The World Is A Cockblocker

I’m a huge eavesdropper. I listen in on a lot of things, but one of my favorites is girls talking amongst themselves when they think no one else is listening. Over the years I’ve culled countless hilarious gems from their conversations.

Not long ago, I was on some public transportation and noticed that a girl was talking on her iPhone. She was, give or take, a 7 on the 1-to-10. From the tone and cadence of her voice, it was clear that she was talking to a female friend. I was only getting half of the conversation, but it was pretty easy to fill in the gaps. The overall theme was that our girl was discouraging her friend from going out with some guy she had declared “kind of lame.”

It was obvious there was an asymmetry of opinion. At a certain point, she raised her voice and said:

Look, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be going out with these randos anyway. This is part of the reason I haven’t been dating lately.

I was (visibly) shaking my head, though no one else seemed to notice the statement, or think anything of it if they had. Just as I was feeling bad for the poor, unsuspecting sausage who was having his well poisoned by this mean-spirited, cockblocking friend, the coup de grace dropped. Our girl told her friend that she was getting another call.

By now, I was standing close enough that I could see her iPhone screen. As she looked down, I read:

Matthew (OKCupid)

She ignored it, and went back to her friend, without missing a single step. I looked around to find the hidden camera, certain that I was on some sort of prank show. My stop was next, and I gathered my stuff, recalling something that I learned when I first “swallowed the red pill.”

When you stop and think about it, it’s amazing any man gets laid. At every single turn, there’s something trying to stop your penis from penetrating a vagina. Often, those are things you can see. The fat friend, the crabs-in-a-bucket male opportunist, the bartender, the bouncer, the white-knight interventionist, the hovering roommate. Even your own friends—especially if they’re unsuccessful, beta types—are often working against you, either out of jealousy or simple ignorance.

If life is a video game, trying to get laid is that same game set on the highest difficulty. Enemies coming from every direction, things moving super-fast, and ultra-resilient bosses.

But, on top of all that, there’s also a whole set of invisible forces you rarely think about. Her mom and dad don’t want you banging their daughter. There are entire websites devoted to discouraging men from talking to women on the street. Workplaces and schools routinely set “rules” (not laws) preventing consenting, legal-age adults affiliated with them from having romantic engagements. Other women—who don’t even know your target—don’t want a complete stranger going home with another complete stranger. “Are you okay?” “Do you want me to call you a cab?” “Where are your friends?” The list goes on.

And, as we see here, a girl’s friends are tirelessly working behind-the-scenes, while they’re off-the-clock, to prevent the bang. I don’t know if the girl on the train had ever met this guy before, but she seemed intent on them not connecting. She likely succeeded.

Then, I see people trying to shame guys for approaching and working on multiple girls, or for honing up their game to help them even the playing field.

But never let anyone make you feel guilty for doing what you have to do—within the bounds the law, of course—to get laid. The forces against you are more numerous, powerful, and tenacious than you, one man, realizes and can take on unaided.

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      1. A woman was on the radio tonight, and had just won a chance for a grand prize of a cruise to the Caribbean. She asked the DJ, ‘I don’t have to bring my husband, do I?’ The DJ responded ‘We won’t tell’. Marriage is for chumps.

  1. Man, this was well-written and insightful.
    I think there’s one other factor at play with modern American women: as they age (by the time they’re 30, for sure), they’ve become incredibly cynical about men because of the pump-and-dumps from their whole youth wasted slutting around. By age 30, their binge drinking and nasty, high carb diets have caught up with them, making them not even PHYSICALLY yearn for sex or babies anymore. I can’t tell you how many women in their 30’s I’ve met who I know have irregular or even no menstrual cycles. American womens’ bodies are just dried up and prematurely aged.
    So, these dried up women act like they’re too good for men, when really they just have no physical desire to be penetrated, anyway.

    1. Don’t forget the rise of the man-jaw. I’ve seen western women with jaws large enough to seriously disrupt Seal Island ecology if they were to set loose in the waters there.

  2. Life is a bitch. Why do we flirt with death?
    The world IS a cockblocker!
    And, the world also produces endless young sluts from a sexually charged cultures.
    The world is bi-polar???
    Yes, of course!

  3. In my opinion, you have to be more careful with your OWN friends. ‘Cause if the girl wants to bang you she’ll do it no matter how many of her friends insist that she doesn’t.
    I’ve had a few friends talk trash about me to girls (girls I already banged). Fortunately, those girls told me. It’s fun how people sabotage each other. Maybe if my friend wouldn’t have talked sh*t about me he could have had a chance with the girl.
    Such is life.

  4. Similar story happened to me on the train. Chubby woman on the phone sitting across from me was calling her friend a noob because she wanted to setup date #2 a few nights after date #1. I sensed the woman on the train to be jealous of her friend, she giggled and said she was “a noob who knew nothing about dating lol, you gotta wait at least 2 weeks for date #2”. When I disembarked from the train I regretted not speaking up.

  5. I got cockblocked a few weeks ago. Talking with this one woman I knew a little bit, and hitting it off… then her fat bitch friend cuts in, announcing to me that they were one a girls’ night out and that they should be going, and drags her away. (Uh… what was I supposed to say?)

    1. “excuse me, but we were having a nice conversation, i think your friend is capable of making her own decisions and im sure when shes ready she will catch up with you.”

    2. Roosh has had some great suggestions on what to say when you get cockblocked:
      Suggestion 1:

      “This is what you must say to the cockblocker. Say it with a stern tone, like a parent scolding a child.
      “Did you really just do that? I’m being friendly and respectful to your friend and you rudely interrupt. Did your parents teach you to be anti-social like that?”

      Suggestion 2:

      “Approach the cockblocker and say, “Hi do you have a finance or husband?”
      99% of the time the answer will be no. If she doesn’t answer or tries to ignore you then glance at her left hand ring finger for confirmation.
      “It looks like you don’t. Well I think your time would be better spent trying to find a man instead of worrying about who your friend is talking to. Maybe that’s the reason why you don’t have a ring on your finger.”
      Say it like you’re trying to give her relationship advice. If she gets nasty on you then it just confirms how much you upset her.
      If she’s in a relationship say, “Well I think your time would be better spent pleasing your man at home instead of worrying about me. I feel sorry for him.” You just called her out for being a shitty wife more concerned with cockblocking you then giving her spouse blowjobs. These are devastating comebacks. She’ll cry, I promise you.”

      Suggestion 3:

      YOU: “Wow, your life must really suck.”
      HER: “What do you mean/WTF do you mean?”
      YOU: “You’re life is so miserable and unhappy that you can’t bear seeing anyone else have fun. That must suck.”
      [Banshee screed.]
      YOU: “No, really, I am so sorry.” *Walk away*

  6. Ugly/bitchy women who are unable to find love make it their life’s mission to sabotage their friend’s relationships.
    They rather be more miserable along with their friends than be less miserable and their friends be happy.
    Whenever I have the first date go really well but the girl flakes on the second date, I know she got adviced by one of her friend.
    On the other hand if the man is an abusive drug addict with STD, her friends will go out of their way to calm her fears and encourage her to date the man.

    1. That’s a possibility. But the probability is that you didn’t get her attracted enough toward you.

  7. Im totally guilty of being a cockblock for my own benefit. Of course I’m in a line of work that rewards ruthless cunning and some of these guys have scooped girls from me in the past so whatever.

  8. Maybe this is what happened with me.
    I didn’t do everything right, I fucked some stuff up, but she seemed to dig me.
    Oh well, I nexted her instantly

  9. What do you expect from the herd creatures we call women? If they could think for themselves, cockblocking would be a gay term.

  10. In a comment to Laura Beck from Jezebel yesterday I called her the “Ultimate Internet Cockblocker”.
    I said I had seen her photo (she’s fat or at least I think she’s fat. When I searched Google Images, I think two photos of her came up and all the rest of the photos were of fat women or something to with fat women. There was even a photo of Jennifer Hudson, the singer who got famous for losing weight, carrying a sign that said “If I can do it, you can do it too”) and I said she was just pissed off at men because men don’t like fat women and so she had to write stories bashing men to keep all the other women from wanting men.
    It was pretty rude comment. I told her next time she was out at the club and no man approached her, even though game was causing every man to approach all the time, when she left to go home and was pissed off about it, then if she passed a Walmart to go in it. Back in the back they put out a tray out, late at night, of the Bakery items that are marked down. She could find donuts on sale for $2 a dozen. She should get a couple dozen, eat them, and maybe she wouldn’t feel so much bile towards men, stop writing these horseshit stories, and stop being such a fucking cockblocker.
    There is just story after story that seems to have Cockblocking as its goal. Her story that I commented on was about men not washing their hands after going to the bathroom. I think she took some study about dishwashers, the lowest of the low in the employment hierarchy, and projected that data to all men at large. So now every girl that read the story, the next time a man touches her, will think “yuck, he probably didn’t was his hands and now has feces germs on them.”

  11. “The forces against you are more numerous, powerful, and tenacious than you, one man, realizes and can take on unaided.”
    Exactly! This is why bedding a new girl is so exhilarating. You have so many odds working against you it feels like a great victory.
    Women (and married betas) just have no idea how difficult it is to get laid.
    Great post! I belongs among the manosphere classics for sure.

    1. “(and married betas) just have no idea how difficult it is to get laid”
      Oh I beg to differ.

      1. The ones who married the very first girl they dated don’t. And neither do older men who got married say 30 yeats ago, right before female hypergamy went wild.

  12. Yeah, ain’t that the truth…
    The irony is that when SWPL feminists cockblock so relentlessly, they make game inevitable because it’s the only way guys can actually navigate the nonsense barriers they’ve placed in front of people. If they stopped trying to torpedo every guy they don’t approve of then we could all drop the pretenses and start enjoying each other’s company for a change. But that’s not going to happen, so C&F and negging it is then.

  13. This post and comments are spot on and should be engraved on a stone tablet to be ritually studied by men if the manosphere .
    End cockblocking as we know it .. Execute soul kills . It’s easier when it’s justified and right . Face it , your not getting laid by that point anyway do destroy the cunt 🙂

  14. Workplaces and schools routinely set “rules” (not laws) preventing consenting, legal-age adults affiliated with them from having romantic engagements.
    I remember my middle school banned hugging. When in fact people NEED to be touched and hugged for their own happiness.

  15. This is so true. I had uncountable ocasions in which my own best friend disturbed me in the glorious task for pussy with his fucking envy, even though I even offered help and knowledge and aproach support for him to get laid himself!!!
    He is a religious person now, and everytime I go into a conversation about sex or dating subject, or even comment about a hot girl, he gets a “oh how a nasty motherfucker you are for wanting that”, playing the cheap moralist like he never wanted those shit in his life and that he never got envious about it. He admited he was envy one time, but I can clearly see he still keeps that envy deep inside.
    Fuck this!

  16. I’ve learned that women think more with their penises than we care to admit,since a hot piece of ass sounds even less frugal to me,the totality of pursuing pussy reaps no benefit.I joined the x-box community years ago and haven’t looked back.I’m better focused,my mortgage is on time and i’m no worthless cunt’s fool who can’t fix anything broken around the house.My standards are so high that if she doesn’t present me with at least two trade school certificates like carpentry or plumbing,something that is really useful to bring to the table, i don’t f’ucking bother with whore boxes.

      1. You are way off base. The more men take themselves out of the game, the more women will get pregnant by either alpha types or lucky beta’s whom haven’t walked away from the game. This lesser number of men can’t help raise all the children so you’ll be stuck picking up the bill for raising these children through more taxes going to single moms. So go ahead, take yourself out of the game and leave more for the rest of us. And keep working that job, paying that mortgage and paying taxes for other peoples kids. The only way to actually win by taking yourself out of the game is to quit your job and ask Uncle Same to pay your rent and your food bill as well.
        Or you can decide to get better at the game than everyone else. Or you can lock one girl down and make sure you give her more orgasms than she needs. That last one is the only way to keep a non-religious girl faithful in this day and age. More orgasms than she can take. Then she quite literally has no reason to go anywhere else. Or at least keep her pregnant for her entire reproductive life. Then she can’t really go anywhere. Make sure she knows how to cook and likes it. Or you can keep playiing xbox like a real winner in life. You better love it because no one wants to hang out with an 80 year old man whom spent his whole life living in a fake, virtual world, with no life experience, unless it’s your grandchild. But you won’t have any of those from the sound of it. It’s going to be real lonely dude.

  17. women are not “targets” their people, like you. Maby the thing that is preventing you from having sex is treating them like things rather than just being honest with them. Women have sex drives, that need fulfilling too. Don’t be a cunt. see how that goes for you.

  18. sounds like they’re preventing rape to me, as any good friend should do for the drunken one (applying to men and women.)

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