Give Her Tingles, Not Torture: Erica’s Story


Erica was tired. She had spent all week working on a new project for her company and thought she’d treat herself to a quick drink after work before meeting the girls for dinner.

She stepped inside Taco Tinder, a new Mexican restaurant by her work and sat down at the bar. She ordered her favorite drink — an organic agave margarita. As she took a sip, she pulled out her phone and started texting her friends. Not out of genuine care or concern about their lives, of course, but as a means to pass the time while enjoying her refreshingly sugar-based drink.

“Excuse me…is this seat taken?” Erica looked up and saw a soft-bodied man in a button down untucked striped shirt, white undershirt, and slightly saggy jeans pointing to the chair next to her. Erica immediately guessed to herself that he was a midlevel employee at some company nearby. His haircut reminded her of the 90s television shows she had watched as a kid. He had some scruff on his face. “How lazy, he can’t even be bothered to shave,” she thought.

“No” Erica mumbled without keeping eye contact for too long. Alex asked her name, prompting Erica’s disappointment in realizing that she now has to engage this guy in conversation when she would much rather be messaging people on Facebook or hearing about her friend’s date last night via text, despite the fact that she was going to meet them for dinner in an hour.

“I’m Erica” she responded as she recrossed her legs to slightly face away from Alex.  Alex inquired of Erica’s drink as he leaned in and smiled eagerly awaiting an answer. “Ya a margarita,” Erica dismissively retorted as she kept pushing the home button on her iPhone 5s to see if she received any notifications or texts. They chatted on and off for the next few minutes, Erica barely paying attention and continually hoping for a call, text or any vibration from her iPhone to validate an excuse to end the conversation, even if temporarily. Finally, a text from Meghan.  “About time…,” Erica, now relieved, mouthed silently. “Sorry Alex, I have to take this.” She turned away from him and furiously texted Meghan for the next five minutes.

When she turned back, Alex was sitting there just staring at her way. She immediately felt creeped out by his stare. She saw him finishing his drink and dreaded what he was going to say next, because she knew he was going to ask her out or something along those lines. “I have to get going, but how about we exchange numbers and catch up another time?” There it was, the offer she was hoping wouldn’t come. “Awww that’s so sweet, but I’m actually seeing someone,” Erica responded with a bare attempt at sincerity. The truth was she was seeing some guy, a guy she had just been sleeping with here and there.

Alex closed out his credit card and walked away. As Erica finished the last sip of her drink, she sat back in her seat and sighed to herself “What luck…of all the guys in the world and he came up to talk to me…”


Erica was tired.  She had spent all week working on a new project for her company and thought she’d treat herself to a quick drink after work before meeting the girls for dinner.

She stepped inside Taco Tinder, a new Mexican restaurant by her work and sat down at the bar. She ordered her favorite drink — an organic agave margarita. As she took a sip, she pulled out her phone and started texting her friends. Not out of genuine care or concern about their lives but as a means to pass the time while enjoying her refreshingly sugar-based drink.

“Excuse me…is this seat taken?” Erica looked up and saw a fit man in a suit, white dress shirt with no tie, all custom fit, pointing to the chair next to her. Erica immediately guessed to herself that he was an executive, actor or had some other exciting job. His haircut reminded her of Ryan Gosling from the Cosmo magazine she had glanced at that morning. He had some scruff on his face.  “How sexy, he doesn’t even want to be bothered to shave,” she thought.

“No, not at all,” Erica exclaimed while fumbling nervously to move the chair back for him. Tom asked her name, prompting Erica’s excitement…what better way to pass the time than being able to engage this guy in conversation. She can hear all about her friends later when she meets them for dinner in an hour.

“Erica” she responded as she immediately swung around to face directly at Tom. Tom inquired of Erica’s drink as he leaned back and smiled curiously awaiting an answer. “It is a margarita! How did you know!?” Erica stated as she picked up the drink and offered him a sip. They chatted on and off for the next few minutes, Erica completely engrossed in the conversation. Her phone buzzed, a text from Meghan.  “Bitch! What does she want…” Erica mouthed silently as she threw her phone in her purse. “Sorry Tom, let me handle this real quick.” She turned away from him and furiously texted Meghan not to text her back as she was busy.

When she turned back, Tom was sitting there just staring at her way. She immediately felt flustered by his stare. She had butterflies in her stomach thinking about what he was going to say next, because she wished he would ask her out or anything along those lines. “I have to get going, but how about we exchange numbers and catch up another time?” There it was, the offer she was hoping was coming. “Sure!” Erica responded with bare attempt at hiding her excitement. The truth was she was seeing some guy, a guy she had just been sleeping with here and there.  Oh well.

Tom paid cash and walked away. As Erica finished the last sip of her drink, she readjusted herself in the seat to quell some of the tingles, and smiled to herself “What luck! Of all the girls in the bar and he came up to talk to me…”

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107 thoughts on “Give Her Tingles, Not Torture: Erica’s Story”

    1. This is ROK
      There are only 3 game advises here:
      -wear suits
      -lift weights;
      -run away to a poor country and find a girl who dreams of moving to states,it is your only chance;

    2. If you want a game advice stay away from ROK and graphomania of roosh.
      These are just for lols

    3. You just answered part of your own question in the first half of your criticism; properly fitting clothes are an essential part of game. It also instills confidence when you know you look good.

    4. The game advice (besides the obvious of dressing well):
      1) How to tell if a girl is interested in talking to you or not.
      2) Don’t sweat it if a particular girl isn’t interested, you’ll find another one who is.

        1. As the Fed is to our currency, Feminism is debasing the value of pussy as each days goes by…

    5. That is the gam advice. Sometimes if not most times the only difference between attraction and ‘creepiness’ is presentation.
      You don’t get a second chance on first impressions

      1. That is what a woman would say to a man – hey you have to magically and initutively pick up on what I’m putting out y’hear ?
        Men don’t care jack shit how he goes about succeeding as long as it is effective.

  1. I guess the message here is that dressing like a fool will make you feel like a fool. Even if you feel confident dressed like a slob, there is no reason to do so. Sure, some guys can look like shit and still pull, but why handicap yourself?
    It’s reinforcing what we’ve been told again and again in story format.

  2. The message is stop focusing on game and focus more on passive value. If you look like a chump, you are a goddamn chump. Game or not

    1. Dressing well doesn’t always mean a fitted suit like appliance either. Dressing ‘neatly’, aka with care, is more important than the actual type of clothing. (Exception noted for professional times) I get more women dressed in Khaki shorts, a plain white t-shirt, and sandals than most guys get in a suit.
      Ask yourself as you look in the mirror: Will I get her leaking if I engage? Do I broadcast ‘high value’ to a potential target?
      I’ve got a better lead than a lot of guys. When asked what I like to do, I say fly. Unless she’s got a fear of heights I can guarantee she’s dreamed about anything over 6000′ AGL. A gal blows a guy at 600′ and your guaranteed to open her legs. Honestly though, when they see you really are a pilot (I carry the certificate in my wallet, along with my DL and so on) and you provide the proof, you’ve got a guaranteed pump if you don’t do anything stupid.

      1. Anyone can buy a single engine plane and take some flying lessons. Tell her you like horses and have some Polo ponies.

        1. Not going to lie, I assumed you were full of shit on the plane comment. Looked it up, you can get one for only 29k. I’m pretty shocked by that. I was looking at WW2 planes for 2 million and figured so much for flying.
          Thanks are in order, so thanks.

        2. These single engine planes are cheaper than my car. You’re a pilot and you didn’t know that? You can get a small jet for under $2m. They’re probably even cheaper used.
          And btw, never doubt anything I say, I’m not some bullshitting 20 something prole.

        3. The real trick here guys, so few men (under grandpa age) ARE pilots with decent jobs. Go look at the stats, how many people are pilots?
          Now, how many people have thought of the ‘Mile High Club’ in comparison? That’s why it’s such a great hook. Also, it’s a great way for you to know exactly how much she weighs. You have her step on the scale ‘so you can make the W&B calculation’ in order to fly.
          Women are incredibly fantasy driven. Think about the tingles. Joke about sexy flying, and it starts the gina tingles.
          As far as my clothing, sorry if it isn’t the perfect narrative. Now I’m not talking rumpled clothing, or very loose shirts, and shitty sandals. Neat clothing, obvious care in grooming, it all speaks understated. You aren’t selling wealth, you’re selling a fantasy.
          Finally: You think a woman knows how much a Beech V35B costs? They often don’t know how much a car really costs.
          You don’t necessarily have to buy the plane either, but it does look better than renting. Of course you could always fly to another airport and have her meet you there. Just don’t lie and say you own it jackass. Too easy to find out that it is a lie.

        4. For you and others: $8k-$14k for the PPL Certificate. Averages are: 90 – 125 an hour for the plane rental. 40 – 60 an hour for the instructor. You’ll need about 50 hours of plane time. About 40 hours with the instructor. $200 for the medical exam.
          Money well spent IMHO.

        5. I don’t have that much money. I have people I own the plane with in a corporation (liability) and it’s far cheaper that way.
          Our V35 cost less than $150k with upgrades, new paint, some avionics, and interior. That’s a hair less than $50k a person.

      2. QUOTE : “I get more women dressed in Khaki shorts, a plain white t-shirt, and sandals than most guys get in a…”
        No, you do not. There is no fucking way you are getting women dressed as you described. This may be the case if you are a gay dude and a bath house.

        1. Suits are for car salesmen and bankers. If your suit is bespoke, sure, you’ll attract a woman attracted to money. If you wear an off the rack suit, there’s no point in wearing said suit unless you plan to sell a car that day.
          This whole suit culture holdover from The art of Manliness garbage is about men in love with their grandfathers from a time when that crap made sense. Contrary to popular believe not everyone wore suits everywhere back then, only in the business sector and church. Look back even further and take a look at all the formalwear that died off because it was antiquated. Men don’t wear hats anymore because they figured out how to wash their hair daily.
          Enjoy your cheap suit in Arizona, or at the beach, maybe the mall where you’ll be mistaken for a Dillard’s employee rather than a classy gentleman.
          Suits are designed to hide old men’s weakening bodies. I’m built super fit so I will continue to do your girlfriend Wearing jeans while you’re unable to raise your arm high enough to get something off of the top shelf for her.

      3. I learned to fly because I wanted to fly, not because I wanted to do stuff to get girls.

  3. The point is that image is absolutely paramount. It is the subtlety of game, the moment you know your presentation has disrupted a woman’s automated indifference. That is the moment where it all starts to make sense.

  4. This sounds like Roosh’s writing style, same pausing and descriptions. That’s a compliment.

  5. Except it doesn’t matter how you dress. You can dress like a slob like YaReally, or Julien, and score if you own it.

    1. Still, a good body shape and a nice tailored suit will convey status right from the beginning. You’ll need more game and get less results if you dress like a slob.

    2. Did they tell you this themselves lol Is this the same Yareally who rides the public bus across town to the nicer area and then takes away hot girls from the wealthy men who drive Ferraris? I guess his mid thigh baggy Walmart cargo shorts really gets their juices flowing lol

    3. Image is one part of game; some parts of my game are weak, most are strong.
      I’d still be better off if I fixed the weak parts.

  6. This post offered no game advice…although not sure if it was suppossed to. Appearance, in my opinion is half the battle…inner game is the second half and perhaps more important.
    Alex could have easily given her tingles even with the way he was dressed. Am assuming that he lacked inner game, confidence, dominant body language, and conversatinal skills. The article made no mention why he did not generate tingles.
    Tom on the other hand could lack inner game and noy generate any tingles. How many of us have come across a good-looking man who had no game whatsoever. He looked the part but did not actualize the part. This is why so many average looking men score well with 9s and 10s.
    Good-looking men and average-looking men both need game…although am loathe to say that good-looking men with game will clean house and always beat the competition.

    1. This is why so many average looking men score well with 9s and 10s.
      Keep trying to convince yourself lol Those so called average looking men who get 10’s, and I mean real 10’s not the crap you boys on here think are 10’s, are all men of substance not cubicle working drones at $50k a year.

    2. Alex was slotted into a poor sterotype. His value started off very low. He would have to overcome this with pure “game”. If he said a few choice things and also made up for his shitty clothes with great body language and voice tone.. he might have been able to climb the mountain and change her mind.
      Tom started near the top of the mountain since this particular girl slotted him into a sexy sterotype. Since he was already so close to the top, he just had to run regular guy convo and not make any anti-game mistakes.
      Another thing to note is what one women thinks is a sexy sterotype, another might think is shit. Go up to a goth bitch or rocker chick wearing a james bond suit and see what happens. No fucks will be given, it might even hurt you.

      1. You’re a kid and don’t know females. First of all who would want some goth freak? But even these girls will respond to the same things that other women respond to, it’s hardwired into them. These goth and other freaky types just couldn’t get any attention as normal women. Females don’t have any real philosophy and will change whenever it’s desirable in order to get some male attention. That goth chick who gets the gina tingles for some preppie will be dressing like a Brook Brothers model in a heartbeat.

        1. You think that our evolutionary ancestors were discerning over choice of suits? It’s cultural association, and status is wholly relative to environment.
          That’s also why in the US, status is all about $$$. Over here in Australia, I’ve always dated woman who earn more than me, despite having a good job myself. When I was working both as a lawyer and as a bottom-rung professional stage actor, I’d always hide the fact that I worked as a lawyer for as long as I could. The reason is that (at that age – early 20s), the only women attracted by my being a young lawyer with his own investment properties were gold-digging trash, of poor education and who I’d be embarrassed to be seen with. I.e. good-looking but obvious trash.
          Women of my own social/educational class certainly wouldn’t be put off by my being a financially well-off lawyer, but it was boring – everyone I knew, and everyone they knew, were successful young lawyers/doctors/engineers, and they were making good money too, in firms surrounded by guys making good money, so it wasn’t high status. That’s also because I’m Australian – it’s hard for you Americans to believe, but the rest of the world simply isn’t as obsessed with money as you guys are. Status, yes. But unless you’re of low social class over here, it’s not nearly as single-mindedly about $$$ (e.g. most women I know will readily date guys that earn less than them, and in about half the married couples that I’m friends with, the woman earns more despite being of equal or greater physical appearance – mind you, these all involve couples where the guy also has a good, albeit lesser, income; all of them are doctors, lawyers, accountants or engineers. The abundance of money means it has less value as a measure of status).
          Instead, I’d always pull by being a bottom-rung, only-occasionally-in-work professional actor. I’d be up front about having to work another job to make ends meet – I wasn’t lying and saying that theatre was my primary income. But I’d just leave my day-job as vague (‘I work in an office’), while talking into the night about the merits of Marlowe v Shakespeare, until they invited me back to their house. Predictably, lower-middle-class women had no interest in this, and neither did gold-diggers, so it screened out the undesirables while attracting the highly-educated, classier women that I was interested in.
          Frankly, I don’t know how I’d have managed without theatre in my life. I was always handsome, but absolutely useless with women until I signed up to my university’s theatre society on a whim, and got the lead in a one hour lunch-time comedy. When I left the green-room after the first performance, two girls from the audience introduced themselves to me, and talked too me – talked AT me – in a manner that I’d never experienced before. It wasn’t until they asked me to skip class and join them at the uni tavern for a few drinks that it dawned on me, that they were hitting on me. I ended up going back to the house of one of them at the end of the day, for a one-night fling – at the time it was truly bizarre, because in my limited and inept experience, I’d always been the one doing the approaching. It had simply never occurred to me that women would approach me, or that they’d see me as the shiny trophy to bang and tell their friends about.
          Here’s where it gets relevant. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a shitty community theatre amateur production, or a professional gig with the state theatre company (and I’ve done both), women will be attracted to the utterly nominal and environment-specific status that you have, even though it’s 100% restricted to that environment and means nothing in the ‘real world’. Every show I’ve done, even now that I’m near 40 and married, has resulted in women approaching me after the performance. Moreover, if you’re performing well in the play, you’ll ALWAYS be the focus of sexual attention from female cast-members and technical crew. When they’re experienced enough, they’ll restrict it to flirting (as they know it’s a one-season attraction), but if they’re new to theatre, or if they’re single and you’re the show’s best performer (doesn’t have to be the lead, just that you’re obviously good at what you’re doing), they very often throw themselves at you.
          This is not a unique observation, nor am I the best I’ve seen at making use of it. It’s why most guys do theatre – when we’re young, we all pretend it’s for ‘the art’, but every guy I’ve known in theatre has eventually admitted that it’s because it got them sexual attention from women.
          Again, that might not fly in the US – things really do seem to be different there. But it illustrates how status is relative, and attraction is based on status within whatever environment you’re currently in (so long as it’s a heirarchy that the woman doesn’t overtly reject).
          Do you think that the student protesters pumping their fists and talking passionately are doing anything different to us in the evolutionary scheme of things? Do you notice how most of their male leaders are fit and relatively attractive, and how the women in their groups cluster and listen to them with respect? It’s all just status relative to their particular group. Maybe some of those women WOULD also go for a well-dressed corporate type (though I suspect not until they’re a bit older, and not unless they’re in a separate environment that’s conducive to that form of status – otherwise they risk losing status on campus, and that’s where they’re spending most of their time, so it’s more important to them). But that doesn’t mean you’d do well by marching in dressed corporate to a alt rock/rave gig, or to an alternative culture hippy event. That would just mark you as someone of low social status in that environment, and worse, it would mark you as desperate.
          Regarding taste re goth girls. Maybe it’s also a US thing, but instead I’m going out on a limb and guessing that (a) you didn’t go to uni during the 90s, and (b) you’re from a working class or lower-middle class background. I went to an exclusive private school in Australia from age 6 to 17, on an academic scholarship worth $14,000 (around $12,000 US) per year in tuition fees, plus a further $3,000-$5,000 per year equivalent on musical instruments, exchange trips, professional sport/theatre/music tuition and similar ‘fringe benefits’. So whilst my family was only moderately well-off, I know what it’s like for everyone you know to be absolutely SURROUNDED by money. As was the norm for that kind of background, pretty much everyone I knew went to the top university over here, several did PhDs, and all went into high-earning professions.
          There are several fundamental differences you need to understand, when you’re in that environment:
          – firstly, EVERYONE has money, so it’s not a big marker of status.
          – I think this is partly a not-being-the-US thing, but NOBODY buys their dates ‘gifts’, or flashy shows of wealth over here. Same applies to driving an obviously showy car and making a big deal out of it. It’s considered tacky, and will get you branded as a creep amongst all except for the trailer-trash gold-diggers. Note the Australian ‘tall poppy syndrome’, referring to our preference for cutting the heads off tall/flashy poppies to bring them down to size.
          – Moreover, the women expect to earn salaries of $150,000/year themselves, they’re from rich families who could support them anyway, and so a guy’s wealth is utterly irrelevant to their needs. The richest guy on campus has insignificant wealth compared to their parents.
          – Consequently, that means that they lose nothing by dating a tradesman, or an artist/musician who makes fuck all. The difference in $$$ is insignificant, because they have as much money as they could want, and culturally, lavish expenditure upon a partner is viewed as tacky and unattractive (it makes you seem socially inept, or worse – it makes you seem so terribly poor/lower-class as to care about money while in your 20s).
          – There is nothing LESS fashionable to the rich+young+educated than being rich. There is nothing MORE fashionable than pretending that they aren’t rich. Anything that allows them to TEMPORARILY pretend that they aren’t rich is a source of MASSIVE status. A boyfriend who is rich, lives with his parents and dresses like a business man is social suicide. A boyfriend who is rich, lives with his parents, but dresses like a slacker, plays in a band, performs in theatre and pretends to be a low-income slacker gets you some pretty good status. A boyfriend who commits to the life, and actually lives like a bum in a student sharehouse, eking his way through uni by playing in a band, has more status than you could possibly imagine – it’s like being able to say, with honesty, that you invented the Iphone and are the president-elect of the USA. THAT is why the guy who looks like some slacker bum is getting all the attention IN THAT CONTEXT, while the working class kids in their business suits are snubbed as squares, despite the fact that the same guy wouldn’t be able to get the time off a woman in any other environment.
          – What this all adds up to, is the reason why (among this set), money means very little, but lack of a university education is an absolutely impenetrable barrier. Lacking a university education means that you’ve been deprived of the ‘opportunity’ to mingle with these people, and to learn that all logical forms of status are reversed. In effect, it forces you to compound the error you made above – not only do you blunder by trying to look as though you have money (thereby confirming that you don’t have money), but by not understanding that in this context the slobs/freaks are the children of the ruling aristocracy, who have invented their own measures of status, you’ve just outed yourself as a member of the proletariat. Now if you’ve been following, you’re probably thinking ‘that’s great – these people attribute huge status to being poor, don’t they?’. Unfortunately, that means that you missed a subtlety – they attribute huge status to PRETENDING to be a poor slob (while actually studying at the most prestigious university and prepping to take over the family company). That’s why they attribute greater sexual status to the study of non-vocational humanities, and very little to degrees that are designed to get you a well-paying job. If you’re doing one of those degrees, it shows that you’re not already rich.
          – Being a starving artist/actor is always good for getting casual sex with the best-looking women in that crowd, even when you’re older. But it marks you as ‘not marriage material’. Surprisingly, that isn’t due to your lack of earning potential (I’ll get to that), but because once you all leave university and enter the workforce, it suddenly becomes apparent that there’s a quality in ultra-short supply amongst the men from that social set. Years of living on your parents’ dime, never wanting for anything, and knowing that you and your friends were born to rule has the nasty side-effect of depriving you of the basic sense of responsibility needed to actually make good on that privilege. From the moment you leave university, ‘having your shit together’ becomes the most remarkable source of marriageability status in existence, even though to everyone else, it simply means ‘getting a damn job like everyone else in the world’.
          – Which means that by your late 20s, women from that set experience a 180 degree reversal in how they perceive working class tradesmen. At uni, they’re reviled for the crimes of ‘being so lower-class that they care about money’. But later, it’s a brilliant way to show that (a) you aren’t a snob (particularly important if you want to gain status amongst snobbish women), and (b) you’re minimally capable of ‘having your shit together’. Plus, every woman I know from my old set harboured fantasies about fucking tradesmen. I’m not joking either. They’re surrounded by wealthy pansies, so they fantasise about getting gang-banged by a team of brick-layers.
          – hence, done the right way, a form-hugging t-shirt and a visible set of tools/workgear will trump even the best suit. Again, they’re surrounded by money and professional types – fit working men are exotic, and highly bangable.
          Ok, so I’m party joking through this (not the ‘wanting to get gangbanged by the working class’ bit though – that’s absolutely serious, and I’ve had many conversations with groups of similarly affluent female friends where they’re all going on about how much they fantasize about it, and how they’d cream themselves to go out with a fit-looking roof-tiler. None of them care about him earning less than them; they DO care about whether he has his shit together, and in that sense their fantasy ‘labourer who plans to start his own roof-tiling business + his 4 similarly fit mates’ is better than the guys whose parental connections allowed them to fail their way to a job with a large law firm.) But it’s honestly not all that different to how things really do operate in the perpetually-arrested-development 20-something upper-class set, at least here in Australia. It’s still the same old status chasing, but the aristocracy demarcates itself by reversing the rules.

  7. Can you stop spinning these fictional, allegorical tales about women that don’t really exist and situations that didn’t really happen? It’s weak.

  8. Fuck if I’m gonna ask if anyone’s sitting there or not. Empty stool I walk up like I own it. It’s not game, I just don’t ask permission.

    1. haha She’d take one look at you sitting down next to her and say “sorry that seat is taken”

      1. Yeah she might say all sorts of shit I don’t care about or she might say nothing which is fine too.

        1. I’m just not a fag who asks permission to sit down or a tryhard douche like you bragging about his expensive shoes.

        2. Actually my Lobb’s are an English size 11 (about a US 12) At 6′ a size 7 would be deformed. Sort of like the way you look Peewee.

  9. how about not giving a fuck if you are giving her tingles / torture?
    how about going with the fucking flow?

  10. Hard to tell sometimes. I had a wingman once who just dressed in a pair of faded jeans n a t-shirt n pulled n banged a hottie from the club while I was dressed in a blazer and a shirt. Presentation while important, is not a substitute for your behaviour towards women.

  11. So much hate on here for a nothing more than a well-written, decent allegory about displaying high value. Relax people.

    1. This insight from the king of all leftists too. What’s the comments section coming to?

  12. I would def say this story is indicative of how shallow women are. Women like to say men just care about looks, they are full of shit and much more materialistic than men..

  13. The hotter the woman, the more fashion conscious she will be. While you can be a total slob in your own space, investing a couple thousand bucks in game gear and filling it out nicely is a solid strategy. Look to Justin Timberlake for inspirational styling. It’s sad that hot women are so superficial, but if that’s what it takes to add another notch to your bedpost, well a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. You can slack off and start slobbing around once she discovers just how damn good you are at oral.

  14. “How lazy, he can’t even be bothered to shave,” she thought.×545.jpg
    How lazy, they can’t even be bothered to shave.
    The next time any woman thinks “How lazy he can’t even be bothered to shave” she would be more rewarded to remind herself that not shaving is not a reliable indicator of the kind of man you get to disqualify as “lazy”.
    I spend my weekends unshaven, in slightly baggy James Perse casual gear on purpose. To show every woman who prefers a clean-shaven suit and tie that she is COMPLETE SHIT at identifying a hard-working, dedicated, successful man even when he is STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. There are broke losers with smooth faces and a suit and tie all over the place… and she thinks “How lazy he can’t even be bothered to shave.” Fuck you and your 19 cats, whore.
    How lazy. She can’t even be bothered to find out what kind of man he REALLY is, she looks at his facial hair and makes up whatever bullshit she wants based on that.
    How lazy, indeed.

      1. An excellent point… IF you place that much importance on what a woman thinks of your “presentation”. WOMEN — are obsessed with “presentation”. That’s the difference between PERSONALITY – and CHARACTER.
        PERSONALITY (presentation) is placing paramount importance on how you are perceived and seen by others. It’s not even genuine…. and personality can be easily FAKED, like hair color.
        CHARACTER is something else.
        Turn on your TV and you will see PERSONALITY everywhere. Famous personalities. Split personalities. But CHARACTER is what you have when you turn your television OFF. The “presentation” has absolutely nothing to do with it.
        Let women worry about “the presentation”.

        1. Presentation matters. Don’t be a soft androgynous mangina who wears ill fitting clothes because it’s comfortable.

        2. FALSE.
          How a woman PERCEIVES you is totally unimportant. A woman’s approval is as worthless as her disapproval.
          I shook hands with a guy on Monday and earned $20,000 from one meeting. HIS approval fucking mattered, and I wore jeans and didn’t shave. No woman’s approval will ever pay you $20,000. THE BEST thing that comes from a woman liking your shoes is a sex act – and a possible pregnancy.
          Don’t be a soft androgynous mangina who wakes up in the morning and shaves (or not) and dresses himself based on what women think.

        3. I disagree, if you don’t hold enough value where you can earn $20,000 from one handshake, you need to dress well. After you build value it will be less necessary to dress for success.
          Also, I never said dress for women’s approval. Dress for the approval of your male peers and the women’s tingles will follow. If you are dressed like a schlub mangina your male peers will not respect you.

        4. Well NOW we’re communicating. Agreed on all counts.
          When I think of “the presentation” and caring about “giving women tingles” I think of this shit:

          Too many guys take “the presentation” WAY too far. HE EVEN HAD TO STAGE AN AFFAIR WITH ANOTHER CHICK TO TRY AND MAKE HER JEALOUS. That’s so pathetic I don’t even know where to begin breaking it down.
          If such an OUTRAGEOUS presentation is all that stands between a “yes” and a “no” here… then he’s marrying the WRONG girl for the WRONG reasons. Some women will even say “no” if the proposal isn’t UP TO HER EXPECTATIONS. A recent article revealed over 25% of women will say no if the proposal isn’t exactly as she IMAGINED. And if that’s not enough, stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen…. because 50% want to be MADE TO FUCKING CRY
          Just look at that LIST OF SHIT at the bottom.
          What is the BEST thing he gains here? A “chance” to love her until death and support her into old age? Yay.
          When it comes to women. FUCK “the presentation”. Its totally unimportant. She should be working on HER presentation. There isn’t a single mention of what she has to do to get a proposal in the first place. Just an endless list of demands and expectations.
          Every time women open their mouths 50% of what comes out is what “men need to do”….. and it’s all based on what she “likes” it and wants to see you do it for her own personal satisfaction.
          $45,000 wasted on “the presentation”….

          ….. and that’s just to ASK FOR PERMISSION to love her.
          Fuck that action.
          Never mind running a razor over your face and and simply proposing. You better make her cry with the presentation and be ready to throw away 2 YEARS of after-tax savings of $2000 a month….. or you don’t get to support her into old age.
          A gross exaggeration but it makes the point. THIS is why I don’t give a fuck about shaving or what shoes to put on “to give her ‘gina tingles”.
          I already know I’m multiplying my chances of getting some trim tonight by reaching for my Jon Varvatos boots instead of my Stan Smiths…. but that doesn’t tell you anything about ME. It tells you everything about WOMEN.

    1. I’m shaking my head. I guess none of you chumps read the whole article. You know, far enough to the part where the chick is turned on by the fit, well dressed man’s scruff.

      1. Honey, women ALWAYS think they are “never wrong”.
        And no, you can’t tell ANYTHING about a man by his shoes because Robert Downy Junior wears sneakers to formal events…. and I know a guy who owns two pairs of $900 Ralph Lauren black label boots and can’t make his rent.
        It’s impossible to “SOUND” any way in print. Whatever SOUND you’re hearing is purely imagined in your head. You presumptions are based on SHOES of fuck sake…and whatever fucking noise is going on in your empty skull. Cute try though.

    2. I spend my weekends unshaven, in slightly baggy James Perse casual gear on purpose
      Yes I’m sure that you wear $300 cashmere sweat pants :o)

  15. What kind of idiot wears a suit?
    You can’t run in them, they’re annoying as fuck to move in and they are generally uncomfortable as barbed wire g-strings even if you spend a fortune on a tailored suit.
    Dress simply in loose clothing.
    Maximum ability to move and comfort. All without a price tag that makes you wonder if gold thread was used.
    Considering he’s an American lawyer I guess this sort of thinking is to be expected.
    In his ideal world women would immediately desire any men who looked remotely like him.

    1. Give them a break, they are still boys. They haven’t learned the value of utilitarianism. I’ve gotten just as much tail in overalls and a hoodie as in a suit.

      1. I always find that soon as they find out I’m a martial artist it just opens the floodgates.
        Especially once they find out it’s not eastern martial arts I know.

    2. “What kind of idiot wears a suit?”
      …”idiots” who want to attract a certain type of woman I presume. Hey, if you think being “comfy” 24/7 is more important than getting laid more power to you. As for the rest of you….well, I guess Bork’s sense of style (or lack thereof) means less competition for you. May the odds be ever in your favor and all that…

      1. Women who see you only as a wallet they need to open their legs to gain access to?
        Money does not make up for being a boring person. Which lawyers have a tendency to be.

        1. Being attracted to a man who dresses nicely does not make a woman some kind of gold-digger or mean she’s only after his money. You can be well put together on a shoestring budget. Wouldn’t you be more attracted to a woman that’s in shape wearing a nice dress rather than a tattooed skank with a muffin top? And what’s more, even if she WERE after your wallet, once you’ve screwed her, who gives a fuck what she hoped to get out of the deal. You’re already gone…
          This so-called reasoning and others like it are merely excuses for some men to be slobs and excuse their poor lot in life. Unsuccessful with the women? Why that’s just because they’re only after money! The greedy bitches! And you, you contrarian rebel you, will NOT dare dress the part of a successful man lest those greedy whores take you for all you’ve got (since the choice to open your wallet to them is so obvious out of your control). Haha, yeah ok…

  16. Summary: Your default should be wearing clothes that fit well and are slightly dressier than the situation calls for, having a good haircut that matches your bodytype, and appearing casually confident in who you are. Approach women as opportunities present themselves, then follow up with more game if you receive an IOI (indicator of interest).

  17. I agree with a lot of the commentary of others here that passive value is important. Maybe not a suit, but decent jeans shoes and shirt, but not overly done because you’ll come across as gay.
    However I think it’s more then just bring fit and dressing well. You gotta have something that little darling wants. Maybe in the scenario outlined in this blog entry its not money. So after one introduces onself to the female in question he might say “Would you care to do a line of coke?” This almost always makes every hot 20-something chick in America giddy, and watch her eyes light up like a Christmas Tree.

  18. he should have just taken out his johnson and started slapping her across the face with it

  19. Best Game thread or post on game I have ever read. But you have to be able to understand the true difference between the two men.

  20. Wearing a suit isn’t so important. Wearing well-fitting, decent looking clothing is highly important. Also, certain types of clothing elicit different responses from different women. Wearing outlandish clothing (basically Mystery’s peacocking method) is great if you want to attract a certain type of woman.
    Game is HIGHLY important, but if you have shitty body language, no inner game, and heavy investment in the outcome, you’re not pulling that girl no matter how hard you try.
    From an (in)famous study: 93% of communication is NOT the physical words you say. It’s tonality and body language. Deal with those two and it’s easy.

    1. Mystery? lol If any of the women I know saw Mystery they’d be thinking ‘is the carnival in town”?

  21. meh.
    The point is simply:
    1) Be handsome.
    2) Be tall
    3) Dress well and project success and wealth.
    4) Be more attractive.
    5) Don’t be unattractive or ugly.
    If you’re short and ugly, you better dress well and be rich and successful. Or else you’re fucked. Don’t bother approaching women or you’ll be rejected. No amount of Game nonsense is going to help you.
    If you’re handsome, tall and attractive, you don’t have to do much at all. Say hello and women will melt and go to be bed with you.

    1. You’ve missed the point, entirely, it’s about putting your best foot forward.
      The point is be clean, well dressed and confident. Being tall and attractive doesn’t hurt, but there are NO substitutes for confidence and charisma.
      I know several short, dumpy looking guys who score on the regular with tasty hotties. What do they have that you don’t ? A positive can-do attitude, boisterous personality and confident body language.
      What do you have that they don’t ? A catch all excuse that absolves you from taking responsibility for your biological success.

  22. Thats whack. Jeans serve a functional use. A suit is just an extension of a penis. And the all mighty cargo shorts and pants beats both of them.
    A beard is supposed to be there as its a secondary sexual characteristic. I shave my head, but thats only to blend in with the people that think shaving is normal.

  23. so your point is, when you are well dressed and attractive you have better chances than unattractive guys.
    amazing insight.
    how about this:
    as Erica was contemplating when to text Tom, a guy of medium height and size, wearing a baseball hat and sneakers came in, walked up to the bar and just sat down next to her, without acknowledging her at all.
    how…rude? erica thought, she was not sure what to feel.
    the guy ordered a beer, a good one though, turned around slowly, nodded vaguely in her direction, than turned back to face the bar again.
    -long day, huh? he said, without looking at her
    -excuse me do i know you? I have not invited you to sit next to me, there is plenty of space. she retorted more bitchily than she had wanted
    Baseball hat guy slowly turned to her, grinned,and with a voice that mimicked the southern drawl of alabama, feigning insult he said:”ah’m sorry ma’am, I thought this was ‘merica.”
    erica exploded into laughter.
    John knew he was in. Time to build up some comfort.
    In his real voice, he introduced himself and raised his glass to her. Erica was somewhere else now, she felt good, forgotten was her bad day at work.
    my point: game tops looks any day of the week.

  24. i’m a girl. i fucked “a soft bodied man in baggy jeans” once and it was awful. tom is the obvious choice, bar none. moral of the story: the more you look and act like a pussy, the less actual pussy you’ll get.

  25. Oh dam, this article blew my mind. I had NO idea that guys who are buff, wear custom $1000 suits, and get there hair cut by a professional stylist have a leg up over pudgy guys that look like shit.
    Sarcasm aside, there is a big danger here though. You still need “man” value. All the external bullshit mentioned in this article can be quickly nullified by pussy behavior, a blue pill outlook, and anti-game. You can go from a hot james bond looking mother fucking 10 to a comic book dude 3 in no time with just a few min of poor body language and voice tonality accompanied by no conversational skill..
    It’s not simply the look. It’s everything the look stands for. People want a Ferrari not only because of how it looks. They know what it stands for. Custom built engine, beautiful Italian leather interior, quality second to none. Why do you think the knock off Ferrari/Lambo kit cars just get laughed at? Because underneath that beautiful exterior lurks a 4 cylinder engine and torn seats from your uncles Pontiac firebird.
    James Bond or any other fucker famous for the “custom suits” vibe could get pussy wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.
    Watch “The Great Gatsby” and then read this article by Krauser. I did and feel my game and wisdom went up by a whole level.

  26. @dogger
    When you wrote this you made the differences between the men too obvious while in real life it’s more about the subtleties because the people who frequent certain bars or lounges are generally of the same class. Putting one of them in a suit and the other in a wifebeater just confused the issue and made people on here believe that it was all about the suit. Most people don’t wear suits to bars (although a sportscoat is common) so it’s really a matter of looks and who portrays the more prosperous image (class and status really).A man wearing say, an expensive Smedley polo, Bally slipons and yes even some high quality denim may get a higher rating than the typical guy in a suit. Many guys in ordinary suits remind me of flunkies who have to wear one as part of their low-mid level job uniform.So it’s not actually what you’re wearing but what projects the image of a man of substance to a female.So as I said, it’s all about the subtleties and females are very adept at picking them up because after all they spend most of their life thinking about how they look themselves. Even lower class females are good at picking up certain cues about the status of two men who may look identical to the average man. It’s pretty hard to explain or to teach a man certain things if it doesn’t come naturally to him where he’s not even thinking about it and it’s just second nature to him.

  27. As a real life Alex I can tell that this article has strayed just a tad outside the realm of possibility. Men like me don’t approach women in bars.

  28. Dressing like an Alex but acting like and solidifying onself as a genuine Tom would have generate much more tingles, because Contrast is King.
    Great write up, look forward to more of these.

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