Flipping The Script On Feminist Buzzwords Reveals How Ridiculous They Are

Feminists love using newly-invented buzzwords to push their narratives. Often they grossly exaggerate real problems, or even gripe about nothing. Their absurd framing tactics would be laughable if they weren’t propping up a dismal and cheerless ideology poisoning the natural affection between women and men.

It’s much funnier if the script is flipped.

The ambition gap

Ladies, join us down here! It pays better than retail.

You’ve heard the “women are paid 77 cents on the dollar” baloney, right? Pay discrimination became illegal in 1962 per US federal law. Actually, if employers really could get away with hiring women at a 23% discount, the female unemployment rate would be zero. However, the fuzzy math unravels when these factors are considered:

  • Women tend to study easier majors in college;
  • Men choose to work more overtime;
  • Mothers often stay home to care for young children while the fathers support the household;
  • Men work dirty, tedious, and dangerous jobs that women avoid (consequentially, men are over 90% of workplace fatalities).

That’s right—feminists have the balls to complain about men being more productive. Should we draft babes as coal miners, loggers, and construction workers? They couldn’t handle the work. Besides, it’ll be super-duper productive to gripe about THE AMBITION GAP!

So whenever you’re working late to help finish a project on schedule, but you see a woman clocking out at 5pm, give her a dirty look and tell her to check her privilege. Does someone use a sick day because of menstrual cramps? Well, straighten out that uterus, soldier! As every good liberal knows, making people feel guilty will heal the world.


Ever heard a feminist talking down to a man because she has a chip on her shoulder longer than her dildo? If you thought she’s merely being snotty, or making an ass of herself, then you failed to apprehend the cosmic injustice of femsplaining. I mean, how dare anyone talk to members of a preferred class in a way they don’t like? As every good liberal knows, your right to free speech ends where my feelings begin.

Now let’s put the buzzword on steroids. We’ll also make femsplaining include any time there’s condescension to a man, for any reason. No, let’s make it any time he thinks that’s happening, whether or not she intended it that way. Better yet, whenever we want to shut down an argument, we’ll shriek “FEMSPLAINING”! We’ll make ourselves the sole deciders of when it’s happening—I feel so empowered now!

False accusation culture

She tried to ruin someone’s life because she got dumped.

Phony allegations can ruin people’s lives. Sometimes journalists neglect to investigate facts (that’s supposed to be their job), and spin them into media feeding frenzies. That demonizes men generally. Everything is quietly forgotten when the truth emerges. The false accuser almost never faces consequences.

Despite that, “false accusation culture” isn’t real, any more than bars prove “drunk driving culture” exists. If society really approved of it, then perjury and obstruction of justice wouldn’t be crimes, and “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” wouldn’t be a commandment anyone takes seriously. Everybody knows that accusing people of things they didn’t do is wrong, and decent people don’t do that.

Still, if we can get enough suckers believing in false accusation culture and whipped up into a moral panic, we can get away with anything. Suppose I sneak up behind the secretary and grab her ass. Then I’ll call the Patriarchy Police when HR busts me because I harassed her. Soon her ass will be dragged to a Star Chamber tribunal. There, due process will be thrown out the window, because—according to “false accusation culture” rhetoric—women are liars until proven truthful. As every good liberal knows, the truth of something is decided by how it fits the narrative.

Now let’s put the buzzword on steroids. We’ll also make this mean stuff having nothing to do with phony allegations. If some chick tells her friend that you’re lousy in bed, if you get probing questions about your finances while on a date, if someone even ghosts you unexpectedly—it’s FALSE ACCUSATION CULTURE!

The Gynarchy

Queen Dworkin headed The Sisterhood until her fatal cheeseburger overdose.

Long ago, some trend-setting feminists actually did define all men as oppressors. This wasn’t the first time that a henhouse of eccentric, malcontented activists declared a grudge-fest against half of humankind. Feminists today still are ruining society in countless ways. They get away with this because they have the backing of leftist politicians, media figures, and women’s studies professors paid to indoctrinate girls.

Still, let’s blow the truth way out of proportion and pretend that they’re omnipotent. This cabal meets in a subterranean, vagina-shaped hideaway. There, bulldykes resembling manatees with buzzed, blue hair plot new ways to make men suffer, while they sip their coffee-flavored milkshakes and twirl their waxed mustaches. Let’s pretend every woman agrees with The Sisterhood completely. We’ll scorn them all as agents of The Gynarchy. As every good liberal knows, instilling collective guilt is the neatest thing since flavored condoms.

Therefore, The Gynarchy is responsible for anything wrong that happens in a guy’s personal life. Even the smallest inconveniences, under any circumstances, are systematic oppression. If a dude gets lousy service by a Fivebucks Coffee barista, is rejected for being a hipster soy boy, his Hannibal Lecter themed pickup line isn’t received well, or even if he even gets stuck in traffic—that’s all THE GYNARCHY’S fault!


Yes, this feminist professor complained bitterly about “manspreading”.

Does a woman sitting on a bus, subway, or any other public area take up more space than she should? Maybe she put her purse or shopping bags on another seat. Oh noes! If she lets a body part cross over onto another seat, that’s an atrocity. We guys are good with spatial geometry, so visualize a line extending from the midpoint between the seats. If one of the thunder thighs ever crosses this line even slightly, then stand up and scream “FEMSPREADING!” If enough of us do this, people will start acting like it’s a serious problem, instead of the ridiculous joke I’m making.

Speaking of public transit, it used to be considered courteous for gentlemen to give up seats to ladies. I’m not sure how long that custom lasted, but it was probably a long time. Seating arrangements are more likely to be first-come first-served these days, but I bet some innocent boy out there is being taught that this archaic custom is part of being polite. Well, it’s the Current Year!

To redress this shameful past, women should now give up seats to men. Punishing people in the present for things that happened generations ago makes perfect sense, because as every good liberal knows, two wrongs make a right. If a woman has lots of heavy shopping bags, so what? I bet that there’ve been lots of construction workers who, after a long day carrying bricks or bags of cement, still happily got up so that a lady could relax in comfort. However, pregnant women should be exempted, because the kid could be a boy. Anyway, we’ll send a press release to the gals whenever we decide that they can stop deferring to us.


All that was pretty goofy, right? So are those silly feminist buzzwords. BTW, the Jerusalem Post won’t like the following.  (Hint: stop doing things like that, and you’ll stop receiving criticism.)

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26 thoughts on “Flipping The Script On Feminist Buzzwords Reveals How Ridiculous They Are”

  1. Any man who is a man has been ignoring feminists and other malcontents for a long time. Bunch of bitches with nothing to live for except fake issues. Fighting for their imaginary rights. Never satisfied.
    Give them the world, they’ll complain about space.
    They should go to hell.

    1. Lol that last gif. Look at that arm fat go!
      I agree man, ignore these hysterics. ignoring women is a lost art .

      1. You dont ignore when it’s a feminist pedophile who teaches underage children (ages 5 to9) how to become a victim of a tranny, homo or feminozi molesting them for sexual diversity!

        1. My kids aren’t in that school, what a feminist teaches a single mom’s kids ain’t my business. Let them and/or their children suffer and die without my protection.

    2. All the buzzwords and protests serve to market, advertise, and promote, their illnesses to weak minded individuals and groups (liberals, leftists, etc.).

    3. This is also idiotic: https://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-7242-page-6.html
      “Just stay away from talking about gender issues, do not diss feminism or homosexuality in public, generally stay PR and be polite, and you will be fine.”
      Persons on RooshVforum seriously advise guys not to talk bad about feminism when hitting on girls. LOL

      1. If you want laid in a bigger city, ya don’t.
        However, I’ve reached an age, 44, where idgaf. Call em out. That relative or that hot chick uses a Marxist buzz word? Loudly nix it. Then make fun of em for using it.
        Or, if you have patience I don’t have, get the bang them dump em and tell them feminists are only good for pump’n’ dump. That will censor or change her behaviour.
        Record it though. Feminist bitch will press false charges because StrongIndependentWimmenz(tm).

      2. In my experience, if you trash feminism and gender issues effectively, it turns many of them on. Some will shut up from there on out, but others will want to talk about it more. The latter are the ones you get the hell away from.
        If you can’t do it effectively, or don’t feel like it (as I often do) use it as screening. Immediately reject her if she leans into feminism in any way. If she keeps coming at you, it’s femsplaining (see above article) and harassment.
        That’s been my approach and it hasn’t prevented me from getting laid. And I agree, advising men to be spineless and lay down is terrible advise.

    4. A sprinkling of PC crap in an older movie would be Arwen doing all the work to save Frodo from the Nazgul and when she runs into Aragorn and says “A ranger caught off his guard.” That crap didn’t happen in the book. I watched Fellowship of the Ring numerous times (its probably been 6 years since I watched it all the way through last)…Not too many people noticed it because most of the movie is thrust with white male Germanic/Celtic heroism (from 10,000 plus men marching against Mordor), to Gandalf’s stand against the Balrog, all the way to Aragorn and Boromir putting a serious ass wooping on the Orcs at the end.
      If you love fantasy films, I always find myself going back to Krull and Excalibur more then LOTR (no matter how great those movies are themselves). In fact, I thought that LOTR (when it was introduced in the early 2000’s), would pave the way for more great fantasy and sword-and-sandal flicks (like those of the early-mid 80’s) to be introduced.
      Whatever was introduced after LOTR and Gladiator was low budget, Eric Roberts crap (straight to DVD). King Arthur with Clive Owen was an abomination of a film and Kingdom of Heaven was absolutely filled with anti-white, pro-Islam trash. Making Saladin out as Mother Teresa. When Muslims took back Jersualem from the Christians during the Crusades, they would cut their testicles off while they were still alive.
      What I did notice, like you mentioned with LOTR, are the hints in older films, of the PC crap about to be rammed down our throats. I think it was in 2004 or 2005, that Aeon Flux, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Underworld and several others came out, where the heroine takes on a 100 guys or Zombies. The only red pilled movies you saw on or after 2005, were the countless Fast and Furious and XXX action movies with red pilled mulatto stars (The Rock, Vin Diesel). I truly thought Gladiator (2000) and LOTR (2001-2003) would have rekindled a genre of fantasy and sword-and-sandal movies that stopped being made after 1987. I was wrong!

    5. “Any man who is a man has been ignoring feminists and other malcontents for a long time.”
      That’s the problem. Too many men ignore it until it’s too late. If men stopped ignoring it and actually dealt with (like this site is trying to do), feminism wouldn’t exist.

  2. Lol. At least 10% of ROK articles have to feature Big Red in one form or another.

    1. Those don’t make me nearly as sick as the pics of the grossly obese, frizzy-haired lesbo (((Andrea Dworkin))).

      1. She has a vagina puppet that she uses for teaching underage children, but it’s a red herring knowing that she also does sexual poses for children. She also pushes a sex toy up in her asshole at some of the sexual education classes!

  3. Does anyone know the name of that fat woman with the jiggly arms in the video? If they that ought to be published far and wide. Dox her just like they would dox any alt-right guy in a second.

  4. Roosh, you’re fucking right how in Canada, the city of Toronto is one terrible place for men! Toronto sjws forbid men from even approaching women, but it’s okay for a feminist lesbian pedophile to perform sexual poses on the platform around underaged minors. The boy in the picture looks no older than 12 years of age.

  5. Trigglypuff — the gift that keeps on giving. Perhaps the time is nigh to find some new memes. Most of the images above have been recycled in at least a dozen or more ROK articles over the past 2 years. It’s getting a little old.

  6. Bookmark this article. These are great examples of how anything feminists say can be flipped and thrown back in their face. Logic and reason hasn’t seemed to work on its own, because with feminists, perception is reality. This under-utilized approach is a good addition to the effort to fight back, so hopefully this article is the first of many more of its kind.

  7. I fight feminists with my logic and call them out on their bull shit and I love to troll them and fight them. And feminism is cancer to society and men we have to fight this.

  8. A man has to “mansplain” a subject to woman to correct her “womanstanding” of the issue.

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