Men Are Nothing More Than Clowns To The Modern Woman

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I have a bank of rotating stock questions I ask women that let me know how I should proceed with my game. One of the questions I used to ask was “Do you need a man?” Out of the dozens of times I asked it, not a single girl answered yes. Even in Eastern Europe, a woman needs a man as much as a cat needs milk. They would prefer the best man or the best milk, but they can surely live without.

There is definitely not a single woman alive in the Western world who needs a man. While in the past a woman had to put forth effort to obtain a husband who would help her survive, today she is protected by a welfare state that ensures she will never go hungry or spend one night on the street. Even a child she has out of wedlock from a drunken night out will not have to suffer from her mistake, and that’s in spite of the fact that many nations already provide her with free contraception to compensate for her lack of judgement in selecting worthy mates.

Anything required for a woman’s survival or pleasure can be easily achieved without her having to put forth commitment, sacrifice, or labor. She can shave her head, gain 50 pounds, and disfigure herself with tattoos yet still have many suitors to—at the minimum—have sex on demand. Her food and shelter will be provided by a state which has embarked on an extraordinary effort to compete with men for her devotion and loyalty.

I started asking a different question to women: “Do you want a man?” I began receiving “I don’t know” answers (the more they hesitated to respond, the more I considered their true answer to be a yes). Only in a few instances did a woman outright say yes, and these usually happened in Ukraine. It’s no surprise that I eased into mini-relationships with these yes girls without the standard flaking or game-playing you would normally receive from girls who see men as milk instead of water. The girls who said yes weren’t exactly hurting for food or shelter, and they didn’t try to reach into my pockets for resources, but through their attitude and demeanor it was clear that they did want a man in their life who could provide it with a measure of happiness that could not be gained from their environment or government.

You’re a lucky man if you can find this type of girl in the West. From a young age, girls are brainwashed to believe that they don’t need men and that the key to their happiness is self-empowerment by sleeping around and becoming a corporate wage slave. It’s hard to dispute the notion that a woman who believes she doesn’t need a man won’t make as good of a relationship partner as one who does. She will treat you as a distraction to her more important job, girls’ nights out, and social networking validation happy time. Men have become an utterly replaceable and expendable commodity in a girl’s life. Her interest in a man is not unlike her interest in a new television show or Apple product, and your only hope is to have sex with her as many times as possible until her attraction diminishes and she moves on to the next guy in line.

Women don’t seek out comfort or stability in men anymore—they seek entertainment. They seek distraction. They seek hedonistic pleasure. This is why provider men (beta males) are so hopelessly failing today to secure the commitment of beautiful women in their prime, and this is why even lesser alpha males fail to enter relationships with women beyond a few bangs. Once the entertainment or novelty you provide her declines—and it inevitably will—she moves on to something or someone else. In essence, the only way you can keep a girl is if you adopt the mentality of a soap opera writer, adding a cliffhanger to the end of each episode that keeps a woman interested when being a good man no longer does.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t see a man who has improved himself over the years to be the best that his genes allow—I see a glittery skirt that a girl encounters in the mall. Is the skirt too expensive or is it on sale? Is there only one left of her size or is the rack full of them? Does she already have something similar or is it totally novel? Does her friends think it’s cute or just alright? After trying it on, does it flatter her body or make her look fat? Either she makes the impulsive decision to buy the skirt or not, because odds are she won’t come back for it. There are so many stores with so many skirts that she will soon forget it, forever. We are like glittery pieces of fashion to women—items that she truly doesn’t need. Not only has she already collected so many of them, but she can easily obtain more within walking distance from where she lives. She can even browse online from home while in her pajamas through a nearly unlimited selection.

We are not men in the traditional sense—we are clowns. With our tight game we have to be entertainers who create drama and excitement in a girl’s life, just long enough so that she spreads her legs and makes sexy noises, and even though she did commit such an intimate act with us, she will soon lose interest or simply get bored, and then move on to the next shiny cock that catches her eye. The other side of this coin is that we no longer need women. We don’t need them to maintain our home or cook good meals for us. We don’t need them in an age where having children is no longer important or valued. Whatever natural connection that once existed between the sexes has now been severed. Neither sex needs each other so we dedicate ourselves to corporations, entertainment, and base pleasures instead, and this is a great tragedy that most people believe is a sign of progress, a cause for celebration.

For the next girl I meet, I’m not going to ask her if she needs a man, because I know she doesn’t. Instead I will simply ask her if she wants a man, and if the answer leans yes, I will perform like the good clown I am so that she is entertained enough to have sex with me. Either she or I will eventually get bored and the relationship will end. Then I will simply repeat my performance on a someone new, because I’m a skilled clown, and that’s exactly what women today want.

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311 thoughts on “Men Are Nothing More Than Clowns To The Modern Woman”

  1. Fuck being a clown. I did my song and dance for pussy when I was younger and it was exhausting. Tap dancing all night to get my dick wet for a few hours? Nah, my dignity can’t allow that.

    1. Women have already destroyed western society and now most men and women are useless degenerates with fake jobs in a fake economy, supporting a fake reality.
      And now they are no longer necessary to the parasitic elite, so the clownish women who seek their male counterparts are going to drag down the west and the world with them – there’s far too many of them, they are almost the entire society.

        1. Now the elite and both genders are doing it, but yes, next to usury based banking and the attendant social engineering, feminism via its marxist ideals and single parenthood/destroying men and the family and female degeneracy has destroyed society. Banks are screwing us, but feminism is a choice. Its not female positivism, but feminism ruins men via exploiting women to be used as labor in place of those men for a parasitical elite.
          If you can’t see that, I hope you don’t stay blind your entire life.

        2. Nice assumption at the end there, clever.
          Woman didn’t destroy shit. Men did. Feminism is a male movement driven by the weak men who have been given undue power by democracy.
          That’s what I see. Bitch.

        3. A mexican standoff on this site- been a while! dont you think you are both onto something?

        4. Feminism was driven by the elites and the CIA, Bob, everyone with a brain knows that.
          And women are powerful since they are hive-minded and act as a self-interested group (against men) at the voting booth.
          Testosterone doesn’t make brainpower, Bob. Lozlzolzllolz.
          Let us know when you figure out why people hate bankers Bob. I’m putting the over/under on year 2018.
          But hey! Where da white wimmenz at?!?

        5. Bob’s at least half-joking here, and herein lies the problem.
          Cocky people always undermine their own intelligence, every time.

        6. Actually testosterone does have something to do with brainpower. A woman’s intelligence bell curve has shorter tails and is taller than a man’s bell curve. And you can conclude from that a few things:
          1. The dumbest people on earth are men (think Darwin Awards, like 90% are men)
          2. The smartest people on earth are men (think Einstein, or Hawkins, or Newton).
          3. A higher majority of woman have average intelligence, but it’s at a slightly higher IQ level.

        7. Bob. I’m from the UK. You are a slave – the island is overcrowded and the resources are owned by banks and the elite. You are not an independent man and so all the men of the UK; none of them have had any real power for decades. You are dependent on the society. But women have had more power granted by the elite to do as they please via affirmative action programs and women have had more leeway in a world where the laws are not man friendly. This has helped to deconstruct society and destroy men, so the elite have fewer competition. This is more due to the elite using women, with men having little resources or say in the matter.
          Don’t cuss me when I didn’t cuss you out. That’s not what men do. It just shows that you’re an animal whose opinion isn’t worth shit. Your avatar with you bending over taking it from some other man creaming you is exactly what you are.

        8. Exactly – I have met many black men with a brain but bob is not one of them. He is just a tool by the elite used to fuck up the west, before Bob gets sent down too.

        9. Whilst testosterone can make other men smart, it doesn’t necessarily make it so, and definitely not for Bob. That’s why he is pussy mad without actually understanding anything else. He is what he is socially engineered to be – smart enough to get things done, and dumb enough to not challenge the status quo, even when he gets enslaved and destroyed by his slavemasters.
          That’s why his opinion isn’t worth anything.

        10. Grow up – you and people who think like you are the reason why the world is such a shit place; you’re cocky and dumb, having nothing important to say.
          Perhaps you have something useful to say about chasing poosy.
          You have fuck all intelligence to say anything important about anything else. That’s not your area of expertise, you’re a slave to bankers and your ego. At least the other men realise that bankers own the real assets in the totalitarian society that is the UK and divide and conquer the society.

        11. Well you need to take your brain back to the Wizard of Oz because it’s not working properly.
          You realize you have essentially repeated what I said right?

        12. Why are you so angry? Yes I think you will find you did “cuss me blood, I swear down”. Have another look at what you said to me. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it in.
          I’m afraid you only have a dim understanding of how things work or what the facts are. You just sound like you are repeating the comments other people make on here.
          Btw I have worked in banking for 20 years. How long have you been doing it?

        13. Yes, women are immensely powerful in the context of society. They are “the hand that rocks the cradle,” that is, they are unduly influential to their children, and as well they are the sexual selectors. Men will do what gets the reward. Men have a much stronger chemical desire for sex than women. That puts men at a huge disadvantage, again in the context of society.

        14. I don’t think we are the weaker sex, despite all that. And what the legislation says isn’t very important, as it’s selective enforcement by fiat that shows us how anti-male bigotry works.

      1. Yea, how it works is the elite position themselves around potential for “change,” in society. So much like stock trading, you can make $$ (thus power & Control) on the way up, or short it, and make $$ on the way down. Women wanted “rights,” their version of change, and the elite cleaned house and saw this coming miles away in advance. It doesn’t matter who gets destroyed in the wake.

      2. “Women have already destroyed western society and now most men and women are useless degenerates with fake jobs in a fake economy, supporting a fake reality.”
        Could not have said it better myself, good sir,

    2. Exactly.
      “We are not men in the traditional sense—we are clowns. With our tight game we have to be entertainers who create drama and excitement in a girl’s life, just long enough so that she spreads her legs and makes sexy noises, and even though she did commit such an intimate act with us, she will soon lose interest or simply get bored, and then move on to the next shiny cock that catches her eye.”
      Yes, and add that to the fact that if at any moment before she spreads her legs you do some wrong move it’s good bye to you because you are “boooohring” and there are others in the line waiting..
      A man gotta have his dignity or he has nothing.

        1. And allow me to say more..
          The main problem I got with the whole PUA culture is exactly that. If you think about it, it just works to put women on a pedestal.
          You gotta be the clown, you gotta conform to her, spend your time learning her rules, “working on your game”, entertaining her only so you can have A CHANCE of banging her, while she does nothing. The only work she has is to judge your performance and be born pretty… and at any moment you can fail and then she will give up on you and then you just wasted all that time and effort just to boost her ego while getting nothing in return. HAHA.. fuck no.
          Again, you either have dignity or you have nothing.. stop with the circus, stop the malabarisms, the acrobacies, stop being that monkey begging for applause, and you will see how different thing will get.

        2. I agree. I remember when I read the game by Neil Strauss (Style) and I noticed that every single PUA was beta to the core, they were only capable of the illusion of being alpha. They still needed a woman’s validation, they still had to shuck and jive, they spent the majority of their time trying to master women instead of mastering their own minds and they were all ultimately miserable. If anything, that book shows that no amount of pussy will make a man happy. Not in the long run. I highly recommend reading it.

      1. To me it’s a two way contract. For me to apply “game” and be entertaining, it requires that she is feminine, has manners and at least sends some signals. I find it impossible AND degrading working on entitled, rude princesses who after so many years of validation, are nothing but attention junkies.

    3. Sooner or later like all clowns with a morsel of self respect, you have to step away and stop clowning. Then you realize you won’t get a girl, so you go abroad.

    4. exhausting is too right. I’m in a long term relationship and find if very fulfilling. i was on my friends phone and he was tuning a relatively young girl (17/18)and i thought i would have a go under his name for a inside look at the modern dating game. it was soul crushing to deal with. especially a girl who in terms of looks were fantastic but to think that the behaviour and sense of mental instability was so high. they need men for guidance and where they do not find it in there father they search for it in other men. without sounding like a caption save a hoe i wanted to save her not from a” bad” man but from feminism and the men that Sheryl Sandberg’s brand of feminism want to bring into this girls life and the life that entails. it’s far too late to lament the traditional in this cultural wasteland.

    5. Now that I’m older I let pussy sing and dance for me. I feel like the judge at a dancing competition waiting to award the “prize” to the winner.

    6. Agreed. If 10 minutes of conversation and Game isn’t enough to get her wet for me, then I’m done putting in effort. Luckily, Western women are so easy that that’s usually all it takes to make a sexual impact. Then like Roosh said, hit it a few times and then she deletes your number and forgets you existed since modern women are incapable of recognizing other peoples’ humanity.

      1. But what if she doesn’t delete your number and is hoping to develop a relationship out it? If that isn’t your goal, it would be best to not string her along, or at the very least, be up front about your intentions. Guys who commitment-tease are no different than women who cock-tease in my book

        1. Nah, I have been out of the game for some time, but I still try to keep up. Just because I don’t hunt anymore doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep my tools sharpened.

    7. There’s a difference between acting like a clown and being playful. An alpha male can be playful, but a clown can’t.

      1. This is true. I don’t mind being playful, but I am not an entertainer. I am going to say what I say and do what I do. If she likes it, great, if not then oh well.
        I remember reading a story from Roosh a few days ago. He failed with one girl, managed to finally bring back two other girls to his place, did the clown dance until 5am (and at any moment his efforts could have been in vain) and finally managed to close the deal. These bitches tore up his bathroom in the process, were overall annoying and obnoxious. Sorry, I can’t bring myself to tolerate any of that just to get laid.

    8. Roosh explained this article in one sentence “We are not men in the traditional sense – we are clowns”.
      We do this because of a natural pretense to peacock for women. It’s in our biology. In order to Game properly, we attempt to set ourselves above the rest. This is not something new.. it’s something that has been going on since the beginning of human history. Yes, we “clown” ourselves, so what? Yes, it’s an exhausting process.. currently, it’s more exhausting now than any point in human history because of the amount of “peacocking” (much unjustified in many regards) women in general receive. In all humanistic societies (globally), women are like spoiled children. Men of the past would not desire their children to become spoiled.. unlike men of today, we allow it.

      1. I understand setting yourself above the rest and attempting to stand out. But, once your desire for pussy overrides your sense of self-worth and self-respect, you have a problem. Talking to women and wanting to not run them off is one thing. Catering to them because you want your dick in them is another. You are right, women are like spoiled children and the reason I hate children is because of that attitude. You can only imagine the disdain I have for adults who act like that.

        1. I agree with that. The key words are self-worth and self-respect. You can still “clown” and realize they are not your beginning and the end. You are just doing so to determine what benefits you. At the end of the day, you need to benefit yourself.

  2. As someone wrote once, this is the problem with provider game as seen in the video, but this kind of entitlement attitude gets right up my nerves, I dont want to be someone clown, but I do want to show I’m a man and I’m the prize its a fine balance, you cant come across as boring but you cant come across as just the clown either, interesting and with clever wit and humor, boldness, are the ideals but with the way things are going, its going to be hard to escape it in some way or form.
    “Women dont like paying for shit, pussy to them cost money, dick is free”

  3. Another hypothesis is: “Modern Men” (i.e. dumb manginas) Are Nothing More Than Clowns To Woman as a whole. (And I think this is true.)

    1. I don’t even know how “men” call themselves “modern men” when all they seek is sex from women. It is so easy to spot a “good” girl from a “bad” girl. If those women are degenerate, then step away and find someone else that will bond with you on more than sexual level. If you both have what it takes, then a relationship will start, if there’s imbalance and trickery involved then of course things like what is described in this article will happen.

      1. And those good girls are everywhere, aren’t they?
        Right next to the unicorns at the end of the rainbow.

        1. Like attracts like. If you meet your unicorn you will blow your chances because of the way you treated all women. Be authentic, real things happen with real people. Don’t seek short term pleasure, think of long term. Don’t make chasing pussy and having sex your sole obessession. When you drop that attitude your will start to see more and more unicorns.

  4. “When I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t see a man who has improved himself over the years to be the best that his genes allow—I see a glittery skirt that a girl encounters in the mall.”
    To be fair, that is as much a consequence of how you have decided to live as anything else. You took on the role.
    You seem to be coming to realize that now, So . . . why?

  5. This article is true, modern men in the West for the most part are now just a joke to women, I see it in how women talk about men all the time. The media an advertising know it too which is why men are portrayed as morons in most advertising an in the news. Dont pedestal pussy or lead a MGTOW lifestyle is how you don’t become a joke to them since they don’t have power over you then, don’t play a rigged game.

    1. I thought it was the amen who are a joke. The men may be as well, but not add much as the women. Most of them, anyways.

    1. Or Nietzsche.
      You have evolved from worm to man, but much within you is still worm. Once you were apes, yet even now man is more of an ape than any of the apes .
      You are going to women? Do not forget the whip!

      1. ok, worms and apes. but I think Solomon had it better.
        “For the fate of the sons of men and the fate of beasts is the same. As
        one dies so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same breath and
        there is no advantage for man over beast, for all is vanity. 20All go to the same place. All came from the dust and all return to the dust.”
        Ecclesiastes 3:19-20

  6. ‘From a young age, girls are brainwashed to believe that they don’t need
    men and that the key to their happiness is self-empowerment by sleeping
    around and becoming a corporate wage slave.’
    And yet they are actually unhappier. Oh well.

    1. Feminism: keeping the third world enslaved before the women crash the western societies through bad social engineering and family destruction.
      Are the women unhappy?
      They’ll just be kicked to the curb in future. By the bankers, each other and any worthwhile men. Most men will suck bankster cock before they are killed off.

      1. Man you are really hung up on bankers. Just about every comment of yours has some snide passing reference (with no factual support) to supposedly evil bankers. Sure, bankers are no different than other flawed humans but you sound as if you’ve been brainwashed by Obama and his class warfare leftists. All the world’s ills are not the fault of evil bankers. Take off your tinfoil hat and get out a little.

    2. Until they hit the infamous wall. They won’t be able to sleep around much more and they are laid off from their corporate jobs due to the economy.

      1. I couldn’t bring myself to read all of the hamstering but do you want to know why women are unhappy? Because feminism is forcing women into doing shit that men have always done and they are only now realizing that it sucks to be a man! They are out there in soul destroying, stressful jobs and trying to deal with all the issues that men alone dealt with for the first 6000 years of recorded civilization. Of course, they can’t handle it. They need affirmative action laws to actually get the prestigious jobs and then still want to marry up!

        1. Very well said….let me know if you agree with this and its completely based on geography…I personally find that most women actually realize this fact at any age between 30-37 (being the latest age I’ve seen)….and at the same time that they realize they don’t want to do the things men have HAD to do forever….they are,in my current location of Toronto….not deciding to marry a beta pussy…but are instead accepting that they will never have kids and never get married….i know the common belief is that once a woman hits her wall she marries a beta supporter, has kids, quits her job, cheats out of boredom (or “because he doesnt pay enough attention to me”/hamstering rationale) and eventually divorce rapes the shit out of the guy and takes the kids (or uses them as leverage to ensure the raping is as damaging as possible to the man)….but here in Toronto im seeing many a woman go the female equivalent of MGTOW…..dont care about kids or marriage at all and resolve themselves to a life of self improvement (allegedly)….and continue on traveling,collecting facebook likes and taking selfies… almost seems that feminism has full on destroyed either genders desire to connect with the opposite sex and propagate the species whatsoever….believe me im right there laughing when a 30+ year old woman who does want kids and a husband suddenly realizes that her SMV has plummeted so low that not even the fat guy from highschool who looked at her in a “creepy” way at the dance that time would fuck her…but many a woman here seem to be going a different way…is this happening in the mainstream all around the world?….of just here and no one else has encountered this “way of being”????

        2. Looks like spinters that, somehow, accepted their “spinster status” and not crying their hearts out for it.
          Not publicly, anyway…
          Or you’re just seeing the creation of the first herbivore women…

        3. I think there have always been women that don’t feel the need to have children or be married, however it was not always ‘acceptable’ to feel this way. (I was constantly asked ‘when’ I was going to have kids…people would NOT accept that I just didn’t want them – from the age of 22 I just knew it wasn’t for me.) I grew up with a single mother and I realized I never wanted to be one! She had to sacrifice a lot, and would eat peanut butter on crackers for every meal so my sibling and I could have whatever we needed.
          In my opinion, there is more to life than procreating, there’s a whole world of experience out there! And if I ever change my mind, then at least I have the opportunity to adopt (cats). There’s a lot of already born children (or cats) who could use a family. 🙂

  7. It’s hard to argue against this. The only thing I would add is to protect your boundaries. Set your own standards for what is and what isn’t acceptable to get pussy or anything else in life.
    For me, if I start to think of myself as a dancing monkey, I’m out.

  8. “Women don’t need men.”
    Correction: “Women don’t need MORE men (in their lives).”
    They’ve already got men on the political scene who will back up laws that will give them an advantage.
    They’ve already got men on the police force who will take their side and back them up when they are arguing against men.
    They’ve already got men on the street who will beat up any guy who lays a finger on her, regardless of who hit who first.
    They’ve already got men who will give them compliments for their selfies on social media.
    They’ve already got men who will speak out for their feminist movement.
    They’ve already got men who will tell them are perfect just the way they are and ‘be themselves’ instead of a pointing out their flaws to them and letting them learn that they are not perfect or special and let them improve on their character and appearance.
    They’ve already got men who will be their shoulder to cry on, give them a ride despite these men having, sometimes obvious, signs of interest.
    They’ve already got men who loathe their own sex so much that they are willing to bring their own brothers down while elevating women beyond goddess level.
    Women don’t need men? No, women don’t need any more men in their lives.

  9. Roosh, if you are looking, maybe you can tell me about your views on Chinese girls. And I don’t mean Shanghai/Beijing/Hong Kong bitches (they are little better than DC or Toronto girls).

    1. Roosh has written that he is not attracted to Asian women so I don’t know if we’ll ever get his perspective.

  10. If the modern welfare state is responsible for propping up this illusion, then the goal of every sensible man is to deprive it of as much income as possible. This can be accomplished by adopting a life of voluntary simplicity.
    I like this song by the Quebecois group Mes Aïeux entitled Dégénération.
    Notice in the translation, the themes of your fathers living off the land, building up wealth and then squandering it leaving you with nothing; your mothers having successively fewer children and then the modern girl becoming a slut, having abortions, but miserable because of it.

    Your great-great-grandfather, he cleared the land
    Your great-grandfather, he plowed the land
    And your grandfather made the land profitable
    And your father sold it to become a state employee
    As for you, my boy, you don’t know what you’re gonna do
    In your small one bedroom way too expensive, cold in the winter
    Wishes come to you of being a land owner
    And you dream at night of owning a small plot of land of your own
    Your great-great-grandmother, she had fourteen children
    Your great-grandmother had almost as many
    And your grandmother had three it was enough
    And your mother didn’t want any ; you were an accident
    As for you, my girl, you change partner all the time
    When you do something stupid, you get out of it with an abortion
    But there are mornings, you wake up crying
    When you dream at night of a big table surrounded by kids
    Your great-great-grandfather, lived in misery
    Your great-grandfather, collected pennies
    And your grandfather – miracle! – became a millionaire
    And your father inherited it and put it all in his RRSPs
    As for you, young one, you owe your ass to the government
    No way to get a loan in a banking institution
    To calm your urges to hold-up the cashier
    You read books about voluntary simplicity
    Your great-great-grandparents, the knew how to celebrate
    Your great-grandparents were swinging hard at parties
    And your grandparents saw the ye-ye period
    Your parents were discos, that’s where they met
    As for you my friend, what do you do with your evening ?
    Just turn off your TV ; you shoudn’t stay inside
    Luckily in life some things refuse to change
    Put on your nicest clothes because tonight we’re going dancing…

    1. Even better, go on welfare. Whether you need it or not. This not only starves the beast, it takes chunks out of it and it will collapse that much faster.
      The danger with that is that one can become dependent if not careful. So see it as an extra income, and work towards a position where you will be fine without when the handouts inevitably stop.

  11. The “song and dance” is why women don’t have to put effort toward anything. The welfare state doesn’t help, but you have guys everywhere willing to give a female whatever she wants just so he can get his dick wet, and sometimes the wet part doesn’t even happen. Women get everything handed to them because guys need pussy and females know that. That’s the game. Women are naturally whores, and just because she isn’t being paid with cash, doesn’t mean she’s not trading sex for something.

    1. Its getting worse. If you live or work around the tech sector, the social landscape is overloaded with beta males who have limited social skills, but above average pay checks. They get played so badly by women.

  12. Wasn’t there a cartoon a while back of Mystery riding a tricycle dressed as a clown and honking the horn…neg…neg…neg?

  13. This is what happens when men lose authority over women,. they look weak and become play things for women, unworthy of respect. Never be the nice guy male feminist who kiss their ass in a futile attempt to attain pussy. Women hate that beta shit, even the feminazis who claim to want it.

  14. Another great article. The worst memories of my life are when I look back and remember how much I altered my behavior for a girl. CRINGE. The saddest part is that on the spot attempt at being a new person is exactly what ensured the rejection.

  15. Women actually need men as much as ever. the only difference is they are being taken care of by a collective of men rather than individuals. Through government welfare and cushy corporate jobs (provided by men of course).

  16. Its deeper than that. The social engineering has actually convinced them that they are smarter, stronger, and more capable than men. Even the most vapid, absent minded, usless Western women honestly believe that men are beneath them. The Homer Simpson, Ray Romano, Peter Griffin era has formed the assumption that men are goofy, lost, incompetent chumps that need a woman to clean up after them.
    Like Roosh said above, all the characteristics that make a good man are ignored by mass media (her reference point for how the world works). If her little world revolves around sex and vanity, she has no respect for a hard working, intelligent, virtuous man even if hes alpha. A Harvard educated brain surgeon that saves lives everyday gets less respect than rappers and bikers. Even if they arent attracted to the doctor, he should at least have their respect for being a respectable man.
    All that matters is your SMV. Nothing more. If she thinks her SMV is higher than yours, you are worthless to her, no matter how much you contribute to the planet. Its puzzling that a girl that cant even cook scrambled eggs or read an entire book in her adult life can look down on any other human being but these are the times.

    1. Yeah. I agree. I got into an argument on ROK before about the confidence of young, modern women. I said their confidence is absolutely totally entrenched. Some guys argued against that claiming it’s ‘all show’. I think the confidence they have in their supremacy is complete and it’s brainwashing in its fixedness. It’s not the overcompensating brand of confidence either. It’s an absolute belief in their supremacy. Any evidence to the contrary (like their paltry 1-2% annual patent rate) is just “Phhhtthh. Patriarchy.” Cast off. I have seen 270 pound 24 year old female assholes come into the room (slam the shit out of the door, natch) and just heavy foot around like “Awesomeness is here!” and they mean it truly. I worked with a humongous cow who would show off half of her tits (don’t get excited). Once I happened to inadvertently glance over her way while waiting for some copies. She caught my eye the very moment I glanced and immediately smiled over to her friend like. “Ha ha . I caught the old dude lusting over me.” She really thought that. She is a complete mountain of fat. In her mind, she immediately read it that I was smitten. This was a long, narrow room that I was at the head of too, just to add to how stupid it was for here to see it that way. It’s amazing. They are absolutely sick, 90% of the time. These are not natural human psyches at all and they’re not even close. Be glad though. The utter shittiness of most women, the legal system, the identity based money-shifting system of our gov’t frees you up to live your life like Conan himself. Ha ha. Let the rambling, rootless, slut-filled fantasy life begin (or continue). If you think that committing your life with a modern woman is a good idea then you are legally insane at this point. At least they are showing their cards so obviously. We have to think our well-fed sisters for that. They no longer even try to hide their monstrosity. Just detach yourself from any kind of identity ties to white knights. Don’t think like you’re abandoning one of your ‘male brothers’ to the blue pill. Yeah, you help when you can but ‘Losers gonna lose’. It’s not your problem.

      1. I have a female friend who is rather large and in their early 20’s. We were talking one day and I was encouraging her to diet and lose weight saying she’d be so much happier and healthy if she did. This kicked off a long discussion on happiness and love (basically her saying the same old men should love me for I am and me saying but it is attractiveness that matters to men) and she said “but I am attractive”. Now to be fair, as a friend I may be inadvertently imparting extra points but I give her a solid 2 pushing maybe a 3 because her face is cute. She wears those damn yoga pants everywhere, including work, but she is a good 80lbs overweight for her size and it looks terrible. I asked her, what makes you say you’re attractive? She pulled out her cell phone and showed me her okc and pof profiles, both pushing max number of messages. She had the mastery of big girl looks not so big in her pics and went on to say between the two she gets around 35+ messages a day and has her pick of men on a daily basis. She bangs maybe 5-10 a year and goes on new dates every week. I cautioned her that number of partners actually decreases her value to men who will matter to her and she said, “if a man can’t handle me then he doesn’t deserve me” and picked up her phone as it showed 7 new messages from pof/okc and she said, “oh, this one’s cute, I think I’ll let him take me out this weekend”
        She is very confident because there is no feedback that she shouldn’t be.

        1. The thirst is unbelievable. This is what does us as men as a whole. Betas and Omegas will fuck anything that moves..

        2. “Betas and Omegas will fuck anything that moves..”
          It’s not so much the fucking, but the simp ass behavior that drives the female ego.

        3. I know a girl who is a solid 0.5. She has more beta orbiters than I know words in English. This is a true statement. I kid you not.
          80lbs overweight woman is a lost cause.

        4. I agree…super depressing post…..but also somewhat funny to me…it speaks to both the current mental state of men and woman….just imagine the state of mind a man must get to in order to msg a woman of the caliber described above….great example of feminism literally forcing men who cant suppress their urges for va-j-j to “date down” and actually try to get in between the legs of a monstrosity….personally, I would rather accept that it may be years between sleeping with a woman whos physically attractive,mentally attractive (not a feminist obviously) and who embraces her feminine nature than start dealing with cycloptically ugly mutants with disgusting entitlement issues such as the woman our friend described….the depressing part about the story to me is the fact that this woman apparently has an endless supply of men available despite being a gargoyle, obviously a narcissist…and obviously a product of modern feminism…I tend to offer the solution many do on this site…if your not married and have no children…and your goals in life involve having a family and being married….thats absolutely fine but please dont do it in the west…or in any country that has adopted such extreme feminist/man hating views…..I know the disease is metastasizing like cancers do….but as of today in 2015…there are still a good 60-70 countries in the world where a man can live like a king and be treated like one….

        5. laughing my ass of at your comment regarding being generous with your rating and then giving her a 2 or 3. On a serious note, as others said, that is sad as hell.
          To think overweight behemoth women have their pick of men…such a fucked up situation.

        6. Yeah
          No matter how desperate I got, I’d die before lavishing praise on some narcissistic rhino.
          Thirsty betas are the enemy

        7. Ha ha. Good story and I believe it. I almost got that thirsty twenty years ago in Seattle right before going abroad. I was so freaking hard up for a woman’s body that I almost went the cow route, just to bust a nut on something human and female and more or less warm (I’m sure there are circulation issues). I held off though. What other options do guys have? Guys are just developing fat fetishes. Just like black Americans did. People try to trace it to their roots but I disagree. They just start to realize that fat girls are attainable, therefore sexual, and it’s 85% of them obese so you better start liking it. Black America, here we come.

      2. It’s easy to mistake confidence for arrogance. Modern women are extremely arrogant… more so than at any time in history. This is a compensation for what is in actuality an exceptional lack of true confidence. Riding the cock carousel is an outward expression of the lack of confidence and the need for constant reinforcement. Women today subconsciously deep down understand that the way they’re living is not natural and not healthy… thus they can find no true confidence in their lives because their behavior is a constant undermining of the true values of humanity that are naturally ingrained in us… the values that when we follow them give rise to real, true confidence. When women start living the way nature made us… that’s when they’ll truly have confidence. Women were much more confident when they ran the home. There was a partnership of which they were a part of, and their work was valued and respected. Today… not so much

        1. “thus they cant find true confidence in their lives because their behavior is a constant undermining of the true values of humanity that are naturally ingrained in us… the values that when we follow them give rise to real, true confidence.”
          Amen. Well said.

        2. I get what you’re saying and your thinking is very clear. But I still disagree. I don’t think there is any deep insecurity and, to me, that is what is so phenomenal. I think you see it as a type of defense mechanism or overcompensation and I know what you mean. You might be right. But I think it’s more of a true brainwashing. I don’t think they have any subconscious feelings of being ‘off’. They have never developed any type of neurological wiring that ever allows them to have accountability. I strongly agree with you that I should have swapped out ‘confidence’ for ‘arrogance’ though. Confidence implies ability. Arrogance is just a self-valuation term.

        3. I think melmoth is spot on here. It seems that American women have little depth of thought, and because of this lack of insight, are unable to feel guilty or ‘off’. It literally “does not compute” for them.
          This exceptional lack of self-consciousness is astounding, consequently, men’s emotional and intellectual worlds are far more vast than a woman’s.
          This lack of sentience in women, often, to me, makes them seem like vegetables.

      3. It’s a tough call to say whether Americunts have confidence or none at all. After reading Deebos’ story below about the fat friend who is getting so much attention she can have her pick of men, it’s easy to say they all have faux confidence (by faux, I mean they have nothing to be confident about, in particular, but are still snooty anyway).
        But, on the other hand, I firmly believe that every American girl has a deep seated fundamental unhappiness inside. I know a good woman who won a large political election, attractive even after kids, who breaks down often. I know a hot HB9+ who is on local television, 23 years old, with severe depression and self image problems (she also had something weird, scarring or something on her body, she got naked one time, I never got the explanation). I know a happy go lucky, fit, non-tattoed long haired yoga instructor, who regularly gets drunk and reveals inner anger and rage problems.
        So… confident? I don’t know. I think the true answer is that they are completely insecure about themselves. But at the same time they are fully confident at their ability to get men. What does that tell you about how they view these men?

      4. I would argue that it’s all show. Why? Because it falls apart the moment they see something they really want, but cannot have. I’ve been in the friendzone of one chick who seemed immensely confident – she even told me that she didn’t like me because I wasn’t. Yet she herself would cling to men who she deemed superior.
        It’s a two-sided coin. If you seem inferior, she will dismiss you. If you seem superior, she will cling.
        In a way, it’s like plate spinning. An illusion of confidence through constant approval. I argue that true confidence doesn’t need approval and knows neither condescension nor pedestalization. Let me be more provocative: I argue that that is the normal state of being.

        1. I understand the ‘all show’ angle and I can see how you could be right here. I get both sides of this. I want to add a new twist. Maybe we’re dealing with a completely new human psychological paradigm. At no point in history has half the population been so extraordinarily coddled from a psychological standpoint. They get to think whatever they want to think in any situation. Even if it is a flat contradiction they can just play the ‘Misogyny!’ card when the irrationality is pointed out. No entire demographic in world history has been allowed to go through life with the spoiled, domineering mentality of a boy-king in an oligarchy. I think we’re both projecting elements of our own psyche onto psychologically spoiled females. I (and likely you) have experienced confident, arrogant, and overcompensating phases. Then we’re figuring them out with those human psychological mechanics. But we’re looking at something here that has been taken to socio-pathic levels and we’re missing the mark by applying normal mental patterns to it. For a group to so quickly make cultural, social and economic power gains without any accomplishment or worthiness behind it is leading to some bizarre mental alchemy here, though widespread.

        2. The history bit is interesting, I haven’t thought of that. My knowledge is not very good, thus I can only guess whether that is true.
          Spoiled citizens shouldn’t be anything new, though – think bread and circuses.
          Though, god gave us rationality to explain things, not to deem them unexplainable, my friend. As long as a certain hypothesis isn’t proven wrong (normal psychology), why would I assume it is?
          I have experience with the overconfidence of thinking you are by far superior. Had this in my job for the past two years. Perfectly underchallenged, irreplaceable. I acted like an idiot – people didn’t like me, but they needed me and rarely called me out, if ever. One day, I went into my bosses bureau and announced that I would change my price. To be honest, I was too scaredycat to flat out quit, so I more than doubled my price. He protested and called me not loyal. I didn’t care. He didn’t fire me, but gave me what I wanted.
          Being in such a ridiculously high demand does something to your mind: You lose respect for those who need you, because they will do anything to have you. You also lose any incentive to actually invest real effort.
          End of 2014, I actually quit; I got depressed from that job. Now I am slowly starting to realize what even two years of little effort did to my abilities which are now slightly outdated. Boy, am I fearful and motivated to get going now! It was the surrounding where I would get low quality praise all the time; praise I didn’t even value anymore.
          That fat girl? What is she doing to improve the quality she gets? She only gets more from the same all the time. I don’t think she’s happy. Overconfidence isn’t a sign of happiness; rather of boredom.

        3. Well you got out of line a little but something inside you registered that and your accountability allowed you to learn from that. That’s mental functioning that doesn’t exist in females. Oh well, at least at this point it’s painfully obvious. Any young man who can’t see the very obvious bad signs is just a fool at this point. It’s almost like a guy can’t bitch about women these days. It’s obvious how ruined they are.

        4. I don’t have anything but marginal field experience. But I do remember an incident when I laughed while talking to a girl on the phone. She snapped and barked at me: “Are you laughing at me, you pisser?” I was fascinated.
          I’ll come back at this discussion when I have more experience.

    2. Is a doctor a clown? Does a doctor dance and sing and prance through a burning ring? If not he will not get any respect. That is all that gets you respect from woman in todays world, being a clown, PERIOD.

      1. Imagine going to post secondary school for at least a decade, indebting yourself (to some degree im sure…if not for money than at least for your time)…becoming a brain surgeon who not only saves the lives of children,men and women….but realizing that in order to be deemed a worthwhile pursuit for the majority of western women….you literally have to dumb yourself down to such a level whereby whatever gong show of a convo you have with that woman will most likely bear no resemblance to the life saving man you’ve built yourself to be…but instead will reflect this apparent new found need to play the role of the court jester using all kinds of techniques and strategies….because the effort,money,time,persistence,etc that you put into becoming the brain surgeon you are… less attractive to the modern woman than the guy who can drunkenly play the first few chords of hotel california on the guitar….basically my point is that if your a master of any STEM field….and wanna get laid these days….learn a few classics on the guitar…or the drums….girls also like drums…and lastly, get your motorcycle license…even if you dont own a bike…being able to ride one gets ladies wet….and once youve done those things and shes lying in bed beside you after a full night of pussy slaying….then you can bore her to death with all your stories about the lives youve saved…just dont expect to see her again since nothing dries up the loins of a modern western woman quicker than a story about saving a life, creating a world changing technology or stories about the actual effort you had to expend to become the brain surgeon you are…..stick to guitar….in the words of metallica…its sad but true

        1. A brain surgeon can rarely save a life. Most people with a serious brain problem are going to end up dying anyways. All the brain surgeon can really do is try to buy the person some time.
          And come on dude, is it any surprise to you women don’t want to fuck nerds/geeks. If you are making into med school, and then doing the extra 4 years ontop of the 4 years of med school to become a brain surgeon. You probably spent until you are 30 until you were in school. And a brain surgeon will never be able to dumb himself down enough to attract the kind of girl he wants. At that point the best he can do is try to find himself a gold digger or a village girl.
          WEstern women want clowns, the government gives them money, they have dick on dial, all they need is a clown.

        2. She doesnt have to be sexually attracted to hum, but she should respect him as a man. That’s the whole issue here. If her respect for a person extends only as far as their SMV, she is a pathetically shallow human being.

    3. “A Harvard educated brain surgeon that saves lives everyday gets less respect than rappers and bikers.”
      Why do I find this statement true, yet so sad

      1. Just think that scientist that landed a probe or some shit onto a comet and was shamed to tears for wearing a shirt with sexy women patterns. What he did was figuratively and literally out of this world amazing yet the feminists and white knights didn’t even recognized this achievement. Sick!

        1. Yeah and it was simply his lucky bowling shirt and he needed luck that day. It was also a shirt made for him by a female friend and the images were sheer pedestalization of women. Beyond words how stupid feminists reaction was.

        2. What year was this again?
          You know, eventually us men will have a lot of questions to answer. First one: how the fuck did we let this happen?

        3. That was one of the most disgusting and annoying examples of feminist ideologies affecting mainstream media ive ever seen….in the future expect things like “man cures aids,cancer and ebola with newly discovered technology…but….during the public announcement revealing this breakthrough to the world….he wore an all black suit and black shirt and tie showing his true masogynistic nature due to lack of his outfit representing more colours that women and the LGBT community find attractive…..he will be jailed for 6 months and his discovery credited to the hillary clinton foundation”…..ugg

    4. Its all false bravado. Your average woman is replete with insecurities.
      If you have to demonstrate how confident you are then you are not confident at all.

      1. Its the definition of narcissism: false ego. They’re delusional because their world has reinforced their sense of entitlement from birth. Narcissists only change when narcissistic supply (male attention) is no longer available (when they hit the wall). Only then will reality slap them in the face and make them face their incompetence.

      2. Absolutely correct. People who say “I don’t care what people think about me” are usually the ones who care the most what people think.

    5. “If her little world revolves around sex and vanity, she has no respect for a hard working, intelligent, virtuous man even if hes alpha”
      This is the ultimate red pill truth.
      Bottom fucking line. Well said.

  17. We need to stop blaming women.We need to blame the previous generation and our generation of MEN.We let this happen! MEN didnt fight p.c bullshit when it was starting to gain steam.Men but particularly p.c ambulance chaser/ S.J.W pandering LAWYERS fucked us all. They were the ones that saw an easy paycheck when someones feelings got hurt, when some idiot burnt themselves with a hot coffee or fell off a swing set .The institutions such as the work place and schools adopted this pussy enabling culture because lawyers went after any institution that didnt clearly define any kind of protocol that didnt give woman and any other feeble less capable, thin skinned pussy excuse for a human being to sue if we didnt lower the bar for them.
    You want to know who to blame.The couch jockey assholes that watch E.S.P.N all fucking night and weekend rather than C-SPAN and keeping an eye on those pieces of shit in Washington D.C that sold us out. But no… American men cant be bothered with politics.They’d rather hide from the real alpha in the house (his wife )in his “man” cave and watch other pussified men on network t.v like King of Queens .The Simpsons, Ray Romano and all the other shows where the man is brow beaten and defeated just like him. We need to stop blaming women and Blame the beta beaten nation for the shit we’re in.

    1. It was the WW2, Silent, and especially the baby boomers who fucked this country up. Gen X is one of the smallest generations and just does not have the power to do it. The Gen X’s did start the redpill and the manosphere to get the ball rolling. The Millennial’s seem to be off to a good start with a total marriage strike and are dropping out of the economic system. The Millennial’s strike on marriage and refusing to work hard to support this rotten system will eventually destroy the current system, unless the elites figure out some way of motivating them the system will soon crash…

      1. the white race will die off and USA will be a mexican shithole.
        Hardly any millennials have more than 1 or 2 kids. To them, having 1 kid is a huge inconvenience and change in their lives whereas a mexican woman will have 4 or 5 kids by 28.
        White women refuse to see the big picture or any world beyond themselves. This is what happens when you dont control women, civilization collapses.
        Men simply wont work hard without having a nice wife and family unit to support him as a reward.
        Fuck, my old friend is a young attorney at a top firm making 100k, him and his wife dont even have 1 fucking kid, whereas some broke minorities have 4 kids already.
        Any man with half a brain is MGTOW in this environment.

        1. I’ve been thinking the same thing lately, we ultimately have no future and are being bred out by the Communists and ZWO.

      2. You’re also right. The so called idealistic boomers,the peace loving hippies that laid down then took it in the ass from feminists and eventually the p.c thought fascists. The hippie generation that left Haight Street in the late seventies and nestled into Wall Street and ripped this country off. The Bernie Maddoffs, The Enrons, The big banks that fucked our economy and hijacked our government.
        Millennials might be giving nothing to feed the system but not consciously and strategically.They just happen to be preoccupied by their own smartphone narcissism like a generation strung out on heroin. Sure they’re disillusioned but I dont see them doing anything about it or protesting the system in any way.

      3. If you look at the big names of the counter culture, the Hoffmans, Steinems, Lennons and Dylans, you will find that most of them were Silents, with a few “Greatest” (such as Tim Leary). People who grew up knowing nothing but The Depression and the war.
        ” . . . unless the elites figure out some way of motivating them the system will soon crash…”
        What if crashing the system is what the elites are aiming for? It is the express goal of socialist theory.

    2. When I read the comments here I see a world full of blind men desperately searching the darkness for a glimmer of light which they will never find because they have lost the ability of sight.

    3. Dear Cat5krusher,
      “I find your ideas intriguing, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter…”
      Seriously. Excellent comment. Agreed 100 percent.

      1. Thanks Travis, As for now I dont have a blog or newsletter. Sometimes my comments are pretty hamfisted depending on the time I have to write them. Usually I piss a lot of people off.Thanks though..I appreciate it.

  18. If you want to play clown game, here are my suggestions:
    1) Learn to read tarot cards (palm reading is old and women are on to it).
    2) Master at least one origami animal.
    3) Have two or three song your can KTV the shit out of.
    4) Memorize a few love poems that you can rattle off.

    1. Wow Scorpio. All four of those things are not even blue pill. More like ‘sky blue pill’. Trolling? Brilliant, if so.

      1. Actually I checked his other comments. He’s in China. You can actually be a human being in China and the women are cool enough to respond to it. You don’t have to pull ‘Ex-con/stock broker in a Dr. Seuss hat’ game. You can just be a person. That’s what happens when the obesity rate is less than 1% as opposed to 85%.
        Am I right Scorpio?

        1. Well, I’m ex-military and a former lawyer. The women here are awesome. There is no CC to speak of so it is hard to get with the 18-22 crowd. However, Chinese women do not hit the wall until a lot later than Western girls.
          I was being facetious and yet deadly serious. I can’t use my tricks here because most of them don’t speak English well.

        2. As things are shaping up, if I do return to North America (Canada) I intend on having something like this in tow.

        3. What about staying over here. Why go home? Clean air maybe. I’m running the same game you are. One thing about going home (even with a nice Asian bride) is that you still have to be around Anglo-Tyranno Cunt-Whores. Just listening to their voices and their general shit. Also, get ready for some shit from them about your own wife. If you have any kind of temper issues you ought to stay in Asia. Just ideas for you.

        4. Clean air, better housing standards, toilets that you don’t have to squat over, seeing my family more than once a year, more varieties of food, less censorship, better job opportunities (but we will see about that), having a driver’s license without learning a whole new language. Still, I don’t see it happening all too soon. Ontario is quite the mess and Toronto is particularly bad. Can’t do a regime change until 2018. Meanwhile if the country gives Justin Trudeau a majority that will be 5 years of even more shit.
          I have some IP coming down the pike that could net me six figures US and I don’t need the tax man to take a quarter, a third or even half of that. The game plan is to stay here for another year so as not to be tagged with Canadian residence, save my money, and then if I go back to Canada I can buy modest house for cash and no mortgage. I have to see if I can generate a steady income stream and perhaps produce more. Then it will be a question of whether I could make it a full-time job, or if it only viable to do part time. Then that changes my whole employment situation here along with my own residence status.
          As for dealing with the Jurassic Pork, I don’t have to deal with lawyers or clients – specifically the females – anymore. I am not intending on going corporate so I don’t have to deal with ridiculous office politics and harassment codes of conduct. I don’t have female friends and I gave up worrying about what my family thinks ever since I started dating teenagers again when I was in my 30s. My male friends are all shacked up with foreign women: Brazilian, Mexican, Chinese. They and their SOs really can’t give me grief. The place is crawling with bitches but I can’t think of where I would have much meaningful interaction with them if I wife-up and am self employed.

        5. That’s a good plan. With all that cash though take it slow. What about Cuba, Columbia, Thailand? I wish I were in your shoes. I wouldn’t take it back to Cuntsville North America. The thing is, even if you get a nice bride you still have to be around those cunts. I think I already said that. The voices, the complaining, the arrogance. It sucks to be around.

        6. Cuba would be easy visa-wise, I think. Not sure about Columbia. Thailand would be cheap but it is still pretty third world and I have no idea about visa requirements. A friend of mine could probably set me up in Budapest.
          I’m not spinning plates I’m “exploring my options” with these girls. The thing is, I am in Jinan, which is very provincial. It’s difficult to expand those options because there are not a lot of English speaking girls here. And it is otherwise a kind of sucky city. Shanghai is bustling (modern amenities and scads of eligible women) but is expensive and has terrible air quality. The nicest city I have been to is Xiamen: clean, cosmopolitan, semi-tropical. However, the Chinese have their own fucked up visa system where their own citizens can’t freely move about.

  19. I was thinking today that the fate of all western women is that they will all eventually be like american black women, nasty, masculinized big booty hoes, and their sons will all be feminized man children. The state of blacks today is where it’s all headed.
    The welfare state for women must be stopped. We need to take they welfare away and straighten they asses out.

    1. You’re not the first to think that. Some black dude somewhere in the manosphere wrote an extraordinary essay about that exact thing.

      1. That I believe was re-posted on TRP not too long ago, it was great, if you find the link, post it!

    2. ROK did an article on that once saying the whole country in heading towards the way the black community went.

    3. This phenomena your referring to has already been talked about here on ROK, like others said though…I can’t seem to find the link for it.

    4. The obsession with ass is a clear indicator of society regressing to a life of primitive, carnal desires. Ten years ago, if you told a white girl she had a fat ass she would cry and call you am asshole.

  20. I’ve read this before on your site Roosh.
    Truly is one of your timeless works.
    Speaks for a while generation of men whether they realize it or not.

    1. I remember reading this on The Roosh site a while back an it syruck a cord with me back then aswell. Women in The West do see men as clowns, how you give them tingles is what your value is based on. There’s exceptions to this as there is with everythimg but it’s the general rule. It’s more than just that women have a nanny state looking after them it’s also the portrayal of women being superior to men in every that gets promoted by the mass media.

      1. There is another article on this site by Athlone Mgginnis about the black community in america and how it is completely directed by female hypergamy.
        Eventually the only man that means anything to women is the bad boy poser. High intelligence gentlemen become obsolete and the community heads towards the lowest common denominator.
        The author predicted that this is where society in General is going and it seems to be true.
        That bad boy? He’s just another clown as well. I really think men of intelligence end up marginalized unless they learnto play the game. The other option is to stockpile your resources and look for greener pastures… Let this social experiment play itself out and watch from the outside…

        1. I can confirm that women strongly admire a man with a brain, body, solid career and the balls to back it up.
          Come roll with me sometime and you’ll see what I mean….

  21. I agree with Roosh 100% on this, anyone who consistently games women anywhere will find this to be true. Be a clown, and you’ll have woman lining up to speak to you or hang out with. Why do woman leave a man… he is boring…. female code for he was not a big enough clown to keep me entertained. I had girls literally ask me out right, I am bored, entertain me. Of course your majesty!!! This is around the time when I decided I was sick of being a clown. A real man isn’t a clown. And being a real man might not get me as much pussy as a clown but my dignity won’t allow me to sing and dance, jump through a burning ring and prance for the entertainment of some cunt merely because she has a vagina. And of course what do I get for acting foolish? Vagina. Which I can pay for.

    1. Legalizing prostitution will level the playing field overnight.
      Beta men with no game can pay for it, thus reducing their simping to hot girls. Alpha can swoop in for the kill.

      1. Feminist oppose legalization of prostitution for men. Men should not be allowed to pay for sex and not get in trouble because if they can, who will clown for them?

    2. “I had girls literally ask me out right, I am bored, entertain me. Of course your majesty!!!”
      Was that a shit-test? Could you have responded with – “No, you entertain ME.”

      1. Not a shit test. You see, their worlds are so boring, their only usage for a man is for purposes of entertainment. Is it any coincidence women are attracted to men who can dance, sing, perform magic, act, rap, paint, do art, tell jokes, or can consistently good and entertaining stories, hell even drive a cool motorcycle. Any man who can entertain consistently can have an endless supply of women consistently.
        Women do not have the ability to entertain men, they have nothing of substance outside their cunt holes and most of them know it, it would be useless to request them to do something beyond their capacity.
        Besides these request often come from women who like me.
        It can’t be a shit test because you can’t fail it. If you entertain them, they think you are charismatic. If you ignore them or tell them to fuck off, they’ll like you more, because women are morons.

  22. When I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t see a man who has improved himself over the years to be the best that his genes allow—I see a glittery skirt that a girl encounters in the mall.

    Biggest downfall of the Red Pill is that it causes great cynicism.

    1. Still better than blue pill where you end up an alimony and child support slave while your ex is sucking off a fun badboy in the house you paid for.

      1. The worst thing about being old is poor.
        Don’t be poor, keep your money away from the piglets.

    2. At first it does because you realize how much time you wasted on approval but after you really understand your situation then you are really better off. I don’t think it’s cynicism at all just some regret issues at first.

  23. i`ve met girls who indeed somehow seemed to need a clown-like guy. guess what? i passed on them. its not like me to act like an obvious idiot. i dont enjoy it and shows zero self respect. if you want to dance like this then well, go on. but since im tall and physically rather intimidating and somehow, in a non obvious way, threatening, i have no problems getting emotions started in them. when i first heard about dread game i was laughing my ass off, because thats what i usually do without conscious effort. but if you want to be a clown and dance to womans demands, then good luck with your life.
    maybe try to think about a notch count YOU are happy with. then look how you can realize that WITHOUT making a moron out of yourself. if you truly internalized that youre a badass and everythings your playground, then there is no need to be a clown. wether this believe is true or not doesnt really matter. but if you live like a badass (chasing ruthlessly what you like) then there is a chance, that you are one.

    1. ‘Clown’ simply means entertaining her, not necessarily being a jackass.
      If you dont have good conversational skills, can say and do interesting shit then she is not entertained by you.
      You basically have to be a highlight reel to keep her hooked. Their attention spans are very short and dumb. Thats why primal behavior ‘Clown’ or hyper-aggressive badboy is attractive to women.
      A stable guy with an accounting degree who talks about sports is very boring to women.
      That’s why so much of PUA is devoted to storytelling and words. If you dont keep the dog engaged, it will get bored and find a new toy.

      1. “Clown’ simply means entertaining her, not necessarily being a jackass.”
        If you have to put in conscious effort to entertain her, then this is not much different from being a clown. if you have your shit together, your life and stories should be interesting enough. if not, you know what to work on. if she still is bored, go to someone else.

  24. All red pill men should have a goal in life and follow it. Don’t bother wasting your time chasing after most millennial women, they are naught but spoilt children. i myself, made the mistake of chasing women as my top priority in my life in my teenage years, waste of time.

    1. You know, when I think about, I’m 37 now, I really did waste time, money and just life in general. In my 20’s it seemed like it was an imperative to go to the club get fucked up and bang as many girls as possible. If I didn’t there was this irritating sense that I was missing out. The culture had a lot to do with it, my peers did the exact same thing. Delaying gratification or being able to control urges or seeking balance over excess…shoot, I’d be in a much better place and I was probably average in my club going, fucked-up(ness). I never did E or coke etc. I remember fellas all making the 40 to 45 a year masquerading to girls by faking as though they were “ballers” spending money they simply didn’t have and what little we did could have been spent on something better.
      With that knowledge and wisdom in hand, today, we can repair ourselves and develop hope for the future. The red pill is community/Manosphere is perfect for that. Importantly, once we’re sufficiently established, and its only a matter of time, we can start to influence our younger sons. In the meantime, its both perplexing and downright infuriating, at times, to observe this same immature and irresponsible behavior in today’s “women”. Because we know how destructive it was and meaningless to the soul. Yet, the media boasts about women this and woman that. How? If you act that way if that is your value system…how could you be an effective corporate leader, executive or whatever? How?
      Answer: welfare state, affirmative action, quotas…basically women voting in “rights” to have them hired and placed into certain stations in life. Or another way voting in the “right” to act like clowns or children.

      1. Very insightful comment, I appreciate finding the redpill/rok philosophy in my late teenage years. Has helped tremendously in the past 5-6 years I have implemented it.
        I see the path of these 20 years old drinking, not lifting, just partying and wasting your years away as if this lifestyle is forever. They forget about the long term plan and how the 20s are the time you lay down your foundation of the future. It’s truly sad, but they’re long gone. Any help you give them, goes in 1 ear and out the other.

  25. This is why I don’t take Anglicized/Anglo western women seriously anymore.
    I am not here to make a saint out of Gwenhwyfar.

    1. Yeah. That’s the key. It’s Anglicized women not natural females which are still to be found elsewhere. They’re not perfect but at least being with them is good for your cock and balls. Being around Anglo women makes you feel like you just had some chemo done to your nutsack.

      1. I personally noticed that during my visit to a Celtic Faire, I didn’t find any book about Gwenhwyfar. AT. ALL.
        That alone speaks volumes to me.

  26. “Even in Eastern Europe, a woman needs a man as much as a cat needs milk. They would prefer the best man or the best milk, but they can surely live without.”
    While it is true that women don’t need a man, they do need men, as a whole. We men are the ones who are responsible for funding the vast social welfare safety net that so many women depend on. We men are also the ones who have created the overwhelmingly majority of the world’s wealth, which is the reason women don’t seem to need a man. If it weren’t for men picking up the slack at the workplace, women wouldn’t have their cozy affirmative action jobs either.
    Women need men — they just don’t seem to need a man (but they do want a man).

    1. Right. The feminism however, completely disincentives men to do their best in producing such wealth anymore. For example, I have no desire to make more money because I know most of it will go to either the State or to her. So why bother? With that being said, the society will stop functioning if the trend continues.

    2. Women want male attention, but they don’t really want the male; at least until the attention dies way down.

  27. Why blame women when most men, including the writer, seek sex in women. If you really value yourself then control your urges until you find a lady worthwhile your time and efforts and stop complaining about those girls that got used to be treated like you: ” I will perform like the good clown I am so that she is entertained enough to have sex with me.”

  28. I’m wondering, why do you still bother with gaming? I understand why you started and I respect that you help the rest of us learn from it, but at this point, why keep going?

    1. I think it’s all Roosh knows. I’ve mentioned this before, but traditional Game works well, but only for short term relationships. It does not work in the long term. Women have different sets of criteria for long term and short term partners, as do men. Most Women don’t want to commit to an alpha anymore than men want to commit to a slut. Both cannot be trusted in a faithful LTR. Women want a man who will stick around, and alphas just don’t. LTRs require a different kind of game, although there is overlap. Assholes don’t make good long term partners. Roosh is in his late 30s. Surely, sooner or later pump-and-dumping is going to lose its thrill..

      1. The difference between now and the past prior to about 1970 is that the women are not looking for long term until they are 30+. When they are at the advantage in the SMP they are only interested in short term. Many commenters have noted that the easiest way to divest yourself of a young woman of whom you have tired is to start talking about settling down and having kids. You won’t see her for the dust. The last thing these women want is a compatible relationship. What they want first and almost exclusively is drama. That means they want excitement and entertainment; because you know they are the stars of the movie running in their heads. This is the only reality of which they can conceive. You are just a bit player that can be let in or kicked out of the story at any time since she is the star, the writer, the director, and the producer of this movie. If you fail to entertain, than what use are you?
        Later, in her 30s, when the looks have faded, and her options are more limited, then she will start to look for those long term character traits in men. Until then, exciting alpha that will pump her and dump her, cheat on her and leave her, and maybe even knock her up are exactly what she wants. She wants that dancing clown that entertains.

      1. And since they are lonely and insane, they are easy pickings to be co-opted into the latest “cause” as they have no hubby or kids to keep them centered…its scary…all these crazy old biddies here in nyc filling up their days with braindead causes like getting horse-drawn carriages banned. Is that the BEST you can come up with??

  29. ‘Clown game’ is more satisfying with Asian women, particularly from South East Asia, because they appreciate the effort to make them laugh and they aren’t too critical of your general ‘performance’. Western cunts though will sit back and judge you harshly by standards that they themselves couldn’t possibly live up to.
    I work with a lot of Vietnamese women at my current job and they are mostly a pleasure to be around. They like to talk and laugh and enjoy the company of men. Most of the guys at my work ignore the Aussie bitches. Seriously, we just ignore them. We talk to the Viets and the two girls in their 20’s from Malaysia.
    When you hang around women like that, it makes you feel good to be a man. When you hang around too long with western cunts, you just want to chop your own balls off.
    The other advantage with Viets is that they often look 10 years younger than their age. The woman I’m trying to pick up now is in her early 30’s but doesn’t look a day over 23.

    1. I agree with how the Asians age, but there are simply no single first generation Asians around here, except for divorcees and some 12 year old kids. I did meet a 40-something divorcee and she looked 22.

      1. For sure. One of the ladies I work with is 43 and looks 32-33 at the absolute oldest. The only indicator that she isn’t in her 20’s is her hands. Her face is immaculate. I can’t see one line on there.

  30. This article sounds so sincere and bitter… It is like a window to the soul of someone who has been in the dating scene for long and feels dejected by now. It does not focus on giving useful advice or being funny like other articles in this site (the “lets legalize rape” was particulary hilarious, specially for the hyserical reactions it created), but it is a beautiful text.

  31. While I´m most impressed by Roosh´s political thinking of late, this article shows one of the major inner contradiction of the manosphere, or of returnofkings: hedonism versus traditionalism.
    I want to be blunt: game is hedonism! Who the heck are we fooling!? Game was for fun, for pleasure. Game wasn´t about… uuh wifing up, family values. It´s the total opposite, stupid !
    So how came in the traditionalism? Simple: by the subject of “masculinity”, and traditional gender roles. Now that goes along well with hedonism: sex only is fun with “traditional” gender roles. I want a hot, real woman, and women want real men.
    But then, the arguing took a turn in the other direction: all on a sudden, the manosphere is about bitching how women are sluts and promiscuous, and…. uuh all we wanted was to find a woman to start a family.
    It was never about that in game ! Game NEEDS women to be sluts !
    So get the stuff straight. What is it about: hunting women and wanting to bed as many as possible? Or wanting ONE woman and wanting that women DO NOT sleep with the gamers??
    This makes no sense. It comes across as dishonest and hypocritical, at least as illogical. The article appears whiny: uuh I have to make the clown YES you have to make the clown that´s the whole point of game: bring your show, and get your reward. What´s the point !?
    This is the age-old problem of the latin man: desiring all women and at the same time detesting all of the very women he was eventually able to bed ! I will not buy into that narrative! I´m a decided hedonist and I take full responsability and that means: I accept, I WANT, women to be promiscuous and I do NOT detest them for it. I consider erotics as an artistic expression. Yes, it poses problems for aspects of… well eventually it boils down to the problem of fatherhood and cuckolding: but that is manageable, and anybody who wants to enjoy the erotic pleasures of the women around him, has to contribute to make that endeavour manageable.
    As said above, I like a lot about Roosh´s political thinking, I´m blown away by his recent new term of “neo-masculinity”, and his understanding of the whole SJW-, or if you want, cultural-marxism thing. But in the question of game, hedonism and traditionalism, I see a major contradiction and I don´t consider the presently offered attitudes towards them as a useful position.

    1. What is game and how is it different than the mating rituals that many other animals do within the courting process?

    2. Pickup is dependent on game, but game is not dependent on pickup.
      But yes, as I have noted before, one if the problems that “neo” masculinist sites such as RoK are facing is outgrowing their roots in the pickup community.

      1. it seems people want to buy into the narrative that there is a set and defined madonna/whore complex and that mentality is part of the problem. I would not expect a perfectly chaste woman nor would i expect a woman of the night who blows guys for crack. if a guy decides that he doesn’t want to “game’ then he can settle down with a sizeable amount of women who are not exclusively religious who do not have an outrageous sexual history.

      2. I prefer to think of it as ‘growing up’
        eventually every man has to leave blatant narcissism behind and ask himself the four basic questions:
        What is worth fighting for?
        What is worth Killing for?
        What is worth Living for?
        What is worth dying for?
        Don’t get me wrong, until such time as the morality changes to the point where ‘pick up artists’ are again hunted down and hanged, I am totally in favor of them plying their trade… and exposing the poorly-trained whores to their own downfall. I consider PUA’s a weeding process to destroy the badly socialized women that have attained the majority in this culture.
        but every PUA must eventually set aside sowing his wild oats, and make a decision…. is he going to marry a Latina (Or eastern european, asian, or other well-socialized woman) and proceed to create his immortality?, or is he going to go MGTOW and live his life as a Monk? (There are of course, alternatives, like going full-time dom or becoming Robert Downey or Charlie Sheen)
        You cannot play games forever, eventually they lose their luster. Adulthood sucks, but it comes to every man the more he realizes the truth. And it is not a bad thing. Being a red pill husband or monk is better than being a permanent purple-pill child.

    3. Excellent post.
      ” But in the question of game, hedonism and traditionalism, I see a major contradiction and I don´t consider the presently offered attitudes towards them as a useful position.”
      Could they be opposite sides of the same coin?

    4. This is the best article/discussion I have read here. It brings into focus the issue which makes me a frequent visitor but not a vocal proponent.

  32. Wow… a bleak picture of modern society. The problem here of course is socialist government. And this problem extends beyond relationships but into the family. The government has successfully removed the man from the picture by providing education, employment law, funds and housing.
    The man as provider has essentially been outlawed. This is our function and the government has replaced us. In such a situation, for what does a woman need a man? Only to impregnate her. Then he can leave and let “Big Daddy” take over.

    1. Women have the vote and (male) politicians are willing to pander to them and the feminine imperative. If women couldn’t vote Obama would have lost both elections and Stephen Harper would remain in 24 Sussex for the next 15 years. Obviously, not all women are liberals and not all men are conservatives but the split in their thinking is obvious and measureable.

  33. Is this clownish attitude having a detrimental effect on mens self esteem? Suicide statistics? 8 out of 10 suicides in Ireland at the moment…. men…..
    “Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, “Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. Says, “But doctor…I am Pagliacci.”
    Want to be a clown?

  34. There’s no way women can continue to participate in western society with
    the same privileges – it’s simply too fucking gruesome having to interact with
    them in any other context beyond nutting on their dopey, slutty faces.
    There isn’t enough humiliation and shame that can befall career and
    college cunts who think Men exist for their amusement.
    Right now we need to rally around Men who are being persecuted for branding and destroying pedestalized harpy cunts. Here’s what is incumbent upon all of us to perpetuate…
    How are men like this not being celebrated for their heroism?? We need ten times more civil disobedience like this to turn the tides on this nauseating effete culture we’re plagued with.

    1. Fuck a slut once and she “walk of shames” for a day… Fuck her surreptitiously on film and she “walk of shames” for life! LOL

  35. Is there any adult man left in America who is reasonably masculine and has reasonable levels of testosterone and who has not yet been financially raped by the state for the benefit of women ?..
    When is the critical mass going to be reached to explicitly rebel against this police state whose existence depends on its ruthless enslavement and exploitation of the male energy ??? There is no American man left who is exempt from this tormenting existence, yet every day is business as usual and America keeps getting prosperous with its men living like cows with some toys thrown in to keep them sedated…
    I did a Master’s degree in America and couldn’t escape the country fast enough when I saw the hypocrisy and the double standards against men at every institution. So I’m still wondering how could any reasonable masculine guy still want to immigrate there, work there or study there or live there. America is the Saudi Arabia for men. So then why are its emasculated tortured men not exiting that shit hole en masse ???

    1. You can regain your testes back but modern day woman mouth never shuts up. All of us will just have to deal with that.

      1. No all of us need to overwhelm the system with a constant barrage of domestic “discipline” :^) They can’t arrest all of us for spanking our whoores (across their big fucking mouths) LOL

    2. Men today do not become men until the red pill has been violently shoved down their throat.
      There are a few exceptions, but in general… No. No man can become a real man until he has been psycholically/mentally/physically horribly damaged by the blue pill system.
      People, in the end, can only eliminate their preconceptions with pain.
      Red Pill men are like a cat that has sat on a hot stove. They will never again sit on a hot stove, but they are just as unlikely to ever sit on a cold stove, either.

  36. I said it on your previous article and you deleted it.let’s see if you do it again. But when I focus on frame control, improving myself, and fitness then women seem to come naturally and game seems easy,natural, and makes me feel like anything but a clown. I don’t humiliate myself, “tap dance” or any of that bullshit you talk of. I talk to women I’m interested in. I feel like a fucking man, not a clown. What is up with this bullshit?

  37. Bunch of whining pussies here, blaming western women for their problems. Beta as fuck, improve your game and yourself and I GUARANTEE you can fuck an abundance of western women with ease, and witjout commitment.

    1. you must be a magician or a trust fund baby to have so much time to be getting laid constantly. Oh you also didn’t allude to the weight of the women you fuck. Are they heavy hangers? you make it sound so easy. You probably get deleted because you’re full of shit or gay.

    1. Are you retarded? Your comments are below, “Bunch of whining pussies here…” and “I said it on your previous article and you deleted it…”
      Why don’t you learn how to use a fucking web browser? Idiot.

  38. A little hedonism before traditionalism doesn’t hurt. A young man has to experiment a little bit before settling down. As a married guy I see the game as a waste of time. Too much energy and creativity for so little results. With age you wanna get straight to the point : pussy without the marketing pitch around aka game. Think about it, you really think decent women get drunk in bars ? only sluts do.

    1. you are right. gaming takes time away from the hobbies or projects you love. I take a few months to game then I realize I miss my hobbies and go back and forth. It is hard to do both and earn a living as well.

  39. This article pisses me off not because I think it’s BS but because I know this is the truth. Really makes me wish that the Western society collapses on to itself so that perpetrators realize and pay for the damage they have caused.

      1. Well the true perpetrators are gonna get away with it but the SJWs helping them will be victims like the rest of us. Maybe even worse when they’re the ones taking the blame.

  40. If ALL men thought like this…. AND stood their ground refusing to be a clown, refusing to engage in the proverbial tap dance, and refusing to give any smug stuck up bitch the time of day (let alone the dick)…. things would change overnight.

  41. Then cum in her mouth and ask if it tastes ‘Funny’………
    Lets keep it in perspective….How many women can work and have that above average lifestyle………”independently”.

  42. You point our a few times that women no longer need men (and men no longer need women), but that’s not entirely true. Women still depend on men to build their lofts and keep the toilet flowing, to pave their roads, build and design their cars, and to keep the electricity flowing to their appliances. Most of all, women need men to continue paying taxes, or all these government benefits will disappear, and she will learn why it is that women did nothing but have babies and take care of the home for most of history; they are not physically suited for independence, whether or no they have children. Maybe one in a million women could survive in the wilderness or a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but for the most part women can only function as ‘strong and independent’ when there are men working to keep her safe, comfortable and happy.
    Men, on the other hand, don’t truly need women for anything. There is not a single occupation that would be impossible to do without a woman at the helm, while there are many thousands of jobs that only a man can do…including surviving societal collapse

    1. but most women are not aware of what this, only after things fall apart/derail/blowup do they appreciate what men do. Once fixed, they forget what men did to repair it…

      1. …and once things collapse, these women who were so certain they did not need a man because we’re all so equal now, etc. will be positively astonished and horrified to experience how quickly they are turned into chattel, more so than they already are. Women in less civilized societies become trade-able commodities much like livestock.

  43. It’s simple, Don’t act a Clown then. There is more to life then pussy, can a Man call himself a Man then in the next moment put on a stupid circus act because he’s been brought to his knees by pussy?

    1. the practical purpose of sexual desire is reproduction. And reproduction only requires a clown to have successful game once. After producing offspring, regardless of the longevity of the romantic relationship, one is entitled to hang-up his clown-suit and pursue other more fulfilling endeavors.

      1. You don’t have to act like a clown to reproduce, women of quality are more impressed by a Man who acts like a Man.

  44. I only date online girls.
    Because I know they are ready for sex on our date.
    Roosh feels that way because he does cold approaches in bars where the girls might or might not be ready for new cock.

    1. Good point. I frequently do the same although my reasoning was vetting them in advance although yes I suppose also inadvertently preparing them for sex on the first “date” as it were.

  45. In a blogpost today, I quoted author D.H. Lawrence. I think the quote is relevant here as a comment on the decline of men. He said (in 1921):
    “How fascinating it is…to see these limbs in their close knee-breeches, so definite, so manly, with the old fierceness in them still. One realizes, with horror, that the race of men in almost extinct in Europe. Only Christ-like heroes and woman-worshipping Don Juans, and rabid equality-mongrels. The old, hardy, indomitable male is gone. His fierce singleness is quenched. The last sparks are dying out in Sardinia and Spain. Nothing left but the herd-proletariat and the herd-equality mongrelism, and the wistful poisonous self-sacrificial cultured soul. How detestable.”
    Women expect us to act like clowns or organ-grinder monkeys, and put on a big show for their amusement. This accomplishes two things for them. One, it reinforces their feelings of superiority. Two, it confirms that you, the male, are going to assume the posture of subservience to them.

  46. When the act of coitus becomes more valuable than rationality and dignity, society crumbles.
    Women are too puny to have any effect on society. Men are responsible for this mess.
    Would you allow your dog to control your life by letting him become the alpha?
    Many people do. They suffer. It is same with women.

  47. Again, I’m puzzled by the fact that intelligent, capable men still think they need to play the role of clown to get pussy… Gents, please hear this far and wide and liberate yourself from the madness: explore Pay-4-Play!!! It’s wonderful. You act exactly how you want, negotiate a fee up front, then get your cock wet, then walk away. Why do most men still think this is “pathetic” or just for losers? I’ve had many hot GFs over the decades, keep myself in shape, and am still told I’m handsome, but P4P is a very useful, practical and fulfilling tool that I’m quite glad I have in my toolbox now. And it SAVES ME MONEY and TIME!
    I go to places that are upscale, with hot broads who are trying hard to get my attention. They are on their best behavior, all smiles, flirty, pleasant banter. They smell great. I buy them a drink, we have some legitimate laughs, some light groping, establish a price, then off to the room for bang-bang. Some of the gals I’ve done multiple times I actually respect — we have real chemistry and they love how I rescue them from some of the trolls in the club. One gal is an ER nurse, but is a bar girl because the money is better. Fair enough. I also find that these gals are far more honest than “civilian” women. For example, last time a gal asked me for a “tip”, so I told her how she could give a better blow job… and all she could do was laugh and say she’d get more money out of me somehow in the future. Game on I say!! My experiences with “pros” are 90% positive and I feel no guilt or shame at all, which surprises me, because I was on the other side of this fence for many years prior. The key is finding the right place, and this might mean an underground scene or leaving the U.S. for quick trips. Escorts also, but they tend to be pricey — I like to keep my bangs around $100 USD all in.

  48. I need to challenge the conclusions in this piece. Interesting enough, but……
    Women need men. More than ever. The stupid welfare state is just a way they force men to take care of them. By proxy. Without the welfare state they’re lost. And men keeps the welfare state going.
    And sorry mate, but we do nee women. If only to create the future generations. Like i tor not.
    The sexes do not seem to understand this. It requires too much reflection to grasp. And when reflection and action is needed, men are the only hope. Are we up to it?
    The modern world is running into the hedge groves in an endless chase of short term pleasures.

    1. Not seeing the “need” part – whether the next generation is created or not really isn’t our problem.

    2. I’m not contributing to create the next generation. Let us be old (and the wise save up for his own retirement), die, and let the system crumble down.
      We’re going to a New Era. It’s not easy, it’s not beauty, and shit like this always happen. But the people hate the void, and soon other “rule for the world” will appear.
      I think I’ll just see it, not suffer from it.

  49. Welcome to the Dazzling Future; Both Sexes See Each Others as Appliances!
    Well,one correction- at least all of the women believe that way.
    There’s a lot of guys still trying to wife up toasters.

  50. Ever notice how movies always seem to have a male character that acts like a goofball? You rarely see female characters like that.

  51. Men that aren’t gay need to stop supporting homosexuality and transexuality. We seen how bad feminism got, who knows how bad LGBT will get. There is absolutely no reason for straight men to support this awful interest group. I got a few ideas of what will happen if LGBT swings at full force and it’s not pretty.

  52. I wish I was born in the dark ages, ancient Egypt, time of the dark plague, cavemen period anything but this shitty time.

  53. I have been reading this site for a few weeks and I like a lot of what I hear. I do have noticed one thing so far that I disagree with ; namely, I’ve read over and over again that women must take care of themselves which means long hair, makeup, breast implants, and high heels in addition to one’s body. Body aside, its implied that these additions are desirable and even virtuous for a woman to have, that work must be done to aid one’s appearance beyond what normal body one has. And yet I also read over and over that blue hair, tattoos, and piercings are a sort of bodywork that is highly undesirable and the mark of someone who is psychologically damaged in some way. I find this confusing as I dislike the high heels/red lipstick look, and would much prefer a woman with blue hair, tattoos, etc. Yes some people go too far with tattoos and piercings but they can be done very tastefully like anything else. I feel it is a weird double standard, as if one woman doing work to change her appearance is appluaded while another is shamed. Since tastes are highly subjective I do not agree with this at all.

    1. you can date whatever type of women you want. ROK is just making the point that girls who have tattoos, excessive piercings, purple hair, etc… tend to be fucked up in the head.
      It’s a risk to get involved with mentally unstable girls, play at your own risk

    2. Your liking women who display such overt masculinization is your business. Telling us not to judge women who butch themselves up however is a dead parrot right from the get go.

  54. I used to think that I was missing out by not partying at bars all the time. Now I realize its the bar flies who are missing out on a decent life by being bars every night.

  55. The reality is that we’re all just background actors in other people’s stories.

  56. roosh I stand corrected on the things I was saying the other day. Just had a terrible night involving cunty bitches, fierce Last Minute Resistance, and overall cunty American female behavior. fuck it I’m so pissed and despite my red pill internalization, the pussy blinded me and I forgot my 1.5 years of manosphere knowledge. basically broke every rule. fuck. so pissed! Lost frame completely and paid for it!

  57. It’s amazing how Aldous Huxley gave us the game plan of the controllers 84 years ago. No attachments, no family, no warmth, no emotional bonds, just sex for pleasure. Anything more than that was illegal. We may have not been hatched in a lab as in Huxley’s book, but these soulless women of today really do nothing more than incubate a child for nine months and then use them as a tool for their ensured life of ease. The children become a means for them to sink their fangs into our necks and exsanguinate us.
    Until men become men again and are not afraid of death this sick state of affairs will continue.

  58. Please don’t be a clown. Just be yourself. I actually feel the same about men – that they expect women to be entertainers. And that women all but cars to them – they check their features and take them for a test drive. They check their looks and see if they need to be polished. So its a two-sided coin. Women do not need clowns, they need men. Please stay as you are. Or we all are doomed.

    1. “Just be yourself.”
      If there is a single sentence that has denied more men sex than any other, it’s this one. Women don’t want you to be yourself. As demonstrated by the combined experiences of Roosh and his forum, what they do want is an entertainer – and nothing else. Most men are not entertainers. Most men would rather work for a living.

      1. Ok. How about this then. Men denied me everything: safety, protection and dignity. They took away my innocence, my sanity, my good standing, my pride, my humanity,even jobs. I was raped and was laughed it while being raped. When I was crying in pain, I was told “stop complaining”. When I was asking for basic human treatment and respect, I was told to be “patient” or was just simply ignored. So you know what? If you have lousy personality, not only I don’t want you to be yourself, I don’t want you even be nowhere near me. I accomplished everything in my life despite of drawbacks. I had it hard. But I clenched my teeth and kept going while those men bailed out. And you know what happened? I became a woman of steel. I made it. And now some clowns comes to me and starts whining that I deny them sex or that all I need is entertainment? I just smile and say: “Honey, just be yourself.” I would love to have an awesome boyfriend. But the fact is due to my upbringing, I squash their nuts into mush first five minutes – too weak for me. I see right through them like an xray. So go ahead and whine here instead of getting out there and accomplishing something in life. Whine whine whine. Complain complain complain. Blame blame blame. Get angry get angry get angry. That happens when you are an infant – mama didn’t let suck on a tit. And then they grow, and awwww – same crap – “mama” is denying sex now. All I see here is a bunch of overgrown clowns. What did you expect from me? Respect you and have sex with you while you are whining and ranting? What you want? Pity sex from me? Haaaa! Get out of my face. I learned how to sooth myself and how to provide for myself and how do everything by myself without a man. Now you learn how to jerk off by yourself. Go ahead. Jump. Be a clown.

        1. Sweetheart. I am an idiot and misandrist with YOU. If a guy that I am attracted to, comes along, I’ll be sweater than a cherry pie and will never deprive him. And believe me, he won’t have a need to ask such stupid questions or make such stupid comments. Why? Because women LOVE him anywhere he goes. You guys, who are here, are just plain losers. Thats why you are being deprived – mother nature is a cruel lady – nobody just wants to carry on your genes. Pick up artist lessons won’t help ya. Money won’t help ya. “Nice guy” tickets won’t help ya. Nothing will help you. And I’ll be the first one to push guys like you under the bus. So keep going – whine whine whine. Pick your toenails in front of computer while cool guys are ripping all the benefits.

  59. Well, if you’re referring to yourself and your pathetic following, then you’re correct.. Men, in the general sense, don’t sit around whining on youtube about how they’re being “oppressed.” < apparently I’m missing the “masculinity” in this.
    It’s uncanny how your comment section resembles the comment section over at Alex Jones’ Infowars. “The Bizarre excesses of the anti-human feminazis”:

    1. “Men, in the general sense, don’t sit around whining on youtube about how
      they’re being “oppressed.” < apparently I’m missing the
      “masculinity” in this.”
      That in itself is an attempt at shaming men at large. You seem to equate “masculinity” with “manning up” or “not complaining” when they are under attack. Not only does that slur ignore feminism’s suggestion that men need to learn to start complaining and expressing their feelings, it’s equivalent to telling Yazidis and Kurds to stop bitching about having to wear identification in ISIS-controlled territory.

  60. Wait, so you call women flaky, concerned only with entertainment and castigating them for leaving as soon as they get bored; yet, you claim that if YOU get bored, then you will leave.
    Does this not simply assume a priori that the woman is going to do the same to you?

  61. We all want to be loved. We all want to be accepted. Problem is very few of us actually have confidence and capacity to actually love someone. If you have to pretend to be an alpha male then you won’t stop feeling like a clown and you won’t stop despising the women that are attracted to your perks.
    If you want to get laid, play games.
    If you want love, be real

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