How The “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Controversy Proves There Is No Rape Culture In The West

The left’s assertion there is rape culture ravaging the West can now (if it weren’t already) be put to bed—courtesy of the left itself. Recently, a Minneapolis-based duet came out with a new version of the 1944 song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, rewritten to raise awareness about the issue of defining consent. The new version, written and performed by Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski, cleans and scrubs all the “rapey” grit—which is to say the romance—from Frank Loesser’s classic lyrics.

The usual suspects (Vox, HuffPost, NPR) predictably praised this “update,” then continued to analyze the original’s “explicit” and “screwed up” lyrics. Vox preambled its analysis like so: “For every think piece calling it a ‘date-rape anthem,’ there’s a corresponding ‘Oh, come on’ take about how oversensitive ‘social justice warriors’ are killing romance and seduction and taking the song’s lyrics out of context.”

Yes, you are, Vox. When you are not critical of Jay Z rapping the racial epithet-laden “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” at a Hillary Clinton rally, but jump on the bandwagon criticizing a holiday, cozy-up-by-the-fire tune for being “rapey,”  you are clearly misdirecting your sensitivities. In turn, you reveal your political agenda: piggybacking on the attack against traditional, heterosexual romance—and Christmas, too—to theorize about rape culture being alive and well in the West.

But this is about something else as well—something the song’s critics, I doubt, intended. In this trivial attempt, leftist outlets like Vox and musicians like Liza and Lemanski have inadvertently demonstrated that rape culture is not alive and well in the West. Even if it were, Vox and friends would be enablers of it, due to them carelessly conflating a serious crime with the consensual courtship of two adults in a goodnatured holiday tune.

This controversy really comes down to this weird war on Christmas.

This controversy really comes down to this weird war on Christmas.

Why this conflation? Because, as Gavin McInnes puts it, “the supply of bigotry [in the West] does not meet the demand.” As a result, cuck journalists, liberal-minded artists, and aspiring victims go to great lengths scouring and parsing remnants of our popular culture that ostensibly condone sexual assault or the oppression of women. While there is material like that in our culture, the left typically projects it onto whiteness.

Since the supply of white male awfulness isn’t large enough, petty condemnations of pop cultural artifacts like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” rear their ugly head, contributing to the ongoing systematic, weaponized attack against white people you witness in the establishment media. Furthermore, it’s another example of politically correct types trying to take the fun, the sexiness, and the joy out of seduction and all things that make men and women happy.

“I’ve always had a problem with the song [Baby It’s Cold Outside],” quibbled Lemanski. “It’s so aggressive and inappropriate.” Of course, if you watch the original clip from 1949’s Neptune’s Daughter, this “toxic masculinity”-inspired interpretation will not stack up. I won’t delve into an analysis of the scene because I would just be stating the obvious for the majority of readers. Regardless, you can watch McInnes do it brilliantly here.

Ultimately, the subtext of Vox and Lemanski’s criticisms is clear: they are disgusted by the traditions of romance, of love, of a confident man wooing a coy woman with a little derring-do. Shockingly, no’s can sometimes mean not now, but maybe if you work for it. That’s the game of love. But the left hates that. It would rather men and women be at odds with each other and take all the sexual tension out of their trysts.

This controversy, ultimately, doesn't raise awareness of social issues. It fuels contempt felt between the sexes.

This controversy, ultimately, doesn’t raise awareness about social issues. It fuels the contempt felt between the sexes.

Of course there are times when “no means no” and a man should, at that point, leave and go out into the cold. But “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is about a femme sizing up a beau’s interest in her. If you are intellectually honest and can read between the lines, you will detect that the female here wants to preserve her chastity, as if to say “I’m not easy. If you want me, you need to prove it and show me you are worth it.” When the man passes different stages of the test, the woman concedes to stay—for a moment—then she resists again. It’s a game. It’s fun. It’s romantic.

Rape culture does exist, of course: in U.S. prisonscertain countries in the Middle East; it’s been imported into parts of Europe with the migrant crisis, and at the US-Mexico border (even HuffPost admits this). But in civil society here in Canada and the United States, the majority of rapes that go public tend to be fabricated or overblown, undermining the actual victims that are raped in our countries. When rape victims come forward, accused rapists lose their jobs, are publicly shamed, and get arrested. When the evidence is there, they usually get convicted.

Leftists deep-down know this. But most of them received a degree in bitching, so they make it their duty to pick apart Western culture to validate their theories. In turn, their tireless efforts are misguided and often lead to phony criticisms such as this, causing mass hysteria in some cases. Again, this happens because the demand is not there, so sites like Vox latch onto these “controversies” like they’re the latest jihad. 

"Aggressive" masculinity at work. Ms. Leigh must hate it.

“Aggressive” masculinity at work. Ms. Leigh must hate it.

They deem it outdated that women should preserve their chastity and that men should demonstrate persistence in pursuit of her. Those two qualities are what the sexes used to admire about each other. The left, however, does not want admiration between the sexes; it wants contempt and disrespect.

Fortunately, we have desperate critiques of popular culture to remind us of this reality: the West Is, indeed, The Best. This type of social justice acrobatics, symptomatic of the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” brouhaha, ultimately disproves the Left’s assertions about rape culture in our very, very tolerant area of the world and makes our arguments against the alleged phenomenon that much stronger.

And for that—Vox, Liza, and Lemanski—thank you and Merry Christmas.

Footnote: As I write this article, my girlfriend is watching the clip from Neptune’s Daughter next to me and insisting I “do that more” to her. “Do what?” I ask, goading the expected answer from her. “Be a gentleman; show me you care,” she responds with a pout. If that’s rape, more men, including myself, should be guilty of it.

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112 thoughts on “How The “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Controversy Proves There Is No Rape Culture In The West”

  1. This piece is 100%, dyed-in-the-wool, full-throttle, fan-fucking-tastic, and I mean that sincerely. A true pleasure to read…loved the hell out of it. Bravo, sir!

  2. Baby it’s cold, even a bit too anglo-saxony for my tastes, is one of the most beautiful and charming pieces of song in cinema that really exemplify true Romance! What a leftist makes of it is gross! He sees rape, racism or colloniallism everywhere he dares set his eyes upon! They are unloved people who can have no fun and they try as hard as possible to ruin it for anyone else!

  3. In turn, you reveal your political agenda: piggybacking on the attack against traditional, heterosexual romance—and Christmas, too. . .

    Good article and merry Christmas! It still feels great to be seeing the tide beginning to turn against the cultural destruction being wrought here in the USA.
    Our biggest problem as the American people is abandoning our Christian principles. These principles inoculated us as a nation from every single cultural degeneracy we face today. As individuals our sin will continue to separate us from the victory and security we seek in America.
    Our forefathers understood, and practiced the simplistic “perfect law of liberty” known as the 10 commandments in their personal, familial, communal, and even national lives. The moral restraint and spiritual strength of character this produces is why what flies today wouldn’t have flown even in 1949. Attacks against “tradition, heterosexual romance, and Christmas” were only a wicked dream in the minds of a small minority back then due to the hearts and the minds of the people being firmly grounded in Christian principles. Now that the culture has long since been transformed to “secular” it is open season on a mostly ignorant population on matters of how to conduct moral warfare. I encourage everyone to look back to your American roots and “the rock which you were hewn and the quarry from which you were dug” to revive these principles. That’s where victory is to be found on any level.

  4. I think the ideal at this point is a man who is a concierge/caddy. And 90% of women would be cool with that.
    That song isnt creepy- you know whats creepy? A major hotel chain is planning to put those Amazon Echo thingies in every room. A mic that is on 24/7 and records everything you say? Now, THAT is creepy

    1. Well shit, back to the seedy hotels, motels and mom and pop joints that charge by the hour for my side trists, heh.

      1. They have the Amazon Iceberg Slim model for that- it only registers if you utter the words “I aint payin’”

  5. Zabba music is about knocking bitches up, beating up women, gun violence, drugs, racial epithets, etc. Libtards should worry about that.

    1. The only time anyone tried to put a halt to it was during the mid-90’s when black churches were trying to get Snoop Dog banned from the radio, going so far as to buy his albums and crush them with construction equipment. We see more how well that turned out.

      1. Never ever heard that one. But I was a kid then, and got my info from MTV News

  6. Funny fact. If somebody had doubts that the Left are the new Puritans, just check them taking the “what’s in this drink?” sentence said by the lady as some proof of some drug rape culture.
    That would remind what a Puritan would do if he heard the cliche “dear, you have bewitched me” said by a man, and then proceeded to organize an official witch-hunt. Because, you know, if she has bewitched her lover, then she must be a real Witch, and that proofs there’s Witches among us.

    1. Also note in the film that she says this after tasting HIS drink. As you face the sofa her drink is on the table to the left and his is on the table to the right. She picks up and tastes the drink on the right and asks what is in this drink. Clearly not a date rape drug if he is giving it to himself.

    2. The Puritans don’t quite deserve the bad reputation that they have. That is really more the influence of the “Victorian era” and “Pietistic Christianity”.
      The Puritans were lively and often jolly folks who knew how to have a good time (though they did go off track sometimes – like in the Salem witch trials – but the Church of Rome has a thousand years of history filled with such things).
      The Puritans weren’t against alcohol, or sex. The Puritans were actually quite strongly pro sex (within the confines of the marital union). In a Puritan church, a man could complain that his wife wasn’t putting out regularly, and she would be publically humiliated in front of the entire congregation. There are many records of church discipline for women failing to have proper relations with their husbands.

      1. Puritans were pretty straight up except for one instance in Salem when they LISTENED TO A BUNCH OF TEENAGE GIRLS.

  7. “If you are intellectually honest and can read between the lines, you will detect that the female here wants to preserve her chastity, as if to say “I’m not easy. If you want me, you need to prove it and show me you are worth it.” When the man passes different stages of the test, the woman concedes to stay—for a moment—then she resists again. It’s a game. It’s fun. It’s romantic.”
    Been hearing this thinking for decades from several cucks. When men start not only putting up with sh*t tests, but even start to enjoy them, then ultimately they create one he _can’t_ win for the fun of it. That’s what feminism ultimately is: unwinnable game. Do you enjoy mean, nasty women that also make themselves ugly to see if you REALLY want them? It’s fun!
    So these PUA’s puff up women’s egos and pretty soon 6’s demand to be treated like 9’s and the 9’s start becoming 6’s anyway.
    This is one thing I dislike about Roosh and RoK: It’s the short term thinking of the PUA’s who gripe that there’s a shortage of good women while they help to make the problem worse.

    1. It’s not the PUAs that are the main culprits in “puffing up” women’s ego. I’ll agree that there is some cognitive dissonance in someone complaining about a system they freely participate in. However, it’s primarily the excessive numbers of beta men in western society inflating women’s egos. PUAs are generally straight forward and demanding in their interactions. Betas let women do anything they want without repercussions. If women don’t have consequences for their negative behavior then they will never change.

      1. Let’s review the language exactly: “you will detect that the female here wants”
        Which is the origin of feminism which is the notion of the world revolving around what women want and blaming men for not providing it for her while she needn’t even specify what she wants (he should “detect” it)
        Of course, there are different kinds of game that even women practice (known as The Rules, it’s a game that seeks to generate insecurity in men to make him into a slobbering dog to serve her needs.)
        PUA’s have a variety of game, as you know, and one of them is directness. If she tries to shame him with “You’re trying to sleep with me, aren’t you?” and he responds “of course”, that’s a great shit test response. Heck, I use this kind of “game” myself even though I’m not a PUA. (It’s more of a code actually: I avoid apologizing for being a man even if I have to be blunt about it). But really, PUA’s are rarely straightforward and just say they want to sleep with a woman and demand she do so. As you know, it usually involves putting on a show to rope them in.
        Note that even betas have their limits and women know it. They know that most men won’t pay for dinner dates for months without sex. Or listen to their nonsense. The lowest of the betas put up with this but women I talk to find such men so pathetic and loathsome that they don’t even think the attention is worth it.

        1. I think Roosh calling it “clown game” is an appropriate term. We are expected to be entertainers. The moment Americunts find a new shiny object they go chase that. I’ll admit lying is the best form of game because it is adaptable to the broadest collection of women. Too many American men reinforce negative behavior patterns from women. Betas provide validation through mediums that shouldn’t exist. Namely social media.

    2. I’d say the PUA movement is a reaction to the feminist movement rather than the cause; it’s the easy way to satisfy the male drive for sex without considering the long-term.
      I would point out, however, that a form of game is necessary for long-term relationships, and I will give Roosh credit for his evolution from PUAmanship to seeing the long-term.

      1. Hehehe. I just had that happen as I type this. My wife asked me if I wanted anything from the store and I gave her detailed instructions on what to get. She comes home and says “don’t get angry” and, of course, got me something she knew I didn’t want saying “I got lazy, deal with it.”
        Now here’s the thing: I don’t want to get divorced over a lousy 5 bucks but at the same time, this was like a gauntlet being thrown down to me. I made her apologize, 3 times, and understand that I wouldn’t retaliate until she acknowledged she wouldn’t eff me (in a bad way.)
        I can’t imagine a man doing this, of course (they would have apologized immediately for the eff up and moved on) but my wife pulled it. So now, I hope I needn’t put up with this for a few months or so.
        I like Roosh, but he’s been a sex tourist and I find it amusing that he looks down upon those who use prostitutes or pornography when they are far less harmful than PUA’s contributing to the slut factor in culture or pumping up women’s egos begging for sex. Feminists dislike the sex industry precisely because men let off steam and undermine women’s holds on them.
        I just had an interesting thought to compare game to buying a prostitute. In both cases, a certain degree of professional detachment is required on different sides. For PUA’s, feelings of “love” need to be suppressed in order to close the deal to get laid. You get tripped up, she loses respect for you, and that’s that. With a prostitute, she viewed me as a client and vice-versa but… there was also a lot more honesty than either PUA or dinner dates. I had some amazing conversations with prostitutes after sex since it was a completely different relationship than I had otherwise.
        (Note: I’m referring to high end prostitutes in brothels in Europe. Sadly, this isn’t available easily in the states except for Nevada which is expensive.)

    3. Yes PUAs are just another sect of the church of serving women in many respects, but the ultimate problem remains not enough men who just say no. Men who simply refuse to put up with it and walk away from this stupid game.

        1. What I said – liberals want to eliminate personal responsibility and accountability for one’s actions.

      1. Girl says no while giggling, laughing, putting her arms around you
        Girl says no while yelling and screaming, pushing you away
        The left wants to make these two things the same “no,” to enforce rape laws

        1. A feminine woman with rudimentary understanding of heterosexual relationships knows the difference between a coy no and a true lack of consent. It’s all in the tone of voice and body language. I often giggle and whisper “No!” when my husband seduces me. We both realize that I want him to keep going when I laugh like that.
          “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a seductive Christmas song which celebrates flirting and teasing. I have more than one version of that duet on my Christmas playlist. It’s such a cute song! Nothing “rapey” about it.
          I bet the feminazis who are upset about such an insignificant matter are secretly jealous, because they have never experienced a handsome and confident man being masterfully charming.

        2. Thank you. I strongly believe that feminists are often rejected by men so they develop strong resentment and hatred towards them.

        3. Hello fellow female ROK follower! I am totally in agreement with you and Jon Anthony – I don’t interpret this song as “rapey” in any sense. To me, the two of them are simply having fun acting out their roles in “the chase” – he’s trying to persuade her, she’s playing hard to get. They are both having fun, by the looks of it. He’s not being violent (when he does “handle” her, he does it gently and respectfully) and she never says she wants him to stop (she makes lots of excuses about why she should go, but it’s clearly part of the “game.” She never says – “I don’t like this so I am leaving now.) I see nothing wrong here. Is it “wrong” that the lady is being a tease rather than being completely transparent about her intentions for the night? Nah… in this case it’s all part of the fun 🙂

        4. Hello sweetheart! Isn’t it interesting that we both chose screen names which show our relationship status?
          When feminazis fabricate “rapey” elements of media, it only trivializes the horror of actually experiencing sexual assault.
          The woman in this song is clearly enjoying the banter and all but giggling using her coy singing voice.

        5. I know! I’m glad to have connected with you – now I don’t feel like such a weirdo for being a woman on the ROK site.

      2. Because it relies on personal judgment and intelligence. You can’t have people creating their own reality and aware that such a thing even exists. It is best for them to have an antenna on the top of their head.

      3. More control over their political opposition like singapore. Don’t want beta males internailizing the red pill and thinking for themselves.

    1. There is a real rape culture in the west though. It’s in Sweden and Cologne. Feminists want to ignore it as much as possible though, or worse accommodate it.

  8. Oh, the date rape Christmas Song! I’ve heard this a million times of course, but have never seen the movie. I had no idea it was even from a movie, or the song so old. Youre so right, that clip is adorable! How different the song seems now. I wonder if “say, what’s in this drink” has a different connotation for the modern listener? Now if someone could please make sense of Santa Baby aka Sugar Daddy Christmas Song…

      1. Not the video, the lyric. The song is played everywhere, it’s almost inescapable. But the film? Anyone unfamiliar with the film (most under 50 I’d assume) might reasonably think rohypnol rape upon hearing it. It’s part of the average 20 -30 year olds consciousness because we hear about it endlessly.

  9. If this article hadn’t been written, I wouldn’t have known that song existed. I could have used those two minutes for something more useful.
    Honestly, though, I laughed through the whole thing. So, there’s that.

  10. OK, let me see if I’ve got this right. The first clip was of a sweet, innocent women trying to protect her virtue by fending off a lecherous, predatory male who is imposing himself on her. The second clip is of a strong empowered woman who is trying to seduce a bumbling, simpleton man only to be disappointed by his unmanly reactions.

    1. The first part is slightly off. She is trying to protect her virtue, but that doesn’t mean that he is lecherous or that she doesn’t want to have sex with him. She just needs to show that she isn’t giving it for free to a guy who really didn’t care one way out the other.

  11. More normalizing lesbianism and marginalizing heterosexuality, with men as the villains (of course).
    For a woman to be an unapologetic heterosexual today is nothing less than an act of subversion and revolution. I have lost my last ounce of patience with the mainstreaming of lesbianism and the marginalization of female heterosexuality. It is ruinous to relationships. I am done letting this arbitrary social engineering slide. My disgust will no longer keep silent.

    1. as I read somewhere, feminism is the theory and lesbianism is the practice. Condeming the second is fighting against the first.
      For my part, I’m fed up with that fucking trend promoting lesbianism (female stars kissing together, characters in sitcoms and films) it put bad seeds in the feeble female minds of today. And guess who is indirectly targeted ? heterosexual mens, of course

      1. Yup. Feminism (which is the enemy of femininity) is the theory, lesbianism is the practice. Misery and ruin is the result.

    1. that was all media hype. He married young and stayed married. Later in life he traveled with his sons as roadies. He was a dyed in the wool family man.

  12. The globalists and the morally subversive “progressive” values they spread on the modern human civilization are far more dangerous than Nazism. Even at the zenith of their power, there wasn’t a worldwide acceptance that the Nazi ideology was normal or mainstream. The feminist ideology is at least as abominable as Nazism, but far worse than that, it also has managed to creep into the human consciousness as “beneficial progress”.
    If the men in the still traditional societies of the world like Russia and China knew the extent of atrocities going on in the USA committed against males: false rape / harassment accusations on every possible social situation, financial destruction at the no-fault-divorce court, character assassinations, loss of employment and future earning potential based on complete fabrications, to name a few, they would collectively vote to declare war on the USA and all other feminist nations. The world needs to wake up and be made fully aware before globalism completely destroys all human morality.

    1. WOW I want to know who raised these four red pilled boys? They look like freaking quadruplets. This is awesome.

  13. There are plenty of rap songs out there that directly and explicitly use the word “rape” in their lyrics, yet no one in the left would dare bring it up, cause you know, black lives matter.
    The one line that has always stuck with me was from a DMX song where he says: “Tryin’ to send the bitch back to her maker
    And if you got a daughter older then 15, I’mma rape her
    Take her on the living room floor, right there in front of you
    Then ask you seriously, whatchu wanna do?”

    1. Thats pretty brutal. How do you feel about muslim rappers like french montana spewing shit like that? Rap dominates the world wide musical scene at this point

      1. Perhaps that is a lesson to us. Stop caring about women’s opinions and always give them a big FU whenever they start whining. White men need to quit all the tolerance crap.

        1. The difference is white men would lose their jobs and hard earned careers. The rap crowd doesn’t have those worries

        2. Sure White men have more to lose but, I’m merely advocating ignoring womens demands. Their power rests with us.

      2. French Montana is far from Muslim. I really doubt he’s praying 5 times a day. He is constantly drunk.
        Coming from a Muslim background doesn’t make someone a Muslim.

        1. Many muslims drink and fornicate. Do you believe all catholics don’t gamble or have sex before marriage?

        2. A lot of people might label themselves as [insert religion] but that doesn’t mean they follow the religion. If you asked any of my cousins what they believe in, all of them will say they are Muslim, even though they’ve never even read the Quran.

        3. Maybe if you all went back to your own self created shitholes there wouldn’t be a problem.
          Nah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk.

        4. I was born and raised in North Carolina, moved to California for awhile, but now live in Saint Louis.
          Where exactly should I go back to?

    2. Another one by DMX – “I got blood on my hands, and there’s no remorse, I got blood on my dick, Cause I fucked a corpse, I’m a nasty N******.
      (Bring your whole crew – DMX)

  14. Liza and Lemanski were getting interviewed last night on Tucker Carlson. I have to say that Lemanski is one very emasculated guy.

    1. Why I for one am shocked. I would be further shocked to find out that he was raised by solely by a mother with no father in his life.

  15. I wonder what the lefties would think of this video that uses kids to lipsync over Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé’s voices

  16. White female feminists don’t criticize rap music because that would be racist. They just want control of the white beta males.

    1. They want control of all dangerous men. This is why Christianity was imposed on vikings by their kings. The meek shall inherit the earth was the biggest lie ever told.

      1. Ironically enough,many of the Viking royalty imposing Christianity practiced the old pagan religion. The Vikings became shells of themselves after Christianity.

        1. I believe the masculine Nordic culture collapsed because the warriors left to conquer other lands and took their good genes with them. Those who stayed behind were the weaker ones and passed their genes on to the current generation of faggots mocked by the African and Arab invaders.

        2. Excellent point, many of them were the Danes who went to Britan and the Normans who formed a kingdom in France. It goes back to r vs K gene selection, something Stefan Molyneux covers on Youtube.

    2. There was a paper produced by economists from the New Zealand Treasury recently which showed that women don’t make a net contribution to tax system but are rather consumers. Only men make a positive contribution and put in more than they take out.
      In other words women, overall, are now dependant on the state. Unless she produces 2 or more children the average woman must be considered ia parasite.
      Feminists are surely far worse than the average woman in terms of ‘state’ dependency or ‘parasitism’ which extends to affirmative action quotas.
      It is natural for parasites to band together: feminists and whinorities to exploit the only productive members of western countries (White males and a few males from Asia or the orient)

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  17. The world would have been a much better place if “Baby It’s Cold Outside” had never been written.
    Double for “Santa Baby.” Hate those songs.

  18. The FBI statistics on rape show that it occurs less than 1/2% per 100k people.It is what it is. If you can make money off the deal like cities, towns and other “preventative services”. than you make it out to be 50% of the population or more. This is the lefts mind fuck of the american people.

      1. 30,000 White women are raped by vibrant diversity per year, in the US alone. 300,000,000/30,000 is .01 percent.

        1. That still isn’t how crime statistics are collected. The rate is collected per 1,000 or 100,000 people. The current rape rate in the United States is 2.1 in 1,000…

  19. What rape cultre means for men: Brownish bimbos taking hot white women by force.
    So a “no” to rape culture is most often found “good” or at least “ok” by the vast majoritay of men.
    What rape cultre means for women: Fat and ugly chicks with blue hair and a masters in feminism do not get a good man. All the good men date the younger, hotter, slender babes.
    So a “no” to rape culture means equal (or better) quality men dating them ugly ducklings. The vast majority of ugly ducklings finds this a good idea.
    @”It’s in Sweden and Cologne” -> I repeat “the vast majority of ugyl ducklings with a master in feminism (sweden has a lot of this type) find a real rape by a manly man (brown or not) an improvement to their current situation of “rape culture” (no man with options fucking them). So in fact they do WANT this. no joke.

  20. Ah the subversion of America. Men don’t try. Always ask permission. Accept no as permanent and definite. Accept mediocrity. Fat is normal. Trust your doctor, he is smart. Women are strong and can kick ass! Religion is evil, science is god. If you can find a safe space, you’ll be ok. A Viking or Zulu warrior would cut through that hot pile of shit with one slash. The elites fear dangerous feral men. They pee their beds with the idea that when people wake up to what little projects they’ve been up to, there will be nowhere they can hide.

    1. Don’t even mention Vikings and Zulus in the same sentence.
      Oh, fuck, I just did.

      1. Is it just too much for your sensibilities snowflake? We’ll find you a racist safe space to huddle by yourself. I respect anyman who is willing to fight and die for his tribe.

  21. I’m guessing that the muslim rapists (which is most of the men) are gearing up for another NYE rape-a-thon across Germany and most of Europe.

  22. What are the odds the entire obsession with Rape Culture and with rape itself is nothing but very slick advertising? I can’t shake the feeling women’s obsession with rape is a form of reverse marketing to men. If I’m right, they’re just a bunch of sex-obsessed creeps desperately trying to convince men of the inherent value in their objects.
    “Help me, every man wants to rape me!”
    When they start talking about the need to Teach Boys Not To Rape, it gives me the shivers.

    Results indicated that 62% of women have had a rape fantasy, which is somewhat higher than previous estimates.

  23. The video linked in this article does nothing more but accidentally prove that there is a rape culture. If you are going to re-write a song that people suspect to be rapey, purposely making the re-written song not contain the content that people may suspect to be rapey. It only makes us pay more attention to the original, arguing that there was in fact a problem with the original regarding the idea of consent, because the people who re-wrote the song had to re-write it. But I’m just criticising the video. The article itself explains the misunderstanding of the song, and has an argument, without being backed up by the linked video on why the song is not rapey.

    1. You fucking retard. You’re saying that the mere fact that someone rewrote the song somehoproves that rape culture exists, when it only shows that those two idiots just thought that it existed. Then you torture that simple idea for several paragraphs just to make seem like you were making a complex argument instead of a simple assertion. That kind of psychological manipulation is the lowest form possible.

      1. I think it was poor wording on my part. But bare in mind that the heading of the article says that the “”Baby It’s Cold Outside” Controversy Proves There Is No Rape Culture In The West”. We’re talking about an entire region here. It’s basically saying that just because they proved that the song wasn’t about rape, that they proved that the West as a whole, didn’t have a rape culture.
        And I was kind of following that format, using the same wording thinking, oh hang on… rewriting the song doesn’t prove anything. As you said, it shows that those two idiots thought that it existed. Them thinking that it existed doesn’t prove that there isn’t a rape culture because “those two idiots” rewrote the song in assumption that rape culture exists.

  24. My wife loves that song (the original from the movie). Her father generally only watched pre-1960s films. Hollywood was real f’d up by the time the 70s rolled around.

  25. Listen….
    Either you go for it or don’t
    Women’s tests lie in the “When you are not looking” area
    Meaning, she will test you when your guard is least down the most to see who you really are underneath.
    When she sees that she can dictate the pace and control you like a horny dog, she will lost interests QUICK and find someone that will challenge her
    This agenda of changing the male mindset is NOT for the Dick she REALLY wants. Its so for the men that can compete to turn her on sexually will HELP increase her need for the man she truly DESIRES
    Put it this way:
    Rock and Rap music’s rebellion DOES NOT work without its complainers. That’s what made it more fun to sneak and listen to it when you were younger and not allowed to. Its because it was considered bad
    Men in the beta area that are feeding into this new agenda are basically ONE part of the ladder to help her balance herself upwards to the man she seeks. Without it, even the man she desires eventually will bore her
    He works because the beta doesn’t
    I am not saying you should “Force” yourself on a woman no. Hell no. Never that. Just understand the balance of how to play the game. You’ll know when she is testing you when you pick up on the awareness after doing your homework
    You either are going to be a step in the ladder or the man she climbs up after. Either way, both are roles for you to play in her little game of magic 8 ball
    Once bored with one answer, shake it up until another one comes.
    The real question you should ask yourself is:
    Do you want to live in her world or, just be a visitor until its time to go back and doing your own thing on your OWN planet?

    1. Women demonize everything to do with men because they thrive on collective victimhood. That’s their power.

  26. 30 THOUSAND White women are raped by blacks per year in the US alone. ZERO blacks are raped by Whites.
    Somehow you never hear a peep about this.

  27. LOL I can’t believe I didn’t find this site sooner, these articles are gold! The only time I’ve ever felt threatened as a female or like I could possibly be raped by strangers just by walking outside was when I was visiting relatives in the middle east. Feminists have no idea what a threatening male looks like, they should visit Saudi Arabia or Iran or any Muslim country and they shall find it a sobering experience. White men are easily the most civilized and respectful type of man, they have their flaws like everyone else but walking rape machines? Hell no.

  28. That remake of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Perfect that it was sung by a neckbeard and a Chelsea clone.

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