Is The American Establishment Trying To Get Donald Trump Assassinated?

Donald Trump evokes strong passions. Most people either love him or hate him. But the people who hate him at the highest levels of power are much more numerous—and they are more wealthy and powerful than his supporters.

This past week, we’ve watched this play out before our eyes as the elites, through the media, have started to create a narrative designed to paint Trump and his supporters as violent, dangerous bigots who must be eliminated at all costs.

The Establishment has not been able to stump Trump—yet


The media narrative that Trump’s words inspire violence seems to have sprung from thin air on Friday. It didn’t. To really understand why that narrative emerged now, we have to look at events that led up to it. The prior week, Trump had undergone unprecedented attacks from his challengers and the GOP establishment. First, Mitt Romney delivered a speech attacking Trump from every angle, even hitting Trump for sleeping with attractive women.

Next, Marco Rubio was designated to be the GOP establishment attack dog. He switched his campaign stump speech from one that was “positive” and focused on policy to one full of goofy, juvenile attacks on Trump making fun of his hair and even the size of Trump’s hands—the implication being that Trump has a small penis.

On top of Rubio’s insult comic routine, Super Pacs affiliated with the GOP establishment spent $30 million in ads in battle ground states repeating all of Mitt Romney’s attacks. But it was all for naught. Instead of weakening Trump, the attacks only served to make him stronger. He won the Tuesday primaries in Michigan, Missouri, and Hawaii with commanding margins. On the other hand, Marco Rubio, the establishment water boy, saw his numbers plunge.

In other words, all of the establishment’s conventional methods—television ads and personal attacks—completely failed. This is key to understanding why the nature of the attack on Trump had to change.

Media begins the “Trump’s rhetoric causes violence” mantra


After Trump won the Michigan and Missouri primaries with strong numbers, the establishment went into panic mode. They arranged a meeting between execs of top technology companies Apple, Facebook, and Google, and the members of the GOP establishment including Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Ben Sasse and Kevin McCarthy.

The conspirators met on a private island off the coast of Georgia called Sea Island. Their goal? To plot how to stop the GOP front runner—Donald Trump. We don’t know what plans the elite concocted at this meeting because it was invitation-only. However, we may glean the nature of the plan from the events that followed.

After the meeting, the next Republican debate in Miami was a muted affair. Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich mostly laid back. While they did throw some light punches in Trump’s direction, it was probably the most civil debate to date. Did the other candidates know that the establishment had something in store for Trump?

The very next day, Trump was scheduled to have a rally in Chicago., Bernie Sanders supporters, and other leftwing groups coordinated a massive protest. This was combined with hundreds of threats of violence on social media, including threats against Trump’s life. To preserve the safety of his supporters, Trump canceled the rally.

Immediately after the cancellation, I noticed that all the networks suddenly were carrying the same story—how Donald Trump’s words provoke his followers to violence. There was nothing about the threats on social media to assassinate Trump. Only this unprovable allegation that Trump’s words somehow caused his supporters turn violent.

The major newspapers carried the same message:

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.55.38 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.41.31 PM

How the elite use the media to control us through the narrative

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 1.58.52 AM

One of the most startling things about is how quickly all of the mainstream media outlets adopted the “Trump’s rhetoric causes violence” message. It’s notable because Trump’s rhetoric has never been violent. At most, Trump told his supporters that if someone throws a punch at them at a rally, they should punch right back. To me, that is not a violent message. It is just common sense self-defense. It is the same advice my mom gave to me on my first day of kindergarten.

Some of the media outlets say that Trump’s message about building a wall and putting a temporary ban on Islamic immigration are somehow inherently violent. But those policies are several months old. Why did the violence narrative suddenly take hold? I believe that this was a coordinated attack by the media, which is owned and controlled by the elite.

If you would have asked me one year ago, I would have said that this was a crazy idea. But after we all lived through the attack upon Return of Kings surrounding the meetups, where dozens of news outlets in different countries all carried the same false message, it is clear that media coordination does take place.

Attack against Trump during Ohio rally


On Saturday morning, Trump had a rally in Dayton, Ohio. I watched the rally with my wife. Trump seemed to be in good spirits and there were almost no protestors. In the middle of the rally, a man jumped the barrier and charged the podium where Trump was speaking.

Secret Service agents quickly swarmed the podium to protect Trump and detain the alleged attacker, who was identified as a Bernie Sanders supporter with a history of supporting left-wing causes (watch from another angle). Was he trying to assassinate Trump? Mike Cernovich has done a fantastic job of analyzing the attacker’s tweets. You can judge for yourself.


Media Silence

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 1.03.24 AM

You would think that a potential assassination attempt against a presidential frontrunner would be the top story of the day. But the media largely downplayed it as a minor incident. Here is CNN’s original report:

Headline: Protester tries to get at Trump (Not an attacker, but a “protester.” And he merely tried to “get at” Trump)

Subheadline1: Candidate startled as man tries to rush stage in Ohio

Subheadline2: Trump’s incendiary history

In other words, the news media is blaming the victim. It was Trump’s “incendiary history” that forced the “protester” to attack. By Saturday night, the story was no longer on CNN’s “top stories” list, but “Obama mocks Trump steaks” was important enough to make the cut. Some news aggregators, like the snapshot of Apple News below, deemed the story not newsworthy and prioritized it below anti-Trump stories.


Imagine for a moment if a Trump supporter had rushed Hillary Clinton’s podium? Do you think that the story would have been dropped by the same evening? Or would we be subjected to endless paeans of how brave Hillary was in facing the evil perpetrated by Trump and his minions?

The Elite will not permit Trump to become President

If one thing is clear from this incident it is that the elite hate Trump with an intensity that borders on the homicidal. They will stop at nothing to frustrate the will of the voters and prevent Trump from ever becoming President.

The reason is not Trump’s unpolished manner of speaking, but that his policies would put a dent in their pocket books. Bringing immigration under control would shut off the endless supply of cheap labor. Enforcing free and fair trade will make it harder to move American jobs to other, lower wage countries. The latest attempt to stop Trump is to incite mentally unstable people to violence against Trump and his supporters. Any violence that results will be immediately blamed on Trump’s immigration and trade policy.

Readers of ROK should not get pulled into the fray. Be ready to defend your family and your community, but resist the urge to act offensively. Instead, prepare yourself by building a strong, local tribe of men because if the elites are successful in eliminating Trump, the resulting fire may engulf the entire nation.

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245 thoughts on “Is The American Establishment Trying To Get Donald Trump Assassinated?”

  1. Why do the wealthy always meet on islands off the coast of Georgia 😉

    1. Look at the map. These “islands” are barely separated from the mainland by narrow channels kept open as the Intracoastal Waterway.
      Georgia was originally established as a prison colony of England. Just a curious fackt.

  2. I was watching the rally in Dayton when the guy charged the podium and my heart stopped for a minute, I was thinking we were about to witness an RFK moment. Thank God for the secret service reacting as quickly as they did to shield Trump. He was definitely shook up over the whole thing.
    Then I watched as the media basically blamed Trump for people attacking him, and for disruptors causing violence at his rallies. This is really getting my blood boiling…
    The answer to your question is yes, they ARE trying to get him assassinated. Its the only way they can stop him and I believe they are perfectly fine with him being murdered, and they will BLAME HIM for it.

    1. I never quite understood why some people though Donald Trump was a worse choice than “Clinton part II” or “Bush part III”, even Sanders is better choice than “Clinton part II” for that matter.
      People are finally seeing that Trump is running a Presidential Campaign and a company with 22,000+ employees, whom are mostly AMERICAN citizen, with billions of dollars in real estate holdings to maintain, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. People are finally starting to giving the guy some credit. In contrast, what other outside organization, WITH EMPLOYED STAFF, was Obama “running” during his initial Presidential campaign? NONE, just his Presidential campaign, with some skeleton crew staffers left behind, to autopilot his Senate duties, same goes for “Bush part II” (just replace “Senator” with “Governor”).
      Its also easy to understand Trumps popularity with younger women. Here is a hint, in the eyes of female instinct, he is a real Alpha Male, when compared to the other Betas trying to run for office. In a way, “Bush I” and “Bush II” were also Alphas, when judged by female instinct, Jeb Bush however, is not and it shows.
      Also, minorities are for most part still tapped into their primal instincts and teach their kids the same. While most Anglo’s, on the other hand, try to deny instincts and teach their boys to become Manginas that answer directly to feminine desire.
      Trump is none of these things, hence the current wave of female adoration, which in reality, is a type of physical attraction that none of these women know how to articulate when question and surveyed in the polls.
      Although Trump did grow up rich, inheriting money and property from his fathers businesses, the Trump Family is self-made for the most part and do not seem to be directly connected with NWO & Old-Money types (all the Trumps are Tax Dodgers BTW). Trumps grandfather did not process properly through Ellis Island, in the late 1800’s and had left behind many unpaid debt in Europe by the time he came to America and started his new businesses. However, what regular people don’t seem to understand is that folks like Donald Trump and Ross Perot are considered “trash” by the standards of the Romney and Bush clans types, with family members having held political offices, in the Untied States, as far back as the 1850’s. Note, Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Obama also had no direct family ties to the Old-Money types, however, they were not nearly as wealthy, nor as independently bold, as Trump or Perot and eventually all of them did “toe the line”, following the orders of the NWO & Old-Money types.
      The reality is that Trump will NEVER be accepted as part of the true “Owners of Capital” club because he is the decedent of regular working class immigrants from Germany, that came to the USA via Ellis Island. Whether voters believe it or not, people like Donald Trump and Ross Perot before him, are truly, the best chance, regular people have to being represented by someone in office who’s family is not beholden to or part of the NWO & Old-Money types. Although I have not thoroughly checked, it does not appear that Donald Trump, nor Ross Perot, were ever invited to or attended the Bilderberg Conference. That’s a GOOD sign, not a bad one (Both Clinton’s have however).
      There are some other things to consider, if, Trump has a REAL chance at winning the republican nomination or somehow gets huge backing as an Independent, the “Owners of Capital” will simply do what they did to Ross Perot and once that process unfolds he will eventually decide to “willingly withdraw” from the race.
      Do people really believe, that if someone like Donald Trump wins the election, that he will be able to do what he wants, as apposed to, what the “Military Industrial Complex” wants him to do?
      Anyone who becomes President of the United States has to “cow tow” to the “Military Industrial Complex” and even Donald Trump is not immune to a guaranteed “CIA visit” once in office.
      Be assured they will pay him a visit, if he ever wins, and like Ross Perot, Jessie Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Obama, he too will be told to “toe the line” and “play ball”, as they dictate.
      For example, why in the world did Arnold Schwarzenegger need to do ANYTHING along party lines? His fame and popularity COMPLETELY transcended political parties, yet somehow he was still “answering” to politicians who “in theory” should have had no affect on his personal life, political career or personal fortune, all of which existed prior to being elected and was held COMPLETELY outside of the confines or influence of the “Military Industrial Complex”.
      Also consider this angle, there is a huge assets difference between someone like Mitt Romney, who has a $250 million net worth and Ross Perot with a $5 billion net worth (Donald Trump has a net worth of $4 Billion). Yet, someone like Romney was and still is a shoe in for party nominations. As I alluded to above, its NOT the money, nor the popular vote that matters, people like Mitt and Jeb Bush are government insiders and both come from families that always have been government insiders. That was not the case at all with Perot and the same goes for Trump, hence neither of them can be elected regardless of the popular vote or the public’s desires or how much money they spend.
      Ross Perot dropping out of the 1992 election was not happenstance either, nor simply about his daughters wedding:
      Both Trump and Sanders, in my opinion, are the least likely, currently “visible candidates”, to be heavily affiliated with NWO & Old-Money types. Trump and Sanders weren’t “born into” the “right kind” of political families, in fact their ancestors were immigrants from the lower classes of Europe. Its actually really too bad they can’t be on the same independent ticket, running as Independents, with Trump as President and Sanders as VP, with people like Ralph Nader, Jessie Ventura and Ron Paul filling the various cabinet positions (actually pooling campaign resources, with the intention of trying to win, as a team and not the usual solo campaigns).
      But if they tried to pull a “hat trick” like that, I’m sure quite a few of them would QUICKLY find themselves at risk of being in a “plane crash” or on the wrong end of a “car accident”.
      In hindsight, I truly believe that Ross Perot would have done a much better job than ANY of the “good ol’ boys” that we’ve gotten as Presidents since then. Trump is the nations second chance to get that type of leadership. Again, Perot dropping out of the 1992 election was not happenstance, nor was it simply about his daughters wedding. He was likely threatened in some way, that none of us can imagine. Think about it, why has he been so quiet, for the last 20+ years?
      Donald Trump will be no different, but, if he decides to run for President and he somehow wins, best case scenario, it will be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronald Reagan all over again.

      1. Your posts should be articles. How was Reagan connected? From what I read, his family was dirt- poor and he went to a middling college.

  3. Great article!
    Wish I was more anti fragile. I would love to write an rok article documenting known cases of cultural Marxist media coordination such as the journo list scandal to smear Obama’s opponents after the reverend wright revelations in 08 and the gamer gate email list.
    The following events make it clear that they still do this:
    Attack on captain capitalism for his mad max boycott article
    Attack on rok meet up
    Endless attacks on Donald trump- including the disturbing fictional assault on a hot breitbart journalist. Breitbart has an sjw mole who is clearly manipulating white knights on staff who have had their dicks compromised by this floozie.

  4. I switched from Trump to Cruz because he seems to understand that libertarian ideas are central to conservatism. This morning, I learned that Cruz regurgitated the “Trump’s rhetoric causes violence” bullshit. I will no longer give any support to Ted Cruz.

    1. In case you weren’t aware, Cruz is now the establishment’s boy. Just head on over to NRO and read their wonderful articles on how Cruz is awesome and white blue collar America is trailer trash and needs to die. Yes, they said this.

      1. I understand that and when the establishment started backing him, I felt, and still do feel, that this was done reluctantly. They wanted Rubio but his campaign is not working. I still believe that Cruz, like Trump, is anti-establishment. However, this latest “thing” from Cruz is EXACTLY the reason why the base voters have turn against the GOPe, borrowing the SJW narrative to attack their own constituents. They did this in the Thad Cochran campaign. The GOPe attacked the Tea Party candidate with the “Tea Party is racist” narrative. Cruz is now smearing Trump supporters along the same lines. I’m done with him.

        1. They will prop up Cruz so that Trump gets below the minimal number of delegates. Then, they will try to steal the election during the convention.

        2. They will lose every ounce of power they have if they do this. They’re mad.

        3. They would rather implode the GOP and have Hillary win, rather than allow someone in who would oppose their evil Globalist scheme. Then, they would infiltrate the new party that forms and subvert it to keep control. It’s sick.

        4. There’s nothing anti-establishment about Cruz. He’s been an insider to the GOP machine for over 15 years now. He worked for the Bush administration and his top foreign policy advisers are all neocon big wigs. His wife works for Goldman Sachs and spent time with the CFR where she helped put together a plan for forming a North American Union. Recently, Cruz welcomed a bunch of former Jeb Bush political hacks to his campaign, including Neil Bush.
          A Rafael Cruz presidency would be George W. Bush all over again. If you think Cruz is anti-establishment, I’ve got ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

        5. 100% Correct.
          Roger Stone has said that the RNC is planning a Brokered Convention to steal the Nomination from Trump.

      2. Cruz is an Ivy-Leaguer married to the CFR and Goldman-Sachs, so, while he may not be the best behaved scion of the establishment, he has always been, to some extent, their boy.

        1. He also came out of the Bush Machine, and now has the backing of the Entire Bush Crime Syndicate.
          Not to be trusted at this level.

        2. No he isn’t, that’s nonsense. Just because his Wife works at a bank that doesn’t mean he is their “boy.”
          That’s like saying someone taking out an auto loan is owned by the car dealership. It’s lunacy.

    2. What a lot of hard core Cruz supporters don’t seem to realize is that we’re now at a pre-collapse of society stage. Our country is approaching a point where peaceful turn overs of power will no longer be possible. It would be nice to concern ourselves with libertarian principles but those are the problems of a more peaceful time. People haven’t switched over to ‘survive the civil collapse’ mode yet, and those among Cruz’s supporters BLAMING Trump for what organized Marxists have always done are themselves untrustworthy.
      It’s time for people to wake up and recognize that we’ve already fallen off the precipice. These violent rioters aren’t going to go away. If Hillary wins the US and the entire west will fall into a 3rd world tyranny (Europe is already on its way there with these rapefugees). If Trump wins he’ll be under constant threat or perhaps he’ll even be killed at some point. Regardless of who wins we’re in a new era and it’s time to adapt.

      1. He’s far from perfect, but Donald trump is the only man who can stop civil war 2. That is why he has my vote.

        1. No. His judgment is horrible and he can’t tell fact from fiction. He’s lost in a vortex of Benjamins and ass-kissers. A vote for Drumpf is a vote against reason.

        2. You don’t stop wars with reason. Ask the ghosts of Neville chamberlain and James Buchanan if you don’t believe me.

        3. The thing about wars is that they are independent of their immediate cause. They follow peaceful decadent eras, as if they were Humanity’s way of eliminating what has no chance of surviving outside abundance.
          This can be made visible when observing the immediate causes of WWI (a single man’s assassination), American independence (Tea Party) or even the making of communist Russia. The “great reasons” were dormant and then, feeble events triggered major historical shifts.
          The “great reasons” for a major historical event occuring in the next few years are more than easy to spot: a failing idea of civilization, politics and economy (when even the BRICs already entered “the Crisis”), an apocalyptical mindset all across the world and the obvious failure of all attempts of mitigating “change” (curb the migratory fluxes, streghtening the middle classes or making jobs for the younger generations).
          A good or bad leader will NOT change what is expected to happen. Only HOW it happens.

        4. I’m worried about WWIV with Turkey attacking Syria sucking us into fighting Russia. Duh, world leaders, wake up!

        5. No. It would make ww ii look like a small skirmish. But given the behavior and voting of women and nams, we are on a course towards one.

      2. I started preparing for violence years ago (7). From skinny to jacked, and I learned how to fight.

        1. I’m gonna start lifting weights this week, I have a very sedentary desk job…

        2. That’s awesome man, never too late to turn your health around. I’d start with dumbbells for a few weeks just to build up stabilizers and move on to the bar. Wealth of knowlege here in the archives. Good luck!

      3. And if anyone knows about the pre-collapse stage of ancient Rome, the turn overs of power became quite violent. Assassinations plagued the Rome empire due to the overall rotting of the government and political landscape.
        In the link, check out number 5. That seems to be where America is possibly headed. I do sincerely agree that even if Trump wins, he will definitely be under constant threat. The marxists DO NOT want the power and status to change. They will do anything they can to keep things the same, they are far too indoctrinated to even begin to listen to reason. There are millions of people in this country and among those millions are marxists who are mad at this situation and continually blame people like Trump to be as the problem and will think that the solution is to get rid of him.
        I sincerely hope that if he wins, the secret service amps up it’s security, and this is without factoring the possibility that the secret service may let their “guard” down and allow Trump to be killed.

        1. An excellent observation
          i’ve always said that if you want to know the future of America then Study the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.
          The parallels are staggering.

      4. Exactly. The USA is in a prerevolutionary state, caused by the dialectic-engendered collapse of the present economic system.

      5. Yep, the engineered collapse is already happening in Germany et al, and here soon….pretty soon it’ll be MRE and bottled water time…

        1. Ha ha ha , you Americans are the joke of the world . That you are contemplating this nut as president speaks volumes about how fucked up you are .

        2. You remind me of an emotional teenage girl. Take a Midol and try to clear your mind so you can come up with a grown up response. Give me a coherent reason why he wouldn’t make a great President and don’t waste my time with snark.

        3. ‘Are you serious?’ Again you sound like a little girl. What gun thing are you PMS-ing about? My guns are fine. In my gun safe with cash and gold in my paid off house because I’m a grown man. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to read my kids a story and then fuck my wife.

      6. With the quantum leaps in technology, the elites’ need for great masses of slaves is dropping, and fast.
        With Ted Turner’s open public admission that “we” (he imagines himself to be one of the “Initiates”) need to reduce the population by 95%, what do you think is on the agenda to accomplish this grand object?
        • Abortion – the need for surgical abortion, which incites opposition from the leaders of the targeted classes, is being supplanted by the “Pill’s” class of human poisons – “humanicides” – of the “Plan B” sort.
        • Homosexuality – true exclusive homosexuals don’t reproduce.
        • Feminism – feminist women and their fe-male supporters don’t reproduce near enough to replace themselves. Not so many males want to have children and families with these nasty warthogs.
        • Porn – jackoffs who prefer shooting their “seed” elsewhere than in vaginas don’t reproduce.
        Some years ago, it was determined that due to infertility, failure to marry, birth-control, the women who actually do give birth sometime during their reproductive lives must average 5.3 children per woman just to maintain the population at a stable level. Ain’t happenin’, folks! The only thing that is increasing the US and other western countries’ populations is massive immigration. And who are those immigrants? Muslims, Latin Americans, other brown skinned people, who are prime targets of the Initiated Ones’ population reduction schemes. The American Birth Control League, renamed Planned Parenthood, now a worldwide federation, was founded for the specific purpose of getting rid of the dark complected ethnics and the “po’white trash.” All you have to do is to read the writings of Margaret Sanger and her associates.

    3. Soros would pull the same stunt on Cruz, send in paid disruptors, then the MSM would call for him to apologize for the protestors and for him to shut up.

      1. Can you explain to me how he send in paid disruptors? Where does the cash come from? Thanks

        1. “”With far-right extremists and powerful corporate interests threatening to block or roll back reproductive rights, equal rights, health care,
          environmental protections and financial reform, we’ve got work to do. Grassroots Campaigns is looking for people to lead that work.””

          Actually take your pick it could be any of these.

        2. they work for and get paid, then they go protest. how difficult is that to understand.

        3. But is this legal? Or is the bigger issue the fact the media never mentions these “protesters” are getting paid to do so?

        4. Yes, it is legal to organize protests. It is covered under the first amendment. I don’t know if moveon pays each protestor.
          There are lots of students, unemployed people, and union members who have free time on their hands. They may be willing to do the work for a free lunch.
          The main thing is that the protests are professionally organized.

        5. After Trump said he was going to press charges, they scurried to hide underneath bushes in their “safe spaces” until mommy and daddy came to pick them up.

        1. Exactly, now you know how the globalist cabal protects their fellow criminals. #ArrestSoros

        2. Indeed. It seems clear that Trump is pariah to them.
          And Soros?
          Didn’t he become wealthy in America after escaping communist Hungary?
          Hedge funds, I believe it was.

        3. “If it can be proven that Soros is behind things like this why can’t he be placed under arrest?”
          Because Soros is above the Law. He is one of the puppet masters, he cant be legally touched. Maybe by a Lynch mob.

    4. Yesterday Trump made an outstanding point in Cleveland: “protestors,”, yes; “disruptors,”, no. The media has never made a point to separate the two.

    5. Libertarianism (like socialism) only works if immigration is restricted and a group has strong unity. We have neither of those things.

      1. libertarianism is individualism. If a group of individuals voluntarily gather together and decide how they want the live than this is freedom. These decisions include the right of regulating and restricting immigration.

        1. How can individuals gather and agree to a collective and still maintain absolute individualism?

        2. That’s a fair point and I’ve been wrestling with that. I would suppose that the only type of collective that promotes individuality is one where pure capitalism is the economic system.

        3. Where as I have just accepted that I can not have absolute freedom and ideals at the same time… touche.

        4. Indeed. This is where govt and country came from. Groups of men came together, and through sacrificing parts of their individuality, created something greater than the sum of its parts.

        5. Agreed. I identify as a Libertarian. But after much internal deliberation, I’ve come to the conclusion that Libertarianism works far better as a political philosophy or political framework than as a absolute political reality.
          The problem is that no matter what the situation; it’s human nature to dominate or exert power over those who do follow the majority’s principles or ideals.

    6. @AIF-I read somewhere that Cruz was a Bush insider until 4 years ago….so now he is “an outsider” not a real outsider. Sad really…

      1. I dont think the optics of “Blacks kill black Trump supporter” jibes with the narrative

  5. What’s “free and fair trade” and where have I heard that before?
    Mercantilism is not a good policy. If you want to keep jobs in America then end the Ten Thousand Commandments that not only make it more expensive to create jobs in America but also serves as a barrier to entry to small not-yet-established entrepreneurs.

    1. Look, we’re all libertarians here, but you have to admit that if we have enemies ala Iran, we can’t simply trade with them because no (realistic) benefits to trade can justify letting Iran keep developing their nuclear weapons program.

      1. “Look, we’re all libertarians here, but you have to admit that if we have
        enemies ala Iran, we can’t simply trade with them because no
        (realistic) benefits to trade can justify letting Iran keep developing
        their nuclear weapons program.”
        Autocratic monarchist here to tell you the Iranian boat has sailed, too late to spread “democracy” and “freedom” there.

      2. I’m fine with specific embargo(s) against kebabs (and communists).
        An all-around tariff barrier isn’t that.

  6. From what I can tell, the upcoming election may prove to be pivotal. Here’s a rough timeline, including some previous events that are important.
    1990-1995: fall of communist Russia. Satelite countries cause conflict until approx end date (the American training of Bin Ladin being an example)
    1995-2008: The “Roaring Oddies”. Similar in decadence of the “Roaring 20s”. Rise of LGBTQ, third wave feminism and hedonism.
    2007: The “Great Recession” begins. People begin to become disillusioned.
    2016: Like Anton Drexler, Trump does not get the required support to obtain power. But he has begun a political movement that will overshadow him.
    2019: LGBTQ gain traction in a similar manner to the Bruce Jenner controversy.
    2021: Right-wing (note: may appear right-wing, but may have leftist tendencies) movements begin to form in earnest, comprised of zealots
    2026: Right-wing movements manage to get a passionate orator into power.
    2031: There is a massive movement against the alt right’s enemies. Great recession ends.
    2032: Totalitarian America begins nationalist invasions. War is declared. WWIII technically Begins.
    2034: A rival power officially declares war on America.
    2041: World War III ends. 211 million dead, 31 million wounded.

    1. This could happen. The government has become more controlling already. wars are brewing with increasing debt and general trend with increasing or sustained large military spending.

        1. It will happen. Proxy wars are already being fought out in Syria. Next will be Libya and other oil countries in north Africa or ME, then Iran. In the pacific, something might happen too.

      1. My only regret is I’ll be over 35 by the time the war starts, unless they revise the draft. Born too early to explore space, too late to explore the world, and too late to fight in the great war. Those who will fight are now either babies or yet to be born. Scary thought.

      1. Ask and ye shall receive. Things have been up in the air recently because I got a new vehicle (inherited my grandfathers old truck/van), working longer hours and making more graphic novel-related content than is healthy. Website coding and prologues and animated trailers, oh my!
        Plus the weather’s been nice for a change.

    2. So basically a reprise of the 20th century but with more gay sex and a higher death count?

        1. This time though when men on the opposing sides get together on the Xmas day truce it probably won’t be for a football match.

        2. Field Commander Richard Simmons, in his camouflage tutu, will lead both sides in an all0 night “Sweatin to the Oldies” session

        3. It will be the shortest war yet, as we have hydrogen bombs now and concurrently, a population of youths well below replacement levels for seniors. Simply put, we don’t have the bodies or preparations.

        4. That’s were the robots / drones come in.
          I never thought the Fallout universe was going to be reality, albeit 30 years sooner and without the good music.

        5. To all you current/former gamers- what do you think of this game? It freaks me out a bit bc I live in nyc(the criminals rule the city from Riker’s Island Prison, renamed Riker’s Castle):

        6. I’ve never really gotten into the present-day FPS military shooters because they are mostly depicting “necessary marital law in the US because of X disaster” events, or pretty much propaganda pieces for the US (elite) military (this may or may not be the case for “The Division”; like I said, I tend not to pay attention to the present-day FPS’s).
          At least the enemies in the trailer don’t appear to have Gadsden flags, “I’m for Trump”, or southern accents.
          “the criminals rule the city”
          They already rule the city, and they’re called politicians / progressives. 😉

        7. All too true. I knew a few dumb boys who were fans of “Cod” and later joined up, probably in no small part because Call of Duty makes you feel like an all but invincible hero who can easily mow down scores of stupid turrists and then stand behind a wall for a few seconds to recover fully from numerous bullet and shrapnel wounds.
          At the other end of absurdity, Bohemia Interactive’s Operation Flashpoint and Arma games, which their “hardcore gamer” neckbeard fans vaunt as “real simulations,” consist of mission after mission set up for failure against ten or more times your number, expecting you to pull an Audie Murphy or John Basilone over and over while forgetting the dozens of attempts in which you were shot dead by some jackass AI enemy which sees clear through foliage as if it were not coded to account for it.
          If it requires a massive propaganda campaign to convince you to believe or do something, then that should raise a red flag just like feminism and the “Single moms are better” campaign.
          I do not recommend video games for any alt-right man or his children, but at least the absurdist Mario, Sonic, and such games had no junk food to sell or Jew agenda to push like Talmudvision, Disney movies, and Modern Military Shooters; and they were smarter games to boot.

        8. The lightning rod always seems to be the GTA franchise, and its an over the top farce. Why no protests about the CoD games?

  7. Lol, doesn’t matter who you support, the elites are still in control. People who are top hating on him might be a part of the act. Even if he won, will he do what he says and how much change If he tried?

  8. We should all thank the gods we swear by that the Secret Service are doing their job as ably as they are—probably because they understand that in Trump they have a candidate both worth defending and genuinely under threat.
    Moving on:
    The “Sanders supporters” were false flags. Sanders himself is a red herring, the gadfly allowed to run against Clinton in the primary to provide the illusion of choice.
    The elite who bankrolled Chicago’s professional hell-raisers want Huma Abedin—using Hillary Clinton, an increasingly demented old woman dying of liver failure, as her puppet—to be President at almost any cost. What support Sanders has is from white men still unable to bring themselves to vote for Trump. The cat ladies and their ghetto-trash bulls all vote for Hillary.

    1. I suspected this, but reading it has made it clearer in my mind and I believe you 100%

    2. Is it just me or were the guys protecting him look super slow and clumsy for being regarded as the world’s best security team?

    1. And not just your run-of-the-mill slimy leftist jews. Jew neocuckservatives of the media want a piece of the action. Like Ben Shajewo.

  9. Assassinating Trump would be a very foolish and miscalculated move by the establishment. That would force the silent majority of US citizens who vote for him into violent insurrection, seeing as they are no longer given any political solutions. As well as making Trump a martyr.
    A corrupt elite, 40m americans on food stamps, a crumbling economy and currency, civil tensions, an overstretched and demoralised army, a migratory invasion from latin countries. This is strangely starting to resemble the collapse of the Roman Empire.
    If the political status quo is maintained and the economic situation is not addressed soon, it’s not an exaggeration to claim that the great USA could be tiptoeing into civil war or at least into very very violent unrest. And i say this with no pleasure or glee btw.

    1. The American people will never start a violent insurrection.
      That is pure fantasy. Most people are far too busy working and getting on with their lives to ever think of doing something like that.

      1. They didn’t look too busy when they were punching each other in Chicago and Kansas. As i said i don’t take pleasure in saying this but i base my assumptions on facts and those are that your (i’m assuming you’re from US) nation is ideologically divided, your elites are privileged assholes and your economy is a ticking time bomb (look into it). It’s not a healthy situation, killing trump will just stoke the fire and if history has showed us anything it’s that “ never say never”. So heads up.

      2. They won’t be violently insurrection, they will be defending their women from Muslim hordes and their property from endless taxes as all jobs are shipped overseas.

        1. Why defend wives? They are Women. They are Strong. Let them defend themselves. Why, they can even open doors for themselves, you dirty chauvinist pigs. We men will all convert to Islam and get in on the gangraping. The Muslim Paradise sounds better than the Christian heaven, anyway. Sort of a Jehovahs Witness New World with unlimited submissive, subservient pussy, or boys for those of you so inclined. Goat nannies for the “safe sex” guys.

        2. In Islam the average man is even more fucked… the top men hog all the women as wives and the sexual inequality is worse than anything the West has.

      3. It only takes a relatively small fraction. the American revolution never had anywhere near 50% support among the colonist.

        1. Supposedly about 5% of the adult male population at the most, when it looked like the revolutionaries were winning.
          When the British “recruiters” (conscriptors) went out to collect young men, the mountain people shot at them. When the American revolutionary “recruiters” went to do the same, they were shot at, too. With “as-salt” (“a-” = not + “salt” = what Roman troops were paid with) rifles.

    2. Dmitri Orlov has a good piece on the five stages of collapse over at Cluborlov. Also an excellent article on Post Soviet Lessons For a Post American Ce ntury.

    1. A bunch of republicans holding a secret strategy meeting is one thing but when it also includes senior Apple, Google, FaceBook executives then it becomes a bit more sinister. Online news is now big business and has big influence on forming peoples views (especially the under 35s) and also its ability to promote certain news stories more than certain other stories. We have Mark Zuckerberg on record as agreeing to censor FB to prevent unfavorable comments regarding European immigration. I don’t doubt at all that these tech leaders will do more than just make political donations to swing public opinion towards an establishment candidate.

  10. I went to Wright State back in the 80s. The theater department was populated by chubby gays in leg warmers and leotards. When the weather improved they would go out on the “quad” and do interpretive dance.
    The Wright State University Theater Department is a regional mecca for Dayton’s suburban commuter students that are interested in the performing arts. Many corporations use Dayton as a test market to see how their products would appeal to average Americans. Local attractions include the Deeds Carillon Park and the US Air Force Museum. “Bob Evans”, a local restaurant chain featuring home-style breakfast foods, is popular there. Comedian Jonathan Winters was from Dayton. As was Paul
    Dunbar, famed black poet, who went to high school with the Wright Brothers.

    1. One summer I worked as a bouncer for a local disco joint which featured acts by “Dow and Astrid” a comedy duo. Dow had also attended the Wright State theatre program and worked the Trolley Stop in the historic district where he livened his act with local bluegrass and folk riffs. He had a song “50 Ways to Kill Your Lover” with lyrics “Hit her with a bus, Gus. Shoot in the head, Fred. Stick her face in the fan, Sam” etc etc.
      He would dress in an ape costume and stumble around the stage to the tune of “2001, A Space Odyssey” until he found a guitar, then after sniffing and shaking it would start belting out black Delta blues interspersed with jokes. Or he would put on an old man mask and tell old people jokes (“She told the cop I assaulted her. I said what am I being charged with Assault With a Dead Weapon? ta-doom-tish I mean she’s so ugly..(the crowd yells “How ugly is she?”)…etc etc).
      Inevitably someone would show up yelling about how they were going to get rich with Amway. So he did a skit to the tune of Sinatra’s “My Way” where he would dress up as a nerd singing “What is a Nerd? What has he got?” with the refrain “What’s more than this? I’m selling Amway” which the crowd drunkenly sang along with.
      As for the bouncer gig I squared off with a few drunks and struck some dramatic “karate” poses but fortunately it never came to fisticuffs. I boned a waitress in the parking lot after work one night though.

  11. its look like a gender war , masculity vs femenism , where the masculate want to grow and make change and the femenist want to keep the same or even put the US down , for private profit .
    Amrica need a strong leader that will be able to make a change , its dmeand self belive bravenees and leadership not like hilari that do what the elite say .

    1. Strangely enough, the feminists actually think they’re on the side of progress

  12. When the Tea Party was so fiercely attacked by the Republicans I was suspicious about a lot of things we are so easily fed. Then I watched the candidates elected during that movement either drop those Tea Party values (smaller government, lower taxes) once they were in, or be marginalized by their own party for trying to stick to their principles.
    Now I am convinced there is simply the “political elite” and Democrat/Republican are facades paraded in front us “common sheep” like some circus to keep us divided and easier to control.
    If nothing else, events related to ROK and now around Trump and this election cycle have put the truth of massive manipulation right out in the public spotlight for those who are willing to look.
    The question will be how many are willing to break their chains and how many will decide that its easier to go along with whatever the Wardens ration out?

    1. I’ll toss these chains off. If I do it alone, even you red pills will call me crazy just like Elliott Rodgers.

  13. Was alive in 1968 when radical leftists rioted at the Democratic convention in Chicago. Richard Nixon won the election. In 1972 they did it again at the Republican convention, scene of much wild public behavior and lawlessness. Nixon won by a landslide. Also that year a crew-cut Aurthur Bremer shot candidate George Wallace and ended his campaign. At that time and you probably can’t imagine it but long hair was a big deal so nobody was paying attention to conservative-looking Bremer lurking near the candidates until he plugged Wallace. I think he was spotted at a Nixon rally as well.

    1. I was thinking the same things about these news stories. I’m not comparing Trump to Wallace but I am saying there seems to be a similar pattern. The disruption of the Chicago rally echoes the 1968 convention. And then there is the Goldwater pattern. Mitt Romney’s dad teamed up with Rockefeller and undermined Goldwater.
      History repeats itself but mofos don’t listen.

      1. And what’s with chicks these days all wearing those infernal horn-rim glasses my dad wore when he was an analyst for Encorpera Defense Systems back in the early 60s?

  14. this guy was released paying $3,000 and spending a few hours in jail, and for many people is a hero. the only thing the elites need to do now is let the propaganda do its job and wait for the next attempt

  15. Not surprised, the equalists has always used eliminationist rhetoric against the right, especially in the West – they celebrate every time a rightist dies
    That’s why there really are no innocent leftists

    1. People think they are innocent because they are childish. We tolerate too much spoiled behavior in this country, something a good spanking every now and then would have solved.
      Why do you think the lefty women all love it when I spank them?

      1. Kinda like this. I absolutely can’t believe what I’m seeing. CNN interviews the kid who rushed Trump 24 hours after the event like he’s some heroic figure.
        A couple observations: why isn’t this kid in a jail cell considering its 24 hours after what he did? And secondly, listen to this kid: this is the scary mindset of today’s college educated. They see everything through the prisim of (bogus) racism and think they have legitimate right to incite violence and silence anyone they don’t like.

        1. One of them in another thread is trying to tell me I am schizophrenic, lol. Regular Soviet comissar behavior from the elite and their foot soldiers. In a healthy america, he would be tried for subverting the democratic process, a form of treason.

        2. It’s absolutely unbelievable. A man rushes at a presidential candidates, wrestles with Secret Service agents, gets arrested, and the next day he sits in the woods for a lengthy, fawning interview with CNN?!
          This is the clearest evidence we have that the powers have unified to stop Trump. Mind-boggling. Our mainstream press is no better than TASS, or whatever excuse for “news” they have in North Korea.

        3. @No Ma’am-awesome post, thanks for link. I cannot BELIEVE how much CNN has now jumped the shark. This is like the Black Lives Matter protesters who shamelessly bullied the elderly Bernie Sanders and stole his mic and podium. This guy should be in jail for a long long time. If it had been Hillary he would probably be dead right now….

        4. I was in disbelief when I found this on CNN last night. Absolutely cannot believe that 1) the kid’s not in jail and 2) CNN rewards him with national interview less than 24 hours post incident.
          And look at the journalist. Trying to hold back smiles in a few frames as the kid speaks like he’s some heroic icon. After seeing this I truly fear we will see a Robert Kennedy moment at a Trump Rally. The media is all out encouraging it.

        5. All seriousness who watches CNN? In the words of the late, great Patrice O’neal ” that shiit is unwatchable”.

    2. “If you can’t shame them into silence goad them into violence”
      is a well documented – agent provocateur – tactic of the Far Left.
      [Don’t take the bait.] JUST KEEP CALM AND VOTE TRUMP!

      1. Trump is a longtime Democrat who supports practically the same agenda as Hellary, Obumma, Soros and the rest of the Democrat establishment.
        He started his campaign as a JOKE. He tried acting for a while and loves it.
        His “Tea-Party” sounding rhetoric is all for show to draw the votes. If he is elected president, expect his actual policies to be somewhat disguised support for the Liberal-Progressive agenda. Any apparent opposition will be designed to fail.
        Do you “Second-Amendment” fans really think this New York Establishment member wants all of the rustics, riff-raff, hoi polloi, Great Unwashed types to have guns?
        Tell me, what would happen if he is the Respublican candidate running against Hellary, Warren, Bernie, or whatever the Democrat candidate turns out to be, and then “had to” withdraw “for health reasons,” “for the sake of his family,” whatever?

        1. LOL
          Hillary supporters say he’s a far right xenophobic, woman hating, ego maniac.
          Cruse supporters say he’s a liberal leftist stooge who’s secretly working for Hillary.
          He says… They are both professional politicians who have sold their souls for special interest dollars and will say and do anything to secure their place on the political gravy train.
          I know who I believe.
          Vote Trump and make America great again

  16. This is an enlightening article, and is relatable to any ROK members who wanted to attend the ROK Meetups.
    Regardless of whether or not this was a plant (even Trump himself could have set this up), what is clear is the reaction by the MSM.

  17. Undoubtedly they would be filled with glee if this happened, but this only underlines how truly stupid they are.
    Donald Trump would be 100 times more powerful and useful to the radical right as a martyr. If he was taken down by some irate Bernie supporter or BLM activist, can you imagine the reaction? Reprisals would follow suit and the USA would quickly become the Balkans, except this time there is nobody to come in and save the day for the ‘Albanians’.

    1. IDK man westerners are as neutered as you can get. Trump gets killed, “boo hoo I feel so bad. I hope another man comes along to lead my sorry sackless ass” and nothing fuckin happens. They have no balls. The white race will die, not with a bang, but a whimper.

  18. Okay, can we have the discussion NOW about the urgent need to revoke George Soros’s American citizenship, confiscate his wealth and kick his ass out of the country?

  19. Donald Trump is a business man, and one of his businesses is show business. To say that Donald Trump is not part of the establishment is silly because he is a billionaire and rubs shoulders with the elite. He IS the elite which is why his show has been able to go on for so long.
    If you look at this family and who his kids are married to, you cannot seriously tell us that Donald Trump is somehow different and will save America.
    The establishment is not trying to bring him down, he is part of the establishment and he is using the election campaign to increase his ratings ($$$) and give off the impression that there is some kind of a democratic process in place where anybody can become president.
    I have a lot of respect for the man, but I don’t for one second believe that he actually WANTS to become president. He has always been the big boss, why the hell would he want to become somebody else’s puppet!

    1. It all comes down to good ole high school style cliques. After all, any organization such as the GOP or the old Communist parties will have their power groups fighting for power. Even the Nazis for a while had Rommel’s SS and Rohm’s SA vying for power. Let’s not forget not long ago it was Ted Cruz in Trump’s shoes. That’s why I’m not voting. I’m not trusting neither the Canuck anchor baby nor the spoiled New Yawker. You guys vote but you guys are the ones picking up the pieces.

        1. Good call. Must have been the double m’s. The fuck was I thinking. Yet my point stands. Don’t you dare take that away from me jerk! 🙂

    1. I don’t ally with Trump in any way, shape, or form, but the similarities are uncanny with the ROK protest. These are marked steps to a wonderful autocracy.

        1. On the ground, many of the people in Chicago, either have blanket statements that show they were programmed well or have no party affiliation at all. A cliche statement listed without qualms is “you don’t understand the issues”. This is not to say the media didn’t use us well. They definitely did and sadly we couldn’t do a damn thing but turn back. But amongst all that it revealed it showed that many social tools with public stock are in fact media controlled tools. Facebook comes to mind.
          By no means was our defeat a loss but a detailing of not only how right many of the articles here are, but a sign as to where things are heading. As long as liberals man the helm, and I hate the term because the conservatives currently operate the same, we are on the freight train to a totalitarian state controlled by the six families who run everything else in the world. As an interesting twist, what seems an odd bastion of hope is that solidarity can be found on the internet which markedly leads to real world movements. As long as we announce two moves here and enact three we can still be one step ahead of this madness.

  20. I am a Ted Cruz supporter because he is the only real conservative in the race. With all these attacks on Trump calling him a fascist, a nazi, a racist, and a bigot, I now support Trump. These libtards shut down rallies of people they do not agree with. That is in violation of the first amendment. Trump has a right to freedom of speech regardless of whether you support it or not. I think we (right-winger and other nationalists) need to come together to support Trump. We are in the midsts of the fight of our generation

  21. All the mainstream European outlets are the same, especially anything controlled by Murdock, like Sky News and the London Times. Trump is a cheap thug and a showman demagogue and now he’s being increasingly portrayed in the same light as Adolf Hilter and 1930s Germany.
    Sky News for example covering the riot in Chicago the other night constructed and framed the news story in the following manner:-
    Intro:- Voice-over of Reporter stating that this was the “latest event in which Donald Trump used hate filled speeches to cause a riots among his supporters”- Not true as he never even made it to the podium to speak.
    Clips then of Trump supporters spitting and punching a “small group of peace activists”- Not true that they were “peace activists” when clearly a group of 5000 Sander supporters caused the agitation and 5000 is hardly a small group, is it?
    Then an interview with a black male “peace activist” who said that Trump supporters called him a nigger and spat on him and he’s then viewed, saying, that “Trump must be stopped at all costs”
    It was interesting that not a single Trump supporter was interviewed so as to be “balanced” something the left wing media always choke themselves upon, but, not in this case.
    It’s clear the elite want him dead before he wins the election and they’ll use the usual SJW nuts to carry out their dirty deed over the coming weeks. No doubt the assassin will be some deranged negro with “mental health issues”, so neat isn’t it.
    Well, if the elites do this, they just might provoke a new civil war in the States as it will show everyone that the conspiracy really is the truth.

  22. The elites have nothing left but violence now. Their legacy media and narrative generators are being dismantled at lighting fast speed. The usual cabal of talking head supporters in print, radio and TV have failed, or are in the process of failing, to shape opinion. Hollywood and its players have been exposed as the source of culture rot.
    Regardless of your position on Trump, we can now all see the globalist agenda stark naked in front of us. Trump has awoken the patriots, hes making it ok to be a shitlord. He has pulled the curtain back to show us the uni-party in action.
    Because the elites are on the last page of their playbook ie: violence, unrest, agitators, martial law…it is incumbent for redpill men to put aside trivialities and prepare in earnest for the coming storm. Preparing locally is an excellent start.
    Get angry, get skilled, get aware.

      1. You’re not wrong to want to reclaim your nation brother, but temper that excitement with wisdom. Whats coming is not going to be pretty, easy or even easily defined.
        I’m not pretending to be a tough guy. History proves that collapse, war and revolutions can make tough men cry. It won’t be an event that happens spontaneously or ends decisively. It will take real courage to make a stand when you’re unsure if anyone has your back…or if they will follow through on their promise of courage.
        Find allies, get skilled in tactical training, emergency medicine, counter surveillance / surveillance, lockpicking, tactical driving, gunsmithing, food prep, map reading..etc etc. These are the skills for the new era. Hope we never have to use them, but I suspect the power brokers won’t allow for a peaceful revolution.
        God speed brother.

        1. Thanks for this list. It’s wierd, I’m not skilled in any of this, yet I feel excited. Idk maybe it’s the fact that it will be a time to eff over the local leftist (aka just check out your fb friends list) .
          Something deep inside about getting revenge if you know what I mean.
          It’s just emotionally hard to know that people you are “friends” with are so blatantly corrupted and brainwashed.

  23. As much as I like the guy, I have a stinking feeling that Trump may be one of the elite and they are just using his campaign as another controlled opposition movement to seek and destroy our kind. You know, those that oppose globalism and jewish banksterism. The stronger he grows the more people they know who are awake and not sleeping in their lullaby of fatty foods sex entertainment and distractions. These oligarchical khazarian fiends just want their supreme control already but their main hubris is that they love to brag about their ridiculous accomplishments. Be wary of this you guys, no democracy has ever been just, its just a euphemism for shadowy power plays. It’s human nature, we desire control and no egalitarian cover-play will ever deny that biological predetermination.
    Any thoughts on this?

    1. I’ve come to realise that there is only one undeniable way to find out the truth about a person or about anything for that matter:
      Simply listen to the mainstream media and to popular opinion. Whatever they tell you, the opposite will be the truth.
      Hope that answers your question bro.

      1. for the most part yes,
        but if you think the media and powers that be don’t know how to present a good drama, with ups and down, and thrills and spills you haven’t worked out that the barrier between hollywood and the rest of the media doesn’t really exist
        having said that, I’d still like to believe he’s the real deal

        1. You’re right about the media’s ability to manipulate information but i think you’re giving them more credit than they’re worth. I think the media have become too comfortable on top of the food chain and have become careless and sloppy in the way they’re treating the Trump campaign. Every media outlet in the world is anti-trump from Conan to Al-Jazeera (except for the Russians). I don’t see what the establishment has to gain by propping up a candidate which creates so much popular unrest and dissent. On the other hand I have major doubts about Sanders. I do believe Trump is an independent force but whether he delivers his promises that’s another matter. I don’t usually trust official stories but not everything has to be a conspiracy.

        2. I don’t think its a conspiracy either, but there is a crisis of democracy insofar as people feel that elections don’t represent their will but that of the lobby groups ie big money. Democracy works whether its real or fake only if people believe it works. If a successful trump candidacy led to a belief in people power popular dissent could be ‘ridden’ if trump could be relied upon not to rock the boat too much. I don’t think that is the case but its not inconceivable. People are contra-suggestible when they’re angry, and the powers that be may be wary of being seen to impose an establishment pre-approved candidate ie it could be a late in the day strategy rather than ‘planned all along’. Many media organisations moreover do get instructions from above – proven in Germany for instance so who knows. It doesn’t really matter because if Trump wins people will believe what they want to believe anyway.
          I remember back in 2008 I thought Obama represented a popular groundswell: people power in action. Horowitz them exposed him as a George Soros candidate. Obviously Trump has financial freedom unlike Obama but still he’s a businessman and establishment in his own right. Either way I hope he wins

        3. I agree, it’s not inconceivable. But as well as having all the planets aligned in your favour you would also have to be a political maestro to pull off something so elaborate. With the 2008 Obama deceit which you rightly mention, i think the media and establishment have used their last card. And although you still have a large number of idiots, most people will no longer be easily fooled this time around. Throw in a festering economy and the establishment now has a very toxic situation on their hands. Anyway i also believe he’s a businessman and a pragmatist first, not a politician. So either way i also hope he wins.

        4. I agree with that. If it was anything other than that I’d say it it would be more a case of on the hoof improvisation rather than anything planned from beforehand, but the situation here – and Trump himself – seems like the real deal. One way or another the establishment has been taken aback by the strength of anti-establishment sentiment

    2. Here’s my view:
      If Trump wins, and does a lousy job, America is screwed.
      If Trump wins, and does a good job, America is screwed, but I’ve gained a few years of additional preparation.
      If Trump loses, America is screwed.

        1. It’s like when Woody Allen wrote a satirical commencement speech in 1979:
          “More than at any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly. I speak, by the way, not with any sense of futility, but with a panicky conviction of the absolute meaninglessness of existence which could easily be misinterpreted as pessimism.”

  24. Evidently since Americans or rather Trump supporters talk the talk but won’t walk the walk, let’s repeal the 2nd Amendment. To them, it’s like the whiner kid that wants a bike, gets it, never uses it and whines because his parents are going to take it away from him. Make America great again? Nope.

  25. If it’s successful and there’s no backlash, America (and Western Civilization as we know it) is over.

  26. I still don’t fully trust Trump, but after I saw a bunch of Chicago hooligans blocking ambulances, shooting Mac 10s in the air, and punching older Trump supporters in the face, I’m more inclined to vote for him. Oh and Cruz/Rubio/Kasich blaming him for the violence is the most laughable thing I’ve ever heard. I expected more from Cruz, but I guess it turns out that he’s no different from any other Harvard lawyer.
    The media is the bigger problem though, and frankly it needs to be burned to the ground. Every last one of them. Not only are they redundant given the internet and citizen journalism, but they’re straight up dangerous at this point.

    1. I expected more from Cruz, but I guess it turns out that he’s no different from any other other Harvard lawyer.

      This. It’s insane to me how so many, seemingly intelligent people, believed Cruz was who he portrayed himself to be. He was a corporate lawyer for Christ’s sake. They literally lie for a living.

      1. You know Gerald Celente? He calls Harvardprincetonyale “the axis of evil”…

      2. Like “Honest Abe” Lincoln, the railroads’ lawyer? The “Great Emancipator,” who supported the Corwin Amendment, the second proposed “13th Amendment,” which would have, if ratified, have made chattel slavery permanent throughout the USA? Whose governmental headquarters city, Washington, was slave territory through most of the “Civil War?” Whose “Emancipation Proclamation” didn’t free one single slave, as it exempted all territory occupied by the Union?
        An item of interest: the “Corwin Amendment” is still sitting there, with a couple of ratifications, awaiting a day when it might be useful.
        Please note that ratification of a proposed constitutional amendment does not require actual ratification by the requisite number of states. All that is required is for some federal functionary, currently the Chief Archivist, to declare it ratified. That’s how the “13th,” “14th,” “16th” and “17th” amendments became declared ratified, “and for all intents and purposes, to become part of the Constitution on an equal footing with the Constitution.” (from memory: paraphrased)

  27. I was at the Chicago rally. It was clear that they were planning to rush the stage. They may have gotten away with it had they been able to restrain themselves until Trump arrived.
    I think there can be no question that Trumps life is in danger at this point. I honestly wasn’t all that impressed with the secret service and TSA (yes, THAT TSA was there checking bags) operations. And I’m not at all convinced that the saboteurs weren’t let in deliberately by UIC staff.
    Trumo needs to beef up his security and we all need to attend every rally possible and be prepared to stand in the way of would be assassins. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  28. Is The American Establishment Trying To Get Donald Trump Assassinated?
    No. They are simply fooling you.
    Never heard of false opposition? Never heard of the phrase that best way to defeat the opposition is to lead it? Read this:
    Banker Plot to Remove FDR Was a Ruse.

    1. That’s a good model of Sanders. Not so much Trump.
      Hitler was in the bankers’ back pocket too. That’s why nothing was done to stop him until it was almost too late. Huey Long and George Wallace were their own men. That’s why Long was murdered and Wallace crippled.

      1. Sanders is an internationalist, Hitler was an ultra-nationalist. get your facts right.

  29. The real question is: Will all of this stop Trump getting the Republican nomination?

  30. There you go. Trump already has issued a challenge to Sanders via Twitter. Of course Gawker is only half right as SJWs are also prone to threats themselves and even carrying out violence. Lol fucking Americans (sigh).
    At least I’ll give leftists credit. They do it without guns. Wonder if Trumpers will do the same.

  31. Just Twettered at Bernie’s Twitter account asking him to disavow Thomas Dimassimo. Why not? Twitter’s always good for rational discussino.

    1. Yes. And? Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Very occasionally women talk sense in spite of themselves.

  32. I didn’t support Trump because this rhetoric about building a taller wall with Mexico won’t work. They already do tunnel under walls and use boats/submarines to go around it. Only jailing people that hire illegals will work, the elites won’t allow any discussion of that.
    And banning Muslims won’t work because Canada won’t do likewise, so terrorist can just walk across the border. He is just playing to the emotions of low information voters.
    But now I support Trump because he will eventually jail all the protesters shutting down free speech and free assembly. If he doesn’t get assassinated first.

        1. Yes, in all directions. And the wall just got another ten feet taller.
          Globalist cabal all over the world should be thrown in jail. #ArrestSoros

    1. Canada relies on the US for everything. They say they’ll let the Muslims across; let them starve with sanctions and armed border guards for half a year. The spoiled brats will change their tune.
      I am sure Trump will take the tunneling issue into consideration and find an economically feasible solution. He understands without soveriegnty there is no point to a nation or citizenship.

  33. Francisco Franco put The Left in their place for decades. We should be so lucky.

  34. Have to marvel at the irony that the leftist/social justice crowd claiming to champion “peace” is invariably the more violent and reactionary when compared to the right. Not to mention factually and intellectually dishonest. I’m certainly no fan of Trump, but he’ll do over Hillary or Bern.

  35. They think Trump supporters are angry now; if they kill him and parade around they will sink this country into sectarian violence. Most of them will not survive.

      1. You both are way too spendy. Me, I just think of lampposts and my day brightens.

  36. I think, in desperation, their (establishment) tactics are becoming a tad too obvious to a keen observer; while the rest, no matter how indoctrinated and oblivious, are beginning to catch on too. Media’s been given the benefit of a doubt by default until recently, but once they’ve fallen out of your average Joe’s good graces, there’s no way of winning that wafer-thin layer of trust back.

  37. Excellent reporting. Thank you for doing the diligence to see through the media bullshit. What will happen if Trump is not elected? At the very least the status quo will remain and ultimately that is bad for America, a once proud nation. All because one candidate with a loud mouth won’t be bought by media elites because he wants to do good for his country. He put the smack down on the other candidates let’s see if he can do it to his true enemies as well.

  38. “repare yourself by building a strong, local tribe of men because if the elites are successful in eliminating Trump, the resulting fire may engulf the entire nation.”
    I kinda doubt that. If the elites remove Trump then it will be business as usual.

  39. ive been saying for a while now, the only way for us to know if trump is not a puppet is if hes assassinated. i guess were gonna find out soon

  40. If it goes to a Brokered Convention, and the Candidate with the most delegates isn’t chosen (Trump) and some oddball candidate like Kasich or Romney is chosen as the GOP presidential nominee, I will probably not Vote at all, it’s Really disgusting the Establishment would even hint to usurping the will of the people by placing in a candidate of their choosing instead of who the people Clearly want. If it happens , I probably won’t vote, and I may Change my political affiliation to Independent, and I’ll start to believe the “Your Vote doesn’t Matter” crowd. God Bless Trump, and May God keep Trumps campaign safe.

  41. It’s time to get behind Trump, and Support Trump, all you other guys who like other GOP candidates, your candidates put in a Good fight, but it’s over for them. Realistically Ted, Marco, Kasich, don’t have a chance in hell to beat Trump, and the only thing those three candidates are now, are stumbling blocks for the will of the American people, if everybody continues to support a candidate other than Trump in the GOP, then the remaining Delegates will not go to the candidate with the most Delegates (Trump) and there will be a Brokered Convention, and at the Brokered Convention the Establishment will choose who they want…even if Trump has the Most Delegates at the Brokered Convention (which he will the way things are Playing out, Realistically) the Establishment can still choose who they want, completely Usurping the Will of the People. So for guys who are not Supporting Trump, and are supporting other GOP candidates, you have to ask yourself,…will continuing to support your candidate Realistically accomplish anything (does your candidate Realistically have a chance) and if not, then the small, little victories that your candidate may win for the remainder of the primaries , small wins, not enough to beat Trump but just enough to disperse the Remaining Delegates so it defaults to a Brokered Convention, you have to ask yourself, Do you want Trump? or Do you want who the Establishment wants to choose for you?

    1. Initially, I wasn’t for Trump but seeing the reaction of the Establishment tells me he is a threat to established order.
      2016 is going to be the threshold; it’s Trump or bust.

  42. Establishment is afraid of any independent candidate. I heard on Infowars today that Cruz is hiring Bush’s people. I liked Cruz on 2nd amendemnt, but he does not need to be prez. Trump is best choice

  43. Just out of curiosity, does anyone think the right might ever manage to take Chicago? It’s a liberal oasis surrounded by right-wingers the moment you’re out of the suburbs, so it wouldn’t be hard to get a significant number of people to move to the city and displace the liberals.

    1. Big money to get into Cook county if you don’t want to live in a warzone or appartment. Grew up there in the 80’s. No chance.

  44. Does anybody else find it absolutely hilarious that NYC mayor Bill de FAGsio labeled Trump a “racist” when his anti-police rhetoric and cucking of his coal shoot to “reverend” Al Sharpton has led to the blood of innocent NYPD officers spilling in the streets?

  45. If they kill him we’re all going to know it was them. The group behind this recent incident was funded by soros. I hope they know this. Too many people are awake. A trump hit can’t be played off by a pansy. If they do this, shit, I can see things getting bad.

    1. And there is NO way Sanders’ campaign is behind this. He’s too decent for these kinds of dirty tricks. This has Clinton written all over it. Just be sure to give the punks Sanders T-shirts.

      1. Sanders is an awful, horrible excuse of a human being and is above none of this. The man didn’t even get his first paycheque until he hit the age of 40. He’s a terrible person.

        1. Because right, that’s the only alternative. I’m not a Democrat so it’s not either-or in this situation. Clinton is an awful witch as well. See? I can intensely dislike them *both*! How strange is that, right?

        2. Reports are already leaking out that this is a Clinton/Soros plot. And Sanders held a number of jobs after graduating from college in 1964. He returned to NYC and worked as a head start teacher, psychiatric aide and carpenter. In 1968 he moved to VT and worked as a carpenter, filmmaker and writer who sold film strips and other educational materials to schools. He didn’t turn 40 until 1981. So unless he was working as a slave, he was earning numerous pay checks. This whole “no paycheck until 40” meme is bullshit.

  46. They made him a household name. And think of this…
    If Trump is so HORRIBLY BAD, then why does he have a real chance? That speaks more negatively about our current government as a whole than one man who never previously stepped into politics.
    I honestly have no idea how long America will last as a “strong” nation at this rate. Things have been going downhill for a while. And it all started at the top.

  47. The thing that’s really insane was that CNN gave the assassin a prime time interview and he said he “didn’t mean to harm him.”
    So rather than arrest him for a felony, they’re basically giving him a prime time interview so they can encourage more people to do it….

    1. Won’t happen. At best the country will collapse into hell and anarchy and if red pill men on a hail Mary pass emerge with a new government they might be able to institute that.

  48. Next, Marco Rubio was designated to be the GOP establishment attack dog. He switched his campaign stump speech from one that was “positive” and focused on policy to one full of goofy, juvenile attacks on Trump making fun of his hair and even the size of Trump’s hands—the implication being that Trump has a small penis.

    Is Rubio a closet homo?
    Exhibit A:
    Exhibit B:
    Exhibit C:
    [video src="" /]

    1. After examining your evidence I would be more inclined to believe that O.J. Simpson is innocent before I would believe that Marco Rubio is straight.

  49. Interesting because I saw multiple articles interviewing the attacker for him to explain his noble goals, and how trump was a bully(attacking someone isnt a bullying tactic?).

    1. Liberals call burning down cities, murdering two police officers, and calling for the death of all white people a “peaceful protest.”
      Their separation from reality is complete.

  50. You all need to start figuring out that leftists aren’t the problem as opposed to the establishment and their dark interests. This quality article further clarifies this.
    Left versus right is but a convenient polarization to effectively divide and conquer with.

    1. Ideas exist in contrast to other ideas. To equivocate “there is no difference” is a bit lazy, intellectually. The ends of their elite no doubt are the same, but the grassroots ideas people believe in are often diametrically opposed to the Left’s grassroots ideologies.

      1. It still doesn’t mean one should check his/her brain in at the door, especially when such indifference allows ideas vehemently promoted by corporate interests to thrive. That is what lazy is, in all its aspects.
        By the way, who exactly are you trying to pin the words “there is no difference” on?

  51. Say what you will about Alex Jones, but Roger Stone (former head of Trumps campaign) has been 100% correct on everything he’s predicted so far.

  52. Trump is part of the Establishment. He was golfing buddies with Bill Clinton for crying out loud.
    Bill probably pushed him to run. It’s the perfect narrative: macho tough guy beats Republicans, and is taken down by the first female President.
    Seems like many ‘red-pillers’ here need a red pill for politics.
    And for an alpha-male, Trump sure is a thin-skinned drama queen.

  53. If the Dems had any sense (yes, I realize they don’t have any) they’d get out of the way and let The Donald get the nomination, and hope he self-immolates in the general campaign, and probably drag a lot of down-ticket GOP pols down with him. Yes I would vote for Trump in a heartbeat if Clinton gets the nomination (and he might actually do well against someone as flawed and unpleasant as her) but the demographics are against him. The Dems are guaranteed 246 EVs even if they run SpongeBob SquarePants. Still, it all depends on turnout.

  54. Non-American here. From everything I know about how the world works, and from what I’ve seen and learned about the elite, the sham of democracy, and American elections (not saying any other countries’ aren’t just as rigged), I would honestly not be surprised if they kill Trump if there’s no other way to stop him from getting into the oval office. It may even happen after he gets in.
    If that day ever comes, it will be a stark and harsh reminder that no-one is beyond their reach and they truly will kill to have their precious plans come to fruition. You need look no further than what happened to poor JFK, who stood up to the Federal Reserve in the past.
    Doom and gloom aside, I truly hope we see him elected, and that he can make a difference. The morale of a hell of a lot of the American people is riding on it. Get those votes in, lads.

  55. The coordination of the media on “Trumps rhetoric causes violence” made me think of #gamergate who suffered the same kind of indignity as Trump and Roosh.

  56. I love how the media is trying to make it Donald Trump’s fault that black people go to his rallies and act out like children. But when black people loot, rob, and riot, because 24 hour news coverage won’t stop telling them it’s always the cops’ fault and never their own, then it’s just somehow ‘righteous’ anger against the system. Black people are the media’s pawns.

    1. BlackLiesMatter is a professional group of agitator funded by multiple wealthy Jews, including George Soros.
      The media sites that praises BLM, while refusing to talk about their wave of violence and the calls to kill all cops, kill all white people? Jewish-owned.
      The media trying to portray Trump as the next Hitler, and thus any violence against him or his followers is justified? (Which has been a great deal of…) Jewish-owned.
      How long do we go before we stop pretending it is simply a coincidence?

  57. A man who tried to attack a presidential candidate was released in less than an hour on bond for only two misdemeanor charges, then appeared on CNN for an interview the next day. Portrayed as a victim, of course, and a hero for daring to fight back against Führer der Wall.

    1. I know his parents’ address for anyone interested. Perhaps someone can have a little ‘talk’ with him when he returns home after graduation.

      1. His parents may have been the ones pulling strings to get him released so quickly without any real charges. One of them has some political stroke, I’ve been told.
        I doubt they care. If they haven’t disowned him for being an openly anti-white BlackLiesMatter member discipline isn’t something of a priority for them. (By his own Twitter page he hates whites and will not have white friends. That’s why he joined a Jewish-funded supremacist group that goes around calling for the death of white people and cops. He’s full wigger. He talks ghetto, he acts ghetto, he’s desecrated US Flags, and he was a gudboy who dindu nuffin wrong.)

  58. This video says it all. The States are now a free space for Bolsheviks and ghetto thugs aka black lives matter. Wake up America, wake up!!!

  59. The Missouri Republican primary is on Mar 15. Trump hasn’t won it yet. MS is Mississippi, MO is Missouri.

  60. At the meeting on Jekyl Island … they decided to turn up the heat, demonize with violence, do what the brown shirts always do, threaten, bully, rage and fight. Shitcago is a lost cause so to spill blood in a city where they have more murders per day than any 3rd world hellhole was obvious choice to cancel the event. The media wanted scenes of a blood bath, they would demonize Trump with images of bloody faces etc. blamed all on trump and his supporters. They want that baby being trampled image at a trump rally and I am sure they will bus the thugs anywhere they need to accomplish this.

  61. In February of 1933, there was a serious attempt on the life of President-Elect Franklin Roosevelt, at a press conference in Miami. But it was thwarted by the shooter’s arm being jostled by a spectator in the audience. If you’re attending a Trump rally, particularly if you’re in the immediate vicinity of the candidate, maintain a degree of vigilance at all times.

    1. If someone in the audience stopped a shooter I guarantee the Jewish media would still run headlines about how a “peaceful protester” was attacked by violent Trump supporters…

  62. Trump is the outsider, he comes to break the cycle, he is basically Daenerys and the other politicians are the families who want the iron throne.

  63. I think they are trying to get rid of him and I think Trump better have the finest body guards, body armour and a gun with lots of ammo. The man will never be safe until his enemies are 6 feet under.

  64. The establishment want Hillary. Her friend Trump’s run was designed to polarise in order to get out the whole Democrat-inclined vote, which outnumbers the Republican-inclined one Now Sanders has got more traction than expected and a vote-splitting independent run may be viable, agent provocateurs are being used in his name against Trump to reiterate that he is an extremist who attracts thug followers, as is Trump, and thus make Hillary look like the moderate’s choice.

  65. “The Elite will not permit Trump to become President”
    The elite don’t have a choice, if he wins the nomination and we want him, he gets in, if there is funny business expect mass chaos

    1. A semi-secret organization of Jewish billionaires in control of almost all media can easily fund (another) assassin. They won’t even have to make another trip back to their private island to discuss it.
      CNN was already slobbering on the first attacker’s dick and praising him as a hero. The lying Jew has convinced entire riotous mobs from the left that violence and destruction is a noble endeavour because they’re “going to be killing a tyrant dictator.”
      There will be blood. The Jew laughs and rubs its hands as it gears up to profit on the stupid goy, while they remain blameless.

  66. Did Trump secretly purchase ReturnofKings or something? I’m seeing a lot of fanboy like support of him, as if he was the second coming of Christ.
    The article doesn’t make mention of the fact Trump bragged about his establishment support he was receiving as of late. So while the GOPEST does have an issue with his unpredictable nature, he is HARDLY the outsider he attempts to pass himself off as, especially given how cozy a relationship he has with the Clintons, Schumers, and Obama’s of the world.
    A vote for Trump is a vote for more of the same status quo bullshit we at ROK are vehemently opposed to.
    I stand for Ted Cruz, i have vetted him throughly and i support him for President. I’ll debate anyone who thinks they can prove Trump the more worthy candidate.
    Bring it.

    1. Only a few ROK writers are on Trump’s payroll. 🙂
      But seriously…
      If Cruz sticks to everything he has promised, I’d take him over Kasich, Rubio, & Hillary. But I don’t see Romney, Paul Ryan, the WSJ, NYT, MoveOn, Hillary, Bern, Obama, and BLM attacking Cruz. Pretty much the entire GOP pundit class as well. And cuckservative central, National Review, just endorsed Ted.
      I’m sticking with the guy who is being attacked by all the forces of hell.

      1. Dude, Cruz is being attacked so hard you’d think he was the devil himself. The Rinos in the GOP actually prefer Trump to him because by his own words he is negotiable. They can deal with that, they can’t deal with someone that stands on those annoying “values” things they keep hearing about.
        Fox news ignores him, the left attacks him viciously with smear stories, the Trump people lie about him in order to cost him votes and so forth.
        Cruz is the real deal. His record is impressive.
        Trump stands for too much progressive philosophy and he is way too cozy with the left to do anything to change the system.

        1. Daniel, if Cruz gets the nomination, I will vote for him in the general. If Trump gets the nomination, will you vote for him in the general?
          Check out the article on Patriarchal Nationalism. I am interested in your opinion.

        2. No. I won’t vote for Trump period. I’m done voting for Rinos. Dole and Bush jr caused me to waste a vote on them…never again.
          I wrote in Jesus last time when i was given the presidential choice between bamboo finger stick torture in the form of Romney and a shotgun blast to the head in the form of obama.
          I am not just #NeverTrump i am #NeverRinosPeriodEver!

  67. This is a great write up cos yes it is true if someone comes at Trump – it’s air time for the dude, they talk about how he is just fed up with Trump’s RACIST talk.
    So sick of this one sided show about how Trump isn’t a candidate but a Reality TV host (not a business man who has been on top for a while), unlike how Arnie was an Actor and made Gov, unlike Jesse Ventura who was a Pro Wrestler, Actor and Navy SEAL, unlike Reagan who was an actor and all were leaders and most did alright during their times.
    The silent majority will just sit and wait for our moment to strike (Vote Trump) and turn this around. Hell even the leftist US media is now conceding that Europe wants the refugees to go home and are being a problem. NOW they are saying it, but in hushed tones.

  68. Then a silence came to the river,
    A hush fell over the shore,
    And Bohs that were brave departed,
    And Sniders squibbed no more;
    For the Burmans said
    That a white man’s head
    Must be paid for with heads five-score.

  69. Maybe the media says he causes violence because he literally tells his supporters to attack hecklers. Just saying.

  70. Trump is close friends with the Clinton and donated close to $400K to the Democrat Party. The Establishment loves him b/c he’s mobilizing voters to get out and choose Clinton, a crappy candidate who normally wouldn’t win, but people will rally around b/c they dislike Trump.

  71. The progressive herd isn’t able to tell good from bad. They won’t be happy until they are all made slaves of the state. Come to think of it we’re getting closer every day with the traitor in chief. The leftists continue to fight for their place at the table for free cow pie cookies. Got milk?

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