Do You Really Want To Be A Patriarch?

The ultimate question about marriage each man here needs to honestly ask himself is, “Do the pro’s outweigh the cons for me?” especially if you wish to have a family in the future.  What do YOU as a man want to get out of life? If you go down the family path of life, you will find yourself hanging out more with men who married, older, and wiser as you try to navigate having responsibilities and a wife. That ole’ friend circle of single dudes on the prowl will be be replaced by other married men.  Video game binges, “Me” time, and much else will take a backseat.

Why a wife?

Stumbling upon the red pill can bring you all the hedonistic immediate pleasures of the flesh, mind, and reputation.  Encountering Roosh’s work and many others in the manosphere helped me learn the game I would need to find a quality wife. It also taught me that there is a price to be paid for a long-term player lifestyle—namely not being able to bond with a woman anymore.  Every man needs to sow his wild oats, but for how long?  When is he ready for the next season in life?

I was determined to absorb the lessons from the experiences of those in the manosphere and avoid player burnout.  My focus shifted to seeking wife material—as did the venues I spent my time. Self-improvement was a must if I wanted a marriageable girl, especially since I was and still am an asshole, I don’t have a great job, and I’m not exactly a son-in-law that every father wants for their daughter.

Even though I knew what REALLY made girls tingle down there, I still wanted love and romance that my ancestors had, but a successful marriage that will last has to be built on much more than just that, something older generations understood with the much despised “arranged marriages.”  I had to be logical before I was emotional in my mindset.

She is a gem who shares my values, has strong sexual and physical attraction for yours truly, and even though both of us aren’t currently church going Christians, we understand the necessity for our kids to grow up as with Christianity being at the core to their identity. 

In fact, I had to be absolutely sure that she had the same goals and expectations for the future that I did. She also knew of my high sex drive and the expectations I had for married life.  (I’ll emphasize that not ONCE has she turned me down for sex.) This allows me to invest my time in other areas, which is quite a bit once you consider how much time you had to devote to getting laid.  It’s allowed me to write more, acquire new skills, and sharpen iron with other like-minded men in my area.

A New Set Of Responsibilities

Being married, my hunting mindset when I was single dissipated—my thirst being quenched by my wife.  I’ve put down my bow, picked up my plow, and my wife and kid are a new responsibility in which I have shoulder the leadership of my family which has lit a new fire inside me.  When my son smiles at me now,  I realize that it’s all been worth it.

Being any kind of Patriarch is very HARD work—much harder than pumping and dumping plates.  Much of what you need has to be learned along the way and experienced. Leading your family by example is ridden with difficulties and often you won’t get any immediate appreciation.  The fruit of your labor won’t be realized for a while.  Long and hard hours are apart of the burden.

As TheFamilyAlpha points out, “Married men and fathers, look upon your wife & kid(s) as fuel, not an anchor. Recognize that your role in life is different than the single guys out there. They can travel in a moments notice while you are raising the next generation of men and women who will raise the standard of masculinity and femininity in our society.”


You will be changing a few of these.

You will learn by experience. For instance, I failed several comfort tests when our son was in the NICU because of my own selfishness and inability to see that instead of comforting words—what she desperately needed was a hug.  I’ve learned that my wife’s self confidence is just as important as my own.  I had to experience several fights before I figured out they were best ended by escalating to sex.

One time, I was so lost after a fight with my wife that I called our own Quintus Curtius for wisdom.  The piece of wisdom that still stands with me now was a simple one, “Persevere.”  Do this even when she is a bitch, as she’s still your wife and the mother of your children.

You will adopt a new lifestyle in which your wife will need a break, which she will need often. Rest assured, you are going to have to get your hands dirty and change some diapers.  She’s not a strong independent woman, she’s your wife that needs help. You have chosen a new burden and responsibility.

The Requirements For A Legacy

The importance of children to our future can’t be understated.  A culture war can’t be won  purely by memes, chaos, edgy statements, and triggering male feminist SJWs desperate to virtue signal. To ensure our feminist progressive opponents suffer a demographic winter, we must do what they refuse to do; have kids.   We need a multi-generational demographic strategy.  The Quiverfull movement understands this and progressives hate them for it.  Marry a woman who also understands this and the time investment and priorities toward building that legacy.


Imagine instilling in your sons from a young age – of which I will very soon have another son—the wisdom of Cicero and the classics, the archive/treasure trove that Quintus Curtius is compiling, the nature of women that men like Roosh, Aurini, and others have spent so much time experiencing.

Men like this are creating the platforms , literature, and media to birth a new cultural renaissance that can be appreciated and devoured by our offspring. The tools are now here for us to equip our sons with wisdom, game, and knowledge to find quality women while ensuring they are at the top of the pack when it comes to competition and to forge their paths in life.

Your kids will be able to stand on the shoulders of those in the manosphere who have lit the way – and who some have paid dearly for both in their reputations and lives. It can’t be allowed to go to waste.  They have lit the torch, and we must take it and pass it down with even more fire to our children.  If America is to be great again, this is how it will happen.

Prevent Leftist Indoctrination Of Your Children

If you want your kids to end up influenced by progressive ideology, then by all means send them somewhere which is completely controlled by progressives.  This is no exaggeration.  The American public school system was intended since it’s inception to indoctrinate your children and to specifically shape their behavior and moral development by its founders.  Don’t let them.  Take the time and utilize whatever resources you have to prevent this—whether it’s homeschooling or private schools.

They want your kids.

They want your kids.

No, it IS NOT enough to “red-pill” your sons. You will of course give them great advice, wisdom, and as much time as possible, but consider the amount of time you have with them vs their teacher and school.  The school has 8+ hours a day with them, far more then you will get while you are working or even if you are home after they get off.

They will of course label this propaganda, indoctrination, etc. but public education is their own form of those labels. Education isn’t neutral.  We should never forget it, because the left certainly hasn’t.   If you don’t want your kids to become progressives, don’t send them somewhere for where 8+ hours a day they are being taught by people who’ve gone into education to churn out progressive soldiers.

Essentially, why have kids, if you are just going to let your enemy raise them? Marriage is the only relationship in which kids can be raised in a healthy and stable family. You can be sure public schools will introduce and emphasize every other family structure besides the nuclear one.  Do not let this happen.

Your future is in your hands.  Carpe Diem

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715 thoughts on “Do You Really Want To Be A Patriarch?”

  1. “It also taught me that there is a price to be paid for a long-term player lifestyle—namely not being able to bond with a woman anymore. ”
    Thankfully I haven’t found this to be the case. The player lifestyle has allowed me to better understand women, both their positive and negative sides. It doesn’t make much sense that sleeping with a lot of promiscuous girls for fun would prevent you from bonding with a “good girl” who you see as the mother of your children. You’re just more realistic about the latter’s character, flaws, etc, and how there isn’t a whole lot of distance between her and the slut.

    1. Agreed. Chicks that I’ve had short term flings with or ONS didn’t bring any lasting happiness, but it would be equally ridiculous to say that by not sleeping with them I would be exactly the same.
      It was a learning experience, often very pleasurable at the time, and it does admittedly bring about some chauvinistic male self-high-five kind of thoughts when I reflect on it.
      And yes, you definitely get a feel for what you want in a long term relationship when your ready to stop playing the field for awhile (or permanently).

    2. A personal question, Roosh: have you considered marriage and having children?
      I always thought, while reading you, that you are simply not totally fulfilled by using game on sluts in this Feminist world. That deep down, you as a man, recognised that it is our fault, mens fault, that we let Feminists and women got carried away with this whole Feminist bullshit, and you would be really happy in a relationship like your father and mother had. And that you wanted to change the world, to take action. And then you took action, with ROK and neomasculity, you set out to change the world. And at the end, maybe you will try to bring back the patriarchy in your own life, in a marriage on your own terms, and have children and raise them to pass on your Red Pill knowledge of the world. Or am I totally wrong here?
      Best wishes to you anyway.

      1. I’ve thought about it, but it should come about organically (if it happens) instead of being a top-down decision or mandate. I don’t want to force any result based on a decision.

    3. “It also taught me that there is a price to be paid for a long-term player lifestyle—namely not being able to bond with a woman anymore.”
      This is a common misconception regarding players and ex-players–the idea that fucking a bunch of women causes an inability for a man to bond with a woman. In my experience, there are two different kinds of men who either can’t or won’t bond with women and start a family:
      1) The man who lacks the ability to bond, period. He may have several friends and acquaintances, but nobody who is truly close. One of the best natural players I know is like this. He keeps everyone at an arm’s length, including his male friends. I believe his natural player ability arose from his inability to bond with others, since his subconscious “I don’t give a shit” attitude was on full display when interacting with women.
      2) The man who has chosen the single/jet setter lifestyle. This guy can bond, but chooses not to. Women try to psychoanalyze him, saying he suffers from mommy issues or some other shit, but in reality, he chooses not to let women close because he values his personal freedom above all else.

      1. Man number 1 is a sociopath. I know, because you just described me in a paragraph. I’m neither embarrassed nor happy about it, but (and the reason for my comment) it’s becoming more and more common in both men and women. It used to be odd when I realized another person I was talking to could turn their emotions on/off like I can. Now, frankly, in most big cities, I’m finding that a lot (maybe 1/2) of the people I talk to, men at work, and women after, display serious sociopathic tendencies, some more severe than mine (and I came by it honestly, family history).
        Sociopathy seems to be encouraged more and more by society, and, our methods of interaction are leading to a more “default” sociopath lifestyle (all IMHO).

        1. That’s some heavy shit. Good news is that I’d wager that you aren’t a sociopath, by virtue of the fact that you are capable of self-reflection. Still, it sounds like you’ve got other issues shorting your empathy circuits. (strokes beard with thumb and forefinger) “Now, tell me about your mother…” lol

        2. I’ve noticed this too. There seemed to be a seachange in the experience of dates over the last year and a half. I couldn’t put my finger on it, or if it was me or them, but there was definitely a disconnect. And while Tinder and technology are factors I don’t think they were the primary reason.

        3. A small correction, I think you (like me) are psychopaths, not sociopaths.

          According to psychologist and neuroscientist Kent A. Kiehl, “sociopath” refers to a person with antisocial tendencies that are ascribed to social or environmental factors, whereas psychopathic traits are more innate, though a chaotic or violent upbringing may tip the scales for those already predisposed to behave psychopathically.

        4. You want to study sociopaths drain DC’s swamp…or go to Chicago and ask out loud down town if anyone just dropped the $20 bill in your hand. Thems sociopaths.
          If at any point you start being shot at you found some real psychopaths.

    4. Maybe you won’t have a hard time bonding with a good girl – but i’d say a good girl would have a harder time bonding with you knowing how many skanks you’ve stuck your dick in and how many naked sluts you can compare her to

        1. Not what i meant. I mean that a truly “good girl” will be repulsed by your dirty dick and the soul attached to it
          (believe me, i think girls should put in their best effort to please their men & maintain their best appearance)

        2. believe me, i think girls should put a lot of effort into pleasing their man and keeping their appearance the absolute best it can be

        3. I’m not seeking any validation? I have a hot man and a baby and a happy life. I’m pro-patriarchy and find the manosphere insightful and interesting. Just sharing a female perspective that while man-whores might have no problem bonding with good girls, those good girls will likely struggle to bond with you, knowing about your sleazy past.

        4. That’s unexpectedly sort of romantic. You should save it for an opportune moment, should one ever present itself.

        5. LOL i do like the metaphor thats hilarious! But humans are more complex then locks and keys. My point is just that of the few wifey material girls out there, most will be turned off by a high notch and while they might find you sexually attractive, they wont see you as husband material

        6. One of my plates, a girl that has no job, asked me to go out tonight and I said I can’t because I have to wake up at 430 tomorrow morning. She started bitching that I don’t spend enough time with her. A girl with no job. She has no where to be tomorrow. I told her “just because your whole life consists of laying around waiting for me to fuck you doesn’t mean other people don’t have things to do”
          Pretty sure that ended it. We will see. This just happened 10 minutes ago

        7. Nothing wrong with that so long as it fits the rest of your diet and you aren’t predisposed to high cholesterol

        8. You really should only need one though Monsieur. In France, one egg is an oeuf

        9. Got it, you radical nihilist.
          You should see me doing push ups in the snowy mountains, while being yelled at by crazy grunts. I’m enjoying it. Really.

        10. In my experience, good relationship-minded women were far more interested if there were any exes in the past whom I still carried the flame for, rather than any number of forgettable flings. Depends on the woman of course.

        11. The moment a chewed up and discarded beta who committed to a slut wakes up and realizes “If you weren’t the first guy she’s went down on . . then what on Earth made you think that you’d be her last”. If you’re pursuing family/progeny, then go virgin strictly. You may have to go younger with dowry or find a religious sect but there it is.

        12. I haven’t found that to be the case. I have had several good girls want relationships with me, even knowing that I have been with lots of women. A clean bill of health and a good shower and my dick is as clean as the next one.

        13. That’s where being a player got me too. I learned that women (especially hot ones) hear “No” so rarely that they crave the boundaries. I sat a rule that any girl I was seeing was to be gone by 11pm. I, like you, get up early to workout. Several times, I would look at the clock and say “well, it’s time to go.” Women would gripe and complain that I made them leave, but they were texting as soon as they got home about when they could see me again.

        14. Ha, so great right. I remember a girl told me firmly that she wouldn’t fuck me anymore if she couldn’t sleep over because she felt like a slut leaving after we fucked. I told her fine, we won’t fuck anymore. To her credit she lasted almost a week before texting me.

        15. Textbook from my inexperienced perspective but I dislike whiners who can’t handle reality going around them.

        16. Yeah here in America we are not entitled to virgins but by all means you can take one if you want from a country where that’s considered normal.
          Just do not bring her back here cause the minute she goes to the corner store for milk and bread…bam a pack of you know whats will have her wholly fufilled in no time.

        17. Brash word choice from a red pill girl…yet I agree with you. Speaking for
          myself I have an aversion for cads. While I think it’s healthy for very young
          men to date and pursue women to get a sense of how we can be (emotional, at
          times undependable, yet caring) the idea of marrying a guy who pumped and
          dumped girls (albeit likely low quality girls) for the fun of it is for lack of
          a better word sickening. I remember reading an article Donovan wrote wherein he
          described one of his buddy’s playing long term game (game where he implies he
          wants a LTR with a girl then eventually dumps her after he gets what he wants)—I
          noted then as I believe now that this mindset is twisted.
          However, I don’t think most women think like you and I, many don’t care
          about a guy’s history. They care much more about whether he is
          boyfriend/husband material now.

        18. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to be telling me that ‘you know whats’ will have her ‘wholly fulfilled’ in no time? So what you’re saying is that she’ll be ‘wholly fulfilled’ if she goes to the corner market? For milk? I’m presuming you mean ‘whole milk’, not to be confused with ‘HOLE’ milk with an ‘H’. And I hope we’re not confusing her being ‘wholly fulfilled’ with having her ‘HOLE’ filled . . . yikes! See, I remember as a kid my own mother saying she was going down to the corner store to get some ‘hole milk’. I was preschool so I couldn’t spell too well. I thought she was saying ‘hole milk’ and that it came from a hole in the ground somewhere, like my mom went out to the woods where the ‘milk hole’ was located and then she scooped out a bucket of milk and brought it home. I begged to go with her so I could jump in and splash and play in this legendary ‘milk hole’ wherever it was located. Later as an adolescent, I saw a pic in this Hustler mag of a gaping twat that looked like a ranch sauce dispenser. ‘HOLE MILK’ I thought.
          So men, be on guard. If your woman ever tries to excuse herself to run to the corner market and get some ‘hole milk’, then you’d better make her spell the word otherwise it would be wise to follow her.

      1. But the reality atleast in my experience, is that women (even the good ones) are biologically programmed to be attracted to men with a high success rate with women I.E notch count.
        The opposite is true for men. The only reason men go for sluts is a perceived ease of effort for coitus. No quality man that has his shit together actually wants to invest in them though.

      2. All red-pill men know to never discuss their sexual histories with spouses. Let her wonder.

        1. True but in roosh’s case it might be harder because interwebs.

        2. Why not, I lie to my wife and I lie to my girlfriend. I didn’t start off that way, originally I was brutally honest, but women have taught me to lie to them. I really think they want you to lie to them. I’m living in a culture where everyone lies all the time, you never tell anyone what you really think or do, you should only tell them what you think they want to hear.

        3. Why not, I lie all the time to everyone (especially my wife and girlfriend), it’s the way my culture works (Thai Buddhist). Only ever tell people what you think they want to hear. Usually I just leave out stuff. My girl friend doesn’t even know my real name or address, and she’s planning a baby with me.

        4. I think that at some point between meeting a woman and marrying her the fact that you are lying about your name might come up….you know, when you introduce her to your family, when you pull out your credit card, when she sees the mail addressed to you. I mean, I know women are gullible but this is a little beyond.
          I always liked Al Pachino’s line in Scarface. “I always tell the truth….even when I am lying”

        5. A non-confrontational culture. Western culture is inherently more violent and aggressive.

        6. that makes some sense…that a non confrontational culture would normalize certain lies in order to keep a base line of calm. Interesting. I still don’t think it would work with lying about your name but that is an interesting though I hadn’t considered about passive buddhist cultures and truth telling. thank you for that nugget to ponder on.

        7. It’s easy for me, I have a very common name. Hi I’m John. I guess it might be harder if my name was Roosh. Here everyone uses Nick names anyway, the girls are all Noi, Pla, Pooh, Lek, etc

        8. Right but we are talking about potential marriage so it will come out sooner or later. Also, I’m proud of my name. My name symbolizes the man I have created. I wouldn’t hide it for anyonez

    5. Absolutely.
      Men often are the real romantics and want to protect their women. We are definitely able to bond with a “good girl” and fall hard in love.
      One of the differences between men and women is the way we love.
      We men are idealistic in our love, whereas women love opportunistically.
      I wish it were different, but it isn’t. What a shame!

      1. I sometimes say that when it comes to relationships, men should be more like women. Women are said to be more emotional then logical/rational in their thought process but when it comes to relationships, women use cut throat logic. What can the man do for me. How can the man make my life easier and improve it. If he is no longer of use, then time for a trade-up. That’s what I’m implying by saying, men should be more like women in relationships.

    6. Agreed. After much thought about this I have come to the conclusion that some people who live the player lifestyle have problems pair bonding. However, this isn’t because the player lifestyle damages the person making them unable to pair bond but that men who have trouble pair bonding are attracted to the player lifestyle.
      Those same men, if they got married as 16 year old virgins, would still have issues bonding with their wives.
      This is clear when we see plenty of people leave a player lifestyle, settle down with a wife and who are perfectly happy with family life.
      I have no ability to pair bond and no desire for a family but this isn’t a thing caused by my decades of womanizing. This is just who I am and who I have always been. The fact that society offers me an outlet other than being locked in a marriage with a family making me miserable is great for me.

    7. I seldom am much of a player – well maybe in my 20s ha ha but reading the works of the “players” and PUAs and about game has helped me immensely.
      I would have the say that there is one mistake a fellow versed in game can make: he has to maintain mental agility around the woman he’s dealing with in the present. That is, women are not only unlike machines simply requiring all the right buttons to be pushed, but even in that approach, they are all different machines with different buttons. For example, dread game that works with one woman might have another jumping off a bridge.
      Not treating women like machines with buttons and procedures to follow but knowing their nature at the same time is indeed a challenge. But I always try to instill the importance of game and knowing this challenge even on younger fellows who are geeks and more apt to collect comic books (for that is the most vulnerable kind of man as he may become successful by his 30s and then get the full run around divorce rape from a dark triad type)

    8. I’m a genius in some areas but I was a slow learner with sluts. I spent far too much time trying to make relationships work with them when other wiser fast learners would have drop kicked the worthless bitches. I had no official religion in my family so I grew up with no codified tools by which to meter and properly manage and control a woman or women and so I was left to figure out the puzzle myself and pull the answers out of my hat.
      I was gamed by a slut at a young age but didn’t know it. I didn’t know what LTR material was and got a place with her and committed to her. The bitch was a super slut behind my back. I drew the line at hookers though. But sluts were my pursuit and passion even though other wiser people could see the pieces of shit first girlfriends that I had for what they were better than I could see them. Still I’d thumb my nose at hookers whenever I saw them. A hooker for your first lay would be like gambling with using LSD. Depends on your personality.
      I’ve never personally dropped any LSD. My parents preached the fear of drugs into me. My parents, one was highly educated explained when I was young how some personality types become institutionalized lunatics after a bad trip while others are unphased by experimenting with psychadellics. They taught me it was like russian roulette with your brain.
      Which begs the question, could a ‘bad trip’ with a hooker screw you up as well? I don’t know what a bad ‘trip’ losing your virginity to a hooker would be like since I’ve never screwed a hooker. I taught myself pick up at clubs when I was 20 in a mad drive for direction and self improvement and hookers were such a cop out. I looked down on hookers likening it to fucking an animal. Totally retarded omega and defeating the purpose of game. I wanted to boast a 9+ woman and a Ferrari ultimately. Trump boasted of his hot women similarly in his old SNL appearances a few decades ago, and I notice now how I was also somewhat Trump minded when I was 20, only I was shitless for broke moneywise.
      But the ‘bad trip’ occuring with a first timer doing it with a hooker or super slut I believe would adversely affect an emotionally challenged beta moreso than a natural alpha.
      HERE from the 1990s is precisely the ‘bad trip’ a beta virgin should be weary of.

      I swear I used to hate that show but I stumbled on old clips recently and it has me rolling with laughter, what with my more wisened sense of alpha/beta and knowledge of the nature of women I’ve gained over the years. I despised the show back then but I realize now it was formulated as bleach to counter the Oprah show. I get it now. Hillarious shit with red pill lessons from 20 yrs ago. Female nature uncensored on stage.

  2. I like being a family man. It is for me, rather than playing the field .. but it is each to their own!!
    Sure I want to fuck the 19 year old barmaid in my local pub, but as much joy as that would bring, my 8 year old Daughter beating me a Chess 1 year almost to the day after I bought her the board in a weird way is much more, and more deeply satisfying.
    But at the same time I have to run hard game on my wife almost constantly. There is no easy life for the player, or non-player.
    Different strokes for different folks. But, I love being a family man. A patriarch.

    1. Chess, Cooking, a worthwhile second language and a musical instrument are great skills to impart on a daughter as early as possible.
      Such things were pretty much the hallmark of a well-to-do girls classical education back in the 18th-early 20th centuries when young girls grew up to be women who were actually worth marrying.

      1. “Chess, Cooking, a worthwhile second language and a musical instrument are great skills to impart on a daughter as early as possible.”
        Complete agreement.

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      2. Daughters should also be taught how to wash laundry and tend the garden, and also to pour your beer for you.

        1. Fuckin yes. Throw out the trash, wash dishes, bring in the groceries, fold your clothes, keep your room clean. How the hell will she ever appreciate a person that does hard work if she doesn’t know what hard work is.
          What this also does is it gives children the sense they are contributing to a team, a unit and giving them self confidence as well as self worth instead of using the family like an ATM. It makes for a well rounded mind in accomplishing and having strength rather than having a 13 year old girl that storms in the house crying and trying to end his/her life because everyone has more likes on FB.

        2. There is no i in team, but there is an i in dictatorship. Honestly, I don’t know how some parents struggle with their children. Even my own wife will sit there trying to hush the girls for endless hours. She’ll eventually ask me to help (I usually just ignore it because it’s her job). I tell the girl to shut the fuck up and drag her into my lap in a headlock and that’s the end of it. Perhaps all she wanted was her da’s attention, but my girls know full well that our relationship isn’t a democracy.

        3. It’s our job to keep each and everyone of his tribe in line. Dictator ship is necessary in specific and certain terms. We have to teach children to respect authority and hierarchy, including the female’s role. Teachers are females, doctors are female, nurses are females, cashier’s are female. Mothers are female. These are individuals that do things in our lives, our families and friends lives that add to society in one form or another. Do we want our children to disrespect hard working individuals that are contributing?

        4. I teach my daughters not to respect anybody but me. The rest of the world is not us – not our family – and they’re beneath us.

        5. When we get individuals that have no respect towards the medical assistance they need and the female nurses or female doctors or female x-ray technicians etc,(Appendicitis? Sepsis? Urinary Tract Infection? Unplanned Pregnancy? Broken Arm?) we call security and have them removed as a danger to staff and other patients that show us respect. As much as society believes they have a right to this or a right to that, businesses also have the right to refuse any service to those that are unwilling to follow the professional instructions and procedures that have proven to be for the benefit of the patient/customer.

        6. Unplanned pregnancy?! You make me vomit. You don’t have to respect somebody to have to pay them money and get your broken arm treated anyway. I said I have no respect for naive idiots and simpletons that make this world go round. I did not say I walk around abusing them. What kind of dumb fuck are you to assume that?

        7. “I teach my daughters not to respect anybody but me. The rest of the world is not us – not our family – and they’re beneath us.”
          Unplanned pregnancy? Really? Naive? They are all around you, little girls turning to sweet talking boys because they are “afraid” of their fathers. You said you only teach your kids to respect you, and everyone else is below you. You never said anything about “naive fucks”. Wait till you get to a hospital with that ridiculous attitude and you’ll learn the hard way, when security arrives. I’ve had many a patient taken out of the ED in cuffs that didn’t show proper respect, male and female. Don’t believe me, type in “man arrested in emergency room” and see how many stories you read about guys just like you.
          Here’s one for you since I know you won’t bother to face reality:
          Man arrested after throwing glass eye at doctor, nurse: police |
          Oh one more thing that will cool your heels and quiet that mouth is that more and more states are enacting law that it is a felony to assault or commit battery to a healthcare worker. That includes female techs, female nurses, female doctors. Yes, we’ll fix your arm with security present, but when we’re done you’ll leave in cuffs.

        8. You truly are fucking retarded. I say again, I NEVER said I go around abusing people. Thoroughly disliking a society does not equal behaving like a low IQ retard 24/7.
          As for pregnancies, whenever they happen, they’re a blessing. There shall be a party the day my daughters fall pregnant, hopefully in their early teens. I don’t think it’ll be via sluttiness though, as you suggested, because I support my daughters properly.

        9. Yep, no need to be polite to servants. If they want the money, they need to be able to take a bit of flack. I’m normally polite to employees out of habit, but it isn’t something to which they are ENTITLED.

        10. Can you fit cuffs on someone with their arm in a cast? You sound like you deliberately incite trouble in order to oppress men. There are a lot of seriously fucked up white women in America.

        11. I totally agree, abortion is murder. Come the revolution, I’ll be out there shooting abortion clinic staff. Hang on ….. that would be murder too ….. maybe I won’t ……..DOH! Anyway, at least i have the pleasure of knowing abortion clinic staff will rot in hell with all the other mass murderers.

        12. If you break the law in an emergency room, or any where else, you face the consequences for breaking the law.

      3. You forgot dance training. Ballet in particular helps women move SO attractively.
        I occasionally play a game in public places where I pick out the older women who were dancers in their youth. It’s pretty easy once you know what to look for.

        1. Make sure they know how to not be a slut. All that is good (and we do the same), but if she hops on the carousel for a decade, she will be the same as every other bar hag.

        2. That goes without saying.
          The dilemma I’m in right now is that our youngest girl is talking about being a teacher. I want to encourage her but teachers need masters degrees. And there’s nowhere within an easy drive from home where she could go to school.
          I don’t want her living in a dorm with all those sluts, but I can’t keep her chained in the basement, either.

        3. I had some decent room mates that I found through the church. If she doesn’t have a network of good friends she can room with already, go to some churches in the area and look to see if there are any bulletin boards looking for room mates. I started out in this place I rented myself, and found some good friends to room with by winter break. If you taught her well, you shouldn’t have anything to fear if she gets into the right crowd.

        4. We’re not religious folk, but you have an excellent point. She does have one or two friends talking about the same colleges that I could see her living with. I could talk to their parents and see about splitting the cost of an apartment.

        5. Do it, room mates make or break the college experience. If she ends up with random whores for room mates, she could very well become one herself. Personally, I became a more moral individual during college. I owe a lot of it to who I chose for room mates.

        6. You’re right, I know some young ladies that when they see that behavior from other women, it frightens them and they take offense when those type of girls suggest that their fall-down-drunk lifestyle will make them happy.

        7. Fathers everywhere really need to shout from the rooftops how a girl’s SMV is so fleeting and depends so much on their virtue. Sure, a good looking skank can get all the sex they want until they hit their 30’s, but that is all they are going to get. A virtuous girl, on the other hand, is in very high demand these days and will be able to pull most any guy they want just by not getting fat and having traditional values.
          Pity how early on (before marriage is on the minds of the young men), the skanks get most of the attention.

        8. There are lots of good online teacher education programs. I’ve taught in a number of them over the years (as well as brick and mortar universities), and many of them are considerably better than their in-person counterparts.

        9. Why not encourage her to have many children and be the teacher of them instead?
          Teaching the children of strangers can’t compare. And the bonus is that she won’t need any official degrees for that. Only what she wants to learn and pass on and much of that can be done anywhere that has internet.

        10. She’ll need some way to support herself and stay busy and useful while she’s waiting for Prince Charming. I’m not going to marry her off forcefully the minute she’s old enough to drop out of high school.

        11. Sure… I understand your thinking but allow me to offer an alternative view. If a woman goes to university for x amount of years, she will want to use that degree afterwards (just like a man) to serve a company or the state, right? That means even more years as a worker, and all the while the clock is ticking.
          Her youth is squandered. Fewer children are now possible and the higher value males won’t look at her anymore. She won’t have as much energy or time to devote to kids, and giving birth late can be both difficult and have increased risk of leading to incurable deceases like down’s syndrome.
          So essentially, the most likely scenario are maybe 1 or 2 kids with average value males and an equal amount of divorces. Becoming a “single mother” is quite likely.
          This is the way our entire western world works now. We’re serial monogamists. This is the default script.
          I’m just hoping she can do better. Like use her youth to attract a 10 year older high value male and have many kids, be the teacher of those kids, maybe do writing/art/yoga on the side if she wants etc. And if disaster strikes, a least she’ll get half of what the high value male has (which, if she has picked well, should be plenty). In some ways, neither of these routes are very safe, but at least the latter leads to more grandchildren from better genetic stock.

        12. Son, my oldest daughter is 16. A “10 year older” male is only 26. You know what the 26 yr old men around here are doing right now? Chasing tail and getting tattoos and pretending they aren’t living paycheck to paycheck. They sure as hell aren’t trying to find a nice girl to marry.
          When my daughters find solid, decent, financially responsible men with whom they can settle down, I will proudly and happily give them away. But I don’t see any of those around these days.
          Teaching and nursing are upstanding professions where the girls can serve our community and hone their skills at caring for others until they find a husband that can take care of them.

        13. Fair enough. The situation is not easy now. Just saw the risk of them being drawn into the workforce and never escaping, just like all the others.
          But I do agree that as far as professions for women goes, teaching and nursing are among the best.

        14. Writing/art/yoga are the road to feminism. Teach her to be a gunsmith, a useful trade in the fast approaching zombie apocalypse.

        15. Right now yes, but do they have to be?
          I’m not sure male occupations like gunsmithing is the road to femininity 😉 However useful.

        16. I’m not sure why gunsmith should be considered a male occupation. No heavy lifting but fine eyesight and hand control …. sounds ideal for a woman to do.

    2. “But at the same time I have to run hard game on my wife almost constantly. There is no easy life for the player, or non-player.”
      And this is why it is WAY more tempting to move somewhere where prostitution is legal and buy sex once a week. It seems that the joy that children bring is hampered by the fact that you still need to play games just to keep your woman loyal.

        1. I’m sure the guy fucking a variety hot chicks and not having to deal with a nagging wife or girlfriend or worrying about divorce or false rape accusations from some chick he played doesn’t give a fuck.
          Hell, I could argue that you’re a loser for getting suckered into a contract with a chick that is that much of a pain in the ass.

        2. For a young man, going to prostitutes is not advised. It is not good for your soul to feel that you have to pay a woman for sex as a young man. Makes you feel worthless. On the other hand, it does not challenge you. In the brothel you can select the best, and then you will not be able to relate to women in real life. It will fuck your mind up to have a 9 on your back and call in the brothel while in real life a 6 would fuck you off. And at the end of the day, your money goes to a pimp, meaning you had to pay another man to make a woman have sex with you, because you were not man enough to go out and get one for yourself.

        3. Guess you are probably elder than me, so I don’t want to use any bad vocabulary. But the REALITY is:
          Married MEN are doing the same; buying SEX from their wives ! Marriage (at least in the current generation) is essentially a PAID Prostitution (albeit one-to-one) !
          There are no fucking losers here OR any where in the world ! MEN are ALWAYS forced to BUY Sex and females have ALWAYS enjoyed FREE Sex + Pampering + Perks + Entitlement.

        4. MEN (doesn’t matter Young or Middle Aged or Aged) essentially/often pay for sex; drinks, food, gifts, pampering and what not !
          “Fucking a variety hot chicks” doesn’t mean going to “brothel” !!!

        5. “Fucking a variety of hot chiks” is definitely advised to young men or, indeed, to men of all ages and of all walks of life.
          I specifically advised against going to brothel/prostitutes for young males.
          Everybody does it, but you must be aware what you are doing in such a case and how it will affect you, mentally (or even physically, like STD possibility).
          I am not saying it is a negative experience, of course. It has its place in a man’s life. But it is definitely not a substitution for sexual conquest, it is more like fapping to 3D porn.

        6. Agree. Buying sex (direct money for sex — I am fine with I pay for dinner and you swallow my genitals) is just really weird to me. I don’t get the kick.

        7. True. And I say with experience. I fucked a couple of pros back in the day. One a straight up 9 Spanish girl.
          But the guy above gets it. It’s not good for your game, or your head

        8. Totally agreed.
          P4P is much less damaging for older men. They’ve been through all the hoops with women, and are already emotionally formed.

        9. You know what’s really good for your game? When a pro decides she likes you so much that she hides her occupation and just hops in bed with you like any other woman. It’s happened to me twice.

        10. I have no idea. I found out later that she was spending time in Dubai under dubious circumstances. Puuuuuke. Instant next.

        11. Agreed.
          I speak from experience, and it is the same with you, isn’t it? I also had a girlfriend once who was a hooker. The mistakes we make as young…
          But right now, even though I have the money, I force myself to game instead. I should have done the other way around, gaming as a young man, but I missed that part out (I was a total loser pre-Red Pill) and probably because of that, I get immense pleasure from game now. Gaming a 6/10 Jane Doe at a party is a paradise to my soul compared to paying a 9/10 luxury hooker in a brothel. I wish the Manosphere was around when I was young… I could have saved a lot of money, too…

        12. I don’t see Trump or Hefner as losers. Everyone pays, only the payment plans differ.

        13. There’s no kick for me, it’s about not really having good game and looks and still needing sex.

        14. I was pointing out to my friend a beautiful asian newscaster on our local channel but I pointed out the huge huge sparkling diamond ring on her hand. His response, “That right there is the price it takes for her to love her man”.
          I have to agree, it made me wonder the size of their house(s), car, vacations.

        15. Like saying it is better to buy a house rather than renting. Lol. In some circumstances where housing is vastly vastly overpriced, can you blame a man for wanting to rent instead ? Lol

        16. Who really wants to relate to what women have to say anyways except for people trying to sell them shit and all these ass clowns for pussy.
          Females are fine when they got their fake nice girl mask on but when that shit comes off this jew is taking his schlong and his wallet elsewhere.
          My schlong my choice.

        17. Thats the difference really between guys who would rather go fuck a hooker and the guy who would rather “game” a chick at a party.
          Some guys get off on the interaction, the talking, or whatever and other guys feel that is not just wasted time but downright boring.
          I will not tolerate that sort of thing so I am happy to go pay a hooker though I have struggled with the idea in past.
          I am at the point where I realize that alot of what get said about the current state of relations in our world is true and then some.

        18. The fucked up part is now they want control of the entire infrastructure of society that enabled them to live like this in the first place.
          I’ll be making a garbage bag size popcorn if you need me.

        19. Your schlong, your choice.
          If you don’t mind, I will borrow this phrase from you in future discussions.
          Visiting hookers is better entertainment then staring at walls. For me, one of the gratest fucks in life was with a very good hooker. I left her feeling two feet taller, the king of men. I would have robbed a bank, would have spent the loot on her by the hour, and would have shot myself when I spent all, because nothing better would ever wait me in life as far as women are concerned… Unfortunately I fucked her only twice, then she moved brothels and I lost her track.
          Be that as it may, going to hookers I find boring now. Maybe I hed my fill. These days I am strictly gaming.
          So, your schlong your choice. All I advise is, beware of STDs, put that plastic protection on your sword at all times. Never risk bareback with a hooker.

        20. I never use condoms, so far I’ve caught nothing, and if you do catch something it’s usually cured with a $2 course of antibiotics.

        21. Where I live all guys use hookers. In a local university survey more than 50% of males have used a prostitute by the age of 15.

        22. When pissing hurts and yellow phlegm is coming out of your penis, you will wish you have used protection.
          STDs can be cured, but if you can avoid it, why not?
          But as the man said, your schlong your choice.

        23. I’m 60, if I was going to catch something, I would have caught it by now. All my friends have similar experiences. No condoms and no diseases. We’ve begun to think most of the std scare stories are media/government propaganda. One guy I know got a really nasty case of herpes, but condoms don’t protect you from that, you’re either immune or susceptible.

        24. Well, I am nearly 40 now, but back in the days of my loser 20s I frequented prostitutes, and from every second encounter I got either chlamydia, or candida, or condyloma. I spent more time at the STD Clinic than at my home.
          This is one of the reasons why I do not go to hookers now, I learned my lessons, repeatedly, on a slow learning curve I must say LOL.
          Now it would fuck up my game plan, I refuse to game women while the end of my cock is red and dripping. Which as an “evil” john, makes me a much nicer person than those women who sell diseased pussy to unsuspecting young males.
          Besides, now I think prostitution is the most disgusting, inhuman, most horrible human rights abuse – of the young males following their natural sexual urges and women and other people using them in making money off it.
          Whatever, maybe you are lucky with hookers, I dont know. Wish you to stay lucky and healthy.

      1. I’ve always thought that if one outright eliminates the desire to marry and/or have children, life seems incredibly easy.

        1. Easy? Or meaningful?
          I married in my 40’s to a woman 20 years younger, and sired 3 sons. I tried maintaining my old life style, but when I saw that need, hurt and longing in their eyes, during our divorce, it all changed.
          No more fast cars. It’s a van now. No more collecting guns, etc. No more motorcycles or drag racing.
          As a dad, its not about you anymore.
          I am re-married now, to a woman even younger than my ex, and I have a 4th son by her. I am richly by Jesus!
          It all turned around that moment of pain in my little sons eyes, and the decision I made then. A good dad is self-sacrificing
          You young guys, if you find a good woman, being a dad is great

        2. I don’t know. I think you are just off target on a couple of things here. I don’t believe one can eliminate the desire to marry and have children. It is either the case that you are the type of man that wants/needs those things or not. You can eliminate the natural instinct to assume what society tells you you ought to want and think about it for yourself, but in the end some men want family and some men don’t and they will be unhappy if they wind up in the other box.
          As for easier: some things yes and some things no. I get home from a hectic day at work, close the door behind me and silence. The world is mine. That’s nice. But remember, with a wife and children you have built in meaning. You know what you have to do. You take care of your wife and children. You raise the next generation. A couple of kids and next thing you know you have life with built in meaning. On the other hand, men without a family need to search out their own meaning and fulfillment. Is it in writing, making money, planting a garden, becoming a race car driver? Who knows.
          Being married is like taking a steady, good paying union job. You show up every day and what to do is obvious. Your responsibilities are clear. You do them to the best of your ability, keep your head down and retire one day. I am not saying you shouldn’t find some hobby or something that is also meaningful to you, but at the end of the day your family will be the cornerstone of your life and your most important gig. This is left with a big questionmark for a man with no family

        3. What you’re saying makes sense. In the end creating a family is easier because you’ve lived and built a life that you can be satisfied with.
          It’s a personal preference thing I guess then, who wants that kind of life and who doesn’t.
          For me it’s a conflict because I want my cake and to eat it too. I want the family and legacy aspect, but I value my personal freedom almost above everything else.
          If all I had to worry about was myself, I think life would be easy. Even if I was unhappy, it’s just me and there are no real standards or obligations. And even if I get lost because I’ve lost life’s meaning… Thoughts and feelings are ephemeral, I’ll likely find some new thing to distract myself with. Without the sense that I must do right by others I only need to answer to myself, and hope to eventually meet my maker.

        4. Everyone wants their cake and to eat it too but as you know if you try for both you will be successful at neither. Manhood and adult good is about making choices. I don’t think there are better and worse choices here just the right one for you.

        5. Well, if guys have to commit, then they should commit to their children. That is true committment in my book – self sacrifice with no expectation of return, only the satistication that your legacy lives on, and turns out well.
          Having said that, children are very very resilient and if they are lucky to be blessed wtih good genes and good parenting (or role modelling if both parents are crap), will turn out OK, father or no father.

        6. Well then choose a vocation which you can simply come and go to and from, as you please. Things like mentoring fatherless boys or those “big brother” like stuff. You can do your brotherly, fathering thing without the 24/7 responsibilities of being an actual father. But for many men, players or not, they want an actual biological legacy. Then it is the case of working out what you really want, be sure about what price you have to pay, and then pay it and shut up. That is basically Masculinity 101.

      2. Considering it cost an average of $250,000 to raise a child to 18, they can be like a credit card with an interest of misery.

      3. I wish i could make life that easy. Just pay for it 1-3 times per week, wasting no time finding or chasing pussy would easily compensate for the cost. After all I find that all that I need is 2-3 hours 2-3 times per week preferably in the evening, then send her home so I can get a good nights sleep and have the morning all to myself. In fact at least part of the year I have this option but I find that it doesn’t give me the kind of satisfaction that I’m looking for. I like the chase, I like it to be real and not faked. I like it to be with somewhat pure and innocent girls who haven’t been around the carousel for ever. So I keep on wasting loads of time chasing new gfs but keep a couple of steady ones.

        1. I look at the more ghetto ladies as fully contaminated anyways and have you seen the type of shit they stuff their faces with here in the USA?
          If they eat much of anything at all in a typical day it is shit that would devolve Jesus into a transexual Neanderthal.
          You are not missing anything except for Roundup weed killed residue on your dick.
          Maybe try a country where the ladies are not big lookers but they are smart enough to keep poisons off their markets.

    3. You find it satisfying that you lost a chess game to an 8-year-old girl?
      You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. 1st: open PoF
        2nd: you muster up the courage to message her
        3rd: lie about your height when she asks you about it (it might just be the first thing she’ll ask)
        4th: enquire about her wight which will abruptly end the convo and give up finding a wife on a scummy website
        5th: any suggestions?

    4. Every real man has almost similar views. In my case, there’s a small change: “my 8 year old SON / SUCCESSOR beating me a Chess 1 year …” !

    5. I lived the married life for 10+ years, but after our second kid, my ex ballooned and never felt the motivation to be attractive for me again. Running game on her would have been like running game on the 50 year old cleaning lady at my office. Got a divorce and been living the bachelor life again for the last 5, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, for now. I see my kids frequently, and have to deal with all the shit (and pleasure) that entails, but I also get to savor some freedom: not having to explain my every move. I’m sure it works different in every case, and I’m sure there are a lot of worthy women out there. To each their own, but if I have to do all the hard work in a relationship, I’d rather leave the patriarch pleasures to others. Here’s to you, my friends.

    6. You have to game your wife. Every man has to game his wife. There are volumes of ancient wisdom on gaming your wife that the progs/fems tried to bury and a lot of boomer men ended up supplicating completely to their wives. I remember one time a few years back when a supposedly ‘wise’ neighbor was trying to offer me advice on marriage. He said “there’s three days of the year you never forget with your wife or else it’s curtains. Mother’s day, valentines day and her birthday” Sheesh what kind of advice is that? His wife was stay at home and had an only child at 30 something which is an age when most women are nearing the wall with mongo dud eggs. Luckily the kid was bright, but she was a neurotic, stressed out complainer of how hard it was to raise an only child. What bullshit. A real woman can juggle seven kids blindfolded. But this guy, he supplicated to her perfectly and was constantly buying her unnecessary household stuff and throwing away the old stuff that worked. His trash at the curb always had good stuff, fixable or practically new stuff. I’m presuming she’d withold her pussy scraps coupled with her limited emotional ability for her binge buying urges. She struck me as being some sort of borderline something or another. But she had him by the balls. He’d cough up capital for her vanity wants but he had no clear hands on control of her levers. He was always one missed ‘obligation’ away from coming home to a ‘dear John’ note.
      The enablers are the problem as they are everywhere. If only there was no one to hear her scream when she doesn’t get what she wants. If only her spoiled and entitled complaining fell on deaf ears and if only she could be properly strapped and yoked sensibly where she had to pull her family duties like a productive work animal without the excess and waste. And so I explained this all to my neighbor and I told him he might entertain the idea of adding a sisterwife to his family, thereby adding a little pull to the sled domestically. Somehow his wife got wind that I told him this and she ordered him never to talk to me again or else . . . meh

      1. Agreed the honeymoon period when everything magically feels right only lasts so long, and the beta without game will be fucked in not a good way.

    7. Your fucking daughter will die too and shit out another slut out of her disgusting uterus you motherfucker with a slut as a mother

        1. I hope ovarian canver oh god I hope.. accidents please, or old age thats too long how old is she? nah not long hahaha

        2. you like to fuck her dont you?your daughter you do.. dont you? you should try ..if you blindfold your eyes you wont know that it is the cunt of your own daughter, the cunt of your daughter let me tell you smells like every other cunt so why not fuck her?? Or can I ? You said she is well educated and can play chess?? Can I fuck her please?? let me fuck that little pussy did you see her pussy , describe me her pussy??

  3. Something about this doesn’t smell right. Stumbling upon the red pill DOESN’T bring you all the hedonistic immediate pleasures of the flesh, mind, and reputation, like the OP wrote. The 5 stages or taking the red pill are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. There are other things that aren’t congruent with the article. Its not pumping and dumping plates, its spinning plates. Doesn’t sound like the OP has taken the red pill or learned game, more like Ward Cleaver playing with manosphere jargon.

    1. You are 100% correct. The whole article is waste of time and doesn’t offer anything new. Doesn’t we, as real MEN, know that having a loving family is good thing !? Having a (feminine) wife and kids; who doesn’t want that life !?
      But this author (conveniently) ignores the current scenario and terrific & dangerous problems faced by MEN; Socially & Legally.
      Your wife can get you arrested for no reason, can get you kicked out of your OWN house on false domestic allegations, can take away more than HALF of your hard earned income & property, can separate you from your own BLOOD (kids); ALL this without any fault of yours ! she doesn’t need any proof !!

      1. The idea isn’t to talk down to anyone here. It’s to share my experiences with you. That’s it.
        Yes, marriage is VERY dangerous for men. Is it worth the risk for you? That’s a decision you have to make for yourself.

    2. 1. You might have missed the point.
      2. I had to condense this article down to 1500 words from the 3k+ I had it.
      3. OF course the red pill doesn’t bring immediate success. Rather it brings immediate anger because you realize you’ve been lied to and a significant amount of time bettering yourself so you actually go out and give what you’ve learned a chance and some practice.
      4. “Spinning plates”. I had to use “pumping and dumping plates” as a way to get my word count down and condense it.
      5. The depression and bargaining stages are debatable. Not everyone goes through them who disovers the RP.

  4. Agreed about the home-schooling bit. It took me well into my 30s to break free from the bluepill bullshit instilled in me by the American public school system and the university system that follows.
    Do your kids (and future society) a favor and don’t put them behind that eight ball.

  5. Do you really want to wife up a 20+ notch count, 25 pounds overweight, bitchy, no-I-can’t-cook Americunt when the great American 1950s housewife archetype is all gone forever? Or how about the English Rose? Now Britain is a nation of slags who have had far too many cocks pass through them at Mallorca or their friends hen parties.
    Don’t forget all the top-notch tattooed chicks out their who put stars on their face.

    1. There are a lot of good girls here in America but you have to work hard to find them. If finding a quality wife is a priority of your’s (its not one of mine), then it can be done. When I lived in Ohio and Wisconsin I met several of them.

  6. I DO!
    One of my main goals in life, now that I am nearly 40, is to hold my newborn child in my own hands!
    Understanding of the risks of the modern marriage, knowing the futility of chasing Blue Pill goals with a Red Pill mindset, MY desire to have a marriage in order to have and raise kids makes me want to take this calculated risk.

      1. That I will… but not quite just yet.
        First I want to slash, burn and pillage in the realm of panties for at least a year or two, as a compensation for my lost years. The last thing I need right now is something even remotely reminding of a serious case in oneitis.

        1. my parents used to wash me in the sink… they probably dropped me and made the connection

      1. Kicked in only recently, around the time I turned cca. 35, never before.
        I realise now that I will not live young forever, that I will get old and I will die. Just like my male ancestors did before me. And that at my deathbed, even the memories of a 100 notches of 10/10 girls (not as if I had even one so far, mind) will count for fuck-all. But if I had children, through them something of me will live on, forever. Then I have fulfilled one of the reasons why I am here living, I feel.
        But I also thank God it did not happen while I was younger, or before I have discovered the Red Pill. If it happened earlier, I would have been fucked over and eaten alive, for sure…

  7. Haha, what kind of patriarch changes diapers?
    I barely touch babies until they are at least two years old. I cringe when I see men with babies. Yuk! It’s unnatural, it kills your testosterone and it makes your wife want to bang the single man next door.

    1. I think test does dip severely in the first year of your kid’s life. That does resonate

        1. Bc of what- you avoid your kids until they are potty trained? Seriously, Im curious

        2. Yes. Plus, I can’t remember where but I read that the smell of male pheromones sends babies into panic mode fearing that the male might eat them.

        3. They probably asked the babies if they felt panic when swarmed with male pheromones. Only way to prove it. Oh wait, babies can’t talk. Science is truly hilarious at times…heh.

        4. You can monitor heart rate and things like that. It’s science but not rocket science lol

        5. I never knew why I carried a bottle of BBQ sauce to the playground; now, I know why

        6. Scientist: So, do these male pheromones make you panic?
          Baby: Fuck yeah!
          Scientist: Well we want to squirt some more of them on you, just to make sure. (Squirt, squirt.)
          Baby: Oh Christ, stop! Just stop I can’t take it!
          Scientist: Okay. Now why do the pheromones make you panic – is it because…YOU’RE AFRAID YOUR FATHER WILL EAT YOU?
          Baby: Yes! I was too afraid to admit it! I thought you might think I was a crazy Daddy Conspiracy Theorist!
          Scientist: Case closed.

        7. Depends on one’s perspective. A scientist would hate it. A baby couldn’t understand it. But it’s funny. Yep.

        8. Science is hilarious. Like those Discovery Channel animal shows. “The North American caribou senses that its rival is about to attack him for the affection of the female, whenever the rival licks the spoor of the sea otter from the dung of the muskrat…” Etc. What…do they interview the caribou about this. Do scientists speak caribou? I mean…it’s just conjecture. They package it and sell it to students in schools as gospel. All in all, it’s amusing as hell.

        9. How does a child remember such an experience since most infant memories are lost by the age of 8?

        10. It was a study where they monitored their reaction, heart rate, etc not a post-factum research.

        11. Humans don’t have a history of cannibalism unless you’re talking about a few natural disasters or some oooga booga tribe in the middle of nowhere. So from an evolutionary point of view I don;t see how humans, and especially babies, could have developed some sort of warning mechanisms to combat it.
          Maybe they’re just excited to bond with their paternal figure.
          Could be that there is a split second where the baby is shocked by the giant human given the vast difference in size.

        12. You shoulda been born in ancient Sparta.
          Let the mom raise your sons til they are 7, then send them to the Agogue.

        13. Who then takes a mentor at 13 and becomes a boy toy. Sparta, despite the glory they won in past battles, was a messed up culture.

        14. Bullshit. Even if thats true, are u trying to turn ur kids into raging pussies? Train them not to be scared of man scent…

        15. Maybe he is just a man ahead of his time I mean we are working on robots to do that sort of thing eventually.

        16. Or it could have been all the coffee stained teeth of the consumers yelling at the top of their lungs for our man Trumpinator.

        17. Boys and girls anuses are off limits thats society 101.
          Just explains partly why Hillary did not win election.

    2. Watching your strong alpha husband hold your child is one of the stronger turn ons for a woman. Rather than wringing his hands and whinging all day long, Lucas Thomas is going about the business of fixing the problem. Like a man. Boys can and should play, of course. In the meantime, men will make the world better for males and females both. Also, in ten years time, when some of you are wondering where all the ‘good girls’ are, you can knock on his door.

        1. muscular arms, big strong hands holding a tiny little baby, all secure and protected. swoon.

        2. Except you have no idea if those male models are married or if those are their babies. So you just confirmed the 80/20 rule. Women would rather share the same males and get pumped and dumped and be single moms from the same alpha cock.

        3. You’re overthinking it. Just some pictures of hot guys holding babies to show that it is in fact a turn on and that it won’t make your wife want to “bang the guy next door” when you hold the baby…. (that is if you are a masculine fit sexy guy)

        4. And fwiw the first 2 pics are of cam gigandet with 2 out of the 3 children he has with his wife of 13 years
          4th one down is louis tomlinson with his baby from some gold digger (not sure if it a publicity stunt to cover up him being gay or if he really did get tricked by a gold digger…)
          But the point is just that regardless of circumstance, when a fertile girl sees a hot muscly gut holding a baby her ovaries start screaming “I WANT TO BANG YOU SO I CAN HAVE YOUR BABIES”
          If you are not manly and have dad bod, your wife might not be into you and cheat (bitch). But if you’re a hard bodied beefcake, seeing you hold a tiny baby will turn your woman (and other women) on at such a visceral hormonal level.
          Seriously, i remember a friend showing me that first picture in college and she and all my other 18 year old friends absolutely drooling and saying “omg holy shit have my babies now plz”

        5. If your wife is that turned off by you holding your baby, you are probably low value and should improve yourself. Work out more, eat healthier, turn yourself into a stallion.

        6. haha, so this is your ideal for a masculine man? Hipsters wearing woolly hats in summer trying to be fashionable! Gay!

        7. Genetically bottle necking our species is the new hotness like totally sheese get with the program grandpa.

        8. If women wrote the bible it would be like “And god said let their be vagina tingles….and there was giner tingles.

        9. Except that those pics made you want to bang the guy next door, even though he was holding another woman’s baby.

      1. Babies and kids, they all work. If a guy can get along with kids just generally, it’s an instant ticket to.. whatever he has in mind.
        Been using that one since I was in my early 20’s. 😉
        It must generate some kind of latent motherly instinct in women. But whatever it is it -works-. If you’re in a country where family is still a thing it’s like dynamite. 😀

        1. Apart from unfair legal circumstance – which are a legit issues, I agree – I don’t know if I can see avoiding family because the prevailing culture doesn’t promote it?

        2. Dumb thing is I found out by accident. I’ve always gotten along with kids. One day, I think I was around 19, I was at this college function and there were some kids there. I was chatting with the kids and got them to laugh. Next thing I know I was swarmed by women. It was unreal. Of course I was young and stupid and didn’t figure out why for a couple years. Once I figured it out……
          *insert evil laughter* 😉

        3. I’m sure you wouldn’t take advantage of anyone though. Puppies can work well, too. It’s interesting.

        4. Me!? Take advantage of women that wouldn’t think twice about my well being? Good heavens… 😀
          Truth be told, I never met any decent single women (worth marrying that is) until I left the US. It was then, along with some other events that got me thinking… maybe single life isn’t a good long term goal.

        5. Some men genuinely don’t seem affected by the thought of no one but a paid nurse sitting by their death bed. I guess there’s always been a bachelor class, even in the most traditional, even patriarchal, social structures. More power to them. I’m sorry to see so many men wary of marriage, though. It’s an unnatural number, yes? I didn’t meet a man I considered marrying until I was 24. And tbh I’m still afraid to marry him. But I see now I was looking in the wrong place. So I wonder if that’s part of the problem for you men? But, yes, of course I know very well how many truly awful, untrustworthy women are out there.

        6. Erm.. whoops. And here I thought talking to a guy. 😀
          I mentioned this in another post tonight, a much older friend of mine whom I worked with died oh… 4 years back or so. Total PUA even to the end. And I was wired that way myself at the time (only having just left the US at last). There were 3 people at his funeral. Me and two other guys that worked with him. No family. Not even any of his “conquests”. His funeral had been planned by him prior to his death… and we were the only ones that bothered to show up. Definitely gets one thinking. Especially when I had just attended another funeral of another guy I knew. (Not as well.) His had an entire church full of people. I was only there shortly but there was a line of people giving eulogies. Kids, grandkids, the works. Now, both guys were nice in my opinion. Both were funny. Both had a good work ethic. Yet one guy actually had people that cared about him. Enough that they wanted to get up and share how much he mattered after he was gone. My friend has a tombstone nobody will ever visit.
          I figured after that, perhaps it was time to consider a family as a long term goal. I also found out… a freewheeling single lifestyle can indeed affect a man’s prospects as well. There are women out there (not in the US… 😀 I’m always hitting the US…) that have very strong standards as well. And if you live like a PUA, even if it’s relatively short, there is a chance you can miss out.

        7. Sorry for the confusion.
          oh, that poor man! How sad. “For what does it profit a man if he gain the world …. ” That’s quite a lesson you were handed there, between the two. Youre fortunate to be given this and wise to see it.
          A pua wiling to sacrifice that life might pass even a discerning girl’s standards. All men sacrifice this, to some degree, when they marry. A wise women will understand and appreciate his sacrifice for her. Just as a wise man will understand and appreciate the sacrifice of submission a good wife makes for him. Anyway .. it is a risk, I know. A wallet, or a heart. It’s a leap of faith. I hope you wont miss out. I hope you find her. 🙂

        8. I hop by ROK and just stupidly assume everyone is male. 😀
          You know, I think what bugs the heck out of me regarding the US is I wasn’t looking for one night stands. I wasn’t checking out bars full of skanks hoping to find the one gem. I was right in churches. I think back now to all the crap I put up with and I wonder why I didn’t leave so many years earlier. Should have just done that and chucked the debauched US away that much sooner.
          Well the good news is, it’s a big planet. Plenty of traditional sorts left with high standards. If find yourself running out of decent US men (this is also an issue but I don’t like to bring it up here), try elsewhere. 🙂

        9. “I hop by ROK and just stupidly assume everyone is male”
          Of course. I apologize again. And it is intrusive of me, being here, but … temporary curiosity. I won’t stay much longer. 🙂
          May I ask what denomination? Westernized churches aren’t the fail safe the once were ime. And if you don’t mind another question, where did you run off to? What seemed better to you? Why do you not “like to bring it up here”?
          It is a big planet! And I am engaged – to an American! As am I. I’m feeling quite a lot of trepidation though. Which probably in good part inspired the curiosity which led me here. I can’t say it’s calmed fears. It has sobered me up though. An intriguing mix of thoughts and opinions to be sorted through here at ROK.

        10. Well it’s the net, you can show up where you want. 😉
          Methodist. Until they went to hell. Then I pretty much tried… wow, all kinds. Nazerene, Baptist (several flavors), whatever the weirdos are that sing and dance badly in the service (OK so that’s most of them :-D), a couple mega churches (hated that nonsense) and several others I’m drawing a blank on at the moment.
          Lots of single moms, lots of divorcees, lots of well… skanks, lot’s of: tattoos, getting drunk the day before Sunday and being proud of it, slutty style and behavior, ugh… The few nicer Americans that I met weren’t Christian.
          The real issue with Americans, aside from the above, is simply: women (in general) aren’t feminine in the States. That’s the first thing I noticed on my first trip abroad. It was life changing in a way. Women that.. are feminine!? They’re razor thin!? And they’re OK with being women!? (Or the big one: THEY CAN WALK IN HEELS PROPERLY!??? :-D) WOW! There was no going back after that. Once I could manage the financial bit, I happily left the US behind forever. 😉
          I sometimes marvel at my previous conception of what was attractive when I was in the US. Today I wouldn’t even consider -any- of the women I at one point dated back in the states.
          I ran off initially to Eastern Europe. Well sort of eastern. I spent a good amount of time in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and all in between. Curiously I’ve been out here for 5 years now and I’ve still yet to set foot in Germany, Sweden or much of the rest of the crazed north. Lately I’ve been moving through Southern Europe. Spain and now Italia which … I have to say has some incredible women. 😉
          Haven’t ventured into the Ukraine yet. But that’s because I used to know a bunch of Ukrainians and I’m afraid they negatively impacted my opinion of a whole country, likely quite unfairly.
          Well… the guy thing. I’m always hitting the American woman around here but there’s another truth: American men aren’t all that great either. Most don’t know how to dress or even what being a man means. This leads to overcompensation which results in certain activities being labelled “masculine” and other activities that in previous generations were quite manly, are now suddenly “gay”. The men suffer from the same problem as the women really. They’re uncomfortable with themselves.
          So really, while the women aren’t women in the US anymore, men aren’t men either.
          That said, the US is extremely hostile to men. So I cut them more slack than I do the women. 🙂

        11. That’s kind of you to say, but I think I’ve over stayed my welcome. 🙂
          mmm Methodist and the like. I’ve been to few of these churches. I’m Eastern Orthodox so they are heterodox for me. I’m not surprised by the circumstances you found there. My church is exceedingly patriarchal and traditional – and the divorce rate lower than the much quoted US 50%. (10% or lower by some counts) It was a very different upbringing than most, I’ve learned.
          you’re right, I think, about American women being led (sometimes pushed forcefully) away from femininity. Most girls will have it shamed out of them when they are still young. And, yes, very hostile to men. Unless you are a hipster “feminist ally” you are inarguably enemy #1. Boys are hardly allowed to be boys, so how are they to become men? What you’ve said about how we define masculinity is interesting. “uncomfortable with themselves” Yes!!!
          Germany is maybe not worth your time anymore which is a great shame. I visited once, desperate to see Weimar and Goethe’s home. Sweden was lovely … once. My mother is Swedish. I’ve seen her and my grandmother cry over what happened to their country. I haven’t been in five years and I don’t know that I’ll ever go back. I love Italy, too! My dad is Russian, but Italy is his favorite place to be 😉
          Thank you for your thoughts …. and enjoy your travels, TheLastConservative! Sometimes distance does afford a better perspective.

    3. Definitely, proud father of three. Nothing, NOTHING we ever heard on the mainstream about how to be “good” husbands and fathers, like sharing “equally” the originally 100% woman’s tasks at home, should be followed, ever. No to the beta, bumbling father BS we saw on TV is acceptable. We must game that wife or we are fucked. For real.

    4. If you barely even touch your babies until they’re at least two, then your paternal instincts are so lacking that you probably shouldn’t even have kids.
      Nothing alpha or patriarchal about how you’re behaving, vis-a-vis your own offspring.

      1. patriarchal men work, if you have enough energy to pretend you are the mother as well, you ain’t working hard enough

        1. I’m just a high adrenaline guy. Always have been. And to say I don’t or haven’t worked hard enough proves that you are speculating without knowing an effing thing about me or my history. 😉

    5. You are a joke. Cannot imagine my sexy masculine mma fighting boyfriend ever rejecting our 1 year old daughters attempts to cuddle. They are madly in love with each other and he is more then happy to change her diaper if i am busy with something else (making dinner, showering, etc.)
      You are a shitty dad and your kids probably hate you.

      1. this comment is exactly why women aren’t accepted here. If he doesn’t want to change diapers thats his business. Nobody cares about your story and then you end it with the typical cunty remark. Go away

        1. This guy doesn’t want to touch his kids until they are 2 years old but i’m the cunt? This guy is a pussy and if he has any daughters guarantee they end up with daddy issues. First couple years are essential for children to form bonds with their parents and feel that the world is a safe and good place and to have self confidence. Physical interaction with both parents is essential to this development. If you don’t change a single diaper thats fine who cares but to not want to hug ur own children during their most precious fragile years? This guy is a joke. His kids deserve better.

        2. But by all means, keep rejecting your infants when they seek fatherly affection and then ask yourself in a decade why they have such a deeply seeded propensity toward attention seeking asshole antics

      2. Shut up woman, this is men only place, what you doing here?
        You call him a BOYfriend this mma fighter? That tells us all we need to know about his masculinity through your lenses.

      3. Funny thing is when hubby’s gubmint sends him off to war with the rest of us suckers his sexy mma ness means jack shit.
        At least he got to reproduce albeit with an likely inferior specimen considering he is by your account a real studly man’s man and you are here disrespecting men.

    6. I quite like babies, but I never clean up their mess.
      Why can’t I have it all my way?

  8. Great article Lucas.
    “Persevere.” Do this even when she is a bitch, as she’s still your wife and the mother of your children.”
    And great advice from Quintus.

    1. That’s because of the media blackout (pun intended). I knew a guy from Tennessee who tipped me off about it.

    2. That’s a pretty typical daily occurrence, somewhere in America. If most people knew half of what the daily body count actually was, they’d leave the country.

      1. People were shocked by the book “In Cold Blood”- when was that published, early 60s? A lot has changed since then…

        1. Sure has. Now they routinely set corpses on fire, pour acid down their throats, burn off their fingertips, etc. You know, they watched too many episodes of CSI Miami. Fuckin’ crazy.

      2. Hey I could use that for the reason I left! Might get some shocked stares. I love doing that in Europe. Everybody always asks why I left, like it was some kind of golden land where everybody swims through mountains of money.
        OK so in some ways it is like that but still… 😉

    3. How is it that I live in Hungary, and I heard of this crime years ago, while most Americans did not???
      OK I cheat, I used to follow WN websites. Still, it makes you think…

      1. Because we have millions of these knuckle draggers here, and as dysfunctional as they are, they’re the darlings of the news and entertainment media in America. So they take great pains to downplay black crime and racism, and greatly exaggerate white racism.
        And the tribe that controls our news and entertainment media has everything to do with this.


      Cybercast News Service previously reported that Associated Press wire stories on the killings were carried by Knoxville news outlets, CBS News and Fox News, but other major media had yet to mention the matter. Conservative columnist Mark Alexander called it “a case study in journalistic malpractice.”
      A search of the Nexis database on Thursday found that since the May 8 story on this website, no other major media outlets have reported on the case. Telephone calls and emails seeking comment from ABC News, NBC News, CNN and the New York Times were not returned by press time.

      Robert Zelnick, a professor of journalism at Boston University, told Cybercast News Service Thursday the Knoxville murders, “as gruesome as they were, need a strong peg to reach a national audience.”
      “Racism would certainly be one. Celebrity involvement would be another. An epidemic of criminal activity of this sort would be a third,” he said.
      “The coincidence of white victims and black perpetrators doesn’t pass muster, though the coincidence of white perpetrators and black victims might because of its relative infrequency,” Zelnick added.

  9. Bottom line is this, yeah most women are corrupted.
    But if you’re a man and you don’t create … you’re already dead. Your lineage ends.
    I don’t think for one millisecond that’s acceptable.
    Men who don’t have kids are eunochs

    1. You can’t achieve immortality through children but keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

      1. But I’m not deliberately ending my lineage either.
        Face it, it will trigger certain people on here (many I respect) but a man who voluntarily ends his lineage biologically speaking may as well be gay

        1. Continuing or ending your lineage won’t make you immortal. Having or not having children won’t make you gay. Those red pill truths might be difficult to internalize for some blue pill conditioned males.

        2. I don’t want to be immortal you strawman fucker. But I want a shot at genetic survival. Anyone who doesn’t … well thanks for your land

        3. I could see certain instances of sex for pleasure being homosexual behavior. For example, if your wife has a bun in the oven, and you know it’s a boy. But if all sex for pleasure is homosexual, then most fathers were homos before they had children, because most of them had sex for recreational purposes (i.e, for pleasure), before settling down. In which case, they ceased being homosexual when they finally committed to marriage and having children. But even then, some of those fathers still have recreational sex (sex for pleasure) with their wives. Which would imply that being straight, or being homosexual, is the equivalent of being a yo-yo. Personally, I’d have to embrace the notion that any purveyor of this theory is a yo-yo. Nothing personal. Just my opinion.

        4. The only time they had premarital sex in the olden times was purely for training and the sex with the wife would usually lead to pregnancy.
          It’s only today in this sex-obsessed culture where sex is manly for pleasure. So it is no wonder there are so many crypto-gay men that the manosphere calls beta.
          p.s. And I am really disliking your jokes today. What did you have for lunch?

        5. I ate some screaming babies who were afraid I’d do just that. Seriously though, I get it about the olden times. What I don’t get is this – “Agree – sex for pleasure is homosexual behavior.” You don’t really embrace that one fully. Do you. Because surely you’ve had sex with your wife, solely for recreational purposes. And if not, surely you had it before marriage. In your own words that would make you a homo. Maybe you just fired off a quick shotgun blast instead of using a .45. Dunno…

        6. Busting a condom inside a woman doesn’t make you immortal, and does nothing to ensure you greater access to land. That blue pill conditioning seems to be comforting for you though.

        7. I said homosexual behavior not inclination and yes I did all those things but have learned my lesson.

        8. That’s the old original teaching of the catholic church, sex is only for procreation, and any other kind of sex is like sliding down a slippery slope to being homo. Its catholic blue pill conditioning for beta male lock down.

        9. The church likes compliant sheep, that’s for sure. However they can swing it, they’ll try it.

        10. Not everyone is cut out for having children, and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to have kids. Some people are perfectly happy with their lives as is, and having a kid changes things completely. It’s hard enough to live your own life to the fullest when you are responsible for someone else, at least for 18 years.

        11. And you sound like an insecure blowhard who can’t handle the fact that he one day will cease to exist on this planet and your only logical way to retaliate is to call me ugly names. Kids or no kids, we are not immortal. Accept it.

        12. What if we’re reincarnated as our nephews and from the time we die to the day they are born we sit in purgatory? One way of avoiding eternal damnation. Just saying!

        13. Invest in cat food stock, women in America have made themselves to where men don’t want kids with them.

        14. Got it wrong ! If there is no pleasure, there would NEVER be any Sex and there would never be children and, according to @Lucas, every man will be a eunuch !!!

        15. @Bob, even I thought of replying in detail to the person who called MALES without children as “eunuchs” and to the person who called “sex for pleasure is homosexual” but came to know that it doesn’t make any sense ! absolute waste of time !!!

        16. I think it’s fairly bizarre to call anybody who has sex outside of marriage a homosexual. Maybe it’s indicative of some level of frustration with their own situation (married life isn’t exactly bliss, any more than single life is). If so, hey, join the club. We’re all fools on this earth. Nobody is 100% happy with their lives. And yes, in retrospect, it was a waste of time on my part. Won’t be the last time I do that, however. I’m pretty sure of that one.

        17. I have never had sex without the chance of conception. No condoms, no contraception, and no infertile women has always been my firm rule. I’m not accountable for females lying to me about their fertility.

        1. Just putting it out there. I never equated having children with achieving immortality in any case.

    2. “But if you’re a man and you don’t create … you’re already dead. Your lineage ends.”
      There are a couple of ways around this:
      1) Play the role of mentor or tribal elder to other males (preferably young men).
      2) Surrogacy or adoption (which may be difficult due to social and/or cultural factors).
      Both of these opinions, however, are pretty much like parenthood in teh list of requirements.

      1. Adoption is just raising someone else’s kid. Yes it’s better than some alternatives, but there you’re passing on your influence not your lineage.

      2. Adoption – investing my time and money to raise another man’s offspring.
        Sounds like a good idea! Where can I sign up for this?

    3. I ususally dig your posts, but you just called me a eunuch. Ive been thru the ringer the past 6 years- women, family, friends…pride goeth before the fall, no?

        1. Demographics is destiny- you might wanna share that with your fellow Englishmen

        2. Don’t want to sound like I’m having a go at you but England is the only nation in Europe that never gets mentioned in relation to the low birth rate.
          Wales, Scotland, Ireland are in a dire situation.

        3. Just about every person I know is having kids and in my working class area there are plenty of people with 2-3 kids already. Just yesterday I saw a “lovely” couple in the park with their young son, and I put quotation marks around lovely because they were toking a phat zoot while junior ran around.
          Immigrants are having kids too but England is nowhere near the levels of immigrant reproduction like in Sweden or Germany.

    4. “Men who don’t have kids are eunochs”
      Some men are not cut ouf for fatherhood, nor seek it, and thats ok. How the current legal system and custodial laws are enforced today, it carries a high finanical (and emotional) risk for most men which is understandably off putting.

      1. Fully agree with that statement that there are a bunch, maybe hordes, of men who are not fit for fatherhood but given the demographics these days………..

        1. I get you. Stop rewarding single motherhood with other peoples money and rewarding women who divorce their husbands with cash, custody and prizes –demographics would change in a generation.

        2. True, true but I don’t see how single mothers could be eliminated (or their number reduced) since there is a whole industry and thousands employed to service single parent family.

        3. The industry needs to be destroyed along with a ´purge of the worthless pubic programs. But I don’t see that happening either. It will eventually collapse under it’s own weight as it will only get bigger and the state will have a hard time finding the funds. Two-thirds of the fed budget comprises of social programs– how much longer can they continue to borrow on the backs of the young?

        4. Collapsing under its own weight would be the most plausible scenario, no money no freebies.

        5. Tbh, it’s not that hard to see what’s happening in the western world.

        6. People respond to incentives. Men in the west are avoiding marriage due to the high risk and low incentives. They are being rational.
          As the democrats raided the treasury and Obama is leaving office with adding $10 trillion of additional debt and a sunk economy, there is a huge under employment for young men. The American birth rate is a 70 year low— there are economic reasons for that.

        7. It really is a retarded system. My bf and i get tax cuts and free health insurance since we are legally single parents. We live together and do everything together but since we have a daughter and aren’t married we qualify for some govt assistance. It de-incentivizes marriage for sure. That’s not even why we don’t desire marriage though. We just both find legally binding relationships weird and unnatural. Would rather just have a clean easy break up if it ever came to that and share custody of the kids. Its tough though cause while i personally believe in monogamy without marriage, I recognize the deep flaws of our government rewarding single motherhood…

        8. Government has no business in marriages. That was always a part of religious institutions and faith.

        9. Guess they conveniently forgot about that particular separation of church & state

      2. Only in western countries, most of the rest of the world allows you to have many kids, and you never need to be a father to them (unless you want).

        1. Does your wives or kids take public assistance in any form or do you support them all yourself?

      3. If the system tried it’s shit with me there would be a lot of dead bodies after they tried fucking me in the ass with their precious “system”.
        That’s my problem though really and if it means not having kids in USA fine cause I would rather not exact a fair and justified revenge against these fools running this corrupted court system we have here.
        Since we know they cannot help themselves when it comes to fucking good men over.

  10. It’s a very fine line between being a patriarch and the man of the house. Either way, there’ll always be a part, perhaps the most significant better of one’s self that can’t be accommodated within the familiar Dickensian ending of “radiant” if terminally boring domesticity.
    The truth is that parts of ourselves still yearn for adventure, solitude, a strange type of non accommodation with the platitudes of the everyday, while yet another part cherish these overtures to the live of familiar, comfortable family life.

  11. I get your point family men…but lets be rational (and thats our primary strenght right?): In our modern society marriage is absolutely outdated. It just wont work anymore.
    You can have one but to avoid divorce rape you will become some slave to your wife. If thats what you want – fine. Go ahead.

    1. What I don’t get is why the blue pill conditioned beta males are so determined to convince other men to be like them. Its like the ultimate display of hive mind.

        1. I don’t give a fuck if people disagree. Get a life of your own, you might like it.

      1. If you have no desire for a child; that I wouldn’t advise marriage and if you do have a child; I wouldn’t advise marriage either if there is no organic desire from your partner. Between most peoples religion and societal pressure; I understand the beta push – like a reformed alcoholic sitting at the bar. In the end, if you want to fuck, fuck. If you don’t – don’t. I probably fucked 15 gales or more in a row after my divorce and the last 2-3 years’ basically- lived in the wilderness for my ownself. To say their isn’t a innate drive to go fuck a chick; is pretty hard to believe; so that leaves you chasing- one way or another for your own way of doing things. I look at the score now is how do I trip the ultimate trigger; not much ado about anything in the end. We are all disposable.

  12. It’s very encouraging to see a more positive article on this website discussing the pros of actually starting a family instead of the multitudes that lament such things. Even more important is that you detail the boundaries and self-improvements required for this path. It appears to me that should you take the necessary steps and find a real traditional female, this is still possible, albeit rare.
    Marriage is a dangerous proposition in this day and age. Shotgunning red pills for the last two months straight has made that clear. However, completely foregoing the search for an actual quality woman and forfeiting the future to leftists and their genetically broken offspring seems far worse to me.
    I’m mentally and emotionally incapable of being a beta provider now. I will seek a good woman and raise strong children or I will die alone.

      1. Good thing you’re not a worthwhile contributor, otherwise I may have cared about your opinion.

    1. At the end of the day, we are men, we are creators, we are the builders of civilization. Gaming sluts in this make-believe, BS Feminist World is accepting the status quo, not creating a world in which we want to live in. So, lets fucking put the world to rights. We just simply must not stop winning. After 2016 and Trump, anything is possible. We must bring back the Patriarchy, because no-one else will, nobody else will do this for us. Lets fucking do it, lets fucking bring it on!

      1. I can’t stand the sentiment of “well, the West is lost, the feminists have won so I guess I’ll retire to Korea/Vietnam/kawaii country with my waifu until the femtards eventually strike there too.” That smacks of cowardice and defeatism. Plant your feet, spit on your hands and dig a foxhole because this shit is about to get real and we all know the best way to outnumber a foe is to make at least two copies of yourself.
        Fix bayonets, sound the charge….
        Deus Vult

        1. Being Red Pilled with a restored manly confidence, I simply can not fathom what is the big deal for American men in similar situation and mind-frame to put their women in place. They should put their own women in place, and there would be no need to go abroad.

        2. “,,to put their women in place.”
          Financial ruin and imprisonment. There is a very large industry on fleecing men of their earnings and it provides the state alot of power through judicial jurisprudence.

        3. That smacks as an example for future explorers as to where that path leads. And the internet does not forget.
          No point in helping those who reject it.

        4. I understand your problem, but it is important to mention that I am not an American, so it is not my task to tell you how to live your lives or what to do.
          But as an observer from far away, what I am observing is this: in 50% it is the state and the women that are causing the problem, but in 50% it is the American men’s responsibility that they allow and let themselves to be fucked over.

        5. “..American men’s responsibility that they allow and let themselves to be fucked over.”
          Does a fish know it’s wet? A lot of today’s social norms and laws were being hatched before we were born and are simply dealing with the consequences. There is push back and there will be cultural changes, but this won’t shake out for another generation.

        6. But something clearly has to be done. You have no influence on the past, but the correction in present and future will not be done by outside forces. The solution will not be handed over to you by outside forces.

        7. Well aware of that hence this, and many other sites, are voicing contra mesages along with growing parties against the entrenched progressive social norms. I think the US has reached peak “freak” (gay marriage, transgender BS, 40 flavours of gender, etc…) and will start to flame out as it desends. People will walk away from this freaks (fed funded or not) or organize against them as they can no longer afford not too.
          If politics is downstream from culture, the US left has lost more political power this last few years and are the weakest the have ever been. We’ll see what happens next, but I am optimistic.

        8. The hope is out there for sure.
          Watching from far away, I considered the USA a lost cause, already doomed, without any chance of turning back. I never imagined this cultural marxist tide would even start to turn in my lifetime. I thought either all Americans bought into the BS, or maybe there are some who disagree but powerless to voice it. And that Hillary will win, no matter what, and everything will be the same and worse.
          And look at what you magnificient bastards have just done! You put Trump into the White House, the tide is turning, yesterday you were all marching towards suicide quietly in line, and then one nation shouted and the roar is echoing throughout the world into the skies!
          Do not stop winning, I beg you!

        9. Sure sure but the alternative is to stand our grounds and blend in (defeatist pussy shit still).
          Or to return the favor on the obvious enemies and declare outright war in any and all forms.
          Then they label you a terrorist and drone strike your ass.
          So we are left with going somewhere more pristine or staying here and blending into the stained and defiled fabric of this country.

        10. VAWA laws….means she cries and or lies and you go to jail and or get your ass kicked forever.

        11. If you fight them in their arena that they own and operate they send a hit be it a missile or alphabet agencies to track you down and kill you.
          If you wash your hands of it all you can start again somewhere less constricted about how men are getting along in life.
          It’s the same in most countries that have a shit headed government over run with fem bots and world domination types.
          I suspect that if Trump cannot straighten any of this mess up and perhaps cannot even fix the most pressing issues than the white mans patience is getting very very thin.
          Mine sure is.

        12. Yeah from most young guys point of view everything is rosy and beautiful with USA and things are just getting better with all the toys and loose women.
          Definitely I agree multiple generations before all accept what has happened let alone fix.
          Divide and conquer. So medieval sounding and yet it still works.

        13. “Divide and conquer. So medieval sounding and yet it still works.”
          It is an axiom from the Roman empire that existed before Christ walked the earth. As human beings natural behavior doesn’t change, despite the deep seated denial over the last century, nor will the laws of power. When you recgonize that, you can accept it as true as the laws of thermodynamics or gravity.

        14. You’re wrong in more ways than one.
          There’s passive resistance, which would amount to simply being the master of your own domain. I attended brainwashing public school and liberal college for as long as anyone else and not once did I actually question my core values. This was because my parents were actual role models and led my sister and I, not allowing us to be influenced by outside corruption. Not everyone has spaghetti-spined liberal shitbags raising them. I would say that the opposite is becoming true, when I am in public with my sister and her two blonde-haired, blue-eyed children, I notice most parents are normal-looking and have at least two kids. I rarely see the genetic failures that are hipster parents and their offspring, and when I do, they are very few and avoided by most. This is in Columbus, Ohio, a rather large city.
          You find like-minded people, you cultivate a tribe and you make sure you are the dominant influence in your kids’ lives as well as your wife’s. Anything less is surrendering your masculinity and hoisting a white flag. You make your own way and change the fabric yourself.
          Oh, and your drone strike theory is hilarious and asinine. I can’t tell you why, but I know for a fact that you’re wrong there.
          You sound like one of those Bubba Fudd types that tells gun-owners in California to just give up and leave, not understanding that the madness will one day reach them as well if it is not fought.

        15. You know what? I get the feeling.
          I live in Hungary. Between 2002 and 2010 we had a liberal-bolshevik government. In 2006 there were anti-communist, nationalist riots, some say a little revolution, and on the anniversary of our glorious 1956 revolution, the ex-Communist party (the same party that beat down 1956 with Soviet help) ordered the police to beat us down cruelly. They pushed the Cultural Marxist agenda mercilessly. If you were a Hungarian, you felt it was not your country any more. The economy was fucked. After that, lots of young people went to the West in search of a new life. Some stayed at home, for adventure.
          And we persevered.
          And in the 2010 election all changed. A right-center party took power. We believed they will be traitors as well. We were wrong. They stopped the migrant invasion, and did not allow the migrants to stay. If the ex-commies were in power, we would have been swamped by migrants. They are pro-Hungarian. Life gets better and better to us.
          Same is happening in America I think. The tide turned, Trump won, there is hope.

        16. I doubt that the activities of an average person like us could result in an extrajudicial execution carried out by Mossad.
          I am not sure how UAV signature strikes are applied in the War of the Sexes, but I can not imagine an average male to be hunted down by Hellfire rockets just because he refused to take shit from an “empowered”, Feminist woman.
          Although if we do not take a stand now against further Feminism, we may find ourselves in a dystopian future when such things are part of our everyday lives.
          Trump is neither the Second Jesus, not the Second Adolf. Not as if anybody expected him to become either. He is silent on the JQ, and considering his family connections to the Tribe, he will not be the Great Saviour of the White Race and Masculine Man.

    2. My boyfriend and i have decided that procreating and raising quality children with our good genes is a priority to us, but that we will probably never legally marry. If anything we’ll wear wedding bands and have a fake ceremony so people stop asking, but not actually legally bind our relationship. Not worth risking divorce messiness just for a tax cut. Ironically, not being married has actually given us a greater tax break since we are each technically single parents. What a fucked up system lol

      1. That’s kind of brilliant. I would consider the same thing as I don’t give a shit if the government finds my marriage legit as long as it’s sacred in the eyes of God.

      2. “..not being married has actually given us a greater tax break..”
        Congrats. You have discovered the federal personal income tax “marriage penatly.”
        It’s as if your own government hates you.

    3. The females come with the additional feminist programming today. Those ‘negative’ articles are meant for betas who pedestalize women.

      1. I know women who lack heavy feminist influence and were raised traditionally. I also have dated a feminist who was constantly in awe of my unashamed masculinity and practically crawled back for more (wouldn’t do it again, though). Dominate and lead them, flow like water around the system.

  13. Unfortunately since females today “select” the men they decide to date and mate with, a lot of females will choose the biggest losers on the face of the earth to breed with while ignoring the so called “beta” male that goes to church and earns a living and is responsible and dependable. The genetics of the “loser” guys that females pick today are carried on into the next generation. Which is why each generation of kids today are filled with nothing but degenerate trash. The degenerate trash kids of today inherited their genes from their father that has a tattoo on his neck and had behavioral problems himself as a youth.
    That’s why there a much larger segment of public schooling that is dedicated to learning disability and behavior disability types of kids. Most of them are just kids that inherited their genes from the loser father that their mom fucked because mainstream media, movies, mtv, hollywood, music industry set the standard on what is “cool” and what is “lame”. The guy that does drugs with an IQ of 75 is the cool trendy guy and the guy that has morals and avoids drugs and enjoys learning is the lame weirdo. More often than not, today, the biggest loser types of guys that I come across always seem to have a girlfriend and/or kids as well. These are the guys that get to have their genetics carried on while TFL guys have their genetics cut off. Most TFL types of guys such as Steve Hoca are actually pretty decent men. I would rather see their genetics get carried on rather than some low IQ’d degenerate loser. The same thing happens in the black community as well. Black females will choose to have kids with some corn rolled gang bangin drug thug rather than the civilized normal moral type of black man. Every time I’ve seen a black guy that was TFL and had no ‘baby mamas’, they were usually pretty nice straight and narrow types of black men that could be pretty dependable spouses. But nope. Their women would rather carry the genetics on of the worse types of criminals and moral degenerates they can find. White women are catching up.

    1. Even as a Stefan Molyneaux fan I don’t quite buy the whole IQ being mostly inherited theory. I have seen children from very divvy parents who couldn’t string full sentences together, who were rather bright and full of life. Life experiences and nurture have a huge role in the child’s development.
      I come from a blue collar family which is not exactly stupid but there a big difference between me and my coworkers which are middle middle or higher middle class. Most went to good or private schools and their highly educated parents could provide a much better image of the environments in which I find myself now (middle class, pension plans, connections in the industry, university and course choices, etc)

    2. So according to you, there are only “looser” guys but not “looser” girls ! and the “genes” from looser girls are not being passed on to the “next” generation !! and there are no tattoos on “neck” of the girls and there are no “behavioral problems” with them !!!

  14. Lucas, you are a good family man. Your sons are blessed to have you as their father.

    1. But why is it necessary to give him validation like that? That just makes him look more beta. Good boy… you are a very good boy… don’t feel bad… pat on the head.

        1. So you can’t handle anything but collective hive mind. Keep reinforcing stereotypes.

        2. You are confused. You haven’t been contributing anything on this thread but snark.
          Go get pumped cunt.

      1. Beta by what standard, 100 years ago or today? By today’s wimpy standards he’s at least an upper-level beta, and what’s wrong with that? Men like him are what we need to bring back sanity in the Western world.

        1. So why the MEN are complaining about females, in the first place !? Why this ROK platform is put up !?
          “Do this even when she is a bitch”. Then why we are complaining !? Why we want the Divorce laws to be changed !? Why we are fighting for Child Custody !?
          Our task in only to “Preserve” !, so then, don’t complain about anything ! Hooray, we don’t have any problems with females in this Country !! Cheer up guys and lets “Preserve” !

        2. My main purpose for being here at ROK is to promote the survival and advancement of the White Race. Everything else is secondary.

        3. Promoting the “survival and advancement of White Race” !? And everything else is secondary !? Even at the expense of the same “white MEN” !? OMG !

        4. Your cause is already lost. I saw that 10 years ago, and changed to promoting the survival of my own genes in slightly browner children. To hell with the white race and their white women.

        5. When a man becomes a father he must sacrifice much of his former independence for his children, or else he is not a good father. This is an elementary law of Nature. This law applies to women also when they become mothers.

        6. I am saddened that you think this way, but there is nothing that I can do about it at this time.

        7. You’re too emotionally dramatic in your reply. It’s difficult to have a conversation with emotional people.

        8. What you are saying is quite obvious ! Every human being on this planet is aware of that !! I am NOT “emotional” and if you think so, you are in delusion ! I am talking about “practicalities” and the current situation, especially concerned with MEN; which you are either “conveniently or deliberately” ignoring !
          Why you felt there is a NEED of “promoting” survival & advancement !? If in fact there is a need, Did you even think for a second;
          what are the causes & circumstances that made you to “feel” the need of “promoting” ?
          who is/are responsible for those causes & circumstances ?
          who is/are making it terribly difficult, dangerous & disastrous for MEN to start a family ?
          Nah ! just say the same old thing of which every human being on this planet is aware of; family is good, MEN should start a family !
          Preserve ! “Do this even when she is a bitch” !!!

        9. Of course I care about the practicalities concerning men, but that’s a “given” for every man here at ROK (or it should be), so I saw no need to repeat the obvious. But for me personally, if my European Race were to go extinct, none of that would matter, because a perfect Patriarchy would be meaningless if my people no longer exist. That is why I have this need to promote the survival of my people. It is a powerful and primal instinct within me that creates this need. I need no other justification for it. To quote Steve McNallen, the founder of the Asatru Folk Assembly: “The existence of my people is not negotiable!” Why can’t a man fight for the existence of his people AND also fight for Patriarchy at the same time? Why must these two goals exclude each other?

      2. We as men don’t need validation, a pat on the back, etc. Rather honest feed back, iron sharpening iron, and no BS is what our preferred discourse.

  15. A bit off-topic, but today is Russian Orthodox Christmas. I offer this beauty as an antidote to the current degeneracy (even though I’m a nasty old Heathen):

    1. I can upvote that but I don’t get the hive mind that seems to go with it here. If religion isn’t an individual choice then its false belief.

      1. Thanks for the up vote. I personally don’t care whether the people in this video believe what they believe because it’s part of some hive mind to which they belong, or because it’s from individual choice. What is important here is that their church is a pillar of stability for their community and a bulwark against the current degeneracy of the West. You are thinking like a man of the NorthWest European tradition, whereas these people are of a more ancient and primal tribal tradition. This tribalism is exactly what we need right now. I’m speaking to you as a man whose personal choice is to be loyal to the old Northern European Gods of my revered Ancestors, but who nonetheless appreciates the beauty of the liturgy in this video and the societal stability behind it. Thanks for your in-put.

        1. But the hive mind beta males here demand that other males approve their life choices or else they sulk like teenage bitches who didn’t get liked on facebook.

        2. OK, well, I see your point. I just don’t bother getting drawn into time-wasting arguments – that would be beta. There was a time when I did, but nowadays I prefer to state my opinion and if someone disagrees, then so be it – we’ll disagree and leave it at that.

  16. Good luck with the classics and Cicero thing. I never pulled it off, but it can be done. (We did manage to make sure my son learned Japanese pretty well (mother’s language). But we gave in too early to the video games. Hard to hold the line. That Ron Paul homeshooling looks promising, but I do not know much about it.

  17. This is a great, powerful article, althought none of what was said here is new to me.
    But I’m tired of hearing the cons of marrying and having a family. The complaints are not vain of course, since there’s no healthy enviroment to raise a family in the west anymore. However, the most effective way of fighting the progressive left is through your offspring.
    There’s no denying it.
    If there was ever a time to become the Alpha Provider, the time is now.

    1. Except the term “alpha provider” has become a face saving term used by blue pill conditioned beta males who got locked down before they became red pill aware and never learned game, and are trapped between stage one and stage two red pill awareness. I AM ALPHA PROVIDER WATCH ME CHANGE DIAPERS ! I AM SAVING CIVILIZATION ! I AM IMMORTAL !

      1. And your point is…?
        The mistakes of few does not invalidate the necessity of many, or the reality of the situation. This is a culture war, and culture wars have to be fought with cultural weapons. Our best weapon is the alpha provider archetype. You should not worry with the betas, they’re not as much of a problem as the liberals, they’re not even our problem.

        1. So re-brand beta males as alpha providers for the culture war. ROK ain’t what it used to be.

        2. I do not think this is it.
          This is older guys game, not advised below 35.
          But after that, we have to figure out how to go on with life on our own terms without getting fucked over.
          Think like this:
          1. My goal is to have children.
          2. Modern marriage is a sham, we are fucked over.
          3. How to solve the problem in a Red Pilled manner?
          Believe me, we will figure out. If we could put Trump into the White House, the collective brain-power of straight, white males will find the way to bring back the Patriarchy. F

        3. So what are you stating? Every man that decides to be an alpha provider is automatically a beta?
          Do you realize the importance of family unit to a civilization?
          But in one thing you’re right, ROK is not what it used to be. It evolved to something better, something that can help a man beyond a personal level, something that can and will affect society.
          But you’re complaining because some guys do not want to devote their lifes to hedonism? Holy crap.

        4. I didn’t criticize other males who don’t want to devote their lives to hedonism. I’m calling out the fallacy of betas claiming alpha status by having a child. Fatherhood is not a magical right of passage that transforms beta into alpha, although that fallacy is strongly encouraged by those who want control of beta males.

        5. You’re right, but giving our current situation why should you worry with this in the present moment? You’re looking in the wrong direction.
          The mechanic is not concerned with the nature of the maker of a tool, or the veracity of maker’s intentions in making such tool. He just wants the tool to be efficient for its function.
          Such is our use of Betas. If you’re objective in solving our current social problems, you will realize that they’re efficient for an specific purpose, which is aplying patriarcal values in society. In the present moment, It doesn’t matter if they are Alphas or not, what matter is to install a social status quo through them.
          On the other hand, this doesn’t mean we will not call them out on their bullshit. There will be a time for this, but the time is not now. For now, let them think whatever their want.
          Also, you have to consider that when a beta enter this situation, in which he will think he is an alpha, he has a lot more chances of actually becoming an alpha. He will seek alpha values and have his mind open to advices.
          This is far much better than the classical beta who is liberal to the core. Being a conservatist is the first step to becoming an alpha.
          So don’t be so fast in condemn betas. No man is born alpha. Give them time.

      2. No matter how many kids you have, real men NEVER change nappies. Fucking true there

        1. Fatherofthree… is this you? Or do we have two nuts posting on this article?
          Real men (me for example) aren’t afraid of taking care of their own baby/babies.

        2. I not that person. I me.
          Anyway, I have 2 daughters and I never once did the woman’s job. That’s why it’s called a “woman’s job”. You sound like good at being woman. You a ladyboy?

        3. “Real men?”
          Don’t make us laugh.
          Tell us the truth. You needed Roosh’s help to have sex with “your own” women, didn’t you?

        4. Real men have enough money to pay someone else to change their kids nappies, 5 kids and not one nappy changed (so far).

        5. Awww…. widdle jz95, childless and probably a virgin, is still butthurt because I don’t share his love of certain ethnic and religious groups that are slowly destroying America.
          You are a politically-correct ( and did I say childless?) weakling of the highest order. ;-))))))
          Go away, kid. Go serve your country doing unpleasant things in unpleasant places. Do hard blue collar work that hurts every day.. Marry a classy Euro lady and have some successful and beautiful kids. Contribute something worthwhile to your country and society. Sacrifice. Challenge yourself. Be bigger than yourself.
          Only then will you be my equal, and entitled to talk smack ;-O

        6. Why would I ever want to be your equal?
          Being your equal would mean going down to your level.

        7. like real men are not afraid to be house daddies and be a slave to their wife?
          sounds like Sheryl Sandbergs “real men”

        8. On the contrary. I’m secure enough in my masculinity that even here in the man-o-sphere, I’m not afraid to admit that I love my kids and am OK with helping my wife.
          No matter what spin some little faggot here tries to put on it. No offense. 😉

      3. Pills, alpha, beta, red, blue…. I’ve apparently hit overload. Because I’m about to actually cuss and I don’t even care. 😀
        No kids. No civilization. No humans.
        Come to think of it, I guess that’s not far off from the environmentalists that want humans to die off. See? Something colored pill swallowers and rabid environmental-wackos do have something in common after all. 😀

        1. Never did say I wanted kids. 😉
          But I’m not going to whine like a bitch because a man does. 😉

        2. I imagine that most people here who are essentially MGTOW are in their 20’s and early 30’s and think the good times are going to roll forever. For a rare few they might, but for most by your late 30’s or early 40’s your prospective on life is going to change a lot.
          There is nothing truly alpha about completely swearing off women and having kids. If that is your life choice, be glad you live in a civilization that respects your individual choice. But, don’t project your beliefs and choices on other just because they chose a different road as you. Reminds me why I find atheists annoying. It is fine if you don’t believe in a god or gods, just don’t look down on everyone else like you are morally superior because of your belief when a belief in god is both reasonable and rational given what we know today.

        3. You know, when you phrase it like that… it’s not alpha at all. I mean, swearing off kids and women (or at least marriage with a decent one) is in a way giving up. All women are crap, so who cares I’m going my own way. The hell with all of it!
          Which… isn’t a very alpha trait really.
          And while I’m on another soap box, who picked this stupid wolf thing anyway? Men are not wolves. It’s almost like it’s a backhanded way at reinforcing the feminist thing about all men being wolves.
          Though… real wolves actually are pretty damn good when you look at it. 😀

        4. The whole mindset of “I will just bang bitches and bang all of them then fuck ’em if they want to have kids and stuff” really frustrates me. Do you really think you can do that your entire life? (Hint-yes a few can but most cannot). When you roll out of bed when you are 60 and look into the mirror in your one bedroom apartment do you think you might have wanted to spend your life laying down more permanent markers then your recollection of your last hook up? Yeah it is one thing if you spend your single life dedicated to something other then yourself like a business, civic affairs, fraternal organization, community involvement, etc. But when you are in the last hour of your last day do you really want to think back and say to yourself my only marker in civilization will be I banged a bunch of chicks to which no one will ever know (unless you kept an extensive collection of sex tapes).

        5. Ouch. Yeah. That really cuts through to the heart of it doesn’t it? What’s a more meaningful legacy? A bunch of one night stands with skanks? Or an entire family of successful kids and maybe grandkids?
          I know things are terrible in the US, but… damn if that isn’t a depressing way to mark the end of your life.
          There’s no real comparison.

        6. I’m 60 and was banned from MGTOW for suggesting many of them appear slightly gay.
          Still pumping out kids with assorted female partners.

        7. Already over 60, I only bang the attractive bitches under 50Kg (so not all of them), and have no problem with having kids with any that I do bed (I never use contraception).
          I’m living in my current wife’s 3 bedroom house with her and our 5 year old son. Sometimes I look in the mirror of my girlfriends one bedroom apartment after sleeping over, and think ‘what am I doing here’. But then I just go home to my wife.
          Not all that sure how much longer I can keep this up, hoping for at least another 5 years, but who can really tell?

        8. You’re right, but you’re also neglecting the fact that your kids have to live in this “terrible” place. I don’t have kids because I don’t like them, but it’s also a reasonable argument to say not having kids spares them from living in this shithole.

        9. “the environmentalists that want humans to die off”
          You seem confused. It’s the continued burning of fossil fuels that will cause humans to die off. Environmentalists would like to limit the burning of fossil fuels so that humans may continue to live.

        10. Ever tried talking to an environmentalist about anything remotely science-y? That my friend is what real confusion looks like. 🙂
          There is in fact a subset of environmentalists that appear to want humans to die off in order to “preserve” the earth. Don’t blame me, I don’t come up with their wacky ideas. Personally I think they smoked their last two brain cells to oblivion. But that’s my take. 😉 😉

        11. That’s kind of giving up too though. I mean, your current country is a mess, so don’t bring kids into it? Get a better country! It’s a big planet. 😀

    2. Maybe I’m just getting tired of all this wolf label crap but look….
      An Alpha wolf hooks up with one bitch and stays that way for life. While also providing for the rest of the pack.
      Somehow when a human does the same thing he gets a “beta” label? The hell!? 😀

        1. Trolling Rule 1: Don’t start with insults. Wait until you’ve got the person hooked, THEN pull out the ad hominems.

        2. Still trying to re-brand betas to make them alpha. It doesn’t work that way. That’s not dissimilar to feminists trying to induce betas that if they become male feminists they will get greater access to poosy.

        3. Curiously you’re using the exact same feminist logic applied to this. Some men with idiot American skank wives are beta, hence ALL men with wives are beta.
          Really? Taking a page from the SJW playbook? The very definition of… gamma. 🙂

        4. Nothing in my comments said ALL men with wives are beta, those are your words. I’m making the point that the act of starting a family doesn’t make a male an “alpha provider”.

        5. Non ho buona idea di quello che hai detto.
          Yeah, not into whatever language you’re speaking there, sport. 😀

        6. Nothing — I think that the problem is that too many people want to HAVE kids, but not take the time and make the effort to raise them responsibly.

      1. It doesn’t make sense to me neither. There are some guys who think that they’re the ultimate alpha males because they’re fucking hedonists. They corrupts women by making them unsuitable for marriage, they neglet their responsability to pass on their family name, and wrost of all, thinks with disdain of men who does.
        I don’t care at all with guys that chose to live as PUAs as long as they’re reasonable enough to understand the importance of marriage and fatherhood.
        However, many of them come with this kind of crap mindset trying to make a point about masculinity, while in fact he would be just scorning the most important roles of manhood.

        1. There are men in the past, that were absolutely alphas (the wolf definition anyway) that would call PUAs “a disgrace to the name of man”. And they could back it up by beating them to a pulp. 😀 But the point is, we all choose where we fit. Some men prefer the PUA lifestyle. And that’s fine if it works for them. But it’s actually rejecting the traditional male role. So it’s a little silly to whine about women not being traditional when PUAs are running around… not being traditional. There’s a reason in the past PUAs were called all sorts of nasty names. 😉
          As for corruption… I’m of a different opinion there. I don’t think a girl that’s going to fall for a PUA’s line, game, whatever you want to call it… is a girl of quality in the first place. Sure she may be hot, but if she’s going to fall for one PUA, she’ll fall for another one too. That’s why I really don’t have a bit of an issue with PUAs. The way I see it, they’re making things easier for those of us that now are thinking a family is a better way to go by simply removing the skanks that are pretending to be quality. So really, they’re doing the traditional man a huge favor. 😀

        2. The last part of your comment, I don’t disagree. However, this does not exclude the fact that the man has his part of responsibility in the “corruption” of this woman. By fucking her, he is worsening her situation. Except himself, all others involved in his practice of casual sex will be harmed someway. Her family and her future.

        3. You’re right. They’re certainly not spreading “good” around. (Something else entirely. :-D) I guess I look at it from the angle that if the girl is going to fall for a PUA line anyway, she’s wasn’t worth the time of a traditional man anyway.
          I’ve met women like this. (After leaving the US. HAHA. :-D) I don’t care what kind of line you’ve got, what your abs are, or how big your wallet, they’re just not falling for it. Maybe it’s my encounters with them that have shaped this view. I guess it boils down to my belief that women have free will. I get the impression a lot of the feeling around here is they don’t. I think they do, and most of them choose to be skanks. 😉

        4. Well, in first place I think you’re underestimating a PUA’s hability. If we’re talking about young single girls, as far as I know, PUAs can very well take the most traditional and reserved of them into their beds.
          They may be inclined to be traditional, but women’s nature is objectively susceptible to manly men. That’s why I think much of a woman’s purity depends of the intentions of men who will meet her. If she is lucky she will find an alpha provider and marry as soon as possible, but if she is unlucky, she will meet a PUA, who can certainly fool her, take her to bed, and then get out taking her purity away with him.
          About women having free will… I don’t think they have free will in the way men do. Women have free will when they’re allowed to. Unlike men, they can’t forcebly conquer their freedom, instead, they can be allowed to be free if that is the will of the men who run her society. That’s what happed in west, men CHOSE to let their women be free… and they’re paying a high price for it.
          However, my point of view in this regard may be very limited. I’m brazilian, raised in a christian houseld, commited to a girl since an early age and I’m still with the same girl (and will be until death).
          Since early adolescence, I tried to learn game (which in Brazil is something fathers must teach to their kids – of course we don’t use the term “game”) for the purpose of aplying it on marriage, so I don’t really understand the PUA behavior on an experience level. Honestly, it seems immature to me.
          In my social cicle, women still have their behavior controled by men, being it her father or husband.

        5. PUAs aren’t all powerful. There are women that will reject one period. The so-called traditional sort that they supposedly corrupt, well… those women weren’t all that traditional after all if they fell for it. 😉
          I guess that’s where I part company a bit with a lot around here. The idea that women don’t have free will. I will readily admit that the vast majority in fact either don’t appear to have it, or simply choose poorly. But in my experience, they do exist. They are rare, but they exist. Which could very well mean… most women are really pathetic. 🙂

        6. Hence why very often when a man seduces a virgin girl( Exodus 22:16-17 )
          She is to be his wife unless her father absolutely refuses to give her to him wherein he is still required to pay the bride price.
          And why shotgun marriages(when marriages are regulated by the church rather than the state) are done.

        7. I don’t disagree with you at all, there are women who are capable of exercise free will and even make good choices on their own. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if women are capable of having free will or not, because they will exercise free will ONLY when they’re permited by men to do so.
          Men runs civilization and everyone else is subject to their judgment.
          Unlike men, women can’t forcibly exercise free will when society is in its natural state, being run by men. Unless men give women this freedom, they will never exercise any kind of free will, being it good or bad.

        8. Aka clowns who when it comes right down to it are just as dependant on other humans as the rest of us for our survival.
          Clowns need their balls drained too though so who cares right.

        9. Basically agree with what you said but I also think that blaming the so called alpha male players for corrupting women isn’t entirely accurate. Women jump in the sack because they want to. It’s a conscious decision by the woman. Placing the blame on the man for women’s corruption just seems like an excuse to blame men for a women’s poor choices. Lack of responsibility and constant excuses isn’t exactly unheard of when dealing with women.

        10. I understand your point of view concerning PUAs, and I don’t disagree at all. However, if you look at this from the perspective that men are the ones who run society, who hold the moral standards and logical matters, then it falls on the hands of men to take responsability for weak and the unwise, which is women and children.
          This is not about placing the blame in anyone for somebody else’s actions, this is about holding on to principles. As men, we’re the pilars of society, we should avoid decisions that can harm the moral standards that sustain essential social principles. That’s why in older times men who didn’t commited and didn’t had family were seen with disapproval by society.
          Therefore, whereas a man may not be responsible for the actions and decisions of a random woman if we’re talking about personal matters, if we look at it from an social standpoint, it falls on the hands of all men to hold on to principles that will determine the health the family unit, and in consequence the health of society.
          It all comes to thinking in what is more important to you: exercising high moral standards or exercising personal satisfaction while ignoring moral standards.
          Masculinity is all about confidence and standards.
          The consequences of each decision, both in personal and social levels, are clear to anyone with the capacity of critical thinking.
          That’s why, in my understanding, a man that decides to ignore such prement moral standards for the sake of his own personal pleasure is, at best, an hedonist person. Wanting personal pleasure is understandable, but hedonism is beyond that. It is unhealthy for society, therefore it is not good.

      2. An Alpha wolf bangs all the available females ……. only Betas hook up with just one bitch!

        1. No, the alpha male picks the alpha female out of the pack and they’re the only couple that has legitimate little wolves. 😉
          Yeah, was bored one day a long time ago and watch one of those crazy wolf people that follow them around. I think the wolves are smarter than the idiots that were filming them though…. 😀

        2. Alpha male picks the best of the best.
          Monogamy is about picking the best of the best that you can get.

  18. “I’ve put down my bow, picked up my plow, and I now have a wife and kids that represent a new set of responsibilities and challenges”
    All good, but I wouldn’t advise that you put down your bow just yet – troubling times are coming.

    1. Matter of fact disguise that bow as an abnormally large soup spoon and keep it at the ready.
      That being said they can take the guns but my hand made bow will still put an arrow right through that ass.

  19. Why is he fighting with his woman? Just tell her to shut the fuck up. Man, some of the shit here is dumb

  20. One rule to a woman for a successful marriage ??
    Keep you man stomach full & his balls empty ??

    1. Good. But isn’t it irony that MEN and this society forgetting the basic fact, that:
      =Keeping her man’s stomach full means she is NOT going hungry.
      =Keeping her man’s balls empty means she is getting the same (probably MORE) Enjoyment, Satisfaction, PLEASURE, Relaxation and Health Benefits; for FREE !
      Then why it is that “women give pleasure” thing ! they are not doing any “favor”, damn it ! in fact, “women get pleasure”, for FREE !

    2. Good rule….but you have to be the kind of man that a woman would want to keep your stomach full and your balls empty.

      1. Humph…….Yea that’s another question ?? This is up to the man , to be wanted by a good woman ??
        But another question ?/ Find a good woman ??
        Husband/Wife Store
        A store that sells new husbands has just
        opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among
        the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store
        You may visit the store ONLY ONCE! There are
        six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper
        ascends the flights. There is, however, a catch: you may choose any man
        from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you
        cannot go back down except to exit the building!
        So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband…
        On each floor the signs on the doors read:
        Floor 1 – These men have jobs.
        Floor 2 – These men have jobs and love kids.
        Floor 3 – These men have
        jobs, love kids, and are extremely good looking. “Wow,” she thinks, but
        feels compelled to keep going. She goes to the fourth floor and sign
        Floor 4 – These men have
        jobs, love kids, are drop-dead good looking and help with the housework.
        “Oh, mercy me!” she exclaims, “I can hardly stand it!” Still, she goes
        to the fifth floor and sign reads:
        Floor 5 – These men have
        jobs, love kids, are drop-dead gorgeous, help with the housework, and
        have a strong romantic streak. She is so tempted to stay, but she goes
        to the sixth floor and the sign reads:
        Floor 6 – You are visitor
        3,261,496,012 to this floor. There are no men on this floor. This floor
        exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please. Thank you
        for shopping at the Husband Store.
        Floor 1 – has wives that love sex.
        Floor 2 – has wives that love sex and doesn’t nag .
        The third through sixth floors have never been visited.

        1. Hypergamy – women’s willingness to trade up to another man who has higher social/economic status compared to their present partner.

        2. Yea.. It remind me of the joke,…
          A guy walks into a bar and walks up to a beautiful woman. He asks her if she would have sex with him for $10,000.
          She thinks about and says she would.
          He then asks her if she would have sex with him for $100.
          Disgusted, she declares, “What kind of woman do you think I am?”
          He replies, “we have already established that, now I’m just negotiating price.” –

    3. Here is essentially an exchange I had with a woman friend who is married. They were having a lot of fights and she was contemplating divorce.
      “I can’t believe he does all this shit. He won’t listen to anything I say or even acknowledge when I come home.”
      “When is the last time you had sex with him?”
      “Why does that matter…like I want to have sex with a man who acts like that.”
      “So it has probably been a long time. Do you think not having sex with him might be why he is acting this way?”
      “It shouldn’t matter but it was like six months ago. We are married and no man is entitled to sex.”
      “Would you be mad (she is a live at home mom) if he put you on an allowance of say 100 bucks a month?”
      “Yes I have needs and raising children is hard.”
      “So your husband might also not have needs and when those are not met he gets and frustrated?”
      “Fuck you…because I know you are right. So all I need to do to keep him happy is blow him once and week and maybe put out twice a month?”
      “Fuck you because I thought that was the right answer…Guess that is better then being a single poor mom.”
      (Dude is a total beta and it is ultimately his fault he ended up in the situation.)

      1. So,you just have described a stupid silly broad !! Marriage is a partnership & each partner give his/hers utmost in to it ?? If this silly broad said, “We are married and no man is entitled to sex.”??
        Then she’s still lucky, that the poor schmuck didn’t dump her long time ago ?? Or eventually had a bit on the side ??

        1. That is how women treat a beta. All I did was give her some insight into why he was acting out. She didn’t like the fact I was right. Reviews from my friend though was that she literally ponied up. He tells her what to do and now she respects him. A simple conversation probably saved him thousands in some BS marriage counselor.

        2. Well, maybe she has given up of getting an “alpha” man ?? You know, the one who goes whoring daily, hard drinker, unlucky gambler & gives her daily a good trashing ?? That’s the “alpha” man that most of broads are dreaming about ??

        3. Unfortunately you have described the man that she wishes she had married. In another conversation she said something like “I just want him to push me down threaten to choke me and fuck the hell out of me”. When dealing with women expect the opposite of what logic would demand.

        4. Yea…Stupid broads ?? Met quite a few of those & never had any sympathy for them ??

  21. Yeah, homeschooling and private schools might have their place; but you know, kids are smart, and they’ll question things, and bring their doubts to you. My girls come to be all of the time with BS from school. They see, I think, in some ways better than we do. If you foster good values at home, they’ll be prepared to meet the teachers at the mental negotiation table. I grew up in state care, so I know to be skeptical of any government institutions; my kids hopefully will continue to be more open than I am. They want to stay in public, to ask tough questions, fight the system, and they do; and make me proud doing it. School is an important training ground for our future white Christian soldiers, at least consider giving them the credit to handle the BS on their own, or they’ll never develop the game they need later on in life.
    Adults who were home schooled simply don’t have the debate skills to take on the commies. Insularity is the enemy here. Unless the Quaker life appeals, think about public school. I know it’s scary when they’ve young and you want to protect them, but remember, they are smart, they’re Your kids!

  22. Why all the complaining in the comments about marrying and having kids being “beta”? If you don’t want to marry and/or have kids that is fine by me, but don’t act like both are just beta moves. It is perfectly natural and part of the human condition to both want to pair bond and reproduce.

    1. Some people are wired to not want kids. Fine and dandy. They just need to understand that if everyone was like that, they wouldn’t exist in the first place.

      1. I am one of those people wired not to really want kids. But, if it happened I don’t think I would mind that much. I always just tell the LTR’s that if they want to eventually get married and have children that they will be in charge of the children and raising them would be their game. Out of the two or three I considered marrying all were happy to have that arrangement as long as they could have me. For various reasons, mostly due to moving around, none came to marriage though.

    2. Honestly… it’s the same thing the feminists do. Ugly feminists bitch about prettier women having children and raising families instead of being married to a career. Now in some comments here we see the reverse.
      Some men aren’t meant for marriage. Neither are some women (AHEM most Americans… 😀 :-D) Just because one man picks marriage and family doesn’t make the man who prefers to never marry somehow wrong. Both men just chose differently.
      What’s striking me as disgustingly “beta” or perhaps “gamma” is all the stupid whining. 😀

      1. I’ll give you that betas tend to gravitate to marriage and children with conniving women who later divorce them and take half their paycheck in child support and alimony. But, as you said, that doesn’t mean that everyone who chooses that path is somehow beta.
        If you don’t want a wife and/or kids that is fine. There is certainly room in society for a bachelor class. But, don’t act like your life is superior because that was/is your choice.
        Also for the younger commenters once you hit your 30’s, especially late 30’s, you might start re-thinking that “fuck bitches, they are all hoes, I am going my own way” choice of life. Once you realize half your mortal life is over and your youth has faded priorities tend to start to shift in your personal life.

        1. Exactly. It should be about choice. Why get all pent up with rage like an SJW over this stuff? Some guys wants families some guys don’t. Big whoop.
          The age thing does matter. When I was in my early 20’s I didn’t necessarily think all women were horrible… just all American women. 😀 😀
          As you get older though, and see others as they age… it brings some perspective. Perhaps the single free-wheeling lifestyle isn’t exactly everything it’s cracked up to be. Especially when you’ve met some of the end results of that lifestyle that chose not to settle down. I haven’t seen one that was a pretty ending. Plenty of decent ends on the marriage side with kids however.

        2. I have many friends that chose the bachelor route. Some surrendered in their 40’s. Some dedicated their lives to their business or civic work. But many just ended up being lonely, some became addicts, and most drink alcohol way too much. It is one thing to think in your 20’s that you are just going to stay single for your entire life, but then when all your friends start pairing up and having kids and are no longer available to hang out on the weekend or take a last minute trip boy does that change your prospective.
          Bottom line is my advice is sow your wild oats in your 20’s, start thinking about where you would like to be when you turn 60 when you turn 30.

        3. Yeah, that’s excellent advice.
          For me it started at the funeral of a guy I worked with. Much much older than I am but we got along well. Heh, he was even chasing women up to almost the end but the funeral.. was sobering.
          Mainly because I was one of only 3 people there, and we all worked with him. Got me thinking that just maybe… I ought to consider a different path.

        4. What really changed my prospective was on a company retreat where you could bring your wife if you wanted to on the company dime. After dinner I asked a few of the guy if they wanted to hit the bar and most said they were just going to hit the room with their wife (not in like whipped way, but a we are away from the kids so we are going to fuck way). I ended up sitting at the hotel bar with like 5 other strangers. That was the first of many other experiences where I was the obvious odd ball out. Made me really start thinking.

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