The SlutWalk Is Coming To a City Near You

I came across a flyer advertising on a bulletin in my city’s (Victoria) university, and I was shocked. The feminist movement seems to be strongest in Canada’s largest cities, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc. Their latest novelty? An esteemed event called the “SlutWalk” which is a fundraiser parade for women against “victim blaming” and rape culture.

How SlutWalk Started

The SlutWalk is started in Toronto, Ontario after a comment made by Constable Michael Sanguinetti on Crime Prevention at York University, stating that women should avoid dressing in a promiscuous manner to decrease the likelihood of rape encounters. This angered the sluts of Toronto and 3,000 of them gathered at Queen’s Park for fellowship and a march to the local police station.

The Aim Of SlutWalk

Originally, it was recommended for the participants to dress in average clothing, but many CHOSE to dress like whores instead (lingerie, stripper boots, you get the picture). They do this to protest rape culture, end victim blaming, and create a feminist-dominated society where women can choose to dress as they like and not have to suffer misogynistic comments and those dreaded whistles as they parade through the streets. In short, the event is trying to promote the idea that women should be able to dress and act as sexual and provocatively as they want, without drawing any sexual attention from the opposite sex.

Why The SlutWalk Is Stupid

The name says it all. As the wave of feminism begins to rise in society (Mainly North America), the idea of being a slut and acting like men is starting to become accepted by most women. This event is hardly a protest against rape as it is a club for whores looking to popularize their skank-religion. The statement “Against slut-shaming” contradicts itself because it is shameful to be a slut. If women think dressing like sluts shouldn’t draw any attention compared to dressing normally, they have another thing coming. By this reasoning I should be able to dress as a policeman and not be asked for help, or be naked and not be called a nudist. It’s one thing to protest against rape and raise awareness, it’s another to be a self-declared slut and make a parade celebrating it. SlutWalk is only 2 years old. Let’s stop this contagion before it becomes another tax-deductible North American tradition.

11 Pictures Of Slutwalks












For more information on how to crash a SlutWalk, visit Slutwalk Victoria BC.

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111 thoughts on “The SlutWalk Is Coming To a City Near You”

  1. Maybe men should start a PervWalk or a CreepWalk.. stop pervert-shaming or creep-shaming us, etc. In other words, don’t begrudge us our *male* sexuality. Somehow I don’t think these fat skanks would support that movement as zealously.

  2. I think Slutwalk should be encouraged. Hear me out. If I had sat in my basement for a year trying to come up with a way to make feminists look like a complete joke I would never have come up with something as brilliant as this. Genius!

    1. Love it if someone infiltrated their group and got them to start a “Dirty, fat skank walk” as well.

      1. Back when the anti-war movement was taking off, a bunch of conservatives formed a group called “Protest Warrior” where they infiltrated leftist protests with signs mocking them – you can google them.
        They marched alongside anti-war protestors with signs like “except for ending communism, facisim, and totalitarianism, war has never solved anything!” or “Communism has only killed 100 million people, lets give it another chance!”
        It’d be very easy to infiltrate a slut walk with similar signs. Troll hard enough and you could even get news coverage.
        Personally when I see a sign that says “I’m not asking for it!” my response is always, “No, but I am. When I see a girl dressed slutty, I want to fuck her. Am I not allowed to ask now?” I’ve never known a feminist who couldn’t use a course in non-violent communication. It’s all blaming language – you SHOULDN’T feel this – this being natural male attraction.

    2. I agree. The German Army had a saying that captures this: “If your opponent is on the way to make a serious mistake, build golden bridges.” We should encourage the feminists to make as complete fools of themselve as is possible. The faster they succeed, the faster they’re trough.

    3. This is even better than a fitness test by women to try to unleash your beta. These gals give us all the information we need to know.

  3. I haven’t decided what’s worse. the idea of a slut walk, or the fact that these are the ugliest sluts i have ever seen!

    1. I know all the ones protestin rape dont have to worry about rape. The blonde with sunglasses on top maybe but the others just have manboy faces or fat like that typical south indian is we gonna counter it…not a rape walk but a stud walk or heckle em or get in their an do ur own slogans.not surprised this started in toronto. Sadly vancouver n montreal are following

  4. My intense hate to these worthless pieces of shit is growing exponentially on a daily basic.

  5. BARF! Look at all those ugly bowling ball fatsos walking down the alley. Not a looker in the crowd. They probably put mayonnaise on their birth control pills.They think by flaunting their flabby thunder thighs for all the world to see is fun, but they are as fun as barbed wire.

  6. The more I come to “manosphere” websites the more I find myself drifting away from society altogether. I’m just starting to care less and less…
    It’s all a big joke.

    1. QUOTE RED PILL: “The more I come to “manosphere” websites the more I find myself drifting away from society altogether. I’m just starting to care less and less…It’s all a big joke.”
      I hear ya. Word, fuckin’ Word.

    2. I try to live for the small things now. I think the main source of discontent isn’t that it’s a big joke, but that we’ve all been led to believe for so long that there’s something more to it. There’s not. Just enjoy your moments. Laugh when you can.

  7. Of course, the women least likely to get raped are the ones obsessed with it. My guess is its similar to the pastors who rail against homosexuality and then get caught with a male prostitute; these girls want nothing more than to be raped. Who knows why. Validation, so they can finally feel like a woman, its really anyones guess.

    1. A guy I know gamed a young feminist successfully by telling her (among other things) that he was not going to have sex with her. When they did have sex, she wanted him to rape her. Wisely, he didn’t. In her flat, among troves of feminist literature, he found a book on alpha males.

    2. Gotta disagree.
      The HB3’s and below are the type of girls that attract the attention of betas who just want a good fuck but don’t want to learn game. I’m sure that their lack of effort in making themselves attractive manifests itself with undesirable interactions with the opposite sex.
      Also, take a look at what Hugo Schwyzer has to say on the topic:
      >Katie started to cry. “Oh God, Hugo. No. Not rape. It’s just… I wish you could tell the difference between when I really want you and when I’d just rather be held.” She began to cry harder. “Fuck. It’s all my fault,” she wept. “I can’t expect you to be a mindreader. I’m so sorry.”

  8. If someone commissioned me to create a caricature of the feminist imperative, shining a light on its child-like solipsism for all to see, I could do no better than this. If I went to an atm at midnight, withdrew $1,000 and then held it above my head shouting “oh, hey, look at me! I’ve got a thousand bucks!”, then guess what? I deserve everything I get. Why don’t I do this? Because I’m not a fucking moron.

  9. And these idiots can’t come up with any other reason than “brainwashing,” for why Muslim women with healthy children and intact families wouldn’t instead want to be like this flotsam…….
    Someone just nuke this dump already, pleeeassse! It’s continued existence is an insult to history itself.

  10. I hope they have one in my town. I’ll make a sign that says “you are a disgusting skank. kill yourself” and have my wing roll the video.
    Also, i think it is weird that they are all in a twist about rape… but most women (especially skanks like these) totally have rape fantasies.
    How does that reconcile?

    1. It’s the ultimate female validation, proof of her sexual power, that her beauty can make you lose your mind.

  11. They got one coming up in June… will be FUN to protest. I might need bodyguards.
    One side of my sign will say FAT DISGUSTING SKANK
    The other side will say “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, DUMBASS!
    I’m sure it will be a hit.

  12. It’s day 8 of NoFap for me and I still wouldn’t touch any of those chubby, ugly, has-been or never-been hobags. The whole thing looks like a magnet for the dykes with short hair, flat or sagging chests, and masculine women of the city. I think the purpose of the slutwalk is less than hugboxing (circlejerking?) each others’ sluttiness, and more about reinforcing the idea that your sagging, wasted body is still so desirable that men would break the law to have it.

    1. nah, my vote’s for ‘i’m a human’ in #8. at least her body appears vaguely female.

  13. Up is down, black is white, being a slut is good, you don’t have to take responsibility for anything if you’re a woman…welcome to the dark depths of the feminist mind. But slutwalk is one of those things where you don’t know whether to laugh or despair…and since laughing is more amusing, I laugh.
    By the way, that dude holding the sign in pic #5 is a dude, right? Though when it comes to the feminist crowd, I guess there isn’t much difference anyway.

  14. Can anyone explain to me what “rape culture” even is? Like are hordes of men greeting convicted rapists on their releases from prison with huge rallies? One truly has to wonder what is going through their minds (if anything).

    1. Rape culture = if it wasn’t for feminists whining and bitching, and pressuring law enforcement, every single man would be rape zombies, raping literally every woman, without eating, working, raising families, etc.

      1. That’s how they work. For the left, without a dictatorship, entrepreneurs would kill their customers…

    2. “Rape culture” = feminists drumming up fear so they can continue to get government grants and maintain departments in universities. No problems means they’re out of a job. See also: false statistics like the 1 in 4 lie and the 75 cents on the dollar pay bullshit.
      And when women start doing better than men — as they have in education, leaving them no “equals” to pair off with — this is also redefined as “harmful to women,” and studied.

    3. Rape culture: the affirmation (in reality) of an unconscious feeling both in men and women that women “don’t really count”
      Rape culture: an extension of the tendency in women to try and petrify men (much like the myth of medusa) or limit his activity (through ever vigilent eyes), owing to perceived (but denied) relational differences between men and women both physically and mentally, and the elaboration of these differences through (self) repression (which women unconsciously sense and report consciously as oppression).
      Rape culture: the desire of women to separate cause and effect, freedom and responsibility.
      Rape culture: a shadowy dream dreamt up by women in a cave sustained only by those who continue to look at it as if it were reality.

    4. The wikipedia page provides a good description, but the shorthand definition for the impatient is a culture that tolerates or even condones rape.
      Feminists like to claim Western culture is a rape culture, and this is apparently generally accepted Feminist theory. No, Im not exaggerating.
      As a contrast, my experience of how our culture treats rape, even discounting some of the more recent “advances” due to feminist fearmongering, is quite different from that of the feminists. For example, I was under the impression that even suspected rapists are likely to get the shit kicked out of them by males who know thw victim, that rape is treated as a criminal offense of similar seriousness as murder, and that inmates in prison convicted of rape are treated by other prisoners with a contempt only rivalled by the way they treat former cops. To me this always seemed to constitute a pretty strong cultural message that rape was strongly discouraged, in fact being right up there with the serious crimes like murder or treason. But apparently a few guys telling rape jokes and a few girls being told that wondering round in a bad neighborhood dressed like a whore might have played a part in their getting raped has made some feminists conclude otherwise.

    5. Yeah from what I can tell, rape culture only applies to women. If you’re talking about men being raped in prison, well then rape is HILARIOUS. If the 1990’s taught me anything, it’s that cutting your husband’s penis off while he’s sleeping and throwing it from the window of a moving car is awesome and endless fodder for late-night comedians.

  15. These ugly, unattractive women calling themselves sluts is equivalent to terrorists calling themselves freedom fighters. What a joke.

  16. Saddest thing of all is that the men pictured probably have bigger vaginas than the women pictured.

  17. So these women complain about ‘pervs’ yet they take their clothes off which is what ‘pervs’ actually like? Morons. All of them

  18. A good way to troll would be to streak across the slutwalk screamin my body my rules or something…this slutwalk is everywhere now brazil india singapore u name it….but how to kill it i wonder…cold weather? Maybe thats why we havent seen it in russia

  19. This makes me want to get out of North America asap! Just have to get through college and I’m out.

  20. Part of MartCo’s issue is that they chose the most left wing university in Canada. Go somewhere like Calgary, Alberta or Saskatchewan, take a degree in the natural sciences or engineering and you will not see slut walks.

  21. If I were to ever attend one of these things, my non-troll signs would read
    “My Safety is My Responsibility”
    “Saying All Men are Rapists is like Saying All Jews are Greedy.”
    “Society Teaches “Don’t Get Robbed” Rather Than “Don’t Rob”
    If I were to carry a trollish sign, it would read,
    “Your Body, Your Rules, My Eyes, OH GOD! MY EYES!!!!”

  22. Reminds me of when i was watching the news with my sister and a fat friend of hers , and a story came on about a rapist. The friend talked about how she feared for her safety, without missing a beat i said “aint nobody rapin you”.
    Of all the stories i’ve heard about rapist not once have i heard about a fat girl getting raped.
    The whole mindset of “don’t tell me to be safe, tell them to don’t do crime” is ridiculous. You got people who don’t want to accept reality and would rather have their head in the clouds. Funny thing is these people make for great victims.

    1. “Teach men not to rape” is just so ridiculous in itself. Typically, these aren’t well adjusted men who are doing the raping, and the thought that they would just say “OK, no more rape” is the most naive thing I’ve ever heard. It’d be like telling “Murderers not to murder”, as if they only do so because they were never told that that’s a mean thing to do.

  23. These sort of manifests deserve just one thing:
    No attention whatsoever!!
    It’s so dumb and ridiculous it’s the only sane/mature/manly/whatever thing to do.

  24. I haven’t decided what’s worse, the idea of a slutwalk or the fact that these are the ugliest sluts I’ve ever seen!

  25. Why don’t they protest alone, unarmed, in revealing clothing in the middle of a ghetto at night?
    Oh, because that actually would increase the chance of being raped so its a bad decision, right? And women should avoid those situations, right?
    Got it.

  26. Reminds me of a Dave Chappelle sketch:

    “Fine. You are not a whore, but you are wearing a whore’s uniform.”

  27. Once upon a time, two lesbians were sitting in a bar in Toronto, checking out the straight girls, wondering how they could get them naked. Then, one said “hey, what if…”

    Still working on getting the good looking girls.

  28. What about my rights being violated, of not being forced to acknowledge the existence of some disgusting trolls?

  29. Remember that George Carlin joke?
    “Ever noticed how the people at anti-abortion rallies are the ones you wouldn’t want to fuck anyway?”
    Well, in 2013, that joke is:
    “Ever noticed how the people at anti-rape rallies are the ones you wouldn’t want to rape anyway?”

  30. Slutwalk is hated by its own community anyway. They’re all saying its racist, white-women only etc. Ignore the bullshit, let them tear each other apart.

    1. Well they are the slutteist…i mean the most liberal women…think i saw 2 indians 1 in yellow with saggin belly the other a fat hog.
      This slut walk is esstially carnaval for ugly chicksthen it is about rape

  31. Is it just me or do they look like they’re asking to be raped? None of the women in the pics are even a 5, so… they dress like sluts to attract attention? What kind of attention, I wonder?

  32. Here’s what Angry Harry has to say – when a child is left to wonder the streets at night, his/her parents are neglectful because the safety of the child is their responsibility. But when that child is an adult, as an adult he/she is responsible for their own safety. It’s simple logic, if you had a million dollars, would you keep it in your front yard?

  33. this is scarey but actually also quite funny, yes, taken to it’s logical conclusion it’s the end of feminism. either that or it’s the end of days, one or the other.
    generally men build societies,women take over and then men tear them down and start again, realizing women are just savages that deserve nothing.
    women say men treated them badly the last couple of thousand years, but that’s because they were missed off like hell that the Roman empire fell to pieces in a wave of feminism and debauchery.
    The Romans had working steam engines, FACT.
    The industrial revolution was delayed 1500 years.
    I’m afraid the true Space Age of warp drives and teleporters is about to be delayed by 1500 years as we go into another dark ages. Mad Max style.
    Boy will these feminist lesbians be wondering if they really love their cunts, when society cracks and warlords take over, keeping women as pets and holding gang bang parties.

  34. HUHNH! A lot of these women ONLY WISH they were desirable! Bleh, they need to hit the gym and lay off the cigarettes and donuts! This lady (link below), ONE of many who explains the “Rape Culture” is really a “Rape Fantasy.” All these ugly ladies walking only wish a man would lose their mental capacity and ravage them. Despite the fact they (these women holdign signs) are totally UNATTRACTIVE!

  35. I’m honestly hesitant to bother, but I gotta fucking ask—
    “it is shameful to be a slut”
    Can someone explain this noise?

  36. I would like to go to one of those wearing a shirt that says “Fuck Sluts” and see how they respond.

  37. Let women dress however the fuck they want to dress you do not have entitlement to them or their bodies jesus fucking christ

    1. Can you tell what a “real rape victim” is? Is this defined by your hemline? Sorry but your hemline was 6 inches above your knee, you’re not a real rape victim. A real rape victim does not wear a skirt more than 2.5 inches above the knee. I’m not going to sit in judgement of rape victims, saying who is a “real rape victim”.
      Speaking as a rape victim, your remark is insulting. But at least you can take comfort in the fact that less than 10% of rapes are reported to the police. Your implication of “before you go to the cops, ask yourself if you should blame yourself” is completely ignorant. You should educate yourself on the nature of rape.

  38. Dear MartCo,
    Why is it that I find myself terribly unsurprised that this article was written by a man? I also find myself unsurprised by the fact that your article in fact contains nothing of substance whatsoever. It is increasingly apparent from your shallow explanation of what the SlutWalk is, to your definition as to why it’s “stupid” that you really don’t grasp the concept of what it’s about. So please, allow me the privilege of re writing your terrible, half assed, unacademic explanation of what exactly feminism is about.
    What is the SlutWalk?
    The SlutWalk started out of a response to a comment made by police constable Michael Sanguinetti who stated that “women should avoid dressing like Sluts in order not to be victimized.”
    Now, for simplistic, static, uninteresting minds like yours, one may think: “Yes. This makes logical sense. Of course women should have to cover up their beasts, hips thighs, because I am utterly incapable of controlling myself from making unwanted sexual advances upon her otherwise.”
    There are a few problems with this:
    You are saying that certain people are more deserving of rights and protections than others (sluts for example)
    You are saying that men in their natural state, are rapists incapable of controlling their sexual urges
    The idea that their is any statistical/actual correlation between what a woman is wearing and her likelihood to be assaulted. There’s not.
    The Aim of the SlutWalk
    Now I understand that your small and incompetent brain may be incapable of understanding that a person’s sexual choices or governance of their bodies should in no way interfere with their rights to be respected as human beings, but let me break this down for you since you seem so comfortable using the word “whore” so loosely.
    The aim of the SlutWalk is to bring to light larger systemic issues surrounding sexual assault, and to break down Rape Myths to exactly what they are: Myths.
    -Myths that tell us that what you wear correlates with your likelihood to be assaulted
    -Myths that tell us that women are to be accountable to prevent themselves from being raped
    -Myths that perpetuate shame around sexuality and the way we govern our bodies.
    Why we need SlutWalk
    Well, Martco…we need SlutWalk because of people like you. People who tolerate women instead of respecting them. People who dehumanize others based on factors like our own individual choices, which are none of your business. Let’s not forget that these kinds of attitudes perpetuate racism, homophobia and bigotry as well.
    We need SlutWalk, because of cases like the Steubenville rape, where a bunch of 16 year old boys thought it was okay to drug a girl, bring her from party to party raping her and then have the media feel sorry for the rapists instead of the victims.
    We need SlutWalk, because so many of us are fucking sick of being cat called as we walk down the street at night, harassed while we’re walking down the sidewalk, being subject to unwanted sexual advances. While you seem to be under the impression that only “sluts” experience this on a frequent basis, let’s actually talk about the fact that this is OVER 30% of the population. Let’s talk about the fact that 58% of SEXUAL ASSAULTS that occur in Canada happen to women UNDER the age of 18. Let’s talk about the fact that more than 35% of those assaults are happening to girls under the age of 12.
    This isn’t just some insignificant issue. This is happening to over one third of the population, and those are just the cases we know about. This is happening to 90,000 women per year. Do you really have the nerve to tell me that every single one of those women are asking for it?
    We need SlutWalk, because of pitiful metaphors like yours that show us exactly what RAPE CULTURE is, by saying that you shouldn’t expect to be dressed like a Police Officer, and not get asked for help. This like saying: You deserved to get robbed because you owned a nice house. This argument is not only illogical, but it’s unsound.
    Do you want to know why the SlutWalk is the fastest growing feminist movement in the last 20 years? Because we’re SICK OF IT. So please, spew your misogynistic, patriarchal bullshit elsewhere and get an education. We bring attention to these issues in a way that is outside the norm, that pushes the envelope, that’s provocative and in your face. So Martco, I’ll be wave my “I <3 Sluts” sign in your face on June 9th and promptly give you the middle finger while I’m at it.
    Fuck you. Fuck your patriarchy.
    Signed Sincerely,
    A “Slutty” Feminist.

    1. Lol I just read your comment, sorry about the late reply. I see you’ve assumed I don’t have an education because of how little content my article exhibited, but that’s just the point. It doesn’t take a PHD to realize that a SlutWalk is a worthless and actually detrimental way for women to protest rape crimes.
      Do you really think these walks will stop rapists from raping? The will continue to do so, just as murderers and thieves will continue explore their hobbies, because unfortunately man (and woman) has free will in this life, and can choose to do as he pleases. Of course everyone is against rape, but having a “walk” to protest crimes won’t do anything to lower their likelihood, thinking it will is laughable. So if your “SlutWalk” is targeted at average men to stop drooling over your lady parts and telling you you look hot when the feeling isn’t mutual, mission accomplished. Men in America/Canada will stop gawking and expressing their sexual interest in you on the streets and you will continue to complain about how their’s no real men in your town. I congratulate you on your victory. We’ll just go ahead and hang out with foreign women, as they seem to have more respect for men and for themselves, resulting in a healthier, more harmonious relationship between the sexes.
      You tell me to get educated, I should give you the same advice. Pick up a Charles Darwin book (maybe you’ve heard of him) or some philosophy and absorb what the greatest minds to ever grace the planet thought. Life starts making more sense and you’ll be able to adjust your behaviors accordingly.

  39. I think you, among almost everyone else on this topic, is missing the point. The majority of rapists are mentally ill. Very rarely will a completely sane man go to the extents of raping a woman. Just like you wouldn’t give a pedophile a chance to be in contact with children, you shouldn’t provoke the chances of getting raped by wearing provocative clothes that literally screm “FUCK ME!!” to the mentally ill. So women of Slutwalk miss that point and protest by wearing slutty clothes, which is stupid. Whatever. I’m not a feminist by any means, so I have no problem pointing out how useless that mentality is.
    Now YOU sir, are missing two points behind the idea of Slutwalk, which I generally agree with: a) that it is NOT shameful to be a slut. Where the fuck did you get that notion? Men that are promiscuous are not demonized by society. Women with similar sexual tendencies are. You don’t have to be a feminist to accept that is not fair. Plus, what man doesn’t love having a slut around? Wouldn’t it be better if we could be more open and accepting about it, so everyone could just get laid in a consensual manner? And also b) Factoring in unreported rapes worldwide(which is the overwhelming majority), only about 3% of rapists will spend a day in jail, while their victims are left psychologically traumatized at best, and with and STI or pregnant at worst. Imagine if this statistic could be applied to other crimes, such as murder or armed assault. Let’s admit that it simply would not happen simply because of the stigma around sexual assault and the low likelihood of incarceration or even punishment of your rapist. And that’s just not fair. You guys don’t have to deal with pregnancy, it’s not nice to literally push it on us. Babies suck.
    Also on a side note, not to be a bitch but your comparison with the police officer is illogical. You could have come up with something way better, come on.

    1. “You guys don’t have to deal with pregnancy,”
      But we do have to deal with little-to-no visitation of our own children while paying nasty amounts of our paycheck to child support, to the point of poverty in many cases.

  40. Apparently you’ve completely missed the point. Yes women dress in provocative ways for sexual attention but that doesn’t automatically mean they want to have sex with YOU! Women are not asking that men not notice them but rather that they ask before touching. A woman’s body belongs to her and it is up to her who she shares it with. The same as a man’s body belongs to him and it’s up to him who he shares it with. Men are not owed the body of a woman simply because he desires it. Enthusiastic consent leads to better sex.

  41. Your article is missing actual point of the Slutwalk. The members of Slutwalk dress like this for this event to make a point. Women obviously don’t wear lingerie outside usually. Yes, it’s true that if women (and men for that matter) dress in a sexy way, they will get attention. That’s just a fact. However, rape isn’t about what the woman is wearing. It’s control and power. The clothing has nothing to do with it, so a woman shouldn’t feel like she should expect to raped if she dressed in a way that made her feel sexy. The blame should be on the perpetrator of the rape, not on the victim. There is no such thing as “she was asking for it”. If she was actually asking for it, the sex would be consensual and not rape. Just saying,

  42. “Personally when I see a sign that says ‘I’m not asking for it!’ my response is always, ‘No, but I am. When I see a girl dressed slutty, I want to fuck her. Am I not allowed to ask now?’”
    you guys are missing the point. she’s not asking to get raped. go ahead and ask for her number if you think she’s hot. when she says “no,” as she’s wont to do if your ignorance is displayed so obviously, she’s asking that you walk away and not rape her just because her skirt is short. “slut” can mean whatever anyone wants it to mean, except the express permission to be raped.

    1. My response to a sign that says “not asking for it” would be to say “not offering it.”

  43. My english teacher is a dyke feminist looking broad, here in toronto she got her bachelors in ‘english lit’ (what so useful career path) so now she ‘teaches’ english She looks just like those broads, short hair cut, ugly dykey, shes preggo, but she keeps referring to her ‘partner’ never a boyfriend or husband hm…. test tube babies for the win i guess.
    I got into a huge argument with her and the ugly chicks in my class( the hot ones didnt seem to care, they were too busy walking around the guys falling all over them)
    they kept yappering about ‘rape culture’ and i was essentially telling them that its a figment of their imagination, nevertheless i had to stop arguing because if she hates me too much she might fail me hahaha.
    Another side note, all the dikey feminist chicks going on and on about rape and shit were chicks no one would ever bother raping in the first place because based on their looks id rather try to fuck my neighbours dog instead, shes better looking.

  44. The irony of course is that most of the women holding these “don’t rape” signs have little to fear in regards to someone raping them. I wouldn’t touch them with if they held a gun to my head.

  45. Some pix from local slutwalk (for all of those who thinks all latam women are of the submissive and family type)

  46. Some pics from local slutwalk (for all of those who thinks all latam women are of the submissive and family type)

  47. “Society teaches don’t get raped rather than don’t rape”.
    This. This is the feminist delusion in a nutshell. Society definitely teaches don’t rape, which is why western society has the lowest rate of rape in the world and in history. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t teach women to be careful when they go out. Women are weak, they are vulnerable. 99% of men could pin down 99% of women and rape them with little effort if they wanted to. While it’s obviously men’s responsiblity not to rape, it’s also women’s responsibility not to get in situations that present a high risk of rape, such as getting drunk at a party with men you don’t know. Rape will always happen, just like any other crimes, and no amount of feminist reeducation will change that. Which is why we all have to protect ourselves.

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