Fat Acceptance Is A Steaming Pile Of Garbage

Contrary to popular belief, the fat acceptance movement has been around in the United States for some time, first being birthed in the 1960’s, when many, many discrete groups began to organize around identity politics. The movement is a strong mix of narcissism and female-centrism.

A Brief History Of The Movement

marilyn monroe

Consider a brief history of the movement. Like I have previously said, the first documented fat acceptance acceptance event happened in New York City in 1967. The participants dubbed it a “fat-in” at a restaurant and consumed many, many pints of ice cream. Later that same summer, the first nation-wide movement, which eventually become the National Association For The Advancement Of Fat People (NAAFA). This time period is generally referred to first-wave fat acceptance.

For a brief period of time, moving lockstep with other identity political groups, a militant arm of the movement coalesced into the “Fat Underground,” a radical feminist-allied movement whose rallying cry was, “a diet is a cure that doesn’t work, for a disease that doesn’t exist.” The movement never gained much steam as they called for violence against perceived fatphobia.

Accordingly, as American’s waistlines expanded, the movement gained ground. This time period has been called second-wave fat acceptance, as Americans needed explanations for their decreasing physical attractiveness & increasingly poor health. Mainstream outlets began to run some sympathetic literature, mostly just viciously attacking the medical establishment & perceived fatphobia of the media at large.

Fat acceptance is currently thought to be the in third wave, which coincides with the birth of the Internet & blogging. Tumblr, online feminist webzines & WordPress have been credited with advancing the cause.

A Review Of Their Claims

[Image: fad-diets.jpg]

The most accurate summary of fat acceptance dogma here.

Let’s review some of their more insistent claims. First, and foremost, is the concept that dieting & exercise don’t work. Given the multiplicity of posts on Return Of Kings about health and fitness, I will not talk about the veracity of the claim, just about the psychology presented. The claim that exercise & diet don’t work is just so absurdly wrong it begs for a reason why they cling to it. Part of this is the inability to accept responsibility for their weight gain – remember early fat acceptance warriors worked with radical feminists. These sorts of groups portended the nascent narcissism that would come to pervade identity politics in general, but markedly show off the sheer and utter inability of its adherents from truly changing their reality.

Consider that there are also people who are underweight. Fat acceptance types fold anorexia and related issues into their dogmatic and self-serving approach to weight issues, but they think that the underweight suffer from psychological issues. It is a delicate road to hoe, because they can’t just say that vastly underweight people are completely healthy, like they would claim a person 300 pounds overweight to be. Of course, it’s those poor, poor underweight folk that have psychological issues. Of course it is related to impossible beauty standards forced onto women by the heterosexist patriarchy. Notice, though, that fat acceptance claims the over- and under- weight suffer from psychological stigma by the media, yet only the underweight have to adjust their weight. You know, to become healthy again.

They are not seeking to decouple weight and health issues but to destroy the concept of being overweight. They want people to either considered healthy or underweight. It shows off neatly the psychology: it is all about them.

Take this study that is often bandied about in fat circles about the failure of dieting. A top comment on the article gets it right:

Why aren’t we looking at those who successfully lose the weight and keep it off for 2 or more years?

Of course, we should be looking for the success stories and understanding why they succeeded in the wake of others failing. What the commenter doesn’t understand is narcissism.

Take game-denialists. They desperately need stories of failure of so-called game adherents to fuel their psychology. They don’t want to hear stories of men pulling themselves up-by-their-bootstraps, they want to hear about some guy tripping over himself tying his boots while he relied on a technique given to him by a fraud. Who would you believe? A man who claims X, Y or Z is a fraud or a man that has achieved success and relates this personal stories, approaches and what his failures taught him?

That is the simple psychology of fat acceptance-activists and their denial of the science of dieting. Remember, if you are reading it, it is for you. Unable to bear hearing about successful dieting approaches, personal stories about weight loss or just seeing the photos of the so-called “weight privileged,” they demand media conform to their perceptions of their value.  So people can’t keep the weight off for long periods of time? Sounds like a personal problem to me, not the diet’s problem. On the rare off chance it is a biological disorder, you will find that out from your doctor.

Babies are born being able to select physically attractive faces from those that are not. This damning evidence for the fat-acceptance movement, as fat faces are rarely considered attractive because fat is unattractive and, most importantly, alters attractive features. A healthy man with a strong jaw becomes an unhealthy man with a weak chin when he is fat.


Another serious issue is the insistence that fat people, as a discrete class, need to be consulted on public health policy that affects fat people. This is a curious claim, as it tries to democratize what is, essentially, a dogmatic movement based on narcissism. Any fat person who deviates from the dogma is not included in the movement.  You think the spokesman for Subway “Jared” is a fat acceptance hero?

Most importantly, here, is the notion that being a member of a class somehow confers a level of perception that non-members cannot access. This is classic narcissistic armor and it is wholly untrue. This approach is most used to defend feminist claims of male privilege, it is also used to defend claims of racism and homophobia. Being a member of a discrete class does little beyond signify you belong to said class. Like anything else in life, what you do with that is determined by you. You may have great insights to provide, you may not. In your thoughts and ideas people will judge you for you have to offer.

Which feeds into the next point, is the fear of being judged that fat acceptance-activists wish to counter. Instead of encouraging positive traits in fat people (that aren’t related to you looking in the mirror and declaring yourself awesome), the main thrust is to change wider society so that they never have to confront their own issues. This never works for anybody. At the end of the day, you always have to close your eyes with no psychology to consider but your own.

Finally, a point is made that all humans deserve bodily autonomy. They consider decisions on being fat as relating to personal autonomy. That is a terrible approach, as it brings in the age-old liberal adage, “your autonomy ends where my feelings begin.” If you get fat, you will get medical issues and not just affect the appropriation of my tax dollars, but you will affect my life personally as you could have been a woman I married, but you are either too fat to be interesting or dead. You could have been my doctor, but you decided to major in Fat Studies and now are a professional fat-ass. You could say that is selfish of me, but how the hell can you convince somebody with low self-esteem to change because they clearly hate themselves? You aren’t fat and fierce, you are a pathetically privileged plus-sized person.

The serious issue with “your autonomy ends where my feelings begin” approach is that there is rarely an action one can take that does not affect somebody else. I am not sure there are any actions of consequence that be undertaken that will not affect at least one person. Exercising autonomy often implicates limiting other’s options – to pretend otherwise is ludicrous.

Here, take the test from fat acceptance fativists to see how much you have learned!


[Image: fatacceptance.png?w=502&h=630]

Fat acceptance has a long history in the United States, but only recently exploded as left-wing friendly platforms such as Tumblr and Reddit began to become popular.

The claims made reek of a supreme level of privilege, as only people in a late-capitalist society could possibly be able to complain about their poor choices in diet and exercise need to be validated by authority figures in the media. Not only that, but they are not seeking simply acceptance, but worship. While some some of the talk revolves around body equity with skinny people, the true end-goal is with referring to fat as “beautiful.” They are not seeking to be seen as average, but as gorgeous and models. Sure, they lash out defensively talking about their intense self-hatred and poor body image, but that is attention-seeking behavior to get others to worship their looks and reaffirm their personal delusions about attractiveness and sexual value.

While movements like this are part and parcel of any narcissistic society — notice it started in the 60’s with other identity-based movements — the truth it is woefully misinformed about basic science and biology. It exists as a stopgap between the fat activist’s own self-hatred and their complete inability to change. They need defenses to exist in order to deny any true change of the self.

I have no doubt that people exist that are completely happy with being overweight. Those people would never identify with the fat acceptance movement.

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222 thoughts on “Fat Acceptance Is A Steaming Pile Of Garbage”

  1. Hollywood, the fashion world and the Media have set unreachable standards of beauty for most women so I can see where the need to justify their mediocrity comes in. You also have an extremely powerful farmer, big food, politics factor playing into this as well. They have a vested interested in getting people to buy, eat and drink as much corn based garbage as possible. The women (and men) of the 70’s and 80’s worked more physical jobs as well. Now most people sit on their fat asses all day. I see these pathetic slob females waddle to the candy machine on their breaks. What this does is give the females that are not overweight even bigger egos. And the fatties think they are also part of that group because of the “you go girl, you are fine just the way you are” bullshit.
    Its a fucked up situation and it isnt changing anytime soon. All obesity does is reduces the already extremely limited pool of acceptable females even further, increasing the competition between us males to point it isnt even worth the bother anymore, while this social media garbage is telling the land-whales they are still beautiful and valuable creatures.
    A normal guy just doesnt stand a fighting chance out there these days…

      1. Good point. To a certain extent this is what defines the differences from the readers of RoK and Jezebel for example. Just as we will probably never “reach” the fashion standards of the worlds top male models or movie stars, CEO’s, astronauts, world leaders – we work arduously to discuss and work on ways we can at least emulate them, improve ourselves, our looks style and dress.
        The Jezebel and similar forum readers work arduously at solidifying their own limited worldviews, patting each other on the back for their inane achievements, and convincing themselves that its everyone else’s problem but their own. People just need to get away from Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and all this Internet bullshit (myself included) and spend more time in nature, traveling, interacting with other humans and reading. And by reading we are not talking fifty shades of puke either.

        1. To add, we dont try to “emulate” those types of men because of societies pressures. We do it because we see people that we WANT TO BE LIKE.
          The Jezebelitilians create a new false-god image of what they want to be like. Accepting their gross blubber, cheesey tattoos, dorky hipster clothes and attitudes, doofy trendy nerd glasses, corny and lame hivemind twitter accounts — and “emulate” each others fatness and mediocrity (or in the case of the attractive girls = each others sluttiness, attention whoring, thug loving-ness).
          There really isnt much difference betwen Rok readers and Jezebelitilians.
          Just a difference of only about 4 feet between the bars we each group sets for themselves. Theirs, alas, is very very low to the group.

    1. “Hollywood, the fashion world and the Media have set unreachable standards of beauty for most women”
      Russian & EE women don’t seem to be complaining, probably because they go outside and don’t spend all day eating in front of the TV

      1. Evan dude, stop gloryfing fsu women, its not entirely random that they are hotter. Think about it – why is it that the skinniest women also HAPPEN to live in piss poor countries? Any population of women would get sloppy and fat (because its comfy, and man is a creature of comfort, sadly enough) if they have the resources to do so. EE ladies just happen to come from entire generations of undernourished farmers and even at present most of them earn enough just to get by. That is why they arent fat, because most of them dont have the means to buy the necessary amounts of food! conversely, that is the main reason why western women are lard asses. They CAN afford to eat what they want! And since we crave convenience, fast food is the most sought after.
        Sadly enough though, the influence (and the money) of the west is slowly but surely heading eastwards. Get em while theyre hot, gents. Literally. In 50 years the average fsu girl will be like the average western cunt: overweight, entitled, shallow and PROUD of it! If there ever was a time to move to the fsu or asia, now is the time. In a couple decades it will be too late. You have been warned.

        1. I don’t buy that…Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and France and Germany are pretty wealthy and non-obese at the same time. By contrast, Mexico is now the most obese country in the world and considerably poorer than even eastern European countries.

        2. Hold up. Outside the major cities like moscow and st pete, russia is a really poor country. You shouldnt let the opulence displayed by a fraction of the populace confuse you.
          Furthermore, ive had the fortune of living in germany for a couple years, and lemme tell you: while not as bad as in the states, you do see plenty of heffers there as well. Give it ten more years and itll be exactly like stateside.
          The mexico comparison, while the best so far in terms of proving your point, falls short again because of contamination by proximity – mexicans have adopted the american way of life: greasy calorie-dense cheap food. Whereas in EE and Asia, cheap food means veggies, cause meat is expensive. We are talking about agrarian communities by tradition, hence the huge caloric differences in the two diets.

        3. I agree, but in Moscow and St. P obesity isn’t nearly what it is in the US in spite of the wealth of those cities. Also you’re right that obesity certainly isn’t alien to Germany but it’s also far lower than American levels. France, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain are all like that too (if not more so). I’ve talked to Germans who’re stunned at the number and size of obese people in the US. They also balk at the fattiness of American foods and serving sizes.
          This is just my $0.02 but I think there are lifestyle differences at work here. In the US almost everyone drives whereas in Europe people walk and stroll constantly. TV consumption is a lot higher in the US as well. But most importantly (IMO) Americans put zero effort into their everyday appearance: most Europeans wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sweatpants publicly while it’s a commonality stateside…if you ask me that extends directly to weight and health. If someone has a downright slovenly presentation in terms of what they wear, they’re not going to care about becoming fat either.

        4. im not so sure about france – i saw alot of fatties around in the two days i spent in the country

    2. None of these factors absolves American landwhales for their childish lack of self-control.
      If you can add, you can stay thin on a diet comprised entirely of McDonald’s, Dominos, and various other “corn-based garbage.” Calories In == Calories Expended. Done. Conservation of energy, it’s elementary.

      1. Point taken. But nutritionally speaking, those “fast foods” create and build an addiction in ones body. The empty calories dont satisfy hunger and CAUSE overeating. Its unfortunate, but this is what Mayor Bloomberg was doing in NY, by banning mega size soft-drinks and trans fats. Apparently humans have gotten too stupid to do make even the most basic decisions and need the Government to step in, as always. I think the Federal government should do the same thing with EBT (food stamps). They should ONLY be allowed to be used for foods that have a baseline nutritional value/ calorie ratio.

        1. “Apparently humans have gotten too stupid to do make even the most basic decisions and need the Government to step in, as always.”
          That’s just it. We excuse basic incompetence, even celebrate it (e.g. through “fat acceptance” movements, and “fat is beautiful” memes), then demand invasive maternalist intervention which does little, if anything, to address the original problem.
          Eliminate farm subsidies instead. Trash like corn additive sweeteners and fillers would disappear from our diets within months.

        2. Ah if only it were so easy. Those big corn producing states carry a lot of clout in congress and those farmers and their lobbyists do love making their campaign contributions..

      2. “Calories In == Calories Expended. Done. Conservation of energy, it’s elementary.” That is true but you cannot I mean cannot eat Mcdonalds and, Dominos pizza. All the time. It is not just about quantity. It is about quality.

    3. “They have a vested interested in getting people to buy, eat and drink as
      much corn based garbage as possible. The women (and men) of the 70’s
      and 80’s worked more physical jobs as well. Now most people sit on their
      fat asses all day.”
      These industries may be unethical in their practices, but the bulk of the blame likes with the bulks who consume their unhealthy and fattening products *voluntarily*. ADM and Monsanto and the like are not holding guns to the heads of obese women and making them eat cupcakes. They’re not chaining them down and force-feeding them Coke and Doritos.
      The morbidly obese have no one else to blame for their condition. There is plenty of information out there that what they eat is bad for them…the traditional “fruits and vegetables and no sweets” advice, if nothing else. They can’t be unaware that they eat *far* more than their thinner friends. They can’t not know that a sedentary lifestyle brings on and exacerbates their condition, given the cultural attention paid to athletes and sports.
      But they live in denial of all of this, indulging in gluttony and indolence and then blaming the consequences on others (when not blaming those consequences on equally-exculpatory impersonal forces like “slow metabolism” and “fat genes”).

  2. I also believe instant gratification is a factor. People who believe this shit simply want the easiest route to happiness. It really simple to fool yourself, but God forbid you work for months for your fitness and diet to reverse the years of self-inflicted damage.

    1. People who are truely happy with themselves WANT to take care of the body they are housed in.

  3. My question is- how is it even possible to fuck a fat woman, how is it even possible to get an erection for a fat woman?
    Any man who is even capable of fucking a fat woman is a spineless beta faggot and I feel zero pity for such men.

    1. Years ago I coined the word “obestiality” to describe the practice of fucking fat chicks.

      1. You sir are a genius.
        Obestiality – We gotta use this word more and more in our regular day…

    2. I don’t even know man, I have no idea how men can get hard over some fat bitch. Blows my fucking mind.

      1. Really? Do you not live in this world? Even in places where fat people are rare, the fat people do get laid. Fat women get laid. Fat men get laid. And people are getting hard and getting off all over the place, and loving it.
        And the people you are actually attracted to? The ones you deem ‘thin enough’ for your tastes? May refuse to have anything to do with you once they find out how idiotic you are that you completely ignore all the fat people who are having sex, who are getting married, who are procreating, et cetera. In the US alone a good portion of the population is fat, and guess what? A lot of them are still having awesome sex. You may not be able to wrap your head around how people “get hard” for that, but to pretend it isn’t a common, normal thing is living in denial.

        1. I am not in the US, so I am not burdened with the abundant choice of undisciplined fatties.
          I am sure they satisfy some people, those people just have less standards than me, and that’s alright.

    3. Personally, Id prefer to die without ever having made love to a woman than to stoop to those depths. After all, being born a man should stand for something.
      Even these days.

      1. Helpful hint: You may disgust the thin 9s and 10s who would have had sex with you if you didn’t insult their friend or insult people based on your preference of what they look like.

    4. I remember a friend from high school started dating a monstrously obese woman. I felt like I didn’t know the guy anymore. I couldn’t talk to him or look him in the eyes anymore.

      1. I know the feeling, my close friend is dating a whale. We still hang out sometimes, but I just don’t respect him anymore.

        1. Yeah…can’t look in her eyes anymore. “REally, Shirley?? His dick is so small. And his cooking is shite. What can I say?”

    5. Let me, as a recovering beta male reply, being raised in a household and a community (the south) where fat is the standard of beauty being half to 75 percent of the population was fat and being raised in a beta household,it was instilled to love people for who they are. Up until college and my move to Vegas where fat is not standard that i started to see fat for what it truly was. Lazy and unhealthy. Im still a recovering beta but thats my take

    6. My question is- how is it even possible to fuck a fat woman

      Well first you need to have a bag of flour handy in order to find the wet bits.

      1. Its not a fetish, man. Its a sign of desperation from some dude whos given up hope of ever finding a decent woman. It would seem obvious that even your hand is better than dumpster diving, but apparently not all possess common sense.

        1. Nah, it’s a legit fetish. I have a buddy who only dates fat chicks. He asked me how I can stand to be with skinny ones, actually hahah

    7. Some fat girls are sexy to me and I’d fuck them. Girls who aren’t fat are way hotter to me though. I actually rejected one of those rare pretty face fat body girls. Body was just to fat even if she magically had the face of an 8

    8. According to my husband he equates fat with being “maternal”. What truth there is there, idk. Maybe a way to feel more dominate with someone who you know is weaker than you? Some sort of instinct gone wrong equating large bodies as better equipped for viable offspring?

      1. Whales are less fertile and are 43% less likely to achieve pregnancy than normal weight women.

    9. Many, many fat women have amazing sex, daily. You are living in your own reality because you don’t like the reality that some fat people have better, higher quality sex than you, and with more frequency.

    10. Send me a photo of you naked, JD, and I’ll let you know if I get an erection. Then clean my car, boy.

  4. To any fat women reading this? Here’s some tips for you, how to lose weight.
    Stop eating so much meat and eat more rice and Asian soups and recipes.
    Go running for at least 30 minutes a day.
    Stop taking SSRI antidepressant drugs, these drugs fuck up your body and mind hardcore and have many very bad side effects, one of which is weight gain.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure, lean meat is good and rice is carb. But running and stop using antidepressants is good advice.

    2. Actually, eat more meat and less rice is the best way to lose weight. A simple low carb diet is enough for a good amount of weight loss.

    3. Actually, I gained weight when I did that. I cut meat, ate more rice (but mostly veggies). Ate soup and drank unsweetened tea and water cut with lemon. I worked out six days a week, sometimes seven, and built up the intensity and time each week. I lifted weights.
      So every person is different. I unintentionally dropped fifteen pounds in the last few months eating junk and not exercising because I lost a few inches in muscle. Now I fit into clothes from junior prom. It’s bizarre.
      Can’t comment on the drugs, the only thing I take is the occasional Motrin for migraines.

  5. I hate excuses. That’s my main problem with accepting garbage like this. Why should I have to change what I consider attractive because of someone else’s laziness and poor self-control?

      1. I just think fatties are disgusting and that we shouldn’t have to change our views because of their laziness.

        1. It’s possible but you’re going to have to inject Alprostadil directly into your cock to dilate the blood vessels.

        2. I don’t know, why don’t you ask the hundreds of millions of people who happily have sex with them. You act like fat people having sex is rare, when it’s occurring all around you.
          If you don’t understand how it’s possible you are living in a dream world.

      2. Oh oh. Playing the Maria Kang card. Now you will be unleashing Fatty McShitstorm from the depths of the Jezebelitilian underground snack bar to serve her pulchritudinous and voluminous bloviations on our tiny little forum

        1. Pulchritude? Jizzabel? I know beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but seriously… have some standards dude. Jesus.

        2. I guess I shouldnt have used such a horrible and politically incorrect word to describe them.
          Inside joke. (I wanted to see their reaction and doubted many of them knew the definition or would bother looking it up). Good catch though, but you spoiled the fun.

      3. It’s definitely the sign of a diseased civilisation when so many people choose to vilify success through effort and discipline, rather than be inspired by it (as was the case with the Maria Kang brouhaha).

        1. Nobody should shame Maria, however, she didn’t exactly do some incredible task. She’s never been a large lady, even while she was pregnant. Her natural resting state is thin and toned. She only had to drop about 1/5th of what most women would have to drop after a pregnancy. And she did it in almost the same amount of time it takes to gestate a baby (this photo was taken 8 months after she gave birth). She also gained a lot less with her pregnancy than the average woman for her age and starting weight. So it’s not some impressive accomplishment, though I’m sure she did have to focus on getting those abs back in alignment. She cannot get back the same exact ones she had before (notice the split-line from her first pregnancy), but that’s completely natural with pregnancy.

      4. Maria Kang is disgusting! How dare she have three kids and still be firm, sexy, and keep her hair long and feminine! Where are her tattoos, pixie haircut , piercings and round rolls of gut fat! I need at least a Christian mommy blogger like Jenny Erickson.

      5. Many women use pregnancy as a license to stuff their face. “I’m eating for two now” they say. More like eating for three…then after the baby comes out the weight never comes off. Then her husband loses interest, but dares not broach the subject of weight lest he get thrown into the dog house. The marriage is doomed at this point.

  6. Wills S. Lind has recently posted a good piece over at Traditionalright.com where he discusses the homosexual drive for “tolerance”, or accpetance. I believe he rightly points out that there has been a word switch whereby tolerance to us means putting up with something so long as it doesn’t pick one’s pocket or break one’s leg. However, to those who use it, it has a different meaning–approval. Same thing I see here. It’s not acceptance these people want, they want approval. They don’t want people pointing out their faults. They want their condition to be govt certified as not being their fault. Give them enough room, and pretty soon calling someone fat will be a hate crime (whatever the heck that is).

    1. I wouldnt shame a person for being poor. I would shame them for not trying ti find work, for playing the victim card and for smugly sucking off the teets of Mother Gubmint. Fat people, like poor people play the victim card to get free food and money, play the victim card for acceptance and approval. Acceptance is something I have have no choice to do. You are fat, therefore you are fat. I accept that. That you are lazy, make poor choices, expect me to pay through my tax dollars and add to the increasing medical costs that I will eventually need to pay for myself?
      That I do not accept, nor approve.

      1. Bad analogy. Most poor people do not choose to be poor, and even if they work hard all their lives, they will not be less poor. It is called capitalism.

        1. I dont follow that line of reasoning. If they “try” and if they find work and make good decisions, they potentially can become less poor. Now, with the job market the way it is I can accept the fact that even those that “try” may still not find work. But the fact that capitalism allows people that “try” and succeed to be wealthy. Look at China from Mao Tse Tungs era through the one of Deng Xiao Ping.
          Most people do not intentionally choose to be fat. It may be due to bad habits from a very young age.
          My point is I dont shame someone for the situation they find themselves in, whether its being poor or being fat.
          The shame is in playing the victim card and not attempting to do anything. This is a unique to the USA. A hundred years ago, and still today in many third world countries – you dont work, you dont eat.
          Only in America can fat people blame their gluttony on someone or something else and get away with it.

        2. Actually ‘capitalism’ is precisely what allows people to become richer through their own efforts. In other social systems (eg. feudal) you could be wealthy only if you were born in the right family. Capitalism (free trade and people being allowed to keep their wealth) is what stopped wealth being a zero sum game. You really should read this essay, my friend:

        3. Read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Some people try but circumstances get the better of them.
          Some people will never be able to get employed beyond a job as a french fryer at McDonald’s, and the only women they’ll ever have access to are fat ghetto whores. I love fat women btw.
          But hopefully my point sinks in…
          If you were born in Northern Alaska, no amount of game will give you a high notch count unless you manage to leave. Circumstances are not to be underestimated or overlooked, please keep it real.

        4. Phantom, the word “capitalism” have weight here. It is the system where one guy that owns means of production is legally able to take a part of the gains of said production just because he owns the means, not because he worked. Where he got those means? It is not relevant to his claim to part of the gains. It does not matter if it was inheritance or he did it because he is a hard worker or a genius.
          A systems like what you are describing would be more like what Thornstein Veblen proposed at the start of the 20th Century, based on merit with the “technicariat” at the top.

        5. “. It is the system where one guy that owns means of production is
          legally able to take a part of the gains of said production just because
          he owns the means, not because he worked. Where he got those means?”
          Well Sir,You seemed to have answered your own query.Where does he get those means?Why, by being the Owner ofcourse,because that is EXACTLY what the term entails.
          If you don’t think that applies to Ownership,then here is a proposition for you.
          If you ever get a job because the hiring manager was impressed with what was presented before him,then you really ought to give all the ensuing salary to the men who made your suit,the barber who cut your hair,the cobbler who made your shoes,and the Authors of the ‘Interviews for Dummies’ book you read the nights before.You may ‘own’ all those things,but through their work they transformed you into a successful hire.So by your own reasoning you should not take any gains from that production.

        6. Rubbish. A suit is hardly a means of production, and the consequence you reached would hardly be the consequence of Pablo’s alternative even if it was. I can’t believe you can’t believe you don’t see that.
          I’ll give you an example that actually represents the point. Imagine there was a job where you needed a suit to do, and imagine that you owned the only suit store in town. So all these people who needed to do that job would come to you to get a suit, but you wouldn’t actually sell them the suit. What you would do is to allow them to wear the suit, provided that they give you a percentage of whatever they earned. Or even worse, provided that they give you everything they earned, and you paid them the minimum wage. Now imagine that the only reason you have the suit store is cause your daddy bought it for you. And look how fair is that. You make money for doing nothing. And that is what Pablo is getting at.
          The analogy doesn’t exactly work with suits, because almost everybody can afford one of those (well apart from the homeless, who are fucked no matter what they do. No bank account, no address … how do you even get a job at McDonalds in that sort of situation …). But, what about a factory, or a mine. Not anybody can afford one of those. While some fat Australian woman, who inherited a mine from her dad, and now happens to be a billionaire through “hard work” takes the moral high ground and somehow convinces herself that the fact that she got there through the product of her own labour.
          To think that capitalism alone leads to social mobility is naive to the extreme. Adam Smith himself would not have made such a ridiculous claim.

        7. Ok, surveyed it. It is not science.
          Talked about CEOs and just pay or something. This could be discussed, since CEOs “work”. But it does not address capitalism. In fact, it does not contain the word “capitalism”. Which is not good if you want to talk about the economic system. Since that is the name of it, and defines it.
          And no, technology does not minimize the “gap”. In fact, one of the most infuriating things about our era is that we are not working less, even when producing a lot more.
          Phantom, entire sciences have been devised just to try to overpower the discovery Marx made about the system (that an entire class of people live from the work of others just because they legally own the means of production). Even my own field (sociology) was expanded at the end of the 19th Century for this reason. The marginalist revolution in Economics and its derivatives almost destroyed the world (via 1929 and WW2), and my country (2001) trying to stop the change towards a better system. It will happen. My chips are in a form of Free Market Socialism. Others would think about a technologically-aided Libertarian society (which after all is not so different from Free Market Socialism, if the producers and the capitalists are the same people). We will see.

        8. Hmm your response still leaves me doubts on whether you carefully perused that thesis. Or maybe you just disagree, which is legitimate of course.
          But here’s the deal: the main point is that wealth is nowadays no longer a zero sum game. By that we mean the outdated concept that for you to get richer, someone else must become poorer (exploitation, theft, slavery etc). Yes, that has happened a lot throughout history, but the world has moved on. It still can happen, but the situation is definitely better.
          Every time someone comes up with a new idea, new product, new service, it creates the opportunity for new wealth. And wealth is not just about money. It can mean other less tangible but still valuable things – a better lifestyle for people, for instance.
          You seem to object to those who own means of production making more money than the workers who man the production line. Why is that wrong? I see two points here. The first one is that notwithstanding the old Marxist saw of the employer class ‘exploiting’ the workers, the truth is that without people creating those production lines in the first place, where would the workers find gainful employment? Either you create your own means of employment, or you seek employment with someone else. Both need each other.
          Secondly, you seem to imply that one should be paid only according to how much or how hard they work. That’s wrong. It’s not effort that is rewarded as such, but the *value* it produces. You could take it upon yourself to, say, dig the deepest hole you can in the ground, then the next day fill it up and start again, and keep repeating that till the end of your days. Will you be working hard? Definitely. Will you earn anything from your hard work? Not at all if it’s totally useless to other people. Conclusion: you are paid according to what value you give other people and how much you benefit their lives. Therefore, the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of the world who have created whole industries have delivered far more value than any single worker who works in the industries they created. And that’s why it’s totally fair they should be rewarded more.
          Actually the height of injustice is when someone comes up with an invention that changes the world, and still ends up dying dirt poor while someone else gets rich from their idea. Has happened quite a few times too.

        9. Oh cry me a handfull.If you work hard and stay out of debt and dont have any bastard babies you can’t help but improve you’re situation.

        10. I am not totally convinced about the modern economy not being a zero sum game. In theory it worms but in practice im not sure because quite a number of markets have not, and will never, be able to resolve the problem of scarcity. E.g housing and retail etc. Retail is all about zero sum. If it wasnt, there wouldn’t be so fierce competition. More money for big retailers makes it difficult for smaller ones to compete. Why?
          How else do you explain wealth concentrations? Why else have real wages fallen in the West for average workers over the last two decades while wages for top level executives have gone through the roof?

        11. Do those people spend their time figuring a way out?
          Nope, just sit around doing whatever.
          That’s choosing.

        12. t’s odd that you use Mao Tse Dung (why not an equal mass murderer like WInston hurchill.)
          However, seeing Communist China owning so much kind of shoots down your argument.
          And the OP is right, you don’t choose to be poor. Capitalism chooses it for you. It’s not like socialism, or social democracy, where, then, everyone who studies and works hard succeeds. It’s why capitalism is known as a genocidal system

    2. Frenchy (oh God you’re not ACTUALLY French are you??), Please post a photo of yourself naked so we can point out any faults you may have, since, according to you this is right and appropriate. Looking forward!

  7. Again I ask: When our fathers and grandfathers imagined the world of the 21st Century in science fiction, where did they show all the fat, tattooed, and slovenly women we see around us now?

    1. In those depictions, the general population had ‘regular’ bodies, or what we would now consider fit.
      If someone was overweight, it was one individual among the world envisioned. That overweight person typically had a position of power/authority, and more often than not also had a character defect which contributed to their downfall or loss of importance.

      1. Like the Baron Harkonnen in Dune, for example.
        Now we see Harkonnen-sized men regularly, and without the benefit of antigrav technology to support all their surplus fat.

        1. You’re right. And sometimes in written fiction and shows about the future (like certain episodes of the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits), a person was large due to a gluttonous aspect of their nature.
          Interestingly, on the non-fiction side of how people from the early to mid 1900s thought of the future, obese people did not exist. This is seen in space station concept designs for NASA and sketches for technology-heavy urban planning.
          Over and underweight people were either not considered, or the cause of being too fat or thin was eliminated by behavior within an idealized society. The general population was thought of as happy, physically and mentally active, and their bodies reflected their balanced environment.

    2. That’s an excellent question. I guess the 21st Century was darker and more disturbing than they could have imagined.

    3. Please send us a naked photo of yourself for us to critique. AFTER you make my dinner.

      1. And, yes, clearly all women looked like the imaginings of the sci-fi writer! DO send those photos, now, like a good boy.

  8. I’m tired of the very idea of acceptance. They’ll affectionately dub themselves chubby, or that they have more for someone to love, or are cuddly, and while that may be of some comfort to the woman who is light-years past her prime, for all of the rest of them it is just abhorrent.
    As much as we shouldn’t accept pro-anorexia, we shouldn’t accept obesity. Do they enjoy waddling? Do they enjoy having to wear black 99% of the fucking time? Are they too self-conscious to actually exercise or face a gym? Or are they just those sorts of people that we like to avoid, the excuse-givers, the ones who would put in work if it was only a perfect environment.
    I bet you can all name a few without even trying.

    1. Please dont use rational thinking to drive any more fat bitches to my gym. There is something about fat misshapen asses in spandex that really makes me sick. I mean, physically and mentally sick.

      1. Unless your gym starts screening out people you deem (too fat) you’re going to have a problem. Heh.

  9. That cartoon really takes the cake. Skrillex haircut, “ironic” hipster eyewear, endocrine-dysfunction peach fuzz, flannel-girded muffin top, ugly ass nautical tatoo, brilloesque leg hair, army boots. Check, check, check, check, check, check, check… it’s Portland!

    1. I was just thinking that too. Maybe after they waddle down to Starbucks in their sweats to get a latte..

  10. It’s always the same with Cultural Marxists. WE NEED TO CHANGE SOCIETY TO CONFORM WITH OUR STANDARDS (so we don’t have to confront our own issues in life)!
    We really do need to study the 60’s intently and ask what happened during that decade. Why this explosion of degenerate movements and mindsets, at that time specifically?

    1. My guess it is just the slow but inevitable decline of the American Empire. Post WW 2 we were flush with a strong remaining domestic infrastructure due to the war effort. With many parts of the rest of the world in shambles, and Bretton Woods system effectively making us the worlds reserve currency we were free to design, create, expand and multiply. As globalization and free markets (along with the advent of the Internet) took hold, we lost our edge. Corporate America finds herds and herds or female sheep to be much easier and cheaper to manage. The expectations arent high for them, they show up to work and dont cause much trouble. By virtue of their mediocre achievements, many have advanced to middle-management and are in a capacity to hire more of the same. Men, the thinkers, the doers, the creators, the builders – not needed so much anymore. We can farm that work out to India and China now. Our society has just evolved to this. This is the decline of America. An aging economy that produces nothing but hamburgers and pushes papers around. If you will, the harbinger of the Second Dark Ages.

      1. “My guess it is just the slow but inevitable decline of the American Empire. ”
        There is and never was an American Empire. You’re confusing the United States with the United Kingdom.

    2. Feminism– a movement for the advancement of privileged white women, one of the most coddled groups in history– managed to co-opt and eclipse its 60’s contemporary, the civil rights movement. The very same crew who had innocent black men lynched for their maiden “honor” during the Jim Crow era somehow recast themselves as the ultimate in perpetually oppressed, downtrodden victims. One of the great political coups of the century. Amazingly people bought it, hook line and sinker. They still do!

      1. You have hit the nail on the head. Thank you!
        -> Slavery and Jim Crow were evil by any moral standard.
        -> Normal people the world over were repulsed.
        -> The left co-opted anti-slavery, anti-segregationism, etc. to push leftist ideology that had nothing to do with advancing black society.
        -> The right forfeited the battle for the moral high ground and left the entire field to the leftists. This battle was theirs to lose; may I remind you that Martin Luther King was a Republican.
        -> By failing to make the case that free market capitalism was pro freedom and anti-oppression, they lost the mantle of morality.
        As things now stand, leftism is moral, rightism is evil. So, anything they do, no matter how insane, cannot be challenged and remains unassailable for decades. We are reaping the cost.
        The way back to conservative morality: (1) call the left out on their destruction of the black family, the creation of welfare state dependency, etc. (2) provide a credible alternative. Bill O’Reilly of Fox has had tremendous success with this… he should do more.
        Unfortunately, this will never happen because the conservative establishment cannot see beyond failing race-driven politics. The evidence is right here on this site… every, single post that tangentially touches on race brings out trolls who conveniently ignore the fact that several of the writers here are black and several of the top posters are black.
        But the trolls just have to get their attacks in; their feelings demand it. And so, it continues; it will take nothing short of total repudiation of race-based politics, or the destruction of our nation before conservatives return to the moral high ground.
        Until then, yield to the fatists and the gender warriors and the …

        1. Lincoln was Republican. George Wallace was a Democrat. Post-Civil War the South was Democratic. You need to brush up on your political history.You have everything bass-ackwards. It wasnt until LBJ’s Great Society that things came into the order you stated.

        2. Should have made it clear that this was about more recent history. The black family did not really start disintegrating until the 1960s.

        3. May I remind you that MLK jr was employed by the CIA as a marxist agent to inflitrate the black community. A man whom also used church money for the procurement of prostitutes.
          You are still stuck the hegelian dialectic of bi-partisan politics.
          Wake the fuck up.
          Back on toipic. Fat people fucking suck! Nothing is uglier, more vile and repugnant than to see what could have been a pretty girl be a bloated jabba the hutt caricature of a female.
          It infuriates me to be in their presence. The swollen ankles and wrists, the nasty body odors, the grossly mutated face.
          Fat asses should be taxed at some weight threshold for being resource hogs. Like for example if you have a bodyfat percentage double what the normal healthy average is for someone of your height and build then you should pay taxes as if you were two people. For breathing more oxygen, for eating more food when children are starving the world over, for costing more taxpayer money due to health issues and causing the price of health insurance to go up.
          They should be taxed until death or a normal person appears from the flesh blob. Adapt or die you fucking fat disgusting pieces of hippo shit!
          Wishful thinking of course. But we are doing God’s work here reminding them that they are indeed FAT AS FUCK and a blatant eye sore. I think next time I see a real fat ass waddling down the street I’m not going to hold the bile back which is starting to irritate my throat. Instead I am going to let it all go and fucking puke ALL OVER that Texas sized blanket you call a shirt.

      2. I’m still waiting for you to get your ass over here and scrub my toilet, boy. And this dinner is NOT going to cook itself!

    3. The weak want to artificially level the playing field so they can survive and procreate. They are rabbits and are trying to take away the fangs and claws of the wolves.

      1. As long as our Government can borrow trillions of dollars on the cheap we can keep the Free Shit Army happy and pay for medicine and other entitlements. Once interest rates start to move the free stuff will go away. And when the food stamps stop coming, you can bet within 48 hours there will be major rioting coming to a theatre near you.

        1. Yet you’re here trolling the comments section of a web site. Soo strong! Go find a man to pleasure and make some babies or something. (Just try not to mention the apocalypse stockpile til you’ve banged. Shit’s cray.) Inherit the earth!

        2. Quit your yapping, boy, and get my supper cooked. And that toilet’s not going to get cleaned while you and your little friends play with your slingshots.

    4. “We really do need to study the 60’s intently and ask what happened
      during that decade. Why this explosion of degenerate movements and
      mindsets, at that time specifically?” – Anonymous Conservative’s theory (which is supported by others) is that once a civilization gets past the point where the competitiveness and aggression of “the producers, the creators, the innovators” has created a surplus, this leads to a rise in the numbers and hence democratic strength of the weak, who seek to exploit that surplus by re-distributing it amongst themselves. This process eventually leads to the corruption of the culture, causing it to fail (see: Fall of Rome) and then prosperity is created again by the competitiveness and aggression of “the producers, the creators, the innovators”, which creates surplus, which … (never-ending cycle.) http://www.anonymousconservative.com/ (append blog to the URL to find a cornucopia of information and research/supporting data.)

  11. All of this stems from one thing. Political correctness. Instead of speaking one’s mind people try to say things that don’t offend. Offense is a good thing. If you are fat you NEED to lose weight and work out for HEALTH REASONS (mental and physical). If you are anorexic, you need to eat healthy and workout for HEALTH REASONS (mental and physical). Basically if you have an issue as a human being that is a problem for you, you need to address it. People around you, your friends, acquaintances or complete strangers are not doing you any favors by lying to you or telling you what you want to hear. The best answer for someone with a problem is the truth, straight, cold and matter of fact. It hurts to hear it but if you can accept it and are driven to change, you will. Most people can’t accept truth……it hurts to much. They would rather live in their delusions.

    1. Also if you have a son that wants to become a woman you tell him that is not OK. Seriously, people think that is OK to start young boys on HRT homones so they can get SRS surgery when they turn 18? Are you fucking kidding me? Can you imagine their fathers? How proud they must be. /sarc

      1. If you have a son that wants to become a woman, somewhere along his life, he started hating himself. Sex changes are a form of body mutilation. Why would a physically healthy male or female purposely try to disfigure their genitalia. It derives form self hate. They hate who they are inside for some reason. It is a mental and emotional issue. People feed into this problem by approving of the decision and not telling them straight, have you lost your frigging mind!! There is nothing healthy or even sane about getting a sex change. What ever the reason is for this mental/emotional deficiency needs to be addressed so it can be fixed. No one was born a woman in a man’s body. If you were born with XY chromosomes you will always have XY chromosomes no matter what you do to hide it. You were born a boy because you were meant to be a boy…period. (no pun intended). Address the issue that mentally screwed you up and move on with a healthy life. They only people who are victims their whole lives are those who choose to be. Losers make excuses, winners make changes. Losers blame others for their lot in life, winners look within to fix the problem. WINNERS DON’t MAKE EXCUSES.

        1. Maybe it is that these young boys are jealous at the easy carefree life of females and want that for themselves. They want to be entitled, have guys sucking up to them, be protected by society and they want to do their nails and wear high heels. Transgender female = altered men. In ancient China someone could associate as either a male or a female and it was never challenged or given a second thought. Watch the old Shaw Brothers Kung Fu classics. Its because of the Internet that it has spread along with Section VII laws pertaining to their discrimination, they like the Fatties feel the right to shove their mental issues in our faces and we had damn well better like it. Fuck this PC country we live in.

    1. That is rather unaccepting and insensitive of you. I mean, imagine how those cows would feel being compared to the American Land Whales. Downright insulted I would chance to guess. Shame on you.

  12. What I don’t like about the movement is it makes it difficult for even doctors to take you seriously when you gain weight and don’t know why. Everyone claims a hormonal disorder. Only a few have legit issues.

      1. I don’t have ovaries or half of my thyroid. I was at a healthy weight pre hyster/oopherectomy. If it hadn’t been for keeping a food/ exercise diary and bringing my personal trainer to my doctors appointments I wouldn’t be getting treatment now.

        1. A lot of people dont realize that they can improve their diet at the grocery store by choosing WHAT they buy. In winter I never buy ice cream. Maybe once every month or two Ill buy a package of cookies. If its bad for you DO NOT STICK IT IN THE DAMN SHOPPING CART. Lol. Usually lean meat and vegetables is all I buy. Then, the only problem is all the goodies people bring to share at work, especially around the holidays : 0

        2. I try to stick to the perimeter of the store. Except for nuts..when I had my first baby I started thinking about what I’d feed him. Came to the conclusion if I wouldn’t give it to him I shouldn’t be eating it myself. Started running and really realized that my child was copying me when he started running too. Knew then I was “doing it right”

    1. I claim because of the frozen pizza, doritos and ice cream. When I saw my gut starting to get bigger I knocked that shit off and joined a gym.
      I guess I could have convinced myself Im healthy and its whats inside that counts. or not. LOL.

    1. Exactly. And the discipline part isn’t even hard. Consistency over a long period of time with a medium frequency schedule (even as little as 2-3 days per week) is enough.

  13. Which body type is more attainable, He-man or Barbie? Imagine if men were emotional pussies like women and cry about social pressure to look like He-Man? Women…adult bodied fatsos.

    1. A He Man is more attainable.Most men have a somewhat normal body to work with and even if he’s an ectomorph(rare) you have the raw materials to at least improve and add some muscles to your body.
      But few females are ever going to be Barbies. A female who is pear or apple shaped is never going to change her body type regardless of how much exercising and dieting she does. An overweight pear shaped female can lose weight and may look better but she’ll still be pear shaped. Never Barbie. No way of altering bone structure. Fat distribution on the female is also genetic which is why you’ll find slim girls with natural big tits like in the old Playboy pictures.Implants are fake and I can spot them 100% of the time.They are grotesque looking and it’s better to have small girlish tits than fake udders.

  14. “First, and foremost, is the concept that dieting & exercise don’t work.”
    For some people, it doesn’t. I personally feel sorry for such people. It doesn’t make them beautiful, but I do have a degree of sympathy for people that have tried or have put in the work only to find that their hard work doesn’t pay off and that some people are luckier than others.

    1. The problem with “those people” for whom exercise and diet don’t work is lack of will to stick to anything. Anyone who practices a reasonable diet based on fresh, non processed foods and regular exercise will eventually arrive at a healthy weight and good fitness level. Period. Anyone who doesn’t is cheating or lying about their exercise frequency or both. If calories out > calories in weight loss and fitness will be achieved. It’s simple math.

    2. To use a scientific term: bullshit. If you burn a higher amount of calories than the amount you consume, you’re going to lose weight.

      1. Johnnie, that does work for most people short-term, but then your body adapts and sooner or later you have to drop your calorie intake to a life-threatening level. Cannot always be sustained long term.
        However, drinking copious amounts of water, avoiding processed foods, and exercising regularly usually helps (but not for everybody).
        I was watching something on tv the other day that tracked women trying to lose weight. They lived in a facility for over a month and didn’t lose any weight even though they were sealed in, on a doctor-supervised nutrition plan and had exercise specialists working with them every day.
        However, their blood pressure and cholesterol levels improved. So a couple of the women decided to keep exercising and eating healthy even though they still stayed above 200 lbs.

  15. Remember Seinfeld from the 1990s? It was a show where George was fat, but it was the 1990s, so then he seemed fat. But now he honestly doesn’t seem that fat. The 1990s man

  16. Something I don’t understand. Hollywood and other forms of media entertainment and advertising show heaps of gorgeous men and women in perfect form and bodies. So if television and movies are supposed to influence the masses, then how does fat acceptance come about? How do fatties start to evolve and become more mainstream in the public sphere?

    1. Because media and entertainment also shows heaps of delicious pizza, pop, chips, and candy too.
      One standard is unattainable.
      The other is not.
      People feel good after stuffing their ass full of food. Its like a drug.
      People feel good after working out. Its like a drug.
      One involves doing exercises that hurt.
      One involves shoveling food in their mouths.
      Things in life always follow the path of least resistance.

      1. People feel good after working out. Its like a drug
        I skip the middle man and just take the drug

      2. Correct. Images of thin, healthy bodies are used by the media to sell advertising for fattening, unhealthy food to intellectually (and physically) lazy people.

    2. Because pedalising models and athletes makes their weight seem more acceptable. All the gossip mags ask what new diet they are on or surgery etc. whatever feeds consumption. When athletes and models are shown as Gods it makes weight loss seem unattainable for mr and mrs average. So people sell magical quick fixes and so the problem continues.

  17. Honestly, I think they know it’s bad. We wouldn’t have so many SIFs (Secret Internet Fatties) if they really thought it was acceptable.

  18. You boys should be nice to fat girls because that’s your future. Either them or your hand. Or celibacy

      1. Then prepare for a lot of you-and-only-you time. 🙂 Because with that kind of disgust, fat chicks won’t want you, and the thin women in the room won’t want you because you’re a jerk. 🙂

        1. Fat chicks won’t want me; I won’t complain.
          Slim and attractive women will still have me, just not in America. Once again, I’m not complaining.
          Oh, and thin chicks will still want the natural alpha 6’+ White dudes that share my thoughts when it comes to fat chicks.
          You are irrelevant. Merry Christmas though, and I hope that you’re laying off of the fruitcake.

    1. I’d rather get raped by a gang of methed-up gorillas than accidentally touch a naked fat chick. I bet if a naked fat chick came out of no where and touched me while a group of gorillas were raping me, they’d then stop out of compassion.

  19. There are a few disorders, diseases, and mental health issues that present additional challenges to maintaining healthy weight, but few are insurmountable.
    In my view, I’m very tired of being surrounded by women who want to thump their chests about how beautiful they are and how they “deserve” a man in far superior physical condition to themselves. (Consequently, were I to start loudly insisting that I deserve a wife with a huge rack, that would be rap culture or something.)
    There are two things we can do to help curb this that nobody would ever be able to criticize:
    1: Stop fucking fatties.
    Look, we’ve all done it. Even if not fatties, we’ve fucked fuglies. Not for love or companionship, but sometimes on a dare or for a quick confidence boost after. dry spell. What do you suppose happens to these women when you cave and throw them a pump-n-dump? They think they’re desirable. We are always commenting how women equate sex to commitment and personal value, right? Don’t feed the ego of a ditch pig by throwing it in there. No, the fact that you fucked her as quickly and narcissistically as possible does not help – in her eyes, 45 seconds of dick goes just as far toward validating her ego as a summer vacation with a Disney prince. Stay off!
    2: NO FAT SHAMING at the gym. In public, fine. But when they go to actually attempt to better themselves, they should feel encouraged and even helped to some extent. Will Beulah see her diet through, or simply get off the treadmill after a half hour and go to McDonald’s? That’s not your concern. No, for now, that fat ass is on treadmill and for the of her and others within earshot, if we are supportive of that specific sight, the better they’ll do.

    1. 45 seconds of dick
      Son, you’re going to have to try to work your way up to at least 2 minutes if you want to get any pussy lol

    2. “2: NO FAT SHAMING at the gym.” Absolutely! Right on. Anyone actually working at self-improvement deserves (and I mean that really, not in a feminist way) support and encouragement. A fat chick who has gotten off her fat ass and is doing something about it should serve as a role model to other fatties.

  20. The Fat Acceptance bothers me no end because younger and younger people are getting sucked into it. If you’re going to be old and fat, fine, that can happen (though the years you have left will be miserable because of it). But I work near a college campus and I am astonished at the number of young women I see with so much visible fat, especially BELLY fat. How is that even possible when their metabolisms are as good as they’re ever going to get? I’m 45 and I work like mad to stick to a special diet and stay as slender as possible, and it is WORK when you’re perimenopausal. The college kids don’t have that excuse.
    I used to think it was all diet – something in the food these days. Now I realize it simply has to be culture, too. It used to be women were ashamed of being seen eating junk food; ashamed to be perceived as not taking care of themselves; ashamed of being fat. Did that suck for the small group who was fat? Yes! Does it suck worse now for a young woman to be brainwashed into thinking that it’s OK to be fat? YES.

  21. You don’t mention my blog once in this article? Where are all the angry fat-feminists going to go after reading this? I am the KING of fat acceptance. Every BBW needs a corndog in her hole.

  22. Guys….
    I put the following comment over here. What are the chances it will not pass “moderation”, eh?
    Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 16, 2013 at 11:31 am
    “All people, regardless of shape or size, deserve to be treated with respect.”
    Except fathers who have their children stolen and houses stolen by criminal women committing perjury in the family courts. THOSE people do not deserve to be treated with respect because, after all, the perjury their wives spread about them just MIGHT be true.
    Yeah…we know all about how women treat fathers with “respect”.

  23. sure fat acceptance is dumb, but really outside of a few places on the internet I don’t hear girls actually believing it. I guess I don’t hang around with fat girls or try and get with them so the “movement” really doesn’t have any effect on my life, it’s just

    1. Unfortunately, I’m starting to see it in my Facebook feed, albeit not under that name. I was confronted by a meme of an obese woman in a bed extolling the virtues of “curves.” ROK has opened my eyes to the epidemic of obesity in the US. I hadn’t paid attention before, but the overwhelming majority of women I see in day to day life aren’t just a little overweight, they are morbidly obese. It’s creeping into mainstream portrayals of women and men in our media. Gross.

    1. what a heartless bitch you’re,, you will never be the man he was in a day over ten life times,,,,

  24. To me, it has always seemed like fat girls are just trying to jump on the oppression band wagon. As if the struggles of black men can be related to women who don’t go running enough. The perspective is just flawed. Healthy doesn’t always mean size 0 but it sure as hell doesn’t mean you don’t have to try.

    1. Some of the struggles of a Black man are related to women that don’t run enough. Those hogs chase me thinking that all Black men will settle for fat white obeasts.
      Nope. if I have to be the first (I’m sure that I’m not) Black man to say hell no to the fatties, then I guess I’ll be him.

      1. Now we all know that most black men like the girls with the fat booty, and I’m one of them. I just know not to expect a skinny girl to be gifted in that area; some have it, some don’t. So I tend to prefer thicker girls over stick thin ones, but any girl that’s obviously overweight is an absolute no-no for me.

        1. After seeing the first link I’m too scared to click the second link. No, no, and may I reiterate, NOOOOOOOOOO.

      2. In the apartment next to mine there was a mixed-race couple living there for a couple years. Huge white woman, 5’10” and probably close to 300lbs, and a black dude only slightly smaller. Once in a while I would hear them fucking and the headboard would slam against the wall – bang! bang! bang!. Man what a racket!

    2. Black men are what fat chicks gravitate towards, at least the ones I’ve met. I guess they really like chocolate…

  25. Controlling your weight is very simple. If you eat more calories than you spend, you gain weight. If you spend more calories than you eat, you lose weight. So if you want to lose weight, eat less and be more active and commit to it for the rest of your life. That’s all there is to it.

    1. NOOOOO. I refuse to accept it. I have fat genes, slow metabolism, the bad gut bacteria, medical conditions, and thyroid problem. I also have no time for the gym even though I watch 2hrs of TV everyday. I have no money for healthy food, even though home cooked healthy meal are cheaper than fast food takeout. FAT acceptance. Fat is beautiful. Fat is healthy. Fat is the future. You’re shallow for not being attractive to a fat girl.

    2. Will you stop with the eat less crap. If you want to lose weight eat less. But if you want to lose weight and, live a healthy life, eat healthy. Eat fruits, veggies, healthy grains, beans, lentils etc.

  26. Looks like Jared finally came out of the cellar and stopped eating Nutella sandwiches all day while he sat on his arse and played kid video games but he still looks like a geek. To you gamesters out there this is not what to look like.He has schmuck written all over him.
    Don’t wear pleated pants. Don’t wear a vest under a polo shirt that has sleeves coming down to your elbows.Don’t wear a cell on your belt or a Mickey Mouse watch like an omega geek. And don’t have a stupid grin on your face that scares hot girls away and makes them think creepy.
    There, I just gave you a lesson in game.

      1. Instead, I work on eating less, and hitting the treadmill, like I’ve been currently doing.

        1. Lifting weights has to be part of your routine, even if just body weight type exercises. You need to build muscle as well as remove the fat. Good luck!! 🙂

    1. That’s your choice, but you should realize that if you don’t accept fat people, don’t expect thin or in-shape people to accept you.
      I see all these guys who will only date thin girls who look like models, and they never get dates, because it’s a two-way street. And then they call a girl shallow for not liking them when they’re fat.
      I am attracted to men of almost all sizes, unless it interferes with their ability to have sex, but I remember one guy I rejected who called me shallow, thinking I rejected him because he had a big belly. I told him, actually, it’s not your body I am not attracted to, it’s the kind of personality that hates on people who aren’t thin (he was only interested in thin chicks and made fun of fat ones).

      1. My reasoning is that landwales don’t accept me, so why the fuck should I accept them. I don’t expect thin people to do so, I expect to keep exercising and eating less so I can lose the weight out for the sake of my health, and my health alone, fuck the perception of others.

  27. Great article. Enabling this damaging lifestyle is a joke. I can declare “I’m an alcoholic, and I’m proud of it, and no matter how much i vomit on myself I still believe I am beautiful”. It doesn’t make me an less repulsive, my “positive feelings” don’t make it healthy, and it sure as hell isn’t something to applaud.

    1. Oh dear God! You should have put a trigger warning!
      On a separate note: I need feminism for the lols

    2. Her big fear is that she will be raped for something she’d want to wear? I assume what she’d “want to wear” would be standard slut fare. Are we all picturing this in a tiny short/short mini skirt that hugs her curves, a pair of thigh-high boots and crop top? And here she is … AFRAID that someone would rape her for wearing that? Some very serious self-deluding going on here. I am pretty sure if she dressed like a slut most folks who saw her would be puking up their breakfast, not thinking about sex. Those fat acceptance affirmations are either really powerful or they come with great drugs.

    3. That woman doesn’t need to worry about getting raped, she needs to worry about captain Ahab coming after her with a harpoon. Or dying of a heart attack by the age 45.

  28. Diet don’t work? That’s bullshit! Last year, I had to start a diet because of acid reflux (had to stop eating chocolate for good and other things less often) and lost 30 pounds in abouth three months. But that was because of my body type. For others might work in a longer timespan, but diet does work and can help with a lot of health issues like acid reflux or IBS.

  29. Bodies are diferent. Some girls will never be a size zero. But that doesn’t mean they should be happy weighting 300 pounds. Some girls will just amount to be tops a size four, but if they can be a size four, then they should be. Be the best you can be.You can accept your body and still want to change.

  30. Your body is your temple. If you’re lazy, stuff yourself with shit that you are well aware does absolutely nothing good for your health and in fact gives you terrible diseases, and then go harping on and on about how you’re offended when people tell you to cut the crap from your diet and eat healthy and lie about being proud of your fatness, it shows just how little you value your health and life.
    Some people gain weight because of diseases. Even most of those problems are purely lifestyle related. Others who’ve gotten fat only because of their uncontrollable urges to keep stuffing their selves with crap all the time and a laziness that keeps them from working out have NO excuse. It makes me sick how fucking idiots stop people from going on a path of self improvement by dribbling shit such as “You’re perfect as you are”. No. You’re NOT perfect as you are. You were born here to grow and evolve in every possible way you can as a human. That includes physically, intellectually and spiritually. Health is wealth. Your body is your vessel and it’s your duty to take care of it. Fat acceptance and fat feminism are two of the most retarded movements anyone has ever started.
    Also, most “foodies” and people who “live to eat” I have come across have been those who also have an innate greed in their personalities. Greed is a vice and greedy people should be avoided at all costs.

  31. I don’t give a fuck whether those fat dykes are healthy or unhealthy. They can be as healthy or as unhealthy as they like. I don’t give a fuck whether they’re fathletes or fatshionistas. They can twiddle their clit all day with all that me-me-me-me feelgood useless bullshit in their mom’s basement with lace curtains for all I care. But they’re ugly and disgusting. That’s all they need to know.

  32. “…but you decided to major in Fat Studies.” Hah, this is funny. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before that becomes an actual “academic”, um, discipline…

  33. I don’t know that fat people should be “shamed,” but I don’t think accepting obesity is a good idea. People who care about themselves don’t poison their bodies with junk food and basically trash their health. I don’t want people who are fat to feel bad about themselves, but I venture they already do feel bad about themselves because they are poisoning their bodies. People should be strongly encouraged to eat right, exercise, and not hurt themselves with food. I find it hard to believe that any of these obese people feel good physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

    1. Shaming is a bit much, but fat acceptance absolutely not acceptable. If you are one of the 5% or less with a verifiable medical condition, then ok, you shouldn’t really fuck with them (research cures and treatments seems more viable).
      I propose a middle ground, akin to that of the military; breaking down the individual and building them back up (as a soldier, a team member, a better version of themselves, etc).
      Removal of societal ills that allow “fat acceptance” a safe harbor is critical to success. Instilling proper values is what will keep these people in check and from falling back on old habits.
      The next target would be the HFCS industry, which is a lofty goal, no doubt. But it is vital to cut off the supply or at least limit it.

  34. Anyone stupid enough to fall for this BS deserves everything they get.
    I don’t see how it can harm anyone sensible enough to ignore it.
    So it isn’t anything like as harmful to people and society as feminism is.
    Case closed.

    1. yeah really?
      I bet most men 40-50 yrs thought the same thing about feminism.
      How can you say that its not harmful. Where ever you turn your head, there are fatties…

  35. I hold no I’ll will towards fat people, however, I don’t think the American people should have to suffer by paying increased healthcare costs(in the form of taxes). If fat people want to be fat that fine but any form of tax payer funded healthcare needs to be refunded. People need to suffer the ramifications of their actions.

  36. Obesity is unhealthy; unhealthiness is unattractive, no matter how much you sugarcoat it (pun intended).

  37. “I have no doubt that people exist that are completely happy with being overweight. Those people would never identify with the fat acceptance movement.”
    Never say never.
    I’m sure there are some who are not only overjoyed about being fat but would also love nothing more than to FORCE men to jerk off to fat chicks. With a gun pointed at the victim’s head for “encouragement” and “motivation”.
    Never assume just because someone doesn’t hate themselves they aren’t capable of evil.

  38. Fascinating. I had no idea Fat Acceptance had a first, second and third wave. But as a smart guy you obviously realize you have no morally sound right to shame anybody with the addictions and dysfunctions you openly confess to in your “about”….
    “2Wycked is a narcissist, an alcoholic and a serial womanizer.”

    1. How is exposing “fat acceptance” for the coercion of thought that it is, tantamount to “shaming” someone for having an addiction?
      Whether or not he has addictions, or that a large percentage of females have an issue with it are both contentious. More importantly, if women didn’t like his excesses in alcohol or womanizing, he is not suggesting that they do (or that those who don’t be demonized for “shaming” him).
      You cannot draw such parallel, and therefore label him a hypocrite.

  39. a morbidly obese person on a mobility scooter broke my foot by driving on it. Rather than apologizing, he had the audacity to, in that fat guy voice say ‘excuse me’ and want me to apologize.
    ‘Nuff fucking said

  40. Another Road to Hoe? Why would you Hoe a Road? Its a Row to Hoe, like a row of vegetables in a garden. If its tough to hoe the dirt you have to work harder. Stop mixing your metaphors.

  41. Fat acceptance for women is a joke, women have three commodities and with the first two being rarer than diamonds the third better be working for them. The first is virginity, with this being so rare to find I could easily understand it being more likely to find yourself with superpowers. The second is personality, this comes with cooking and cleaning since that would mean she cares aka personality, and this isn’t very rare to find, but to find one that is actually fun to be with and can talk to you for hours and you enjoy it is rare… To get both one and two in a woman is near impossible with Amurraskanks. The third is beauty, and lets face it, fat is almost never hot. To accept a woman for being fat she better be a man, as in make more money and support my ass the way I would hers if she was hot. Fat acceptance for men is a valid thing but only for the reason of, all a man needs is a really good personality and looks don’t really matter or better yet money and then looks/personality don’t matter.

    1. Lol “personality comes with cooking and cleaning”. Aside, from character-building chores as a child and doing half of the clean-up for a shared household, this is oh so much excrement.

    2. Fat does not equal being a man! Fat equals unhealthy! However, I don’t think that fat people should be shamed. They are still people! Also, cooking and cleaning are not part of one’s personalty. Anyone can be good at cooking and cleaning and still be an asshole! I could tell your personality is shit for writing this comment! A woman who actually respects and loves herself would date a man with a nice personality! A woman who dates a man only for money is an unhappy, unfulfilled, and insecure woman because she thinks it can buy her happiness! Money does not make anyone full in the long run.

  42. that marilyn monroe meme annoys the hell out of me… she never even said that (size 0 was invented 30-something years after she died) and she herself had a 21 inch waist…

    1. Actually, when she was most famous she was the equivalent of a size 12-14 today, which is the average size of a woman in the US today. She did, however have very traditionally desirable proportions (heavier up top and in her hips, smaller bellow her chest.

      1. Her measurements are reportedly 35-22-35 according to her dressmaker… She would’ve been about a size 2… But had to have her costumes altered slightly to accommodate her curves.
        Later in life she was a bit larger but those were her stats when she was in her prime as a sex symbol.

  43. “Fat and happy”….Well personally, I was fat, and bitch I was misreable. I wasn’t happy until I got thin!

  44. Lazy? I spend an hour at the gym and eat salad all day. I need fat acceptance because I am tired of people assuming that I am fat because I am lazy, not because I have a fucking endocrine problem.

  45. actually the first cartoon of the lovely pear shaped lady is cute, that waist is tiny and that hip waist ratio isn’t dangerous to health, I’d love some curves like that, sadly I am not built for curves

    1. That’s what fat women think they look like, but in reality they look more like asymmetrical blobs with a dozen spare tires.

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