What To Do If Police Are Questioning You About A Sexual Encounter

Women often lie to seek vengeance against men, and false rape accusations are a serious problem in our society. Women will even make up total fabrications about sexual encounters to ruin a man’s name and reputation. Crime statistics prove this. If you want to get more philosophical about it, a great philosopher from a century ago called it women’s innate instinct of dissimulation. The capacity to dissemble, or lie, is stronger in some women than others. Remember this term when dealing with the repercussions of a false rape or other sexual encounter you had with a woman. That’s the term Arthur Schopenhauer used to describe women and their natural gift of lying:

For as lions are furnished with claws and teeth, elephants with tusks, boars with fangs, bulls with horns, and the cuttlefish with its dark, inky fluid, so Nature has provided woman for her protection and defense with the faculty of dissimulation, and all the power which Nature has given to man in the form of bodily strength and reason has been conferred on woman in this form. Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever. Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights. Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility.

Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn, Bukowski knew and wrote about this

Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, Bukowski knew and wrote about this

It also pays to remember this sage wisdom from author Charles Bukowski in his highly-rated book Women.

Once a woman turns against you, forget it. They can love you, then something turns in them. They can watch you dying in a gutter, run over by a car, and they’ll spit on you.

Some will even drag you through years of legal system torture just to get back at you. As Bukowski knew, men are dead to women once their utility value has been consumed or they feel they’ve been wronged in some way. This is what you are up against. The good news is, you are not the first man to be falsely accused by a woman, nor will you be the last. The numbers show this is a daily occurrence.


Fake Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser Crystal Mangum later murdred her boyfriend and will spend 14 years in prison

Fake Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser Crystal Mangum later murdered her boyfriend and will spend 14 years in prison

Statistics are all over the place when it comes to how many rape reports are false. Low estimates say 1-2% are false and high estimates say 90% are false. Just know, many studies gathered in the center of the Bell Curve say false rape accusations average as high as 25% when “no crime” committed statistics are included. As a good rough estimate, that’s 1 in 4 reported rapes being false. What a risk we run as men! The Harris and Grace study also reported a full 1 in a 10 or 10.9% of rape reports were purely malicious in intent! These numbers jive with an older study from the 1970s in which scientific, medical evidence showed 3-31% of rape reports were false.

A 2008 survey of law enforcement officials across America showed the majority of cops believe at least 11% and as many as 50% of rape allegations were false reports. To me, this confirms the maliciousness of Anglo women in today’s society, a topic illuminated by Rookh Kshatriya, an English anti-feminist scholar.

The Anglobitch Thesis contends that the brand of feminism that arose in the Anglosphere (the English-speaking world) in the 1960s has an ulterior misandrist (anti-male) agenda quite distinct from its self-proclaimed role as ‘liberator’ of women. This derives from a distinct component in Anglo-Saxon culture, namely Puritanism. This puritanical undercurrent gives women an intrinsic sense of entitlement and privilege as ‘owners’ of sex in a cultural context where sex is a scarce commodity (we call this sense of entitlement The Pedestal Syndrome). Because of this, the advance of women’s ‘rights’ across the Anglosphere has not been accompanied by a corresponding reduction of their traditional privileges – indeed, those privileges have only broadened in scope and impact, leaving men only with obligations and women aglow with rights plus privileges. This has been accompanied by an obsessive vilification of men in the Anglo-American media, and across the Anglosphere generally.

So, we’ve established you are up against the natural tendency of women to dissemble, and rape statistics that show a good number of sexual crimes are based on false pretenses, and that you live in a gynocentric, misandrist society. What do you do when the jaws of the metastasizing American police and prison state are looking at you for one of its next meals?

Know Your Rights

A New York man spent four years in prison out of a 20 year sentence after a false rape charge

A New York man spent four years in prison out of a 20 year sentence after a false rape charge

Just a woman’s word that you raped her is enough to land you in jail with charges until you bond out. Know that the burden of proof that you did not force a sexual encounter with a woman rests on your shoulders, and her identity will be protected while yours is sullied. That’s the breaks in the injustice system. However, the evidence usually does not hold up, which illustrates how ruthless, vindictive and dissimulating women can be.

Remain calm. Collect yourself. Know you do not have to answer any questions from police without the presence of an attorney. Cooperate with police, but tell them: I am happy to help you, officer, but I want to do that in the presence of my attorney. Even if you are telling the truth, it’s recommended you do all communicating with police about such a serious matter through while your legal counsel is present. A misstep or a misstatement on your part could lead to a false conviction. Those with experience in the law will be able to safely guide you through all the potential landmines. Know that only 7% to 13% of reported rapes end up in a conviction in the U.S. Trials require evidence, and the odds are on your side if you committed no crime.

Unfortunately, in its continuing war on heterosexuality, the U.S. (especially states like California) are further backing normal sexual behavior among men into a corner. A “yes means yes” law was recently signed by Jerry Brown, and states:

Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent.

Basically, in the insane American legal system you must ask a female every time you have sex, “Can I fuck you now?” Even if it is a steady girlfriend. This only places another potential legal noose around men’s necks.

Get an attorney before any questioning takes place

Get an attorney before any questioning takes place

In some cases, false reports about sexual encounters have ruined men’s lives. A man from England named “Nick” graduated from University with an engineering degree, completing school only after years of legal system hell. He was later acquitted of the crime, but that didn’t stop his name from being drug through the mud and him suffering several years of false accusations because of some girl who wanted to get back at him. His advice is to fight false rape reports like a raging tiger:

The moment you stop fighting is the moment you lose. You could protest your innocence for the rest of your life if you had to. It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe you, keep fighting. It’s horrible. I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through it, not even my worst enemy. The thing is, if someone knew enough about me they could Google and find out all my case details. If this helps one more person through it then that’s worth it. 

Don’t give up, and don’t let a false rape accusation stand. Some jurisdictions allow the falsely accused, once acquitted, to bring civil action (i.e. sue the hell out of) the false accuser. But, depending on where you live your mileage may vary on that form of recourse. There are some cases in which men have gone on to financially devastate false rape accusers. A Maryland man was recently awarded nearly $1 million after his wife falsely accused him of raping their daughters. The man lost his job and went through 5 years of hell for false accusations invented out of whole cloth.

In another case, a New York woman was sentenced to one to three years in prison for perjury charges. As reported by the New York Post:

The woman whose false rape claims put an innocent man behind bars for nearly four years was sentenced to one to three years in prison on perjury charges. After pleading guilty to making up a story that she was gang raped in Upper Manhattan in 2005 to elicit sympathy from friends, Biurny Peguero Gonzalez was hit with jail time. “I question myself every day as to how I could have done this,” she told the judge at her sentencing hearing. Gonzalez’s false accusations lead to a 20-year prison sentence for Bronx construction worker William McCaffrey. That conviction was overturned after Gonzalez underwent a religious conversion and admitted she made up the story.

This, gentlemen, is only one of the many risks of dealing with women in a society that pedestalizes them and villainizes men.

We’ve seen how much the media and women like to toss around the rape card these days. The data in this article can be your lifeline when facing this evil in the legal system.

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  1. 1. Find your top-notch criminal defense attorney TODAY, before you need him. And, it needs to be a man, with at least 20 years experience, who’s worked in the local/state prosecutor’s office and still has strong contacts with the prosecutors working there. He must have a track record of litigating and winning cases at trial, and not just being the king of plea deals (e.g. Daniel Caffey, A Few Good Men). He should focus on criminal law with little or no straying into other areas of law. Stay away from big marquee law firm legal mills.
    2. When (not if) you are detained or arrested for suspicion of a crime, SAY NOTHING other than you do not answer questions without being in the presence of and having the guidance of your attorney. That’s it, other than the phrase, “am I free to go?” Some people take it to the extreme and have printed a card stating that they don’t answer questions and mention their constitutional rights to have an attorney and not consent to search. Since being detained by a LEO is a stressful situation, you can simply read what’s on the card as your response to any questions. Then you won’t be completely silent, which ticks off cops, but you won’t say anything other than you’re invoking your rights.
    3. Don’t let cops intimidate you (they’ll try), be your friend (they’re pros as faking it), play you against another family member, friend or witness (they’re looking to trap one of you in an inconsistency, which they’ll consider lying and probable cause), or use cliche techniques such as good-cop/bad-cop games and false dichotomy persuasions (“if you’re not guilty, you have nothing to hide and should answer my questions and/or let me search you and your vehicle or home.”)
    4. Prepare a legal defense fund. Yes, save up money for the high chance that despite your best efforts, you’re going to be arrested as some point in your life. Having some personal experience in this area, I can tell you that some more politicized crimes against women will get you arrested on nothing more than some bitch’s shaky story and bold-face lies. Worse, even when dealing with psycho mentally damaged women, they’ll press the cops to “do something,” even when they realize there is no case to be pressed. You can’t talk your way out of false rape accusations, domestic violence, and other such politically charged feminist crimes. Just plan on taking a trip to jail and having to bail yourself out (which you need to learn to do if you’re unable to get someone to do it for you). You should also plan on such a charge costing you anywhere from $2500 for a simple DV misdemeanor to to $10,000 or more for a full blown sexual assault felony charge.
    Since these are highly political crimes against women, you’re going to get the full jail experience, and you’re going to get charged (information presented). Prosecutors love prosecuting these cases because it shows the public they’re “tough on crime.” The media loves to report these crimes as it fits their narrative and agenda. Only in the most egregious and obvious of false accusations may you get off the hook by having the prosecutor drop charges without having your attorney get involved. But system is designed to get you to plea out without going to trial (i.e. the prosecutor doesn’t need evidence and doesn’t have work to build a case). The Big Criminal Justice industry, like other major industries, is about extracting money from men to feed the machine and provide the guys at the tops with lucrative cushy jobs.
    Don’t ever rely on a public defender to do anything but get you to understand that your best option is to plea out. Remember, he works for the same boss as the bitch prosecutor who want’s to lock you up! The plea path, while much easier and less money upfront, will scar you and put a permanent stain on your life, liberty and reputation. That’s why you have to be prepared to go the distance and pay for a proven criminal defense litigator who will go the distance for you.

        1. Did someone accidentally flag this excellent comment? It comes up as ‘under moderation’. I can’t reply to it. The ‘flag’ function needs an ‘undo’ option for the inadvertant flagger on disqus. Great comment though.

        2. I think I made too many edits to it to correct typos and add a bit of clarification. Maybe a few more upvotes will release the under moderation hold.

        3. All I could add to it is, under number 5, the police can and will lie to you. It’s perfectly legal for them to lie to you as a way to obtain a confession.

        4. Nothing one tells the police can help. They are not the courts. Use the right to remain silent, let the lawyer answer any questions.

    1. Your post should be printed out and given to young men when they enter high school.
      My male attorney is exactly what you recommend (over 20 years, proven record, etc..). I came to know him from a corporate lawyer friend of mine when I told him I needed a lawyer who is a “pit bull off his leash” in court. He simply gave me one name.
      This guy is on my Christmas card list and I occasionally drop off a bottle of scotch.

      1. Nailed it! And a bottle of scotch (or whatever his poison is) goes a long way to get that extra level of service when you need it.

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    1. Thats extremely long in todays internet age, but after about 5 minutes of skipping around to random parts I get a lot of info and anecdotal evidence.

      1. It’s a great talk about how talking to the police does not help you. That even the most innocent error or even telling the truth can get you convicted of a crime you didn’t commit.

  2. Gentleman, with the first few encounters a women comes to your home, follow this instructions:
    1. Grab Phone.
    2. Enable record audio on phone.
    3. Leave Phone out next to you.
    4. Forget about it, but don’t let your phone escape arms reach.
    5. Laugh at any false rape allegation when you play her moans in court, then upload to youtube.
    6. Other women know your a god in the sack.

    1. Is it really wise for a booty call to know where you live, or what your real name or job is?

      1. It depends on the situation but in this day and age, with surveillance, social media etc then being a perfect stranger in the night is not realistic. If it’s later revealed that you had been taking steps to ghost away after sex then it seems like you had a rape planned outright. I don’t see how that would help. Ten years from now, there will be female judges who graduated from law school in the year 2010 or so, maybe even later. So full-on millenial, brain-washed insane feminist assholes will be deciding these cases. It’s so bleak.

    2. Lol. But other important points are:
      -show to her that false accusations can send her to jail, she will think better before creating lies
      -note the names of the false accusers (including white knight simps), because when the laws change they will get what they deserve
      -spread the truth about false accusations, this way more and more people will not take rape accusations seriously
      -spread the idea that men should not help or protect any raped women, true or lie, until the laws change
      -if possible, look for men’s rights groups to expose the false accuser slut, it may be easier to send her to jail if more men gather their forces against her

      1. I can’t wait until the backlog of victims of false accusations and ruinous extortion see final justice served on the corrupt bitchsystem fabulators. There is a growing list of men who are claimants to being wrongfully divorce raped. There needs to be a class action suit brought against the bitchsystem for its systematic injustice towards men. The entire bitchcourt system is on the verge of being disqualified.
        – – As far as ‘not helping’ the supposed rape victims – – and this goes for any woman panning for nanny state perks and white knight gladhanding – –
        The part about not aiding and abetting those who assist women (otherwise known as ‘women’s advocates’) in swearing against their men or persecuting men at large is a whole nother ball of wax. Bitchsystem enablers comprise an army worse than all of ISIS combined in terrorizing our republic.
        The women’s shelter racket is full of corruption, run by radical lesbian man-hating feminists:
        [audio src="http://www.equalparenting-bc.ca/audiovideo/2004-11-17_AUD_womens-shelter-bosses-attempt-lesbian-seduction.mp3" /]
        The same people who drafted the nationwide programs for women’s shelters also had a hand in drafting the extremist anti-male and anti-family laws in legislature. Women’s shelters didn’t evolve from any grass roots demand but were foisted by radical Marxist/feminist operatives of the elites. The shelters are not home grown by any stretch but their fundraisers for publicity have reached deeper into good samaritan’s pockets and deeper into traditional grass roots territory than any other outwardly Marxist assault campaign. Only boob tube airwaves reach more bedrooms than the women’s shelter big lie. Conservative ‘churchey’ places will host support functions for the local shelter but won’t host them for openly subversive groups like BLM. Bike rides and walks for the simp women with emotional problems who voluntarily rot in the women’s shelters are held in every town but I have yet to see a BLM car wash behind Wendy’s. Think about it. You’ve never had a weebelo come to your door selling tickets to the BLM potato sack race but every YMCA fair across America runs the ‘beaten kids’ and ‘beaten womens’ theatrics with ribbons for this and ribbons for that. The not-for-profit battered women’s shelter industry has become an institutionalized cancer that runs deeeep in our nation’s fabric now. Communities have unwittingly hosted 10k runs and walks,scout bake sales, auctions, you name it to fund the local runaway women’s shelter commune flophouses, and then the shitholes turn around and DESTROY INTACT FAMILIES.
        Women’s shelters staffed by lesbian marxist feminists that have a rolling docket with the local women’s advocate judiciary are a menace, a worse scourge to a community than a band of roving gang members or a crack house. This is because unlike malicious gangs, women’s shelters are ‘real kill’ for a community and they have the backing of every corrupt local democrat and republican mangina and pro-globalist. Being backed by the local prosecutor’s racket, we see the front lines of the aggravated offense against the family unit by the globalists. Their necks are waaay out.
        But if I ever saw a BLM cookie bake sale, that would make my day. It’s obvious that conservative flyover country would never host a fair to raise money for BLM but they’ve been more than willing to allow public space for marches and parties for women’s shelters and by doing so, they basically co-sign funds that are used for self destruction of the community. It’s suicidal. The anti-family pro-lesbian extra-legal holding facilities where ‘volunteer’ free legal aid, CASA and a number of other special-op radical feminist groups and agencies will isolate women and force their hand against their own family.
        Though it is the same elitist Soros funding that kick started BLM recently, the women’s shelter racket has had elitist backing for over two generations. Shelters have remained inconspicuous, secretive, in the shadows like the CPS and have been around for decades. The same social worker lesbian man-hating feminists rotate between all posts. It’s time to put them all out of business. The elites kick started and seeded the nanny state women’s apparatus with funds long ago and in a time when communities throughout the nation boasted thriving families and in a time when local governments were basically supportative of the family ethic. The shelters and their rotating staff of socialist ‘service’ workers (or rather dis-service) have taken too much of a toll on our communities to be ignored any more. They took our relatively healthy family oriented culture AND MURDERED IT DAMMITT!!

        1. There was one homegrown woman shelter in UK, but feminists drove her out and killed her cat. Shewrites for AVFM now.

    3. Well, you can’t use recorded without their knowing as evidence in court hearings. This will further land you in trouble. At least in the State of California, you can’t use this as evidence. My friend set up hidden cameras of his wife stating to his in-laws that she plans on murdering him in his sleep, and his lawyer said they can’t use that as evidence because it’s inadmissible. Further, a girl could argue that the first time was consensual, but the other time, was not, and your recording doesn’t show the torture she endured. Chicks will find some other way to destroy you. Prevention is better than cure. For a one night bang with a girl you never plan on meeting again, never ever take the girl to your place, Never tell her your full name or where you work. Set up a google number and present that to her as a phone number. The types of girls who will try to bring you down, you should know who they are, and make the decision right there and then if it’s worth pursuing or face the risk. Desperate; virgins; feminists; Indian girls; foreign girls on visas in the United States; mentally unstable; drug addicts; you always stay away from these. Prevention is better than cure!

      1. That ‘go stealth’ advice seems like it would backfire. She will find you if she’s bitter/crazy enough and the fact that you did so much to be ‘Greg’ the mystery man with the fake number only makes you seem more like a dedicated rapist.

        1. I’ve been doing thing this for the past 4 years since I moved to California, and have yet to run into any problems. When a girl has chosen to have a one night stand with a guy she just met, do you think she’s doing detective work to figure out I’m “greg” the rapist? C’mon man. Don’t be a troll.

        2. I’m not trolling whatsoever. If you take the exact same precautions that a real rapist takes, then it’s going to look very bad for you if you ever run into a crazy one. The discussion is about being questioned by the police over false rape by insane women. Your four years of normal women doesn’t factor in here. If they (police) found out you were abnormally stealthy, they will go into nuts-out ‘Muh Lady!’ mode, as will everyone in the legal system up and down the line. Your strategy is good for avoiding clingy, stalker types not false rape stuff.

        1. Good lord! Really???
          I am an IT consultant and have been in the industry for almost 30 years. In an industry that is about 90% male, just about the only females I see are the Indians, except for a few Russians and Chinese. I find the Indians extremely unattractive. And many have the BO issues that the males have. And they have attitudes to boot, especially the ones from the higher castes.

        2. Can attest, Indian women have the shittiest most vile and vindictive demeanor and most hideous conniving hostile faux-elitist disposition of any women on Earth, I worked with one for several years and she made everyone in the company miserable on a daily basis by being a nonstop miserable raging cunt bully. The only thing that kept her from plowing people over was giving her a taste of her own medicine and I learned to be an absolute prick just to survive at that hellhole.

        3. Can attest, Indian women have the shittiest most vile venomous and vindictive demeanor and most hideous conniving hostile faux-elitist disposition of any women on Earth, I worked with one for several years and she made everyone in the company miserable on a daily basis by being a nonstop miserable raging cunt bully. The only thing that kept her from completely plowing people over was giving her a taste of her own medicine and I learned to be an absolute prick just to survive at that hellhole.

        4. Indian girls are the worst on all fronts, I am an Indian male and I can absolutely attest to the findings about Indian girls.

        5. I can’t help what I’m attracted to. I like their olive skin, cute face and silky black hair.
          I don’t mind their BO at all lol.

        6. Well I’m white and find white females to be the worst or maybe black females when they have that ghetto attitude.

        7. I think the key here is not that she was Indian but that she was a career woman in the first place. I assume she must’ve been a feminazi as well. It’s the stay-at-home Indian housewives that I’m after.

        8. And they fucking stink somethin’ fuckin’ fierce. This bitch started wearing “perfume” that I kept joking with my coworkers that it smelled like Camel Butt Extract lol

        9. Because Indian girls (especially the fobs) are quite literally the worst kind of girls you could date. I would rather date a slut pornstar than an Indian girl. First off, the smell factor. The majority of them stink! Like body odor stink. This includes Indian men by the way fresh off the boat. Second, they have a stick up their arse. After marriage, they want to own you. They will drive the beta out of you. Why do you think Indian men on majority are beta cuckolds? They watch too many Bollywood movies and think you gotta be ready to give your life up for a girl and be nice to her. Lastly, if you have sex with an Indian girl, she will never let you leave because you are the one who fucked her and took her dignity. She feels you owe her your life and commitment now. And if you don’t, she will get depressed and cry RAPE! As far as American born Indians, the only hot ones I have found are the Punjabis, or the daughters of the Turban heads: Sikhs. They are lighter in complexion, and have unique colored eyes, and look exotically amazing. You might confuse them for Iranian women. Other than that, 90% of Indian women you’ll come across are short, on their way to becoming fat, hairy, stinky, oompa loompas. Even the hot ones, after they get married, they let themselves go and look like a hag. Google Aishwariya Rai (Considered to be the hottest woman in the world at one point) fat, and see before and after marriage pictures. Btw, remember the story I mentioned in my above post about how my friend’s wife wanted to murder him in his sleep? Guess what? She was Indian! She found pictures of him and his ex gf on his laptop when they used to date, and she got furious and thought he was a virgin. She brought her parents from India over and they were connoting a plan to try and seek revenge against him. Stay away from Indians.

        10. The Indian architect wife of the doc in season two in Wayward Pines seemed fine. Or the one in Lucky Man, DS Chohan.

        11. I don’t get to see many Bollywood actress types in code monkey/tech peon world. But females with facial hair and BO, yes.

        1. Our judicial system is about 2 things: 1. money, 2. power. That game is to see who can get the most out of otherwise law-abiding, productive men by criminalizing all forms of normal male behavior.
          Yes, there are some real crimes, but those are in the minority of number of people arrested, plead out, (majority), tried and convicted. The irony is that the biggest criminal offenders are walking around free while the guy who just wanted to enjoy a joint on Saturday night to forget his crappy life is sitting in jail because he can’t bail himself out. The real criminals of society are simply too big to jail.
          Big Criminal Justice has been booming since the ridiculous get tough on crime mantra of the Regan era. It’s big business, with even minor charges racking up thousands of dollars between the bail bondsmen, courts, and attorneys, and jails that need more and more freemen locked up for nothing more than the appearance of a so-called crime.

      2. My understanding is that you can do so if you anticipate that a crime may be committed, but maybe I’m wrong.

        1. You’re definitely wrong. My friend couldn’t even get a restraining order, temporary one for that matter, because the lawyer said he could not use that recording as evidence.

        1. Unless you are planning on staying long term with them in hopes for marriage. But for a one night lay, or dating them in hopes to de-virginizing them and dumping them immediately or ghosting them, look for the police knocking on your door.

      3. Records can’t be seen as proves in some cases, they even can be illegal, but they WILL destroy the credibility of a false rape or a false assualt if you use them wisely.

    4. 7. Save text message’s, after having sex, where the woman is sending nudes, or explaining how she want’s to meet again, and how great the sex was.

      1. This seems like the best defense for any man taking home one of these licentious tarts these dasys.
        In Gomeshi case he kept emails and that helped save him by further debasing the cedibility of his sloot acusers.
        What really gets me going is that basically there are still no consequences for these women.
        The few cases where women were sued or jailed for false rape mentioned in the article are rare.

      2. Always, always, always get that post-lay confirm text. Even my regular side girl, we’ve been banging for years, I always send a “had a great time, let’s do it again” text, and have all of them saved.

    5. Smart stuff! Any time I get intimate with a woman, the record audio comes on, and the file is backed up on the cloud, just in case the device is seized and destroyed (cops will do that, it’s not a myth).

    6. 1. Get a wife.
      2. Stick to your wife.
      3. If wife ever pulls a stunt, you know what to do.

      1. Yeah, man. Get a wife! That’s the key to decades of daily sex with a 115 pound sex kitten with a rock hard body. If only more guys would get American wives then our problems would be solved!

        1. This is not rocket surgery brain child. Don’t want a fat wife? Don’t over feed her, put a lock on the pantry if you have to, make sure she has no money or car if it comes to extreme willful gluttony.

        2. So I should just accept being with an old bag???
          I’m 50 and in no way, shape, or form attracted to women over 30.
          Luckily, I enough money to bang the young ones.
          I’d rather bang hot young escorts than a woman my own age, no matter how much the old bird might “love” me.

        3. You should marry young and enjoy her youth while it lasts. If your brain wasn’t so polluted and full of porn, fornication, and drunkenness- perhaps you’d be a little more charitable to the wife of your youth after she nursed your children and kept your home for several decades.
          I’m sure “you’d rather” a lot of things. Well, I’d rather execute you for adultery than let you wreck my nice Christian society where children get 2 parents and a stable household.

        4. Oh man. Nice LARP. “Not rocket surgery”. What the hell is rocket surgery?
          -put a lock on the pantry
          -take away her money and car. (basically hold her against her will)
          You forgot the next steps in that sequence
          -get arrested
          -become a headline on HuffPo
          -go to jail.
          See how fast ‘putting a lock on the pantry’ is spun into ‘Man starves his wife.’
          Your suggestions are insane. But you couldn’t have done a better job of warning young men away from marriage if that was your secret intent. The image of having to lock up the food for the expanding by the day, gas monster of a disheveled house-bound wife isn’t exactly a nad pump.

        5. Enjoy the young bodies. There is simply no other option once you’re attuned to your own true imperatives and the Disney goggles are off. The most depressed and depressing men I see are the ones going around the world with the ‘loves of their lives’ while all that young, foreign, very affordable tail goes wiggling by in front of their face. Good things they have memories of that ‘magical summer’ with the ‘love of their life’ 38 years ago! Ha ha. Ignore the fact that she openly cuts wind around you, has a neck covered in poultry netting and hasn’t given you a boner in over 35 years. Ignore the fact that for the amount of your money that she spends in any given 6 hours stretch could have scored you a nineteen year old bikini model.

        6. No adultery here. I am single. And yes, you are correct regarding what my brain is full of.
          I realize I have issues, but that’s just the way it is. Some people lately have been telling me that I should be open to dating women closer to my age…can’t do it. Can’t even think about it. Wrinkles, stretch marks, calloused feet and cellulite just don’t do it for me. Being lonely may be bad at times, but being miserable would be much, much worse.

        7. “Suck it up.” Why should he? Why should he give his life over for something that is so bad that he has to ‘suck it up’ as in; endure something horrible. Sacrifice your life for something horrible? Sounds kind of STUPID. But since it’s what you did then everyone has to do it right? Wouldn’t want to have to confront the cognitive discomfort of a bad decision that ruined your life, right? Better to negate all other options.

        8. Getting low on population aren’t we? Might dip down below 7 billion if we’re not careful.

        9. It will dip, after the wars come, started by aggrieved males raised by single mothers turn our civilization in to a drug cartel infested 3rd world hell hole, just like South America. Then guys like us, Christian fathers of The West, have to get dirty cleaning it all up with theocracy.

        10. Keep getting used then. You’re the host for the virus with your trad-con self-congratulation festival. You’re the one allowing their bullshit to flourish. I’m off living as in individual; pursuit of happiness, self-determination…as Americans were intended to live. You’re living as a collectivist with your ‘suck it up’ nonsense. Keep suffering.

    7. Illegal to record in private without dual party knowledge in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington. So if you make a recording as suggested in one of those states and play it for the police they will be arresting you on the spot for a felony separate from the initial allegations. Even in other states it might get suppressed as evidence. It’ll be covered under your state wiretap laws.

      1. In Texas, only one party has to be privy to the recording. You are allowed to record yourself all you want without the other person’s consent. However, if youre recording a threesome, they might could get ya for wire tapping because of anything they say to EACH OTHER that was recorded without their consent.

      2. “So if you make a recording as suggested in one of those states and play it for the police they will be arresting you on the spot for a felony separate from the initial allegations”
        THIS. TIMES 1000000
        A lot of men don’t get this – ie make secret video, audio recording, sharing text messages etc…. it will just get you in more trouble.
        Men have to UNDERSTAND that THE SYSTEM’S GOAL is to THROW AS MANY INNOCENT MEN IN JAIL as possible.
        Seriously guys, we should be spending zero time in trying to figure out strategies to try to protect ourselves from individual false persecution and instead spend 100% of our energies bringing down the system. Seriously. How the fuck can life be quality when you know that you can be put in the gulag instantly?
        At this poin the only reason to get out of bed is to go to war, nothing else.

        1. “Men have to UNDERSTAND that THE SYSTEM’S GOAL is to THROW AS MANY INNOCENT MEN IN JAIL as possible.”
          Of course it is.
          The mindset of the overwhelmingly left wing court system (at least in the past 40 years) is to try to convict as many white males as possible.

    8. No joke, I did this when I lost my virginity many years ago. You always need an impartial witness. I used a small tape recorder back then. One can never be too careful.

    1. *the west is.
      It’s not only america. Just look at the false rape case of Gina-Lisa Lohfink. She now has to pay a 20,000 € fine for trying to get two guys into prison. Oh, that’s so just.

  3. “I am asserting my right to remain silent. I am asserting my right to have an attorney present during questioning.”

  4. Rule 1: If the police “just want to talk to you” about an incident, use the magic question: “Officer, am I being detained or am I free to go?” The cops may try to brush it off or suggest that you have something to hide if you’re unwilling to talk. Just keep repeating the question. Eventually, they will either say that you are NOT being detained (at which point you tell them to have a nice day and promptly leave), or that you ARE being detained.
    Rule 2: If they tell you that you are being detained, use the magic phrase: “Officer, I am only willing to answer your questions with my attorney present.” Keep repeating it if they keep pressuring you to talk.
    Rule 3: When the police question you about a potential sexual assault, they are NOT your friends. I don’t care how much they play “good cop” or try to downplay the situation. They are white knight cucks of the feminazi state and are looking to convict you. SHUT UP AND QUIT TALKING TO THEM!!!

    1. “just want to talk to you”
      As if they’re on a coffee break and want you to think that they’re just passing the time.

    2. And most cops would be white-knighting in full-on, balls out white-knight mode if the girl they’re going all ‘muh-lady’ on is young, promiscuous (obv) and under a buck sixty. They get to play the hero and then drop in a few weeks later to check up on the maiden. You can be sure that it is very likely that the cop’s wife is steamrolling along towards two bills if she’s not already there. Some tatted up 23 year old false rape victim with her boobs halfway out as she gives her report to the cops would have those guys in Marc Antony drone mode.

    3. “I have received legal advice not to talk with police, especially when I’m innocent or don’t know what it’s about.”

    4. Have you seen the movie ‘The Lives of Others’?
      Say what you will about those crooked cops, but at least they are a tiny weeny bit bound by the law not to terrorize you without boundaries. Not that that makes it better, of course.

  5. #1. Shut the fuck up.
    #2. Get a lawyer. Demand one be present for all questioning.
    #3. Shut the fuck up.
    This is the only way to deal with law enforcement.

  6. Cops are legally allowed to lie to u. Do not believe what they are saying to u.
    Us Miranda rights are once u say I want to separate lawyer or I won’t talk till I’ve seen my lawyer they have to stop questioning u.
    Other places not so. Canada the right to remain silent is an obligation on u. They can keep questioning u non stop it’s on u to keep ur mouth shut

  7. I have a brother and and brother-in-law in law enforcement. From the horse’s mouth, a plurality if not a majority of convictions occur because the “suspect” tried to talk his way out of it.
    Most problems with law enforcement can be addressed by following three simple rules:
    1. Keep your mouth shut.
    2. Keep your mouth shut.
    3. Keep your mouth shut.

    1. Correct. And know that if police are talking to you, everything is being recorded. Always lawyer up and refuse to answer any questions without a lawyer present. Cops can’t make deals with you, only the prosecutor can. So if the cop tells you that if you tell him you did it and he can get you probation, he’s lying. He can do no such thing.

      1. And he’s so damn funny, too. “Even if you killed the lobster in self defense.”

  8. I know this muslim guy that went to prison cuz he accidentally killed this guy who was beating a woman who was screaming for help. She then turned on him, saying he was her boyfriend, yada yada. Cops believed her and he went to prison. He was meant to get out a while ago but got stuck in some kind of legal mess. No good deed goes unpunished

    1. i dont know anything about that muslim guy in prison. but in fact, it is a good thing that he got jailed.
      you know why?
      no men should defend women in any situation. stop that. do not try to protect women, do not show mercy even slighlty more than you show mercy to men. as long as men protect women they will be seen as inferior and weak, so they always will be the victim even they are the guilty one, and because of that they must always be protected, guess by whom, by white knights and manginas.
      show no extra mercy and kindness to any women. stop it now.

      1. I’d go even further myself and avoid getting involved in any kind of “third party” altercation for any reason. That’s why we have 911.

    2. My dad uses to say: If someone was screaming for help, I would not necessarily intervene, because I don’t know the context and whether that person maybe deserves the beating.

        1. You don’t have to deal with them. Just tell them there’s a fight going on at such-and-such.

        2. Why should I? I do not hold the belief that people need daddy government to solve their problems. I used to think I would do something like you say, but today I realize it was just another prideful white knight thing in my head where I wanted to feel great about myself by ‘fixing’ stuff.

        3. I understand the apprehension. I just don’t want whatever problem that I’m seeing become my problem.

        4. Me neither and I used to be one before I went into Academia. I saw this current shit coming 10 years ago.

  9. Women lie. They lie as effortlessly as they breathe.
    I once caught a girlfriend cheating on me with hard evidence (she thought closing the browser tab would log her out of her email account on my computer, the silly thing).
    Next time I saw her I asked her about Mr. X, her married ex lover. She was shocked. She swore up and down she had no idea what I was talking about it. She cried. She pleaded. She looked deep into my eyes and begged.
    It was a performance worthy of an Oscar. If I hadn’t had hard evidence she would have successfully planted a seed of doubt in my mind. She was very good.
    Then I dropped the bomb.
    I told her I’d read the steamy messages between her and Mr. X in her email. Case closed.
    Her face was priceless. Mouth open, an “Oh shit!” look on her face.
    Then I was amazed how she switched gears quickly and seamlessly. She immediately started a new tack — she didn’t really love him, she loved me. It was a huge mistake. Can I forgive her? (Ermm, no)
    It was incredible. This experience convinced me completely that women are incredible, natural liars.
    It’s also the reason I was not squeamish to employ all means necessary to vet the girl who eventually became my wife.
    To trust a woman blindly is sheer idiocy.

    1. I don’t like to agree, but I have to. They are mad creatures who don’t give a fuck about you other than maneuvring you into a position they want.

    2. Women are natural liars. And yet, they hate it when someone lies to them. They want “an honest man, who will love me for me”. But they are incurable liars who don’t love anyone but themselves.

  10. Feminism justifies itself with its contraries, fabricated enemies it created; just like religions justifies themselves with the existence of non-believers (in realty or in people’s mind).
    Owner of this webpage should focus on making women accountable for their actions and use this as a weapon in all social media and draw symphaty. Also you have to wrap yourself up as feminine, not masculine, because masculine propaganda justifies feminism as i said above.
    Being feminine does not mean being gay, being women or wearing make up… etc. Just act like you have a feminine character. Which means you need to use victim narratives, play the weak, play the inferior, play the victim in the name of men and exaggerate those narratives in an emotional way as they are the worst things ever.
    Just act like you are on the same train with feminists but manipulate the language they are currently using.
    – Feminists demands equality but cherrypicks traditional values when they wanted to. Mock white knights and victimize them at the same time. Start a challange (hashtag. or whatever you guys say) like;
    ”do you have the balls to stand against patriarchy and not to pay in first date?” demean those men that pays for the date. like ”its cavemen style, you have to go dutch. real men do not pay for women.”
    – Again, manipulate the language and picture women in general but especially mothers as child rapists, child abusers, pedophiliac and incest. All you have to do is find to use cicumsition at first. Show both female and male circumsition is the same thing. Show it as it is (which actually is real) a direct, vile, bloody and irreversible attack to baby boys’ body and their sexual identity.
    Show people, circumsizion is mostly couraged by women in general especially by mothers with meaningless reasons. It is a vile and bloody attack on baby’s body, so it is pure violance. That violance directed to his genitals so it is also a rape (sexual attack). The boy is just a baby, so this rape is also pedophiliac. And this baby boy is circumsized by his mothers’ decision, so this is also incest. Mothers (women) make real their sadistic fantasizes to hurt men and enslave them by cutting their own baby boy.
    And whenever someone opposes that, demean them as child rapists. repat it loudly and not just you, but all th men should join. dont even see if beta males or white knights say ”i have circumsized penis but im okaaaay so stop crying”.
    Then write articles and post it everywhere about female rapists who rapes men especially young boys. write victim narratives that are so touchy and emotional, i dont care if they are fake as fuck. Just play the victim, victimize men and boys. Be feminine. Because masculinity makes feminism real and alive, femininity will detroy it.
    For example, feminists who demands equality, stop wanting equality when it comes to pay on date. See? Not paying on date is feminine trait. So… start using feminine attacks.
    And dont forget that; victim narratives are actually passive hate attacks (because it encourages someone else to revenge the so called victim) to so called perpetrators, and also an attack to so called perpetrators’ personality and actions in the past.
    etc… etc…
    Manipulate the language, start it now.
    Sorry for my sooo bad english but i hope you guys understand what im trying to say. If my english was better i would write much much better comment with lots of other type of attacks that can be used against feminists.. But i hope you guys understand me. Leave masculine attacks now, leave your burden, from now on you are the victims. so act like one.

  11. Cunt department of the Internet starting to leak on Usain Bolt for talking to a few whores. Stay tuned for another possible Kobe butt fuck by the Shillary media.

  12. With regards to being in a so called rape culture, the incidence of rape has declined by approximately 80% since 1979. The advent of DNA testing is one of the main contributing factors in the decline. You’d think that the incidence of rape would be increasing, rather then decreasing, if the rape culture accusation was true. The kangaroo courts now present on college campuses make it an unsafe environment for men to be in since due process of law and constitutional rights are no longer guaranteed. With the attempts to implement a kangaroo court system for the judicial court system in cases of rape, men are in danger of becoming 2nd class citizens who have less rights then an illegal immigrant. The ability to redefine consensual sex as rape after days, weeks or months of time duration without physical evidence is also frightening since the accuser can destroy your reputation at any point in time, for any reason. Rape is a horrible crime. Being falsely accused of rape is also a horrible crime.

    1. It makes me wonder though…what would happen if a guy was falsely accused of rape and he decided to screw with these hypocrites by saying he identified as a woman so it was impossible for him to rape her? Now naturally I wouldn’t do this unless you had solid evidence to back you up when that argument gets tossed out but it would provide some epic level trolling opportunities.

      1. They might dismiss or throw out charges immediately when the accused man plays gay. The persecution of masculinity is all about emasculating the campus environment and drawing out the enemy, the red bloooed man. The hens on campuses running the persecuting kangaroo tribunals shouldn’t even be in any decision making or authoritative positions. With the sjw rave, the pressure in the tribunals is to try to get all men to play gay in a cult marxist over write of the institution. Act and carry yourself in a masculine manner and they want to nail you to a cross for that alone. Getting your accusation nullified amounts to successfully changing the mood of the tribunal. When a real masculine man comes forth, they see red and go for the kill. It’s very ritualistic, the man hating lesbian hambeasts hyperventelating in their kangaroo court folding chairs teetering on collapse. They sound like roided out mutants in a sports stadium when they begin waving their arms as big as legs while chanting ”oof-oomp-ooh-kill-kill-misogyny-misogyny”.
        I knew of a guy who had a ONS with a sjw connected harpie and her friends forced her hand to do the sjw follow up and clip the guy, just get him in the system ‘where he belongs’ they rooted and cackled. The guy folded and put on a gay clown act and the group of sjw’s forgot their cause of the day. He turned out not to be the kind of guy they wanted to hang and the sjw’s went on to consume mass quantities of empty calories and then sleep it off in a stupor. The next day, who knows what their next cause for action would be. Maybe a male school administrator who dresses conservatively with a tie. What the guy did would be similar to throwing a bone at some traffic court magistrate, bending over and pleading some handicap as the reason you couldn’t yield to some traffic sign. People often claim an excuse or reason or some handicap exemption why they don’t follow the draconian rules. For example, home schoolers frequently claim that their kid has some sort of condition that requires constant parental attention. Maybe the kid has a condition or maybe the parents are making it up. I stand my ground though and say ”The reason I homeschool is because the system is a corrupt emasculating piece of shit and my kids are mine. Don’t fuck with my tribe.” I’ve never said that to any tribunal but just in friendly personal convo. Luckily I’ve managed to ‘wind ghost’ the lesser insects of them that ever came around. Full armour will be needed for everyone on eventually tackling the greater bitch apparatus. Other homeschoolers are often too timid to even blast the system privately. I rage on for hours about the system privately but that’s me. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses hear my sermon on the mount when they come knocking. They usually look at their watches and have to leave after an hour or so and I’m just getting warmed up.
        Basically you just have to be open and warm up to the important people who are your core support. You have to trust your neighbors and bro’s and mistrust your state. Too many people have that part backwards.

    2. “Being falsely accused of rape is also a horrible crime.”
      No. Falsely accusing someone of rape is also a horrible crime. The one being accused did nothing wrong.

    3. The college kangaroo rape courts extend the process of eliminating males from academia after the sex slanted admissions process installs their quotas of vadge. It’s all by design. The graduates with their caps and gowns are ferreted and filtered processed boneless chicken meat. MAN IS THE BONE and the skeletal frame without which woman cannot stand. Female graduates are a bunch of process de-boned chicken mcnuggets, good for only dipping.

    4. For women to find rape so horrible they sure are willing to make light of it by readily lying about being a victim of it. I mean, we all think murder is bad. I don’t think any of us would lie about say, your brother or child being murdered just to get out of being late to work or something similar.
      I think that the attention women receive as being a “rape victim” is more of a look at how desirable I am show to put on for other women. A man just had to have her so bad he couldn’t control his raging hormones and had to force himself on her.
      Remember the Family Guy episode where burglars broke into the house and Meg asked “aren’t you guys going to take advantage of me” and the burglars became disgusted and the next scene showed Meg crying because she was ugly?
      Almost like how men exaggerate to other men the amount and quality of poon they get. Except when men lie about it, it rarely ruins anyone’s life.

    5. It is a rape culture because everything is now rape. Even if you look at a woman for more than a few seconds, you have “eye-raped” her. That is the madness under which western men allow themselves to be pushed.

  13. Just from my experience, not regarding anything as serious as a rape accusation: Say to them what you will. Just don’t expect them to show understanding or do anything other than use it against you.
    This goes for doctors as well, btw., especially mental health doctors. They are basically just there to make sure you are ‘sane’. In other words: That you function and conform to society’s concurrent expectations.

  14. Glad ROK is covering this issue. I actually forward some of them to my son off at college.

  15. If they arrest you and tell you anything you say will be taken and used as evidence, your next words must be…
    “Please don’t hit me again, officer!”

  16. Hey Relampago – I checked out your website last night, and I think your “Be Like Dirk” comics are great. I think they could very easily be turned into short-film screenplays. (Just thinking out loud here.) I noticed some negative comments when you posted one of them (maybe it was more than one comic) in a prior article of yours. Fuck the naysayers, those comics are really good…can’t want to see what happens to Dirk, and that simp beta boy, next. The female character is spot-on. (“I told you already. I’m not like other girls. I think you better go!” – I am still laughing at that one.) What a self-absorbed, devious lunatic. Good job, man. Hope you hit a home run with those puppies; I think you already have, but I mean financially and recogition-wise. If anybody wants to look at some of them (which I definitely recommend), go to http://www.relampagofurioso.com (I also like your eye candy of the week, that blonde you featured lately is smoking hot – she’s so good-looking I can’t even imagine her spreading her legs for mortal men…)

  17. The bitch found jesus and confessed.
    Lucky gor the guy or he would still be in prison

  18. I think your attempts to help out guys in this situation are great, but let’s be real.
    If you are arrested on a sexual assault charge, you’re done. Just get the best lawyer you can afford and pray. And be aware your rep is done no matter what and look into changing zip codes.
    Best advice is prevention. Treat her like a risk. Ask like there is. 60% chance this woman will accuse your of rape. Go from there.
    – record everything as evidence.
    – have solid friends who won’t flake and take her side.
    – keep a log of proof before, during if possible , and after each time you have sex.
    – always invite her to your place and make it clear at all times she can leave if she ever feels uneasy.
    Even then, the deck will be rigged against you, but now you can fight your way uphill.
    If you did not do these things , you’re already screwed when you fu d yourself sitting in that chair. May as well just cry and pray cause the only thing you can do now is make things worse by opening your mouth to try and defend your rep.
    Learned that in the army and I treat everything the same. These women are not your friends and the police and govt are as Blue Pill white knight as it gets.

    1. And be aware your rep is done no matter what and look into changing zip codes.

      Exactly. Look at Nate Parker. He was acquitted of rape people still think he’s a rapist.

  19. This article speaks like women lying is an inborn biological function which it isn’t. Children can lie the same way women do. Anyone that has the appearance of being innocent we associate it towards having no responsibility so we can’t feel like we can find a blame in that person.

    1. Good point. If men received from women the same love or trust or pandering that men extend to them I could see us lying more often too.

  20. Best rule for life, regarding anyone and everyone:
    Don’t trust anyone. Don’t trust anyone not to be stupid, dishonest, or vindictive. Instead seek to maximize your own power, and your ability to deal with people, protect yourself, and get what you want.
    Don’t trust any institution. Institutions are just like people. They are and will be stupid, dishonest, and vindictive.
    The police are the scum of the earth.
    Judges don’t give a shit, beyond making themselves look good.
    A lawyer is as good as you pay them to be.
    Women are decent to you so long as they respect you. When they lose that respect, they will potentially do anything to you. They don’t care.
    The world being as it is, the best thing to do is to be strong, smart, and plan ahead. You can and will get by, but only if you see the world as it is, and work to your own benefit.
    Don’t trust anyone but yourself, and make yourself trustworthy.
    Make yourself into the sort of person you can rely on.

    1. “Women are decent to you
      so long as they respect you. When they lose that respect, they will
      potentially do anything to you. They don’t care.”
      Great comment…100% true!!! Been there first hand and it sucks big time. Just one thing to add. To females, respect and fear are pretty much the same thing. They will do just about anything to a guy who they think is “harmless”. They take kindness as a sign of weakness. I used to think ” I feel safe with you” was a compliment. It is not. It took me a very long time to learn this, and I am still learning.

  21. Put a man in prison for 4 years on false testimony.
    Get punished with 1-3 years in prison, out in 6 months on parole.
    Justice! :^)

  22. Is it me or a few newer articles than this one were added and then suddenly disappeared from the home page again?

    1. It’s not just you, I’ve observed the same thing and was about to ask the same question. The article about collecting was there briefly and disappeared. There was also another article, but I forget the topic of that one.

    2. The recent posts section on any given article appears to be functional. Look at the column to the right of the article on this page. The sections are from top to bottom:
      Popular posts
      New book
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      Trending today
      -> Recent posts <-
      A handful of people have found the Degenerate Culture article, and are having this same conversation there.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I initially thought it was a caching problem on my phone as it always loads a cached homepage first, which I have to reload but this time no amount of reloading worked, even in privacy mode. Then I saw it happen on my laptop as well.

  23. 4 Easy Steps to Follow When Being Questioned by the Police
    1) Shut
    2) The
    3) Fuck
    4) Up

  24. One to three years in Jail for that woman was way too much. That’s an example of the system punishing a woman to discourage her from correcting a wrong.
    What happens if the next time some woman is in that situation, a man is in jail for the full 20 years because even tho she regrets what she did, she is terrified of going to prison?

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