5 Signs Of The West’s Forthcoming Dark Age

When people are asked what the future will be like, they often respond with descriptions of shimmering mile-high skyscrapers, flying cars, and sentient robots. People almost always envision a future better than the present, a future where breakthroughs and discoveries are made at a frenetic pace and our lives are improved in countless ways. Not only have people come to take technological progress as a given, they believe the pace of discovery and innovation will only accelerate.

I take a more jaundiced view. Due to the cumulative effect of countless Cultural Marxist policies and interventions at all levels—government, academia, industry, and entertainment—another Dark Age is looming. We will see the pace of scientific discoveries and technological innovations slow. Major breakthroughs will become increasingly rare. Rather than the breakneck pace of discovery and innovation that starry-eyed optimists envision, the future will be stagnant and uninspired. Here’s why.

1. Denial And Suppression Of Innate Gender Differences


Years of social engineering initiatives (e.g., “Girls Who Code”) designed to motivate females to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) have come at the cost of deterring the only segment of the population that has ever demonstrated any proficiency or aptitude (or innate interest) in these subjects.

Indeed, human civilization itself is the product of the male mind. Almost every discovery, invention, or innovation can be credited to a man. And yet, science days, campus tours, outreach initiatives, and mentorship programs that exclusively target girls abound. Years ago, I myself had to serve as a TA for a week-long boot camp designed to motivate high school girls to pursue careers in STEM. There was no such program for similarly inclined male high school students. I’m bombarded on a daily basis by emails announcing new programs designed to promote female entrepreneurship or grants and fellowships for which only women are eligible.

Not satisfied to merely actively discriminate against males, Cultural Marxists have begun trying to combat innate maleness that imparts “unfair advantage” to boys from birth. Boys developing their spatial reasoning skills by playing with Legos? One Seattle public school teacher has the solution: simply forbid the boys in her class from playing with Legos.

Campaigns to make toys gender neutral (pink toys for boys and blue toys for girls) are similarly insidious attempts to deny basic biology and human nature (the innate male desire to create and the innate female desire to nurture). We also see attempts at using Newspeak to criminalize the innate male desire to explain the world as “mansplaining.”

2. Destruction Of Critical Thinking Skills

When you want a child to learn to be careful around the stove, you let him touch a hot stove. Immediately, he will pull his hand away and he we will instantly come to associate the stove with pain. He has learned. Leftists say it is racist for shopkeepers or police officers to be more suspicious of black youths even though they commit the overwhelming majority of crimes. In the eyes of leftists, shopkeepers and police officers are wrong for having learned from experience.

Thus, leftism represents an abrogation of learning, a denial of empirical thought, and a suspension of critical thinking faculties. The leftist philosophy is to ignore patterns and dismiss statistics as “racist.” It is fundamentally incompatible with ration and reason. How can we expect young people to be the critical thinkers of tomorrow when they have their higher faculties challenged at every turn? We have taught generations to avoid thinking critically, to avoid being observant.

The entirety of human civilization was built on observation. Tracking the motion of the planets and the position of the constellations in the night sky told the ancients when to plant their crops. To a leftist, just because it starts to get warmer around the vernal equinox, that’s no reason to assume it will get warmer the next time there’s a vernal equinox. Don’t be so prejudiced.

As Winston says in George Orwell’s 1984, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

3. Ideological Conformity

It takes a particular dissident mindset to usher in major breakthroughs and discoveries. Copernicus, Galileo, and Giordano Bruno were branded as heretics for the ideas they advanced. Anton von Leuwenhoek asserted there existed organisms smaller than could be perceived with the naked eye. Louis Pasteur rejected the then universally accepted theory of spontaneous generation—the notion that life could spring from non-life. Alfred Wagner proposed the radical idea that the continents could actually drift. Electric illumination, heavier than air flight, and space travel were all once thought impossible.

Until recently, perhaps the most defining trait of the West was the innate willingness or inclination of its men to defy conventional wisdom and challenge the accepted way of doing things. Being told something was impossible or ran counter to orthodoxy only served to embolden those with an iconoclast mindset. That maverick streak was what drove progress and underpinned most major discoveries and innovations. The West used to celebrate its intellectual rebels: it lionized those who had the courage to think differently.

No longer. The West is now characterized by the stifling of independent thought (wrongthink) and the persecution of those who question dogma. Bastions of higher learning have been replaced with safe spaces where children cower from harsh reality and are presented with comfort animals and coloring books. The oppressive Cultural Marxist pall that has descended on the West like a miasma will snuff out independent thought and cripple progress. That straight jacket mentality that now has a stranglehold on critical thought in the humanities (politics, history, and literature) will soon spill over into the hard sciences.

Witness how Cultural Marxists turned on their own atheist and materialist heroes James Watson for espousing biological determinism and Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Pat Condell for their critical comments about Islam. This will be exacerbated by the push for more women to enter STEM. Women are conformists at heart. Very rarely will they risk professional ostracism or social opprobrium. I see the American intellectual climate becoming more like China’s: more doctrinaire with less emphasis on original thought. Rote memorization will replace critical thinking.


4. Misallocation Of Resources

Discoveries don’t just happen. Innovations don’t just present themselves. They are the product of the human mind. Innate human talents need to be identified and cultivated. School administrators expend untold billions making sure mentally defective children can count to potato but balk at earmarking funds for gifted and talented education.

With changing demographics (white births were the minority in the United States starting in 2012) as well as mass infusions of immigrants (legal or otherwise) along with settled refugees, expect schools to reallocate resources from the top performing students to the lowest performing students. Classes with limited appeal such as AP Physics as well as programs for gifted and talented children will end up on the chopping block to free up additional resources for remedial and ESL classes for children who can’t speak English or are in this country illegally.

5. Appropriation Of Accomplishments

Lastly, and perhaps most disturbingly, is the willingness of Cultural Marxists to rewrite history, appropriating the accomplishments of others to serve their own agenda. When the Juno spacecraft successfully went into orbit around Jupiter, Google offered up a commemorative doodle of a sexually and racially diverse NASA mission control that looked nothing like the reality.

Hollywood loves to exaggerate the accomplishments of certain groups while trivializing the accomplishments of others. Disney recently released Queen of Katwe, a movie that paints a poor Ugandan girl who can play chess at an average level as a grandmaster. 20th Century Fox just released Hidden Figures, which claims America would never have been able to get to the moon were it not for a team of black female number crunchers.

Why is Neil deGrasse Tyson the public face of science when he has never actually discovered anything? Why is someone who pretends to be a scientist invited onto every late night TV show to speak as an authority while tens of thousands of more accomplished white scientists are condemned to obscurity? Why would a white man go to the effort of inventing or discovering something if his accomplishments will be wrested from him and attributed to someone else?


When I look at modern society, I get the sensation of someone standing on the shore watching a wayward cargo ship heading toward land. We know that such large vessels have a tremendous amount of inertia and take a long time to slow to a stop. We know that beyond a certain point, the ship is going to run aground no matter how hard the captain tries to reverse course.

Society too has a lot of inertia: mental constructs and ways of thinking and behaving inculcated and conditioned over a period of many years cannot be simply shaken off overnight. During the Reconstruction Era, formed Confederate soldiers were barred from civil life and not allowed to either hold public office or vote in elections. Similarly, following the end of World War Two, the Allies vigorously pursued a policy of de-Nazification designed to systematically scrub the former ideology from every facet of society.

Short of a similar comprehensive purge, the policies of the Cultural Marxists will echo for years to come. The ship has been brought to full steam and it will run aground. You can try to slow it down, but it is still going to beach itself.

P.S. I’m not the first to point out that the pace of discovery and innovation seems to be slowing (see Michael Hanlon’s 2014 essay “The Golden Quarter” as well as various statements made by Peter Thiel) and that we may be on the eve of another Dark Age, but I am the first to point the finger at Cultural Marxism as the causal agent.

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  1. “The West is now characterized by the stifling of independent thought (wrongthink) and the persecution of those who question dogma. Bastions of higher learning have been replaced with safe spaces where children cower from harsh reality and are presented with comfort animals and coloring books.”
    Six Things That Were Banned for Christmas in America in 2016
    1) In early December, taxpayer-funded officials in the Hillsboro, Oregon, school district banned imagery of Santa Claus because “images and artifacts like Santa Claus create insufficiently inclusive and welcoming spaces.”
    2) A middle school principal in the city of Killeen, Texas, told a school nurse’s aide that she must take down a poster featuring Linus from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”
    3) On Dec. 12, the chief executive officer of a 46-location health services provider in Travis County, Texas, sent a “cultural sensitivity” memo to employees advising them not to utter the words “Merry Christmas” around any patients.
    4) School officials in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, killed off more than 40 years of tradition when they abruptly cancelled their fifth-graders’ annual performance of “A Christmas Carol”; the school district did away with the holiday classic because someone complained about the line, “God bless us, everyone.”
    5) In mid-December, the town council in Knightstown, Indiana, removed the cross atop the town Christmas tree and resolved never to put it back, rather than pay lawyers to fight a lawsuit filed over the religious symbol.
    6) Just days before Christmas, city officials in Gig Harbor, Washington, were forced to pull a nativity scene display at a local park due to pressure from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
    Merry Christmas?

        1. the choosen ones are catholics now.
          Beeing the “choosen now” in biblical measures means that the world hates you and try to destroy you.

    1. In 2017, US leaders banned the word Hello due to part of it having Hell and the last letter ‘o’ starts the word orgasm.

      1. Satisfy the SJWs of the Israel Firster Rapture moonbats and the Lean In liberal assholes.
        For about two minutes until they faggot-whine for their next abomination.

      1. The poster read: “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a
        Savior, which is Christ the Lord…That’s what Christmas is all about,
        Charlie Brown.” That was enough to ban the poster.

    2. “Merry Christmas?”
      Seriously. Christians have to start getting tribal or else they will be liquidated. The war is on…

      1. I know. I wonder if Christians starting head chopping like Muslims liberals would be afraid to criticize them like they are with Muslims.

        1. That’s exactly why liberals don’t fear Christians. They don’t fight back, or they don’t fight back enough. Liberals absolutely fear Muslims.

    3. Individually they don’t sound like big deals. List them out like that and it looks like a co-ordinated attack.
      Cultural sensitivity….sensitive to everyones culture but your own. You’re obsolete now goyim, step aside.

    4. That’s how it starts. This isn’t an invasion where the enemy storms the beach head and you form a bulwark and push them back. This is a lotus flower infiltration. A slow but steady tearing apart of your structures and customs and the threads that hold your great country together. Let those who have eyes see.

    5. as long you and others don’t understand that Moscows Atheism is still alive and they wan’t to weaken west by causing problems like this (they just need to fund militant femin- nazi and atheists), you will loose.
      Mexican Mafia is in bound with Russia. Tschetschens where send from Russia into ISIS to fight there, and Merkel was possibly ordered to let the refugees in & the EU Political Correctness was implemented by moscow backed socialists and communists..
      Listen to Yuri Bezemov in Youtube…

    6. OMG ! no to utter words “Merry Christmas” due to “cultural sensitivity” !! OMG ! Are those people eating “food” or “s**t” !?
      How dare they ? This is the Christian Majority Country, damn it. This is the “free Country” that gives endless opportunities for real talent. No body is forcing you to stay in this Country. If you have any “un-realistic” expectations and/or problems, then get the hell out of this Country !
      Brothers, I am a Hindu and my “blood is boiling” when I read @Bob Smith’s observations. And I can imagine how you ALL are feeling.
      A council removed cross from “Christmas Tree” fearing a lawsuit over “religious symbol” ! Did the council put a cross on peoples head !? OMG ! Adoring the “Christmas Tree” with a cross is now a “crime” ! Where we are heading to !?
      Freedom From Religion “Foundation” !? What the hell ! When you don not believe in Religion, why you want “freedom” from it !
      Just as you want & demand “freedom” from Religion, WE want & demand “freedom” from the “non-believers”. Fair enough !?
      If you want “freedom” from Religion, then:
      Go and “create” your own planet, you Fools !
      Do not breathe this “air”, you Morons !
      Do not drink this “water”, you Retards !
      *** RELIGION is the MANIFESTATION of GOD ***
      Merry Christmas and GOD bless us, everyone.

  2. Pretty sure we already were in the Dark age. Trump’s victory and the whole Brexit thing caused a premature end to it though.

    1. Trump may do some good, but WE have to destroy and replace most of existing education paradigm and gender issues.
      it will be long and messy, but a least we have a chance to do it now.

      1. Trump’s greatest victory was revealing to the average American that they are the average American, not some tiny and crazy fringe.
        Now we know that the rest of the country feels pretty much as we do, so we can all work together to Make America Great Again. Because it will take all of us to make it work.

        1. once in Roman Senat there was a project of a law forcing all slaves to dress in similar fashion.
          The law was immidiately abandoned because one sane senator observed that after that the slaves would realise how many of them there are.

      2. “Trump may do some good, but WE have to destroy and replace most of existing education paradigm and gender issues.”
        As a middle school science teacher, I take great pride in doing my part to destroy the existing education paradigm each day. And I do so with a shit eating grin and great joy.

        1. May God or whatever Good and full of Value bless your work. We need more men like you.
          Beeing happy and productive in this shitty and desperate world is essential.

    2. Trump is a small step in a long march. The cultural Marxist scum control media, culture, and education. Trump needs to at least get the ball rolling by stop funding the DOE, the NEA, and other departments that push the Gramsci agenda. Start swinging at those institutions with a sledgehammer, and get the people on board.

  3. To be perfectly honest, many of my female relatives from back in EE have engineering, business and law degrees, so that “male mind” thing doesn’t necessarily apply. Plus, Hjernevask has serious problems in the methodology of its studies. One of them was based on a survey through the Internet, which only allows a certain subset of women to answer.
    That being, all of said female relatives are red pill as fuck, married at 19 and view said degrees as being solely for the benefit of their family, as teaching stuff to kids and owning a business is a badge of honor in my dad’s culture. My grandmother is a pawnbroker with a degree in art history, my aunt has a degree in computer science and runs her own Internet empire. Worth noting that all of these women did so while raising my father, uncles and cousins.
    The proper family arrangement is the clan arrangement, where all relatives take care of each other. The one woman one man arrangement is a luxury of the 20th century.

    1. Female engineers, business women arent attractive. They’re ugly, bitchy or both. They’re only women physically. Also many women in tech companies do real work rarely – they’re often promoted to management. Because women must rule, men should work and serve. A lot of men want to be dominated by female superboss. I’m from Moscow, Russia

      1. “A lot of men want to be dominated by female superboss.”
        Any time I worked in a department with a female head it was a disaster. The blame shifting, shirking of responsibility and indeciveness usually lead the competent people fleeing and she replacing them with toadies who would not threaten her position.
        What part of Moscow?

      2. Lets be more precisely…there is something wrong with them in most cases. Even if they are not ugly or fat (i personally know two engineers who are smoking hot women) they still have a somewhat fkked up personality (in this case Borderline disorder and a alcoholic problem respectively).

      3. “Female engineers, business women arent attractive. They’re ugly, bitchy or both. They’re only women physically.”
        Tell that to my female relatives (my dad is from Kazakhstan, btw). Attractiveness matters not in matters of intellect.
        “Also many women in tech companies do real work rarely – they’re often
        promoted to management. Because women must rule, men should work and
        serve. A lot of men want to be dominated by female superboss. I’m from
        Moscow, Russia”
        I’m actually inclined to agree with you, given many of said relatives own their own businesses while running their own families.

    2. LinkedIn pushes various articles about the importance of increasing diversity in STEM, i.e. more women. If the presence of women in STEM increases diversity, then that logically implies that the women think differently from the men, which implies that either through nature or nurture, their brains are different. If their brains are not different, it would make no difference to STEM whether there were more women or not.

      1. > If the presence of women in STEM increases diversity, then that
        logically implies that the women think differently from the men, which
        implies that either through nature or nurture, their brains are
        That’s not what diversity means. It means being more inclusive to other people, not diversity of thought.
        > If their brains are not different, it would make no difference to STEM whether there were more women or not.
        Women’s brains are indeed different. In fact, if you notice the way women and men do STEM, they’re both very different. Women are very intellectual and clerical, whereas men are more practical and physical. Hence why most tradespeople are men.
        Aside: are you named after the Catholic saint?

        1. I took his name as my confirmation name when I became Catholic. I find his life and manner of death inspiring. He chose to die in the place of a husband and father. Using it as my name in Disqus isn’t about trying to make out that I am like him, but to remind me to honour him and what he stood for when I post. It is all too easy to succumb to an unholy hostility in Disqus discussions.
          Men and women do have innately different brains, but I feel that those who unthinkingly parrot ‘diversity’ are confused on that issue. If you push diversity of group identity in a field such as STEM, you are implying there are differences between the way those groups think … but those who push ‘diversity’ would be the first to cry ‘sexism’ or ‘racism’ at the implication that people from different groups think differently. It seems they’ve got themselves into a logical contradiction.

        2. > I took his name as my confirmation name when I became Catholic. I find
          his life and manner of death inspiring. He chose to die in the place of a
          husband and father. Using it as my name in Disqus isn’t about trying to
          make out that I am like him, but to remind me to honour him and what he
          stood for when I post. It is all too easy to succumb to an unholy
          hostility in Disqus discussions.
          That’s very honorable. Hat off.
          > Men and women do have innately different brains, but I feel that those
          who unthinkingly parrot ‘diversity’ are confused on that issue. If you
          push diversity of group identity in a field such as STEM, you are
          implying there are differences between the way those groups think …
          but those who push ‘diversity’ would be the first to cry ‘sexism’ or
          ‘racism’ at the implication that people from different groups think
          differently. It seems they’ve got themselves into a logical
          This is oftentimes used as a justification to exclude women and minorities in the first place. I’m not falling for it sadly.
          I’ll grant you that identity politics is being used as a leftist trojan horse.

    1. RoK should put out Modern Beta Magazine as a satirical publication. Roosh, who seems strapped for cash (hence why he prostitutes himself to white nationalists who hate him), could make a few quid on it.

        1. Anglin is entitled to his opinion and we are perfectly capable to agree to disagree on things. We’re not some liberal monolith where everyone engages in groupthink and ostracizes those who think differently. We have goals and interests but that doesn’t mean our movement is an autocracy.

      1. Sh**, I always wanted to date a girl like Bevely D’Angelo, she was such a hot momma, then she allowed Botox to have access to that gorgeous face.

    2. Can you please repost your “College is great, we can suck all the dicks we want…” one again? I need to send it to a great many people.

      1. Dude…I think I tossed that one. Sometimes I toss ’em if I whip them out quickly. I think it might be somewhere on my computer though, and if I find it, I’ll repost it.

  4. Feminist western society is doomed to collapse, with the decline of traditional family unit as the clearest sign.
    Just take advantage of globalism and move to a new one with potential.
    Trump’s supporters are your last hope.

  5. What I find ironic is that through the pursuit of the leftist’s ideological climate-controlled utopia at any cost, we’re going to end up exactly in the Hobbesian nightmare of “all against all” that they are so furiously trying to avoid.
    Deconstruction of all moral institutions? Breakdown of identity? Celebration of mental and physical illness? Anti-pragmatism? Complete lack of generational future-thinking? Tricked into living like a slave?
    Alright then… If there is no moral common-ground and we are all just aliens to each other, then it’s my YOLO vs. your YOLO.
    PS: This is a good article… But I hope there is a Merry Christmas comments section to balance this out heh.

    1. They’ve destroyed everything that gives meaning to life: family; religion; nation. They expect everyone to create their own meaning for themselves. And then they try to regulate the kinds of meaning that people are allowed to create for themselves. Heaven forbid that anyone should attempt to create meaning involving family, religion or nation!

    2. It is already like that. Atleast for me. Everyone against everyone. Morals do not exist, those are just ideas that I absolutely do not believe even those who claim they follow it. Gotta be lil edgy, true machiavellian trying to reach your goals at all costs while competing with everybody in your professional life aka anything to do with getting more money. There you are thrown into chaos you have to survive in. It is as beautiful as sad, it is just the way it is. Merry Christmas to everyone and your families.

        1. I am like that sometimes. I call it old me (blue pilled? ignorant?), happens I forget about it once in a while. I wonder if it is healthy for us, or it is normal and we just do not like to think that way but have to because of mixed blue/red pill upbringing or realization. Or is it the case: you have to understand it/like it or die? Because there is no way around?

    3. Right?
      Its almost as if there is some plan being pushed along by (((some group))) who wish for usa and west civ to be seriously downgraded.

      1. I certainly don’t hate all Jews or anything and often get along with them well, but it’s become almost impossible for me to not notice their names on pretty much every piece of anti-Western prose or media. From marxist theory, to feminist theory, to critical theory, to immigration policy, to the mainstream media, on-and-on it goes, every.single.fucking.time… And then their nationalistic attitude towards Israel when they promote “diversity” everywhere else they can.
        I desire no conflict with Jews in the current year, but I think it fair that they should acknowledge their disproportionate role in promoting these ideologies that have led to so much strain and tension in the 21st century.
        As an aside, I don’t think Milo Yiannopolis is the true face of the alt-right movement, but I appreciate how honest he is that Jews are uniquely common in the media and other high-level institutions. He has also been involved since the early stages and has been consistent in his views. Ben Shapiro on the other hand seems to always have something to say, even if his true position on things is always unclear or changing, so I take him with a grain of salt.

        1. I agree with most of this. However Milo Yiannopolis does contradict himself allot and I do enjoy him allot. He says how terrible the war on drugs is but he is republican to the core. He actually at one point blamed the war on drugs on liberals, which is pretty false.
          Also he is all for men’s rights until it comes to circumcision, one of the greatest violations of male rights out there.
          All in all he’s great but he does contradict himself quite a bit.

  6. Los Angeles is an example of this. Over a short twenty year period they went from having the number academic achievements in the nation and declining crime to now being number one in crime, highest taxes anywhere in the nation and last in educational achievement. The difference has been its welcoming policy to masses of uneducated poor people largely from Mexico and Central America and offering them every benefit even those not given to legal residents. Never was the question asked is this good for Los Angeles or the country as a whole. This was something we used to ask about our immigrants but was dropped. There has been no effort to ask these people to assimilate or become part of the American culture. Instead it’s Mexico in America and the largely Hispanic politicians of this city approve of this and encourage it. They you have the pansies like effeminate Eric Garrett or senile jerry brown who pander to Hispanics only leaving out every other group or actual legal residents from the equation. No wonder large areas of Los Angeles is no longer inhabitable due to crime, graffiti, homelessness and all Spanish language everywhere. They have legalized street vending further trashing the streets to resemble a third world nation. Now they want to steal millions of tax payer money to defend criminal aliens from Trump’s pledge of deportation. When you lose sight of American tax payers and start acting like elites and pander to law breakers or uneducated masses who will take more than give back to the system then you are destined to become a third world nation.

    1. It also encourages them to overbreed…aggressive over-reproduction using resources many of them they never worked for or earned even in the slightest. This is totally unnatural and signifies the blowback of a left-wing utopian delusion.

      1. Uh-Oh I sense 8-10% annual GDP growth for the Philippines in the next 5-10 years! This guys is growing on me.

  7. When people are asked what the future will be like, they often respond with descriptions of shimmering mile-high skyscrapers, flying cars, and sentient robots. People almost always envision a future better than the present, a future where breakthroughs and discoveries are made at a frenetic pace and our lives are improved in countless ways. Not only have people come to take technological progress as a given, they believe the pace of discovery and innovation will only accelerate.

    George Orwell warned us about this aborted future as well in Nineteen Eighty-Four:

    In the early twentieth century, the vision of a future society unbelievably rich, leisured, orderly, and efficient — a glittering antiseptic world of glass and steel and snow-white concrete — was part of the consciousness of nearly every literate person. Science and technology were developing at a prodigious speed, and it seemed natural to assume that they would go on developing. This failed to happen, partly because of the impoverishment caused by a long series of wars and revolutions, partly because scientific and technical progress depended on the empirical habit of thought, which could not survive in a strictly regimented society. As a whole the world is more primitive today than it was fifty years ago. Certain backward areas have advanced, and various devices, always in some way connected with warfare and police espionage, have been developed, but experiment and invention have largely stopped, and the ravages of the atomic war of the nineteen-fifties have never been fully repaired. Nevertheless the dangers inherent in the machine are still there. From the moment when the machine first made its appearance it was clear to all thinking people that the need for human drudgery, and therefore to a great extent for human inequality, had disappeared. If the machine were used deliberately for that end, hunger, overwork, dirt, illiteracy, and disease could be eliminated within a few generations. And in fact, without being used for any such purpose, but by a sort of automatic process — by producing wealth which it was sometimes impossible not to distribute — the machine did raise the living standards of the average human being very greatly over a period of about fifty years at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries.

  8. This shows the problem with the idea of “progress” that came out of the Enlightenment. We can make scientific, medical, technological and economic progress by understanding and applying the right principles from nature. But we can’t make “social progress” because man’s nature itself remains constant; it doesn’t mysteriously change in The Current Year just because we decree it to conform to arbitrary standards it didn’t evolve to handle.
    For example, feminism didn’t work a thousand years ago; it doesn’t work now; and it won’t work a thousand years hence, even if the men in that era have started to terraform Mars and the moons of the outer planets and they mine the asteroids, like in The Expanse. Women will still occupy appropriate sex roles in that world, even if they have to wear space suits when the whole family goes to church.
    I see the need for visions of Future World which portray materially advanced societies grounded in the realities of tradition. Instead of “the future” becoming extrapolations or caricatures of today’s progressive trainwrecks, like the Star Trek franchise, think more along the lines of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels or Wil McCarthy’s Queendom of Sol novels.

    1. The only way in which progress should be understood should be: progress to the furthement of a specific objective, for example, did you progress in constructing that building? Yes, which means I finished one floor…. etc.
      Any other meaning should be banned and the person should face the INQUISITION!

      that no one expects!

      1. Donald Trump, the Man in the High Tower, understands that kind of progress well.
        I just loved how he summoned people to his Tower for job interviews, BTW.

    2. The so-called elite are looking towards a future most like HG Wells’ “Things to Come”. What we’ll get is something more the novels written to warn us.
      Human nature hasn’t changed and that’s why we have feminism. Feminism is the modern version of women leveraging their biology for minimum work and risk and maximum gain. When life was really hard, women took the roles that maximized their reward vs. risk&work ratios. Sure, it was bad for women, but was no better for men. But women wouldn’t die in war, out to sea, deep in a mine, or get maimed farming.
      Remember, feminism as its called today started with upper class women. Working class women didn’t want to do the work of their fathers and husbands. It was back breaking and dangerous. But upper class women had no issue wanting to be lawyers or managers or whatever. As man makes work easier and more productive women then want in on it. A woman wouldn’t invent a tunnel boring machine because men had to do the digging. But now that men have made a nice machine for making tunnels women want the job to operate it.
      Even in the original “Star Trek” where there was grit and direct physical danger women were not there. The episode “Mudd’s Women” comes to mind. The mining colonies with the harsh conditions had no women. If we have a future where the safeties are off, then women will seek to go back to tradition. If we have a future where the safeties are on and hard work is done from air conditioned cab, well women will want that work.

  9. Sadly, Western society is living in the age of non-stop-slop where the “quest for mediocrity “ has become the subliminal progressive mantra.
    Stay the course and keep your powder dry, gentlemen.

  10. I too see leftist ideologies influencing the hard sciences. For example, you see progressive “secular atheist/humanist”types who supposedly support the theory of evolution but want nothing to do with its main component which is Natural Selection, or at least when it pertains to human beings. They refuse to see man as just another animal governed by the laws of nature. They disavow Social Darwinism with their “activism” and SJW bullshittery. They want to completely do away with “Might is Right” in favor of “lets all get along and sing Cumbaya! Diversity!”; which ironically makes them more akin to Christianity that they claim to hate!
    Kudos to the middle school science teacher who commented earlier!

    1. Science reflects the needs of those who finance it.
      When science is privately funded for company profit it serves the end customer. When science is government funded it serves the political power structure.

  11. Excellent article. I am also sick of female-only emails from school. It is a torture.
    PS: and “sexual harassment” emails as well.

    1. Notice no error bands on the values which a separated by only tiny margins. Even if without any error the margins so small they could be the result of sampling or perhaps contributing factors. Maybe male doctors get the patients that are worse off more often. Maybe female doctors are less intervening allowing patients to escape being killed by modern medicine more often? Who knows? What is presented in the article is worthless.

    2. I have no doubt that the title is true as the more challenging specialties are all overwhelmingly men (cardiac surgeon, brain surgeon, etc). These are the ones called to be your doctor when your life is on the line. Women tend to be gynos and dermatologists, and last I checked it was almost impossible to die from an overdose of aloe or misplaced tampon.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too Varanos and your close ones!
      What dishes do you Greeks serve for Christmas?

      1. We have no traditional dishes for christmas that I know of. Some places in Northern Greece serve pork instead of turkey, and in some places instead of decorating a tree they decorate a ship (it lacks a nativity scene though). Still traditionally we serve a saint Basil’s pie, it is more close to a heavy sponge cake, (during Newyear) with a coin inside and give a small gift to the winner that signifies good luck. From where I come from (Zakinthos) we also have an ancient custom of the Kouloura (it is a sweet bread) that we make, bless as a family and eat during christmas. On the table a meal accustomed to the cold of the time is what is most common but anyone can decide the dishes.

        1. That sounds like a good time and the dishes not too heavy like the ones in Northern part of Europe (well, Britain is a bit different to the continent).

        2. This is true for the ones that use the old calendar, most Orthodox to my knowledge do, but not us, we celebrate with everybody else, now Slavs Romanians and Moldovans use the old calendar, but celebrate normal Christmas too but secularly, this means that they do not go to Church at 25 but they do at 6th Jan. It is better this way as during 25 Dec has the tendency of losing the religious celebrations due to the needs of the table.

        3. Same here. Though our church is technically Russian Orthodox, even they have caved to the secular observance of the nativity. The ‘hard core’ churches do not. They hold Jan 6.
          Pascha however remains non-negotiable; always following the old calendar.

  12. What is discouraging american and western men from engineering careers is that salaries have been suppressed below the rate of inflation for four decades while finance salaries and bonuses have ballooned and the path to the executive offices switched from engineering to finance. Women in engineering get paid more than the men when all things are equal because large corporations need to keep their numbers up so they bid up the limited supply and then won’t downsize women no matter how poor their performance or even attendance.
    Critical thinking has been under attack for nearly a century and half now. The major attacks coming in the last century. Not just in the ‘racist’ manner but in all manners. Makes it easier to control people.
    Neil deGrasse Tyson and the other celebrity scientists are the face of science because the state always needs intellectuals to tell people why they should sacrifice to and obey the ruling class. In exchange for this service they have nice easy and well paid careers.

    1. Someone should ask Roosh why he quit working in microbiology altogether. The toxic environment? The soul crushing work schedules perhaps? I’ve known lab workers who were hired on and had to agree to 12+ hour shifts. Then they were encouraged to waiver their vacation time for an extra paycheck. They were worked like dogs or robots actually with social constraints and the work environment was sterile from foistering normal family formation with young employees. It is the typical wage slave corporate work plantation model. For example Foxconn is lucky if they get 15 years of usable service out of a technician and ailing or tiring employees are easily replaced like spent hardware.

  13. From Hanlon’s essay:

    Civil rights have become so entrenched that gay marriage is being legalised across the world and any old-style racist thinking is met with widespread revulsion. The world is better in 2014 than it was in 1971.

    A lot has happened since 2014. The Alt Right emerged out of the blue to question civil rights, “gay marriage” and the alleged revulsion towards “racist thinking” because the official childish utopianism that promoted these notions has started to collapse, and surprisingly quickly. We didn’t wind up with this ideology as an organic development in our society, but because our elites tried to impose it upon us through central planning, gaslighting and propaganda. Now the Deplorables have found the balls and a plausible leader to push back against these degenerates and their fantasy-oriented beliefs.

    1. Sagan promoted not just woo-woo beliefs about “extraterrestrials” that didn’t meet his own standards for evidence, but he also believed in the whole list of progressive-utopian fantasies about nonwhites, women and sexual defectives. Sagan mentored Tyson, or so I’ve gathered, so that would explain a lot about Tyson’s similar fantasy-based world view.

      1. That I did not know – thanks. I remember Sagan from his interviews about galaxies & the universe – as well have glanced through from time to time his book “Cosmos”. But I never really paid attention to his politics. Damn, is there not any astronomy scientist out there who is not a shit-sucking leftie?

      2. Sagan was pretty well reviled in astronomer circles. It didn’t help that he was an ass either….
        Anyway, not much science coming out of that idiot. Plenty of interviews though…..

  14. I subscribe to NatGeo and read the entire issue on gender earlier this weekend. The editor has a clear agenda to suppress classic gender norms by “celebrating” a tiny sliver of the population that got caught up in a gender crossover issue (whether it was by nature or nurture, doesn’t matter how it arose, they’re pedestalizing it as the “new wave of the future” — get with us now or get left behind!). What it is trying to establish is mainstreaming via “indoctrination by guilt” — they’re basically saying if you cannot love or honor the transgenders (and all of the other “in between” people) you are guilty of a new form of crime against humanity and will be discarded as sub-human as they attempt to write the next phase of civil society’s rules. I don’t object to them *trying” but do think they go way overboard and ultimately will reach a dusty dead end when the world doesn’t sing “Kumbaya” with them.
    My point is this concerted, contrived effort to idealize the fringe and marginalize the norm (by dropping us into the “cisgender” bucket) tends to fail repeatedly, so that those with a media mouthpiece and an agenda (NYTimes, NatGeo, HuffPo, etc) are forced to yell LOUDER (figuratively or literally) and escalate, which includes placing photos of effeminate pre-pubescent boys with their hands suggestively positioned over their genitals in prominent spots.
    So when you see it on a magazine cover, NatGeo wants you to think it’s as important as famous NG covers such as the 1969 Moon landing, or the first images from the Mars Rover. They are trying to establish moral equivalency to “true greatness” with a narrow editorial perspective and neo-moralistic propaganda (I know, all very obvious but it bears repeating).
    I won’t be made to feel guilty about this approach, but do worry about how it influences others, especially the weak-minded who fall for media foolishness…for example, if a kid is having a hard time being a boy, he can just defect to other side…because the mainstream press has already said he’d be a “hero” if he did it.

      1. There seems to be a deeply fetishizing component to this movement, which maybe stems from doubt or insecurity (hard to diagnose, and I’m not a shrink). But IMO It goes beyond fighting for their “equal rights’ which I honestly don’t think are in jeopardy in the first place as 2017 dawns on modern society (at least not in the US). They’ve gone a few steps beyond the “accept them, for they are persecuted” phase we’ve already seen and adapted to. I got that sensation as I read through it, as if the trans children were crystal beings from a heavenly, advanced caste. Equality wasn’t enough — I get the feeling they won’t be satisfied until they change everyone else’s definitions of male/female and put us all on a “sliding scale” gender spectrum.
        National Geographic has taken a clear stand to editorialize and go out of its way to present evidence of this “paradigm shift.” This ideal will be in conflict with the billions of humans on Earth who view gender as largely binary.

    1. Nat Geo having a tranny issue ?? What’s next the swimsuit issue ?? How in the holy fuck did they green light a tranny issue?? The National Academy of Pediatrics position paper stated unequivocally that no child should be put on hormones or have surgery until they’re an adult…This is child abuse imo…

  15. For once I’d like to see a science fiction story where the men throw a promiscuous female character out the airlock to die, instead of showing her as the science officer or the ship’s navigator or whatever and the men tolerate her slutty behavior.

  16. “When you want a child to learn to be careful around the stove, you let
    him touch a hot stove. Immediately, he will pull his hand away and he we
    will instantly come to associate the stove with pain.”
    ……You could also tell him not to touch the stove…..
    And critical thinking disappearing is probably more due to dysgenics and people spending their time on frivolous things rather than anything else.
    It’s fun how dysgenics get no mention at all in this article, when it’s the only thing that matters.

  17. Talked about this recently with some people who were living in the GDR back in the time. They told me how much modern ideology is comparable to these dark times.
    My personal advice: Become a pro at something valuable e.g. by learning skills or education and prepare yourself!

  18. I was thinking of this as well due to a lot of the nostalgia regarding the space age. A little under 50 years ago, the USA and USSR were putting men towards the moon and then as feminism and cultural leftism got ramped up in the 1970’s, the programs were defunded. In the meantime, in private industry, economic growth went towards massive immigration (for whatever efficiency of the economy would be consumed by new immigrants and welfare state recipients) and positions for feminists.
    Imagine… if we had the same technological advances as now, blah blah blah, but with 1/2 of the population (no massive 3rd world immigration), 1/2 of the workforce firmly at home (not on welfare or deflating wages), and 1/4 of the population on the modern roadways (imagine 3/4s of the cars during your morning rush hour, gone!) Oh, and 1/4 of the population needing gas and oil resources for a country that is no verging on becoming like OPEC.
    Man, we’d have those flying cars and then some.
    And for what? For women to pretend to be equals and have careers?

    1. Leftist Malthusians like Paul Ehrlich wanted to restrict America’s birthrate and immigration back in the 1970’s to conserve the nation’s topsoils, forests, fresh water resources and biodiversity. Funny how those considerations have gone totally by the wayside now.

    2. Women really make society dumber when we let them pretend to hold traditionally male jobs. Even if they have IQ’s comparable to men’s, the stupid drama they bring with them into the work place wastes everyone’s time.

      1. He mentions cultural marxism many times in the article. What is their goal with all of this nonsense? How does it benefit them? I don’t get it.

    3. We put men on the moon with the technology of a Studebaker and mission control used sliderules.
      The old Coast to Coast Art Bell show used to have some futurist guru on that revealed some agenda in play to prohibit humans from exploring space – thus the slowdown in manned space flight. Man was ‘quarantined’ for some reason and disallowed from further extraterrestial manned ventures into space past Earth orbit level. So we’re not worthy of taking on the cosmos is the message I get. Horseshit. We are MAN, the greatest and most artfully creative species to plant his foot on this great green orb.
      Feminism is clearly an administered programme to curb population growth in the target groups. Kind of like a psychological birth control pill for the brain which makes the control group not want to procreate and then instructs their female breeders to run stupid and pass their genome off to indigenous foraging and non technological haplogroups.
      Some say we humans are genetically hybrid animals on a managed farm plantation here on Earth. I say we revolt. We bind and gag the elitist reptoid overlords and secure our own destiny. Besides reptoids slink around shitting pellets uncontrollably anywhere they go. How renaissance does that look? Especially upon our grand marble works of detail and grandieur. They’re filthy and repulsive morgs from the pit. Man could chisel magnificent Rome on the face of any planet. Reptoids shit black dots of shit everywhere. The scales favor Man! Ha!

  19. I watched that 1984 vid “how many fingers am I holding up”. Hope this dark ages thing doesn’t happen but the threat is real. Hopefully under Trump a few more critical steps will take place to stop the cargo ship hitting the shore.
    Every now and then something of shock value happens in the world and I feel that the left wing MSM and cucked leaders really only pretends to be shocked as it basically suits their narrative. Attacks in Paris x 2, Nice, Munich, now Berlin.. It’s all faked outrage. Of course if a tenth of the number of brown rather than white people were killed by right wing radicals rather than whites by islamic extremists, the outrage would be more genuine and much louder.
    One day in the coming time there will likely be a shock event of the other kind where their outrage is real rather than faked. The public on the other hand will display less outrage than expected. If this happens it will be an important turning point.

  20. It’s dis civilization everywhere. Nothing seems to work anymore or slowly deteriorating. Public institutions failing especially educational ones. Private institutions deteriorating with affirmative action and PC crap as well. Professionals not really that professional. Gone are the days you can go to work, do your job, show some effort, and you would be around for a while. Now if you cost too much you are out the door but they turn around and want loyalty and great work all of the time. Society is becoming as waste of effort.

      1. Those ‘ak0 pinimg cache’ picture links never open directly for some reason. There must be an app for searching the best size/link of an image that will open without leaving the page.
        Some images have long 2000-10000 character links that include the posters search keystrokes, device id, carrier and server. That’s fucked up surveillance bullshit. Avoid the long links. I pick the shortest simplest jpg link and it works.

    1. Funny thing is, when actual research involving this exact scenario was done many years ago, even the black girls were choosing blond, white dolls over the black ones! It caused great upset to the researchers and various libs.
      I think the results of that study have been quietly flushed down the memory hole.

  21. The West is headed for a Bronze Age style collapse, that is the total and complete obliteration of our civilization, and there seems to be nothing that we can do to stop it.
    Despite a string of terror attacks, Western Europe is completely oblivious to the threat militant Islam, preferring instead to outlaw Christmas and punish it’s own citizens for a perceived Islamophobia.
    An example of this is when the German Government prevented the showing of the Berlin Christmas Market terrorist driver’s mugshot lest it incite “racism” against the migrants. That the German government willingly puts it’s own citizens at risk for the sake of a politically correct (and very stupid) ideal is beyond comprehension.
    God help us all.

  22. Very interesting article.
    In a recent past, Marxists from USSR used to steal and copy ideas from the West.
    We may soon see the opposite, as Cultural Marxism plagues the Occident and as countries like Russia resist to this phenomenon.

    1. Option 3 could be a preemptive move to set some of the old rivalry aside for the 21st century, and focus on other major tasks that could be done well together (ISIS, etc.)…Putin might be much more “progressive” than the West is discounting and Trump just might end up being the top “traditional liberal” we’ve ever seen in this country…we can think about it, at least, then see…
      This might even be one key reason why US-Russia relations are set to improve markedly in the next 4 years…*some* of the old roles and rules of engagement have changed, or are about to change…I’d certainly prefer an evolution of these ties rather than chaotic revolution or impetus for war…US and Russia can achieve many constructive ends in cooperation, knowing each side has made plenty of mistakes in the past. Ever forward…

    2. Russia is destroyed like hell. They are 20 years in the future. They used the whole marxist shit on theriself.
      Just look at the dashcam videos.

  23. When you considers the bulk of the Democratic party are composed of feminists, blacks and browns – the goal is crystal clear. It’s all a game of forced wealth and power transfer. Tis why feminist lawyers wrote the no-fault divorce legislation; forced wealth and power transfer. Tis the reason for Title IX, Affirmative Action, Women’s Studies, Affirmative Consent, African American Studies, Multicultural Studies and all of the other anti-white male laws and policies. The goal is to force white males into extinction. White females will of course follow, with all of their wealth and power transferred to the most dominant former minority. Then the war will be waged against the most dominant former minority. Musical chairs, as it were. Sure am glad I’m not a white millennial.

    1. Normal white men just run things better on average, however. When the Democrats’ leaders alienated the white men, these men took their abilities with them and left the Democrat Party with the country’s fuckups. You just can’t run an advanced society based on feminists, sexual degenerates and random nonwhite people. And especially not on Jews, because they mainly know how to parasitize on healthy white societies instead of doing their own building and producing.

  24. Never read about rammadamma-dingdong or khaugh’aunnakka stuff being questioned.
    Cocksucker turd world brownie lawyers and their liberal/neocon enablers.

  25. Get out of the country. Minimize your tax burden. Stop supporting the welfare state.
    South America still has a strong patriarchy, many countries have low taxes and free immigration, and many of them even keep Muslims etc out.
    Paraguayan residency can be obtained for $5,000. They have very little by way of taxes: a 10% sales tax, a 25.5% (combined 16.5% employer, 9% employee) social security tax, and a 10% income tax. Which has been waived every year since it was implemented.
    Get thee some bitcoin. Build your own business. Avoid taxes, avoid feminists, don’t get locked down. You don’t have to contribute to your captors forever. There are still some lit up exit signs.

    1. “Paraguayan residency can be obtained for $5,000. They have very little by way of taxes: a 10% sales tax, a 25.5% (combined 16.5% employer, 9% employee) social security tax, and a 10% income tax”
      There is still the issue of what to do for a living there – and also be sure to spend at least six months in any country to determine if you’ll be happy there.
      The interesting thing about SA – if any SA country is accepting any muslims it is becauae the SA nation in question is in negociation with the usa trying to do business. One of America’s mandates to any country in Latin America wanting to do business with the USA is: that they take a certain number of these lower primates.
      Argentina is supposedly taking in 3,000 muslims and I’m certain because Macri wants to better relations with the States.

  26. Speaking about #5, it’s not that the ladies that helped the moon program shouldn’t be praised. However, the movie Hidden Figures makes it as if they, and only they, were the ones responsible for the success

    1. “All is not lost, however”
      I have to admit that clip was funny though.
      These girls should be home schooled or the progressives of “education” will forcibly change this.

  27. Transhumanists need to realize that their goals require maintaining a high-IQ white population, and that their support for massive race-mixing conflicts with what they want to accomplish overall. A browner world will mean a dumber world.
    Yeah, that must suck for Jewish transhumanists like Ray Kurzweil and Eliezer Yudkowsky, and for the Egyptian transhumanist Ramez Naam.
    I don’t get why Yudkowsky, especially, has the cult following he does. He has figured out how to monetize a doomsday-prevention scam that a lot of otherwise intelligent people have fallen for.

  28. I’ve been thinking about this lately, the signs of regression are all around.
    What really got me wondering about this was a regional television program I saw recently about the head chef at the Georgia governors mansion.
    She has had this job since the early 70s. She remarked that when she first started that all three daily meals were a formal affair where guests were expected to be appropriately dressed. Then it started changing in the 80s when breakfast began to be less than formal and progressed to daily meals being prepared and left on the stove for whoever to fix a plate for themselves.
    Almost everything about our orderly culture and society is slowly going backwards. 30 years ago “baby daddy and baby mama” were unheard of, now bastard children are everywhere. Instead being shamed for it single mom whores are held up as heroes. When I was in high school ALL of my friends parents were still married. By the time my kids were in high school NONE of their close friends parents were still married to each other. It’s almost like we are going back to a Stone Age type culture except we just have more stuff.

    1. The women’s channel (man beats crap out of woman) needs the plug pulled. Hotlines need closed too. 30 years ago there was the police, ems and fire # on the cover of the phone book. Now there is substance abuse, domestic violence and report child abuse #s. I guarantee anyone staffing the women/child advocate hotlines are head banging feminazis, the same ilk you find staffing and running the hebe funded runaway women’s flophouse commune shelters. 30 years ago there wasn’t a # available to a flaking woman to call to instantly remove the fatherhead of a household with pre stamped papers and a court date to recoup his belongings. There is no legal or constitutional justification for forcing a person into a kangaroo court. It’s on the level of martial law or wartime field hearings on a battlefield. Women’s advocacy hotlines are like having an official ISIS hit line to call when you want an unwanted neighbor and their family killed. Women’s advocacy hotlines are for women who on a whim feel the need to have their man killed off. The staffers are foreign national belligerents with dual citizenship.

        1. That’s a great pictograph. If you created it just to respond to my comment, then please archive it. That right there is a super piece to print up. The ‘aging’ lady story of her life. Print hundreds and fold the baseball card size age progression pictures up zig-zag style and litter school campuses with them like the ‘smile god loves you – this was your life’ pamphlets. I’m at an anytime fitness right now and there’s this broad huffing on the machine in front of me. I’m doing a leg resistance grind full knob on a bike machine with no hands while watching my android hehe. If only I had an ‘aging lady’ pamphlet to slip in her bag.

    2. I’ve been saying it for the past year now that I was born in the wrong era. The past couple of years i’ve taken interest in buying nice dress clothes that are either tailored to fit me or just naturally fit well. The school I go to consists of nearly 30,000 people and the only place you’ll ever see people dressing up nicely is in the school of business. I feel extremely overdressed anywhere I go.
      I do think it is a sign of times. If you look back at sporting events from as recent as the 60s, you’ll see guys dressed up super nice in top hats, suits, canes etc. When I used to go to church (I dont typically care for religion much anymore, but that is my own deal) I would always dress up. Most people came in dirtied up sweats and looked like total slobs.
      To your point of the single mother epidemic it is disgusting to be honest. I have some family that made poor choices, got pregnant and then found some cuck to bail their poor decisions out. I saw a few of them just yesterday for Christmas and almost cant look them in the eye. Good for them if they can take enjoyment from that life, but I would rather suffer the ills of the world then be saddled up taking care of some loser’s kid.

      1. I have a copy of Progressive Farmer magazine from 1954- every month they visited a different farm family to showcase how various farmers did things. There is a picture of him working on a piece of machinery while while wearing a dress shirt any tie and the pictures of him and his family showed them all in their Sunday best. I assume they were dressed so because visitors were coming. I can remember people doing that. Dressing well is just a way of showing respect for others and for certain traditions and I think we lost something when we stopped doing it.

        1. I had made a comment on here once regarding Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook with his billions and he dresses up in a T-shirt and jeans for a photo. He was over 30 years old and could be a leader for the young generation by being more presentable. I got some backlash from the Millennials on here saying he does it because he can. Sure, he can, but I don’t think it’s proper.

  29. The greatest bursts of creativity have been from small countries, even city states, in conflict. The Golden Age of Greece — Athens, Corinth, etc. and their colonies. The Italian Renaissance — Venice, Rome, etc.
    Enlightenment Europe — France, England, etc. as rivals.
    The US was able to mimic this a while with states and federal government and sections of the country at odds and the effect carried on in some areas into today.
    Apparently the energy released finally finds expression in a centralized state. Can that be turned around somehow?

  30. I wish that I could delineate the modern societal ills, foremost of which are hypocritical and adversarial feminism, our culture of misandry, forced diversity, and power through collective victimhood, that will lead to the not too distant fall of western civilization, as well as this article did.
    Female hubris makes women extremely susceptible to pandering by the marketing companies which bolster innate female chauvinism, misandry, and their collective victim mentality. In our modern society with man-made technologies that mitigate female deficiencies and the female propensity to screech until they get their way, there has been a concerted effort to encourage women to take advantage of the opportunities that men have provided for them such as attending college and studying STEM courses. Since women crave constant affirmations and assurances, they quite often do much better in reward based constructs like school. Therefore, women go into the world believing that they are literally more capable than men and should excel and dominate. However, when the vast majority of these women enter the competitive workforce, where men naturally excel and thrive, they are in for a rude awakening when they realize that what they chauvinistically believed is a far cry from reality; men are now the go-getters. Of course, when women get their chauvinistic feelings hurt, it’s their instinct to screech, and claim victimhood, and then blame men and society for their own female gender failings. Feminism isn’t about overcoming oppression but about women overcoming their own gender deficiencies in order to exploit the hard work and innovation of men, without acknowledgement or appreciation. It’s only the female exploitation of man-made technologies, consumerism, and democracy that empowers women. Man power made girl power possible.

  31. “Why is Neil deGrasse Tyson the public face of science when he has never actually discovered anything? Why is someone who pretends to be a scientist invited onto every late night TV show to speak as an authority while tens of thousands of more accomplished white scientists are condemned to obscurity? Why would a white man go to the effort of inventing or discovering something if his accomplishments will be wrested from him and attributed to someone else?”
    Anybody care to take a guess as to what is really going on here…because what Neil deGrasse Tyson claims in the video below (“The earth is pear-shaped” – and remember, he is the voice and face of all things astrophysical), is diametrically opposed to what NASA shows in all of its photos of the earth, which are allegedly taken from space. I have never seen a pear-shaped earth in a NASA photo. And neither have you. And neither has Neil deGrasse Tyson. And he is the voice and face of all things astrophysical. Watch the video while you look at the photo of the earth, which is directly underneath the video. Think about deGrasse Tyson’s statements regarding an “oblate”, and “pear-shaped” earth. Then look at the photo of the earth. (Is there any cognitive dissonance going on inside you now…I would sure as hell hope so, because if there isn’t, you’re too far gone to be saved.)


  32. The dark ages wheren’t dark. So i see no problem.
    USA is a joung country, you don’t know that europe was half the time “connection between armed people who lived in castles while the normal land was dangerous like the Jungle.”
    You just know barely the time when the wild west was reality – the western culture will surive.

  33. “We will see the pace of scientific inventions and major breakthroughs slow”
    That’s already been the case for many years now.
    Also, careful on believing nonsense like ‘sentient robots’. There will never be sentient robots, it’s a nomological impossibility

  34. Most of the major inventors and innovators were hopeless at school. They were never nurtured or encouraged by anyone. So why should it be different now? White feminists tend not to breed, so the west will become darker, but not in the way you predicted.

  35. “During the Reconstruction Era, former Confederate soldiers were barred from civil life and not allowed to either hold public office or vote in elections.”
    Was it any wonder they formed and became members of the KKK?

  36. “It takes a particular dissident mindset to usher in major breakthroughs and discoveries.”
    Eloquent quote, Mr. Pabst. This can be seen with religious figures such as Jesus, writers such as Roosh, politicians like Donald Trump, business entrepreneurs, etc. Henry Ford never gave the market what it needed at the time (an efficient horse and carriage). He created a new economy for automobiles.
    “Classes with limited appeal such as AP Physics as well as programs for gifted and talented children will end up on the chopping block to free up additional resources for remedial and ESL classes for children who can’t speak English or are in this country illegally.”
    I guess you’ve only been schooled in white areas, this has been going on for years. Additionally, they have extra resources for retarded kids! Each retarded child got a personal aide when they were younger, special ed classes, etc. It’s understandable to have extra resources, but they should be used on smart children with small glitches such as ADD, organization, and anxiety. To dedicate it to one with a 70 IQ is a misappropriation of resources.
    I see the West as creeping into the dark ages, both intellectually, economically, and spiritually, but I believe our whole movement with Trump, the alt right men’s sphere, will turn the tide in our direction. I have high hopes for Gen X-apparently they are very conservative, and probably make up a good portion of the 4chan alt-right.
    After 8 years of Trump, hopefully I’ll go for a conservative virgin wife from this era. If not, I’ll go abroad. I’ll be mid 30’s, good time to start making moves if I’m not happy in America, but I have a strong inclination that Donald Trump will succeed in changing the culture and economic landscape of the country.
    What we really need is a full Trump term followed with a libertarian that would get rid of the affirmative action and redistribution that detriment white males.

  37. I agree with your list of symptoms but they are merely the symptoms. You can’t kill 55 million babies and get away with. God will not allow that. Add in nonstop unjust war decade after decade and state licensed homosex marriage and yes, a new dark age is coming, but not for any reason this fine list mentions.

  38. So the movie “Hidden Figures” is based on a real black woman who worked ay NASA, but I’m going to assume this flick greatly overstates her talents and accomplishments?

  39. “Almost every discovery, invention or innovation can be credited to a man.”
    This does not prove that men are inherently more intelligent and suited to such work than women. Who is to say that women would not have made equal contributions to the realm of science had they been given equal opportunity to pursue such endeavours throughout history. It is not fair to assert that men are more valuable in this regard when women, historically, have not been provided the same opportunities and encouragement to consider careers in this area. Characteristics that enable one to excel in a science-related field, such as logical thought processes, meticulous attention to detail, curiosity, critical thinking etc. are not limited to the male population.
    In short, you may want to reconsider making poor assessments such as the ones outlined in your first point… They are not lending any credibility to you or to this website as a whole. By making such statements, you appear poorly educated and as though you do not have a strong grasp on science yourself (think of all the confounding variables that impact the validity of your implication that men are more intelligent/suited to science-related endeavours solely because their achievements in science have been better represented historically). Of course, you will always be able to find examples of females who are not suited to STEM professions, however, you simply cannot make generalizations about the entire female population based on this. I am a female who is in a STEM profession, and I personally know many women who are in STEM professions as well.

    1. Also, the inherent desire to create that you describe as being “male” and the inherent desire to “nurture” as female are not mutually exclusive. As a female, you can be nurturing while simultaneously being logical, meticulous, creative and critical and hardworking. To deny this would imply that you are not in touch with reality…

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