Zara To Stop Expanding In USA Because Americans Are Too Fat

A sign your country is too large is when a company decides that it’s just not worth it to re-tool its fashions to accommodate the size of your countrymen’s fat asses..

“Would you expand in the United States?” Fraiman asks. “Zara to me is a European store for European style; it’s very fashion forward. And what is the problem in America? They don’t fit in the clothes. So why do it? Having to make larger sizes makes production so much more complex.”

I am a regular customer of Zara because it’s the only store that I can consistently find nice clothes in Europe. At 6’2″ with broad shoulders, I fit comfortably in their large size. If you can’t fit into Zara clothing, you’re fat. Sorry. Hit the gym and eat less food.

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18 thoughts on “Zara To Stop Expanding In USA Because Americans Are Too Fat”

  1. “I am a regular customer of Zara because it’s the only store that I can consistently find nice clothes in Europe. At 6’2″ with broad shoulders, I fit comfortably in their large size.”
    I have the reverse problem. As a 5’6 athletic-built man in the US, everything is way too friggen’ big. The average store does not even carry my pants size.

  2. Their fat asses are more then welcome to join me on the mats. We’ll get them into shape. Trust me that extra serving of deep dish pizza doesn’t look so good after you’ve been put into a triangle choke enough times.

  3. The Eurotrash are non-breeding themselves out of existence, but at least they’ll be slim and well dressed on the way out.
    But maybe Zara will make some stylish Burqas for the future European overlords.

  4. Zara’s design is great but the quality and the finish are often below any industry standard. Just look at the stitching on some of their products. I am not a stickler or an expert when it comes to quality, but some of the stuff that I see is definitely hit and miss as far as quality goes. There is a reason why Zara is cheaper than the competing brands, just like there is a reason why H&M is so much cheaper than you would expect.

    1. Agreed. I am not complimenting their quality, though they are better than H&M.
      Tor the price and “trendy” factor, Zara is hard to beat.

  5. American and Canadian clothing is known for it’s vanity sizing. A 30 inch pant waist is usually called a 28 inch. If you have a 29 inch waist like myself it is next to impossible to buy pants off the shelf. Yes, there is a lot of fatties out there.

    1. so true after readin your comment i went and measured my waist line…33 as the average …32 if i tighten up…34 if i push my belly out…i wear size 30 32 jeans….feel like a fatty….then again im a skinny fat boy

    2. It’s unbelievable how much further the vanity sizing thing has blown up in the last four years. Now when I try on pants at my true waist size, which used to actually fit some years ago, I can fit both forearms through the waistband.
      But you can’t just size down because then the seat and thighs are way too tight. The pants are all cut for either fat asses or scrawny twinks.
      I find it incredible that places usually only stock 30 inch and up. Vanity sized 30″ is what usually winds up fitting me, and I’m 5″10 168#. That’s median height and weight. Half of dudes should be smaller and skinnier.

  6. Utter nonsense. The person in that quote is not related to Zara whatsoever. Just another university professor spewing nonsense. This is what MBA students have to deal with?

    1. No. You’re full of nonsense. What the guy says is actually true. I work in business myself as a tailor and dressmaker. Clothing fat people is so much harder and expense than fit people.
      Fabric is not cheap, especially good fabric. And you need more of it to make the same thing someone who’s fat. That’s why clothes from Old Navy and Gap look like crap compared to its sister company Banana Republic. They use cheaper fabric to offset production costs.
      Besides that, it’s harder to design clothes that flatter that figure. Your design choices are limited because you can’t, for example, use white or lighter colored clothes that cast shadows on unseemly belly rolls and love handles or use horizontal stripes.
      Last and worst is the fit. Fat deforms the human body because it gets distributed unevenly through out. Take a look at a pair of size 38 pair of pants It will look terrible on a guy that has a beer belly small butt and skinny legs…he will look like he’s wearing over sized fireman pants. On the other hand while a man that has thicker legs and less of a belly will fill in the legs better. Those are two drastically different body types with the same waist size, yet only one looks good enough because it flatters his body type.
      Designing for skinny people reduces the number of body types you deal with thus making production much easier and cheaper. They also spend more money on clothes and less on food.
      One last thing…I know it’s fashionable these days to hate on academia, but the guy is in the article knows what he’s talking about and worked hard to be knowledgeable about it. You should direct your anger towards the provost that raised your tuition, guidance counselors and people that perpetuate the college myth, and the big daddy government that gave you the $100,000 loan noose you hung yourself with.

  7. Always walk in zara for a mooch but im sick of their tshirts with dumbass graphics on them. They need i concentrate on planer designs..

  8. Americans are extremely unaware of the obesity rates that are blasting out of control. It is similar to understanding the very nature of “ignorance is bliss”, keep the consumer consuming and unaware of their body issues. America has a sick definition in what is healthy, whether it be the “thin ideal” that is flashed in every magazine, or the “vanity sizing” that is created to inflate their ever so delicate egos. If on average American’s were leading a healthy lifestyle and their bodies were naturally adjusted to it, then so be it; but this is not the case whatsoever. There is an epidemic happening in the States, and it is dichotomous– the sickly thin to the sickly fat. As much as it would be nice if we could blame all of our sorrows and woes on the fashion industry, there is a lot of individual responsibility that needs to take place first. Once society at large starts taking care of their general physical health (which in turn boosts mental health), then we can start tackling the fashion industry.

  9. Zara it´s low quality clothing made in the third world into slavery conditions. I can´t believe you buy such crap. Real men buy real clothes.

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