The Benefits Of Being A Late Bloomer

Every one of us came to discover the red pill through different experiences or circumstances. Heartbreak and sexual frustration seem to be the two leading reasons for men Googling “How to get my ex girlfriend back” or “How to get laid.”  Eventually we all come across that one article that catches our eye and jives with every last circuit of our masculine hard drive.  One article leads to another and before we know it we’re hooked.

I Was The Blue Pill King

My journey to TRP is not unlike most men here but the event that finally woke me up isn’t what I’d categorize as the typical ah ha moment that leads the majority of us to sites like ROK.  Was it my failed marriage to a woman who, before she met me, had been married twice, lost custody of her daughter (who doesn’t know her dad isn’t her biological father—neither does dad), then proceeded to cuckold me for “religious reasons”?  Nope.  Was it the single mother I foolishly tried to rescue by renting her a house, paying the rent and utilities, only to find out she had another man there while I was in jail for a week?  Afraid not.

But surely the slutty 9 I felt lucky to have snagged, whose father was in and out of prison the majority of her childhood, and cheated on me so many times I had to get tested for STDs to make sure my dick wasn’t falling off would be enough for me to, at the very least, begin to reevaluate what I’d been taught about women my whole life right?  Wish I could say she did.

ONS turned relationship

Interestingly enough what made me see the light was a seemingly insignificant three week relationship with a semi-attractive (6 at best) Latina who was one of the worst quality significant others I’ve ever had in my life.  I wasn’t with her long enough to develop anything remotely close to real feelings so there wasn’t any pain involved but it was an interesting few weeks nonetheless.

The long and the short of it is we got sloshed at the club with friends, stumbled back to her place, had wild drunken sex which apparently consummated our relationship. Like an idiot I took the bait. The first few days were cool (as is always the case with fresh poonani) but it took me all of a week to figure out she was an abnormally low quality woman who was severely damaged.  Her laziness, lack of domestic skills, and consistent victim mentality were just the opening act.  With each passing day she displayed multiple red flags and after a while I just couldn’t sweep them under the rug anymore.  I stuck around a couple weeks longer than I should have on a count of her expertise at lightening my testicular loads but I knew that her issues would eventually outweigh her bedroom skills.

Blow To My Ego

But my moment of clarity didn’t come until I dumped her (face to face).  I prepared for the worst because this chick was really into me—or so I thought.  When I broke the news to her she didn’t seem the least bit upset or hurt.  Complete indifference.  Later that evening a mutual friend of ours told me she was already out on a date.  Admittedly I was a little bummed because my ego took a body blow but I ended it with her for many reasons.  She was someone else’s problem now and I was more than good with that. What I couldn’t understand was how she could just hop from one cock to another just a few hours after being kicked to the curb by someone she seemed to be head over heels for.

That sequence lead me to the manosphere and the rest is history.  I’m in the best shape of my life, I spend the majority of my time occupied with hobbies and self improvement, and my goal of living abroad will become a reality around this time next year.  But like many men who have unplugged from the matrix, I often think the thought that has crossed many a Red Pill mind: If I knew then what I know now.

When I think of all the potential lays I missed over the years or all the money I threw away trying to win girls over or how ridiculously ignorant I was when dealing with women that’s the age old slogan that used to dominate my thoughts.  But no matter how many times I relive those scenarios in my mind and think about what I would have done differently, the more I realize that it’s pointless to do so.  What’s done is done.

Yes, it’s good to reflect on past mistakes every so often in order to stay vigilant of avoiding beta behavior but the truth is I have no idea what my life would be like had I been armed with the knowledge I have today—none of us do.  What I do know is that being a late bloomer is much more of an advantage than I ever realized and is without question the single biggest reason I’m able to fully enjoy each and every one of the benefits the crimson capsule lifestyle has to offer.

“So what are the benefits of being a late bloomer, SharpShooter?”  Thought you’d never ask.

No Kids

There are few nights we go out to the bar or club and don’t see a man gaming 9s and 10s and making it look like child’s play.  You know who he is. He’s the dude with swagger, great style, and supreme confidence.  He’s sipping his whiskey and smoking his cigarette while effortlessly generating tingles with the huge breasted mini skirt wearing blonde in the 6” fuck me heels while her hot friend competes with her for his attention hoping he’ll playfully joke about having a threesome.  Oh to be in his shoes, right?

Well maybe, but not so fast.  An alpha like this may very well be a late bloomer and if he is, good for him. However, a lot of men who are in their prime (mid to late 30s) and ultra smooth with high value women often had game at a very young age.  And men who have game at a young age get a lot of pussy during that time which leads to an unexpected rug rat or two.

Children greatly limit a man’s options to do what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants to do it.  Discretionary income is substantially reduced, the ability to unilaterally decide to relocate is almost completely eliminated, and of course there’s always the dreaded baby mama drama.

For men like myself who didn’t know what vagina even smelled like until their early 20s should thank our lucky stars we weren’t lady killers in our youth.  Believe me when I tell you that I know it was frustrating as fuck watching the cool kids and jocks get all the ass while you were relegated to jerking off to subpar nudie magazines. I lived it. I get. And while it would have rocked to get laid in our teens, the unexpected bundles of joy and the carriers of the wombs they came out of would still have significant impacts our lives now and for the foreseeable future.

Whenever I think about what an average frustrated chump I used to be I’ll pull up any number of texts from one of my buddies telling me he’s gotta bail on a weekend mountain biking trip because the mother of his kids is pulling some sort of bullshit.  With a smirk on my face I shake my head and say aloud: “Thank God I was a fuckin’ loser.”

Great Looks + Wisdom

One of the many advantages of being a man is that our physical aging sequence is the opposite of women.  Females are most attractive from their late teens to mid twenties while our attractiveness sky rockets as soon as we hit thirty and continues to smolder well into our forties and sometimes even longer depending on genes and habits.

As teenagers we look gangly, scrawny, and flat out adolescent.  Outside of a little peach fuzz there’s no facial hair to speak of. Our raging hormones don’t do our complexions any favors either.  We look a little better in our twenties having filled out a bit (provided we’re lifting and eating right) and have a more mature look to us.  Our facial hair has slowly started to grow in but it’s still a ways off from giving us that rugged masculine look that drives women mad.  We’re getting a little more attention from the opposite sex but the real fun begins when we hit the big 3-0.  And if you’ve taken the red pill after 30 you’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of your sexual prime with the knowledge and wisdom to not only maximize it, but keep your sanity, lifestyle, and independence.

Being a good looking guy is great but if you don’t have red pill wisdom or game to go along with it your life can be still be made a living hell by a woman.  Athlone McGinnis’s article on Andrew Stern is the quintessential example of a man who was blessed by the genetic gods but his lack of game lead to his tragic undoing.

Late bloomers have the distinct advantage of having better looks due to aging combined with wisdom from having experienced more in life.  These traits certainly have value by themselves but when they are united they’re greater than the sum of their parts. For example, I’m a month away from turning 37 and I’ve never looked better.  My older appearance these days gives me more opportunities with women than I ever did in my twenties.  Putting that together with my new found knowledge of game and the true nature of women and how to handle them has helped me achieve a level of personal satisfaction I’ve never approached in the past.

I Know I Have Been Very Fortunate

Over the past few years I’ve had the benefit of spending a lot of time with like minded men and one thing that remains clear is that we all still bare scars from our blue pill pasts.  But few of us are lucky enough to say that there’s nothing tangible linking us back to our beta days.  My ex wife and I didn’t have any money or kids so our divorce was uncomplicated. As a result I came out of that situation unscathed.  The woman I tried to save ended up with the white knight she had the week long slumber party with, thus, giving me a stay of financial execution.  And last but not least, all of my STD tests were negative.

One thing I have never taken for granted is how fortunate I’ve been when it comes to missteps with women. If the pendulum had swung in the other direction in any one of those situations my life would have gone sideways in a hurry.

But it didn’t.

Which leads to the last and most important benefit of being a late bloomer:


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193 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Being A Late Bloomer”

    1. Haha, funny I was going to type exactly the same message.
      But good on brother SharpShooterfor for sorting his life out eventually.

    2. Yes, true, but his article is also accurate. What else is he supposed to say? “If I could go back in time…” That’s a pointless thing to say. You can’t go back in time.
      He really does have some benefits to not having been an ignorant/natural lady killer. The same benefit he’d have had from being a quadriplegic. Now he’s “healthy” and “grown up” and it seems true to me that 30’s is a man’s prime. He can rationalize his loserdom by finding the benefits without being a self-deluding narcissist (like most women) and still warn younger men to take the red pill while they’re young.

  1. Great post….I was talking to my uncle this past weekend…he just finished paying child support of almost $8,000/year. I congratulated him. He said not yet. He is now on the hook for college to the tune of $35,000/year for the next 4-5 years. With that, I went from thinking about having kids to definitely NOT having kids.

    1. You see stuff like that, stories like that, can be used to push male birth control. It’s time we took control of this. After all…
      “If she gets knocked up and wants to abort, I have no say. If she wants to keep it, I gotta pay”.
      And that’s all the reason in the world for men to take control of this. If we have to fess up the $$, then we need to take the responsibility. Fair is fair.

      1. “If we have to fess up the $$, then we need to take the responsibility. Fair is fair.”
        That makes a lot of sense to me…
        I bet women would be against it when they realized that they couldn’t sucker sperm and get on baby welfare…
        That gives men a lot of power in relationships. I never thought of it like that.
        If they come up with a birth control pill for men I hope it is red.

        1. It struck me suddenly – like lightning – that the Male IUD might be exactly what is needed to right this sinking ship. One must realize that more than half of the women in this country are currently using or have used hormonal birth control.
          As I see it each prescription – each literal round about on the Carousel – renders so many months of carefully calculated glandular expenditure FUBAR. The problem is not only in how sex hormones govern our mood, our consciousness, and our bodies; it is the fact that constant disruption of the cycle destroys it. Each upset, each unbalance, acts as a perturbation to what is the body’s living momentum. With constant destructive interference it becomes nigh impossible for the original cycle – which is a transcendent frequency – to reassert itself.
          By at least allowing the option of male birth control – assuming that such contraceptive measures aren’t MORE destructive – will allow a greater percentage of the population to exist at what is NEAR TO their natural baseline. Hormonal birth control mimics and induces the estrogen cascade involved in menstruation. There are so many jokes, anecdotes, and headlines concerning ‘that time of the month’ that the lot of it has been transmuted into Wisdom! Why then would ANYONE ever tolerate ‘that other time of the month’?

        2. ” bet women would be against it when they realized that they couldn’t sucker sperm and get on baby welfare…
          That gives men a lot of power in relationships. I never thought of it like that.”
          I don’t think that any of us can start to imagine the power that reliable “undetectable” male birth control would give back to men. No more “oops”, no more “I’m pregnant and it’s yours” and no more “I want another kid but he doesn’t, we’ll see who wins”. I’ve been on male birth control for years and firmly believe that if I wasn’t, I’d probably have a kid by now. My wife knows, if she wants a kid, that she’s going to have to convince me to get off BC and knock her up. And if she’s pregnant, she better just pack up her shit and leave, because it ain’t mine. You guys can’t imagine that power that gives you in a relationship, the power to withhold the thing that all women most want and take back your reproductive freedom. It’s incredible.
          “f they come up with a birth control pill for men I hope it is red.”
          They “came up” with a male birth control “pill” (in quotes because it’s actually a shot) about 50+ years ago. It’s called “testosterone”. 🙂 They’ve tested it, and retested it, and, yes, for most men (NOT as effective for everyone as the female pill, but, if it works for you (and it does for about 90% of the population) it’s close to 100% effective, some people are non-responders, nobody knows why yet) it’s a simple as “shoot some test 1 or 2 times a week, take some estrogen blockers, grow big muscles, shoot blanks).
          I’m hoping to have my “how to” article published here, if it doesn’t make it in a few more weeks, I’ll post it into a relevant thread. But I detailed, in that article, how to get it, how to use it, how to control estrogen, and how to make sure your sterile. I highly recommend testosterone for it’s other effects, but, nothing changes the world like the birth control aspects of it; I’m living proof (married for 10 years, bang like a rabbit, no kids, no sperm in my semen for years now).

        3. This, fellas. 1000 times over, this…
          Most powerful info ever on this site. It takes 3-6 months for full effecacy in sperm reduction, but it’s worth it.

        4. medically, this isn’t the whole truth and reads more like homeopathy. body hormonal control is far more elastic than fragile, though the natural phases that you reference do tend to correct more slowly over time. and there often isn’t much time left, when heavy users do decide to stop. still, the hypothalamus, pituitary, gonadal axis is very resilient. other hormonal systems are also quite resistant to shutdown, and cross redundancy also exists between some of them. in all, the expectation that female fertility resumes after the cessation of exogenous estrogen is far from unreasonable.
          despite the fact that gonadal regulation does resume readily, in the spirit of your post, i do agree that the mental damage is far worse and much longer lasting. contraceptives do tend to destabilize unstable personalities, making their prescription to women (often starting at the age of 13), unfortunate.

      2. You see stuff like that, stories like that, can be used to push male birth control. It’s time we took control of this.

        You mean a vasectomy? I’ve heard they were painless although I’ve essentially mastered Coitus interruptus. I haven’t had a scare since High School.

        1. Vasectomy is a BAD move. It does hurt for a couple of days but worst, the body KNOWS that you’re shooting blanks and your libido shuts down. Tell a prospective fuck buddy and they lose interest too.
          Worst, when you try to reverse it to make progeny, it is expensive, you’re on your back for a week, and it hurts like hell. Plus, it is very iffy.
          Consider it advanced feminist nut cutting. You REALLY want to sign up for that?

        2. “Vasectomy is a BAD move. It does hurt for a couple of days but worst, the body KNOWS that you’re shooting blank and your libido shuts down.”
          Broscience at its finest!

      3. I think that going the other way is better. Abolish child support and make women entirely responsible for their decisions. No need for a male pill which in the long run may not be a great thing. Children are the future after all.

        1. English,
          I know you and I disagree on if men should have BC (and we’ll just agree to keep disagreeing), but, on your first point, I agree. Birth control or not, men should have a “decision point” during the pregnancy (within 7 days of the woman finding out) where they determine if they “want to keep it”. If they say “No”, they would terminate all their paternal rights and responsibilities. Kind of like an abortion, but without killing any babies.
          That would go a LONG way to solving the “thugspawn” issue.

        2. That sounds reasonable although I might be more flexible with the timing. Ultimately I don’t think anyone should be forced to take on responsibility for something outside of their control.

    2. Same here. I’ve heard many similar child support stories. I’m 39 years old and thank God every day that I still do not have children.

      1. I am 45 no children, single for 1 year already. I still wonder why people keep having children, I don´t see absolutely nothing appealing about it. People will do anything to avoid being alone with themselves, I suspect.

        1. Yeah, single for a year myself, no kids thankfully.
          And so many “parents” do a very poor job raising their sons and daughters. I’ve always said, that I wouldn’t know what to do (other than smash his face) IF I were to have a son and one day, in his teenage rage stupidity, told me “Go fuck yourself, Dad!”
          Or, scenario 2, you have a teenage daughter and she comes home crying saying that she’s pregnant by her HS boyfriend.
          Scenario 3, the child is born with a mental or physical handicap. God bless the parents that do take care of those poor kids. My hats off to them … but that is a life long situation I would never want to be attached to.
          I guess it’s peer pressure why so many guys fold into having children. You know the deal: parents always griping about when are they going to have grandchildren, wife/gf saying how everyone else is so happy with the little ankle biters, or … the desire to have something to take care of.
          The lifetime $200,000 – $400,000 “investment” it takes to properly raise one child is one I’m not willing to gamble on. The return on said investment has a very high risk and low returns.

        2. Most people have kids these days just to keep up with the Joneses and societal/media pressure. When people breed, they become complete slaves to Consumerist-Media Complex with a lifetime of mundane work and chores and hamster wheeling and no way out until death. And then they have the nerve to shame child-free people for not partaking of their “blessed” life.
          No wonder this country is completely fucked up.

        3. I’m right there with you Man. I’ve seen very few positives from my lifetime of seeing other men with children. Nearly all complain about the loss of sex life with the wife and then children seem to be a complete drain on the guy’s resources even after they graduate high school.
          You are absolutely right about no way out until death for these poor/trapped souls. My parents did a good job raising me and I appreciate that. Perhaps if I had run into a real life good girl earlier in my life, I, too, would have fell into the Consumerist-Media Complex.
          I’ve heard it all about choosing (and being lucky) to be child free at my age (almost 40). Comments from loved ones such as: “you are just being selfish”, “when are you going to grow up”, “children are such a blessing”, or “who’s going to carry your blood line” … sure.
          I’ll keep my loving/faithful cat, Mustang GT, and E-Trade account, thank you very much.

    3. He shouldn’t pay college at 35k a year. He should promise 50% of in state tuition only or something like that. Most states have in state tuition that should only cost 20k total or the like. The mother should pay part of it and the kid can part of it (either through loans or working like I did)

      1. Agree. I paid for my college (loans)…my parents couldn’t afford it (and I wasn’t going to ask them). More parents should have their kids pay for college (then maybe they would respect it and not waste the money). That’s part of the problem, today. Kids going to college (and having a good time) while someone else is paying for it.

        1. I used the GI Bill, Pell Grant, and washed dishes at Cracker Barrel to pay for college. I get all torqued out of shape when I hear about the Democrat’s plan for student loan forgiveness (aka tax payers footing the final bill).

        2. Yep, worked in a factory on night/evening shifts in order to put myself through college. Took five years but it was worth it to come out absolutely debt free.
          These pussies whining “free tuition is a right” need to be throat punched.

        3. But you know the sad part…both parties are pretty much the same (today). Both parties look out for the best interest of the few (donors who throw the most cash at them) and care less about the masses (usually everyday working people).
          We see this time and time again through trade deals (both parties) and the budget (one party uses credit, the other party uses cash – they both spend). In the end (of terms), both groups supported the few (rich or corporations) – they have made out and the rest are just making it.
          I’m all for personal responsibility and accountability – neither of these parties have impressed me (for years).
          and a thumbs up to you, Jeff…we have to get (some) of the younger generation on board with the work concept.

    4. There’s a easy fix for the college issue. DON’T PAY FOR THAT SHIT.
      I never understood this idea of indentured servitude to your kids. I have two and they are not expensive. I tell my ten year old, “it’s up to YOU to pay for your higher education – if you decide to go”. We are very strict on the academics and he acquired a competitive taste for achieving at a early age (he gets mad at himself if he brings home a B).
      My boys do not have all the latest and most expensive toys, nor do they wear the latest most expensive clothes. They earn what few “luxury toys” they have and have no expectation of anything other than love and guidance from myself and their mother.
      And like myself, when they hit working age, they will get a job and start buying their own clothes and paying for their own entertainment.
      My kids are very atypical compared to their non-chore doing friends, who don’t make their own beds, can’t cook, nor be responsible when their parents are away. I am never surprised at the sorry state of these kids when I meet their parents.
      Bitch-made parents (unmanly dads and single mothers specifically) beget Bitch-made kids…ESPECIALLY BOYS.

  2. Tragically, all the career Americunts think they will peak in their 30’s as well just like the man.

      1. Or worse, “50 is the new 30”, let alone overheard “30 is the new 20”.

    1. The 30s are the BEST years of any woman’s life. Only losers like you would deny this without any proof whatsoever. Women reach their sexual peak at this age – men are reaching for the Viagra. Women are MORE at their peak in their 30s than men, and it is a very sad delusion that you believe about the opposite being true.

      1. Yeah, we are reaching for Viagra.
        Otherwise we would not be able to bone those insufferable cunts.
        Yeah, I responded to a woman, if we use that term usely, ban me.
        Could not help myself.

        1. don’t help yourself, help us. as you observed, the rule doesn’t help you.
          40 lashes, mandatory, go. the whip is behind the chemical shed.

  3. I think that it’s better to teach the red pill young, to teen boys and young men, so they are prepared for what is to come. Sure, you learn a lot from experience, but there’s a lot of unnecessary bullshit you can avoid if you know the truth.

    1. There is a tough Red Pill truth that he mentioned in this article.
      Women don’t really give a shit about you, before or after sex.

    2. Some aspects of the red pill can only be learned through experience. Its hard to really understand how clueless and selfish most women are until you spend large amounts of time with them. So many of these girls put almost all of their energy into the image they want to portray to men, and men with little experience fall for it every time.
      Having a naturally alpha father can help a young man to give off alpha energy effortlessly without realizing it.

    3. Agree…but I really don’t know if many of them will want to ‘hear’ it.
      Sometime, those younger men need to go through their own ‘ups and downs’ before they get it. I don’t mind talking red pill to younger guys (if they’ll listen) but I also hate wasting my time (on anything). I’ll usually just throw out a thought or two to see how they respond (and then go from there).
      If they ask for help, then I know that they are really serious about making adjustments in their lives. I watch so many blue pill men, today, blunder and make the same mistakes.
      Then I ask them “How’s that working for you?”. Most don’t know how to respond to the question (so I guess it’s not working?).

    4. You can and should teach. But there is an age, let’s call it “teenage years” where they are under the firm belief that they are omniscient and immortal and you usually feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. With that being said, they do hear you, they just don’t let you know that they hear you, because it would crack their facade of being a teenaged god. Never let their know-it-all attitude shake you from teaching the best you can.

  4. Luckily, I was intelligent as the jock, popular type slaying lots of pussy in my younger years, and followed the advice of my sagely father. Always pull out…. Though, I did make attempts to settle down, during my mid twenties, I was raised to have little tolerance for bullshit. Thanks again, naturally alpha father…. Only found the manosphere as a result of reading comments on alternet, and some dude who was trolling those lib-fascists, posted a link to Rollo. Everybody loves to read things that reaffirm their natural beliefs, so I’ve kept reading. Congrats to the author, but let’s keep trying to wake up more men. Keep posting links to manosphere pages among comment sections in the more absurd sections of mainstream internet thought.

    1. Stumbled upon the RP when someone linked Rollo to a thread about god knows what.
      Changed my life.
      Great to hear you had a RP father. Farthest thing from what I had.

      1. RP links should always posted in comment sections, prob the best way to discretely spread propaganda…

    2. I was in the same situation as you. Captain of the football team but wise for my age. I owe a lot of what I know to what most of you would call my “natural alpha” father. But please, don’t get to thinking that having an “Alpha” father is the holy grail to success with women, finances, and/or happiness… If anything, it can really mess up your views on women and the world. I was forced to swallow the red pill without any water or apple sauce to assist the process. The alpha traits that most of you emulate as a womanizer are detrimental as a father figure. Think about this: A father who is a) aloof; b) narcissistic; c) cheating on your mother; d) emotionally distant, etc. etc. is not the best example you could have as a child.
      I can honestly say that I believe one can learn as much from a deep blue pill manboob father as you could from a cold hard alpha dad. The application and teaching style may be different, but both paths will eventually lead to the same result (if you truly want to take the red pill).
      Regardless– My dad taught me one lesson that I will never forget. It’s also a good exercise that you older, wiser gentlemen could impart to a younger brother, cousin, son, or buddy. Here goes:
      –I was 17 at the time. I thought I was invincible, knew how the world worked, and had my whole life figured out. Typical cock sure kid. At the time, my girlfriend would sleep over at my house (when I was at my dads) on the weekends after my football games. I’d throw parties and get drunk, ultimately ending each night in carnal conclusion. I’m sure, over one of the many times, my dad heard us in the shower or bedroom and became privy to my sexual antics. I wasn’t using a condom and trusted my girlfriend because she was on the pill. Why would I waste money on a rubber when we didn’t need to?
      Continue on:
      The next morning over we grabbed some drinks and headed to the garage (I had orange juice he had coffee with a couple splashes of Baileys). As we sat down on two fold out lawn chairs, he told me to go and get a sheet of paper and write down what I wanted to do with my life. He told me to write down my goals, my life mission, the kind of wealth I wanted to accumulate, the foreign lands I wanted to travel to, what kind of man I wanted to become, etc. as long as it applied to my future and achieving my goals.
      I was a bit taken aback at first. We never had conversations about my future or my life in general. Hell, I was an all state football player and he was yet to make it to one of my games.
      I suppose it was my curiosity that lead to see why he was requesting such an errand… so I played along.
      After twenty some minutes and a lot of thought, I proudly handed him over the piece of paper outlining my brightly forecasted future along with some lofty, yet achievable, goals. I was surprised that he would actually give a shit about what I wanted to do with my life… After all, I’d been alive on this planet, under his roof, for the greater part of 17 years– and never once did he ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up.
      He gently took my completed paper, neatly folded over twice to perfection. After one last swig of his Coffee/Liqueur concoction, he held the note up to the sunlight, which was peaking in through the garage door. He squinted his eyes as if to read the contents through the folds. As soon as he was assured that I actually took the time to contemplate my future and even further took the initiative to solidify them on paper, he looked over at me and slowly unfolded it. As he bowed his head to begin, what I assumed to be reading– he began to slowly rip the paper to shreds! Piece by piece I saw the last twenty minutes of my effort fall to the garage floor. In retrospect, it felt like it was all happening in slow motion.
      “What the fuck was that?” I spouted, thinking it was just another one of his sick jokes.
      “Did you see that? Did you see what I did just now?” He replied calmly.
      “Yeah! You fucking told me to write down my dreams and goals and missions and priorities and then you wasted my time by tearing it up!” I huffed with attitude.
      “And…How did it feel?” His voice still calm (thanks to the Baileys I’m sure).
      “Well… I Felt like I wasted my damn time.” I spouted. “I actually put a lot of effort into that list. I made it with great detail so we could talk about it and you could, you know, give me some advice…”
      A moment went by. My father could see that he had hurt me. I tried my hardest to mask my frustrations. He continued:
      “Well son, regardless of what you put on that paper, whether it be to save the manatees or drive a fucking school bus– they will never be realized if you keep fucking that girl without a condom.”
      I paused.
      Thoughts swirled around my head. How did he know I wasn’t using a condom? Does he not trust her to be on the pill? Why would he care? Does he want us to leave? The questions in my mind continued. As did he:
      “Now, I may be able to make you feel like a failure and that you wasted your time by simply tearing apart a piece of paper, of which, you invested a measly twenty minutes in… But that girl, the one sleeping in your bed right now… she will take your goals, your dreams, your mission, your ambitions… Everything– that you worked a lifetime for– and rip them apart much quicker than I ever could.”
      I stared at the floor, realizing the profound wisdom that came from a man I thought to be no more than a primate.
      That, my friends, is how I swallowed the red pill. I guess I had some orange juice to help.

      1. I find with condoms, that my father’s advice is still necessary. Always pull out…

        1. I think the broader message is: Regardless of what strategy you may be using…Do not sacrifice your future for the here and now.

        1. You’re welcome. I hope others can benefit from this lesson as much as I have. It’s kept my mind straight and on the prize.

    3. I cam across a Tom Leykis video that was linked from a PUA forum, in the comments section was the word MGTOW….I googled that word and the rest is history.

      1. Tom Leykis is a GENIOUS. I just phoned him the other day to thank him. Such a brilliant man.

  5. Nothing beats the highschool sex that I received from the age of 14 until 17. All the women were young and tight and I was usually the first or second guy to hit it. It was one of the only times in my life when a woman said ” your the best” and ” that is the biggest dick I have ever had ” and it was likely true. I enjoy fucking in my thirties, but high school was some incredible shit!

    1. You couldn’t pay me to relive high school without RP knowledge.
      Sex drive constantly thumping away as you try to figure everything else in your life.
      I would have killed for some back in those days.

    2. So the only ones who thought you were good in bed were the ones who had no one else to compare it to – HA! That doesn’t say much for you…

    3. I don’t know, I don’t think you can fully appreciate it, it was only when I was 24 and sleeping with a 17 year old again that I could really see the difference and to be honest I would rather not have been reminded of what I was missing out out now that 17 year olds were rare as fuck.

  6. Well good for the author for getting his life turned around.
    But if we were to have a “I was more beta than thou” competition I am certain I would win it. I can tell stories that are so cringeworthy you’ll all grow a third arm as a means of adapting to the permanent facepalm you’ll be in.
    Heck I was so beta it’s a wonder I just don’t roll over and die from the memory of it. You name the beta mangina white knight task or action, I did it. No t-shirts though.
    The only thing I didn’t do was get into that incel crap. Whilst I did do the “woe is me” thing I did not get into player hating or self-entitlement mentality that I “deserved” a relationship or sex.
    But oh man did I make some mistakes and luckily no kids either. I even wifed up a cougar. Yes true story. Buy the beer and I’ll tell it one of these days.

    1. You are not alone. Ex-bluepill conditioned former chump reporting for duty. If it was not for the visceral repulsiveness that being such a doormat evoked it is very likely that I too would have been nothing more than another statistic of the meat grinder. Still, the long-standing inescapable feeling that society’s “expectations” is all BS never truly left me and that, combined with a natural rebellious streak and aversion to blindly following the lemming herd, allowed me to remain free long enough to finally awaken from the matrix. And what an awakening it was to finally see the cathedral in 20/20 vision clear as day for what it really is. You have to admit that there truly is much here to be admired in a highly Machiavellian sort of way. A time-honored carefully calibrated combination of selective breeding and Pavlovian conditioning at its finest. Woe to yee who happen to live beyond the gates of the emerald city.

      1. Well I think the reason why the beta programming failed for me over time (and once you see it, you see it EVERY FUCKING PLACE YOU LOOK) was because it would not stop. No matter what I did, whether it was her or the system, I was damned if I did it, damned if I did not. There was never a way to be beta enough to please her hamster or the system run by other hamsters.
        Then alongside that came diminishing returns. If it would have been beta to have a house, a family, and a job say in the 1950s, but be married and have something back, that worked for a lot of guys. Some self respect was “allowed” I guess. But what I found was like being ordered to tap dance on a plank or be forced to walk the plank, but at the same time the plank was getting more narrow and shorter the harder I tried so the outcome was the same anyhow.
        For even at my most chump level of chumpness, there was one last shred, a tiny seed, of wanting to have respect and be a human being and not some slave simp. And that grew, fed by her hamster and one after another event and incident. And oh how I tried to kill that seed and weed it out, being a beta chump. But an ocean of Roundup could not have stopped this because her and her system won out.
        In the end I went from a cougar-wifing chump to someone who would step over the bleached bones of a million of “them” without batting an eye.

        1. Interesting you should mention the “amazing shrinking plank under your feet”. Love that analogy. Reminds me also that both men and women back in the day were conditioned to cooperate more towards the successful running of the household when compared to the ridiculous travesty that passes for the “family residence” nowadays. Granted, there was much resentment and things did not always work out, but the men were usually whipped (in a good way) by their peers into NOT becoming a bunch of servile doormats, while the women were usually warned by their very own women’s circles not to push thing too far lest their men snap and something terrible come their way. The present setup and the way so many of us were “raised” is an absolute recipe for disaster, as weak, servile males simply bring out the worst in females – especially when virtually disarmed and chained to them by a bunch of misplaced and perverted social expectations. Not that this removes any responsibility from society’s utter failure in maintaining some kind of control on base female impulses, but it does illustrate just how badly things have become destabilized overall. Chaos and strife resulting in a never ending stream of broken “relationships” is the only logical outcome of the present heavily slanted social setup. The high level social engineers have done their job well, and the clueless masses have been more than happy to oblige them in their very own disfranchisement and eventual annihilation.

        2. It really is a “They Live” situation. And most chillingly it’s not just confined to the United States and worse it’s government sponsored.
          I also come from a similar background to you. In the end you have to fight because your back is against the wall.

  7. I love this article SharpShooter!
    I entered puberty at around 14… Quite late and I was a nerd. Lost my virginity at the age of 18 and now I’m in my early 20’s and I have fucked 17 girls. I think it’s quite okay for being still in college and having to study and work.
    I do not want a relationship because I still have a lot of personal things to take care of. Also, I had some blue pill history of course.
    What do you think of this?

    1. You will always be a spineless slave. Some anon writes an article(great article btw) and you’re asking them for validation? I’m surprised those dumb western sluts did not sense your lack of any confidence at all. Stop being a wimp and do you-everyone around you can suck a dick if they don’t approve. Good luck on your transformation, Sir.

        1. Don’t get all touchy feely, you overly sensitive girly man. The man gave him good solid basic advice. Be yourself, do what you feel is right for you and forget about the haters. He was blunt about it, so what?

      1. You’re right. The redpill isn’t a fast medicine and it requires at start some male qualification until one doesn’t need it. Road is different for everyone.
        I am not though a spineless slave…

  8. I work on the oilfield, some of my coworkers pull 110k a year but are broke because they have 4 kids and a nagging fat wife. Their paycheck is widdled down to nothing by the time theres any left for themselves. They are trapped.
    The author is correct, if I got laid as much as I wanted when I was younger I prolly would’ve fucked up and had a kid by now. Fuck that. I like my freedom too much.

    1. Oilfield? I’m a wireline engineer and yeah, I see the same guys making bank, but divvying it up between a couple wives and kids. Exactly … fuck that.
      This article makes me feel a little better about not being a player when I was a dumb ass teenager.

      1. I was a mudlogger but I quit to start a service company with this automated mudlogging device I developed with a programmer.
        Thats what the younger geologists dont realize, all the big gushers have been found, your ‘wisdom’ isnt going to find a ton of oil and make you rich.
        The big dick money is now in the field service operations not exploration.

        1. I too started off with the service companies (Schlumberger, Weatherford ..), but now work for a small and growing wireline tool manufacturer. You are right, there is even bigger money helping the E & P’s find that extra 1% production from tight formations.

        2. I just started working for a seismic imaging company (entry level). I can’t really get a good read on if the industry is hitting its peak soon or not so I can get a good gauge on my long term job security.
          What do you guys think about the future of this section of oil and gas?

        3. Horizontal drilling and fracking will do just fine as long as oil stays above $80 per barrel. There is a severe labor shortage in this field down here in Texas and North Dakota.

        4. When is the shit going to hit the fan? Opinions on peak oil, alternative energy?? I’ve been meaning to read more on this vital issue.

        5. I don’t think anybody really knows despite what “experts” say. When peak oil hits, it’s going to be a Black Swan event.

        6. That’s my impression. If some people did know the secret would get out. It’s astonishing that if the oil is limited, which it certainly seems to be, and we have nothing to really replace it. Nothing comes to close to oil. We make all kinds of stuff out of it people aren’t aware is made with petroleum, Oil kicks ass and without it we’re screwed. So I guess humanity can look forward to war the likes of which will make previous wars look minor. (I vaguely recall some idea few subscribe to that it is created by microbes deep underground and is thus renewable).

        7. There’s plenty of oil, just that world wide consumption continues to increase unabated. All the easy oil is gone and we’ve been forced into fracking/horizontal drilling into tight formations. If you look at the potential oil reserves of North Dakota’s Bakken formation, some 3D seismic data puts it near 300 billion barrels.
          Iraq has vast areas of potential oil producing regions that have never been surveyed. Granted it’s the easy stuff (no artificial stimulation required) but those bat shit crazy Islamic State clowns are making it too risky to pursue.
          Large portions of Alaska, offshore California and offshore Florida are off limits to drilling too.
          So there’s plenty of oil, just can the world economic machine stomach paying $100 – $150 per barrel for the next few decades?

        8. Super late reply from me but I’d guess no the world can’t stomach it and we’re headed for economic disaster and resource war, period. We’re headed for mass destruction, a drastically crappier quality of life and a batshit violent, crazier America.

      2. “This article makes me feel a little better about not being a player when I was a dumb ass teenager.”
        Same here. The swagger bruiser boys with their whiskey and cigarettes ‘impressing’ everybody by gaming the hotties take major risk every time they pop their loads in the bitches; and most females know that they own a man when they get knocked up. Many females get pregnant maliciously. And for a man, having an unplanned pregnancy imposed on him is the same as having both his legs cut off.

    2. I make only 40K per year (32K after taxes) and as a single guy I save close to 8K per year. In a few more years I will move up to an engineering position and start making double or even triple that and I have no one to spend it one but me. YIPPEE!!!

      1. Hell yeah man! I’m 32, not married, no kids, limit my needs for materialistic crap, and make about 50 grand a year. I save my money and it is awesome. Can do whatever I want when I want. Even though I don’t rub it in, I do see my co-workers give me that look. They hate that i’m carefree, not stressed out about kids and the wife. Hey it’s not
        my fault they chose the wrong path!
        Anyways keep it up man! Take care.

      2. WAAY back in the day I was able to save 8k from a 23k income. I blew that on 4 months in Australia and would not take a moment or dime back from that.

    3. I was just watching a video about fracking drillers in north Dakota.
      I have a few questions:
      how much can you typically save if you’re conservative with money?
      Is everything super expensive out there?
      Are there any second gen industries around the oilfields that people can still make bank? (In other words service industries or the like that cater to workers and charge a lot?)
      Health risks?
      Finally would you continue doing it indefinitely or doing it for like 5 years before bailing and leveraging the money to travel the world and maybe run a few businesses?

      1. If you get with a big company that can house you AND provides your meals (Halliburton, Schlumberger, etc) you can save immense amounts of money.
        Otherwise, you’re just going to be paying NYC rent prices because yes, everything out there is expensive.
        Working in the oilfield is really no more dangerous than driving a car down the freeway. You just have to be paying attention at all times. But the long term health risks (being exposed to the chemicals, dust, etc) are very real.
        Also, the winters are probably the worst you’ll ever experience too.

        1. Yeah, I’ve logged a few gas fields up in Wyoming a few years ago for cased hole. Sort of close to North Dakota. Winter nights there are an easy – 20*F … which got old after about 5 minutes of rigging up and down.

    4. That is sickening. Those lazy women should be ashamed.
      My dad makes mid 5 figures, and my mum feeds and clothes and homeschools 10 of us (well, only 7 now) AND has paid off the mortgage.

  9. Sharpshooter this was like reading my own life story-I’m always happy to hear of guys going through the same things. I’ll be 37 this year(no kids) as well and discovered “”red pill” just a year ago. I’ve always knew something was off in the world but could never quite convince anyone or find validation. I’ve never been married, since I always knew deep down it wasn’t for me in my younger days, but have had my share of LTR’s. It’s eye opening now to look back and understand what was really happening. As you stated, better late than never. Best to you on your red pill journey. We need more people like you here in Chicago

    1. Amazing isn’t it that feeling that something just “ain’t right”. It’s almost like instinct. A low, visceral sensation that you are progressively been stalked by society, like a prized animal to be put on some Great White Hunter’s wall beside the fireplace in the end.
      Even more amazing is the concerted, generalized Omertà upheld by your friends, family, and extended social circles, designed to enable this stealthy harvesting to proceed uninterrupted. It truly is a “manhunt” in the literal sense of the term. Welcome friend. Glad to see you have joined the awakened.

      1. It’s why I like the Matrix analogy they always use around these parts-you feel like Neo, knowing things are off and you’re the only one who sees it. Now we just all need to multiply Agent Smith style-and learn kung fu. And how often do we get to use the word “Omerta” these days-good to use around women since they won’t know the meaning nor care to look up the definition.

      1. I’m sure there are many more of us out there-it would be cool to find a like minded group of guys here to BS with and throw back some frosty beverages.

  10. Early red-piller myself. (Age 13 – yeah, I had more insight than my male peers.) I was bummed about being single a brief year-and-a-half ago, but after doing some “research”, I’m thanking God now. I’ve got a nice quiet apartment, a Mustang convertible, and I’m flying to Glacier Park in a few weeks.
    I really don’t have anything to complain about.

      1. Being asexual is one factor. Being a grade/middle/high schooler was another. The girls were, to be frank, assholes, and they got away with being that way a lot more often than the boys did. And the boys pursued them to the four corners despite that. Not something I was in a hurry to emulate.

  11. The Ancient Greeks said women should marry in their teens, but men should wait until after 30.
    But no, everyone knows the Ancient Greeks were savages who didn’t know anything compared to progressivist modern society. Men should marry younger girls rather than stick with women their own age? How primitive! /sarcasm

    1. The older I get (27 as of now) the more I realize that we really are no wiser than our ancient ancestors. In fact, I bet some of the cave-dwellers had far greater wisdom than many people alive today…
      Sure we have computers, advanced mathematics, some recorded history, a world full of technology, instant communication and travel, and yet… we still struggle with figuring out how to live a good life.
      As the last vestiges of boyhood are leaving me I grow more and more interested in learning about history and the great men of the past.
      I think many believe that the world they see around themselves right now is the world as “it really is”.

        1. God/mother nature/earth is absolute truth. It’s reality. Look closely at it, cherish it, and then admire the beauty that is truth! The truth will set you free. My main mission in life has always been about seeking real organic truth.

        2. George Orwell — ‘The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.’

      1. Most will always limit themselves to the shadows cast by the silhouettes in front of the fire in the cave as indicative of the one and only “true reality”. Only a few will have the desire to turn their heads to notice that the dancing shapes are but illusions created by the silhouettes paraded before the fire. Few more still will have the courage to step out of the cave and finally see the world as it really is, together with the sun as absolute truth. How far down the rabbit hole are you prepared to travel good friend?

      2. That’s why I’ve subscribed to de-evolution since I was quite young. The ancients were better than us in every way except accrued technique.

    2. Only Plato said that. In most of Classical Greece women married before age 20 and men before age 25.

    3. That’s what I tell my son…don’t even consider marriage until around 30 & find an unspoiled, very early 20’s girl with domestic skills that was ‘brought up right’ as we say down here.

      1. So a girl who doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together but is willing to be his slave – because she is incapable of supporting herself. That chick’ll be a real winner. Intelligence is genetic – do you really want your grandkids to inherit their bimbo mother’s lack of brains?

        1. How is a lack of intelligence inferred from what I posted? Domestic skills (homemaking), concern for providing a wholesome environment to bring children to adulthood as people worth knowing…this you conflate with slavery? I consider it a much better contribution than sitting in a cubicle 8 hours a day.

        2. The world is overpopulated. The last thing needed is more children to worsen the problem. Contrary to popular belief, children are not a contribution, unless that kid grows up to be the next Einstein.
          Who said anything about sitting in a cubicle? What about being a teacher, or a doctor, or a social worker? I don’t see how anyone could say being a mother is more important and far reaching than jobs such as those.

        3. as you ponder, a sign on a wall nearby catches your attention: don’t reply to cunts.
          for work and worry, keep typing.
          for guts and dignity, stop. delete. move on.

  12. Well done. Young women in their prime have it all over young men, but the worm soon turns. While women usually hit the wall at around 30 (even hot 30 year olds are not as hot as they were in their prime of 18-24) men truly do get better with age. Men who keep themselves in reasonable shape are still attractive to 20 something megababes well into their 50s, while no 20 year old guys (other than pervs) are seriously attracted to old ladies. Time is on our side, fellas, always keep that in mind if your struggling a little in the early phases of your poon-wrangling career.

    1. +1
      Things can and do change.
      If you’re at the bottom right now you got nowhere to go but up.

        1. Haha that comment was intended for females. A hot girl can’t really have it better than at 22.

        2. I’m getting married this September. I’m 34, she’s 28′ she looks 21, when my grandmother first met her 3 years ago she asked if she was in high school. I know she’s the exception, but she looks better now that she did at 23. Her mother is 60 and looks forty.

    2. Hence the need to use this time of being ignored to build your life on red-pill reality, work on that career or business, and really nail it when you are in your 30s. Then when you are having it all, the women who ignored you will be looking for a chump to feed their bastard kids, can look on forlornly as you will be banging the 22 year old versions of them.

      1. Exactly … just spend 5 minutes looking at all the “sugar daddy/sugar baby” websites for further proof. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel!

    3. “Young women in their prime have it all over young men, but the worm soon turns. While women usually hit the wall at around 30 (even hot 30 year olds are not as hot as they were in their prime of 18-24) men truly do get better with age. Men who keep themselves in reasonable shape are still attractive to 20 something megababes well into their 50s, while no 20 year old guys (other than pervs) are seriously attracted to old ladies.”
      Yeah…horseshit. It’s sad that you people need to tell yourselves lies like this to feel good about yourselves. Young girls only date old guys for their money, not because they are physically appealing in any way. And there is a name for these girls: golddiggers.
      A 40 year old man looks no better than a 40 year old woman. I know feeling superior to women is one of the few things most of you losers have going for you, but it’s false. Sorry.

  13. Yes!!!
    This post screams so much credibility! He’s 37 years old, and learned from his situations.
    So dope!

  14. I became a red piller, 6 months ago. I am 31. Seeking the red pill came after a breakup with a 24 year old chick, and another relationship with a younger chick. Everything from this site is now hindsight. I also noticed this from my trial and error with game in high school. How and why I was able to pick up some girls and rejected by others. Now I can concretely understand what I did and have gone a 180.
    Like I said before ROK is one hell of a drug.

  15. Let me clarify a couple points:
    – Women [/i ]should[/i ] be most attractive from their late teens to mid twenties. If a woman is not hot and at 22, god help her.
    – The attractiveness of men [/i ]may[/i ] augment from 30 to 40, and [/i ]may[/i ] sometimes continue even longer depending on genes and habits.

    1. You know what’s ridiculous?
      Women who are 22 but choose not to be attractive. Seriously, thick-framed glasses, frumpy clothes, and an ever-so-noticeable potbelly.
      If they’re like that when they’re in their “prime”, just imagine the later years!

      1. Aye, see it a lot nowadays. They’ve been taught to deny their femininity through shaming. Want to look nice? You are a shill for the patriarchy! It reminds me a lot of how affluent and successful black people are “shamed” as uncle Toms or for being “too white” simply because they reject the poisonous inner city culture.

  16. The blue pill is alive and well in American society.
    Look at all the bull shit flying around about Ray Rice (Ravens, NFL, etc.). His girlfriend hit him in an elevator and he hit her back. Some dweeb analyst on ESPN just pointed out this simple fact as having a cause and effect relationship. That dweeb gets dumped on and then he gets on TV with this pitiful apology for daring to state the obvious.
    Now it’s all over radio, TV news, blah blah blah … with all these commentators blabbering about “blaming the victim” (e.g. the girlfriend), etc. etc.
    Simply amazing, but not surprising.
    Whoopie Goldberg had it right: If a woman hits a man, she should not be surprised when the man return the punch.
    Somehow, I think most black people in the US are red pill. They just fake blue people in the media for the white bitch and beta bitch white boy audience.
    Equality my ass.

    1. I think most black people are unemployed. So basically they(the blacks) are red pill because they live on the White peoples dime. I am white and also live with my girlfriend( I do not pay rent), she takes me on vacations, etc etc-you get the point. Is this the red pill concept you had in mind?

      1. I don’t think red pill means “parasite”. There is a disturbing sub-current in the manosphere that seems to want to equate being a parasite with no viable skills or knowledge, yet who can score a chick now and then, as somehow an “alpha”. Bullfeathers.
        Ghenkis Khan, the most alpha fucker who ever lived or will ever live, would shiv those runty little parasites, put their heads on pikes and then have his horde of women suck his dick as he basked in the glory of his newly created gore garden.
        Alpha means you dominate in not just women, but in life. The alpha wolf doesn’t just get his dick wet when the other male wolves are out hunting, then sneak in and steal their meat when they return. The alpha wolf gets first choice of the bitches AND dominates the other males through sheer raw aggression and social skills.
        The problem I think is that so many beta providers have become so good at providing that you have success without women now, or at best success while being cuckolded by some slut. Didn’t used to be this way, there’s no reason for us to split off man’s soul into separate conflicting categories. The great men of the industrial era, who created the world we live in now through aggressive action, will and drive, had wives, then younger wives when their first died during childbirth (not unusual) as well as at least a few mistresses on the side. They were alpha.

    2. Yep, it’s sad. No one should take abuse (and it’s pretty sad in our society that the public doesn’t shame more women for abuse).
      That said, I agree. If a woman strikes me, then she should be ready for return fire. It’s all about equality (feminism) (and that’s what Ray Rice should tell the media in his interview….lol). Let that interview get a little air time, too.

  17. Will be 55 in a month. I can have as much quality p#ssy as I like on my terms with much younger women. At 42, a 21 year old girlfriend. Mid 40’s, spinning 6-7 plates, doing 6 days in a row with different ones, arranging 4 in a day. I limit only to pursue my interests and to preserve my freedom and independence. Every chick knows I do what I want and I will walk any time.
    Take care of your body like a temple (deadlifts, squats, overhead press, bench press, back rows) and preserve the the sanctuary of your mind an thoughts. Eat obsessively clean and sleep long and sound. Pile up your stack. Detach yourself from the emotional storms of females. They are drains of money, energy and piece of mind: make sure you are getting something in return for the heavy price they exact in all cases without exception.
    Women adore older men who have experience and whom they sense can handle everything and anything. This type of attraction only comes with age and suffering, but then its good to be king.
    Warning: having children today is more likely than not to lead to heart break and bankruptcy and gnashing of the teeth. I would only have a child today in a faraway place like Myanmar.

    1. If I had only read this a decade ago…but similar to what you said, some of us only learn through age or suffering. I want better for my sons. I thank God for this site. When I started to see things as they really are, I thought I was losing my mind; and I sure as hell couldn’t articulate what I was figuring out or make sense of it all. I only wish it didn’t sting so bad when I read about guys like you who were smart and strong enough to dodge the bullets that I took to my heart and mind.

    2. jensen, sure would like to know more about your info sources and post-50yo adjustments. i just turned 50, got divorced a couple of years ago, and was doing PUA (MM, RSD bootcamps) before i got married but some of the stuff out here is just plain incongruent for established mature men. email me or post more walt5420 gmail

  18. I discovered the red pill on my own without even knowing what the red pill was all about. When I was 30, 4 years back.
    Before that, I wasted the horniest years of my life to a EE woman to whom I was married for 4 years in my 20’s. I used to fuck her relentlessly – the most I’ve done is 10 times within a single day, even though after the fifth or sixth orgasm, nothing really comes out, except drops of sperm. Today, in my 30’s, I can’t fuck so much as I could then (I can fuck twice or thrice in a single session, even though I continue to game women.)
    The time I was married to her was a time when other hotties used to throw themselves on me. Even my friends and my own cousins used to tell me to focus on other women, and that I was too hasty to enter into a marriage with her. The thing was that she was so beautiful (like most women from the EE), blonde, pale, slim but with a round, curvy ass and was a complete pornstar in bed. The more sex I wanted, the more she pleased me. If her pussy used to bleed from my ravaging her, she’d give up her butthole and mouth. Sex made me the beta to her. And predictably, she used me throughout the marriage,and when we divorced when I was 29, she left me at a time when I had invested all my cash to help her family – my inlaws at that time. And as soon as we divorced, I found she found another man, older to her by almost two decades, to whom she happily chose to be a mistress to. Well, it shattered me.
    I swore never to trust women again ever in my life, which I continue to hold on even till today. I’d rather trust an animal than a woman. Today, I care a fuck whether a woman is beautiful, feminine, traditional, sexually fulfilling, caring, loving, loyal. supportive, kind, sweet, or whatever. My ex was all that – and I learned women can all be that, but only for a short period.
    For me, woman is just an object – an object to be used.Everything is an act for a woman, even the passionate love, and the sex you get is an act. So I decided never to love a woman again. It took me 2 years to get over her, during which I hatefucked countless ‘feminine’ women. I’ve made hundreds of ‘feminine’ ‘good’ women cry when I’ve pumped and dumped, but trust it makes me feel good to see them that way. I let the pain of that relationship seem through my blood, and run in my veins.
    But I can say: a wasted youth can never be made up by a happy old age. If there is one thing I wish I could change, I wish I could go back to my 20’s.

  19. A good testimony and one that should resonate at some level with many readers.
    I too was a late one to red pill land and am turning 38 next month. Likewise, I also have wondered what life would have looked at if I knew what I know now 20 years ago. For all that though, I’ve come to the same conclusion, I’m a product of my experiences, as we all are. Life is good, and it’s my responsibility to ensure that I grow from my experiences and enjoy what I have and what is to come.
    I think my 20 years high school reunion helped re-jig my perspective on things. I looked around at those guys who were high fliers at school and now were just another bird in the chicken coup. The high school hotties who had popped out a couple of kids and were showing the signs of wear and tear as well as the usual rounds of people with broken relationships. Unlike them, I escaped without children and built upon my lessons. The fact that I now had some of the hotties now chasing me was somehow surreal. But, we’re no longer in high school, I learned and no way was I going to hook up with damaged goods. They were no longer the hotties and I’m no longer the ‘nice guy’.

    1. I can’t possibly say anything better than what you’ve just written. So I’ll simply give you an enthusiastic thumbs up!
      The part about damaged goods truly struck a cord. Those once-desirable girls are now moms with stretch marks, obese, and no longer wearing denim jackets and don’t have cool poofy ’80s hair. Oh, for shame (seriously).
      The voice of experience.

    2. I do also get a laugh seeing how many of these former hotties turned out. The one benefit of social media is a window into that beat down world. Girls I was sweating over back in HS and college look like old mops, on 2nd marriages and settling with some nice beat schlub they wouldn’t have pissed on if they were on fire 15 years ago. I’d rather be a late bloomer than shriveled up prune.

  20. Thanks for that. Been lamenting the fact that my game sucks for me age (I thought) and this gives me something awesome to look forward to. When you know there’s good stuff ahead it’s motivating as hell.

  21. Excellent article. Thanks so much for writing it.
    In retrospect, you’re right about many points, including your take on “appreciation.”
    This is why I love when someone writes with such brutal honesty here. It serves as a reminder of other’s dues they paid along with the need to understand that our past is not always the determining factor for our future—but as you stated here, it can determine how great life can be if we are working towards that.
    Also agree with you regarding attractiveness & a man’s potential when he’s older. I’m in the best shape of my life and focused on maximizing my appearance. There’s so much to be learned and implemented!

    1. Yep, agree and good stuff here, Sharp. I hit this spot about age 31 (12 years ago)…I’m 43 now.
      Much of what I thought (and later confirmed on ROK) was true regarding women (and game). Today, it’s very funny to deal with women and all of the shit tests that they throw my way. I can laugh them off, now, because it’s like ‘child’s play’ to me. I recognize the tests so easily.
      I, too, was a late bloomer and it’s comforting to find the truth about women (and relationships in general). Often, in my 20s, I had to deal with the frustration of “what am I doing wrong here?”. Nothing, really. I was following the ‘good advice’ that my mother gave me: be kind, share your thoughts or feelings, be a good provider (job), etc….and we all know how that ends (lol).
      Once I started improving myself all around, I became the (bus) driver…It’s how I started dealing with women and relationships. She will ride my bus, it’s my schedule, my route, etc….If she starts to act up, then I’ll kick her off of the bus. The bus doesn’t make a stop at her ‘stop’ until Thursday and if she misses it (cancels,flakes) then she’ll have to wait a week. If she cancels twice (or no show) – misses two stops, then the bus doesn’t stop at all for her any longer (no exceptions). Plus, I only give one woman once chance with me (no going back, break ups then reunite, etc..).
      Believe it (or not)…it still works like a charm. That’s not to say I don’t compromise once in a while (little things) but I keep frame at all time. Women will test you early and you have to let them know you mean business.
      Honestly, it’s that type of discipline that keeps them coming back. Funny enough, someone just asked me over the weekend if I could talk to a friend (guy). He’s stuck in the ‘friend zone’ with a girl and he’s in need of much coaching. He’s too nice, pays for everything, etc…I have a lot of work to do.

  22. The irony of most men’s lives is that they get hotter pussy, when they have lesser drive.
    This happens with age. With age, you acquire natural charisma, maturity, wisdom, experience, resources and a masculine frame which women tend to find irresistible.
    When younger, you’ve got male aggression, and an insatiable sex drive. But the biggest hit with age is the sex drive. Sometimes, indifference towards sexually pursuing a woman actually intrigues women towards pursuing you – the game in which you treat women like spoilt bratty younger sisters. I didn’t act indifferent on purpose, but there were times when I cared less to fuck. I’m in my 30’s, with an above normal sexual capacity. But I feel less interested in pursuing women now, I feel more interested in improving my life. The fact that life is unfair proves itself today to me: when I was younger and hornier in my teens and 20’s, I couldn’t pull women that much. Today, when I don’t care about women that much, I get women easily putting out. But the irony is, IT DOESN’T MAKE ME HAPPY.
    The worst thing is when my friends around me tell me that I must ‘go with the flow’ and enjoy the women who’re offering themselves to me now. I couldn’t care less. It’s like life plays a cruel joke with you: it delays your gratification till you actually don’t have the need for gratification anymore. And at that moment suddenly, it presents the gratification in front of you, as if to bait-torture you. Life can be a cruel fucked up bitch. It can give you things when you don’t need them anymore.
    Today, I’m focused on self improvement. Women are nothing for me, but just toys for sexual pleasure. I don’t pursue relationships with them. It’s all a numbers game for me. But sometimes, I don’t even have the time for it. There could be some men who’ve devoted their entire life to seeking and having sex – so they couldn’t live without women. But men’s interests change with time. I’m getting women today when I don’t need them or have the sexual hunger for them as much as I did when I was younger. Sometimes, I even throw them away – even hotties. I’m not angry with women; I’m angry at life. I feel anger rising within myself at it, life can be such a cruel bitch – for ‘rewarding’ me with women when I’ve outlived the need for them. Food only tastes the best when you’re actually hungry, not when you’re not. But what can we do? “Go with the fucking flow”, “Fucking adapt or die” – yeah right. The worst things in life are the ones on which you have no control on.

    1. Your observations are spot on. The biological drives you mention are due to us having 100k years of tradition behind us, backed by sound evolutionary cues, which had men and women married off when they were young. Now that feminism has taken over the cues are destroyed, but the biology remains, and we thus have packs of roaming single young men who, in any other age, would have already been married for years and would be holding responsible careers.

  23. I can relate to this. I started Game at 30. 7 years later, at 37, I’m with a younger chick age 27. I never could have contemplated any of this at my age if I didn’t discover Game.

  24. I am a recently unplugged man (2 months). I was the epitome of the shy, idolizing women, blue pill type. I was so shy that my high school years and my college years were spent very much alone.
    I did, somehow, manage to attract a sweet religious girl and after two years, we were talking about buying rings. I was blinded to the fact that her religious beliefs were to an unhealthy extreme, as were her family’s beliefs. She hadn’t told them about me until I finally grew some balls and pressed the issue at the two year mark. She was then forbidden to associate with me because I was not quite up to her family’s standards (to this day I still don’t really know what they were). She relented and went along with what her family decided for her. I can’t blame her family, I can’t blame her either, it was my responsibility to control the situation and determine her viability early. At the time I was devastated, but now as a newly minted Red Pill Man I realize that I dodged one hell of a bullet.
    I am 28 years old and one of the hardest things, for me personally, about being a newly Red Pill Male is that I look back and I think I missed the best years of my life.
    It is stories like yours that give me hope and inspiration. It is stories like yours that make me realize that I may have been ten kinds of stupid, but I was not alone in my ignorance. There is nothing worse than thinking that one really stands out in the “What the hell was I thinking!?” Category. I may just now be starting to embrace these values and I may just now be changing my life one habit at a time, but at least now I know, without a doubt, that I have the proper foundation in which to build on.
    So thank you for sharing and know that you reached at least one guy.

  25. The late bloomer applies to females in a sense too. In high school I was the ugly duckling. My parents, red pill told me the way to meet a good guy was to meet thrm at a good college. In college I grew my hair long, dressed up. Hell I got plenty of male attention. But I don’t slut around. If I’m going to give the best of my 10 yrs, it’s gotta be marriage without doubt. While my beauty lasts ill lock down a good provider and give my 100% loyalty.

    1. Woman the only thing red about you is your menses. If you are really a woman, I pity you. No matter how much you pat these freaks on the back, they hate you.

  26. In my opinion, no man should ever feel guilty for his blue pill days.
    I’ve been red pill for a long time. I followed Roosh and Roissy from the get go. I still remember reading David DeAngelo and it seemed like revealed truth.
    But I still have not yet revealed the full extent of my red pill beliefs to some in my life. True, I am becoming more outspoken, but this takes time. One by one, blue pill friends and leftists have fled from me, after making the most absurd and desperate pleas to squash my awakening. The worst part is now I know the truth about leftists, feminists, unhealthy self-image, and narcissism, so I can never look at those same people the same way ever again. When I became wealthy two years ago, it got even more extreme; I had to cut ties with my closest friends because they were so damn resentful. Their jealousy combined with their wives’ lust for me ( OPENLY hitting on me in front of them) meant that we could no longer communicate in a positive way.
    Don’t ever feel bad about your week past. . Institutions, ideas, the media, half the population at least, and even your own insecurities, are working round-the-clock to keep you in that servile position.
    The fact that men accept the red pill at any time in our dysfunctional society makes those men heroes. Double for those who dare to speak truth to power.

    1. I wonder if part of the problem is the age of consent in America. 18? And also the drinking age – 21! I have long had the impression that Americans are treated like children for far too long. Teenagers in Europe (for good or bad) have a lot more independence and work through some of these issues before their twenties.

      1. The age of consent varies by state. West Virginia is (or used to be in recent living memory) 14, for example. I believe you’re thinking of the age of majority, which is simply when you get the privilege to vote, and can be drafted (but…only if you’re a male does the state enslavement requirement hit, princesses still are exempt).
        The drinking age is messed up. I was just out of high school when my state changed from 18 to 21, so I was grandfathered in and didn’t feel the effects, but it really was a slap at adults saying “Nah, you’re still kids”.
        The infantalization of America continues at a breathtaking pace outside of those two subjects. It’s as if you’re not even supposed to realize you’re an adult until at least the age 30 any longer.

    2. Agree…learn from your past.
      I, also, had to cut ties with friends because we were not going in the same direction.
      Some were just in an endless cycle (going no where, same problems). Others thought that they were red pill males (I laughed at them, sure..ok). Some had a good career (made good money) so they thought that they were red pill – by this standard alone. But, I watched their interactions with women and I just laughed. Nope, you are a beta with a little bit of money…that’s it.
      Our views regarding “success” were very different.
      So funny to see the reality, today.

  27. excelent article. I enjoyed reading this as well as identifying with some of its content. Big up for all the red pill-ers out there. By the way i read a comment below saying that if you want red pill, then read the Bible – its as red pill as it gets.

    1. Enjoy your youth. Seriously, you’ll age soon enough, and you’ll never get back the free time, energy and long endless summertimes filled with friends and leisure that you had in your 20’s. Every age has something to savor in it, so savor what you can and don’t wish for even one day to age any faster, because believe me, you will.

    2. Ghost is right-enjoy your youth. Life was much simpler for me in those days, very carefree without and pressures you start getting as you get older. Trust me, you’ll start feeling the pinch soon

  28. It took me a while to grow into honorable and respectable manhood too. But he’s is right – it does get better for a man once the 20s are over, assuming he’s invested in himself.
    I was a complete geek at 17 but by the time I was 40, I was having to adapt to women telling me how handsome I am.

  29. I’m starting to see some of my friends getting married. For some of them, it’s game over. It’s their mindset. Then they get fat and dwell on memories of their 20s.
    Not me. As I’m getting near my 30s, things are just getting better.

  30. Hell, this article is just way too pertinent for me. For the last month I have been constantly beating myself up with regret and bitterness thinking how at 29, I am more or less done for, how my chances have left the port and set sail etc.
    Last week, I ran into an old high school friend (newly married) at the supermarket, within three sentences he had asked if i was married, only to tell me with exclamation “Don’t do it, Man”.
    I guess if there is possibility of hope and a life ahead, then I wont tie the noose just yet…

    1. solidarity brother. Whenever I’m on the bus and see women with their strollers blocking the entrance, kids screaming and touching/licking everything, I thank my lucky stars that I’ve been such a loser with women.

  31. Thank you for all you do and share brother, my life would be completely different without you and the others like you.

  32. Well and good you avoided the trap. I had the worst of both worlds unfortunately – blue pill all the way but did manage to get a ho interested enough to say “I do” or more properly “YOU will…”. 3 kids later and looming prison after she gets me fired I left the U.S. forever. Told my parents “Either I don’t see my kids from jail or I don’t see them from where I am now”. Lost everything.
    New passport, new life, never again…. I make maybe half what I did in the states now but I keep all of it. I made 10k a month before I left and lived on less than 1k after taxes, alimony, child support, mandatory health insurance for her and the kids (not me I couldn’t afford it), her lawyer fees, constant defense of false charges, etc. Living in a friends basement and stealing sandies from company meetings just to eat. No more. Now I live on 20% of what I make and save the rest or travel and pursue hobbies. Foreign girls when I want on my schedule. Wish I had learned red pill 30 years ago when I was just becoming a teenager but as you state in your article…. then what?
    Live the dream and if you must have a girl South America or Asia.

    1. I’ve known him since high school. At heart, he was always a blue pill douche. A mama’s boy, too.

  33. Great article, the message that late bloomers should not beat down on themselves is very important because its counterproductive to do so.
    That cumbersome lead of ones bluepill past can and should be transmuted to sparkling gold.

  34. I love this article so much; just what I needed to read at this point in time. I turned 28 in May and have noticed a lot more female attention, more so when I haven’t shaved in a while. I’m not interested at all in dating, but it’s nice to see wandering eyes instead of me always checking others out.

    1. Enjoy the ride-it gets even better in your 30’s. The tables turn for us guys. You’ll notice some women actively pursue you for a change. I would say this word of warning-beware of the 28-32 age range of women. They are husband hunting mode and will push for serious commitment very fast. Go with the younger carefree girls and by all means avoid LTR’s for a while. Focus on yourself and have some fun.

  35. “One of the many advantages of being a man is that our physical aging sequence is the opposite of women. Females are most attractive from their late teens to mid twenties while our attractiveness sky rockets as soon as we hit thirty and continues to smolder well into our forties and sometimes even longer depending on genes and habits.”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it’s always so funny when you boyosphere guys tell yourselves these things. You’re delusional. Your physical prime is in your 20s, that’s it. Almost no man looks better in his 30s. You just tell yourselves these things to feel superior to women in that way, but it’s bullshit.

    1. The lot of these fools are sociopaths and they know it. They revere each other as to give themselves a cyber ego boost. Most of them get off the Internet and go back to being gentlemen to the women in their lives. I’ve read some sick shit on here. Racism is prevelant as well. They live stuck in the past and well it’s kinda sad.

  36. ““Thank God I was a fuckin’ loser.”
    -> If you see kids as a burden rather than your greatest asset, much to learn you still have eDoc

    1. Maldek, you are obviously a good father and love your children. I’m not knocking you. Just fatherhood is taken way too lightly and most young men (boys) are not ready for this supreme responsibility.
      What the author is conveying (IMHO) that it was very likely that were he not a “loser” earlier in life, he may have knocked some random girl up, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. The financial and emotional costs with having a child with a girl you barely know (or even care for) can be catastrophic to a young man’s potential. I’ve never seen a very successful man in his 30s – 50s who had a “mistake” during his high school or college years.

    2. Depends on who you had them with. It sounds like you were lucky and project your personal experience as the default.

  37. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating older women. I am 26, and my personal preference is to be with someone in their 30s. Why? Because, they are more mature, stable, confident, self respecting, not batshit crazy and more rewarding for a guy like me.
    I cannot stand girls in their 20s. They are all the same from my own personal experience of dating them- very immature, insecure, self absorbed, loud and obnoxious, no real experience of life or understanding of how the world works, no respect for a real man, batshit crazy and the list goes on.
    I know most guys will disagree with me on this, but hey thats what makes us all individuals.

    1. Not all women in their 20s are skanks. If you’re only pulling them at clubs & bars then I see your point. I’ve met a few at work who seemed to have their heads on straight. Some are actually disgusted by the behavior of their peers & realize that men should be treated with respect if they are to catch a good one.

      1. Nice girls in their 20’s are like those “doorbuster” deals on Black Friday: They go fast or they are bargains that are hard to find. Such women eventually foray onto social media (dating sites, etc.) and are flooded with hundreds of guys. Good for them. This is where old-fashioned networking comes in handy: Meeting through family, friends of friends, neighborhood social events, etc. where such women rarely venture outside of their comfort zone of close family and work associates.

    2. Dating women in the 30’s was an interesting experience for me. Some of them were professional women who were lazy and their biological clock went off and they wanted to find a professional man, FAST, to marry. They weren’t necessarily more mature, stable, confident and self-respecting but they at least had a sense of urgency in their lives which was useful. Some of them had gone “batshit crazy” and doubled down on their entitlement attitude: (If you didn’t make them want to marry you on that first date, they would dump you immediately because they couldn’t “waste time.”)
      Another problem with dating in the 30’s is what the author mentions: Just as many “early bloomer” men in their 30’s were stuck with a bunch of kids and debts from crazy exes, a lot of women are too. There’s a reason they call these homes “broken”. It’s often a mess for a social worker to try to sort out and one walks into the middle of it. The author himself got burnt by 2 women with kids from previous relationships. Other men’s kids == risk.

  38. late bloomers as in are you referring to a guy that is past a certain age and he is either still a virgin or never had a girlfriend before, you mean late bloomer in that aspect?

  39. Experience is my best teacher and it has compelled me to think that we
    may all be damaged in one way or another. The real difference becomes
    clear when only one person pursues a better life through self
    improvement/empowerment while the other is stuck in their own vicious
    cycle and tries to guilt the person into taking responsibility for a
    long, pre-existing psycho-social issue. It’s the singlemost important
    reason to keep it in your pants a little longer and delve deeper into
    what made you curious about that person in the first place. Or you can
    keep thinking with the smaller head and play a potentially painful round
    of: See how long it takes for you to lose it all. Thank You!

  40. Don’t make babies! If you want to then marriage is a partial insulation from all the shit that will roll down hill. There is a bias (surprise surprise) in that a successful single man will find it really difficult to adopt or use some surrogacy methods to have a child that is woman-free.

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