Universities That Catered To SJW’s Are Experiencing Lower Enrollment And Dire Finances

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Over the last few years, a select few schools around the country have shown the high cost of catering to the demands of partisan activist groups and mobs of social justice warriors.

Schools like Evergreen State College, the University of Missouri and Oberlin College are all notorious for their tendency to pander to social justice activists — and now they are paying the price. Although college enrollment is slightly declining throughout the country, these institutions have seen massive declines over just the past few years.

Evergreen State College

The protests at Evergreen State came in response to criticism of a social justice activism event called the “Day of Absence,” which involved asking white community members to leave campus for the day. Professor Bret Weinstein, who received calls for his resignation after he refused to participate in what the New York Times called “a day of racial segregation,” shared video and photos on Twitter of Evergreen students roaming the college’s grounds with baseball bats to intimidate Weinstein and his few campus supporters.

Evergreen announced in May that the college was facing a whopping 17 percent enrollment drop for the 2018-2019 academic year. Former Evergreen Provost Michael Zimmerman said that there is no doubt that the administration’s sympathies for irrational leftist protesters led to the “enrollment crisis.”

“The enrollment crisis at Evergreen, and make no mistake about it, it is a crisis, will not be fixed until the actions of last spring are acknowledged and their underlying causes addressed,” Zimmerman said. “To pretend that students fleeing Evergreen is simply a function of the economy or because of bad press generated by the far right is both misleading and counter-productive.”

University of Missouri

Many people remember the high-pitched yell of former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click. Click found herself at the center of weeks of unrest at the University of Missouri in 2015 and 2016. Click rose to infamy after a video of her calling for a student photojournalist to be physically removed from campus simply because he was documenting the protests. The protests erupted in response to the administration’s alleged mishandling of several racial incidents on campus. One of the incidents was later proven to be a hoax.

That was three years ago. Since then, the University of Missouri has faced a host of challenges. By April 2017, the university was forced to close seven residential buildings. The New York Times reported in 2017 that enrollment at the university dropped an astonishing 35 percent in the two years following the protests. The university itself even told the Times that the 2015 protests are the driving force behind the massive enrollment drop.

Oberlin College

Oberlin College in Ohio is notorious for its over-emphasis on social justice politics. It is the alma mater of social justice icon Lena Dunham, who once published an art video that celebrated the “extinction of white men.” In 2015, Oberlin students accused their school of “cultural appropriation” over accuracy issues with certain cultural dishes that were offered in the dining hall. In December 2017, a local business claimed that Oberlin administrators slandered them by calling them racist for prosecuting alleged shoplifters.

It was announced last week in a series of reports that Oberlin now faces a myriad of financial issues including enrollment declines and “negative” credit ratings. In January 2018, reports claimed that Oberlin was facing its lowest enrollment numbers in over a decade.

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95 thoughts on “Universities That Catered To SJW’s Are Experiencing Lower Enrollment And Dire Finances”

  1. Sending your children to uni today is not desirable any more. Even without the political nonsense, the actual science they teach is fake. Not worth it.
    The best option is the help your children start their own businesses.

    1. Trump is announcing an on-site training initiative next week. i.e. Universities are going to be fucked right in the pussy.

      1. The universities shouldn’t be fucked in the pussy.
        They should be de-funded and ignored. Post K-12 education should be funded solely on a user-pays basis.
        The only government funding that should be made available to universities, if any, should go directly to students if and only if they major in an area of need (ie., engineering, mathematics, biochemistry, etc.)
        If you want to go to a university (so called) to study social justice, that’s fine, but you’ll have to foot the bill yourself. User pays. No subsidies.

        1. mother fucker i bet you majored in none of that shit,talking that bullshit. most of the classes would be dominated by folks from other countries. you everybody to be stupid like the working class trump voters

      2. I don’t think they need a big hug jammed up there. They just need to follow the trumpsters example and grab them by the pussy. If they let you of course.

        1. I’d be prepared to check her out in person.
          I’ve already participated in a ‘who can bang the smallest woman contest’
          I’m ready for a ‘who can bang a woman with the smallest tits competition’
          (one having the smallest tits and a penis wouldn’t count of course, real women only)

        2. I agree the whole front collection of “vagina owners” looks like they are trannies or cross dressers who would never actually need to get abortions, save the ones they missed by their moms, themselves. That’s a fine collection of some butterfaced birth control there.

      1. Some theorists argue it is personal inadequacies that underwrite the attraction of individuals to leftist identity politics in first place, guess her inadequacies are are rather obvious.

    2. I’ve got a girl in University now (International Business Studies), fees are around $500/year, keeps her out of trouble and not that expensive.

    3. Sending your child to almost any public school in the USA today is akin to an act of child abuse.

    4. Anyone serious about education, (not university/college) will learn that learning is a process that is very internal and the only thing educational institutions provide those who’ve learned to teach themselves is a path and direction towards a learning goal. The internet has changed all that and all information is available to all men.
      That being said, if anyone is serious about college or university, don’t pursue it here in America, where education is nothing more than another over marketed, over priced for-profit consumable.
      Go to Germany or other countries where a man can get his education for FREE. WHy pay for shit here when better learning in substantive endeavors are available in other pales for little or no cost.
      It’s a no-brainer for anyone with half a brain.

  2. Unis are just profit mills turning out useless degrees in ‘media’ and ‘health and beauty’ and other prattle. Kids end up working a dead end call centre job or a mc job as the degree is of no use in the real world. That lot look disgusting in the picture I can smell bo and lentil farts from here nasty!

  3. In Washington, a degree from the Evergreen State College is widely seenas a joke. They have classes on Star Trek for fucks sake.

  4. Evergreen State is in the worst shape. That’s the university which had those “no whites allowed” days or something to that effect.
    Nice to know there’s enough blue state white people who actually have enough self esteem to not cuck themselves and attend these schools.

    1. Honestly having lived in that sinkhole of a state. I can honestly say that its largely only the Coast & Puget Sound area that is infested with Communist “Liberals”.
      The cascades and heartland of the state are red-blooded as ever with only a few cartel infested democrat metro areas that are increasingly overrun with diverse “migrant workers”.
      If an earthquake took out Puget Sound I bet you the state would be as Red as Montana or Idaho.

      1. Dude I’m seriously considering a place like Spokane, Washington to live when I’m over 45 and either have a small family or just largely don’t care about chasing women anymore and have my nestegg.
        One of the whitest small cities remaining in the country and doesn’t have the SJW atmosphere of the coast like you say. Boise over in Idaho is a consideration too.

        1. I partied in Spokane one night. Me and 8 other guys. We were kings and had the choice of many easy white college students. Even if you want to chase women it was easy back in 14.

    2. Quote: “no whites allowed” days ??
      Never mind Non white will fund them ??
      Mostly wannabe student from Zimbabwe & Haiti ??

    3. Good lords, I don’t mean to sound sexist or a hater (of the dumbfuckery in black society today), but these black sistas in the above videos are…hideous! Eeeew! It gives a frigging bad accounting of the many decent, educated, feminine conservative black women who are OUT THERE.
      Come on black SJWs, you can do better! Can you…make yourselves…look somewhat fuckable, hmmn? Is this too much to ask?
      Less SJWing and more time in the gym. Yes?
      If they ever throw George Soros in jail, he should be forced to share quarters with the most wretched fugly disgusting femen SJWs that his ill-gotten gains financed. And he has to fuck them!

    1. Ehhh…. bit extreme and uncalled for landlord.
      Now a Super Soaker filled with Durian juice is something I could approve of. Lol

    2. I disagree. Despite their insanity, I prefer to live peacefully whenever possible.
      And believe it or not, I have some sympathy for SJWs. Clinically speaking they’re full of psychological maladies. Practically speaking they are some of the most unhappy people you’ll ever run encounter.
      Seeing us live well and happy adds to their misery.

  5. well, thats the colleges, what about the students? how many have seen that after seeing in their resumes that they studied there even years ago most HR simply saids dont call, we call you

  6. Sometimes I wish I lived in an Islamic state only because then most, if not all, of these sluts and Satanic liberals would be raped, stoned or beaten to death. And not in that particular order.
    Anyway, (((universities))) these days are straight up scam, and they all serve as brainwashing centers for the (((elite))).

  7. While the SJW infestation is a serious concern, the loathing expressed in many comments toward the educated and education in general is idiotic. When did a low IQ and no college become something to be proud of? Trump may love the undereducated because they follow him blindly and unquestioningly, but he graduated from an Ivy League school. Know your place, grease monkeys. Elite means superior. Why forfeit the label to SJWs?

    1. “Know your place, grease monkeys. Elite means superior.”
      You little tinkerbell. First of all, elite today means (((elite))) and they ain’t superior, except in conning gentiles and working 24/7 to eff up white countries.
      And I for one am proud of my military and blue collar background. I’ve done hard, dirty, heavy things, indoors and outdoors, including mechanical/electrical work, in some unpleasant places. You educated tinkerbells would def not want to do, and prolly couldn’t do stuff I’ve done. “Know your place grease monkeys” ?? You need to know YOUR place. You homos need guys like me to do the rough stuff.

      1. When shtf, these liberal turds will be suiciding by drug overdose en mass because they won’t be able to process reality and cope to survive without artificial support. And good riddance it will be to these oxygen and resource thieves. FEMA will also hook them up too, as slaves.

      2. bitch please! the majority of the people in america who make stupid money went to college. i was in the military big deal! is that the highlight of your life?

    2. Typical liberal arrogance. You snooty scum think you will inherit the earth. You will in time, by feeding it as you leak your vital fluids back to the soil at the end of your pathetic miserable lives. When the event happens and the rule of law is meaningless…. You are forfeit to those who have useful living skills. Congrats eloi, good luck making it after your feelings mean less than nothing. MaKe sure to make the hunt interesting and sporting for the rest of us noncommunists.

    3. The intellectual abilities of those around you may surprise you. Some of the best conversations I’ve had are with what most folks would call “Average Joes.” Your plumbers, masons, bartenders, policemen, carpenters… people that know some kind of a craft and have an appreciation for a hard day’s work.
      Stanford Ph. D.’s have their place in society, but so do electricians, bus drivers, and teachers.
      Some of Trump’s followers will follow blindly, but I think those on the “right” side of the spectrum are naturally far more skeptical of statism than those on the left. Individuals identifying as traditional cuckservatives, civic nationalists, libertarians, or even some white nationalists, all have the ability to sit around a table and discuss an issue. They may disagree rather vociferously, but they’re not so close-minded insofar as they’re not blindly following any ideology. If circumstances change, their position on a particular issue may change.
      Try doing the same with an SJW who thinks that everything you do and say is representative of racist, sexist, bigoted misogyny. They want speech codes. They want otherwise peaceful people banned from nations because of *ideas* that they disagree with. They doxx innocent people and turn otherwise peaceful gatherings into violent spectacles.

        1. JOHN
          Most of the ones I knew were in it for the booze or the pussy or both.
          They eventually become good raconteurs, however.

        2. john,
          I think restaurant work in general is difficult. Long hours, on your feet, dealing with the public… and it’s simultaneously a very working-class and Red Pill profession. Completely based on performance.
          Bottom Line: Those who take part in that profession (and many others I mentioned) are providing goods and services that people want and need on a daily basis. I can’t say the same for the SJW crowd.

        3. Reed,
          You ever tried digging a ditch, it’s hard but it ain’t skilled.
          A bartender doesn’t provide any service different from a checkout girl or a street sweeper. Working long hours is a feature of being a worthless person with no skills and not something to be applauded.
          Not being able to recognize the difference between skilled and unskilled labour is a major personality defect.

    4. Most blue collar tough guys who “do electrical work” or any other supposed “rough” labor go home to cheap beer and the loose vagina of a fat, low quality woman. The rest drink even more cheap beer and resort to vigorously chaffing their penises with yellow, calloused hands. I got out of that kind of work in my 20s and I lost that bullshit inferiority complex where I felt I needed to haughtily justify performing work illegal Mexicans excel at. You shit in a fucking porta john and give the govmt half your money! Cucks!

      1. Way to stereotype all blue collar peeps using weird, sexually aberrant thinking, tinkerbell. Be honest. You “got out of that kind of work in your 20s” because you couldn’t handle it and mom said you were special and too good for that.
        Speaking of porta pottys, how did your mom’s trip to Dubai go?

        1. Yeah Mike… I’m betting good money this guy is (((one of them))) because of his disdain for manual labor and his weird sexual thoughts.

  8. Does the ROK proprietorship not see the hypocrisy in posting so many articles lamenting the persecution of the white man, while publishing so many ads about getting foreign wives?
    If the blog now exists just for its own existence, it’s time to shut up shop.

    1. They are exactly the opposite, a foreign woman I breed with becomes part of ‘us’, a male Muslim immigrant will always be one of ‘them’.
      If you are too stupid to understand the difference, I can’t really help you.

      1. i think people are not of the same “race” just because they have a similar skin color. there are only a selected few you can get along with. the majority is not from your tribe/family/clan/spirit/race/mentality/tendency etc. even if they have the same skin color. i bet there are a few people in every race i´d consider my family. but the majority of every race surely is not compatible with myself.
        if somebody is a “muslim”/ liberal left/ catholic etc. he can never be of my tribe.

        1. because according to the bible jews = christians. exactly the same. thats biblically speaking tho. there are not many christians nor jews around. only those crazy mainstream lunatics who pray against the wall with their braids, or those crazy annoying christians everybody can think of.
          but hey im not here to educate, i dont really care what people think about this.

  9. Unfortunately cultural [email protected] indoctrination training (higher education) is required to get that little piece of paper to have access to a career.
    Kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we don’t go to these death camps of the mind/soul then we are at the mercy of our enemy who would crontrol all the ‘professional’ fields.

    1. Sasquatch,
      True, but you would not need those bits of paper if you run your own business the only way out to be more independent of the system as much as you can. Although their are a lot of people out there who do not want a business of there own and prefer to work for someone else or corporation.
      I live here in the UK and have done factory work for just above minimum wage horrible jobs but I met people who were willing to turn up on their weekends and do overtime freely.
      It depends want you want out of life I suppose, their are millions of men out there who do not want to live the Red Pill lifestyle they couldn’t give up on their sports, beer and everything else they are content on living the Blue Pill life let them be you are wasting your time on trying to talk them out to a better lifestyle I have given up and keep my Red Pill thoughts to myself.

      1. Yes there are avenues of making money and running a business on your own but its not feasible for the majority otherwise everyone would do it.
        What if you start your own business and a few years later it has been decided that an indoctrination attendance (degree) is required by law to do that line of work. In the past you could probably get into good white-collar jobs from being the copy/errand boy and learning the bizz but nowadays employers, companies and especially government agencies wont employ you without that piece of paper.
        If we relinquish all management roles and exclude ourselves from big business, education and government etc then we are very vulnerable to their control as wage slaves and small business owners.

        1. IF the supreme court would overturn Griggs vs Duke Power, employers could once again give intelligence tests.
          That practice was stopped due to blacks scoring lower. You see because blacks scored lower, the tests must be rayciss. Because all human beings are exactly equal and if not the standards must be altered to make it that way.
          So instead of a company being able to intelligence test a prospective employee, they need a proxy for an IQ test, a uni-degree, to make up for it.
          Think of the billions wasted on useless degrees and affirmative action; all sacrificed on the altar of egalitarianism.

  10. I’ve worked in higher education (college on up) and can tell you, by first-hand account, is a sewer of liberal retardation that survives only by the grace of easily obtained U.S. Federal grant and loan money. You cut that down by half and most of these libtards will have to go get a (shit sandwich) ehem job like the rest of us slobs and understand what it really means to EARN a dollar, not be ENTITLED to a dollar, because you faked your way through a dissertation and received a PhD.

    1. “I’ve worked in higher education (college on up) and can tell you, by first-hand account, is a sewer of liberal retardation that survives only by the grace of easily obtained U.S. Federal grant and loan money.”
      Thank goodness I did undergrad CompSci. The past 2 decades have seen a plethora of fantastic tech that is also open sourced (free!). There’s so much to learn – so many new tech frontiers – yet these naive SJWs choose to fuck up their career options along with their country’s economic potentials.
      At least get a marketable skill and pursue that other stuff as a ‘hobby’ – if you can call it that. Bad parenting (thank you, Edward Bernays!) in the corrupt Orwellian 5Eyes countries are producing millions of useless ‘human resources’ who will be needed to (laughs) compete with the very intellectual Chinese, South Koreans, Russians et al who value STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering Maths) disciplines more than these naive Western do-gooders.
      The next deliberate global financial crash is going to make 2008 look like a walk in the park. Alarm bells are fuking ringing (well, if you’re redpilled!), yet these SJWs clown around like they’re going to be immune from the destructive fallout that is sure to come. Perhaps this is Nature’s way of culling society’s useless idiots?

  11. At least my university isnt infected with (((cultural marxism))) that much. It’s one of the smaller universities in germany and i study history, philosophy and arthistory there. Our philosophy professors are very open minded, one of them (a regular professor, not a lecturer) gave a class on Oswald Spenglers Decline of the west this semester and he even liked it very much. Just in arthistory there are a few feminist cunts, but even in history, our professors are objective. Almost no classes about how bad the third reich was, but we have a own department, which is dedicated to eastern europe, especially during the sowjet times. And there, all the crimes of the communists are shown, even holodomor (of course from an “objective” scientific point of view). So i can’t complain. Also alot of the students are really conservative, especially those from the fraternities (burschenschaften). They are not vulgar conservatives, the are well and classically educated, highly intelligent. So, for me, i really like most of my time at my university. Especially in philosophy, you REALLY learn how to think, without having close minded marxist professors. So i dont know, is the situation in the US really THAT worse?

      1. Yes, everyone should have a degree in ‘Philiphosy and Art History’, it will guarantee you a life of easy employment on a large wage (sarcasm).

        1. JOHN
          Why do you think so many young people in their mid-20’s are standing in the road protesting.
          They’ve got nothing, and I mean nothing, better to do.
          20 years ago nobody who was 26 was out in the street fighting over white male privilege. They had other things to do

        2. Some people, believe it, or not, are not that much into the superficially bullshit, that the erst öfters. For me, even the oder of working in a corporate environment isnt Stellung me. Sure, i like to go out to good restaurants, drink good Whiskey and eine, smoke a cigar sometimes, buti really have no need to drive a 100k car. Also, if you read Spengler, Nietzsche, Evola, Jünger, Dostojewskij, Heidegger, you realize, how shallow the “World” really is. My goal isnt to earn as mich as possible. I even think about becoming a permacultural farmer After university to live self sufficient. Im also successfull with girls. I got a beautiful ukrainian girlfriend (she Studies here). Western women cant match her. She cooks for me without that i even have to tell her, sleeps with me every time i want and shes less than 50 Kilo. So: im very happy with my “useless” life.

        3. It will likely guarantee you a life where you never pay off your student loans. Defaulting on say $100k in loans will cause the balance to shoot up to double or triple that by the time they negotiate the wage garnishments on you if you have a job.
          Most degrees nowadays are useless and in many cases when I’m interviewing a young person for a job, the LACK of college suggests that person is smarter than the one who obtained a useless degree.
          If only I could administer IQ tests before interviewing, it would save a whole lot of time and money. But that would disrupt the ‘equality of outcome’ ideology.

  12. Higher education should be elitist in its very nature. Only the top in cognitive ability should be allowed entry. No society needs more than 10% (max. 20%) of its population c university educated. After that point costs will be higher than gains.

  13. I’m whining but columbia university should be here. since the stupid mattress slut everyone yells at people for “MuH BigOtrEE”. theres no discourse. theres no intelligent discussion. you pander to feminazi STUDENTS and sjw PROFESSORS. or you can be yelled at and fail class. here’s how my so called smart classmates respect the prez: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha1-Y0A1nWU
    I cant wait to graduate.

  14. I’m pretty sure that thing on the left isn’t female. That is a chick with a dick right? I’ve seen bigger breasts on pigeons. 10 bucks says it has a little tiny cock under that skirt. These people are mutants and should be caged as they were during most of history.

  15. Perhaps now they will finally see actions have consequences. Nobody in their right mind wants to keep company with the left. If they’re going broke, let them. Then their left wing nonsense can be replaced by good business.
    Free enterprise built the USA. Leftism and the other nonsense that accompanies it destroys every society it seeps into, no matter how solid that society is at first.

  16. I’m planning to pursue my PhD in engineering in the US next year. I hope to avoid such universities really

    1. STEVE
      They’re mostly on the East or West Coast with huge liberal arts programs.

    I was born in the early seventies and the massive protests of the late 60’s eventually died out, so will the SJW movement.
    PC began as a reaction to Reagan Revolution and Bush era. Nobody in university today can remember when Political Correctness began or why. This was a movement of the early 90’s.
    There are so few crimes against gays these days or minorities, that the who subject has no relevance.
    Also, there is only so much double-think and cognitive dissidence the human mind can cope with-
    Blacks are often violent, low IQ and macho as hell. Its a fact and hard to defend them when they hate “faggots”
    Gay males spread butt pathogens through dirty acts and often do sexually inappropriate things like getting blowjobs in public toilets like George Michael and finally, anal sex spreads blood-borne butt pathogens.
    Hispanic immigration will destroy the United States because they are primitive Indians.
    Everybody knows this. Even liberals know this. So the energy runs out.
    Like the hippie era, a few eccentric Leftist Jewish professors or liberals cannot endless finance movements that have no economy to stand out. Most leftists are marginally employed bums who smoke pot all day, much like hippies were. In truth, they all appear to have stepped out of the 90’s alternative era. These people are not contributing citizens. The alt-right and mainstream are employed.

  18. I’ve seen several people blogging or commenting across the web using the phrase “university industry” to describe the bullshit that is the four-year education system. It really seems to irritate the leftists!

  19. As I like to jokingly say: Liberals can’t science or math. I’m surprised the fools that back them like the administration of these schools even notice the declining enrollment numbers. If they lack the common sense to know that social justice always – ALWAYS -destroys business and reputation, then statistics are probably beyond their comprehension.

  20. Once again, college was the biggest waste of time and money. I’m making decent money now in a job that I could’ve easily obtained with a high school diploma or Good Enough Degree.

  21. Best thing is to have your kid get a technical skill, either a CDL, welding cert, etc. Sure, it will cost some $$, which is paid off at most in a few years and they can be ready to enter the workforce with a bankable skill in no time.

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