Self-Improvement Is Not Just For Young Guys

I am writing this article in response to the challenge made by Generation21stCentury a few weeks ago.

Improvement of self must continue up to the moment of death. So much of what has been written here is based on the driving need of young men to develop their skills in order to achieve their goals. Those goals usually include sex with many quality girls, material wealth to enjoy living, and free time to pursue a variety of interests. These are excellent choices and I encourage you to pursue them.  This article will show that in most conventionally successful lives there are opportunities for improvement.


I am a 47 year old engineer and project manager. I have worked on industrial mining construction projects all over the world. I owe no money to anyone. I have been married a long time. My five children are almost grown and some are living on their own.

A few years ago I noticed that my few remaining friends in this world were getting divorced. Their reasons were utterly diverse. The end result was always bitter ex-wives, angry ex-husbands, and weeping children. I started looking for reasons and I did not find anything that made sense to me.

I am a farm boy, ex-military, march or die kind of guy. I am acknowledged in my corner of the industry for being that bastard that can turn a construction project profitable if you can stomach the methods. I can make you cry, fire your ass with a smile, and forget your name the moment you are gone. My only regret at the end of most projects is that I wasn’t more of a hard-ass. In short, empirical methods that work are king. The final arbiter of success is the scoreboard. Nothing else matters.

Nothing that my conventional Catholic society had to say about divorce made any sense to me, and this filled me with concern. I like my family the way it is. What if there was something I could do to prevent what was happening to everyone I knew from happening to me?

Then, one bitterly cold day at the end of a gloomy November, one of my colleagues rigged up a helium suicide device and killed himself. He was one of the few men I could trust with fire and forget delegation. If he said, “I’ll handle it,” I trusted him. He had worked for me for years and had a promising career. I was the last person he talked to on his cell phone, and in his note he mentioned that he was afraid he would disappoint me by quitting early.

This guy was tall, good-looking, fit, and well off. No bad habits. He vacationed in Brazil, scuba-dived wrecks in the Caribbean, travelled the world, lived alone in a nice apartment, and had everything he wanted when he wanted it. We tried to drink his booze cabinet dry during his wake and we, two dozen men from the heavy mining construction industry, failed. Why did he check out early? Was it somehow related to the other shattering changes my acquaintances were going through, such as the divorces?

His suicide got me thinking and I decided to dig into alternative resources. I broadened my search for information and discovered the corner of the web that this site is part of. Many issues started making sense to me. Why did so many other men’s marriages fail when mine was staying strong?  Here is why:

  • My wife was a virgin (until she met me) and lived at home until she lived with me.
  • She came from a Burmese family that was devoutly Catholic.
  • I see no difference between work and home and I run both the same.
  • I will not tolerate malicious stupidity from her or the children.
  • My wife and children are utterly dependent upon my income. She works at home for me.
  • I don’t have modern television (or pop culture) in my home because that shit is poison.

I understand that the legal system makes her totally independent and that she can access my income whether I will it or no. But I am the kind of man that she can never replace and thus her hypergamy is satiated. Early in our relationship (before and after we were married) there were several moments where I point-blank told her to comply with my wishes or leave my home. She complied. She is also well aware that I am a vindictive prick that will go to almost any lengths to ensure my will is done. So that makes sense.

But why did my buddy check out? God only knows. I speculate that he felt like a failure for not having a wife and children. He was so “blue pill” that he felt life-ending grade shame for not being able to sacrifice his life to a woman. He had told me and others several times that he wished he could find a wife and have children. He was awkward with women. Despite all of his advantages, he could not get laid in a whorehouse. So he killed himself rather than keep facing that failure.


The world is actually kind of a big place.  And we are very small.

I am what you folks refer to as a “blue pill” man, an AFC, if you will. I have only made love to a few women when I was younger and now only to my wife. I have little desire to have sex with many different women, my material wants are satisfied, and I have the resources to enjoy my free time.  So what does the “red pill” do for a fellow like me?

My life was not all a bed of roses. I had very few friends. I worked hard for other people. I struggled with erectile dysfunction. My wife had a pretty face I loved, but a chubby body I was not attracted to. I volunteered for churches and other organizations. I accepted these things, even though they made me quite angry, because I thought they were correct. I had been taught, and I accepted, that it was right and proper that I suffer and others benefit, and that I should suffer silently and accept my lot.

What the “red pill” does is make a fellow go, “Well. Fuck that noise.”

I thought about what I wanted. I thought about a friend who ended his life rather than face “blue pill” failure. I thought about missed opportunities and a wasted youth. I thought about a life of ongoing slavery ending in forgetful silence. What did I really want?  And I applied my problem solving skills and intelligence to the issue of what I want:

  • To have my dick to work again, every time.
  • To fuck a beautiful woman regularly, preferably my wife.
  • To have good friends again, that I can trust.
  • To have less stress, everywhere all the time.
  • To start flying aircraft again, like when I was young.
  • To stop working to make other people rich, and work for myself.

I set out to achieve all of these things two years ago. Most of it is finished. I quit my job, started consulting, and tripled my income. I sold my house and most of my junk and we live in a smaller, cheaper, and less time-consuming apartment. I purchased an airplane and started flying to interesting places regularly again. I started running and lifting weights and am now in the best shape of my life. I moved to a more centrally located city and stopped spending time with parasites. I set my wife up with a personal trainer, go to the fitness classes with her, and now enjoy how she looks. She learned about healthy cooking, we started eating cleaner, and are reaping the benefits. I work less, have far less stress, and I travel regularly to stay in touch with old friends. My dick works much better. My wife is happy. Her eyes shine as she hesitantly caresses my arm and looks up at me with shy pride.

I took a life that was focussed on working for other people and via self-improvement aimed it at working for myself. I have no regrets whatever.  Everyone is better off, not just me, but I am the purpose of my life now. I find more information every day that provides me with opportunities to improve.

You young men learn about the “red pill,” bang the hotties, have fun, and God bless you for doing it. I cannot and will not compete in that arena.  I yield that ground. I will take my place in the stands and applaud your victories.


I’m going over there now.

You older men need this. Make your life better. Reject a life of thankless servitude and focus on what you want, while you can. Your life may not be perfect, but you can always make it better.

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184 thoughts on “Self-Improvement Is Not Just For Young Guys”

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of these posts to figure out what the, “red pill” actually is. From what I have found, “red pill” is a temporary confidence booster to get you laid (preferably in europe – because chicks dig ugly dudes over there apparently)
    Seems like all this red pill stuff is designed to do is take a WoW player and turn him into a frat boy overnight. Wouldn’t saying something like, “get off the computer, go out and figure shit out on your own” would be more effective?
    Redpill seems like a poorly applied band-aid for a growing epidemic. Spineless men.

        1. come on now, every girl has the potential to become a cocksucking queen. don’t sell them short hahaa

    1. Ever seen the movie The Matrix? The Red Pill is the hard, unforgiving, scathing truth of the world. To take the Red Pill is to wake up to the harsh reality and leave the fake, fairy tale world behind that you have been living in. In Western civilization, we have been indoctrinated into a culture and a life of emasculated women and effeminate men. Brought up into a culture of servitude, led to believe one thing when the truth is far from. Taking the Red Pill is to reject these fallacies and accept the facts.

      1. That’s fine – but what is all this about sleeping around with as many women as you can – preferably in Europe?

        1. Pick up artistry and game is the answer to hook-up culture – which is what dating has become in America. This goes along with the Red Pill. In Western civilization, women spend their best years selfishly, wastefully, and decadently slutting it up, partying, and focusing on being a career woman. They don’t settle down, the ones that do divorce quickly because they are “independent” and think they can do better than staying with someone and starting a family. Feminism and the “progressive” evolution of Western culture has taught them to not respect chivalry, women and men are the exact same except for the shape of the parts between their legs, they should focus on being an independent career woman, single motherhood is celebrated, and they are encouraged to party and fuck their entire young adulthood away instead of using her best youthful years to be reserved and find a good man to raise a family with.
          Because of this, Western men are wasting their time trying to “turn a whore into a housewife” so to speak. If Western women have decided all they want to do is fuck around, then fine – we’ll just fuck ’em and leave since that’s apparently all they’re good for.

        2. Thank you for intelligently answering my question GS.
          Time exists… and the human mind is easily filled with garbage. Seems like banging stupid western women would be a waste of time. I’d really be surprised if I could find one of these alpha red pill males who thinks that banging western sluts has made him a better person… or even helped him in his quest to find manhood.

        3. ” . . .what is all this about sleeping around with as many women as you can – preferably in Europe?”
          Adding to what the General has said, it is actually the profession (believe it or not) of the owner and operator of this site.
          Although promoting that is not the ostensible purpose of this site (he has another dedicated to that), some of that flavour has naturally transferred from there to here.
          There are other “red pill” sites where you will find the emphasis is on avoiding women altogether, and as much of typical society as is possible. “Going Ghost” it is called.
          And there are others between the extremes. Different strategies for different people trying find their own way to live in and cope with the world that has been revealed to them since they “unplugged.”

        4. You do not like to have sex with attractive foreign women after you have worked out for a year and focused on self improvement? Have it your way then, whatever your way is.

        5. you are focusing on a small part of the effect of the red pill.
          red pill means freedom from your personal mental slavery.

        6. Women in no way make you a better person. They are just a side perk, your main goal should be YOU. Working out, building your personal empire, and ALWAYS IMPROVING yourself is the main point of almost all the RoK articles.

        7. well that’s where you are wrong because men feel beaten down because women are bitches to them…. and men are also horny and want sex, which they can’t get by starting a long term relationship, because the women are not holding down marriages any more…. prostitutes are lame and have a stigma to them…. but meeting a hot girl and fucking her make a guy feel good… plus no more marriage… yippee…
          try this guy out

        8. Having sex with women and casually enjoying their company is enjoyable; that is why we do it. That is why we do anything in life – is is enjoyable. It adds value and pleasure to our lives to do things we like to do. There are varying philosophies – some men just fuck women because it’s nicer than beating off. Some like the thrill and the nature of the “the game.” To each their own.

        9. From Ray Wolfson’s embedded video.
          Horse mind? The player/man is the chariot rider controller of mind? LOL. Only 4 minutes in and Mr. Owen Cook is already using Bhagavad Gita metaphors (without giving due reference thereby trying to give the impression he came up with this and not Vyas from thousands of years ago.)
          Its always funny to see goras appropriate our great Indian civilization.
          “Outcome independence” is another theory from the Bhagavad Gita.
          There’s a book called “Gita on the Green” using Gita metaphors for golf.

        10. “Its always funny to see goras appropriate our great Indian civilization.”
          Methinks you do put the “great Indian civilization” in a bit of a bad light by coming unto our site hurling racial epithets like “gora” around dont you thin

        11. He has given the reference in other videos, which is how I learned of it and added it to my reading list

        12. “Its always funny to see goras appropriate our great Indian civilization.”
          I think all educated Westerners acknowledge the contribution of Eastern philosophers, at least in my experience. That’s called “learning” not “appropriation.”
          But let’s make one thing clear — Vyasa may have contributed to the light of the world, but YOU can’t take credit for that, because YOU have contributed fuck-all. You’re trying to take credit for other men’s work, with the very same words in which you decry the taking of credit for other men’s work.

    2. Listen to your elders now or figure it out on your own, we really don’t give a fuck about you in particular.
      If you had read the column, the dude is Living his life, not playing it. WoW….ha ha, not for us!

        1. Having a mentor can teach you about things you’d never even know. A (older) mentor is something the ancients once possessed. If every male had a mentor, we’d break free from the government indoctrinated nonsense our society is filled with.

        2. My Papa told me to never say a damn word to the cops when accused of something. I listened to him and I benefited from his words. In the lower corridors of the local power law firm, while drafting up succession plans, he proudly exclaimed, “Women shouldn’t be in business. They don’t know a fucking thing about it!” At the time I cringed at his words, but our lawyer was an old dog who knew it full well too. Now I do as well.

        3. I think we all can learn from each other here, but also through the people we meet in life. Every masculine man has something worth teaching.

    3. There is an ancient muslim proverb that goes like this: “knowledge precedes speech and action”. Meaning, you must not speak (and/or act) without knowlegde. Now go, wax in wax out, theophilussan.

    4. I will partly agree with you in one respect… The Matrix fetishism and ubiquitous use of other pop culture references to define the worldview prevalent around these parts is downright embarrassing. “Redpillers” may have their hearts in the right place and (most of) the truth on their side, but they sure seem to enjoy making an easy target out of themselves… As if they’re trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, as it were.
      How otherwise intelligent, self-aware men are unable to see that their juvenile “red pill” terminology is doing more to harm to their philosophical movement than anything else they’ve said is shocking.
      Gentlemen, your collective new year’s resolution is to start taking yourselves a bit more seriously and stop talking like a bunch of stupid teenagers.

        1. Out of curiosity, which word I used was too long for your liking, and how exactly was my explanation nothing more than an accusation of narcissism?
          Actually, don’t answer that. I took your inquiry in good faith, but snarky braindead bitches like you always reveal yourselves before long.

        2. What was this all about, “You know what?
          F*** Y*** for pissing on a great story like that.
          Don’t come back.”
          Would you delete half your posts if you could?
          Just relax – I just think you waste too much of peoples valuable trolling time with word combos like, “comprehensive, coherent philosophical framework” – which could be replaced with something like, “viable structure”.

        3. What was this all about, “You know what?
          F*** Y*** for pissing on a great story like that.
          Don’t come back.”

          What? Did you forget to take your meds or something?
          As for your other shortcomings, they’re none of my concern, insecure illiterate.

      1. the whole point of the language is to put off people like you…. it’s man’s aggressive language… it’s meaning isn’t necessarily face value…..

        1. Language that cannot be taken at face value is now the province of aggressive men who speak directly?
          Complete nonsense.
          Yours is the language of children who lack the education to build a comprehensive, coherent philosophical framework around their otherwise good ideas.

      2. In your opinion it may be “juvenile red pill terminology”.
        We prefer to think of it as a somewhat clandestine and metaphoric code — just for the enlightened or soon-to-be enlightened.
        Its not the label, rather the message that is important.
        No need to be so derogatory about mere semantics – if you have a better name or analogy we are all ears.

        1. “somewhat clandestine and metaphoric code — just for the enlightened or soon-to-be enlightened.”
          Does that include the secret handshake and the secret password to the secret treehouse?
          You kids are too clever by half. Poster children for the phrase “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

        2. Shhhh. Dad! NOBODY is ever supposed to mention the secret handshake on the Internet.
          Are you nuts?

      3. OK, I’ll bite: please explain how the employment of a clear, concise metaphor is doing harm, and more of it than any other literary conceit.
        I’m thinking that it’s folly to reinvent the wheel, and wasteful besides when the newer version doesn’t roll any better than the existing one.
        And if the merit of the idea and the philosophy stands or falls on two words as you seem to assert, then it shall certainly fall regardless of whatever terminology is used.

        1. Because your geeky pop culture references are inadequate, unserious, and incomplete. I’m sure you guys aren’t actually daft enough to urge your real life acquaintances to “take the red pill” (right?)… Well, it doesn’t sound any more clever on a messageboard.
          “I’m thinking that it’s folly to reinvent the wheel”
          It sure is. There is indeed nothing new under the sun. That includes this philosophy you guys call “the red pill”.
          Paging GBFM…

    5. “Seems like all this red pill stuff is designed to do is take a WoW player and turn him into a frat boy overnight.”
      Heh. Pretty damn much!

      1. Dont you have some code to crunch Mr H1-B?
        Mother needs some rupees sent back home stat!

        1. Indian mothers (and women) are one of the ugliest beasts to behold which no amounts of silk sarees or gold jewelry can ameliorate.Heck no wonder after 150 years of British rule there were so few intermarriages.

    6. Theo, maybe for young twenty-something men it is a lot about getting laid, but there is a lot more to it especially as you get older. The red pill is the realization how anti-masculinity this whole society is and how you have been lied to since you were a boy by your teachers, government, churches, spouses, and even your parents (though usually not out of malice). You are lies to to keep you a dutiful, unquestioning worker drone and live your life for the benefit of everyone else but yourself. I’m in my late fifties and if anything, the realization is even more poignant if it comes later in life.

    7. Yet here we are talking about what it means. Where else can like minded men discuss what it means to be a man without having people mock them for being little boys poisoned by testosterone?

  2. fucking bravo man. i loved this post, hugely inspirational. man i am a young buck and pissing my life away at some shitty government job post university [stem subject graduate but ill family so took the hit and came home to support], i need to get out of this environment. only a few months and my workforce are all people who think ‘freedom’ is decrepit retirement at 65. i’m pissing 5 days of shit work for 2 days of freedom. anyone knows that aint exactly a good return on investment

    1. leverage your day job and the income (and spare time) it provides, use
      and abuse it and set your mind to alternatives…. ideas will come….
      take your time…. if 2 years from now you had all these great goals
      accomplished…. 6 months more on the job wouldn’t kill you would it

      1. currently exactly what i’m planning on bud. 6 more months, and use the precious spare time and principal i’ve accumulated to either demand a change to part time when my contracts up and side business it up, or quit and work on a couple of solid business prospects. its a risk, but pissing my life away at a job that could be gone any time is a risk as well. also definitely recommend a read of the book millionaire fastlane by m something marco. as bullshit as the title sounds its a fantastic book, and gives a good idea how hard work and diligence as a producer [not a consumer] on your own shit for a few years then up and liquidating at the end is definitely the way to go.

    2. pissed my youth away with bad choices and a divorce, I’m wage slaving working 16 hour days for a weekend. Money isn’t that great either with the amounts of debt to pay off. Only choice I have is to endure or die.

    3. I know the author was trying to encourage marriage but here’s the current timeline of the average American LTR/Marriage;

      1. i attribute it to shared old world values and the fact his wife was from a burmese family and not some piece of crap trashy ‘modern’ western woman

      1. If his wife is middle-aged like he is, and she is as disciplined as he claims, then there should be no worry.

        1. It’s always the rat that gets the cheese…
          pool boy, trainer, masseur, yoga instructor etc…

        2. Those pool boys, trainers, masseurs (yum!) and yoga instructors are not “rats”. They are more often than not very fit men with strong pheromones who know about “energy work”.

        3. they turn rats when they try to cross the line…
          energy work like putting their cocks in your gf’s pussy…
          yeah that takes energy work!

  3. I agree with this completely, the path of enlightenment has to be followed up to the moment of death. Spirituality is a life long practice, it isn’t just something you do when you are young or you are old.
    We should follow the path of enlightenment and aim for the highest goal of life, which is to attain enlightenment and escape the cycle of birth and death so that we can experience eternal happiness.

  4. My wife was a virgin (until she met me) and lived at home until she lived with me.
    She came from a Burmese family that was devoutly Catholic. (wife must have same ideology/religion)
    I see no difference between work and home and I run both the same.
    I will not tolerate malicious stupidity from her or the children.
    My wife and children are utterly dependent upon my income. She works at home for me.
    I don’t have modern television (or pop culture) in my home because that shit is poison.”
    Great points, agree 100%.

  5. You my friend are one of the luckiest men alive. Virgin wife is something I would give my leg for. Not even joking. Every girl that crosses my path that is worth hanging on to turns out she already had 5-10 cocks and I relegate her to “slut” category. I’m 26 at the moment but feel as if every woman around me is 50, notch wise that is.

    1. Women are almost entirely gutter trash sluts that deserve nothing in life and that especially goes for love… Don’t settle, ever. IF you are ever going to get married or date a girl for a modest chunk of time it needs to be a virgin.

      1. Funny you say that. The reason I dump girls is because they are not virgins, and I refuse to pick up what others left off. Every girl tells me the same thing ” Good luck finding a virgin” or ” they don’t exist anymore.” How these whores are not ashamed to even say shit like that is beyond me. If I find a virgin I’m keeping her, she can be a bitch and that’s fine. At least I’ll know no other dudes banged my wife… for all you rescuers out there.

        1. Right, the sluts of today of so shameless and they try to pass it off as “Hey we only make sluts so either you fuck a slut or you be a child molester” obviously only condoning the first one lol. I don’t know if it is just be but do you ever want to go all Jack The Ripper on all the whores out here? OR maybe Dexter but with the code being “Whores must go” instead?
          Anyway, I have let more girls go than I can count… Age of Consent in my state is 16 and I have done almost 17 or 18 16 year olds and several 17/18 year olds… I have gotten to them with only one previous partner but never had a fucking virgin… Back when I was 17 I had one virgin but in my blue pill days fucked it up and regret it still.

        2. “I don’t know if it is just me but do you ever want to go all Jack The Ripper on all the whores out here?”
          You’re not alone. We ALL feel like that. Why do you think the Southern Poverty Law Center is after our Roosh/ROK 24/7?

        3. I understand the sentiment, man, but don’t make virginity your only criteria. Marrying a virginal bitch is setting yourself up for a lifetime of grief.
          Respectfulness and a submissive nature often carry the “bonus” of chastity. Look for those qualities, rather than dating any reasonably attractive chick that responds to your advances.
          The bottom line is this: if you want to marry a virgin, it is a VERY niche market, and you will have to narrow your focus considerably. The old line holds true: there are girls you fuck, and there are girls you marry [and then fuck]. I will add that there is a third category: those unfortunates who you neither marry nor fuck, such as the hideous and the mentally unstable.
          The numbers in the marriageable category have dwindled to endangered-species levels in the U.S., but they are not non-existent. What you have to ask yourself is what YOU bring to the table that these chicks value enough to let you put a ring on it, because they are going to be as selective as you are.

    2. Try dating 18- or 19-year olds. It’s far more likely that you will find a virgin among them than among chicks your age.

      1. sorry to burst your bubble, but you’d have to go waaaaay lower than 18-19 to find a virgin these days. be sure not to break any laws, but stick to the lowest age of consent your state/country allows.

        1. It’s not a “bubble.” Virgins exist in far greater numbers at 18-19 than at 25+.
          That’s not to say that the search is going to be a cake walk, because a lot of chicks have had a minimum of one or two partners before graduating high school. However,many girls (even here in the West) lose their virginity when they are in college or university, living away from the daily influence of their parents and immersed in the hookup culture of on-campus housing and the moral relativism preached from the ivory tower. Read Tom Wolfe’s “I am Charlotte Simmons” for a very realistic portrayal of what college life is like here in the United States in the 21st century.
          If you can find a girl that age who is living at home with both parents (perhaps enrolled in community college rather than living in a dorm somewhere); surrounded by a subculture that emphasizes sexual purity among the unmarried (likely to be based in religion, whether Christian or Muslim or Hindu); if she herself holds that to be a good standard; and if she lives counter-culturally in other ways (mainly eschewing shit TV like “Friends” or “Sex and the City” or “Girls” that treats casual sex as normal as breathing); then you MIGHT be on the trail of the elusive young-adult virgin.
          The good news is that these girls tend to travel in packs (chicks are far less likely to be virgins at 19 if they don’t have the social support among their closest friends), and that traditionally-minded girls are far less likely to see someone 10-12 years older than them as “old and creepy.”
          tl;dr: It’s still a hunt, but far from an impossible quest.

        2. Question to all of you above.
          Whats the deal with having a virgin?
          After swallowing the red pill 6 month ago a came across one beautiful 24yr old beautiful girl, that happened to be a virgin.
          I thought that I should be very lucky to have that opportunity but I just am not.
          Seriously, she just knows nothing what to do to get me startet. Every move she makes annoys me very quickly, as I know that sex will me “Beginners-class”

        3. Well, of course you are going to have to teach her. The plus side of that is she will be tailored to please YOU.
          But if you don’t have the patience or desire to take on that role, I can see why a virgin wouldn’t be for you.

    3. My wife was a virgin when I married her. The best that I got out of her was a kiss at the end of night. No tongue, either. Boy, did I learn to control myself around her. No use trying it on, she made it clear from the beginning that the only man that gets her is her husband? No exceptions of any sort…She had a very strict father that taught her well. I’ve been very happily married for 22 years and have known her for 30 years now.

      1. You hit the jackpot, my friend.
        The frustrating thing for younger men reading your words, though, is that they do the math and 30 years ago as “ancient history.” And in terms of sexual norms, that is pretty much the case.
        Note, everyone, the presence and active participation of the FATHER in her life. It’s not coincidence.

      2. Lucky bastard you! But good for you, sounds like she is a reasonable woman. Times have changed for the worse as you can see. The one thing I expect from a girl I date is loyalty, but how can you trust a girl who puts out 24-72 hours after meeting you.
        I recently had a girl I dated for 5 months tell me she “loves” me. I threw my head back and busted out laughing. Thats a girl who let me fuck on the first date. Total date cost: a 12 pack of corona. Cheapest and fastest fuck, Thank you very much. Hope she marries someone I know so I can laugh at the guy forever.

  6. This is a fantastic write up. It goes to show you don’t have to be a young buck to take the red pill and grab a hold of your life. The mantra of going hard until you cease to breathe is a great one. Reminds of the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.
    I believe it might still be on Netflix. The jist of it is about having discipline and passion in your life, and never settling or resting on your laurels. Everyday you are alive you should be striving to be a better person, and refining yourself and your skill(s). It’s never too late and you’re never too old to improve yourself.

    1. yes, i like this one a lot myself…. older guys have a lot of advice to give…. priorities change and maybe 20-30s even 40s you can be bouncing about the world, banging hotties, but one day having a more traditional arrangement might suit…. problem is that takes time to build…

    2. one of my favourite docs. but fuck he did sacrifice absolutely everything to be the very best. i think to his benefit he made/had a woman that respected that and two sons who followed his traditions with the younger set up to make his own self, and the elder set up to take over the empire.

  7. Keep her away as best you can from the highly contagious virus which is western feminism. Once it gets ahold, she’s gonno!

    1. yes, it definitely helps living outside major urban centers and limiting that vapid (time wasting and expensive) social life that women love to build for themselves…. if you are married then 90% of social life means you are not at home having sex…. and since 90% of social life is about finding people to have sex with… (unless your in business or politics with a big social calendar … or swingers hahaha)… then of an evening wifey should be at home between the sheets

      1. When a gf/wife does a girls night out regularly you can bet she is looking for another man….
        Girls don’t go out to bars to mingle with themselves only, they want attention and sometimes new dick prospects.

        1. ABSOLUTELY ! – and most of the time it’s not even a conscious thing… men go out specifically looking for girls, or a guy can go out and hang and specifically not look for girls…. but girls go out and if they should accidentally run into a hot guy who sweeps them off their feet….. it wasn’t their fault

        2. BF: How was the girls night out?
          GF: It was OK, nothing special.
          Translation: I got hit on by 3 guys and had a long talk with 1 guy for an hour while my girl friends were waiting on me…
          Slap that bitch across the face.

    2. All it take is a bitter 40 something single mom hag to befriend his good wife.
      6 months of brainwashing and hitting happy hour with the hag will
      get her “Americanized” and “liberated” …oh and yes DIVORCE SOON AFTER.

      1. They never stop hassling her. “Why do you cook him breakfast every day.” “Why do you wash his clothes.” “Why doesn’t he do any housework.” “Why do you let him spend all that money on himself.” etc etc etc. Bitches won’t stop – it’s because they’re jealous.

  8. Men are fucked. We need to learn that we don’t need women. Sure, we need their hot, wet, tight, slippery pussies on a regular basis, BUT WE DON’T NEED THEM!
    I’ll gladly get drunk and kill myself as an alternative to a slow painful death from cancer, but kill myself over a woman, or lack of?
    Sorry about your colleague. Let’s smoke in his honor.

  9. Not that great. Comes across as smug look at me. Where’s the tips for an older guy, than do it my way? Its too late by the time youre 47 to do it your way. If anyone wanted to! We all travel a different path with different fuck ups. How do you stop yourself topping yourself? Everyman must have considered suicide at some point from 20 to 60? Most don’t and find away forward. You seem to have a different (perhaps lucky) experience to your friend. I’ve been in that situation where a mate makes me his last call, back in my twenties. I blew it, and the life and soul of the party that could have any chick he wanted and did, still killed himself. Its a long path decade by decade by decade. It twists and turns. Highs and lows. I make no judgements on a man till he’s dead and probably reluctantly. For half a life time he’s had it his way then …. For half a life time he hasn’t and then…
    Despite all the young dudes here going on about women hitting the wall at 30. An older man knows he has to deal with chicks that are way over that age. I’d like to be around to see what they’re doing when they hit 40, 50, 60, 70 with women. The game never stops and the hamster seems to get worse. You made an effort and I appreciate that. You haven’t had to do what most men our age have. Been single, divorced, etc or looked for women or gone your own way with out them. How can you know?

    1. Tend to agree with you. Parts of dudes article were good but its hard for me to take any married dude seriously.
      Being married is so totally beta.

      1. Yeah, Rollo Tomassi is so fucking beta with no useful advice at all, right? Vox should just close up shop, too.
        My guess is that you are a college-aged know-it-all. Stop seeing everything in black and white.

        1. Rollo has said, straight up, that he wouldn’t marry again, knowing what he knows now.
          Marriage is for suckers.

        2. And yet I have never read him saying that he is sorry he is married now…
          In other news, I got banned from HUS for this horrific comment:

          Anyone want to give me a history lesson on why Susan and company suddenly turned against the Manosphere? I must have been absent that day.

      2. think of it this way: we are allowed a glimpse into the psyche of a good man, who can tell us how married life really is. to help the younger crowd decide for themselves. i’m totally against marriage myself, but i think everyone needs to mull it over for themselves, instead of accepting some pre-packaged ‘marriage is for fags’ routine. to form a valid opinion, you need both pros and cons.

    2. I am 42 and divorced, and I agree with the author. You just sound like you are making excuses.
      I can’t rewind and fix things with my wife like he has (nor would I want to; if I had been Red Pill back then, I never would have chosen her in the first place). But my life is far from over, and the changes I have made in myself and in my mate selection criteria have made all the difference in the “second act” that my life has become.

    3. Solon said that he would judge no man before he was dead. And I don’t know what a younger man’s life is like these days. I know that striving to live life on my terms is better than plodding along asleep in chains.

  10. Good. ROK is shaping up to be a wonderful resource. I once posted at the avfm forum about how men should aspire for excellence. It wasn’t chastised it was just ignored, which was sad. We know that being your absolute best at all times and always seeking to improve is a good thing for all the obvious reasons but we also know because feminists mimic this. Yet, note how feminist insist that any constructive or encouraging messages can ONLY be geared to females. On the other hand, males are told to be more feminine and homosexual…because its…um, good for them? Here’s the thing; if men are allowed to be their absolute best, women don’t stand a chance. Call it callous or any of the ism’s, ists or phobes all you want…that is simple truth and no one understands that more than feminists, otherwise, they’d encourage everyone to do well (but they don’t). One of the things we can all do to reignite the masculine renaissance is to once again strive for excellence. Once upon a time we did. The fact that this is being stunted, dulled and engineered out of us is nothing short of a form of institutional castration and genocide. And, whereas, men are largely responding to their nature, women are responding to the tv set and to their egos. Its as immoral and immoral can get. Bottom-line: We should all be encouraging ourselves to be our best. Repeat that enough and we can turn this ugly thing around much sooner than you think.
    Idea: personally, I dislike the idea of coed athletic events unless its softball and involves drinking etc. That said, we should start to use the internet to our advantage and organize male only leagues, races, sports etc.

  11. Fuck yeah, mountains! Ahem, it’s articles like these that keep me coming back. This is the embodiment of the ‘Red Pill’ philosophy. Just be happy, and if you’re not happy then find ways to make yourself happy. Be ambitious and don’t take shit. Live.

  12. A very strong message overall, but the article is damaged by all the ” I’m tough as nails” posturing.
    It adds a tone of insincerity to things. It may be true that the author is cruel enough to casually fire people without concern. Especially coming from an older man who should embrace humility.

    1. Firing the incompetent is not cruelty. It is an act of mercy.
      Cruelty is lying to them and telling them they are competent. They will never learn if people are afraid to hurt their feelings.
      As for “tough as nails”, your unmanly bleating amuses me.

      1. This is just more antisocial keyboarding.
        Look, I’m not saying that keeping incompetent workers on staff is necessary, but there’s a big difference between firing someone and firing someone with a smile on your face.the latter is sociopathic.
        I guess it’s unmanly to call out needless exaggerations of strength. I saw plenty of posturing NCOs crying like little girls in Iraq and personally I feel like if you have to prop yourself with a ” tough guy” persons you maybe just don’t have it. Social skills don’t just involve standing up for yourselves. Empathy is important, too.

    2. In that industry, I’d rather have a hardass that doesn’t tolerate screw-ups than an inclusive handholder simply because incompetence can injure or kill. Even if it doesn’t, the flow-on effect from one idiot can fuck with everything onsite for everyone else.

      1. Well that maybe true given his industry. I didn’t take that into account. If he’s in a potentially dangerous line of work he would have less leeway there.
        I know I sounded overly harsh in my first comment, but I really did sincerely think it’s a great article- maybe it’s just a pet peeve of mine to take issue with a little bit of haughty language. This man may be a successful red pill author. Sounds like it, but we have to admit most posturing comes from insecure white- knight betas working for the system rather than themselves or for a higher purpose. Kind of like the fool I knew who went and got married in between deployments, though everyone told him that the chick was not going to be faithful.

    3. One of the things that I stopped doing was apologizing for who I am. Every time we back away from being blunt about who we are and what we do we are buying in to the “testosterone as poison” bullshit. Be a man. Ride horses with your shirt off. Go skydiving. Drink whiskey. Race motorcycles. Be tough in public. Fuck the rest of them.

  13. There’s the game, and there’s “end game”. Some point in your life you will be 50 years old, hair grey, balding spots, metabolism zapped, wrinkles, and the testosterone depleted. What kind of man do you want to be at that age? Eventually youth ends and so does the party.

    1. Lol. Really? Maybe for some 50 year olds. Im going on 56. Got a full head of hair ( a few grey hairs but big whoop), killer body in progress, no crows feet, plenty of metabolism and test. Lift, great career, single. Ive never fucked a chick over 30 and dont plan on it. I guess your “end game” as you define means throwing in the towel and admitting defeat.
      Kings dont do that.
      Carry on peon.

    2. I can remember 50. I still set Strava KOMs. Not age group, but outright.
      On a steel frame, one speed commuter bike wearing street clothes against youngsters on carbon fiber zoot scoots wearing skin suits.
      No wrinkles and only half my hair grey. Gives it a nice shimmer effect in the sunlight.
      You’re right, you have to think about what kind of man you want to be at that age.
      I decided to be a lion in winter. I’m still waiting for winter.

    3. you can ‘steal’ another 10-15 years with testosterone shots. not advisable for the young man, but at 50, what exactly do you have to lose?

  14. “She came from a Burmese family that was devoutly Catholic.”
    The Cathedral has made headway into Myanmar of all places?! Holy Shit!

    1. “She came from a Burmese family that was devoutly Catholic.”
      The f*cking Cathedral has made its way even to Myanmar of all places?!?!
      Jesus Christ globalization sucks!

  15. Lots of articles on ROK I like, but this is the first one that resonates completely with me. Although I started to become a red pill man 20+ years ago, I am not interested in sleeping around and it took me a while to warm up to ROK because of the PUA articles. A few years ago I reached a point where my attitude began to shift. I decided I wanted to be rich, to learn how to fly, to live in a place where men are respected and to get the life I want without apology. Your article captures it perfectly. Thank you!

    1. Agreed. This post stands out and honest and inspirational. I’ve lost several friends / relatives (suicide, early death, financial/emotional ruin) because of their inability to master their lives, which means recognizing what isn’t working and making changes to get what you want.
      Phony labels are irrelevant, this man lives the life HE wants. Kudos, sir.

    2. Thank you. I am not done yet, either. There is still more to be done. Learning Spanish next.

  16. Great article. Good encouragement for those of us who were late starters. I am 50 and quit the rat race a year ago when my business became successful enough for me to quit my day job. I had worked on it for three years previous to quitting. I worked full time and in my off hours, and days off, I built a business that gives me more freedom and money than I ever had working to make others wealthy. I still have a ways to go but am making good progress. Like the author, I am married (2nd marriage) and have three kids (under age 10.) Game has certainly tightened up my marriage and I have a pretty decent home life. Working on getting back in shape and starting a couple more businesses. Glad to finally be an owner and not a slave. Hope to hear more from Patchfur in the future. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. I don’t know if I’ll write another. This one came ripping out kind of like that alien critter. Good luck and live well.

  17. “She came from a Burmese family that was devoutly Catholic.”
    The Vatican has no frickin’ business in Myanmar!
    Catholicism is strictly for Roman alcoholics and Freemasons.

  18. This is one of the best posts yet on ROK.
    I am mightily inspired.
    However, I will not yield the ground the young chicks stand on. They want money and I have enough of that to attract them.

    1. Nothing motivates like a challenge. Thanks for putting it up there. Got me from idle watcher to participant.

  19. Interesting post and to speculate as to why your friend took his life I need to ask you one question: was he living in the States?
    If the answer is yes then as someone like myself who has been outside the USA and comes back to spend some time here I can honestly tell you that there is an emptiness to this culture which is like leprosy to a man’s soul.
    Your buddy probably got fed up with an array of things including but not limited to: his second class citizenry as a man In Femerica, lack of any kind of quality women worth giving the time of day to let alone consider settling down with, hardcore consumerist society that judges a man by how much resources he owns, a media driven society spewing out and putting utmost importance on the most retarded of things / issues possible, lack of any genuine culture and true art, the loss of virtue of almost anything that was sacred.
    I could go on but I think you’ll get the picture…
    Is life a utopia outside America? Hell no. But it is worse to be in a society that forgets the significance of being Human.
    That said, if one has to remain in a society such as it is then the key to survival is to block out all the soul destroying shit that is all around us. This is much easier said than done because the flow of the cultural excrement remains a constant, until some kind of great equalizer converts everything to a saner society.

  20. Fucking bravo indeed, very inspirational post. Thanks for a good read and congratulations and having your dick work again!

  21. Excellent article! Great job patchfur. As a man in your, ahem, “age group” I agree with all you have written. I get a lot from ROK and look forward to contributing myself.

  22. This is a much better article than the divisive political shit that I see on here sometimes tell you how you should think and act if you are a real man. I used to have no game. At 34 i got divorced and lived overseas…I had ok game and nailed some amazing (and not so amazing) chicks. On average 10-15 a year. I am now 38. My girlfriend is just OK looking…but super cool on every level. She will hang out, surf, have fun, cook, fuck, whatever. She worships me, everyone loves her. I would rather have and keep her than go out and have more “hottie drama”. She is Loyal…and loyalty is everything. Guys…If you are genuinely satisfied with your woman. Keep her. Don’t keep a bitch…but keep the good ones, the ones that make you feel like a real man.

  23. Another 47yo who also keeps trying to improve, and will until I die. Nice ta meetcha.
    I’ve also found that a good sense of the ridiculous helps to get through the day.

    1. Damn straight. Unless it is one of the examples of monotonous stupidity that repeatedly gets played out on development projects. Those make me do the face palm and struggle to stay calm.

  24. I respect this article the most out of all the articles on ROK. His story is very inspirational. He has summed up the entire red pill life in a few paragraphs. Bravo sir, Bravo!!

  25. I know the feeling. We’re having our third kid in the next few days, the work just keeps getting easier, and I keep getting paid more.
    My wife depends on me, and it shows. Also, the fact that she keeps getting pregnant by me shows.

  26. Mid-40ies here. Got divorced in the late 90ies. I cannot stress how much good stumbling upon the manosphere back in ’09 did to me. Back then I knew the blue pill was BS but had no alternative outlook to fill the void. Reading Roissy ‘s blog helped me finally make “sense” (even if nothing about them is sensible) of my divorce and of women. To this day I firmly believe the manosphere conveys revolutionary knowledge, the kind of that will change the face of earth.

  27. So… boys can fuck and have money and girls can’t.
    Now I understand why you’ll die virgin or married to desperates poor women without any dreams.

  28. Geeze do all of you have incontinence and the inability to get it up? Lol get better soon limp dicked Kings hoo hoo too funny thanks for putting up the site I haven’t laughed so hard in ages!

  29. I’m 33 and I can completely relate to this. You, sir, are someone I would like to call an acquaintance…

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