How Superbowl Marketing Discredited Feminism

For anyone who tuned into the Superbowl, the above commercial from GoDaddy will be familiar. You’re probably also recalling the fact that the commercial likely struck a nerve with your thoughts. For anyone who didn’t witness it. Thanks to this ad however, I realized that everything feminism claims in regards to supporting betas and empowering women has now been abolished. Yes, sexual marketing, a primary target used for men, has now been turned around in a way to support manly ideas. God bless America!

I’ll address the feminist side rather quickly. The average feminist is going to say the following two statements. First, that the use of sexuality is an evil ploy and that this ad finally has it backfire against men. Second, feminists will likely state that this empowers the idea of being a different kind of male and garnering success. Both are false statements.

The truth is as simple as the advertisement is. It not only garnered enough attention for GoDaddy to have another unforgettable commercial, but it also pointed out what the manosphere has been saying for years, that women do not want betas. While watching The Daily Show, I witnessed John Stewart poking fun at the commercial and the negative backlash towards it from the public by initially stating,

“Oh really, that ad was controversial, oh because she was kissing a Jew, is that why”

He then quickly followed up his statement with a pretend correction where he stated the obvious.

“The source was apparently America’s belief that affection should only take place between… looks equals”

This statement is 100% truth, and helps to prove everything the manosphere has been saying for years, that women are just as shallow as men. This commercial also helped prove the 10 scale system which indicates you cannot go more than 2 points up or down in attractiveness for a partner. So after years of arguing that the 10 scale is in fact real and necessary, there is now certifiable evidence thanks to the otherwise useless invention that is Twitter.

Additionally, Calvin Klein ran a female targeted sexual ad, which really accomplished nothing other than showing a hardly clothed muscular man posing. What’s great about the advertisement is that it further discredits the idea of feminism saying they don’t want alphas. The positive rants I saw on Facebook  and Twitter following the airing of the commercial further supported the idea that women are just as shallow as men. A quick search of on Twitter using #CalvinKlein, revealed the following:

So there you have it, thanks to two simple Superbowl ads, the entire basis of feminism has been discredited. Women want what the manosphere has said they want, and that’s an alpha. When presented with an attractive female kissing a beta the world, including women, were repulsed. Manosphere 1, Feminism ZERO.

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  1. You say that twitter is “useless” then go on to use twitter as a reference to make your point.
    Not a good look.

  2. This is all true, but it should be noted that the first ad is getting that dude a crazy amount of female attention.
    Preselection is real, even (if not especially) on men who rate below a 5, and even if it’s manufactured.

  3. After that commercial, the guy probably accretes more poon than most of the reformed betas of the manosphere could with full knowledge of game. Preselection and fame…

    1. Oh boy, one person that’s slightly different from the norm. You and you alone obviously proved your point.
      I’m going to go out and get my legs amputated and put on a good 50 lbs. and get those 8’s and 9’s that I deserve!

      1. Lol. Aaaah, anoth MRA trolling a “game” site.
        If you want to lock yourself away from female companionship, that’s on you.
        I “deserve” nothing. Sorry son but some guys actually LIKE female companionship.
        Hey- how sick is the COD zombie game????!!!

    2. went through your blog i d label em as 6 an 7 an 8s but thats still keepin to that 2 point range(3 if lucky)
      were the super hot ones paid or forced or did u really game em
      either way nicely done man…tighest game around i gotta say

  4. ad = short for “advertisement”
    Also, your John Stewart quote has a misspelling in it (“odd” instead of “ad”):
    “Oh really, that odd was controversial, oh because she was kissing a Jew, is that why”

  5. Women have always been shallow, it’s for the purpose of selecting a mate. IF the man provides what she needs, be it financial or physical, she WILL go for him. Esther Vilar explains it quite well. 🙂

  6. model matt terry curious how tall is he and how much does he weight?any idea on body fat percentage?

      1. cool by the looks of his stats and height he must like 175 his build looks like hes a ectomorph hardgainer with small wrists then again maybe lean meduim build guy(32 waist)
        he looks smaller in these pics other ones he looks big

      2. that guy was a whole pile of self validation for me. I have the same measurements, similar face just not quite the physique. I used to be concerned about not having a frame to get power lifter size with but give me a few more months, some good lighting and some ck underwear and I’ll be be making hamsters spin with comparisons.

  7. The reaction of every women in the room to that commercial super bowl Sunday was all the proof I needed that the veneer feminism puts up is one atom thick at best.

  8. But, I thought “looks don’t matter” for men, and being an “alpha” was all about having the right (obnoxious, aloof, assholish) personality?!! The Calvin Klein model didn’t do anything but pose silently, – all this stuff proves is that more women prefer conventionally attractive men over ones who are deliberately made up to be as ugly as possible.
    (I mean, for all you lot know, Mr Calvin Klein could be a huge beta! Just a conventionally attractive one who puts effort into his appearance)

  9. She had to be paid a small fortune for that. He probably did it for free …. oh, that’s right, he’s a member of the tribe so he got paid at least a minimum wage.

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