The Age Of Pioneers


The “Fate Of Empires and Search For Survival“, is an essay written by Sir John Glubb and published in 1977. Unfortunately the Fate Of Empires is no longer in publication, there are however, second hand copies on eBay and a free pdf version on line which can be found with a simple google search. This is a strongly recommended read for the red pill community as it touches on several subjects which are of interest her on the ROK.


Sir John Glubb, also known as Glubb Pasha, was a distinguished lieutenant general who served in the great war and commanded the Transjordanian Arab legion. His life experience compelled him to author the fate of empires to warn those who would listen about the pitfalls of a civilisation with endless resources and power.

Sir John was an avid historian, his travels may have stoked his interest in empires at an early age. His essay is the result of a culmination of his military career and historical research. The essay delves into the reasons for the rise and fall of empires and concludes that all empires will suffer the same fate should the lessons from history go unlearnt. Sir John was a harsh critic of the history education curriculum. In his view, history ought to be examined as a whole, and not as separate collection of events in time.

“The experiences of the human race have been recorded, in more or less detail, for some four thousand years. If we attempt to study such a period of time in as many countries as possible, we seem to discover the same patterns constantly repeated under widely differing conditions of climate, culture and religion. Surely, we ask ourselves, if we studied calmly and impartially the history of human institutions and development over these four thousand years, should we not reach conclusions which would assist to solve our problems today? For everything that is occurring around us has happened again and again before…no such conception ever appears to have entered the minds of historians. In general, historical teaching in schools is limited to this small island [UK]. We endlessly mull over Tudors and Stewarts, the Battle of Crecy, and Guy Fawkes. ” – Sir John Glubb

After retirement, he authored seventeen books, majoritarily focusing on the Middle East where he lived and served for some thirty-six years.

The Fate Of Empires

It is important to note that what Sir John referred to as an empire, is what we now call a superpower. Sir John stated in his essay that the rules of empires were also applicable to the United States and the Soviet Union.

Sir John made some observations regarding the lifetime of empires.

“Empires do not usually begin or end on a certain date. There is a gradual period of expansion and then a period of decline. Human affairs are subject to many chances, and it is not to be expected that they could be calculated with mathematical accuracy.”

“Nevertheless, it is suggested that there is sufficient resemblance between empires to justify further study.”

“Not all Empires endured their full lifespan.”

“An interesting deduction from the figures seems to be that the duration of empires does not depend on the speed of travel or the nature of the weapons. The Assyrians marched on foot and fought with spears, bows and arrows. The British used artillery, railways and ocean-going ships. Yet the two empires lasted approximately the same periods.”

“Empires last an approximate 250 years”

In “The Fate of Empires“, Rome is divided into two periods. The Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, a notion many here will oppose. From this, he made the following conclusions.

“…the periods of duration of different empires at varied epochs show a remarkable similarity.”

“Immense changes in the technology of transport and warfare do not seem to affect the life-expectation of an empire.”

“The changes in technology of transport, however, affected the shape of empires.”

“One of the very few units of measurement which have not seriously changed since the Assyrians is the human ‘generation’, a period of about 25 years.”

“The period of an Empire, 250 years, represents about ten generations of people.”

By looking at the differences in people across generations, Sir John concluded that empires are built and destroyed by their own people due to these very differences. As time progresses in the life of an empire, the citizens priorities shift across the ages and these priorities in turn transform the empire.

The different ages in which empires change is remarkably similar. These are characterised by a series of interlinking events which lead from one age to another. The ages in empires are the age of pioneers, the age of conquest, the age of commerce, the age of affluence, the age of intellect and the age of decadence. These ages come in the sequence denoted and often interlap with one another as time progresses.

The Age of Pioneers – Outburst


There is little information about empires before their outburst. The most of what we know, is that these were not deemed as powerful or even civilised nations. However, we do know that the people of these nations had a drive for conquest, most likely driven by seeing the wealth and power of their neighbour nations. The people of these nations would burst with energy and courage from their primitive setting, taking large swathes of land. Their motivations were part religious, part code of honour.

“Again and again we find a small nation, treated as insignificant by its contemporaries, suddenly emerging from its homeland and overrunning large areas of the world. Prior to Phillip (359-338 B.C)”, Macedon had been an insignificant state to the north of Greece. Persia was the great power of the time, completely dominated the area from Eastern Europe to India. Yet by 323 B.C, thirty six years after the accession of Philip, the Persian Empire had ceased to exist, and the Macedonian Empire extended from the Danube to India, including Egypt”

“In the year A.D 600, the world was divided between two superpower groups….the two powers were the eastern Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. The Arabs were then the despise and backward inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula. They consisted chiefly of wandering tribes, and had no government, no constitution and no army. In 1633, the Arabs burst out of their desert peninsula, and simultaneously attacked the two superpowers. Within twenty years, the Persian Empire had ceased to exist.”

“At the beginning of the thirteenth century, the Mongols were a group of savage tribes in the steppes of Mongolia. In 1211, Genghis Khan invaded China. By 1253, the Mongols had established an empire extending from Asian minor to the China sea”

“The Arabs ruled the greater part of Spain for 780 years, from 712 A.D, to 1492. During these eight centuries, there had been no Spanish nation, the petty kings of Aragon and Castile alone holding on in the mountains. The agreement between Ferdinand and Isabella and Christopher Columbus was signed immediately after the fall of Granada, the last Arab enclave in Spain, in 1492. Within fifty years, Cortez had conquered Mexico, and Spain was the worlds greatest empire.”

In each example, the conquerors were poor, hard working and enterprising. Taking large risks and demonstrating aggression against defending empires. Perhaps, having nothing to lose makes men immune to the fear of death.

“The decaying empires which they overthrow are wealthy and defensively minded. In the time of the Roman greatness, the legions used to  dig a ditch round their camps at night to avoid surprise. But the ditches were meere earthworks, and between them there were wide spaces left through which the Romans could counterattack. But as Rome grew older, the earthworks became high walls, through which access was given only by narrow gates. Counterattacks were no longer possible. The legions were now passive defenders.”

If we look at the last excerpt and we apply it to todays world, we can see it holds true. In the past, nations like the Britain and America fought other nations (and each other) against the odds with bravery and courage. In todays age, citizens of both of these nations fear the consequences of terrorism, despite the relatively limited amount of damage these can inflict on them, when compared to the wars of the past.

Contemporary America is gripped with the fear of adversity, but it was not always so. In the beginning of the new nation, American rebels had successfully repelled the greatest empire of the time. Once freed from their former king, the citizens of the new nation expanded across a vast and unfamiliar continent until they reached the Pacific ocean. Once they reached the Pacific they did not stop there, they continued on until the Island of Hawaii. Whole families relocated inland  by cart, enduring harsh winters and bad harvests. Against the odds, they prevailed. How many present day Americans would venture into unfamiliar land with their families to set up a farm? Not many.

american pioneers

Why were the ancestors of Americans willing to go through so much for freedom? And why are the present day Americans giving that which their ancestors fought for away, when they have everything?

“But the new nation is not only distinguished by victory in battle, but by unresting enterprise in every field. Men hack their way through jungles, climb mountains, or brave through the seas. The Arabs crossed the straits of Gibraltar in A.D 711 with 12,000 men, defeated a Gothic army of more than twice their strength, marched straight over 250 miles of unknown territory and seized the Gothic capital of Toledo.”

“Uninhibited by text books or book learning, action is their solution to every problem. Poor , hardy, often half-starved and ill-clad they abound in courage, energy and initiative, overcome every obstacle and always seem to be in control of the situation.”

It is this ethos that drives an impoverished people to conquer, and thereby empires are formed, but as Sir John noted before, “not all empires endured their full lifespan”. If we look at two historically-recent failed empires, the Third Reich and Imperial Japan, we see that the people of post war Japan and Germany worked hard to rebuild their nations from the rubble. Whilst their military expansionism was crushed, their drive to work themselves out of poverty was not.

If either Japan or Germany had not been defeated during the second world war, and instead had gone through the full lifecycle of empire until the age of decadence, it would be very likely that these would have been unable to rebuild their nations should they have faced a future collapse. During the age of decadence (more on that in a future post), the people become cynical and frivolous, and they no longer make an effort to save themselves because they are not convinced anything is worth saving. However during the age of pioneers the people are immune to such thinking and instead go about life with a can-do attitude.


We have become accustomed to material wealth which we are unwilling to sacrifice. Our comfort has been placed above our values and liberties. As history shows us, this is a dangerous path to walk. Throughout history, nations that have been on the downslide are engulfed by nations been on the uprise. These nations are characterised by the backwardness of their peoples but whose members are determined to carve their place on the world.

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  1. America is not yet in the age of decadence. It’s in the age of the age of mass intelligence. Information and knowledge are easily accessible for everyone.
    If you have noticed intelligent, well educated people almost always have weak bodies and weak will power. This preludes the age of decadence.

    1. How can you say that intelligent, well educated people have weak bodies and will power? I can give you plenty of thinkers today that are the exact opposite (ex. Nassim Taleb). Hell, I know many people that are the opposite

      1. Nassim Talen said that fellow intellectuals were intimidated by him because he was built like a security guard.
        Physical discipline goes with mental discipline, so if modern “thinkers” are weak of body, it is a reflection of their minds. Remember that Socrates was a soldier, probably a very fit guy. And the reason colleges included sports was because it sharpened young brains.

    2. This is the first post. You can draw your own conclusions, of course, but wait till the post on the age of decadence.

    3. If they were really intelligent, they would understand that they have weak bodies and quickly find a solution.

      1. You got it. They’re inferior people enabled by a superior system. Some may be smart but disabled but most are simply riding a social tide that can well leave them stranded.

    4. If you ask me, the American Age of Decadence ended with the financial crisis in 2008. Silly McMansion idiots thought the money would last forever.

    5. he says 250 years…. so basically 1776 began the age of pioneers, America was a rag tag of a few settlements and loosely aligned states. it wasn’t until the Louisiana purchase that the USA we know today began to form. California was nothing until the early 1900s.
      1776 + 250 = 2026 ends the age of decadence.
      it looks about right – 6 ages, 42 years per age.
      pioneers 1776 – 1818 (that’s when the wild west was in full swing)
      conquest 1818 – 1862 (that’s when the territories were taken and America we know today was formed) notice that 1862 aligns with the american civil war, the end of the age of conquest.
      1862 – 1904 – age of commerce – (the late 1880s were characterized by leaps and bounds in technology and commerce, stock exchanges, bonds, agricultural futures trading etc. etc. 1907 was the first major financial collapse in the US.
      1904 – 1948 – age of affluence – this is when America became an economic super power, Detroit, massive industry that enabled them to win ww1 and ww2.
      1948 – 1990 – age of intellect – note all the massive technological advances in this time. space age, jet travel, TV, – everything since 1990 has basically been building on previous technological advancements. Since the internet and the micro computer of the early 90s we really haven’t had anything ground breaking.
      1990 – 2032 age of decadence. – drugs, homosexuality, party culture, cold war ended ushering in nothing to push against. terrorism, a completely bogus ‘fear’ campaign to keep the powers that be in place. mindless politics, feminism, ‘new age’ spirituality (garbage), music has died, art and culture has become plastic and replicated more and more of the same.
      2032 happens to align with Martin Armstrong’s economic cycle that predicts massive economic crash and the end of america as we know it in this time.

      1. The pioneers were there in the 1600s. Think again. The age of decay in the US Cohencidentally begins in the 1910s…

        1. there is a difference between a pioneer / explorer and the ‘age of pioneers’ in the development of an empire….
          perhaps you missed the salient point of the article which is all empires take approx. 250 years to rise and collapse…. if the age of decadence ended in the 1920s, then the USA as we know it should have collapsed during WW2 and we’d all be speaking german or japanese….
          clearly we are in the age of decadence now.

        2. Not sure I buy this 250 year analysis. The Egyptian empire lasted a few thousand years. The Maya lasted at least 400. The Persians lasted a good long while before Alexander. The territory recognized as china has been under Chinese rule for a lot more than 250 years.

        3. it works for UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands…
          it looks to work for USA although we have a bit further to run
          it looks to work for Greece and Rome and some of the others he mentions….
          it’s basically a generational thing, the poor people are hungry and ambitious and have nothing to lose, they are happy to work together to make gains, they have loyalty and honor…. they want to break free and make something new….
          as time passes, new generations build on those successes, but eventually just get fat, lazy, scared to lose what they have and etc.
          there’s not much doubt that America is following the footsteps of the British and Spanish empires, that went through all the same stages.

      2. I stopped reading after your claim that the US won both the first and the second world war.

        1. it was a large part of empire building…. they were on the ‘victorious’ side…. that is all that is important.

        2. The US decimated the axis powers with an untouched massive industrial base churning out easy to produce combat effective weapons. With or without the atomic bomb the US navy undermined the Japanese and Germans ability to wage long range war and transport goods. WWI I will say the US was more of an extra weight on the scale.

  2. Another great read! I should also recommend J. D. Unwin’s “Sex and Culture” as a significantly longer and denser work of anthropological research in this same vein. As quoted from Wikipedia:
    “In Sex and Culture (1934), Unwin studied 80 primitive tribes and 6 known civilizations through 5,000 years of history and found a positive correlation between the cultural achievement of a people and the sexual restraint they observe.[1] “Sex and Culture is a work of the highest importance,” Aldous Huxley wrote;
    Unwin’s conclusions, which are based upon an enormous wealth of carefully sifted evidence, may be summed up as follows. All human societies are in one or another of four cultural conditions: zoistic, manistic, deistic, rationalistic. Of these societies the zoistic displays the least amount of mental and social energy, the rationalistic the most. Investigation shows that the societies exhibiting the least amount of energy are those where pre-nuptial continence is not imposed and where the opportunities for sexual indulgence after marriage are greatest. The cultural condition of a society rises in exact proportion as it imposes pre-nuptial and post-nuptial restraints upon sexual opportunity.[2]
    According to Unwin, after a nation becomes prosperous it becomes increasingly liberal with regard to sexual morality and as a result loses it cohesion, its impetus and its purpose. The process, says the author, is irreversible:
    The whole of human history does not contain a single instance of a group becoming civilized unless it has been absolutely monogamous, nor is there any example of a group retaining its culture after it has adopted less rigorous customs.[3]”
    It his high time we develop a must-read collection of top redpill texts that all manospherians ought to compile into their very own Index Librorum Prohibitorum and carry along with them as part of their secret depository of forbidden works. I nominate the following core texts (in no particular order) as a solid start:
    Arthur Shopenhauer – on Women
    J.D. Unwin – Sex And Culture
    Sir John Glubb – Fate Of Empires and Search For Survival
    Chinweizu – Anatomy of Female Power
    Matthew Fitzgerald – Sex-ploitation
    Esther Vilar – The Manipulated Man
    Rev. Lawrence Shannon – The Predatory Female
    Daniel Amneus – The Garbage Generation
    Michelle Langley – Women’s Infidelity
    Helen Smith – Men on Strike
    (Feel free to suggest other key titles that come to mind)
    Once you have fully read and absorbed the ancient wisdom contained therein, you shall find yourselves well on you way to completing the critical process of thorough demanginafication, followed by the rightful reacquisition of your man card as had been ordained by the Gods since time immemorial. Go forth and learn well, my sons. May the redpill flourish in you an revive the profound dormant heritage that makes you who you were destined to become, and which has been so surreptitiously concealed from you.

    1. And besides all that. “How to Read a Book: The classic Guide to Inteligent Reading”

    2. Also I wanted to add, No More Mr.Nice Guy-Dr. Robert Glover. It was one of the first books about male psychology I read that wasn’t full of male shaming garbage, it was very refreshing.
      The Myth of Male Power
      Even a lot of great epics from the greeks, romans, christians, even muslims have a ton of redpill truths. A lot of great American classic authors exemplify tons of redpill characteristics. The thing I guess I don’t like about most modern books is they feel just like a story, rather than an experience and a journey. Great idea to keep these books coming! I love reading.

      1. I read some of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” until I realized I hadn’t been a Mr. Nice Guy at all, but I know a couple of guys who are and they’re still stuck in their miserable marriages. I thought I was a Nice Guy because I spent $300 on lobster and flowers and cheesecake on her birthdays, but apparently they want that shit “out-of-the-blue” to reassure them that you love them, and not when it’s “expected” on special occasions. Go figure. In the end, fuck ’em. Silly bitches.
        Now I spend $100 on lobster for myself every weekend and I don’t share it with any fucking bitch, and I fucking prefer it that way.

        1. Modern Newspeak has supplanted the more traditional reference to gentleman with this derogatory “nice guy” BS. When we hear nice guy we (usually) still think of the traditional gentleman of old. When they (the females) say nice guy they think of “naïve servile chump” instead. It is high time we closed and dismantled this semantic discrepancy once and for all.

        2. Today’s woman does not deserve gentlemen. Only gentlewomen deserve gentlemen.

        3. Don’t you mean ‘Ladies’? (And yeah, those kind of women are fast becoming extinct)

      2. Ah yes, those two are fine as well, though they did give off a bit too much of a “touchy feely” vibe the first time I got around to reading them. Its quite understandable given the broader audience that they were aimed at. Still good reads though. +1

    3. Pierre Joseph Prudhon: The Pornocracy, society and modern women…
      Read it in French.

      1. Nice find. A bit too melodramatic in the typically Gallic sense for my taste but an important work nonetheless. And from 1875 at that. I tell you guys, we are simply rediscovering common knowledge here that has been expunged from the public consciousness of the pathetic excuse for a society that we must live under nowadays.

      1. Another one of Amneus’ books. He also published “Back to Patriarchy” as the first volume in his unofficial redpill “trilogy”, but I have not read it yet.
        Imagine publishing that nowadays as a male professor and see just how long your tenure lasts.

    4. # model 800. Excellent post. I have read all or parts of #1,#4, and #10. Three of my favorites books. Because I can see you have good taste and much wisdom, I will try and read the rest of the list. Thank you for sharing.

  3. My questions always remains, what’s next? It’s a question that I want the answer but it’s impossible to know. I believe, at least in the next decade, if not earlier than that, a great economic calamity will lead to great social and empire change. There are so many possibilities for America it’s almost impossible to think of them all.
    Option 1:

    1. it’s a mixture of all of these…. obviously as things get worse into 2030, we will see Govt. try to impose more and more rules, but these rules will hasten the demise, just as the soviet union hastened their own demise by being so draconian.
      we can’t go into a full USSR style socialism, because the system is already bankrupt, socialism needs wealth confiscation. the rate of this is already pushing 50%, there just isn’t the resources for socialism.
      what will most likely happen is sprawling top down ‘democratic’ govt. will be abandoned, states and even individual cities will break off and form their own setups, medieval style… game of thrones style….. we can already see the pre-temors of this is in ukraine, iraq and other parts of the world, where smaller groups break off and do their own thing.
      the internet, communications and technology will keep the wheels oiled, and allow a new system to grow from the old. The USA and the Federal Govt. is not going to survive. China is another candidate for fragmentation.

    2. All 3 options would have Asians and whites fleeing like the smart people did from Cuba.

    3. “Now I’m not saying that parts of these won’t be interchangeable but
      there is one piece of advice I can give you: GET OUT OF HERE!”
      I’m hard at work on doing just that, friend. I’ve known the writing was on the wall for some time.

  4. Excellent article, bravo. It is indeed true what you say about empires and their people. But what does that make us individual red pill takers? the next pioneers?

  5. No matter what the liberal media say, I shall never be ashamed to be a pink-cheeked whitey of British Isles descent. If one were to believe the stereotypes, Asians are smarter and Africans are stronger, but that’s not enough. You need a sense of adventure, and as cheesy as it is to say it, ” Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
    Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new
    life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no MAN has gone before.”
    Let’s see who volunteers for the suicide missions to Mars.

    1. The English have been the most adventurous people in modern history and shaped the world like no other (I have some anglo heritage). They used to have balls and there are still some pretty smart people there.

      1. Blame the Commies for their loss of balls. Commies eventually destroy everything they touch:
        China, Russia, Korea, Western Europe… doesn’t matter where.

  6. Kind of pioneer-related, but I’ve started smoking again after 17 years and filters are for pussies. I love the nicotine hit and there’s no hit like a hand-rolled with no filter! A couple of hits and BOOM! What’s better, sucking on a long cigarette with a long filter and feeling nothing, or a short little hand-rolled?

    1. You can also take up Russian Roulette again with a real revolver instead of a cap gun this time. Don’t think I’ll join you on that one buddy but what the hell – it’s your funeral after all.

      1. If I were 26 then yes, you’re right, I wouldn’t smoke; but I’m 46 and
        I like a few hand-rolleds when I drinking, and at my age who gives a fuck. Besides, I eat healthy and take supplements and hopefully the cancer won’t kick in until I’m 70. I’ve been unwittingly exposed to asbestos over the years renovating old houses, so fuck it. I hate kissing so if my mouth tastes like an ashtray, again I don’t give a fuck.
        No, I won’t play Russian roulette once the cancer comes: 4 bottles of wine, a shed, and a generator; open the door to the shed and enter another door to another world, my man. There is a chance I could get a stroke and be bedridden, but I’m getting a tattoo on my left chest: DO NOT REVIVE! Fuck it, if I die don’t bring me back to be a fucking vegetable driving a fucking electric scooter.

        1. At least you will make a splendid ice mummy. Looking forward to meeting in a museum in another life. Should be quite swell.

  7. I’d argue that machinery means we do not need physical slaves. Rome appears to have colapsed when Caracalla granted citizenship to all residents of the empire. Citizenship ceased to have meaning. The privilege of citizenship then ceased to mean much.

  8. The sun is setting here and it’s time to go outside to start a fire to grill my hamburgers on.

  9. I look forward to the collapse of the United States and those of us who attempt to prevent it will fail and be chumps. We have here a system whereby one person on one corner of the country, head up their ass or not, can vote with anonymity to force their will onto someone else on the other end of the country who lives in an almost entirely different “world”.
    That is wrong. Democracy is a failure.
    I recommend though, before anybody starts talking “revolution” to consider that revolutions are a centralizing force and it’s out with the old boss in with the new one every time. The world has yet to see a non-centralizating takedown of the state on the level that it no longer has legitimacy and everybody “goes their own way”. Heck at this point I would say the empire wants a revolution (notably they are preparing for one) for the purpose of sustaining itself.
    Decadence or not, empire or whatever, the path should be clear. Do we have yet another go-around or do we “go our own way”? You see the idea of men being men and going their own way and commanding their own life scares the state so much that their attempts to pin Elliot Rodger on the concepts fell short and fast because too much attention was being given. What, men who you can’t wave a flag at and talk “God and Country” to to get them to line up and be cannon fodder? That’s not good. American society was built on the Prussian system to crank out endless ranks of de-balled betas seeking “honor” and “duty” and crap like that for the very purpose of being the new Prussia and being the enforcement arm of a world government.
    Decadence? We should be so lucky! When I see goth kids, for example, I think of the more “conservative” types who would see that and say “look at these kids today! What’s wrong with them?” and I would counter with “If you think that’s bad, how about them in little pressed uniforms goose-stepping around looking you over to see if they should report you? Careful what you wish for, dipshit”.
    Also imagine that a well-rounded and proud man, who gets laid when he wants to and is not led around like a beta, who would waste his life in some engineering job to afford a trophy wife, would say to the prospects of creating tech like, for example, lasers that permanently cause blindness or little mosquito like robots delivering bioweapons. A well rounded man who experiences life would tell you to fuck off, if not shoot you in the face.
    While the mens’ “movement” might be taken as merely something about putting up with women and getting laid, there’s so much more to it. A fellowship lies dormant, and a day could come when men see “the system” for the beta system that it is, engineered for the wealth of a few elites, and the soldiers in the field see killing each other for duty and honor and all that as mere bunk. On their way home the elites are put to good use decorating the overpasses wherever they are found.
    Yes, that’s how an empire should end.

    1. I wish it was only one chump on a corner voting instead of illegal aliens, somoli muslims, and the dead.

  10. “Why I am a feminist:”

    I hope there are a million more just like her. She has the firey spirit feminism needs desperately… In order to justify mass executions.
    With enemies like her, who needs friends?

  11. Thanks for bringing this book to our attention, Mark. Looks like there’s a lot of valuable information there. I look forward to reading it.

  12. I think that the real question is, what is going to replace the US?
    What can we, as motivated, self-sacrificing, self-confident men do to help make sure that WE are a part of the new Era that will replace the old?
    The MGTOWS have made their choice. They have chosen the path of selfishness, self-interest, and living in the decayed remains of the old empire… They will likely be happy for a while, possibly for the lifespan of the old empire… at least the older ones will. The newer ones will have to relegate themselves to being a symptom of a dying culture.
    I am reasonably certain that the younger, more vibrant, sexually-repressive and faithful culture in Europe that will replace the old empire is likely to be arabic/islam based. The European choice is clear.
    But America? Where should we look to become part of the New order? Balkanization due to lack of obvious enemies is highly likely… but from where will the new empire spring? The Mormons? I believe that they are too tied to the old order to have the force and faith necessary to create the new empire. South America? It seems possible, but they are lamentably lacking in any sort of collective identity. Are we to be invaded by the new Muslim empire as well?
    We are looking at a timetable of 2016-2030. My timetable puts 2021 as the year of the collapse… Is there a fair bid for anyone? Do we need to start planting the seeds of a new nation now? Or is it too late?

    1. Quote: “Do we need to start planting the seeds of a new nation now? Or is it too late?”
      The question is: do you have a plan and if so, what is it?

        1. You just watch mate…all we need to do is get rich, buy an island, gather a few righteous men, and become founding fathers!

        2. I have priced out islands. Most the ones I can afford cannot support a self-sustaining population.

        3. Well if we’re heading for the mainland, then we better get some BIG guns. Tiil then!

      1. Sorry dude, but canada is ahead of the curve in the ‘destroying our own country’ business. At least the US still has some military left to defend itself eventually, Canada is a peach ripe for plucking.

  13. So we’re resting now on a plateau of affluence. We’re 25 years into rising tiger China to our left and LaRaza Conquista now beating drums to our south. Is taking in trainloads of youth to apparently indoctrinate from the south a strategic move to soften a first ‘hard blow’? The persecution of men and fatherhood across the land has become unbearable and we must flip the tables on our women being played against us. And cherry picking Asian women is a pipe dream. It’s simple, GO FOR THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. If your father didn’t tell you, WELL I’M TELLING YOU. GO FOR HER CANDY ASS! ”You can do it, Johnny – YOU CAN DOO IITT!” We’re obviously on the verge of a revolution and, HONESTLY, how hard could it be to re-conquer our women at this point?

    1. Quote: ” It’s simple, GO FOR THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.”
      Man, your’e a dope.
      The girl next door is a mentally fucked, STD infect piece of shit who could care less about you or any other guy for that matter. What’s the color of the sky in world you live in, genius?

    2. Lol, a revolution? Good luck with that one.
      The Feds will splatter your organs on the street if you ever try that.

  14. yeah this is going to suck if it unfolds naturally because it means the Yankees will bring us down with them. Look at the Italian Peninsula they didn’t even care about the Romans, but they still haven’t fully recovered. imagine what is now America just being a cesspool of failed states for the next 1500 years…

      1. There is a blogger that talks about Serbian war that mentioned that women would sell themselves for a can of food.

        1. That is because they did not benefit from reverse dimorphism (female bigger and stronger than the male) and were lacking in a vigorous whip hand – something that is rapidly becoming a reality in these here United States of the Amazons.

  15. Meh. The tech of the past didn’t really affect the life on an empire as much as it’s shape.
    That’s true.
    What’s the most influential tech of the modern age? It’s not anything to do with guns or war. It’s the Internet.
    The idea of national borders is going the way of the dodo because of it, and the next great battle will be one of language and the places historically fluent in the dominant language will thrive. What language will be the global language? The brits gave English a helluva head start.
    I have a feeling that the US and the UK have some fight left in them in the BNW

    1. Only the main land Europeans are dumb enough to open their (internal) borders. A religious war will be the result in the next 20 to fifty years. Islam vs the rest.

      1. Meh. That open borders policy looks like it’s also going the way of the dodo. Too close to the middle east.
        The Islamic nations aren’t remotely powerful enough enough to stop Europe if the Europeans decide to purge the Muslims again like they did at the end of the Ottoman Empire during the 1800s.
        This idea of Islam conquering Europe is a radicals wet dream and a paranoid persons nightmare.
        Take for example the UK, they’re only 5% Muslim and already they’re balking and coming close to closing their borders.

        1. The Muslim threat is coming from within Europe’s borders. In some (western) countries the population is already 8 to 12 % Muslim. Up to 20/25 % in the Balkans with Turkey on its doorstep.
          The Muslim youth is ready radicalising and many are willing to move and fight in Syria and Iraq. If many are already willing to do that it easybto figure out how many are willing to fight on their “own” soil. Not now but the threat will grow in 20 to 50 years.

        2. I’m dubious and doubtful that this great fear of Islam is justified.
          These projections of wildly increasing percentages are based on current trends when in truth the situations are dynamic. As a result they really should be taken with a pinch of salt.
          In the last decade hostilities against Muslims has gone up a lot.
          I’m friends with guys from Greece, Iraq and Turkey in my work place. The sheer number of hoops they have to jump through is stunning. Nearly every time we go to a conference abroad I have to wait for them to have to go through extra security at a conference.
          I went to a martial arts competition with the Greek and had to wait patiently when the police pulled us over because he looks middle eastern and they wanted to check his background.
          Europe isn’t exactly as welcoming to middle easterners as people are assuming. It’s only because the middle east is war torn and people want to go somewhere where they don’t have to worry about bombs.

        3. I agree, most of us western europeans in the younger generations grew up with middle eastern folks, and most of them are just normal people in the middle like anybody else.
          I wonder if we were fed by the media over here that all the south and central american immigrants in the states were kidnappers and drug smugglers would we believe the same

        4. The 3rd world scum that’s already inside can breed so much faster on taxpayer paid benefits, than the taxpayers that are holding off having kids till they can more into a safe neighborhood without 3rdworld section 8 near by.

        5. You mean like when the Serbs tried to kick the illegal alien drug dealing muslims out of their homeland, only to have Bill Clinton attack their media outlets first, leading to the Islamic Narco State of Kosovo?

        6. Im with you 100% on that, just talking about the regular folks trying to get by and live a good life for themselves and their families.
          It seem like its always we the people whatever cultural
          background we belong to that get caught between the fundamentalists or “revolutionaries” and their puppetmasters i.e. engineers of civil unrest, your example being a good one

      2. What I meant by the death of borders is the emergence of cities that are interconnected on a global capacity that transcends borders.
        The continuing rise of globalism. We are utterly powerless to stop it. The choice is to either seek to take advantage of it or get swept aside.
        I’m not talking of anything that’s already happened (although the creation of the EU is sort of like it, though it occurred too soon).

        1. Okay my networking Hebe chum. We shall see if your pseudo Marxian theory holds. We are actually entering an era of borders.

        2. I suppose there is an underlying philosophical tie to Marxism in my view. In the sense that it’s about the materialistic nature of humanity and what the current generation wants.
          I vehemently think that philosophy should never be legally enforced but I can see that it’s a belief regarding human nature that I hold.
          Sure. We’ll see

    2. Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong area only. The predominant Chinese language is Manderin. Check your facts.

      1. Meh. I happily accept when I’m wrong. I heard the opposite a decade ago when I asked a man from China which was more widely spoken.

        1. You’re not far off actually. Most Chinatowns around the world use a lot of Cantonese for verbal communication. Mandarin Chinese has both the standardised verbal & written aspect to it, of course.
          Thing is, a lot of the wealthy, highly educated Chinese happen to originate from Hong Kong.
          Doesn’t hurt to have Cantonese in your linguistic repertoire if you’re in East or South East Asia.

        2. They probably meant by business men. Now that China is growing in business to the point its no longer skyscrapers to the edge of Hong Kong with dirt huts on the Chinese side.

  16. A great article would be an understatement! I’m highly looking forward to reading the follow up.
    The only minor complaint I have is the use of B.C and A.D as it is old religious nonsense to refer to a timeline of some one (Jesus Christ) there is no proof whatsoever that he even existed.

    1. I am pretty sure that all of us have been banned from Huffingho. any commentators that does say what they want to hear get banned.

      1. This is a personal story on comment fixing which I witnessed.
        Back in 2008, my brother wrote on the BBC comment section, on an article bashing the EU, whilst I don’t agree with his position on the EU I support his right to hold it and say it. The BBC had mods deleting his pro EU comments within seconds of posting. None of the comments contained insults, swear words or threats of violence, they were concise and factual. Yet they got deleted.
        He then proceeded to write an anti EU post WITH swearwords to see if the mods would delete. They did not.

  17. These so-called “outbursts” are peoples fighting back against the regional bully because they’ve really had enough and had to put up w/ their Age of Decadence, which often includes widespread slavery, plundering, rape etc. So, they have nothing to lose and unleash their deep hatred towards the regional Empire. That passion (fueled by hatred and desperation) can defeat big numbers of well trained military men who are simply fighting for the “paycheck” and fringe benefits, which usually means pussy (consensual or otherwise).
    The U.S. is clearly in the final throws of their decadence, and in fact, has been hollowed out by another power which has decided to stay behind the scenes. This hidden parasitic Empire has run parallel w/ the American Empire (for the most part), but eventually killed the host (within the last decade). What people may not yet grasp is that their hatred and desperation that is about to fuel their fighting and rebellion was triggered by the hidden Empire, not the American one. Those who run the hidden parasitic Empire are those who make / control / distribute money (credit), which is likely a cyclical parasite that goes back to Babylon, but included stops in Rome, Kazaria, Venice, London, Washington.
    In fact, I would put forth that it’s this parasitic hidden Empire that eventually topples all the well-known Empires written about in the history books. This parasite infects their host Empire during their Age of Commerce, which then sows the seeds for destruction within a few hundred years. Many wars must soon follow, because wars are excellent money makers. You’ll notice that the host Empires eventually realize they have a parasite and take extraordinary steps to rid themselves of it, but to no avail — it’s always too late — although their actions are always later misinterpreted by historians as cruel, racist, and indeed, anti-semitic. The irony, of course, is that this hidden parasitic Empire did not originate in the Middle East, nor does it involve legitimately Semitic peoples. That’s just misdirection that this parasitic entity is so apt to spew.
    In conclusion, there is indeed a cycle to Empires, but John Glubb didn’t identify (or perhaps couldn’t write about) the true force behind their rise and inevitable decline within 250 years or less. It’s not related to population, geography, religion, transportation, weaponry or any other technology — it’s related to the control of the Empire’s money supply and their enslavement through debt / credit. This strategy has worked for thousands of years and we see it right before our eyes everywhere we look. In reality, this hidden, parasitic Empire is the oldest this planet has ever seen. True story.

    1. Regional bully, well not necessarily. The Outburst leads the people into becoming what the set out to destroy. it is more likely that the set out on a religious based or jealousy based expedition against the neighbouring empire. It is human nature.

  18. Power and prosperity breeds corruption and sloth.
    The following are examples of what brought Rome down as an empire, and what is going to destroy the American government in a very short time.
    Antagonism between the Senate and the Emperor:
    We experience this in the US today in the form of the constant bickering between the House and Senate in their disdain of the President over power, money, and control.
    Decline in Morals:
    At present, this country faces the greatest decline in moral values since the Roman Empire, with forcing its own set of morals on citizens by demanding and forcibly removing traditional moral values, dictating that parents have no say in whether their children, some as young as 10 years old engage in sex, and a host of other immoral conduct proclaimed as law.
    Political Corruption:
    A force has been created in the same tradition as the Praetorian Guard which were a special force of troops used by Roman Emperors as body guards, security, and statesecurity.
    This same Guard exists in America in the form of Homeland Security and other branches of government who perform like the Gestapo by enforcing Socialistic laws, through unconstitutional tactics.
    Fast Expansion of the Empire:
    We have been experiencing the expansion of the US in the world militarily since 9-11 encompassing more territory than at any time in the past.
    Constant Wars and Out of Control Military Spending:
    Since 9-11 America has been in a constant state of war, spending trillions on its military.
    Barbarian Knowledge of Roman military tactics:
    The same exists in America presently, where through the False Flag operation of 9-11, we have created hate and disdain for us among the Muslim world, thus creating a massive network of combatants in the world, who now study the military tactics of the US as was seen in Iraq.
    Failing economy:
    I needn’t say much about this topic, since we have been in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression from 2007 and continuing. As a nation, the US is bankruptand has to print any money it spends.
    Since 2007, the US has had an unemployment rate that resembles a Third World country in every aspect. True numbers of unemployment, meaning not just counting those receiving unemployment insurance payments, are around 22% nationally and as high as 50% in certain areas of the country, such as California’s Imperial Valley.
    The Decline in Ethics and Values:
    The US government has managed to remove most values people adhered to and continues to run the economy into the ground by way of dirty politicians skimming money for themselves that belong to the people.
    Slave Labor:
    The quest for slave labor in the US has taken many jobs overseas to areas, where workers are hired for a fraction of what it costs for the same work done by Americans in America. The massive invasion of Illegal Aliens from south of the border, which the government promotes, makes it possible for companies and the government itself to hire workers for jobs at far below the minimum wage.
    Natural disasters:
    We have had our share over the years, costing billions, however at the same time the US government spends even more per year on climate change and renewable energy projects. Since global warming/climate change is proven false when compared to actual scientific records and renewable energy sources, such as the wind industry and solar power are proven to use more grid power than they will ever produce. Our government is essentially wasting trillions on failed projects.
    The parallels between Christianity in the Roman days and that of Islam for the US today, are astounding. We are told that we fight Muslim extremists around the world while at the same time, we see the US supporting Islamic extremism such as Egypt, Libya, and many other Mid-East countries. At home, Muslims values are protected by the government while Christian values are denounced as prejudice and secular.
    When the problems that caused the fall of the Roman Empire are compared to the problems America faces today, along with the fact that our problems are progressing much quicker. It will be a matter of years, not centuries before America ceases to exist.
    We have ourselves as citizens to blame for allowing Socialist Insurgents into Washington to destroy our country.

  19. “We have become accustomed to material wealth which we are unwilling to
    sacrifice. Our comfort has been placed above our values and liberties.”
    Due primarily to women.

  20. The best view of the rise and fall of civilizations is “The collapse of complex societies” by Joseph Tainter. Tainter is a prof in Utah and has managed to put his finger on a general set of causes and circumstances that happens in the rise and fall of societies. This guy is worth listening to.
    The big idea is that societies and civilizations exist only for the purpose of hoovering up materials and energy from the environment and distributing the goodies to the member of that society.
    Initially the civilization rises if it is successful in capturing the low hanging fruit – the solutions that are relatively easy. As time goes on, the society inevitable faces challenges – the weather changes, game patterns change, turf wars with other tribes, resource exhaustion etc. Societies that survive respond to challenges by developing more complexity to deal with the problem. This can result in more sophisticated technologies, more complex social structures, or a greater range in land and energy options (like invasion)
    The other insight that Tainter has is the notion of information flow within a society as an important indicator for success. Anyway, things are on the rise until the civilzation reaches the point of diminishing returns. More and more effort has to be expended to accomplish what was easy in previous generations. More and more complexity develops in the form of social hierarchies and information flow.
    Tainter points out that there comes a point where available energy/resources are no longer available to meet new challenges. Societies collapse when they are forced to dump their level of complexity and this can happen within a generation.
    Anyway, this is an interesting framework for looking a history. Tainter also has been looking at the oil industry in the same light.
    One last point – Tainter points out that the effect can be seen in modern science. There are billions of dollars, 100’s of thousands of scientist, tons of effort and there fewer and fewer scientific breakthroughs coming, (Note – cellphones are not a scientific breakthrough. They are and engineering and product development innovation)

  21. The fact that has been misundertood by so many foreign writers : Genghis has never been able to conquer China. China is only ‘pacified’ during the period of Kubilai, after the last remnants of Song dynasty is not around anymore. And it didn’t take that long for the Mongols getting their butt kicked out of China, unlike the Manchus.

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