3 Easy Steps For Getting Women

The pickup artist world and the manosphere are packed to the brim with articles on how to attract women.

Some of these articles offer a certain tactic you can use. Others provide word for word scripts to be used in a particular situation. Others even analyze, in depth, the particular psychology behind specific words, actions, and body language tendencies.

I won’t go as far as saying that these articles have absolutely no value, because they do. But I will say that they do far more damage to the average Joe’s game than good. Far and away the best way to improve your game is to focus on improving yourself. Lift to get fit, read to learn, and try lots of new things. The women will come.

Don’t spend all your time reading about how to get pussy. I made this mistakes years ago, and I see many other men making the same mistake today. Without possessing a certain confidence and actually talking to women, reading about it in too much depth will backfire and actually hurt your confidence and your game. Instead shift your focus to yourself and then take a simplistic approach to getting women.

Step 1: Approach


Fuck an opener. Whether you’re at the bar approaching girls you don’t know, or at a regular spot approaching girls you’re somewhat familiar with, just be straight forward.

Make some small talk (or don’t), tell her you think she’s cute, and then ask if she wants to hang out. If yes, get her number. If no, tell her to take it as a compliment and move on.

Step 2: Setup Date


Fuck text game. Roosh provides the most effective script in his text game guide (see the yellow box below this post to get it).

Simply text her a couple days later and ask her how she is, and if she responds then ask her if she wants to hang out later in the week. If yes, suggest a place and time to get drinks. If no, move on. For the first date stick with drinks—no need to get fancy or creative. Also, pick a bar near your place.

Step 3: Date

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Show up to your date and make small talk mixed with playful touching and teasing. Have a couple rounds, pay for them (this makes for an as frictionless as possible experience the first time around), and then suggest grabbing another drink back at your place. If she likes you, she’ll come, even if you don’t bang that night. Either way, take her back to yours, pour a couple drinks, start kissing, and then quickly escalate. If she won’t come back, then try again, but if after 2 dates she won’t then I’d move on.

All you’re doing is asking for, and going after exactly what you want at each step of the process. I strongly advocate against worrying about game in any further detail until you’ve had some success – and even then it’s not necessary. As you put yourself out there time and time again, you’ll quickly develop confidence because you’re more and more familiar with the process. You’ll also develop more and more resistance to rejection and move on without missing a step when things don’t work out.

Spend the majority of your free time improving yourself as a man. Maximize the efficiency of the time you do put towards getting women. And don’t let the inevitable rejections and flakes get to you.

For more tips on confidence and success check out my new book Dominate. Click here for reviews and more info.

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107 thoughts on “3 Easy Steps For Getting Women”

  1. Simple, honest, and straight forward advice right here. All logistics, psychology, and math aside – this is basically how you “get” women naturally.

    1. well i would not say in the course of human history that such a thing like ‘dating’ could be ever be deemed to be natural but the article was short succinct and if fully applied effective.
      this is whats known as basic guy game, an essential starting point for every blue piller wishing to go red pill

  2. While I agree with what’s written, this is first week game 101. I understand that there’s new guys coming in every day, but something like this should have a better title and should go in a sidebar somewhere.
    I’m not going to share articles on Facebook if my friends and family are going to see “3 easy steps for getting women”. It looks like a clickbait article.
    Personally I would have suggested something like, “The basics for those new to game” or something like that.

  3. This looks an advertisement article.
    You said,”Don’t spend all your time reading about how to get pussy” and then provide a link to buy and read your book. Seriously, bro……

  4. Just approaching with clear, unfiltered intent will put you ahead of 90% of men. Approach – Attract – Comfort – Escalate. The rest is bells and whistles which comes with time and practice.

    1. Attract, comfort , escalate? Are you Mystery or something Lol. I hate hearing advice like that, I say don’t worry about all that, just talk to her, make good eye contact, let her know you think she’s cute, get digits and move on. I have had plenty and still have plenty success that way. Comfort, attraction, escalate, none of that ever came to my mind.

  5. This is exactly what I learned after years of pickup bullshit, simple hi and small talk plus “you are nice and wanna hang out” (with little differentions dependant on situation) is all needed.

  6. @Step 2 I don’t have a bar in my town so i usually just go to the movies instead. Either horror or comedy. Rest is basically the same.
    Like this article says, the key with women is to simply be straightforward. Push the envelope at the right moments(her body language will let you know). Your average guy makes it too hard on himself by worry too much about rejection and being too afraid to make big risky moves.(ex. touching her sexually, kissing her without asking, ect..)

    1. I’ve studied Shakespeare in Russia and it’s pathetic to see you lower class pyjama and hip hop ‘hood boys with no class or sophistication when you try for women who are clearly out of your class. In fact, from these comments it looks like every woman is out of your class. I feel sorry for you pathetic creepy boys so I’m giving you this to read.
      And when thou comest thy tale to tell,
      Smooth not thy tongue with filed talk,
      Lest she some subtle practise smell,–
      A cripple soon can find a halt;–
      But plainly say thou lovest her well,
      And set thy person forth to sell.
      What though her frowning brows be bent,
      Her cloudy looks will calm ere night:
      And then too late she will repent
      That thus dissembled her delight;
      And twice desire, ere it be day,
      That which with scorn she put away.
      What though she strive to try her strength,
      And ban and brawl, and say thee nay,
      Her feeble force will yield at length,
      When craft hath taught her thus to say,
      ‘Had women been so strong as men,
      In faith, you had not had it then.’
      And to her will frame all thy ways;
      Spare not to spend, and chiefly there
      Where thy desert may merit praise,
      By ringing in thy lady’s ear:
      The strongest castle, tower, and town,
      The golden bullet beats it down.
      Serve always with assured trust,
      And in thy suit be humble true;
      Unless thy lady prove unjust,
      Press never thou to choose anew:
      When time shall serve, be thou not slack
      To proffer, though she put thee back.
      The wiles and guiles that women work,
      Dissembled with an outward show,
      The tricks and toys that in them lurk,
      The cock that treads them shall not know.
      Have you not heard it said full oft,
      A woman’s nay doth stand for nought?
      Think women still to strive with men,
      To sin and never for to saint:
      There is no heaven, by holy then,
      When time with age doth them attaint.
      Were kisses all the joys in bed,
      One woman would another wed.
      But, soft! enough, too much, I fear
      Lest that my mistress hear my song,
      She will not stick to round me i’ the ear,
      To teach my tongue to be so long:
      Yet will she blush, here be it said,
      To hear her secrets so bewray’d.

  7. It is amazing how many guys can’t even do step 1.
    Cold approaching gets easier with each an every one. Sure the first couple are hard, and you will probably fuck up, but it’s no big deal.
    In the end you will be a cold blooded approaching monster and will laugh at how much pressure you used to put on yourself for something so simple.

    1. Agreed. First 10 approaches gave me a heart attack. The adrenaline never completely goes away – but you learn to feed off it. That’s got to be a good thing right?

  8. Every so often an article pops up on ROK that is worth printing and looking over every now and then. This is one of them. Well done

  9. I usually avoid game articles as they tend to be convoluted with bullshit about altering one’s self completely, doing spinning back-kicks and ninja flips just to fuck some shallow western slut. Kudos to this article, given that these methods actually align with my own game. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again the “shoot first and aim later” method is the best of all. A bit of fitness, looks and/or style does come into play but the most important factor will be your confidence and the vibe you exude in determining the amount of kills you notch. For the man on the go and who’s too busy to worry about wasting time and resources on sluts, just talk to as many girls as possible, fuck eye contact and whatever else bullshit, get her number or if rejected, fuck it, move on. In this day and era, you do not need to waste three days to call.
    Shoot her a text a few hours later, arranging for a date that involves wine or spirits (make sure alcohol is always involved) and try to seal the deal. If the bitch flakes on you, fuck her, delete and move on. Focusing on one chick will waste your energies, time and money, but having a rotation of countless possibilities makes you immune to the cunty behavior of the modern western slut. I advise any man whose life is not gynocentric and actually worthwhile to use this aforementioned method. Most of us, are simply doing too many important things to actually chase a bitch. Shoot first and aim later, all day.

    1. Of course the absolute best advice is not to care even remotely about whether or not they like you. Treat 10s like they are 4s and you have the most success. At least in my experience.

        1. Exactly like you would a bratty little sister. With condescension and amused detachment.

    2. Lance Christopher:
      Hahahahahahaha he said “back kicks and ninja flips”
      That comment gave me a reason to get an account on here. Plus, brotha, you are an articulate man, stating your cause as clearly and boldly as

  10. Considering most American men won’t approach random women without being intoxicated, regardless of how much you encourage them to do so, I feel like this article will fall on deaf ears.

    1. You’re probably still right, but over the past decade or so, the popularization and relative mainstreamization of game (and perhaps Hip Hop) has definitely blunted that old truism. At least in big cities.

      1. There is a percentage of guys that will approach sober and over the course of the night we do end up hitting on pretty much every decent girl around. But there is still a healthy percentage that won’t approach sober and/or rely on social connections and the internet to meet women. This is particularly true in day game.

  11. Eurgh, more god damn ‘Game’! It really is horseshit, see how your game does when you’re 5’7 going up against taller dudes (I’m not that height but know plenty of guys are and have a horrid fucking time of it).
    It’s simple, be relatively good looking and don’t be a compromising humble little pussy if you want to get laid. If you want a relationship she simply has to be convinced that you will score her the highest rank amongst her friends and will be most appropriate to bring to dinner parties. Again, let’s see how well stupid game works against a Ferrari. As a person (looks/personality) you are completely irrelevant. If you looked like Brad Pitt but she would make more of her friends envious by dating Danny De Vito, they will pick Danny every fucking time and screw Brad on the side if she can get away with it.
    Alpha f’s and beta b’s

    1. Some men who relatively good looking are choosing more and more everyday to be the beta bucks. Simply having a rotation of women in your twenties whilst building your career (what I’m doing btw), and then having a LTR with a woman 10-15 years younger than you when you’re 35 is not an option most clingy western men what to choose these days. Most western men, would rather be bogged down in a useless dead-end career for the benefit of supporting and maintaining a relationship with the “love of his life,” instead of actually living out to his full potential. The irony is that their “loves” are always looking for better options, and the moment Mr. Love fails, she’s out the door with option number 2.

      1. Honestly, it’s because of the indoctrination that is happening to us from childhood and all that blue pill nonsense that young men are being fed. I think it takes a very unique set of circumstances to turn a man red pill, and there is just no way of doing it without having been seriously fucked over, and most guys aren’t finding out till they’re frivorced. But it’s too late by then because she has her cash and prizes by then, and the majority still believe it was just her and not a general problem with society.
        I won’t lie, I used to love the idea of being in love when I was younger, but even back then when people were telling me all the things I had to do to make a chick take interest, I always asked them ‘Okay, and what does she have to do in all of this?’ Man, I used to think to myself about feminism, ‘well that’s great, it means I can be judged on things like my looks and personality and not my money since she can make her own’ lolololol the folly of youth, but that’s what a lot of men genuinely believe.
        You have to have screwed quite a few married women or women in relationships to see it from the other side too, but at the end of the day you can only deal with what’s infront of you. I’d love to say yeah a patriarchal society would be best with a marriage model being encouraged, but I’d fucking die having to put up with women’s shit it really bores me to tears.
        PS love your other comments always really well thought out and interesting to read.

        1. Thanks, well to be honest in a patriarchal society you wouldn’t have to put up with a woman’s shit in a marriage because you could by law, exercise corporal punishment as a means of maintaining order. Nothing too extreme, just the once in a while slap or spanking. Married women are extremely slutty, it’s because once a woman in our modern times has “settled,” she starts to ponder “what if,” if she’s seen other men who catch her fancy. A normal healthy society would prohibit this, but not ours. Again fuck around in your twenties, sow seed in various geographical locales on vacay, build the foundations of career and legacy during this short window and impregnate a 19-22 year old once you’re 35ish.

        2. Yeah that’s a great idea in theory but may as well dream of unicorns while you’re at it because it won’t happen in our lifetime. I prefer to deal with what’s in front of me you’ll drive yourself mad wondering about the what if’s. Nah honestly I’m against the whole kids thing. In today’s society you can’t raise them how you want, and it would probably break me to see a child of mine become some hipster pussy. With all the laws on her side it’s such a tough battle, and you have to pick and choose your fights.

        3. That’s rationalization. I’ve raised my kids the way I want and no laws have stopped me.

        4. This is all I want, to raise my future children in the manner that is most incumbent upon their future prosperity as adults. Modern parents succumb to their children’s every stupid whim, in the desire to be their “friends” and “cool.” When these children are raised and are on “Girls Gone Wild” with 2 abortions or an ex-felon, they never thought once, maybe I should raise my children for “tomorrow” and not for today. As a man who’s cold bloodedly patriarchal, I would absolutely flip if some stupid millennial or post-millennial tried to vitiate my children and destroy their lives. You probably come from a better generation, but today I just don’t see how men cut from the same cloth as me, could handle it. Who knows, maybe I’ll find my unicorn one day.

        5. What do you suggest if you’re in your early 40s and only now getting good at game.?

        6. Oh the door is wide open for you my friend, provided your career is stable, you don’t have to be rich or even upper-middle income, but for the post 35 yr old crowd (most often the best gamers), you will have to possess some steady income. In addition, some fitness would go a ways too. The 21-32 year female market is wide open for you. These girls want a father figure of sorts to look up to, the 20 somethings such as myself are ok, but they know guys like me care nothing for them and are out the door as soon as I get what I want. Come off as the motherfucker who’s got his shit together, will show them a good time but will still be stern with them. Never ever let these young women feel “equal” to you in any sense, she’ll despise you for it. You’re older, more knowledgeable, more established and this exudes the luster of power, however mediocre or grandiose your accomplishments actually are. The moment she senses this power evaporating, you’ve lost. Keep her at a distance and generally do not get attached. This is almost an exclusive power that men have over women. 50 year old Brad Pitt walks into bar in the world, he can fuck any bitch he wants. Likewise, 50 year old Madonna walk into any bar in America, and it’s not happening, at least with the alphas she’d want anyway. Great age to be, think “father game.”

        7. Lance, thanks for the insight. I like that philosophy of father game and actually, I pretty easily pass any shit tests younger women throw at me as they just naturally are almost humorous to me. I guess that comes natural with age as you say. I also give off a don’t give a shit vibe naturally. I suppose that is something that just comes with living a certain number of years as a man’s time on this earth allows him to have been through tons of fights, breakups, heartbreaks, etc that forms a natural defense.
          What are your thoughts on this “direct sort of game” Jefe espouses with a dude my age? That is, telling them “I think you’re cute and we need to hang out” without going through all the backflips of A1 , A2 ad nauseum I can see where this direct game would be effective for younger guys….but for a little older fellla…though I look youngish… Is your opinion that I employ a more indirect game? I actually hope that’s not the case as direct/semi direct is so much easier but I read somewhere that if the age difference or perceived is 10 years or more…a man “should” employ indirect. I do feel more small talk is needed…ie. comfort.

        8. Ha, I hope the first time you slap a woman, she cuts your little nuts off. Idiot, go back to your cave.

    2. I have friends who are short like that and never had any problems. Height is really only one aspect and certainly not the most important one.

      1. Depends what height of women they are going for. I’ll agree it’s not the absolute be all and end all, but it’s a massive massive factor most of the time. Nature is a cruel mistress for some folks.

        1. I dunno – it’s a tricky one. I’m fairly short (5′ 7″) and have approached tall girls and not been intimidated and said I’ve liked their height and they’ve loved it. Others just won’t give you the time of day. All depends on your frame and the individual girl I suppose.
          Biologically speaking, I suppose taller women shouldn’t go for shorter men, but if you give out a strong, masculine vibe you may be in with a chance. I’ve found that the older ones (25+) seem to be more receptive in my experience. Can anybody shed any light on this?

        2. Just said I wasn’t 5’7 you pedophile, why do you have pictures of young boys on your profile. Pretty fuckin disgusting.

        3. Lol I dunno about that, I’m 5’10 and sometimes I’ve gone for girls who are taller than me when they are out with heels on. I spout something ridiculous like we could be the next Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and have a laugh about it. I think an inch or two difference give or take can be fine for a one nighter, but for an LTR I’d be surprised if it could be pulled off in the long run. I can’t do all that sweating over her every move though and wonder when she’ll cheat, it’s so much fucking work for such little gain. You’re either gonna be the guy she cheats on or the guy she cheats with. No middle ground there.

        4. I’m about 6’3″ and I can say that it definitely helps, with my looks I wouldn’t get half the interest from females that I do now if I were under 6ft. But it certainly doesn’t impress all women, they all have their own preferences on physical attractiveness just as we do. In my experience most women aren’t going like you based solely on looks unless you are top 10% amongst men, these guys can slay with little effort.

        5. Thanks for reply. Yes you are right. – there are so many factors at play. You have to play to your strengths and minimize/use your weaknesses. With your height combined with a masculine vibe, you should be slayin’ em. Cheers.

        6. Don’t feed the troll, Dimitri. They are not worth your effort or intelligence. Cheers.

        7. Height is one factor that they like because that makes you like an alpha in their eyes, but if you already got your shit together and are able to radiate some confidence even if short then its ok even if your not the tallest guy around.

      2. “Never had any problems”… how would they know if they did? They have no idea what they’ve missed. I’m 5’6”, and while I’ve certainly done ok in hunting the wild poon, it’s definitely something else to have to compensate for – a highly visible, non-falsifiable fitness indicator.

  12. With step 1 the approach like my teacher told me in high school K.I.S.S. which I apply to life in general. Keep it simple stupid. A simple smile, tell her she’s cute, state your name, and ask for hers is much easier than trying to come up with some witty pick up line.

    1. Hmm – Smile (ok sure, nobody likes a moody fucker unless he’s Don Johnson in his prime)
      Tell her she’s cute (Nope, don’t feed her ego even more. Tell her something like she has that ‘fuck me harder look in her eyes’. Glory of this is if she is down then she is really down, and if not you’ve only wasted a second and not an hour or two with her. Nobody wants to fuck those prudes anyway they make you miserable)
      Nah your name isn’t relevant, she really doesn’t care.
      Nope, don’t even need to ask her name it’s not going to make or break the deal. If she thinks you’re good looking and is down to pound a name doesn’t mean shit.

      1. It seems like I’ve always started out with basic conversation (name, you’re cute for example) to feel her out to make sure she even has interest before I get aggressive and say anything like “she has that fuck me harder look.” Do you think this is low self esteem because I feel like I have to have her interest before I risk rejection? I need to practice being more blunt and express what I want early in the conversation. Do you just not think or worry about what her reaction might be?

  13. this is true. i constantly.procrastinate by reading all tgese game posts wgich become forgotten tge second you approach a girl.

  14. Another game article?
    The most easiest 3 steps for getting women:
    1. Resources and reputation: Make enough money and try to get famous. Women are always attracted to self sufficient and guys with some social clout.
    2. Authority: Start your own mini-company and hire women (anywhere). You’ll get free pussy from your female employees, female clients and other women.
    3. Once you start getting women, keep fucking more women. Women attract women, just like money attracts women.
    Don’t forget to put yourself out in social situations. Resources, reputation and authority are the real keys to getting women easily. Don’t focus on chasing, focus more on attracting.

    1. “Start your own mini-company and hire women (anywhere). You’ll get free pussy from your female employees, female clients and other women.”
      Wrong! This is a quick way to get a hit with a sexual harassment claim and/or false rape accusation. Women do not like men’s work and only pretend to do so because feminism elevates women that do it. The first chance she gets to ride the free money gravy train she’ll do it. Do not fuck a woman at the workplace if you’re a male boss. If you have to do so, record that shit on your iPhone, stipulate we’re both consenting. I wouldn’t take a chance in the West with these sluts today. I agree with mostly everything else you said, but hitting on women in the workplace as a male boss will get you jail time, if the cunt is soulless enough, which most of them are these days.

      1. Not in the Anglosphere perhaps. But everywhere else outside of the Anglosphere, this actually works. See for yourself in Latin America, Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, and Middle east. A lot of bosses sleep with their female employees. Women always have traditionally given sex to men who maintain them, so this works; even though Anglosphere women are not women, they’re just parasites in female bodies. Start your own company in the parts of the world I mentioned and see how you’ll smash poon left right and centre from your female employees. A lot of businessmen sleep with their employees.

        1. Very true, but most of us don’t work outside of the Anglosphere, nor plan to. I’m sure these women give up the pussy all day and I can only imagine, but I only plan to visit foreign locales, not work in them, at least not yet. Living in the Anglosphere, especially as a red-blooded old-school male, is like survival in a shark infested pool. Literally every fucking day here as one of the old breed, is like survival in a wasteland.

        2. I agree. I ran a modeling talent scout agency in Central Europe before, and the amount of chicks (some were in committed relationships) who offered to sleep with me to get a modeling job, was ridiculous. The amazing quality of chicks, well I couldn’t believe it myself. in the Anglosphere, things are different. Make money brothers, and move out to start your own business in other parts of the world.

        3. Yeah, the old “talent scout” bullshit. I bet that no female had heard that before lol
          Go to bed pyjama boy you have jr. high tomorrow.

      2. Exactly, you don’t ejaculate where you eat. Business must at all times stay strictly business.

        1. Only if you are an employee in the Anglosphere – not if you’re an EMPLOYER, and that too outside the Anglosphere.

      3. Absolutely correct, at least in the US. This is not the seventies – screwing employees is almost always a losing prop. Typically the guys with the ability to get away with it don’t need to engage in “creative gaming” in the first place. Screwing clients is even worse, particularly if you are a licensed professional.

      4. Fairly new to this site – your comments are excellent. You should write a blog.

    2. Very risky idea to have sexual flings with your female employees. Tons of shit that can go sideways. In this case, one should really follow the old maxim of not mixing work with pleasure.

  15. Good article. I have never worried about game in my life. Just walk up chat, get the number and get the drawers…

  16. Good simple articles for the guys stuck reading about pussy but not doing anything.
    one piece of advice though don’t ASK women for their number or ASK them if they want to go on a date, tell them to give them your number or tell them lets go on a date tomorrow evening about 7 for example, subtle difference but trust me it makes all the difference. And if its still a no just move on you can’t win every woman in the world some are just weird ass bitches.

  17. I have a question about the location of the meet up. I don’t drink, so should I still take her to a bar, or would me drinking water or a soda or whatever seem too strange? Is there somewhere else that would work? I know you’re not supposed to take a woman to dinner until you’ve already had sex with her.

    1. There is nothing wrong with going to a bar , getting her a drink and you getting a soda. Worst case scenario – its not a big deal. Best case – she is impressed by meeting a rare guy who is not a closeted alky.
      The obvious alternative is a coffee shop or a cafe. It doesnt have to be dinner. But coffee and pastry at a non chain place is never a bad idea.

  18. Enjoying life is the number one priority. NOT getting into a twist over stupid bitches. They should be low on your list of life goals

    1. Problem the vast majority of heterosexual enjoy coitus. The 90% of beta males will, willingly commit their resources in lock step for used pussy, thus leveraging the price of all pussy even for alpha males. The 10% of alphas, know the true nature of women, will not commit, but still loves pussy. The biologically impetus for those 5-30 minutes of pure pleasure can’t just be written off.

  19. Excellent advice, Jefe. This is all that’s necessary, especially the bit about improving yourself. I hope the men reading take this to heart and are able to understand the beauty in the simplicity.

  20. This is good looking guy game. If your in the top 15% of looks this can work. Otherwise you need to do more to prove your value and build comfort. I’m an average looking dude, and when I do this blitz style gaming it usually ends up in 95% flakes. A few ugs usually come through but that’s about it. My short average looking does more of a long game approach where he builds up way more comfort and attraction before going for a date and it works great.
    tl;dr: This method works great if your good looking enough to draw instant attraction and pass the value threshold.

    1. On the whole, agree with this point. Good looking men tend to be the “chosen”, whereas the rest (myself included most of the time – just above average) tend to be the choosers. It’s a completely different game. Good looking men just need to escalate and not fuck up. You need to do a lot of emotional spiking with the rapport to keep the girls gina tingling to keep her interested if you are fairly average to avoid being friend zoned.
      Credit to Krausers blog for some of these revelations.

    2. Basics remain the same. You are being results-oriented, not process-oriented. Sure you may get a lot of flakes but after a while, you will start to figure out what works for you personally, given your attributes.

    1. I’m sure your children will either be mutants for future X-men or aliens from Species

  21. Great advice man. People over-complicate game unnecessarily. While it can be fun to read articles analyzing this or that tactic, at the end of the day there’s no catch-all solution for the simple reason that all women as individuals are different and you don’t know what you’re dealing with before you go in. As such, you may as well just approach, do the best you can in the moment, and escalate strongly. And don’t worry about blow-outs — after a while you’ll become impervious to them.

  22. Who wrote this crap really? Whoever the writer is, obviously has no game. Read bang and daybang 1st before making crap article like this.

    1. This is a realistic approach for most men; what exactly do you think is wrong with it?

    2. Why is it crap? I think this is a good, basic primer for a newbie. These basics never change. A starter can go out and start gaming without spending a penny on material or courses and gain at least some confidence in approaching.

  23. Short and sweet, good piece. To really bring it all together you should also spin plates by approaching and dating multiple women on an ongoing basis. It’ll give you the outcome indifference that’ll attract the girls you want most. Once you’ve gotten a girl you want you can relax a bit, but never settle for pursuing just one at a time.

  24. It is my understanding that “dating” is dead…. I can respect the straightforwardness and all … but the overall advice seems to very dated… something more appropriate for the 1950’s, when American women didn’t have worms in their heads.

  25. Solid article. K.I.S.S.
    The majority of BS being marketed and sold as “secrets of the PUA Gods” is noting more than the specifics of what works for individuals who claim success. What works for them most likely will only work for those of the same age, looks, fitness, accomplishments, money, etc. That’s a minority percentage given any guru’s set of how-to’s. However, a general proven framework benefits everyone equally.
    You are your own best teacher.
    Unfortunately, the differences in game technique provide an infinite number of things to question, debate about and comment on, when the whole community would be served better by red-pill men being able to identify each other in the field (assuming you’re not just a keyboard jockey), observing, learning, and helping each other on the field of battle, rather than destructively competing with each other for what is perceived to be a limited resource (ala Joel Nash and buds picking up girls in A Beautiful Mind).
    I’ve worked with other guys, like a pack of wolves hunting, to pick up girls. Note, this is not the same as having a wing-man. It’s cooperative spirit that says we all help each other maximize our efforts and bring home the kill.
    A small group of men working together is exceptionally powerful at shutting down bitch game and running off the whores who want to play us, rather than us them. I know my boys and they know me. We know how to take over the best spots in our favored venues, leaving the upper bowl seats to the outsiders. We know the owners, managers, and bartenders, and they know to take care of us over and above the bitches, lest we all walk out as a pack headed to another venue. We’ll help new guys who are humble and sincere to join our hunt, but even more quickly isolate and exile guys are to selfish pricks who cut in on us while running game. We keep bartenders and servers swimming and tips, and get the bad ones fired. And, we can enjoy the company of like-mind men even when the night’s hunt comes up short. Solidarity is something worth adding to the framework.

    1. I’d tell him to toughen up because it will only get worse if he doesn’t.

  26. Much improved from your last effort Jefe, good job. Simple and realistic advice that any man can use to improve their game; this is the kind of stuff that should be emphasized more on ROK.

  27. In the words of 50 Cent, “Ryder Music”-enjoy them now while you can before the homo agenda overtakes modern hip hop;
    “Homey, you hustlin backwards if you chasin a bitch
    Stupid – chase the paper they come with the shit”

  28. This is a good summation of what is game. Number one above all else is confidence. If you don’t give a shit about her then you are going to exude confidence all over when talking to women.
    Doesn’t want to give you her number? Fuck her. No need for push-pull, negs, etc. Just leave.
    Ditches you after the first date? Fuck her. No need for test texts or other bullshit. Your chance of reconnecting after doing handstands like a fucking clown for her are about the same as the mystery you will leave her when she goes to delete your number a few weeks later.
    Sucks your dick after the second date, but won’t ever confirm for a third? Fuck her. Maybe she is on the rag, or just got back with another guy with a bigger dick, or she just didn’t like the taste of your cum. Doesn’t matter. Don’t waste your time on her. If she needs cock she will come around and get a hold of you. In the meantime, game on.
    The only piece of advice which I disagree with her is buying her drinks. First, I don’t think it is beta to buy drinks, as a threshold matter. It just has to be done right. I personally don’t buy drinks on the first few dates because I think women should have to put some skin in the game when meeting guys. They have jobs and make as much (if not more) money then guys. They can afford their five dollar beer. If she can’t be in it for at least five bucks I don’t want to waste my time. It’s an effective screener for a second date too. I don’t want her to think she can rope me into a second date because she is bored and it won’t cost her any money for an hours worth of “entertainment”. Yeah, if your game is good this will rarely matter. It is just more of a principle kind of thing.
    If you want to get away without the awkward moment of who wipes out the wallet first, just get to the bar 15 minutes early with a good book. Get your beer or drink and leave the change on the bar in front of you. Read your book and wait for her to show. Not only now do you have a conversation item (your book) but you have clearly established the date is dutch without saying a word. Bonus – if the chick is flaking on you just don’t respond. Keep on reading your book. Probably about one out of three times she will show anyhow due to your lack of response. If she asks why you didn’t respond, just say you were reading your book and didn’t hear your phone. She will be more embarrassed that she tried to ditch you but then clearly did not have to do so.
    Just remember to play it cool and act somewhat interesting. 85%+ men out there are so social awkward women want to run within the first ten minutes of a first date. If you come across like a normal, confident, interesting dude you are literally 95% of the way there.

  29. I like that. Walk up, say “You’re cute, want to hang out some time,” then get her number. Make small small talk if it’s going well from there. In fact, you might be on a date already by that time. Though, it seems to me that you want to move out of that scene and not hang around too long. You need to seem busy, in demand.
    At any point, if you get a “no,” never take it personally. Just move on to the next. There is an unlimited supply.

  30. I started game as a PUA and it has been great. Improving my game, trying new gambits and I’m getting results. It has also helped me in marketing and approaching in business.
    It can backfire or then not.

  31. if you’re normal looking, clean, etc jut go out to have a few beers, you’ll get sex within 5 approaches, or towards the end of the evening the girls will approach you, and then you just grab the first 7 that you like, and off you go. women are just meat robots, choose one to splooge, try not to get herpes, dont care too much. maybe you’ll find the one in a million thats worth a damn.

  32. A simple trick for beginners or guys getting back in the game is to decide what “type”of girl you are into the most. Whether its tall curvy blondes or petite dark haired latin girls or whatever specific type of girl you”re into doesn’t matter.
    Then make a commitment to yourself to approach every one of your spicific “type” that you come across no excuses.
    The shit works and you end up pulling higher quality as well.

  33. Regardless of what you may think of his racial views, David Lane’s essay “Fanaticism of Desperation” is an excellent foundation for Alpha male philosophy.

  34. I’ve been in the PUA community for years and I wish I’d just read this at the beginning. I could never follow structured routines or anything like that. I learned later, after buying all sorts of stupid PUA books and DVDs, that all I really had to do was sort out my appearance, not kiss ass and have the balls to move things forwards.

  35. Does this work good on day game for fit guys in early 40s approaching 20 somethings? Cause he mentions bar or girls you know….

  36. Amazing how simple it is. Men have been doing this since the beginning of the earth. There’s nothing you can do to make her attracted,its going to happen or its not..

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