Are Men To Blame For Women’s Mental Health Issues?

Over at the Guardian, there is a curious article by Laura Bates entitled, “‘There is an urgent need to update adult thinking to catch up with the reality of teenagers’ lives.’”

The article essentially states that according to research and polling done by a 20-something woman named Emma Gees, adolescent girls are under witheringly intense pressure in their lives. This pressure in many ways is nothing new in a world dominated by Western images, Western schooling, and “sexual liberation,” but the survey and article also blame feminist topics de jour at the moment: cat-calling and body-shaming.

Is there really pressure?

While it is indubitably true that women are under intense pressure to “look a certain way”—and this pressure mostly comes from other women—the article seems to connect this pressure to a “lack of understanding from older women and mothers.” Huh. The same generation that invented all the concepts described in the article—sexual harassment, everyday sexism, and misogyny—also happens to be mostly oblivious to the effects of those concepts on their daughters. Why would this be?

The fact that this article pops up in the “Life & Style” section of the Guardian says a lot about how mothers view their daughters: accessories in life whose importance ranks up there with these super serious topics:

Enough with Heston Blumenthal’s puffing puddings at the Fat Duck – I’d prefer a dog’s dinner

Do you have to be middle-class to like rocket? (I think it’s horrible)

Tim Dowling: why does August have to go on so long?


It is very easy to mock media that is directed towards women and mothers, as it assumes some very negative things about womankind. However, since we are talking about the fate of the next generation and not displeasure with calendars and pudding, it is telling that articles they should deem serious pop up in un-serious places.

This is a quote by the sage and wise 24-year-old Emma Gees who promulgated the survey relied on by the article:

There are so many double standards, and girls are confused about what to do and how to behave, and they don’t know where to turn for advice and help.

First blush: the free-for-all of sexual liberation and second-wave feminism has some clear-cut losers and those people are called children and teenagers.

Second blush: These “depressed” girls already know one thing with perfect clarity—their mothers are completely worthless and they learned this at a very early age.

I think it should be part of the curriculum and people like teachers and frontline staff should have training to know how to talk to young people about these issues

You mean training on how to help a girl find her way into womanhood? On figuring out who she is? What her role in life should be? You mean generational tasks for mothers, aunts, grandmothers and the rest of the decaying “family unit?” These young girls are clearly in the “Identity v. Role Confusion” stage of their life, when firm guidance from mothers might be most crucial, not some indifferent government professionals.

And in order for girls to be fully supported, that training, Gees believes, needs to include an understanding of societal double standards.

Ah, there is some real mother/daughter bonding in 2015—hoping the problem has a penis.

When elders make no demands of the young, the young cannot grow up. When the female elders of a generation are tap, tap, tapping away on their iPads reading preposterous articles about poodles, “dadcore” fashion, and how to take better selfies, it is no wonder that their charges have no direction in life.

When grown women are wasting their time wishing that sexism is the reason that their daughters are so depressed, so alienated from life, it is no wonder their daughters are so depressed—the daughters are alienated from their own family.

In fact, it’s not about what they’ve done at all, but they don’t have the confidence to challenge it. What kind of a world is that?

The problem isn’t a deficit of confidence, it is that the next generation of women was given nothing to believe in.

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190 thoughts on “Are Men To Blame For Women’s Mental Health Issues?”

  1. If anyone is responsible (albeit indirectly) for mental health problems in women, it would be other women. The appearance perfectionists have a share, as do the entertainment media that promote them, but feminists, especially those who encourage women to see men as “oppressors” and “the enemy,” have a far larger one.

    1. I agree with this. Women’s natural instincts aren’t necessarily evil, they may have been hijacked. The hamster was poisoned, and eaten by a snake with many heads.
      Many women and men have been equally brainwashed. The source of the western world current social imperative lies in a small minority of very corrupted women, and dark triad men, with access to enormous amounts of power at the very top of the pyramid and getting everyone everywhere into their webs.

      1. Describe for me in more detail the dark triad men?? i.e., I know who the corrupted women are! l Sounds like the man whores?

  2. Good to see some Erik Erikson getting used. Some serious development issues at play in young women’s lives. Identity / Role confusion pretty much sums up feminism – lot of ageing cat women never got past that stage and decided instead to turn it into a franchise

  3. Should men really care that women suffer from depression, low self-esteem, anxiety disorders and the like? I think we would have better lives with those kinds of women because they would have to lower their expectations about relationships and make do with ordinary men.

      1. That’s an impossibility. Just like division by zero. They’re all mentally unstable. Show me a normal one and I’ll sign up.

    1. Uh…no. They’re a lot of work, truly. You will be counselor, therapist, verbal punching bag, scapegoat for anything wrong in their lives. They also will seek affirmation from others because they will see you as obligated to say positive things and discount that saying– You have to say that, you’re my BF/husband/good friend- whatever.

    2. Women don’t owe you anything, unfortunately. We are able to earn our own living so. You have to have something really special if you hope to gain the attention of a woman.

      1. You’re missing it: most women only have one thing that’s worth their attention. After that, there is nothing more that they can offer (not this new lot of women, anyways). In the past, many used to be a nice compliment to a man but today most of them can’t hold a decent conversation, can’t cook for shit, can’t clean their own house or apartment, etc..
        It’s sad…they want the position of the man while they’ve failed miserable at their own position.

        1. I’d like to have a slave who stays at my home and does all the cuntwork that I, as a wage earner, feel is beneath me. However I feel that that is oppressive, so I would never entice someone to take on that task.. Men, apparently, feel differently.

        2. I don’t see women lining up to work in the mines or on oil rigs. Women want to “work” in the nice, clean jobs only. They want to equally be paid as long as the job is a clean office job with air conditioning.
          Selective equality is what women have, today..not real equality. Real equality would require women to sign up for military service at 18 and would have them working in all aspects of real work…not just the cushy, office jobs. A stay at home mom (or wife) was the best gig that women had…and they fucked that up.

      2. No one owes anyone anything period, snowflake. A woman’s “attention” is nothing special. We are awash in an ocean of humanity and women’s fickle attentions are nothing more than a cheap commodity: fact.

      3. You are only able to earn a living because of the technological achievements of men before you and the fact “feminism” was used to broaden the base of taxable income. Take that away and your done.
        Women are smart and capable but intelligence is better suited for the biological role you play. Women are integral to the survival of the human species. It isn’t downplaying anything. In a less technologically advanced world it is critical and worked for untold thousands of years.
        Feminism is a construct based on valuating women based on the role of men. Why is it modern feminist are judging their worth based off of what men do? They seem to abhor nature itself.
        Their are women who fought, designed and invented but it was a tiny fraction of women who did so. Those roles seemed to have worked well for women for a very long time. What held them back? The woman that wanted to perform in male roles seemed to have been allowed to do so, but they had to be capable doing it, not lowering standards to allow anyone with a slight interest to “toy” with it. They worked for it. Today, not so much.
        Woman compete brutally with other woman and seem more likely to choose a role that benefits themselves. Men cooperate. Women will adopted anything for their own self interest and throw other women under the bus to do it.
        What man married into money and got half a woman’s assets for sitting on their ass? Women have it made. They have a built in golden parachute and once (if ever) strictly equal, they’ll lose it. I bet it reverts back in the distant future. Women likely will choose it or it will be a necessity.

    1. And I thought they were equals, and can deal with stress at work just like men have to every hour of the day. What was I thinking?..

      1. If you’ve ever had the ‘stress’ of having to eject a foot wide turd out of your asshole for whatever reason, maybe you searched ‘death by constipation’ and downed a pound of flour, half pound of uncooked rice, ten spoons of powdered milk, three spooos of baking soda . . I’m sorry, I shouldn’t repeat that, forget that, but the point being that a woman during childbirth can endure excruciating pain which would likely send a man into shock.
        Now it so happens that that’s about the only specific type of stress a woman can endure. NOT balancing books in a company while being screamed at. NOT pursuing enemies of the state while screaming down the street going 120mph. in a squad car. No, just having her ass reamed and stretched out to the N’th degree is about the limit of the extremities that she’s cut out to endure – – AND NOT MUCH MORE can a woman endure aside from that particular stressfull activity.
        Face it, women were put on this earth either to be fisted or have large objects shoved into them or to naturally bear children. Or at least one of the three.
        Why a friend of mine and his gal went to a midwife when he put his no parking sign on her, and GET THIS, the midwife gives him instructions to brew herb teas and get some natural creme and basically PLAY WITH HER PUSSY every night for a good bit of time. She instructs him to gradually fist her until she gets bigger and bigger. Every night HIS JOB is to ream her a little wider for the big day. Eventually he tells the midwife, he’s got her double fisted and she watches him fist her during one of her ‘visits’.
        Hmmm . . A regular doctor or OB never prescribes this do they? ”Ooh-kaaay, I’ll do it if you say so” my friend tells the midwife in response to her ‘fisting’ perscription. But I’ll say this much, my ‘friend’ must have gotten to know a pussy pretty durn good by then I would guess . . eeh . Dang if it was me I think I would have retained the midwife afterwards for general stress reduction therapy on the woman . .

    2. And what pisses me off the most is we must perform and deal with all these issues day in and day out, and then we get home hoping for a little peace and quiet and what do we get? A batshit crazy, mentally unstable wife/gf/etc. and it’s still us who have to comfort and take all the shit head on, otherwise we’re the bad ones, and she gets fucking “unhappy”. Then we start over the following day..

        1. I’ve never read that but it’s always nice to have long, thought-out articles that confirm my experience-based thoughts. Good read. Thanks.

    3. Their stress stems from lack of self confidence. When you are confident, you walk with an air around you where you don’t care what other people think about you. Simply not caring about how you look would take that pressure off. I’m not saying don’t bathe or groom, but at least respectable.

  4. This just sounds like the typical “Having standards is oppressing me” bit.
    If that’s what’s messing up their heads then maybe parents should start teaching girls not to be so emotional.

  5. Women of this age lack any level of inwardness and introspection. The are completely reactive and defensive at the same time to what other girls “think” about them. However, I think the mental health issues of boys and young men is much greater, just look at the unfortunate suicide rates. Women can moan their way back to better mental health, maybe that’s why they’re stronger than us.

    1. The greater suicide rates of men is due to the government laws against men. Most men feel helpless when they’ve done what was expected of them and the wives divorce them on a whim and takes away his kids, house, and half his income.
      If the laws were not made this way and leveled for men and women, male suicide rates would plummet.

      1. No sure about your argument. I was talking about men under the age of 30 who are not married. The suicide rates have rocketed in many first world countries for this demographic. In the past, many left wing people blamed oppressive cultures for this fact- so they brought in liberal polices and everything from having modules in classes aimed at young men about sexual issues and emotional expression, but, this hasn’t really helped much. I noticed in my own country the headlines last week that said 15 year old girls now outperformed boys in almost every single school subject. Even looking at the last night of the Proms on TV last night in which they had a women conducting it for the first time (she’s from the US) she couldn’t help make a political speech from the conductor’s podium about how western women are still so repressed by white men. It actually ruined her otherwise good performance. I think, at some levels it’s this constant droning and whinging on about all men being sexist and useless that has eventually begun to really undermine the concept of masculinity with many guys.
        Well if I’m nothing more than a piece of useless crap why should I bother anymore…so I either behave like you say or I take it to heart what you say. This is how they win every time.

        1. Masculine revenge is coming……Islam is in your midst, correct? Ireland, right? Well, at some point Islam begins enforcing Sharia. Feminists are going to find out what that means. It starts with how they dress.
          There will be men and boys who go over to the other side. They’re the ones who will name the prominent feminists.

        2. There’s nothing to be done. History remorselessly repeats itself.. and the rowers keep on rowing and not a speck of light is showing…so surely the danger must be growing.
          But, my better self says we must wave farewell and goodbye!

        3. In the UK, and I can extrapolate that to Ireland, 75% of the converts to Islam are women. When the shift to Sharia comes women will flow with the prevailing wind and in massive numbers become good Muslim women.

      2. Society should not be surprised when these men strike back. Men (the providers) have been under attack by society, the courts, politicians, the government, etc…for so long and it will only be a matter of time before they stop killing themselves and start going after those responsible.
        Actions give way to reactions and I would not be surprised to hear more stories about men finding justice.

  6. Well, let’s see…
    1) Modern women not only have the burden of being mothers, but they also have to work and be providers as well which has traditionally been the role of men. No wonder they’re so stressed out:
    2) They’re constantly bombarded with mixed messages from Feminists who claim that they are empowered and capable of doing anything they want, but at the same time are told that they are helpless victims of a patriarchal oppression. This is a total mindfuck for anyone and it certainly is too much for the female hamster.
    3) Beauty standards are constantly going up while the actual attractiveness of average women is free-falling. Just check the obesity rate of American women.
    4) Social media is turning women into shallow, narcissistic attention-whores. Thing is, these girls are so addicted to the attention they get that they don’t feel normal without getting their fix on a regular basis.
    5) Birth control pills allow women to ride the CC, but slutting around damages their psyche and ability to be in a normal and healthy relationship.
    6) And many, many more…
    And the result? Modern Western women who are mentally unstable.
    This is what you get with feminism, gender equality, and sexual liberation. But of course, it’s us misogynists who want normal, happy relationships and want to raise normal families that are the problem.
    And what’s their solution? Even more feminism.

    1. Regarding #4- cant remember how many times women have posted the exact line “retail therapy” with an accompanying pic on social media. Can anyone on this site explain why buying stuff makes them feel better ? Is it some sort of nesting thing??
      For me, lusting after stuff was a thing, then, you hit 30, and you realize stuff isnt so important.

      1. For me, buying things provides a dopamine boost at the time of purchase. However, even 24 hours later it becomes a negative emotion, because I am so opposed to accumulating “stuff” — there is very little I want or need. Other than my camera equipment and computer, tablet, and a few watches, I own nothing other than clothes, books, etc.
        Stuff becomes more things to maintain, store, clean, clutter up your living space, etc. I am calmer and happier the less stuff I have. But I do think that at the time of purchase it provides a dopamine boost the same way a new and different woman provides a dopamine boost.
        Did you see the image posted here from the Ted Talk on porn? Basically access to the same female becomes boring but when a new one is introduced (or even a new porn shown after looking at the same one for several minutes) the dopamine lights up. It is simply the newness of the stuff that provides an initial reward.

        1. That dopamine rush hasnt stopped at your age? Just curious.
          Buying shit does nothing for me anymore; I am more concerned with health/happiness these days. Neither are available for purchase on Amazon.

        2. Women are all about accessories and its why this article was written. Makeup, purses, shoes, clothes, cars, hair, etc. are all substitutes for self esteem and real substance. Its like they’re empty inside and can only judge themselves and others based on appearance and vanity. I would be mentally unstable too if my self-esteem was based on how much my shoes cost or how far away my car was manufactured.

        3. Probably the top 1-3 stress reducers in my life is recycling, throwing away, or selling old shit. It’s such a burden it debilitates life. That monkey on your back (if not some crazy bitch) is your shit that owns you. It’s such a relief to unload bigger items I can feel the anxiety melt away with each item gone.

        4. It’s never been very strong. I saved most of my money when I was a kid, started working at 13, got a real “paycheck” job when I was 15 at the local grocery store, and literally saved probably 95% of it. Started an IRA when I was 16 and put $2,000+ into it every year. Didn’t blow money on stupid shit, or girls. So I never really went through the spend phase. I can see how the reward system works but it has always worked very weakly on me, thankfully. But I agree other priorities exist now–health, travel, happiness, saving for the future so I am free to do what I want, eliminating debt.

      2. It’s a short term “fix” for them. They’re trying to fill that hole in their lives that feminism has carved out. Many don’t even know that the key to filling that hole is to stop listening to the nonsense…live their own lives.
        It’s easier to go shopping.

      3. For me, lusting after stuff was a thing, then, you hit 30, and you realize stuff isnt so important.
        That´s true. I´m 34 now and I just moved into a cheap apartment for students just to save money and get more stuff done. There´s nothing in there but a bed, shower and a very tiny kitchen.
        Before that I lived in a huge apartment and paid 80% of my income for rent. It was so comfortable in there that leaving it every now and then became kind of hard for me.
        Right now I´m even thinking about buying myself a nice van to live in. I could save a hell lot of money doing this for 2 years or something.

        1. Im thinking about a camper or tiny house myself.
          Rent is one of the most clear scams in this matrix of scams.
          Keep us posted, brother.

    2. Just to add on point number 4. As they get older and their looks fade, the approval diminishes and they try harder and harder to get that dose of attention. They battle with mother nature and lose 100% of the time. They have no one to blame so they blame men. That’s like saying it’s men’s fault they were born as females.

    3. Those 5 points are spot on. I would add that feminism tells women that they dont need a man when almost all of their biological wiring is geared towards finding a mate. Literally every thought in a single girl’s mind over the age of 21 is finding a male for short or long term relationships. Thats why you should run from any girl thay claims to be “independent”. She’s lying to herself and that causes all sorts of instability in her psyche.
      Also, the inability to attract alpha, high value male attention drives women up the wall, hence feminism. Women with strong, dominant men in their lives sleep well at night while landwhales and other invaluable women have to take anxiety pills to get 6 hours. If you see a married woman struggling with anxiety, depression, etc. I would bet that she has a beta male at home that doesn’t put her primitive, neolithic hindbrain at ease.

      1. The most devastating thing men can use is indifference. Women, genetically, know that indifference means a death sentence. That the male won’t protect her.
        Feminists began as ugly women, and as such, are ignored. Hard, violent times are just about on us. Men require a societal reset. The bummer for women is that those who survive are going to pay the freight for what feminists have done to men.
        Islam, BLM, Hispanic Cartel squads……well, going to be interesting. Most white women are feminists. Just a product of this feminised society. Men are coming to understand the actual hatred and contempt women have for us. So, pay attention to the news…..

        1. We’re headed towards male/female relations being similar to that of Russia or the African American community: cold, hard, and right to the point. Russian and black women are hypermasculine so the men dont bother with intimacy and warmth when dealing with them. Its just “bend over and make me a sandwich after”. Black sex is so void of emotion, it becomes like prostitution which is why many have no problem with stripping/hooking.
          White feminists are going to start getting the same treatment. Men will soon stop spending their precious time amd resources on ungrateful, mannish women. Pump and dump is already a necessity for a man to keep his testicles attached to his body and it only gets worse going forward.

        2. White women are more feminised in comparison to other groups like Asians. Indians still breed like rabbits and their women are noted for their bossiness. Indian women are domestic oligarchs to the degree of what you see with kosh jewish women, but the Indian women have ten fold the drive to breed that jewish women do. Indian women do less nit picking with their ample pool of Indian men that the jew woman does. The Indians just match up, make approval with in laws, then breed, breed, breed.
          White contemp cosmo women could be considered just as primed to be as bossy as Indian women or as able to network as jew women with other tribeswomen, but white culture is under blatant assault and white men are propagandized to become gay and shamed like nothing ever seen with Indian or mainland Asian men.
          Japs are obviously slated like whites for slow kill pop control via sex dysfunction penalty/reward systems, on top of the goddamn psy ops that we’re drilled with. White culture is left fragmented. White men still see through the BS to a greater degree than the men of racially homogenious countries like India or China. White men are more awake in other words, but the assault on white culture is extremely intense, like a stonewall or tsunami. Chinese could easily ‘just say no’ to their draconian 1 child laws, but they’re too asleep. No one among them sees a threat to their race anywhere about.
          I think the ‘awakeness level’ of white men will be our saving grace in the tumultuous times to come. Many many of the larger groups globally will perish in droves.

        3. I recently returned from a trip to Japan, toured Tokyo and it was scarie!! The males 15-19 have digested the metro-sexual culture, feminine, skinny pants, tats, earrings, the whole one step from bend me over Hopsing!! Their right behind the whites in the U.S. and the young women don’t seem to mind! That’s probably why the japs are the leaders in the manufacturing of female fuck dolls!

        4. Right on description brother! It was mind boggling to witness this. It’s funny how being an ex-beta hamster male makes you observant to males of other cultures!!

        5. They do this by eliminating all images of strong, dominant Japanese men. The old Samurai, warrior culture of the past has been replaced with anime.

    4. It’s nice to see that the author had utilized Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory in the article i.e Identify vs Role Confusion. I’m a TESL major so studying about psychoanalysis is compulsory. Hope ROK writers will explore other theories like Abraham Maslow, Albert Bandura, Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky

      1. Luckily Vygotsky’s ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) is still taught in the Australian primary education system, though not nearly enough in my own opinion. Piaget, too, I’ve found is quite accurate in my experiences in regards to his learning stages. It correctly identified when I developed my American accent (born Australian, ages 5-8 lived on an island, came back and 15 years later still retain it.)
        Maslow and Bandura we’ve covered, but the last two come to mind the most.
        It would benefit men everywhere to take a look at their meta cognition and learn how they learn best. For that I’d recommend Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as to what medium you learn best through.

    5. Spot on with mother, grandmothers, aunts, etc….handing down this important information from generation to generation.
      Women have been given a free pass to do anything they like (that includes be less responsible for their actions)…and in the end they are still unhappy and now clueless as to which advice to follow. Feminism (like unions) have given women too much. It reminds me of all of the union members crying about jobs that left the country or their particular state after the unions held a company hostage with their ‘list of demands’, year after year. Feminism is the same thing (only it rails and destroys the family).
      The single, greatest chant by feminists to women: you don’t need a man. Now, those girls are stuck with the question “OK, I don’t have a man so now what?”. Crickets.

      1. In the concept of “leave ’em better than you found them.” << which I not longer care to waste much time bothering with due to experience, I occasionally explain to a woman as I’m leaving her, the direct pathway they create their own problems from.
        My go-to line:”You shoot yourself in your own foot constantly.” A life with something to bitch about is safe-zone. The “blame men and everyone else for my problems” is literally the definition of psychopathy.
        Probably the most overreaching development is the fucked up generations of kids raised by single mothers, and dad’s shackled by the system. The kids, are thus, their own biggest, self-created threat.
        I like to use the analogy of a graphic EQ. Take random frequencies and just drop them down to zero db. Instead of full-spectrum, stable kids, you have young adults with entire moral skill sets completely missing, and dumped into society that the matriarchy doesn’t do SHIT to attempt correcting, but rather blame men for.

    6. The definition of insanity personified right there. Do the same shit over n over again, just more extreme, and expect a better result. Western female flow chart:
      Solipsism > Narcissism > Total Insanity

    7. “This is what you get with feminism, gender equality, and sexual liberation. But of course, it’s us misogynists who want normal, happy relationships and want to raise normal families that are the problem.”
      Nah fam, not even “normal.” Those of us who want scientifically proven HEALTHY lifestyles and spirits for us and our loved ones are labeled “misogynistic,” “old-fashioned/archaic,” “neanderthals/devolved etc.”
      That’s why whenever I encounter a tryhard faggot shitlib/progressive cunt I make em swanton dive into a ocean of fuckattaheres.

  7. Good topic, and thank you for talking about it. We often discuss “modern western women” around here, but it’s perhaps more productive to focus on the “problems” of our youth and the failings of parents.
    I worked at a children’s mental health facility (clients of ages 5-17) for about two years. Very few of the female clients that came through those doors actually lived in REALITY (they longed for the return to their smart phones and the digital world). And surprise surprise, easily over 90% of these kids came from broken homes (and statistically speaking, we know WHO prefers to initiate this break). And we’re not talking about a small number of patients here. Over the two years I was there, hundreds of females came through those doors, with MANY of the adolescent girls already suspected of having an active sexual history (it’s okay because mom has lots of “boyfriends”, right?).
    Pressure… heh. Pressure comes from trying to meet a HIGH STANDARD of some sort. But when I go out into the world everyday about all I see anymore are pussy-whipped boys, white knights, LOUD and obnoxious females, and blue haired harpies. THIS is the new standard and it is fucking pathetic.

    1. Nice post.
      I like the comment about loud and obnoxious women- just last night, here in NYC, a woman got into an argument with a man, unleashed two pitbulls on the guy, a priest came to administer last rites….can you imagine something like this occurring just a few decades ago?

      1. One reason why I couldn’t live in a bigger city (or state like NY). Their laws (with the help of politicians) act like they greatly benefit society but they have actually crippled society (similar to California) and their open carry laws suck.

    2. Just go to an male adult jail and take a count of how many have been raised in single family homes. The vast majority of the single parental units are female and doing a stellar job of breeding lifelong guests of the correctional system

        1. True, however, these women didn’t knock themselves up. Blame needs to be equally divided. Most of the inmates I met while working in the prison system (both male and female) had the intellect of tree stumps. These genetic defectives just seem to gravitate toward each other.

      1. The first wave of empowered bitches began throwing their men into the ‘dog house’, a place never before heard of in western civ. Then came socialism and big gov built great big ‘dog houses’ (prison complexes) to house the dog housed outed alphas and betas alike. The ‘penal’ system in its entirety is indeed ‘PENAL’ in that all it does is dick the man around and entrap them into a hole if he refuses to be entrapped in his woman’s pussy hole. The greater ‘correctional system’ is an integral part of the giant BITCH SYSTEM emerging.
        We men really don’t need stupid jails and never did. We need our patriarchy resurrected. Enough is enoungh. All men raise your fists and shout ”RAAAAH”!!

        1. Actually, in the US, jails provide low paying Gooberment jobs for people who have no skills. In particular, when I lived in the Southern US, I noticed the majority of prison CO’s were black and the majority of inmates were black. It was like the slaves taking care of the enslaved.
          I have to disagree with it is the fault of women simply because most of these inmates see a wet hole and gladly breed the next generation of inmates.

        2. Everyone has seen the ‘MOST WANTED’ newspaper rag at the 7-11 or convenience store checkout. You see a a mix of both black and white men with their faces plastered like criminals for inability to pay the goddam blood money to the family court mafia. These men haven’t killed or robbed or terrorized. No they’ve BEEN terrorized by the bitch system and most have been forcibly removed from their homes by the mangina pigs and disallowed contact with their kids.



          I’m so sick and tired of seeing these ‘most wanted’ newspapers at the checkouts. They’re bullshit. The guys you see on there aren’t criminals. They’re your neighbors, your brahs and your homies.
          I’d like to see instead a paper with the REAL local criminals, the REAL menace like the shady local banksters and their arm breaking repo thugs. And the local family court mobsters along with their mangina pig enforcers along with the socialist service goon squad. All of them.
          The CPS child trafficking ringleaders and their squads are among some of the most secretive unlocatable ghosts out there, right up there with people who seclude themselves in witness protection programs and the pope even, and answerable to no one. Why is this? Why the phantom secrecy? All government should be an open book. Why don’t they publish THEIR ADDRESSES in bold print just like you see they publish the addresses above of the ‘most wanted’ persecuted dads. Heck publish everyone’s address then. It’s only fair now, isn’t it. Geeez.

        3. Interesting. I’m betting though that these guys didn’t keep their peckers in their pants or wrap it after the fact. It is sad and I have seen this when I lived in the US. I would like to see women held accountable for spending of alimony because we all know it doesn’t go toward the children. No wonder these guys take a hike.

      2. Very true, I worked as a Sheriff in the Los Angeles County prisons and over 2/3rds of the hood rats came from single parent homes. Both the straight and gay population!

        1. Yes, you’ve seen it as I have when I worked in the jail system. Sadly, the majority of these males males are breeding the next generation of inmates. Women line up with their spawn during visiting hours. For these children daddy/mommy being in jail is just normal.

      3. Cutting through all socio-economic, racial and religious backgrounds, the common denominator for all men who end up incarcerated and/or flunking out of school is that they were raised by single mothers. Public institutions are a poor subsitute for fathers and end up abusing them even more.
        The big Lie that has been kicked around in the west for 50 years is that a man is not needed in the family. Society as a whole is suffering the consequences for that presumption.

    1. Not 100% sure, but pretty damn certain that petition is a complete joke: a form of sarcasm, parody, satire, metaphor, dramatic irony, with some bathos, puns and litotes thrown in for colour.

      1. You’re just another disgusting white man spewing hatred on the internet, desperately clinging to the semblance of power you once had that was gained by breaking the backs of the indigenous people you displaced when you stole their land. Check your privilege you gross, xenophobic bigot. White people have no culture or identity. But you will know them by the trail of blood and destruction they leave in their wake.

        1. Judging by your name, I’m assuming you to be a fine man of color. Yes the cracker race with their American flag represents racism. The red and white stripes represent the red scars across the back of da whipped slaves and the stars represent the stars that encircle the head everytime massa whoop the mufucky upside the head. Is there anything to stop the white devils?
          Yes there is. Fat people have been made fun of forever so they’ve started a group. And their war cry ”WIDE POWER”. All persecuted peoples should join the fatties in solidarity. Open your windows, poke your heads out and scream ”WIIDE POWWAAH” over and over again. I think whitey will get the message.

      1. For that, I entirely fucking agree with you. Maybe not no one, but far fewer, especially those who are “mentally unstable,” as it perpetuates sociopathy and reintroduces 3rd world problems into the first world, thereby devolving humanity.

      2. Overpopulation fallacy. How about those who will not shoulder the responsibility of parenting not breed? It would also clear up a lot of societal issues.

  8. Women and homosexual men always were, and are, the body image creators. Fashion magazine editors are predominantly dominated by gay men and women. They are the ones who set the damaging trends that have young girls thinking that unless they are 6′ tall and weigh 80 lbs, then they are not beautiful. Most heterosexual men have realistic and accepting standards of what they find attractive. Provided a woman isn’t built like a barrel, we’re pretty accepting. I think it’s tragic that we get the blame for yet another female problem. Accountability where art thou?

  9. Hmmm…..let’s see…..they’re trained to follow a cult of death…….their mental state can’t handle it……they get crazier as time goes by……men decide the rational thing to do is indifference. MGTOW is the way to a peaceful existence. Yeah, it sucks that feminists hate men. Oh well……all we have to do is simply go our own way. We don’t defend women any longer. Probably be best if they learn self defense.
    Karma is a terrible thing when it comes to visit, and decides to stay awhile. It would be rough, kneeling in the sand, waiting for that nasty beheader… realize that no one cares if you die.

      1. Well, I’m all for the beating. However, you have to wonder if their handlers are going to get them killed

  10. Women’s self esteem is almost solely based on the quality of men she can attract. If a girl comes to the realization, or the illusion, that high value men aren’t attracted to her, she will become increasingly anxious and depressed. In slut culture, girls helplessly try to leverage their value by giving themselves away easily, which causes even more anxiety and depression (They dont realize this until its too late).
    Even if she remains relatively untainted by the carousel, a marriage to a beta male is in her future. Marrying a beta provider is a necessary evil for 90% of women. They do it because they have no other choice and the void of alpha dominance and guidance leaves her unable to be at peace. Dominant men allow women to relax under his leadership and trust that her needs will be met. The exponential increase in beta males and the rise of feminism dogma deters women from submitting and deferring to the man in her life, which is the only way for a woman to acheive “happiness”.

        1. I’m not doubting you. When you try to tell women from the goodness of your heart, they fight and resist you. It’s almost like they’re egging you on to get you to smack the shit out of her.

        2. As F-ed up as that is, it seems to be the truth.Get this hamster logic >> I had a really hot girl tell me 4 months ago:”I’m super attracted to you but we can’t stay together because you’re too much like me, no one will win.”
          I said:”You mean I won’t be played and entrapped, you won’t win. But the reality is, you can stand beside, or behind anyone. Saying you’re too much like me is like saying you hate yourself so you have to destroy yourself, thus remove me. No one will win because you’re trying to play the role of a man, when you quit that, is when you really win.”
          Her:”I have to be in charge.” Me: “You’re right, you have to go.”
          Word on street is she’s still haplessly stumbling around trying to enslave a clown, 3 years and running with no luck and the wall knocking at her door.

        3. Did a girl really tell you “I have to be in charge”?
          I am sincerely curious. I would have laughed in her face.

      1. Thats not the issue here. The article is about women being mentally unstable. Can a woman keep herself together psychologically without a dominant man?

      2. No one wants to have sex with Oprah. We don’t give a a damn about how much you make or what you do to make it if your looks can’t give rise to our fries.

      3. A moron can get a Master’s Degree nowadays and get employed. That’s why the workplace sucks for most people. Everyone gets a trophy for participation, and no one is allowed to lose, except those footing the entitlement laws’ billing cycle.
        Are women just as capable of building a world’s society out of rubble, manning the head of the household, through thick and thin, sickness and death, and fighting wars? Historically traceable stats say otherwise.

  11. In my experience, most women are drowning.
    Sure they’ll try and kid you, and themselves, that they have their shit together, but in reality, women are only one flat tyre, one blown fuse, one offensive remark, away from total hysteria.
    And this is yet another reason why women can’t abide weakness in men. A weak man is to a woman what a drowning person is to another drowning person… At best useless and at worst dangerous!
    On a evolutionary time scale, Men have built a civilisation out of nothing in the blink of an eye. But most female behaviour is still geared towards the primitive habitats of our past. Put simply, men’s achievements have evolved too rapidly for the female psyche to keep up.
    It’s also the reason a Man should never fall into the trap of hating women. In reality, contemporary women’s only actual crime is – Being out of Context. Teleport any one of them back 20,000 years and their, otherwise irrational behaviour, would make absolute sense!

    1. “A weak man is to a woman what a drowning person is to another drowning person… At best useless and at worst dangerous!”
      Best quote in a long time and I agree completely. Its crazy to think that women are supposed to become competent, capable beings after thousands (or millions) of years of doing almost nothing productive. I think women will get better at taking care of themselves over time as they evolve socially, but for now we are stuck with socially remedial creatures. They still dont even grasp integrity or basic civility yet, and since the law and beta males hand out so many pussy passes they’re not learning any lessons.
      Integrity and self control are the only ways to happiness. If someone doesn’t have them, he/she will always be dealing with guilt, shame, regret, addiction, and loneliness. How many ex sluts are living with heavy burdens from the shit they did in their sexual prime? People with no boundaries have very unhappy, unstable lives.
      So women are going to either find firm, dominant men to depend on and force them to behave with dignity or behave without conscience and blame it on weaker men (Beta husbands). Either way the responsibility for their actions is put on men.

      1. It’s not so much about women not doing anything productive but more of them doing what they do (or did) best that is missed. They all have been fed this notion that men have “had it all” all this time and they should want to be men.
        In fact, it was the nice balance between the two that kept things in order (especially a healthy family). Now, through feminism, women have broken up the family, abandon their role – to “have it all”…and many are still unhappy.
        Women, during their journey, have found out the real truth: that men have never “had it all” and our lives are not a piece of cake.

        1. True, much like how women think cubicle office jobs are so empowering and a career achievement, while men know the death sentence those kind of jobs can be.

        2. Indeed. They stay home being housewives, but were brainwashed that it would make them unhappy, so they’re unhappy and go out and have a career like men to have it all. They get it all and are still unhappy.
          Feminism fed them a big lie to get them out of the house. The second part of the lie was this promise of happiness at the end, but never materializes. Then it’s too late to go back and change things back. Rather than admit they messed up, they blame others and perpetuate the same lies to the young women.

      2. Yeah, but at least we don’t have to tacitly accept the responsibility. Really, fuck them and their idiotic choices, some of us have played captain Save-a-Ho in the past with good intentions, but without the requisite red pill knowledge at the time. Needless to say, I don’t know about you, but personally I have no empathy for any of the shit feminists and other whiners try to pin on others for their own failings; it is their burden, even though through government and the legal system they effectively assign it to men.

        1. Amen fuck them. I was just saying that women will try to put the responsibility of their lives on us. I have no empathy for any of them. Avoiding marriage is the best fuck you we can give.

      3. “men’s achievements have evolved too rapidly for the female psyche to keep up.” < understatement. Right from gasoline engines onward in time. Gas and energy created the comfort and ease, after that they steadily lost touch, but gained all the benefit and solipsistically applied our invention’s uses.
        When we let them start playing the “inventor” role, the fell flat on their faces.

    2. The ‘drowning analogy is patent. Is it yours or did you read it elsewhere, otherwise it’s golden. It will be repeated and quoted.

    3. “women are only one flat tyre, one blown fuse, one offensive remark, away from total hysteria.”
      Men are becoming this way. Which is sad. “Male Mall Fags” can’t pore piss out of a boot with instructions written on the heel. I doubt knowing how to plug in a usb device or set up a game console is going to be that handy on the highway.

    4. Put simply, men’s achievements have evolved too rapidly for the female psyche to keep up.
      Excellently put. And this chasm is widening by the day. Wait until Artificial Intelligence starts eliminating mostly female jobs (without feeling the need to whiteknight for women)..

    5. Another way to say it is that the woman’s brain-gina interface is obsolete.
      What moves civilization forward is exactly the opposite of what women value. Hence, women write love letters to serial killers, but the men who invent the most valuable things, or exhibit the greatest altruism, are of no interest to women.

  12. Modern women have the choice not to become mothers at all. With the availability of birth control, condoms, tubal ligations, and, in an emergency, the convenience of an abortion, women are free to live the life we choose.
    I’m able to earn a living. $60k/yr is sufficient to support myself. I have no need of any man. Whatever involvement I may have with men, it’s on my terms. The fact is, women are just as intelligent and capable as men. The only thing that held us back was the responsibility to care for offspring; this is now a choice and no longer an imperative. Men will have to either step up and prove to be an equal, or, just find a really dumb/dependent woman who thinks the only thing she has to offer in life are her reproductive talents..

    1. No, you can’t raise a child on your 60K/yr. You’ll go for child support, having the State holding the gun on some man’s head. Fuck you, and your Feminist Bull Shit!

      1. I don’t plan to give birth to a child so.. No, I won’t be going for child support. It’s not feminism. I’m childfree. No gun needed.

        1. Yeah, sure. that’s until your clock goes boom, and then you’ll find some champ to pay for it. You’re probably some kind of unicorn. Just piss off. Sick of your lying ilk.

        2. Me piss off? You’re the one who’s being rude. there are plenty of childfree women in the world. Honestly, I can’t contemplate why anyone would condone such a shit show as pregnancy/birth. If you don’t want kids, have a vasectomy, and find yourself a childfree gf/wife, and enjoy your life. Ffs

        3. I am enjoying my life more than you can imagine.
          Nobody’s condoning the shit show. What we are pissed off about here when it comes to children is women using men, discarding them and then having the State ruining such men in the Family courts. “My body, my business” until bills have to be paid. You are a strong and independent woman? Then fucking raise your child alone if you kicked the baby daddy out just because you feel “unhappy”. You bitches want it both ways. That’s the problem.

        4. Raise what baby alone? I don’t have a baby. I won’t. I’m not comfortable with having a watermelon come out of my vagina, or having my stomach muscles separate, or having a vasshole, or having a tiny person I have to account for at all hours, or paying more than college tuition for daycare, or having a floppy mommy tummy.. I like my body and my life just the way it is thanks…

        5. I realize that I have neither the authority nor the perspective to speak for anyone but myself, but you feel that you are able to speak in general for all of mankind.. Typical male..

        6. “speak in general for all of mankind”
          Check the divorce statistics. I’ll take it back. Don’t try it. It’s hard truth and it will send your hamster into a back flip.

        7. They tend to reply with something akin to “look at me I’m strong and independent I don’t need anything” until you hit a a nerve and then it’s something about their soggy knees.

        8. But you love all of those benefits that the circus (with their monkeys) have given you, today. Women are funny with their NAWALT nonsense. They gladly take whatever is given with nothing in return (not even a thank you) and then cry “it’s not equal” then they don’t get something.

        9. I fully support you not having children. From what you have shown here you would make a terrible mother, parent, or person. Culling your genes from the pool is all to the good. Thanks for your efforts in that direction.

      1. Most of them are pretty useless, today. They burn water, houses are dirty, have multiple kids by multiple dads, etc….but it’s men who are the problem. You just have to laugh at it all.

    2. 18-29 your body is gold. After 30 we think of your body as a shooting gallery. Hope you women wise up . You Cant beat nature. Sorry no matter what the media tells you. 30 is not the new 20, its closer to 40. No woman I dated whose aged beyond 30 wanted to show me pictures of themselves in their 20’s. Jennifer Anison might look “good” in her 40s , but damn she was a hot 20 year old. No comparison. Not even close. Thats when we want you.

    3. Yeah, in all those years of oppression, women didn’t even design forceps to aid other women in childbirth, despite being solely in charge of this realm for millenia (men decreased female death by childbirth almost as soon as they entered the realm), nor did women write any significant literature about the joys of motherhood – even though they claimed it as their number one raison d’etre, and still do today. MEN, for crying out loud, had to do this task because women were unable to for THOUSANDS OF YEARS! Men have written songs of joy about every single friggin thing they do, yet no woman has still written a treatiste on the joys of fulfilling her task as a mother… go figure, with all that grrrl power.
      When you ladies can invent something involving more than two moving parts, we’ll have to have a discussion, until then, continue on in your sexist ways by denying males have anything worthwhile to contribute to society, and… MAKE ME A FUCKING SANDWICH! (even sandwiches, for god’s sakes, were invented by men). All in all, women have a pretty hard time claiming anything in regard to building a civlization other than bearing the next generation, something which even rats can do in the bins behind your local 7-11… and human females are even doing a poor fucking job of that, with negative 1.3 to 1.5 per couple birthrates, despite them fucking every tattooed thug on any street corner.
      Women have spent the past 50 years proving men were right for the past 5,000 years.

        1. No worries honey. The Japanese in their work around for their worthless woman and grass eaters will make an artificial womb and the egg can be made from male cells. You and your daughters won’t be needed. Too bad you have no sense of duty to civilization

        2. My wife died young and I raised our four children, so I have already met the requirement of raising the next generation. BTW they are all adults now and doing well.

      1. Agree with you on pretty much everything except the part about the sandwich. As I understand, these folks invented the sandwich:
        Story goes back to the 60’s I think. Not much recorded back then, those were dark ages. The blonde chick Sommers and her stoner friend DeWitt were attending a hippie happening when the dude Ritter happened upon the two hippie chicks and BOOM the first sandwich was created. All were amazed. It was De Witt’s crazy idea since she came from a wealthy French cullinary family before she expated to the movement. John had the brains though and made a show about it I think, or he started a business. It’s huge now, all the way in China. They must make in the gazillions now. But there it is.

      2. Manufactured misery is the bread and butter of psychiatry and psychology, plus popular culture feeds the “if you’re not happy, something is wrong with you, or those in your life” beast. The perfect life is a myth and the truth is sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

    4. Nah you’re not cut out for motherhood I can tell. That’s fine what works for you. Keep that fun hole tight and maybe strip on the side, extra bucks. Don’t do blow. But please respect the younger gals who have the potential to carry the DNA chain for the many tribes of our great species. They’re precious to all of us in the long run. Don’t try and proselytize them with feminism if you’ve got a feminist line. Sounds like you’re more into yourself than messing with the heads of other females. But back to the stripping, someone’s gotta do the strip pole and those girls aren’t bothered much by the sperm wars or the silly future of things. They just keep their senses satisfied and feeling good. A little vain, but it’s the path of some.

        1. Average men have little need for women company, and this for a long time. certainly the whole written history, probably before, and it’s still the case today.
          What they needed was a family (not so much anymore) and the service of a high class hooker able to fuck really good (this means making men believe they like it, either because it is true, or because they are good actresses) and cuddle really good too (when the men like cuddling, not always the case), basically someone to make you feel loved and special (intelligence and independence is not really an asset for that, probably the opposites. Dogs are really good at it for example, and they can’t even talk!)
          Appart from that, most men have better time with friends or sometimes alone.
          It is quite obvious in countries where prostitution is legal and not a huge social stigma, and will become clearer if convincing sexbots (they will need a sort of AI, not really to be conversionalists, but to be out of the uncanny valley motion-wise….That also means crazily good actuators) ever emerge…
          For women, I suspect things will be much harder…

    5. dumb dependant woman it is
      have no use for any other
      “The fact is, women are just as intelligent and capable as men. The only thing that held us back was the responsibility to care for offspring; this is now a choice and no longer an imperative.”
      Where are the groundbreaking inventions? nobel prizes? you’ve had 100 years now? sure you can shovel paper and tick boxes, now that their is paper to shovel and boxes to tick in an economy 50+% owned by a government that is 100+% of GDP in the debt shitcan……but generally speaking, you aren’t saving lives or putting food on anyones table, or increasing efficiency at any stage of the chain of production. ….where were you in the age of enlightenment, discovery, risk taking and trail blazing? when dudes like Megellan boarded rickety wooden ships and sailed into the unknown, at overwhelming odds of death, again and again….where were you?
      Face it you will never be heroes, never be trail blazers, never be legends.
      Automated robots/machines have more to boast about in terms of being equal to men.

    6. There is no such thing as an ‘Independent woman’. The vast majority of government spending is a transfer from men to women.
      Shannon survives off of make-work jobs that men have to incur the cost for.
      Men also provide the safety that enables her to live in her delusion of independence.
      Shannon can’t get a man. She is married to the government.

    7. “Men will have to either step up and prove to be an equal, “
      Oh, my sides, my sides!!
      Men would have to plunge DOWN in abilities to become equals of women. Men outperform women in every metric that civilization depends on…

    8. which is why the immigrant that breed like animals your country want to take, will take everything you and your gender will have in the future.
      strength is number! if you lost your number you lost your right to own anything.
      pray to die from old before seeing such reality.

    9. Oh sweetie, when third worlders become the majority in the USA, you’re the one who’s going to be begging for the “equal” men of the “good old days” lol.

  13. Have you noticed how increasingly difficult it becomes to hold your average Western girl’s attention? They’re all affected with extreme cases of ADD. Absolutely hooked on emotional highs and get bored in a split of a second.
    In my life I only had two relationships with Anglo-Saxon girls. One of them was actually half Italian which made her more “normal” if you will. The other one was a complete nut job slut who wanted to go serious with me. Thankfully, it only lasted for a few months.
    Latinas are my absolute favourite. Here, in Canada they’re quite nice actually.

  14. WTF? Men have higher suicide rates – and usually vastly higher in most countries – despite women “attempting” it far more often. So who is under more pressure? Divorce is the single largest factor for western men killing themselves: who got the laws changed and who takes advantage of them usually?

  15. The only problem with this article is pointing it out those points to the modern woman who doesn’t take responsibility for her actions.

  16. The double standard is that women sit on their butts and do whatever they want while men work their butts off to support them.

  17. I don’t care. personally I don’t think any man should care. Women (adults) need to take responsibility for their own health mental or otherwise. Besides that whole world is set for them any way.

  18. Ah Penny. A text book example of a modern 21st century woman. Waste the best years of your life bed hopping, pursuing a dead end career, then settle for the beta orbiter next door after you’ve ridden the dick carosel.

    1. As much as I love The Big Bang Theory, I find Penny to be disturbing, like Jenny from Forrest Gump on steroids. The fact that she constantly drinks, never seems to clean her place, is more concerned about the hot physicist with the motorcycle being married than about her letting him take naked pics on the second date, likes dating meatheads that will hurt her eventually, and constantly bosses Leonard, shows that she’s fucked up. In other times, she would have been diagnosed with some disorder like OCD, but this is the 21st. century, so there. The consolation is that for being a pasty white dude, Sheldon will at least use a bit of alpha mentality to put the skank in her place. Also, in the last two seasons, she seems to have really aged pretty bad. And that little boy haircut doesn’t help either. Reminds me of Britney Spears in Baby One More Time vs Britney Spears today. So sad.

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