ROK Undercover: What It Was Like To Attend A Muslim Service

Continuing the series on conservative religions, our second part takes us to the always controversial Muslim faith.


I attended an “open night” at a local Muslim worship center during their holy period of Ramadan.  I have not attended a regular religious service here, and have no desire to be added to any more government watchlists than I am already on, but will share my Ramadan experience.


Separation of the Sexes


Muslim men and women worship separately.  I was surprised at what a huge difference this made in the worship.  I will casually ogle most women in a public setting.  Even if I see a happily married, conservatively dressed woman in a formal setting, my biology compels me to examine her body visually.  In Islam, the women are behind you in a different room, and when they are seen, their bodies are completely covered except the face.  This is a highly effective manner of removing sexual thoughts from the mind, and allows one to focus on worship.  It makes me consider the idea of separate sex schooling in a positive light.

Abrahamic Religion


Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet of God, and honor and respect him, but don’t believe he was the one and only Son of God.  They believe he was another prophet, along with Abraham, Moses, etc.  They believe in strong patriarchy and women are not given any visible roles in the church, and they are expected to always respect and be subservient to their father, husband, or brothers.

You Need A Lot of Free Time


While the basic faith itself is somewhat similar to other Abrahamic religions, Muslims have practices which I found extremely time consuming and difficult to integrate into modern life.  The purpose of existence is to worship God, and one is expected to do so throughout the day.  One must face the direction of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, prostrate oneself, and pray 5 times every day.  Alcohol and pork are prohibited.  Male genitals are circumsized.

There are some interesting economic ideas, such as prohibition of usury (earning interest without being exposed to the risk of the investment) and taxation of wealth (which is rarely taxed in the west) but not trade (which is highly regulated and taxed in the west).  Hoarding for speculation is prohibited.  Polygamy is allowed with a maximum of 4 wives.

OCD Handwashing Rituals


The right hand is given priority (which seems a bit unfair to lefties).  There is a ritual of handwashing that must be done in a certain order, and special rules for using the bathroom that seem to foster obsessive compulsive disorder.  One must enter the toilet area with the left foot first, then remain silent.  Use only the left hand to touch the genitals, wipe and wash the penis or anus (using an odd number of wipes only), say a small prayer for relief of the filth and exit with the right foot first.  Oh and make sure one’s genitals are not facing Mecca.

To wash, which must be done before each of the 5 prayers, as well as after going #1 or #2, passing gas, getting a cut, sleeping, touching the opposite sex, or touching a dog’s saliva, one first washes the left hand, then the right, then the face.  While there are strong hygienic reasons for this behavior, I can’t imagine living that way, and much of it in modern society is unnecessary, although I like the idea of never shaking hands with something that has touched an anus or penis.

Indeed, so OCD are the rules that there are actual scriptures regulating this behavior.


However, Muslims take the virginity of their women so seriously that the daughters can face threat of death for committing premarital sex.  The patriarch has unquestionable authority.  Women are to dress conservatively, and promiscuous behavior is harshly and rapidly shunned by both male and female Muslims.  Likewise, homosexuality is brutally repressed.


Washed with his right hand first

In Saudi Arabia, there is a government agency charged with preventing degeneracy and promoting the sacred, called the Committee for Preservation of Virtue And Prevention Of Vice

  • Strong patriarchy and value of the family
  • Stick to principles at any cost
  • Women taught to unquestioningly obey husband
  • Harsh opposition to degenerate behavior
  • Not highly acceptable in the west
  • Very time consuming and many rituals to follow
  • If a white male, you will probably be viewed as a government spy
  • And your government will in turn spy on you
  • Not easy to casually join
  • Dubious beliefs and practices
  • Reflects and magnifies the negative traits of men (slavery, sexual repression, raping, etc.)

While I could accept a Muslim wife, I cannot see integrating this religion into my lifestyle. There are some good ideas in the religion, and it is perhaps the only remaining bastion of patriarchy in the world today, but it focuses a little too much on the men.

The religion requires odd and outdated rituals, which to some degree, are a part of any system of control, but in this case are excessive.  Some of the practices one would either need to ignore, thereby being a bad follower, or publicly reveal, which would subject one to ridicule and suspicion.  If you are living in the west, I would think a conservative sect of one of the other Abrahamic religions would be a better fit.

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337 thoughts on “ROK Undercover: What It Was Like To Attend A Muslim Service”

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        1. You shrewd negotiator, I know they wanted 6 camels, a sheep and your little brother for that beard, and you got it for a goat and a roll of left-handed toilet paper.

    1. Use our joint proclivty for “rape” as means for building bridges with muslims!
      Carry on fellow “Thought Criminals!”

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    2. Because it’s honest about Islam. Leftists will hate it because they’re delusional Islam defenders. To them Islam is like the Arab version of Buddhism.
      Meanwhile a lot of muslims will just never admit they’re religion has a pronounced tendency to be brutal and repressive.
      The truth about something which people lie about, is always the most offensive thing.

      1. It’s funny you call the religion brutal, when it came at a time to stop the worship of false gods (idols) that people were so immensely praying to. It came at a time when men were fucking and raping women just because they felt entitled too. It came at a time when slavery was rampant and put a stop to it. You call this brutal? You blame Islam but when in reality, it’s country’s cultures that are to blame than the religion itself.

    3. Hey, I am a Muslim here and I find this article to be a rather accurate article . Besides using your left hand or entering the bathroom with the left foot are sonnah ( you can choose to not do it)
      PS : the author will probably never marry a Muslim wife because that’s forbidden

      1. Ancient Egyptians have nothing to do with modern Egyptians; and Islam is a mind virus and a backward low-brow idiotic religion that never benefitted anyone and never will. It’s a false stupid religion, and no one needs it. It would be a great day, when Islam get’s wiped off the map…

        1. you really should be telling this to the UAE . Oh and you might want to check the fact that much of modern science wouldn’t exist if not for extremely brilliant people infected with a ‘mind virus ‘ . If Islam and Muslims disappear , trust that wouldn’t be the end of your problems , your governments will simply find a new scapegoat for terrorism as an excuse for all your problems and mistakes (PS : at least countries with Islam aren’t infested with whores )

          There is no “mathmatics” of Islam, because MOST OF THE ACTUAL MATHMATICS/SCIENCE/THOUGHT
          I hate how ignorant people keep bringing that idiotic shit up about Islam creating advanced civilizations; NEWSFLASH, Saudi Arabians,
          And the Q’uran is a complete and utter mess when it comes to scientific inaccuracies, and historical inaccuracies and falsehoods, that I simply cannot put into words just how much of a fraudulent religion it basically is….


        4. Disagree with the science, that ended a long time ago with the fall of islamic empires, but the West will always find a distraction issue to enslave its peoples passions, similar to how rome always found more gladiators to die.

        5. I HATE islam and white trash like you!! These two groups must be EXTERMINATED down to the child-monkey!! LOL

        6. I’ve travelled extensively across the muslim world and slept with whores in every one.

    4. What else is new?
      Religious rituals, especially man-made ones (Legalism), have a way of leeching the happiness out of faith and pretty much all other aspects of life. Add to that a healthy dose of sexual repression and the tendency of Esau and his descendants to put temporal appetites and desires before the eternal (Genesis 25:29-34) and you have what we have today.

    5. I’d question some of the comparisons between religions but overall pretty good. I think you neglected the issue that many middle eastern societies are “shame honor” as opposed to “guilt” based. “Guilt” in western people is so of the scale we are doing everything possible to end one selves short of suicide.
      Demographics is destiny and the Muslims and the races that use it are very rapidly winning this “war” in the west. Superior birth rates were in fact a successful strategy used to take over Yemen in Islams early years and Muslim leaders are very aware of this.
      Women will likely be ruled by men again as Western women have become useless in their most basic function of having children, liberals are breeding themselves out of existence. It’s likely going to be Muslim men doing the ruling though a remote possibility that European males “balls up” and somehow manage to take charge.
      However it is not Islams attitude that caused this disparity. The western world rejected both Christianity and Nationalism, both beliefs which concerned themselves with the birt rate, in favor of Liberalism, Multiculturalism and Nihilism. It’s definitely nihilism because the answer of so many westerners is “I don’t care about religion, race or culture” they may even “virtue signal” by professing a touch of faux shame.
      Sharia will replace liberalism. Brown will replace White.

      1. Which saddens me because with Islam comes the Arabic language and alphabet…which I see as horribly cumbersome.

      2. The liberals are breeding themselves out of existence but those cocksuckers are creating new liberals by using schools and the media.

      3. And by 2050 , white people will become an endangered species. Unless artificial babies for homosexuals becomes a thing

      4. Great comment, I agree entirely. Demographics is destiny. Islam is spreading. Westerners are going extinct. Religion is necessary for survival.

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      5. Great article and great comment. I loved the article, best and most fair article from the Alt Right on Muslims.
        “However it is not Islams attitude that caused this disparity. The western world rejected both Christianity and Nationalism, both beliefs which concerned themselves with the birth rate, in favor of Liberalism, Multiculturalism and Nihilism”
        As for “out dated rituals” – they actually have a purpose. When a gorilla becomes a silverback his testosterone goes up but cortesol goes down. Cortesol is the stress hormone. So when I got sick when I was younger, went to the doctor, he noticed it was from my stress and I was acting beta like a chihuahua, yapping, not my calm self. My doctor recommended to meditate 3 to 5 times a day, with a matra, and a yoga sunset salute. That is the Muslim prayer… I was slacking with my prayer as I was in university and it was exam and paper time, and then I got sick.
        Islam was a religion developed in battle. When you are constantly stressed and live through war, like I have, Islamic or Rosary or Hindu or other mantras and combined with the yoga sunset that the Muslim prayer is founded on is very calming. Over time this neurofeedback studies prove alters brainwaves so you have more alpha brainwaves, smooth long ones responsible for calm. When you are stressed, you think in cycles and have lots of beta waves or thought waves bunched up together and fast. A person with a lot of alpha waves is “chill” and with lots of beta waves is nervous and neurotic.
        Islam was How to Survive War, Desert and Tough Times for Dummies. I think there is still hope for the west if people of faith come together and fight the left instead of each other.

        1. Can you explain why is it that the elites are pushing Muslims and Islam in the west? Are the elites trying to get us to hate islam and muslims for some specific purpose? is it to start more wars in the middle east and have our support since we will dislike muslims? or maybe try to destroy islam or weakened it ?
          I personally believed Judaism was hijacked. the Jews of Iran and Yemen don’t come across as maniacs. I also noticed it is the Ashkenazim Jews who are war hawks.
          Whenever i look at Soros face and many jewish elites, it makes me want to believe that khazarian conversion theory. Soros and many Jewish elites have flat faces and slanted eyes as if they have Asian blood in them.

        2. Loxism plays a big part, perhaps the major part. European people for all their technical and organisational ability are gullible and we’re kept like that by main stream media. Feminists, perhaps western women in general, seem to have decided to end our civilisation.

        3. You are on to something.
          Yep. The problem is the trauma of Ashkenazi jews. They hate both Christians and Muslims, and also hate on Yemenite, Separdic, Mizarahi (non Askhenazi jews).
          Judaism isn’t hijacked as much as only Orthodox Ashkenazim practice it. They are a minority. The problem is because they are the most visible jews they get attacked by anti-semites -red necks who mistake all jews for some PTSDed out Ashkenazi elite.
          Wars in the Middle East are caused by Russia, Iran for oil. Russia & Iran doesn’t want to to fix its corruption, but rather live off high oil prices. If you rob foreign businessmen trying to start a business in your country, they don’t come back and it’s hard to have jobs unless you have oil money to mask it. Without jobs, there is civil unreset and Putin and Ayatollahs would be overthrown. If they stop giving money to their corrupt buddies and not turn a blind eye to their stealing, they can get in trouble. It’s easier for Putin and Iran to cause trouble.
          Always follow the money. Now Putin Knows as a Russian about Ashkenazi PTSD. Ashkenazis lived in western Europe in the Dark Ages and Middle Ages and survived. Any minority that survived that time, has massive PTSD. It is hereditary. The result is they push themselves to be bankers, publishers, Hollywood to control the goy narrative. They are always fearing the next pogram, even though at this point it’s irrational, but they make it a self fullfilling prophecy. They were persecuted in the name of religion in the dark ages – so they rebel against it in a Trotskyite way – pushing socialism, secularism and perversion to fight religion.
          Meanwhile you are right, in the Muslim world in the Middle Ages, it was an age of enlightenment and now is the Dark ages or Middle Ages for the Muslim world. So Jews that lived in Muslim countries aren’t messed up because they were only persecuted in the 20th century when Muslims went secular but not before that. The rest have 2,000 years of PTSD. And PTSD, if left untreated is passed on to generations.
          Khazarian theory is not true. Most Askhenazis look Palestinian and most Palestinians you can’t tell apart from Askhenazis. The curly jewish hair is a Palestinian thing. Outside Morroco, few Arabs have that, and Moroccans have a different look. Many Palestinians also have lighter hair and eyes. Soros and Arafat have genetics in common, Arafat just had more jewish blood. Palestinians have the most common DNA with the original jewish inhabitants, they just were jews who converted to Christianity and then Islam over time. Palestinians are the bankers and violinists and most educated people in the Middle East.
          Yemenite jews are Arabs with no jewish blood whatsoever, they actually convernted, not Khazars, which is Russian propaganda.
          It’s simple really, Askhenazis have massive untreated PTSD. That is why they get “triggered”. All their actions, that you see SJWs copy, looks like mental illness, right? It’s because it is. If they treat their PTSD with neurofeedback and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, instead of being treated as special snowflakes, cultural marxism will grind to a halt. The reason such sick traumatized people didn’t get treatment is that when they went to America they were much more ambitious and educated than the average Sarah Palin. I mean compare Einstein to Sarah Palin.
          Ashkenazim Jews are hawks because they are scared. It’s PTSD, and there is treatment for it. They become elite out of their PTSD, not becoming a social worker even if they like social work but becoming a stock broker, mothers making sure their kid makes it into pre-Harvard training instead of the football practice he wants to go to. Imagine if you are mentally ill and think if your kid doesn’t get into Harvard your family will die. That is what they live with. It’s irrational, the Spanish Inquisition or Holocaust won’t happen tomorrow.
          They want to weaken ANY religion, Islam, Christianity and EVEN attack Israel for having Judaism. by the Iranian and Yemeni jews. Netanyhu is Sephardi, born in Israel, he drives Ashkenazis up the wall. Very popular with Arab jews, very respected by Arabs many of whom don’t like him but respect him for defending his people against Iran.
          They want Muslims and Christians to fight each other in the west, so that both would not unite and stamp out cultural marxism and mental illness as culture. They want to seperate the healthy people, divide and conquer, get the healthies to hate each other so that PTSD and mental Illness can be promoted as normal.
          I had PTSD when I was younger from surviving war – and it is not something that should be promoted as normal but should be treated. It is hard because you sound sane when you have PTSD, are lucid and rational, but you make choices that make you head to a crazy direction harmful for you, society and your loved ones. I know they have what I had, and think the answer is treatment. People should not stigmatize but encourage treatement for mental illness. One out of 5 Canadians has a mental illness, one out of 3 over their life time like depression. If people took their mental health as seriously as their physical health the world would be a better place.
          Imagine if someone has a cold, brings it to the office, infects everybody, the staff get sick,can’t work, get hospitalized, the business has to close and lose business for a couple weeks. Not acceptable, right? We don’t insist people with infectious diseases come to work, we insist they get treated. I think the same should be true for mental disease.
          Think of it, how can someone survive Spanish Inquisition, Deryfus Affair, Holocaust, Pograms, etc. without getting PTSD either through learned behavior by parents or through life experience? Iranian and Yemeni jews were not constantly persecuted before the age of secularism that is just recent for the middle east, so they don’t have PTSD. Jews from Arab countries are normal sane healthy red pilled people. They follow Orthodox Judaism. People who are not afraid to wear visibly jewish symbols and deprive themselves while living in modern debauchery are not corrupted.
          Also those who have religion and community statistically are much less affected by PTSD. It disproportionately affects secularists and atheists. So the mentally ill ones are mainly secular Ashkenazim. Mentally ill with money they use to normalize their mental illness, and divide and conquer the mentally healthy, including degenerate Soros pushing the Iran deal to hurt Israel because most israelis are a mix and much more healthy than secular Askhenazim in the west. Over 40% of US jews are “reform” aka fake religious. Only 4% of Israelis are. You are right, it comes from one small group among Ashkenazim in the west, and it’s a product of untreated PTSD.

    6. The 5 times a day prayers only take 5 minutes to do. You all have 5 minutes to waste on your smartphones, check your facebook, read this article, but 5 minutes of prayer (muslims call it meditation) time is too “cumbersome”. The author has further exaggerated on a lot of stuff here regarding entering the toilet and not being able to clean with your right hand. Those were old cultural traditions and do not hold in today’s day and age in Muslim societies in the West. Further, what other Abrahamic religion does the author propose to join? Judaism? You will never be considered Jewish because you were not born a Jew. And the last I heard, Jewish girls have all been on the cock carousel. Not to mention, they will only marry Jewish guys. Good luck if you are any other race asides a Jew. Christianity- well we don’t even have to go there. We know it’s a manipulated and made up religion, and how many true Christian followers do they really have. Even the church goers have done “sinful” things: molest little boys and Catholic school girls have all hoped on the cock carousel the quickest. It amazes me that ROK has written previous articles about the importance of God, Religion, and Patriarchy, and yet here is the one religion that doesn’t discriminate against race, color, or caste, and yet receives the most hate on this site simply because it’s compared to a false practice by terrorist scum and “Arabs”. Not sure what you guys want but the hypocrisy is just outstanding on this site.

      1. You mention sins by Christians such as little boys being molested. That is far far more prevalent in many muslim societies such as Afghanistan and Pakistan
        where it is socially acceptable. Not to mention the endemic corruption again more prominent in muslim cultures and lands. One final point Islam is clearly
        ridiculous it states the Qur’an is the unalterable final word from ‘Allah’. Yet the same book states the sun revolves around the earth clearly nonsense in Qur’an 91:1-2.

        1. yup, the term is bacha boy. I understood that gay porn is a popular porn genre in the muzzie world.

        2. Muslims aren’t better than Christians , both religions have a great capacity for misuse and both of its followers had committed atrocities. But I blame the people not the religion itself. Anyway the corruption thing is due to Islamic countries mostly being poor and the rich get to do whatever the fuck they want.
          PS : can you please show me the verse where it states the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth

        3. I did provide the Surah where the Sun revolves around the earth in my comment earlier read it.

        4. Sorry, I didn’t notice , but I can see your point, however the Quran never explicitly says the sun orbits the earth , it just mentions it’s in orbit and technically the sun orbits around the center of the Galaxy, it finishes a full round every 250 million years.

        5. You have Christian priests molesting little boys. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is a culture sect that engages in molesting little boys. Big difference! And your facts about Quran 91:1-2 are so incorrect. There is not one line in that verse that is stated that the sun revolves around the Earth. Stop trolling for the sake of it.

        6. Not true really, the Qur’an represents a geo-centric and pre-scientific view of such matters as people in 7th Century Arabia would understand such things.

        7. You found some fake ass video on the internet and claim it’s the “truth”. I think I’m done arguing with you based on where you get your facts and education on this matter.

        8. Fine, you can go and troll somewhere else I guess the beheading videos and 9/11 were fake as well.

        9. That’s due to polygamy being allowed. Polygamy lends itself to easy nepotism and men looking for ANYTHING to fuck.

        10. That’s maybe true, also in Islamic societies it allows the top 15% of income earners to marry all of the women. This leads a large amount of the male population (the average earners) to have difficulties in seeking a partner. This is one reason why homosexuality is far more prevalent in Islamic cultures than in western ones, in spite of Islam’s harsh treatment of gays. There is also some truth to rumours involving goats in many cases I heard of genuine examples.

        11. It’s probably not a popular opinion, but in terms of building and maintaining societies, rampant and encouraged polygamy is just as bad as hypergamy.

        12. Its not acceptable but its going on because of lack of law enforcement or heavy corruption.
          Its neither part of christianity nor islam.

      2. Don’t know where you got the idea that the prayers only take 5 minutes. Maybe the salat-al fajr only takes 5 minutes IF you only do the fard rakat and IF you only count the time it takes to do the actual prayer itself.
        But the salat al-asr, if you do to mustahab rakat in addition to the fard rakhat, and if you count the time it takes to do the necessary preparations (wudu, finding Mecca, putting the prayer mat down juuuust so etc) – that will take about half an hour.

      3. “The one religion that doesn’t discriminate against race, color, or caste … ”
        Yeah. About that. Try living as a Bangladeshi Muslim immigrant to Saudi Arabia. The best job you’d be able to get is Taxi Driver and the natives will call you ‘Meskin’ (rough translation: ‘Hobo’ or ‘Dirty Beggar’). And don’t think this is merely a result of the Saudis’ desire to hang on to their culture or some other semi-legitimate reason to be anti-immigration in general; immigrants from other Arab countries and, to a lesser extent, from the West (even non-Muslims) do not receive this kind of treatment – at least not anywhere near to the same degree.
        If you need to see it for yourself to believe it, go and convert. Then try to find a wife. I’m sure any father at the mosque will be just as agreeable to his daughter marrying you as he would any other Muslim man of comparable status; so long as you have the wherewithal to keep his daughter in the style to which she has become accustomed, he will be just as keen for his daughter to marry you as he would for her to marry a man of the same race as her.
        Because Muslims treat all other Muslims as brothers in faith and consider all Muslims to be equals regardless of race; as The Good Prophet said in his last sermon: “There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab, nor for a non-Arab over an Arab. Neither is the white superior over the black, nor is the black superior over the white — except by piety.”

      4. I agree it takes only 5 min but it can take 8-10 min if praying all unnecessary rakahs.Bathroom rituals except washing private parts are excessive you can choose to leave them but muslims in majority only use left hand to wash its true.and right hand to eat only.Those sunnahs are going strong.
        But discussing relgion online is futile besides people cannot think of islam without added terrorism to its tail.

    7. Then we should call them haters and islamophobic. The cucks and lefties will love that, for superficially different reasons.
      I say the muslims have the right idea in public, and then describe their one fatal flaw that hinders them from building civilization: they allow polygamy, which leaves a great portion of men ‘fucking goats’, and they eventually become violent, which is why sectarian violence is so common and easy to promote if you are a western government.

  1. I think the idea is to find the true religion not whatever religion best conforms to your personal beliefs.

      1. Oh so did I. I dislike their economic stuff and toilet routines etc but I like how they are able to keep their women in check.

      1. I’m Catholic, my point is irrespective of the religion discussed in the article.

    1. You mean prowling people’s sacred places to find the best personally suitable environment for trying to score women is somehow ignoble, disingenuous, or even fleshly and not spiritual?!?

    2. And what is the true religion? (rhetorical question, none proved to be the true one)

    3. Well as a atheist I would pick Southern Baptist. I don’t know it thats a “true religion” but their sermons are alway entertaining.

    1. Wait till he gets the Shia DLC expansion and has to whip himself (but it does reduce your prayers to 3 times a day within damaging your health bar).

  2. The ecomonic and financial points in Islam are very interesting given the times we live in now. Jesus turned the tables on the money changers, and God hates interest, usury. In Islam you cannot use ecominc trade as a weapon, that the market has to determine the price, and that gold and silver is money. A very important principle is that risk and reward must be married in financial transactions. So a CDO, or credit default swap would be a big no no.

    1. Jesus turning over the tables in the temple was for a specific reason, and it wasn’t because He hated money or money changing. They were conducting business in a place not suited to it for holy reasons, ergo, He got ticked off. Now if He’d went around Jerusalem turning over tables of merchants and money changers just out of spite, then the Left could use Him as their poster boy for socialism. But He didn’t.

      1. I’m not implying that Jesus hates money. The money changers were ripping off the temple visitors by forcing them to buy another currency , and they were skimming off the top (less gold in their coins). They were crooks, as they always have been and always will be. in Islam, it is said that God declares war on the bankers.

      2. If anything the act was anti government as the Jewish money changers were an enforced monopoly that was ripping the people off and preventing the poor from bringing offerings to God. Kinda a primitive form of socialism if you ask me.

        1. Yes, exactly. They were doing things that God Himself found objectionable. It had nothing to do with interest, money changers or basic market dynamics, as so many on the Left like to claim.

        2. Yes Jesus was most certainly not a socialist and would find socialism most abominable as it robs man of his natural God given gifts, denies God, and steals the fruits if his labor. But in all fairness I am against usury as it allows for the formation of powerful small groups that use interest to their advantage and produce nothing as is seen in the temple. Kind of like how a bar can create alcoholics, does this make a bar intrinsically evil? To be honest I will need to research the Churches teachingso more to have a better understanding of this.

        3. A counterargument would be the fact that fair interest practices can be beneficial for all.
          Example: A bank loans an individual money for him to start his own business. The business is wildly successful and the man pays back the loan and interest. Both parties have benefited and the bank can then repeat the process for others.

        4. It’s a tool like anything else, and can be used for good or evil. That’s true of *any* tool. Your objection to usury is the same exact argument people use against gun ownership in the states (in essence I mean, not in exact wording).

        5. I wouldn’t disagree if you were to say that loans are the grease of our economic engine. In fact I do believe that they are beneficial to many in individual cases. I used to be fervently in favor of usany and banking. However now that the financial sector has eclipsed much of the economy in this country I have been forced to reevaluate my beliefs. It does seem to me that although usury does provide for an economic stimulus in the long run it is detrimental as it forces people to pay much more for what things are worth. Therefore it siphons off money from producers and gives to Lenders thus concentrating power into the hands of a few who produce nothing. Furthermore because more money is being taken out of the system the money supply will always need to be increased thus devaluing currency and robbing people of their saved money. As a caveat it can be useful for those who need capital in order to create and innovate. However for those it’seems kinda like riding a wave with a false move your drowning in debt.

        6. I guess I could sum up my argument like this: banging tons of hot chicks is great, but eventually your going to wind up with a country full of ho’s

        7. It’s a tool in the abstract sense. A tool can be defined as “anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose:” ( So that includes not just guns, but also usury and, heck, language if you get down to it. It’s a value neutral thing, only human’s add a moral (or immoral) component when using it.

        8. But it doesn’t force anything. Nobody is compelling you to use a credit card whose interest rate you agreed to, nobody is compelling you to take out a $500k mortgage, etc.

        9. I follow the rational of your argument. However, not to be too abstract, Usury is a behavior and behaviors can always can be categorized as moral/immoral. I do agree everyone does usury with a specific goal in mind, so in that respect yes it is a tool. But because it is an action it does fall under a morality. Look I’m not one of those people who think that borrowing is all bad, heck I’ve taken out loans myself, in fact our economy is so debt based I don’t know how anyone would go through life without out incurring some debt somewhere. Yet I do believe in the aggregate that it inevitably creates evil.

        10. Very true, and I am all for voluntary transactions, yet I think in the aggregate it produces deleterious effects for everyone. I think even when we had a much freer economy people knew this and sought to ban central banking. I do know that we used to have tougher regulations on what financial institutions could do. Not saying borrowing should be made illegal or anything like that, but that it is not the best, or moral, economic system to have. Im still formulating my opinion on this so I may change my mind

        11. Hmmmm, remember that the derivatives crisis came on the heels of the great de-regulation of that Market, during Clinton’s administration. Otherwise the great financial crisis that the West is experiencing, wouldn’t have happened, at least in this form.

        12. I find it funny how a long standing issue can be blamed on “deregulation” most of the time by the Left. They’ll take a problem fifty years in the making, and the moment one single law is repealed and the event happens, why, it’s because the law was repealed.

        13. I see no inevitability in it. It can create evil, or it can also do good. The end result comes from people, not it specifically.

        14. Normally you are right but in this specific case, the repeal of the Glass Steagal was like handing gas and explosives to proven pyromaniacs. The results are too evident to ignore.

        15. This and this alone!
          If I hear one more time someone say anything to the effect of
          1) I’m in so much debt because of this 32% interest on a credit car
          2) my two car leases I can’t get ahead
          3) student loans I took out are unfair
          4) my mortgage is killing me
          I’m going to lose it. Want to complain, complain about how you are being taxed. But if you had info up from and signed the papers then that is your own damn fault. Take some fucking responsibility for your actions

        16. Hitler became literally Hitler after having known about those merchant jews… True story. But he was no Jesus, so…

        17. True, but we should not be allowing a system that supports predatory finance. Fact is that if you waive the idea of homeownership in some people’s face, that don’t deserve it, and then tell them to sign a variable high interest loan lots of people are always going to do it. I do agree with you on principle that ultimently the fault lies with the borrower, yet when you have banks telling illegal aliens to falsify their income so they can apply for toxic loans in order to have a home The inevitability is that this kind of behavior will lead to severe economic consequences for most everyone.

        18. My parents gave me this advise at a very young again! NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING ON CREDIT. I didn’t listen and became a slave to each pay cheque and my job! Since cutting all my CCs up, my life is 100x better cause I have no debt and a savings account compare to being in debt for 10 long years (slavery)!!!

        19. Sufi Muslim here. Another reason I believe why interest is forbidden is because it leads to entitlement and inflated prices. So many people live a lifestyle they cannot afford, due to credit. There are loans in Islam that is the principal plus extra, but the calculation and derived values are different, not an arbitrary value. I don’t know the specifics though. I personally believe that only basics like an entry level home, entry level car, etc. should be eligible for loans. This reduces the loan factor and more importantly, would reduce the supply of money in those sectors, thus reducing demand for above entry level cars and homes. This would essentially crash the housing and luxury vehicles market, lowering them closer to the true value and rewarding those who actually work hard to get the higher end things in life.

        20. A man who collects money from the bankers to “start his own business”, will nearly never be successful. It implies that he does not have any marketable skill. A man with capability will take on equity, and not debt. Debt is used to expand business, not start it.

      3. I thought he was trying to do the trick where he just pulled the table cloth out and botched it to show that even he was fallible in his miricle performing

  3. About available time… its incredible the time and effort muslims waste. Thats one of the reasons behind their lack of (mathematical, scientific, technical and economic) advancement.
    I have many muslim co workers. They are all nice people. But they waste so much time washing hands, praying and fasting (ramadam, when in period, when they masturbate…)
    I sometimes find them sleeping on the keyboard, because they didnt eat, drink or sleep during fasting.

        1. Just stop trying to prove me wrong with anecdotes. Good mathematical research is done in USA, Europe, Corea and Japan.

        2. Well since you bought up such an image. Allow me to educate you if you so dare care to take a few seconds. The image portrays the Shiites ceremony of Ashura wherein Shiite Muslims gash their foreheads in remembered of the prophets grandson in an effort to atone for their sins etc etc. but yea wait every religion has some fucked up thing about it. Some more extreme then others but that’s religion at a whole. But don’t let me get in the way of the image you force fed down your throat like that lubricated cock you inbred hick

        3. If you are a Moslem not of Arabian descent, you’re the inbred hick, cockgobbler.
          As far as is known, that Jewish circumcision takes place once at 8 days old (Moslems do it at 13, no?)
          The Shee-itAss-whoreuh is a yearly holiday…

        4. Are you trying to deflect criticism of Islam by pointing out the Jews do more fucked up shit as if that will deter criticism? Do you think ROK is a bunch of Jew lovers?

          I had how ignorant people keep bringing that idiotic shit up about Islam creating advanced civilizations; NEWSFLASH, Saudi Arabian believed the Earth was FLAT UP UNTIL 1968! THEY HAD TO BE TAKEN TO OUTER SPACE TO FIGURE THAT THE EARTH WAS NOT FLAT! MEANWHILE NON-MUSLIMS LIKE THE ANCIENT INDIANS AND GREEKS FIGURED OUT THAT THE EARTH WAS NOT FLAT!

    1. They do the fasting bit to develop piety. All but the most dedicated Muslims fail, as evidenced by them gorging themselves at night. In Dubai, during Ramadan, hospitals work double shifts for this reason.
      That being said, this can be effectively counter-acted by organizing work shifts to accomodate the rolling prayer schedules, something done in Muslim countries. Unlike what many people here will tell you, Muslims are not nearly as useless as they seem.

      1. You’re absolutely right, all that we have to do is simply stop working for a significant part of the working day, generally give over control of all discipline etc. to a small group of employees who don’t consider themselves to be done a favour when whomever they are opposed to offered any sort of compromise. The other option of course, which is rarely discussed is to not bother in the first place.

        1. There is such a thing as rolling prayers. Islam has prayers in blocks of time, not specific hours. If you weren’t the typical ignorant right-winger you find here, you’d possibly know that.
          Having groups of employees do a rolling break can work. But then again you don’t really care about what works do you? Islam is the enemy

    2. I don’t know where you are making your assumptions from. Most Muslims I know are highly educated individuals who have contributed enormously to research and development especially in the medical field. You will see lots of Muslim names prop up in pretty much all major medical and science journals

    1. You rang my friend? lol it’s been fun. But no I’ve been reading more and more articles on ROK and other sites… You’d be surprised with the changes I’m making. Great article btw. Anyone seeking knowledge and experience gets a pass from me. Impressive as well.

  4. This is boring. The country with the world’s largest muslim population is indonesia. The women are easy, make you feel like a rock star or james bond. You can’t keep the bitches away. You will have to change hotels frequently to shake them. This article is a steaming pile of bullshit. ROK talks about unplugging from the matrix, bullshit. The article is the foundation of the matrix.

    1. “You can’t keep the bitches away.”
      What’s your height? You must be 7″0′ or something?

  5. If you’re a theist, or inclined that way, I wouldn’t associate “amount of time in rituals” with “God gives me credit for the additional effort.” The two aren’t related.
    You can approach Him the way He asked, call Him by His name, direct your prayers to Him by His proper identity; or frankly waste a lot of time like the pagans who babble endlessly while never heard.
    Islam has some truth about God’s nature, but boy did they miss the boat on the important stuff!

    1. I’ve heard it alleged that Muhammad was actually a Khazar. In examination of Muslims “salvation by works” and “making the law of God of none effect due to their man made traditions” I can definitely see striking similarities to the Tradition of the Elders/Phariseeism and Islam. Phariseeism/Judaism being the same thing, and the preferred religion of the Khazars down to present, it’s an interesting possibility.

      1. The problem is that Arabs are obsessed with lineage. So the Prophet Muhammad’s family history is traced back to Ishmael, son of Abraham.
        Khazars are a Turkic people, they have no relation to the Arab peninsula.

        1. Right, it goes back to the promises Abraham’s seed were to get through Isaac, not Ishmael. Like Edom, Ishmael and his descendants coveted those promises and came up with their own religions to place themselves as the recipients.
          This link illustrates the “genetic brotherhood” between Arabs and Jews. It’s from the BBC so most of the commentary has to be taken with a grain of salt. It perpetuates the false assumption that Khazar “Jews” are the Judahites of ancient Palestine, but the findings about the “genetic brotherhood” with Arabs are what’s telling. The BIblical Israelites were forbidden to intermarry with the people who lived around them. The Arabs, Canaanites, Edomites, etc. did not practice this prohibition.

    2. There are only two kinds of men who claim to know the “important stuff”: Prophets and sinners.

      1. You forgot the third kind John, those who pay attention to what the prophets say about sinners.

        1. You might have given me something to think deeply about. On one hand, they seem always too sure in their beliefs… On the other hand, they fence their lives in unrealistic rules made by someone else… to mask inner insecurities.
          I lost contact with moralistic people too long ago, and their relationship with “important” deserves investigation.

        2. I understand how excess moralism can be a permanent turn off and a sign of some deeper problem (on the part of the self appointed “preacher”), and I respect your cautious viewpoint.
          Yes, certainly prudence is the watchword and I wish you luck in your efforts to find the truth wherever it leads.

    1. That’s where kratom started with muzzis in south east asia. They need a way to get buzzed that ins’t alcohol. They make tea with it.

  6. There are some interesting economic ideas, such as prohibition of usury (earning interest without being exposed to the risk of the investment) and taxation of wealth (which is rarely taxed in the west) but not trade (which is highly regulated and taxed in the west). Hoarding for speculation is prohibited.
    Usury is charging exorbitant interest, not regular interest. I’m very attached to the modern financial system and I know I’ll attract flak for this here but I don’t care. I find any idea of returning to the gold standard or using the sukuk system (interest-less banking system) or full reserve banking system very dubious.
    Wealth IS taxed in many places in Europe (capital gains tax) and I wish it weren’t. In fact EVERY stage is taxed in the West, You pay income tax, corporate tax (except for the elites who escape it), VAT, sales taxes, import taxes, taxes on oil products on top of VAT etc. And what little you keep to invest gets taxed again with capital gains tax, dividends tax etc. The West is a tax HELL.
    I really loved when I still received, say, 4.5% interest on my savings account and I don’t see that as immoral. I lend money to the bank who lends it down the line and it is a service that they provide for a return which is only normal in my book. Otherwise you end up with just paying fees and charges. Nah thanks but no thanks, keep the interest system alive. (but please go back to moderate inflation + moderate interest a bit above inflation rate)

    1. Wealth IS taxed in many places in Europe (capital gains tax)
      I have always understood a ‘wealth tax’ to be a tax on a (more-or-less) static asset, say a piece of real estate or the amount in your savings account. A capital gains tax seems like it would be better defined as an ‘income tax’, as it taxes the difference between a purchase and sale, leaving the principal alone.
      It’s unclear if the article makes the distinction the same way I do, although it would seem to make more sense if it does. The west, as far as I am aware, indeed rarely taxes wealth (my definition).

      1. Oh there is such a tax in France too, called “l’ISF” (Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune) or solidarity tax on wealth.

    2. Usury is charging exorbitant interest, not regular interest.

      Incorrect. Biblically, interest and usury are synonymous. The Hebrew word for:
      Usurer is “nashah”. It means, ” … to lend … on security or interest.”
      Usury is “neshek”. It means, “… interest, usury…”
      “Nashah” and “neshek” are from the root word, “nashak”, which means “… to strike with a sting (as a serpent); figuratively, to oppress with interest on a loan”. The Greek the word is “tokos” and means, “…interest on money loaned…”.
      Usury is a form of theft prohibited under the 8th commandment (You shall not steal). Again, for emphasis, usury is theft and flat out forbidden under the 8th commandment. No where, in the entirety of Bible law, is there any provision for “charging regular, but not exorbitant interest”. All interest is usury and usury is interest (Exodus 22:25, Leviticus 25:35-37, Deu 23:25-27). The only time usury is not considered theft is when charged to a foreigner.
      “…if a man is righteous … he does not lend money on interest….” (Eze 18:5-8)
      The Muslim’s rejection of usury on moral grounds is one of the few things they have right. The Amana mutual funds cater to Muslim investors, including the “Muslim” prohibition of usury, and are pretty decent funds. I chalk it up to this principle.
      Rejection of the Biblical principles of forbidding usury, debt release every 7th and 50th years, and the prohibition against entering into agreements (including financial agreements) with non-Christian nations is directly responsible for the debt slavery Western nations are currently in. Read Deuteronomy chapter 28. The Askenazi Khazars have done a brilliant job of enslaving the world with their usury.

      1. You’ve tried to sneak in the concept of interest into the 8th commandment. Interesting because the commandment says nothing about interest, you just kind of glommed it in there.

        1. Exactly. It would be theft only if you didn’t agree to it.

        2. I think that’s where the term unreasonable comes into play with regards to interest. Someone might feel boxed into a situation where loan sharking appears to be the “only” solution. The Bible does not want to see such a person accept unconscionable terms for a loan.
          Although, indentured servitude is acceptable as a form of payback for a debt.

        3. It does say something about interest. It says, “you shall not steal”. The Bible further defines charging interest as theft.
          Every law is made up of commandments, statutes, and judgments. The best comparison I’ve heard to introduce this concept to those unfamiliar is man’s law of, “You shall not speed”. That’s the commandment, but what does it mean? It’s defined by it’s statutes, such as “you shall not go faster than 15 in a residential area”, etc. Without statutes to further define the overall commandment, there is no definition of exactly what “speeding” is. Finally, all law is useless without a judgment, because those inclined to break it would have no incentive to obey.
          The Torah is full of mention of not just the commandments but the statutes. Outright theft is the most common understanding of the 8th commandment, but there are more ways to steal not covered by limiting “you shall not steal” to just that, including usury. Property rights, inheritance, outright theft, burglary, grazing rights, accidental damages, trusts, borrowed items, rented items, hired items or people, pledges, surety, lost and found, labor laws, and even a man’s virgin daughter are all addressed in Biblical law. These are all statutes that fall under the commandment, “You shall not steal”.
          Instead of saying, “You shall not forcefully seize your neighbor’s goods, covertly seize your neighbor’s goods, charge interest, violate property rights, burglarize, graze another man’s field, accidentally damage your neighbors things, violate a trust, violate a borrowed item, cheat the poor, steal a man’s daughter’s virginity, etc. . . ” the moral concept is covered in summary as “you shall not steal”, because all of these things involve unjust acquisition, or “stealing”.

        4. Interesting because the commandment says nothing about interest.

          Common misconception. God’s law consists of commandments, statutes, and judgments. The statutes flesh out the commandments, which are an overall heading. Usury is a form of theft, which falls under the 8th commandment:
          “If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury.” (Exodus 22:25)
          And if thy brother be waxen poor, and fallen in decay with thee….
          Take thou no usury of him, or increase: but fear thy God; that thy
          brother may live with thee. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase.
          (Leviticus 25:35-37)
          Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money,
          usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury:
          Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that Yahweh thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to…. (Deuteronomy 23:19-20)

        5. I find a lot of value in your posts and respect your intellect, depth and passion. I’m curious however, how it is theft in any of those passages? Ok, yes, clearly you present a case that God wasn’t for usury within the family or who were destitute, but He seems ok with it to a non-friend/non-family “stranger” who wasn’t poor. At no point has it been defined as theft.

          Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury</blockquote.

        6. Thanks, GoJ. The sentiment is mutual.

          I’m curious however, how it is theft in any of those passages?

          Usury is one of the most muddied Biblical subjects and I think arguably one of the first in history to be muddied. In order to establish it Biblically as a statute of the 8th Commandment, and thus theft, it may prove useful to use Bible commentary on the subject. I think the understanding that it was theft, and how, has been mostly lost today whereas it was somewhat a given in centuries/millenniums past. I’ll start with the clincher on the issue from Jesus Himself:
          “And the one also who had received the one talent came up and said, ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow and gathering where you scattered no seed.” – Matt 25
          This slave was accusing his Master of “reaping where He did not sow” and “gathering where He scattered no seed”, or in other words, calling his Master a thief:
          He said to him, “By your own words I will judge you, you worthless slave. . . Did you know that I am an exacting man, taking up what I did not lay down and reaping what I did not sow? Then why did you not put my money in the bank, and having come, I would have collected it with interest?’ Luke 19
          In other words, “OK, you say I’m a thief? Then why didn’t you use the talent I gave you and thieve for me by charging interest? You’re so worthless a slave you couldn’t even accomplish the most lazy way to steal- charging interest.” Also consider:
          “He that by usury and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he shall gather it for him that will pity the poor.” -Pro 28:8
          Here usury is equated with “unjust gain”, which is another way of saying “theft”, which is what the 8th Commandment deals with.

          Ok, yes, clearly you present a case that God wasn’t for usury within the family or who were destitute, but He seems ok with it to a non-friend/non-family “stranger” who wasn’t poor.

          I’m going to quote from one of my favorite pastors as he does an excellent job of explaining this. I recommend his book on the 8th Commandment. Internet search “Missiontoisrael”, then “online books”, then “8th Commandment”, then scroll down to “usury” for a much more complete commentary on the subject:
          “Although the poor were singled out in some passages, this did not legitimize usurious loans to the rich. Consistency demands that if usurious loans to entrepreneurs or the rich are acceptable because certain passages cite the poor, the same criterion must be applied to other passages that also specifically cite the poor. This would mean, according to Exodus 23:6, we are allowed to pervert justice against the rich, and, according to Deuteronomy 24:14, we are permitted to oppress a wealthy hired servant. Just because Exodus 22:22 specifically forbids afflicting widows and orphans, does this mean we are permitted to afflict women and children whose husbands and fathers are still living? In all these instances, it is understood that although the poor, the widows, and the orphans are specifically mentioned because they are the most likely to be exploited, the law applies to everyone.” – Pastor Ted
          Usury was condoned for “strangers” because it was recognized as a tool of dominion. As the proverb says, “The borrower becomes the lenders slave”. This principle is listed among the curses of Deuteronomy 28 resulting from disobedience to Yahweh’s law:
          “The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you will not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you will be the tail.” -Deu 28
          . . . which is one of the curses the West find themselves experiencing right now. Japan just passed China for which alien owns most of our national debt.
          “Yahweh allows Israelites to charge usury to non-Israelites (Deuteronomy 23:19-20), irrespective of their monetary status. This also dictates that usurious loans are not to be made by one Israelite to another Israelite, regardless of their monetary status. Even a non-usurious business loan between Christian Israelites would result in the deliberate oppression and enslavement of one’s brother (Proverbs 22:7) – how much more so a usurious loan. North admitted that a usurious loan to a foreigner is a means of subduing him:” – Pastor Ted

      2. From a quick google search:
        the action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.
        “the medieval prohibition on usury”
        synonyms: extortionate moneylending, shylocking; informalloan-sharking
        interest at unreasonably high rates.
        I care not what the bible says as it is a work of fiction.

        1. You care not what the Bible says because you’re a fool. There’s no more historically accurate piece of literature known to man than the Bible.
          Regardless whether you believe it or not, the moral concept of usury originates with BIblical law, and the Bible authors the concept of usury. I, and any thinking man regardless of faith, care not for whatever contemporary “definition” you dig up in which some man attempts to redefine the term usury to fit the definition of his (and your) choosing. It was likely a Khazar Jew or someone under Talmudic influence.
          The concept, Author, and definition of usury as any interest whatsoever, originates with the Hebrew Israelites and was codified circa 1500~BC. This fact is undeniable and only a fool with a bias would argue otherwise. The beautiful thing about the truth is that it stands as such regardless of how much someone might want to deny it, bash it, ignore it, or pervert it. Usury is theft. Period. Your assertions on the topic are the work of fiction.

        2. And another godbot needs to resort to name calling when one doesn’t gobble up the faery tale like him. Classic. Next.

        3. I care not what the bible says as it is a work of fiction.

          Your ignorance was apparent without having to say this. The Bible predates every other source, defines, and is the Author of what usury is, not a “quick google search”. The same can be said for every other word game people try to play such as “alternative lifestyle” instead of abomination, “abortion” instead of murder, and so on.

        4. A fool is someone who lacks understanding. It’s far from an insult, instead, it’s an accurate description of a person. You’ve got a knack for getting words wrong for sure. Thanks for helping me demonstrate my point with your vitriol.

    3. Capital gains taxes are not wealth taxes. They often impact the wealthy, but they are taxes on income, not wealth.

    1. one could argue the same about being in shape, getting ripped. having a six pack? Good things are worth the work.

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        3. I buy that. I don’t know much about the history. Had a ONS with one and a few weeks banging another in the distant past.

        4. Actually, the original Turks WERE WHITE! Many of the original Turks came from Central Asia, and they genetically close to the White Indo-european peoples that originated from Central Asia and Siberia, before they mass migrated to Europe…

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        7. No they were white you dumbass mentally challenged down syndrome gookoid; the Arab writers and chroniclers who brought the Turks to the middle east, AS SLAVE SOLDIERS AND AS SLAVES, described them as such. Ancient Persian and even Chinese writers are saying the same thing, even today Turkic people like the Tartars look pretty much like White people……

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        9. Nope! THEY WERE WHITE! Arab and Persian chroniclers noted many Turks and Turkics with red/blonde hair, and white features. When the Turks were brought in as slave soldiers in the Middle East, they were described as white; the Mamluk Turks were described as being whites by everyone who came upon them. Even today, one can see WHITE features in Turkic and Turkish populations.
          The population of Mongolia and Siberia and Central Asia, WAS ORIGINALLY FILLED WITH WHITE PEOPLE BEFORE THEY MASS MIGRATED TO EUROPE! The population today in that area is not the same as it was in ancient times, just like the population of North America is not the same as it was before Whites came there!
          They were not slaves to the Mongols. the Mongols employed and used various Turkish and Turkic auxillary troops and armies in their campaigns. Many of the Khanates of the Mongol armies were filled up with Turks; they were blonde/red haired and white looking people within Genghis Khan’s armies. The ORIGINAL HUNNIC EMPIRE, was A MULTI-ETHNIC CONFEDERATION, aka the Xiongnu, WAS STARTED AND PRIMARILY LED BY WHITE INDO-EUROPEANS! The Huns split up and one went into the Southern Asia, others went to to the Middle East, others went into China, and another went West to Europe; BUT IT WAS DOCUMENTED THAT MANY OF THE FORCES THAT FILLED UP THE HUNNIC EMPIRE WERE INDO-EUROPEAN WHITES!
          Lol the Huns were the ancestor’s of the Turks ROFLMAO! Where do you get your information from, ching chong ching chong ching chong communist TV? No credible scholar or scientist or historian says any such thing. It’s only you stupid gooks and zipperhead that would believe such bullshit, because of your fragile ego’s and small dicks! The Turks CAME WAAAAAAY AFTER THE HUNNIC EMPIRE EXISTED!
          Turks were white, and they raped/bred with lots of Mongoloid Asiatic women, and mixed/mogrelized with people of various differing ethnic groups when they began their expansion. A lot of China today has a lot of Turkic blood from before the Mongols; even a lot of so called people who called themselves Turkic, in places like China today have obvious White looking features.
          Sorry gook, but you need to open your small eyes to truth and reality!

        10. Nope they were white! The Turks look diverse due to how much mixing they have done, but early records and accounts describe them as looking like White people…..

        11. Ohh please, you dumb wannabe Asian white trash!! The Turks of today don’t even look White even though they raped your Greek and other White girls like crazy for the past 700 years. So please trying to make yourself feel good by robbing the success of us Asians.
          Heck, the next thing you will be doing is claiming the Mongols are white, too! LOL

        12. Only in your delusional mind, white trailer trash honky. Even the Turks of today don’t look that white, moron. And the ones that do look white were the results of us Asians raping and enslaving your pretty White girls for the past 800 years.
          Gook? I’m not a commie so your dumb label doesn’t stick to me, honky trailer trash. LOL

        13. dumbass, the Turks of today don’t all look white because I said they mixed with various peoples as they went over to different places , THAT IS THE REAL REASON WHY THEY LOOK SO MIXED! There are a lot of Turks actually do look white if you go to parts of Turkey/eurasia TODAY!
          Also dumbass, if you gooks and Mongoloids, whom were not the actual Turks; raped them for 800 years, which there is no real record of; since the people who actually raped whits girls were the barbary ottoman arab/moor corsairs; HOW COME THERE ARE STILL A SUBSTANTIAL NUMBER OF THEM THAT STILL LOOK LIKE WHITE PEOPLE WITHOUT ANY MONGOLOID FEATURES? Damn you fucking chingooks are dumb, and are affected too much by down syndrome!
          Also you moronic gook eyes can’t seem to understand the fact, THAT ARAB AND PERSIAN CHRONICLERS WERE ALL DESCRIBING THE TURKS WERE WHITE!

        14. ha ha ha haha ha ha ha; dumbass how come there are no asian genes in modern Greece today and how come there are no gook looking people that live in Greece today minus recent migrants and immigrants? How come the first Ottoman empire Sultan was described AS BEING WHITE WITH RED HAIR? How come nearly all the medieval depictions of Turks, SHOW THEM TO LOOK LIKE WHITE PEOPLE?
          Damn you are one stupid and ignorant gook, who has to to live in fantasy world and you have your down syndrome to help with that……

        15. What a total MORON you are, dumb honky white trash! The reason why SOME Ottoman Turks looked White was because they raped and enslaved your white girls while killing your UGLY white trashy men. Got it, moron?
          No Asian genes in Greece? How do you know that? The Turks raped the blonde haired, blue eyed Greeks out of existence and gave them the dark hair and black eyes! LOL

      2. The Levant are white. Look at Bashar Assad. i think it is because the Assyrians are Caucasian. I understand the euros also made kids with local Levant women during colonialism.

  7. As a Muslim I would say that hand washing and self-cleansing is a good thing, specially that non-Muslims almost always smell.
    As for the time consuming prayers. Ramadan is meant to be like this. Nevertheless, once praying is a part of your life you won’t be feeling that it’s taking too much, since the day is 24 hours anyway.
    Nice article btw, but further research is much needed.

    1. Yeah, when I wash my hands in the sink after going to the restroom, my not entering with my left foot and exiting with my right foot means that the odor sticks to me regardless.
      Americans (white generally) take hygiene to something approaching extremes. All shower once a day, some twice or more (obviously there are exceptions, I’m talking about the average person), and wear so many perfumes and colognes from the products they use to wash alone that we smell like flowers nearly all the time (or Axe). Middle easterners seem to be clean-ish, but no moreso than an average white American.
      It’s all in the footwork, I guess.

        1. Europeans, well, clearly don’t have the obsession with washing and cleanliness that Americans have. The closest to us, for obvious reasons, are the British. I’m not making any particular judgements, I think that Americans can go way too far with this obsession sometimes. On the other hand, I always know when I’m in Europe.

        2. I got your joke btw. I just feel badly for normal Europeans who have to accept the destruction of their culture and people because of one dumpy, ugly German kraut bitch.

        3. I was getting a bit worried there GOJ!
          I agree that Merkle is a vivacious tosspot.

        4. I fully agree with you on that one. Maybe its the barbarian in us that only washed only when we fell in the river whilst in battle or drunk, in a puddle. Hehe.
          There’s at least one dude in every car on the Paris Metro that reaks of onion.
          Parisians are the original BO merchants.

        5. The one thing I find odd about this obsession is the ass being left out of it. I don’t get why Americans have not fully adopted the use of a bidet. Paper just doesn’t get all the stench off no matter how visibly clean it looks lol

        6. The Ukrainians and Russians who have flooded Seattle. 15 years ago they smelled up a construction site. Now they are just like we are. Or put another way I used to tell them do not come to the job smelling like that again. I will fire you

        7. with a bidet, you’re basically shooting water mixed with someone else’s ass-juice right into your asshole. no thanks.

        1. How does footwork affect your nose and your ability to use it?
          Perhaps you never stink, good sir?
          It’s Friday on a three day weekend and I’m being a dick. Heh.

      1. No need for you to be on the defensive. Of course there are a lot of exceptions on both sides.
        “we smell like flowers nearly all the time”
        I like this.

        1. His point was that Americans over do the showering thing. That we rarely smell human more like flowers. That we would not find Islam so unusual in that way. Europeans and Mexicans think Americans are crazy like that

        2. When you state that everybody not Muslim stinks, don’t expect people to take it with a smile.

      2. My observation is the reverse. I’ve spent a lot of time around Saudis and Gulf Arabs. They, men and women smell like they bathe in bathtubs full of cologne and perfume. It can almost be choking when they walk by. As far as whites, I have never seen or smelled excessive perfume wear. At least not in my region.

    2. One aspect of Islam that I like is when Muslims fast (Eid or Ramadam) in solidarity with the poor. I think it makes one more great full for the food they have.

      1. That’s exactly the point of fasting in Ramadan.
        Islam promotes the idea of Community, and that one mustn’t be thinking only of himself, but should be thinking, and actively participating to the Whole Community.

    3. I find most westerners have very bad hygiene. When I was personal training it was a nightmare compare to other races. I found some thought putting deorant on = a shower. I found Indians worst tho!

  8. one first washes the left hand, then the right
    I must be missing a limb or something. I’m reduced to needing both of my hands to simultaneously wash the other. Geez, Muslims must think I’m some kind of animal.

    1. I would love to read that article too. I have the utmost respect for the Russian Orthodoxy. God speaks very highly of them even in Islamic texts! Surah # 30 – Ar Rum is an example.

    2. Me too. I’d be interested on an Mormon article as well. Roosh has mentioned (and I’ve noticed this myself) that Mormon girls seem devout and feminine. I’d like to know how they cultivate this in their church. Too many of our evangelical churches have fallen behind.

  9. For all of you who are confused about the meticulous Islamic details about stepping into a ‘dirty’ room with the left foot, or stepping into a pure room with the right foot etc. The reason behind all of those rules has to do with spirituality and what the new agers would call metaphysics. In the Sufi realm , you begin to understand that man has a physical body (as we are all aware of) and within us are energy centers, some call chakras, others will call the soul. And many of these practices are to keep our energy in balance and pure.
    This is why, everything that is involved in lets say ‘sex majick’, or satanic practices are forbidden. This includes vile stuff like no vaginal sex while your woman is menstruating , no sodomy ever, purification after sexual relations (shower or washing the goods). Ideally, you should not swear, control your anger, strive for a state of calmness and serenity. Its about creating a positive energy field, and this I tell you, is the stuff that women are very very attracted to. A strong man both in the world of reality and the realm of spirituality.

    1. Yeah I think the sufi lot that are spiritual philosopher types are fine. Many religions have those types and they keep themselves mostly centred on the spiritual.
      Unfortunately that’s not the people that are primarily in charge or the ones responsible for half the violence shit going on for the past 100 years. *cough * ksa

    2. Yeah cause everywhere there are muslims there is an extremely positive energy field.
      They never swear, are never angry and are always calm and serene.
      islam is a blood letting black magic religion if there ever was one.

      1. Sufi islam is different. I am not a muslim, but I know sufis are one of the few religious groups that can actually achieve a healthy truthful spirituality, nowadays.
        They are sometimes in farther opposition to Sunni or Shia Muslims than Christians or Jews…

        1. I have read that the Sufi order came out of a need for Islam to focus on the SPIRIT of the law, not just the rules. Much like that famous guy in the west with a first letter of J. The Sufis have also always been at odds with the mainstream of Islam because their insistence on the SPIRIT was an act of rebellion against the state. (There is that J guy again.)

        2. Exactly! The profoundly philosophical and metaphysical nature of Sufism is probably what grounds them to Beauty and Eternity, lost in other branches of Islam. As someone who deeply admires the thinkers of the Traditionalist School, I first contacted with Sufism through Guenon’s writings.
          Sufism is a fascinating school of the abstract, from Mercan Dede’s musical constructions (meditations of fractional time-space) to the ancient geometrical and mathematical researches of the Maghreb, Timbuktu and Iranian Sufis. Unfortunately, the language barrier has kept them relatively isolated from Western thinking.
          Their fiercest enemies are the Salafis, the kind of barbarian warmongers that created and still support the Daesh and other terrorist degenerates we constantly hear about. The problem of Salafis is the same of Socialists and predatory capitalists: a toxic ultra materialism and a crude absence of Spirit and Ethic. They build then a construct of meaningless morals, which they enforce through blood, misery and ignorant populism.
          I criticize Islam A LOT. But, in truth, all my criticisms have this small (HUGE, in a sense) exception called Sufism (or Tasawwuf).

        3. I think sufism was older and Islam just sat on top of it.
          i have met some Sufi’s and they emit a total different frequency to the other muslims, you can definitely see the light and love in their faces, their music is just amazing as well.
          It seems when Islam conquers lands that have long histories themselves, they co mix and it is a gentler version of Islam.
          Malaysia and Indonesia come to mind, and of course Iran, before the YUK got involved and they had to go full mohamed, but still you can see the grace and sophistication in their faces and they can still build beautiful things.

    3. “Its about creating a positive energy field”
      This. Yes, a lot of practices could be seen as being superstitious… but the point was the INTENTION of them. What was in the heart.
      In the west ( and almost the whole planet ), there are very, very, very few people who practice ANY sort of practice, spiritual/religious or otherwise, whose point is to create a positive energy and environment. The whole of western culture right now is to create the most POISONOUS environment for man to live in. Man is corruptible only in a poisoned environment.
      Heal the culture, heal the man, but each man must CHOOSE to be positive, to be a positive force in the world.
      This is why all religions state that if you want to change the world, you must first change yourself.

  10. In some areas in the Balkans you can see villages split in half Muslim half Christian parts. The former were converted during the Ottoman Empire rule. What strikes the outside visitor is that the Christian part usually looks much better – the houses, the streets, the whole infrastructure. Plus, the ringing of the church bells is far more pleasant to the ear than the loud prayer broadcast from the mosque’s minarets. The people from both parts are the same and very often even closely related.
    In these places, one can experience the difference between the two religions and why Europe created its beautiful civilization while the Muslim countries did not achieve much.
    There’s something wrong with Islam.

    1. I think its a logical idea to take a small sample size out of the Balkans and extrapolate it to apply to 1.7 Billion people in the world. Strong work.

      1. The same is true in the Middle East, back before they were basically genocided (a few years ago). The Christian parts were highly educated, clean and successful.

      2. Any culture that permits polygamy is inherently less creative and productive than monogamy, due to the former creating an underclass of men with no stake in society and no progeny. Monogamy, i.e Christianity, is the rule of good men who could otherwise take all of the women for themselves (e.g the Marques of Bath who has 70 mistresses on his estate) but share them out. Essentially it takes the underclass of men and gives them a legacy to work for by sharing the women. It is antithical to female nature, but well trained/ socialised women can see, as Christian women do, that it actually benefits them more than their own nature would create, as they have their own personal worker, instead of sharing some ruling class male. Monogamy = more workers committed to the future. It is also a superior form of socialisation, as Muslims are trying to be patriarchal but cannot see that it is incompatable with polygamy. Muslims have to socialise women through punishment and violence whilst feeding female polygamous nature. Instead, if they went fully into patriarchy, i.e monogamy, the socialisation would be intellectual for the women (monogamy = more free stuff and better living standards/ conditions) instead of being contradictionary with 1 foot in each world. Patriarchy is the goal of all good men who give a shit about their fellow men, and want their brothers to have wives and children. Muslims would happily accept the Quran and take 4+ wives and give the finger to 4 other men who are without a mate. Polygamy and inter-tribal warfare are interconnected, as the underclass of men are in a perpetual war against neghbouring tribes to steal women. Islam added polygamy as a rule precisely to create soldiers. Islam is essentially female oligarchy masquerading as patriarchy.

    2. I’ve read that part of the problem is that it is simply too hard to jive a traditional work week with traditional Islamic rites. Having to stop at different times of the day, five times a day, every day, is simply too distracting.
      This was the root of the problem at many companies in the USA in which the more devout Moslems would take their prayer breaks at any time they wished, as opposed to the “set in stone” break times as per company policy. These unscheduled breaks would lead to problems with productivity and these workers had to be replaced.
      This is also why in countries like Saudi Arabia, all of the higher end industry is run by westerners. There simply is no way to cultivate local talent.

      1. The “root” of that problem isn’t the companies however, it’s with the people who refuse to honour their word by working a solid fucking workday. In my experience they’re always looking for a reason to fuck around, complain and generally get as much for as little as possible.

    3. Muslims are inherently retarded and have a fatalistic apathy whereby they have no desire or capacity for self-improvement as it is left up to their crazed moon-God to dictate everything to them through the rambling of a schizophrenic cynophobic paedophile

      1. fuck Islam, and I hope it gets wiped off the map; it’s a shitty religion that has been keeping everyone in the dark ages and many areas with great potential; in the dust….

  11. I enjoy the story of the Prophet Muhammad, but as fiction goes, I prefer the story of Humpty-Dumpty. However, I have to admire how Muslim men burka-up their women, and police their behavior. Can you imagine Taylor Swift or Britney Spears going to Muslim Town, and looking for a hookup while partying. Talk about getting stoned…

    1. If only they would. It’s really a win win. We get rid of our worst lecherous whores and the Muslims get their blood lust out of their system.

      1. Hmm. Maybe we should start spreading rumors to sluts about how it’s a well-known fact that Muslim men are incredibly well-hung and brutal in bed. And due to the repression of their religion, they love to take out their urges on slutty Western women…might lower the population of said animals by a percentage point or two in a hurry. Some of the sluts would be vaporized, and some of the Muslim men would become slaves to that pussy and be destroyed. Win/win, as you said…

        1. If feminist had not so degraded what the word rape really means. They would quit having their violent rape fantasies with well hung men.
          No my dears the real thing will leave you scarred for life if you live through it

        2. The worst part about this is that the most alpha men I know are Somalis who are themselves massive players. Many of them have the same madonna-whore mentality a lot of people here have.

    2. Can you imagine Taylor Swift or Britney Spears going to Muslim Town, and looking for a hookup while partying. Talk about getting stoned…

      Yeah that’d go off as well as Emma Watson giving her “guys should be feminists” speech in places like Tehran, Riyadh or Karachi.

    3. Humpty Dumpty is boring. He never rubbed his dick between the thighs of a 6 year old and then came in her pussy when she was 9. Aisha makes Mohammed the most interesting man in the world.

  12. Cons: it’s a criminal insanity passing off as a religion and very incompatible with any rational culture. World War III will ensue as the elites keep bringing more of these fuckers over to the West.

  13. It is the last bastion of true Patriarchy.
    “There are some good ideas in the religion, and it is perhaps the only remaining bastion of patriarchy in the world today, but it focuses a little too much on the men.”
    Was this last sentence really written on ROK? Some SJW must have written this line, cause no man would right this with a straight face.

        1. well I hate to inform you but real spelling of Pi sounds like …pee. I guess teachers and professors didnt want that getting repeated in class. You are welcome for the red pill for pi.

  14. ‘In Saudi Arabia, there is a government agency charged with preventing degeneracy and promoting the sacred’
    Am I the only one who sees the paradox in ‘government promoting the sacred’? Sounds perverse.

    1. From a western sense it is paradoxical because we’ve all grown up with the idea that religion must be separate from the state.
      In Islam however, the mosque is the state.

      1. It’s just that in my eyes, everything is ‘sacred’. To ‘promote sacredness’ is like, I don’t know, promoting the existence of reality or the human need for breathable air. Sounds like extremely oppressive shit to me. I gotta say I’m fucking glad not to live in such a system.

        1. That’s the biggest problem with having the state united with religion. The declaration of any and all things as being “sacred” and thus “untouchable for YOU” is one of many things that can be abused.

        2. Funnily, “untouchable for YOU”, but not “untouchable for the people in the state”. As if they were “the chosen ones”. Ridiculous.

        3. You don’t believe in evil? If that is the case, then of course you can’t promote the sacred.

  15. From a logical and philosophical point of view, you can’t have many correct monotheisms. The first one to achieve global status should be the true, or you should be atheist. That is historical Christianism, judaism was only for a small nation. You cant believe in a good monotheistic God which let a “false” monotheistic religion to spread to humans first, for centuries. God should be evil to allow that. Islam claims that it came to correct the wrongs of Christianism. Since there is one God which has more or less the same attributes, primary cause, creator of material universe, all powerful you can’t have many monotheistic Gods.
    Also the scripture predicts the emerge of antichristian forces. A force that exactly denies that Christ is God
    John epistle.
    18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. 19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. 20 But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things. 21 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. 22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. 23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also. 24 Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning. If that which ye have heard from the beginning shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in the Son, and in the Father. 25 And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life. 26 These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you.
    Finally form an nationalist point of view historically islam is an alien hostile civilization to European peoples and nations. It is like joining an enemy family with which your family has a bloody feud for many years.

  16. Without question if Islam came out today it would be banned immediately for being a hate filled ideology – the koran makes mein kampf look tame!

    1. Really? I didn’t get any hate filled ideology when I read the book. Are you referring to anything specific you read in the Qur’an?

  17. Some years ago I went to a mosque every Friday for a semester in college. This was an ethnography for an anthropology class. Long story but I wasn’t treated with any suspicion and some even assumed I was Muslim already despite being white, blue eyed and of Irish descent. Met a couple of converts who matches that description as well.
    Didnt sense any overt pressure to convert me, although many wondered if that was my eventual plan.
    Overall, I could respect some things about it, but not other parts. Interesting experience altogether.

  18. In college, as a young professional western guy, I banged so many beautiful muslim broads from Saudi and Pakistani, beautiful girls. The only problem, they only did anal. Very clever people. But one way or another, the madonnas and the whores are the sames girls.

    1. Anal because the rationalisation hamster says “I’m still a virgin”
      Happens with Mormons, and Italian catholics too

      1. Especially those muslim broads that do makeup tutorials. Those ones are the freakiest.

    2. I would have loved to stick in their stinker. I always ended up with the “yeah I’m muslim, just don’t tell dad I’m hooking up with you” broads who only let me into the pink. I’ve said it in another article, but middle-eastern girls are the new Latinas.

  19. The picture posted about comparisons is wrong. Christianity has nothing to do with good deeds or baptisms, only belief on Jesus Christ and putting all of your faith on him is neccessary for salvation. Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh, did the work. Catholicism and any other denomination that teaches you have to have good works or that you can lose your salvation after believing on Jesus Christ is a false religion.

  20. “daughters can face threat of death for committing premarital sex”
    Women rail about patriarchy in the US and then bend over backwards to defend Islam without any sense of dissonance.

    1. It has become clear to me why women were always viewed as inferior to men. Their reasoning abilities just aren’t there.

      1. Men built, maintained and defended societies. Institutions that keeps a civilization going were developed by men. Men are also wealth creators. Women and children benefited from the works of men. Women were only supporters and many times parasites. kids are pretty much parasites until they reach adulthood.
        Universal adult suffrage needs to be revised. Perhaps raise the age limit to 21 or 25? I was actually thinking married women should be given the right to vote and not allow single women to vote. married women with kids would vote better since they have their skin in the game(they want a bright future for their kids).

        1. “Married women with kids would vote better since they have their skin in the game(they want a bright future for their kids)”
          Before this can happen, you need to get rid of no-fault divorce and also make the man the head of the family again. Never going to happen!

    2. Islam > polygamy > matriarchal. Patriarchy distributes females so each man has the oppotunity to mate and put his sexual energy into productive things. Matriarchy is where an Alpha gets all the women and creates an underclass of violent, boy-fuking homo nuts, aka Islam. Women love matriarchy as they use the female group to control the Alpha male (watch documentaries into polygamy and you’ll see it is female group rule). Feminism is more at odds with Christianity than Islam.

  21. Sufi Muslim here. On your more objective cons (not subjective ones):
    *Time consuming/rituals- these are either considered mandatory or recommended. The author confuses some things that he thought are obligatory, when they are just optional. Most are optional; the rituals are there for anyone who wishes to spiritually progress, although there are many other ways to do so.
    *Easy to casually join- it is easy. Simply repeating the testament of faith in front of Muslim witnesses is enough to join.
    *Negative traits of men-I see them as stereotypes rather than traits.
    Also, men and women are liable for equal punishment for premartial sex, which is lashing. Death is for adultery. However, punishments for premartial sex is more lenient depending where you go to, and how it is meted out. I like how the punishment for perjury is the punishment the other one would have gotten, were they guilty.
    The 5 times a day prayer each only take around 5-10 minutes. If the prayers are read with congregation, then it only takes long cuz people gather, talk, waste time, etc.
    I think the socioeconomic advantages are great. Huge tax savings are gained via corporal punishments, which not only gets people back to work faster, it saves on prison costs. Corrupt bankruptcy do not exist, thus preventing people from using other people’s money to bypass risk. People are liable for the shared risks. It also relies on a flat tax system. Another thing I really like is how, if someone commits a crime, they are actually helped by the government if they were doing so out of need. Similar to Toyotas TQC (total quality control), whenever there is a problem, the government works to rectify the mistake, thus leading to continual development.
    I’d like to expand, but it would take a while. You can ask me anything though

    1. I am finding that Islam is actually the only sane path in this crazy world. The more I research the more it makes sense.

      1. Unfortunately, no good Islamic government exists. Even though my area has a good amount of Muslims in the area, they hold extremist and dogmatic views. Honestly, it is getting harder to find decent people in the area.
        If you want a good islamic spiritual book, I highly recommend “in the mystic footsteps of saints”. It is free on amazon. A gradeschooler could understand it, yet it is dense with insight, written by a true Sufi master.

        1. Thank you, I will read it. Yes I do agree that there is no good Muslim government. I have yet to meet a Muslim with extremist views. I see a peace in their way of life, a balance which I think is worth exploring. There is very little battle of the sexes. That harmony is missing from us in the West. The constant friction grates on my nerves.
          I am not one who gets bogged by politics or media manipulation. I will explore with an open mind.

        2. >I have yet to meet a Muslim with extremist views
          Or so you think. You probably did and they just were not obvious. Read about taqiya. Muslims can lie and misrepresent themselves to further their cause.

        3. OK did a basic Google search for Taqiya. From Wikipedia: Taqiya (تقیة taqiyyah/taqīyah, literally “prudence, fear, caution”)[1][2] is an Islamic term referring to precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice in the face of persecution.[3][4][1][5] Another term for this concept, kitmān (lit. “action of covering, dissimulation”), has a more specific meaning of dissimulation by silence or omission.[6][7]

      2. Careful. You can not work for your salvation. Any religion promoted and defended by the left is going to lead you straight to hell.

        1. You wrote that you are finding Islam is the only sane path in this world. On the surface there may be admirable qualities, like they’re women, but the road to salvation in Islam relies squarely on the individual hoping that his good deeds will outweigh his bad deeds in the day of Judgement and be accepted by Allah into heaven. Hence why you see Muslims driven to desperate acts of violence to prove themselves worthy. Salvation and reconciliation is the theme of the entire Bible and is always achieved in both the Old and New Testaments by having faith in God alone. No amount of good works can put you par with the creator of the universe. Muslims say the Quran is a continuation of the Bible but is in clear contradiction with the Biblical plan of salvation thus leading people away from faith in Christ and the forgiveness of sins. Be skeptical of any religion not attacked by the left whose prevailing ideaolgy is atheism and do what thou wilt. Early leftist idealogues were all satanists. Karl Marx wrote poetry to Satan in his youth and now these are the same people who defend Islam? Proceed with caution.
          “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23
          Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. Saved from what? Eternal hell. Talk about incentive to believe.

        2. I think you have made some elementary misunderstandings. The main pillar of Islam is Faith in God. The other pillars of prayer, charity and pilgrimage are the means of holding up that main pillar. Good deeds in Islam do not guarantee salvation unless you have Faith in God.

        3. And you need to do more homework before you take a shahada. You are even saying it yourself that works must accompany faith. I don’t know if you have ever actually spoken with Muslims, but they do not hide the fact that faith alone is not sufficient and they must prove themselves by their deeds, and the keeping of the pillars that you mentioned.
          Keep learning, eternity is a long time. Unless you just want the religion for the tangible benefits in this life and don’t really believe anyway then have fun. But from what you’re saying, you really need to keep studying.
          See the resemblance between Catholicism and Islam? Only authentic Christianity requires belief in Jesus Christ, nothing more nothing less. The real battle comes after you believe in your heart, are born again, and become an adopted child of God.
          Choose wisely and good luck on your journey.

        4. You have articulated Islams argument for salvation well, but put too much stress on works. Islam also requires faith in God, true faith. No amount of good deeds or works will cover up a HEART that has no true faith in God or his message.
          This is something the Quran stresses over and over. God looks into your HEART, not your actions. If your INTENTION is pure and in keeping with God, then your good deeds/works will be rewarded. If not, you are just a hypocrite trying to look /appear pious.
          With regard to the Christian argument for salvation, Islam says no other person can take the punishment for anothers sins. This is the heart of Jesus and his reason for has sacrifice… to save us.
          The Quran states that each man will be held to account for his thoughts AND deeds, his will AND his actions, to the grain of an atom. All man can do is hope, pray, that God will show mercy on man on the day of judgement, of which His mercy is near infinite.
          You are correct though in that I think many Muslims do see their lives as a math/balance act of good deeds cancelling out bad ones. But the same can be said for Christians who believe because they have “faith” alone, and that Jesus died for their sins, then nothing they do can send them to hell for they are “saved”.

        5. Right. Of course Muslims have faith in Allah, but at the end of the day they are counting on themselves, and can only hope to be accepted by Allah. In Christianity we have the gift of eternal life paid by the blood of Christ. So that if we believe we may know for certain of what is to come the moment we take our last breath.
          1st Samuel 16:7 “For the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”
          It is obvious the prophet of Islam was trying to ride on the coattails of Christian scriptures both Old and New and dictating his words for his own benefit. He may not have been able to read, as was the case with most in those days. But he had ears to hear and was knowledgeable of Old and New testament scriptures.
          When God knows you believe in your heart on Jesus Christ, just like a loving father he’ll never let go. And like a loving father, if you get out of line as a child, you will be disciplined in this life. But nonetheless eternally an adopted son no matter how bad you screw up your life after you believr or things you did before believing on Christ. That is good news indeed. When a man is saved, it is the spirit that tells him so. It’s unmistakable.
          Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works lest any man should boast.”.
          The words saved and faith are Biblical words. It’s unnecessary to use quotations.

        6. You mention Islam’s use of the OT and the NT. That is where I got hung up with Islam. It is a total rip off of the OT and the NT. Plagiarism!

        7. And what is ” belief in Jesus Christ”? Jesus talked about obedience to commandments; faithfulness. This requires deeds. Faith is a nebulous concept.

        8. And obviously you need to actually read the Bible. Belief means faith. Faith means trust. Trust in the finished work of Christ for the forgiveness of sins to justify you before God. No one, or nothing else. God manifest in the flesh to pay a price he did not owe to offer redemption and a gift of eternal life to those who believe.
          “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

        9. Ok. I get it. The offer is open. But you accept it in trust by obeying commandments. The road to heaven is narrow and tough. Only a few who have learnt to weather the storm in absolute trust in God will make it. The law remains a yardstick for all judgements. Lawlessness will be punished.

        10. Yet you never hear them wanting to die so the meet their lord in heaven(christians)
          there is something wrong with their concept because heaven is supposed to be better than this life,meeting God will be the best thing for the believer(i believe same is true for christianity) yet they never want to die even though they are saved??????what kind of faith is that.

      3. no Islam is not the only sane path that exists and you must be mentally deficient to think otherwise; please try to use internet research
        properly in order to understand the fraudulent nature of it!

        1. While I respect your sentiment. Try to use something other than the Internet for your research as well or you are you just a propaganda fodder consumer?

      4. It is universal and it was created by Jewry. Circumcision and dietary laws are identical. This is not coincidence.
        Nothing great was created in the Middle East and Arab means mixed race.
        No thanks

    2. Islam is a stupid backward idiotic low-brow religion that does not belong in the 21st century, and regresses everything that it touches like a blight. Muhammed was an illiterate moronic backwards plagiarizing con artist and liar, and a pedophile warlord and road bandit who would have been locked up in an insane asylum or executed in modern times. The world does not need Islam and never needed your stupid moronic death cult; and most Muslims are ugly and stupid. Islam is religion of the dumb ugly and stupid masses, normal sane and beautiful intelligent people have no need for a idiotic backwards moronic religion like Islam sorry!

        1. yes it is sorry! Islam is the religion of the stupid and ugly low-brow masses; normal and healthy sane people do not, and never needed Islam in the first place; which is why there are so many non-muslims in so many rich and advanced countries today. Not a single muslim country ever really produces anything remarkable, and never makes to the countries with top HDI index lists. It’s also the reason why countries like Japan, korea, and China out-produce and out-contribute, and have done so for decades, then the entire muslim world combined….

        2. Correlation is not causality. Islam has produced great civilizations in the past. This shows there is a problem with Muslims, not Islam. Also, you judge success by wealth generated- this is what western women do. Muslims are genetically varied, so the looks claim is unfounded. Islam is needed; it simply takes away the dangerous and evil things away.
          For example, alcohol kills more people than all drugs combined. Islam forbids alcohol. Alcohol also takes people’s dignity away when the act undignified. Islam teaches people to live a clean life.
          If you want to make those claims, back them up with evidence; otherwise, they are meaningless.

      1. To me, islam and honky white trash are the same. Both must be EXTERMINATED off the face of the Earth for the sake of all mankind. Ohh wait, you honkies are already killing yourself! LOL

  22. Sooooo….you can’t swap hands when you’re spanking the monkey?….DEATH TO THE NON-BELIEVERS!

    1. No, you can use one or the other hand depending on if you are thinking about your primary wife, the old sow that makes your heir, or your 4th wife…the hot young think you are banging. But you can not spank and, as is said in the koran, righty tighty lefty loosey

      1. I had considered converting but, I noticed that when I swapped hands it felt like somebody else was doing it so, if I can’t swap then they will just have to find themselves a new suicide bomber.

  23. The East is starting to go to shit and become westernised. I’m thinking about my future legacy where I can only see a strong religious background in a non Western country as a good place to start a family! Maybe the middle east but I think it would be 2 hardcore for me. I would’ve be able to change that much but would be great for my children and my children children. I hate to see what the west will be in 50 years and how degenerate the children are. They are so fucking insane now…. A ban on Westerners playing with westernised children would highly be in forced!!!

  24. If Muslims would just shut the hell up and go about their lives like Buddhists, Hindus, or Sikhs, no one would care and the world would be a lot safer. I had to go to a Shia mosque (the instructor being a Persian Shia Muslim) a few times as part of a class on Islam I was taking my final year of college, so I can attest to the above. A man working at the mosque would only shake hands with male students. One blonde girl was all too eager to don the hijab, which was a little unsettling.
    That experience was decent enough, but man, a significant portion of the world’s most sensitive faith has a huge, unwarranted chip on their shoulder.

      1. Most converts to this horrible religion in the western world are indeed women, so you’re right on target there. I’d bet my last dollar that this chick became a Muslima. A few people I knew in college went that route. She was a pretty little number, too.

    1. The problem is that Islam is an idiotic low-brow moronic regressive death cult; and it thrives on expansionism, warlordism, and backwarss medieval barbaric like behavior and seeing the world from a backwards lens. Islam has destroyed and pretty much regressed every civilization and nation it has unfortunately touched or taken over. So when Muslims are not behaving violently or like the backwards pedophile moronic barbaric individual, like their prophet; they are not actually following Islam. Also requiring women to submit is not a sign of the goodness of a religion; lots of cultures that are non-muslims have submissive women anyway…

    2. Muslims would have a lot easier time shutting the hell up if the West would stop relentlessly bombing Muslim-majority countries. I’m sure you wouldn’t lie down and die quietly if YOUR country was being destroyed.

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  26. I believe Muslim men are also required to sit down to pee.. although this may be from a Hadith, not the Quran, and may only apply to Wahhabi or similarly ultra-orthodox sect.

  27. I initially thought the bathroom rituals you mentioned were a joke. Sheesh. Though, I can type faster using only my right hand, so switching it up might help me multi-task whilst dropping some chud.

  28. Most people here don’t realize that Christianity is actually the predecessor of Islam. Jesus was a Jew who started his own religion. Muhammad was the same type of man. It’s one big fucking scam that originated in the Middle East. Lying and deceiving Semites who go as far as creating a new religion to get wealth and power, claiming they’re the son or prophet of ‘God’.
    Do you really think your illiterate ancestors thought like: “Hey, let’s give up our culture, religion and way of life and convert to this new religion called Christianity, although I don’t know what this religion actually stands for”. They were forced to convert and were forbidden to practice their own culture so it would eventually die out.
    And you can’t change Western countries by implementing Christianity or patriarchy, because the lack of religion and patriarchy are not the reason your countries suck. It’s because of the messed up nature of their inhabitants.

    1. Jesus was not a “Jew”. He was a Judahite. If you’re going to be an ignorant religion basher, at least do a little research first.

    2. Jesus was Not a joo
      HE was an Israelite of the tribe of Judah. The word joo didn’t exist until the 18th century 2nd edition King Janes edition.
      You really think Jesus was related to Woody Allen or Allen Dirtshitz, you fool?
      Google: Jesus was not a j ew

    3. Actually, Islam appears to be an ad-hoc mix of Christianity and Judaism. For example, just look at the pic above listing the traits of the three side-by-side: in some ways, such as the denial of the Trinity, the lack of a requirement for baptism, and certain requirements such as not eating pork and circumcision, Islam is more Jewish than Christian.

  29. Did they say you can’t touch your own genetals?? I think I would go bonkers if I couldn’t scratch my balls. The itch would channel into anger from me having to detach from my glorious balls. When my balls itch, they’re speaking to me. Keep in touch with ye balls lest they be forgotten.
    As universally circumcised, muslims have long forgotten their DICK PRIDE. A full unchopped dick IS A GLORIOUS THING for it forms a continuous neuro feedback loop with the limbic to the hippocampus. YE BE FOOLS to chop the dickhead nerve endings in ritual circumcision. ALAS with chopped dickhead, it’s like putting a restrictor, a choke, or a resistor on an electrical circuit. There’s FIRE down below with mixed neuro signals jammed to a standstill, clammering to return from the little head thence upspine to the limbic and getting stopped at the severed dead nerve ends of the circumcised chopped dickhead. So the neuro signals wait in line at the constricted dickhead, waiting there like chumps and blue eyed granny ladies running low on sugar at a goddam TSA checkpoint WHILST their receiver signals in the limbic and periaqueductal gray area of the cortex is unable to close the neuro loop and light the circuitry. The stymied neuro impulses in the brain bounce like ping pong balls from the hippocampus to the amygdala to the limbic like frustrated young children on ritalin bouncing off the walls in a classroom. From there the cranium can no longer contain the calamity and the outer reflexes trigger and the nose flairs and everything leaves the body through the nostrils as SNOT!!
    IS THIS what the TRUE LORD had in his desigign to chop and circumcise his fine creation MAN??? The chopped muslim men become bitches of their theocratic state, of their Imams. Their patriarchy comes from the state and not naturally from the man who wields a FULL DICK. The state has stolen your dicks o’ muslim men. She, AND I SAID SHE, the bitch whore with a mask that laid scourge to this orb, she stole the light from your divine rod of power. Circumcision is and always was FOR PEASANTS and for bitch-whips of the state.
    Grab ye balls and SIEZE YOUR DICKS men. The new patriarchal order of the ages will befall us soon. THE ALMIGHTY DICK shall rule. Hail!!

  30. There are non-Trinitarian Christians. Nestorians, for instance. Who proselytized from Jerusalem to the Pacific Islands. They were original. They traveled along the Silk Road, into Persian, India, Mongolia, China. They were the missionaries into Azerbaijan, and Armenia. They set up the first hospitals in the world.
    The Trinity and the Nicene Creed were later, like, four hundred years later. Christianity existed longer than America has been a country in non- Trinitarian, non- Nicene form.
    And, they didn’t have a set canon. They had the Gospels. But books were expensive. So they’d have a parchment, and the people would memorize it, and try to live it, bit by bit. It wasn’t a great big guzzle of words. It was testing one parable at a time, one saying at a time. The first hymns were memorization aids.
    I know you have a lot of questions about the old testament, but it wasn’t what Christians wrestled with. They’d test out a saying, about like a koan, and see how it worked, from Jesus. Blessed are the peacemakers? The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed? It grows, and birds sing in its branches? What on earth is he saying?
    Moslems are kind of the back country folks reacting to City folk. They didn’t divide men and women until they were trying to copy the Greek Orthodox in the city. They didn’t veil until they were trying to dress up like city folk.
    I mean, really, the Pilgrims separated men and women. I can go to Baptist churches in the country where men and women sit separately.
    They aren’t that exotic. They just have this bad habit of blowing things up and mistreating populations.

  31. I’m a Muslim and this is actually quite accurate. There are just misunderstandings as to whether actions prescribed in Islam are actually obligatory or merely recommended, e.g. bathroom etiquette. Such misunderstandings are perfectly excusable. (Regarding the right hand, it’s recommended for eating, drinking, giving and taking. Writing, throwing etc. is not an issue)
    The second thing is distinguishing between what some (or even many) Muslims do and what Islam prescribes; the former does not always necessitate the latter, e.g. slavery All legal texts have chapters on manumission but nothing on how to make someone a slave. Prisoners of war is a separate topic.
    I don’t want to go into unnecessary detail about laws, but the lists of cons is somewhat accurate, the first five actually. I’m originally from the west but I live in the Muslim world because it’s obvious that Islam and the west are not compatible. It’s clearly not working out. As for being hard to join, it should be. There are two many Muslim preachers in the west who push really hard for people to become Muslim without vetting them at all, i.e. absolutely no sense of quality control. Therefore, people with full on mental problems or even just milder psychological problems enter Islam use it as a vehicle for their rage/anger/frustration against society and the world.
    Otherwise, decent job.

  32. The cons outweigh the pros, clearly.
    If you want a religion, join a conservative Christian church.
    At this point your best bet is an Eastern Orthodox church, or a non evangelical conservative Protestant church.
    Mormonism is just too weird.

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  34. As someone has already pointed out, some hygiene practices mentioned here are recommended, not required.
    Also Islamic doctrine doesn’t promote rape or slavery. I’m not sure what you mean by “sexual repression,” so I can’t speak to that point. Othewise, interesting observations. I don’t see why this article should generate “hate.”

  35. Red pill Muslim here and I think this is pretty objective and balanced- I appreciate you noting the experience as you saw it. Wish many more would- its pretty tame than what’s on TV, for sure

  36. Muslims and negros are the Joos shock troops.
    The dietary requirements are identical as is circumcision.
    Both were expelled from Europe during the Inquisition as Joos were financing Muslim war parties Into Europe and they occupied many nations for almost 500 years in most brutal fashion. History repeats itself

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  38. So basically? Every time you piss, shit or masturbate make sure your genitals are facing Mecca. And eat more bacon. That’s what I took away from this…

  39. The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise
    Cites Muslim scholars of that that times
    “In Maliki jurisprudence, a slave girl, either bought at the marketplace or captured in war, with whom her master had sex, became his sexual slave or jariya (or djariya, a “concubine”).
    Under the Umayyads, al-Andalus became a center for the trade and distribution of slaves: young female sexual slaves, sometimes as young as eleven years old; male children castrated to become eunuchs in the harems; male children brought up in barracks to be slave warriors; male children used as the sexual playthings of the powerful and wealthy (as in the case of Abd al-Rahman III’s “love” for the Christian boy Pelayo); men used as servants or workers—for every conceivable use human beings of all ages and races were bought and sold.
    The price of a slave depended on his or her race, sex, age, and abilities. White slaves, especially blond ones, often captured in raids of Christian lands, were the most prized. In the year 912, during the Islamic Golden Age of the Umayyad Caliphate of Córdoba, the price for a male black slave was 200 dirhems [coins] of silver. A black girl from Nubia went for 300 dinars of gold. A white girl without education cost 1,000 dinars of gold. A white girl with singing abilities cost 14,000 dinars. In Abd al-Rahman III’s court there were 3,750 slaves, his harem had 6,300 women, and his army included 13,750 slave warriors.
    A document from the twelfth century tells of the tricks used by sellers of slaves in the Muslim slave markets: merchants would put ointments on slave girls of a darker complexion to whiten their faces; brunettes were placed for four hours in a solution to make them blond (“golden”); ointments were placed on the face and body of black slaves to make them “prettier.”
    “The merchant tells the slave girls to act in a coquettish manner with the old men and with the timid men among the potential buyers to make them crazy with desire.
    The merchant paints red the tips of the fingers of a white slave; he paints in gold those of a black slave; and he dresses them all in transparent clothes, the white female slaves in pink and the black ones in yellow and red.”
    A thirteenth-century epistle by the faqih Abu Bakr al-Bardai shows how a respectable Muslim man in al-Andalus would regard a sexual slave girl as a source of “love. The poetry of the twelfth-century writer al-Saraqusti Ibn al-Astarkuwi is a good example of this “delightful Andalusian love poetry” that so many Western scholars have praised, oblivious to its sordid cultural context: that it is about sexual slave girls, not about the secluded hurras or muhsanas [Muslim women] of al-Andalus, who went about covered from head to toe.”

  40. i lived in dubai for a couple of years. the mosque opposite the house used to drive me crazy with the call to prayer at all hours of the day and night through loudspeakers. i did go to a mosque once while i was there. i was in a car with a client and he needed to stop to pray. he insisted i come in with him. first was taking off the shoes, then the washing rituals then we entered the mens sections of this huge mosque. there werent many people in there, about 30, this mosque would have fitted hundreds in there. as there are mosques every half a kilometre this is to be expected. i was made very welcome by them all so when in rome and all that, i was polite and prayed with them. after praying they all gathered round me and hugged me and welcomed me as a brother which was a bit disconcerting. praying over we left the mosque, got our shoes and got in my clients car. on the way back he said to me: “now you are a muslim, you must pray 5 times a day etc” i politely told him its not gonna happen. he rang me every day for weeks trying to get me to come to the mosque. in the end i had to block his number. i will never go in one of those places again.

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