The Worst Thing That Can Happen To Any Man

Men in the United States are being tortured every day, sometimes for up to twenty years, and yet there is no complaint. The method? Solitary confinement.

More than 80,000 people were in solitary confinement in the United States in 2005, the last time the federal government released such data. In California alone, at least 11,730 people are housed in some form of isolation. What is unique about Pennington—if being one of thousands can be considered unique—is that he doesn’t know when, or if, he will get out of the SHU. Like at least 3,808 others in California, he is serving an indeterminate sentence.

The author of the story served time in an Iranian prison, and comments that he much prefers the one in Iran, home of our supposed barbaric enemy.

Should we feel sympathy for Americans locked up in solitary confinement, or let them rot as they are? I guess that depends on the type of society you feel yourself a part of.

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17 thoughts on “The Worst Thing That Can Happen To Any Man”

  1. *PRIMO!*
    That place looks like hell on earth, i think i rather be dead than *live* 20 years in a shoebox
    Has nothing on NAZI Germany really
    Shame Team USA shame!

    1. No kidding. Plenty of inmates want solitary to get away from gen. pop. scum homeless sociopaths.

  2. Look up ADX Florence, the pinnacle (nadir?) of the US prison system. “Supermax,” they call it. Its inmates read like a Who’s Who of Enemies of the State.
    The thing is — the inmates there are not the most deadly (as criminals), nor the most unruly as prisoners (except one guy, who escaped a lot).
    They’re the ones that embarrassed the government. They’re the ones that are the most politically offensive. The Shoe Bomber. The Aryan Brotherhood guy. The Unabomber (death toll = 3). Eric Rudolph, the Olympic Park Bomber (death toll = 3). Matthew Hale, sent to the worst prison in America for soliciting the assassination of a judge (death toll = 0).
    I’ve met violent offenders who’ve killed dozens of people and gotten shorter sentences in easier facilities. But they merely killed other hoods, or random people in armed robberies, not politically-motivated crimes, or ones against politically-protected individuals.
    Merely killing someone like you or me is, relatively speaking, not a big deal. But if you threaten government officials, or commit a crime that challenges its authority, or demonstrate that the government is ineffectual, it’s treated like the Worst Possible Offense Against Humanity, and they put you in a very deep hole in the ground and forget about you.

  3. I truly believe that is what hell is. Moreso than the fire and torture…you are eternally alone.

  4. It’s presentations such as these makes me feel better about having left the States and established a better quality life in Asia. Today in America they may be putting gang members in solitary, but as one responder pointed out, it’s the people who criticize the government who will be in the crosshairs and taken away.

  5. Its perfect for mediation and becoming a sage.
    Sexual Marxism:
    The Manospherian belief that Obama owes me a girlfriend.
    From each according to her ability, to each according to his need.

  6. For the introverts among us, don’t get caught in the trap of self imposed social isolation.

  7. Prison is now a for profit business. We now have privately owned prisons. Its a booming business.

    1. Heads in beds. The small town crackers love having a jail in their town because it provides jobs to unskilled workers.

  8. Well, we should definitely have fewer laws that put people in prisons. We should also stop encouraging people to behave in ways that will land them in prison, we should also srm more peope.which will again discourage the knds of behavior thst leads to prison

    1. Except for female inmates who need to be treated special because they have special needs.

  9. The largest mental facility in the USA is the LA County Jail. Prisons are the default holding places for the Government to abdicate any social services or healthcare responsibility. If you stopped arresting for poverty and mental illness, you could close down half the jails.

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