Why It’s Time To Boycott Women’s Tennis

With the Australian Open starting next month, it’s time to highlight once again that women tennis players are massively overpaid. Female players are paid the same as their male counterparts, despite being vastly inferior and only playing three sets instead of five. Unfortunately, due to feminism dominating the political and social agenda, repeated protests about this injustice have fallen on deaf ears. This time, I’m issuing a call for a more radical move: boycotting women’s tennis.

A Personal Account

I used to be a pretty handy tennis player in my day. I was nowhere near good enough to be professional, but I was a division 1 player in high school and still enjoy a social hit. I loved the sport, so when a women’s satellite tournament came to the city I was living in at the time, I went down to check it out.

The main prize was a wildcard into the Australian Open, so there was no shortage of eager young women from all over the world. And hey, good on them for being enthusiastic, ambitious and having a go. But here’s the deal: the girls just weren’t that good. Their skills were absolutely nothing special, and even the best players couldn’t whip a topspin forehand or cut a slice like I can. Their serves were coming down at nothing like the speed I had previously faced and would have been relatively easy to return.

The strength and physicality simply wasn’t evident, and a strong male player at local club level would have overpowered them. Had I entered, I might not necessarily have been able to win the whole thing, but there is no doubt in my mind I would have been highly competitive. I’ve never reached any level of note in the sport. I’ve never had coaching, don’t train seriously, and am just your average reasonably fit guy with above average hand eye coordination. If I had been given the opportunity to dedicate six months prior to the event to train full-time for it, there is no doubt I would have taken it out.


With a gut like that, Bartoli could do with playing an extra set or two

It got me thinking. Pro tennis has embraced “equal pay,” symbolising that in the minds of administrators, the value of men and women players is the same. That’s absurd. You just cannot compare Serena Williams to Djokovic, it’s night and day! At the other end of the spectrum, why should men be denied careers in sport so their places can be taken by inferior women, just because of their gender?

I would have no problem with women’s pro sport if it was able to stand on its own two feet. In practice, like virtually all feminist programs, women’s pro sport is an indulgence whose existence relies on taking from more deserving men. Rubbing salt into the wound, they even have the cheek to work part-time but demand full-time pay.


Serena Williams: an example of where the gender pay gap actually does exist.

Whilst Djokovic, Nadal and Federer earn huge amounts of money, travel the world and live like kings, in 2012 the 150th ranked player earned just $75,000 in prize money, and the 200th ranked player just $20,780. Think about how many quality tennis players there are in the world. If you are ranked 200, you are damn good, but will still struggle to make a living.

This is incredibly unfair when you consider women making millions of dollars would get thrashed by these men staying at budget hotels and battling it out on the periphery of the circuit. Serena Williams, for example, has more than $70 million dollars in career prize money. She and her sister Venus once bragged they could beat any man outside the world’s top 200. The challenge was accepted by Karsten Braasch, a German ranked 203. Before the matches, Braasch played a round of golf in the morning, drank a couple of beers, smoked a few cigarettes and then beat Serena 6-1 and Venus 6-2.

Braasch clearly proved he was a better player and deserved to be paid more. Serena said after the game: “I didn’t know it would be that hard. I hit shots that would have been winners on the women’s tour and he got them easily.” Braasch’s career prizemoney? Less than $1.5 million.


Karsten who? He’s the guy who annihilated the greatest female player of all time but has about 2% of her career earnings.

It’s time for feminists to put up or shut up, quite frankly. Either you’re equal or you’re not. If you truly believe you are, you must demand the immediate removal of all gender divisions in pro sports. That would be equality in the truest sense of the word (opportunity as opposed to outcome), but of course feminists will never allow this because deep down they know there would barely be a pro sportswoman left on the planet if they were forced to compete on a level playing field.

Let’s face it, women’s sport generally sucks as a spectacle, because it’s a vastly inferior product. In a free market, whatever your field, you don’t deserve to be paid the same, let alone more, as somebody who is better than you. The checkout operator at 7-11 doesn’t demand they get a pay rise because it’s not fair they weren’t born with the same intelligence as a mechanical engineer.

However, right now a ludicrous blind spot by administrators means women tennis players are being massively rewarded for being vastly inferior to their male contemporaries. If they continue to reject equality, insist on being segregated and having their own tour their prize money should be 50% of the men at best. That would still be a more than fair result for them, and deep down they know it.

Why is the hourly pay rate higher for inferior talent?

At the 2015 US Open, women’s champ Serena Williams spent 11 hours 17 minutes on court, compared with the men’s winner Marin Cilic, who spent 16 hours 43 minutes. Such a discrepancy is standard for all major tournaments. Feminists usually scoff at “biological differences” between men and women but eagerly embrace them when they stand to benefit. They claim women should only have to play three sets because they “aren’t as physically strong as men.” What a cop out.

Getting paid the same as men who would annihilate them to play other females over five sets is a hell of a deal for women, but they won’t even do that! After years of receiving free upgrades to first class, a free upgrade to business class is something they turn their entitled noses up at. If women can run marathons they can play five sets of tennis, especially when it’s for millions of dollars. If they truly believe they aren’t up to the same physical requirements of their male counterparts and they only want to work part-time, sorry girls, but it’s time for a pay cut.


If women want to get paid the same as men like Cilic, they should have to play them

Let’s say you work with a man in his 60s. He and his sexagenarian friends go home at midday every day, but are paid the same as you, even though you do the same job. When you dare point out this is unfair, they cite discrimination, call you a bigot, and claim the arrangement actually is perfectly reasonable because they are older and “not as physically strong as you, and we get tired easier.” Nobody would tolerate this, of course. The senior citizens would be paid part time or told to retire. What makes being a woman so special?

The depth of talent in the men’s game is rarely mentioned. Unlike top women, men must be highly vigilant and on their game from the early rounds. Even low-ranked men often have a big weapon, such as a massive serve. On any given day, if they happen to be on, they can pose a serious threat to even the world’s best players. The top ten women players routinely coast through their matches until the finals, never seriously challenged, all the while being paid the same as the men slugging it out in bruising physical encounters.

Men on tour are reluctant to call out this obvious sexism due to the risk of being fined and losing their sponsors, so we need to step up to the plate for them and also keep the dream alive for aspiring future male pros. It’s time to boycott women’s tennis. I know what you are saying: “I don’t watch that garbage anyway!” Having said that, you might be tempted to watch Djokovic or Federer, so this means turning off the TV when the women come on, or if you are at a tournament, walking out of the stadium and watching another match.

The empty stands and terrible ratings will reveal women’s tennis for what it is: a bunch of shrieking, B Grade athletes. Sure, you might miss checking out some shapely bronzed Eastern European legs or cleavage, but it’s a price you should be prepared to pay for your fellow men out there struggling to make a living on the pro tennis circuit.


Djokovic spoke out about the raw deal men get, but was forced to quickly backpedal to prevent losing sponsorship

The obvious lie men and women’s sport is inherently the same must be called out. It is important we take a stand because of the dangerous precedent tennis pay sets. Make no mistake, emboldened feminists are pushing for increasingly ludicrous employment arrangements that blatantly favour women. They want men to be treated like second class citizens, even in fields they dominate. This is coming to a workplace near you, if it’s not already there.

Any media coverage and prize money for women’s sport is an indulgence. I’m not opposed to the men’s game subsidising women sufficiently so the best players can make a living from it, but this sense of entitlement sportswomen and feminist commentators have has got to stop. They are nowhere near as good as the men and never will be, so the least they could do is be reasonable and play five sets.

But as always with feminists, they fiercely resist anything that would create true equality between the sexes. However, the striking reality is the viability of women’s tennis depends entirely on piggy backing on the popularity of the men’s game. It’s time pay packets reflected that.

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205 thoughts on “Why It’s Time To Boycott Women’s Tennis”

      1. Yep, there are exceptions.. I would add syncronized swimming and figure skating to that.. those sports get the most beautiful women on this planet.. oh and there’s pole vault too, that got the best asses in the olympics

        1. my favourite are the cucks who sign up their wives/girlfriends/daughters at my gym and tell me they want them to be like Rhonda Rousey. Don’t have the heart to tell them that Rousey would get demolished by almost any guy who trains somewhat semi seriously.

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        3. Well said. A real MAN can demolish that “pile of shit” in split second; that’s the “BULL POWER”.

        4. Take a look at this. She was said to be the best female kickboxer in the world, owner of 4 world championships and was utterly demolished in 2 rounds by a decent male amateur kickboxer. Can anyone imagine Mike Tyson in 1987 or Muhammad Ali in 1967 not only being beaten by a decent amateur boxer, but knocked cold???

    1. Yeah, I don’t know what he’s talking about.. I already boycott women’s sports like all the time.. lol…

    2. Have you ever noticed the blow outs in women’s tennis as well.
      It’ll be 6-1 6-0 or something like that a lot, they don’t have the mental strength to fight.

    3. There a difference between not watching and showing that you don’t watch unfair shows for good reasons.
      Barely watched shows can be used for political and ideological reasons, for their propragenda value.
      With the same lame audience, unpopular shows always finish to get drop like hot rocks by the untertaining industry.
      The thing is to ridicule and demonize them without making them martyrs (Feminism like martyrhood).

    4. i did watch the sharapova wimbledon years. she screams like a russian girl in dire need of an orgasm

    5. And don’t get me started on Women’s Football (soccer to you Yanks!). They’ve been bigging it up and pouring in money for years and it’s still turgid and tedious. Whoops, better go – there’re sirens outside my door!

  1. Haven’t watched women’s tennis for a while — if I did it would be for the cuties. But I wouldn’t watch anything involving either of the Williams sisters — they’re just not pleasant to watch.
    Time for a man to black knight and break into women’s tennis by claiming that he’s a woman.

    1. There was a tranny fighting mma knocking bitches out, even after hormone therapy to make him more like a woman.

  2. I boycotted watching sports at a young age on the basis of them being fucking boring to watch – if I find something interesting I’ll have a go at it, but most sportsball games are childish entertainment and vodka tastes better
    Fully agree with people not watching womens sports – why would you watch a lesser version of something that’s crap anyway – sure tennis is physically taxing but it’s still for fags
    Also, I’d question the stability of someone tuning in to watch either of the Williams brothers. Pair of trans-species hutus – I’d have to set fire to the TV after vomiting over it

    1. You spewed, “…sure tennis is physically taxing but it’s still for fags”
      The game involves great strategy, excellent hand/eye coordination, strength and resolve. No team mates, no coach, you’re all alone out there with that voice in your head.
      In my 60s now, it’s been a well spring of health for me.
      All in all, you sound like an asshole

      1. I am an asshole, thanks for noticing
        but you’ll never find me in the ER with a tennis racket so far up my shitter that only the handle sticks out; along with the excuse of “I was only trying to get the balls out”
        My post was about the difference between watching and doing – so if you are doing it and it’s good for you then great
        It’s still for the queerosexual though

    2. I’ve never watched sports for the same reason. I am a doer, not a watcher. Life’s too short to waste it.

      1. Exactly
        I don’t get enough time to do what I want in a day that I barely watch much at all now
        I can remember speaking to a guy at my old job who used to watch live golf and I thought to myself; how fucking empty must your head be to watch hours of essentially nothing – a fish tank would be more exciting

    3. Yep. After about eight grade or so I became less and less interested in watching sports. I understand doing them but watching them? Just seems to be a lot of boredom between the few interesting portions and some games never have any interesting parts.

      1. She is 34 or 35 now, she should be washed up; yet, no one can beat her. Something seems off about this…women in their athletic primes still cant win against her?

        1. Come on mayne, black women have higher testosterone than other women. Combine that with serena obviously getting her daddy’s hight, build, and looks, viola, indominace secured!

        2. all transcendent athletes go to 36, and maybe linger to 40 depending on the sport and position.

        3. I saw her play against the top Russian player in the last olympics (I think it was Sharapova?) and she beat the pants off of her. Russians had to settle for silver.
          Tennis is an interesting sport in that (I think as a basic amateur) that domination is so obvious. If someone is much better than you, it’s hard to get a single point against them. So even though Sharapova was 2nd in the Olympics, she looked like a kindergartner on the court.
          I thought about this in regards to the famous “battle between the sexes” of Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King. Bobby was way out of his prime and an amateur but he still managed to score pretty well against the top player King. Just a few years or so, and he would have had her. He underestimated her and had a lot on the line. If he had won, it would have been big news. I’m glad to see that feminists were (dumb) enough to try for a rematch and got the snot kicked out of them.

        4. It’s virtually impossible for her to be so strong and ripped as a woman is not designed for that. Even if she lifts 6 day’s a week with cardio thrown in she’d look athletic at best, not like a bodybuilder.

        5. Bobby Riggs demolished Margaret Court who was as talented as BJK. The word is the Riggs threw the King match to make some organised crime figures very rich.

        6. I wonder how much money such a match could have gotten to begin with….
          That just gave me a delicious thought: Imagine how many Hillary supporters lost their shirts in vegas this election. 🙂

        7. I don’t know how it works for women, but a mans physical prime can extend into his mid 30s. Lennox Lewis became undisputed heavyweight champion at age 34. The late Jersey Joe Walcott became undisputed heavyweight champion aged 37.

          And the challenger, Holyfield was 37.

        1. Nothing special. That’s the power of “Testosterone”. Guess that woman suffers from “hormone imbalance” !!!

        2. It isn’t a She. There are retired forensic biologists on Youtube who have shown conclusively that the Williams ‘sisters’ are biological males – most probably on female growth hormone which deposits fat on the ass, but their waist indent gives them away, and even cross referencing them with black female bodbuilders shows that they are 100% anatomically male. There is one video exposing them, which shows that in 1977 the Lawn Tennis Association banned gender testing in the sport, worldwide.

    1. Good God the Williams sisters are scary..They look like the Predator ..should have a bandolier of human skulls or something…

  3. Whoa dude, take a chill pill. I went to the Aussie Open in ’08 and initially wasn’t going to buy tickets for the women’s matches. When you go in with the ‘tude that it’s women playing, they were very enjoyable to watch. I realize they can’t hit like men, they’re women, I get it. In fact, thinking about it, there’s not another sport that I have ever even watched women compete, even the Olympics. I guess I just love tennis.
    I think comparing the hours on courts and translating it to a per hour payout is ridiculous. OTOH, 2 of 3 is fine with me for women. There’s quite a few events on the tour that are 2 of 3 for the men.
    Now I have other problems with the Williams sisters, they’re unbelievable racists but a more reasonable argument would be a pro rata distribution based on ratings or ticket sales. As I recall, Melbourne was packed with people watching the women’s matches-and not just Centre Court.

    1. You might be masochistically inclined to enjoy watching inferior sports, but the reason most people tune into women’s tennis is the sex appeal. Certainly that too has a market value, but that’s not at all what’s being addressed in this article.
      When statistics prove beyond a flicker of doubt that if the gender barrier were removed there wouldn’t be a single woman tennis player in the top 1000, it’s laughable for women to expect equal pay as men, for inferior quality and quantity of labor. It’s not about how many sets are being played, that’s only a footnote, it’s the unshakable hardcore truth that women suck at sports (and really in any competitive activity that demands dedication and professionalism), and yet because of toxic feminist indoctrination they live in such a surreal bubble so as to seriously believe they can realistically compete against men in physical activities…

      1. You ridiculously spewed, “You might be masochistically inclined to enjoy watching inferior sports…” Did you even read my post or is English your 4th language?

    2. Sure if you want to enjoy female sports go ahead. Similar to when I watch my nephew compete in Tier1 U11 hockey. It’s enjoyable to watch to me but, it isn’t good hockey.

  4. There was an instance here in australia where the australian womens soccer team came to play an U15s div 1 team and got thrashed 7-1 or something like that. If you really want to see just how far the skillgap is; that is concrete evidence right there. Women in professional sports need to harden the fuck up and accept why they deserve to be paid in peanuts. They’re garbage to watch aswell.

      1. I applaud the boys for showing zero mercy to the Aussie bints. At first when I heard the score was 7-1, I was like hey how on Earth a women’s team can ever score a goal against the much superior boys.

        1. As to how…. In sports like soccer and hockey every so often a team scores against itself. Try to clear the puck and it bounces off another player into the goal and that sort of thing.

    1. Our state team would play the female National team at U/15 level in friendlies. We won every game and we were the worst state team in the country.
      Women’s soccer is painful to watch.

  5. Great article! My favorite parts are when you pretend to be better than Roger Federer, completely forget the fact that men and women have different anatomies and that men are born with greater physical strength, and just generally be an over pompous jerk. I’m sorry these ladies make much more money and are more talented than you are, would you like a safe space for that? I also enjoy that the only thing you claim you’ll be missing by boycotting women’s tennis is butts and boobs (because men are far more intelligent, you see). This website is comedy, not opinion, and frankly I can’t stop laughing at this pathetic article.

    1. Meanwhile you’re helping this website with your clicks and impressions, lol. That’ll show ’em!

  6. Haven’t seriously watched women’s sports in many years, nothing to watch. Women’s UFC is just about the only thing thats appealing, maybe women’s Muay Thai.

    1. yes trans will dominate any female sport, there are cases where a trans women demolish all the competition a Trans UFC, a trans cyclist all of them easily win. Let’s see how the libtard struggle to reconcile being called a transphopic or a misogynist.

      1. @Duncan:
        Yep, I have a feeling that in several years, trannies will be the future of female sport, no one will dare to ban them….

        1. Follow the money. Just use the numbers from the article above. The 203rd best buy has banked 1.5 mil, the best woman 70. How many guys are going to decide the humiliation of playing tranny is worth that difference in bank account? All it will take is three or four and the game will be up.
          That is a lot of money, invested wisely you could be a forty year old retired ‘female tennis champ’ with some serious wealth stacked up. Then ditch the female name and look and have some serious fun.

    2. Why have surgery you need merely to self identify as another gender to satisfy the requirement to use the ladies restroom.

  7. Just recently, a female family member who currently starts varsity basketball challenged me to play her. I laughed and told her she couldn’t handle me, even if I only play ball at my local gym these days. She kept talking shit, so I obliged just to shut her up.
    Let’s just say that it was straight demolition, and I only played at half speed. I quit taking the ball inside because it was too easy. Then I switched exclusively to my left hand. She still couldn’t stop me, and she practices everyday, plays against high level female competition weekly.
    I’ve watched some women’s college and WNBA games and it’s funny to see how slow they are. At least the female basketball players haven’t yet demanded to be paid like NBA players, but that’s only a matter of time.

    1. One time a female boxer lightweight went to my gym; she has participated in international bouts, she’s a trainer in other boxing gym, blah blah blah. She did sparring with one guy in the same weight category. The guy handle her, and he’s not even the best in his category, and of course he is an amateur.
      Women in professional sports are simply a joke….and if they face a man they will lose, every single fucking time. Even worse in combat sports: put that ugly dyke Ronda Rousey against any male fighter of his weight and see what happens.

      1. Put Ronda against most men in her weight class or below even if he has no formal training and he’ll still crush her. I can’t believe all the crap she talked until she got knocked out. Men are stronger, hit harder, and can take more of a beating. Women’s MMA is the warmup act before the professionals get in the ring.

        1. Indeed. A kick from me would put someone like that in the cemetery. And if I slap on a choke they’ll flop aroind like a chicken. I can only laugh at these imbeciles with their you gogrlism and what not. It’s tragicomical

        2. Yes she did because her entire identity was build around the fact that she was the Women’s MMA Champion. She let it go to her head and thought she was the worlds greatest fighter. Really I just hope she sets an example by getting married, having children, and rejecting her past as unladylike like to be a fighter.

        3. That is very unladylike. It seems barbaric for 2 women to be in a cage fighting. I prefer girly girls. Girls that like to be pretty and like sparkling and glittery things and would rather be a ring girl than a fighter.

    2. I’m sure you playing against a black middle school kid would resemble Adam Morrison going up against Russell Westbrook.

      1. There’s another point, there’s no whining about the domination of black men in many professional sports. And there is very limited complaint about white men dominating the sports involving ice and snow.

      2. You assume all blacks are great at sports. If that was true, there would be no white NBA players since even a black kid could beat white adults.

  8. Question; If women truly want to be treated the same as men, why then is there separation of the sexes in sports, like the Olympics for example. I suggest that men & women should compete along side of each other. This would be true equality,. “True equality for all comrades! To be otherwise is sexists.

    1. How about this.
      In the Olympic Track and Field, I’d suggest that the three fastest (this of course would be men) receive the: Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. And then the NEXT three fastest would receive: Tin, Wood, and Plastic medals. (These medals might be awarded to women). To do other wise would not be really truely fair.
      Then, In school sports, there would be NO need for Title IX. Women should be allowed to compete along with men. Only then, is it really considered genuine level playing field.
      Ban sexism in sports NOW! You go girl! Shatter THAT glass ceiling!

  9. Federer, Sampress, Nadal, Djokovitch, Roddick, Agasi, and others, each practically re-invented the sport of tennis to get to the top. The variety of strategies and pinnacle athletic performance makes a great game of men’s tennis an epic battle to behold.
    Whenever I’ve watched women’s tennis it seems like the same baseline game every single time. The only variety is that Serena Williams is actually a man.

    1. “The only variety is that Serena Williams is actually a man.”
      Yep growth hormone or some other fad in steroids makes these freaks happen!

    2. I dunno man. I can’t mention Roddick with those other names. He was really only good for about 4 years. He won only 1 grand slam tourney. Made grand slam finals 5 times out of something like 52 tries. The only reason his name is known is because he was American and the American media were hopeful for him for so long since Agassi was slowly fading away. Roddick was the last Amercian male to do anything and didn’t really do much of anything (compared to those other names.) I liked Roddick and I rooted for him too but I can’t really put him “at the top.”

      1. I completely agree, he isn’t in the same league as the greats. The reason I mentioned Roddick is because he got to where he was by bringing something new to the game. During his best years he had a monster serve that was unique to his style.

  10. Hate to break it to you, but pretty much everyone in pro sports is overpaid. If you don’t want to watch women’s tennis, don’t watch it. You can dislike it all you want, but boycotting it won’t change how much they are paid.

    1. The point is, athletes should be paid based on the revenue they generate, which is not the case for women’s tennis. Men generate the income and give a disproportionate amount to the women.
      It would be like NBA players having to pay WNBA players salaries so they get the same pay

      1. I see. Do you think male figure skaters and gymnasts shouldn’t receive equal pay as women since they don’t generate as much revenue as women?

        1. No they shouldn’t. If no one watches men’s figuring skating then they shouldn’t get paid. Pretty simple concept.
          The only reason people watch women in any sport is if they’re attractive in tight clothes, hence figure skating, volleyball, gymnastics etc

  11. Wah lets boycott women’s tennis because they’re making more money and are more successful than I’ll ever be. Suck it up buttercup

    1. KiddCampbell <–mangina or female troll. You consider women being paid equally for FAR inferior, and less work for “equal” pay, to be “success”? That’s worthy of shame and disdain. You’re pathetic and ignorant.

        1. Only leftarded buttbuddies would use that word.
          When I’m “triggered” you’re getting a punch in the face.

      1. He is some sort of ninja/samurai/avenger at the service of myladies. Some dudes still think they gonna get some for their white knight services

    2. Show me the numbers between men’s tennis and women’s. Buttercup.

  12. Women sports is nothing to take too seriously. Once the german women national soccer team competed against the so called C-Jugend from i think VfB Stuttgart (these are boys 14-15) in a match.
    Guess what. These were the best women soccer players of the whole country and they were demolished by school boys like 7-0 or so (need to google that). As far as i know the kiddos didnt even play seriously.

    1. I googled it. From Wikipedia:
      “The German women’s national team has played several exhibition matches against male teams, most notably losing 0–3 to the VfB Stuttgart Under-17 squad in preparation for the 2003 World Cup.” You’re right, the boys probably took it easy on them. It’s hard to feel competitive when you’re playing females.
      A few years ago, I heard one of the American women’s soccer players say that they routinely lose to high school boys’ teams because the boys are too strong. Same with the American women’s hockey team. They lose to the high school boys even though checking is not allowed.

      1. If anything I become even more competitive against women because it would be shameful to lose-I’m already fearsome but when I have to partake of such a spectacle during preseason training etc I am an absolute brute and earned the ‘Conan’ moniker accordingly-being a mean ball of muscle and hirsute.

        1. OK. I’ve never competed against a woman that I’ve felt could beat me. For me it’s more of a social thing. If anything I may try to show off, but I don’t feel as competitive as I would against a male opponent. That might change if I was playing against a professional female athlete.

        2. Not so much beat me. More making a point of crushing them thoroughly and humiliating them. For me an opponent in sport is as good as a mortal enemy and I must destroy them and do so in dominant fashion. I don’t relent and am like a wounded animal when competing.

        3. I’ve played soccer against some pretty good female players, including a cousin of mine. Then again, these gals had accustomed themselves to playing with guys on a regular basis. Same with say, 10 year old kids playing with high school age guys. We just didn’t have time to split people into groups. Everyone was allowed to play, but everyone was expected to play intensely and take some punishment. Talk about real gender equality.

        4. I understand. I’m sure we all have our anecdotes. The point is, though, that elite female athletes have a difficult time competing with male high school athletes as demonstrated by the under 15 boys who shutout a highly regarded Australian women’s soccer team 7-0.

        5. That’s true. And my own point is, I suspect that these gals didn’t play men on a regular basis. So imagine the shock when they play men with equal ability and equal fitness levels that surpass those of amateurs such as myself. At least the gals I played against knew what they had coming.
          Which brings me to a point that I’ve established all these years living in the U.S.: for all this talk of gender equality, I’ve rarely seen boys and girls play together either informally, or as organized competition. Because at the end of the day, nobody wants their little princess getting hurt by a sliding tackle, or sacked by a defensive lineman, or smacked in the face by a fastball.

        6. Yes, I get all that but this article and thread have been all about elite female athletes. Elite women’s teams often practice against male teams because they have to raise their caliber of play. This is a quote from the article I cited: “(Assistant Matildas coach Gary van) Egmond said that the Matildas (the Australian women’s soccer team) are often forced to play against boys teams as trying to find quality female opposition can be difficult.” Don’t forget that the boys they played were all under age 15. I know the US women’s hockey team and US women’s soccer team scrimmage with high school boys because it’s better competition. The women also lose quite often. Female MMA fighters practice with men although they’re basically foils.Female professional tennis players usually practice with men because it ups their game.

    2. Same happened when high schoolers wrecked the Australian national women’s team, I think the women might have scored 1 point though, can’t remember

        1. What a fiasco. The team I played on would have absolutely destroyed those lesbians too-at 15 we were effectively a gang and would not only beat you in the score but pulverise you physically as well; we left a swathe of destruction back in the day.

  13. A man that is a multimillionaire and is more concerned about losing his sponsors? The hypocrisy of some is absolutely appalling. Cry me a river, all that chest thumping ends when faced with the repercussions of calling a spade a spade.

  14. Women’s sports won’t change until a female by the likes of Lebron or Kobe dominates their league
    Yes. A man
    We are the standard not because of ego but because our bodies were just meant to do certain shit and showcase it at a higher level
    Granted in a Tennis match these women would kill me but, against even the worse of players in their fields when it comes to men, they will struggle no matter how good they are
    Its just nature.
    If real, this is GOD’s pet project. I am just a visitor until its my time to go and I am replaced by another worker bee

  15. While women seek equality, why haven’t they also mentioned, EVER, that no employer should consider gender when assigning work?
    Then I could go to the hardware store and have a 75%, or higher, chance of having a female load concrete bags and lumber into my truck, as females far outnumber men at the hardware stores I frequent, being cashiers.
    Maybe we could see women digging in ditches on the road crews, instead of ALWAYS holding a damned sign.

    1. I learned this in my first job in HS. Same pay, same title, but the women/girls did not have to do anything that was dirty, cold, wet, hot, required heavy lifting, etc. They just didn’t. Same pay but they didn’t have to do any of the bad parts of the job.

      1. I have experienced the same my entire life. Female social privilege and superiority is sacrosanct while male position in society has been destroyed, men are beginning to wake up to this. Without men, women would all be fighting each other to live in naturally formed caves and picking food out of the dirt. They delude themselves to believe otherwise.

    1. For one, the WNBA has never really taken off. Watching short women that can’t dunk a ball or move with the speed and agility of their male peers makes it boring. There was another league back then which didn’t last long. Then there’s the 80something win streak of the UConn women’s team that makes women’s college ball very boring. At least in the men’s side the dominance is still spread around so at least we get to see the UNCs, the UCLAs, the Kentuckys, and the Georgetowns duke it out. Oh, and did we mention, for the most part, female players aren’t attractive. After all, that’s a big draw to sporting events. At least, in both formats of women’s volleyball, there are hot women.

  16. Will America ever have a women’s cooking contest?
    In America, women always try to get “fair and square” with men on everything.
    They always have to get in our face and try to prove their “equality”.
    Just another snideful and snobbish American female attitude.
    Their best place should be in the kitchens.

  17. I guess no one here is old enough (including the author) to remember the highly controversial challenge matchup between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs back in 1973. Billie Jean won, but Riggs was older and over the hill–even though not so much not to beat a highly-ranked opponent in Margaret Court first.

    1. Rumor has it he was up to his neck in gambling debts. Im sure her win was on the up and up…

    2. Riggs was in his 50s, King was in her prime, the top female player. And she got to use the doubles alley tramlines as boundaries. The battle of the sexes was a feminist fiasco.

      1. What a fucking joke it was. I remember seeing it when I was young as archival footage and I was sickened-mind you I was all of 9 years old when I felt the flick of a switch and saw feminism as a great evil that must be destroyed.

    3. Six months prior to the match with King, Riggs played Margaret Court (age 30), the number 1 female player in the world at the time. He beat her 6-2, 6-1. Riggs was 55 at the time.

      1. Who can imagine in 1992 a 50 year old Joe Fraizer beating say a 30 year old Evander Holyfield who was the reigning world heavyweight champion at the time?

  18. I used to really love watching guys like Phillipousiss and Rafter play because the serve-volley game is really beautiful to watch and takes such an interesting blend of skills. There’s nothing like it in the women’s game which is mostly just grunters belting the ball from the baseline.
    It’s sad that it’s not as prevalent in the men’s game today as well. Good article.

  19. Who cares, there are millions of real problems. All angry western femninsts and all angry western maninists write about is bs lile this, there are real problems all over but still you decide to use time on this nonesense. To be its just two sides of the same sad sad coin. Chill bro.

  20. The only women’s sports worth watching is beach volleyball.
    Williams sisters can probably climb the fuck out of a tree though-

      1. I used to watch my HS girls volleyball team practice. Mainly because they wore those tight, spandex shorts.

  21. Boycotting them will not work, we all know they will siphon off the resources from the men’s division to prop up the weaker vessels.
    The same goes for all female sports. In Australia we have a cricket competition called the Big Bash League…. then the feminists complained, so they got the, get this, the “Women’s Big Bash League”. Now, I find the humour in the naming. Does it mean that it is a league where women are bashed? or where women bash other women? lol, they didn’t think that one through.

  22. Women’s pro wrestling is next. WWE is pushing for a #WomensRevolution and all they did was swap the women’s title between Ric Flair’s daughter and Snoop Dogg’s cousin 6 times for the last 6 months.
    Unsurprisingly, the ratings are in the toilet.

  23. Merry Christmas all men of good will. Christ is born in Bethlehem. Rejoice!
    Spread His word of love and belief in His Father throughout the land.
    Merry Christmas.

  24. ” …the striking reality is the viability of women’s tennis depends entirely on piggy backing on the popularity of the men’s game.”
    This is what galls me most about the equal pay sham.The tours are becoming less separate year by year. The WPT tournaments are now coupled with the Masters series because fan support was so pathetic for the womens’ tourneys. I’d love to see separate Grand Slams, but they’ll never do it. Equal work my arse.
    A mens tennis fan buys tickets to the major tournaments but has to inadvertently support the double-fault shriekfest that they schedule between the mens matches. The bitches rarely play the late matches at the US and Aussie Opens and add extra wear on the Wimbledon turf.

  25. Perhaps, the only women’s sports that they see are beach, I previously trained boxing, but after facing a man, made me see that it is not a world for me or for any woman, they can say whatever they want, either The UFC and all that, but a man is always physically stronger and bigger than that of a woman, so a well trained and experienced, easy puts anyone who does an exclusive sport for men.

  26. And remember if a male player smashes his racquet on the ground then that’s violence against women.

    The presenter who made the comment, Virginia Trioli, is a total fucking witch. During the US election she was caught making a comment about Melania Trump’s breasts when she thought the microphone was off. Imagine a male news presenter making the same comment. The entire country would have ground to a total halt. But as usual she gets a pass.

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  28. Well, my fellow, shitlords, there was only one game on tap tonight in ESPN’s Capital One Bowl Mania – Middle Tennessee (8-4) vs. Hawaii (6-7). Middle Tennessee was the big favorite at -7.5 on the spread side. Virtually everyone in the Top 50 on the leader board had Middle Tennessee – so, of course, Hawaii won. And your old Uncle Bob saw it coming from a mile away, just like you and I would spot a blue-haired feminist with face shrapnel and herpes heading towards us. So I moved up the leader board, big-time, as I fired a fairly large bullet worth 26 points and leap-frogged about 1000 players. I’m now only 62 points out of 50th place, in the 896th position, with 28 bowl games left to play (out of what I estimate to be over 1 million contestants, although I’m not 100% sure on that; might be as few as half a million). You might notice after you click the image below, that my second entry form is moving up in the ranks. My goal now is to get both entries into the top 2%. A lofty aim, true, but it’s something I can do…Merry Christmas, gentlemen, and I look forward to meeting some of you in Vegas, down the road, so we can take ’em to the cleaners as a group, and show ’em how a pack of alphas gets things done. Big money, great food, high-end booze, and hot women on tap. Things to look forward to. That’s the secret.

  29. I was disgusted, when Djokovic appologized for being reasonable ( pay should be proportionate to viewers), by saying he was still boosted from the match when he made the statement. He appologized for his testosterone… and was guilted for using logic. Sad. Sad. Sad.
    Oh and he made the statement in response to a question about a tournament director who got fired… for saying the truth – womens tennis is unwatchable and overpaid.

    1. Yeah, it was pathetic to watch him backtrack. Under pressure from Billie Jean King. Most female athletes aren’t dykes, but the dykes do the most societal damage because they’re jealous of those with families and normal lives.

  30. “There’s nothing to boycott. No one watches women playing sports.”
    You don’t get it. There a big difference between sports few peope watch (charity, handisport etc) and sorts that are avcively criticized and boycotted, even if the final number of viewers are about the same.
    The first categories are ‘feel good” actions, the second a source of problems.
    When producers, advertisers, etc, will see that they got more problems than support (feminists support nobody) they will drop it like a hot rock.
    That’s the purpoe of this article. Stop complaining, get strategies to hurt our ennemies.
    Feminine sport is a PERFECT target. It’s indefenable on nearly any point. A strong, coordonate attack can do it.
    Let’s do it. Few effort for a maximum effect.

  31. Djokovic is the man here, I respect him. He was No.1 when he spoke about how much women are overpaid. And everyone just jumped on him. He resisted to apologize though but he got shut down quickly.

  32. Serena and Venus should not be allowed to play against white women, much less men. They are clearly of a different species.

    1. And curiously, they both are the antithesis of their namesakes. Serena is about as serene as rush hour traffic on I-5… during an accident… that’s closed all 18 lanes… the day before Christmas. 😀
      Venus… is simply so completely divorced from anything remotely attractive or feminine that even I’m left speechless.

    1. I didn’t know this. Do they really have a female chess league? That’s f’n hilarious

      1. Until they change the rules of chess to “the woman always wins”, I don’t think we’re going to see much progress of women into that one…

  33. “The checkout operator at 7-11 doesn’t demand they get a pay rise because it’s not fair they weren’t born with the same intelligence as a mechanical engineer.”
    But they do demand it in a way. The entire gender wage gap is calculated on the basis that women should be paid the same in the net despite systematically choosing less demanding jobs and careers.

      1. In this case it applies. They want to be paid for doing what they want at the rate of a man doing something much more demanding.

  34. It’s a professionnal sport. It means athlete performance is not measured in how well they hit, how fast they serve, how nimble their are on their feet, or how clever they anticipate and manage the game. It’s in how much spectators they bring and how many products they sell. Kournikova was very well paid, even though she was never number one female, not even talking about what level she would have been in a man tournament. As a professional, heavily broadcasted sport, it makes perfect sense…

  35. Now there is womens AFL professional football starting up in 2017 in Australia…….a hand full of women plucked form each part of the country to play at an elite level with pay right before the main AFL season starts……..while men who make it to AFL level have to slog away in local clubs with injuries and many years of hard work…….feminism doesnt want equality…….it wants a better deal than men…

  36. Sharapova v. Kournikova is worth the price of admission. Men’s game is too dominated by aces now. I like watching the ladies play as long as there are no gorillas on the court.

    1. Yeah me too. Many women’s tennis players are attractive snd they wear short skirts. It’s actually one of the few watchable women’s sports. Let’s instead focus our ire on the US women’s soccer team, who are using their wins over countries who (rightly) don’t care about women’s soccer to demand equal pay to the US men’s team. Greedy, unfeminine bitches.

  37. I agree that for the best of five set games women should play five sets if the prize money is the same as for men. The fact that the grand slams are run by both the ATP and WTA is likely why they pay is the same. Also the four grand slams are the only events where men play more sets. All other events are best out of three for both men and women. Generally the prize money is less for women in WTA events and even a few joint ATP and WTA events.
    I would say that overall, women are paid less in prize money then men. They don’t have the physical strength compared to male players because they are females so the pay should reflect that when they play less sets ie grand slams. But again, aside from those four games out of the 30+ they play a year in a one of the longest seasons of all pro sports, stating that “Any media coverage and prize money for women’s sport is an indulgence” is a childish ‘fuck you’ to a group of women who dedicate their lives to a sport that has a long season with a demanding schedule.
    The debate about women playing less sets in grand slams has been around for a while, yet all you did here was pick these four tournaments and used that to generalize about women’s tennis and women’s sports in general. I too prefer to watch men’s sports because it’s more interesting, but I’m not going to boo hoo and shit all over a group of women who would rather compete in something that they’re passionate about as opposed to sitting on their asses dying their hair green spinning rape culture stories. In the grand scheme of things, I think the green hair feminist who wants all men castrated is more worthy of a boycott then a rich female pro athlete who gives absolutely zero fucks about what some dude is blogging about women’s sports.

  38. I read once (Sorry, I haven’t verified it personally) that in all the strength, weight, speed type contests, the women’s world record falls between the world’s record for 15 YO males and 16 YO males. The typical male world’s record is held by men in their 20s.

  39. I can’t boycott what I do not watch to begin with. Heh.

  40. I happen to enjoy women’s tennis. The men’s game brings in far more revenue than the women’s game so there really is no argument for paying them the same. But for watching the women’s game, first of all, I enjoy watching some young toned female bodies in those little tennis skirts. Even men that don’t like tennis could enjoy that. Some of those girls are pretty effin hot, especially when you later see them all dolled up off the court. And it makes for a good hold over while you’re waiting for the better men’s draws to come around.
    I completely agree their game is inferior but I don’t really compare the two since they don’t actually play each other. The game can be almost as fun to watch because the intensity is relative to the match up of the opponents. And I don’t take the women’s game all too seriously. But as a man that watches different sports year-round you can definitely sense the speed, power and intensity that comes with watching the men’s game. Those guys are super competitive too. Just listen to post match interviews.

  41. My best friend was a division 1 player in high school. He was on the varsity team freshman year. He doesn’t play much anymore, and he says the same thing. He would wipe the floors with most pro female tennis players in the shape he is in; and he would beat the best if he trained for a few months. He went as far as to say that he’d beat them with a greased pig under one arm.

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