Matthew E. Duffy Urges The Making Of Criminal False Allegations To “Swat” Roosh

On Friday, Return of Kings proprietor Roosh revealed that Matthew E. Duffy had incited those planning to attend the “Demonstration against Rape Culture” in Toronto and others to “swat” Roosh and his supporters. Not only is this an egregiously criminal act, faking the need for tactical response teams or otherwise heavily armed police squads, it also risks the public safety (and lives) of broader members of the community. This is aside from just Roosh and his lecture audience.

To boot, Matthew E. Duffy is perfectly content for those in emergency situations, such as seriously injured car wreck victims or people bleeding out on a street from gunshot wounds, to have critical reactions to their plight delayed by made-up calls about a writer’s peaceful lecture to a few men. His incitement reeks of callous indifference, narcissism, and depravity.

In other news, the Montreal address that obsessive compulsive “Twitter activist” Sara Parker-Toulson used to dox Roosh has now, unsurprisingly, been vandalized. She, “Jennifer” and others easily foresaw that such a doxxing would result in potentially serious damage to both property and person.

They took the risk and the fallout should not shock anyone. This is exactly the sort of climate that false rape threat accuser Aurelie Nix, Parker-Toulson and their band of fellow hate mongers, including Jessica Lelièvre, intended to create and have indeed created to disseminate their twisted, extremist message of banning peaceful free speech.

“Jennifer”, Sara Parker-Toulson and those responsible for the doxxing should pay the property owner for the costs of reversing the vandalism.

 “Disagree with us? We’ll incite criminal acts and put person and property at risk”

“Ideology at all costs” is what matters for the feminists and other SJWs railing against Roosh. Sure enough, many people disagree with Roosh, have expressed their disagreement vehemently but have castigated the mobs trying to attack and endanger Roosh for their fascism.

We welcome the positive, peaceful discourse that these decent critics of ours bring to the table. Yet the presence of the diehard advocates of mob mentalities and violence is truly worrying. It must be addressed for the safety of everyone.

Politicians like John Tory, Norm Kelly, and Cheri DiNovo are welcome to lambast Roosh’s views and those of his supporters. However, their constant courting of the “SJW vote,” which helps consolidate their own political profile, has gleefully ignored both the unacceptable acts perpetuated against Roosh and those additional acts the mobs want to perform if given the chance.

The same goes for the Toronto and Montreal media. For example, by “verifying” the false rape threat of Aurelie Nix as being true without any evidence (and, in fact, with total evidence to the contrary), outlets have helped fan the flames of SJWs explicitly or implicitly calling for violence and other overtly criminal tactics.

Matthew E. Duffy should be arrested for criminal incitement

One would hope Matthew E. Duffy is smoking something to help explain why he would criminally incite people to “swat” others and put the community at risk.

Law enforcement should be responding to actual crimes. Matthew E. Duffy is nothing short of a miscreant who wants to misuse police and other resources for sociopathic and malicious, rather than legitimate ends. The failed petition to have Roosh denied entry to Canada shows critics that however much they hate his speech, it is not hate speech.

I do not agree with Marni Soupcoff’s assessment of Roosh and his views, but I commend her for actually believing that a collection of rights held by individuals in communities trump mobs, witch hunts and the violent suppression of divergent publicly expressed opinions.

The dilemma here is that the slew of media and political attacks on Roosh have given the air that, short of murder (and even that implicit prohibition could be misconstrued by the most radical SJWs), pretty much anything can be “morally” undertaken to try and stop him.

Vandalism? Fine. Throwing drinks and assaulting people? Sure. Chasing someone using a mob and false imprisoning him and his companions. Why not. In calling for Roosh to disappear from Canada, public figures and mainstream media have never balanced their ad hominem attacks with any real caution, failing to outline the unacceptability of any violence or incitement.

If you can’t be civil, do you really believe in civil society?

“Hey! Let’s try and get someone we don’t like killed by swatting them!”

There was a time when the left emphasized the free flow of ideas, regardless of whether particular views were anathema to its members. As much as we at Return of Kings see many leftist beliefs as utterly pernicious to society, we concede that there are a number of liberals who have some semblance of respect for free speech and, importantly, the right for people to be free of harm and threat as a result of their speech.

Such individuals are presently drowned out by the screaming of vociferous mobs, which at the Montreal protest numbered only around 100 people.

We call on John Tory, Norm Kelly, Cheri DiNovo and others to publicly and unreservedly rebuke criminal provocateurs like Matthew E. Duffy. Should injury or physical danger be inflicted on anyone involved in or attending Roosh’s lecture in Toronto, let alone members of the community, a large part of the collective SJW responsibility for the incitement and mob violence will have been in their hands.

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223 thoughts on “Matthew E. Duffy Urges The Making Of Criminal False Allegations To “Swat” Roosh”

  1. I guarantee Matthew E Duffy and these other SJWs and the politicians who are against Roosh haven’t even read his work, yet they form such strong views against it.

    1. i fliped through soje of it dont see the use. its mostly just fun youknow. wipeing out, undesriablez. i cant see why all the books are just nto burnt. there a wast of paper. and patheitc that people need help LOL. god mustbe hard being a paethic manboy. who cant get none..or atleats needs ticks and sleezy poorly writen blog books to help hi,m,

  2. I guaratee Matthew E Duffy and these other SJWs and the politicians who are against Roosh haven’t even read his work yet they form such strong views against it.

    1. I wrote the mayor of Montreal telling him to pursue charges against at least one person involved in the assault, and got a response from a Sergent-Conseiller of the police saying they will contact me shortly about my complaint.

      1. Excellent. There is video evidence and admission on social media of assault and harassment. It should be followed up.

  3. Looking at the facebook supporters of this demo against rape culture its clear how desperate they are for someone to demonise. There’s absolutely zero engagement with anything Roosh says, or even the arguments or position he might represent. Instead its like they’re really excited about going on a jolly fox hunt. These pack hunts are primarily opportunities for SJWs to party and hobnob with likeminded zealots. Roosh is just an excuse: simply a means for them to collectivvely reproduce their psychosis, and enforce the boundaries of what is acceptable within the quasi-totalitarian state that canada appears to be

    1. They also immediately delete comments that don’t align with their viewpoint. (They don’t bother to rebut those comments; they simply delete them.)

      1. You’re right, that has been their entire strategy, I believe they used Roosh as a lightning rod to gain attention and never cared if what they said, read, or posted was true (evidenced by the fact that linking the full articles they have deliberately taken out of context doesn’t turn the uninformed away from the group).
        They also use the “just delete it” mentality after making direct threats to harm him or supporters, it’s somewhat childlike as there is no regard for law or civility. But, it is also incredibly dangerous and they are counting on that. I think they truly hope someone who’s particularly unstable might do something really unconscionable.

      2. As always, the left is content to allow feelings to dictate their actions. Whereas those on the right remain stoic and pursue more logically-based grounds for discourse.

        1. If you are Matthew E. Duffy, you just made a false or misleading statement: your “swatting” suggestion is still on their Facebook page.

        2. Go and play in a cement mixer.
          You openly attempted to incite violence in a public forum simply because you’re too stupid to provide a reasonable and civil discussion. You should be in prison, but luckily Roosh has the last laugh on this one.
          Tell me, how many maidens offered themselves to you with your defiant act?

        3. im still laughing. soo not sure what the issue. is.. and many. LOL. basicly if your not in the picture. we trolled you, we trolled the pasiafists. and in the enddd. i win. win win! yah! and dont you worry about my sexlife. its usally to much. im not worryed. about a little internet blopl battle. rember i ran a popular undeground veune, i really dont care what fools like ya;ll ssay i deal with wayyyy worse and scarryer all da time. boo hoooo.

        4. What the fuck is up with your spelling, grammar, typing skills, etc.? This is one screwed up post.
          And Roosh and company… why the hell are you letting some little feminist bitch post here… even if he is a “male.”

        5. Matthew Duffy craves attention, fancies himself a white knight for ugly (inside, outside, or both) feminists, and is trying to be relevant. This guy has “insecurity” written all over him.

        6. Why wouldn’t these assholes not concoct a bogus allegation when nothing happens to them? If anything … they’re routinely hailed as “brave and heroic” by the MSM media.
          Is it not alarming how speaking the truth — or merely expressing an opposing view in a non-violent fashion — has become border-line criminal?

        7. i know right?! iz great! yah!!!!!! i got soooooooo many fb upz and likes, and comments. blowin up my scene omg! yah!

        8. How many times did Roosh blow you so he could use your venue and get the A-list security detail? Teehee. These games are so FUND! Let’s make a war from a war to start a war then we will know whose really on who’s side so we can put buttplugs in Crombies yummy, white chocolate dunked anus!
          Ps. Rooshie pie, thank you for posting a step by step guide on how to hold terrorist erm I mean manly men man meetings, incognito! You really da man! Go man go!

      3. If you look at YouTube vids posted by modern feminists, they almost always have the comment section disabled after it’s flooded with comments countering their absurd ideology.

        1. I don’t expect to change their minds, but I like to show them that their crazy ideas are not self-evident. Also, there might be undecided people looking at the posts.

        2. I understand. But arguing with crazy people is pointless. They will never accept logical, reasoned arguments. I wouldn’t worry too much about the undecided people. If they are rational, they will find their way.

      4. I posted a comment on the FB of that cafe that told people to come and assault Roosh. FB sent me a note saying it was taking it down, and a whole schmiel of crap about their community standards. I was pretty polite in what I’d posted, and didn’t use inflammatory language or anything. They made it out like was a terrorist or something.

    2. As rape culture zealots and other ideologues are exposed their vitriol will result in criminal behavior. Of course, their hamster brains a well versed in rationalizing any behavior for “the cause,” including any harm it causes others.
      They are the most uncaring lot of human waste because they can’t understand how destructive they are to society because the depth of their understand of the world stops at the ends of their noses. Their pseudo compassion is manufactured from consent of the mentally ill and terminally stupid who believe the forces of nature and universal law bow before their ideologies vomited from their so-called towering intellect. They are the ordained high priests and priestesses of academia, where irrational unfounded ideologies are born. Of course, no how malformed and retarded the ideas birthed by these thought whores, their illegitimate children run amok to breed and propagate among the stupid and gullible — the unsuspecting do-gooders who want a better world, but don’t have the knowledge, will and backbone to challenge and fight against the nonsense these people breed.
      We live in an intellectual welfare state, where people don’t think for themselves and work to find the truth, but rather grow fat on worthless calories of the SJW’s, politicians, media, and their minions. And just like their bodies, the average American’s mind is fat, lazy, incapable of hard work, and diseased.
      Fuck ’em! Fuck ’em all. Roosh and all those who follow truth and reason are in a constant battle against these types. It’s time to respond with in kind and use their own troops against them. Once you get the enemy off the battlefield of ideas, you’ll realize how pathetically weak they really are and how easily they’ll fold in battle. Divide and conquer! They will run like the cowards they really are.

      1. “As rape culture zealots and other ideologues are exposed their vitriol will result in criminal behavior”
        They are used to controlling the debate. When they realise they can no longer do that, they will indeed resort to ever more desperate means.
        “pseudo compassion” – an accurate phrase to describe their ‘good causes’ that as you imply are often entirely dependent on highly questionable ideology and group think. Don’t underestimate the “ordained high priests and priestess of academia” though. They might be nuts but these are often very clever people with a clear idea of what they’re trying to do. Their ideology is still the dominant ideology for the most part, and there’s some way to go before that reality is even dented. Their followers on the hand are weak because being followers and mere consumers of ideology they’ve never learned how to think for themselves.

        1. Sure the academicians are clever. They’ve figured out how to get lifelong employment in vocations that produce near zero value. And, they’ve carved out a niche of power where they bludgeon us mere mortal thinkers. However, to borrow from The Matrix, their power is based on rules — rules which can be bent,, even broken.
          And you’re about their followers being mere consumers of ideologies. It’s easier than having to produce original thought for one’s self, which requires great effort. Americans love to consume the latest “expert” expertise and information. We then consider ourselves smart, educated, or informed because we can regurgitate said expertise on demand. But being able to spurt forth something that’s been heard before is not much beyond the capabilities of a parrot, except humans may respond in context where a bird has no clue. But then I wonder if humans have a clue sometimes what they’re spouting off about.

        2. i’ve often thought that, that academics nowadays play the same role as the clergy in medieval times. they’re occasionally useful, but mostly parasitic, rarely producing enough real value to justify their existence.

        3. they are indeed a priestly class, more concerned with administering and gatekeeping knowledge than advancing its frontiers. They are part of a wider culture of ‘experts’ and technocrates who mediate between ordinary people and ‘power’

    3. When you look at his photo, he has kind of a wide-eyed fanatical look about him. This is the kind of man who can never be proved wrong.

  4. Pathetic, pathetic individuals. And Norm Kelly is yet another mangina desperate to appease the tattooed butter golems in his constituency.

  5. I get the strong sense no one in the police or government cares whatsoever about due process.
    Our whole thought process here is ‘capture it on camera they’ll be so screwed by the law!’ but I think the reality is it’s already an Orwellian state who will let them off regardless of what they do.

  6. To the SJW’s and the Left, the ends justify the means…it doesn’t matter if you break the law and waste taxpayer money, all that matters is shouting down and intimidating dissenting voices.

    1. If you can prove malice aforethought, the penalty should probably be capital punishment. After all, you would have essentially ordered a hit on another human being.
      Also, all I see on Google is a bill in California. Has this gone through at a federal level (or at least in the states I spend time in)?

  7. You came out on top in Montreal. Zombies have regrouped. And they are foaming at mouth more than ever.
    Good luck, dude !

  8. Always remember that what we call “SJW” today caused about 150M victims of pure and plain slaughter of politically “undesirables” in the former Soviet Union during the about 80 years of it’s existence, by low estimates, according to historian Juri Lina.
    The empowered existence of SJW and the concomitant PC oppression is nothing less than a return of the SU throughout the Western nations under other names.
    To those who don’t take the SWJ seriously because, after all, they are degenerate freaks on the surface: what we are witnessing regarding Roosh’s tourand pretty much all engagements of the SJW have a firm backing by military trained personnel who will intervene in case of violence against the freaks.
    BTW, here is a quote from one of the pics on facebook of the Duffy freak mentioned in the article: “nono. you just dont want to know what i cut the meth with.. trust me. trust me like you would with your first born.” – looks like a good candidate for an investigation by the police.

    1. lol a joke bebez.. your goina take a fb status pic as somethin real? im glad you whent threww all ym pics though. have fun!

  9. Remember, kids, it’s not domestic terrorism if you’re inciting mob violence and illegal swatting in the name of “social justice”.

    1. Roosh hasn’t broken any laws, nor advocated breaking any laws, and yet the media is after him for questioning feminism. Meanwhile, these folks actually advocate breaking laws and nothing is said about it.

        1. Lmao, your ilk can’t even spell.
          Mainstream Canada and USA consistently poll against SJW/Socialistic beliefs and in favor of freedom of speech.
          You lot are going to go down just like the Symbionese Liberation Army.
          A joke.
          A failed experiment.
          Something to look back in history and chuckle at.

    2. were just under the impression he is a terrosist and should be delt with thats all. no one is illegallly doin anythin,..

      1. Then as with all SJWs, feminists and their white knight supporters, you are under the wrong impression. Roosh is not a terrorist. Roosh does not condone rape or violence against women. Not a single allegation of rape or threat of rape by Roosh has been substantiated with any real evidence. It’s all just heresay and innuendo on the part of mentally unstable feminists and SJWs who can’t wrap their fragile minds around the concept that someone might have a different opinion. And the SATIRICAL article about legalizing rape on private property that your blue haired bosses rant about is not proof of anything beyond the fact that they wouldn’t know satire if it came up and slapped them across the face.
        Has any of you actually read any of the things Roosh as written? Has any of you attended any lecture he’s spoken at? Have any of you bothered to do what you screech and whine and cry that other people don’t do enough of when it comes to the issues you think is important? That is to say, have you ever bothered listening to thoughts and opinions that are different than your own?
        No, you haven’t. You and your fellow SJWs, feminists, and other assorted snowflakes have risen up with hate in your hearts and violence in your thoughts to try and condemn and silence an man who’s only crime is having a belief system that is different than yours. You have used lies, slander, false allegations, threats of violence, and now even sinking as low as suggesting fake calls to SWAT in an ultimately futile effort to censor people of different opinions and revoke their God given rights to free speech, free association, and free expression. That you and your SJW ilk will sink to ever lower levels of reckless hatred, lies, violence, and slander to rob someone else of their rights is the ultimate dishonor of those who fought and died to protect them.
        If you are indeed the Matthew Duffy who suggested Roosh be “swatted”, you should hang your head in shame and humiliation. Your feminist friends and SJWs should do the same for sinking so low as to try and censor someone else with such vile, disgusting actions as you have thus far taken. It is the radicalized feminists and SJWs that attempting to silence Roosh who are the real terrorists here.

        1. He is the real one. He types in the same handicapped way he does on facebook. He even linked, to his fb, a disqus link to this story.

      2. Face it Matthew, your concept of terrorism is a joke, as is your call for violence. Even the other equalists are distancing themselves from your behavior.

        1. So wtf does that mean? Anti-pacifist? So I’m sure you served in the military, right? Given the fact that obviously you’re a natural born warrior.

    3. Not sure if it would be technically illegal to give false information to these people if you know they intended to plan some swatting.
      But in order to safeguard oneself it would seem to me to be a reasonable tactic to make these people think that you were staying at a different address (for example: the hotel room of a public figure).
      The people organizing the swatting would proverbially hang themselves if you provided the rope.

  10. Had Roosh defended himself against his attackers, he would be in jail right now, and the media spin would be “Pro-rape misogyny guru assaults feminist and gay activists.”

    1. If there are two people fighting its easy for media to spin it(how many police videos have been shown where the person is attacking or provoking the officers, and only the second half of the video with the police hitting back is shown?). When the fight is one sided(like having beer dumped on you) its much easier to figure out who the bad guys are.

      1. Yep. That drunk football player who hit his drunk girlfriend in the elevator was hitting her… back, and we all know how that worked out for him. Because hitting a woman is never right, even though men and women are totally equal and should be treated totally equal in all situations… except that one. Although hitting a girl–indeed, beating the living shit out of a girl–is ok if you are a man who identifies as a women and you fight in the UFC. And… when girls opt to wrestle boys in high school, it’s…. ah, never mind.

        1. I liked the quote in the video of a video where a black woman spit in the face of a bus driver just before he uppercutted her “If you’re going to act like a man, I’m going to treat you like a man!” I think that needs to be the rallying cry.

        2. Yeah, I mean, if a female spits in my face, she’s probably gonna get slapped at least. A dude would get punched. I’m sexist.
          But this should be required viewing for any woman who thinks she’s going to hit a man because feminism magically makes her invincible:

    2. Roosh should wear traditional arab (or Persian) headdress. If they physically attack him again, I’d love to see how those images play out around the world. Especially with their fellow SJW’s

      1. Hard to even say. The SJWs are mostly completely off their rockers. I wish I had the link, but there’s a beautiful video out there of some upper-middle-class white college protester chick condescendingly mocking/lecturing this black veteran-cop in his 50’s for his anti-black racist lifestyle.

      2. Good point. He could charge them with a hate crime had he worn anything resembling non western wardrobe. Us their own medicine against them.

  11. When it comes to Men its like we are witnessing the civil rights movement in reverse, with Men having their rights further and further eroded day by day, year by year.
    I hope you all are acutely aware of how similar this is becoming to the black civil rights movement.
    Segregated areas for blacks equals no access to men for female only areas for women
    Double standard laws for blacks and whites equals double standard laws for men and women
    Media blackout on violence against blacks equals media blackout on violence against men (roosh)
    Court cases with bias for whites equals court cases with bias for women
    Sellout blacks who helped “massa” control blacks equals sellout mangina males who help “missa” control males.
    Those are just 5 I can think of…feel free to add more.
    The new civil rights movement is not about homo rights, its about mens rights and us fighting back against the SJ gender racists trying to remove what little rights we have left. Whether you’re a black, white, hispanic russian chinese indian etc male it doesn’t matter…your very gender is having its rights discriminated against by fascists who would love to make you into a slave of the type that blacks were a few hundred years ago.
    Think I’m exaggerating? Look up the history of the civil rights movement as far back as you can and work your way up to today. See how the racists enslaved blacks and fought tooth and nail to maintain their powerbase as it slowly eroded. Now start from today and go as far back as you can with regard to men and how our rights are being stripped away little by little, until we end up full fledged beast of burden slaves by the orwellian government, who takes our place by becoming the figurative husband of females and enslave us outright since out tendency to lead and think independently makes us too dangerous to leave unleashed.
    See the overlap? The similarities?
    This is why Roosh is being attacked so vehemently. He’s become like our own version of MLK and like him he may be destined to become a full martyr for the cause.
    Remember the history being made before you brothers, because those who write history now refuse to write it as its truly happening. Teach your young boys the history of the mens civil rights movement…and how one man is defying the trend on a public scale just as you defy the trend on a personal scale for your son’s benefit.
    Will we submit quietly to the forces of gynocentric fascism and become no more than tools of reproduction and beasts of burden? Or will we fight back against sjc fascism by standing up for principle and against mindless violence?
    Will we go quietly into the night weeping, or will we stand on our feet with a gnashing of teeth?
    Will you let your children be taught that you are the inferior sex? Or that your sex built the very society that now threatens to destroy you?
    I say FUCK THEM and the manginas they sic against us! I say we fight and keep fighting and fight some more until the God of man himself hears our very cries from the floor of heaven itself!
    Truth is your ammunition, information is your gun. Use them both to philosophically decimate them as MLK did just a handful of decades ago. Fight them here, fight them in real life, fight them EVERYWHERE they expose their fascist heads in an attempt to indoctrinate others to their ranks through appeals to ignorance, feelings and militancy.
    Masculinity is our shield…the God of abraham is our strength.
    Never lose hope, never fall prey to doubt or depression…we will win, we will overcome…even if it takes the last of us to see the victory firsthand.
    This odious system can’t last forever. We will outfight it…outlast it, as we have outfought and outlasted every organized fascist movement that threatened us. This is more than about flag nation or ethnicity…this is about masculinity, the masculinity which we all share…the one factor which unites every man regardless of his race creed or color….the banner we live and breath for and we will bleed and die to protect.
    We are the united nations of masculinity…and we will not be silenced, not be intimidated, not be stopped.
    Who is with Roosh? With me? LET ME HEAR YOUR TESTOSTERONE ROAR!

      1. I used the word “sex” when and where necessary.
        Don’t overlook the overall point in favor of euphemistic quibble.

        1. Of course i can always improve, but his remark was not to use the word “gender” and he seemed to ignore where i actually used the word “sex” to make the best point possible.
          I felt it was overlooking a larger point to nitpick on a smaller one.

    1. You have written a beautiful summation of ugly parallels.
      I’ll be stealing “Missa”.

      1. Only number five? And in some third rate city like Montreal? And it’s “underground”…. Oooh soooo edgy I’m soooo impressed. Come prove yourself with the big boys in NYC. Oh wait, you can’t, you know you’d flame out and end up shucking coffee at Starbucks. Loser!

        1. an afterhours? how many poplular sucessful veunes have you run? oh plz tell me fool. and yes ive been to NYC and done fine. like LA like anywhere. alwayz doin well. montreal is baicly the capital of afterhours and veunes after berlin. get it toegther. nyc is sooo dead. i`ve been there preformed there. been to all the major astablishments. meh. lame. hardly hold their own.. and anything illiegal is all mob the hell up lame. also.

        2. dont want to be top. or the cops come crack it down guess what wanta be on the radar not flashiin over. top fool. and theres doesons and dosons. and ran all the major afterparies. for major popshows. haha. you know nothing.

        3. I don’t run nightclubs, Skippy. I leave it to “the help” like you to be my monkey boy and entertain me and my friends. We’re busy running the world. Now make sure the men’s room is clean in your little playhouse so I can piss on the floor.

        4. who said anything anbout a nightclub.. and i assure you people like you would not be welcome, and if you foolish found yourself there youd endup in a sorry state far in the country. it was a parttime, opration. exlusize and not run for proft. dont need money from it. your alittle confused. thats all.

        5. you sound like like a child. how old are you? 21? even? pathetic. sounds like nouveau riche slime, classless tastless. patheic. classupbitch.

  12. The left, there are no SJWs on the right, is an intolerant hate group. I’m glad to see that at least some of them respect the one thing that allowed their horrendous ideas to see the light of day in the first place.

  13. This whole debacle is insane. I live in New York and always viewed it as a feminist breeding ground, yet when Roosh was here I didn’t hear anything about protests. In fact, I doubt anyone outside the manosphere here actually knew who he was. But feminism here is less abrasive, where feminists are afraid to attack you unless there’s a keyboard in front of them. Toronto and Montreal seem to be firmly entrenched in feminism to the point where mobs form if you even question them and Roosh is a public figure.
    My theory is that there’s no need for feminism where there are attractive women, yet one of the hottest girls I know is from Montreal and within the past year has been spouting feminist rhetoric on social media. That’s how deep this shit runs.

    1. I knew a hot girl who had every advantage because of her beauty go feminist. Its a seductive well honed message like socialism. But thats just it, its born from advantage. Tell a poor girl from a poor country she shouldn’t dress up and shouldn’t please men, and she will laugh at you—she KNOWS those things are her ticket to what she desires.

      1. The biggest female anti-feminist I know was born in the Middle East and still has family over there. Having grown up in a traditionally female-unfriendly area she’s not afraid to laugh at Western feminism, because catcalling and manspreading would be the least of her worries in her native country.

        1. Its like every political movement, they request something reasonable in the beginning, then at the end the radicals take over. There is never a line that gets crossed where they close up shop, and turn out the lights because all the goals have been met. Will happen too to the manosphere eventually too.

        1. A guy who calls for the pathetic move of swatting somebody calling others lame, how hilarious.
          Why does Roosh scare you so much that you advocate bullshit like swatting?

        2. He can’t fight physically like a real man or engage in a substantive debate of ideas like an intelligent person. But he can use a phone and lie, so he’s set.

        3. seems morelike you and your band of patheitc boys are the ones that call cops of people, for being so scarry. none of you can fight, cuz your all patheitc and if somone did fight you yuod run to the piggyz. patheiticccccc

    1. hahahahahah. not so sure, how you decided my sexual orintation. and i could not care less what you think it is.. i assure you, #slutterrvereee bebez. and, such. you do know i ran the 5th most popular undgergound veune in montreallll.yourrr all patheitcz hahaha.

      1. Well the bowl cut and the limp wrist is a pretty dead giveaway and i know you couldn’t care less, which is why you’re on here getting uppity about it lol

        1. naw im just trollin. to be fair my gf is not always a fan of my exessive ploys in some of my more exessive outfits. but whaverrr. im lazzy, anddd fasion is difffrent in diffrent placess. ocvlzy boyzz took the photo that would accent whaver they want. the key is to be able to play anyrolll anytime. (re you should note the photo is proprty of a proffesional photorhpaher for some event, somewhere, i cant keep track i was just playin along. cuz itz fun. and i’m used to having my photo taken alotttt. soo miz wellll go with it bebez.

      2. and is running around here telling everyone you “ran” the “5th most popular underground venue in montreallll” supposed to mean anything?? Thats a lot like saying your the worlds tallest midget.
        Holy shit dude the 5th?!? No way!?! Who was the fruit who beat you out for number 4?

        1. what? you do undersand montreal is like the capital of that shit. thers dozons and doznonz. and being to popular is a good way to get busted. nothing like being th emost popular afterhours and the cops come by and crack ya up. lol fool niceee and easy in the middle.

  14. Man these SJW’s are insane encouraging people to break the law to try to block views they disagree with. Meanwhile if they left it alone Roosh V would have entered and exited Canada for his tour without much fanfare. It is funny that with all these tactics they are giving him the publicity we otherwise would have never received. (BTW I support what he is doing).

    1. i belive “block” is far to mellow. eradicate. preffrable by state sponcered means, like camps, and forced labour. and the likes.

  15. I notice he doesn’t quietly SWAT Roosh himself. He pleads for someone else to do it. Is this the SJW mindset?

    1. why break the law, then the mob will do it for you? im just educating people, on means they coulld take if they soooo wishhh tooo. is that not the line rooshy boy uses?

      1. Wrong. In all my readings of his blogs, Roosh has never encouraged anyone to break the law. He encourages people to act within the law.

    2. That’s exactly what a woman does. Get someone else (men) to do the dirty work. Then they are not directly guilty of the act.

    3. That is what all totalitarians do, the employ someone else to do their dirty work. Stalin had his secret police, so did Hitler, so did Mao. This is why engaging and defeating the SJW “clique” now is better than waiting until they get access to the real levers of power that is the power of Government, because then they can sick the armed police after you. Like the IRS was sicced after the Tea Party in the United States.
      Mr Duffy, troll or not, your actions are the tell tale sign of a sick and twisted individual, and you deserve whatever fate befalls you. A pox upon you, and all who think like you do.

      1. Wait a minute there buddy, which planet are you from? People have power to control levers of powers like the government? Where I’m from its opposite. Men are women, freedom is slavery and prostitutes have the biggest hearts of all women!

    4. People who believe in social equality are rarely capable of doing things themselves, that’s why they advocate equality in the first place.

  16. If Roosh just being in an area and talking to people is enough to get these people to lose their minds to these types of degrees, then we should be doing a lot more to set these people off and drive them to the point where they have no energy left to throw temper tantrums.
    I would suggest something along the lines of Roosh putting out plans to speak at various different ultra liberal campuses to drive these people into a frenzy, but never actually plan on going. Maximum jimmies rustled with almost no energy needed to be put in.

    1. These people seriously live above the law.They feel they are justified to commit any crime on the books as long as it’s in the name of stopping someone. It’s damn scary.

        1. The heretic is always worse than the heathen, because where the heathen is ignorant and might be open to conversion, the heretic (who understands the situation but doesn’t quite agree) threatens to undermine or subvert ‘the truth’.

      1. They have the same mindset as religious zealots. They believe that they are on a holy mission to create paradise on this earth for everyone. They believe that there is such a thing as objective social progress, and that this can be achieved using political means.
        So if, in public debate, someone speaks out against them, then that person is not just a dissident to them, but an objective obstacle to progress. That’s where the violence and intimidation keep coming from: they don’t just think we’re wrong, they think we’re a menace to society, a barrier that needs to be torn down by any means necessary.

  17. The amount of false rape crap in the western world is beyond measure. Is there any sex a feminist actually wanted any longer?

  18. By now, we are all familiar with Sara Parker Toulson. Regardless of where you sit regarding the protests in Montreal, at the very least, you could rationalize giving her the benefit of the doubt insofar as being peaceful and lawful in her protestations. Yes, she is a feminist activist and, yes, many of us thought that Mrs. Toulson engaged in peaceful activism. It’s one thing to hold a civil and lawful disagreement but engaging in the destruction of property is unacceptable. This is precisely what she did when she doxxed Roosh’s address. I expressed my disappointment over her brand of activism which, apparently, is nothing but thuggery.
    A newspaper titled “Coast Reporter” reported on Sara Parker Toulson’s “activism” and it is clear to me that they were completely unaware of Mrs. Toulson’s behaviour. The article on her depicts her in a positive light. Whomever wrote this article did not have all the facts and this is not their fault. This kind of thing can happen to anyone. I made my indignation known by offering examples of Mrs. Toulson’s malfeasance. I was measured in my commentary and remained civil. Even though I was appalled by her behaviour, I offered a comment that was restrained. If you would like to join me in positing restrained commentary regarding Mrs. Toulson’s conduct, I will post the link to the article I referenced.
    We need to change hearts and minds so be disciplined in expressing your disappointment in Mrs. Toulson’s behaviour.

    1. The article draws a comparison between that user’s mentality and several other people’s mentalities.
      The article could be considered superfluous, but it is still interesting and of good quality.

      1. Even the SJW’s on the facebook event page are saying no, this is a BAD idea.
        This guy has the IQ of a door knob, this article is just a waste of everyone’s time.

        1. Some are, some aren’t. However, the similarity between this one person and other SJWs, who are more “influential”, is still necessary to point out.
          This is how an information war is won.

  19. This is my first comment at ROK, though I have been reading it regularly for about three years now. In that time I have watched Roosh V mature, from a student/teacher of game, to a natural leader of men. I am particularly impressed with the calm and enduring strength of his leadership. I am over thirty years his senior, and I know this may sound corny, but if he was a son of mine, I would be immensely proud.

    1. I am only over twenty years his senior, and it is the same for me. I really enjoyed the last 2 weeks, how he and his friends have deal with the situation. Nice job young men!

  20. I like this site (sometimes), but I don’t think David Garrett is even qualified to write articles for Buzzfeed.

  21. This event has made Roosh into a celebrity. He will become like Hugh Heffner and Jimmy Swaggart combined into one person. AND with a smattering of Ghandi, Rommel and Pythagoras.

  22. They’re fighting us. They’re censoring us (or trying to). They’re failing. Miserably.
    These SJWs, white knights, and feminists are no better than oppressive governments determined to limit rights GIVEN. Their censorship of the obvious right to freedom of speech falls nothing short of Communism, very popular for its censorship back in the USSR, and governments similar to it. (If you disagree, feel free to do so.)
    The fact that miscreants (as quoted from the article) like Duffy are willing to BEND the words of Roosh and take the law into their own hands makes them no more than hypocrites. They’re too blind to see, or (more likely) just don’t give a flying fuck.
    Gentlemen, prepare for the further descent into an Orwellian dystopia.
    Now, allow me to analyze the laws broken by both sides in a brief summary. Feel free to share it everywhere, so that the truth goes out.
    Our side (Roosh V, Return of Kings, the manosphere as a whole):
    -Expressed proper usage of right to freedom of speech.
    -Uses satire, the most effective form of irony, to present clear and concise arguments. (Refer to Roosh’s rape article.)
    -Does NOT advocate rape whatsoever.
    -Advocates being able to TALK TO GIRLS WITHOUT FUCKING UP. Teaches how to grow a pair and talk to girls without passing out. High school betas attempt to coach their buddies in this almost every day, and nobody punishes them.
    -Does NOT rape at all. Rather, speaks out AGAINST it (unless it’s a false rape accusation, because there’s no rape to speak out against.)
    Law broken: Zero
    Fucks given: Negative, we’re men. We don’t give a fuck.
    Their side (feminists, SJWs, white knights):
    -Devour copious amounts of junk food and then encourage obesity in models.
    -Build false rape accusations surrounding NO evidence.
    -Death threats, hoped for rape of Roosh’s future daughter.
    -Invasion of privacy.
    -Willing to create false emergencies while risking REAL emergencies that lead to injury and even death.
    -Force the media to become biased.
    -Restrict the right to freedom of speech.
    Laws broken: A shit ton.
    Fucks given: Zero in terms of laws, zero in terms of relationships they’ll have.
    Anything else I’m forgetting?

    1. well i am a self proclamed statist. anddd supporter of Quebékastan corpate-socaliste para-state.. whos ideolgy is corruption… .

        1. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. i know eh. im almost bord too imean i did ahve alot oelse to do today. most pr stuffz soo was near the and holdayin in the country away from all the partyz and such. nice crikketz and intenret. for this weekend. wolmz, . sometiems iz nice totake abreak and troll.

        2. He read weirdo poetry and sounded like he is mentally ill. Ño doubt getting plenty of attention. Really, look him up on Youtube.

    2. You forgot that the white knights and manginas back stabs the fellow man ONLY to seek female approval and validation.

      1. or cuz iz fun and easy. and good way to wipe you out!
        and ocvlzy cuz your all sick little shits and the world be better place. “fellow man” bah. i have lots of cool male freinds. i don’t bother to rate people 1st as “closer to me” cuz were the same sex. thats foolish. people are people and a lot of you people suck. i have nothing to fear from the pasvisait feminsit left. their alittle to passiviest for mylikely. buttt. still better then you creeps. all creepin and ugly as sin. i mean the world would look better if you where gone right?

  23. On the positive side, we’re now in the “Second Stage” of Truth w/r/t Neo-Masculinity/Red Pill Truth:
    Stage 1: Ridicule. We’re all a bunch of loser neckbeards.
    Stage 2: Violent opposition. Calls for censorship, violence, etc.
    Stage 3: Acceptance as fact.
    Rejoice, my brothers! We are one step closer to victory!

  24. Tonight is the night, and I’m betting there will be no battle. Why? Because tonight there will likely be a Muslim presence which there wasn’t in Montreal. Sissy-fag SJW’s have a morbid fear of Muslims. They are cowards, and will not attack.

  25. The mere fact that you acknowledge that people can rightfully disagree with you is eloquent. That is what separates “us” from “them”. Great read. This is what fair and balanced looks like.

  26. just to be clear. i said the guy was a terroist. and that, as such, sould be delt like as one.
    also, to be clear, nothing about terrisme i say has anything to do with ¨islam¨… i have lots of muslum freinds, includin peepz fightin the good fight, in lebanozn.
    anywhoz. have fun.

    1. Excuse me, Mr. Duffy, but you are the one practicing terrorism here, not Roosh. You are morally ill, and your English skills are pathetic. Toodles.

      1. no iève doneee nothijhzz. wroungzz. and,. myenglish conceptualiz. are farr superiorr to yourz. currntly takin a break from, m.m. bakhtin. you should devloipe some serpurrlorrrrr hetroglossia. jeezy. and i wont disagrere with my diffrence of moralz. or what have you. iève alreayd arguged, that most men such as that should be sent off to the dimond mines for forcedlabour reducation and , to mine us dimonds!

    2. Just to be clear, your opinion on who is a terrorist has no legal significance. Swatting is a crime, publicly encouraging others to commit a crime is a crime.
      I don’t know about Canada, but in the US at least, committing a crime with the intention to prevent exercise of constitutional rights is called Conspiracy Against Rights, and aggravates the crime committed.

      1. good, cuz in canada. who knows what the laws are. i know theres no stand your ground laws. sadly. bet alot more boyz be dead up here lol.

  27. mostly i think they should be all rounded up and sent off to the dimondmines in the frozen north for “reeducation” and to send us dimonds!

  28. As a feminist, a feminist and a feminist, I protest this MRA Azeri, rape-culture-promoting PUA anti-LGBTQIAK activist soiling Canadian soil. SOILING!

      1. With hippie dippy chicks diggin ur muzic and poetry.
        My name iz duffy
        Me not too tuffy
        I sayz i hate rape culture
        but me really a vulture
        Chekin out chicks
        Show them dick
        Beech praise my magic stick
        i weelly hate roosh coz he get more cooch.

        1. says all the winny bebez that run to squeel at the piggly willgyz. lol not sure whats more beta thennn runin to the copz for these bebez boyz

        2. whos wasting ems time? im wasting your time. and i dont want to impress anyone. i dont need to impress peple with calling out shitz and patheic people like yourselfs and your crew of boyz you deffending. i shoulda used one of my other fb pages that would not even let me, be seen. cuz then id be impressing noone. whocares i did this, cuz i think ya;ll are fiulthy worthless garbage that should be put away. not to impress anyone. i have enough to get whaver i want. from my other stuff. thx sooo much. lol. your a noooone. and all these fools are patheitc…

  29. Roosh unfortunately gave these psychopaths ammunition with his “make rape legal on private property” article. I know the article was not literal; it was reductio ad absurdum, and explicitly aimed toward the end of reducing rape, not increasing it. The problem is, it’s too quotable. It makes a convincing argument that he’s a bad guy to those who are easily swayed by bumper-sticker-logic, which is most people.
    Yes, it assumes that legality is the end-all-be-all, and it assumes that if one is ‘against a law against something’ that one is therefore ‘for’ that thing — which is logically invalid. But these are Leftists we’re talking about. It’s the average Westerner we’re talking about. This is Canadians we’re talking about. Laws and the state are their psychosexual “Father-Fixation,” and they will assume that anyone who doesn’t kneel in front of Daddy with their mouths open wide must be a bad, bad man indeed.

  30. Roosh unfortunately gave these psychopaths ammunition with his “make rape legal on private property” article. I know the article was not literal; it was reductio ad absurdum, and explicitly aimed toward the end of reducing rape, not increasing it. The problem is, it’s too quotable. It makes a convincing argument that he’s a bad guy to those who are easily swayed by bumper-sticker-logic, which is most people.
    Yes, I know they are assuming that legality is the end-all-be-all, and they assume that if one is ‘against a law against something’ that one is therefore ‘for’ that thing — which is logically invalid. But it’s Leftists we’re talking about. It’s the average Westerner we’re talking about. It’s Canadians we’re talking about. Laws and the state are their psychosexual “Father-Fixation,” and they will assume that anyone who doesn’t kneel in front of Daddy with mouth wide open must be a bad, bad man indeed.

  31. It is typical of r-strategists to sic K-selected groups against each other or against their enemies. While they hide until the carnage ceases and they reemerge.

  32. Can someone tell me what a Matthew E. Duffy is and why he actually should matter? besides he and Roosh are like children in a sandbox and Matthew ‘swatted’ his sandcastle.
    Edit: before you grab your anti troll pitchforks, I’m not looking to start anything. But if Roosh would be smart he should have his associates not post anything about it. Just have them collect any and all material that incites violence towards him and hand a copy of it over to the local authorities. Now this all seems to be a playground fight and detracts from the problem that he was being threatened etc.

    1. Actually, I think the exact opposite. Duffy has committed a criminal offense in Canada. Section 22 of the Criminal Code of Canada makes it an offense to counsel anybody to commit a criminal offense. Suggesting that somebody send the SWAT team over to Roosh is very definitely a crime. It’s not something you should ignore. It’s something you should report to the Police. The more people who know about it the more people will report it. That should get the attention of the authorities pretty quick. That’s the power of social media.

      1. iz not a crime to say soemoen should do somehting. the law only counts if i go to ONE persona nd say you should do this. i posted a wiki link,. dude. and was trollin the passiviesits. lol

    2. I totally agree with you. This article should be renamed “Blogger tries to cause mass hysteria by calling out someone for attempting to cause mass hysteria.”

    3. i agree! i have no idea. why they botherd. i was kinda suprised and flatterd. i got sooo much social media likes for it too haha. though to be fair i wish i had used one of my fb pages. that hides my real fb page. soo cuz there all funny soundsing names.
      but i guess thye did track down some professioanlly taken photos of me. which is kinda cool. but i mean, bloger flame wars are a thing. this “artical” is just by them.. not the real meida. soooo i mean join the fun!
      like the
      Secrétariat of Administrative Public Information et de la Préservation

      1. Yeah right. Those mystic chicks made you some organic tofu. You got lots of chick action Mr. Sensitivity.
        Jamahiriya? Is that from Ghadafy”s little green book of leadershit skills?

        1. no i mean meat. as in the food. cuz itz tastyzyzyz. i don`t need more . im going to go hid in rual qc to avoid all the attetion i get alll the blooody time. omg.

        2. “avid all the attention”. Everything you do is a desperate attempt to obtain attention. If it wasn’t for every trend of the week thing that you did you would not know any women. Cant say it’s bad, we all got our “in” so to speak, but this all comes down to ass. This is what it truly is for you.

        3. whavcerr. yayayaya i posted something well bord on the protest group calling for them to be more active and not just lazzy protesters. and this is what happend. i had no intetion of getting any attention. hwoever. i’ll take it when it coems. why not. im off for the weeknd lazzin about till i move. and return to montreal on wensday.. easleyst way tooo stay sober and nto wast moenyzzzzz. isssss plopz about on the iwnterbw. and read books.. soosososo. i don’t know what it hass to do with sex or what not. all ya;ll see to think about is how much more your ggetting how eveythign i do mus tbe about it. cuz seemly you think of neothin else? how comeplx is your ablity to reson? are you such a radical evllutionary reductionist? sounds more like a relguz zelot then a thoughtful being. or rencable person. omg. simplicaiton on compleixioties. foolishness

        4. as for avoid. i did not mean nor do i mean this stupid artical lol i mean my irl. attetion. for my like reallife. yolu know. what i do when not on vacation.

        5. Oh yes, the trite leftist, you are a religious nut job if you don’t believe in everything we do nonsense. Sigh, religion hasn’t even been mentioned. Stop being afraid of God. And stop worshipping the state.

      2. Poor you, must be such a burden dealing with all this. YAWWWNNNN. Come on, this is clearly the work of someone with not a lot going on. I mean trying to rally the chunky, dyed-hair, lets see if I can grow a beard crowd to call in fake bomb threats. This is not the work of someone with too much to do. My take is you are the guy who shows up at everything and has imagined you are very in demand…..much like manginas at feminist rallies.

    4. But these people are the darlings of the elite. That is why they are always protected. They then turn around and actually believe they are this underdog, fighting oppression and an unjust system. They ARE the system. Complete, crafted, nails into skin useful idiots who are the mouthpiece of a hierarchy that they will never be part of.

  33. Nancy, I am going to fill you up with something, honey. If only you actually looked like the profile pic, and weren’t in reality some ugly, black knuckle dragging male from Nigeria, Ghana, or whatever.

  34. I just sent Matthew E. Duffy’s facebook page over the the Montreal Police. Apparently, Duffy is from Montreal.

    1. what the police goina do there. umm sir. we ssee you posted. a wiki link on some thing. somewhere. and we cant really read yor writein. but you said peopleshould do soemthig. LOL> dude. people say alot worse all the time. alover. there nothing illeigal been done. i checked with a lawyer already. just to be safe he laughed.

  35. Roosh I saw a short news story by CTV on the 24-hour news channel about you, and I could hardly believe my eyes. They presented you as, basically, an intellectual who was pushing for the legalization of rape on private property, selectively quoting your tongue-in-cheek essay to that effect. We’re living in fucking bizarro world.

  36. Dear Mr. Duffy:
    I took the time to look you up on Youtube. I bet you get plenty of hippie dippy indie cosmic chicks really digging that hideous noise you make. Yeah, the pussy and magic green tea flows along with your shakhrah shaman disguise back at your spartan digs. You are running game the same as Roosh does, but Rossh is honest about it. Your game consists of fooling women with your beta sensitive BS and “I respect you so much” hero nonsense.
    You oughta swat yourself up the side of the head. I will be filing a police report for the assault on my ears. Don’t give up your day job – if you have one.

    1. i hate hippies more then you people dont worry. god i hate hippies. i also preform for famuz pop artists see me on the bell center stage? lol. andd have an ocreistra i cordnate and theatrical plays, andd and etc. anywhoz. ya yah. i have a sideproject noise band. that’s alot of fun. big deal. one of many things. i get paid to dance, to host partyies. run afterhours veunes. basicly a soiclaite. soooo my day job is as you say lots of social media. the robe is a jewish prayer blanket btw(im not jewish fyi). soo no shakerhamz. or whaver bs. i hate buddists too. whos sestive? im know for cuazi truble insigiting violence. getitn itno fights. cominting crimes. lol. and i respect as people. and no more. or less then anyother good person. i just dont like men like yourself and these crewww thatz all.
      i very much undersand your silly game thoerys. and such, i just find its so pedestrian, and totalizingly ideolgogical.. further how it rates and orginzes people under its systme is weak, and pathetic. the only |betaz i see are all the patheitc followers of this roosh boy.and the problem with these people is there sooo desprate they hurrase people and comit crimes. or just annyingness on the world creepy annoying dushbageryz.

      1. I’m a woman you fucktard retard. Might I suggest you find the spell and grammar check button.
        You hate hippies? Why do you dress up in your little grunge indie hippie outfit? I bet you never turn down some young hippie chick poontang. You’re known for causing trouble, committing crimes and getting into fights? I rest my case, I used my smell check button and you didn’t pass the test.

        1. see the photo on the top of the disqus. im in a blazzer. whichis most of the time. blazzers are not hippe. or grunde. omg.

        2. most of my cloths is worth alooooot more then probly most of the people whole wardrobs. and i have a massive collection of peices.

        3. most of my freinds are in the montreal fasion and pop music indusrty. you know the bigest in canada. and montreal is one of the major citeis in the scene of the world. ha. my fbcover photo is me napping. on the greenroomfloor of th eBELL CENETER. before being apart of a team backing a show, and there due to my danceandstyle and frenchsio; but. ya 30,000people. lol good for you. plz tell me you know somehting about clothing? or styleising.. or styleist? cuzzz. i got nye and montreal and LA behind me.

        4. So what’s with the retard typing? You seem to be able to read just fine although you sounded like an over dramatized mental case. Oh yes, you’re an artiste and I’m a supermodel.

        5. Seriously…..I know it’s passé to poke out grammar errors in a debate to appear more intelligent and have more correct viewpoints but are you functionally illiterate?

        6. I didn’t realize we needed to be hairstylists to be really down and all knowing. It is of no interests to me to play with peoples heads all day making small talk about their sex lives. I’m more of a person who you know…..actually accomplishes something.

        7. You looked like a guy who rode the trains in the 50s in those photos. If thats high fashion, count me out.

        8. You are clearly proving what Roosh and so many others on here have said about your kind simply being hyper narcissistic and having a deep self identity crisis. Throw in a false sense of self importance and boom……another Left Wing SJW is born. I’m sure you got some super cool tattoos (that 40 million other people have) to show us though right?

        9. Only guys with low self-esteem and low confidence are concerned with how much their clothes cost. If you feel you’re better than someone else simply for paying more for some clothes,then you lost at life.

        10. I didn’t mean i doubt it, foo’.
          It’s simply means i don’t give a flying fuck and no one here does see your “accomplishments” as noteworthy or impressing.
          Damn aren’t you one of the most insipid, vacuous human being i ever met…
          And i’ve lived on the Plateau for a decade, thats pretty telling…

    2. i very much undersand your silly game thoerys. and such, i just find its so pedestrian, and totalizingly ideolgogical.. further how it rates and orginzes people under its systme is weak, and pathetic. the only |betaz i see are all the patheitc followers of this roosh boy.and the problem with these people is there sooo desprate they hurrase people and comit crimes. or just annyingness on the world creepy annoying dushbageryz.

  37. “because within every woman on this planet, regardless of her education or background, is a bitch, a cunt, a slut, a golddigger, a flake, a cheater, a backstabber, a narcissist, and an attention whore that is dying to get out and that, if certain conditions arise and she is placed in a certain container at a certain temperature, will thrust her worst upon you, and this, I’m afraid, is the true nature of women.”
    -Roosh V.
    I’m looking for a good laugh today guys so anyone want to defend this bullshit? <3

  38. omg look at that Duffy reading poetry wearing the Afhgan pashtun headwear. What a tool What an affectation.
    All these types look the same

  39. Duffy is a lefty punk who, even though in his 40’s, is in a state of arrested adolescence… bragging about his Facebook page “likes” and such. And if this guy isn’t gay, he missed a really good chance.

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