The Difference Between A Woman’s Behavior And Her Intent

In any discussion of power structures, the most important thing to consider is not the intent of the person or body involved, but rather the impact that their actions have on you or your peer group.

The manosphere presents a number of arguments critical of female behavior. That it is able to do so is in a large part due to the unique position in which we find ourselves vis a vis technology. The internet has made it possible, for the first time ever, for men to compare notes and to record their common experiences with the opposite sex from a position of relative anonymity. This meta-discussion is ongoing, its still-tentative conclusions spread across many, many fine (and not so fine) blog posts, analyses and books. But I think it fair to say that a central tenet of so-called “red pill” thinking is what many commentators refer to as women’s “alpha-fux, beta bux” mating strategy.

This term refers to women’s tendency to select men who demonstrate attractive  “alpha” characteristics for quick, short term sex (and impregnation); and “beta” types for long-term provisioning and child-rearing (often, unknowingly, of the alpha’s kid). This, coupled with Rollo’s excellent analysis of women’s first stellar and then declining sexual market value as they pass through their party years (18-23) to the wall and beyond, and the personas that they frequently adopt within each phase (i.e cock carousel rider,  marriage-and-kids enthusiast, adulteress, crazy cat woman etc.) seems to me to be at the heart of men’s shared observations.

It’s depressing stuff, and I suspect that a great many men (myself included) would rather not believe it, or would rather cling to the notion that NAWALT (not all women are like that). Unfortunately, the reason that manosphere sites have gained traction in the last few years is that they enable men to see how closely their own experiences align with those of others, leading them to conclude that, regrettably, most women are indeed “like that”—or at least have the propensity to be so.

I recently read a critique of the manosphere on a feminist blog that took issue with this model of female behaviour. The writer’s argument went something like this:

What world are these people living in? Everyone makes mistakes when they are young and still learning. I don’t know any woman who sets out to fuck sexy alphas when she’s in her twenties, then snag a boring guy for marriage, have kids with him, and milk him for alimony and child support after she’s cuckolded him. We all muddle through life, making mistakes as we learn and grow. The manosphere is a paranoid conspiracy theory.

Funnily enough, I don’t entirely disagree with this. In my non-manosphere existence, I am a brother to three sisters, and I am friendly with many women at work and through my social circle. I also don’t personally know any women who set out to ruin men’s lives by acting as described above (although I am aware that such callous gold-diggers do indeed exist). The women that I know are in the main pleasant people who, if questioned, would express their admiration for male “beta” traits such as kindness, generosity, respect, and ability to provide for a family.

It doesn’t mean they behave in accordance with this, though.

Some commentators on manosphere sites believe that feminism is a power structure constructed with the specific intention of subjugating men and ruining their lives by extracting resources from them through unfair divorce and childcare laws. Personally, I don’t buy that. I think feminism has evolved due to any number of complex political and societal shifts over the last hundred years or so, and to ascribe the current situation to a conspiracy against men is an oversimplification and wrongheaded. But in the end, does it really matter?

This is where the difference between intent and impact comes in. Whatever the meta intent of  those behind feminism may or may not be, the impact of it on me remains the same: if I display beta characteristics and get married, then there’s a good chance I’ll get screwed over down the line. Alternatively, if I act like a jerk in a Vegas nightclub, then there’s a good chance I’ll get laid.

I can think of two women I know right now, both in their late twenties or early thirties. One has just married her long-term boyfriend; the other will marry hers in a few weeks time. Both are, on the surface, intelligent, pleasant enough, caring women. Both have also cheated on their partners several times on drunken nights out with colleagues. They are following the manospheric model outlined above precisely—i.e. marrying a provider-type just as their SMV passes its peak and the wall beckons. Both have had no compunction in cuckolding their fiancées with fun, alpha-type guys, and I would say it is not unlikely that this will continue even after a ring has been put on it.

divorced father

The funny thing is, though, if you asked either of these women for their thoughts on red pill thinking, I have no doubt that they would vehemently refute it. There are two reasons for this: first, women are generally solipsistic and unable (or unwilling) to admit the similarity between the manosphere model and their own bad behaviour. And second, I don’t believe that either woman went into her relationship intending to cheat on her partner: their intentions, I’m sure, were good. But the ‘gina tingles proved too much and they did it anyway. The impact on their partners (were they to find out the truth) would be the same as if they had planned it, though.

Just before I finally downed the red pill, I was seeing a girl who also had a boyfriend. I had really lost it over this girl: I wanted her to leave the boyfriend for me. But she wouldn’t. We’d meet for sex in the afternoon and then she’d go back to him. It sounds like an ideal arrangement now—back then, it wasn’t enough.

Things came to a head and I told her how much she was hurting me. But there was reason after reason as to why she couldn’t leave him—they kept coming. “I don’t mean to hurt you,”  she said. “I’m a good person. It’s just the way things are at the moment.” It was at that point I realized the importance of impact over intent. I wanted to believe her—I wanted to believe that she didn’t intend to hurt me. But whether she did or not, it didn’t matter—the impact of her behavior was damaging to me. As soon this became clear to me, I walked. I never spoke to her again.

I am no great believer in conspiracy theories—about feminism or anything else. I’m not saying all of them are false—some certainly seem more plausible than others—but in the main I feel that human beings are just too disorganized, selfish and solipsistic to effectively (and secretly!) run the sorts of complex structures that some theorists describe. This is just a personal view and many will disagree with me. But regardless, as individuals there is very little we can do about meta power structures anyway.

I’m not saying you should bury your head in the sand—just ask yourself honestly what you can influence and what you can’t. If a girl cheats on you, then the chances are she is not acting as an agent of a feminist conspiracy to destabilize men—she is just acting in accord with her ‘gina tingles. She may not intend to hurt you through her behavior, but the impact of it is the same as if she did, so treat her accordingly. Delete her number and cut her out of your life.

Women Drinking Shots at Nightclub

Men can rail against feminism and smartphones and hook-up culture all day long on internet message boards, but the genie ain’t going back in the bottle. The modern world is what it is and you should put your own interests first. Don’t waste time thinking about the intentions of those whose actions affect you—e.g. women, employers, governments; they are largely irrelevant. Instead, think about how these actions impact you and what you can do about it.

If you’re unhappy with your girlfriend, then dump her, learn game and find another one. If you don’t like the way your company has been restructured then start your own business and leave. If you don’t like the state of the nation then emigrate to a foreign country where there is a better way of life. The fantastic thing about the manosphere is that it is filled with positive, actionable advice to do all of these things. You are better off concentrating on those things you can control, rather than those things you can’t.

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273 thoughts on “The Difference Between A Woman’s Behavior And Her Intent”

  1. If every man in the world just ignored the shit that comes out of women mouths and payed attention solely to what they do on a daily basis then all men would all be “red pill”.

  2. Best article yet from Mr. Francis. I especially agree with his opinion on conspiracy theories.

  3. Good points! Funny thing is that even game aware, red pill women hamsterize. My GF openly talks about liking my badboy attitude etc., but started suggesting to me that I buy polo shirts 😉

    1. J crew fits perfect that’s what I wear.But that’s what I wear though if that’s not you’re style don’t do it.

  4. Excellent article. I have to agree that there is no grand conspiracy, simply a set of incentives that women follow.
    Also, for the record, the ‘alpha fucks, beta bucks’ line was coined by Great Books For Men (a hilarious troll that pops up in the manosphere) over at Chateau Heartiste.

  5. The bottom line is this, boys.
    Women know exactly what they want – they know it since their vaginas start bleeding and they’ll know it until they die. They don’t care if a guy is a good provider, if he’s funny, intelligent, or virtuous; they simply don’t. I don’t know why it is that they don’t, but it’s probably because women are incapable of being funny, intelligent, or virtuous, and have existed as perpetual leeches and ornaments for the past 100,000 years of human history. They come and go with the tides. They really have no personal investment in civilization and you can see that virtually everything in this world is just in place to help women live out a fantasy of a live that they think they deserve. They aren’t on their hands and knees in sewers or on power lines. They don’t know or care how things work. They simply do not care.
    Look at your average woman walking down the street, stomping by in her high heels. She honestly thinks she’s too fucking good for this world. She thinks she’s too good for everyone, and her eyes will only light up off her phone as soon as she sees a man (maybe 1/100, depending on where you are) that fits her ideal description of what she thinks she deserves in her solipsistic fantasy.
    The rest of us – we’re just here to support these women. Not with taxes, but with our civilization that we dutifully maintain. Whether we’re bank tellers, bus drivers, mechanics, engineers, doctors, unless we fit her idea of an “alpha”, we’re nothing to your average woman – absolutely nothing, unless you are rich enough to make her able to tolerate your appearance, an appearance, if anything less than her fantasy ideal, makes her sick to her stomach.
    I think it’s funny to see doctors delivering babies in hospitals – doctors who spend their whole lives working up to that point, delivering bastard babies to single moms with the dad in jail or simply not present. If anything is more ironic than that, I don’t know what is.
    Women actively hate beta men – they don’t actually stop and think where electricity comes from, because this isn’t sexy. A man may look at a light, and wonder what makes it glow, and how he can improve it. A woman doesn’t even look at the ceiling. She doesn’t even think about who built her house. She thinks about the alpha male cock that she deserves.
    Women know EXACTLY what they want, and they can get it, thanks to the tolerance of men. Luckily I firmly believe that things are going to go sour pretty goddamn quick once this news gets out, and it will. They know exactly what they want and no amount of money can make Bill Gates as much as a pussy-wetter as Jeremy Meeks; Bill Gates, the man worth $55 billion dollars and a philanthropist with apparently a heart of gold – and he’s giving his goddamn money to single moms that wouldn’t fuck him anyways.

    1. So true about Jeremy Meeks. I remember talking to a girl about that criminal and she told me she would do “nasty things to him.” She then followed this up and told me about what actresses she found elegant. She did piss me off telling me that guys wouldn’t care if a girl were in prison they would still be attracted to her. I told her, “most guys wouldn’t be attracted to a girl with a teardrop and a violent criminal background. We like elegant women.” That shut her up.

      1. You know, it easy to see the depths of insanity when it comes to most women.
        Ted Bundy got hundreds love letters from women when he was convicted, this same man murdered, raped, mutilated and ate dozens of women. What was the response from the womenfolk, when they saw their “sisters” getting savaged by this beast? Nothing, but giving heaps of adoration and love to a sick guy.
        I am not a psychologist, but I can make an accurate conclusion that most women are psychotic, fucking deranged and delusional, really.

        1. The death row inmate thing is shocking. It is such a psychological study in females and the true adage ” women love the bad boys”. Some documentary I saw about “death row brides” and girlfriends. These death row dudes would get solicited by mail from these usually BEAUTIFUL women (often from Scandinavia) who would fucking marry them. Usually interracial black dude white chick. Inexplicable. Meanwhile there are hardworking , successful dudes who can’t get arrested…

        2. yes indeed, MOST women were infatuated with Ted Bundy, and therefore MOST women are psychotic and delusional. those words actually describe you a lot better than MOST women.

        3. Really, order a pizza, take-out chicken, it’s just cheaper and easier. Had to explain to a guy friend how much better it is to just hire mollymaid instead of getting a girl to move in and do your housework. It took a little while, but he finally caught on. The mollymaid is like an escort, pay her for the services and she’s out the door. Molly won’t drain your bank account and steal all your furniture.

      2. That’s one thing I do not deal with. Violent women. They are too unpredictable and dangerous. If a woman ever admits to me that she has initiated a violent attack (I knew one woman who had stabbed a guy in a fight and another who broke a half drunk bottle of champagne over a guys head in a club) then any further congress is impossible, regardless of how “nice” she is.

        1. wow. aren’t you a smart one. congratulations on your excellent judgment.
          where the hell are you hanging out that you meet woment that stab and break bottles over people’s heads? you might consider different social environments, you know, that include civilized people who would never dream of doing violence to others?

      3. Funny thing about this Meeks fellow. I can’t actually find any information about what he did wrong (I leave out the gun charge because in a free society that would not be illegal). From what I can tell, he is a family man (wife/gf with two kids) who is gang affiliated but it seems most of his (real) crimes were committed years ago.
        Far as I can tell, women are fascinated by him merely by his photo. Were he to actually talk to them I am sure they would give him the run around just like they do any other guy.

        1. He was charged with “street terrorism”, if you can believe that lol.
          The funny thing is he only looks good in that one photo. So much so that it had to be airbrushed/photoshopped. If you look at other pics or videos of him online, he looks like any other unhealthy, skinny hoodrat with bad teeth. And his girlfriend/wife is a morbidly obese piece of white trash, who looks like she’s at least 30.

      1. I get the joke, but I’d pay to have his looks. He wouldn’t have been in the news if he wasn’t so good looking.

        1. Same here, looks do matter – which is fucked up for you and I and the other non-models.

    2. The problem with women isn’t that they would take Jeremy Meeks over Bill Gates. Afterall, a lot of men would take some modelesque criminal chick over Janet Yellen or some such.(I actually think most men would reject a supermodel looking girl if she were a gangster thug, but that’s not my point here). The problem lies in the fact that when men are blatant about their pursuit of women for pure physical attraction they’re villified, criticized, called pigs and dogs but women do the same crap and of course they’re still just snowflakes. If a woman lusted over Jeremey Meeks in my presence, it would be fun to say, “Yeah, women are dogs. You’re acting like a real pig. He’s a degenerate. You’re thinking with your crotch.” Just to see the reaction.

      1. What?
        The problem with women is they don’t see how being a criminal makes men more attractive to them… Men don’t get turned on by a woman being a criminal, we overlook it if she is good looking.

        1. Women get turned on by characteristics and personality in addition to, sometimes more than looks, whereas you men seem to base things solely off if looks. Even though we may not always choose the honorable personality traits.

      2. If Sarah Palin was honest-to-goodness Vice President right now, and cheated on her husband to do it, I’d sleep with her in an instant. But she has pretty okay legs tho.

      3. There are also many women who go for the money. How many times have we seen rich nerdy, square guys with supermodel girlfriends/wives…or very old rich guys dating a hot, young chick?

    3. Its the contempt and downright hatred of beta males that turns many men into “dogs”. The craziest part of all of this is that women could announce to the world what they really want and men would conform. We dont have a choice. If women told men everyday that they want a strong, dominant, muscular man, we would have to fight our way to the squat rack at the gym. Instead, they perpetuate, encourage, and, in the case of single moms, build and construct beta males simply for their amusement.
      I dont like to “come to women’s defense” but I think the same thing is going on with men and slutty women. Men have a love/hate relationship with sluts, and the general consensus would be that men hate sluts. However, society and beta males encourage alot of slutty behavior from women and it draws nothing but disrespect from men. I was running at the track the other day at a local college and it was move in day in the dorms. I saw hundreds of young 18 year olds walking with their mothers and fathers with these short short shorts on. I mean ass cheeks hanging out and the fathers are fine with it. This encouragement of slutty behavior is as detrimental as the single mom raising her son to be a doormat.
      The sluts get alot of sex but no real respect and are skipped over in LTRs for more innocent women. Much like how the attractive beta male gets alot of “girlfriends” while getting little respect from women and is skipped over for alphas in the sexual marketplace.
      This is why so many yell “conspiracy!” How can so many humans be trying so hard to be what the opposite sex absolutely despises? It must be a part of something bigger, it seems impossible and unnatural for us to reach this point in our evolution without outside interference.

      1. Keep in mind we have a built in propensity for lying which, ungoverned by virtue, makes us into such confused messes that we often can’t even tell ourselves the truth.

      2. Hmm, what if we forcibly segregated men and women.
        Women had to maintain 100% responsibility for the upkeep of their civilization via agriculture, education, industry, etc.
        OR, they could choose to be Temple Whores and had to subject themselves to 10 daily rapes by the segregated men who then donated to the temple. These women would live in luxury and carefree conditions outside of their duties.
        At any time, they could choose to switch back and forth freely (say, a year at a time at least).
        The female world would present 100% freedom to the women, and they could do whatever they want there.
        I wonder what the statistics would be on the “choice”?

        1. that is the most disgusting, mysoginist, revolting, caveman comment i’ve seen on here. 10 rapes a day? what is wrong with you?

        2. Well, the alternative is to live completely free of men with no other constraints except imposed upon women by women. It’s a Swiftian thought experiment.
          OMG he said rape…

        3. i didn’t miss the point retard. i think maybe you missed mine, although it would’ve been difficult to make it any clearer.

        4. LOL, Chick Publications had a booklet describing how nuns were originally intended to be in house prostitutes exclusively for the clergy. Pregnancies were covered up and live births were quickly swept under the rug.

        5. you think i give a shit if you respond or not? you think roosh is really going to start banning guys from this pitiful site? lololol.

        6. That’s the most brilliant idea I’ve seen on here. Of course, only the men get to choose who the temple whores are.

      3. I think perhaps that we might conclude that beta males always existed to some extent only it’s in the last 40 years that they have become pathetic because of the feminists.
        I really do think they “think tank” this stuff and carefully select their targets and diversions.
        And so perhaps the feminists saw that civilization was built NOT on women being women but on betas being betas. But they could not directly attack betas. That would have gotten them lampooned as crank spinsters.
        So they used the women to attack betas as one prong of the attack and then simultaneously used the media to push a notion that a man without a woman has no agency or validation in his life or a man who “cannot get laid” is really gay or something. They turned the possessors of vagina into adult-children with all the traits of a spoiled brat who never really knows what they want and no sense of consequence while at the same time making men put the vagina on a pedestal so they’ll put up with anything “just to get laid” (to stave off automagically waking up next day gay or trans because they failed to get laid) or for the more romantic fellows, fighting the “fear of growing old alone”.
        At the root the feminists are collectivists and the key to collectivism is to destroy the individual. Individuals are bred where? In the family. Destroy the family and you have people incapable of functioning as individuals.

        1. I disagree that any man looking for a LTR is a beta. Wanting a relationship doesnt make them beta, its their choice in women and lack of relationship game that makes them beta. It seems pretty contradictory to me to say that the family unit is essential to the development of emotionally healthy children/societies and then say that having a family is beta. I know alot of men on this site will disagree, but reproducing is really our only biological role on this planet. It is possible to be an alpha father and rule your household but it takes work if youre not a natural alpha. Picking the right woman is 90% of it and that is growing more and more difficult.
          It seems like the “think tank” and most of civilizations in the past knew exactly how the female mind works and their true intentions. Watching TV now after taking the red pill leads me to believe that the oversexualization and objectification of women is intentionally aimed to keep men attracted to a woman’s body/beauty, so that her fickle, incompetent nature is not exposed. Feminists think its about patriarchy, but if they get their wish and men start judging women by their character and morals, you will really see MGTOW. The betas of today are the men who buy into this propaganda and put the pussy on a pedestal too high for their reach. I read a quote the other day that said “Men are to be spiritual leaders not sexual followers” and its so true.

    4. Solid reply. I used to live in Raleigh and frequented a bar there. Typical clientele was doctors, lawyers, scientists, computer guys and other mostly professionals. Of course the bar hired hot bartenders/servers who would be flirted with constsntly by these guys.
      One Sat afternoon and the bartender I’m friends with is talking to me. She’s going on about how on Friday a rapper who played the flute was on and how amazing it was. She talked about this guy with the other servers for about an hour before I left. They laughed when they realized he got a few of their numbers before he left with one of the other bartenders.
      Now I personally knew about 5 guys, all professional, making 65k-200k+ that try and fail with these women every weekend. 2 are very beta (lawyers), 2 are alphas at work (doctors) but have trouble meeting women and the other is an average guy (scientist).
      I’ll never forget how these women went on about how cool the flute guy was but could care less about these other guys.

      1. Absolutely. That I can play the guitar and sing around a campfire means a hell of a lot more to girls than my PhD in nuclear physics and correspondingly excellent job and standard of living.

        1. Learn the guitar. Get girls.
          Their subconscious wants the fantasy, and will put that conscious Hamster hard to work justifying this bad decisionmaking.

        2. The arts aren’t talked about a lot on here and should be. Music or visual arts are great for men. One, it exercises your right brain and helps keep you creative (that creativity then helps your usually right brain occupation). Two, it slays pussy. Doesn’t even matter if you aren’t real good.

        3. Was in band. Band sound awesome. Loud band. Girls like loud band.
          Got Gf. Sexy Gf. Smart Gf. Lots of cum for Gf. Relationship cum Gf.
          Go to grad school. Earn money. Pay for shit. Money for Gf and shit.
          Gf not happy. Gf get bored. Gf bored of shit. Gf find lazy man. Gf sexy with lazy man. Gf cheat. Cheating Gf.
          Leave Gf. Fuck ExGf. Stupid ExGf.
          Start band. Band sound awesome. Loud band. Girls like loud band.
          RedPill. Pump Dump. MGTOW. Money. No Gf.
          Band sound awesome. Loud band. Girls like loud band.

        4. Yep. Put in an hour a day learning guitar for a year and you will be more than competent. Much greater return per hour spent than the gym. But do that too.

      2. Great observation about flute guy. I myself play a feadog (tin whistle) which, for those who are unaware, is the same flute that is used extensively in Irish/Scottish aires, for example, the theme song of Titanic, which every woman in the world has watched fifty times, as well as Lord of the Rings. The amount of doey eyed pussy a man can obtain by being able to competently play one of these things, which is quite simple really, is staggering. Any musical instrument does the trick, but if you can play one that reinforces their fantasies, you’re in like Flynn.

      3. are you fucking stupid? you guys take A situation you’ve encountered and turn it into an indictment of the entire female population. you’ve never seen a guy be mesmerized by a pair of tits while sitting with his wife or girlfriend? you think if she wasn’t there and he got the least little bit of encouragement he wouldn’t jump all over that?? quit demonizing women for behavior that’s been typical of many men for eons.

        1. It isn’t demonizing. It’s calling women out on their bullshit. To a man, a hot girl is a hot girl, regardless of fame or fortune. I want to fuck a chick I saw yesterday as much as I want to fuck Kate Beckinsale. But women are drawn into this fantasy world if they see a man with money, power or some bullshit talent. Hell, even Flavor fucking Flav had women fighting over his affection (money).

        2. oh for god’s sake. flavo flav’s reality show is a perfect example of real life in your mind. and only in your mind.
          btw, i just saw another “article” on here regarding a young man and his 80 year old lover. want to call him out on his bullshit? and any of the other men that go after women for the exact same reasons you attribute to women? no? of course not. you just want to whine about women not paying attention to your poor, average, self-pitying asses.

        3. Says the hypocritical cunt who screams “patriarchy” every chance she gets.
          Seriously. Take your androgynous nonsense somewhere else.
          Saying female cheating = male cheating is like saying me punching you in the mouth = you flailing your arms trying to fight.
          Female promiscuity needs to be demonized, princess.

        4. wow, another well thought out response to something you don’t agree with. fuckface.

        5. assholes like you need to be demonized, and guess what? YOU MOSTLY ARE. the only place you can air your asininity is on these pathetic “manosphere” blogs.

        6. Naw.
          The insults “slut” and “whore” are as popular as ever. But whatever makes you feel better.

        7. Funny how you resort to personal attacks, because you know I am correct. You haven’t really addressed anything, just a bunch of strawman and ad hominems. Why don’t you make your very basic, predictable, unoriginal female retort complete by saying I am an “acne faced virgin that lives in my mother’s basement”? That’ll show me!

        8. the majority of people are attracted to fame, power and money. now come out of your mother’s basement and go see a dermatologist. guess i showed you.

        9. Guess reading comprehension isn’t your strongest ability. The level of a man’s attraction to a woman is unaffected by fame or status (for most men). A fat, ugly, rich and famous woman is just as unattractive as if she was a fat, ugly woman that worked at a gas station. The only thing you showed me is how incompetent you can be.

        10. bullshit. men and women are both “attracted” to fat, ugly, rich and famous people. you think a fat, ugly, rich and famous man is more “attractive” to women?. the only thing you’re showing me is your inability to think.

        11. Ummm yeah? Which is why you see more rich men with hotter, younger women than vice versa. It seems you are grasping at straws to maintain your rather weak argument, or you are a complete moron, oblivious to the world around you. Either way, you are no longer worth anymore of my time.

        12. Both sexes are attracted to money and status? You’re a moron. Men and women prioritize different things, and those things are rooted in hardwired biology, having been honed over millions of years of natural selection. Any exceptions are anecdotal and fall outside of the bell curve. Men don’t give a shit about a woman’s money because at no point in human history did men ever rely on women as providers. What do men look for in women?
          1. Beauty
          2. Fertility (i.e. youth)
          3. Nurturing towards children
          That’s it. The average man will choose a beautiful waitress over an ugly (but rich and successful) corporate executive nearly 100% of the time. If she has money and a good job, fine, whatever, but is she hot? Money and a high status job is something women do because women look for men who can provide resources. Men provide their own resources, and thus look for other things in women.

        13. Oh, yes, it does make me feel better that 99 times out of 100 slut and whore refers to a woman.

      4. They say, us men think with their penises but it seems its the women who constantly think with their vaginas and follow their little vagina tingles. If anything this is clearly a sign of low intellect.

      5. The good job and salary definitely helps, its all in how you position it. Women are definitely impressed by your profession but it is background. In other words, when she asks you tell her but you don’t volunteer it.
        Most important is that you are interesting. Nobody wants to hang with a boring person and the stereotype of a doctor, lawyer, etc. is bookish and boring. Even a man wouldn’t date a stunning woman if she was boring (I have dumped such women for boring me half to hell). The flute playing rapper was interesting. A doctor is boring. So cool hobbies (world traveler, extreme sportsman, amateur photographer, etc.) that is interesting and makes you appear romantic. Women eat that shit up.

    5. Bill Gates is not having a heart of gold. He’s a supporters of eugenics, GMO, forced vaccination, and gun control. And if he was not “of an by the system”, he would not be rich in the first place.

      1. Anyone who makes more than a billion dollars has to work the system. And his foundation is an asset protection scheme.
        These days, family foundations have to actually do something to avoid the IRS, so his picks some malady, like Malaria, and does some desultory plinking at it.

    6. Quite the rant.
      Blame nature. The human species didn’t perpetuate itself to the tune of 7 billion by women being dumb suckers like men.
      It’s the natural order of things. Look at many mammals in the animal kingdom. The female absolutely abuses or outright ignores the beta males, then joins the alpha male’s harem.
      Sure it’s frustrating. But deal with it.

    7. right, women are all prone to cheat. men have never had that thought cross their minds. “talking animals”. lol. aren’t we all?
      having a problem getting laid, are you?

    8. “I think it’s funny to see doctors delivering babies in hospitals – doctors who spend their whole lives working up to that point, delivering bastard babies to single moms with the dad in jail or simply not present. If anything is more ironic than that, I don’t know what is.”
      Poignant and on-point. It had never crossed my mind, and yet, upon reflection, it is incredibly ironic and completely true. No scenario better encapsulates the dystopia of our times than a beta doctor who dedicates a decade of his life dutifully learning how to deliver the thugspawn fruit of some badboy’s loins to the same single moms who wouldn’t give him the time of day if his life depended on it.
      Great rant.

    9. Women have no mind of their own because they ARE US. The lower male rib contains stem cells and is the only part of the male body that if severed, will grow back like a chameleons tail. True in genesis the first woman came FROM THE MALE. Scripture isn’t too technical about the details of WOMANS genesis, but it is clear that they came FROM US. Could clones have souls? What about minds? It is suspect that women have incomplete minds at best. WE MEN MUST dominate them with OUR MINDS. The dominated woman is then blessed with a surrogate or shadow mind (our mind) so long as we maintain and bestow that upon her. The greatest gift in life for a woman is to be dominated by a man and be blessed with a home in his castle and to live within the sphere of his mind. Being dominated mind and body by a man is as close to having an authentic ‘mind’ as a woman can possibly get.

      1. holy shit. yes,please, dominate me with your mind. mine is so lacking in authenticity.

      2. kramw, please, show me your Biology degree. Until then, please leave this discussion to those of us who at least have common sense.

    10. “…and have existed as perpetual leeches and ornaments” This is so true. Even the bible states that Eve came from one of Adam’s ribs. And that bitch was the one who ate the forbidden fruit. Im only 18, but through cold approach, i’ve witnessed firsthand that women are more devious than we can ever comprehend. Before learning pick-up, I never would’ve even imagined them to be this twisted. They’re almost a different species and they’re wired in an entirely different way. But that’s the price you pay for swallowing the red pill.

    11. I hear ya man, “You are better off concentrating on those things you can control, rather than those things you can’t.”
      So women are whores; so fucking what. Play. On.

    12. most men are born good, but women are talking animals. a shrink would have a fucking field day with you.

    13. I hope you can read this without getting hostile. I really hope you can. Because I get the feeling that you don’t have a lot of interaction with women outside of a romantic or sexual context, and I think you need to hear a female voice.
      I was going to rant about your comment, but instead I will say this: I suspect that you feel the way you do because you are actually not describing the “average woman.” You don’t see the average woman. You see an attractive confident woman from afar, who can get whoever she wants, and you resent her. You notice the girl whose having a tons of sex for the same reasons that all the other guys do, but she is an exception. You KNOW she is not the average woman. The average woman is 5’4″, and a size 14. Would you even consider those women a valid option? I’m guessing not. I think everyone should readjust their expectations so they can reflect the reality of the world.
      I’ve been there while two guys in my social group talked about how another guy’s new girlfriend, who in my opinion was pretty, was barely a five. And even though I knew it was a load of crap and that he was being an asshole, I couldn’t help but wonder what number he’d given me the first time we met. That’s fucked up. I’ve been in other social situations where guys ignore the girls in our group to pursue someone they find more attractive.
      Many of my friends and I have had loads of bad dating experiences, including flat out rejection. And it hurts a lot. I get that. But even as someone who has NEVER been in a serious relationship, despite the fact that I think I’m attractive, I don’t blame all men for my bad luck. Even though there are a lot of shitty guys out there, and I’ve had a number say sexist or disrespectful things to me, I by no means generalize to all men.
      You don’t see the women who struggle with confidence because they don’t feel pretty enough to attract anyone. You don’t see the women who are often lonely because they can’t find a partner. And unlike you believe, it’s usually NOT because they’re ignoring less than ideally handsome men. A scientific study found that people tend to pair up with people of similar attractiveness then them. And I see couples where the man is less attractive than the woman all the time, it’s almost never the other way around.
      My female friends are writers, biologists, photographers, journalists, musicians, physical therapists. So, it also hurts when you claim that women have no part in advancing society. That’s just wrong. Women have a huge part–and always have. If you did just a little research you’d find that women were integral in the advent and maintenance of civilization, and even in the evolution of the human race.
      Anyway, I’m not disputing that there are women out there who fit the description you provided. There are. I’ve met some of them. But there are also many, many who don’t. I think the problem here is that you aren’t putting yourself in places where you’d be in a position to meet those women. Even if you did, chances are most of those substantial women wouldn’t want to get close to you, not because they didn’t think you were attractive or rich enough, but because for most “funny, intelligent, virtuous” women–raging sexism is a dealbreaker.

  6. things would be much better if we treated women as property or second class citizens. they aren’t worthy of being held as equals. who gives a fuck if we give them ‘the tingles’ they only find the top 10% of men attractive anyway, the rest of us, we arent even slightly attractive to them, were ‘cute’ or ‘alright’ ive deadset been told that dozens of times. fuck that. If we treated women like the romans did, as slaves, society would have progressed to the level of science fiction novels.
    let women run rampart, they get drunk every night, pop all kinds of pills (drugs) and fuck themselves up. society goes back to the jungle. a few top dudes getting more poon then they can handle, and the rest of the guys killing each other just to get the scraps. I think men have to realise that if they work together, and change society accordingly, There will be enough pussy to go around, comrades.

    1. Your first paragraph describes the Islamic world quite well. Is that what we want?
      I think not. The West has become too advanced to put the cat back in the bag in terms of female behavior. The whole thing (Western Civ) is beginning to show major signs of fatigue and breakdown though. It will likely not be salvaged or returned to what is was without major, large scale economic and social decline which will create and uncontrollably dangerous environment for women to exist in. Once the incentive structure changes, female behavior will change as well.
      Women will simply revert back to sucking up to men for protection and resources, as they have for 1000’s of years prior. Women will no longer be able to openly abuse men as they currently do. Women will once again have to use covert deception and manipulation as their predecessors have done since the beginning of time. This does not mean that women will stop abusing and manipulating men, They will just have to be more subtle and feminine about it.
      Nature and time will balance things out as it always does. This anomaly in modern gender relations is a small blip on the radar. It is very much dependent upon the societal situation. It will ‘correct’ itself, after a great deal of pain of course.

        1. You have no place in civilized society. I imagine that you’re very ugly, a hermit, morbidly obese and posess 12 chihuahuas and you let them lick peanut butter off your genital wart ridden member.

    2. yep i agree, i think at some point along the line, our forefathers figured this out(hell read the bible, red pill wisdom is all over that book). so clearly our forefathers tried to warn us of this like so many “prophecies” for our time. letting women run rampant was one of the problems mentioned. Isiah tells of a chilling tale of 7 women begging one man to let them take his name and theyll even buy their own clothes and food. anything to take away their reproach. the reality is, if feminism keeps scaring men off of marriage, we will likely hit such a point where 7 girls will beg to have one man. Truthfully given the observable nature of women, we already see them do this aka the spin plates theory.
      As for letting it get like Islam? no. we need not adopt a state religion. BUT we could adopt women as property as they once were. truthfully once society falls apart and its fast approaching, women wont be able to work. We will need child bearers and workers. Women will be forced to return to the home. It will be then that men can make sure they stay there.
      i agree with you though, we need men to work together. really women have power because we let them have it, if men used their superior status(physical, mental, intelligence, etc). women would get put back into the home….as it stands now? my children whenever I have any will never know grandmas home cooking because such things are dying and its sad, because every young child should get to feast on grandmas home cooking.

  7. Really good article. Instead of only demonizing women, To see them as human.
    To protect oneself from their flaws. but to have compassion notheless. They can’t help who they are, its their design. That is the wisdom of manosphere.

  8. this is actually quite good article, although I’m not entirely sure I agree with it at every level. To my mind it does two things, firstly it seeks to debunk the conspiratorial mindset, and does so by suggesting we be sceptical about assuming a feminism or anything it might be said to be a part is a conspiracy against us. Most ordinary women clearly don’t see it as such – at least consciously – although there is much about radical feminism, which arguably stands at its heart which has conspiratorial element, at the very least to the extent that what is said on a radical feminist forum or a feminist reading group may be very different to what filters down to public discourse on feminism in the media, and indeed what ordinary feminists will tell you feminism is about whenever they decide to rationalise why they and everyone should be a feminist.
    My position on this is that adopting a conspiratorial frame of mind is ‘wrong’ not because there is necessarily no basis for alleging organised ill-intent etc but because even where the evidence might exist that frame of mind does almost certain damage to the mind in question, and to the way it approaches the world. Conspiracies are by their nature things that rarely if ever get proven, and when you base your thought and actions upon such things that is a very uncertain frame to have.
    Another issue in relation to this conspiratorial frame of mind is that although conscious, cynical organisation and manipulation may exist, if you ‘jump to conclusions’ in this respect on the basis of whatever evidence this will also reflect a probably impoverish understanding of human psychology, which though it may vary between the male and female, is rarely entirely different. One of the interesting things about human organisation is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be top-down or fully conscious in the way it happens. People self-organise into groups, pursuing shared interests according to the shared understandings they develop amongst themselves. One of the most conspiratorial aspects of feminine psychology for me is its tendency to cohere towards what is sometimes pejoratively known as the hive mind – although typically within this development of consensus there will also be a degree of division and diversity. The reason that that division and diversity isn’t greater than it is, is also the reason that so much of feminism seems conspiratorial: women share a great many interests, understandings and with them shared goals. Many of those goals seem to be to manage impressions, get society – first women, and then men to believe those truths they find most convenient. Ultimately this is not conspiracy it is self interest, or rather group self interest, and much of this can be pursued at a semi-conscious level, rather needing to be spelt out explicitly.
    The second reason thing about this article, which I also broadly agree with, is that focusing on the actions, results, or if you prefer effects, is something which has psychological and rhetorical benefits. By focusing on actions / effects (if I may conflate them) then in contrast to the conspiratorial frame of mind – which dwells on un-knowable truths we are directed towards the pragmatic, towards things we actually can evidence, and evidence in terms of our own lives and material interests. Ultimately we don’t need to know the ontological truth of the feminist hive mind – we can work towards the point where it is irrelevant.
    The rhetorical benefits should be obvious as well. Focussing on the pragmatism of material affects on society, and on our individual lives, means we can speak with authority, including to point out the gaping chasm between the words that we hear spoken and the realities that we experience. The advantage is ultimately being able to point out hypocrisy and unreason in the speech and action of feminism and its adherents against being labelled conspiracy theories who quite demonstrate the assumptions that ground our thinking

    1. I have observed this over the years. We cannot prove “conspiracy theories” but in the end it does not matter when we take the end result of the conspiracy, whether it was a conspiracy or not, and find ways to circumvent it anyway. In that matter, energy is no longer wasted on trying to prove there was a conspiracy but the end results of whatever it was is still being attacked at the root.

      1. yes, sometime’s I’ve argued with an opponent on gender or something, provided endless efforts of organised ill-intent, or intent to deceive (as in literature that indicates as much) only for it all to be dismissed as motivated by conspiracy, which is effectively an ad hominem attack similar to being labelled phobic or a hater, but with the added bonus that you are paranoid and therefore somehow mentally infirm. Even if a conspiracy is true, and demonstrable, calling it out as such may be the wrong tactic. There’s often more than one way to demonstrate people are up to no good

  9. “Concentrate on what you can control, not what you can’t.”
    I didn’t see the tag-line for this article, which seems apt. I would like to see more on the pragmatism of the manosphere, as simply a practical orientation towards the world which doesn’t require any particular vantage point. It will be a lot easier for people to adopt for one thing

  10. Very good topic! When I try to explain RP concepts to friends, my biggest problem is that once I start talking about systematic similarities in behaviour, people assume I am a conspiracy theorist – although I very consciously try to avoid saying anything to the effect of “these similarities are planned”.
    I try to explain it like gravity: it is a force which goes into one specific direction, even without being planned. I have a feeling that people can put behaviour only in one of two categories: either “completely random” or “rationally planned”. That behaviour can potentially be “systematic but still not planned” seems to be hard to understand.
    I have already managed how to evade my initial pitfall “oh, you’re just frustrated now, everything will work out well, you should have more trust in the world”, but the “you’re a conspiracy theorist” trap is a tough nut to crack for me.

    1. God almighty, doesn’t that just scream about the modern state of American life these days? Who would marry up a fat twunt like that?

      1. she’s probably changing here relationship status to ‘its complicated’ or single

  11. I agree that women don’t intentionally set out to screw betas (in marriage) after fucking alphas (on the side), it’s way too complex an equation for them to have pre-planned. Hell, women are unable to organize their shoe closet in an efficient manner.

  12. Let me ask everyone this question: in my experience, a hot girl can cheat on her beta bf or husband with the alpha male but a lot of times, she goes back to the beta at the end of it all. Beta doesn’t realise it of course. In fact, the hot girl doesn’t treat the beta badly. She appreciates his provisioning. So the question is? If the girl ultimately returns to the beta, can the beta ultimately be considered as the real winner in the dating/sexual market place?

    1. No. Because the sex he’s getting isn’t the same as the sex the alpha’s getting. Alpha’s making her gush, beta’s getting the sympathy fuck.

      1. I suppose so. It’s just that one of my friends who was banging this chick senselessly, wants this chick to break up with her husband. But she refuses. The husband is a high level PR corporate executive director. Early 40s. While she and my friend are late 20s. She even has a baby with her husband now. I think she doesn’t want the provisioning to end IMO.

        1. Your friend should break up with her. He’s a cunt for fucking someone elses mother/ wife. But that’s just my code. Sure, if she was just dating someone else then game on… But anyway, she’s popped out a baby, never fucked a chick who’s been stretched like that but I doubt it’s the best he can do.

        2. He knew the chick before she got married. And the chick was already seeing another dude (not the current husband) at that time. I guess she was getting tingles for my friend all the time.

        3. All that doesn’t matter in the slightest (and now I’m getting the impression that your “friend” is actually you… not that that matters in the slightest either). He/you is/are fucking the wrong woman. He/you should get out now and find someone younger. Now.

        4. Lol. I had a feeling you’ll say that but nope, definitely not me. Still, I’ll advise him to stop seeing her ASAP. Though I doubt he’ll listen to me.

        5. Rather than advise him (you’re right, he won’t listen), just turn up with two hot girls and tell him to be your wing man for the night.

      2. It would be easy to be the beta shmuck getting the sympathy fuck, but the women have to “have it all” and then that’s how the chump ends up raising someone else’s kid. But even that was not enough, because the system needed more blood, so they threw in a truckload of double standards and unequal treatment in family courts and law. So it’s not enough to cuckold the beta chump, divorce raping had to become a sport too.
        Nope. Sign off.

        1. Uh… I actually just came to make the correction. I had it 180 off (misread/interpreted) when I made that comment. Was running two conversations at once.. plus freelance work and fucked up.

    2. This brings up the question of what you consider to be a “winner”. There actually are a ton of men out there (wealthy russians come to mind) who know that their girlfriend/wife is sleeping around, but they don’t give a shit. In that case, they are probably winners as well as the men their ladies are sleeping with. The beta can be a “winner” in that situation if they don’t have self-respect. I, however, figured out the hard way that I have no desire to be anybody’s sympathy fuck, and if a girl I am serious with cheated on me, I would feel disrespected and as a loser.

      1. Same here. No desire to be a pity fuck. To me, being a pity fuck is actually worse than getting friend zoned.

    3. Only the girl is winning. In that equation, she has a capable provider for a good stable life and a lover for all of her other needs. If she cuts out one of the guys, she will lose some of the attention and/or resources.
      The guys could also be winning if they have multiple girls in their rotation.

  13. I completely agree with this – there is no massive conspiracy against males, it’s just the way things are right now, and would’ve been in the past had it not been for cultural norms that kept sexuality in check. I’ve come to realize that while it may not be most women’s intent to follow the traditional path to a T, biologically and psychologically, they desire to sleep with a fun, interesting, alpha in their prime years. Combined with the way that societal values have changed in the west over the past 40 years, this sort of lifestyle path is possible with minimal consequences to their reputation or careers. By following game advice, you’re able to tilt the coin towards yourself.
    I found it hilarious how the girl you were sleeping with who was cheating on her boyfriend consistently had the nerves to say “I’m a good person. It’s just the way things are at the moment.” That’s actually pretty amazing that she still considered herself a good, honest, person. Seriously?! Stories like that definitely make me doubt any woman who I consider to be “different”.

    1. “there is no massive conspiracy against males, it’s just the way things are right now, and would’ve been in the past had it not been for cultural norms that kept sexuality in check.”
      to the extent that feminism is out in the open and honest about its aims that’s perfectly true. Conspiracy is just the wrong way to look at things regardless

    2. I suggest you spend some time reviewing articles by Henry Makow. A woman that used to be a feminist by the name of Dr. Helen Smith even see hows society (USA) browbeats men. She wrote a book called men on strike.

  14. Three factors:
    1. Female biological nature
    2. Social conditioning
    3. Past experiences (which are dependent on social conditioning, thing that happen in one society don’t happen in others)
    Women are biologically designed to enjoy sex with alpha males, with many of them as the seed fights within the uterus for impregnation. Then they very lightly bond with a beta male (there are not enough tribe leaders for every woman) and use him for protection of an offspring that is not his (he doesn’t know this, and this cuckold risk is what creates the universal disgust for promiscuous women). The alpha males will also take care of some offspring, but only with the highest quality females. In this case there is strong pairbond, hormone-based, in both the man and the woman. This is falling in love, which is a real biological state many doctors compare to cocaine consumption.
    Feminism comes along in response to centuries of male control, first as a small movement that sought out the female right to vote. This was granted, and in the power rush the ideology started to radicalize. Some authors declared an absolute independence of woman from man, men are now a supplement to a woman’s life and unnecessary. These ideas became predominant in the educational system and were taught to women all across the West, until they became normalized. Now they are “obvious” and questioning them is like asking if the Sun will come out tomorrow. Even the women who don’t identify as feminist fully hold its code of values to heart.
    As such, you saw young women pulling out of long term relationships in favour of a career. They were taught that career was the most important thing and that men were not necessary. Many teenage girls would find their first love and, after the pain of a breakup, fully turn to feminist ideology for the rest of their party years. The cock carousel was born.
    As a user above mentioned, it is feminism that was responsible for the oversexualization of male-female interactions. Women were the first pump-n-dumpers, not men. They pulled out of relationships in favour of a decade of one-night-stands and short flings that never turned into relationships, fully by her choice. The by-choice long-term single woman became a widespread phenomenon.
    Men responded in kind by forgetting about love and connection and adopting the new rules set forth by women. It is women who set the rules of the sexual market, never men. If there is any particular phenomenon happening in the sexual market, you can bet money it is almost always a consequence of widespread female, not male, choice. Men became, by necessity, the new pump-n-dumpers.
    Then, the idealistic new generations of young girls are met by the new sexual-market rules, with most losing their virginity to men they will likely never see again, as young as 14 becoming the jaded cunts we encounter in their later years.
    And so it goes. This is an R-selected society. There is literally nothing we can do about it. Remember that this was the choice of women. In K-selected Russia you will rarely find pump-n-dumps. Most alpha males are in relationships, and no-strings-sex relationships are virtually non-existent. Russian women made it that way. Then again it is not the fault of today’s women, the blame lies upon the women of the early 20th Century who destroyed women with something that was meant to help them: Feminism.

    1. “Now they are “obvious” and questioning them is like asking if the Sun will come out tomorrow.”
      Leftists / Marxists sometimes refer to this as the development of common-sense ideologies. What starts out as an idea, that could be disputed is repeated to the point it becomes a take-for-granted common-sense truth. The thing is there is nothing evolutionary about this. The old common-sense was deliberately targeted as ideology, and the new common-sense has been artificially created and is now carefully nurtured and fostered so that nobody can do the same thing they can do.
      Unfortunately for them, any reality, and ideology can indeed be challenged, subvert, worn down, and made to seem ridiculous. The same techniques they used are available to us, and to any sane individuals who haven’t been completed indoctrinated. The point to take away is what seems like ‘just the way things are’ can rapidly change, with a little careful targeting. Its just smoke that can be blown away.

    2. The design of the penis, the rim of the little Nazi helmet, is for pulling back semen that’s already present.

      1. I’ve heard that expressed before on other manosphere blogs. Is there actual science, not conjecture but real science, to back this up? If so, do you have any links to provide that I can reference in the future, as it’s an interesting observation?

        1. Still conjecture but solid enough to be a plausible theory…

          From an anthropological perspective, there are certainly vestiges of evolutionary strategy prompting contemporary male infidelity too. I would be curious to see if any studies posit if one gender is more predisposed towards cheating than another. It’s an equally destructive indiscretion across the board. Society would be well served if primary and secondary educational systems began teaching both ethics and biological anthro in tandem.

        2. A woman who is pairbonded to a man has no instinct the cheat. She may still cheat if she tries to force it, but there is no drive. In the same way, a man who is pairbonded to a woman has 3x the approach anxiety of a normal man.
          If there is no pairbond present, the autopilot is sexual. Monogamy only happens in nature due to either a pairbond or a lack of options. Hence, the only members that are monogamous are men and women in love, and beta males. Women always have options.

        3. I don’t know but I believe it. My reasoning is from observation of other mammals in the wild. Let’s face it, all “men” – two legged or four – have to compete for a mate in one way or another.
          You know that old cliche about women getting paranoid over “every little noise” and sending the man to go check on it when he’s trying to get it on with her? I think this is because women are wired to have mind-blowing orgasms and by instinct know they are going to be very vulnerable during this time and for the duration.
          Men on the other hand only experience this for a shorter time, but we are wired to make sure that Grog from the other end of the cave is not going to club us while we are doing it. I even think that premature ejaculation is not so much the malady or problem it’s purported to be. It’s actually survival mechanism in place to plant the seed and run because well that’s probably what our ancestors had to do. Remember, the Ice Age was rough enough that the Saber Toothed Tiger didn’t survive it but humans, wolves, and Grizzly bears got through it and the ability to fuck and run had a lot to do with it (much to the chagrin of women back then who probably didn’t get to climax or had to learn to finish themselves off).
          I also think that “doggy style” is actually the more natural way humans are meant to do it. Notice that women sticking their asses out invokes a response in men that’s for the most part wired in. High heels makes dat ass stick out. Women do not necessarily do this on purpose every time. I’ve seen them do this without thinking about it (though because of womens’ magazines they are informed on how to use this wiring). So when the woman is horny, she’s going to stick that ass out. It’s natural. But the vagina is more easily accessible from behind when the back is concave like that.
          I would even say to most fellows that if you want to know if your wife of GF is “really turned on by you”, do her doggy style. If she does not even let you, then that’s a no-brainer right there. But if she “gives in” to that (huge red flag if you have to beg or ask though) and you find yourself “slipping out” a lot, it means her wiring to be plugged is not kicking in.
          The “missionary position” is very risky and vulnerable for a man. If it reminds you of a spider wrapping up its prey, it’s because it generally is on that level. It’s perfectly natural and loving of a position for pair-bonded couples though, but if the pair bonding is not there, then it’s stressful. Hence I think that the two positions mean two things entirely. On the converse side, if a woman only wants to be done doggy style and you never slip out then she just wants dick.
          That’s as simple as I can put it.
          For all these reasons, I believe that theory that the penis shape is designed to “scrub out” other semen as merely a feature of the competitiveness of reproduction. A male who cannot fend off other males during the insemination still gets weeded out of the gene pool – and hence being able to get it in and blow a wad is not ultimately “winning” the game as far as the animal kingdom is concerned. If we still had Sabre Toothed Tigers the kind of guys who roll over and fall asleep after blowing a wad would have been weeded out centuries ago.

        4. The heart shape was originally the symbol for penis.
          Of course if you listen to some people, EVERYTHING is a symbol for penis. I always thought something was wrong with them.

        5. That’s a cool bit of trivia. That’s certainly a more pleasant organ than the actual human heart, all encapsulated in slimy, epicardial adipose tissue. I always thought the iconic heart resembled a lovely pair of buttocks 🙂

        6. Very interesting. I was not aware of such products. I’d be curious to investigate the molecule’s journey from product application to systemic introduction.
          If you wanted to treat/subject yourself to a quirky, little cinematic gem somewhere in the same vein – may I recommend this totally ridiculous, but really fun spectacle…

        7. Read the book.
          I believe that I can be blindfolded, then led to an unknown woman and then guess her hair color.
          The oxytocin product should be refrigerated for longest life and is only effective an hour or so from application. Use it wisely – it is serious mojo.

  15. Most women do not intentionally act out the ideals of feminism in order to explicitly destroy men and society, absolutely agreed. The main leaders of modern feminism, upon which these acts are founded however, are quite vocal almost to the last “woman” that they intend quite clearly to destroy the family unit and male-female relationships. They gloat over it in their writings. They are doing it by intent. The multitude of their Sisterhood do not realize this, and they don’t have to, for as you say the results would be the same whether they knew it or not.
    What’s interesting is that while I generally agree with you about conspiracies and conspiracy theory in spirit, I have to ask, isn’t what we’re doing here at the manosphere a rather large conspiracy in and of itself? We are explicitly working on ways to either undermine the current power structure, or to use it to our best advantage, and most do not know we even exist. Heh, just a thought.

    1. I fully agree about the targeting of the modern family etc., although even amongst such feminist ‘conspirators’ (the gender studies professors etc) would they use such terminology? I think they would know exactly what they were hoping to achieve, but would still in any reasonably formal media portray such a conspiracy as being ‘defensive in nature’. The whole war against women’ thing is just a way of denying in advance the obvious fact that (radical gender) feminism is waging all out war on all things male and masculine, since masculine sexuality = heterosexuality = patriarch = rape = heteronormativity = phallogocentrism = oppression.
      The words one chooses to describe what is being done is always crucial, and becomes more so the more public the discourse in question, as it ‘constructs’ the activity so describe.
      Personally, I think the difference here is that unlike much of feminism historically speaking we are in the open – anyone can eavesdrop – there is no deeper level, we wear our hearts on our sleeves – something which is at odds with the idea of conspiracy. Maybe we could describe ourselves as an ‘open conspiracy’ to contrast with the dirty little scheming (of whatever nature) that we find ourselves up against.

      1. Yes, open conspiracy is quite right. But as you note, everything is open now, to the point of overload it seems to me. We’re just one pinpoint of light on the large television screen of static, which actually serves to camouflage us now that I think about it. I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard “alpha male/beta male” and other terms we bandy about here and other manosphere blogs from people who have no idea we exist, clearly we’re starting to have some sort of impact. So the effect is the same as if we were hidden, even though we’re not, we’re camouflaged instead by a million other competing ideas in a large nebulous cloud, heh.
        Agreed on word choice and usage.

        1. quite, some of red pill ideas are filtering through, and that’s because they’re coherent and have real potential to penetrate the matrix’s firewall, Yep, we’re veiled at the moment, but that’s how every good striptease begins

    2. What I have noticed with internet feminists is that their entire pedigree is all about the “talks” they get featured at, and that’s it. So they come up on Twitter or in some blog, and then write stuff “certain people” want to hear, then they get flown out to all these meetings and talks, and it becomes a self-supporting spiral.
      So even if there is no dark room of robed wizard types running the show, there are I think certain people who control strings on the level of not what they push but on which useful idiot they can send a plane ticket to and pay for a hotel room for to fly her out to some “talk” or whatever so she can spew her crap, and then she uses that as her cred to get more opportunities to get paid trips to go to “talks” and spew her crap.
      That would certainly seem conspiratorial.
      The other conspiracy is: “where are the millionaires funding the opposition?” But lo and behold, when we look, we see a patter of only gun grabbing globalist types raking in the $$. There’s a vetting system going on.
      We are never going to get that Scoobey Doo moment where we pull the mask of of “Old Man Jones” and find the monster was really some plot to chase out farmers or something. But the real conspiracy works to make sure of that.

    3. I am currently using every chance I get to slip in the truth about these dark sides of feminism to my entirely “feminism is about equality!” academic acquaintances. Quotes from the writings you talk about where the goal of destroying the family unit comes through would be great. I think it would also make a very helpful article on ROK.

  16. You should look at EVERYONE based on their actions and the impact of their actions instead of their words, thoughts and intents. You get a much better picture of someone based on their actions because its something they do.

  17. I agree 100% that women don’t INTEND to do that wacky shit they do. And I agree that there’s no conspiracy among women to destabilize men by deliberately whoring with alpha’s and leaving beta’s penniless in divorce court.
    HOWEVER, while there could be no way to generate a conspiracy through the womens behavior, there is DEFINITELY a conspiracy regarding how men PERCEIVE what women do. We all know the kind of shit women do, but when men are told:
    -She’s only doing that because of what YOU did.
    -She didn’t INTEND to hurt anyone, so she should get a pass.
    -Women should have lower standards for acceptable behavior
    -If you have a problem with women’s behavior, you have a psychiatric issue.
    -Womens’ actions should be viewed through the lens that women are inherently “good”.
    When a group of people know something is a lie, and they systematically push it on people for their own benefit, THAT is a conspiracy.

    1. Women think their subconscious desires are some kind of natural law that must be obeyed.
      Current culture in the US reenforces this bad behavior.

    2. Thinking that women don’t intend to do the things they do perpetuates all of the nonsense that you’re talking about.
      Women know exactly what they are doing. Do not believe otherwise. One of their greatest powers is convincing beta shlubs that they aren’t in control of themselves and have no agency. They can always claim plausible deniability by doing this.
      Do you get it yet?.

  18. Emphatically No!
    Male ethics understands that intent matters… this is why the LAW considers “intent” to be critical. Killing with intent is murder…Killing without intent is not. Now consider the feminist conspiracy… (it’s deliberate) to remove intent from the definition of rape…
    Seriously… women intend to harm men all the time… lets stop pretending that their sins are out of ignorance just so the author can feel better.

      1. But you see when the scorpion lies to the frog… it’s both intentional AND premeditated.

        1. its instinct (or unconscious compulsive behaviour) overcoming rational self interest (and the gentleman’s bond of agreement)

    1. American women are largely children. They don’t make premeditated decisions nearly as often as you think.

        1. No, I used to be and couldn’t understand why women behaved so irrationally. I eventually came to the realization that they don’t behave in a logical linear manner like you probably do. Most women are much more impetuous and less deliberate than you could imagine. That is what Troy Francis is trying to convey. Their nature isn’t to be malicious to you. It just often turns out that way because they are only thinking of their personal interest with a limited purview.

        2. They can be just as calculative, hah. Even more so. Did you know the reason a newborn infant cries the most at night is to prevent it’s mother from creating a new sibling? A sibling which would steal attention away from it?
          Also, ever seen a child play on their parents? “Mom said it was OK, Dad said it was OK”, very manipulative!

        3. Did you know the reason a newborn infant cries the most at night is to prevent it’s mother from creating a sibling? A sibling which would steal attention away from it?
          Do you have links to a reputable set of scientific studies which prove this or at least give it more than a corollary association?
          Also, ever seen a child play on their parents? “Mom said it was OK, Dad said it was OK”, very manipulative!
          Yeah, that’s pretty standard. You can nip it in the bud early if you know what you’re doing, but alas, many parents are gullible simps.

        4. Thanks for the link, I’m looking it over now, but the words in the article are rather non-conclusive (to be fair, I haven’t read it all yet, in progress). A lot of “if this is true” stuff. Understand I’m not doubting you individually, I just generally like to get the facts when I hear claims on the interwebs, when it sounds like something interesting to me.
          Thanks again.

        5. Not a problem. It’s only a theory but it does make sense. Or someone at Harvard is off their rocker.

        6. “Heaven has no rage, like love to hatred turned,
          …Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorned.”
          William Congreve: The Mourning Bride (1697)

    2. Can you further explain the removal of intent from rape?
      So if you do not intend to rape, but you do, it’s not rape?

      1. How does one not intend to rape, if we take rape in its real form as opposed to the fantasy rape created by feminism?
        “Yeah your honor, I was walking down the road, tripped on a crack and boom, my penis fell out of my pants and penetrated this girl who was walking in front of me! I swear!”

        1. Yeah that’ll go over smoothly, hah.
          As for the fantasy, that is a tricky one.
          Their fantasy doesn’t involve a fat guy, it’s usually a very attractive guy. Also it’s a fantasy for a reason – everything goes according to what they want….to say women have the rape fantasy is true, but it’s also on their terms.

        2. Sorry, I wasn’t clear, I meant fantasy rape as in the fantasies they create nearly daily and label as rape. For example a guy looking at a girl passing on the street is “eye raping” her, because it made her uncomfortable. etc.

        3. Then I wouldn’t label those as ‘fantasies’. Fantasies are generally enjoyable. The best they can do is ‘harassment’

      2. This is a quote from a anti-rape website: ” Ignorance or pleading misunderstanding is not a legitimate legal defense for sexual assault.” feminism doesn’t want men to be able to claim they thought she wanted it (i.e. no intent to rape) but to bear the responsibility of having the to prove that she really was gagging for it. Problem is this involves a signed piece of paper, preferably witnessed by the respective party’s legal teams. Recording the deed on your smartphone may or may not cut it

        1. Okay but how can you not know?
          Please don’t tell me you are like the kid who anal raped his classmate, when asked if she want it…he said “not at first, but I got her to roll with it.” And then they asked if she was OK during and he added, “I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention to her.”
          If the person you are having sex with is crying or perhaps not even generally responding, maybe ya should check in?

        2. “don’t tell me you are like the kid who anal raped his classmate”
          err I wasn’t going to tell you that. That kid didn’t both with consent. By saying “not at first” he was admitting that he did not have her consent. You will find that is actually a minimum definition of rape common between feminists and real people. What feminists want is to ensure that no sex occurs between men and women without consent being provable, and for the burden of that proof to fall to men. If there is a genuine misunderstanding involved on the part of the male, too bad, if the woman decides its rape, you’re a rapist and you’re going to rape. Why because its not the intention that matters, its demonstrable consent, where legal dominance feminism defines what consent is.

      3. The legal definition of rape is different than the feminist definition of rape is different than the common sense definition of rape is probably different than the Michael Y definition of rape.
        Define what you mean by rape if you wanna have a discussion.

        1. undesirable or undesired? The former sounds like something that might be decided after the event

        2. undesired before and/or during. not after though you cannot have a sudden realization. It has to happen before or during. And what I mean by during is if the person originally consented, however during the act it becomes painful or they ask you to stop. I have heard this happens with virgins, they are all gung-ho and it actually ends up being painful and they want to stop. You must stop. I am not sure if that is the feminist definition or not.

        3. See your definition doesn’t work. I once spent 5ish months fucking the crap out of a girl who was into rough sex. About a month into banging her I crossed a line and didn’t realize that I had crossed it for about oh 5 minutes…
          Intent matters…

        4. So during those 5 minutes what was happening? Was your partner screaming at you or crying? Begging you to stop? How did you know you crossed the line?
          Was it anal-related?

        5. You would think it was anal, but it wasn’t anal. I had fucked her in the ass numerous times before… and she liked to resist.. but she loved to be overpowered and would switch from “not my ass” to “bang me harder.”
          This specific time I was face fucking her and she protested just like she always did with anal, but like usual I just ignored her, but then I saw the tears…

    3. you’re right about the strategy re. getting a conviction for rape etc but one )(at least stated) reason for that is the difficulty of proving intent. The problem of proof / demonstration also applies to conspiracies (feminist or otherwise). I see the article as arguing the pragmatic case for focusing on the effect of actions / behaviour rather than necessarily assuming innocence or even giving the benefit of the doubt

      1. Except this isn’t a court of law…
        So when this woman bangs the writer of this post REPEATEDLY behind her boyfriend’s back the state doesn’t have to prove she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. The burden is on whore to prove she wasn’t being intentional… because REPEATEDLY = DELIBERATE out in the real world.

        1. I’m not really sure there’s a difference of opinion here. I think intentions do matter, including in law. I’m saying you’re right that feminism’s attempt to remove the need to prove intent to rape is a dangerous leap into unknown legal territory, but that in the context of the current article the purpose is to focus on what is practical and useful i.e. goal directed.

        2. There is nothing pragmatic about being non chalant… pragmatism is knowing which battles to pick and how to fight.

        3. you mean non chalant about disregarding ‘intent’?
          in terms of the article I’d say its ‘naivete’ was strategic more than anything

        4. The state doesn’t have to prove anything at all. When was the last time anyone went to court for adultery? If you are getting divorced, because your wife is banging the poolboy while you are at work, guess what? The courts don’t care and won’t even allow that kind of evidence into the court room. Or which country do you live in? Iran?

  19. “The fantastic thing about the manosphere is that it is filled with positive, actionable advice to do all of these things. You are better off concentrating on those things you can control, rather than those things you can’t.”

  20. If you want to prevent yourself from taking care of someone else’s kid (I agree that is 100% shitty). Do a genetics test.

    1. Yes, and immediately, as in, right there in the hospital if you can pull it off. The longer you wait the more a judge is likely to say that the child has some kind of vested historical interest or some other bullshit way of saying “You shoulda taken care of this earlier pal, now you’re on the hook”.
      Fucked up world we live in.

        1. In all honesty I wasn’t aware that was possible. Fascinating, I was under the impression that some amount of tissue was required from the child. If so, that would mean her consent, which I doubt she’d give though, right? The “in the hospital” thing can be done on the sly, or at least it seems so at first blush.
          All new tech to me, I’m out of my league trying to discuss it with any depth.

        2. A paternity test should be a part of any pregnancy in which the woman wants to carry to term, and the man doesn’t have a say yet has to pay. I honestly think that is quite fair.
          And yeah, technology is incredible and it is an non-invasive procedure.

      1. Now this is also a theory, but want to know something else that is screwing up our world?
        Women who want a child but do not have a partner or do not ‘need’ a partner. They get sperm from a donor bank. And recently there was an article in the news about a clinic preventing a woman from obtaining a male’s sperm who was African American. She said she didn’t want the caucasian sperm because there were only 20 samples! And her friend just had IVF and used the sample she was considering!
        If there are only 20 samples…that means a high fertility rate for some of those guys, but that the children in this area are probably genetically related. And if they stay within that region, they may end up dating and so forth – which in turn if they copulate will create sickly young.
        People are always worried about over population, and it’s funny how things actually work out.

        1. Women who want a child but do not have a partner or do not ‘need’ a partner.
          Agreed, that’s fucked up. I know a bartender who did this, except she basically tricked some guy into getting her pregnant, as in truthfully tricked him like a lying whore, then when he did she dumped his ass immediately upon confirmation by the doctor of the pregnancy. She has the full bitch mode “I don’t need no man!” mentality writ large, but of course she will be extracting his resources for the next 21 years. You know, because she don’t need no man.
          She came back to the bar once and the entire staff snubbed her to the point that she left in tears. So that was good at least, some amount of virtue still left, if only in small dark smokey bars. I guess.

  21. Great post, one of the best in ROK lately. Too often I find myself writing angry rants against feminism, hypergamous evil sluts and the evil cabal (jews, freemasons, reptilians and a few more I suppose) that controls the feminist movement from the shadows. That’s not really practical, but an utter waste of time. It’s all beyond an individual’s sphere of control. The only realistic option is learning how to game the system to fullfill your ends.

    1. Why is it a waste of time? Someone may read your rant and be inspired to do something even if you just rant without following it up with action.

      1. Like a virgin guy shooting up random women because he can’t get laid, right. You’re all terrorists, not men and certainly not alpha.

        1. Well not everyone can make policy, affect hiring and firing decisions and control pay. But many of us….
          Don’t be so sad.

        2. Ironically, when that virgin male shoots up random women, that’s when other women start throwing themselves at him. If he didn’t off himself or go to prison, he’d be swimming in pussy. And it’s men who put him in prison. If it were up to most women, he’d be free so they could suck his dick.

  22. A real man has no pretense when he speaks his mind, women on the other hand have nothing but pretense WHENEVER THEY DO ANYTHING!

  23. This story is right on the mark. It doesn’t matter if the woman is calculating, or just engages in the behavior at a given moment out of emotional impulse. Its still the same behavior with the same consequences. Its the natural tendency for women to pursue alpha male for sex in their youth until 1) unplanned pregnancy 2) youth starts to fade and social options start to become more limiting. Then they switch to pursuing beta male providers. After they get bored with the beta male arrangement, they revert to pursuing alpha males while taking as much beta male resources with them as they can grab. But they are less valuable in the market place as a single mom that’s past her prime, so after finding fewer alpha males who pump and dump them, its back to “settling” for dating beta males. This is all the fault of an unfair patriarchal culture in their minds, they don’t have any awareness that their own actions shaped their outcomes.

  24. This ROK experience has been interesting but very much up and down for me. This particular effort is top of the line. A red pill supplement for those of us later in life trying hard to see things as they are. Very well thought out and balanced. Straight up no BS stuff that speaks my language.

  25. Good article.
    Too much of the manosphere see women as hell bent on our destruction but I agree that is simply the unhappy side effect of their perfectly natural self preservation skills.
    It is our responsibility to ourselves to not let it happen to us or those we care about. Sadly it is hard to overcome societal programming.

  26. Right:
    People, I have had a girl tell me straight up:
    “I want him (her boyfriend) to be the father of my children, but I want to MAKE THEM with you…”
    While riding my cock.
    So, ROK is probably not too far from the mark.

  27. I’ve lived this several times over. In my most recent experience, I had a female relative try to “set me up” with one of her friends. The problem was that this friend of hers, still had a boyfriend, a live in at that. These idiots, literally expected me to sweep her, and her freshly fucked holes, off her feet, because this other guy was a loser. I said, quite loudly, no fucking way.
    I’m 30 now, so it seems every woman who knows me, thinks I need to hurry up and nab some used up skank, or play add-a-dad for some desperate single shitbird mom. Not happening, not now, not ever.

  28. Intent/Thoughts become words
    Words become Actions/Behavior
    Actions become Behavior/Character
    Behavior becomes Destiny
    Either way, the contradiction between a woman’s intent and behavior shouldn’t be pondered about much, by men. Just focus on the result. What she does, is her reality. If her intent is bad, but behavior good, again don’t ever overlook that. She’ll inevitably act according to her bad intentions sooner or later. Women are essentially flawed and amoral. Women themselves know that, that’s why they often secretly detest and distrust each other. That’s why they always or usually seek male company or agency, in the end, to lean on – because men are more congruent in their behavior and intent, and are more reliable..
    But exonerating a woman’s wrong (or erroneous) behavior because of her supposedly ‘innocent’ intent is the first step or excuse towards male complacency. Never go soft on women. That’s why, I’d never show leniency to women. The higher your standards, the more they’d work to conform to them. This works especially in case of relationships. The harsher the restrictions on women, the more they’d stay in line. Of course, while seeking a bang or just casual sex with a slut, you might as well forget about her character or history, because anyway you wouldn’t stick around except for (regular and easy) detached sex.

  29. I’m suddenly reminded of this club chick I know who, believe it or not, is a Muslim from Indonesia. During the Ramadan Muslim fasting period, she behaved all holy and pious. Even wearing the head scarf. But before and after that, she is all 100% club slut who drinks, parties and blows the DJs cock back in the VIP section. Unbelievable example of a woman’s words and her actual behaviour. I’m simultaneously amused and appalled at her behaviour. Well, good thing she’s in a western country. She’ll be the first to have her head chopped off by ISIS fundamentalist fanatics.

    1. Having only spent a few months in Indonesia, some observations. The worlds most populous muslim country is culturally moderate, relative to other muslim countries. Women are allowed to work outside the home, head scarves are optional, they love american pop culture, the clubs in jakarta are filled with females who don’t drink alcohol but have fetish for western men.

      1. Good point brought up on the twist of the alpha vs beta topic. I didn’t see it that way till you brought it up. But now that you mentioned it, it is a situation where a Muslim woman in a culturally moderate place having fun with Alpha cock before being made to marry a beta Muslim provider. Same story. Just different cultural and geographic factors.

        1. It might be easier for a muslim woman to screw around with a non-muslim man before marriage. She probably thinks there is less chance of being discovered with a non-muslim man.

  30. I actually think women would marry “alphas” but unfortunately for them, alphas are loathe to get married. The one thought that occupies an alpha’s mind as his impending date of matrimony approaches is “damn… I have to give up all this pussy”.
    As such, women are only left with “betas” to marry, which are the only guys prepared to hang around. That said, an alpha in an LTR will run that thing like a ship and the woman will never leave him because a) she knows he will replace her in an instant and b) domination is exactly what she wants.

  31. This is where the phrase “control your bitch” comes in. A man needs to control his girlfriend, wife and daughter. As Troy suggests, women don’t really know what they are doing. Its up to the man not to be naive and to put his foot down. If you don’t want your woman going to the club, you tell her. She has a choice, go to the club and don’t come back, or stay here with your man. What’s it going to be bitch?
    You need to have the mental state of mind where you don’t care if she leaves because you’ve replacements lined up around the corner. This posture will be readily apparent and your woman will be coming to you asking for permission to do stuff.
    Acting any other way makes you weak and she will instinctively take advantage. She also will despise you.
    Be strong my brother.

  32. Always remember, The Medium IS the Message:
    “The average guy tends to ‘get’ exactly what a woman has implied with her words, but it takes practice to read her behavior and then more practice in self-control to apply it to his own interpretation. When a woman goes from hot to cold and back again, THIS IS the message – she’s got buyers remorse, you’re not her first priority, she’s deliberating between you and what she perceives is a better prospect, you were better looking when she was drunk, etc. – the message isn’t the ‘what ifs’, the message IS her own hesitation and how her behavior manifests it. 10 dates before sex? This IS the message. Canceling dates? Flaking? strong interest to weak interest? This IS the message.”

  33. Great article! It’s good to see some manosphere writers ignoring the conspiracy theories. It’s better for us to see reality as it is. Anything besides that is just plain victim thinking.
    Still, it was the birth control pill and feminism that allowed many women to sleep around way more in a consistent basis, which benefited players everywhere. Here in Brazil, things aren’t as messy as in the States regarding feminism, yet the sexual revolution has greatly damaged provider game as well. The only reason to get married these days is to start a family, and even that is not mandatory if you want to have children.
    By the way, what you described in the end was exactly what I did, though I already knew game. I broke up with my ex-girlfriend because the relationship was going into a downwards spiral and she began to nag me. I just broke up with her before anything bad happened — or at least anything I would know — and got back into the market.
    Funny thing is that I’ve been fucking way younger girls (20-22s, as opposed to my 26-year-old ex-girl) because of the things I’ve learned during the relationship.

  34. “You are better off concentrating on those things you can control, rather than those things you can’t.”
    BOOM! Troy Francis, you are my new favourite writer here! A woman sleeping around is reality. You cannot control that, so why bother. There is great freedom and autonomy and -somewhat paradoxically- control in knowing this.

  35. Best article I’ve ever read on this site.’
    It is not necessary to impute evil intent in order to acknowledge evil impact. Quit worrying about motives. Quit making excuses for how others treat you poorly. Act on how they actually treat you. And don’t get too emotionally surprised or upset when people disappoint you. It’s what people do.

    1. Most people are untrustworthy and unreliable. Keep your circle small. Be cordial to everyone. Many acquaintances, few friends.

  36. Hmmmm with the last paragraph.
    So youre saying after I dump my girlfriend, I can learn game and get a 9-rated chick within a few seconds?
    So it’s that easy to quit my job and start my own business and make hundreds of thousands of dollars within a few days?
    So is it that easy that I can just up and leave my country if I ever get tired of it, even if I don’t have no money?
    You see, a lot of things that these writers say sound great in theory, but it’s not as a quick fix as that. They make it seem so matter of fact, so effortless.
    Yes I believe the above can happen, but it takes time, patience, persistence, drive to earn capital (whether it is social or financial capital – game, business ownership or traveling overseas).
    All that stuff they state never happens in a few days. I feel that some of these articles gives an illusion that things are so quick and simple – NO – it takes effort to make anything happen – whether mentally, physically or spiritually.

    1. Yeah sometimes sounds like spouting easy answers to complex problems. But plant the seeds in your mind and you might wake up one day with greater insight and clarity. Not every guy is cut out to be alpha with a harem, but with awareness you don’t have to allow yourself to be exploited as beta. Practice mindfulness.

    2. Of course those things take time. I don’t say anywhere it takes a few seconds. The focus of the article isn’t on making those life changes though – as I say, there’s plenty of suitable advice elsewhere.

  37. The problem is that women don’t even realize what really turns them on. It’s subconscious. they just get all tingly from a certain trait/character/persona/image and go from there. you know, emotion over reason. Of course that never lasts because said persona eventually pisses her off enough and then she thinks he’s an asshole even though that’s what attracted her initially!

  38. The moral of story is…don’t be a beta male. Shame and ridicule other males who act beta, particularly in the company of females. If you have a grandfather still alive and ask him about the beta-males of his generation he’ll probably tell you, “Oh yeah…those guys. Dunno what happened to them. Most of us were just men. We made the world work and women knew it. End of story.”
    Suggestions on eradicating the beta:
    When a group of women asks you to take a picture of them. Calmly shake your head, say “No.” and go about your business. They’ll look at you like you just spit in their food.
    If a woman tells you to buy her a drink, smile and say “sure”. Then hand her the complimentary glass of ice water you so gallantly fetched for her.
    Don’t date divorcees, don’t date single-mommies, don’t date liberal women, don’t be led around by the hand, don’t tolerate drama in public. Tell them why they’re wrong and why they aren’t going to get their way with you. Let them know if you buy them anything be it dinner/gifts/clothes/etc. this is an act of investment on your part. If she rescinds her end of the bargain to be a good girlfriend/ will rescind everything on your end.
    When the beta male is dead and buried the modern western woman will swallow that bottle of tylenol to join him in the afterlife.
    Maybe then western man can try and salvage what’s left of his world.
    But hey….guys just wanna get laid right? So the beta will live on…

  39. “Don’t waste time thinking about the intentions of those whose actions affect you—e.g. women, employers, governments; they are largely irrelevant. Instead, think about how these actions impact you and what you can do about it.”

  40. “Gina tingles”
    Stop’re killing me.

  41. Funny thing. The few times I’ve scored off of semi alpha behavior the girls play coy but every few days would suddenly call. They wanted sex. I’d actually force them to go through a ritual cooking of dinner or watching of movie. When the time came, they did not even want to make out for longer than about 20 seconds before bras started coming off. After a couple of lays, however, they’d convince me that I didn’t need a condom (I know I know). I’d do it, but couldn’t help but pull out despite their guarantees. I had to pull out.
    Funny thing, past couple of situations now that I think about it, these girls who were crazy for my dick stopped calling altogether after I pulled them off of me when they were on top before I finished.
    I actually think these couple were on birth control. I think it was this innate thing of wanting my seed and very little interest in anything else. And, after I very explicitly denied them that, I think they lost interest.

  42. So, my girlfriend won’t dump her husband because he’s too good a provider even though she doesn’t love him?

  43. “What world are these people living in? Everyone makes mistakes when they are young and still learning.”
    That’s only true in a post-revisionist culture that does not value tradition, received wisdom, and the accumulated knowledge of people who’ve ‘been there, done that’ already. IOW, our modern feminist culture. It’s not “necessary”, as this writer implies, to “make mistakes.” But today it’s just about inevitable, as we live in a culture that eschews tradition, mocks elders, and explicitly equates the past with “backwards” and “regressive”.
    That’s why today every young woman has the make the same unnecessary mistakes that the cohort before her just learned to avoid, just in time to make a new set of mistakes. Sadly, we live in a Flying Blind culture.

  44. I agree we should only attack what we can, but for the most part, men need to be extremely verbal in shaming beta male behavior as well as slutty women. If it became “popular” to shame slutty women and slutty women were looked down on, women would stop being slutty. Let’s face it, most women do everything they do for attention and to build their own egos and status, so if they knew their status would drop and their attention would be negative when they behaved like a slut, they would stop doing it. As the media has shown us, it doesn’t have to be believed by a majority to “appear” to be believed by all, it just has to be promoted that way… so we need to start screaming sluts are nasty from the highest hills.

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