Permanent Unemployment Is America’s Permanent Future

I’m feeling very fortunate to have formal employment which covers my necessary expenses, with some leftover money to spare for rainy days or the odd spot of overseas travel. Being a small-time online entrepreneur helps too, and it can (hopefully) allow me to live someplace warm and modestly priced in Latin America someday.

But what about the tens of millions of Americans who are not anywhere close to having my comparatively fortunate circumstances? Long-term unemployment (or underemployment) is a major issue for those who are stuck in the American vortex, with seemingly no options to escape. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for many of these people, and of course the regular readers of RoK.

Are you ready to swallow the red pill? Of course you are, that’s why you’re here…

You Are Becoming Irrelevant

To grumpy taxpayers, the mainstream media, and political and business elites, you are a pest. They see you as a hopeless smartphone and pornography-addicted zombie who lives in “your mother’s basement.” They see you only as a taker, a moocher, and a “gibs me dat” type of person. A person who just does not want to work or contribute to society.

However, the “get a job” naysayers simply cannot comprehend the truth about the rapid changes in our civilization. There are currently more people alive today than at any point in human history (roughly 7.2 billion as of 2014) and yet the need for financially compensated human labor is dropping at an unprecedented rate.

Outsourcing, automation, robotics, drone deliveries, smartphone apps, and self-service checkouts are all contributing to less need for paid labor. But if technology is supposed to make our lives better and we live in a for-profit capitalist economic system, where is the wealth generation (for the masses) supposed to come from?

There Is No More Entry-Level Work

Many individuals have never been affected by long-term unemployment. Good for them. But they are clueless to one very defining aspect of the modern employment landscape: how can the unemployed, or new to the workforce, get work when they are not even given the chance?

You can drop your standards to rock bottom, minimum wage and part time hours, right away – and what will you get from the 24-year-old HR girl who holds your entire financial future, and by proxy your future sex life, all in her hands? “Aren’t you overqualified for this? Won’t you just leave the minute a better job comes around?”

Or here’s another one. You can drop your standards to rock bottom, minimum wage and part time hours, and you will find is that even for the most simplistic jobs, employers want a ridiculous amount of previous experience.

Retail? You need 3 years of recent experience to restock shelves, scan price tags, hand over some change, give an insincere “have a nice day,” and just generally hold the fort.

Picking orders in a warehouse? Six months of recent experience. That is, six months of recent experience which a healthy and active young adult will obviously never get.

Seating diners in a run-of-the-mill restaurant chain? Three years of similar experience.

This is exactly why many teenagers and 20-somethings cannot find work: the job market has simply eliminated the concept of an entry level job.

It seems like there is almost zero tolerance in allowing a job seeker just a few shifts of OJT (on the job training) in order to acclimatize to a new line of work. All an advertiser has to do is require one year of experience as a dishwasher, and anyone outside of those currently working as dishwashers are out of the selection pool.

Oh, and they always want somebody who will “hit the ground running,” which is another cute buzz phrase which routinely makes it to print.

In today’s job market, employers can set these ludicrously high standards precisely because there is such an overabundance of available labor. Adults with families to feed are working these jobs which were once almost the exclusive property of teenagers, college students, or just the outright unambitious.

The underemployed or unemployed man cannot get a better paying or “living wage” job without entry-level experience, so that means he will likely remain in his “mother’s basement” or on welfare. But here is where things get strange—sometimes it’s better to not even be working at all than get dead-end entry-level jobs:

But It’s Not Your Fault

People who have either been employed their whole lives, settled into a career in more prosperous times, or have the political and business connections to easily procure jobs, do not identify with your plight. They will tell you to go “pavement pounding” like they did back in the good ol’ days, and that you need to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” or something cute like that.

They are truly out of whack with how serious the unemployment situation is across the country. That would be an awful lot of “bootstraps” that need to be pulled up in order to give 90 million+ working age Americans a job.

pull yourself up by your bootstraps - long term unemployment

The fact is no matter how skilled someone is or how good his résumé reads, there will be untold millions of people who will never get a job in their profession. This will be due to an oversupply of labor, outsourcing, and the takeover of robotics which is vastly decreasing the need for labor which carries a pulse.

Eventually there will be a large and permanent underclass of good-natured, un-tattooed (oh my God, brace yourself for the SJW’s!), un-pierced, well-spoken, and well-educated people who will be unable to procure work. Even though they did exactly what they were told to do by their teachers, parents, political leaders, and society in general.

The psychological (and of course the financial) effects of long-term unemployment can be devastating. Regardless of these highly unfortunate circumstances, though, keep plugging along and gradually work towards improving your future prospects. And to all the naysayers who say things like “it’s because your not trying hard enough,” tell them to take these “bootstraps” and shove it.

Thoughts & Suggestions

It’s just stupefying how utterly out of touch our politicians and media have become about the long-term unemployment problem. Rapidly growing percentages of Americans are suffering in a state of severe, abject poverty. The middle class is disappearing, wages are plummeting, jobs are vanishing, people are hanging on for bare survival in a manner even worse than what could be fathomed in Dickensian London. There is real and hard-core desperation and fear around us. Cities trying to keep up appearances are even banning and arresting people for feeding the homeless now.

So what can you do?

If you are college educated, single, and don’t have any children, I would highly consider looking into teaching English in South Korea for awhile. These positions are still in high demand, pay adequately, and you are often provided with your own apartment for free as part of a deal sweetener. The internet speeds and pervasiveness of WiFi in South Korea are also kick-ass, and it’s not a bad place to be a budding online entrepreneur as a side business.

If that’s not an option, look into online entrepreneurship in general. If you can manage to earn (somehow, someway) $10,000 per year online, you can live and have the same quality of life in numerous other countries as you would in the United States earning $40,000 per year. Don’t believe me? Look into places like Cochabamba, Bolivia where a decent apartment in a nice neighborhood can be yours for $250 per month!

If you have a trade, look and see if your skills are required in Australia, Germany, or Scandinavia someplace. It may surprise you as an American that a lot of these countries actually have higher wages, and a higher quality of life than the United States in general.

However, the saddest part is that we really shouldn’t have to leave the United States. Weren’t we all promised in our “everybody gets a trophy” little league sports huddle-ups that we could all be rockstars and multi-millionaires someday? You know, you can achieve anything if you just “put your mind to it” or some feel-good shit like that?

Then I was offered the red pill, and I came to the realization that we have been emotionally and spiritually hijacked all throughout our Cultural Marxist spoon-fed youths. That makes me very angry, and it should make you angry too. You can either watch it affect your life, or choose to do something about it.

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401 thoughts on “Permanent Unemployment Is America’s Permanent Future”

  1. Media and Govt derps are pushing for an increase of the minimum wage. This in turn has consequences. It raises unemployment, kills small businesses even more. This causes more people to collect unemployment and receive welfare, which is what the govt needs. Socialist governments need citizens totally dependent on it.

  2. Imagine going to Law School (ranked in the top 70), or getting an MBA from a mid-tier, only to find out that you have 100 to 200k of debt and no job prospects. Must be soul crushing.

    1. Imagine going to a top 10 law school and being stuck in document review hell next to the tier 4 law school guy who is your team leader. If it is not Harvard, Yale, NYU or Stanford do not go unless your dad has a job waiting for you at his firm. Seriously the bullshit starts from Columbia and Brown and just gets more fucked after that law school wise, unless you are a patent attorney(and you better have an EE degree or a life science PhD or MD to make that work.)

      1. This is what elitism does. Elitism is a fucking cancer which destroys opportunities for real, hard working people and only opens doors for a small group.
        Like George Carlin states: “Its a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

      2. I have a two friends at Notre Dame and Michigan Law School … this is their second year … one landed the big law internship … the other didn’t.
        I can’t imagine the pressure of having to get that Big Law job (which minus school debt, living expenses in a big city, and job insecurity) doesn’t pay well for the 90 to 100 hours a week you slave away.
        What a life. Poor guys I know pursuing it are bright. Such a waste of potential.

        1. The one who didn’t get the ‘ternship should find other outlets for expression in his community. This will allow him to diversify his resume and have an appeal that is different from the other players.

        2. Law doesn’t work that way, you either score the right grades at the right school with the right internship or you don’t.
          Your career is make or break by your 3rd semester.

        3. Fair; perhaps, I am always on the side of alternate routes, alpha male cunningness, and using the allure of women and entertainment for one’s own gains. Never give up, trust your instincts.

        4. True. The legal profession is an elitist profession and the law firms which pay big money, usually tend to be the ones in Central London or Manhattan New York, where elitism comes to play.
          Even with Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, law degrees, it is still tough to get in, especially when you have nepotism to deal with. One of my friends, even after interning at a top commericial firm, could not get in, because the position was given to a family relative.

        5. Biglaw works that way. You can still find an entry level position making 70k and up even if you are a third tier flunky if you work hard and network well. You can pay off loans with proper budgeting.

      3. I temped at a law firm once (filing) and saw some young lawyers in what I guess was ‘document review hell’ now that you mentioned it. They did not look happy. The bitterness in the air almost knocked me over.

    2. Maybe it was the way I was raised, but I never expected a job to handed to me. I graduated from a T3, barely making cum laude, in the height of the recession in 2009. I literally almost went to the ends of the earth for work, but within five years I’m a decider of the law. Hard work and schmoozing will take you far.

      1. Good for you, but my friends going to law school are about 150k in debt at T20 schools. I don’t see why anyone would take on more than 50k in debt if they didn’t plan on getting into Big Law.
        You must have exceptional people skills to pull off what you did. I have no idea what a “decider of the law” is, but I hope you like your job (most attorneys don’t).

        1. You have a very valid point. I was/am the same way with the debt (but slowly and surely paying it down). Law school is a pretty big gamble and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there struggling. I’m probably the exception to the rule.
          Decider = judge. I just didn’t want to say judge.

  3. The wheels keep turning – immigration is favored over local – 92 million unemployed and bringing in millions to be future welfare seekers – time to change how the west does business.

  4. Move to a small country…matter of fact a city state would be ideal. The smaller the population the better. The technology via automation/robotics will do incredible things for small independent and sovereign states. Or, get a bunch of investors, buy a bunch of the Greek Isles and very quietly start your own city state. Remember the less people the better…you want to enjoy the exponential increase in productivity. Think George Jetson pushing a button. But, there can only be so many legit and even make believe jobs, hence, the small pop the better. Live an unbelievably pampered life and watch the rest of the world eat and probably nuke itself thus fulfilling natures tendency to correct runaway populations.

  5. Mike Rowe isn’t really buying your argument. There is definitely something to the increased automation of production, but much of that applies to unskilled labour and retail – jobs women do. After all, someone’s going to have to design, build and maintain the robots.
    If you’re a man reading this site, even if you’re currently unskilled, you’re likely competent and are always going to be needed by somebody. For instance, right now you can stroll onto the Alberta oil patch with no experience and get a company to pay and train you, assuming you’re not demonstrably useless.
    Bottom line? LEARN A TRADE.

    1. I worked as as distribution manager for an energy company for 18 months. You WILL be replaced in the future by automation. Human labor is an enormous input cost and often times a significant liability, and the moment insurance becomes more expensive to have human labor instead of robotics, you’re gone. And that will be the standard in EVERY industry- not just in the Energy field.

      1. Most skilled trades can’t be automated. Electrician, plumber, carpenter, oil rigger, mechanic, and welders will still be needed for the foreseeable future.
        When the day comes you can program a robot to build a house or drill for oil, well … it’s game over. I don’t see that day coming soon.

        1. gains in software and AI development are coming in at an almost exponential rate. i wouldnt be surprised if “robot plumbers” are in the works when 2050 rolls around.

        2. As a carpenter, much of my job could theoretically be performed by machines. Perhaps the best carpenters in the future will be those who can nail, screw and use their wood while having a machine do most of the work… 😉

        3. I would be inclined to agree with you, but I also had problem with my furnace recently, and the tech basically pulled out one–I’m not really sure how to describe it…unit?–anyway, he pulled one metal box, bolted another one on and it was done and dusted. I’m sure in the old days he’d have opened it up, fixed whatever the problem was and put it back together. Now they just compartmentalize things and really his job is to deliver it, slide out one unit and slide another one an and turn a few bolts.

        4. That is already in the plans.* And while I agree that very skilled manual laborers will not be replaced, any stationary unit that is cost-effective, like a welder or pipe fitter on a rig, is replaceable. The issue that will come up first will be insurance costs of having human labor. That is a major liability that cannot be overlooked. Once the insurance market becomes stratified, no one will be employable in that industry.

        5. I’m an old hand at soldering breadboards and printed circuit boards. I built my own radio when I was eight. It’s a skill that’s all but obsolete now. The boards come with all of the pieces embedded or just a few mountable PLC’s. On the other hand, you should see the way younger guys look at me when something can be soldered. None of them have the skill set for it.

        6. I do. Prefab houses already exist, if you mass produce a certain model it’s entirely possible to have robots/machines do pretty much everything from the wiring to the plumbing to the placing of the walls.
          For now human employees are more practical and cheaper, that won’t last forever.

        7. Oil rıgs are for the hardcore alpha, and not for the faınt of heart. Hıgh possıbılıty of gettıng maımed for life, and you are surrounded by the psycho thugs and ex-cons- but the pay off can be bıg ıf you weather the storm. I would do ıt overseas ın a forıegn region so you can learn a forıegn language to boot. A year in the Caspıan Sea and I guarantee you fluency ın Russian or some Kazach dıalect!

        8. Not true with oil riggers and welders. They have started to design and test automated drilling rigs and robotic welding technology is making some serious progress as well. Only jobs left for welders in the future will be the ones that are on site. Fab shops will be completely automated.

    2. “Someone’s going to have to design, build and maintain the robots”
      Won’t be long before the robots can do most if not all of that too.

      1. Even so, the number of jobs being created won’t come close to the number of jobs being eliminated.

        1. When we have robots on the same intelligence as humans there will be no more jobs. In any country.

      2. by the time robots are intelligent enough to autonomously design, build, and maintain other robots we will most likely be forced to institutionalize some form of universal salary. dont take what im saying the wrong way, as a libertarian im disgusted that this will eventually happen. but when an unemployment of 10% becomes the theoretical minimum, you need to do something to stop the economy from collapsing.

        1. As a libertarian you must also be a realist. Do we want society to crumble? Do we want others to decide upon a “final solution” for humans not deemed able to add value?
          Who decides?

        2. i personally dont want society to crumble. it has major flaws, but id take it over grass huts and dying at 35.
          “Do we want others to decide upon a “final solution” for humans not deemed able to add value?”
          im not quite sure what you mean by this. eugenics? AI take over? something else?
          “Who decides?”
          ideally it would be decided by the intelligent majority. but excluding the unintelligent would be too politically incorrect to ever happen, so id settle for a super majority of the population.

        3. And that’s interesting, because (as you suggest) what happens when you have millions of machines doing the work we used to do and so no one gets paid? No one can purchase any of the robot-produced products. And when money becomes meaningless, skills (along with natural resources) are what is valuable.
          Even if we’re all given the same stipend, communist-style, it still will be the case that skills like being able to grow food, fix electrical wiring, or refine and shape rough metals will produce economic outcomes that are more advantageous than not; therein (still) lies incentive to learn them.

        4. Not to attribute anything like that to you, I’m just positing a question we have to ask ourselves. Are we okay with the albeit stomach-churning reality that a basic income will be a necessity to keep civilization from exploring more Darwinian pursuits?
          Will we have a Star Trek future with plenty for all? Or a future of 1984 type thought-crime and final solution style purging?
          Please never hope for the supermajority to decide anything…the “supermajority” is just mob rule

        5. growing food will probably never become a realistic skill to have. things like hydroponics will allow us to start growimg crops vertically, meaning thatwithin our lifetimes therell probably be giant “farm houses” with layers and layers of crops. fixing electrical wires isnt very realistic due to the widespread useof integrated circuits and the fact that wires are extremely cheap if you know where to buy them. working with metals will also become outdated since 3d printing is becoming a robust tool at astounding speeds. multipurpose 3d printers will probablybe a household item by/before 2050.
          robotics and mass production are the future

        6. When robots reach that point it will free up the rest of humanity to begin colonizing the universe. There will always be new frontiers and challenges requiring the human mind if we think big picture and do not doom ourselves to destruction on this particular planet.

        7. “Will we have a Star Trek future with plenty for all? Or a future of 1984 type thought-crime and final solution style purging?”
          We will move towards totalitarianism, possibly heralding another dark age.

        8. the future will probably land somewhere inbetween the extreme good and extreme bad, as it always does.
          that being said, fully immersive virtual reality (will probably happen within this century) does have the potential to simulate abundance for all.

        9. the only way AI wont eventually make humans obsolete in every way possible is if we integrate machines into our bodies and brains. the human mind is an incredible thing when you look at whats around us right now, but its also a very pathetic thing when you look at what will probably be around by the end of the 21st century.

    3. After all, someone’s going to have to design, build and maintain the robots.
      True. But as technology progresses, the number of people necessary to do this will also shrink.

  6. Nonsense – we could have full employment in no time with some radical solutions readily available from history. Just bringing back close to zero wages with generous pay of room & board will give ample job opportunity as we can reinstate the old Manors with dozens of servants. Bah – for the pretty young women it should be acceptable to live at dozens in every rich man’s house for his sexual pleasure. There are many creative ways on how to employ everyone and perpetuate the current system.

  7. This was a good article and I have to agree with every point in it. The job market is awful and will not get better. Wait till the driver-less cars become driver less trucks and shipping jobs are gone. The loss of jobs in manufacturing plus the loss of jobs in shipping is a one two punch that I don’t believe our economy can come back from. The government may have to consider “restructuring” capitalism.

    1. “The government may have to consider “restructuring” capitalism.”
      Government doesn’t care for you. Enjoy your martial law and FEMA camps, you know, the ones which we hear about as being “conspiracy theories.”

  8. Eventually there will be a large and permanent underclass of good-natured, un-tattooed (oh my God, brace yourself for the SJW’s!), un-pierced, well-spoken, and well-educated people who will be unable to procure work. Even though they did exactly what they were told to do by their teachers, parents, political leaders, and society in general.
    This is me. I went to law school and started a firm January, 2007. I’m not lazy. I have a work ethic. My own law firm didn’t just spontaneously happen. But since the summer of 2008, my life has been a roller coaster. I feel stupid for having drunk the Kool-Aid of “if you go to college you will easily get a job.” As a single white male, I get to read about my “privilege” but said privilege hasn’t inoculated me from sleeping on the streets.
    But now, even if I could get a 6 figure income (a pipe dream), I wouldn’t. I’m not going to bust my ass to pay for all the parasites. Thanks Aaron Clarey. Enjoy the Decline helped me understand that I did my part and I shouldn’t feel guilty. It isn’t me that is insane. It is the culture.
    My advice: learn a trade. Something that doesn’t require the government’s permission to earn a living.

    1. This reminds me of a doctor that was going to perform a small outpatient surgery late in the day. He stepped into the room to prep it and realized the sink was leaking. He made several attempts to repair the leak, to no avail, cancelled the surgery and called a plumber to come take care of the leak. The plumber showed, and in the space of about thirty minutes repaired the sink and present a $350 bill to the doctor including the service call, parts, and after hours labor charge.
      The doctor was outraged, “$350 for thirty minutes of work? That’s $700 an hour, that’s more than I make as a surgeon!”
      The plumber closed his tool box and said, “Ya know, that’s more than I made as a surgeon, too.”

      1. this is so true
        one week ago a plumber came to my house to unclog a pipe, he only work for 15 friking minnutes and charged me $’s the thing, I live in a third world country, not even a vip hooker can charge so much in so little time
        After he left, I went to youtube, and there was a tutorial explaining you how to unclog a pipe…damn

    2. Sorry, but when you talk about trades, its exagerated. Even if you do learn a trade, you still need a fucking licence and constant reviewing and other bullshit hurdles to go through.
      Furthermore, trade is not a guaranteed recipe for success. While I know some people who earn a lot, I also know so many people who are plumbers and carpenters and electricians who cannot earn a decent living in their fields of work.

      1. Oh, the trades are wonderful if you’re intelligent and hard working. I know less than many at my age but my presence allows me to get work that pays more than my “betters”. Courtesy, willingness to learn, math skills, ability to interact with customers, subs, professions, etc., a good style… it’s called game. Keep playin’ brethren.

        1. I’m an engineer, year and half out of college … I’m quitting my job to become a tradesman in an uncommon industry. 50k starting salary (which isn’t that much less than what I make now).
          I see so much more opportunity in the trades for someone like myself who is self motivated and intelligent rather than cubicle work determined by HR bitches.

        2. If you keep on your degree and have trade experience, you will be a higher up at any construction company. I’m talking money, benefits, etc. Think about it.

        3. They will pay for things, anything to keep their retirement. Think about it that way… these are living business with a lot of money flowing through them!

        4. Yes. For example I was told that I would be “terminated” for cancelling two orientation meetings the day before. The HR woman spoke with the manager, who (fortunately) told her basically to fuck off and let me reschedule.

        5. Yes, and I can guarantee they know *absolutely nothing* about anything even remotely related to engineering.

        6. I work as a contract/consulting engineer and I rarely have to deal with HR cunts. I don’t have to take any of the bullshit “diversity” or “sensitivity” training either. I’d quit before doing that.

        7. You sound like a sensible fella who has no issues with authority and rarely makes harsh decisions in attempts to “keep it real”.

    3. I’m an instrumentation and control technician. I will make 150k this year. I haven’t made less than 100k in ten years. It’s a second career for me, I started my apprenticeship when I was 35. I gave up a 40k a year middle management job and dropped to 8 bucks an hour when I became an apprentice. Sometimes you have to make a big change to get ahead.

      1. To make that kind of money, do you need to based in certain geographical parts of the country?

        1. I am on staff at a nuclear power plant. I recognise that I am very lucky, but I work with people who were in oil and gas making as much. They now work with me more for the stability than the pay. I am in Canada.

        2. Control’s is and has been the way to go in industry for awhile. It’s the guts of making modern equipment work. I recommend this type of work to everyone that asks what they should go into for steady work and lots of opportunity.

    4. The “privilege” you speak of is simple an excuse that elites use as justification for racist laws. The people who use the words “white privilege” are no better than the people in the KKK because at the end of the day both those groups use the same standard to judge people.

        1. And generation after generation of hard work that resulted in a slowly improving standard of living. Fuck it pisses me off when some smarmy bastard tries to pass that off as priviledge.

        2. What pisses me off ever more is when some woman utters some gibberish out men having to “check their privilege”. I can see how some Blacks come to see White’s as privilege, although I don’t believe it. But, to have a white women say suggest that she is still oppressed especially to the very people that she is oppressing is bat shit.

  9. You speak of red pill; yet, fail to see that you two need to digest it. An intelligent, hard working man with game can slide his way into successful positions easily. You’ve been preparing for life since day one, why should finding employment be anything that should scare us? If you can’t compete, change your strategy. I’ve been in a new city for a little over a year and have always had job offers. Come on.

    1. I agree, up until “easily”. As I say to one of my sales reps, when he needs to be reminded, “What I do isn’t *easy*; I just make it *look* easy.”
      But other than that, your post is dead on.
      À bientôt,

  10. My advice if you want a job. Lie as hell about your resume. If you don’t have a job, say you have one. Do not feel guilty about this. It’s not your fault the situation is like it is. Are you going to let some HR cunt decide your future ? Fuck them all, and if they find out, tell them they can’t blame a man for trying. And tell them fuck you.

    1. YES! If you want to be insurance underwriter, just make sure you know your shit at the interview.

    2. There are fake reference services you can utilize as well. Useful for landlords as well as corporations 🙂

      1. But don’t background checks verify previous employment by actually calling the company, versus calling your reference?

        1. It’s harder than you think to do a background, unless it’s a government job. The HR women don’t want to be cold calling employers …
          For example, all of my previous places of employment either have new managers, a different location, or the project/division I was working on no longer exists. If the HR department did a background check, their inquiries would be sucked into a black hole.

        2. Apparently they create a fake small company and go the whole nine yards. The reference is your “supervisor” at the fake place.

          For a small fee, promises to not only craft an elaborate lie based on your exact job specifications but to see it through for as long as necessary. The site will provide a live HR operator and staged supervisor, along with building and hosting a virtual company website—complete with a local phone number and toll-free fax. CareerExcuse will even go so far as to make the fake business show up on Google Maps.
          Lol, FUCK THE ELITES.

        3. Uh, no. You honestly believe the part time HR ditz is going to go and make the effort to call your previous employers? Interacting with the HR cunt is like gaming any woman, flirt well and you have the job unless you’re in a highly specific field ( in which case you’re likely to bypass the cunt entirely ).
          Your resume, education and work experience are entirely secondary to whether or not her “feels” say you’re the right man for the job.

        4. If the company legitimately existed, but no longer does, who is the wise? Think outside the paradigm.

        5. A corporation might be able to afford a applicant investigator but a small business likely wouldn’t.
          You don’t want to work for a corporation anyway.

        6. Recruiter @ Staffing agency here. 3rd party employment checks are a joke. I occasionally pick up when the verification services are confirming a prior contractors info.
          Convo goes like this: Did they work this date to….?
          Yep, thats right.
          What was their wage?
          xx/hr or xxx,000/year.
          Supervisor? I don’t know.
          Ok, thank you so much.
          Its a nonsense CYA activity that corporations use. Considering every H1B worker from India is making their whole resume up, you can lie about background checks.
          However, if you get caught you are blacklisted.

        7. Do you recruit nationwide, or only locally to wherever you live? I’m actually in need of a job, but not sure what to do with my resume. My last job was as a territory manager for RJ Reynolds Tobacco, I started in 2007 and got laid off due to restructuring in 2010. With my severance and my savings, I started trading stocks, and for the past 4 years that’s how I made a living. I was making more money than I did with a job.
          Unfortunately life hit me hard as fuck, and I lost a significant amount of money. I cashed out what I had left and am now looking for a job. I’d love another territory manager position in a different field, however I’m concerned about how to write my resume. Should I lie and say I’ve worked at RJ Reynolds until recently or say from 2010-2014 I was a “market analyst” (sounds better than daytrader)?

        8. I recruiter mostly IT nationwide.
          To answer your question, whatever you do, just own it. It will come down to what you feel most comfortable discussing/lying about in person.
          If you go day trader; create a logical/concise reason for exit strategy.
          If you go market analyst; what market did you evaluate & for who?
          If you go for lies; get believable. However, nobody can fake a W2/pay stub request althought I’d never advise someone to comply with it.
          Unsolicited advise, look into or Workday jobs. Burgeoning market and you’ll crush the tests. It does cost money to be certified for SFDC but you’ll have a lot of job security and the material is relatively easy to understand.
          LMK if you have other questions.

        9. Sales director here. To get another territory manager job, you need for RJ to stand out. I would lie and make it more recent. That is a big brand, you should be able to leverage your experience there into a solid CPG company.. I know someone who went from RJ to a nice gig at Crayola. You might be able to get into beverage as well. Hold our for a big brand if possible.

        10. Unless is a 6 figure job at minimum they won’t go that far into looking usually unless you’re handling extremely sensitive info or materials.

        11. We only sell to mass accounts like Walmart, Staples, Toys R US so it is all HQ based. And we aren’t a strong brand. I really think parlaying your brand experience is the way to go. Few people have that, and the big brands are snobby about who they hire, especially past entry level. You can go work for a nationally recognized brand if you play your cards right, and once you are back in to it you can always find work. (I do not have that strong brand experience. If I did, I would be making double my salary in my same position.)

        12. Dude I’m right there with you. I got caught in that shitstorm at Commonwealth when they were clearing funds to acquire most of Lorillard and a few brands from Reynolds.

      1. Because there’s a bill introduced in NJ that will make it rape by fraud. Google it. Its by a guy named Singleton.

        1. But…isn’t that only when you have sex with a girl and tell her that you’re someone you’re really not? How would that be applicable to the job market?
          Either way, it truly is a terrible bill.

    3. If you can convince a few dudes to be references of “past supervisors” you can get by, assuming the companies you claimed to have worked for are legit AND now closed.

  11. I realized our society has gone completely bonkers today when I was censored on a “free speech constitution loving” National Review website for attempting to have a debate. Then in a second period of opposite-day wackiness, The New Republic ran a story questioning the validity of the Rolling Stone Rape piece.
    Now we have countrymen that won’t wake up to the fact that our workforce has been completely sold out and conned into voting against their own interest on both sides. The red pill hurts in more ways than one.

  12. This has to be one of the worst single articles written on this site, for several reasons. Taking a grain of truth and using that to justify pessimism and general laziness has jack all to do with anything red pill. Before I even get into the article, I’ll point at the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Jobs that had existed from time immemorial gave way to the mass production capability of the factories. People adapted to the new reality of far cheaper mass produced factory goods and moved on to other work. The Agricultural Industrial Revolution that was ongoing as late as the 1980s moved millions off of farms (more generally those that did not wish to follow their parents foot steps) remaining farmers expanded their farms and relied on more and larger industrialized equipment to feed the world. The human race survived and thrived one industrial revolution. We will survive and thrive after another one.
    “Outsourcing, automation, robotics, drone deliveries, smartphone apps, and self-service checkouts are all contributing to less need for paid labor. But if technology is supposed to make our lives better and we live in a for-profit capitalist economic system, where is the wealth generation (for the masses) supposed to come from?”
    Tons of opportunities from the tech savvy to someone good with their hands. Outsourcing means logistics, and logistics will continue to require human planning and throughput. Self-service checkouts and automated robots means technicians that will earn a good wage repairing this equipment. Smartphone apps will be a way for an enterprising programmer to make money without directly working for “the man”.
    “You can drop your standards to rock bottom, minimum wage and part time hours, right away – and what will you get from the 24-year-old HR girl (cunt) who holds your entire financial future, and by proxy your future sex life, all in her hands? “Aren’t you overqualified for this? Won’t you just leave the minute a better job comes around?””
    So now that you have identified the problem, HR drones who don’t generally know a damn thing but what is on a peace of paper, tailor a resume to what they want to see. Don’t mention in your resume that you are overqualified. Don’t mention your degree in advanced tweedlebug engineering if they are looking for a fry cook. It isn’t like that’s the sort of thing that shows up in a background check. When you get to the interview, gauge the boss. Only tell him what he needs to here relevant to the job unless he has some degrees himself.
    “Retail? You need 3 years of recent experience to restock shelves, scan price tags, hand over some change, give an insincere “have a nice day,” and just generally hold the fort.”
    Walk in and ask if you can talk to the manager. Those adds are designed to weed out the unmotivated. Show some motivation and doors open.
    “All an advertiser has to do is require one year of experience as a dishwasher, and anyone outside of those currently working as dishwashers are out of the selection pool.”
    Do you wash dishes at the house? Good, it becomes washed dishes while in the employ for domestic and guest services for a local family.
    “But It’s Not Your Fault”
    Yes, it is. You want to know why it’s your fault. Because if it is your fault then there is something you can do about it. It’s about keeping power over your life to yourself. Saying it’s not your fault is what losers and blue pillers do. It has nothing to do with the red pill at all.
    “Eventually there will be a large and permanent underclass of good-natured, un-tattooed (oh my God, brace yourself for the SJW’s!), un-pierced, well-spoken, and well-educated people who will be unable to procure work. Even though they did exactly what they were told to do by their teachers, parents, political leaders, and society in general.”
    Then don’t so what every body else says to do. Quit bleating like some sort of damn sheep and forge your own path.
    As for the rest, do something because that is what you think will secure your future happiness. If that is in the US good. If that’s abroad, then good. Don’t do what society expects, you will always be a drone when you do that.
    Like you, I predict that in the next ten years or so, we are going to see a technological revolution that is going to eliminate half or more of all current job. Humans will adapt. We will emerge more prosperous than ever before. We may even see a golden age the likes of which humanity has never before envisioned. It requires reacting to what you see in the future today, so that when the future arrives, you are ready. Just as the old farmers had to anticipate the next season and prepare for it to get the most out of it. (Turns out the bible was correct and red pill yet again.)

    1. I get what you’re saying and agree with a lot of it. I think the article was meant more for a wake up call for those still living in the pre-2009 reality – the paradigm where a college degree meant employment and a steady climb up the predetermined ladder. it was also meant as a morale boost for those dealing with older folks who can’t or won’t figure this out. At least that’s the impression I got from it.

  13. If the economy was already a corpse, Obamacare is the undertaker. The man on the street still does not realize the impact the employer mandate will have on them. Part time jobs will be cut to 28 hours a week, and the gut of job seekers means that employers won’t even be willing to juggle schedules to accommodate two jobs. People will actually settle for negative income every month in the hopes that combining theirs with someone else might result in breaking even. On the flipside, people will be taking ghastly jobs just to avoid the income tax health insurance penalties that are going to skyrocket (although practical enforcement of these is still questionable.) Already I have seen competition for full time jobs demanding 80+ hours a week just for a salary that would amount to minimum wage and basic health coverage.
    There is no single solution to this problem. The only secure jobs are those that actively serve evil, such as government, defense contractors, and banking. They require lying, playing politics, and active support of SJW policies as a prerequisite for employment. If you are on this site you will not be fulfilled in such a job even if your bank account is overflowing from it. The best thing I think an individual can do is to diversify your skills. It is no longer acceptable to just be “one thing,” now you must at least have rudimentary experience in pretty much everything to not get shown the door.
    Fortunately we live in the information age, so anyone “living in their parents’ basement” doesn’t have an excuse in this regard. Get a library card and learn to program, learn accounting, a foreign language, learn to write professionally, or get on youtube and learn mechanical repair or bartending. Get in shape so you can do manual labor if it comes to it. Even learning a musical instrument will open doors. Anything is better than the default activities of the current generation: Netflix, Xbox, and Facebook.

  14. America and the rest of the western hemisphere is on life support.
    The economy is erroding and collapsing, and it won’t be long before the Titanic finally starts to sink.
    The reality is the politicians, banks and corporations have raped and destroyed this country’s economy, infrastructure and taking us to war. Furthermore, with the endless printing of money by the central banks and not bringing back the gold standard, has led to hyperinflation escalating and going out of control. You now have the privelege of paying $3000 per month to live in a cardboard box in the slums of London or New York.
    But the masses have been dumbed down by American Idol, Superbowl and other gadgets, gizmos and toys such as smartphones and Ipads.
    For too long, the masses have been reliant on buying cheap Chinese made goods and believing too much in government and relying on corporations, that the nation no longer has any real entrepreneurship. We have become a nation taken over by radical feminism and not surpisingly, women cannot build or create companies, but can definately take up all the remaining jobs.
    The other reality is that we no longer have innovators who produce jobs anymore. The innovators of the 1800s created and built steel mills and railroads, and we flourished once as a nation of manufacturing.
    Now, the current generation of innovators such as Silicon Valley, only create the latest technology which destroys millions of jobs. Which is why automation will be one of the final strong indicators of the death of the Western economy. Also add in the fact that government has created so much red tape and regulation that starting your own business is very difficult. This was intentionally done to allow the corporations to destroy any competition and encourage further monopolies.
    Never believe in anything that Government tells you regarding job recoveries. There is no job recovery and never will be. Save whatever money you have, give up on the idea of home ownership and marriage and kids, invest in gold, silver and the precious metals and develop an exit strategy.

    1. What good will gold be if the economy and society collapses ? It will take another thousand year before we will have any kind of working economy based on something else than food.

      1. Gold and silver are money everywhere, even places outside of the collapse. Always have been, always will be. That’s the good of them.

        1. I know that but no matter what kind of money you have you cant spent them if there are no shops.

        2. There will always be a market.
          Even if the “economy” collapses, people will always barter.
          Gold, silver, jewels, guns, sex, slaves… These are things humans will always trade. Even if there are no shops.

        3. Sex and guns perhaps but gold ? depends on how far back we go, obviously if we only go back to the middle eval there is still a primitive working economy. But what about the stone age ? Native Americans did not consider gold of any value.

        4. I doubt we will go back to the stone age in our lifetimes.
          Its true what you’re saying though. If survival is the main priority, who gives a shit about gold?

  15. Move to China, teach English, learn Chinese and some other skills. Stop buying shit. Get rid of the TV/Netflix/Hulu/Apple TV. Read books. DO NOT get married under any circumstances. DO NOT buy a house. Learn basic finance. Get in shape.
    I don’t think the situation is as dire as a lot of people make it out to be but times are changing and if you don’t add value, a couch has more use than you. Like I said, learn Chinese and you have more value than someone with a degree any day.

    1. In a few years Apple/Android will have a phone with a translation apps that are better than nearly any translator with vocabulary capacities far beyond what any human could retain.

      1. I’m not sure about it taking just a few years. The current translator and voice recognition algorithms are still piss-poor.

  16. So we have to go back to the old ways of self employment and owning the means of our own production.
    In other words: another use for GAME. Compare a man who just gets a union job at 20 and what he’s like by 40 to a fellow who creates his own brand and product and markets it all on his own. The former will be brain dead and the latter will look 10 years younger than his age.
    While women cling to the last vestiges of make-work cubicle jobs – jobs that will bleed into the public sector and become political patronage jobs. They’ll spend all day backbiting each other in their “given” jobs and their evenings watching reality TV with a quart of ice cream or wine.
    The future is not so dark, fellas. The “deal” of being able to go work for a firm, company, or corporation and then retire with a gold watch is an anomaly in human history that existed steadily only from around 1900 to 1970. Those were the years when a man would go to war or some overseas service, then come back and “get a job at the factory” and then have a house, wife, kids, work 40 hours a week until he retired, and that’s that.
    All of that has been squandered but I’m old enough to see what that kind of life does to a person – I had relatives whose minds were completely gone, working a lifetime at jobs they either hated or bored them to death or both. And they did not have anything left to enjoy their retirements with.
    Meanwhile, if you are in a “given” job, make every effort to “rape” it. That is, become proficient enough at it to have energy left over to see to a means of self employment and going out on your own, don’t give it your all. Because that which is given is easily taken. It’s YOU who should be taking.

    1. Totally agree with everything you have said.
      Unfortunately, self employment is easier said than done. With all the retail stores and other shops going bust thanks to the internet and moreover, with constant government regulations, red tape and taxes, it becomes a nightmare to survive.
      I am sure there are exceptions and I hope anyone who pursues self employment all the best, because right now we need real innovators and entrprenreurs.
      But when people talk about how trades and self employment is the way to go, I can’t help but smell naivety and exaggeration.

    2. Amen to that. I was at my current job doing some work when my boss and one of the company VPs was with him. They were discussing a project and were asking my knowledge about a technical subject. A few minutes in to the conversation I asked them why they were setting up a project in such a way as it was guaranteed to produce cost overruns. The VP asked me what I meant, and I drew on my knowledge of project management and gave him an answer he had never considered. It turned into an hour long discussion of how to manage various types projects effectively. The VP wound up shaking my hand and walking away. I was offered a newly created company level project manager position three days later, making more than I ever have. You have to bring some value that somebody doesn’t have but does want.

  17. The Merchant Marine is begging for workers. They pay a livable wage for what amounts to 6 months a year of work.

    1. Been strongly considering dropping out of university and doing this. Are you in the field?

  18. The one piece of advice I can give you younger guys is this: Look at what everybody is doing, what direction they are going, what is popular…then do the opposite.
    The three most wealthy people I know did that right out of high school. One is worth tens of millions from honey wagons (they empty portable toilets), the other worth tens of millions from putting roofs on houses in the triple digit Texas heat, and the third is worth millions from fixing hail dents out of his truck.
    I feel for you guys. You may be 20 years younger than me but you are still my brothers and you deserve better than what America has to offer you.

    1. America and the West abandoned the younger generation thanks to the cockroaches known as the baby boomers.

      1. How did the boomers abandon younger generations? My own (boomer) parents were the essence of a hetero, nuclear, successful, supportive, motivating family so I cant connect to what you say.

        1. If only the rest of the Boom was like your parents. The Boom is very much in love with itself. They have every intention of throwing themselves a big party, bankrupting medicare and social security, and burdening Gens X&Y to the greatest extent possible. If ever there was a “locust generation” it’s the Boom.

        2. I don’t disagree but I would add; doesn’t the so called “greatest generation” that produced these boomers have some culpability in reaping what they have sewn?

        3. “locust generation”
          You know the biblical story of the ten plagues? Well, the boomers are the eleventh one.

        4. I compare the boomers to a five year old playing with his own feces in a sand box. He’s proud of himself and really doesn’t care about anyone else.
          Except they control the political and financial strings of the entire world …

        5. In a word, no. My parents were also “Greatests”* and I don’t act like an entitled asshole (well, most of the time, anyway). I expect no less of the Boom.
          À bientôt,
          *Dad, who was on the young side for a WWII vet, got one past the goalie in his 40s back when people didn’t intentionally have kids in their 40s. He subsequently referred to me as “the best mistake I ever made”, although I prefer to describe myself as “The Little Sperm Who Could”. Anyway, here I am, on the leading edge of Gen X.

        6. Mistral for the hat trick.
          Unfortunately for everyone else, Boomers represent an enormous voting block and have no intention to have their lifestyle threatened. This is the real reason Washington can’t create a long-term deficit reduction plan. The boomers love their safety nets, which were created over the past few decades by boomers and for boomers, with little regard to the future. Baby boomers’ children and grand-children will still be paying for the Boomers LONG after they’re gone.

        7. Boomers ran through the savings of
          –their parents (greatest generation)
          –their own
          –their children’s
          –their grandchildren’s
          And yet here we are STILL with a wealth-transfer government system. Though the boomer’s prove so clearly that it doesn’t work.

        8. Yeah Mike, most of the Boom was the first generation of free-love, disco party types who divorced each other for reasons that make little sense even today. Some didn’t and were traditional, like your parents. But many, well, Atari and D&D raised many a young GenX’er I’m afraid.

        9. They do, through negligence. Not inattention negligence, but in treating little Bobby and Sally like their shit didn’t stink all the time. They had just fought a war against Imperial Japan and the German Nazis, they were tired and grateful to have won, they wanted their kids to be raised without that kind of fear and scarcity mentality. Plus they worshipped uniforms and government for the most part. That was a mistake.
          We’ve paid for it ever since.

        10. Well, you’re only as old as the woman you feel, which makes me either 22 or 26 depending on which of them is in my bed that day.
          Chronologically, I’m still 47 until next autumn, although we share the same HS grad year.
          À bientôt,

    2. America has much to offer and I hope to increase that offer as I leave this earth. Us young men will make you proud. We are leading the charge, I will not give up on America. Respect to all RoK members.

      1. I look forward to seeing your words confirmed. As do all of us “older” types. It’s good to know there are young men out there who haven’t given up on themselves.

  19. Ok, your Wise, Old Uncle Mistral is going to have a brandy and dispense advice. If it’s TL;DR for you (or whatever you kids say) then at least remember this:
    Avoid debt like the fucking plague. Doesn’t matter if it’s educational debt, consumer debt, whatever. Don’t have any debt. It will drag you down like an anchor.
    Ok, moving on. This piece strikes me as one of those, hair on fire, “THE SKY IS FALLING!!!” pieces where we have some adversity and suddenly we’re on a downward slope that ends in a “Thunderdome” scenario that’s just around the corner.
    First, stop panicking.
    Second, it’s not the 90s any more, when any high school dropout hopped up on Dumb Dust could find a job that had a 401K and anyone with an associate’s degree from a jr. college and two years of work experience was figuring out where they were going to buy a vacation home. That shit is over.* The folks who are going to survive and thrive aren’t the ‘poor me! poor me!’ crowd. They’re losers. Don’t be a loser.
    Third, to survive and thrive, you’re going to have to be more nimble than people had to be in the past. That’s how it is now. Whatever skills you start out with could well be different than the ones you got started with. The economy is more fluid and you need to be ready to move. You wanna know who survived when the planes hit the towers on 9/11? The guys who GTFO, not the ones who listened to the “Don’t worry, stay where you are” announcements. You need to be nimble and mobile.
    Fourth, Stay The Fuck Away From Debt. College and law/grad school were expensive when I went, but not crazy expensive (in relative terms to both other costs and bang-for-buck) as it is now. Now, educational debt (and redistribution of income, which is a lot of what goes on) turns kids into wage slaves for the rest of their lives, affecting where they can live and if, not just when, they can retire. If I had a kid, unless he had some sort of superstar brain that really needed a college degree, he’d be learning a trade.
    Fifth, in case that wasn’t clear enough, stay the fuck away from debt.
    À bientôt,
    *The 80s and 90s weren’t all the perfect, either. I got out of college around the time that Bush Père, acting on the advice of new found political ally George Mitchell, decided to jack taxes up to the moon, and then later Clinton did basically the same thing, both times tanking the economy. Worse, in the 1980s, the US was still a pussy paradise, but that shit got shut down in the 90s, hard.

    1. This should be the highest rated post right here.
      Yes the baby boomers squandered everything away, but the millenials are not going to solve any problems by being buttmad for “not getting the job they deserve”. That attitude is comparable to the incels’ “I’m a nice guy but I can’t get the girls I deserve to have” crap.

      1. Thanks. My posts seem to have a long tail in terms of upvotes, but I’m not worried. I’m happy to be as source on “How Not To Fuck Up Your Life” for anyone who cares to listen. I’ve been something of a survivor–I spent the early 20s mostly broke–and managed to land myself in…well, lets just say I have good work that provides me with a good living and a lot of free time and leave it at that.
        My point is, things may suck, but the guys who make it aren’t the guys who whine, they’re the guys who keep running out the ground balls. Eventually, they’ll beat one out. What’s needed is less “what I deserve” and more “What should I do to get where I want to be?”
        À bientôt,

        1. The problem is that everything is a pay to play system now … being a lawyer or even a bleeping accountant is a major career decision given the expense of credentials required.
          “Trying” isn’t going to cut it … you need strategy and advanced knowledge of the job market.

        2. Oh, I totally agree. If I were coming up now, I’d probably do things differently. Credentialism is a real problem because of the debt that goes with it. I’d try to find some angle on being an entrepreneur. The best thing that the Millenials have going for them is they are a generational laboratory–they have the freedom to try and fail.
          À bientôt,

        3. What you have now is the same kind of Guild System that our ancestors came to America to get away from – all brought to you now by “progressives” who saw people coming off a boat and working their asses off (because it actually benefited them) as somehow bad.
          Guys like myself have been warning about this. I was called a right wing nutjob. Now everybody can go fuck themselves and lay in the beds they made.

      2. “This should be the highest rated post right here.”
        Well that didn’t take long. From what I see among younger guys, both in the Manosphere and IRL, they really want hope. Pussy, too, of course, but definitely hope, in terms of their economic lives, social lives and spiritual (as each individual defines it) lives. It is all to easy to despair and become bitter and stunted from what we see going on in the world. I get it. But we have to find (or build) a path upwards for our fellow men and red-pill brothers in the Manosphere…indeed, it has to become an engine for Building Better Men. This will benefit women, also, as there will be more men of the type that they *want*.
        So, as I said in a long-ago post, All The Young Men Are My Sons. So in that spirit, I say be of good cheer, lads….we’re going to beat this situations that we’re in and we’re going to build our own path upwards.
        À bientôt,

        1. I up-voted your first comment, but this one I really appreciate! Having you older gangstaz to guide us through, means the world to a young male.
          God Bless!

        2. Happy to help. I steal a line from Bill Maher here that I am like and escaped slave returning to the plantation with news of freedom. 😉
          À bientôt,

        3. These kids today, I think they have it easier. Why?
          What they have that we didn’t have, besides internet and smart phones, is total truth.
          You see they KNOW they are fucked. Or they should know it and stop whining about it.
          Back in my day, we didn’t know we were fucked. We were fucked, but there was still a lot of NAWALT-style metric in everything and including women too. Were we fucked on the jobs and careers thing? Well no – sort of. You could be fucked one year, or living high on the hog for a few years and then later on your selling off your gun collection to pay the rent and wondering what the fuck happened. The lure of the so-called “steady job” still existed back then and was still possible for a lucky few and so that carrot dangled happily in front of everybody. Life is easier when the truth is right out in front and naked.
          It’s like the USA and the ideal of liberty. I have been to the tin pot countries run by mini dictators, countries that are “not as free as the USA” (and therefore need democracy bombs to free the people, usually) but in those countries, everybody knows they are not free, so everybody does what they want anyway and everybody covers for each other most of the time while “that one person” who would rat people out become outcasts.
          The people in charge only think they are in charge.
          In America a neighbor will rat you out for building too big a dog house without a grand in permits. Liberty? Ask anybody who tries to start a business. We think we are free while we rat each other out and pretend our votes matter when we are not.
          That’s the comparison I’m making.
          The kids today have it easier with …. women!
          No, not for getting laid or even marriage prospects.
          I was in the local tavern last week having a stout and to my left were to women who appeared to be around 22-24 years old.
          Both of them were fatasses. Both of them looked like the fat overly-made up bitches from Jersey Shore and they had a smart phone between them that they were making a fuss over and I could hear them saying “now this guy… would you date a guy with a mustache?” and things like that. It’s obvious what they were doing.
          Back in my day, we didn’t have women like that – well we did, only they were not fatasses and you didn’t know they were cunts UNTIL you ended up in an LTR with them. Even worse, NAWALT still existed back then but I’m talking maybe 1 in 20 at best. They ALL looked good and put on a good act for normal but only around 1 in 20 was not a psycho hose beast waiting to strike. It’s like that tropical fish that dangles a little bait thingy and then opens it’s huge maw to engulf other fish. The young fellows today know enough not to even try – but sitting around complaining about how rotten their options for women are won’t help.

        4. Write an article. Be without mercy. Point out our faults and ways to correct them. You know what we want to do (change, evolve) lead us / push us to it.

        5. You are fucking up the next generation and are telling them to not complain? You know what? fuck you.

      3. Why does everyone want a job? I just want to make enough to live a humble life through various streams outside of the corporate world. There is no such thing as a good corporate job.

        1. I understand where you’re coming from, and I think you’re probably about 95% accurate w/r/t corporations. The trick is to find one with a limited number of d-bags….which explains why you are 95% accurate.

        2. Bingo, kid.
          Look around you, from people getting out of college, to minorities clamoring for “opportunities” like affirmative action.
          It’s all about “GIVE ME A JOB!”.
          That’s a lot of wasted energy.
          Even when a man is employed, he should see it the way McClintock (a John Wayne character) saw it. “I don’t give jobs. I hire men, and pay them for their time” (or something like that).

        3. That’s literally all it is. An exchange of time for money. While it’s not the path that best serves the collective economy, the path that best serves the modern man of the west is to make enough to sustain a minimalistic, bachelor lifestyle, working as little hours as possible, and saving that time for actual passions (i.e music, gym, writing, traveling).

        4. Easier said than done. Such path requires guts, knowledge of yourself, the market, sales-speech, realism, humility, etc. You know, the things they don’t teach you at college, nor you need on a corporate job.

      4. They should be mad however, at being locked into debt slavery… block off the jobs that would afford you a decent living and put it behind a curtain of requiring a ‘degree’… make said degree cost 10s of thousands to obtain. make the loans on those degrees extremely hard to discharge in bankruptcy… ship as many jobs as possible overseas to reduce the quantity of jobs while also introducing as much domestic competition as possible, even for the ‘knowledge’ jobs that we were promised when all the manufacturing was shipped overseas.
        The younger generation BETTER develop entrepreneurial skills because the goal of big corporations is profit maximization,which means a steady decline in compensation, while the price of everything hits the ceiling.

    2. I consistently feel like your comments are as good as (and sometimes better than) the articles themselves. Please keep posting.

      1. Thanks for the props. Happy to stick around until all my stories start having the same ending as my dad’s stories about the Depression: “Hey! Come back here! I wasn’t finished!” 😉
        À bientôt,

    3. Also if you want a huge dosis of red pill, read The Millioinarie fastlane
      It basically says the same as mistral, and the two work approach Aaron clarey talked about in some of his video: keep working in whatever you are working, and AT THE SAME TIME, develop your buisness/dream. Finally If you are gonna be a wage slave for the rest of your life, at least be a wage slave for your self

      1. I will have to check it out. I actually held two full-time corporate jobs for about a year and a half without anyone finding out about it–that’s not unheard of among sales reps, but for a regular guy it was pretty unusual. A couple of my friends told me I was like a fugitive from justice (but they didn’t mean I was a bad guy; it was their own fear talking). Anyway, corporate America would happily stick a knife in you if it raised their stock price a nickel, so I had no remorse or whatever about spending my time how I wanted–as long as I got my work done at a high level etc., why should anyone else care?** I used to joke how I was going to write a book titled “Upsizing: How One Employee Beat the System at its Own Game”.
        It was a lot of work, but I like work*, so it was cool. And getting two paychecks (and two year-end bonuses, twice) was pretty sweet. Eventually, I got tired of it, and now I work from home, get my work turned around and then pursue my own hobbies (and do stuff like errands and whatevs–life isn’t always shagging two 22 year olds, all the time.)
        I try to find new avenues for making money while not giving up my life–killing it from a hammock would be ideal. Really, one has to find a way to make money while one sleeps.
        À bientôt,
        *Or at least I’m good a it. *shrugs*
        **Although don’t kid yourself, they would have. A lot. The more freedom a worker has the less *control* his master, er, employer has.

        1. A few people tell me that. I think I’d rather write a book, so that there can be a beginning, a middle and and end, and then I can stop. 😉
          À bientôt,

        2. Just thought I’d join in on the Mistral circle-jerk.
          You’re an asset on this thread, and you got style.
          You should really consider writing something substantial. You have the wisdom and literary wit to make something worth reading.

        3. Well, thank you. I do think we need to come up with a more literary name for my posse than “circle-jerk”, though. 😉
          À bientôt,

        4. Agreed. Would love to read your thoughts collected & structured in a book. Plus, englishbob & me would have it easier racing & fighting over the 22 year olds, LOL. 😀
          Amen on the advice about debt avoidance. I was lucky that was something my parents instilled from way back when.

        5. Please write something Sir. I work at a university and want to add the business model of higher education has moved toward one of fast food. The emphasis is on turnover, bringing students in, giving them a worthless degree while they pay a premium. The school capitalizes on the student (and their parent’s) fear of being left behind, so I agree with your decision about your hypothetical offspring (unless truly exceptional) to learn a trade. A great majority of high school age kids and their families are fooling themselves and contributing toward the next bubble that will burst (spoiler alert: student loan debt). STEM fields are exceptional, but for the most part, degrees simply satisfy the ego. When I train student workers, regardless of their major I attempt to instill in them at least one fundamental truth: credentials might get you in the door, looks might get you in, sense of humor might, who you know might, but longevity in any field is not determined by title or any of those other variables. Employers pay for one thing: competency. This fast food model right now inflates the bubble and everyone is on board with it for different reasons. It’s an implicit agreement where the schools get their tuition and students get their degrees but they are never challenged along the way. They are incompetent. At my school there are no curricula designed to weed out students from that major. Students can literally do next to nothing and still graduate. Anyway, my thoughts are not organized on this now but it will come up another day I’m sure.
          tl; dr: competency over title.

        6. Competency? It depends entirely on the field of work. If you look you can find examples of some being rewarded over and over again despite obvious incompetency. In many fields you get along to go along and initiative, originality and yes competency can and will be punished severely.

        7. Agreed. Whether it’s a small business, corporation or federal government, if enough ‘in name only’ titles are wasting resources, the bottom line will be affected and that institution will naturally die. If the brass, managers, et al run the business with incompetent people the company will become insolvent. Unfortunately the productive individuals not only float many useless ones through the tax system but also many useless ones in positions at their own place of business. The company that neglects competency is either a government institution or a business on its way out. I only tell the students to place value on their own absolute terms of ability rather than the former attributes I mentioned above.

        8. Been working on the money problem for about 1 year now. It still eludes me. In what way can one make money (work for it) but that venue to be completely in your control and to progressively increase it’s value?

      2. I am just trying to work on both things. It is extremely difficult to develop the discipline to begin working on your project at 6 pm, just after 9 hours of bullshit at my corporate job.

    4. What if someone has a lot of credit card debt but doesn’t give a damn about his credit? I know you can’t escape student loans, but can’t you just say “fuck it” about your credit card debt? I have a friend struggling to make his payments, I told him just stop paying them.

      1. I guess I was focusing on the “preventative” side. If the guy truly has no assets, a B/K might well be the best move, although his credit (if that’s important to him) will be fucked for 7-10 years or whatever. Student loans stay around forever, as I understand it. I’m not a B/K lawyer and I live beneath my means, so I never needed to know. If he’s a young guy and is going to go live abroad for a while, it might not be a bad idea.
        I will say that there’s a lot of “shaming” that goes on surrounding debt collection and B/K, but when a company does it, it’s a business move. To me, there is no moral dimension, it’s about how to live the best life one can, under the circumstances in which one finds oneself. OTOH, I pay my debts, so maybe I’m the schmuck. That’s what works out best for me. *shrugs*
        À bientôt,

        1. Depends on your depth..if I owed $100.000 I would just say forget about it, you wont get them. Why not ? I mean there’s no way I could pay them back anyway, and 100 grand is nothing to these companies anyway.
          That’s a better solution than ruining your life.

        2. They will hound you, of course. There are sleazy debt collection agencies that make money in sleazy ways. Sometimes they try to collecting debts that the statue of limitations has passed on long ago, and plenty of other bad shit. I had one hounding me for a while (for someone else’s debt that I had no connection to) until I read up on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and read the guy the riot act the next time he rang. Haven’t heard back from them in several years. I often wonder how people who are not lawyers cope with all the bullshit like this in life.
          À bientôt,

        3. Paying debts you incurred honestly is no sin. There is nothing wrong with being honorable, where honor is its own reward. Paying a ‘tax debt’, screw that, file C-15.

      2. File bankruptcy and be done with it. It’s a simple process and costs around $1500 in legal fees.
        I tried the “fuck it” approach with the creditors. The lawsuits will eventually roll in, complicating the situation.
        Bankruptcy takes care of it all, including the lawsuits. Tell your friend to do it while you still can.
        The credit system is bogus anyway. I was getting credit card offers by the dozens even when I was clearly in default.
        Tell your friend not to pay any of the creditors one single cent. I made the mistake of trying to pay a few of them. Money down the drain. The bankruptcy clears the slate.

        1. Bankruptcy doesn’t take care of student loans in most cases–but it should. The assholes who came up with the idea of no bankruptcy relief for student loans should be boiled in oil.

    5. Whatever skills you start out with could well be different than the ones you got started with.
      Heh, dude, you working in quantum physics here and a multi-verse of realities? I know, typo, but it struck me as funny.
      Great post otherwise, though I do smile in a wry way when I hear “it ain’t the 90’s any longer”. The 90’s were a pale, homely sister to the ’80’s when I came of age. You wouldn’t believe the shit you could find then, and the women were all still thin and hot. But I guess you said that already.

      1. I missed out. I’m 33. I remember the 80s being pretty traditional, at least compared to today. The 90s was the pinnacle of great music and movies, but that’s about it. Culturally, the 90s was pretty shallow beyond entertainment. Lots of chicks being gross and ugly just for the sake of it.
        The modern era doesn’t offer much to anyone, unless you’re a freak who needs an excuse or a crutch, which there are plenty of.

        1. A family being traditional during your childhood years is fantastic, you have a leg up. For those of us in our teens and 20’s at the time it was Nirvana (not the band). The 90’s being the pinnacle of everything to you makes sense, it’s when you came of age. My dad’s pinnacle was the mid/late 1960’s for example, as mine was the mid/late 1980’s. It’s how we’re wired.
          Agree on the modern era.

        2. The 90s I remember so fondly. Unfortunately, back then I didn’t know shit. It was so easy to get jerked around by women back then. So many girls I pedstalized, so many I pursued for no good reason. But that is lessons learned and put into practice for today.

        3. As a life long bachler and living the 90s in my 20’s it was great but for me the shit seemed to hit the fan around early 2009.It seems it was a generational shift of some kind I don’t know.In my home town all the women I dated in there early 20s are Now shit before there even 30.Music, everything is shit.I’ve noticed it more than most because there was supposed to be no good ole days because im supposed to be living them now because I thought I would be evolving improving.I guess I thought this was the natural order of things.I was wrong society is devolving.

      2. [Shimmering Fade]
        Yep. I spent the 90s in HS and college. Was in a house and on the rugby team, so I had a glass in my hand all the time, and life was a party. The 80s were when the “groomed” look came in and the first bare beavers were spotted, and Victoria’s Secret popularized sexy lingerie.* And high grade pussy would just fall into your lap when it was ripe….
        [Shimmering Fade]
        So in other words it’s kind of like today only with less skunky beer for me to clean up in the morning. 😉
        À bientôt,
        *Before the Limited got a hold of it and ruined everything.

      3. God, they were at least thin (and they cared). The worst thing about the feminist narrative: it taught women how to just “let go” as in “let your ass get so big and stop dressing like you give a fuck”.
        Yeah, good advice to any adult?

      4. It was all in the hair. So many had hair to halfway down their back, some even further. Big hair, long hair, skirts, heels, miniskirts, staying in shape, etc….
        Good times.

      5. I left the country in 1992.
        When I came back from military service in 1996, the feminine haircuts were gone and all the women had those flat hippie cuts or “a Rachel” cut.
        I was a nobody when I left. When I came back:
        I was a rapist for being a man.
        A racist for being white.
        An extremist for believing there was a higher power.
        A terrorist for owning a gun.
        And I didn’t do shit to anybody.

    6. I could only add to Mistral’s code;
      –Only have children or even plan to have them or even dream about one day having them if you are absolutely sure it is right for you.
      Talk about debt? One kid puts you in 250k debt right there.
      Humans adapt fast. One adaptation is having the open-mindedness to go against all kinds of instinct/social conditioning and just say, ‘No kids.’
      If that idea rips your heart out, then have kids. If you see a father in a park with his kid and you are jealous of him, then have kids. If you see a 50 year old in Cuba with a racked 19 year old girlfriend and you are jealous of him then maybe there’s something to think about there. Who makes you jealous? That’s a deep-seated emotion and can tell you a lot about yourself. Someone brought that idea up recently and I can’t remember where I saw it or I’d cite them. Personally, I’ve never envied my married with children friends at all for any reason and certainly not now that they are creeping into their forties. I get the whole ‘living for someone else’ thing but I’m not always so sure it would have you feeling that good, moment to moment. Christmas morning? Okay, fathers win that moment but there are a lot of other moments throughout the year. It’s not a competition anyway.
      In addition, I can’t imagine bringing a kid into this culture with all the extraordinary financial elements that seem like they will collapse and collapse with extreme prejudice some day. If Hillary gets elected and goes for 8 years, I will not have children ever. I almost think it’s unfair to birth a child into a slave state. But if you can say ‘no kids’ then you are really helping yourself out. To have a kid when you were ambiguous or doubtful about wanting one, then that’s just tragic.
      All those incredible emotions associated kids will never be there for you if you never have them. That’s sounds bad but it’s not. There are no emotions there. You don’t have to deal with the good or bad. It’s just not your reality. There’s an imaginary child that could have existed every single time a man and woman walk by each other on the street so don’t even delve into the could-have-been emotions if you forego having children.

      1. Whereas I profoundly disagree with the contention that one is missing out on essentially nothing when not having kids, I completely agree that having them in a materialistic, corrupt society like the U.S. is prohibitive. Having kids is not for everyone even in an accommodating society.

        1. I think you’re missing my angle. I don’t mean you miss out on nothing. You miss out on a lot by not having kids if you want to look at it from the perspective of someone who has had children and already has those emotional paradigms. If you never had the kid, you never have to feel the ‘miss’. It’s a complete absence of those emotional sets. It’s not painful emotion or a lessening of the life you have. You see? It’s not easy to explain. I mean if the child simply never exists then there are no emotions that are available to you. So there is also no reaction to them. There’s no pain, no empty space where emotion should be. I would have to take longer to explain it and get my thoughts cleared up. Never creating a kid is all kinds of different from having a kid and losing him. That’s obvious, but a lot of people who have had a child will look on the childless with the same pity they’d have for someone who was robbed of their child. It’s all angles. I went through a phase where this idea of never having a child bothered me and maybe it still would but now the finances are making it an absolute no-can-do. Thanks progressives! I can be sure that I’m doing the right thing and just chill out about it for now and for always. A little T-ball stud of my own to watch grow up, go to prom, etc might have been nice, but it’s impossible. If someone asked me if I will someday buy a 40 foot yacht with exotic wood trimmings, shag carpet, cashmere upholstery, bar stocked with 18 year liquor. I would say “No. Of course not. Out of the the question. Financially impossible barring some unforeseen windfall.” Yet when the idea of a kid comes up (same price), people will act like the affordability is irrelevant. Like the money needed for a child is somehow in some different dimension of financial reality.
          You could go on all day…
          Mike; “Are you going to build up a collection of 50 Rolexes over the next 15 years?”
          Steve; “That’s hilarious. Of course I can’t afford that. Ridiculous, man. You’ve seen my checking account!”
          Mike: “Will you have a kid soon?”
          Steve; “Yeah. I think I’m ready.”
          Doesn’t make sense.

        2. It’s just another step of repression by the elites: The pushing of Ivy League schools as name brands to lend stupid rich kids legitimacy, etc. That and the corruption introduced by the leeches produced by our society the past few decades, as you say.
          The sad thing is, in the run of years, I think regret will be there regarding kids. I’m just lucky enough to have escaped to Europe a good twelve years ago to allow such a thing to be possible.
          Little League will not be realizable, but there is baseball to be had. 🙂

    7. “in the 1980s, the US was still a pussy paradise, but that shit got shut down in the 90s, hard.”
      i’m glad someone else remembers the 1980s that way. maybe it’s not just me. i think back on girls when i was in high school (84-89) and it seems like they could hang with what i saw in EE and italy and france when i lived in those places.

      1. Same. I graduated HS in 1985. Shit was amazing back then, and they competed to get your attention. I mean shit was everywhere, strippers and that kind of thing revered today as top pursuits were seen as low class and skanky, under the notion that you could do better, and there were very few fat or even mildly overweight people anywhere.
        I cannot fathom what life is like for men these days, outside of the few “alpha” weasels and the occasional actual manly raised young man whom women flock towards.
        As a control sample, I went back to my yearbook from the time and scanned through it. No comparison to today, they all (despite the hair, of course) look like high quality EE chicks today. Amazing how far things have fallen.

        1. It’s true. American women used to really get the gear working for you. Now they just make me sick. Even the thin ones ooze so much self-absorption/satisfaction that they are nauseating.

        2. I have 5 nephews who I fear for, and I’m going to have to become “the crazy uncle” who tells them what’s what – though some of them do have alpha dads one of which has been married to my sister (a NAWALT girl) for decades. Think of a power couple, she’s still looking good though in her late 40s, he’s a yacht broker cutting big deals, and their sons are fine young lads.

        3. People are fat today because of the GMO wheat don’tchaknow. It’s not their fault they have: insulin resistance, gluten/lactose intolerance, allergies, digestive issues, slow/low metabolism, vitamin deficiencies, acid base balance problems, PCOS…….(feel free to add to the list). It’s just not their fault.

        4. Yes, I had to tell my nieces that if I catch them with a tattoo they will have a choice: cheese grater, knife or blow torch to remove it.

      2. I used to joke that the 90s were the “No Sex 90s”, largely b/c of that Anita Hill broad. Before then, we all that “harass” was two words. 😉
        As I recall it, the 90s were when stupid shit like “speech codes” started picking up steam and people (not many, thank god) started listening to Rage Beast Andrea Dworkin and her partner in slime, Catherine MacKinnon. *shudder*

      3. Yes, because many of them weren’t as big as a fucking house in the ’80s (agree).
        Priorities were different (hell, everything was a little different). You didn’t have all of the tats and piercings back when (all signs of something’s wrong with this chick).
        Most, usually, kept up their appearance to attract a guy (versus wearing whatever today and acting like an ass clown – like a guy).
        Women need to get the memo. Someone needs to fucking type it out, write it out, make copies and hand it out:
        Men do not want women who act like men.

      4. I too remember when women looked like women and acted it too.
        That was before the rise of the cuntocracy

      5. Even when the dating scene got screwed up, America was still a job paradise in the 1990s, but it got shut down in the late 2000s. I remember reading somewhere that before the recession, people would be selected for interviews and then hired within days. Nowadays, the hiring process can last months, and alas, job seekers often never hear back.
        Everything has been screwed up since the recession hit. HR people and managers are now acting immature, giving job seekers the silent treatment. Not only that but if a job seeker accepts a job offer, he would get a BS excuse in the middle of the pre-employment screening process saying “We decided to choose someone else”.
        The mainstream media used to tell the truth about job losses during the recession, but afterwards the media has been feeding us with lies about the “recovery”. What’s really going on is that companies and recruiters are advertising more and more fake jobs, which is the second reason applicants don’t hear back from employers. And the only time a job seeker gets a response that isn’t a rejection letter is if he applies to scam job.
        Just like the dating scene, the American job market is already screwed beyond repair. Jobs are being outsourced, and robots are taking more jobs away from people.

        1. The original article reads like some doomsday article about EMP attack. But there is truth behind it, and also truth in what you say. BUT–no one is seeing the obvious. The “free market” system is dying of its own internal contradictions. Failure to produce good jobs is a symptom of this. So is crony capitalism. So is “too big to fail.” Even the moral degradation talked about ad nausea, on ROK is symptomatic of late-stage capitalism. Be aware of the dialectic at work, and how it’s leading inexorably to a publicly owned economy. Being aware of this is the real red pill. It’ll be heaven once we get there, but it’ll be hell getting there.

    8. What if you’re in your penultimate year of university doing STEM and have already racked up a fair amount of deb?

      1. Well first, don’t panic.
        I know zip about (a) the amount of debt you have–“fair amount” doesn’t sound too awful–and (b) what present career prospects are available to STEM grads, and, more particularly, you.
        So your choices are either soldier on or bail. Let’s review.
        Sit down and have a think about why you chose stem in the first place and whether the factors that led to that choice are still present. Presumably, you had some sort of plan for what you were going to do with your education, so review it and see where that places you.
        If you decide to bail, you need to figure out what you’re going to do instead and how to manage your accumulated debt.
        That said, you need to add in other factors besides merely sunk costs. To wit, if you are feeling a bit discontent about your present educational/career choices is it directly related to them or is there some signal bleed in from other areas?
        Also, I would recommend looking at the broader picture–are you discouraged b/c of accumulated debt? Future prospects? Life outside of work, etc.? I inquire because, to me, my 9 to 5 life has always been a mechanism for realizing my “5 to 9” life. Maybe other folks have Wonderful! Fulfilling! Careers! (I think that’s how it’s sold to young women), but I think putting work first (or perhaps letting it exclude other valuable activities) in life is an awful mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I like what I do, and I’m good at it, but if I actually had to do it 8 hours a day, I’d blow my brains out (figuratively, of course).
        Think about what you *want* to be doing, and then find the path that leads you to there from where you are. Work has its place, but think of the things that bring you joy, and find ways of emphasizing those in life. For example, in addition to my work life, I write and perform original music. Does anyone else like it? Well, yes, as it turns out, but I don’t care if they do–it brings *me* joy.
        I don’t know if you’re locked in to particular course work for the rest of your time a university, but perhaps you have electives you can use in favorable ways. For example, I got most of my degree work for my major out of the way by the end of my sophomore year. I wound up taking a course on the history of Iran. It turned out to be one of the best courses I took as an undergrad (note to early undergrads and younger: pre-qualify the hell out of your professors; a bad professor can ruin a favorite subject, but a good professor can make a boring subject interesting). Or take a language (dunno what’s feasible for you–if you suck at languages and it will fuck up your GPA then obviously don’t.) Best of luck.
        À bientôt,

    9. All great advice, but short term debt used in a savvy manner can be used as leverage for a high financial return.
      Example: you use borrowed money to buy an under priced asset which you then turn around and sell for its true value. Despite the interest paid on the debt your still generating a very high return.
      I speak from experience on this, having utilized this strategy with success.

      1. I don’t disagree, but my advice was intended for general application to most guys, wherever situated, who might be reading it, and for those guys, debt is poision.
        À bientôt,

    10. ¨Avoid debt like the fucking plague. Doesn’t matter if it’s educational debt, consumer debt, whatever. Don’t have any debt. It will drag you down like an anchor.¨
      This is not entirely correct.
      Leverage can have an upside too. Debt can be used responsibly, particularly in an inflationary environment (which the Fed is currently committed to creating). Going on margin to purchase stocks has been profitable for years now. Taking out loans to flip properties from 2003-2007 was also a very profitable activity.
      While you are correct that consumer debt (owing money on assets that do not increase in value, or have any value at all) will ¨drag you down,¨ educational debt can have a positive expected return if it is tied to a degree from a top university in the right field.
      All bets are off in a deflationary environment, however. You do not want to be paying interest on debt tied to assets that are falling in price.

      1. That’s true (for some) but for many (who don’t know what they are doing) that market came back to bite them in the ass.
        Too many shows came out showing people how easy it was to “flip a home” and then they got fucked (lost their primary residence as well). If someone is available to mentor them, then sure I’d say go for it. Many didn’t have a mentor and lost their ass (because, again, they were sold on the idea).

        1. This always happens in all kinds of areas. Everyone has an “easy money” system right until it crashes and people lose everything.

      2. As I just noted to bear, below, I don’t disagree, but my advice was intended to be of general application to most guys (as I perceive the RoK readership, which will skew younger and probably away from the venture capitalist field).
        Generally speaking, we like to own things that increase in value and lease things that decrease in value (which seems to be an argument against marriage, if you think about it. *grins*) but my suspicion is that the predominant type of debt that most guys reading RoK are going to encounter will be (a) consumer and (b) educational.
        À bientôt,

      3. Thank you. This is a much more detailed and balanced look at the problem of debt, or credit if you will. Used wisely and only in certain circumstances you can play it, rather than it play you.

      4. there has been no inflation of any significance, because the fed does not have such a policy. m

    11. I don’t think I quite understood…should I stay away from debt, Mistral?
      I had to fuck with you a little (damn old guys). Sound advice and it’s the same I pass on to younger men out there at work. College is a business and it’s been sold to many people (of course, because it’s big money).
      I’m actually telling many to diversify their skills (learn multiple trades) and maybe have more than one employer (if not able to be self employed). Always have options.

      1. College used to be about educating minds. Now it’s about *indoctrinating* minds–and protecting them from critical thinking–and commoditizing students to extract every last penny out of them. A sad state of affairs.
        À bientôt,

        1. It is truly sad. It turned into a “mill” and a business…that’s it. The latest generation got fucked the most (I think) on the “American Dream”.

    12. I get so tired of people whining that they cannot get a job. If you don’t have a job it is your fault. Do something about it. Its always tough to get a job. That’s why it requires hard work to get one. If no one wants to hire you its because you are unemployable. That is your fault. Do something about it (haircut, shave, remove the ear-rings, hide the tattoos, buy a decent suit, shine your shoes, learn some skills and learn how to sell yourself). Above stop complaining. No one respects a whiner.

    13. Debt is ok if you spend in on something that makes money – if you crunch the numbers.
      Stay right away from consumer debt, especially store and credit cards.
      Important info for the stpid: you know how when you get a credit card, you get a free five grand? Well you don’t actually get to keep that money. If you use any of it, you have to pay it aaaaaall back.

      1. You are 100% correct, but I’m also writing for the 95% of young guys who don’t get that.

    14. Avoiding personal debt is easy and just take a little discipline.
      Avoiding the debt your government has for you ain’t so easy.
      The America I grew up in and the one today are two different countries.
      I got the Fuck out….

    15. I’ll tell you something else about this piece. It is a serious exercise in Ludditism. People have been complaining about the machines taking over for 200 years. And yet people still getting jobs.
      Could you be an IT technician 100 years ago? No, because the computer didn’t exist. Now that it does, does it mean higher unemployment? No because you need people to maintain, build and operate the machines. This article is a major whiny fail.

    16. Forget degrees, get skills. Ensure they are marketable. There is plenty of work for those whose skills are in demand, and not easily replaced by a computer or a robot. Plumbing, electrical, health care practitioners, all come to mind. Don’t need more than community college for any of those.

  20. I always find it humorous how defensive people get when forced to confront the reality that they are not in fact special and will easily be replaced by automation.

    1. Automation to a person in the 1960’s was computers. Legions of programmers today stand in contrast to their fear of humans becoming irrelevant.
      That said, we will eventually get to that point. When that happens, then what?

      1. Not all humans will become irrelevant. Human creativity is abstract and unlikely to be completely automated in our lifetimes. But how many people are really creatively gifted? Very few, and I wouldn’t consider myself an exception to that either. In my current position now as a Risk Management Officer for a logistics company, half my work is using data to identify problems in operations- that can easily be replaced by automation in the near future. I think there is very substantial evidence that we are witnessing the beginnings of the automation revolution. Given our increased productivity and declining labor participation rates, it seems like the most logical explanation for the current economic status. And all indications from companies is that automation will be expanding.

    2. Good point. Start with the HR dept. , John.
      Fuck it. I mean, we can get a bunch of robots to sit around a table and complain (lol).

  21. I love this article because it shows a window of what other communities have been facing for a long time. Of course I have seen people “game” the system who are white Black, Asian and Latino…but with the fall of Job security and money you have more divorces or less formation of traditional “American Family units” ( Americans from other backgrounds are a little more comfortable living in multi generational homes). You have the rise of the single mothers and a spike in violence from kids from broken homes. I’ve been around all class of people and backgrounds and worked a variety of jobs and some of the hardest working people I have seen are Mexican and other Latino people…some of the most upwardly mobile and educationally motivated people have been Caribbean and African people, and I have seen abuses of welfare but I have also seen people work 3 and 4 jobs and bust their behinds. So people that love to stereotype use the same language against us…as welfare abusers and the such. But I have been raised in these communities and I can also say those are stereotypes, the people adapt learn a new culture and language and work HARD!!
    I also have commented that the rise of robotics and the shipment of work to cheaper labor abroad will begin to alter the lifestyle of many Americans no matter the race or background. It is becoming a class issue now with the laws application remaining unequal but now with class becoming more of the determining factor. The bad economy and high debt will also bring about some young women and some males prostituting themselves even College students with student loans (Sugar daddy websites). Desperate men who cant form families let alone get dates and the rise of criminality. And to be honest comparatively we still have it MUCH better than other countries, because we still have a somewhat stable political system without a stronger Nation manipulating or forcefully changing our Presidents every ten to twenty years….anyway just a different perspective!

  22. If there are any jobs that I hope get replaced by automation, then I hope it will be HR departments. Please, let automation take over HR departments. The amount of jobs I have been rejected from thanks to the 24 year old hiring manager cunt who has the power to decide who gets work.

    1. Yea..HR is truly the cancer of the western world. And why is it only females working there ? You would be thinking that feminists would be pushing for more gender balance in that field. But of course, not a peep. You just can’t take women and feminist seriously anymore. They can not be trusted with the slightest of responsibility or power.

      1. Because companies are only meant to do two things;
        1. innovate
        2. engineer/make products
        Females are incapable of those two things but the law requires that companies hire them at a nearly 50% rate if not above that. Enter bloated, pentagon-sized HR departments and ‘training’ regimes inside companies.

        1. Meh. Don’t feel bad for the corporations. They will get that money back tenfold in the form of revenue. Female consumer spending far exceeds male consumer spending. Why do you think they let these bitches into the workforce to begin with? Make busy work for them, pay them, then they pump it all back into the economy.

        2. On small items, yeah. But we buy the motorcycles, guns, trucks, boats, airplanes and heavy tools. Don’t know how that pans out profit wise though.

        3. SATKTDCAG Dept. (or HR Dept).
          Sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and gossiping – department was too long.

      2. “Yea..HR is truly the cancer of the western world. And why is it only
        females working there ? You would be thinking that feminists would be
        pushing for more gender balance in that field.”
        That first statement, alone, should be sufficient ammo whenever you have to deal with an SJW, feminist, female, etc…
        The fact that they complain so much about “equality” and then you point out that fucking elephant in the room?
        I guarantee….there will only be silence after that statement “crickets”.

  23. When you try to debate a baby boomer about the economic collapse, what really fucking pisses me off is when they constantly mention Mark Zuckerburg and the other Silicon Valley billionaires and how they represent an entire generation of entrepreneurs.
    GO FUCK YOURSELF. The Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are exceptions, not the majority of the younger generation. Yeah, lets all go to San Francisco and become billiionaires. Hate to break it, but the vast majority of start ups in Silicon Valley go bust. That is the reality. Even Bill Gates confirmed this.

    1. Is anything “invented” in Silicon Valley these days that isn’t some shitty app or social media related?

      1. That’s all Silicon Valley is about now. I read an article somewhere saying there’s nothing innovative coming out anymore, just apps

        1. I think that has something to do with “following the money”.
          FYI, there’s a great episode or two of “American Experience” about Robert Noyce and the founding of Silicon Valley (the other episode is about the guy who funded them, Arthur Rock (IIRC), and the birth of Venture Capital.
          It’s available online and well worth tracking down. If I can find a link, I will post.
          À bientôt,

    2. lol… SV start-ups go bust because the founders pay themselves a fat salary on the venture capital funds, then lose motivation to do anything. It only succeeds if the company survives long enough to go public on the stock exchange, and the wall street types convince the teacher’s retirement fund in iceland to buy up the stock in something they don’t understand.

    3. Not all boomers are bad. If you can find an actual Vet you have a 50/50 shot of finding somebody who agrees with you AND is 100% more traditional and decent than anybody younger than him. That is “IF”, mind you. I’m GenX btw, not selling anything here.

  24. I am 44 years old, make 100k in the northeast – so I am not rich but do just fine. My advice is that it isn’t about skills, and it isn’t about credentials. It is about knowledge.
    I am a very lucky person. I dropped out of college back in the day to pursue a full time interest in drug use. I got a job in wholesale sales, selling products to retailers, because it wasn’t glamorous and I could be out on the road and get high if I worth most druggies I hustled and gamed my way into a paycheck. It turns out I was good at it, taking a friend into lending me money until payday (when I had no job) was relevant to my new career.
    In 94/95 Amazon became my account because senior people thought the concept of buying online was ridiculous. I have done wholesale product sales ever since, to major retailers worldwide now.
    Fast forward to today, I can get a job quickly because I have the knowledge to take a product from China to a home in the US. (and I cut the drugs in 1999) I have no real skills. I only have knowledge. My knowledge cannot be outsourced nor can it be replicated.
    That is my advice to young people, gain the knowledge. Lie about the degree as I did (just make it a shitty school so no one checks) and. Learn what others don’t know. When you pick up a product at Walmart I can guestimate fairly when it was sourced, PO cut , terms, margins, ports of entry etc.

    1. Shea Turtle- I have been trying to make a connection with a Chinese manufacturer for a while now but most online sites seem sketchy. Do you recommend any specific site in terms of sport apparel? (I.e. team jerseys, Air Jordan shoes, etc.) I’d love to do a side gig by selling online while going to school. Thanks… -Tony

      1. Apparel is not my field but yes what you are trying to do is risky. Distributors and retailers routinely do factory audits to ensure they are getting what they ordered in terms of price, quality (and of course to avoid using child labor due to bad publicity). In rolling the dice on a factory you find on Alibaba, you have a good chance of ending up losing your money. Also, the types of goods you are looking for are all under license, which means you would be dealing with a factory willing to deal in black market goods at worst, grey market at best. The factories with the official contracts to manufacture Air Jordans would never deal with a tiny order such as yours, they are doing millions of units. (That said, many factories with official contracts will extend the manufacturing run and sell the excess on the side. You need a friend in China to find that type of deal.)
        If I were in your position, I would not try to go direct to a factory on this and instead would take a lower margin by dealing with a US wholesaler/manufacturer. Better still, find a commissioned sales rep who will do business with you (they just want the commission, will not ask a ton of questions about your business so long as you provide a credit card). I don’t think you will get Air Jordans… I would focus on Collegiate were I you because that is a looser license and as such there are a lot of products out there you can buy. I say to buy from a commissioned rep because an inside sales manager may not sell to you if they figure out you are just a guy trying to sell on the side.
        Again I don’t know apparel, but an example of a sales rep agency who sells non-apparel, licensed collegiate products is this one:
        One of their reps would surely sell to you. I assume the apparel industry is similar.
        Good luck!

  25. Life is a hustle, the sooner you learn that the better. You won’t lose your job to automation any time soon if you have a real skill. If your real, practical degree left you high and dry maybe take a look in the mirror, and fix the problem. You know if your major was bullshit by now.
    If you act desperate trying to get a job, your not going to get it. If you bullshit your resume and cant deliver your going to get fired.
    I have hired many, just out of school employees with no catch. The biggest issue is the people who went through the motions and don’t like want they do and suck. Also, most jobs wont make you king of shit with no experience. Get used to the idea of grinding until you earn respect. Now, shut the hell up and get back to work.

  26. Gents, before you jump ship I recommend North Dakota. I have yet to see a job pay less than $15/hour here. 18 year olds here make 80k/year working oil rigs. Easily the most libertarian state in the Union, we have the lowest unemployment, lax gun laws, the only state bank, and the only state not in debt. This is a corner of America where self determination still prevails.

    1. Hi Tony, I’m planning on getting my associates in welding and a bachelors in business/management or something. My question is, would a North Dakota oil company hire a fresh out of college/trade school Texas schmuck or would I need to rack up experience down here first? Also I’m black, how are race relations up there?

      1. ZARD- The more qualifications, the higher likelihood of you getting hired. The trades (welding, etc.) are always in demand around the rigs. My one recommendation if you’re going to the Bakken region is that there’s a shortage of housing, either A) have the job lined up before you move or B) have a backup plan if you if you don’t get hired immediately. Service jobs like WalMart still pay $15/hour. A lot of the rig workers are former military vets, so green is the only color that matters.
        Best of Luck.

    2. Outside of gun laws, I agree. Wyoming and SD have better gun laws, but push comes to shove, ND is a good bet any day of the week.

      1. SD and WY are more relaxed about guns than ND. That is true. I grew up in Los Angeles, so any place seems pro gun compared to what I’m accustomed to. One of the first things I noticed moving here is the difference in how law enforcements behaves. When people are armed, police are “Peacekeepers”; when people are disarmed, police become “Enforcers”. One can never appreciate the difference unless they witnessed both sides.

      1. If the decision comes down to deploying our military to secure oil abroad on the premise of false flag -OR- allowing private enterprise to pay young Americans $80K+/year to work rigs stateside, Ill take the later. Before you judge, have you had North Dakota water?

  27. The economic recovery is very suspect. After a person has been unemployed for a long period of time, the government drops you out of the data. The assumption is you don’t want to work, or are traveling, or become an artist, some nonsense. So just because the “official” unemployed data looks better than 6 years ago, doesn’t mean jobs are out there. Also can be people re-entering the work force for part time lesser paying jobs. This “recovery” is a stock market recovery but not much else. Being an unemployed man is like being unfuckable to women. They are allowed to work 10 hours per week in retail, and it doesn’t affect their social status. But a man becomes shunned.

      1. I tend to agree. Right now, the stock market is going up b/c there isn’t really any other place to put your $. There’s still a lot of $ on the sidelines, too. I’ve been doing private placements b/c the market seems to me to be all smoke and mirrors right now. I may have left some $ on the table, but at least I still have the table, and the house that it’s in.
        The gov’t tends to report “U-3” and I’m more of a “U-6” guy, but I don’t want to depress anyone with what the U-6 number is.
        À bientôt,

        1. That and quantitative easing. In theory it’s gone now, but it was responsible as the main helium dispenser for the current stock balloon for years. Thing’s gonna pop but big.

        2. At the risk of sounding like a “Crazy Old Guy” I am afraid there will be a day of reckoning. They’re going to KILL the dollar. They have to, b/c there are three ways of dealing with the debt:
          1. Cut Spending. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like that’s going to happen. We have a growing dependency problem. Too many people voting for a living rather than working for a living.
          2. Jack Up Taxes. There will be some of this b/c there is a bigger constituency against cutting spending. I think it will be more marginal (pun intended) than it would need to be, but that’s how it goes.
          3. Inflate The Debt Away. There’s no natural constituency opposed. We have a winner. (Since we’re going to do this anyway I would prefer that we just added a touch more to “QE Infinity” and kept taxes lower, but one had to keep the proles happy by “getting” the Evil Rich, if only a bit).
          À bientôt,

        3. Can’t really raise taxes, Mistral, men like myself will just totally drop out and go work at Subway.
          I know waiters with excellent day game … no stress of a hard job.

        4. There will be some fiddling at the margins on taxes, b/c the pols, in an effort to pit one class against another, will demagogue the proles about how “The RICH!” aren’t “Paying their fair share!” This is correct in an ironic sense b/c the “Rich”, who basically pay for everything (to the extent it is paid for at all), don’t pay their “fair” share, they pay more.
          À bientôt,

      2. It’s all about appearing “confident” at the moment. I loved (back in 2007) when government officials were still trying to convince the public that we weren’t in (or heading for) a recession.
        It was classic spin by all government agencies. Any politician at the time: Recession? What recession?
        The one that the people are feeling…dumb ass.
        It was like trying to hide a fucking elephant in one of the new convertible Fiats.

    1. The unemployment numbers have always been false (not just the last 6 years).
      The government loves to collect data but it rarely shares any of the real data with the people.

  28. When you hold interest rates down to 0% for 6 years, its going to create a false economy. Money isn’t free.

    1. They have to b/c of the national debt. And cheap money gets people into trouble, every single time.
      À bientôt,

      1. A singular argument for the need for commodity based currency if ever there was one. In short, I agree.

        1. NSYE is on crack cocaine now. Raise interests to a normal level like 5%, and the the wheels come off the american economy… like throwing a car into reverse when its going 60mph.
          People say china is the rising tiger, but accounting standards there can mean anything, nobody knows what a company’s balance sheet really means.

  29. H.R = Human Runts
    The most pointless department created as a result of feminist enforced legislation. Initially created since companies could not accomodate women with suitable roles as they did not have the right skills for a job.
    But what is troubling is that HR is the gatekeeper and has the power to decide who gets to work in a company and who doesn’t. I hope these companies who have HR departments go bust.
    Asking you some of the most irrelevant questions for a job:
    “Whats your favourite color?”
    My answer: “GO FUCK YOURSELF.”
    “What animal would you be”
    My answer: “GO FUCK YOURSELF.”
    “If you can be someone, who would you be”
    My answer: “GO FUCK YOURSELF”
    “Unfortunately, you did not meet the suitable requirement for the job Mr Truth. ” Now imagine a women being interviewed and give the exact same answers as I did:
    “I am happy to tell you have been successful on this occasion and will be happy to offer you a conract of employment.”

    1. HR is the Elephants’ Graveyard for people with no talent. They show up, stay in their 9-to-5 coffins, hope nothing bad happens, and then go home at night to their shitty little lives. Occasionally there’ll be a hot chick but she’ll eventually get married and stay home and have babies, just like nature intended.
      To any of you young guys who land a corporate gig, you need to identify the one person in HR (and there will be one, and usually only one) who is not a fucktard, and have them handle anything you need handled by HR. If you find the right person they’ll be worth their weight in gold. Spend time cultivating them.
      À bientôt,

      1. Or find the fat HR girl and lead her on. Of course don’t f*ck her, but make her think you’re interested.

        1. Don’t fuck her, but only b/c she’s fat. I do sometimes think it’s ok to fuck the hot HR girl, b/c really, who should know better than HR not to fish off the company pier. 😉
          À bientôt,

        2. I would have just the exact type of blunt and heavy instrument to do the job. *grins*
          À bientôt,

      2. I don’t believe I’ve ever met or seen a hot HR girl. A few barely doable, but def. not hot or notable.

        1. Where I work we had one….and she resigned earlier this month. So it’s possible, it’s just not very likely.

    2. Ah, yes…the useless HR Dept.
      We had to create it because the “sitting around the kitchen table, drinking coffee and gossiping” department just didn’t have the same ring to it.

  30. This article is a complete swing and a miss. As Vagabond and others have already pointed out, automation creates more jobs than it kills. So some McDonald’s clerk lost her job to a touch screen – it took hundreds of people to design, build, ship, code, install, maintain, etc… that machine. I won’t beat a dead horse on
    that one, so let’s move on to this idea of labor surplus.
    First, there are plenty of jobs that go unfilled. Boo hoo that you can’t work in a big law firm after you went to school. You jumped off the dock trying to catch a ship that had sailed and you missed. Get over it. Dry off your wet panties, unbunch them, and act like a fucking man. There are plenty of jobs in the oil fields. When people say there aren’t jobs, what they often mean is that: 1) there aren’t the jobs that they want and feel entitled to have; and 2) they are too lazy to learn a new skill, relocate,
    adapt, etc… This kind of tiresome pissing and moaning is what women do.
    As for those 3 year experience requirements to be a fry cook – I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret, it’s a result of the downward “fairness, equality, and rainbows” death spiral our country is locked in. I’m an attorney, and one of my practice areas
    is labor and employment law. Those application requirements are there to give companies a plausible reason to fire you. Every moron knows you don’t need six years of experience to stock shelves in a clothing store. No company that is successful thinks that you do. And anyone who isn’t a full blown retard will hire you if you are competent enough to do the job, and will look the other way if you perform as expected.
    But, a few decades ago, we embarked on this quest for the elusive equality of outcome and passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which made it illegal to discriminate in employment decisions on the basis of race, sex, and religion. Since then, the federal government has passed dozens more laws, with every state in the nation following suit with their own versions, protecting any victim category you can
    think of – from the disabled, to the genetically disadvantaged (look up the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act) and anything in between. Whether or not the laws are desirable is the topic for another discussion, but suffice it to say that whatever lofty and altruistic goals they may have had, they have served to do little more than proliferate a cottage industry of victimhood.
    You see anyone, and I mean anyone, can plausibly claim that they fall into some protected class. Hell, even any of the lilly white males reading this can claim discrimination at the drop of a hat. If your HR rep is a woman, she must not have hired you because she hates men. If she’s black, she hates whites. And if all else fails, claim you’re gay – it’s not like they can ask you to suck a dick to prove it.
    So companies that used to be able to weed out shitheads during the interview process are now in a conundrum. Some whackjob could literally walk into an
    interview without pants on, sporting a purple mohawk with a dildo sewn to his
    forehead, and you can’t just throw his ass out because he will run to a plaintiff’s attorney and claim that you discriminated against him because he’s some intersex genederqueer fagophile. It doesn’t really matter how ridiculous the claims are because the goal is not towin. The goal is to get a settlement.
    You see, courts have been decent gatekeepers when it comes to holding people to high standards of proof to prevail at trial – it is much harder than most of you probably think (you’re really only in trouble if the case gets to the jury, which will be comprised of mouth-breathing idiots who are walking poster children for the abolishment of representative democracy). But courts have failed miserably in delivering swift justice and trimming the herd so that only meritorious claims move forward, and in my opinion are therefore complicit in the fleecing of employers by not laughing frivolous claims out the door and sanctioning the attorneys who bring
    So, when you are a company facing one of these cases, it’s simply a matter of paying less to make something go away, rather than paying a shit-ton of money to get kicked in the balls during litigation and risk going to a jury. Plaintiff’s attorneys have perfected the art of making a demand precisely calculated to entice settlement
    while giving themselves and these malingering, useless fucks a payday. And believe me, there are professional plaintiffs who make their living by going to interviews and trying to trick the interviewers into saying something stupid so they can sue, settle, and sit on their ass eating ice cream until it’s time for the next one. In other words, our little Shangri-la utopia of discrimination protections removes all discretion and judgment from employment decisions lest you face a financially ruinous lawsuit.
    Faced with this dystopian nightmare, what’s a company to do? Easy. Set artificial requirements that they can use as a proxy screening mechanism, redeemable, now, or later, as required. Employers keep these provisions in their hiring agreements to arm themselves against the army of useless victim malcontents that have no interest in the job, and are simply waiting their chance to play the victim card. When they run to the courthouse crying over unfairness, then the story will be, “we didn’t refuse to hire the militant lesbian with pink contact lenses because of her sexual orientation – when we did our due diligence, we realized that she didn’t have
    the requisite experience.” Or “we didn’t fire the useless black supremacist
    because he was black, we realized he lied about his education experience on his
    resume, and when he was hired he signed a paper saying that dishonesty in his
    employment application could be grounds for termination.” You see how this works?
    So, what’s a man to do when armed with such knowledge? You can fuck off, because I’m not giving legal advice. But if you aren’t one of these blue-pill-masquerading-as-red-pill whiners, you should be smart enough to read between the lines and develop an appropriate plan of action.

    1. That’s really good advice. Too bad no one here seems to be paying attention to what you’re saying. I guess it’s easier to whine than do the job.
      I now a guy who works at a car body shop, he straightens wrecked cars. Every part he fixes is a part that doesn’t need to be bought new. Since car parts are expensive and he’s really good at fixing them he gets top dollar for his work. You wouldn’t believe the amount of money this guy makes.
      Also so much physical work makes him look like a freaking bodybuilder, talk about additional benefits.

      1. Good points here. I think more people need to look at the “hidden benefits” of some jobs (i.e. like the physical workout this guy gets in a body shop).
        Too many people look at only the “surface” of any job (or career) and never really look into the “cause and effect”.
        You may actually lose weight doing a job because your not on your ass all day (like you were at your old job in a cubicle). Yes, a little less money but you’re in better shape (health), now.

  31. Mistral:
    Thank you for your comments, they are very insightful. What kind of private placements are you doing?

  32. I think that the author is wrong.
    Even if all productivity is replaced by robots, the rest of the population will need to spend its daytime doing something/anything. Idleness leads to crime, even revolution.
    The real problem for most (beta) men is that society no longer rewards productivity. If you can’t attract women and provide for your kids by working hard, what’s the point?

    1. It rewards them, just not with sex much. But for those willing to bed a used up multi-cock slut, well, a lay is a lay in their eyes, so reward.
      Sad but true.
      When it truly stops rewarding them, when even the used up sluts still refuse to settle for anything less than a 38 year old George Clooney, then the shit gets serious.

  33. There Is No More Entry-Level Work

    How did my (then) 17 year old son walk into an Arby’s and, simply by asking, get applications for him and his friend which got them hired nearly on the spot last year? This after leaving a job at a department store where he was hired nearly sight unseen?

    Thoughts & Suggestions

    Now this was practical advice, absolutely agree. If you can’t find work, then move to where the work is. This is what men have done across these united States since there was a united States and before. It’s how humans have always acted and reacted. The myth of permanent employment in one spot for generations is just that, a myth.

    1. Yes. There is always work to be done (and found). Things do change (and will continue to change)…you have to roll with the punches.
      People need to stop watching TV plus stop taking bad advice from millionaires and professional athletes. Bullshit can come from the guy right up the block as well as some millionaire on TV…it’s knowing when it’s pure bullshit (that’s the key).

    2. Yes and no.
      The economy has drastically changed … does taking out 400k in loans to be a doctor sound like a good deal to you? How about 150k for law school? I know a girl who is physicians assistant, making 70k a year with 200k debt … good deal?
      Undergrad? Well the big accounting or marketing firms only recruit from the top 25 percent of schools (expensive ones). Masters required. Do you go? A lot of that depends on how much money your parents have and what sort of connections they hold.
      As mentioned before, the best bet is the trades because the skills are portable and you often don’t have to pay to go to trade school.

  34. Permanent unemployment is a natural consequence of putting an artificial floor on the price of labor. The optimal economy is one where everyone contributes whatever they can at whatever rate their labor will fetch. Except for the profoundly retarded, who must be watched every moment lest they electrocute themselves, every human being is able to add some value to something. Who seriously thinks that paying the feeble-minded to watch TV all day is good for them, or for us?
    Self-employment avoids this and many other onerous regulations, but not everyone is smart enough to be their own boss, and not every industry can be broken into pieces small enough for a single person to handle.

  35. Hey guys… one thing Aaron Clarey talks about is that the future economy will be divided into people who maintain/develop the basic infrastructure (which will eventually include robots, electronics, computation architecture, The Matrix!), and then the people who provide the vanity products.
    Cappy Cap talks about it with optimism.. he is the Captain of Capitalism after all…. Me?? Not so much… but it is what it is…
    Vanity products are basically… stuff that makes you “feel good.”
    Sexy haircuts, futuristic arcades, video games, fancy coffee joints, hookers, parties, “health shops”, councillors, psychiatrists, performers, gambling…
    I’m pretty sure once everybody is poor the average stupid person will spend their money on stuff that makes them feel good. The wolves will make money off the sheep.
    I think as the RoK crowd is we should crowd-fund a male-geisha joint.. The women have all the public sector jobs… They hate real men… They’ll probably spend their money on a fancy fantasy. It is already happening in Japan…. Men dress up, put on shows, Game them relentlessly, and be their bitch on demand. And these guys are Rich. They’re just male prostitutes who tickle women’s emotional buttons. And sometimes I’m sure they get sex. I think it is a legit idea. I’m telling you… Someone else is going to do it and they’re going to make a killing.

    1. I have watched Clarey a bit, he’s not that intelligent. He’s a bitter as hole with some good insight, but he basically states the obvious.
      …what he doesn’t say is that the middle class American dream had little to nothing to do with capitalism … it was because the US crushed the rest of the world and saw a productivity spike directly rewarding labor.
      Claims he’s an economist and tells everyone to become an engineer (which I am before anyone jumps on me) or tradesman… okay, well that comprises less than 2 or 3 percent of the population …. what is everyone else supposed to do?
      Med school and even dentistry have questionable ROI.

      1. When I first discovered him I was excited and thought perhaps, as an economist, he had some answers.
        He definitely presents some good ideas and some actionable advice (especially his earlier stuff)… but it is mixed up with all the rhetoric he spews.
        He clings onto the idea of pure capitalism like it is the only truth in all situations… And constantly shoves it down everyone’s throat while being smug about it… In this sense I think he is not a revolutionary thinker… He seems to me the type who will always uphold tradition and not see the forest for the trees.
        But he does embody those ideas entirely… Which makes him valuable in that sense.

        1. He says don’t try until you’re 35. Which is basically correct outside of law, engineering, and high end specialties.
          It’s not a bad idea just to take a crap job and don’t try if you have a worthless degree … I know many guys, like Aaron, working their asses off in dead end jobs.

        2. You always point out some good content. I like a ton of his videos, but I hate his smugness towards liberal arts degrees and boner towards engineering and trades. Yeah, they don’t guarantee you a job or give a specific skillset, but there are a ton of liberal arts and business majors killing it while he sits in a shack, preaches capitalism, and worries about spending $1 for water on a roadtrip.
          Non STEM majors really aren’t that bad-just get your foot in the office and show your value. In order to make decent coin with liberal arts you’ll probably have to start out in something sales related but by time you’re done with that you won’t want to drop down to $50k as an engineer.
          I’d study female liberation at Harvard Stanford or Yale any day of the week. The alumni network can get you in any door you want, not to mention the chub that employers get by having Ivy league grads in entry level jobs.

        3. As I have stated many times, STEM means jack in terms of employment outside of engineering and computer science. So sick of people repeating that mantra.
          don’t believe me? Go see what most Chem or physics majors, some with masters degrees are doing right now…
          Clarey thinks he’s STEM, and thus entitled and better than liberal arts, because he studied finance. Could be wrong, but the finance kids I graduated with were of mediocre intellect, didn’t study nearly as hard as even the Chem or bio kids.
          I was lucky enough to enjoy differential equations and high level math (which led me to a good major and good job) … yet, I’m not going to lambast some kid who studied history or English with a sense of superiority.

        4. I have a friend who went to Harvard for aboriginal studies and now she works in the Canadian government working on policy and doing research on reservations..
          Clarey makes some great points but I think he is a little out of touch sometimes… And yeah the constant smugness gets old fast.

  36. “This is exactly why many teenagers and 20-somethings cannot find work:
    the job market has simply eliminated the concept of an entry level job.”
    For one illegal immigrants have taken many of the jobs intended for the legal youth (learning a trade, low wage, etc).
    Second, these 20 year old kids are so entitled they think they are above doing a cashier job. Your average 20-something thinks they are above working and have the social skills and customer service of a retarded chipmunk, do your f*cking job and do it right, no matter what it is. Maybe you will get a raise or move up. Bitching about it won’t do anything. Hard work is hard work, at least your not digging ditches. I have more respect for the 60 year old cashier at the grocery store, than the asshole in his 20s sitting back and receiving unemployment while drinking at the bar and bitching about how the “economy is messed up”.
    You work to eat, goddamn it!
    Adaptability is key and always will be key. Problem-solving also. You think our grandparents were driving around in fancy cars. They lived through the depression where people were starving or literally jumping out of buildings. What we are going through now is peanuts. They call our grandparents the greatest generation for a reason. They worked hard, saved, and bought with no credit. They were humble and they carved out a piece of the American dream for themselves through hard work. My grandparents both worked and raised 8 kids, figure that one out!
    What we are experiencing now is a cleansing, the losers will be stuck on welfare, the winners will learn to adapt and rise above, much as it always has been. They will create new jobs or find jobs. To put it simply, they will figure it out.
    It used to be a shame to be on welfare and was used only when you were on your very last penny, now its worn as a badge of honor as if you are “owed it”. It is disgusting. I agree with lots of these points in this article, but crying about the situation doesn’t help. Planning for the worst, expecting the best, and saving properly does help (delayed gratification). Relocation may be an option if need be for a job.
    Pulling yourself up by your boot straps is a cliche, but it’s one that stands the test of time. Something this generation could repeat as their Millennial’s mantra. Be more like your grandparents, not your parents.

    1. Some good points here. Many young adults simply don’t want to move out of their parent’s house (and why would they). Many young people want what I have today (at my age), now, at their age: 20.
      All the nice things, the nice house, nice car, nice neighborhood….they don’t want to have to work and start at the beginning. I see this in my neighborhood with a couple of the neighbor’s kids.
      Another point is people need to learn (and some need to learn it, again) the difference between a want and a need.
      People need a car for transportation (to and from work, store for food, etc..). They don’t need a brand new car. People don’t need 3 TVs, they don’t need cable, etc…. Food, water, clothing, fuel, shelter…pretty basic needs. Yes, our elders did it; we can do it.
      Many need to get (or start) back to square one in this country.

      1. If I could stay with mommy until 35, I would. You save so much money… less stress about losing your job or paying student loans.
        I encourage young people to stay at home as long as possible.

        1. I understand the reason for staying, on the financial side, but it can stunt a person’s growth in so many ways. It’s one of the very reasons why we have so many grown up children today versus adults.

        2. That is true.
          But honestly, you are better off living with your parents in the long run. The economy is so fucked up, that living on your own means you cannot save up for anything anymore, especially in cities like New York and London.
          Also, living on your own does not equate to independence if you need your parents or the government to subsidize your living costs eg) hipsters in New York and London.
          And what is waiting for you outside your parents home? Having a bitch of a girlfriend who entraps you into child support and marriage, dodgy roomates who will steal your personal belongings and fuck you over rent money, an asshole of a landlord, and more insane costs of living that make you want to blow your head off with a gun.
          The people who lived with their parents, saved more money in the long run than those who moved out.
          But I do agree, there comes a time when you really need your own space. But best to do this, once you have enough savings to back you up and a good income to support yourself.

        3. Yep, I’ll agree it’s a little tricky out there today (versus the past). I’m always looking for a good balance when approaching any situation. This approach sounds like a good one. Work, live at home for a bit (not too long) but just enough to set yourself up.
          Having ROK for the next generation is a huge plus (men, pay attention) – much wisdom here.

        1. Bullshit. It is a fucked up economy and the latest round of young people coming out of college got fucked on the “American Dream”.
          But, at the same time, there are plenty of young people who simply don’t want to get their hands dirty. It happened to many in my group (GenX) as well. Once you hit college (and you are educated) you think that you don’t have to work any longer (or work in “those” fields). That type of work will keep you grounded and it will pay your bills until something better comes along.
          The best thing you can do for yourself (and someone older taught this lesson to me) is always be able and willing to work…doing almost anything. If you actually work, then you’ll always be employed. I’m not saying it’s all fucking rainbows and clouds…it’s not easy. But I refuse to let someone (or something) hold me back when I know there is work to be done.
          The mindset is what separates me from many others. I work…so I can always find work (a job). Others find excuses…that’s the difference (not the economy and not the times).

  37. If you are going to give advice to people it might help if the advice is good, and when it comes to teaching English, yours just isn’t.
    No legitimate school will give you any contract unless you have an internationally recognised English teaching certificate. The most prestigious is the Cambridge University validated Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). It can be done at many centres throughout the world, and takes about six weeks to complete. The cost is in the region of about £1,000 and you are expected to hold a decent degree otherwise most CELTA institutions will not take you.
    Once you have your newly minted CELTA you will join the thousands of new teachers every month, all of whom think that teaching in a sunny clime is an easy way to make money. Be prepared to take a job in Belarus…

  38. Maybe I have only myself to blame, but I came to Korea in 2009 for a lot of reasons. After doing everything I was told for 12 years of education and another 4 of private university with passing grades yet I had no job skills. Maybe my image of what life would be like after college was pie in the goddamn sky of being able to get a proper job (the author’s point) so I couldnt help but be let down.
    I’ve been in some dark places in my life but in 23 years of life and being completely useless to everyone was another level. It one of those things that hurts so bad it changes your life forever and you reference it every day forward. Korea and the man who hired me gave me an opportunity. He took in a boy who didn’t know shit and hated kids and stuck with him through all the patience-testing mistakes until he got good at teaching.
    Say what you want about teaching english. I’ve got money in the bank and by this time next year I’ll be living rent free and my low living costs are going to hit rock bottom.
    Whats good is I impose my some of my beliefs on kids, even as young as 6. Call me what you want for that–the kids get results. There are no rewards in my class. We feel good for being able to do something, and feel bad when we cant, we don’t look at the grade is let it guide out feelings, we let the results do that. I cant tell you how many kids I’ve made cry and had them like me later and trust in my methods.
    I look out for the boys too. Punks be slouching and “la ti da”-ing the first week of class and slurring their speech and giving half assed answers, two weeks later they’re sitting up straight answering questions. No one has ADHD.
    Here how you know I do things right: When women see me teach and the class is successful, their lizard brain kicks in and get itchy over all the confidence and rockstar-esque teaching. I don’t rock it all the time though. Its a struggle, some kids hate me, some kids leave because of me and others are afraid of me. It happens.

  39. A huge part of this is the government making it very costly and in some cases illegal to provide entry level jobs. A minimum wage does not make employers increase wages for workers, it makes it illegal to offer low-value work. Robots aren’t cheap, but when labour is artificially expensive they become an attractive option.
    Employers very often need to provide health care, paid vacation, maternity benefits, sick leave and so on and so on. Every employee carries a risk of costly and time consuming lawsuits.
    It’s incredibly hard to fire someone these days. If an employer could fire you at the drop of a hat, they would be more willing to hire people to give them a chance to prove themselves. But when you need to make a huge commitment to each new employee, you need to be very sure that they are going to work out. So you don’t take chances.
    I know several people who run small businesses. They do every single thing they can to avoid hiring people. It’s not the cost of wages that deter them – they often spend more money on technological solutions, or give up potential business growth. They just cannot deal with the absolute BS that goes with hiring someone.
    There is a huge demand for labour. I could use a chauffeur, a chef, a groundsman…. Since unemployed people are doing nothing, almost anything useful would be an improvement. Polishing paving stones would add some value. Grinding for gold in a MMORPG would be useful.
    Government distortion is breaking the market.

    1. “Employ at will..” If the place is non-union it’s actually quite easy to fire someone. HR will also collaborate with the hiring/firing manager under which you work to prepare a presentable case, all the while you’re slaving away thinking there’s little to worry about, then POOF, “please come in the office’re being terminated for reasons X,Y,Z..” And the more reasons x,y,z are ubiquitous in nature, the more you know it’s political b.s. you’re being fired for, and likely nothing you’re doing, but someone else’s problem with you or you’re just an innocent bystander hit with collateral damage.
      And believe me, the HR cunts love tearing people’s lives apart, its empowering to them, while they leave you with disparaging words of empathy.

  40. And how do you expect to run an online business from Bolivia? What are you going to sell through your website? Products? What about the whole logistic process? You think you can just go to Bolivia, rent a place a stay there without a visa? A visa runs out in 3 months. In Brazil you have to leave the country after 3 months else you are an illegal alien. Only if you bring $100.000,- for setting up a company you can stay or you have to marry a crazy Brazilian bitch. Else, forget it. Same for the countries in Europe you mention. You think in Germany or Scandinavia you just land your plane, hire an appartment and can stay there? You don’t even get a work permit. I am European, in my mid thirties and worked abroad: In South Africa it was only possible on a student visa. Even my employer couldn’t get me work permit there. Austria is the same. All in all a rather naive article, probably written by a twenty something..

  41. You are wrong. Jobs are not the holy grail. A well educated as in (a person who can DO something, is GOOD at something as opposed to a person who has a degree in worthlessness) should NEVER apply for work.
    It is much better to create value earn money self-employed. Maybe online. Maybe in a foreign country.
    Only those who invest into a worthless degree and are to afraid to leave their country will whine about “lack of employment”. This describes the typical beta male.
    An alpha see opportunities, where the beta sees problems.
    An alpha takes responsibility and creates something where the beta wants to follow the same path legions have walked before him.
    An alpha never whines when the conditions are not good. He changes what he does not like and if that is not possible leaves. The world is a big place. The downturn in the indebted, over regulated west is only half the coin. Where there is demise in the west, there is rise elsewhere.

    1. Wrong. I’m taxed up to the hilt to pay for fat useless ugly people. I’m going to complain my as off as a tax payer who preforms a high skill job 95 percent of the population doesn’t have the IQ for.
      I’m going to complain until my tax rate drops to 4 percent (which I estimate to be double the expenses in government that benefit me).
      I’m going to complain u til social security, medicaid, public pensions, and Obama care are repealed. No more subsidizing single mom’s or pointless war efforts.
      I’m beta bucks for the government whore!

      1. Dr. Orange you claim to be top 5% IQ wise.
        Then the next sentence you say you will complain until goverment lowers taxes.
        Am I the only reader who notices a problem here?
        Dude, if you have not yet noticed – the goverment is in debt, 18 000 000 000+ U$. They will not lower taxes anytime soon, expect taxes to go up for years to come.
        Don’t belive me? Google france + taxes + gerad depardieu (a french movie actor) and then come back and tell me how wrong and full of shit i am.
        If you cant…then you may want to get the fact into your concrete skull that nothing you can say or do will change goverment policy. Votes are meaningless. All you can do is leave or stuck it up. First action beeing alpha, second actioin beeing “I’m beta bucks for the government whore!”

  42. Start a business that either saves people/businesses time/money or one that “creates” money that they didn’t know was there. If you do this your business will at a minimum provide a source of steady employment and a livable wage. If you are a real go getter it will make you rich.

    1. Can’t afford to buy a fleet of cars to start a taxi company… build an app like uber. Yep the “sharing” economy is a house of cards, but if you think of it as a short term gig, then at least you’ve got something to talk about at the next interview.

  43. When I decıded to get a law degree, I thought at the tıme “well, ıf worse comes to worst, I wıll just do document revıew. If I don’t pass my state bar, I can always fınd work as an hıgly qualıfıed para-legal, or maybe land a government job. Yeah, thıngs wıll be ok. After all, I AM EDUCATED!” Uhh..thıngs dıdnt turn out very well for me, and I had to evenutally relocate overseas to teach englısh.

    1. I heavily considered legal work myself, and decided I could not bring myself to help operate the very system entrapping otherwise useful men with lopsided family laws, etc. to simply feed a system that hasn’t gotten better for men, but worse.

  44. Well at least the author realizes the current bill of goods sold to people is bullshit, he is ahead of 90% of American males on that front, articles like this at least help some see through the fog of bullshit that is the American economy.
    As for the remedy, it’s individual nothing you do as an individual can change the current system as a whole, hence you must adapt or leave, it’s really that simple. A game of musical chairs was being played and the music has stopped, leaving many without a chair, you can complain and whine about not having a chair , but that’s not going to get you one, the people who have one were smarter than you on economic matters or lucky.
    In order to get ahead you will have to hustle and play the game here in the U.S, it doesn’t mean you have to believe in the game but you must play if you want to get ahead if you are unwilling for moral reasons or whatever be the case you must then leave for a country/place that offers game conditions acceptable to you. The whole 50s economy of working your whole life at one company and retiring is over, I would argue it was a one time thing created by the specific conditions at the time. Hence, given that is over and it seems to be your main complaint, you must follow advice that is mainly opposite to what well off baby boomers will give you, unless they are red pill. They are interested in preserving their own self interests not yours and will act upon their own self interests as should you.
    This is where I see the biggest problem, younger folks and people in the U.S in general have been led to believe that following their own self interests is not good in order to preserve the current system in order to meet liabilities. I have included a general list of guidelines below for those looking to get ahead in the current economic climate:
    -NO DEBT, not even 0% debt, if you have to borrow it means you can’t afford it.
    -Consider moving to the midwest/midsouth of the U.S, I lived in this area and the salaries are about 80% of what you can get in big cities but the cost of living is much lower as well a housing, many of these places you can buy a house cash if you save for a few years.
    -Whatever talking heads on CNBC are advising you to do, do the opposite.
    -Stay away from mass media/xbox any other designed time wasters that take focus off your own self interests.
    Mainly you have to look after your own self interest here, America isn’t going to save you as you have already realized, and why should it, you are just a tool to preserve the current wealth and status of those at the top, realize that and act accordingly. This is no different than at any other time for humans on earth, only difference is you were mislead to believe it was different, in fact the world is probably much more cut throat than at any other time in human history due to globalization and such.

  45. The only time i had a job was back when i was in high school my senior year. I worked for a fast food place of 6 moths before leaving for collage. I have been unemployed since i left collage in 2011. Every time i apply for a job it is always the same thing every fucking time “we are not hiring”. I can’t even get entry level job and can’t affording to do anything with my life. I can’t even afford to move out of my small ass town in the middle of America and defiantly can’t afford to travel abroad. Due to my debt i can’t afford to go to trade school or anything. I’m just suck at home for the time being. Sucks that i can’t even take charge of my life in the slightest. Depressing. I know I’m not lazy because i have worked before in the past but now it is just now possible.
    Before any calls me a “whiner” what is you fucking solution to anything?

    1. Here’s what I want you to do. Get out there and volunteer some of your time (to pick up skills). Yes, I said work for free (for the moment, anyways).
      A few things will happen: first, you’ll get the fuck out of the house. The worst thing you can do is sit at home during these times.
      Find out which trade or profession (in your particular area) needs people (manpower). Go there and sell yourself as in “I’ll give you so much free time and in return you’ll train me in this skill”.
      If anything, make sure it’s something valuable that you can take with you anywhere (even a skill set that you’ll be able to use on your own home).
      Second, while your out and about, you’ll network with people (maybe someone who knows someone) needing part time or full time work.
      I’ve done this several times in my life and it’s the reason why I recommend diversifying your skills. I had to give so much of my time but in the end it led down a path to much more. It won’t be easy but it will be worthwhile.
      I don’t have all of the answers but I guarantee you will not find the answer sitting at home. Getting out is the first and best step.

        1. Check your area and see what is needed. Anything from painting which is a very valuable and useful skill to any other type of trade (try HVAC), working on cars or trucks, etc…. There are plenty of useful skills to pickup if any of the smaller, local guys are looking for an extra pair of hands. Even in construction, find out what’s needed on the job and trade your time for learning any skill available.

        1. and that’s your problem.
          It’s not “slave work” if you are picking up valuable skills….that’s the trade off. I’ve done it in many different fields (from I.T. to painting, etc…). I traded my free time to work with a veteran painter to learn the skill of painting (the right way). Now, I can professional paint my whole house. Same with I.T. work while studying, working and going to school.
          Stop finding excuses and start looking for answers. Start looking for ways to invest your valuable time to obtain valuable skills (instead of looking for some instant payoff).
          I’ll give you another example. I took a near minimum wage job (part time) to work in a kitchen (with guys who paid for culinary school) to learn different techniques in cooking. I don’t pay for the school, I get paid a little something (not much) and I’ve gained this valuable skill. I looked at the opportunity and I took it.
          I’ve been doing this for 20 plus years. You need to look for solutions (the upside) and stop with the excuses…it will make you stronger.

      1. Damn, that’s a damn good idea and great advise. I will employ this strategy. Thanks man. This is so on point, it’s ridiculous.

    2. The fucking solution is to stop whining.
      Sorry couldn’t resist. What is the cause of your debt?

        1. WTF is collage? Some sort of a photo gallery? Hell you’ve spend 2 years there and can’t even write it correct. What a dumbass.

        2. Must of been a typo. College. Happy now? Or is your self esteem still need propping up by insulting others?

        3. OK you need to think about how it looks to a potential employer that you dropped out of college because you lost interest. Employers like men who stay the course. Try to enroll in a cheap course teaching skills you enjoy and then you can say you left college to pursue your interest in X.
          Good luck.

        4. “you need to think about how it looks to a potential employer that you dropped out of college because you lost interest. ”
          I never actually put that on my resume for obvious reasons and that was only part of the reason why i left. The rest of it have to do with being unable to pay for it anymore as staying would have just put me into a bigger debt hole than what I am at now.

        5. OK that’s good but you still need to explain what you spent the last few years doing. Your choice was actually a smart one and that’s how you can sell it. You know enough to eliminate a project that is making a loss rather than a gain.
          The next step is to develop those marketable skills.

        6. To be fair, calling two years in college a two year course in collage roughly describes its general usefulness in the real world 😉

    3. Try to get a trade … I’ve looked into several fields (I’m currently try in the corporate world and hate it).
      Suggestion : See if you can do something like truck driving, while you look for a higher skilled trade, so you have something to fall back on.
      Union apprenticeships are hard to get into, but if you move you can find non union. Research your ass off.

  46. Obamacare isn’t going to help this situation one iota, but the sad part is so many of the frustrated unemployed people probably think that it will.

  47. The saddest reality of this article is this line:”Even though they did exactly what they were told to do by their teachers, parents, political leaders, and society in general.”
    Life gets flipped on its end when those you trusted most, more or less misled you by proxy because they bought into a broken system and knowledgeably (sick fucks) or inadvertently, helped lead you down a nowhere path in life. If you can’t trust the foresight of your parents, peers, and community leaders in your youth, who can you?
    The wisest thing one can do is learn to think critically, for themselves, at the youngest age possible. Independent thinking, and here’s the clincher, independent ACTING on ones knowledge, is what undoes this mess at the grass roots level.

    1. The older folks absolutely railroaded us. College tuition (benefiting fat useless boomer fucks), a shit job market (which socks for young people versus those with experience), and now Obamacare, on top of all the other millenial/Gen x pay in, boomer take out schemes.
      The greed of American consumerism knows no bounds, even the children can be sacrificed.

      1. When the SHTF, the Boomers are going to be too fat to run away… or they could try rolling away maybe.

      2. Yea, my uncle used to have a bumper sticker on his motor home that said:”I’m spending my children’s inheritance.” Funny, as he inherited about 250k when his mom died. They truly are the most selfish generation to date. It becomes more obvious just watching them drive. No turn signals, too slow, too fast, no lights on in the rain/snow. The first generation of snotty, solipsistic, self deserving idiots is in retirement, and now clogging the world’s progress and whose ghosts haunt society for generations.

      3. The “older” people got fucked too. In 2008, my boss was 59 years old. His 401K imploded during the financial meltdown and he lost 75% of its value. (He also got laid off and of course has not worked since.) The banking bail out did not result in him getting his money back The only people who are really getting over are the wealthy. Not the rich, the wealthy. We are living in a playground of billionaires who are fucking us all right in the ass. Everything is a scheme to aid them, I don’t care whether it is presented by Democrats or Republicans.

  48. God I agree. I agree so much it bloody hurts.
    I recently left a job as a part time lecturer at a university (in the UK) because, though the pay was good, the hours were shit and there was no chance of an increase. So I went job hunting…
    I’ve got Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts qualifications and I can’t even get an interview to drive a van for a supermarket. Or stack shelves in a hardware store. Didn’t even get a response back from a company doing event publicity and the sort of role I could do under general anesthetic. And with a mortgage and two kids to support it’s a bit of a fucker.
    I did manage to get a couple of weeks working with a guy painting houses recently. Really enjoyed it. But then one son-of-bitch client refused to pay up until glitches are sorted next year (when the weather improves), and the business owner can no longer afford my hired help.
    A complete clusterfuck.

    1. This is a realistic scenario, and not dissimilar to mine. People are getting screwed in this manner and you just can’t stop it from happening. I used to run a construction subcontract business. You have to chose your customers as wisely as you chose your employees. From my experience, a decade ago, running 7 crews max consisting of 25 guys, apx. 70% of society WILL fuck you around if they can, and about 10% are flat out bad news who get by, by screwing people over. So much like Paretto’s Law, you want to deal with about 20% of the available market in business, especially small business, because you’re much more exposed if you even attempt to grow beyond just you and your own crew. It only took a few bad home builders to filch away my business when the economy went south. And naturally they were entirely protected by bankruptcy laws. It’s funny, people frequently say on these sites:”learn a trade and your set..” Well unless you’re in a union, you can get royally fucked in a tradesman’s business so there’s not the safety you might be led to believe. And you will wear your body, joints especially, down to nothing but and aching painful mess. I spent apx. 1 full month a year literally defending myself against legal claims, filing police reports, lawyer meetings and fees, etc. while in business. Our quality was top notch and timeliness close to the best.

  49. “It’s just stupefying how utterly out of touch our politicians and media have become about the long-term unemployment problem.”
    It’s not their problem. The problem if you are a politician, is to weaken those who can realistically challenge you. One of the best ways of doing so, is to create as large as possible an underclass that is completely beholden to them, so that they can then use them as soldiers in the fight against those with a realistic chance of dethroning them.
    Absent politicians, 90 million unemployed would be the entrepreneurial opportunity of a lifetime. The fact that politicians say they care about the unemployed on TV doesn’t mean they do. It just means they benefit from saying they do.

  50. So if Wal-Mart could hire people at any wage they wanted, and fire people whenever
    they felt like it, and pay no Insurance/tax or take any other risks,(enforced by Government/Unions) associated with being an employeer, would everyone get a job who wanted to work?
    Personally I think so. The question is of course what the terms would be!
    I think they would be pretty good for people who were motivated to work.
    The market would decide, meaning that you could prove your worth on the job.
    Would there be exploitation, yes, but don’t forget that in such a unregulated system the employers also has to compete, more so than today, for the best employees.
    All in all I think it would go along way to solve the unemployment problem.

  51. Healthcare is still the best employment option now. Tough to automatize or outsource physically taking care of other human beings.

  52. Yep. There are not enough jobs. Not even enough Walmart jobs. . People with good jobs don’t get it. And think it’s just laziness on part of unemployed and underemployed. Outsourcing and illegals as well as corporate greed have killed the middle class. A college degree now makes you worse that a high school grad. He has no student loans and likely got married young to a pretty girl he has kids. A college graduate likely rents a shitty apt, works retail and has 40k debt. Sick of baby boomers as well since they walked out of high school with a 2.0 gpa and got a great job with no. Experience and owned a home at 22. I don’t care what they think. The live in disneyland. The unleashed feminism, outsourcing and no fault divorce on us. Fuck them. Society is doomed. . No man in his right mind slaves away and helps society if he can’t have a family and good job. . Sadly that’s the deal being sold to under 40s. Keep working shit jobs, pay into a system for the boomers. . No thanks. No jobs, no pussy, no. Family. The system can go to fucking hell.

  53. Germany probably but not Scandinavia. The cost of living plus high taxes will wipe out any gains by moving there.

  54. I literally commute 1800 miles to stay relevant in my career and avoid the ‘over 6-month unemployed’ death knell.
    Panic, panic, panic if you are out of a job. I don’t mean live in front of your computer sending resumes (I do it one day a week), but expand your options and get creative.

  55. Great article. The “red pill” wakes you up and then you realize that you are written off every time the Bureau of Labor Statistics only count people who unemployed if they are actively looking for a job. That means if you given up after a year of being unemployed then, oh well…sorry for you.
    There never was an economic recovery, it’s been a fake economy for a very long time and the promises by the politicians that bailing out Wall Street would help main street made everyone in this country SUCKERS!
    It shouldn’t be this hard to find a job or start a business in something other than passing “information” back-n-forth over the internet. However, with all of your manufacturing moved over to China and Mexico, this bullsh^t financial system is all this country has.
    It’s the new “gotcha economy” run by scam artists on Wall Street, where they preach about how you have to go into multiple generational debt to get a degree that’s not worth wiping your ass with.
    Then folks fall for the second Wall Street scam, your 401k, already ticking like a time bomb to blow up again so you’re blackmailed again to bail out the banksters.
    What’s hilarious about all of these retirement portfolios, now in possession of the Baby Boomers, is that neither generation X, Y, Z…and beyond can afford to buy these stocks, because they are too damn broke!
    And when Wall Street tries to take a dump and unload this load of crap in these portfolios, politicians are going to freak out again, like in 2008 and say: “bail us out, bail us out…the sky is falling again”.
    Nobody wants to take responsibility any more because that means being a man about it or masculine.
    Does anyone even look at the Super Nova blowout that has to happen in the bond market? How long do people think 0% interest rates on 10-year Treasury Notes can last? …forever?
    Think about it, nobody is buying them anymore, not even the Fed Reserve, since supposedly they are “tapering” QE. How many times did Ben Bernanke say “taper”? They should’ve just told you the truth and said: “We’re bankrupt and nobody is buy sh*t from us right now, not even mom-n-pop”.
    The only reason why the rest of the world is still buying some of these bonds is because they have to pay back debt in “dollars”, otherwise they would’ve stopped that a long time ago.
    That’s why you see groups of countries by-passing the “dollar” and swapping their own currencies to trade, like the BRICS nations.
    The West is bankrupt and need to take the “red pill” and go through a complete restructuring before it’s too late, because soon things will get desperate and turn into global war with thermonuclear bombs pitting civilization into extinction.

  56. The unemployment rate only drops because people give up looking. Look at the labor partication rate. . Good jobs don’t exist and the only ones are part time McDonald’s jobs that have multiple applications for each spot. Men can’t afford families. Half the population is convinced unemployed are lazy and stupid. They got jobs in better times or knew someone or are in a good field. . There are people who truly believe the economy is good and the unemployment rate is in the 5% range. They just want unemployed to go die and stop talking for fear it will fuck up their life. . I’m have zero sympathy for these asshole when they lose their job. I’ll tell them to man up, try harder so whining.

  57. America and Canada have a huge problem with the baby-boomers. Those idiot failed us hard. They made woman in power and killed capitalism. Of course those idiot cannot understand how hard it is for young adult to get a job. It is indeed better to live America because we are not over with this shitty economic, soon the baby-boomer will retire and get heath problem. That will cost huge in the Health care system especially Canada. Canada free system will collapse because of the overwhelming sick baby-boomers. So if you are unemployed get out of America before you get too old.

  58. The babyboomer are destroying lifes of future generations. Must do a revolution.

  59. People keep voting conservative, they keep seeing corporations move their production to third world dictatorships, they keep seeing the benefits of the social contract shoved up their ass, they think the communists and socialists are everywhere (they aren’t, there aren’t any anymore, there haven’t been any for decades) and so all these fascist fucks well they deserve it.

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