5 Signs You Should Marry Her

I often refer to marriage-worthy women as Leprecorns because they’re so rare, it’s like finding the offspring of two mythical creatures. But that’s just the nasty player side of me, and I’m finally starting to understand what I’ve been missing out on.

Have you ever noticed that it’s the nice guys and the beta herbs who always seem to find the marriageable women, while players seem to keep dating the same old skanks and bitching about it on the internet? Well I certainly have, and no sir, I don’t like it one bit. Players like me often suffer from selection bias, which means since we only pursue the type of women who are interested in quick sex, our view of the female gender as a whole (heh) becomes skewed. A player thinks most women are sluts in much the same way a drug dealer may think most people are addicts. The player’s chosen environment and actions become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and in the end, he doesn’t recognize marriage material when he sees it nor does he know how to attract it.

I finally recognize my own selection bias, and I’m just now starting to come to my senses. After many years of being secretly envious of my happily married – no, ecstatically married friends, I decided to break down and study their methods so I could achieve the same level of success. After much observation and deliberation, I’ve boiled it down to the top five signs that you should marry her.

I. She knows how to mirror

If you casually approach a young lady in a confident, mysterious, slightly aloof and funny/cocky way, she’ll likely respond in a flirtatious manner since the game brings out the side of her that likes bad boys. Instead, approach her like a gentleman if you want to awaken the sweetheart within her. This works best if she’s 27 or older – especially if her little sister or best friend just got engaged. Most guys aren’t meeting the wrong women; they’re meeting women the wrong way. If you want a kind, sweet, thoughtful woman, simply present yourself as a kind, sweet, thoughtful man and she’ll mirror you since she most likely doesn’t have a personality of her own.

II. She doesn’t jump into bed quickly

After you meet her and give her a nice image to mirror, you’ll find that she won’t jump in to bed with you very quickly. This means she’s not like that anymore and she’d never do that with you. The past is the past, people grow and change, and her reluctance to sleep with you until the eleventh date shows that she’s either made a permanent change or she was never like that to begin with. Either way, you’re dealing with a woman who has a good head on her shoulders. And if she makes casual comments like “I’m not like other girls” or “I’m not a slut” then rest assured you’ve got a keeper. Only marriage-worthy women say things like that.

III. She made good dating choices

A woman who is a prime candidate for marriage has made good dating choices. That means her very short list of ex-boyfriends will read like a who’s who roster of up and coming gentlemen who weren’t good enough for her for one reason or another. But like most things in life, there’s an exception to this rule. She may have a list of bad boy ex-boyfriends a mile long, but even that means she was smart and strong enough to leave dead-end relationships behind after she was tricked into them by lying sack-o-shit players. So either she was smart enough to date a handful of good men, or smart enough to dump a bunch of jerks, or skilled enough to do and learn and grow from both. The end result is that basically all of her dating choices were good since she learned from them. She’s smart and experienced, her experiences made her who she is today, and all her mistakes led her to you.

IV. She says it’s time

If she has successfully mirrored your attitude and shown selectivity by not jumping into bed with you too quickly, and if she has learned from her mistakes (which means they’re not really mistakes at all), you owe it to her to pop the question. Wasting a woman’s time when she’s staring down the barrel of the big three-oh is ungentlemanly, unpatriotic, and anti-Jesus. If she truly loves you with the kind of unending devotion that will last forever, you should put a ring on her finger before her eternal love’s expiration date has been reached. For those of you not familiar with forever’s expiration date, it’s typically the first Valentine’s Day after the 18-month anniversary of your first date. If she says it’s time to settle down, then you should listen to her because she loves you and only wants what’s best for your relationship. Plus, if 18 months of good behavior isn’t worth an $8k ring and lifetime commitment, I don’t know what is. In the words of my recently married best friend, “It’s been a while and she’s getting on my case, so I guess it’s finally time to take the plunge brah.”

V. She is a benevolent dictator

Women have been given the financial incentive and legal authority to end a marriage whether they want that authority and whether they plan to execute that privilege or not. You should propose to a woman who you believe will be benevolent dictator (a woman who will allow you to be a man.)

Do you game your way out of a speeding ticket? Do you game your way to extra paid time off at work?

While game certainly helps, getting off with a warning or getting extra paid time off ultimately depends on the benevolence of the cop or your boss because they’re the deciding authority. The dissolution of marriage is the same, so be sure to choose a woman who is less likely to become unhappy. You can’t alpha your way through anything and sustain it unless she agrees to it, and you can’t lead if she refuses to follow. Tight game and alpha dominance will certainly go a long way to motivating her to be a good partner, but in the end, the final decision is hers and hers alone.

The best way to be reasonably sure she’ll allow you to be a man is to ask her to double-dog pinky swear it. If she says she’ll give you permission to be a man and promises never to rescind that permission by dragging you through divorce and family court, you’re good to go! With a little alpha backbone and tight game, there’s a 50% chance she’ll let you pay for and be the King of the castle to which she holds the deed. Just work out the benevolent dictatorship (a minor detail really) in advance, and enjoy the rest of your life.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back right after I have my tongue surgically removed from my cheek.

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104 thoughts on “5 Signs You Should Marry Her”

  1. 1) She’s young and fit
    2) No tats or odd piercings
    3) No slutitude
    4) She helps you with your mission

        1. Well, it isn’t. But the article did seem pretty straightforward to me. Nyways, thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Comical.
    If you wanted to take a real stab at “marriageable” girls, here’s the first two things on the list
    1) she is not in America
    2)YOU are not in America

    1. OR, she’s 22 or younger, and can’t stop babbling excitedly about all the kids she wants to have, because they’re “so much fun.”

      1. No… having kids with a 22yr old American woman is just bad… especially when you’re married! Ain’t no tellin when she’ll become unhappy at one point in your marriage because you’re a “deadbeat dad” that just works and pays the bills all day. She’ll cheat on you and then divorce you and take all your assets for what it’s worth and make you literally want to suicide after all that. Marrying in America has become a bad trade for men. As like the 5th paragraph has stated… you literally give up your freedom and all your values to the woman the moment you sign that paper. You better make sure she’s worth it and you better damn well be with her more than 18 months before you marry, because these days 18 months just aint enough to see if a woman is the real deal or not.

    1. So very true.
      Have you ever noticed that it’s the nice guys and the beta herbs who always seem to find the marriageable women, while players seem to keep dating the same old skanks and bitching about it on the internet?
      The nice guys and beta herbs are the ones who don’t complain about being chosen by a woman last.
      Scratch a “dangerous/picky/unreasonable”(in the context of finding a woman worth marrying) man …
      and you’ll find a guy who wants a woman to live up to the standard of … objectively being the kind of woman who deserves a good man.

  3. Mythical – is the correct description of a woman worthy of marriage, at least in the US. It is the nature of the beast – you can’t blame women for this fact – it just is. You have to find a way to make it work for you, which if fortunately easy. As long as you never forget how things are stacked against you if you buy into the fantasy, you’ll be fine. The key is to never give up the power you has as the target of all of those women – even if they are competing with each other, it’s to “get the rabbit” – which is you…
    Just never by into the fantasy and follow what works for you, and you’ll be fine. Of course, you’ll be vilified, called all sorts of names, but why does it matter if you have a stable of women, money in the bank, and are in control of your own destiny? That is what is yours by right – never give it up for a piece of tale – there is plenty of tale, enjoy it, but never lose sight that there is other pieces waiting for you to sample…

  4. Frankly, I have two younger sisters and I don’t think I would recommend either of them as marriagable material. Not for being loose, I’d slap the shit out of them if they acted as slutty as most women their age. They just have very limited personal identity and no idea of what they want. Which is the case with 95+% of American women under the age of 27. A rule I always tell my friends is never even consider dating a girl who has less to lose than you. For marriage I would say make sure they have more to lose if it doesn’t work out than you. Don’t fall for the Prince Charming bullshit cause women will take advantage of you with that.

    1. By 27, something either went awfully awry for a girl, or she’s already married with kids. Very few women useful for marriage will be loitering around looking for Prince Charming that long. 99+% of women that age who are not wedded, are carousel riding whore; and I simply cannot fathom how any man can walk into a bordello, and think to himself that one of them, is who I want t raise my children…..
      I know there are exceptions, particularly amongst Mormons, but in general, 27+ and and unmarried, means the broad bought into progressivism/feminism, and is a whore.

      1. …or she could be religious and even a virgin. Not all women are sluts if they aren’t married by 27. In fact it may be opposite.

        1. I realize that. Particularly amongst Mormons, I have noticed there are some women that want to be Doctors or something before settling down, but are still chaste. I’m sure it’s the same amongst other genuinely religious groups. It’s just that there are so few of them, and they generally prefer isolation from the dytopian indoctrination machine called “mainstream culture”, so they’re rather invisible. While the trash inevitably floats to the top of our public consciousness.

      2. Many American women do slut it up in their 20’s but to insinuate that 99+% are that way is a gross generalization. Furthermore, your argument seems to overlook some of the worst offenders of all, the women that married young and then got divorced and are trying to make up for lost time.

        1. Personally, I have noticed huge increases in sluttiness acceptance in women, from their late teens/early 20s, to their late 20s. As trashy as “our” dystopian culture is, from Nickelodeon and on, until after college, most girls still seem to retain SOME idea that being a slut is not a particularly attractive trait.
          After that, perhaps to rationalize too many pump and dumps, it’s more often than not all over. Los Angeles may be at the cutting edge, but at least here, even girls not seemingly personally particularly slutty, go out of their way to praise that particular behavioral deformity, often in as shrill a manner as possible. To score social points with their Progtard indoctrinators, or something.

    2. If I had a brother who ever lay a hand on me, I would go to the doc to get evidence and would report you at the police for physical attack! You have – absolutely – no right to tell what is slutty or not. Go to church and pick up a hypocrite virgin if you do not like slutty girls.

      1. It is a slap. There wouldn’t be evidence for a “physical attack.” I have every right to express what I deem slutty behavior. It’s my constitutional privilege. Just like you have a right to spread your legs whenever you wish. And in keeping consistent with your poor discretion, my avatar is for agnosticism.

  5. I think i’m getting old an/or jaded but i couldn’t tell the sarcasm until the very last sentence. It’s so difficult nowadays

  6. You all sound like butthurt betas talking like this: “There are no such women!” “This woman is a mythological creature”. You sound like you are waiting all your life to get married. Maybe you should understand that it’s time to adapt to modern times and let go of disney bs. You should be banging women now not because you are “looking for the one” or because you need an excuse to prove all women are sluts so you can feel holier. You should be doing that because you love p*ssy and sex and women. NO worries, betaboys, you will settle one day (or married, if you like the dead tradition and cry at the thought of your marriage dress), just try to get the best out of you until that day. And no, you won’t need any list of good traits when you will settle.

  7. A lioness that views herself as a gazelle can only find happiness with a lion if he has no teeth and no claws. A lion dominates a lioness, but he preys on a gazelle. Women naturally are lionesses, feminism converts them into gazelles. A lioness is a partner to a lion, someone he hunts with and has children with, which he is willing to protect and die for. A gazelle is useless to a lion, all he can do is eat it, chew it and leave the remains for vultures and hyenas to munch on.
    The vast majority of American women are gazelles.

        1. It’s an analogy smh.
          American women view men as prey and want men to be weak so they can feel comfortable, but Alpha males don’t do that; they screw them and leave them to fend for themselves. Foreign women and other women who haven’t been brainwashed by feminism get alpha males who are willing to go the distance for them and find happiness.

        2. Ugh I sound like such a twat. Sorry guys you are right. Damn I got to get back on my meds.

      1. I aught to be offended and say some kind of insult, but the fact that you didn’t even take the time to figure out the analogy says enough to me.

    1. A lioness can view herself as a gazelle or anything else for that matter but I’m a man, a hunter, you understand? I will take my fucking shotgun and blow your lioness head full of holes, then use your pelt for my washroom rug floor to keep my feet warm while I reload to kill the next lioness. (translation for you thick in the head types: I will fuck miss lioness hard and then pound her into submission and dump her. Then I prepare for the next one).
      a lioness = typical american skank (aka ‘I am woman hear me roar )
      a lion = alpha male
      gazelles male/females= betas
      a hunter= a real man (doesn’t need a fucking alphabet letter to describe himself).
      oh and fuck you simba of africa.

  8. Not what I was expecting. While there are a few good points here, following this advice will most likely get you a woman that’s settling for you. Almost none of the crucial points like seeing if she had a good father and mother, seeing if her mother is good to her father, … were mentioned.

  9. This is the type of Bait-and-Switch essay would like to see get floated to the top of mainstream outlets, such as Google News, which has daily links to feminist essays by Atlantic, Salon, NYT, and other egregious offendors.
    I will use in some of my “From Around the Web” and “You Might Also Like” linklists that I have taken to posting on femsites along with inflammatory comments.

  10. This is the type of Bait-and-Switch essay would like to see get floated to the top of mainstream outlets, such as Google News, which has daily links to feminist essays by Atlantic, Salon, NYT, and other egregious offendors.
    I will use in some of my “From Around the Web” and “You Might Also Like” linklists that I have taken to posting on femsites along with inflammatory comments.

  11. 6: You can show her a manosphere blog and she comprehends and accepts what she is reading.

    1. then she offers to correct and prepare for your final approval the fibal draft of your Man blog – after creating for you one of those new Alabama cocktails made with Shrub.

  12. Yeah, the sarcasm was pretty delicious. Most women today believe themselves to be “good catches” when they are anything but. If I were to draw up a non-sarcastic, real list:
    1. Virgin
    2. Either not from this country and not living here, or from a seriously insular and non-mainstream background, e.g. Amish.
    3. Virtuous, submissive temperament, with an obvious desire to put marriage above all else.
    4. Thoroughly admirable parents
    5. Healthy contempt for modern dating culture, but not so much that she speaks of nothing else. It’s ok for men to be zealots, but women should be more zealous about their cooking, cleaning, and child care.

    1. 6. Understands that actions have consequences. In that case, knows that the women around her that sleep around … will be looking to either steal someone else’s husband(yes, I’m aware men choose to be entrapped … but if she snaps a photo with him and says they schtupped?) or be a poor bargain for a new guy to wind up with.
      You can’t take a woman as a wife … when she thinks “the sisterhood” is more important than her family.

  13. whod wanna wife up used pussy.betas just marry scraps leftovers after alphas sullied it

  14. Funny! For anyone who has trouble recognizing this is tongue in cheek, it starts out towing the feminist line. The first twist is the “ecstatically married friends”, then the bit about finding girls over 27, which an engaged younger sister. The point that totally gave it away was when he said women will mirror you, since they have no personalities of their own. Hah

  15. This post is like an IQ test. One with the correct answer explicitly stated in the last sentence, and which should be apparent just by the picture without even reading but which still seems to be stumping a lot of commentators.

  16. The one thing that is frustrating about the manosphere is that any time someone even mentions “marriage” the same old parade of horribles comes out. It’s beta. All American women suck. You have to be retarded to even think about marriage. Every married man is miserable and ends up getting divorced raped.
    Marriage is not the horror to end all horrors. It is a decision with a substantial amount of risk involved. Not suicide. Just like any other major decision you make in life you should balance the risks as part of the decision making process. One can simply not live your life in pure risk aversion mode or you will end up not living much of a life. And life is more then just going out six nights a week seeking new sexual partners. Sure, that is part of life, especially in your 20’s and 30’s, but it should not be your entire life.
    Marriage properly planned and executed is still a viable option that can present a significant amount of reward qualified further but the life decision does not fit everyone the best. If you are:
    1. Approaching your late 30’s or early 40’s
    2. Have an LTR of more then two years
    3. You guys are in “comfortables” category and more or less gel with little to no fighting
    4. She agrees to sign a pre-nup before even announcing the engagement
    5. You are of a personality where “loner” does not fit you well
    Then, you might want to consider marriage. Yes, your wife might get fat, the sex may dry up, and you might get a divorce rape. You might also get hit by a bus or shot during an armed robbery. Life has risks. Marriage is just simply that a risk. It can be a big one for certain people but also a rewarding one for others. It may be for you or may not be. That’s fine. Balance the risks with who you are, make a decision, and move on. If you want to live a full life then it will inevitably involve more then being a pick up robot and complaining about American women on the internet.
    (No I am not married nor do I plan on marrying.)

    1. Be aware that a pre-nup can only cover assets owned previously by one or more of the parties. And even those can “migrate” into community property. An example given was Facebook stock owned by Mark Z. Where the stock was wholly owned prior to the marriage, the fact that the value is somewhat dependent on his position as CEO can cause some portion of its value to migrate, ie the good woman behind the successful man idea. Even the value of a prior home can migrate into the community of that value is used to purchase the common domicile of the couple.
      Income earned on retirement funds while married will certainly migrate into the community.
      A pre-nup will not cover and cannot cover child support as assigned by the court. A woman will not be “allowed” by the court to sign away what is in “the best interests of the children” and that definition can be most broad to include where “the child” lives, the lifestyle “the child” should have, etc. Even stipulations of no or limited alimony may be thrown out. And if the judge believes the whole agreement was “unconscionable”, meaning “the presence of terms that are excessively unfair to one party”, then the whole agreement can be thrown out.
      And legal maneuvering by her attorneys to challenge the pre-nup, freeze assets during the challenge for years, the tendency of courts to allow her attorneys to recover their expenses from the man, can force the man to settle a claim merely to be free of the headache in ways most detrimental to his position.
      The short version of all of this is a pre-nup is almost worthless to anyone without significant prior assets. And to rely on one is a false sense of security.

      1. The scariest course I ever took was Family Law in law school. Christ, the cases and stories from our casebook scared the living daylights out of me, and I’m sure the other men in the class too. The part about your passport getting confiscated if you fall behind in child support almost made me faint in the lecture hall, right there. How any man can graduate from law school and STILL decide to marry is beyond me.

        1. You get hit with child support if you have a child regardless of if you are married at the time. The best that you can do to avoid being a slave to the family courts is to attempt to reach a private settlement with the mother. Make sure you involve a lawyer because in some states private settlements are sometimes not enforceable since the standard is “the best interest of the child”.
          Again it varies by state, but a pre-nup is not a shield that will completely deflect a divorce rape. It is more like a bullet proof vest. It will make it hurt less and probably not kill you. You will most likely be able to avoid alimony and separate any pre-marital assets from equitable division.

      2. That’s why you put your assets in trust prior to marriage. Untouchable (not even considerable) in divorce, at least in AK. However, income from a trust will be considered for child support. A good estate planning attorney is essential for any man.

      3. Pre-nups HOLD when both parties have lawyers present representing each other. In Florida they have now implemented a law that when a pre-nup is challenged the person who challenged is responsible for their legal costs once the pre-nup holds. They did this because women were challenging pre-nups wasting the court’s time. Latest ruling had a woman pay $60 000 in legal fees for challenging a solid pre-nup. She had to pay her lawyer AND her ex-husband’s lawyer. A pre-nup with only one party having a lawyer will be successfully challenged ALL the time. Deon Sanders, had his pre-nup challenged by his ex, judge looked at her, she had a lawyer present when she signed, judge through her challenge claim out!

    2. Your make some valid points however something to consider; if capitalism has taught the world anything it is that humans respond to incentives. The incentive mix in marriage is such that men risk much if wifey isn’t happy. Wifey will often take the relationship for granted. She has no incentive or duty to care for hubby’s sexual needs, treat him with respect, keep herself in shape or keep a good home. There are no internal or external restraints preventing her from looking outside the marriage for fulfillment of emotional and sexual desires. A common refrain is that marriage is work. There is little incentive for women to work at marriage.
      The best relationship is where the ramifications of either party leaving are equally shared.

      1. The reason why most marriage fail is because the system has placed little incentive on maintaining the marriage. In fact, in some cases the incentive is actually toward divorce. Feminists have flipped all the incentives this way on purpose. They do not want marriage because feminism thinks the institution is all about the patriarchy, discrimination, and inequality. If society encourages women to get married and stay married then all those things will persist in society. Remove all the social and financial burdens of undoing a marriage, rejigger incentives so women can actually make out in divorce, and provide welfare to women from the government, boom, no need for marriage.
        The reason why marriage, in a big picture kind of way, is necessary for a society is that it is the foundation of a free society. Out of a man and a woman entering into an indefinite agreement to provide for each other and presumably raise children comes a family. Out of the family comes a private support system. Out of the private support system comes no need for the government to play the role of the support system. It’s very difficult for the bureaucratic class to controls millions of private entities if it does not run the social safety net. It is totally easy to control all those people through the coercion of the government if all those private entities fall apart or are forced through many different ways to join a government social safety net.
        Marriage isn’t about religion, love, commitment, etc. It is about maintaining a free civilization at its core. The “red pill” movement and manosphere should under this concept because if you want to live in a free civilization the institution of marriage will be necessary at some level.

        1. You need to do more research. No fault divorce killed marriage. Killed it hard. The State has no business in marriage. They’ve stuck their nose in a private matter.

      2. Hence, NO Co-habitation and no marriage…OR… marry a woman who makes money off her looks.:) Like a model. Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian! 🙂 Marry an ambitious woman, a complementary woman, rather than an incomplete woman.

      3. Going through and reading these articles and comments, I can say that I am thoroughly appalled. While it seems that most of the men on this page that are commenting do have some form of intelligence, you have absolutely no clue when it comes to HOW to keep a woman “invested” in you. Well, let me tell you a secret from the perspective of a woman with “no personality of her own”. If you want your wife to respect your needs, respect hers. I’m fine with being smacked in the face with the truth, and the truth is that most of the women on the face of this planet are not worthy of a devoted husband, but you will never find the woman that is worthy if you look at every woman with the same set of eyes. We are not all the same, we are not all idiotic “gazelles” or even domineering “lionesses”. All I want from my husband is what I give. I’ve kept myself in shape for 14 years, (even after twins), and I pay attention to EVERY need that is presented to me. I however will not put up with my husband believing that his needs are the most important part of our marriage. If you want a lot out of your wife, you have to put a lot into your wife. This is the truth for both parties involved, and if you don’t believe that, then you are the ones that aren’t “marriageable”.

    3. the guys attacking marriage are either under 35 players, that haven’t got the balls for a real woman beyond a quick slide with a condom after 10 vodkas, or they’ve gone in blind and wondered what the fuck them. I’m in it and dodging bullets, but it’s real and I’m learning more about life, from the comfort of my own home, (which i had the sense to rent not buy) than some macho twat hunter in a night club will ever get from chasing skirt. Frankly you can learn more about women in a whorehouse than a nightclub.

  17. phew… i thought you were serious for a moment.
    i wanted to say “the reason we try to fuck women that want to fuck is because they are by far the most common demographic and men logically follow the path of least resistance”.
    but i guess thats unnecessary at this point.
    keepers hahahaha. if you are ready just fucking pick one.

  18. …i can only offer a traditional marriage to a girl who can offer me a traditional wedding night…

  19. …..so this was tongue in cheek? I admit, I’m not that bright, so an epilogue explaining this would be appreciated. I guess I’m still a romantic, and it sucks. Even though I love foreign chicks, and I’d rather be abroad, and I know how “broken” american woman are, a part of me still wants to believe there is a way to find and marry that girl who has shared a common past with me. A girl who will “get” my references to early ’90s hip hop music, or late ’80s sitcoms, or share my love for american graphic novels and political literature. I long ago resigned myself to the reality that thats NOT gonna happen, and so be it. But I still get distracted when I perceive a glimmer of hope. So you were only joking? Damn, Mr. Thatch, thats hurts.

    1. Go back 40 years. American wives were the best on the planet. Now they suck the worst. How about that.

    1. This happens plenty in Asia.
      Would you dare to ask your girlfriend if she was a virgin?
      Imagine the shitstorm you’d ignite from other women who slutted around and want a beta provider to finance her life.

  20. This blog is mostly bullshit, especially the posts by loser Roosh V. But this article was extremely well written and thought out. Solid advice all around men.

  21. Ok for those of you who didn’t get the sarcasm, please study the picture of the Leprechorn above the text. Ok? Got it?

  22. Marriage is death, that is all. This generation (my generation) doesn’t know how to live in a marriage. If you want to leave the game and take the next step of manhood, then go ask someone who is 60 or 70 years old and still/was (due to death) married.

  23. I don’t understand : why are we now cringing and whining to be a l l o w e d to be a man ? This is for pussyboys . And feminised NYT readers.

  24. 5 actual signs you should marry her:
    She has grown up in an environment where casual misbehavior is not rewarded.
    She is religious.
    She is a virgin.
    She cares about her appearance
    She doesn’t drive like a loon on acid.

  25. So if you’re a “good girl” and have been in a loyal, committed relationship for 3 years and he still isn’t sure if he wants to marry you, I suppose she should definitely leave him? Even if she really, truly loves this man and his happiness is important to her? What does it mean if she is marriageable but he isn’t dropping to one knee…? How much does age factor into this?

  26. What’s so “anti-Jesus” about wasting a woman’s time? Sorry but, I don’t know why you have to mix religion with relationship advice. Besides, a LOT of things are anti-Jesus but they’re absolutely fine (like being gay for instance, and yes it’s fine to be gay but don’t go homophobic on me – I’m not gay). So, saying something is anti-Jesus doesn’t mean it’s bad and should be avoided. It simply means something Jesus wouldn’t accept. That’s all.

  27. I think you’re on to something here. No woman of any intelligence would agree to marry a guy who shows such a low level of devotion to her. After all, how could she be secure in her marriage if the man treats her as if she was easily replaceable?

    1. Same reason why the less popular teenagers keep sucking up to the cool kids all the way through high school. Women are attracted to dominate men that don’t really care (strong minded). If you care too much it’s class as weakness!
      Remember we NEVER choose who we are attracted too! Last guys finish last for a reason…

  28. I like ROK but I will dissgree with 2 things:
    1. Mirroring: this is a manipulative tactic used by borderline personality disordered individuals. I had a BPD chick who was the perfect chameleon.
    2. “I’m not like other girls” and “I’m not a slut” – they all say that, the sluts ate the most vocal while saying it.
    Don’t get me wrong, I know there are exceptions.

  29. “she’ll mirror you since she most likely doesn’t have a personality of her own” hahahaha this is so rough, such a direct rough but truthful analysis of women…most of them do mirror, soooo true.

  30. Don’t marry anywhere in the western World . Women have everything to gain and nothing to lose from a Marriage here .

  31. May be I am too late to say. I didn’t find anything wrong with her and I love the way she has never contradicted any of the theories of perfect soulmate.

  32. Guys. I just read the article. Then read all your replies. I liked the article. But replies were no surprise. I really really want a relationship. But when I meet a guy I think: “He probably doesn’t want a relationship, but just wants to have sex. For a relationship he’ll look for a virgin/someone younger than me, someone with better education, nicer parents, from different country…etc.” And I get so disappointed and hurt from this though, I just yell at him to stay the hell away from me, even if I really like him. I just don’t want to be humped and dumped – it’s too painful. My friends ask me why I don’t date or don’t let anyone close – for this reason. I’m gonna die alone with bunch of cats. But I basically don’t know what else to do. I’m basically damaged goods already, because I live in America, not a virgin and had pretty strange parents.

  33. Fuck marriage.But then again most of u lot would say fuck me as well. im just a nihilist

  34. You can rag on how “it’s 2015! Not the victorian era!” But the biology never changes. Consider a wallflower as wifematerial. No, she does not need to be biblethumper who is saving herself for marriage, just someone who’s idea of fun is not swinging on chandeliers and drinking to oblivion. Someone who is not regular at the local STD-clinic.

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