Cold-Sensitive Feminist Crusaders Berate Patriarchal Air Conditioning

A study in the peer-reviewed journal Nature has postulated that females are more cold-sensitive than males and that standard air conditioning temperatures “favor” middle-aged men in work environments. Leaving to the side unresolved “non-issues” like other peer-reviewed studies showing female offenders receive 60% shorter sentences for the same crime, or the fact that men comprise at least two-thirds of homicide victims in a culture supposedly all about attacking women, media outlets have clearly taken up one of the most important and egregious calamities of our time.

Women evidently have nothing else to complain about in the Western world. Of course, defenders of the story (especially those strangely paid to first write about it) will claim it is light-hearted. But the mere act of giving this story attention makes a farce of the actual challenges facing (and derailing) society.

With the 1-in-5-women sexual assault “statistic” and the wage gap “reality” thoroughly debunked, feminists and pro-feminist media platforms have less and less at their disposal to moan about. They have consequently broken through the bottom of the barrel and are now resorting to raking up the mud with their fingertips.

No one should be surprised about this story

Male Fortune 500 CEOs, store clerks and homeless men, amongst all others, are conspiring against women both rich and poor.

Given that the vast majority of viewers and those reading the story in print have responded to this bizarre piece with a collective “riiiiiiiiight,” it has served as nothing but click-bait. Feminist sources which responded sarcastically to the news, such as Jezebel, are missing the point, however. They should in no sense be surprised by this headline, which is of the kind they have directly helped to engender (pardon the pun).

Because Jezebel and other mediums see no story that falls outside the prism of “the oppressed female,” preposterous wastes of energy like the air conditioning story are bound to proliferate. As rather or considerably privileged women with gender studies “degrees” like Jessica Valenti bash away on their keyboards, they eventually run out of events that even they consider important to their cause.

This “interview” on Sky News tries to give the veneer of being tongue-in-cheek but fails spectacularly at it. When Telegraph “columnist” Radhika Sanghani starts talking about flexibility, common sense, and an “issue,” expect your eyes to involuntarily roll over and your head to shake from left to right uncontrollably.

When women at work move in their dresses, half the time you can see their panties

This is actually a very modest example of a woman dressed for work (and not for temperature regulation).

I call this phenomenon “white line fever” but invariably you see much, much more than just a sliver of silk or cotton lingerie. Focused on maintaining the latest fashion trends, whatever the weather, and unapologetically flaunting their sexuality, many women are lucky to have two-thirds of the surface of their body covered. So I have to say, like you, I am absolutely shocked to learn that women are cold in offices.

In the Sky News video, the female anchor’s dress has no sleeves, for example. Unlike many or most items of male clothing, the gap between female professional and casual fashion is much, much smaller. Oftentimes it is difficult to distinguish a woman going to work and one about to gallivant through a nightclub district. Only the presence of a sun or moon can usually tell you which sort of woman is which.

Oh, the outrage!

A good explanation of why countless women feel too cold in the office.

Whether by infantilizing women or trying to make men change to adapt to all of their “needs” (basically the same thing), stories like the cringeworthy air conditioning piece remind us how aggrandizing and indulgent modern society is to every female. Men are now expected to take personal blame for the incredibly small minority of men who sexually assault or rape women. Or sacrifice their own career prospects so otherwise undeserving women can balance the number of men in higher positions.

Now our unacceptable patriarchal air conditioning oppression of women needs to be addressed, too. The merry-go-round of male privilege has never stopped, it seems, and without serious redirection, women are bound to inexorably suffer in chilly office cubicles for eternity.

Or maybe, just maybe, women can enter the workplace with an extra layer of clothing or, better yet, not dress as scantily as hookers.

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167 thoughts on “Cold-Sensitive Feminist Crusaders Berate Patriarchal Air Conditioning”

  1. Say, I’ve got an idea: Ban the use of air conditioning inside the Washington Beltway! We’d soon see all those young office workers in halters and short-shorts, if not bikinis! I wonder what effect that would have on the “oppressive male gaze?”

  2. I work in a hospital and on many an occasion i will see aspiring nurses, pharmacists and others traipsing about trying to make their way to the destination of their choice. It goes without saying that many of these are ewes and many of these are also dressed inappropriately, especially during the warmer months. I’m talking low cut blouses and shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush. It wouldn’t be so bad but the bulbous ones tend to do it as well. (Barf)
    Gone are the days when women are held accountable even for what they wear. Nowadays they can wear the most whore specific accoutrements available and if a Man happens to stare we will be considered in the wrong for doing so.
    Modesty and common sense is lost on the modern day female. These concepts have been thrown on the same funeral pyre that was used to burn bras decades ago.

    1. “and if an unattractive Man happens to stare we will be considered in the wrong for doing so.”
      Fixed it for you

        1. haha! good one! I wouldn’t doubt it. women can cry “sexual harassment” by the simple fact of making them “uncomfortable.”

        2. Just like date rape, statutory rape, etc. all other forms of rape will just be merged into plain rape, where looking at a woman is just as bad as mugging her the street and forcing yourself on her.

      1. Hmm. I like that better, except now you have to change it to they instead of leaving it as “we” 🙂

      1. Hell no. I’m a conservative with a much better sounding name that than 🙂
        My position will remain a mystery though.

      1. Most comedians out their put out some nice red pill commentary under the pretext of humor.
        Sadly today they are shamed in this era of political correctness

    2. Women are going to go as far as the rules allow for attention. If men don’t tighten the standards and regulations, some places of work can become like strip clubs as women compete to see who’s the hottest. The principal at my high school had to step in and interrupt a fashion cat fight that broke out between a few of the female teachers.

      1. “Women are going to go as far as the rules allow for attention.”
        Everybody does that nowadays. Women, jews, muslims, homos, manginas, vegetarians and vegans (grass eating fundamentalists).
        A jewish lesbian vegan must be hell on earth!

      2. Agreed. Men have to tighten the rules…the problem is females are increasingly being given positions of power that allows them to make double standard rules for themselves and Men. Their presence in HR isn’t just a fact, it is an epidemic.

    1. aww beat me to it, right when i saw her pic, Im like dam she got a horseface… she looks like the indian Sarah Jessica Parker

    2. Bah! Lol.
      I try not to poke fun at people’s eccentricities…unless they deserve it, of course.
      Fire away, captain!

    1. Now they’re crying about a fucking Halloween costume. Demanding it be banned. Caitlyn Jenner costume has them OUTRAGED! This. This! Wow. Just wow!

  3. Jesus Christ, Indian women! Absolutely the most skullfucked and insane scourge of God to walk the planet! With the one-two punch of that attention whore who ran a marathon with no tampon and the spurious “cause” she invented with warped logic to this twisted nutbag and her “oppressive” air conditioning! Take away the air conditioning so she can suffer, then! Let’s see how her “strong and independent and career-oriented” two-dollar brain chimes in then!

    1. ya by looking through the net and news reported from india on 8chan, Im willing to say straight up Indias feminism is worse.
      Like I dont get it why are so many indian women following this sjw crap. its like we need to make a check list for these people
      hipster glasses or neon ugly hair…check
      indian or white…check
      bipolar schizo and delusional narcissistic….check
      privileged upper class ….check
      check 3 outta 6(feel free to ad anything I miss) you might have an sjw on your hands.

    1. Thanks to that idiot indian feminist, the phrase “if it bleeds, we can kill it” a whole new meaning.

  4. I’ve worked in labs that were fucking freezing because they were in basements or a little far away from the university’s main infrastructure.
    Wanna guess what we did?
    We brought sweaters and blankets and made cups of coffee.
    Why are Indian women such entitled cunts?

    1. India has very oppressive anti male laws, men are pretty much all labeled as rapists and the woman go on rape riots and all that crazy shit…woman beat there men to death and are congratulated for it, the man just has to stand there and take it, if he tries to defend himself the whole village will scream and throw rocks at the pore man, it really is one fucked up place.

      1. @codemonkey:disqus
        ya kinda right. Think the gendar imbalance,western progressivism and indian feminism are to blame….Plus the shaming of rape in india being over blown. Wiki tells the real hard data. They produce media like wtfindia to shame tradional men like “would you marry whore” or some shit like that. Of course its an ugly indian hipster doing it. But gaming can get you killed remmeber some years beck that a brit tourist got lynched for asking an indian woman for directions and the locals thought she was being harassed.
        Ive seen that on wshh, where the villagers tie up a man and beat him up if he does anything like cheat on his wife or whatever. Or that other sotry where a woman claimed she was stare raped and smashed the guys car, and the guy had to pay her cuz she broke her 60$ phone and the media called her a hero. Or now even kids can now be tried as rapists I shit you not. Recently with the new laws enacted the indian courts found 53% of all rapes false….They are thinking of punishing these false accusers, I hope it happens but I doubt it.

        1. That 53% is awfully close to the USA…we should just do away with courts and lawyers, just send the plaintiff/defendant to the “official coin tosser”.

        2. after reverse google searching that image I remember now where I saw that indian actress.

          these feminists sound exactly like our feminists but they just disguise it in the indian decoration, words and bits. Same can of silly string just different color. India needs the red pill bad.

          heres the 53% link. Course those activists and feminists will claim they are corrupt but thats no different to what they say about our system.

        3. perhaps, but culture curbs and put certain values into them. Hypergamy is there. But the way they act and behave is different.

      2. Is India an example of a civilization that has already reached its conclusion?
        Every year Canada/US/Sweden/etc. just get weirder and weirder… It starts with throwing beer in Roosh’s face and getting men fired for laughing at bad jokes… But could it end with our women turning into the very monsters they claim to be so afraid of?
        I’ve met enough manginas to say that probably yes… They will sell out their own (and everyone’s) future to get a woman’s validation.

        1. I grew up with some Indian brothers, (but were mostly raised in the USA). They are the most beta guys I know. The youngest one, who grew up entirely in the US is alright, but the others are literally afraid of women.
          I mean many of us have our frustrations with women and have gone through phases where we just want to shrug our shoulders and say what the hell is wrong with them! and move on.. But these guys are literally terrified of women. The oldest one told me he’s just going to let his mom arrange a marriage for him and hope that works out, but he’s given up on dating (note: I actually think arranged marriages are a good idea but this surrender attitude is bad)

        2. agreed. Even in an arranged marriage hell have the rude awakening,he cant have that defeated beta attitude when he meets the girl and her family. He has to show enough alpha for the girl and beta for her parents in the right way. With india having more males and females and parents starting to dislike marrying their daughters off to NRIs in foreign lands, hes gonna have harder time then his parents did….That plus the quality of the talent in india isnt that good. Tell him to pirate bang(cuz indians are cheap) and force his ass to game, do stronglifts and hit tinder.

    2. It ain’t cuz they look good. Damn, that woman should be asked what she charges to scare people away with that hideous face.
      Her nose is famous , though.
      I think I seen it on Top Gun, in the scene where the fighter planes were landing on it.

    3. Are there any redeeming qualities for India? I can’t think of another place that so universally generates scorn from all who visit (a lot of guys I work with have to go there sometimes). “It’s a fucking shithole”. “It smells like death”. “Imagine New York with 3X as many people who haven’t showered in a month, that’s Mumbai”. And the people who speak the worst of it are universally, the Indians who emigrated; they all say something like “If I never go back, it will be too soon”.
      Perhaps some of the oil countries are worse. But India really may be the absolute worst shithole in the world right now.
      Couple that with the fact that attractive Indian women are like finding anti-matter in your back yard; and the insane level their feminist mantra seems to have gotten to; I’m pretty sure that Mumbai is my own private definition of hell.

    4. Hell…you tell me. We’ve got a couple Indian chicks in my graduate program and most of them are aggressive, pushy, and obnoxious. They’re almost as bad as the American women.
      That said wear a damn sweater. Better to have it too cold than too hot. You can always dress warmer, but I doubt anyone’s gonna be cool with a dude taking his shirt off in the office.

    5. Because the men are all pussies. Perhaps they should start eating beef. Must be the negro African strain introduced to this formerly white country 2k years ago. Negroes are generally docile by nature and that gangsta act is laughable.They’re only brave if it’s 10-1 otherwise you just say Boo! to them and they become subservient.

    6. In my office, the AC is constantly adjusted to favour the scantily clad females. Like I say to my fellows, there’s only so many layers I can take off…

  5. Any feminist piece describing “womYn’s oppression” in the West really just boils down to this:

  6. If it’s too cold, patriarchy. If it’s too hot, patriarchy. If it’s just right, rape culture. Remember folks, feminist are the same cunts that made the claim that gravity is sexist and logic is domestic violence against women, on top of global warming forcing women into prostitution.

  7. I just moved my desk to a different part of the floor. Women, dressed like they were on the way to the beach, kept turning up the temp until I was roasting.

  8. I have but one question. Why are they all lacking the most important part of their female existence? Beauty.

    1. I wonder, does her nose have hormones in it? Because it seems to be acting as a wonderful form of birth control. If it is, we’re golden.

    2. She has to come out and troll since she isn’t getting any attention from guys in the real world.Indian girls rarely get attention from Whites or Blacks or Hispanics in the US.
      not only she is ugly but also dumb.

        1. Most feminists get into feminism for that reason. As long as I live, I will swear that modern feminism only exists because a group of ugly, bitter, angry women could not find men dumb enough to marry them and give them children, so they wanted to take it out on (and blame) the rest of the world. It’s perverse.

    3. Well if you want hormone free birth control your options are:
      1) female condoms
      2) rhythm method (which despite what feminists say is actually pretty effective when properly followed)
      3) sterilization
      Oh if you want to complain about your birth control options, here are the ones available to men:
      1) condoms
      2) sterilization
      Also the difference between you getting knocked up and a man knocking up a woman is that the nanny state will take care of you and your baby and the man will just end up getting strapping with massive child support payments.
      Sound fair?

    4. Ugh.. Does this crazy bitch realize that hormone free BC for women was invented something like 50 years ago (the IUD)? Of course, because women have something like 20 different types of BC available and men have 2 (condoms and the snip), its obviously more important that she get another form of BC (that already fucking exists you dumb bitch) than a man get one that actually isn’t permanent and is highly effective.
      Male birth control is the ENDGAME for feminism. When men can pop a pill and/or take a shot and no more women get pregnant (undetectable to the women), it’s over. Nothing will bring about the death of feminism faster than men suddenly stopping the endless kid/cash chain that surrounds the females today.

      1. This is why we need to donate–even a little bit–to Vasalgel! Look it up guys! Pharma is not going to fund these clinical trials because Vasalgel is not lucrative!

      2. The Egyptians invented it 5k years ago. Just shove some crocodile dung up that pussy and you won’t get pregnant.

      3. The Egyptians invented it 5k years ago. Just shove some crocodile dung up that pussy and you won’t get pregnant.

    5. There is a birth control that is hormone free and 100% effective and prevents STDs. It’s abstinence. Also make yourself as homely as you could and you won’t have to worry.

    6. She has a nerdy kind of charm though. After a few beers she might look passable.
      I’ve banged my share of nerdy “lab coat” females. They tend to be closet whores who will please if given the right incentive 🙂

      1. I’m really beginning to believe almost all women in the west are closet whores. A friend of mines ex who was the most prudish girl I know got caught with pornography and pictures of her pussy on the work computer recently.

    7. take away the make up(if any),lighting and waxing of facial and body hair and see how much worse she can get

  9. Come to India my dear..One year in chennai weather will have you running to the himalayas..
    why why why ?? why do these broads go abroad and spew their stupidity???

    1. Don’t call her to India….She’ll claim how the Chennai weather raped her and how India is the rape capital of the world.

  10. In a society where all women’s needs are met, this is an example of searching for something to be outraged about.

      1. An alpha’s commitment to them is really not a need. It’s a desire that is so strong that they feel it’s a need.

  11. Why aren’t feminists spouting off about the “wino gap”?
    “Winos” greatly outnumber “bag ladies” and true equality of the sexes will not be reached until there are as many homeless women as there are homeless men.

    1. I prefer to call them bag hags since most of these “ladies” are even nuttier than the ones who aren’t homeless.

  12. Notice that in countries where air conditioning (and office jobs for that matter) are uncommon, the women are more traditional and less cuntish.
    I say it’s time for us to abolish air conditioning and use it only to keep our beer cool and only for shops where men perform strenuous work.

    1. The only downside is that the stench of freshly squeezed period blood will float through the air like a particularly stubborn fart.
      Trust me when i say…i almost vomited during one especially unlucky day at work.

  13. I just tell them, “Put some clothes on. How often do you hear men tell you to do that?”
    The look on their faces…
    If HR gives you shit, tell them what’s wrong with telling women to put clothes on? We don’t want to promote rape.

  14. Here is what the average woman in my professional office wears during the summer:
    – knee length dress or skirt (sometimes higher)
    – low cut top usually with small or no sleeves or a dress with small or no straps
    – dress or top is usually made of a sheer or light material
    – open toed shoes
    Here is what the dress code requires I wear:
    – long sleeve shirt (rolling sleeves only allowed in private office)
    – buttoned up shirt with tie around neck
    – wool, partially lined pants
    – wool blend calf high socks
    – leather, lined closed toed dress shoes
    – lined, wool suit jacket (required at meetings and other such events)
    Notice any difference? Double standard in dress code maybe? Let me wear the male equivalent of a dress/skirt and light weight material and I am all for turning up the AC a few degrees. Until then put on a sweater or wear that empowering pants suit you like to talk about to the office in the middle of the summer. That is unless you want to talk about how sexism also effects men.

    1. The way to fix it is to sit near the menopausal middle-aged women who start sweating at 60 degrees. The young skanks in tank tops don’t have a chance against them.

    2. Excellent observation, that’s been the case in many places I’ve worked at or seen others work at. The double standard is staggering, and utterly, conveniently ignored and if you even pretend not to like it, off to Re-education Sensitivity Training with you.

    3. I work in the financial industry and my office is very stereotypical corporate America. The dress code is extremely strict, and my director has sent countless women home for wearing such items as you have described above. Probably one of the most red-pill, take-no-shit guys I have ever met. In a private conversation (men only) he once mentioned that he couldn’t believe some of the shit women came to work in, especially in our rather conservative environment.
      Amazingly, no one has ever filed a complaint against him for sexual harassment or discriminatory behavior or anything. He holds frame better than anyone I have ever seen and people ALWAYS fall in line.

  15. We should celebrate feminists like Rhadika Sanghani. The sheer stupidity of what they come up with can do more to reduce feminism to a laughing stock in the eyes of the general public than anything we could ever do or say. When I saw her TV interview on youtube there were something like a 100 upvotes and 13000 down votes. Seriously we should do a whip-round and secretly fund her to do more research into stupid feminist ideas

  16. See what suffrage has given men after all these decades? Yes, these are the ‘liberated’ women foretold. They’re fit for psychiatric wards. It is time for the return of patriarchy. Women like this need to be put on a leash to prevent their madness actually becoming policy.

    1. oh that brings me back as an intern when I would commute in the freezing early mornings to downtown. Id where my thick jacket (the gangsta one with the fur around the hood) and still be cold, but Id look at the women and I wonder why the hell they are wearing short skirts, why freeze for no reason.
      their bloated narcissism is higher then their iq.

  17. Let’s cut her some slack. With a face like that it was predetermined she was going to be a feminist.

  18. Feminism in India is bad news for men because they already have the vestiges of the caste system to deal with. Throwing feminism on top of that is just adding fuel to the fire. On top of that Indian women are pretty ugly on the whole, despite what Bollywood tells us, so future generations of men will be in an even worse position than us in the long run as they will be fighting for shit stains in a toilet.
    Modern Indian culture wants us foreigners to believe that women in their big cities are good looking and smart Freida Pinto types but that is complete B.S. When I was in New Delhi back in 2007 I barely saw any hot women. They don’t really exist outside of upper class areas, and the competition for them is fierce.

    1. The typical Indian female is a fug. The caste system there may be extreme but you have a class system in the West. Do you think that any female is going to tell Trump to turn down the air conditioning in the office?

  19. I deal with this bs at work…the freaking ac is set by the higher ups and I have zero influence on the setting, but guess who gets bitched at and asked to find a way to change the setting? Don’t get me wrong, the fact that some of the ladies I work with are 7/8’s and they choose to wear yoga pants and tight, low cut shirts to work certainly makes my day more pleasant, but like most ‘women’s’ issues it’s a simple solution that involves men in no way….put on a sweater and stop acting like you’re choices don’t have consequences. Goes back to the old idea that women are always acted upon and men are always the actors.

  20. Fuck these harpies. If you’re not watching the markets I suggest you start now. This is the beginning of the end. The big reset is on the way. Plan accordingly.

  21. Quote:When women at work move in their dresses, half the time you can see their panties…
    They wear panties ????
    BTW the top photo of the broad remind me of a Rottweiler that I owned once…
    She’s from India?? Humm…. India is exporting ugly broads to the US !

    1. Men need to fund their own things on private property so this way the college cannot have ANY control over them. Put up a big sign Men’s Club. There’s nothing they can do about it and if any femtards annoy you have them arrested.

  22. This is prejudice against women of a certain age. I call BS on these feminist whiners who obviously are victimizing older women.

  23. These femtards dress for work like they’re in the Bahamas which is why normal temperatures feel cold and they think men have to accommodate their every whim instead of just putting a sweater on. They do the same thing in Winter claiming the heat is not hot enough. There’s not proof that females are naturally colder than men and in fat have a higher % of body fat and it all comes down to how they are dressed. Men are generally wearing shirts and jackets at work and the females can dress the same. And as far as middle aged men I can tell you that I’m a lot colder than I was at 20 and in fact will very rarely even sweat now.
    Ever watch MadMen? Notice how the girls always had a cardigan on the back of their chair? Let femtards do the same today and stop annoying men over this kiddiecrap.
    Feminism is just a puritanical nazi-like form of femaleism made up of fugly looking females and dykes. And just like ordinary females they want to control male behaviour but they are too fugly to get men to do things for them. Good looking of even ordinary females can ask a man to turn down the air conditioning and men being Mr Nice Guys in general will do it but with the fuglies and dykes who are of no use to us we don’t give a rat’s arse which is why these females need to have demonstrations and other BS about ‘equality’ .They really want equality with the slim better looking females.

    1. Also remember in Mad Men, the women wore blouses and skirts and panty hose and dressed in a professional manner…vs women today who think that 2 slices of toilet paper thin material strung together with spaghetti straps & capri pants plus flip flops constitute an outfit.

  24. Maybe if women didnt wear revealing clothing in the workplace to get attention and flirt with her superiors then she should be comfortable.

  25. It is not just Indian women. I am a Commercial HVAC technician/Building Mechanic in the Rocky Mountains. I kid you not, 3 years ago the daytime high was -8 degrees (F), and I got a cold call from a woman in the middle of a cube farm office. I checked it out and went immediately to her Supervisor and the Division Manager (both women). I walked them over to the cube and showed them the issue. The woman wearing a short sleeved see through silk blouse, silk pants, and high heels. Hanging on her coat rack were 2 sweaters and an overcoat. I said “I can’t fix that”, walked away and billed that division for my time.. The next day she was suitably dressed for the weather. The summer is just as bad, if not worse. Billing out labor time with a work order that explains the apparel issue usually takes care of it.

  26. She has very pronounced features. I don’t think she’s mutant. No, she looks like she is from a race that has been long extinct. Mutant would be due to GMO and toxin. That shit will make you grow a tail. I can’t determine much from her head pic. I’d have to see the tits. Are they full with large areoli and are the hips wide? And are the fingers and toes finely formed? The fine straight hair is recessive, not mongrel and means there are more where she came from wherever that is. If everything on her is working ok then I’d speculate that she’s not at all mutant and above all she’s ‘not from the neighborhood’ as they say. I can’t quite pinpoint her tribe. Hmm.

  27. Make women wear thick woollen business suits all year round like men are with tight ties around their necks.
    They’ll soon stop complaining about the AC being too low.

  28. I’m just happy to know I can keep women down with a little man-spreading and zealous thermostat control. Yeah woman can do anything-unless they are chilly and squeezed a little.

  29. Indian feminist are given free hand in India and they become worst of the breed! Most indian males have been beta-fied by over oppressive laws.If a female in india point a finger at a proud male the mob(betafied whitenights ) will law enforcement will thrash the shit out of you.
    on the other hand if a group of mobsters(muslims, low caste -in political power ) are molesting a helpless girl then crowd/police will just conveniently ignore it.
    I wish more Indian males read your site ROK and take the red pill. Basically India has been destroyed by political parties for Muslim migrants and caste based politics(read liberals).

  30. most women are cold because they have no fucking heart. If they ate right, dressed like business women instead of porn stars, they might be able to function in climate control.

  31. Fatties – male and female – are the ones who oppress me with the A/C!
    They crank up the A/C and freeze out the skinny guys like me!

  32. It turns out, a scientific study confirmed that men can perceive temperature changes more precisely than women, and are more sensitive to (especially higher) temperatures.
    So turning the thermostat up to please women who refuse to put on a cardigan actually causes measurably more harm to men than it does to relieve women.
    Another point is that since scientifically men are more sensitive to temperature (and especially humidity) changes than women, and yet women are the ones complaining about temperature at far greater levels, it shows that men are just suffering in silence, or just shutting up and doing their jobs and dealing with it, while women, who are feeling far less discomfort than the men, are the most vocal.

  33. Cranked air conditioning favors neither gender – it favors the fucking fat. And a lot of women are fucking fat.

  34. Radhika Sanghani doesn’t belong in any White nation to begin with. And the last time I saw a nose like that was attached to an elephant.

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