6 Benefits Of Hitting The Gym That May Surprise You

We all know that going to the gym all the time will cause you to get in better shape, that is of course if you’re actually putting in work while you’re there.

That’s pretty much the only benefit, right? Because what else could being at the gym actually offer you? Well it’s more than you might think and I’ll be breaking down each one in this article for you.

1. You Could Be Making Job Connections Without Knowing It

A buddy and I always would hit the gym together around the same time and would see the same people in there. That same buddy was also running into an employment issue after recently being laid off.

Hearing us talk about it, one of the other members in the gym, who’d we had seen pretty much every day had offered him a job in a semi-similar field that he was just laid off from.

One of the main reasons he said offered him the job was, “I see you show up here every day at the same time and put in a solid workout each day. This shows to me that you at least are consistent on sticking to something which is where I’m having some issues with on some current employees”. So you may be interviewing for a job every day without even knowing it.

2. More Opportunities To Get Laid With Better Looking Women

The gym can be a great place to pull some great looking women. I’ve spoken with quite a few girls that say they have friends that actually go to the gym so “to try an hook up with hot guys.”

This isn’t to say you should try to hit on every girl you see at the gym, but if a good looking girl is throwing you some signals then more power to you!

3. Changes The Way Women Look At You

Obviously when you start lifting weights and packing on some muscle, the ladies are going to start looking at you in a better way.

This doesn’t do much though if you don’t know how to talk to women, or does it? Here’s a scenario for you: You have a guy who is very shy and is also on the average to smaller range in terms of his body build.

Most women would look at him as awkward. Take that same guy and throw some muscle on him, that awkward guy now becomes “mysterious” rather than shy and awkward. Don’t underestimate how much power having some muscle actually has on the female mind.

4. Spend Less Time Being Sick

Of course working out helps you stay in better overall shape but there are also studies showing how it can assist in your overall immune system.

That means less time with a crappy throat, and less money being spent on meds and doctor visits. Use those sick days ‘cough’ for doing better things than having to recover.

5. Get More Work Done Outside Of The Gym

Most people think if they skip the gym that they’ll have more time to get others tasks done which is understandable. Newtons first law of motion fits perfectly here, which states that a body in motion stays in motion.

I notice if I ever take some time off from the gym and go straight home after work then all I want to do is just lay around and watch TV, or heck even take a nap.

However, when I hit the gym after work, I find myself coming home and starting to work my website or playing with my dog. Give it a shot for at least a week and let your body adjust, don’t go one day and expect to have some superhuman energy after, be realistic here.

6. Meeting Some Pretty Cool People

Making friends can be somewhat difficult once you get out of school, this is more so for guys than girls from what I’ve gathered. If you do find someone who seems pretty cool, then they may not be into the same type of hobbies that you are.

Well when you meet someone at the gym, then you at least have a general idea that the two of you have something in common. The gym is the one of the ultimate bro hangouts, very much so how barbershops use to be for guys. Of course you’re actually getting a workout in but in-between sets but you can still shoot the shit with other gym goers, which has led me to meeting some really cool people who have turned into strong friendships.

So don’t be too focused on your workout to take your music out of your ears every once in a while to chat with other people in the gym.


Being in better shape and better overall health is enough of a benefit to get to the gym anyways, but there are also some bonuses that you never expect like the ones I’ve listed in this article.

Someone of these you may have already noticed but really didn’t think much of it until after reading this.

Overall, though, I would say don’t try to force any of these to happen—just hit the gym, do your workout, and a lot of this stuff will just happen naturally over time.

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191 thoughts on “6 Benefits Of Hitting The Gym That May Surprise You”

  1. Can confirm point #4. I have a an acquaintance who is extremely introverted, has a stutter, etc.
    HOWEVER he also just so happens to be an amateur bodybuilder. As a result he had a lot of the women in our class hot and bothered over him.
    This author speaks truth.

      1. And worse case if it doesn’t work out with women, you can always be a sissy for black cocks.

    1. I run HIT, but not HIIT. I cut out the extra time spent resting and repeating exercises and just lift until I fall down.
      Not only does it work, but I get to piss gym rats off by saying I got my gains in an hour a week.

      1. HIT really does work. I see the guys running around the gym like lunatics performing HIIT, I just dont get it. I have no doubt they have better stamina than me, but at some point they are just gonna break down completely

  2. Gyms need to be more forward thinking.
    Video games combined with virtual reality motion controllers, attached to weights are the future of gyms.
    Motion controllers will allow gyms to compete with arcades & video games. With the added bonus of a great workout.
    Imagine taking your entire family to a gym, & playing party games on a giant screen with motion controllers attached to light weights.
    You can also easily create Virtual reality gyms in your living room, grab a ps3 or wii u for dirt cheap £50 & get an amazing easy to play workout
    Which is how i workout … Virtual boxing at 5am on the ps3 followed by some virtual tennis & some archery, soaked in sweat … repeat for lunch & evening

    1. This sounds batshit crazy, which means of course it will take off quickly

      1. Instead of hitting a pub or a bar, invite your friends for a four player virtual tennis, or virtual boxing
        Virtual reality party’s will make pretty much cure the obesity epidemic, & give nerds an opportunity to socialise, it will be epic

        1. Instead of playing virtual games, play virtual virtual games. Without ever leaving the womb

        2. “I broke my wrist playing tennis. I ran into my refrigerator.”

        3. Nope.
          When vr gets that real, all those fat nerds will be addicted to vrporn

        4. I don’t know about that. I remember when motion controls were supposed to do that (namely the Nintendo Wii), but all that happened was gamers figured out how to trick the system so they could sit on the couch (and if they couldn’t trick it, they just skipped the game).
          People disinclined to exercise aren’t likely to exercise for any reason.

        5. lol, We already have vrporn
          The only reason we have fat nerds, because of years of having no alternative to sitting on your fat ass in front of a monitor
          Motion controllers will change nerds into the fit high t, high i.q guys they always shouldve been

        6. This is one of the problems with commenting on a game blog …
          Filled with amoging idiots, when they cant handle a comment which goes against the grain
          Cant you guys think past your white picket fences & tv remotes? For fucks sake …

        7. You dont need a virtual reality headset, just buy a ps3 with a couple of motion controllers for £50, you cant help but see how awesome it is.
          Once you’ve tried boxing or played tennis using motion controllers on a ps3, you cant help but fall in love with the tech, its definitely one of those things you have to try
          Boxing using motion controllers is amazing, it’s the convenience of waking up at 5am & getting good sparring practise, its invaluable if you cant stand lifting weights …

        8. Sitting on the couch using a motion controller will still make them break out in a sweat
          Its a million times more active then pressing the same button for hours on end on a gamepad …

        9. It took us three minutes to discover that Wii Sports Baseball would let you whip a 100 mph fastball if you flicked your wrist. We exerted more energy cursing at each other over a game of DnD.
          Just saying, if it actually took physical exertion we would have stuck to Halo.

        10. lol so what, if youre that determined to stay unfit you might as well fap off to porn all day
          Motion controllers are designed to simulate real life activity, not force ppl to exercise, resorting to wrist flicking instead of playing the game properly is pretty retarded …

        11. Im sure some would use it, especially those who have friends spread across the country. Woody Allen came up with an idea similar to yours over 40 yrs ago

        12. I will note that, at the time, I was hanging out with my fellow linemen and linebacks. Very nerdy guys, but very fit (our offensive backfield sucked ass, which meant a lot of sprints for everyone). I had the slowest pitch (by about 1mph, but it counts, damnit!), and I sort of gave up with this one batter and just flicked my wrist. Whoosh past the plate, and nobody mimed the throwing motion ever again.
          Vidya is vidya. If you are determined to play physically intensive games the way they’re supposed to be played, then all power to you. But those of us who play games to relax don’t usually want that, and no power on this earth will make us do it.
          (The best game for all that, in my opinion, was Dance Dance Revolution. It had enough competitive appeal and bright lights to distract us from the fact that we were working up increasingly intense sweats as we upped the challenge levels. I think it worked because it wasn’t simulating a different activity like tennis or boxing – it really is essentially dancing.)

        13. Last week I’d never even heard of the film. Now it seems like everyone’s talking about it.
          But no, I rarely got past medium mode on most songs. That shit gets intense.

        14. Face facts, pushing buttons on a pad, like a pavlovian rat, is out of date & unproductive, even for relaxing, you’re much better off playing the guitar or reading a book
          Light guns & active motion controllers are the future, & hundreds of times more enjoyable then a keyboard & mouse, plus being able to aim with a real life gun is alot more useful then aiming with a mouse or joystick
          My whole point is its alot easier to get fit with a ps3 & wii u, especially at 5am & you just need a good workout to keep your immune system in good shape
          For alot of people gyms & weights are overkill, not to mention tedious
          Plus if your playing virtual boxing or table tennis, you’re practising a real skill instead of pushing buttons
          Video games are dead, interactive environments which give you real skills, are the future

        15. Sales figures, sadly, disagree. While it is generally unproductive, as you say, people just look more inclined to spend their money on games that take no physical exertion than those that do.
          In a way, though, there are merits to video games in general. Games with complex 2- or 3-d puzzles are great for training spatial reasoning, and games that are relentlessly challenging teach you how to overcome the despair of failure and transform it into the joy of victory through persistence.
          Now, given the chance, I’d much rather play tactical paintball than this year’s online shooter title. It’s viscerally more enjoyable, it teaches some real-world skills, and when you get shot you know it. If someone invented a more holodeck-like system that can more accurately simulate real-world conditions than an electronic dildo on a strap, I’d line up for that.
          But I played tennis, and I played virtual tennis on both PS3 and Wii. Not only was the virtual game physically less intense and simpler than the real game, it had absolutely zero impact. When you hit the tennis ball, it should send a shock up your arm, and when it’s flying across the other side of the court you should be sprinting. None of that can happen with the modern equipment, and so it just won’t ever hold the same kind of appeal.

        16. Sales are more dependant on critical mass & convenience, motion controllers havent really been designed correctly in mass numbers or cheaply
          My point is you can get an affordable benefits of a holodeck with a ps3 or wii u, if you overlook its shortcomings which are quite easy to do, as they work surprisingly well
          Room placement as with the htc vive is the holodeck experience, it isnt about looking realistic, its about syncing up your motions to the real world
          Go demo a htc vive, the room placement sensors are stunning
          I play virtual boxing using a ps3 on a daily basis, & a 45 minute game will get you sweating buckets
          Tennis, just like virtual tennis are great for warming up, theyre not really strenous sports, as theyre more aerobics with a bat …
          If you want a good workout with a ps3 or wii, try virtual boxing on a ps3 3x a day, guaranteed you will loose huge amounts of weight & sweat buckets
          Plus light guns are thousands of times more convenient than paintball in real life
          It all comes down to bang for your buck & time & convenience, whip out a ps3 for a quick work out, or waste hours driving down to a tennis court … the choice is obvious

      1. I bought a heavy bag, some gloves, and a bit of floor padding. The hardest part of my fighting exercises (which I find more enjoyable than lifting, but the two have their places) was finding a sparring buddy who’s serious about it.
        No television necessary or allowed, except when researching new techniques to work (and that happens before a workout, not during).

    1. Good one!
      But it does raise a serious question.
      For the life of me, I cannot figure out these teachers in their 20s banging teenage boys. I suppose it is some type of mentally deranged power trip. They can “control a male” or something like that. At least LE is starting to jail them. I consider this worse than male teachers who bang the girls (which is not good either). But at least that follows the natural order where the male is in charge.

      1. I had a friends-with-benefits arrangement with an older woman when I was 17-19 years old. She was 22 years old when I met her. She was getting her Master’s in Education for the sole purpose of becoming a gym teacher for middle school boys.
        This woman was an admitted nymphomaniac, and her goal in life was to fuck as many middle school boys as she could, because, according to her in-depth research, they had the highest sex drive and the most stamina.
        I also had a live-in girlfriend who, prior to us living together, used to pick up young surfer boys at the beach (age 13-15, was her preferred target range), take them home, and train them sexually. She had a group of girlfriends who did the same thing. To her this was no big deal, and her group of friends felt the same way.
        Based on those experiences, and the in-depth research I’ve done on women who have sex with their underage students, I believe that some woman become teachers solely to get access to extremely horny males. I’m not so sure it’s solely about power; I think it’s more about lust and having no boundaries and having no self-control. Probably a blend of all of those things, but I’m convinced that a high percentage of women get jobs as middle school and high school (and grade school) teachers, because they want access to males with the highest sexual energy possible. (Just like most women who own dogs, own male dogs; and large male dogs, at that…yeah, women are twisted as fuck.)

        1. Power, as you say.
          Knowing 200 horny boys want to fuck them.
          They must feel like a female Mick Jagger circa 1968

        2. Interesting.
          I suppose the “training” could be beneficial, as long as she is still in her 20s.
          But “stamina”…I don’t think so.
          Frequency yes, but not stamina — unless the training is there as well.

        3. I think by “stamina”, she meant they can go again and again and again…women scheme on sex like fat dudes scheme on Cheetos…

        4. Got it…agree on that.
          If I had a hot 22 year old after me at 15/16 or so, no way I would last long. But sure, 6 or 7 times, no problem.
          Though of course, that never would have happened…

        5. Yep. Access to large groups with large amounts of sexual energy. That’s what most women would want, if we lived in a world where there were no laws and rules…heterosexual women, anyway.

        6. Same here. She was kind of doing a public service, to my way of thinking. Wish I’d had teachers like her…

        7. Yeah…toss in the Tinder rage, the Facebook rage, the cell phone rage, etc., and their narcissism explodes. What else is left? Getting in front of as many horny dudes as possible, in a “legal” setting.

        8. Many of the female paedo teacher cases I’ve seen over here follow a similar pattern.
          Aggressively average looking and weird/psycho girl in her late 20s “seduces” ruffian scallywag kid … probably from broken home.
          Read into that what you will

        9. I can concur with this. I know a former model/actress, in her early 40’s now, that cruises around her neighbor looking for young boys to take home. The youngest she got was 13. She only had to stop because the kid’s parents started getting suspicious as she was buying him clothes, video games, etc to keep it secret.
          She’s now in a relationship with a guy only a few months older than her son.
          Her excuse is that she was sexually molested by her uncle and cousins when she was a teen. I have the feeling that may be the reason for a lot of these women getting caught with younger boys. It’s a form of pay back.

        10. These vicious cycles demonstrate personal inability to overcome adversity.
          “I was molested, so I will molest. In turn, they will molest, and generations are fucked up.” They’ll claim they’re just victims, but a victim who victimizes others becomes the violator.
          Not going to say it doesn’t suck to be harmed in that way, because it definitely does. But if you refuse to be the better person, you’re at least as bad as they.

        11. It kind of makes it worse because they know that it’s awful. But it’s like those boundaries get screwed up and it seems normal.
          It’s kind of like how most ,not all, top MMA fighters according to Forest Griffin, were beaten as kids. They basically internalize that getting hit is no big deal. They have less inherent fear than other fighters.

        12. FUCK NIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        13. Shit, I would have loved to been pounding pussy when I was 13, lol. Beats sucking black cocks like I did, first blowjob I gave was when I was 11, to the janitor at my middle school. Black dude had an 8 incher that made me suck it until it was exploding in my mouth.

        14. White liberal female social workers and psychologists in prisons; another feeding ground for feminazis.

        15. Yeah, because who wants a fat nerd with a 3 inch cock up inside them, AMIRITE?????

        16. Maybe I haven’t paid as much attention, but it seems like usually when I see those stories, the teacher is somewhere between at least somewhat attractive and smoking hot. Maybe those are just the ones that make the headlines.

        17. Oh man. Terrible. If justice is had those cousins and uncle should have been executed.

        18. What happens if she gets pregnant and you had to support her? It results in a screwed up parents dynamic.

        19. What matters is salvation of soul. Then personality would be oriented toward righteousness.

        1. I banged teenage girls (legal age!) when I was in my 20s. I’m 51 and still do when I am lucky enough to get one. I don’t have a problem with that, either.
          Yes…they have all been pros…

      2. Should not be done outside the context of holy matrimony regulated by the church and not by state.
        People should not treat that which bonds people together as one or resulting in life so lightly.
        Sex is like fire. Improperly done it destroys.

  3. The great thing with hitting the gym is randomness.
    If you read Nassim Taleb’s masterpiece Antifragile, you know that randomness creates opportunities and opportunities create antifragility – therefore he recommends going to different parties as opportunity creating events. Antifragility in that context means creating chances for big gains while at the same time the chances for a great loss are small.
    Thats what parties are all about: You have nothing to lose, but you can connect to different minds, meet redpilled guys that become your gym bros or you can get laid.

      1. Antifragile is a great book. Maybe the most important book of my life.
        The books of the stoics are my favourites but while stoicism gave me guidance Antifragile completely changed the way I view the world.

        1. See I think a similar way. I got heavy duty into it for a while and it calms your emotions down too much. It can be deadening and inhuman.
          That being said, it is a useful tool, just a partial tool. Using it for everything is no good.

        2. Yep, why deny life when you can buttfuck a 50 year old fag and get AIDS, LMAO.

    1. Intresting. I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing recently.
      How fears are conquered by just doing … not thinking through … just doing whatever is holding you up.
      And how you can think back and think “what the fuck was I afraid of?”
      Talking to women
      Walking into a heavy lifting gym
      Public speaking
      Just 3 examples of things that used to terrify me at various junctures. And now they’re about as difficult as taking a piss.
      Like the catchy 80s Nike slogan says … Just Do It!

      1. Totally agree. Nassim Taleb is a huge proponent of Try-and-Error and Bottom-Up-Strategies. He considers academic theoretical research and Top-Down to be despicable. He mentions that cocacola, aspirin, vaccines and so many other things were invented by randomness and by people who tried things – not people who wrote dozens of academic papers.
        He also talks about so many other heuristics:
        a) Don’t go to a doctor if it’s not necessary – doctors just want to make profit and they will treat you even if you’re not the optimal patient (I learned it the hard way with my f*cked up Lasik). In many, many cases they don’t know what they are doing.
        b) What survived the trial of the centuries is antifragile and therefore a great concept. Examples: Patriarchy, Stoicism
        c) Females have a dualistic mating strategy – Alpha Fucks; Beta Bucks (Yeah, he explicitly talks about this subject in chapter 11; sometimes I ask myself if Nassim Taleb reads ROK, r/redpill or therationalmale)

        1. Taleb is a wise man who we should discuss in greater detail. I just wanted to add a few supporting concepts.
          First, what is necessary is a dual acceptance of randomness and top-down study. I point to engineering and computer science as an example: the most revolutionary approach to software design – the Agile method – is itself a blend of top-down and randomness that provides direction to randomness and allows for greater speed and success.
          Second, doctors are professionals as much as lawyers or businessmen. They have their standard practices and tests that are cheap to perform (e.g. weighing and measuring you, things that you can do at home) but they can charge for. Where possible, get your doctors to skip anything you don’t actually need and write it off.

        2. An interesting anecdote on doctors: After I had my Lasik and dealt with the poor dim light vision I got in contact with a few guys that have the same problems after their surgeries.
          One of them was treated by Prof. Dr. Zeiler.
          Zeiler was called the best ophthalmologist on the planet in 2014 by theophthalmologistdotcom. He invented many treatments (such as PRK). But despite the fact that he is called a luminary he completely destroyed this patients cornea surface. He has an even higher amount of higher-order aberrations than me after the surgery. And I went to a decent german doctor – nothing special.
          So he did way more research, chose the best surgeon on the globe and the results are horrific. He now has triple vision on his left eye and lost his well paid IT job.
          In a nutshell: Doing research and choosing the best surgeons doesn’t give you a high probability of success. Just stay away from unnecessary treatments. Iatrogenic damage is the greatest (voluntary) health risk.

        3. Just stay away from unnecessary treatments

          If we all did that, the entire field would change dramatically (and, I’ll wager, largely for the better). It’s a perpetual money stream that encourages unnecessarily large education costs, unnecessary training (why does a pediatric doctor need to know about anything uncommon among kids?), and unnecessary procedures.
          If we skip the unnecessary (by keeping track of ourselves on a daily basis – diet, exercise, routine measurements, etc.), everything would change. The arguments for mandatory health insurance, routine checkups, largely unnecessary surgeries and injections, and so many other aspects of the field would shift dramatically.

        4. Thinking of ordering the book. I for sure share a strong disdain for academia with the author..

      2. I thought the same shit until I walked across America 3 times, just got a road map and a backpack and some food and hit the road.

      3. “How fears are conquered by just doing … not thinking through … just doing whatever is holding you up.”
        I figured it out years ago in my early 20’s that “fear” was programmed into us by education, society and family friends etc…
        Once you’ve done this all you need do is try shit and you’d be shocked at how easy it is to succeed.
        I found this with women, work, business.. Ignore anything women say That’s %50 of the battle…

      4. Absolutely. I was terrified of fighting for most of my life and if I would have just jumped in and gotten knocked around a bit, gotten in a few good shots here and there I think it would have greatly improved my confidence and general outlook.

    2. I was at the club with my buddy last night having fun and occasianally opening some bitch who would pass by. Than I noticed this short but well-built guy sitting besides me. I asked him how was he doing and what kind of training he did. He was into calisthenics and very passionate about it. I told him I was into weight-lifting. Instant mutual respect. He offered me to come and train with him and his boys. Turns out dude was a high status bankier with a wide social circle.
      I couldn’t take a bitch home as they were all busy lusting after the bouncers and the bartenders and ignoring the rest of the guys there. Still a productive night.

        1. Looks , money etc barely matter at these places anymore. If you don’t work there and just came to have some fun , you are automatically labelled a “creep” by the bitches , especially if you express any sort of straight sexuality.

      1. That’s great that you hooked up with a gay high status banker. Most of us prefer women though.

        1. I don’t “prefer” women, I strictly fuck women only. Just wanted to bring an example how hitting the gym helps you socialise , backing up the author’s and other commenters’ point. Do you always pull stuff out your ass ?

        2. “I told him I was into weight-lifting. Instant mutual respect. He offered me to come and train with him and his boys.”
          Love at first sight!

        3. Yes faggot that’s what training does. It builds respect and manly bonds between high-T men. Dude offers me to come prove myself before his tribe and I accept even though I’m not really into calisthenics. If I prove myself worthy they might become good allies in the future.
          Reading this site should have taught you a few things damn.

        4. Playing the smartass huh faggot ? One of the most useful things I’ve red here , is to say hi and possibly have a smalltalk with all the guys around you at the bar so they don’t cockblock you later while picking bitches up. Looks like somebody missed the class that day.

        5. Yep, he was getting hot cum pumped down his throat at the end of the night, lol.

        6. Missed the class because they were too busy sucking black cocks in the university bathroom, not that I am speaking from experience or anything.

        7. Women are good, but that’s what is so great about being bi, I can get a sloppy blowjob or buttfuck a twink sissy when I am hitting a dry spell with chicks, and it will tide me over.

      2. Did you give him and his boys blowjobs? That’s been my experience, with a bunch of guys at a bar who couldn’t get laid, are drunk as shit, and find some fag to suck their cocks at the end of the night, AMIRITE?

    3. Wow, i’ll have to read that! I got an opportunity here in Korea thanks to randomness! I was doing a live stream in a restaurant and a teacher/musician saw me. He was asking me questions about video and introduced me to a man that needed video.
      I just do random videos around Seoul and am happy to answer questions about video to anyone interested.

  4. Love the picture in the header.
    Kitchen sink realism at its most believable

    1. I’m not very good at subtleties. Terrible actually.
      I assume you mean the fact that the guy doing curls is being eyed by (1) the ugly, overweight blonde, (2) the Brown haired 5.5 (at best), and the Asian who may be ok, but we can’t be sure without seeing how thin she is.
      In other words, these are the mediocre types of females one would meet at the gym. Meh…

      1. I’m mean the ludicrously silly picture, which undermines a decent article.
        RoK needs its own (real) stock photos. Maybe we can all contribute

      2. They look like they are getting their “revenge” bodies as stated in the earlier article.

      3. Chicks that doll themselves up at the gym aren’t there to really workout. They are there to draw male attention and make other women at the gym envious of her.

  5. Depending on the type of people one runs into at the gym, indeed it can be a good place for networking – and not as snooty as a country club.

    1. Country clubs are big time snooty now no more 200 dollar clubs more like 500 clubs.

  6. 2: annoys the fuck out of me. strong and independents stretching and other useless shit in front of the weight racks…

        1. This is my cock. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
          My cock is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

          Seriously, though, I take pride in every aspect of my performance. I want to waste it on a dumb bitch who stretches in front of the squat rack?

        2. You’re right. She should be stretching herself over your desk so that you can show her your best friend.
          Full Metal Jacket?

        3. Because your fat nerdy ass might finally get some pussy instead of placing bronze in Overwatch LMAO.

        4. Who said that? WHO THE FUCK said that?! Who’s the slimy commode of shit twinkle toed cocksucker just signed his own death warrant?! Nobody huh? The fairy fucking godmother said it! Out fucking standing! I will PT you all until you fucking DIE! I will PT you until your assholes are sucking buttermilk!


        5. Some guys won’t waste their precious dick juice on hot pussy that commits the mortal sin of blocking the dumbell rack with her stretching.
          Me? I only get mad when the dumbell rack blocks the pussy.

        6. Gold or go home, boy. How will you ever become a proper wizard if you’re getting girls instead of mastering this year’s popular online shooter titles?
          Son, I am disappoint.

        7. Yeah, reminds me of this girl in my organic chem lab, she was on my college volleyball team, she kept asking me to come to her practice after lab, but I had just gotten Borderlands 2, so I told her I was busy.

    1. I don’t usually agree and nothing gets me more pissed than people using equipment I want for thumb day workouts but I’ll be damned if I am going to listen to anyone say that women in a gym stretching in front of a mirror is a bad thing lol

  7. Another benefit for me is a little of socializing with normal guys on guys subjects, something I wouldnt get from PC cucks at my office.

    1. Hear hear. The PC cucks I have to put up with make me want to throw up from disgust. I often shake my head in disgust without realising it as their mere presence enrages and sickens me.

      1. Those PC cucks are pounding your wife’s tight pussy while you submit endless reports LMAO.

        1. I’m not married so your troll game is pretty weak. Why buy the cow when I get the milk for free?

        2. Me either. I’ll never get married. I generally don’t even bother getting the milk either. Shit is such a fucking hassle I pretty much decided it’s not worth bothering with unless the opportunity comes up when I am doing my own thing. I’d rather spend my time hiking long trails and traveling around than trying to get laid. I’m a minimalist, and women expect you to have money, a house, car, ect. I don’t have any desire for that bullshit, and am a lot happier in my tent in the woods.

        3. Sounds like you have the simple life down to a fine science; good stuff.

      2. Yeah men that have to tolerate all the PC stuff from fags to women in the workplace, to a mouthy / lazy skank at home, are a truly pathetic sight.
        What a mess we live in.

  8. Can confirm #5. I do music as my hobby and my output and creativity increase substantially every time I’m on a regimen of any sort.

  9. I have never gone to gyms, except when at hotels on business trips or vacation. I get up at 5:25 AM and exercise in my apartment. I’m not a very social person. But I do agree that exercise makes me work harder and better. Without it, I absolutely do tend to get lazy and sluggish.

  10. @Roosh – Hey do you think this board is monitored? I know we get the usual set of people that come to troll or argue, but do you think any other groups of people are doing it?

  11. You also be able to strike people harder, and to run from mob longer.
    A life saver.

    1. Even if someone doesn’t train martial arts knowing how to throw a hard punch and having the stamina to run from mobs is essential in todays America.

      1. As a black belt with over a decade of exposure to American martial arts, skip it entirely. I trained some Krav Maga and MMA, and you would not believe how much I had to unlearn from my years of McDojo dancing.
        Do sprints. Keep your vehicles well-maintained. Fight regularly under controlled conditions (e.g. find a cold place, coat yourself in jackets and gloves, and kick each others’ asses while your mates make sure no one does anything crippling). Get a gun or twelve and learn to use and maintain them.
        These things will keep you alive in fight-or-flight conditions.

        1. ‘Do sprints.’ ‘Fight regularly.’
          Those are the things Nassim Taleb recommends in Antifragile.
          We should really discuss this guy more often.
          He recommends:
          a) Doing sprints + walking instead of jogging
          b) Intermittent Fasting
          c) Weightlifting (especially deadlift)
          d) Streetfights (yeah, not kidding – a professor who recommends streetfights)

        2. Im looking to get into hapkido & boxing on the side, basically something with plenty of wrist locks & arm locks
          Krav maga doesnt look that great for locking down a person before he can do any damage …

        3. Recommending streetfights? Yeah, I got a big nigger named Jarvone who will bash your skull in, take your wallet, then stick a 9 inch black cock up your ass, what are you going to do then?

      2. As well as being able to shoot niggers in the head with your concealed pistol.

    2. Gym work usually slows people down ….. too much upper body weight. Fighting, I have a gun and knife, good luck with your hard strike.
      Not to mention, gyms are full of gay guys.

      1. Yep, I always train cardio, for the gay guys, find out who they are then suck their cocks in the locker room. Lots of fun after a hard workout.

  12. There is also a mental aspect to setting goals and meeting them. Just by doing so you build self confidence in other areas of life.

    1. It’s one of those things you can control when you can’t control anything else.

      1. Depite what the gays say … Buttcrack don’t count as crack … the smell of morning buttcrack however has a similar effect to regular crack, especially after a rough vindaloo & chicken curry
        The moral of the story, if you dont have crack, optimise for buttcrack just dont set your butthairs on fire from that sweet buttcrack pipe …

    2. This is one thing that really gets me. I mean I’m really a bit nuts about this stuff and mostly it’s because I find it fun. Some guys do a 2 hour happy hour after work. I’d rather move weight. But weightlifting has such objective ststistics that setting goals becomes easy and building to them fun.
      Deadlift 400 club in 6 months? Side. Take current weight, I have a program for that, then one day you hit your goal and it is the culmination of a lot of hard work and it is very cool and fulfilling

  13. Even if hitting the gym is difficult for you for financial or logistic reasons, a routine of intense physical exertion changes everything.
    College kids, hit your school gyms. If it’s full, go outside and run 30 second sprints until you’re terrified to walk home (then one more).
    Office drones, most cubicles are just big enough for a man to lie down in. Great place for planks, pushups, leg lifts, bridges, etc.
    Handstands are exhausting. Do them.
    Schedule it until the schedule is unnecessary, and you’ll see the same basic benefits as those who run the gym every day.

    1. You get in trouble working out in the office these days always someone will snitch and they take it seriously, usually by people who are fat themselves.

      1. I used to do dips in the office all the time. In the 80s and 90s no one cared. Started getting dirty looks in the 2000s. I do them at home now.

  14. Never understood gym rats ………. I guess it’s a big city thing. Better to exercise out in the countryside and jungle IMHO. And the benefits of attracting women? Can’t see it, outside the gym they don’t see your muscles until you’re already naked (if you aren’t obviously fat), and they’ve already agreed to sex with you by then.
    Cycling to work is easier and more effective and everyone gets to see you dressed in skintight Lycra ……….. now that really works.

    1. So….you wear long sleeved shirts and can keep your shoulder and chest size hidden? Neat.
      Women notice muscles, they can’t keep their hands off a well built man most of the time. I know this from experience.

      1. Women do notice muscles, but it’s usually after I’m naked with them. By then we’ve already agreed the price, so no benefit to me.

        1. If your muscles don’t cut through your shirts/pants, then your position makes sense. If you have a 50″ chest and 20″ arms, girls notice no matter what you’re wearing, outside of burlap bags, but even then I wouldn’t bet against a muscled guy.

        2. Here is what always amazes me. Let’s take people who are simply fat and unhealthy out of the discussion and talk about average versus fit.
          A fit person never looks at an average guy and runs him down or berates him for making different life choices. Average guy is fine, healthy, not a disaster, but chooses a different life than, say, me going to the gym 7 days a week.
          On the other hand, many (not all of course) average guys will see someone who is dedicated to fitness (for fun, for health, for whatever) and totally run them down. “Why do you do that” “that isn’t necessary” “you are over training”
          I have to assume that the reason is because fitness brings the kind of confidence that a guy like pjclark above could never know

      2. I had them all over me in my chemistry labs, and I wore long sleeve skin tight shirts and worked out 6 days a week, had 5 girls in my lab that wanted to fuck me, unfortunately for them I preferred big black cocks stretching my tight asshole over getting pussy.

  15. I’m sitting in the middle of the Arnold Fitness Classic right now. If some men think that hot chicks don’t like muscled dudes, they’re delusional or in denial. Some hot ass tail around here, the kind most of you guys couldn’t imagine, just freaking bidding for any super muscled guy that will look at her.

  16. Point #5 is spot on. As a freelancer I set my own schedule, and I’m more likely to fall behind schedule or do nothing if I “devote more time to work” by skipping the gym. It’s weird, but I also get a lot more work done if I have a jam-packed day than if I do nothing but my main work tasks. Funny how that is.
    I also have to add that working out for me has had more mental benefits than physical. About a month after I began lifting weights I felt like I could think more clearly at all times – Prior to that I had this constant brain fog that never seemed to go away. My critical thinking skills also improved, as well. I was pretty low-T before I began working out, so I have no doubt that the surge of testosterone helped unfuck my brain that was messed up from years of leftist/feminist indoctrination and made me a really indecisive, wishy-washy person.

  17. All my replies here is what happens when you have Bipolar 1, stay up for two days straight, then get drunk and stoned.

  18. This article is one of sheer brilliance, indeed! Those who claim about not having the time to devote to doing such a form of exercise are merely making petty excuses to be lazy.

  19. I am skeptical about 1, 2 and 6. This may be for people who have time to hang around for hours and hours at the gym, but for myself, spending at most one hour each time, I do not have time to socialise.

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