Three Immigrants Allegedly Broadcast Their Rape Of A Swedish Girl Live On Facebook

Earlier this week, 3 Middle-Eastern looking men were arrested in Uppsala, Sweden, for allegedly gang-raping a woman while streaming it live on Facebook.

Several witnesses reported that the perpetrators were wielding a handgun in the video. It is yet to be determined if it was used to intimidate the victim. The event was only interrupted when the police showed up on the scene, three hours after the beginning of the broadcast.

Conventional media obviously tries to (poorly) blur faces and hide that they are non-Swedes. When they wrote about it at all.

A crime for all to see

Far from regretting what they just did, the attackers, with beaming smiles and laughing out loud, proudly showed pictures they took on their mobile phones whilst penetrating the victim. I will not display them here but the images are already online.


The main suspect with glasses is known by the Swedish Police for various crimes and condemnations. Colour me shocked.

Even if the police is about to knock on the door and the victim wakes up and calls for help on her phone, he is more focused on fixing his hair and mocking her while showing her face for the entire world to see. I can guarantee that he will be high-fived by his Saracen buddies behind bars, before being shortly released “coz Swiden is racis”.

A recurrent pattern


It echoes other rape affairs that took place in Sweden recently. Swedish Police is investigating cases where children were raped in broad daylight (I am convinced that the perpetrators are Uruguayan Adventists).

Last March in Malmö, a pack of Muslims abducted a young Swedish girl before sequestrating her in the basement of a hookah bar and gang raping her for hours while recording the scene.

Contrary to feminist beliefs, the only actual rape culture is found among Muslims. What is relatively recent, is their will to record the rape, to show it and share it. The goal is sticking it in our faces, to demonstrate that the laws of the colonised country do not apply to them and they can do as they please, by specifically defiling a white girl.

The image is stronger than the hearsay. Through the physical image of the rape they commit, they have a higher impact, trying to demoralise natives that can’t act even if they want to take revenge, hence gaining a psychological advantage.

It is a will to show conquest over humans, sending the message that they already conquered us as law enforcement and the common people are banned from making them pay for their crimes.

Feminists have nothing to say to this


The ROK 2016 meetup created global outrage worldwide, after cherry picking sentences in a satire and spinning it into a rape manual, managing to create governmental response and mobilise police forces to arrest us on sight.

This actual gang rape did not provoke any reaction from the main feminist shills like the Daily Beast, Buzzfeed or feminist stables like Jezebel or EverydayFeminism.

Big sweet nothing. Why? Because Muslims and migrants are a protected caste. And the fact that modern feminists have no interest in the actual protection or advancement of women.


When you see that millions of unfuckable fatties and anaemic antifas have nothing better to do with their time than autistic screeching and destroying state and private property, triggered that the 45th President was one day surprised using locker room talk and that they zip it when actual rapes take place, there is a deep problem.

They don’t speak about the Cologne rapes or the German girl that was strangled and raped by a Afghan migrant in Germany before her father collected money for the refugees AT HER FUNERAL.

Muslims are the sacred cow of the Leftist suicidal cult.

Why Sweden and not a country like Serbia?

Russia dealing with illegal immigration

Russia dealing with illegal immigration

For three reasons:

  • The migrant crisis is controlled and natives’ interests put first
  • Natives are given the means to defend themselves
  • Muslims know that they will be harmed by locals if they try to rape anyone

The key factors are here: less Muslims and men that are willing to defend themselves. In the Swedish (and Western European) context, there are obvious signs that Muslim invaders test the limit of their bravado and the inaction of the natives by checking how far they can push the buttons.

On lui donne le doigt et il vous prend le bras


The “Sweden, Yes!” joke is cruel but it might shame Swedes into doing something. Will it stop or keep happening daily? This question is perfectly summed up by this observation from an ethnic Swede (source: translation: RickF)

“The violent phase has been initiated. He who is aggressive tests, again and again, the possibility for dominance. If he who has the position of authority cannot, will not or is unable to understand that this happens, he becomes whipped – that goes for us humans as well as for dogs.

When response finally comes in the purpose of recreating the former position it will be viewed as unfair since it has taken so long, which also often means that he who tries to re-establish dominance settles for doing a half-assed job.

This provokes an even stronger violent response from the challenger and puts the defendant in a moral check mate if he has surrendered political stances as his conceptual ground – which we have done in Sweden. We have, seen as a whole, forgotten that victory counts, not how it is achieved. Or put in a way of a sportsman: all scores count.

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  1. At some point people will stop relying on the police, and will just hunt fucks like these down and do justice publicly in the streets. It will be ugly, and I don’t look forward to it, but it’s getting hard to deny that I will be smiling when it happens.

    1. Yeah, it’s shit that we don’t have a 2nd amendment here. I’d love to get hold of a gun. Feel it’s gotten to a point where a gun actually has become a priority.

      1. Whats stopping you? When you realize the laws and the state are not working to protect, but restrict you– you and yours should be procuring weapons by any means neccessary.

        1. Nothing stopping me per se, it’s not that I would let the lack of 2nd amendment stop me. But guns are hard to get by here, unless you really have criminal connections, and I don’t. Other than normal hunting rifles, guns are extremely rare.

      2. If I weren’t so afraid of getting caught I’d actually want to buy one of those AK-47 from the former Balkan wars. Many circulate in muslim no-go zones but yeah, can’t buy them from there either.

    2. As long as this happens to “fucks” of both genders, then it’s fine. Equality ! they asked for it !

  2. saw this a few days ago. No mention of the men’s ethnicity of course. Must be referred to as “Stockholm Syndrome” for a reason, right? You’d think this would be a trending story on FB Sweden, but Im sure the algos have decided its “fake news”.

    1. Reverse the sexes and ethnicities and this would be front page news on every libtard media outlet for weeks.

      1. They only care about publishing the slightest hint of a rape allegation against white males.
        Last week I was over in Burlington, VT and had NPR on radio. They were discussing “fake news.” Inevitably the commentators reached agreement NPR never pushes fraudulent stats or bogus stories.
        I nearly became unglued! Do you know how many times a month NPR pumps the debunked 1 in 4 college “rape crisis” and $.77 crap? Nor have they ever ONCE had segment regarding the innocent men who’ve been destroyed by the Obama Dear Colleague legislation.

  3. Anyone that thinks Muslims can peacefully coexist in a modern society are dangerously mistaken. They are savages that threaten our well being.

  4. I pity that skank, she probably followed those muslims around all day hoping she would get some good dick. From the looks of them I bet u they didn’t even gave her a proper orgasm, I even wonder if they know how throw a punch.

      1. I got to see them a few weeks/months before Entwistle OD’ on coke and hookers. they could still kick out the jams

        1. awesome stuff. I think that if you want to talk about who could do the best all out balls to wall unstructured jam while also having the skill to put together tight, organized masterpieces of percussion that short of maybe Zappa and the Mothers no one can stand toe to toe with the who at having both skills.

        2. Zappa is king! Essential RP musician, exposed groupies and mocked feminists way before any of it was mainstream. Probably what got him black balled, he had hits and top charting albums, but never got any radio play.

        3. Big Who fan as well; still have trouble wrapping my head around the Ox’s death. I was pissed off when that news broke – I hate when greats throw away their talents, but then again, I have no insight to what he may have been going thru. Just have to accept it.

  5. Man. Swedish men are cuckugees. They are probably pitching together to raise bail money for the perps while fervently working to create safe spaces for them within the friendly confines of their young daughters’ bedrooms. It’s their own fault: no balls = no future.

    1. “No balls, no future.” The Swedes should put that on propaganda posters.

        1. Nothing lasts forever. When was the last time someone shrieked in fear “Oh shit! The Swedes are coming! The Swedes are coming!”
          I would be more than happy to adopt a few blonde, buxom nurses, 25 yrs old or so

        2. The entire polish hockey team drowned during spring training. a real tragedy

        3. not only swedish, but europe.
          the common sense is no longer anymore common for all leftist in europe

        1. Is it just me or when we were growing up wasn’t Sweden thought of as the promised land filled with blonde bombshells and men drinking some kind of homemade booze slightly stronger than kratom?

        2. bizarre indeed Bob,
          Elephants and acrobats,
          Lions next monkey
          Pele speaks righteous
          Sister Seena says funky

        3. Yeah! Those were the days. This is not my Sweden. I am going to hold signs and protest. “Not my Sweden.”

        4. How often do I get to bust out an OMC reference. I started listening to the song as soon as I posted the comment lol

        5. You don’t get the chance every day, that’s for sure…(listening to jam right now)…

        6. Their vibe reminds me of that Deeper Shade of Soul- band…that tune was amazing

        7. If I organically get an LFO comment in here my day will really be complete.

        8. yes, they most certainly were and that is a very good comparison. I would put old De La Soul in there as well.

        9. You still see some very pretty Swedish girls. It is an exaggeration and partly a modern myth, but some really are very, very hot. The obesity rates are also much lower than in the U.S., UK and Canada, for instance.

        10. oh and squirrel nut zippers….man, today’s playlist is gonna be fun.

        11. songs like those wouldnt crack the top 40, much less the top 20, these days

        12. Yeah, I remember when the Swedish bikini team used to win…….whatever it was but, those were great commercials.

        13. Throw Brand New Heavies on there…there collaborations with rappers album were good shit

        14. They absolutely won. I don’t know where that bus picked them up and where it dropped them off but what I do know is that they won.

        15. The Swedish Bikini Team!!!!!
          I remember that – my impression was that the whole country was overflowing with Blond Bimbi!

        1. thx for posting, could never remember the band’s name, and Im always looking for another one of their hits, now I can DL it

        2. You’re like an American version of a crazy Bollywood director, Bob. Got a musical number for everything 😀

  6. Oh swedish girls? Narcisist feminist sluts in that country where they accuse random men of “rape”, right? Why should swedish men give a fuck now?

        1. The next time you’re half asleep commenting, just slip me your Swiss bank account number and access. I’ll help lighten the load.

        2. I have swiss cheese in the fridge and no bank account. I can make you a sandwich. How’s that Frank?

    1. “Narcisist feminist sluts in that country where they accuse random men of “rape”, right? Why should swedish men give a fuck now?”
      A valid point. I assume now the attitude is as follows: When a swedish man happens to look at a female the wrong way, then it’s RAYPE !!!! But when a swedish girl has blood and semen dripping from her anus after having been forcibly soddomized by a pack of these lower primates – no feminist is to be found.

      1. White man stares at White girl -> Rapist
        White man who denounces actual brown rapist -> Racist

  7. This talk about “oppressed minorities” dissimulates the very real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and serves to deny us from our rights to public empathy, to dignity, or to even basically survive in a world of our own.
    The Genocidal Assumptions of ‘Diversity’ (aka White Genocide):
    Everywhere that is currently White in any proportion or degree, should be getting less White from here on out. Indefinitely.
    You name it: it could be Cambridge, Rotterham, Berlin, Toronto, Denver, Lillehammer. If there’s White people there now, at all, the premise
    is ‘there had better be fewer White people there both proportionately and absolutely in 10 years time then there are now’.
    What could be more blatantly Genocidal and evil than that?

  8. That stupid (I assume she’s a leftist liberal progressive) girl deserves what happened to her. What did she expect ? poor bitch.

  9. I am Swedish. Tired of this shit. Living here is quite fine for the largest share of the middle class and a significant share of immigrants are okay, but the extent to which political correctness, feminism, multiculturalism and mass immigration from third-world countries are causing damage – whether directly or indirectly – is very large to say the least. Luckily we have a Kurdish-Swedish economist, Tino Sanandaji, and a native Swedish economist, Jan Tulllberg, who have been very influential the last 3-4 years or so and debunked many establishment myths about mass immigration and plenty of other politically correct ideas.

    1. Native sweds and germans should move to slovakia and from there we can start the crusades again.
      We will also take back Jerusalem.

    2. Hey, so as someone with boots on the ground over there you do not feel that these stories that crop up are indicative of culture in general. I would tend to believe that as I see, first hand, NYC gets a rap for being an ultra liberal fag progressive place filled with homos and tranny’s and shit and, yes, they are here and I know where to find them, but in my day to day life I never see any of them because I don’t go to those kinds of neighborhoods.

        1. I would think that these sweedish girls who get raped my muzzies could probably totally avoid the situation by avoiding certain neighborhoods, avoiding being out without a male with them late at night and generally doing all the things that parents have been telling their daughters to do to protect themselves since moses wore short pants.

        2. Moses in short pants is a bad image…. 🙂
          Absolutely correct. A little bit of common sense (from parents no less) can go a long way.

        3. “I would think that these sweedish girls who get raped my muzzies could probably totally avoid the situation by avoiding certain neighborhoods, avoiding being out without a male with them late at night and…”
          It’s gotten to the point where in some neighborhoods that means not even stepping out the front door.

        4. That goes in a lot of places. There are neighborhoods in NYC, LA and any major city like that. Solution: live elsewhere. I am sure, like everywhere, there are young kids who think it is edgy to live in the ghetto. But those girls are the ones who want to be gangbanged by Somali refugees anyway.

        5. Difference here though is that these neighborhoods were made this way through the suicidal immigration policies of the EU. The solution you suggest is correct, but the situation that created the necessity of following that advice is utterly criminal.

        6. yeah, that makes perfect sense. Still, as people say, “it is what it is” and as long as that is what it is, it should be readily avoidable right?

        7. Right, I wasn’t disagreeing with your remedy. It’s absolutely accurate and the correct thing to do.
          But in the traditional homelands of Honkies, maybe policy makers should stop and question why precisely they’re importing scum into their nations that are turning entire cities that were once peaceful, idyllic and quiet into rape centers.

        8. Yup. You know, the funny thing is that if you look at pictures of videos from, say, Somalia… really looks like just where these unwashed barbarians belong. They out of Somalia is as strange as me out of New York. I think we should start a movement where rather than talking about expelling these animals we couch it in terms of saving them. Millions Somalis are forced every year to use indoor plumbing. Please, help us send these Somalis back to a place where they will feel more comfortable, where they can hump goats and use their hands as toilet paper, where math doesn’t exist.

        1. 22 livable square mile island that I have lived on all my life…I know how to find everything — including the stuff best avoided.

        2. Yeah it seems everyone (myself included) have a somewhat unrealistic view of places they aren’t from or intimately familiar with.

        3. It is natural. For any place I have never spent time in I have only a caricature to go on. The thing I have noticed is that the idiots, of whatever breed, are always the loudest. So the idiot hicks or the total degenerate faggots will get 90% of the press time. You aren’t going to turn on the news and hear “Perfectly Rational Man Goes To Work Today, Comes Home, Eats Dinner and Watches a Movie! News at 11.” It is why people look at Columbia University like a den of total perversity. The lunatics make the evening news. They are still a minority though.

        4. Had to happen…our pal simply ran out of women so he had to hit the Brown Room.
          Sad really…..

        5. Haha, that’s why people think everyone from Georgia looks like Mama June and Honeybee or Honeybear or whatever it is.
          Its like nicknames, I have heard said that all southerners have one. I don’t and most of the ones I know that do, got it because of doing something stupid that everyone remembers or they have some sort of weird quirk or something.
          For example- there used to be a cat around here that walked REALLY slow and was forever grinning so everybody started calling him “Slow Buddy”.

        6. Hey there people i’m bobby brown
          They say I’m the cutest boy in town
          my car is fast
          my teeth is shiny
          I tell all the girls they can kiss my Heiny.
          Here I am at a famous school
          I’m dress’n sharp and actin’ cool
          I got a cheerleader here wanna help with my paper
          let her do all the work and maybe later ill rape her

        7. assignment: rewrite the lyrics of Cream’s “White Room” to “Brown Room”

        8. That’s gold (Jerry) GOLD! I’ll get on it, though I have a feeling Bob Smith has already recorded a studio version…

        9. I dont believe this…
          “I’ll wait in this place where the sun never
          shines” is a line from the REAL song – this shit writes itself!!!!!

        10. OK you asked for it:
          In the brown room with black skid marks near your cooter
          Fartbox lovin’, goin’ bare-back, tired sphincter
          Stinky discharge ran down your legs wrecking your sheets
          Dawnlight smiles on you leaving, get the fuk out
          I’ll wait in this place where the sun never shines (no need to change a thing here–ed.)
          Deep in this place where dik isn’t meant to be
          You said blow jobs are so passe, lets get to this!
          Braced on all fours, pillow bitin’ goodbye ex-lax
          I walked into such a brown time in that cornhole
          As I slid out, felt my own self-respect leave
          I’ll wait on the bed for a fresh tow-el
          Now you can keep the messed-up bed for yourself
          At the party she was looking for the hard core
          Consolation for the butt-hurt wont help now
          Yellow discharge soiled the blankets in your mom’s bed
          She’s just dressing, goodbye pirate,tired sphincter
          I’ll sleep on the couch far from stinky sheets
          Lie in the dark where the shadows run from the mess.

    3. Time for a change. A big one. Feminism and Leftism should be destroyed. They are the disease. Migrants are just the (lethal) symptoms.

    4. I would suggest you pick up an axe and start murdering Muslims if you are “tired of this shit”.
      How much would it take for you to do that?
      When your whole country burns down?

  10. I love the fact that 50% of the articles on ROK are now on stories that were formerly reported on the dailystormer.
    2017 is a great year.

  11. “Earlier this week, 3 Middle-Eastern looking men were arrested in Uppsala, Sweden”
    Oh, not to worry I’m sure they’ll be released in no time; and these sharia apes know it – this explains their shit eating grins.
    Too bad the cops showed up before he could cut her head off and dangle it in front of the camera à la this example:
    The readers here at ROK are going to have to excuse my callus sarcasm, but as things are getting progressively (hmm.. there’s that ‘progressive’ word again) worse, my disgust is now expanding to not only the european political elites, but now also the self-genocidal, self loathing, cucked european faggots who allowed this to happen:

  12. The Day the Swedish Died
    A long long time ago
    I can still remember how
    Thoughts of Sweden used to make me smile
    And I knew if they had one chance
    Muslims would crawl inside their pants
    And maybe they’d be happy for awhile
    But February made ’em shiver
    With every gang rape they’d deliver
    Bad news on her door step
    She couldn’t take one more step
    I can’t remember if I cried
    When I read about the cuck’s dead bride
    Something touched me deep inside
    The day the Swedish died
    So…bye-bye Scandinavian pie
    Drove my old Ford to the fjord
    But the fjord was dry
    And good old Swedes were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
    Singin’ this will be the day that I die…

  13. For a girl who got gang raped with a gun, she’s essentially relaxing on the chair in that first video. No crying, no pleas for help. The guys speak Swedish, look even a bit hipster, and the girl is ugly. She probably went with them willingly, the guys got a little too aggressive, and then the Breitbart crowd labeled it “rape.” But has anyone seen the actual rape video where she was saying no to them? Based on how she looks, I could see her going with the guys willingly for a “party” and just opening her legs easily for brown cock like Swedish girls love doing.

    1. The whole thing could be staged, too, in order to rile up the rabble. Who knows for sure. I mean, after all, it’s coming from {{{the media}}}.

      1. The feminist legislators in Sweden with certainly be benefitting from this; now they can redefine what a rape is, and it now involves a woman with a smile on her face getting gangbanged.

      2. I really dont see race as a big thing anymore, ive seen alot of middle eastern girls marrying western men and vice versa. If this occurred, its the exception and not the norm

    2. thank you for this bit of sensibility roosh. Emotions run high especially in a situation like this but it is important to remember AWALT and every.single.rape needs to be looked at with skepticism now a days. It is so easy to say “oh these three fucking sand niggers raped that nice Swede girl” but I am sure that is the same instinct people had about the duke lacrosse team, the poor kid who got steam rolled by mattress girl, the UVA case and any number of the many “rapes” that have been going on. Until I see some convincing evidence that this girl was gang raped I will have to assume that this girl was merely gang banged…something she probably fantasized about prior to finally meeting these guys who were more than happy to oblige.

      1. Well put. Maybe it’s age and wisdom but I find the older I get the longer I pause, take a breath and reflect on the situation before getting all fired up. This could very well be a heinous crime but based on what was presented in the article the entire episode seems odd and incongruous with a real crime. Maybe the perps are indeed criminal dipshits like that rabble in Chicago. On the other hand, maybe they’re just dipshits. Stuff like this often seems like agitprop. I’m not denying that Sweden is a progressive wasteland. I’m not affirming it either because sitting here across the ocean I have no real idea what’s going on over there.

      2. Aren’t Muslim guys supposed to get 80 lashes for having sex out of wedlock anyways? There was this other story where migrants apparently raped some girl after getting drunk-isn’t drinking also not allowed for them as well?

        1. I don’t know anything about muslim rules other than you can only eat hallal meat and you are forced to smell like someone put cheese in a sock and then wore that sock for a week straight in 95 degree weather at all times.

        2. You are naive if you think that.
          This happens when Muslim commits crime against other Muslims.
          When Muslim commits crime against Non-Muslims, it’s open season.

        3. They can’t drink alcohol, eat pork, no premarital sex, they’re not allowed to touch opposite sex who is not their family (unless it’s necessary ; doctor, nurse, firefighter, etc.). Although the males are allowed to have interfaith marriage with women from other Abrahamic teachings, it is still strongly suggested for them to marry Muslim women. They are not allowed to mate with unbelievers.

        4. Well it depends, as I’ve heard both sides; one of the muslim leaders in the early days had his son publicly beaten because he committed a crime against a nonmuslim, for example. My point is that they’re still breaking their own laws, no matter which version of sharia you go by.

        5. Well, my apologies if we’ve offended you in anyway. Obviously, its not the norm in muslim culture to rape women. These immigrants look like the worst of the worst though. SO my apologies on behalf of the muslim community if this was indeed the case.
          If there are muslims who are educated etc and enter the country offering skills then they should be accepted but if its like this then perhaps Sweden should be more careful

      3. As I told someone before, individuals can seldom be reasoned with, but collective movements are always irrational and can’t be reasoned with. The only way to stop the process would be a return of the rule of law ie. public executions for proven murderers and real rapists (as well as false accusers), scorn to corrupt politicians, execution and or expulsion of illegal and misbehaved immigrants, etc. Otherwise tribalism will take off…and I will have to watch from afar the destruction it will cause.
        We as men have an ingrained instinct to protect our women, which was more than welcome in the days of yore when women belonged to their father or their husband and were efficiently compelled to behave. That’s not the case anymore but the instincts are still there so expect men to fight immigrants for the honor of their maidens while their women still cuckholding them etc, etc.
        I would almost swear the next step of the elites is a racial war in America and a racial-religious war in Europe and the best way to accomplish in Europe this is through massive immigration and then carry out heinous acts of violence, to be broadcast in order to “awaken” the people, this acts would go along with the real crimes perpetrated by this “refugees” who happen to have a deep seated hatred of Europe and its peoples.

      4. The sad thing is, even though you’re being 100% logical for wanting evidence before jumping to any conclusions, there is this strong implication that you’re being a jerk for not automatically assuming the chick was raped.
        This is the result of a gynocentric society.

        1. Absolutely….and that implication isn’t just from women or “society” what ever that is. To be honest, even as cold as I am, when I hear 3 refugees gang rape Swedish girl it takes a second for me to catch my breath and force myself to say “probably bullshit”
          We were not raised to think like this, it is a product of the way the world has become. This is why it is such an effective weapon

        2. Correction bro. 3 rapefugees gangrape Swedish girl not Syrian girl. The rape endemic brought by rapefugees into Europe is real and it’s horrible.

        3. Until I see much more proof I just assume that that Swedish girl not only wanted it but loved every second of it.

      5. The far left will believe any story about a white man raping somebody
        The far right will believe any story about a brown man raping somebody

      6. This thought process is why you and your ilk will die off. You have no morality. You cheer in your small impotent atheistic heart over your own demise.

    3. In this forum thread, people are discussing the events. From what I have read so far, people are being sceptical about the existence of video material which shows her saying no or the actual rape events, but I have not yet looked through everything. Might get back on that point from some Swedish sources.

    4. You took that thought out of my brain Roosh. Sitting there kind of sedated and dumb. I would have screamed the fucking place down. They would have had to shoot me to shut me up and I certainly would have been jumping towards the cops at the door. Something is not right with that whole situation.

      1. White Europeans got cucked so badly that a white girl will rather go out with neanderthal Muslim than go out with their own kind. Sad.

    5. The point of this article I think , whether it is rape or not , is that imagine if these men were white. The media would have roasted them and the whole white men like there is no tomorrow. But they are arabs so the cucked media is trying to let this go unnoticed like they always do. As for the bitch I have no doubts she is no angel and willingly bumped into them.

    6. My thoughts exactly. When you analyze the overall situation, its mostly the women who voted for this shit. Men have been either feminized or forced out by society, so naturally the women’s survival instincts kick in which motivates them to submit themselves unto hordes of sexually depraved barbarians, because this way they still think they can have a family, despite the fact that rapefugees only want to bust a nut and get free welfare.

      1. For all of the talk about date rape, I read a statistic which stated that about out of all the estimated date rapes which occur, about 40 percent of victims continue to have consensual sexual relations with their attackers. Only 2 percent report it.
        It seems odd that if rape is the worst thing that could happen to a woman, why do so few report it?
        Sometimes I think that in those scenarios, the girl refusing sex is an unconscious test for dominance. Basically to see if the man is physically and mentally strong enough to make her submissive.
        Also, date rapist tend to be the opposite of the traditional thought of what a rapist is. Instead of the the socially awkward basement dweller who gets bullied at work by guys playing keep away with his wallet as a 32 year old and is still a virgin, a date rapist statistically tends to be more stereotypically masculine, has ideas of women being subservient to men, tends to be more of the athletic type, might be involved in sports (more likely to be an amateur MMA fighter than math club president) and oddly enough, tends to have access or no problem getting consensual sex but are also more willing to pay for prostitutes. They are more likely to have a criminal record for nonsexual crimes as well.
        Rape fantasies tend to be a top female fantasy and the type of man more likely to commit date rape is the type of man they may have slept with anyway. As long as it doesn’t involve violence which leaves her seriously injured, women are statistically unlikely to report it.
        So if a man commits 100 date rapes, statistically 40 of those women will continue to see him while only 2 report it to the police.
        Only a specific type of rapist rapes because he has no other options and he wouldn’t be the kind to date rape because in order to pull that off, he’d have to be able to get a date first.

        1. Even though it may be pure speculation based on circumstantial evidence, I still get the hunch that most “rape” reports are just petty women who have been conditioned by feminism to get angry over the fact that they can’t dominate men, so they resort to exploiting the corrupt system into using mafia like shakedown tactics to control the men.
          The traditional definition of rape only really counts for a women if she was dominated by a low smv guy, all while she has no problem over Christian Grey performing BDSM shit on her.

        2. I think the word rape should be thrown out and a new one should be brought in. If you get stalked down a dark street and get tackled and manhandled into doggystyle then I can call that rape. But If you end up in a room all alone with some guy and he fucks you, that isn’t rape. I don’t give a shit how it plays out. If theirs violence it’s an assault case, not rape. If you weren’t forced into that room, it isn’t rape. That’s my take anyways.

    7. I have not seen it, but all news/reports about it claims she was unconscious in the streamed content.

    8. I think there are people at the reins of power in the western world that see benefit in using any bit of propaganda to cast muslims as the great evil in the world. whether it’s to justify stealing their land/oil or to deflect attention away from themselves. any and every bombing/shooting ect. should be examined to see who else maybe benefiting from the atrocity. that being said if this is propaganda, Swedish men should be still be embarrassed that they have created a gutless culture that makes vids like this believable by their refusal to rein in crime by immigrants.

        1. ha! had to look up what cui bono means. Agree. Wish others would use this as a principle. I personally can’t wrap my mind around a bunch guys on camel back with AKs being the greatest threat to my life & liberty. The greatest threat to me are those wanting to import them in mass over here with the end game of controlling my every thought and action.

        2. That about sums it up. Those uber-billionaires who control the media are running the show. And it’s quite a show. Complete with fictional villains, etc.

      1. Nobody ever stole their oil. The West buys it at, lemme check the latest price, $55.08/bbl. It has peaked at about $147/bbl at one point. If the West had never found a use for oil you bet they wouldn’t either and they’d still be living in bedouin tents. Oh wait, most of them still do but that’s because they choose obscurantism rather than modernisation.

        1. I agree that without the West’s use of oil no one would care about the Muslim world. And although no one has stolen oil that I know of yet, I have noted that Israel has recently discovered oil in the Golan Heights, an area Syria has claimed theirs as well. Suddenly the US has declared this area a no fly zone. Why? is this a strategy for protecting Israel as an ally or are oil interests the reason. I don’t have the answers, but I do know the US & Russia aren’t there in Syria out of the kindness of their hearts. FYI I don’t care personally if Israel gets the oil in the Golan, I just wish politicians wouldn’t use my brothers as Israel’s shield

      2. I *wish* we’d done it for oil. Conquering for precious commodities at least is logical and somewhat rational, if cold and stone fisted. The real problem is that we’re run by ideologues from the Left who see no place on earth, outside of nuclear armed nations, that does not need to be “democratized”.

        1. I wasn’t referring to the Iraqi war or the USA’s actions then. to this day I still don’t understand the reasons for the invasion of Iraq. I hear “blood for oil” from the far left, but we have plenty of oil in Saudi Arabia. I hear “we did it for Israel” from the far right, but Israel has a top rate military, just turn those guys loose. The middle pitch of “Saddam was evil, lets liberate the people” doesn’t make sense to me because a: I don’t see the Bush family as that idealistic & b: Africa is full of psycho leaders, why didn’t we go there and help them? I saw the same pitch against Assad and his government by Obama, so some group over here is still obsessed with the middle eastern dictatorships and none of the others for reasons I currently cant see. got any good articles that might pitch a good reason my way?

        2. Exactly. The pieces are being shifted to expand the system that necessitates “hard work” for fiat currency that way you have to pay for water. That’s what it all boils down to. With water you can do anything, without it you can’t do shit.

    9. Spot on. I’m starting to believe that Facebook Live is the new Worldstar Hip-Hop. Just a ton of fake scenarios put together by a bunch of nimrods in the hopes of getting 15 seconds of fame. They don’t even see the full ramifications of what they’re doing. The adage about yelling fire in a crowded building is lost on them.

      1. I’m thankful social media was not around when I was growing up. I can’t believe youngsters now posting mischievous activity for all to see.
        And this Facebook Live thing. What a platform for attention whores. I cannot imagine streaming any moment of my life online like everyone gives a damn.

    10. victim blaming again. No wonder the Canadian women threw beer at you for saying rape should be legal.

      1. bah, and while he was just saying that, as a joke, those three guys actually did it and recorded for the world to see.. as if it was perfectly legal. so, who is to be blamed the most here, Stefandemert ?

      2. Victim blaming?
        Are you being sarcastic or serious here?

      3. Victim card tactics, again !
        No wonder the Canadian pussies are sluts & whores. No wonder the Canadian pussies are ungrateful bitches who “dis-honored” their founding Fathers and MEN who died for the Country; just because of “SONS” in national anthem.
        Go fuck yourself, and hey, it’s perfectly LEGAL !!

      1. Could you please explain how this secret strategy works, logistically/operationally?
        Also, without using Google or right-wing blogs, what is “Taquiyya”? (sort of a rhetorical question, I know) Is it a type of hot sauce found in Latin countries?
        It certainly isn’t a carte blanche license that allows Muslims to lie. Since such a thing does not exist anywhere in real life.

    11. Update on the facts:
      – Suspect in glasses has an Iranian name and surname but bio says he was born in Yerevan, Armenia. I doubt that. Any twat can change anything on their bio. Name is not Armenian, 3 Armenian sources confirmed
      – He has Christian imagery tattooed on him.
      – Girl knew the three of them and probs went to the party willingly
      – Hence the “alleged rape” label. Does not seem like glasses Iranian penetrated, just showed pics of his mate’s dick inside her (fact) while she passed out. Glasses guy jokes at the end : “You have been raped!”
      – The two others are Afghans with at least one photograph one of them penetrating her
      – She was low SMV, the thing she was high one has to be determined and Swedish girls easily spread it for brown dicks

    12. Update on the facts:
      – Suspect in glasses has an Iranian name and surname but bio says he was born in Yerevan, Armenia. I doubt that. Any twat can change anything on their bio. Name is not Armenian, 3 Armenian sources confirmed
      – He has Christian imagery tattooed on him.
      – Girl knew the three of them and probs went to the party willingly
      – Hence the “alleged rape” label. Does not seem like glasses Iranian penetrated, just showed pics of his mate’s dick inside her (fact) while she passed out. Glasses guy jokes at the end : “You have been raped!”
      – The two others are Afghans with at least one photograph one of them penetrating her
      – She was low SMV, the thing she was high one has to be determined and Swedish girls easily spread it for all the brown dicks

    13. I was thinking the same. Not defending those guys though, it might have been a real rape. But a girl willingly going with three guys to their place, what did she expect, a tea party?

      1. They actually do expect that. And it’s their parents fault for raising them in their cartoon world that has no base in reality.

    14. Cant remember who recommended this site but after a cuck comment like that from someone who looks like an arab, I’ll stick with the Daily Stormer and Co.

  14. My initial instinct is to want the filth hung, which is justice. However, the way Sweden has been acting, I find it very difficult to work up any concern even for something as disgusting as this crime. They have been faced with kind of thing consistently and they do NOTHING. It’s clear to me that Sweden doesn’t give a damn about it’s women, girls, or it’s own indigenous population.
    If Sweden doesn’t care, why the hell should I?

  15. The Day the Swedish Died (song parody)
    A long long time ago
    I can still remember how
    Thoughts of Sweden used to make me smile
    And I knew if they had one chance
    Muslims would crawl inside their pants
    And maybe they’d be happy for awhile
    But February made ’em shiver
    With every gang rape they’d deliver
    Bad news on her door step
    She couldn’t take one more step
    I can’t remember if I cried
    When I read about the cuck’s dead bride
    Something touched me deep inside
    The day the Swedish died
    So…bye-bye Scandinavian pie
    Drove my old Ford to the fjord
    But the fjord was dry
    And good old Swedes were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
    Singin’ this will be the day that I die…

      1. My Norweigian Blue Parrot often paeans for them.

        1. ‘E’s NOT pining, ‘e’s passed on…this parrot is NO MORE! He has ceased to be, ‘e’s expired, run down the curtain, and gone to meet his maker! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the perch, he’d be pushing up the daisies!!!
          ‘Ees Metabolic PRO-cesses are now…’istory!! E’s off the twig…’e’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuflled off this mortal coil and joined the bleeding choir invisible. This is an ex-parrot!!
          I typed all that from memory.

    1. A truly great, great poet. Maybe the best. Absolutely tremendous.
      We’re gonna build this wall around the fjords and we’ll make the mudsharks in the sea gonna pay for it.

        1. I love to have fun. It was just that I was OFFENDED by the poem.
          No, it was actually pretty good.

  16. I dont speak Swedish so in the video they could have been talking about the price of eggs in Mongolia for all I know. I don’t even really know what language that was and the cop could have just been there to get their cat out of a tree.

    1. It has English subtitles. The language is “pidgin” immigrant swedish.

  17. A few years ago in Sweden I think it was four muslim slime skinned a cat alive and posted it on Facebook.

    1. I’m not one of those “animals are people too!” types but, man, that’s fucked up.

      1. You don’t have to be an “animal’s rights” type of person to recognize that unnecessary cruelness to other life, especially mammalian life, is wrong.

      2. There are more extreme notions in the left than “animals are people”. Some even claim that “Muslims are people”.

    2. For some reason shit like this grinds my gears worse than (most) crimes against humans. Unless the victims are kids.

  18. Just for the sake of correctness, as you end by linking to my blog post, the “summed up by this observation” and the translation is not of the post itself but of one of the comments below it (the third).
    I have otherwise written several posts on the subject, such as “Sorry ’bout yesterday, girls” and “Fuck yeah, Gudrun Schyman is right, men are the same here as in Afghanistan” (the title is a sarcasm), unfortunately they’re in Swedish and I doubt whoever it was that made your translation would be keen to translate them (and google translation will in all likelihood just be rubbish), but maybe he’d like to pull out a couple of tidbits from them. Or if you would be seriously interested in publishing them, I might translate them myself.
    I do make a numbers excercise in at the least the first of them showing that the swedish male in all probability is facing extinction, the only question is whether it will be by peaceful or violent means.

  19. “They don’t speak about the Cologne rapes or the German girl that was strangled and raped by a Afghan migrant in Germany before her father collected money for the refugees AT HER FUNERAL.
    Muslims are the sacred cow of the Leftist suicidal cult.”
    Paul Joseph Watson theorizes that its not about feminism, nor womens’ rights, but rather that the left has simply made an alliance with islam:

        1. collectible or legal tender? 1 oz of gold would be pretty heavy in the pocket

        2. legal tender. The gold is a limited run there is also a silver run which is much bigger.

        3. is it a fixed exchange rate or does it vary with the value of gold(its around 1200/oz right now)

        4. ah balls, if there were 100 each, you could buy a bunch and melt em down, resell it as a bar or something…dammit!

        5. wait, it says on the coin $100, but its 1 oz of pure gold? Why would you pay $1200 for a coin that is worth only $100? I may have to look into this, something is off

        6. Usually bullion sells at the price of gold plus a premium of a few percent…it is NEVER at the Bullion price exactly. Some actually collect bullion as coins, which is silly, its a “commodity”.

        7. The value of “The Dollar”is actually defined in the Constitution as some number of oz of Gold…of COURSE its not 100 bucks…

        8. Yeah, sub-Saharan Africa has a long standing tradition of liberty and respecting the rights of others. That and not advancing even to the wheel or written language technologically as well as constant internecine warfare.

        9. Explain why it’s silly? I happen to enjoy silver and having my own medium sized pirate chest full of silver coins, bars, gold mini-ingots and loose precious stones.

        10. Yes but this aunt Jemimia coin might be valuable for more things than just the gold one day.
          I don’t collect anything but the broken dreams of young and attractive women however

        11. well, sure, but doesnt it also call for the Treasury to control the money supply?

        12. It’s silly because you collect them to look cool, pay a premium, and they are worthless in a SHTF scenario

        13. The Constitution does no such thing. It does not define a dollar at all, and in fact, the word “dollar” is only mentioned once in the Constitution, in regards to a tax/levy. What it stipulates in regard to actual money is that gold and silver are to be the mediums of exchange (currency).
          From Article I Section 10

          10. No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance,or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

          That being said, the standard for $20.00 was usually an ounce of gold and $1.00 was usually an ounce of silver.

        14. That’s absurd. First, the strike price of silver is normally between $12 and $20. The place I buy coins from has a $1.50 markup per ounce. On a weekly fluctuation I can buy on Monday and sell for a profit on Friday even considering the markup.
          When TSHTF, the only currency of value at first will be bullets, food and medical supplies. After the economy settles a bit, a barter commodity almost always develops, which historically is usually silver and gold. Further, with silver I may have when TSHTF it may well be worthless for a bit here, but over in China or Japan or dare I say Canada and Mexico, converts into actual money. Silver and gold are money everywhere, something no other commodities besides maybe oil and uranium can claim (try to cart *those* around). Other “commodities everywhere” that are portable are deathly expensive (platinum, diamonds, etc).

        15. At least she has pancakes to her credit, which is noteworthy and admirable.

        16. So be fair, they did actually invent the wheel. You just don’t hear about it because the invented it as a platform on which to stand while performing clitoral circumcisions and it never really panned out. They didn’t really think of other possible uses for it. However, ancient documents show a hilarious trial and error process leading up to the eventual discovery of the “platform” that shows wheels, triangles and even trapezoids.

        17. The invention of the floor was very big in Africa. After about 3500 years of various trials they finally managed it. They had hoped for a nobel prize but then they heard that he nobel prize was an award and not food.

        18. You have a good point about foreign exchange, but that is unlikely in an American SHTF situation. Maybe foreign air force air drops would be welcomed. But foreign personnel on the ground would probably not.

  20. She mad after she got ran through heard the story a million times. Not sure if she got pissed after they told her they streamed it live.

    1. she probably didn’t get pissed until they didn’t feel up to doing it again later that week.

      1. Pissed off now she can’t tell her future white Knight she “only” slept with 5 men her whole life. You can tell on her face she’s in mega femininst mode, they should have just made her some coffee and called a cab.

  21. Moonman here, sit down and listen
    The sun has gone down and the moon has risen
    Dont listen to the people saying it was a party ‘gone bad’
    Women can be sluts we all know that,
    We have been invaded, The worms are in our streets
    today it was that ugly bitch; tomorrow its your niece.
    coons and kikes they will agree,
    ‘muslim rape is a fantasy’
    but you are here, and now we know,
    load up your AR friends, its time to go
    Repeat after me, and say it loud
    14/88, RACE WAR NOW

  22. How fun would it be to run around a foreign country causing shit knowing full well the locals will defend your right to rape and pillage ?

    1. And I love the people who ask “where are the men to protect their women?” Why the F should men suddenly defend the same womyn who have shat on them for decades with the endless passing of feminist legislation against them.
      Sorry. But I have no sympathy for these womyn. They “don’t need no man” and want Refugees Welcome. Let ’em defend themselves.

      1. Yeah the day a random woman asks me to be chivalrous for her is the day I collapse to the ground in hysterical laughter.

      2. “Why the F should men suddenly defend the same womyn who have shat on
        them for decades with the endless passing of feminist legislation
        against them.”
        Well said. Same thing is happening in Bharat. Pussies there are “replicating” similar behavior and attitude of western pussies.

  23. Great point when you talk about Serbia. If immigrants try to do this in Serbia or Russia they would be beaten really bad. That already happen some time ago. Funny thing is that no major media told us that those 3 guys are immigrants.

    1. Is this in England or Canada or some other Anglosphere nation? Otherwise, why would the sign be in English?

      1. a quick search shows the claim that these are three German girls in Frankfurt. Seems dubious that it is not in, say, German.

        1. You see the english slogan “refugees welcome” very often in germany especially in left leaning towns like bremen many people wear t-shirts with it (fun fact: bremen is also a federal state and its the most broke with the highest debt)

        2. Its kind of an international slogan, also german language has become pretty diluted with english words in recent years

  24. I’ve been sitting here for like an hour waiting to click the link so I can make $98 an hour on the Internet.

  25. Ok, after being properly instructed on how to watch the video with sub-titles it sounds like BS to me, she didn’t seem too worked up about the whole thing and she said she was there at at a party and knew the guys. Shouldn’t have been hanging out there.
    On another note what kind of sidearm was that policeman carrying?

    1. Sorry man, the vast majority of Swedish men with any decent level of testosterone took off and headed to the American north west decades ago. I doubt you’re going to find many of them out in South Dakota willing to take up arms and travel to Sweden to do anything.

    1. “the power lies in the accusation and not in the facts” Such a beautiful summation of the problem. Great video (top one) haven’t seen the other yet but judging by blondie I am looking forward to it.

        1. lol….those damn Japanese samurais along with the Nazis raping all the Swedish women

    1. I see a black women who doesn’t want you to know her black sisters came out in droves for Obama but wouldn’t do the same for Hillary. Always avoiding responsibility.

  26. It would be interesting if the rape turned out to be an hoax. Police resources would have been wasted in detriment of real crimes. What if pretending to commit crimes on Facebook Live becomes a trent?
    Even worse, what if the crimes is real and their actual motivation to commit it is showing it off in Facebook Live?!
    This reminds me of a Judge Dredd classic story: a reality show about people confessing their crimes, then getting jail time for it. At first police was pleased to obtain confessions easly and arrest criminals, but then they realized people was actually comitting crimes so they could go to the tv show and confess!
    The judges solution was promptly shutting down the reality show. Maybe that should be done with Facebook Live too.
    Once again, Judge Dredd stories offer us a chilling insight of the kind of problems we might be facing in a near future.

  27. Those guys are not immigrants, more than likely 1st generation Swedes. They speak the language perfectly, so obviously they were raised in Sweden. But they probably grew up with the notion that it’s ok to treat the white girls any way they want.

    1. No they speak poor swedish with very thick accents and have afghan citizenships both of them (iranian afghans) not that it matters since it’s common behaviour from the ones born here as well.

  28. Sorry guys but whats wrong with you? Seriously? Why has nobody else noticed the tongue piercing and commented on how fucking gaaaayyy that is? Tunnel-Vision much?

  29. Kill em all. Let God sort em out.
    It’s coming sooner than you think. Otherwise, just lay down and DIE.

  30. I smell race war coming soon
    The thing is white Americans are more pissed at this than White Swedes.
    That’s what worries me about country like Sweden. They practically gave up.

  31. Yeeaaahh…. How to say this… Uhm… REAL RAPE VICTIM WOULD’VE FIGHT BACK (punch, scratch, scream, bite, whatever) even if it means she’d get herself shot or killed! Hate to say this, but it just seems like a gang bang. A slut is a slut. If she didn’t do it with these people, she would’ve done it with other group of males.

    1. She was actually drugged up but yes you have a point still, what did she expect partying people like that…

  32. Importing the likes of Afghans, Pakis and Somalis(not to mention the rest) into Europe defies all sense…these people are utterly worthless…not fit to even clean our loos. Best we just wipe them out.

  33. Pretty sure feminists were still pretty upset about this. Also, muslums are the only ones with rape culture? Isn’t saying that kind of rape culture?

  34. The girl looked like the guys. So it was immigrant raped immigrant rather. Or Swede raped Swede. Since both sides were the same.

  35. These cowardly, evil subhuman vermin need to be exterminated and preferably tortured to death.

  36. I am so glad that we can now allow all refugees into the west as this issue has thoroughly been resolved. No worries at all to those in western civilization. Obviously it was a propaganda ploy to subvert peaceful Islam.

  37. This event is absolutely despicable, perpetrators should be put in jail and the media should inform about it appropiately, avoiding to cut off facts to protect refugees/muslims.
    Nevertheless, you guys are probably one of the “”””media/news”””” organizations that skew news the most and that treat only those facts that you see fit to point out. You only care about women’s wellbeing when it’s a refugee/muslim/minority/black person who attacks them. You only care about our integrity when the bad guy pertains in a group/race/whatever social niche that you despise. The rest of articles that you write about women treat us as whores who aren’t to be taken seriously, trusted or respected if we don’t accomplish your standards.
    Oh, and let’s not forget one of your specialties: opining that women who try to have a career are wasting time from their actual, god-given, natural purpose: breeding your babies.
    But now you wanna appear like women’s savior and you act all enraged and aware. Give me a fucking break.

  38. Hmmmm… Virtue-signaling white girls, demonstrating how “progressive” they are by taking as many non-white dicks as they can or Muslims demonstrating their belief that it’s perfectly acceptable to rape non-Muslim women. Tough call! It’s like if a bunch of serial killers got into a fight with some child molesters. Who do you root for, since there’s no “good” side?

  39. What a stupid article! If someone’s raped, assailants should be punished! The author is clearly against Muslims but i see some of you down here have some sense. America and UK has prisons full of rapists so i take it this “beautiful women hunter” author should’nt allow any othe Brit or American in France!
    All in all seems like the author pervert who himself should in some kind of paedophile prison

  40. There are some obvious questions that need to be asked about this incident. I refer readers to Roosh’s post on this thread.
    Also – what indication do people have that this is rape, and not simply sex? Filming oneself having sex and putting that on line is quite a normal passtime in some parts of the soc media world.
    Does this lady know these people, and has she had sex with them previously? Is this a group who gets together regularly to consume drugs (they all look off their faces) and have sex? Why is she in their company? At the end of the tape, is she sitting on a chair, fully dressed, not fleeing but rather talking in a stoned voice on her phone.

  41. I believe there happend a rape.
    But she raped them, the Afroeuropean men.

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