What Does It Feel Like To Be Betrayed By Your Own Country?

It is often said that today’s America is not the same America we grew up in. We all know how far America has gone from its humble Constitutional beginnings, to its modern day decline and the feminist ruin of its women. The same story is present in all Western countries.

How can you, as an Western man, react to what is tantamount to a complete betrayal of your birthright? As always, turning back to the classics sheds light on a timeless situation. The historical background is from the Peloponnesian War, right on the eve of the doomed Athenian invasion of Sicily. The reason Athens lost, was not because Athens was incompetent but because Athens’ most talented general, Alcibiades, defected to Sparta and revealed Athenian plans to wage war on Sicily. Armed with such knowledge, Sparta was easily able to sabotage the Sicilian invasion.

Why did Alcibiades betray his own home country? Enemies of Alcibiades framed him by defacing all of the religious statues around Athens in the night before the expedition to Sicily, and these same enemies managed to convince the public of Athens that Alcibiades was to blame for the blasphemy. As a result Alcibiades was arrested, but he managed to escape to Sparta.

And why was Sparta able to trust Alcibiades even though he was betraying his own country? Here’s how Alcibiades convinced the Spartans while justifying his betryal. (Emphasis mine.)

Meanwhile I hope that none of you will think any the worse of me if after having hitherto passed as a lover of my country, I now actively join its worst enemies in attacking it, or will suspect what I say as the fruit of an outlaw’s enthusiasm. I am an outlaw from the iniquity of those who drove me forth, not, if you will be guided by me, from your service: my worst enemies are not you who only harmed your foes, but they who forced their friends to become enemies; and love of country is what I do not feel when I am wronged, but what I felt when secure in my rights as a citizen. Indeed I do not consider that I am now attacking a country that is still mine; I am rather trying to recover one that is mine no longer; and the true lover of his country is not he who consents to lose it unjustly rather than attack it, but he who longs for it so much that he will go to all lengths to recover it. For myself, therefore, Spartans, I beg you to use me without scruple for danger and trouble of every kind, and to remember the argument in everyone’s mouth, that if I did you great harm as an enemy, I could likewise do you good service as a friend, inasmuch as I know the plans of the Athenians, while I only guessed yours. For yourselves I entreat you to believe that your most vital interests are now under consideration; and I urge you to send without hesitation the expeditions to Sicily and Attica; by the presence of a small part of your forces you will save important cities in that island, and you will destroy the power of Athens both present and prospective; after this you will dwell in security and enjoy the supremacy over all Hellas, resting not on force but upon consent and affection.

Here at the Return of Kings, we are above being merely a men’s entertainment website – we are also aimed to deliver subversive info to the Western man so that we can attempt to recover what was once ours. For it is only by bringing our culture down completely is there any hope of returning the West to its lofty ideals — where once upon a time the successful were those who provided value to others instead of being too big to fail, where men and women were once friends but have since been co-opted into enemies.

When Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” you now know where he got his influences from. And while there is no intent at the Return of Kings to spill any blood, we can instead water the tree of liberty with a revolution from within, by educating the modern man on how his country betrays him and how to live his life in response to it.

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43 thoughts on “What Does It Feel Like To Be Betrayed By Your Own Country?”

  1. Excellent post, profound message. It has become apparent that in order restore this country that was great once upon a time is to allow it to collapse…to hit rock bottom so that we can take full measure of the irrational policies and philosophy that has made this country ill in the first place…some may consider this method of restoration suicidal and/or treason…while others will consider this restoration strategic tough love.

  2. Good post. and yes I agree let the runaway train run into the wall. There are too many conformists who have no clue what has gone wrong., and will fight you to the death should you even suggest things are not the way they are anymore.

  3. Patriotism, true love can’t exist with liberals and beta can’t deliver anything with his mind so weak.

  4. …con-fuckin-cur. The America I loved and believed in, the America described in its Constitution that blew the doors off the rest of the world, was the America I thought I was going to war for the first time.
    By the time I came back from Round 3, my country was an equal opportunity socialist wasteland, but thought maybe I would still have a respectable place in it, y’know, being a veteran and all.
    Now I can’t turn on the TV without some sideways poke at the principles that our country USED to adhere to.
    So I say fuck these clowns. When it turns to shit, call a plumber; I’m just the un-enlightened PTSD’d asshole that’s fucking your wife.
    Also, you’re outta beer, Leftie.

  5. why just improve western men.why not all men many nations are folding to americanization/westernization/feminism in their countrys from india to middle east to latin america(duno how east asians are beating it). should translate all manosphere blogs to hindi arabic farsi spanish japanese etc. these nations also need to learn from our mistakes so they can steer away from it. we dont need these ideologies to go global. keep in the west n kill it. othetwise no matter where we run (thailand phillipines columbia russia etc)…this ideologies will find its way there too.(dont blame the middle eastern dictaors for sensorin western info…they try real hard shut it out that it may be oppressive…but i dont blam em…id be scared too)our wester culture sux

    1. Amen to this. Anti-feminism should be a worldwide effort. Check out India, there’s a movement there too.

      1. exactly..kill it before it grows otherwise itll be harder to fight n itll turn into the usa or worse scandinavia(feminist heaven) to a point we cant run anymore..no more safe havens from it. save the patrical countrys first n secure it(middle east india latin america africa etc) then try n fight feminism here otherwise its a losin battle gotta corne it first before it spreads …feminsim is gettin so bad in india that theres a mra group called save indias familys.
        we must red pill the rest of the world before it totally falls to western feminism

        1. The “anti-feminism” for traditional women that already exists in so-called “man-friendly” countries,
          is only “anti-feminism till I can get a Western guy” for those women.
          If they were so supportive of their own men, why have birth rates and marriages in Asia fallen?

  6. I really have my doubts the US could change back for the better. Since half the country is female they have no incentive to change feminist laws and the social welfare state which benefits them. Meanwhile a large percentage of the population are old and elderly and they are historically never the demographic who ellict the type of change needed. Beyond that many of the most aware and willing fighters of the old values of the US are simply looking for greener pastures whether it be LA, Asia or EE. At least thats what i did. I went from being angry with the state of affairs on an almost daily basis when I lived in the US to now rarely getting upset because what goes on in the US for the most part no longer affects me. Sorry if this sounds like a cowards way out but sometimes its better to walk away from the fight.

    1. Walking away is one way of fighting, too; as long as you are taking your productive capacity with you. In fact, wasn’t that exactly what Alcibiades did in the story above, once his former country no longer appreciated him?

      1. The West and specifically the US is too far gone and Going Galt is really the only non-violent option left. I support using the Cloward-Piven strategy against them at the same time. Starve the Beast and suck it dry. If you are productive and pay taxes, reduce your hours or work a low income job and apply for as many government benefits as you can. I figure if 10% of productive people switched over into the non-productive, entitlement column, it would result in a 20% difference in revenues to expenses and the system will collapse. The sooner the better. I do not know why anyone under the age of 50 would work hard and invest in retirement – it’s not going to be there for you. You’re being played for a sucker. Pay off all your debts, convert your savings to tangibles, and quit playing the game.

        1. Shift money to Bitcoin, or similar alternatives that may spring up in the future. For real, not in theory.
          When you live in a confiscatory regime, where 50% of what you earn as a decent productive person (realistically even more, probably 70%), is being stolen to support a thugband who then proceed to use their loot to ringfence and elevate assholes; the (relatively small) amount of self educatio required to figure out how to transact in Bitcoin, how to use Tor, Darknet and other means of operating anonymously, has a higher payoff than pretty much any other activity.
          I’d be the first to admit that futzing around with some “Libertarian Nirvana” crypto mumbo jumbo does not sound like something anyone who is not a geek would want to do; but the learning process is something you only have to endure once. Then you know it. You’ll be comfortable creating multiple unlinkable “identities” transferring real (booming as of now in Bitcoin) wealth from one to the other; in an economic ecosystem that is designed from scratch to be pretty much unasailable, even by all powerful governments.
          And, since Bitcoins have by now been genuinely valuable for quite some time, there are, in pretty much every country, those who will exchange them for cash, again anonymously, should you need local currency for something.
          But until you do need actual local currency; as far as anyone else is concerned; you own nothing (or perhaps a few Bitcoins as an identity linked to you; the rest “paid” to some other identities that noone knows who is behind.)
          And, as more and more value add becomes intellectual property (say, instead of buying gun, you anonymously pay for and receive 3d printer, router and milling files for building one a home), your need for local cash will decrease, as well. Remember, those you transact with will have half what you pay them stolen as well; so have strong incentives not to want to deal in physical, fiat money, either.
          And, on top of that; those getting into Bitcoin and crypto now, will be “resource persons” once the herd start stampeding; something that in and of itself can be turned into profitable undertakings. The number of early Bitcoin adopters who bought in at 10x their money. And just yesterday, there was a bit of a technical glitch that would have rocked the boat earlier; now it was merely a blip on the radar. This thing is on a roll, and on a straight path to huge relevancy; no matter how much it smacks of nerds sitting in their basements fantasizing about Ayn Rand.

        2. explain bitcoin you keep talking bout it but at the same time the swiss bank accounts that were talked about for a long time are no longer working

    2. I made the decision last year that I will move out of the US within three years. On top of the clearly deliberate stripping of individual rights “for our own good” I find very little on common with my fellow man here and find them to be pretty fucking boring people. I would love to live in a country that isn’t petrified of the imminent attack from people who just want to take our freedom, a joke the politicians quit using to wage war on other countries, now they just don’t even bother to ask the public’s opinion & do it anyway. I refuse to take part in a system that buys votes from the brain dead sheeple by taking from the productive to give to those who can’t afford to have as much shit as those who got off their dead asses and persevered to success. The struggle is what makes you who you are, if you’re paid to stay in place that’s exactly what will happen.
      The blue pill sheeple can keep their kleptocracy, brain dead party sluts, feminists and group think. I’m looking forward to once again being able to laugh at the situation over here rather than be enraged that so many people could be so stupid and let their freedom and security slip away under so many false pretenses.
      This 3 minute clip sums it up perfectly:
      For anyone else who feels this way here are some resources to help you get educated that there is something else better out there:
      There is a huge world out there full of opportunity – go play!

  7. Recte dicis, Samseau.
    Modern American culture is fundamentally hostile to the interests of healthy masculinity. The steady erosion of the male ethic will continue until a fundamental reawakening takes place within the American man. Is he up to the challenge? Time will tell. But someone must throw a spanner into the works…or overturn a few sacred idols. For only then will they be exposed for the false gods they are.
    And so to paraphrase Cato: “Ceterum censeo, delendam esse Americam.”
    Absolutely right.

  8. Here is an example. I am a Marine, who signed up to perform a duty to my country, to protect it in a time of war. I did not particularly care for the military; I saw it as akin to taking out trash. It was a job that needed to get done and someone had to step up.
    Since I have joined, my government has decided that my service and the oath I took to protect and defend and all that makes me a terrorism suspect, my benefits have been cut, my pay has been used as a political weapon, my service has been sabotaged with social engineering, my brothers in arms have been left to die at the hands of savages in the name of political expediency, and yet I am not trusted with arms near my leaders–or at all, Sen. Feinstein–and that the nation I stood on the wall to defend have given themselves to debauchery and perversity.
    More than just the denigration of the masculine and the emasculation of my gender, most military men *are* Alcibiades. They may not have realized it yet, but it is true nonetheless.

    1. Oorah. I served with 1st Bn 1st Mar 0311. and now i am no longer allowed to carry a weapon.

      1. 11B Army National Guard, two tours to Iraq. True, therefore our job is to teach those that come after us (our sons) and be vigilant.

    2. Rome will soon learn that Coriolanus is coming to reclaim his rightful honor by force. And in this tale, he has no children to use against him.

  9. “America is not the same America we grew up in.”
    Too true… I for one have given up on the US. I used to act for “what is best for my country” now I do “what is best for ME”. As a result I have been killing jobs left and right – in this country, creating them around the globe in places that work for me – at the moment, off-shoring everything, and setting up to leave the US and renounce my citizenship. This is what the US rewards – so I’m taking advantage of it.
    I figure Obama and those who put him into power do not want people to create, do, and produce – other than to steal from them. I’ve seen this coming on for years, but never felt that it was too late till recently. Now I see that I’ve been optimistic – it is now TOO LATE. I am tired of supporting all of the useless dead-wood. Time to let it die… The easiest way for me to do that is to stop supporting a country that no longer believes in the same ideals I do, and I won’t.
    If the majority of Americans are useless slugs that want things to be “given to them by a Government that steals from it’s productive citizens, let them ALL starve and rot. All I’ll say over their rotting corpse is “Good Riddance”.

    1. People like you are the problem! Corporate motherfuckers killing our jobs! I’d fucking kill you if I ever saw you. You fucking greedy Bourgeois pig. You little fucking bitch. You kill a job and you kill a mans livelihood and his families food source. Millions of children face hunger because of people like you. FUCK YOU! I would stab you and open you up and hang you with your own intestines! Then I’d take your house and all of your belongings and let the people live in your house that you fucked over. You little Corporate bitch! Your kind are the reason America is in turmoil! Terrible death to you!

      1. Then instead of complaining about him exercising his natural right to Free Will, you better get to work creating jobs to replace those he killed, if you feel so strongly about it.

  10. i wonder what its like to not feel betrayed by your county. my family settled here before it was america. I earned a scroll, short tab, long tab and a patch on each shoulder, yet all I hear is how the national problems are my fault for being a White man and its ok to legally discriminate against me…. This has never been my nation but it took me over 3 decades to figure it out.

  11. 100 years from now, historians will look back and identify the 1960s to 2010s as a tragic mistake. Feminists in the 1960s decided to take “the dark side” of feminism, choosing neurotic/unstable/self-hating leadership (Gloria Steinem and worse) emphasizing hatred, instead of emphasizing positive partnership as they could have.
    The result is 50 years of relentless brainwashing that has turned 500 million western women into insane, unstable haters and destroyers of society. This leads to social collapse, lawlessness on a massive scale; men left with no choice but to pick up arms to defend themselves (and their sons). Women then get shut back into *real* oppression.
    Sad, heartbreaking really. I feel so sorry for the average women (most of them) who are really wonderful. They have followed evil leaders and now they are trapped.

    1. “I feel so sorry for the average women (most of them) who are really wonderful. They have followed evil leaders and now they are trapped.”
      I have NO sympathy for them whatsoever; they willingly followed the evil feminazis, never questioned their ideologies, and willingly became their ‘useful idiots’. No one forced them to, and no one put a gun to their heads.
      They can break free anytime they want to, and they CAN protest against the evils that they willingly followed.
      But they just WON’T — not as long as they have something to gain from the system, as it presently is.
      They are the ones who should NEVER be forgiven when TSHTF and the system that THEY supported falls crashing down upon their heads.

      1. Yep. My fellow men just will not fully wake up and hold women responsible. Too many men still want to make excuses for the “average women.” It is the average female mind and their group think that gave rise to feminism and not feminism entrapping the poor little females.

    2. I don’t. Actions have consequences, whether it’s back to the kitchen in a traditional sense or while wearing a burka. They brought it on themselves. Fuck ‘Em.

  12. I am nearly 80 years old and I can promise you guys that there was never a time in the UK that women were not on top.They managed everything,including the money.Wage packets were handed unopened to the wife,she made the rules and men lived by them.The fact is though,that women used to elevate their men to a
    make believe condition in company because they never wanted other women to know
    just what dicks their husbands really were.All that has happened now is that it is out in the open
    and it is not going to go away unless women want it to.Also it is a fact now that men who work in the media and politicians are busy helping out the rulers because life gets so much better for them at home and at work.Men should have a hobby and work hard at it to make it pay,enjoy life and stop sucking up to women who might then get the message.I’ll probably get no end of comments about being a wuss or something but until women are left to run things on their own they will never appreciate past male efforts.When they discover the truths they will change course.

  13. Interesting.
    “For it is only by bringing our culture down completely is there any hope of returning the West to its lofty ideals”
    So RoK is kind of a cultural arm of the Cloward/Piven strategy?

  14. The one thing i cant comprehend reading this site, which honestly just puts in text what as people born with a penis, already agree with. You have to make noise, people don’t start acting together if they don’t know there are other minds like them. So when i look at the left hand side and see how little shares are actually going on. VS the amount of comments under mine. I don’t know what to think. Are you guys trying to make a silent protest on any of the wonderful articles here? God forbid you express the way you feel. This lack of actually talking when women are around your just omitting malecide.. PS not particularly this article as there are many others that are better. Just a thought.

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