How Black America Was Created

In January, I made a post about how Black America has predicted our future. In that entry I talked about how many of the negative trends harped on in the manosphere have already been predicted in modern Black America, and how these trends are spreading. In that article, however, I failed to really go into the reasons for the development of those trends in Black America. For the sake of completion, I’ll do so here.

The creation of modern Black America was born of a combination of three main things: the welfare state (specifically the tenets it promoted incentivizing single motherhood), the beginning of the drug war, and plain old racism (discrimination in the GI Bill, redlining, etc). I’ll go on to describe each in some detail below.

Welfare State


The welfare state obviously made single motherhood much more practical and in some ways preferable to the nuclear family model in the black community. Feminism played a crucial role in this and did black folks no favors. When folks warned of the concerns inherent to the promotion of single motherhood at the expense of the nuclear family, many opposed it by applying feminist talking points to the struggle of black women (“they can do it on their own!!!”), which was impractical.

Feminists were not willing to consider the importance of male role models in the upbringing of children, and were all too happy to allow blacks to become the sacrificial lambs at the progressive altar of the “independent woman.” Black women paid the early price so white women (for whom feminism was really intended and to whom it still generally caters predominantly to) would not have to do so.

Feminists used black women to make a point that blacks would gain nothing from, and whose consequences only blacks would feel (at first, anyway—whites are catching up now). I think that in the civil rights movement, feminists saw an opportunity to advance their own aims, and they did so splendidly at the (ironic) expense of minorities.


Disguised Bloods Gang Members in Parking Lot

The drug war’s impact was obvious—it essentially battered the black poor and made them more desperate than they’d already been. It also greatly enhanced incarceration rates, though there is a discriminatory element there that has enhanced that.

Long story short—drugs did a number on the community.



This factor gets significantly more mainstream attention than the others when it comes to explaining modern problems in Black America. While the singular focus on it is unwarranted (the problems I outlined relating to welfare may have done just as much damage), it is difficult to minimize the role that racism played in facilitating some of the trends I mention above and the general state of modern black America as a whole.

Following WW2, many benefits were given to formerly marginalized European Americans with the aim of enabling the creation of a new middle class. Massive government initiative made this possible by subsidizing the provision of home loans, employment, higher education, and other benefits.

This worked quite well. The white middle class we know today is a direct product of these efforts. Prior to WW2, Non-WASP whites were often marginalized, stereotyped, and attacked. After WW2, they were lent a helping hand and pulled into a newer, wealthier, more cohesive white America, the one we know today.

Blacks, however, were largely left out of this due to a combination of day-to-day discrimination (fewer checks on that existed back then—no political correctness to provide them) and legislation, which often served to blunt or just plain erase the impact of any benefits on their community.


Redlining, meanwhile, kept blacks out of the housing market that would, over the next half a century, come to comprise the bulk of white American wealth and provide a foundation for the vast swaths of suburban, middle-class America we take for granted today.

The “American Dream” was essentially not an option for African-Americans until well after the civil rights movement had ended and the earlier obstacles I mentioned (welfare and the drug war) had enjoyed plenty of time to do damage, expediting the decline.

Combine all of these things and the result is modern Black America.

OK, So Why Should I Care?

It is important to understand history in order to avoid its repetition. To this end, I would argue that there are three crucial lessons that can be taken from the history I outlined above:

1. Even the best of intentions can create the worst results. I’m sure that some of those who constructed welfare programs decades ago had good things in mind. On paper, what they built seemed like the charitable thing to do. Their failure to realize the perils of fatherless societies and guard against them, however, set the stage for trouble.

2. Division can foster more division. Today, there is a pretty large cultural and socioeconomic gap between black Americans and whites. The modern gap is in many respects (ex: illegitimacy rates) much wider now than it once was.


Had any significant portion of black America been allowed access to the middle class during the height of the post WW2 boom, could we be sure that these gaps would remain quite so large today? Perhaps the outcomes we live with today between the two groups would show a narrower degree of diversity today had there been more openness to more racial diversity early on.

3. Traditional values still have a place. Much of the reason why the architects of modern welfare programs ignored the warnings about the potential pitfalls of their system stemmed from their desire to move away from the “traditional” notion that a male influence was crucial to the functioning of a household. Black Americans have paid the price for this assumption.


Perhaps the place that these traditional notions occupy doesn’t need to be as large as it once was. I, for one, am confident that the social mores of the 1950’s are in fact gone for good, and will not return to us. I’m not mad about that either. Even in a diminished form, however, traditional ideas relating to the value of the father will never totally lose relevance. Children must have some sort of male role model to look up to—women simply cannot totally supplement this role on their own without everyone paying some sort of price.

As the modern state of Black America shows us, societies ignore this reality at their own peril.

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  1. Black Americans (in a stereotyped nutshell): Preferring to get high than read books. Preferring banging chicks with fat asses to studying or learning a high paying trade. Blaming everyone but themselves.

    1. WNs like Dutchie in a nutshell: frustrated with the changing times; feels powerless against his opressors; attacks the marginalized to feel better.
      You, and others like you, are the reason Jerry Springer’s, Trainwreck for TV is so popular: your life may be screwed up but it’s not that screwed up.
      Feeeel better?
      Your boss reamed you at work so you punched someone else. Feel better? Boss violated your constitutional rights so you violate someone else. Feel better?
      700 trillion in derivatives; it’s the black people’s fault. Rising white and black unemployment; blacks at fault.
      Soon, your boss will recognize your efforts and invite you to the high table. Soon, you will be truly superior. Soon.
      Keep it up; you’re #winning.

      1. We’re not mad at blacks for the sake of it, its because they’re blaming us for their problems. AND, non-white births outnumber white births, things are going to be tremendously crappy for america in a generation or two. Hope you still love black people when you’re a minority.

        1. I am a minority in America. You may be surprised to find out that black people too surf teh interwebs. Some of us even hang out at SF jes keeping an eye on Dutchie et al.

      2. +22 -3 vs +9 -1. #winning. Now fuck off, Marky mark. I listed just a handful of commonly known stereotypical traits of black people – but you can’t handle that, can you? I actually trimmed off a whole bunch of other stereotypical traits just to keep my post “fairly” light, but obviously not light enough for pussies like you.

        1. Sup dutchie. Spewing stereotypes on the web must really soothe the burn. How does it feel to be omega IRL? Don’t you just hate it when your inferiors are happy? World is moving on without you. Enjoy your seething anger.

        2. Trollflation. One manic HA (all caps) would have sufficed. If you’re going to troll Asians and blacks on one site, you should conserve your capitals.
          Gather your toys, it’s getting late… time to go night-night.

    2. How is this unlike the sons of M who GTOW after a divorce? How many white men in their 20’s are massively underachieving because their dads got fucked by the system, and crucially, weren’t able to maintain their ability to lead their sons?

  2. I don’t see a way out for Black Americans (or all other Americans, for that matter). We have tied a Gordian Knot and now are stuck with a system that is beyond repair for a variety of reasons. I think that at this point the system would have to collapse and be rebuilt from the ground up. I am not sure what this bodes for the future of the USA, but I do know the path we are on is unsustainable. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  3. This was a great article. Another thing that should be added to this article that ruined Black-America and America in general was the moving of manufacturing jobs over-seas. The moving of manufacturing jobs over-seas exploded the unemployment rate in the Black Communities.

  4. Where there ever many families like the family in Good Times? I know it’s a TV show, but it depicted a morally upright black family living with hard times. That model does not appear to be held in high esteem much anymore from what I have seen.
    If you live an interact with black people in a region that has a large population of them (e.g. DC) you will see an entire spectrum, not just the hoodrats that are the predominant image. They kind of ruin it for everyone.

    1. Good Times was a garbage television program. The father was hardly gainfully employed, the younger son was a juvenile deliquent, the older son JJ acted like a retard, the mother was a stereotypical black mammy, and the daughter…well…not too sure about her. That show was pathetic.

    2. Yeah, I’d also mention the Cosby Show as a now-forgotten alternative to the stronger currents of black America. Of course, as soon as Bill Cosby himself pointed out the largely self-afflicted problems in the black community he got shouted down or ignored (I seem to recall white liberals playing a big part in that chorus of condemnation, always assuming themselves the shepherds of a group of people they neither understand nor trust).
      What strikes me is how the Obamas have recently been held up as an almost elysian ideal of the black family and yet we’re presently seeing a decline in fortunes in black America at large. This is just my take but I see a huge disconnect between the self-congratulation of upper-class blacks (who see themselves as the vanguard of blacks everywhere) and the state of the majority. In many ways it seems to be a form of denial…blacks, especially the well-to-do, deeply want to believe in the narrative of consistent progress from the early 1800’s to the civil rights movement to today, but at this point it’s simply a narrative untethered to reality. Decline and unfulfilled promise, instead, is a more accurate characterization of black America since the 1960’s.

      1. This is the result of black tribalism. I’m sure that life as a Ugandan under the Brits was no picnic, but under Idi Amin it was sheer hell. No worries, though. As long as your oppressor looks like it you it’s no problem.
        Black education declined when in the 1940s when we decided that instead of getting black kids the best math teach possible, we should get them the best black math teacher possible.
        So the HBD crowd wants to fight this by reverting back to white tribalism. Never mind that the South was an economic backwater when it was segregated and run by whites and only recovered when it began to let that go. Never mind that America became great only when the various European tribes (Germans, Poles, etc.) forsook their tribal identities and became non-hypenated Americans. Let’s go back to our little groups. It’s not about your merit as an individual man, it’s all about your common ancestry.
        Identity politics is working great for blacks (just look at Detroit). We whites should obviosly start thinking about our own race the same way. Once we’re able to successfully make ourselves into another victim group, maybe we can reap the same government “benefits”.

  5. Don’t forget — the same government that now purports to ban racism is the same government that, just prior to that, MANDATED racism. It was actually ILLEGAL for bus companies, for example, to fail to segregate their services.
    I suspect that bus companies, and all similar businesses that cater to less-wealthy people, would actually have preferred not to segregate, since doing so would necessarily hurt their business.
    There has never been a significant period in American history where the government has left people alone, free to make up their own minds about racial integration and segregation, and respected the right to free association. The State has always been mandating racial interactions, either one way or the other.

  6. The usual brilliance from you, Athlone. But the racist construction of blacks as a permanent underclass actually began far before WWII as I’m sure you’re aware. I’ll add further historical context for anyone else interested.
    The establishment of blacks as permanent underclass was a concious decision by elite white landowners in 17th century Viriginia who brought public policy to bear in the service of this ambition. White elites were becoming threatened by increasingly restive poor, landless whites and increasingly turned to legal means to keep them in their place. However, most the landless whites were Englishman and came from a sociocultural background where they could claim the “rights of Englishman”, orginally laid out in the Magna Carta and further strengthened subsequently. They knew they were guaranteed certain protections under the law like property rights, trial by jury, judicial review upon imprisonment, etc. Because of this, the elites eventually realized they couldn’t keep their fellow Englishmen in permanent servitude and decided that imported African labor would be a better solution because it would enable them to maintain their status and stranglehold over the wealth of the region but defuse the growing discontect of poor whites by creating a permanent underclass that both groups of people could look down upon. This effectively institutionalized racism in this country and every meaningful law, custom and institution after that upheld and further entrenched this paradigm (Edmund Morgan has written extensively about this).
    After the Civil War, white elites again worked hard to engineer an artificial divide between blacks and lower- and working-class whites when it was feared that the new class of freed blacks and poor, war weary whites would join together to bring change. This has been extensively documented by historians and Senator Jim Webb has spoken very eloquently about this.
    It’s been a time honored strategy of wealthy and powerful to incite and enforce divisions among people who should, left to the inevitable, combine against their predatory overreach. As an example, by 1860 only 12 percent of whites could even afford to own a single slave…yet poor whites were among the fiercest defenders of the insitution because they were duped by white elites into thinking that their skin color made them better than the very same blacks they often toiled next to.
    The real battle lines are not drawn by race—they are drawn by class/wealth and in that battle it is absolutely crucial to keep MEN weak and ineffectual, no matter their race. The (largely white) elites that actually run shit don’t see average white guys as being like them just because they have the same skin color.
    If there isn’t a broad-based movement to take this country back from it’s corrupt elites, the gap between rich/poor in this country will continue to expand and eventually the middle class will be bled dry. To those folks, racial distinctions exist only to the extent that they can be exploited to pit the lower classes against each other. It wasn’t a foregone conclusion that Black America would go the way it has—at every step it was engineered and facilitated by self-interested elites and the useful idiots underneath who played along just to seem like part of winning team.
    What average white men are facing now is really just a milder (although rapidly worsening) version of what black guys have always been up against in this country. Joining together as men is really the only way forward.

    1. This is a brilliant addition to complete the topic. You’re right-American racism was built on a clever ruse designed to make poor whites feel as though they had no kinship with those most economically similar to them, simply because of their skin color.
      The problem is that too many still buy into it. What has followed from this is America’s uniquely virulent brand of racial tension, a sad conclusion I’m not even sure can be rectified in our time.

      1. Could be, won’t be.
        The Bourbons had to give up slavery at the end of the Civil War, but they kept cheap labor (both white and black) by paying sharecroppers very low wages. Until the industrialization of the North was in full swing, and people were more mobile thanks to the proliferation of railroads, they kept their cheap labor.
        The strategy has always been for the white elite to pit the guys at the bottom against each other, and get the middle class to stay out of it. Contemporary progressive orthodoxy is a perfect way to stoke interracial animus while keeping those with social standing from talking about it.
        Poor whites and poor blacks have a lot of common cause; they are the targets of most the oppression dealt by statist progressive policies. Of course, if you keep them distracted and fighting each other, and the middle class says nothing because they’ll lose social standing for being racist.
        Also, as it turned out, the Asians didn’t work well as cheap imported labor, because they were quite socioeconomically mobile. Mexicans, on the other hand, keep wages suppressed quite handily, especially if they’re illegal aliens, as the employer has all the leverage.
        This is why, despite the fact that another round of amnesty will weld urban black communities even more tightly to the government teat, and likely further erode what little socioeconomic mobility is left, both parties are all for it.
        And, lest anyone think the middle class is safe, the continued importation of easily-exploited “highly-skilled” engineers, physicians, and scientists from foreign countries via H1B visas is putting a serious strain on the yuppies, too.

    2. “What average white men are facing now is really just a milder (although rapidly worsening) version of what black guys have always been up against in this country. Joining together as men is really the only way forward.”
      ^^ this one statement should trump all the forthcoming hbd and nationalist bullshit
      good article by the athlone; better (and more succinct) than the original

    3. There are too many deluded black apologists on this site. The need to grow up and face the reality of black dysfunction.

    4. What Genius spin doctor invented the phrase “The Nuclear Family”, to be sure, in the 50s,
      to put a sub-conscious subliminal negative spin on what should be called “The normal Family” or the “Traditional Family”.
      Now equated with a nuclear explosion on TV and the Nuclear Bomb….
      By the way, the politically correct expression for Hitler’s Holocaust.
      He did not cause the Jewish/Gypsy and gay holocaust in Auswitcz,
      No he was just “Ethnic Cleansing” his freely won territories.

      1. Take some chemistry or molecular biology and the etymology of the term “nuclear family” will become more apparent. 🙂

  7. Good post but let’s see how long before the HBD crowd turns this into a race trolling war…

    1. Yeah, I thought of them the minute I began penning this article. Let them come.

        1. That does nothing to disprove HBD. Look up ‘fringe elements’, ‘spawk talk’ or ‘libertarian realist’ on youtube, all of whom ACTUALLY investigate the topic thoroughly.

      1. Well, I would post a comment but am still stinging from recent accusations that I never miss an opportunity to attention-whore through race baiting.

        1. However, Booker T. Washington is a close cousin of mine. Looks a lot like my dad.

  8. Read “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” by Thomas Sowell. Great book with similar conclusions.

    1. Awesome book, especially the part on black education. We were actually starting to do a good job of teaching poor black kids until identity politics got in the way.

  9. Don’t buy into the illiogic that GI Bill “benefits” “created” the white middle class. The government meddling in the lives of white people, were no more no less beneficial than their meddling in the lives of blacks via welfare. They simply meddled less back in the 40s, since people hadn’t degenerated quite as far into the state of progressive indoctrination that they had by the 60s. Government “largesse” benefiting withes, but at the same time “hurting” blacks, don’t make much sense, does it? Besides, America had a large middle class pretty much since inception. “40 acres and a mule” was middle class by any standard back then.
    God article, though. As those blacks in Somalia thank goodness finally figured out, it really all boils down to the world being a better place without government than with one. Perhaps black people over there will figure that one out some day, too; seeing as their main role in our so called “society” is to justify $100K/year pension plans for unionized prison guards.

    1. I can’t help but buy into the truth. The foundation of the modern white middle class is the home-the creation of suburbia and the provision of widespread home ownership to average whites who, prior to WW2, weren’t allowed to have it.
      Government initiative (ex: the FHA) was the reason for this. Whites were able to finance the purchase of single family homes with reasonable rates and lengths of payment because of government initiative. By the time the baby Boomers came of age, a majority of white Americans had built up tremendous amounts of home equity, with many owning housing outright. This is the foundation of white American wealth, and the reason why there remains such a large wealth gap between themselves and almost every other group. They have the government to thank.
      Added on top of that are the billions provided by the government to push more and more people into higher education and position them to take full advantage of the economic boom America entered post-WW2. This saw massive government funding for major research universities that, prior to WW2, had maintained a vocational focus or concentrated on educating a narrow elite. The spread of higher education (another hallmark of the middle class) is a direct product of government initiative to facilitate the rise of the modern university and get more people learning in it.
      White middle class wealth and education are a direct product of government initiative. There simply is no way around that fact.
      The difference in the benefits of government largesse between blacks and whites is well covered by the article: black largesse was received with conditions that incentivized the total disintegration of the black family, and that same largesse was also limited by the presence of a drug war and persistent racism.
      White Americans got the purer, more beneficial form of “big government”, and it worked very well for them.

      1. The “Foundation of the White middle class”, is hardly a government provided home is a vacuum. The middle class is defined by an ability to consume at a certain level. Which requires it to produce commensurately. A home, regardless of how one obtains it, does not allow for this. During WW2 Americans worked very darned hard; and consumed very little (i.e. 7 days a week of dangerous work for no money, while living in a barrack and consuming rations of slop.) This difference between production and consumption is accounted for as savings, or capital accumulation. As the “winner” of the war, the US, unlike some others, did not have all this accumulated capital destroyed or taken as war reparations. Hence, a huge net boost in capital availability to America’s workers, leading them to produce more pr hour, leading to be compensated accordingly, leading them to be able to afford a larger house with a larger yard in a nominally nicer neighborhood (which was often partially code for away from where those others live….)
        Collection and processing of large datasets, along with developments in applied statistics, where some of the technologies invented and booked by all the hard working souls during WW2. Along with cheaper, more reliable communication. Enabling creditors to more accurately, at lower risk, predict default rates of mortgages. Allowing them the ability to lend for longer durations, at lower interest. That’s where mortgage markets stem from. The government got involved, no doubt, but only to muck things up by overincentivizing the taking out of a mortgage vis-a-vis more productive means of ones capital. While at the same time, suckering some into believing bothering with productive investments were utterly out dated, now that government promised to “take care” of them in retirement.
        The “home equity” white families enjoy, are not the result in government meddling in mortgages, but rather of the inflationary environment that has reigned since WW2. Emboldened by Keynesian and later Monetarist gibberish, the Fed has been debasing currency by an active process of making ever greater amounts of it available to a very select few at below market cost. Not whites in general, but rather those in the Financial sector (here’s where the NeoNazis start screaming Jew, Jew….) Since government already guaranteed a good chunk of mortgages, mortgage lending became as close to a sure way to profit for these guys; the government (via the Fed) give them below market capital leeched from everyone else, and guarantees they cannot lose it if they funnel it at market rate to dead investments in homes.
        Ditto for higher education. Technologies developed during WW2, increased the payoff for education, while at the same time increasing the ability of parents to afford paying for it. Government involvement simply inserted another layer of leeches into the mix. Which rarely benefits those who ultimately pay for the shindig; those producing the wealth required to pay for it. There is good reason to believe that “some” of the funding for withes education came from black parents who were taxed to provide student loans and public unis, even though their own kids did not attend. But this cannot have been the main source of funding, as there were simply not enough wealth to strip blacks of, to make much of anything. In a democracy/lynchmobocracy, you can be sure the majority will do their best, tough ;(.
        Blacks are getting exactly the same treatment now (and probably were then), even preferential. In home financing, as well as education. But it ain’t working, ai it?
        Instead of various attempts at government mucking about, look at how any policy of inflation benefits those with first access to newly created money. Which are the wealthy, as they have some kind of collateral to post (a home or college degree or employment letter from uncle’s law firm), or someone to post it for them. So, instead of these programs benefiting whites specifically at the expense of blacks because of racism, they benefited withes because whites already had more to begin with. And, in any democracy/lynchmobocracy, the biggest spoils goes to those with the biggest lynchmob/voter base, aka the majority.
        Man, this is getting long……
        Point is, the fact that a leeching class have managed to insert themselves into every facet of life since WW2, does not imply all seemingly positive facets are on account of said leeches. Leeches leech, that’s what they do. By definition. And noone is better off by being leeched off. Really!

        1. Ding ding ding.
          White communities got a break in the housing market and the American middle class was born.
          Blacks got a similar break and the global financial crises was born.
          White Americans have gained no net benefit financial or otherwise from the trans Atlantic slave trade since the 1860s. No amount of cheap black labour can make up for the economic, cultural and social drag on the rest of american society.
          Even the pictures chosen for this article show stylized thugs nurturing the next generation of violent thugs who would beat, rape and Rob both each other and the children of any non-black reading this.
          Unless the author of this piece is himself black I would question his relationship to reality.

        2. exactly…slavery was the best thing that could have ever happened to blacks. it provided them with an opportunity to go from living in the jungles to being in a civilized society. they have had problems with integration and no matter what steps are taken to help them it never seems to work, yet they continue to blame everyone but themselves. how is it the white mans fault that Shaneequa got knocked up by a hood rat at 17? The only blacks who are ‘thriving’ to use that term loosely are those who are somehow employed in cushy civil service jobs where they cant be fired, regardless of how poor they perform, or entertainment/athletics, many of which make enormous sums of money yet still end up broke. again, somehow at the fault of the white man.

        3. “The “Foundation of the White middle class”, is hardly a government provided home is a vacuum.”
          Of course we can agree on that. There were clearly other factors in the foundation of the white middle class (WW2 era productivity, unique factors leading to America’s post war boom, etc). The point is that government provision played a crucial role in spreading the provision of that wealth to a much wider portion of white America that, prior to WW2, had been disproportionately left out of the mix.
          Yes, other factors enabled this, but the white middle class was only able to grow as large as it has and as prosperous as it is because of direct government action designed to spread postwar prosperity and create the suburban societies we now take for granted. The post war boom allowed more Americans to afford homes, but the widespread acquisition of those homes and the spread of that prosperity was largely a product of direct federal effort to get more people into what could be considered “The American Dream”.
          “The “home equity” white families enjoy, are not the result in government
          meddling in mortgages, but rather of the inflationary environment that
          has reigned since WW2.”
          You’re correct. My point, however, is that most of those white families only came into possession of those mortgages (through which they could take advantage of later inflationary trends and build home equity) as a result of a direct, conscious government effort to spread home ownership to a wider swath of the white American populace, and subsidize the whole effort to reduce the burden placed on the individual families. Without this effort, suburban (and white middle class) America would not exist as we know it.
          Government meddling in the provision of mortgages (so as to allow more to acquire them) and the creation of the infrastructure in which those homes would be built (ex: the interstate system, which admittedly wasn’t directly intended for that) certainly played a crucial (or, as I would argue, the primary) role in allowing white families to build the wealth they now have.
          “Technologies developed during WW2, increased the payoff for education,
          while at the same time increasing the ability of parents to afford
          paying for it. Government involvement simply inserted another layer of
          leeches into the mix.”
          Government involvement facilitated the spread of education by completely restructuring the nature of the American university system during the Cold War. Federal funds poured into old land grant universities, turning them into the research university powerhouses we see and take for granted today. This led to growth in their enrollment (allowing more people to attend) and in the knowledge they provided (expanded curricula allowing better training and preparation for entrance into the booming post-war economy).
          Yes, improving technologies and payoffs played a role in changing higher education, but there would have been nowhere near as substantial an increase in university enrollment and degree attainment had it not been for direct government effort designed to make those things happen. The very universities we’re speaking of wouldn’t exist as we know them.
          “Blacks are getting exactly the same treatment now (and probably were
          then), even preferential. In home financing, as well as education.”
          The implication that blacks were receiving the same benefits as those who moved into the white middle class back then is absurd. I hope I have misunderstood you there.
          The claim that they are receiving the same thing now is also false.

          Modern minorities are not getting the sweetheart deals given to white veterans following WW2. Even modern whites aren’t getting those, frankly, though their parents and/or grandparents probably did.
          Affirmative Action in higher education benefits a tiny black elite, hence continued black under-representation in spite of its widespread practice. It cannot be compared to the broad programs I described in the postwar era.
          These new dynamics are not working in large part because they aren’t the same to begin with, and also because the modern environment is not nearly as favorable as the one WW2 veterans returned to.
          “So, instead of these programs benefiting whites specifically at the
          expense of blacks because of racism, they benefited withes because
          whites already had more to begin with.”
          Non-WASP whites were not dramatically wealthier than blacks prior to WW2 and the postwar boom, certainly not nearly enough so to warrant the disparity in the division of the spoils.
          Furthermore, many of them were not even considered whites until after the war, and had smaller connections/roots in the country than did black Americans.
          The disparity we see grow later is a direct product of very consciously applied racism that accelerated the growth of the wealth gap during the late 20th century, and cannot be put down entirely to the more innocent dynamic you describe here.
          I’ll acknowledge faulty progressivism when I see it, but I won’t ignore or minimize the role racism has played in creating many negative modern outcomes for minorities.

        4. “The point is that government provision played a crucial role in
          spreading the provision of that wealth to a much wider portion of white
          America that, prior to WW2, had been disproportionately left out of the
          To the extent that this happened, by far the most significant vector, would be the “every man is equal” mixing of men from different backgrounds for the overwhelming purpose of winning the war. IOW, the war effort itself reduced perceived differences between classes, hence contributing to dismantling “glass ceilings” the underprivileged previously faced. At the same time, this would also have helped break down perceived differences between black and white soldiers. Unless the military was very segregated back then.
          And, the war effort also provided verifiable and civilian life usable skills, to those who would previously not have been in a position to obtain them. If racism in the higher officer ranks were such that blacks were given “simpler’ tasks, and less training, this could be one way whites got more out fo the war than them. I don’t know enough about it.
          But ascribing the rise of the post WW2 white middle class to various effort at direct meddling by the government post war, comes of as little more than mistaking correlation for causation.
          Why do you presume that veterans with higher incomes than their parents; faced with an environment where vastly more powerful construction machinery, as well as widespread availability of automobiles, against a backdrop of mechanized record keeping and actuarial advances that technically enabled mass mortgage lending at moderate rates, would not have bought suburban homes sans government meddling? What else would they have done? Piled their cars into cheap rental units in cramped downtowns? To the extent that government meddling did increase (and it did at the margin) home ownership rates and home prices, the prime beneficiary of this have been lending institutions and those living off of progressive property taxes. Not the mortgage holders themselves, who would otherwise have been able to buy the same house for less money. After all, in no middle class neighborhood are homes priced at construction cost.
          Ditto for higher education. Why would American parents NOT have responded to their own higher incomes, and the higher differentials earnable by college vs non graduates, by sending more of their children to college. All government involvement did, was direct a greater proportion of graduates initially to cold war applicable fields, and then later to women’s studies etc., than would have happened if government stayed out of it. And if the access to women’s studies is the foundation of the white middle class…….. Again, correlation doesn’t imply causation, no matter how hard the indoctrination arm of the government wants to drum it into peoples heads that it does.
          And while I’m sure you’re right that whatever government programs blacks have been on the receiving end of, are different than what whites got, it is still a stretch to assume that when government meddles in the lives if whites, things go well, but when they do so with blacks, they go to hell. Doesn’t Occam’s Razor instead suggest that the reason things went further to hell for blacks than whites, is simply that the government meddled more in their lives than in whites’ lives?
          Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed; there’s no more white middle class, either. “First by inflation, then by deflation”, and aided by the government programs you allude to, all they fleetingly thought they had, have now been taken away from them, in the form of million dollar mortgages on porta potties in the desert, and quarter million student loans for a women’s studies degree qualifying them to work at Starbucks. Which their benevolent government keep telling them makes them lucky and privileged, seeing as their black comrades are making even less over at McDonalds.
          Progressivism only comes in one flavor: Faulty.

        5. Your statement that”slavery was the best thing that could have ever happened to blacks” shows either a woeful level of ignorance about per-colonial Africa,or the presence of racist attitudes towards people of African decent. If the former then educate yourself about a subject that you obviously know little about. Google, Basil Davidson Africa or The Lost Kingdoms of Africa. If the latter than you can go fuck yourself.

        6. You are sick and need to stop watching TV. None of the black kids I grew up with in a small midwestern town are like that.

      2. How you respond to government help matters more than whether or not you get it. To take the foreign aid example, South Korea and Egypt have gotten about the same amount of US foreign aid over the years. One country used it to build a decent infrastructure and increase economic opportunity. The other didn’t.
        Govt help can also have a deleterious effect on whites (see Dalyrmple’s book “Life at the Bottom” to see in-depth descriptions of English whites being every bit as pathetic as any of our blacks). If you have people paying you to be poor and encouraging you to be an eternal victim so that you vote to maintain their “civil rights” boondoggle, it requires an exceptional culture to overcome it.
        Poor blacks and whites exhibit many of the same behaviors, but the poor whites have an advantage, largely because nobody makes excuses for them. Damn near everybody looks down on poor whites, making poor whites more likely to get their asses in gear.

        1. I agree in principle that the response is important, but whether or not one even has the chance to respond in the first place is crucial.
          Poor/middle class whites in the United States have received a far larger number of those chances than blacks have, and that disparity is, in my estimation, the biggest source of the gap between them.
          This same disparity may also have helped to give rise to that dysfunctional culture in the first place by giving the victim-making industry many more excuses to make.

        2. In recent years, perhaps. However, tons of impoverished immigrants were given no government assistance and made it into the middle class regardless. Japanese in California faced extreme discrimination and still often became the economically dominant force in their communtities.
          I will openly concede the historical injustices against blacks. However, the greatest barrier to their achievement today are what you cited, urban culture, and leftism. Liberals prevent poor black parents from sending their kids to better schools (yes, we could increase funding, but that doesn’t work), heavy-handed urban policies hinder black entrepreneurs, and blacks who do have a strong work ethic are discouraged from acting white by their peers.

  10. Good points and well put. I think one of the difficult things for a lot of Americans to digest is that both sides of the political aisle, liberals and conservatives alike, did their own damage to black America. A more balanced, impartial view is hard to come by, and this article expresses exactly that.
    Of course, this only drives home the obvious fact that all this is about political, social and cultural trends, racial factors have virtually nothing to do with it and every sensible observer will say the same.

    1. We went straight from the “these animals need to be kept down” racism of the past to “the poor babies need our help every step of the way” racism of the present, and now we’re reverting back to the old kind.
      What some HBDers fail to recognize is how easily their conclusions could be adopted by the left. If blacks are biologically incapable of helping themselves as well as whites, the bleeding hearts will use this to make the case that we’re morally obliged to help out our inferiors.
      Regarding individuals as individuals is the only solution. Individual rights, individual responsibilities. Whether or not you share whatever tendencies with your group, we judge you based on what YOU do as a man.
      People with high IQ’s have run societies into the ground and clinical morons have led healthy and productive lives.

    2. When the leading cause of death among young black men stops being other young black men, you might have some sort of argument.
      Clean up your own back yard.

      1. The factors behind that are covered in the article, and they don’t come down to race. When you show yourself capable of understanding a situation, you might be worth listening to.

        1. The leading cause of death among young black men is homicide, I don’t believe anyone here denied it or attempted to. Those who commit homicide are obviously responsible for it (again, no one denied that, contrary to your straw-man), but if you look at the trends in homicide it’s equally obvious that factors outside of the black community’s control have played a massive role in it…unless you expect us to believe that it’s merely a coincidence that the increase in the drug trade has correlated with violence among blacks.
          The article is about how the black community was turned upside-down by liberal policies that exacerbated earlier legal discrimination…something that happened from the late 60’s onward. Perhaps it didn’t occur to you that the civil rights movement, the one that immediately proceeded the time period in question, was defined in no small part by non-violence. Trying to ignore that in order to make a blanket point about all blacks everywhere is the height of irrationality. If you wish to speak about homicide in the black community, great, then talk about homicide in the black community, but mentioning it in such cursory terms while failing to really look at the issue in depth is nothing more than spurious opportunism.
          PS I’m white protestant, so I’m not sure what you mean by “you people”.

        2. I mean “you people” who insist on denying the obvious in favor of some “social justice” song and dance; don’t make it about race..
          And its not about “all blacks everywhere”, its about the very high probability that if you’re going to be murdered, robbed, raped, or assaulted, its going to be at the hands of a black man. If you’re going to try to sell me that blacks aren’t responsible for their actions, you might try one of those feminist websites that support that attitude.
          ..60’s civil rights movement? You mean the one with the plagiarizing communist?

        3. Except, once again, I’ve not denied anything of the sort, nor have I once mentioned the words “social” and “justice” in the same sentence, all I’ve done is bring into question your eminently obtuse conclusions based on nothing but the coarsest species of opportunistic projection.
          I just said that blacks are responsible for their actions. I wrote precisely that. It seems you are as uninterested in serious discussion as you are in rational analysis. No matter, it is a custom of your cause.
          The civil rights movement got started in the 50’s and only in the late 60’s, years after that movement’s main goals were met, that the far left started gaining some visibility…and even then the people who went around quoting Lenin were white upper-middle-class college students with little red books. For the majority of the black community, leftist politics had very little currency, and that continues to today when you consider that the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd made practically zero inroads into black neighborhoods.

        4. …tell you what, head on down to MLK Blvd and ‘splain to the first character in baggy pants you meet about how you’ve confronted the “obtuse” opinions and taken up the cause against obtuse hillbilly dimwits and how you’re on his side …just dial 9-1 first.
          Maybe by the time you get out from under your enlightened professors and spend more than 10 minutes in the real world you’ll figure out that the people you argue so hard against are the one’s trying to keep you from acquiring hole where you had no holes before.

  11. as usual the blacks are failing to take any sort of responsibility, pissing away the opportunities they get because they are black, then pointing the finger and blaming others. explain to me how a culture like the Jews can get kicked out of pretty much every country they’ve been in, faced extermination efforts, yet still thrive? because they are smarter and harder working. how many Jews do you see sitting on a porch drinking and smoking weed in the afternoon? How many Jews are in prison for murder, rape, robbery, etc? How many Jews have unplanned pregnancies?
    Unfortunately for blacks they were put in a position they were not prepared to handle – civilization. Blacks were plucked out of uncivilized societies, put on a boat, and shipped to a civilized society to be their slaves. When slavery was ended the blacks were still hundreds of years behind the whites as far as their ability to live within civilized societies. Up until they were imported Africa had no civilization whatsoever, while countries like Rome, Greece, and Turkey had established empires. Now even though we have come up with all sorts of affirmative action type plans blacks still lag behind other ethnic groups, yet they continue to blame others, dodge responsibility, believed they are ‘owed’ things, and become the lowest common denominator of society. put 10,000 white men in the middle of a run down shithole like Detroit and they will turn it into a booming economic and social mecca. Put 10,000 blacks in a booming economic and social mecca like Detroit in the 70’s and they will run it into the ground like modern day Detroit. Its the same way reason why Haiti still hasnt rebuilt from an earthquake 5 years ago yet japan has rebuilt after an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown.

    1. Your last comparison is just ludicrous. Japan is a world power that possesses the capital and infrastructure to recover from disasters. Haiti isn’t even in the same ballpark as Japan in terms of means.

      1. of course Japan and Haiti arent in the same ballpark…as to why? well one is largely Asian and one is largely Black. that will do it every time.

        1. Except when you compare East Timor to Trinidad and Tobago. Just goes to show it’s not about race.

        2. Yup. Hate to be a “hbd troll” but there is probably a Damn good reason why every other major cultural group on earth created civilisations manifestly superior to those of sub Saharan africa, and it ain’t cos evil whitey waz keepin demz down.

        3. 2011 report
          Main article: List of countries
          by Human Development Index
          The 2011 Human Development Report was released on 2 November 2011,
          and calculated HDI values based on estimates for 2011. Below is the list
          of the “Very High Human Development” countries (equal to the top quartile):[9]
          Note: The green arrows (), red arrows (), and blue dashes () represent changes in rank when
          compared to the new 2011 data HDI for 2010 – published in the 2011
          report (p. 131).
          0.943 ()
          0.929 ()
          0.910 ()
          States 0.910 ()
          Zealand 0.908 ()
          0.908 ()
          Ireland 0.908 ()
          0.905 ()
          0.905 ()
          0.904 ()
          0.903 ()
          Japan 0.901 ()
          Kong 0.898 ( 1)
          0.898 ( 1)
          Korea 0.897 ()
          0.895 ()
          0.888 ()
          0.886 ()
          0.885 ()
          0.884 ()
          0.884 ()
          0.882 ()
          Spain 0.878 ()
          Italy 0.874 ()
          0.867 ()
          0.866 ()
          Czech Republic 0.865 ()
          United Kingdom 0.863 ()
          0.861 ()
          United Arab Emirates 0.846 ()
          0.840 ()
          0.838 ()
          0.838 ()
          0.835 ()
          0.834 ()
          Malta 0.832 ()
          Qatar 0.831 ()
          0.816 ()
          0.813 ()
          0.810 ( 1)
          0.809 ( 1)
          0.806 ()
          0.805 ()
          Chile 0.805 ()
          0.797 ( 1)
          0.796 ( 1)
          0.793 ()

        4. whitey raises them up. w/o whitey shit goes bad real quick. watch how quickly they run South Africa into the ground. anyone with two nickels to rub together in that country has turned their house into a fortress to prevent the blacks from robbing, raping, and pillaging, and whites are being told to get out of the country for fears of possible genocide against them. blacks really are incapable of governing and civilization when left on their own. and the only ones who really get it, the Adrian Fentys and Tim Scotts and Alan Wests are shouted down as being too white while blacks elect whoever promises them the most immediate free shit.

        5. I’d take the Mali Empire or Abyssinia over pre-Roman Britain. Rome, of course, took from Greece, which took from Egypt, which happened to have a sphere of influence that extended into sub-Saharan Africa.

        6. Amazing how they’re responsible for creating empires thousands of miles away, but can’t progress beyond mud-huts themselves!!

        7. Asians ain’t asians. What he should have said was North-east asians.
          East timor is southeast asian, and SE-asians have lower IQs than
          NE-asians, even in western countries.
          It’s pretty damn obvious its about race. Sub-saharan africans never really created civilization, and even more tellingly, they’re unable to MAINTAIN civilization. Rhodesia was the bread-basket of Africa, ahistorically wealthy, and then when the blacks took over from those evil whities, it turned to complete shit. Same thing is happening with South Africa. They were handed these amazing economies and couldn’t even keep them afloat. Whereas wherever whites go, they turn into first world countries, from places at environmentally diverse as Canada and Australia.

        8. The Mali Empire? Really great, a tribal dictator ruling an economy based on gold mining whose chief achievement is a mosque designed by an Egyptian made of dried manure.(seriously)

        9. “of course Japan and Haiti arent in the same ballpark…as to why? well one is largely Asian and one is largely Black. that will do it every time.”
          Read that? “Every time”. Not my words…his. Don’t blame me when the facts prove me right.

        10. Yeah, too bad the Romans had tribes and dictators and gold mining. And Malian mosques weren’t made of dried manure but of adobe or mudbrick.
          But good on you for ignoring the comparison.

        11. The thing is SE Asians are plenty capable of governance (the Burmese went head-to-head with the Qing Dynasty at its height and held their ground, the Thai defeated the French), and NE Asians have had their fair share of mess-ups in the past.
          As for Europeans making first-world countries everywhere, that’s not true when you look around. Whites have run Latin America since the conquistadors and yet they aren’t first-world countries (nothing against them, they’re great countries, but facts are facts). Whites ran Jamaica until the 90’s…not first-world (again, great country, but not first-world).
          I get the point about black rule in Africa…you’re right, it’s been a complete mess, but no one gets it right the first few decades. Plus, places like Botswana, Ghana, Senegal and so on are doing alright…so let’s be fair, it’s not all bad.
          Personally, I think you could chalk up all those differences to cultural emphases…different cultures encourage different kinds of creativity: say what you want about African peoples but their contributions to world music are simply unmatched.

        12. I see you’ve never heard of Great Zimbabwe…or Lalibela for that matter. Hmm.

        13. Or, as my SA farmer friend said when I asked him why he was relocating to Scotland – “I’d rather not have to farm with a pistol on my hip”

        14. Don’t knock dried manure. Seriously. I’m going to try a blood and manure floor in my new house. Mix some linseed in and polish for a perfect finish.

        15. “Sub-saharan africans never really created civilization”
          This is simply untrue. A mere google search would confirm the existence of Mali, Songhai, Ghana, Great Zimbabwe, Axum, Nubia, anda host of other civilizations in Africa.
          Wait, let me pre-empt you:
          “Those ‘civilizations’ weren’t worth shit!”
          You can argue their merits as much as you’d like (I’d be happy to have that discussion), but you cannot deny the existence of civilization in sub-saharan Africa. That’s simply an asinine claim. Centralized, civilized states in Africa long predate any equivalents in Europe outside of the mediterrenean.
          “even more tellingly, they’re unable to MAINTAIN civilization.”
          This is also a lie easily disproven by consultation with modern measures of national human development.

          Several modern black-majority nations maintain living standards well above their colonial predecessors and well above those maintained by several white/asian peoples you’ve deemed superior.
          Blacks have long proven capable of “maintaining” civilization. Claims to the contrary are based on the notion that every black majority nation is essentially Haiti, Zimbabwe, or Somalia, and that is just asinine.
          “Rhodesia was the bread-basket of Africa, ahistorically wealthy, and then
          when the blacks took over from those evil whities, it turned to
          complete shit.”
          You do understand the Zimbabwean levels of human development are low even by African standards, correct?
          Most post-colonial black nations have not seen the massive decline in living standards and economic development that you saw in Zimbabwe and in fact (looking at UN HDI trends), most have actually increased their living standards at least moderately since independence.
          You can’t use Zimbabwe to represent them all.
          Furthermore, Rhodesia was not special. I have Rhodesian HDI trends right here.

          In 1980, the Zimbabweans inherited a nation with an HDI of 0.367, well below the world average of .561 and just a tick above the contemporary African average of .366.
          For all of their “remarkable” development, the Rhodesians could not pass to blacks a society any more developed than most in Africa at the time.
          The Ghanaians, to use an example, had a .391 measure at the time, this after over 2 decades of independence.

          In Gabon, 1980 saw a much higher .526:

          Jamaicans managed an even higher .612 at the time:

          There is no evidence that blacks were incapable of matching or surpassing rhodesian levels of development. If you’re going to put Rhodesia up on a pedestal you’d best be ready to throw the Ghanians and Gabonese right up there with them because their living standards were, in fact, superior to those enjoyed in white-run Rhodesia.
          ” Same thing is happening with South Africa.”
          South Africa is vastly better off than Zimbabwe, and there are several African and Caribbean nations that are vastly better off than South Africa.
          “They were handed these amazing economies and couldn’t even keep them afloat.”
          Caribbeans, meanwhile, have improved upon what they had for the most part. The same can be said of the Tswana, the Ghanians, and many others. Standards of living have risen in many black nations.
          “Whereas wherever whites go, they turn into first world countries”
          Ukraine is a first world country? The Jamaicans have managed to match their levels of human development. Is Jamaica a first world country?
          The Bahamians have higher living standards than just about every nation in Eastern Europe. Is the Bahamas a first world country? How about the Barbadians, who are well ahead of the Portuguese (a people whose civilization building prowess can’t really be denied)?

        16. Or maybe you could go with a cow-skin couch…oh wait, that’s what leather is.
          Adobe is a perfectly good building material for that climate, the Spanish used it incessantly in the new world and Frank Lloyd Wright loved it and reflected its aesthetic in designs that weren’t even adobe. But no need to worry about that when you don’t care about facts.

        17. Hip-fucking-hurray. Africans developed the “mud-hut” village a long long time ago. Unfortunately they never progressed and now they’re shooting each other for their mud huts.
          …and bringing it to our shores.
          Bottom line: America doesn’t need booty music or soul food or a multiple felon wide receiver to exist. But without White culture to extort for welfare money, Blacks will starve in the streets.

        18. You’re arguing that there is not a single working government in all of Sub-Saharan Africa?
          Are you sure you want to stick with that assertion?

        19. Hip-fucking-hurray. Africans developed the “mud-hut” village a long long time ago.

          They went well beyond the “mud-hut village”. I’m talking about large, centralized states, the existence of which can easily be confirmed with a short venture on google.
          As for “progress”, I’ve already established in my response above that this has been attained. Haiti, Zimbabwe and Somalia do not represent all black people, many of whom have done just fine with regard to self governance.
          You do not appear knowledgeable enough to have this discussion.

        20. You did not address a single thing I said in the comment you’re replying to, so I’ll just assume that we are in agreement on those points.

      2. …what if you transplanted the population of Iceland and Haiti:
        One is one pf the only financially stable countries in Europe, even though its only a cold piece of volcanic rock. The other has tropical temperatures year-round, tons of natural resources, and has received CENTURIES of foreign aid….and is a hell-hole.
        It comes down to one factor, I think you know what it is.

        1. You do understand that for about a century after independence, Haiti was forced by France to pay reparations that, annually, amounted to a vast majority of Haitian GDP, right? Much of their post-war wealth was going right back to France, despite French independence. Haiti also did not receive diplomatic recognition from many nations for decades, and few were willing to establish normal trading relations either.
          This notion that Haiti has receive “centuries” of foreign aid just tells me you know nothing about Haiti. Any aid they have been getting has been recent.

          It comes down to one factor, I think you know what it is.

          It comes down to several, actually. There is a reason why nations like Jamaica, the Bahamas, Barbados and others with predominantly black populations are doing VASTLY better than Haiti.
          If you were even remotely acquainted with the nations you are trying to discuss, you’d know this.

      3. Haiti was the richest country in the Western hemisphere when run by whites. Then the blacks took over and it has been the poorest country on the western hemisphere since. Haiti is one half of an island. The other half has a much smaller proportion of blacks and therefore a much higher standard of living. Blacks are like a disease; they bring poverty and crime and third world conditions wherever they settle.

        1. Haiti, when it was called Saint-Domingue, was a rich colony but the only rich people were slave owners who stayed on the island as little as possible because they didn’t want to catch yellow fever. The considerable money it made went to France and Louisiana, little of it went back into the local economy. Once the slaves affected their emancipation and the slave owners left, the wealth left with it, but Haitians had never benefited from that wealth in any case, and the creation of that wealth was their principal source of misery.
          The DR, which you ironically refer to as “the other half”, has a very high amount of black ancestry, and as you note it’s not in the same state at all. The same can be said for many other heavily black countries. Again, it shows that it’s not about race but about statecraft, about the social health of a community.

    2. What is the highest level of Education you have achieved in your life?
      Are you in a single or double-wide?

    1. Niggers and spics whine about the fact that their races can never act like a productive community. Time for a multi-country solution. End of story. No need to let them drag us down.

  12. Africans on the whole did not practice agriculture the way asians and europeans did, but lived in hunter-gatherer tribes where children were raised communally. When the British first went to Australia, they were horrified to find the natives having these great orgies. In these societies, everyone fucked everyone and the chldren were raised by everyone. Of course, there were plenty of exceptions to this in africa et al, but this was the general trend, and this explains the high rates of black illegitimacy far better than ‘DA RAY-CYST CRACKAS!!!’

    1. How do you explain that black americans had the lowest illegetimacy rates in America ofany group (under 10%) until the 1970s, where it was common place for white men to leave their wives in the 30s?

  13. Another post from a confused partial leftist.
    These days legislation is racist in *favor* of blacks. Yet there is still an black underclass. There will always be a black underclass moron. It’s based on an unchangeable biological truth.
    Return Of Kunts.
    Retun Of Klasswarriors
    Return Of Useful idiots too lazy to properly assimilate there varied philosophies into a coherent whole.

  14. Biased Stormfront-tier drivel riddled with incorrect facts and faulty assumptions.

  15. I am from the far east of Africa and I agree with some of the comments. I am from Somalia (Arabic and Turkish also). My country used to be one of the greatest countries along with Ethiopia and guess what happened? Basically west Africans came in insane numbers and turned our country into the shit it is now. I have no problem with people going to different countries to live better lives, but I do have problems with people who ruin other peoples country’s.

  16. Regardless of what you believe about black people, anyone that’s suspicious of liberalism and against feminism should be treated as an ally.

  17. :The great black argument: “Its someone else’s fault.”
    Single motherhood? Yeah, incentivized slut-hood is a problem for every race, blacks aren’t special.
    Drug war? Here’s a tip: STOP SELLING FUCKING DRUGS ASSHOLE. And don’t even hand me this “only way outta da hood” crap. There’s enough mandated “diversity” programs that make it possible for blacks, especially black women, to get into ANY college, ANY job, or ANY role in ANY branch of the military with no questions asked. I lived it for 20 years and its only picking up steam.
    When the FBI consistently reports that blacks, while making up only 13% of the population, account for 75% violent crime, its not “racism”, its common sense.

  18. Legalize all drugs. Continue to prosecute anyone who gives them to kids, though; you have to be a moron to do enough meth or heroin to ruin your life, and kids aren’t exactly smart.

  19. The pictures of black fathers in this article were picked poorly. Whether or not the models are criminals, they choose clothes and hair styles who purpose is to convey a threat of violence. It would be the equivalent of saying how great white fathers are and then using pictures of biker gangs holding babies.

  20. This is an excellent analysis. I wonder if it’s worth adding “forcible integration” to the list. School busing and the like certainly didn’t (don’t) contribute to the stability of black communities.

  21. War on drugs? I guess its too much to ask blacks not to smoke crack. No, its not homeboy’s fault that he shot some dude over a bad crack deal, its the government’s fault! Its the system thats oppressing him! The man turned him into a criminal, instead of letting buy high-quality crack at 7-11.
    With the sheer numbers of drug addicts and dealers walking around any given inner city street, it can at times be hard to believe that the government is trying to suppress drug use, much less waging a war. Marijuana should be legal because it is relatively harmless. But, if drugs like meth and coke were legalized, I doubt that much of the related crime would decrease. Anybody who has been an addict or has close family members/friends that are addicts can tell you that hard drugs fuck with you in a way that alcohol simply does not.
    Racism? Everybody knows the old racist stereotypes of black men as sexually aggressive, criminal, irresponsible, drug/alcohol addicted thugs. Look at the current state of black society, and you will see that many blacks are doing their absolute best to live up to those stereotypes.

  22. I skimmed quickly through the comments but it seems there has been no mention of the fact that American blacks have an average IQ of 85 compared to the white average of 100 (and of course the Asian average is a little higher, and the Ashkenazi Jewish average the highest of all.) Don’t these facts have SOMETHING to do with what we see with our eyes?

    1. Sure, though you’ll need to preface that consideration with a couple of large assumptions.
      1. Intelligence can be fully quantified by IQ (IQ measures are useful, but not perfect).
      2. The gap in IQ measurements is of wholly genetic origin and unrelated in any way to environmental causes (ex: poverty, drug proliferation, redlining, etc).

  23. Bull shit. Blacks VOTE for these things by voting for the Democrats around 95% voted for Gore in 2000.
    The have caused their own problems. PERIOD. They know that this country is not theirs and never will be. Unless they kill off all the white devils (which some of them are already talking about).
    Just look at Detroit.
    This site says it all:

  24. Very incisive article. You write clearly, rationally and brilliantly, with little trace of bitterness that laces other manosphere type of articles. I especially like your point of how white feminism did absolutey no favours to black people. Very true.

  25. Interesting article, however you left out a very important part.
    The abuse of the slave masters was passed on through the families down the black generations. It’s well known and proven that an abused adult will pass that abuse onto their offspring as a way to validate and release their own abusive experience. Many slaves, were even more cruel and vicious than the slave masters themselves.
    200 years later and this simmering abuse is still going on in black communities. The fear in the eyes of a black person is not just from an under current of racism, it’s also simmering subconsciously in the family.
    The same thing is starting to happen in the white communities. In that the nit picking, aggressive, obstructive attitudes that a person experiences validates them in treating other people like that. So things like the TSA and Homeland Security abusing people’s basic rights of free passage, lead to others in the community banging at people for no real reason, other than to relieve their own misery.
    And thus we enter into a global communism, where abusing each other becomes more socially acceptable that helping each other.

  26. The most amusing thing is the image presented in Hollywood where black people are all integrated and often have high powered jobs and yet in any downtown US city, the only black people are the ones cleaning the streets and driving UPS trucks.
    Interestingly in Europe where slavery is long forgotten, and a lot of non slave ancestry has come up more recently straight from Africa, the blacks are far more integrated and have more stable family units.The slaves weren’t used so much in Europe because it wasn’t as socially acceptable, and was more profitable to get them on sugar and cotton plantations in the Americas.
    This brings me back to my previous point, of the problem also being inherent in the upbringing and psyche of the slave ancestors, it’s something in their communities as well as a pure racist thing.
    Even the rappers calling each other nigger is a part of that.

  27. I happened across your article and just wanted to say thank you for a very even treatment of this subject. Whats funny is that even though everyone (blacks, liberals, white conservatives, elites) had a hand in the demise of black america, no one is willing to own up to their share of the blame. We all F***ed up. But today is a different day, and the primary responsibility for making a change for the better really does rest with blacks themselves. The blame game has to stop and truly fair respectful competition, mixed in with a little bit of social compassion, has to rule the day. I only hope and pray that our culture isn’t so screwed up that its too late to escape the death spiral it seems to be in. And if whites aren’t careful they’ll be coming down right behind us.

  28. Athlone McGinnis;
    I read both of your race related articles on how progressive legistlature and racism has cost american black men. I wanted to be a social activist for some time regarding this problems, but lacked a definitive goal. Thank you because i think you cleared murky water for me on a problem so obvious. So in saying that, my goal is to make an organization specifically funding single black men into sustainable revenue(such as homeownership) and align this organization with black and white male cooperation. I’d like your to contribute suggestions and critique to my future plan. my twitter handle is @drunkgreekgod please contact me there because its anonymous and accessible. if you need further contact information i can provide it

  29. black america? white america? Why can’t we just all be American without hypenated bullshit. Now I see shit like Asian-American… wtf is that?

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