6 Things You Should Know If You Want To Visit Ukraine

Having spent the majority of this year living in Ukraine, here are the pieces of advice I would give to those looking to travel to this great Eastern European country.

1. Yes, It’s Perfectly Safe

Let’s get this out of the way first.

The media lies. A lot.

It’s natural to be a bit nervous of apprehensive about traveling to a country you haven’t been to. Especially once that has had somewhat of a checkered past. Add in the hysteria that the news likes to show, and it’s easy to be a bit intimidated of traveling. The media prefers to show drastic photos like this one instead of giving an accurate portrayal of the safety:


Never mind that those photos were three years ago. A lot has changed since then. There’s a new president in power (Pro tip: He owns a chocolate company—refer to him as Willy Wonka to Ukrainian girls and watch them giggle like schoolgirls). There’s a new police force in the capital, Kiev.

As long as you have basic street smarts, you will be just fine in Ukraine.

2. Late Spring And Early Summer Are The Best Times

Late spring signifies the coming of summer. This means that clothes are being shed, and everybody is in a happy mood. You haven’t lived until you’ve walked down a major Ukrainian street in the first few weeks of sun.

Dresses, heels, and a complete disregard for bras are the norm.

As fall comes, the students return to the major cities. In addition, the fast-approaching winter weather means that girls are looking for their winter cuddle buddies. The fun (and sluttiness) of summer is passing by, and girls are looking for someone to fall back on during the cold winter months.

This means that they are more receptive to going on dates and are (a little) less likely to play games with you. Summer isn’t bad, but you will have to deal with school holidays and sex tourists stinking up the cities with bad game.

3. Ukraine Is Currently… Confused


Ukraine is really at a crossroads right now. They desperately trying to join the Schengen Visa agreement for visa-free travel to the EU. At the same time, many of the Former Soviet roots are still present in the culture.

Many of the people love Western culture. There are definitely some very slutty girls. McDonald’s are popping up at an alarming rate. At the same time, many of the Former Soviet traditional values and customs are still alive and well. Most girls are still very feminine, and will cook and clean to your heart’s content.

Frankly, it could go either way at this point. However, if it goes the way of the West—you’ll want to get there sooner rather than later.

4. Plan On Three Dates


Of course, what kind of article on Ukraine would be complete with talking about the girls?

Despite the issues raised in #3, the girls are still mostly very traditional. They are not likely to hop into bed with you on the first date, and many of them will try to secure some form of commitment prior to giving it up. The best way to tackle this is to plan on three dates. It’s such a rare thing for it to happen on the first date, that it’s simply better to be a little less aggressive at first.

The first date can be as simple as a coffee and a walk. While you can kiss her, this is the best advice I can distill: If you don’t kiss a Ukrainian girl on the first date, it doesn’t matter. She will still want to see you (provided you are an attractive guy). Contrast that to the West, where if you don’t kiss a girl on the first date, she thinks you’re a coward and won’t see you again.

You have sky-high value in Ukraine, so she will go out with you again regardless. For a second date, you can just do another walk, or grab a meal together. For a third date, you can cook her dinner (or have her cook for you—if she likes you, she’ll likely have offered by the second or third date to do this).

Then go for it.

As a final note, remember that Ukrainians don’t really make plans in advance. So, if she texts you out of the blue at 4:30pm and asks if you want to meet her for a walk at 6:00—DO IT!

Face time is important in moving the relationship towards the bedroom, and you’ll find many of the girls here are sharp and charming enough that you genuinely enjoy talking to them.

5. Ukrainian People Need To Be Warmed Up

My first month in Kiev, I frequented the same coffee shop every morning. At this point, my Russian was non-existent. At first, when I spoke English to order my coffee, the baristas serving me were quite skeptical. It was very much a, “Why on Earth are you here?” kind of vibe.

However, near the end of that first month (before I moved to Odessa), those same baristas were greeting me with open arms. They were giving me free snacks, making my order as soon as I walked in the door, and having a blast speaking broken English (them) and Russian (me) with me.

Simply put, they just needed to get to know who I was to feel comfortable. Once we reached that point, they were very friendly.

6. Just. Keep. Going.

Ukraine is a country that you need to put some time into. I’ve met several forum guys here who struggled with the dating culture for three weeks, and then it all just CLICKED. It’s a place that you need to get some reps and experience in, then it all falls into place.

Ukraine is simply not a place that land in, and have three girls in your bed in the next 24 hours. Some guys think that is the case, then come here and are sorely disappointed. You have to put some work in, and when you do—the reward are great. But you do have to do that work. This applies to all areas of life—not just the dating scene.

There will be times that you’re just feeling beaten. Perhaps another four hour date which led to nothing more than holding hands. Maybe another bad night out, where no girls wanted to speak English to you. Another restaurant that couldn’t figure out your order.

When this happens, just keep going. Eventually, the culture, girls, and way of life will start to make sense. And when it does, you may never want to leave.

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116 thoughts on “6 Things You Should Know If You Want To Visit Ukraine”

  1. Sounds like a lovely place to live. The big thing that I really wish we had around here is the communal feel like you mentioned in regards to the coffee shop. You simply don’t walk into places, at least where I live, and feel like family.
    My wife and I are well-known and liked regulars at a few local restaurants and even so we aren’t greeted as you described.

      1. That’s really quite amazing. That would be unheard of around here. I may get an occasional free beer at my restaurant, but that’s because they poured it for someone else who no longer wanted it. To just have them giving you free snacks and treating you like family would be pretty endearing.

        1. you should come to NY. I feel like my bartenders, waiters and hosts are my best friends here.

        2. We had a great italian bar with a guy named Gino in our city. He made the best pizza and many times he served drinks for free. Oh, and he locked the front door so police couldn’t see that people were smoking inside (prohibited in germany).
          He also insulted every guest in a friendly manner.
          He called you a ‘Wichser’ (=wanker), ‘Schwuchtel’ (=faggot) or ‘Scheiß-Deutscher’ (=shitty german) with his lovely italian accent.
          He had this bar for over thirty years so everybody in the town knows him. I remembered when I went there with my former school teacher to show my teacher this hidden gem and he obviously didn’t like it – if you are not used to it, you just want to get away as soon as possible because of the insults.
          I remember the first time I went there with my dad and he called me a son of a whore while my father was in the room. What a madman. Sadly he is 65 now and sold the bar.
          You know what’s in there now?
          A Shisha Shop.
          Those fucking kebab restaurants and shisha shops are opening everywhere in the town, it’s like cancer.
          On the other hand it perfectly depicts the fate of germany.
          Once beautiful and welcoming, now turning into a hellhole.
          Oh, the memories.
          Where are my member berries?
          Edit: This is how it looked like, really not-special from the outside:

        3. In Ohio, most of the post-war ‘burbs have rotted out into tatted up white druggie trash and awful dindus, but there are small sections here and there that are still alive. That’s where you find the cool midcentury relics; old bars and shops that are hidden in those still-living neighborhood ‘patches.’ They all have fiercely loyal, often generational, customers. There’s even one of the first 1940s dairy-queens that has 100% off-menu food. And the one thing I’ve observed about all of these places? Everyone gets along. I’ve been invited to cookouts by asian, black, and plenty of white dudes. When someone in the area dies, there’s always a big send off at the bar.
          It’s depressing, when I think about it too much. You can see how the area used to be as a sort of ‘endangered species,’ before all the elm trees, jobs, and civility died.

        4. Charm? I go to the same places all the time, tip well and don’t cause problems

        5. I was raised in Queens but have spent 25 boring years in Phx, Az. There are a lot of chain coffee shops and restaurants here where nobody cares to know your name. Three years ago some NY Italian guys opened a restaurant near me and I had forgotten what it was like to be greeted at the door with your name, a handshake and a pat on the back. Plus being comped some free canolis or garlic knots every time. Other than NY I haven’t experienced this anywhere else in the US.

        6. Yes, NYC and the outer burroughs really do restaurant hospitality right. It is probably because there are so many options that just being boring isn’t going to work. If I travel one block in any direction, one block, 1/8th of a mile, I will pass easily 15 restaurants and 8 bars and that doesn’t count the 3 take out Chinese places, the take out Korean joint and the pizzeria and I don’t live in one of the more populated areas. The proprietors know that they have to be more than just dishing over the food/

    1. I frequent several local spots too, the only places that treat me like a valued customer are a colombian restaurant and a brazilian steak house oddly enough.

        1. I picked up spanish working in a kitchen as a young buck. I’ve never been, I was referring to a local Colombian restaurant near me. They hire their own, and some of these women are absolutely gorgeous. My girl knows why I frequent.

    2. ‘Sounds like a lovely place to live’ – LOL. ‘Essential advice about East European gem’ – this phrase is a gem, not Ukraine. (Yawn)

  2. Nice summary. One thing you should definitely do is to at the very least, learn basic Russian! I have been learning and now have the basics down and can read/write/speak basic Russian. It will help you over the love tourists who lack Russian skills.

  3. The worse thing that can happen is a pack of muds read this article and go over their and fuck up the place. Listen muds, it’s nice because you aren’t there. That’s the point.

    1. yep mud people turn everything nice into shit, look at any of the former Spanish colonies when mud people got control, they went from livable to hellhole in a matter of years

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        1. You goddamn right because…

          It’s time to take a trip to [Ukraine] … let em see a nigga invasion… point blank… on a Caucasian!

    1. Why are you selling people these stupid lies, goy?
      No, if you are non-european please come to europe.
      Europe has not yet learned to be multicultural.
      It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make.
      But without this transformation Europe will not survive.
      Be good goyim!

        1. You say: why do I call myself a nigga so quick?
          Cause I can reach in my draws and pull out a bigger dick!

  4. Presidential debate tonight. 9:00 oclock eastern time. All major news networks broadcasting. Streaming on social media, and Youtube.

      1. I was just out and all the tvs were doing live countdown, 3 hours to go! Think I’m gonna head to a friends house and give it a watch.

        1. Oh, I’d love to watch this together with you <3
          I am probably the only german who will watch this live, lol.

        2. Really? I’m always amazed at how the rest of the world pays so much attention to American politics. I’d be surprised if there weren’t watch parties throughout Europe. They don’t realize that less than 40% of us vote I guess haha.

        3. Well, nobody gives a flying fuck about american politics in germany. There are a few ‘intellectual journalists’ on small TV stations who try to explain the situation to the Volk but that’s it.
          That’s why Trump would only get 4 % in germany.
          Because everybody just watches the news when Trump is called literally Hitler and Clinton is celebrated as the holy Vagina/reincarnation of Madonna.
          I seriously don’t know a single person who has any kind of interest in american politics besides ‘Muh, Murica is baaaad’.

        4. Damn, I am hungry now and the only thing that is still open is McDonalds.
          I have never been to McDonalds, is there anything you can recommend? Otherwise I will probably go with a few chickenburgers.

  5. Be careful, foreigners who step out of line in Ukraine are liable to find themselves in hot water

    1. You can say that about any country, especially any country east of Berlin. You act like a moron or a dick and yes, sure, they’ll lock up for the night. They’ve a very low tolerance of drugs and rowdiness so Australians shouldn’t visit.

      1. right. but the converse is usually true as well. Be a gentleman and spend money on local businesses and the chances of you seeing a Gulag are pretty low

    2. Not really. In fact, a foreigner that plays dumb in Ukraine would get a slap on the wrist.
      Just like anywhere, don’t do anything dumb.
      Your words smell of paranoia & the inability to relax.

    1. The current regime is definitely pro-Western. It’s essentially an American puppet government.

  6. Lvov just over the border from Poland is a fantastic city. It’s a real gem that’s rarely visited by tourists. The railway station resembles the design of a neo classical palace and weirdly there’s the soundtrack from Doctor Zhivago serenading you from various speakers around the building.
    The topology of the Ukraine is the same as Belarus which is predominantly flat and big sky that’s interspersed with woods, lakes and pastoral farmlands as far as the eye can see. Oddly, I like Belarus too as nobody ever visits it, the people are polite, but quite reserved and the train trip from Vilnius is really nice, especially in the cool seasons.

  7. Why is everyone so f-in stupid today?!?!?! Look, the west (US) financed the overthrow of the Ukrainian government via the same playbook that was used in Arab Spring. Russia was at least able to secure Crimea in the meantime. Now, Ukrainian females are going to be elevated as goddesses and a feminist society is going to develop so you’ll have the same types of females that we have in the US. Its’ just a matter of time. Don’t visit Ukraine. Eventually the west will fall and Russia will take things back over including all of Europe and a patriarch Christian society will arise out of the ashes. Men will regain their power. Women will get back in the kitchen.

    1. A partially agree with you on both your points here. But, for at least the next 20 years, the culture of hotness & feminimity here will remain.

    2. “Yeah I want these sweet women to preserve their femininity so me and my boys can go over there and fuck them.”
      All PUA sex tourist pussy larpers should be shot.

    3. If McDonalds are popping up at an alarming rate then like swallows are a sign of spring, McDs are a sign its going the way of the west. Shame.

    1. Do you use the term ‘ Arabs ‘ as a synonym for ‘ middle eastern people ‘? If so, shouldn’t Roosh also stay out, or in his case, ‘ go back to where he came from ‘?

      1. Or, maybe Arabs means, well, Arabs.
        Also, were I in their place, I wouldn’t have a problem with anyone going to places like Kiev to live and work for a while… a bucket list experience, that sort of thing… but I’d imagine that Russians, Magyars, Slovakians, etc, don’t want ANY large numbers of foreigners permanently settling there. Europe is by definition a collection of ethno states. They’re not melting pots unless forced to be, and in the East, there’s every indication that Poles want Poland to stay Polish, Czechs want Czechia to stay Czech, etc etc ad nauseam. They probably are fiercely opposed to a bunch from Nairobi trying to settle there, but they probably also wouldn’t be all that thrilled if thousands of people from Kansas or Wisconsin suddenly started moving in either.

        1. Are the English in turn moving to Poland? No? Then it’ll stay Polish. And they’re moving to England for money. Because the Queen’s Realm was stupid enough to throw open its borders by joining the EU and thus getting Schengen. Now you can fix that.

        2. Yeah I doubt that. I think it means anyone from the middle east in general: Syrians, Arabs, Iranians and so on. In that case, Roosh should also ‘ git ‘. How bloody ironic is that?

        3. The worst are the East Indians. They worship white people like no other. They specifically move to areas wheres the majority is white. I’ve seen it here in the San Francisco area. Before, most Indians stuck to Fremont. Now, a lot are migrating to the last White only places like San Carlos and Burlingame. And it’s the disgusting Indian caste. Fat, hairy, bad accent, and worst dressed. And then they try to breed quickly to get that birth right US citizenship for their newborns. Their newborns end up trying to marry white chicks. Okcupid in San Francisco is over run with East Indian men looking to score white chicks.

        4. The UK is not a signatory of the Schengen Agreement and is leaving the EU. But leaving Poland does cut across any intention to keep Poland Polish – follow the logic. But Poland should be glad of immigrants because they don’t have shit there.

        5. They worship white people like no other
          A popular cosmetic for Indian women is something called “Light n’ Lovely”… a skin bleacher. Not kidding.

        6. Didn’t know a lot of Indian people in San Mateo or San Francisco county, they must just congregate in mountain view. Btw, San Carlos, Burlingame, san Bruno, milbrae etc has a high oriental Asian population.

      2. “shouldn’t Roosh also stay out, or in his case, ‘ go back to where he came from ‘?”
        Yes he should.

    2. What this guy says is true. Ukraine is really only for white people. If you are black, asian, muslim etc. The people will discriminate against you heavily- socially, dating wise, and on the job market. This is not a country for minorities whatsoever. I’ve been living in Kiev for a year and have traveled to 12 cities in the country, I know what i’m talking about.

  8. Wow, Kyle, you nailed this article on all fronts. I moved to Ukraine on my 3rd visit May13, 2016. You definitely got to the meat & potatoes here…
    Ukraine is the 6th most affordable country to live in in 2016 with a CPI of 28.71. It’s also the third-cheapest country to buy groceries in, & has a high level of local purchasing power.
    There are definite pro’s & cons. The 3 obvious pros are: 1.) the low cost of living (15,000$ USD is a good chunk of cash for a year here) 2.) The ultra feminine & hot women. 3.) You’re more interesting as a foreign man
    I’m 32. I spent the Summer banging girls 19-27. It was the best Summer of my life.
    I will add that there are men from all over Europe to compete with. Guys flood in there from Australia, Netherlands, Turkey, ect. On 2 occasioins this Summer I went to meet 2 different girls standing where I agreed to meet them simply to find some greasy D-Bags running weak game “Derp, where is Maidan?” It’s annoying. But I found many tricks to meet women here. I have at least 5 reliable moves in Kyiv. 1 is so brutally deadly & takes little effort…
    Another thing I will say is BEWARE of girls just trying to “practice English” this is soooooo annoying & extremely hard to screen out. They will waste your time which for me is more precious than money. I asked a girl once, “Is this just English practice or a date” & she replied “well I have to meet you to know if I like you” … It indeed was English practice, which there is NO defense for…Best thing to do is just run strong game, touch her a bit & try for the best.
    Also, you must spend significant time here to date these women. Ukraine is a great country to land a quality girlfriend but not so much to bang lots of chicks (though it’s quite possible). Be prepared to answer these two questions almost immediately: 1.) Where are you from (always answer “Ugadie”, which means “guess”)
    & 2.) What are you doing here?
    A major con is that the restaurant scene in Kyiv is lousy & I cook often. I cannot find a sloppy plate of Chinese food or a big Mexican dish. The trade-off is that I can go on 4 dates for the price that it would cost for of 1 in USA
    & finally, … this is important… DO NOT invite a girl over until after 3 dates unless you’ve made-out with her already.
    A home invitation is sex in Ukraine. In USA you can invite a chick over to watch tv, a movie, glass of wine on a first date. But not in Ukraine (usually…just feel the vibe)
    I struck out on a 2nd date invite with a smoken-hot 22 year old named Svetlana. I told the girls I work with the next day about it & 3 of them were like,”Noooooo you cannot invite a girl home in Ukraine, It means sex.” Then we exchanged cultural differences.

        1. I’ll keep it PG, these are the ones I can show… but in order to speak to men, showing is more convincing rather than simply telling…

        2. Honestly mate, real men will believe you. Game knows game.
          That said, I appreciate the photos. Highly motivating!
          If you want a place where you can bang hot chicks easy the night you meet them… Seville.

        3. Where is Seville? I like banging chicks. But landing a feminine girlfriend in Ukraine is harder than advertised. Seems like the girls here just want to either practice English or bang a foreigner. They don’t take me seriously. Though, I have my regulars

    1. For a sloppy plate of EXCELLENT chinese food…go to Krasnozvjozdnii/Chervonozorjanii prospekt, from Avtovokzal direction West…a bit after WOG gas station, on your left hand side (you will have to make a U-turn a km past it), you will spot some red lampions in front of an inconspicuous garage, next to an CTO (body shop). This is a semi-legal restaurant, mostly used by chinese students in Kiev…and when tasting MAGNIFICENT and dirt-cheap pig ears chilli salad…or, munching on freshly braised carp in soy sauce…remember that the best things in life are mostly well hidden… 😉
      Bon appetit! 🙂

  9. 7 – Sooner or later, it’s going to be part of Russia proper again, along with Belarus. At least the central and eastern parts will be. Putin will reunite the Rus.

  10. Went to Ukraine (not for sex…I had to work in Kiev for four months). Can confirm the whole ‘they have to warm up’ thing. My first impression was pretty negative (‘basically a sweltering Seattle, except full of ungodly hot white girls’), but if you get past the barrier — it also took me about a month — and presumably don’t prove to be a dickhead in the meantime, people seem to treat you in a much more friendly and familiar manner than most people will be used to here in the States.
    I wouldn’t go if I only had a week, if I was looking for the full ‘experience.’ It’s not a great place for a short getaway. But it’s very special if you have the time to put into it. Just don’t fuck it up for everyone else please.

  11. Hi Everyone, it’s me.
    After a few days spent into research I would like to ask the fellows who actually give a shit the following questions:
    1. Who killed Kenedy ?
    2. Who organized the muslim invasion of Europe ?
    3. Who coordinates the security failure of Europe ?
    4. Where are these coordinates made from ?
    5. What do the above 4 questions have in common?
    The answers are fucking out there while we sit around discussing how to have sex with women.
    Being stupid has reached a new level.
    Lust is a fucking sin, gentlemen, ROK needs to be become a beacon, a lighthouse, a torch of truth and knowledge.
    Truth and knowledge is dangerous.
    Do we dare ?
    Or do we keep our heads in fucking sand.

    1. This blog is just a refined version of Muh Dick for whites (and Joos) that frequent here. It’s actually a bit degenerate and gross.
      I like the social observations, commentary, political and cultural focused articles. The rest is left to the degenerates

      1. The Stallone mother was Jewish, so by blood all Stallones are in fact Joos.
        Sylvester was a Vietnam draft dodger like so many of them were and made porn in Europe.
        Michael Collins piper wrote “Final judgment” which is one of the few banned books in america. It indicts Israel for jfks killing as they wanted nukes. He said No!
        3 months after his death, they got nukes.
        The joo Fed killed his silver backed currency and Nam went from 18k advisors to 395,000 troops after his death, so they made billions as they do with every war.
        The real reason was to bankrupt us off of the gold standard which it did. Enter Milton Friedman

    1. You’ll do great in any country provided you stop worrying about being in your 40s. Girls pick up on that shit. Don’t be shy just approach. Let the girls worry about your age because its not your concern. And if you’re not concerned they won’t be either.

  12. Contrast that to the West, where if you don’t kiss a girl on the first date…

    It’s almost impossible not to kiss a Western girl on the first date unless you’re just not interested. That’s about the only reason I wouldn’t kiss a Western girl…

  13. Great article.. Thank you for the advice. I will be there in the April to May range so it seems like my timing should be right.

  14. Just curious, how come Ukraine is being featured so much but never Russia or Belarus?
    I’ve not been to either yet but from a distance, those three seem pretty similar.

    1. Hell how about the rest of EE? I am hearing great things about the women of Slovakia for example. Some of the most beautiful and traditional women in Europe.

    2. 1.) Ukraine is the largest country in Europe & the 2nd most affordable next to Moldova.
      2.) To get into Russia (from the USA) you need a mountain of paper work
      3.) Ukraine has 6 cities with a Million or more population
      But yes, Hungary, Serbia, Poland ect. They have many hot girls with long hair & high heels there.

        1. All the Eastern European countries have thin women with very long hair.
          Slovakia included. … Bulgaria, Czech, Belarus, Moldova ect.
          The more poor the country, the hotter the girls

  15. One thing you should know if you want to visit the Ukraine:
    The White men there will beat your filthy kebab ass bloody. Stay the fuck out.

  16. Sadly I’m getting to the age where I mainly rate countries based on how easy / safe it is to cop* whatever quasi-licit substance I’m jonesing for at a given time.
    *Obtain, for the non-hep cats.

  17. Kind of a weird comment community on this site. I figured the KKK would hang around political conservative sites, but it looks like they took up a home here.

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