5 Essential Life Lessons From The Hindu Law Code Of Manu

According to official academics, the Law Code of Manu is a legal document produced around the second or third century BC in India. It has been created in a context of discord between castes, mostly used so that the first two castes of the Hindu four-castes order would keep cooperating with an advantage for the Brahmin—clerics, priests, teachers—over the Kshatriya—warriors, administrators, royalty—in a peculiar caste-ordered civilization.

If one follows such a historicist, everything-comes-from-human-whims view, the Law Code of Manu can only be relevant to nerdy Sanskrit scholars who made themselves a niche in the academic market and perhaps to jurists looking for some exotic literature within their field. To any other, it is just a culturally alien, dusty, and uninteresting pile of words. You’d better follow what is going on during The Current Year from mainstream, establishment-approved sources.

Of course, my approach here is quite different, otherwise I wouldn’t have written this piece. Ancient India is one of the oldest civilized societies known and features a religion perhaps closer to the “source” of them all than the later ones we are more familiar with. Hinduism, far from being limited to a children tales-like mythology, superstition, or New Age feel-good bullshit, features rich concepts such as the dharma—to which I devoted a ROK piece—that bear analogy with later ones, like the Greek dikē or cosmos, or the Jewish tsedek (loosely, “justice”).

This is what the Law Code of Manu stems from: a traditional society, crossed with a spiritual and perhaps intellectual vivacity that isn’t ours anymore, that stood the test of time, and that features a rather refreshing point of view compared to the floating fashions of today. Precise and wide, the Code covers a wide range of areas with minimal jargon and, as you will see, has few if anything in common with the strange tribes that disproportionately enticed matriarchy or exoticism-seeking anthropologists. In my opinion, it can be compared to the Jewish mitsvot (“commandments”), in that most of these cannot be applied anymore in modern societies, but remain an important source of landmarks and inspiration.

1. Initiation rites matter

After a brief account of the Creation of the world and humans, the Code starts by stating the roots of the Law in general and tackling the consecratory rites. These topics go hand in hand, as only someone properly initiated—along with other conditions—appears qualified to understand and tell what has to be. Yet they also reach far beyond the world of jurists: in a traditional society, everyone had rites of passage to go through according to one’s specific identity.

It has been noticed here that a society lacking initiatory rites produces immature, incomplete, frail and jaded people. Many men from the 60s and the 70s are cowards and conformists who keep themselves subjugated by cultural Leftism. We, millenials, never had the security, wealth and access to sex they enjoyed, still we may be better off as we have at least our own initiatory rites. Taking the red pill stands as one, game practice as another. These “rites” of ours make us abler, stronger, more in touch with “disturbing” but highly important reality than grey-headed wimps. As the Manu Code states clearly, those who were able to stand the rite are actualized by it, to the point that some are “twice-born.”

2. Purity matters, too

A recurring theme in the Law Code is purity. Before performing a rite or formal prayer, one should take an ablution and clear one’s mind of random thoughts and negative emotions. Eating inappropriate food, associating with criminals or outcasts is considered tainting. When one “sins”, one should undergo a penance, not because he has been forced to do so but as to get “clean” for the taint.

We were told most past taboos were “oppressive” and bound to be superseded. The Victorian taboo on sex would be of an “inferior” society compared to our “emancipated” one. Thus, the only purity acceptable would be the medical one—wash your hands before eating—as all else would be ultimately ungrounded.

In an irony of history, the Leftist establishment has become incredibly puritan in its own right: believe in Gender Equality, Progress, Rape Culture, Global Warming and other idols; avoid –isms and –phobias; buy Fair Trade; eat organic… Behind their veneer of hipsterism, bourgeois bohemians are incredibly prudish and obsessed with purity, especially on the ideological plane. To us, such puritanism looks like a big matrix, a false setting where norms and judgments take us away from reality and instill us with wrong fears and judgment criteria.

Where the Leftist “puritan” sees sacrilege (“WHAT? WOMEN ARE HYPERGAMIC? OMFG THIS IS CISHET MANSPLAINING SEXIST SEXISM!”), we see awareness. This does not mean that caring about purity is always bad. The question is, whether this or that can be rightly considered pure or not, and if we are in touch with a proper sense of cleanliness inside ourselves.

Girls who made themselves ugly and get their holes rammed by massive amounts of dick are entitled to elicit repulsion. Likewise, many of whom we call racailles (“scum”) in French are dirty in various senses—they smoke bad weed, are drug addicts, seem unable to speak without shouting or scorching the French language through an ugly, repulsive accent; they deal with illegal trades which entail selling unhealthy products, defrauding customers, robbing, they act like parasites and are proud of it, they often feel bad emotions against almost everything, and even lack basic hygiene. Do considering such people dirty and tainted make us “bigoted”?

Of course, the purity mentioned in the Code is genuine in the sense that it is not about virtue-signaling or displaying signs of purity whereas one would be “unclean” or messes up inside. A true Brahmin is by no means a Pharisaic, and no one else should be.

3. Too much hypocrisy is damaging and should be shunned

The Bible devotes at least two chapters (Mathew, 6-7) to exposing those who turn their virtuous acts into a public show and values actions made without testimony. People ought to seek the good for itself, not for getting social rewards or participating into a play. Just like the Bible—actually, a bit less, perhaps because hypocrisy was less rampant in ancient India than in first century Judea—the Manu Law condemns social dishonesty:

A man who always displays the banner of righteousness and yet is greedy and deceitful, who deludes the world, who is given to violence, and who beguiles everybody should be viewed as one who observes the ‘cat-vow’. A twice-born who goes around with downcast eyes but is cruel, given to furthering his own ends, crooked, and being falsely sanctimonious, is a man who is observing the ‘heron-vow’… After committing a sin, [one] must never perform a penitential observance under the pretext that [one] is doing a meritorious act, thus covering up his sin with his observance and deceiving women and Shudra. (4.195-8)

If being polite with people you loathe is hypocrisy, then so be it. Dissimulating one’s feelings and thoughts is often necessary for social life, although one could argue that this necessity alone is a sign of degeneracy. However, being committed to one’s interests at the expense of everyone else’s and posing as generous, as socialists typically do, should be deemed unacceptable and clearly denounced. Doubtlessly, the massive hypocrisy of the currently powerful bears an important relation with the present state of the West.

4. Vocations matter, and they can’t be reduced to a flat chart

The Hindu society, just like other Indo-European societies up to medieval Europe, is organized upon superimposed castes. The Brahmin have the highest authority by virtue of their “primogeniture” and superior learning, the Kshatriya are the ones who risk their life over the battlefield and are fit to political power out, the Vaishya are these free men who deal in trade, agriculture and craftsmanship, and the Shudra mostly serve the three other castes.

On an individual level, these castes are justified by the vocation or proper dharma of every individual: one is made, say, a Vaisya or a Kshatriya from the start, and could not change his caste without turning into another person. Some vocations are higher than others and should be acknowledged as such.

Most ROK readers should find the idea of vocation intuitive. Women have purposes specific to their sex and should not attempt to steal or destroy manly places. However, the caste hierarchy and relative levelling of vocations may seem extraneous to American readers: the US were founded over the idea that neither a centralized Church nor a nobility should exist. Did not the Founding Fathers reject the caste system from the start? Indeed—but I am neither American nor conservative enough to put them on the same footing than sacred texts.

5. Hierarchy per se is not a problem, poor hierarchy is

A hierarchy where manly men have authority over feminine women works well. Each one has a role fit to its nature and can realize one’s own purposes with the help of the other. An inverted, matriarchal hierarchy where women would rule, on the other hand, is dissatisfying: women would look like caricatures of men by being bossy, let their defects such as conformism and group-thinking tendency express, and turn men into slaves or short-term driven pleasure-seekers. None of the parts would be able to realize its better tendencies, such as loving and caring for women, or meeting with challenges for men.

Likewise, the four-caste hierarchy is supposed to be the better or fairer one. A society following it and having proper individuals at each level would be the most harmonious one, even in poverty. When the regular order gets messed up, so does the whole society: Kshatriya pretending to spiritual authority start subordinating it to political interests, just as the Protestant princes of Europe did in the sixteenth century; Vaishya pretending to power end up commercializing everything, turning politics into a marketplace where lobbyists and sellouts abound. “Inferior” castes cannot help but bring their essential ethos with them no matter where they go or what they pretend to be.

The lesson, here, could be that modernity has been mostly synonymous with a “vaishya-ization” of society: universities have turned into an academic niche market, politics have become a market as well, and the process have been aggravated by women trying to play men—especially upper bourgeois women pretending to political power. Each “inferior” caste denying the “superior” ones their rights and special prerogatives have made the world poorer.

As for myself, I have no problem with the idea that some, even men, should not be entitled to financial independence: libertarianism may work well among members of Mensa, but 70-IQ people clearly need some paternalist management not to drown into their own stupidity.

“Even a capable Shudra must not accumulate wealth, for when a Shudra becomes wealthy, he harasses Brahmins.” (10.129) Some wealthy people fund seditious, divisive groups such as BLM, some who enjoy a small authority act like power-tripping assholes, some women get beta orbiters and management power… A fair hierarchy is not one with equal chances or opportunities to get promoted, but one where each one can reach his rightful place.


Alt-Right blogger Lawrence Murray contrasted Buddhism, which enjoys some cultural status and association with the upper classes in the West, with an “intensely alien Hinduism.” Practicing yoga, reciting a handful of mantra and mingling with other bourgeois bohemian while sipping fair trade green tea seems indeed easier than vindicating such a frankly non-modern order.

Modernity in general and the so-called American Dream in particular entertain a deep trend of anti-traditional, anti-dharmic thinking which promotes an abstract and formally autonomous individual able to do has he wants. “Gender” or the negation of biological sex in the name of a chosen or psychological sex is but the last product of the trend.

If you could choose between a society where Hillary Clinton had won the election and a society with castes and sacred fires, would you have the guts to choose the second option—knowing that women would be women but also that you may be, say, a Vaishya and thus not entitled to (for example) give a scholarly opinion about what the Bible says?

Whatever your answer, remember that modern ethical theories come and go with the Zeitgeist, whereas dharmic cultures still exist today side by side with modern technology. I could bet anything that in a hundred years the Law Code of Manu will still be studied while Anita Sarkeesian’s name will be forgotten.

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  1. As much as I want to make fun of all this shit… at least they aren’t over there convincing their kids to chop of their dicks and become girls, and this other shit we’re doing to ourselves here. As soon as they get around to indoor plumbing, I might have to start giving them some respect.

    1. Oy vey! Just wait till we destroy the West and turn our semitic sights on India! Those cursed goyim in China and Japan won’t let us in to destroy their civilization, so we’ll have to settle for destroying India! Oy vey!

    2. One thing I really like about Indian parents is that they disown children for deciding on a made up gender and girls for premarital sex

    3. India is going through a dark age primarily due to overpopulation . Unlike your belief we do have the intellect to organize a water driven central sewage disposal system but pal when you have around 16% of the worlds population crammed in india it becomes very dicey .the educated in india have good lifestyles but unfortunately this is only true for urban areas and 70% of our population is in rural areas .add the fact that this 70% breeds like rats further deteriorating the future generations access to resources combined with the fact that the low levels of nutrition leads to low IQ i think we are headed for massive famines but the gates to heaven start in hell so this may break us or start a new cycle of civilization

      1. Exactly. Coupled with the desperate (and partly successful) attempts of the West to pollute & destroy Hindu culture & tradition (by controlling Media, Funding NGOs, Somehow making pussies to believe that they are “equal” to MEN, Creating “religious” unrest etc.).
        Don’t know why (not ALL, though) some common people in the West conveniently forget facts: Bharat/India is the County with “highest” muslim population ! As you pointed out, Bharat is the world’s 2nd highest populated Country with “hell lot” of OTHER religions AND yet Bharat stood time testing and is leading in number of Technological areas ! There are more than one “language” and different “variants” of the same Religion !, Lobby of West is always trying to create “troubles” in every possible way they can, but still they couldn’t stop Bharat’s Development & Progress !
        It’s a well known fact that the West is “sponsoring & aiding” Porkistan (and others) to de-stabilize Bharat. Anyway, it seems for some, FACTS are hard to digest !!

        1. True, according to the “Official” Population Statistics BUT in reality, there are more (aka “hell lot of”) muslims in Bharat/India.

        2. I don’t know if you are implying that the error is in the data collection for India, but the difference in Muslim populations between those two countries is substantial.

        3. That’s what I mean ! and in fact it’s not an “error” but either “deliberate attempt” and/or “who cares” attitude in documenting population statistics, especially of muslims. Can’t say more as a Person who was born, raised, educated and worked in Bharat until the age of 27 years !!

        4. Hey you again, the same “stupid retard moron ass hole” !! Now it’s confirmed that you are Jealous, Envious, have Grudge and Inherently Suffer with Inferiority Complex !! Nobody gives a “flipping shit” about any “other” country !!

      2. I don’t know the conditions of the land there but large families are good for farming. Two birds with one stone. They’d need some help to start but if subsidized they could provide for the countryside. The government should build farming complexes like the housing project complexes here in the US. Work the families and send in tutors to teach the willing. Exile those unwilling to work to infertile land

        1. Wanted to say:
          What ever is your country, it is “scum of the scum” and/or “scum from the scum” !!
          But NO.
          Just because one “stupid retard moron ass hole” said something about my Home Country doesn’t mean I should “insult” that persons country !!

        2. No wonder (some/few) common people in other countries (especially in the west) seriously suffer with the JEG&IIC syndrome !
          (Jealousy, Enviousness, Grudge & Inherent Inferiority Complex) against Hindustanis !!
          Maybe you are Jealous of Microsoft CEO ! Maybe you are Envious of Google CEO !! Maybe you have Grudge on the Person who Pioneered USB Technology !!!
          But hey you “stupid retard moron ass hole” ! One good thing is ALL of them are MEN ! And this will be my last reply to your kind of “stupid retard moron ass holes”, because it’s like “throwing stone on pile of shit” !!

        3. Nobody in the West is jealous of India or care about it altogether. Which is kind of a good thing since you aren’t being problematic like the muslims or blacks at least. You just stay where you are , don’t come over in huge numbers and try to prosper on your own as a country. Just become like Japan. Japanese are the only non-Western people I respect.

        4. Wow, now I am sure that some/few common people in the West not only seriously suffer with JEG&IIC Syndrome but also lack “common sense” ! Nobody said the West is Jealous of Hindustan ! Pity you can’t even make difference between “people in the West vs West” and “Hindustanis vs Hindustan” !!
          And why should the West be Jealous of Hindustan ! Westerners already “looted” whatever they can, not just from Hindustan but every other part of the Planet. If there is anything left, they are still doing it and destroying other Countries !!
          I actually wanted to Say:
          You are not even worth of a “drop” in cesspool of the Hindustan ! So who cares about your kind of morons giving “respect” !? And who the hell you are to say “stay where you are”, you stupid fag !? You can come and loot and establish your colonies and you ask other not to do it !!
          But NO:
          Just because one or few stupid retards from West/Europe said something about Hindustan doesn’t mean I should retaliate ! We respect other people and cultures. When it comes to the Europe, I personally have immense respect towards the GREEK (country going to bankrupt didn’t changed my respect).
          And now, nobody in Bharat/Hindustan cares or gives a shit about the West !! Which is indeed a kind of good thing (especially for the West) since West “just cannot” even dream of putting their “military bases” on the Soil of Bharat ! never !!
          You just stay where you are; don’t try to “convert” Hindus by forcing and/or by giving freebies, don’t try to use your “ill earned” money to control the media and to fund “worthless” NGOs, don’t supply weapons to porkistan so that they can create unrest & riots in Bharat, never ever try to poke into the Bharat’s culture & traditions, never ever try to take advantage of the “religious tolerance” of Bharat.
          You didn’t stayed where you are, maybe, in anxiety you forgot from where you came and about Native/Red INDIANS ! and you are asking other to “stay where they are” !! what a pity !!
          Again, before showing your JEG&IIC syndrome (Jealousy, Enviousness, Grudge & Inherent Inferiority Complex), learn to be self-sufficient !! don’t “depend” on others !! and most importantly, stop giving advises !!!
          By the way, who gives a shit about which people you respect !!

        5. If there weren’t a UN, it would have been long sacked by now. It’s like a dying animal that needs to be put out of its misery.

        6. I would convert some hindus later this day but I guess I’ll just leave them be lol. You have some funny ideas man.
          My last advice for you since you seem disturbed.If you keep lurking in a site about Western nationalism, it will only make you feel worst about yourself and your country. And get rid of those stupid leftist concepts of fairness and equalism in your head.

        7. The problem is, thanks to our stupid immigration system, they are coming in large numbers through student visas and H1bs. 100,000 Indians came in this year on H1bs alone. And once they get an H1b, their whole family is entitled to move. So they bring their wives and children or they start having children once they get into America thanks to birth right citizenship. The UK is filled with Indians and Pakis. Australia has become filled with them too. The states of NJ, California, TX, and WA are all filled with low tier Indians.

        1. The saddest part is that if i were to go in poor neighborhoods and request people to control their birth rate chances if i told them the logic and science behind it they would say i am a antisocial mad man but tell them that some god wants them to donate their money to a so called ascetic and they would comply without realising that he is just a mere mortal and a fraud.

      3. Apparently they are really low on punctuation resources in India, too.

        1. Because Indians are online 24/7 running tech support. They are everywhere online. They even visit sites like Breitbart. All the instagram whores, 60% of their million followers are from India. They lust for the white girl. Even pornhub stats showed that India was the country that produced the highest traffic for them.

      4. As the writer correctly said, the problem is not hierarchy as such, but poor hierarchy. After 1947, Nehru and his “communal” socialism took over. What we see in India- the shitty streets, public spitting and a cancer mindset is the consequence of the caste pyramid become inverted.
        Depending on your caste, you get free food, gas cylinders and housing. But fuck that- reservation in education and employment is (drum roll) 50%. These Dalits and Muslims feel so entitled- they want the cap increased to 75%, and private sector reservation as well.
        One can live a very convenient life being poor and low caste, when the government gives you a free lunch. They get incentives to reproduce- your kid again gets a caste certificate and the process continues. Why work, when the upper caste, a minority drowned in a sea of “minorities”, pays your bill?
        If you are a lower caste means getting admission in IITs, paying no fees- and all your problems can be blamed on your “caste”. Poor grades? Blame caste system. People mocking you for using quota for admission? Blame caste system. Suicide? Blame caste system. Seems like these people can never do any crime in life, 53% criminals in jails are Dalits and Muslims, blame the caste.
        All riots are caused by Muslims and Dalits in India, the most pampered in the world. Victim culture always comes to the rescue. India is the only country in the world which gives Haj subsidy to Muslims. It is always- 1 Muslim, 4 wives, 40 kids. If you escape poverty- you lose subsidies and become poor, so why work? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df6609afde0f697546757ab5504fe1716355f55b6448a53da99c4710253d273a.jpg
        Hell look at my college fees- I pay 150k and those motherfuckers pay 5k. And no surprise, they have the worst grades- blame caste system. Can’t even speak against them- Atrocities law will have you arrested.

      5. The population situation is completely out of control in India. If only the government had enacted a 1 child policy. The truth is, there is no talk about contraception, abstinence, and birth control in this culture. I guess, it’s considered taboo even though there’s a whole lot of fucking going around. Then there is the idea that the more children you breed, the more prosperity it brings to the family. The same kind of mentality is instilled in the Indians that make it out to the west on work visas. They will cram themselves in an apartment with like 8 people, and they will try to pop out babies like it’s nobody’s business. To add to the injury, your PM Modhi is just a dumb politician and ain’t doing shit to straighten things out. And how could he? He never received any formal education, can’t speak English, and used to be a guy who sole chai on the streets.

    4. There are some tales that an an ancestral Indian variant of Rama had a nuclear style war with “Atlantis”.
      They’re living in the “fallout” game franchise now I guess.

      1. WTF dude i never heard of that and i am a hindu .aand old tales are pragmatic not literal ,and rama fought with raavan the ruler of sri lanka to be precise

        1. No point in arguing or replying, especially when some body comments on (not “One” of the !) the OLDEST Religion & Civilization on this Planet !!

        2. All that way to eventually find out that all one needs is to shit beside the train tracks in flip flops made of old tires… Ironic eh ?

        3. Wanted to say:
          You got it wrong ! All that way “generously” allowing other people to shamelessly “copy cat” and write up their own “religions” overnight ! and that too just opposite to Hinduism !! We “burn”, you “bury” !
          And eventually find out that all one (the ones that are kicked out by the English !) needs is to massacre native people, establish a “nation”, pedestal pussies and become pussy maniacs And now complain about that very same pussies !!
          But NO:
          Just because a “stupid retard moron ass hole” said something about my Home Country or Religion, doesn’t I should “insult and degrade” other countries, their culture and religions !!

        4. I don’t know what you’re on about and Iam not interested but I’ve got a question. Are Hindus peaceful or just really bad at fighting?

    5. We aren’t doing that to our kids. We have to separate from the bullshit. I can’t force people to be logical so why do I get saddled with their reputations? Logical people around the world are my comrades and community

    6. Hindu beliefs are pervading Westerners, lots of feminists love yoga and follow gurus. Its not a belief system for Western people to flourish.
      Reason why the West is going bad is that its abandoned traditional Christianity, which set forth certain rules and morals. Those are gone, foreign religions like Hinduism and Islam are not good for the West. India is one of the most backward places on Earth, even worse than the Middle East in many ways, even some of the richer Arabs have discovered plumbing and running water.
      The corporate media calls India a “rising Superpower”, more than half the population defecates in the streets. There is a large group of permanently impoverished people because of their caste. They make countries like Saudi Arabia look forward thinking.
      China is a much better model, because they look at actual family values and basic social etiquette rather than dogmatic religion.

      1. Went to India 2007 and the dense population is shocking. People everywhere. The place looked rundown even while India was having a suppose economic “boom”….Poverty was everywhere..

        1. A friend of mine went there, he lives in China now. He told me the place is poor and crowded but the locals treated him well.

        2. The reason for this is that the uppercastes aka phenotypes with good IQ’s are criminalized and minorities are given reservations in jobs and education .add the fact that the poor 70% rural population of our country cannot stop breeding instead of improving the quality instead of quantity of children we are headed for a famine where these dominant minorities will suffer the most but every cloud has a silver lining and this may give us another chance to rejuvenate our civilization

      2. I went to a traditional church today to learn about it. There were a few solid theological points made at first, but doctrine quickly devolved into parody. Folk religion is great for peasant farmers in the medieval ages, but I don’t think it will necessarily withstand the current political climate.
        THE fatal flaw of the West, in all facets, has been over intellectualization. Eastern religions connect the spiritual with the natural, whereas Western religion connects the spiritual with the spiritual again.

  2. Casteism has been a thorn in India’s side for its entire history. It was often a tool used by the Brahmins to maintain their superiority over other castes. Meritocracy cannot thrive in an environment where your birth decides you duty. A wise man from a low caste will be thrown aside in favor of a dumb slob from a high caste. Even to this day caste discrimination occurs.
    Ancient India did not have a formal education as it exists in the West nor did they embrace literature as the Ancient Greeks did. Instead, they have a system call gurukula where a single guru (always a Brahmin) teaches a small group of students (any caste except Shudra or lesser). This oral tradition of passing knowledge has led to a lot of corruption of ancient Indian texts, with each generation of Brahmins either altering or making up silly stories to enhance their image. For example, the Mahabharata initially consisted of only 8800 verses but now has over 100,000 verses, so it is impossible to tell which sections of the book are part of the original story. A lot of them contain logical inconsistencies and contradictions.
    All that being said, I am a very practical man and I intend to use this to my advantage. My relatively high caste grants me a privileged position in many caste-conscious social groups. Sometimes, caste is also a factor in considering marriages and high caste women are generally prettier.

    1. Idiots do tend to ruin everything. Kind of the whole point of being one.

    2. I wonder if India is in a huge state of decay, simply because the castes have had it. Like, the Cleaning Poo Off Street Caste and the Fish Dead Bodies Out of the Ganges Caste are on permanent strike.

  3. “The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths.
    It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang.” – Carl Sagan.
    Judging any book after reading it, is always the better option.

  4. Nice read. That photo of the three women in business suits almost made me hork…it spoke to me, and said, “We’re here to fuck up the workplace and destroy the company and bring hell to the lives of all men who work here”, etc.

    1. Their suits don’t bother me but those facial expressions: Yikes.

        1. That’s not just smugness. It’s disdain and condescension. Very unattractive.

        2. She thinks her pussy should be cast in platinum and put in a museum (the middle one)…

        3. For me, their facial expressions tell a lot more:
          =Trying very hard to hide the fact that they are inferior to MALES !
          =Unable to come to terms with reality that almost everything they use in their daily life is Invented, Innovated & Pioneered by MEN !
          =Futile attempts to show that they are somehow worth more than banging & child bearing !
          =Desperate to brag about what ever (damn thing) they did, while shamelessly using the Technology & Infrastructure; courtesy of MEN !
          =Deliberately attempting to be confident, while inherently suffering with inferiority complex and low self esteem !

        4. Courtesy goes to the Arrogant, Bitchy and Ungrateful western pussies, to the “vested interests” of the west and to the “manginas & white-knights in Bharat.

        5. Nope ! all those traits/expressions are “properties” of the weak, pathetic and inferior pussies ! To say this, one doesn’t need to be a “genius” !!

        6. There is no luck ! Well, maybe, the “luck” you are referring will apply to your kind of manginas and pussy maniacs !! And that same “luck” will apply to you if you are a weak, pathetic, inferior, parasitic and ungrateful c#@t !!

        7. the one i like best is the argument that women get paid less than men… when in reality women take more time off and spend more time in less demanding work, so they can raise kids and have a family – which is kind an important role since humanity will soon die out if women stop doing that…… meanwhile 10 times more men die in the work place and the amount they are paid for taking those risks don’t even come close to the imaginary pay gap in the first place….. no feminists are clamoring for jobs in deep sea fishing or container shipping… LOL…

        1. I don’t know about the penis part, but the rest sounds about right.

    2. Worse, they try to infect other women as well:

      A typical deranged feminist rant about how women are omnipotent goddesses who were unfairly oppressed by mortal men.

      1. They try to lure you in with this appearance of everlasting power. What you really get is a small window of time to both develop a male career and fulfill a biological need to start a family. Unless you’re able to network, date, merry, go to college, get good grades, and build a career without a hitch in a time-frame of about 8 years, you’ll miss the train. There’s no picking and choosing either- you can’t get married without a good carrier, for example, because the system is just built that way. The circles you associate with and the culture you’re a part of expects it.
        In order to fit everything into a small time frame, women have essentially prostituted themselves. If you sleep with guys to get the friends or the grades or the job or the husband, it keeps expectations manageable.
        The long term effect of a brothel society exploits it beyond function:
        (sorry this is vice)

        1. “There’s no picking and choosing either- you can’t get married without a good carrier, for example, because the system is just built that way.”
          I’m not so sure about that. Even in the West, there are many traditional minded women who are fine with being stay-at-home moms, and there are also many relatively successful men as well. The problem is that feminism has fooled women into thinking they can have it both ways (besides artificially raising their expectations), and they realize only too late that men have no interest in marrying careerist sluts. The kind of men who do marry them are not the kind who will make them happy.
          (BTW, that video is disgusting.)

        2. If you come from a traditional community, yes. I was religious/ homeschooled as a kid, but there were only a few of *those* people who were traditional to the point of pairing-off at a young age. They were generally people who had large families and hippie parents.
          Most homeschool parents were all about having their daughters go to college. And that represents a very conervative demographic.

    3. Bob, have you seen the female business-suit-with-a-tie look? There is a woman who sports that in one of my business circles. She’s probably 50ish, married to a man, has kids, still reasonably well put together for her age, and she always wears a female suit, with a tie, to work everyday, often including a vest. Its retarded.

      1. That look really gets under my skin. Probably because I had a crazy ex who I met where I worked, and she sported that look. It’s like play-acting: A woman pretending to be a man in the workplace. I suppose it could be worse, my friend. Well…I guess it already is, now that I think about it. Men dressing like women in the workplace (trannies).

        1. hi Bob – I was reading your comments about various mystical experiences and etc… working on a project that should interest you… drop me a line :
          [email protected]

    4. There’s one situation where that look on an attractive woman is sexy: when she’s wearing the suit while bent over a desk with her shapely bare ass exposed, waiting to be spanked and mounted (I’m reminiscing here).

      1. I have never had any problems whatsoever with Hispanics. I’ve got good friends who are Hispanic. They are some of the smartest, kindest, hardest-working, god-fearing, loyal people on the planet, IMHO.

        1. Me either. They tend to assimilate. It’s the Indians and the Pakis that I can’t seem to enjoy their presence. They all are like a bunch of parasites to be honest.

        2. I’ve noticed that, too…what I know about Indians, is they tend to view anybody who isn’t Indian as subhuman. Then you have the caste system, within their hierarchy (if they are Hindu). I had an Indian friend who was a hotelier. It took me about two years of interacting with him, on a periodic basis, before he decided he liked me. We had a long talk one night and he admitted that Indians view all other types of people as subhuman dung…heh. Which is interesting, because in my opinion, after observing them in the world of commerce, they behave like subhuman dung. I guess it depends on one’s indoctrination, and where they were raised, etc.

        3. Precisely. You have the North Indians who hate the South Indians as well. If you put a Northerner Indian (like from Delhi) with a Southerner Indian (Kareli), they just don’t get along and don’t even share a common language that they can communicate in!
          The other remarkable observation is that they consider White people as “subhuman”, but they’ll do whatever it takes to get into a White man’s country, and also try and fuck white women. It’s more common to see an Indian trying to marry a white woman, than it is to see a Mexican or a Chinese do the same. On dating apps or night clubs, it’s Fresh Off the Boat Indian dudes who you see lurking trying to get white women.
          The culture is so primitive that you can’t help but wonder why anyone would want them here. Hollywood also exaggerates the whole thing that India is some mystical place, and Yoga is the fountain of youth. Step into India and see what a shithole of a country it really is. And if you’re a white blonde woman, expect to be constantly touched and groped by hundreds of men there.

        4. Come to think of it, I’ve noticed the same thing that you mentioned, when it comes to black men and white women. Many black men (obviously not all of them) will deride whites in general, scream about “white privilege”, rant about how all whites are “rayciss” and how they all should be killed, but they spend most of their time trying to stick their prongs in white bitches. Now, I don’t blame them, mind you, as black women don’t typically do it for me, either. But it’s ironic, to put it a bit mildly…

        5. Precisely. I mean you have idiots like Aziz Ansari and Hasan Minhaj who cry how racist white people are, but then they brag about how they were in love with this “white” princess. Even on their tv shows, Ansari will degrade white women, but then work on trying to bed them on his show. The hypocrisy is real.

  5. Aren’t they the ones that are under the impression that cows are their dead kinfolk so they can’t eat them? If that’s the case count me out.

    1. nah.
      I am not a hindu myself, and maybe there are a number of idiots who believe that in hindu, but, as for what I know from a book hindu believes in reincarnation much about other reincarnation beliefs.
      anyway, where is that “humans reincarnating into animals” histeria comes from? I don’t actually think there are any significant religion in the world who belief such a thing.
      As a reincarnationist myself, our doctrines between religions may be different, but I am fairly certain that all forms of spiritism, as well as buddhism and hinduism all believe that human will reincarnate into humans into an ever progressing (never retrograde) evolution, until we became so much better that we no longer reincarnate on earth. wether we change planets, become gods, or perfect beings one with the God, that is the difference between them.

  6. “The Hindu society, just like other Indo-European societies up to Middle Ages Europa, is organized upon superimposed castes. The Brahmin have the highest authority by virtue of their “primogeniture” and superior learning, the Kshatriya are the ones who risk their life over the battlefield and those fit to political power out, the Vaisya are these free men who deal in trade, agriculture and craftsmanship, and the Shudra mostly serve the three other castes.”
    Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra are varnas, that is, functional orders of society arranged within that hierarchy, not castes. What Europeans call “caste” is actually jati, which arranges various tribes with an associated occupation in a hierarchy within those varnas.
    I’m sorry, but this article is full of so many fallacies and is wrong on so many levels that for me to go through all it, I’d end up writing an entire article myself.
    Caste has been such a black-stain on Indian civilization that no less than three religions (Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism) were formed that abolished it.
    Grass is always greener on the other side, especially more so if things at home are running to shit.

    1. Varna = major or broad caste of which there are four, plus the untouchables or scheduled castes.
      Jati = sub-caste of which there are thousands, linked to varna, as well as sub-ethnic groups, village where one dwells and so on.
      Perhaps svadharma – the internal caste character or individual nature – could have been mentioned in order to clarify the distinction.

  7. Let me settle this once and for all here. Code of Manu belongs roughly to 1500-1800 BC in the aftermath of the downfall of a great Mohenjaro/Harappa civilization (i m sure it was a white ruling elite society for a simple reason that it was organised, structured n modern, people had toilets in their homes with drainage facilities, multistoreyed buildings, markets, temples, pools etc. )in northwestern India (pakistan today). When this civilization disappears, in comes Manu (law giver- you may compare him to a great/powerful leader like Fuhrer, prophet, moses etc) to save the society in 1500-1800 Bc from such a mishap n gives his code. Focuses largely on non-mixing of upper 3 castes with shudra ( lowest caste) etc in revent race mixing) as upper 3 castes are Aryans migrated from Europe (who had once built great mohenjodaro). Brahmins (preistly, teaching, political), khatriya (ruling+warrior), vaishya (tradesmen) all belonging to one race n no prohibition on marriage amongst upper three castes however in due course, factors like socio, eco status would factor in. Shudra would be native dark indian people (modern day south indians), for service of top 3 whites. However, manu wisdom faded, people started mixing, semites attacked and you have these muds n dark colored ppl in India. However, for a seasoned eye, relative racial purity of brahmins or kshatriyas over other castes is still visible largely due to relatively lesser race mixing. That explains why most HINDU bollywood actors/acrresses are either brahmins or kshatriyas apart from muslims who may be converts or may have more semitic blood. In simple words, MANU wanted to prevent fall of society from race mixing with natives however like i said vefore, his wisdom faded, people got mixed, civilization fell down and indian people who toilet 5000 years ago in their houses now defecate openly in public. MANU is that lesson for WEST, dont be fooled by liberal shit, ur race is your treasure, everything else will fall into place once racial purity is preserved.

  8. I agree with this post 99%
    I have being in favor of determining nobility classes for a while now, and the idea of limiting one’s growth of wealth, as well as opportunities, regardless of their capabilities of performing certain jobs.
    The idea, as the post says, is that a person of low morality, if risen to power, use it to corrupt the world.
    Unfortunately, the conservatives of the west have this silly notion of “equal opportunity” and “equal rights” where everybody should be equal under the law.
    As long as we don’t accept 2 truths, we will never be able to have a better society:
    truth #1: the need nobility classes, each with its rights and priviliges
    truth #2: the need for an absolute ruler who does not answer to, nor is limited by, any law.

    1. On what basis do you link nobility with morality ? Various nobles have shown themselves to be lacking in both morality and nobility. It is absurd to defer to someone simply because of an accident of birth, rather than on merit.

      1. I too have decided that after much deliberation that there should be a struck caste system in place in which I am on top. Noooo scum miles coming up with any smart ideas and jumping the que !

      2. well, you are referring to nobility status on the basis of birth, which I too consider wrong.
        peerage or biological caste will produce unworthy off-springs, as well as some that deserves even better.
        However, we should still try to create a nobility class system (not peerage) where one has the tittle for himself, and nobody else.
        For such title, tests that measure their reason capacity (mainly math, all forms of it, with huge time frame to do it) should do an excellent job. Any discrepancy between the math understanding capacity and the sensibility + morality of an individual should be minimal.

        1. Isn’t what you’re describing a meritocracy with morals sprinkled on top?

        2. no.
          A meritocracy, such as described by American conservatives, treats everyone equal under the law (supposedly), do no limit anyone’s growth of material gains (supposedly), and do not grant judicial protection to the higher classes against accusations coming from the lower ones(supposedly).
          however, a meritocracy is pretty much free-market, where we have a lane, and whoever wins the race get to judge who break the law.

        3. In fact, I could go a long way as to why meritocracy, despite its good appearance, is actually inherently bad.
          The case for nobility is that a member should (passively) be recognize as noble.
          The case for meritocracy is that one should “prove” himself.
          now now… one can only “prove” himself (with actions/tales) if he already have a family behind him, which is pretty much what we already got.
          You don’t need to be a genius to understand that those “high tales” of great deeds done by any rich person are just that: tales. That being said, it is considered enough to give them merit.
          merit: given because of achievement. (only already powerful people can do it and even the most ignoble can do it)
          nobility: innate nature of an individual. (anyone can try the test)

    2. What if you arbitrarily end up in the lower class? Are you assuming you’ll be in the higher classes?

      1. The difference is my experience.
        I know that (by universal rule), if the top class is no better morally than the lower classes, it inevitably cease to exist (officially), which is what we have today.
        You can’t POSSIBLY have a higher class that is plagued with individuals of low-morality while at the same time have lower classes full of noble-hearted people. I know that in your imagination it is possible to have such a discrepancy, but in reality: it is not!

        1. I wouldn’t say lower classes are full of noble-hearted people, but you can’t seriously tell me that the upper classes are paragons of morality.

      2. Although, to be fair, what’s wrong with being in the lower class? What are you missing out of life, in a healthy society?

        1. If you have enough food, shelter, clothing, and aren’t suffering from any kind of condition, sure. But if something happens to your circumstances, you’re kinda boned. Even if your circumstances were okay, what if you wanted a change? Different job? You need some kind of mobility. It doesn’t have to be rags to riches but something that gives people hope. Otherwise you get resentment and discontent, aka not a healthy society.

        2. But in a society that accepts the lower class, you form very tight associations with people within your class. You also know what your life is going to look like and can plan for it to a very large degree. So, in that sense, a lower classman in that society is much more anti-fragile than a modern American in the “middle” class (which is actually the lower class, but with loans and false hope).

  9. I fully agree that a general “vaishyaization” has occured in the West, and even globally to a large extent. With that said there is absolutely no logic in that of René Guénon and Julius Evola, which are the intermediate sources that most radical right people have as their references in this regard (although not in this piece).
    First of all, Guénon came from a haute bourgeois family, which means that he could have been a Vaishya himself. Evola came from a lower noble family but considered himself a Kshatriya. If one knows about European history, then one realizes that true nobility is seldom the case. Seemingly static classes have been created, overlapped and re-interpreted, for example throughout the Middle Ages, which both of these figures have romanticized notions of.
    Additionally, China went from a traditional society to a Shudra-ruled one. However, then it became more vaishyainized in the 1970s onwards. If no god controls the events in our world, only “cosmic forces” who influence mankind, then the idea of cycles and “regression of the castes” are relatively irrelevant. Regardless it appears that few have a coherent idea of this.
    Ps. I am a Brahmin so my interpretations are always correct (a bit ironic to make the point).

    1. René Guénon had noble ancestry. His complete name was René Guénon de la Saulaye. Evola had noble forefathers as well (he inherited a baron title). Guénon identified as a “wandering Brahmin” in a private letter and Evola identified as a Ksatriya. This did not prevent them from corresponding, exchanging news and insights.
      As for Guénon’s origins, Plato mentioned in his /Republic/ the possibility for a children of a higher caste to be born from an apparently lower one and the opposite (he spoke at a time when castes had started to mix and get blurred, hence the possibility for an apparently troublesome inheritance). Guénon also mentions in his /Reign of quantity/ how the mixing of castes, caused inter alia by a denial and a loss of memory, and the degradation of “cosmic” conditions could cause individuals being born in a social milieu that does not really suit them.
      “Ps. I am a Brahmin so my interpretations are always correct.”
      In case you aren’t ironic, being a Brahmin does not prevent from possibly degenerating. Things would be great if they were that simple.

      1. Of course I know that he identified as a Brahmin. And that baron Evola considered himself a warrior.
        Everyone who reads them think that they are either a Brahmin or Kshatriya because no one wants to be merely a Vaishya or Sudra. It is, however, likely that most people are Vaishyas.
        In earlier times, many of the Roman soldiers were initiated under the spiritual aegis although they were plebeians. It is clearly unreasonable to consider all of them to be Kshatriya by nature.
        I think that if there is any logic and valid point in all of this it is this: A person can have a Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra inclination, but that is probably not a “real” conception; more like a general tendency. Persons who become soliders or servants of god can be initiated. Also most people can, although perhaps of a different kind. But I would be hestitant to call it a real transformation, much like the Eucharist.

        1. Vaishya were initiated (twice-born) too. As for the Romans, I know they made modern thinkers going astray. “The Roman city-state turned people into talented soldiers! Human nature does not exist or should be crushed, viva the Blank Slate!” Someone like Jean-Jacques Rousseau clearly states this. However, I wonder if these pseudonostalgic modern thinkers were not making up a theory out of ignorance: perhaps Rome did have an exceptional people first and foremost, and only because of this could they conquer and initiate such bodies of men.
          I think most of the interesting people in the West are Vaishya. Vaishya are more numerous than both Brahma and Kshatriya (if we consider so people of mixed caste albeit with sufficiently clear tendencies to be sorted out). And Shudra follow either the herd or their own compulsions. They are not the “I want liberty” type, which some consider quintessentially American and that I would rather consider a mixture of Kshatriya and Vaishya but no way Shudra.

  10. I demand the author grovel before me, because: Hierarchy matters.
    People like this tend to write on the assumption they themselves would enjoy higher status and recognition. The underlying approach to the caste system is vile religious ignorance that is holding India back. People are not advanced on merit and ability within such a system.

    1. “People like this tend to write on the assumption they themselves would enjoy higher status and recognition.”
      THIS. I see the same thing with other arguments as well:
      The world is too overpopulated and we need to get rid of people (but not ME of course). We need a good war to weed out the weaklings (but I won’t die of course). We need to let the sick and injured die off instead of giving them resources (except when I’m hurt I deserve care). Women need to be thin, cook, and do everything for me (except I’m allowed to be a loser, not have game, or a game plan in life)…

      1. Everyone should despise those kind of losers who don’t know what quid pro quo mean. No one deserves a woman automatically. However, we can and should create a society that levels the playing field in significant ways, and creates equal opportunities, basic individual protection within the frames of the law, welfare for those who truly deserve it, and so forth.
        With regard to this post I think that there truly are some eternal truths within Vedic texts, although I would be hesitant to call them divine truths.

        1. I agree. Careful though, opinions like that are hated on by a lot of entitled commentors on this site…

        2. it’s the some of the same guys who have been here for eight years because autism. and then they want to lecture the authors of the articles on game, but their ideas are as blue pill as when they got on here.

      2. This may be true but hardly counts as an argument at all. Overpopulation is a problem, should the problem and all its disastrous consequences be ignored because it goes against equality or abstract universalism? Should we ignore IQ and intellectual differences because those who get interested into these are usually higher IQ tier?
        The idea behind what you say is that anything we discuss should be universalized or universalizable to be worthy of consideration. “Being a Brahmin or a Kshatriya is not universal, so it doesn’t count!”
        In truth the pseudo-universality of modern “rights” has been but a pretext for third caste supremacy and imposing liberal individualism to the entire world. Yes, there are topics where one has skin in the game and cannot universalize his skin. That is not a problem per se and should be thought of as a proof of honesty compared with the hypocritical liberal universalism.

  11. Understand that a discussion of ancient Hinduism is not restricted in relevance to modern India. King Ashoka exported Indian culture to Egypt two centuries before Christ, and that the sister Aryan religion of Zoroaster was embraced by some Hebrews, grateful for their deliverance from Babylon. I firmly believe the Maggi that bore gifts for the infant Christ were Zoroastrians. Given that Islam derives from Christianity, if, as I claim, there is significant ancient Aryan/Hindu influence on Christianity, then the consideration of ancient Indian texts if very broad in its relevance.

    1. That is very interesting. Many religious doctrines are more syncretized than many know. Manichaeism is one of many relevant examples of that.

  12. You can’t compare ancient India with India today. Indian cities of 3000 BC had a sewerage system, city planning and buildings that are still partly standing after 5000 years.
    Compare that to the India of today and you will notice that they lack a sewerage system, city planning and quality buildings. Contrary to other ancient civilizations, Indians have never mixed with other races on a large scale, so the Indians you see today are the same as the Indians who created this civilization. You can thus exclude the factor that the people are retarted.
    The reason this country is such a shithole is because it suffered heavily from Muslims invasions. Also, ancient India was ruled by all kinds of princes and kings who wanted to create the best cities and kingdoms. Nowadays it’s ruled by people who don’t give a shit at all.

    1. I agree with the exception of one point: there is no “Indian” people. The “Indian” civilization was funded by Aryan invaders and colonizers coming from the North, subjugating the more indigenous Dravidians (blacks) in the process. Over thousands of years, the peoples and castes got mixed up, giving way to the distinctly “Indian” type everyone knows today. This type is a product of race and caste mixing, and tbh I suspect it to be a bit “degenerate” when compared with the Aryans who inhabited India a thousand years ago. The Law of Manu explicitly warns against caste-mixing, which implies it was already a problem at the time, and that “Indians” at the time were different from the typical “Indian” of today. I also suspect Indian nationalism to be equal to Brazilian nationalism in trying to mongrelize the Aryan founders in the name of a “national” “integralism”.

      1. The aryan invasion theory is a widely disputed theory. Even by the Aryan invasion theory – the first instances of worship of Shiva and Parvati are thought to be found in the indus valley civilization – therefore the claim that “Indian” cultures originated with the Aryans is incorrect. If the aryan invasion theory was correct, why is it that there is no evidence of chariots in the ancient Indus Valley sites? Furthermore, as per the aryan invasion theory the “Aryans” were nomads from present day Central Asia – How is that you could cross such a mountanious terrain through chariots? These are just a few reasons why the aryan invasion theory is flawed
        Also since you claimed that hindu culture was degenerated by Dravidians, how do you explain that the most important figure in Hinduism – adi sankaracharya – was a dravidian? Also if the degeneration of India was done by dravidians, why is it that the more prosperous of the Indian states are in South India? Why is it that South India on average is more illeterate than the North?

  13. “70-IQ people clearly need some paternalist management not to drown into their own stupidity”
    Please, somebody, tell me how to break this gently to my American compatriots without starting a riot. Every fool I come across thinks they’re a fucking genius these days. The culture of “I’m special too” seems to blunt their self-awareness.

  14. Have no problems with indians as long as they stay over in india. But of course they like to come over here as H1Bs and take corporate jobs away from citizens while continuing to live like and smell like rats. Engineering and IT salaries would double and become lucrative if all the H1Bs and other stinky arab types were rounded up and shipped our of our country.

  15. It could be argued that the late 60s and 70s still had initiation rites in the form of taking various drugs. Pot was one, but psychedelics most definitely; not too different than the vision quests of indigenous peoples. The problem was that after a while, folks started tripping and getting high for purely recreational purposes, and lost track of the insight and introspection that mind altering substances can provide.

  16. “Many men from the 60s and the 70s are cowards and conformists who keep
    themselves subjugated by cultural Leftism. We, millenials, never had the
    security, wealth and access to sex they enjoyed, still we may be better
    off as we have at least our own initiatory rites. Taking the red pill
    stands as one, game practice
    as another. These “rites” of ours make us abler, stronger, more in
    touch with “disturbing” but highly important reality than grey-headed
    In the strict sense of the term, these are not rites; I guess you are aware of this and that’s why you put them in quotes. Rites incorporate symbolism intelligible within general society, and follow a specific script that often visualizes and narrates a myth that is important to the society. They are usually (but not always) rooted in tradition; and as a consequence the actions/symbols are utilized in highly regulated ways that are repeated time after time. Rites of passage manifest a change to the individual’s status externally to some sort of general acknowledgement. More importantly, they involve a group of individuals on the basis of sex, age-set, totem, or some other marker, whereas the examples you cite are mostly partaken alone. Ideological change yes, rite no.
    A lot of millenials are screwed in this regard since many of the rites that Western society used to have are gone. This include religious ones such as baptism, confirmation, marriage; secular ones, like participating in boy scouts or even Little League; ones for adults like the various fraternal orders. Many of these have mostly fallen by the wayside or have much less participation. Coupled with the destruction of the nuclear family, there are very few ways left in our societies to impart the secret wisdom of adulthood and confer change of status to adulthood. This has led to a profound sense of meaningless, I would argue also compounding the rise of diseases like atheism and amorality.
    That said I do like the article for highlighting some of the major points of an ancient code of law and making it relevant to the social anomie we are seeing today. Perhaps the manosphere, men’s rights movement, whatever we want to call it, should think hard on developing some true rites of its own. I think there was a book out years ago called Iron John that might provide a starting point, never read it, but from what I heard it sounds relevant.

  17. I actually doubt as to whether Democracy is a good idea. Humans are simple creatures who understand tangible things. To have an entire civilization based on abstract ideology is too much for people to process. People understand a strong male leader (monarch) and shared genes (ethnicity). Whether it’s politics or religion, true nationalism is the only thing that makes sense.

    1. Democracy is one of the worst systems, the only thing worst being: Direct democracy, where people vote directly in favor or against certain projects of law.
      However, Free-market is the abandonment of any moral value and worship of money. In free-market you can buy car engine from a muslim, and they will use that money to invest in our universities and lobby to eliminate “racism”.
      In Free-market, everyone has the right to trade huge ammount of money/products, no matter how ignoble/immoral the person is. After getting rich, the immoral person proceeds to demoralize the entire nation. Great system!
      Somehow, conservatives believe that if a person is intelligent enough to produce and compete in the market, he must be very moral person… go figure.

    2. “Nations are based on a shared heritage (ethnicity, family, genes, proximity).”
      yes, nations are not ideology, just like ideologies does not determine who is naturally part of a family or clan.
      whoever, ideologies determine a lot, like if a nation has a future or not.
      The idea that we should allow many religions inside a nation is suicidal.
      But worst yet is the idea of having adopted a foreign religion formed in a foreign land, among foreign people.
      Every nation should have its own religion, formed in its own national grounds, with national figures. To give that up, is to give up identity, which may explain why we are giving up ours.
      Now, I am in no way asking us to return to Odin worship, which is silly at this point (because no one will believe in odin), but we do need a culture of king worship, where we consider the highest nobility to be “God blessed” and independent of any other religion. however, that would only make sense if we had a king and a good nobility.
      Unfortunately, when you don’t want to set up an official nobility based on the innate nature of an individual, then money will do it, and money has no care for moral sensibility.
      A lot of people say that a nobility class would be imperfect… want to know something worst? having money decide.
      We do have a protected class already, much like I have being arguing for. The difference is that nobody officially recognize them as such, and everyone keeps pretending that its possible to have people share equal rights.
      We will always have classes, the only question is: will it be obvious, or will it be obscure. And if it is obscure, than it certainly is worst.

    3. moreover, in an official nobility classes system, the nobles know very well who is who, and they can only add more under an official system of “test” in which the innate nature is in question.
      To corrupt that system takes a lot of effort and a lot of already members must agree. Hypocrisy cannot be so successful under such a system and any discrepancy between someones title and its innate nature will constantly be put into question.
      but without classes? nobody can question the fact that some immoral guy has lots of money. One rich guy alone can add a bunch of rascals to the obscure elite class and nobody has the right to complain, because no official requirement exist.
      So, in conclusion, a lot of people attack my idea saying: “What if you end up in a lower class” or “what if the upper class is not good enought”, well guess what? It wouldn’t be any worst than already is, but better, because then, under such system, we have the right to question the power of some people and their rights to it.
      As of now, conservatives keep defending a very evil obscure elite with the argument: “Private Property”, and the idea that, no matter how immoral and inept one is, they have the right to it, because they weren’t caught by the justice system doing anything illegal. Which is silly.

      1. Really interesting thoughts about private property. Also, you seemed to pinpoint hypocrisy as the reason societies fail, which seems about right.
        My first response to “what if you ended up in the lower class” is “I already am”. Most people are in the lower class. College is sort of like the slots of classism- you shell out money in a rigged game and usually don’t end up with anything.
        How much of a college grad’s life is paying off debt? Usually until their children start college. There is no middle class, but the illusion of power and resources. There’s maybe one thing liberals were absolutely right about – the 1% and the 99%.
        That being said, we live in a hypergamous society where everyone’s a peeon who thinks they deserve better. The issue is competition in within the lower class, rather than solidarity.
        Now, it’s not as though there was never a middle class, but the middle class is fragile. It’s based on new opportunities that instantly present themselves, and are soon gone. Unsettled land was one. Technology was another one. The thing with new opportunities is that there’s no guarantee that we won’t eventually run out of them.

  18. The caste system is a disciplinarianism that is more like medicine, a habit forming medicine that should be used sparingly and wisely. Roads will turn to rivers of shit when the Brahmin become weak and must be carried from point A to B. Racial integrity also suffers severe blurring when higher casts feel entitled to a spouse without working on developing the game required to freestandingly and single handedly control the shebeast’s base nature without outside help. If system support trips up on the shitty streets, then fapping and fucking dogs proliferates. What was once hardwired becomes eroded and the brain becomes NIGGERWIRED and accepts leaning crooked pagodas and stupid glittering bling. She shit smell on the hands, under the nails is worse than pussywhipped. It is like being SHITWHIPPED with a perma smell upon the land that only a tectonic plate turnover can scour away. THE ARYANS SHINED and kept their shit in it’s place. The bottle of caste system panacea ran dry and they turned to huffing anything, their own shit vapors even to prolong the smug order instead of exercizing and therapudically improving themselves regularly after tapering off their schedule of caste system decree. They got lazy eye in other words in regards to race.
    An enforced cannon law is brought forth only when a situation becomes so bad that normal customs cannot rectify it. The top devolved along with the whole and became weaker by enforcing rote law and their own weakened (armless and legless) pharisee snakes presided over their demographic and cultural degradation.

  19. There are few important things which you neglected. First of all. Manu Samhita has been corrupted and changed over the centuries as per the ruling caste and class just like Quran. Secondly, the current propagated version strongly favours birth based caste system meaning treating lowest sections worse than animals. It is blindly believed that those who are born in low caste are idiots, stupids, untouchables, have no human rights and should be shunned and do all the dirty work like cleaning the drain. A lot of torture has been inflicted upon such people for thousands of years in the name of law of Manu, so don’t just blindly promote Manu Samhita. Nature is not based on caste, the real meaning and intention of caste got lost in the history of time.
    All the basic intellectual ideologies got lost with time and probably the real uncorrupt version does not exist any more. If you want to know more about Dharma then read Mahabharata.

  20. I hope your fruity spiritual beliefs are helping you to accept your spot in life as a loser who can’t get a girlfriend.

  21. @Andre – Your understanding of Caste is grossly inaccurate.
    It was about men figuring out their strengths & tendencies and take up an “optimal” role in society. A bit like “Divergent” factions but not hardlined, but chose to train deeply and gain expertise in such areas.
    If you’d like I can clarify with more detail.

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