastikas, KKK references, etc. “limits” on the 1st amendment is a Animal Farm-style slippery slope

  7. This begs another question: why do Asian immigrants insist that their children have European first names (e.g. Johnny Chan)? They’re not fooling anybody. It’s not like someone will look at a Chinese person and say “Oh you’re name is Michael huh? You’re one of us!” It’s almost similar to why Chinese parents force their kids to learn the violin or play the piano. If instruments help hone hand-eye coordination and help brain development, why not learn a traditional Chinese instrument? What’s the deal with eyelid surgery as well? If the Chinese believe that they are superior, what’s with the Western envy with first names, musical instruments, and eye surgery?
    No other minority gives their kids European first names. Not Hispanics, Indians, Arabs, etc. They have enough pride to keep their names, except for Asians (I’m using the term as it’s known in the US, meaning east Asian).
    *This also applies to most other Asian peoples (with the exception of Filipinos, as it makes sense that they have Christian names due to Catholicism).

    1. they want their children to fit in as best as possible. They are smart. They realize when Dindu’s give their children stupid names like Boomshika or Chlamydia they are setting themselves up for failure.

      1. I would distinguish here between African-American names and African names.
        I also don’t think the children will fit in. One look at an Asian person and you can tell that they’re not European. It doesn’t matter if their names are European. It’s like meeting a Saudi guy who’s name Steve Hussein. My point is that they think that they are going to fit in, but they’re not fooling anybody.

        1. Whites equate northeast Asian people with industriousness, lack of aggression, compliance, and eagerness to please. Traits that employers love. Also by and large Asian-Americans live in cities with lots of other Asians (San Francisco, New York, etc.) so they aren’t particularly a rare sight or cultural anomaly.

        2. I see that point, but take Indians for example in the US; they are also highly well-regarded (doctors, engineers, business owners). Indians in the US have among the highest incomes in the country on average as a group. They are not associated with any negative stereotypes (with the exception of Apu on the Simpsons and that Big Bang Theory dude). Yet they keep their first names.

        3. True. But it’s also a bit easier to spell and pronounce “sanjay” than “xiaoyu”

        4. Maybe it is the tone issue in pronouncing names like “xiaoyu.” I understand the pronunciation issue. However, if that were the case, then they should just have American nicknames. Lots of peoples do that (a guy named Raj might say “call me Roger”). However, Asian people will use the American name as their official government name on their birth certificates and government documents. I know most Chinese kids have a “real” Chinese name, but shouldn’t that real name be the one on their official forms? Why use the nickname as an official name?

        5. Why are you getting upset about immigrants attempting to assimilate? That’s what I want them to do. I don’t want them to be part of a counter-culture like black America and further reinforce their uselessness on society.

        6. As a white American myself, I’m especially struck by the fact that US popular culture (especially Hollywood) mocks this particular group of people for being “socially awkward” while that same group of people is completely kicking whitey’s ass economically. I guess the joke’s on us.
          That same northeast Asian kid whom white people laughed at back in high school and who studied math and science 3 – 6 HOURS a night is now economically set for life, while the average white guy’s working his dead-end 9 – 5 job making minimum wage.

        7. Yeah but he’s still at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of SMV. It takes a lot of money to offset the “awkward Asian guy with a small penis” stereotype… Chicks won’t find him “sexy,” whether in the alpha fucks or the beta bucks stage. Even Asian-American chicks don’t want Asian (east Asian as the term is used in America) guys. They go for the white dudes.

        8. Because they’re assimilating in a half-assed way. It’s disingenuous and reflects badly on their part. Someone like Aziz Ansari is completely assimilated to American culture, but his name isn’t Adam Ansari.

        9. What would constitute fully assimilating? I wouldn’t expect them to change their first and last names.

        10. Fortunately, majority of Asian guys don’t give a shit about fucking the unfeminine, bitchy, arrogant, slutty, whorish, shameless and ungrateful white “chicks” !!!

        11. Money >>>> SMV. You end up a lot more attractive to many women when you’re wealthy, even if you’re Asian.

        12. They are regarded as extremely cheap, ruthlessly so. I did a job for an extremely well-off Indian (dots) woman once, and she refused to pay me because I told her that her equipment was mechanically fucked. She told me I wasn’t worth what I got paid and offered to let me fix it for basically nothing. I could have called the cops and had a huge shit show on her front lawn, but I chose to walk. I didn’t do any business with Indians for YEARS. I didn’t give a flying fuck what their name was. I heard that accent, I declined the call. True story. So, in the states, there is a HUGE stigma with Indians, and it has nothing to do with what their name is.

        13. “Because they’re assimilating in a half-assed way”
          And for Europe’s case, the apes they are bringing in are savages who will not assimilate.

        14. This sort of thing makes me sigh. Why slag off Asian people who come to the states? They, as a rule, work hard try to fit in and add to the economy. As far as I am aware, they don’t bomb things.
          Leave them the heck alone for god’s sake.
          They embody the true spirit of America: come here, work hard and contribute. THAT’S truly positive immigration.
          There is nothing at all wrong with new blood to a country provided certain criteria are met ( see above).
          What isn’t required are hordes of people who try to change the way of life and are a drain.

        15. Yes I can’t see Africans naming their kids Bonquiqui, Watermelondrea, or Clitorisondrea.

        16. If the migrants in Europe just behaved like Aziz in Master of None, we wouldn’t have these problems in Europe.

        17. When you’re talking about large sums of money, I’d agree. But if you take an Asian guy who is killing it in IT or programming (upper middle class) he’ll still get the short end of the stick compared to a white guy who works as a “consultant” or some business-type that doesn’t really do anything.

        18. I look at someone like Aziz Ansari as someone who has assimilated in the correct way.

        19. Why are you so concerned with someone else’s name? Most do it to try to assimilate and to have a name that’s easier for the host country to spell and pronounce. Find something more pressing to bitch about

        20. But what if they want Asian chicks? Their own women will flock to sub-par white dudes.

        21. I think that’s changing with first generation kids born in the US, at least with the ones I’ve seen. They still retain their names and remain “cultural,” but don’t resort to using low-trust tactics to take advantage of a high-trust society like their parents may have done back in the motherland (and when they immigrated to the US).

        22. Indeed. Not all but as we all know, females (especially femicunts) are SAME ! They are always opportunistic, cunning, selfish and ungrateful to MEN. Those Asian chicks you pointed out will do that because of “Green Card” & Benefits !!!

        23. It does because it shows a willingness to adopt the native culture. I don’t have a personal problem with ethnic names, but I know the intention is largely to either create a subculture such as zabbas do with their fucked up names, or to retain their own culture such as immigrant ethnic names induce. Either way, it’s an attempt to underpin a cultural uniqueness on a person and reject traditional parenting in the US.

        24. I think that used to be the case, back in the Ellis Island days with various Europeans and with East Asians in the 60s. However, now one can be American and retain an ethnic name. Also, I would argue it has nothing to do with traditional parenting in the US. You can still be a soccer mom and be named Xiaoyu.

        25. Asians are very passive in their behavior, they tend to be high intelligence and very docile compared to most other ethnic groups. Arabs and Africans are among the most aggressive.

      2. Sorry ! don’t know how come you absolutely go wrong on this !! How stupid are Hindus (well, according to you “Dindus” !!) to have enough PRIDE to keep their names !? Want some examples @Hubert ! Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Ajay Bhat, Dr. Samba Reddy … well, hope I made it clear !!

    2. I was going to say almost the same thing Hubert did. They give them “American” names to assimilate and be Americans instead giving them hood rat names like Demonarevious or Ebolanikwa.

      1. “Ebolanikwa”. Isn’t it amazing how they name their children after diseases or viruses? My own parents literally (Hitler) encountered a “Chlamydia” once.

        1. Like I told Hubert, I would distinguish here between African-American names and OG African names. African names have cultural roots, whereas AA names are usually “original.” My point is it’s only east Asians that insist on having American first names. I understand that European immigrants back in the day modified their names, however the difference is that they became “white” with the next generation and no one would be able to tell where they came from. However, a next-gen Asian in the US would still look Asian, so it wouldn’t matter what the first name is. It’s the opposite of smart IMO, because you’re not going to fool anyone. It’s like they’re trying too hard.

        2. Man I’ve seen it all around here 🙂 one of the worst ones that comes to mind is
          Tarnishia (pronounced Tar-nesha)

        3. Oh I got one even better for you. Shadynasty. Probably thinking shady nasty right? Nope…..Sha and dynasty. It was so stupid it hurt the brain. I mean, where’s the Wombosi guy from The Bourne Identity? Yeah…..that guy’s real name is Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. I think that is a lot more dignified than Barkevious (for all you LSU fans out there).

        4. African names will have meanings from root words in the local language. AA names not so much.

        1. That’s my point. Because it’s not going to make a difference. If someone is going to be racist towards a Muslim, it won’t matter if his name is Bob. So why try using half-assed measures to assimilate? Assimilate with your behavior, not by trying to pander with English names.

    3. As a Latino, I’m going to disagree with you on this. Right now there is a trend, especially in lower income families, to give their kids “gringo” names. Names like Kevin, Brandon, Bryan (spelled Brayan), Lesley, Britney, and Deisy. And my own brother named my niece Deisy. Even in Mexico this is a trend.

      1. Interesting… how do you feel about this? Do you think it’ll work for assimilation purposes? If someone’s name is Kevin Lopez, do they really think it’ll give them a leg up? If I see that name, I’m automatically assuming Hispanic or Latino. It’s not like I’m going to say “Kevin huh? Cool you’re white in my eyes!”

        1. Depends. Given that many of the people doing this definitely don’t look white, it does look silly. I do think lots of them do try to assimilate. Not only by naming their kids, but by drinking Bud Light, speaking English only (but with a big tendency to lean towards Spanglish), obsessing over pro American sports (here in West Texas they obsess over the Dallas Cowboys), celebrating holidays gringo style, and of course, looking down on Mexicans from Mexico, even if they don’t admit it openly.
          What do I think of this myself? Like I said I do find it silly. I do get they’re trying to assimilate, but they look like poseurs. And people wonder why I haven’t assimilated completely to American culture. And yet I still function well in American society, just like I function well in Mexican society. It comes with having grown up in a binational community.

        2. Yeah it’s the poser mentality that kinda irks me. It’s also kind of hypocritical to look down on Mexicans from Mexico when a white Texan is going to lump you in with them anyways, even if you are “assimilated.” But oh well…

        3. They can. What I meant was, there are ethnics out there who feel they have to mimic whites to fit in, such as sports. Hope this clears this up.

      2. You are right and thus it shows how ignorant they are….for lack of a better term. Even in South America, normally this tendency is shown by the ignorant masses, the poor and stupid…

      3. “Brandon” – very popular these days… Gone are the days of Bonifacio or Rogelio. Even in my family, which is mostly Italian, we’re seeing Kevin and Britney… no more Giovanni or Francesca… SMH…

        1. Dude that sucks. I’ve always wanted to have kids so I could name them Domenico or Franchesco.

    4. Once you are Americanized and take part in our nation, you can partake as Johnny, Joe, or Jim…

      1. Yeah a civic nationalist would agree to that sentiment, but what about ethnonationalists? They would still see Asian people as not “really American.” It doesn’t matter if a guy with slanted eyes is named Jim Baker, he’d still be “Chinese” in many people’s eyes. If others are going to see you that way, why not embrace the Chinese name. That doesn’t mean you need to grow a Confucius beard and drink green tea while doing Tai Chi all the time. You can still be culturally American, but others will still see you that way, even if you think of yourself as American. They’ll ask you for recommendations on Chinese restaurants and ask you “where you’re really from.” Even liberals would ask these sorts of questions in an attempt to be more multicultural.

    5. No other minority gives their kids European first names. Not Hispanics, Indians, Arabs, etc. They have enough pride to keep their names, except for Asians (I’m using the term as it’s known in the US, meaning east Asian).
      Hispanics have European names due to their mixed ancestry and their catholic tradition. What happens is they have spanish names. But for the rest of your opinion you are right.

      However I doubt they are striving to fit in. Intermarriage happens organically, it’s not encouraged by their parents. I think that they understand the importance of having an understandable name and are not as stupid as the blacks that think naming their sons and daughters Trevon and Laquiya will be nothing else but a disadvantage in life.

    6. I have dealt with that question in a comment to this article
      The beauty ideals are universal, and since Europeans in general conform the most to these ideals – with big, round eyes and not too round facial structures – East Asians want to change their looks according to these standards. Both Chinese, other East Asian groups and Europeans have the same universal sense of beauty, which stretches thousands of years back in time. Still it is a balance and many want to keep a certain degree of Asianness, not be complete white Westerners.
      Chinese, Japanese and Koreans think they are somewhat culturally superior, even though they are less naturally pretty in general.

      1. Yeah they do have “real” Asian names, but the names they choose as their official government names are English names. Why not have the real name be the official government one and the English name be the “nickname?”

  8. At this point the traditional media do little or nothing to hide their impartiality.

    1. The 2 rules of CNN
      1. Strawman the hell out of everything Donald Trump says
      2. Go back to rule number 1

      1. They are already doing it now (
        I remember that during the US election campaign of 2016, the CNN branch for Hispanic countries reached a ridiculous levels of bias. Everyday news and articles like “10 horrible Trump phrases”, “Trump sexism”, “Trump is a …”, etc.
        After that I stopped watching international news on television. One thing is lefty media giving the news and another is lefty media giving the news but with much cynicism boast of being impartial.

        1. Those losers are doing it with only one motto; Blame & Tarnish image of President Trump. But it’s not gonna happen ! People are not that dumb to simply believe the “four channels”, leftists and femicunts.
          *** Real MEN will always Support and Stand by the President Trump ***

        2. A curious thing that happened after the victory of Donald Trump is that I realized that the forces and movements of right-wing of several countries regained vitality.
          In the case of my country (Paraguay) which itself is predominantly right-wing, the lefties lost some influence in the young. Trump is a redpiller.

        3. What is the ratio of Euro vs Mestizo in Paraguay? Must be heavily Euro to be “right wing”. Unless the mestizos simply do not vote?

        4. 70% of Mestizos, 25% of Euros, 2% of Native American and 3% Others (among Asians, Arabs, Mulattos, etc.)
          The mestizos here are very right-wingers.

        5. Yeah, the MSM ranges the gamut from Trump is Hitler to Trump is worse than Hitler. So all possible positions covered then

        6. Ah, that’s because Mexicans and others who illegally cross the border receive promises of social programs from the Democratic Party.
          They are poor and many were not educated. It is natural that they feel attracted by the left-wing in these conditions.
          When you work and pay for your own things it is natural to feel inclined towards the right-wing.

        7. “When you work and pay for your own things it is natural to feel inclined towards the right-wing.”

        8. [sorry for long comment/reply !]
          Exactly, your observation is 100% correct. Don’t know why some fellow (white !!) ROKers always blame other MEN, especially Asians and that too, Indians ! I seldom see Indian MEN (even those who are well built, fair colored & attractive) seeking out or wanting a “local” unfeminine pussy. Heck, not just Asians, NO real MAN coming from a rich tradition & cultural background will ever even think about starting family with ungrateful “local” pussies.
          Coming back to our topic, although I am an Indian (no confusion, Hindustani !!) and a Hindu (or, as somebody called, “Dindu” !!), I always wished that Donald Trump must WIN the Elections. I didn’t see anything wrong in Trump’s manifesto; a Presidential Candidate should always think about the GOOD of HIS own People & Country.
          What really wonders me is, even after the Elections; the losers, those 4 channels and “elites” are attacking Mr. Trump, day in and day out. Losers (aka femicunts) are unable to digest the Victory of MEN and doing everything (fabricating News, staging marches, attacking MEN, etc. etc.) to show Mr. Trump as a “failure”.
          The Losers also trying to portray white people (make no mistake: white MEN) as racists !! as if… as if the issue of “racism” is something new ! something that is invented by Mr Trump !!
          Racism is everywhere; in every Country, in every Culture and in every Place !! Between the Rich & Poor, the Educated & Uneducated, the Successful & Unsuccessful, the Beauty & Ugly !!

        9. Well, about the miscegenation of foreigners with the local inhabitants of a country I do not see it as a big problem. Although something I also saw is that whites lately developed a rejection towards non-white foreigners marrying white women.
          It is understandable, after years and years of cultural Marxism, anti-white propaganda and the
          fact that their own governments force them to engage barbarians that they only do is destroy … white people are only defending themselves.
          But … that does not mean that just because a non-white wants to marry a white means that
          that is the work of the global elite in an attempt to exterminate. It’s just that there are white women who are very beautiful to non-whites, that’s all.
          Blessings for all my white friends and their families, because without them this world would be very dark…
          I appreciate Trump not just for being someone who really cares about his people and the future of their nation. He for me is one of the few politicians who really do it with the intention of helping, because he could perfectly well have remained a businessman and become part of the elite. But no, he saw his nation in trouble and sacrificed his own money and reputation to do something about it.

  9. ESPN has gone full retard. I am just saying this is one of the reasons they are losing viewers. Sports is supposed to be a sanctuary from politics. Not a reminder of it. Though I guess this proves anti Asian racism is o.k.

  10. ESPN should also stop airing any SEC games since the SEC is well… the conference of the Confederacy.

  11. I demand that the coffin bearing the body of the late Senator Ted Kennedy be removed from Arlington National Cemetery at once! I am TRIGGERED that he is allowed to be interred with our honorable war dead. Do it now or else I will become upset! (does this remind you of anyone?)

  12. Like I said elsewhere a little bit of intelligence goes a long way but those responsible for this went quite the distance clearly with no brains at all.

      1. In fairness, all he said was that Donovan McNabb wouldn’t be hyped as a premier QB if he wasn’t black. FF a couple years and Vick was making fun of him for puking and choking in the Superbowl, but that was OK. I thought McNabb was was way more of a class act than Vick, personally, but up to that point, very few star QBs were black. It did seem pretty obvious he had a point, but it was dismissed as “muh racizmz”…

    1. It can be worst. The degenerates always find new ways of drawing attention, each more repulsive than the previous one.
      Here is when at least one can take it with humor.

        1. White guilt.
          But it’s not borderline as Ms. Ella states. It’s full on insanity.

  13. This country is nothing like it was 20 years ago. As PC as the Clinton 90s were they were almost like the 50s compared to today. I grew up around people who openly used “fag” as a disparaging remark and no one said a word. I have a picture of myself at 5 on a pony holding a toy lever action rifle and revolver cap gun on my side. Guy was setup outside the grocery store offering photos for mothers who had their kids. Mom paid him to take a few. Same when we visited the Smokey Mountains and got our pictures taken with Cherokee Indians with a feather headband.
    Reason I bring it up is because our culture has simply become way too soft in a remarkably short amount of time. Gen X and millennial parents would lose their minds to see a kid playing with orange tipped toy guns. This Robert E. Lee thing is the beginning of darker things ahead. Now I know what my grandparents meant when they complained about how things have gotten worse.

    1. I have the same picture but mother put us in our dresses. This was in Toronto where the guy would go around with the horse and a camera.

    2. I do wonder how much of this sentiment is just older people disparaging “those damn punk kids” through nostalgia goggles and how much of it is legitimate criticism.

      1. I’m not saying all was perfect but families weren’t as divided and they didn’t get as offended by asinine things like this ESPN story. We didn’t horde up in our corners of the house plying on our tablets. We played card/board games and sat on the porch visiting with neighbors. Went to Blockbuster. This espn stuff would never be an issue in say, 1991. The racial stuff never really went away and have only gotten worse since the 60s. In the modern era, Rodney King and OJ Simpson were the two events that have led to BLM. The modern libertarian/alt-right movements are grounded in the Ruby Ridge and Waco standoffs.
        The 90s and 00s were the years that finally set this country on a path to destruction thanks to the Bush and Clinton/Obama cartels.

        1. OJ led to the radicalization of blacks???
          How do you figure? Were the blacks upset that after getting away with murder, he was not given a ticker tape parade and presented with another white female to kill?
          The radicalization o blacks is a direct result of the 64 & 68 (un)civil rights acts and the great society programs. Give a grubby moocher a free ride and they will just want more and more and more. And will have an attitude about it to boot.

        2. OJ and Rodney were flashpoints, though. I think that’s what he’s getting at. I’m not old enough to remember, but my father remarks on the 80s as a great time where blacks and whites chilled together with minimal friction.

        3. I should’ve said “contributed to the further radicalization” of blacks. The two events I named were flash points in racial tensions in the U.S. that have never stopped getting worse. We all know the Great Society programs of LBJ set them and lower class whites on a projectile path towards destitute lifestyles.
          I’m saying that ever since the 60s, the blacks have continued to be agitated by the Democrats, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam and the white guilt liberals who have enabled their destructive fits of rage every time one gets shot by a white cop.
          Racial tensions were always there even when we pretended to ply nice to avoid conflict. Civic nationalist conservatives like to wear out the “Lincoln was a Republican and freed slaves” line but they’re like white liberals in the sense that they talk a big game about being “accepting” to other races but usually avoid sending their kids to those schools are live next door to them.

        4. The halcyon days of when President Reagan was running the place. People had jobs, the economy was prosperous.

        5. Farrakhan, despite his insane ideas regarding human history and scientific development, is actually GOOD for blacks.
          He tells them:
          – Live in their own neighborhoods
          – Stay away from whites
          – Date and marry black females only
          – Don’t use welfare & other programs
          – Don’t join gang
          – Speak proper English
          – Don’t listen to rap “music”.
          – He advocates for a separate black country.
          If they listened to the above, this country would be a much better place.

        6. I was born in 1966, and I can tell you that the 70s and 80s were great because blacks and whites were separate with an invisible wall that almost no one crossed. We stayed away from them and they stayed away from us. And things were much better for it. I grew up in the NYC metro area.

        7. But if they listened to the above, a good portion of them probably wouldn’t be voting Democrat. Then the NAACP would be out of a job and politicians wouldn’t be getting elected. They’re not going to allow that to happen.

        8. If they listened to him, they would be better off. If Farrakhan was white, he would be accused of being a nazi for his views.

      2. “I do wonder how much of this sentiment is just older people disparaging “those damn punk kids” through nostalgia goggles and how much of it is legitimate criticism.”
        I think it’s all relative. Each generation the world is getting more and more orwellian, inversely, each previous generation was indeed better.

    3. “Now I know what my grandparents meant when they complained about how things have gotten worse”
      True – but how I’d much prefer to live in the era when your grandparents were complaining – things might have been worse then in their eyes, but I’m sure they were way better compared to today.

    4. “Now I know what my grandparents meant when they complained about how things have gotten worse.”
      I remember my grandfather, a WWII vet who was in the Battle of the Bulge, remarking quite a few times that he was glad he lived when he did. He died in ’97.

  14. I’m getting sick of all this sht.
    I don’t watch TV because I see it as a sensory over load
    I don’t fallow the music scene because it’s a sensory over load
    All this media sht is sensory overload with a purpose
    All this fcking issues are becoming a sensory overload, feels like it’s a tool to keep people away from people.
    In stead of men getting together to make sht better we are force to congregate in obscure sites and talk about sht issues, an imposed form of Arrested Development

  15. I’ll bet my left nut that ESPN intentionally put Lee on the Virginia game so they could transfer him to another game and had an insider with “grievances” leak the story in a big virtue signalling moment. ESPN is looking for the drama behind all their coyness and ” boo hoo we don’t want poor Lee to get trolled.” ESPN is worse than women in their manipulation and attention whoring.

    1. I’m QUITE certain that this is the real deal. And I’m QUITE certain MESPN would never admit it.

  16. You know, when you have statues of Catholic saints, Honest Abe and Joan of Arc also being attacked, it really speaks to a broader agenda.
    Sure, the foot soldiers are uneducated retards looking for excuses to smash things, but the orchestrators want to remove our history entirely(see: Mao’s Cultural Revolution). First, they acclimate us to the idea that it’s okay to attack statues of Confederates. Then it expands on to others like Christopher Columbus. It doesn’t stop there. You could find something “problematic” in the past of just about anyone born before the 1990’s or so.

    1. Stalin could never show the results of his creation of the new man, it is all about breaking down everything until there is nothing left.

  17. in other (((fake))) news – i read in the fake news today the SJWs in Australia are taking a leaf out of the ISIS Lite USA chapters (thats what i call antifa) book and campaigning to have a statue of Captain James Cook taken down because Abbos are “upset” at the ‘he discovered the region first’ tag.
    now, ask any Aussie they will tell you dangle a quart of malt liquor in front of an abbos nose and they wont give two hoots about anything.
    the great eradication of western culture has changed pace and is steamrolling anyone who goes against the liberal despotism.

    1. “ISIS Lite”.. Hahaha! Excellent name for antifa(g). Also might I add “alt-ISIS” 😉

  18. What a lie about going home to Albany on Saturday night.

    Pittsburgh is how many miles away?
    There are no flights.
    ESPN is dumb.
    They really expect people to buy their b’s story.
    Sum ting wong here

  19. This press release can’t be right. I’m assuming Albany is in NY. The distance between Pittsburgh and Charlottesville to Albany are the same. No trains, buses or airlines provide a benefit. Why can’t ESPN just admit they were virtue signaling because they want so badly to be part of the story and solution? This is sad and disappointing all the way around. I was giving up the NFL this season but a move to SEC Network requires ESPN. Any ideas?

  20. When I saw the article title, I assume he was either fired, had his position changed entirely or something terrible. He was simply moved to cover another game and it sounds like this Robert guy was on board with the decision. Unless Robert Lee comes out and refutes this, this is really a non-issue.

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