The True Meaning Of Diversity

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Diversity is when merit, skill, and ability is downplayed in favor of a person’s race, sexual orientation, or other identity affiliation. Diversity goals have the inevitable result of ensuring that less qualified applicants are given academic and employment opportunities over other applicants who are objectively more qualified. There is no means to achieve diversity for the sole sake of diversity without discriminating against other individuals or groups that are more capable.

Diversity policies were implemented in America because of claims that structural discrimination caused minority groups to lose out on opportunities in spite of equivalent or superior qualifications. To solve this problem, America has embraced a legal policy of openly discriminating against majority groups. While this was usually constricted to race, it has broadened in recent years to include sex.

A diversity program like affirmative action in the past benefited black men, for example, but white women have successfully hijacked the definition of diversity to include themselves. A white woman who claims to have “black friends” will not criticize a program that gives her a position at a Fortune 500 company over that of a black man who has more qualifications. Diversity programs that used to benefit historically marginalized races now increasingly focus on giving white women, homosexuals, and transsexuals more of the diversity pie.

How much damage does diversity programs cause in the short term on the individual level? Is a white man who has to go to UVA instead of Harvard really suffering? On such a scale, damage is hard to perceive or measure, but if we look at it from a societal level and measure the economic and intellectual growth of a nation when compared to its nation peers that do not use diversity programs, logical deduction shows that those nations that have been infected with the diversity virus will lag behind when it comes to scientific research, political leadership, organization, and innovation.

Over the course of decades and centuries, a nation that uses diversity as a measuring stick to promote its citizens in industry, politics, and intellectual culture will experience less growth and achievement than countries that do not. This is compounded over many years, and as described in The Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers, can allow an inferior country to overtake a formely superior country in dominance and hegemony.

Let’s do an example that shows how a slight decrease in a nation’s growth rate can lead to an unambiguous decline. Country U has a value (i.e. GDP) of 100 with a growth rate of 6% per annum. Policies of diversity, however, have caused a slowing of corporate growth, with a continuous rash of failures in companies led by women who were promoted because of their sex over more qualified male applicants. The country’s annual growth rate slips to 5%. In 100 years, here is their compounded value:

100 x (1.05)^100 = 13,150 economic units

Country C is experiencing brisk industrialization and achieves 7% yearly growth, no doubt helped by their lack of diversity programs. Their initial value is only 20, one-fifth that of country U. Nonetheless, country C will surpass country U in 100 years:

20 x (1.07)^100 = 17,354

If country U did not employ diversity programs and were able to maintain its growth at 6%, it would have double the value of country C:

100 x (1.06)^100 = 33,930

Over the long term, any variable which decreases a country’s growth rate can cause a decline relative to other countries that do not implement the damaging variable. In 100 years, country C will be better able to compete against country U for the planet’s scarce resources and also provide its citizens with a higher standard of living. If its military is strong enough, it could come to dominate country U using a combination of hard and soft power, as the United States does to dozens of nations today.

My simulation is quite rudimentary for two reasons. First, we have no exact number of how much diversity can decline a country’s growth rate besides the fact that is must do so by a value greater than zero. It could be 0.01% or greater than 1%—this number is unknown. Secondly, there are hundreds of variables working together to determine the growth rate of a specific country that prevents it from being constant over such great lengths of time.

In spite of these flaws, the simulation does show the long-term damage caused when a national policy of diversity in any country promotes inferior and less skilled citizens into roles that are vital to economic growth. Even a barely noticeable decline in the yearly growth rate, something that diversity programs would provide, is enough to severely damage a nation over the long run and make it vulnerable to strengthening nations that are hungrier for resources or planetary domination.

Whenever you see the word “diversity,” replace it with the word “decline,” because that’s exactly what it does to any organization or country that implements it on a wide scale. The second that merit is removed from the highest priority of a system is when that system will decline relative to other systems that don’t use diversity. In a country such as the United States, the most economically successful nation the world has seen, diversity is a needless poison pill that guarantees it will fare worse in the future.

Nature will punish any system, organic or inorganic, that forsakes its own survival by going against selection of the strongest unit that is most capable at the task given to it. Unfortunately, this will punish the Western world in future generations, all for bowing down to the altar of diversity.

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  1. I came to study to the US two years ago. Tired of women associations, tired of women-restricted fellowships, tired of prizes and awards for women, tired of diversity campaigns, tired of 54% of female undergrads is a success 45% of female grads needs more equality, tired of being sent stupid crime alert emails from police because some whore had troubles dating scum on tinder, and many more. And the worst, is that all this shit is being exported to the rest of the World. Fuck this shit.

  2. Willie Lynch, a British slave owner in the West Indies, was invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach his methods to slave owners there.
    He advised slave owners to foster division, “fear, envy and distrust for control.” Pit young versus old, light skinned versus dark skinned and most importantly, male versus female.
    In a section called “The Breaking Process of the African Woman,” he advocated shifting her dependency from the African male to the slave owner. This is achieved by beating and humiliating the male in front of the female. Then, beating the female if she doesn’t get the message. This instills a kind of frigidity.
    We reversed nature by burning and pulling a civilized nigger apart, and bull whipping another to the point of death, all in her presence. By her being left alone, unprotected, with the male image destroyed, the ordeal caused her to move from her psychological dependent state to a frozen independent state. In this frozen psychological state of independence, she will raise her male and female offspring in reverse roles.
    For fear of the young male’s life, she will psychologically train him to be mentally weak and dependent, but physically strong. Because she has become psychologically independent, she will train her female offspring to be psychologically independent. What have you got? You’ve got the nigger woman out front and the nigger man behind and scared. This is a perfect situation of sound sleep and economic [gain].
    She will teach her female offspring “to be like herself, independent and negotiable (…we negotiate her at will.)” She will raise her “nigger male offspring to be mentally dependent and weak, but physically strong, in other words body over mind.”
    “We will mate and breed them and continue the cycle. This is good and sound and long range comprehensive planning.”

    1. Who are the modern slave owners, Roosh? When are you going to start naming the names and drop blaming women for everything?

        1. I am sure irony was you’re intent about Jewish persecution with your Disqus name being “Isaac Baum”.

        1. Not even that.. It’s the elite the government works for. We don’t know those people. You never hear from them, they never show up on the media etc., but they are there and my guess is their number is under 1000. I am not saying they are organized , they might not even know one another but somehow they’re running the join.

        1. >Soros.
          And? How does that disprove anything I wrote? It doesn’t. Obama got elected because of women’s suffrage, not because of Soros’ International Women’s Program.

        2. Lobbying is what influence the campaign strategies in “democracies”.
          The money distributed by guys like Soros influence the actions of the politicians in order to give women more powers and therefore weakening the targeted nations.
          Even planned parenthood was imported by a member of the tribe in my country.

        3. The cunts are out in the open only because of these guys. They cannot do anything by themselves.

        4. Women are just tools waiting to get used. It’s in their nature.
          But just look at the heads of the feminist movement, and you’ll see that the tribe is overepresented.
          Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Bella abzug , Leo Canowitz, Goldstein, Pierre Simon…
          So, obviously, Jews have something to do with women going out of control.

        5. >Women are just tools waiting to get used.
          Look, we got it by now that you are a cunt protector. But so far you have delivered no proof whatsoever for your claims.
          >But just look at the heads of the feminist movement
          There are no heads of the feminist movement. There are only feminists who are famous for whatever reasons. If anything then blacks like Obama, Beyonce and Oprah are the top feminists.
          >Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem
          Steinem is not a Jew. Plays no role nowadays anyway.

        6. Steinem has Hebrew ancestry:
          “Steinem was born in Toledo, Ohio, on March 25, 1934. Her mother, Ruth (née Nuneviller), was a Presbyterian of Scottish and German descent, and her father, Leo Steinem, was the son of Jewish immigrants from Germany and Poland.”
          “Anti” seems like the kind of guy who won’t blame Jews for anything because it’s against his TV religion.

      1. You mean the Woody Allen’s lookalike club that seems to own everything related to finances and entertainment ?

        1. Something along those lines. The speech may well be fake, but the methods described therein most probably are not. Lots of nasty things and experiments happened during the centuries of slavery, as we well know.

      1. Yes, use of the word “psychology” in the speech tipped me off. That word was not widely used circa 1700, not in that context.

    1. I always thought the purpose of not being racist or sexist was to not actively discriminate against those groups, which is fair enough on face value….. in practice and especially where politicians and lawyers get involved – it turns into a mandated (read communist) leveling down, where everyone suffers….
      it’s obviously completely stupid to force a company like Apple that was built largely by white males, to have an equal number of minority groups and women in their employment – worse still, looking at the statistics of staff numbers and percentages is already a prejudiced lie, since you can only judge the numbers of women and minorities that should be employed there by looking through all the applicants and finding real proof of prejudice in hiring…… just because a company has 99% white males, doesn’t mean they are neo nazis in the personnel dept. It simply means white men applied in greater numbers and were better suited……

      1. Your article on this last year was excellent.
        Not many beat up VW Golfs on Paris-Dakur. Otherwise I’d be in it.
        Any company that hires on anything other than ability is defrauding its stakeholders

        1. Maybe. However, diversity vultures at the top have grown so influential over the years, a single charge of “misogyny” or “racism” by any group in the grievance industry can cripple a stakeholder’s bottom line.
          Any reasonable person, who has low morality (if any at all), will calculate the math of the situation, and act accordingly.
          If diversity hawks can attack your market share, thus reducing the value of your shares, the board of directors will inform the CEO and staff to get a fire under their butt, and raise the needless red flags demanded by the group stopping the flow of cash.
          This still translates real well in that the stake holders don’t have to care about the success of the business, nor the jobs lost with subsequent destruction of many families dependent on those jobs, IF it allows them to increase the profits. Illegally or not, and it better come equipped with the proverbial golden parachute for the top guys when they fail the business. But have a stellar year on Wall Street.

        2. God, I want to throw that guy off the cliff. The second guy is most likely right. Every single muslim terrorist attack further drives the wedge of hatred further through the stump of multiculturalism, which has greatly reduced the intellectual capacity of all. Thereby increasing the chances of a real war happening. And the next war may potentially mirror something like the Crusades in retaliation, then a battle for resources.
          What many don’t know, is that muslim extremists, or basically just good old fashioned muslims, were attacking pilgrims visiting the Holy Sites. Things like rape, of course, and something a little less well know. After capturing said pilgrims, and having their way with them, they would cut their stomach open, nail an intestine to a vertical peg, and force them to walk to their death.
          If anyone doubts, look at Isis extremists. The acts of cruel torture they commit to ttheir victims. It is not hard to imagine.
          Muslims think they are the “people of god.” And that they will never be defeated. Yet look how many times they lost to the west?
          Had Salah al Din (saladin) faced Richiard the Lionheart with better supply lines, and the English king had better troop replacement, Israel would have been put together after the third Crusade. In a bit of Irony, King Richiard, upon discovering his respected enemies demise, claimed he only needed another six months. With Saladin dead, there was no other. And Saladin was not that great of a tactician. He just had superior supply lines and troupes due to proximity. King Richiard had to bring everything from a great distance.
          The United States has proved, like Alexander, King Richiard, The Mongols, and many others, just how corrupt and weak the muslim “armies of god” really are.
          It is all about showing you strength. Like a bad carpet salesman, they merely want you to pay them for your work.
          They don’t want to actually work themselves.
          King Xerxes of Persia, after his loss and exile by Alexander the Great, wrote him a letter. He told Alexander that he was content that he was no longer in power. His administration was so corrupt, that a local salesman off the Persian streets of Babylon or Susa could approach him because he had family connections.
          In early times, had you did that to Xerxes the Great, or his father Darius, you better prey the dude extended his staff. Or you would be impaled through he rectal cavity, and out through the mouth after his troops had their rapacious fun with you and your family. Oh, your family got it too!
          Make no mistake, it was, and still is common, that men got raped in various forms.
          People today have so much knowledge at their fingertips with the internet. Most of is is bad though. And most are just lazy.
          Ironic, that in the “Information Age” people are so clueless.

        3. That is one of the worst young male SJWs I have ever listened to.
          He is encouraging miscegenation, upholding it as a virtue, and ignores the fact that White indigenous britons will be outbred in the long run if this cathches on. A recipe with the outcome of genocide.
          He is also advocating totalitarianism as an instrument to further this sinister agenda. “Forced intregation” is naturally unwanted, since people prefer to stick with their own kind.
          Its not surprising that the leftwing statefunded BBC is giving lots of time to this preacher of hate. A truly dispicable person.

        4. A strategy in business we’re seeing more and more of:
          1. Promoting or hiring a female to fill the CEO position
          2. Businesses launching these new “female” programs (Intel had one called “She Will Connect”) to educate women in technology fields (thus promoting them over time versus men).
          The bottom line is these moves are designed to show the public how these companies are sensitive to women’s “needs”, to close the “gap” and to bring in more female consumers (dollars) to buy their products…that’s it.
          It’s all about the dollar signs in the end, gentlemen.
          Equality….forget it.

        5. Jesse, it’s refreshing to find someone who actually knows what the Crusades were all about…we’ll have to crush Islam again or lose all memory of Western Civilization.

        6. True. When feminism loses boys, hide your dick!
          The wymmins, will amazingly, become “women” again. Thereby wanting you to become their traditional man.
          I say screw that. Pay your own taxes, die in your own businesses, fight your wars, and break your own back.
          Enjoy your equality. You all earned it!

        7. Ehh, Europeans never really “crushed them.” Technology was not there.
          And even today, crushing them is not that easy. People don’t realize how good our military actually is. Because there were many close calls. Going into someone’s back yard, and wiping the floor with them is no joke. And costly.

        8. Yeah, we are not equal, but complimentary. If women work, they will most obviously go (and do go) into fields that interest them the most.
          Feminism obviously doesn’t care about that, or women. Just the influence and tax dollars.
          But if they can keep promising the tax funded high heeled pumps and dick buffet, women will keep voting for them.

        9. Funny how every time a Marxist like Jones is asked why all Marxist states degenerate into an Authoritarian Dictatorship, they always resort to a “no true Scotsman” fallacy. Stalin was a “bad” Marxist, after all.

        1. If I read it right, essentially: “Support women in everything so we can prevent sexism.” Oh, the irony.

        2. Yeah basically…
          But how absurd is the idea of “manterupting” and “bropropriating” to begin with?
          Is it really the case that in the workplace boogeymen are constantly yelling over women and stealing their ideas? In my officework experience the women are basically treated like children and cannot be criticized whatsoever… if they cry, everything has to stop… They get tonnes of preferential treatment from where I’m standing.
          This whole thing just goes against all of my personal experience of sexism in the workplace… Where men, the ones talking about innovation, carry all the responsibility while the women can get away with anything…
          Many men are leaving the feminized modern workplace… I am an example of this… It just completely shocks me to read this kinda stuff… I just can’t believe girls that I know are posting this on facebook… Girls who’s daddies pay for their Harvard fucking educations… Who have never had a day of adversity or fear in their lives… Who can somehow afford to get a new car just for the fuck of it while on a student stipend… I’m just totally confused man…

        3. Did you notice it was the white man interrupting and the super wonderful person of colour speaking up for the the woman.

        4. [Edited for clarity]
          It’s not just absurd, it’s false, and most significantly it’s SEXIST. The whole idea behind racism/sexism is un-provable to begin with. To do so would require analysis of the brain’s thought-process (impossible). The very nature of accusing the other sex of sexism IS usually sexist itself.
          When a woman is proven incorrect, she typically:
          1) refuses to admit the falseness of her claims, and
          2) elaborates the false proposition as to convince herself she was correct all along
          I believe that may explain the creation of “mansplaining/manterupting/bro-propriating” terms. When their original propositions (women are more intelligent/productive than men) show to be false, then they begin to come up with excuses in order to maintain face (to them it only matters whether the idea is popular, rather than whether it is accurate to reality). It seems women are naturally skilled at incorporating plausible deniability into their claims, and it makes them very difficult to combat initially. Especially when the claims (on the surface) are rooted in humanitarian causes.
          At the end of the day, they share stuff like that because it makes them feel good. Women love talking about their issues, and rationalizing why it’s not their fault. The graphics from your link allow them to do just that. Sally hasn’t come up with any good ideas last meeting? It’s the patriarchy’s fault.

        5. It really is completely irrational and hypocritical non-sense.
          If a rational person thinks too long and too hard about what they are proposing they honestly might go insane or become depressed.

        6. And that is the problem, today. Women have been allowed to get away with acting in this manner (at work) and they will continue on with being the “victim” for as long as they can get away with it.
          Even when a woman has an HR department basically “in her corner” she still plays the victim…all of the time. If a woman can’t speak up for herself with her own ideas then she shouldn’t be there (and they made a mistake in hiring her).
          If we’re all supposed to be “equal” then why do we have to make special concessions for women at work?
          You can’t let women continue on with this nonsense. Anytime you hear it or see it you need to shut it down…because it’s bullshit.
          If we’re all equal and she can’t pull her own weight, speak up in meetings, meet deadlines, etc…then she needs to gtfo.

        7. Agree. Women will try to change the subject or deflect (but will always try to avoid being wrong). We’re all supposed to be “equal” but we have to cater or make special concessions for women?
          No…not here.

      2. >it’s obviously completely stupid to force a company like Apple that was
        built largely by white males, to have an equal number of minority groups
        and women
        It’s worse. Because gender equality fanatics want not only a higher number of women, they want a higher number of women in the managing strata than are employed in the lower stratas.
        Any man who still upholds equal rights deserves to be fired and replaced by a quota cunt.

        1. White males do all the real work. Everyone else bitches and viciously attacks white males because they want a hand out. It’s been the story for the last 60 years. The world hates white males, while wallowing in the fruits of their labors.

        2. White men are the biggest creators of civilization and culture? What makes you think that?

        3. Don’t be a victim. What this is really about is an attack on the productive by the unproductive.

        4. Draw a line from Northern Italy going North West, up into Germany, France and all areas in between, Netherlands, and into England and Scotland and you have over 90-95% of where the world’s greatest leaps and feats in Science, Technology, and pretty much anything else a crap came from those specific areas (and of course all those generically from those regions) from about 1400-1950. Outside of that period it is about 80%. Of course, white guys never created civilisation and culture as concepts, civilisation came around in Middle Eastern areas and culture is a buzz word. But the use of civilisation here is probably denoting the greatest civilisational feats.

        5. >White men are the biggest creators of civilization and culture?
          First of all I didn’t make that macro, I just posted it.
          >What makes you think that?
          Who else? Pygmies in the jungle?

        6. Don’t go there with this one. I did. Not worth it. He had a picture up of a sewn up vagina with jizz on it in one of his posts.

        7. even if there is a pay gap it doesn’t matter… if i invest time, training and asset in an employee, I am hoping that employee will last the distance, whereas with a woman you always need to bare in mind the pregnancy problem… so the gender pay gap if there is one, is simply the market pricing in the risk of hiring a woman (and paying months of completely unproductive maternity leave).
          If you buy a car with 200,000 on the clock obviously it’s cheaper because you might have to buy a new engine and gear box at any moment….

        8. I think you will struggle to back up those statistics with facts given human civilization goes back 6000 years and human history goes back two million years.

        9. Don’t forget the risk of random sexual harassment lawsuits as well as the subsequent classes that all your employees have to take to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

        10. I love this graphic. It should be posted on every company’s breakroom bulletin board.
          I work in a tech field. In my experience, the only women — IMHO — who can hold their own, in America, in this order, are women from:
          1. China
          2. Russia
          3. India (sometimes — mostly not)
          4. America (fugetaboutit — fuckin’ poseurs)
          5. American’s of recent Mexican origin — (“I speak Spanish, that’s an asset, right?” — You kidding me?)
          I hired one female technical manager, an American, who worked with me at a few companies. She is the only American woman whom I could consider to be a colleague.
          BTW, if I have a job that needs to get done and I’m pressed for time and you are super competent, you will get paid more than me. If you can do the job, it won’t matter if are you are male or female. That’s just business — basic supply and demand.


          [where the illustration comes from]
          Book is interesting and Murray is calculated the achievements there, take it as you will, I know you English are pretty self-hating. Not to say everything is owed to white guys, but the fact is you wouldn’t even know that civilisation was about 6-10 thousand years old if it wasn’t for them. Actually I’d argue the fact that you can give credit to other peoples is acknowledgement that white guys recorded it and made it public knowledge to common people so they could give credit where it is due. Most peoples were either incapable of such feats or uninterested or both.

        12. Do you actually make arguments, or just try to undermine and derail arguments? The browns and blacks would mostly be living in mud and grass huts without white technology, ingenuity, and organization. My point was to give credit where credit is due, and for the world to stop jealously hating white men. White men have done an incredible amount of good for the world, and deserve respect, not hate.

        13. This genius doesn’t. It just thinks that because white people have lead the advancement of civilization, for the most part, these last 2600 years, that pretty much every advance was white.
          This individual not only fails to realize that much of the thoughts, and coordination for these advancements also came from other countries, who successfully competed for a while with the European cultural descendents. Simultaneously failing to understand that what was white during ancient Rome, is not the same kind of white now. Too much interbreeding between races.
          Basically, this one is no different than the black people claiming athletic superiority.
          Whether it’s true or not, will most likely not be based on the reasons they use.
          Human beings co-opt, conquer, or peacefully replace older populations. Already, the “Great Generation” of the WW2 era has been largely bred out.
          Whites are having babies with every one from Asians, to blacks. Blacks as well are breeding more and more with whites. I’m a white guy, and have had babies by both.
          On the athletic and intelligence scale, some would argue I am at the high end of both. Quasi Olympic athlete, and studying for engineering.
          My genes have been promptly, and repeatedly, lacing the wombs of numerous women. Others are, and will in the future be doing the same.
          What is “white” today, will not be tomorrow. And what the diversity tricks call “white” today, will be labeled something else tomorrow.
          Thing is, this genius, and those like them, are just like the various stripes of SJWs. Clueless.

        14. You do realise that those ancient civilisations were White don’t you?!
          Please tell me you don’t think they were the muds that currently reside there lol

        15. All this “interbreeding has always occurred” is a myth. Its all social justice warrior/cultural marxist propaganda, bordering on lies.
          Europeans are very homogenous, and have been so for thousands of years. The EUpedia site documents this fact extensively in their genetics section. Apart from small amounts of DNA coming from the middle east, central asia and North africa, most DNA dates back to the stone age.
          Only exception is all the non-Whites arriving in the 60s and 70s and onward. But this is a strictly modern degenerate phenomena.
          White Americans are also overwhelmingly European. Black and amerindian genes are very limited in self designated non-hispanic White Europeans.
          When it comes to human accomplishment White male Europeans have been an overwhelmingly dominating force in the last 3000 years or so, as Charles Murray has documented in:
          “Human accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950”

          These are the brutal un-PC redpill truths Equality among the races and sexes is a myth.

        16. Yeah, like the Sumerians – the first civilization – they certainly weren’t african or asian!

        17. I largely allude to the fact that white european blood is responsible for most of the advancements, but not all, these last 2600 years or more. I’m neither looking for your favor, nor the PC police.
          I neither stated a percentage of interbreeding, nor said it was large. Merely making the statement that it had an impact.
          We are not the same white, in totality of the last 3000 years regardless.
          Also, Asians have done pretty well in the advancement department.
          I do however agree that if the PC police win, it will most likely “Dominican_republic” the advancement of the West if they get the “revolution” they seek.
          Basically, a whole lot of “cultured” (read minority music and racism towards anything that is white) nations will spring forth. Thereby reducing the value of the human species as a whole.
          However, I will not say that other races will never contribute. It is almost a mathematical certainty that just the offspring of whites with other races will have a dynamic impact as their numbers grow.
          And statistically, even if all blacks make better athletes, and all whites maintain second or first in most every category, and all Asians dominate the IT culture; minorities are still going to have geniuses, as will whites have a man or two break the ten second sprint category.
          The thing about generalization based on race, is that we have a whole lot more study to do. If white people are the engineering/science savants that you claim, then should we tell all white males to go to engineering school, and be the only ones who suit up for war?
          Largely because we, historically, seem to be the best at both these last three thousand years?
          Or have we awoken the same in the genes of other races?
          My wife is South Asian, and a project engineer. I have seen her work. She can hold her own against all of the males.
          In my engineering schools, a black African female defeated all of us white males with a 111/100 score in Calc 2. I got just shy a hundred, and the next five closest to her were all white or Asian males.
          So, regardless if the norm will be a majority male, or white and male, what difference does it make if we keep things open to all those who have talent?
          Just as long as it is based on no other criterion. Essentially, if you volunteer your time, and effort, and show you have the gifts….Why should I care if you have a dick, vagina, or both?
          Just don’t lower the standards.

        18. Thats all good. It wasnt meant as a personal attack. I just wanted to set the record straight. For instance this paragraph from your first post:
          “Simultaneously failing to understand that what was white during ancient Rome, is not the same kind of white now. Too much interbreeding between races.”
          This is an overstatement. No doubt natural evolution, enhanced by cultural norms, has occured in human populations in the last 2600-3000 years or so. But the romans of antiquity were not that different from modern day romans.
          Genetic introgression from Black africans and mongoloid peoples was extremely limited. And there is a reason for this. Since there were natural barriers to geneflow, plus the strong founder effect.
          There were smaller flows of immigrants from the near East, but nowhere near anything that would altercate the genetic profile substantially.
          In fact the largest contributing factor in changing the genetics of Italy would probably have come from the germanic invaders in the North. But they are strictly speaking from the same race.
          So interbreeding between the races in roman times was limited.
          “Also, Asians have done pretty well in the advancement department.”
          Perhaps. Some of them have built technologically advanced societies. But in no way have they been the main driving creatice force.
          “However, I will not say that other races will never contribute. It is almost a mathematical certainty that just the offspring of whites with other races will have a dynamic impact as their numbers grow.”
          Sure, But we are speaking in relative numbers here. Even the australian aboriginals with average IQs of 70, will sooner or later produce a genius.
          This is however a trivial observation.
          “The thing about generalization based on race, is that we have a whole lot more study to do. If white people are the engineering/science savants that you claim, then should we tell all white males to go to engineering school, and be the only ones who suit up for war?”
          No ofcourse not. Individual merit is still the decisive factor. This doesnt however entail that talent is equally spread out among all populations. Quite on the contrary.
          Yes we can always study more, but the overall Picture is pretty clear, and confirmed by the evidence that Charles Murray has put forth in his study.
          The rest of your post is interesting but anecdotal. I never argued against individual talent or merit in other races. Only that mean and extreme creativity and intelligence differs between the races.

        19. By Murray do you mean Charles Murray? He’s a clown. As for quoting from Wiki… Please!

        20. You’re actually quite an idiot aren’t you? You don’t even know what leftwing means!

        21. I suggest you read some history that goes back more than a couple hundred years. Oh and perhaps a book explaining political definitions.

        22. I would only say about 200 years. Europeans tend to focus on their own achievements and forget the massive backwards steps (dark ages, world wars) as well as the huge contributions to art and science by other civilizations over the millennia (Egyptians, Carthage, China, Mongols, Moors, Ottoman Empire, etc.). There have been many times throughout history when the shoe has been on the other foot.
          It is the primitive brain that is incapable of seeing this complete picture and can only focus on what is directly in front of it.

        23. Europeans are not very homogenous at all. Living in Scandinavia has colored your perception.

        24. Nope, the only clown is you. If you had any sense you would have realised that I never quoted from wikipedia, the link was only to reference to his book. So the fact that you can call someone else a clown without analyzing anything you are contradicting/debating proves you have no worth in intelligent conversation, nor do you even try to prove how he is wrong, yet alone the fact that whether him being ‘clown’ (personalised statement) has anything to do with the content or information he presents. You don’t even back up your opinion on whether he is a clown, even if it had nothing to do with the discussion.

        25. At the end of the day, if not on the same page, we are probably in the same chapter.
          Good discussion.

        26. English Bob isn’t English. He has declared himself coloured, so therefore it is impossible for him to be English.
          You can only have a nationality either ethnically, or as a member of a state.
          He is not ethnicly English, nor is England a nation-state.
          He can only be declared as a British national.

      3. Bloody hard to make these entitled Victim Group zombies & their Enablers see things this way though. Until real problems which require real solutions are needed at a critical time.
        Until then, nobody is going to openly shout that the Emperor isn’t wearing any damn clothes after all….

    2. The people who adopt left leaning mindsets (like support for diversity) tend to have low self esteem (so least can be easily made to feel bad so as not to exclude the millenials).
      This is not just because they feel like they are on a moral crusade, but because they think they would end up near the bottom of an unequal world.
      So it makes sense

      1. Yup. The Triumph of the Mediocre . . . and worse.
        Can’t excel on your own merits? No problem, just use AA. As for the white males who backed AA and Identity Politics, they were protecting their financial and psychological turf, and/or were third-raters who could succeed only by keeping their feet on the throats of their betters. While bleating about their own moral superiority and enlightened wonderfulness, of course. Cheers.

      1. You have to love it.
        How would you like to have someone who skirted by the requirements to pass a test (fire fighter) come to save your house from burning down?
        Sure, send over your flunkies…it’s just my house and other problem.
        This is a real problem and it won’t be addressed until something happens….like someone losing their life.
        Once the city gets their ass sued, then they’ll address the issue. Until then……hooray for diversity (and fuck the rest of us).

    3. That’s what immigrants fail to grasp. The Left hates all religion and all traditional cultures, not just Christianity and Anglo-Saxon culture. Bringing people together from all over the world into the same polity breaks down social cohesion, and people retreat from the public sphere. This leaves government and its proxies to fill the void. Government, fully empowered, now goes about the great progressive (socialist/revolutionary) task of remoulding individuals and society into the desired form. Diversity is strength because diversity kills unified religion and traditional culture as public forces in society.

      1. The Left hates Christianity because it tells the poor that being poor is a virtue. As far as the Left sees it, this is a major roadblock for their Marxist “Utopia.” They want the poor (proletariats) to hate the rich (bourgeoisie). The Left wants to rabble-rouse the poor, and get them to overthrow private industry, and that means destroying religion, which pacifies the poor against the rich. The only difference between the modern Left and the Bolsheviks is the speed by which they are trying to make changes. (Incremental vs Revolution)

        1. I think you’re mistaking Marxist/Leninist Socialism for socialism in general, a great deal of which preceded Marx. The concepts of class struggle and victory of the proletariat, etc. are uniquely Marxist terms. What I mean by socialism, in the general sense, is Rousseau’s belief in man being born free, but everywhere in chains. That society/culture/law/religion, oppresses man and causes all of the problems of life. The work of socialism, Rousseau ideas put into action, is to extricate those negative influences from the world, and return man to his free state of nature. By way of revolution and purging of religion & traditional culture, see The French Revolution. This belief that the difficulties of life, are within our collective power to change is the hallmark of socialism. Traditionally we had believed these difficulties to be the fault of flawed human nature (or in Christianity as original sin). Socialism rejects this understanding, inverts it and places man not God as the redeemer of the problems of humanity. Marx just happened to express that belief in his own terms of class struggle. But the underlying feature, is the view of humanity as good, free and equal. When in reality, we are bad, selfish and unequal.

        2. But the underlying feature, is the view of humanity as good, free and equal. When in reality, we are bad, selfish and unequal.

          Which is why the Left is so reliant on ad hominems and shaming techniques.

  3. So far, in my odd little world of cryonics, white guys and the Others dominate. I keep wondering when the female SJW’s will discover us and want to meddle with us for our lack of Diversity.
    You can see our lack of Diversity in this photo from a cryonics convention in Laughlin, Nevada, back in November.

      1. We even have a hot Russian chick, seated on the floor, second from the left.
        I know Roosh likes Slavic women. I saw her first, Roosh.

        1. Why would a distinguished elderly gentlemen like you go around with a screen name like “Advanced atheist”? This screen name indicates that you are a young overweight man with mild Asperger’s syndrome with a thick neck beard and a fedora wearing all black.
          You can’t even be an advanced atheist because atheism is not a thing, it is a non-thing. Atheism lacks positive content, it is nothing more than a negative qualifier. A positive qualifier would be something like “humanist atheist” or “Buddhist atheist” or “atheist materialist” or “atheist positivist.”
          You can’t advance in a non-thing like atheism, you can only retreat in it. Atheism means nothing more than “I’m not a theist” which doesn’t provide much descriptive content at all, and could possibly mean you worship your ancestor’s spirits and practice dark magick with tarot cards. You cannot advance in your distance from theists, you can only further retreat from theists. Perhaps a better handle then might also be “distant atheist” or “devolved atheist” or “super dooper atheist” or perhaps “atheist team leader” or “atheist cheer leader.”
          You should not define yourself by pointing to a group of people, i.e. theists. and then saying you’re not one of them. Get your own identity.
          Interlocutor: “Hi sir. Who are you?”
          Atheist: “You see those people over there?” *points to some theists standing outside the church* “I’m not one of them.”
          Interlocutor: “Ok? That doesn’t say a whole lot. I want to know more about you and what makes you tick.”
          Atheist: “Well, I’m really really not one of them and I haven’t been for a long time. I’m very advanced in this state of being, or state of non-being.” *points to theists again* *shakes head scornfully at theists*

  4. Very good article.
    All their notions are in fact racist and sexist within themselves
    They measure their success by the rate of inclusion within “white” and “male” businesses and schools.
    Has everyone heard of that Fortune 500 company that was started by a woman? or that black man?
    Me either.
    Inclusion within a white/male sphere is their goal, not success based on their own merits. Therefore , their goal is racist. They really believe that black people and women can’t do anything well without white males.
    They really believe that going to school with whites/males is some sort of wonderful advantage and status symbol. It’s all just racist and absurd.

  5. Good example of the long-term costs of inefficiency. Just 1% difference over 100 years creates a 270% change (almost 3x). Over a 500 year span, a 144x multiple. Huge. Similar analysis shows how government regulations have cut annual economic growth by 2% on avg, which over the last 6 decades would have resulted in a current avg income of $330k instead of the current $53k. Compounding interest is a valuable concept to understand and apply wherever possible.

  6. Great article. So, when I look at feminism, or for that matter progressivism in general, and wonder about the long-term sustainability all I do is remind myself that “they” have removed merit. In a competitive market based system, means “they” are anti-merit. How the fuck can an anti-merit anything last?

    1. By using the existing monopoly on violence. As long as its enforcers (police, military) defend it, it’ll persist. If they stop supporting it, it ceases.

  7. Is a white man who has to go to UVA instead of Harvard really suffering?
    Not really. Indeed, it is more likely to harm working class white men, who become increasingly marginalized, and who are finding their dreams for a better life tossed aside so that by pseudo-intellectual liberal elites can “feel good” about themselves.
    When liberals that I know go on about they don’t understand why working class whites don’t vote for Democrats (it’s always “RACISM!” natch), they look stunned when I point out that they vilified the blue-collar, union dues-paying workingman so he left the party and took his wife and kids with him. “They don’t love you because you hate them. After all”, I add, “Even a dog knows the difference between being accidentally stepped on, and being kicked.”
    That’s the political equivalent of nuking the hamster. 😉

    À bientôt,


      1. Muahahahahahahahahahaha
        True, true. Yet in Wisconsin, Walker actually netted a fair percentage of union blue dogs due to the antics of the unions themselves.
        Nothing real earth shattering percentage, but a definite difference from times past.
        Like everything affected by gravity, cause, meet effect. Here on earth, like a ball thrown in the air, social groups of all kinds must come back to the humiliating crash landing of re-introduction to Earth.
        They will most likely never go away. The union concept is far too unique, and necessary, to fully die. But the union bosses have certainly seemed at times to slit the concept’s throat.

        1. Unions seem almost identical to guilds of the premarket command economies. Premarket economies were run by crown religion and guild. Want to make a rug with a high thread count using certain colors, sold below a set price? Nuh-uh, the guild will come after you. Want to wear certain types of jewelry and certain colors? Not so fast, the religious and political response will be swift.

      2. Unions do political posturing just like corporations.
        It’s all about what they have to gain in the long run. You’ll find many corporations donate to both parties (really just one big party). They may lean one way but they more or less hedge their bets.

    1. “they look stunned when I point out that they vilified the blue-collar,
      union dues-paying workingman so he left the party and took his wife and
      kids with him.”
      Isn’t that the fucking truth. We’ve (our society) “worked” so hard in this country to make everyone else “feel good” and to have diversity that we’ve said fuck you to the many of the hard working Americans who actually took pride in building it.
      The bullshit I hear women complaining about today (feminism 3.0) is equal to not having the latest iPhone or the latest car (stupid shit or petty shit).
      I agree…many (whites) don’t vote for a Democrat because they haven’t championed our needs (men – let alone white men) for a long ass time.

      1. The biggest and best irony of all is that for every wall that is put up in front of white men, an invisible gate is removed to ease the path of the “preferred oppressed.” So what happens is we work that much harder and end up getting smarter and stronger while those who got passed along atrophy and don’t grow.
        And worst of all for this society hellbent on diversity is that we’re wise to the scam and excusing ourselves from the equation as much as possible. For example, I keep my online clothing business small because it means my life stays free from the fangs of the barnacle class.

  8. Fuck diversity. Work for yourself and you won’t have to deal with it. Furthermore, if you own the join and it’s a relatively small one flying under the radar, you are in the position to only hire the most qualified applicants. That will also put you at a competitive advantage.

    1. Gov’t has been slowly eradicating the small business through regulation and taxes. Whether this is simply a coincidence or deliberate I can’t be sure.

  9. Diversity is the most extreme example but liberalism in general involves the transfer of resources from productive to unproductive purposes. The results are easily predictable.

  10. Japan is 99% homogeneous, the Number One minority there are actually Brazilians who live in “company housing” to do menial work and went to help rebuild after the war (if I even have to say which one, just kill yourself). Somehow Japan’s culture after the war became one of the most prosperous and efficient economies on the planet. You figure that one out.

    1. Japan’s culture was not prosperous and efficient. Its business sector was cutthroat and efficient, but still could not have been in the position it was prior to its crash without two things:
      (1) The US coming in after World War Two and more or less rebuilding its legal and government systems from the ground up, akin to Germany under the Marshall Plan;
      (2) The US repeatedly acting like a complete idiot when it came to terms of trade with Japan in technological industries over the next forty years or so. If you want a long essay on the subject, reread Michael Crichton’s book “Rising Sun” which sets out some of the tactics they used. In short, the Japanese regarded business as war, and organised themselves in precisely that fashion against clueless US governments and hamstrung US companies.
      For example: US companies were not permitted to sell an electronic product direct in Japan; they could only licence the product through a Japanese company. That Japanese company would then reverse engineer the designs the US company was forced to give it, figure out how to build it cheaper and smaller, and then dump huge quantities of their cheaper product on the US market in order to drive the US company out of business. That’s part of the reason US TV manufacturers were strangled out of business across the 70s and 80s – because they simply could not compete with one-way tactics like this, along with one-sided patent laws in Japan which basically allowed Japanese companies to copy imported US designs like mad and then come up with their own cheap knockoffs.
      Part of this was because the Japanese had long been working in large ubercorporations – keiretsu – which involved alliances of dozens, even hundreds of companies working in the same interest. In the US such alliances would amount to antitrust violations, but they certainly were not illegal in Japan.
      This came unstuck in the 90s because those keiretsu included cozy relationships between Japanese corporations and the banking system. As always happens, such relationships resulted in a price bubble. When that bubble finally burst, overly leveraged Japanese banks and companies were left with massive bad debts. And the Japanese government – does this sound familiar? – began to pay huge amounts of money to keep these banks afloat and bail out larger companies on the rationale they were too big to fail.
      Japan’s current liquidity trap comes from the fact that despite those bad debts washing out of the system and despite massive injections of the central bank to decrease interest rates, people still refuse to spend money and in particular refuse to borrow. Interest rates in Japan are still around 1% or so, which would suggest people are hoarding cash and not willing to borrow for fear of some adverse event such as deflation.

      1. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp!
        The fact is, what made the US strong was it’s success in WW2. Everyone else needed our infrastructure, because in order to win…we had to bomb all of theirs.
        However, being the too kind, polite nation-builders we love to be viewed as, we used our reserves and infrastructure to get them back up. Reason? It is hard to trade with people who have literally no economy. So we effectively traded with our selves by trading with these war torn nations.
        We were by no mean the dupes-extreme. But we are slowly becoming such.
        Every generation has had a war. But this time, I think it may not have the effect some of the last ones did.
        The US spirit has been infested with communist thought processes for so long, it is not the glory of it’s youth. When even the oppressed here had a real spirit. Now, we all have our favorite entitlements.

      2. Good analysis but lacking in some major departments when critiquing the all enveloping economic post war Renaissance.
        The major factor that helped Japan far more so than divided Germany, who was forced to sign up for NATO and had the looming growth of the Soviet Union. Japan was spending less on defence than it was on its high school sports teams(no joke).Japan 20 years after the war hosted the Olympics and was quite successful.Yet it’s military would not have played well to host the boy scouts of america.Essentially in all defence matters the USA was the big bro and Japan became highly coddled.This frustrated the USA because Japan was the only country not buying their wears but also requiring the US to in part place a large materiel infrastructure cost for project EAST ASIA.Further all the of Japans traditional foes were battle weak after either the Korean war, Vietnam war or civil war (china).
        2) The US after the war wanted to shift economic focus away from Europe which to their best knowledge was a sink hole(USA bailed out Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy and Germany and were still waiting for France and Britain to pay their debts) and they were quite sure it was going to be the Soviet’s play field in a war they were not prepared to fight. However with the Korean and Vietnam war and the growing rift between Mao and Stalin. America wanted to invest in East Asia heavily. They essentially used Japan as a major port and invested in full.
        3) japanese social works programs were quite strong and efficient. They had a strong nationalist socialist the attitude which leads to the cronyism between banks and corps but they also provided a far higher standard of living to their population base,more work days and greater labour efficiency ( although a major pitfall now with an elderly population).
        Japans Growth wasn’t just due to short selling cheap stock although they certainly did dump cheap product onto the market to defeat their competitors. they changed the capitalistic game. they provided asia(china and korea and now all SEA countries) with the model that works. Find a product, produce it cheaper, produce is faster and give it a simple tweak it to the consumer that separates it from the competition.

      3. A very good post. The Japanese have strict rules on foreign direct investment. This protected their industry from being completely taken over by foreign firms. Had they opened up more in the 1950s they would have suffered given American dominance during that period. ( for example GM was way bigger than Toyota back then). The economic lesson to learn here is don’t open your economy up too much if you are a developing country because you will be over run by TNCs like in Latin America. China has learnt this lesson.

      4. Oh okay, I always wondered how there were different companies putting out versions of the Sega Genesis and 3DO. Makes sense now.

  11. The best quote I’ve read on Diversity is the paradox that proponents of diversity love diversity in everything except diversity of opinion.
    Toe the line on diversity or be damned, is the message diversity paradoxically tells us.

  12. Diversity is a stupid concept at best, and a failed society at worst. What you’re seeing is the worst.

  13. The true meaning of diversity is to rationalize formal discrimination against whites and men and straight people initiated by the civil rights movement otherwise it doesnt mean anything. Ask Brendan Eich the ousted CEO of Mozilla if the social justice warriors will tolerate diversity of opinion. Not only are whites and men and straight people formally discriminated in large organizations they are prevented from forming their own. Most men’s issues could be resolved by getting rid of the civil rights act.

  14. Roosh, your logic and math are unassailable.
    Economic systems mimic ecological systems and natural selection. Very small differences in initial numbers for variables such as foraging efficiency and aggression have tremendous consequences in terms of allele frequency in a given population in a surprisingly short amount of time.
    The math will doom this country to back-bencher status if we don’t figure this out soon.

  15. In a country such as the United States, the most economically successful nation the world has seen, diversity is a needless poison pill that guarantees it will fare worse in the future.
    The left cares more about equality of outcomes than equality of opportunity.

  16. “To solve this problem, America has embraced a legal policy of openly discriminating against majority groups. While this was usually constricted to race, it has broadened in recent years to include sex.”
    No. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 originally was written to include all non-whites as Protected Classes, but was amended to include ALL females as a Protected Class before passage. So, nothing ‘recent’ about this scam. Indeed, the decimation of U.S. masculinity and fatherhood was the true underlying purpose of CRA ’63/’64.
    When I worked in state government in the mid-Eighties, discrimination (of various types, legal and extra-legal) already was established and accepted policy. By far, the beneficiaries of this discrimination were white females (and their parents). Comparatively, the damage done to the nation by race-based discrimination is negligible — although it is still iniquitous and self-destructive to the nation.

  17. The most extreme pro-female affirmative action probably takes place in academia. In many social science departments, there are few if any male professors under 35.

    1. The white male worker is literally disappearing. . Where are they going. Hmmm. Hard to man up as they want when they refuse to hire white males.

  18. As an engineer saw the degradation of hard working white men in the manufacturing and service sectors, they are also marked for criticism of things happened centuries ago. At present, almost all good paying jobs are offshored or exported to third world countries, at the same time training and scholarships are given to so called fake minorities and to liberal studies which men find no use. This country has to start respecting white men also and give them the best training in subjects that bring production back to this country, always appreciated German Apprenticeship model than class book learning and paper writing by these liberals in USA.

  19. I’m a white male and these policies have denied me a family. I’m college educated and took out loans and have consistently been passed over so a minority or woman could have a good job. I’m sick of being blamed for events I had nothing to do with and tired of paying for other people to have kids and have good jobs at my expense. When does it end? . I despise both parties as neither gives a shit about me. I’m just supposed to find a way to be rich and then man up and give my money to others who curse me and treat me like shit. Whether people admit it or not white males still compromise the bulk of payers into the system and we are getting tired of being shit on and used as atms. This won’t end well. I hear minorities and women talk about oppression while they have families and income above the median salary. What a joke. I never owned slave or beat a woman. I

    1. Hate to dogpile but did you know that I get an $1,100 per child credit from Federal income taxes? And I have 5 kids. (But you can only get 3 credits.) You’re literally paying me to have kids.

      1. It’s not just the child credit – think of the healthcare costs. Children need much more healthcare than a single, working adult man does, yet they don’t need to pay for it. Also insurance etc. … the transfer of money from single and childless to people with children is huge.

  20. It’s a fact of nature that people are very unequal by any metric, and that these differences are in large part heritable.
    Right-wing societies try to maintain a social hierarchy with the best people on top. The best people do not always have the best offspring, so some balance of monarchy vs. meritocracy must be agreed upon.
    Left-wing societies go to ever more ridiculous extremes to *make* everyone equal, only succeeding when everyone has been killed.

  21. A great book covering the topic of diversity and it’s effect on the education system, the work place and other areas is, “Intellectuals and Race” by Thomas Sowell. This guy was a genius and red pill as fuck too! I’d highly recommend that book and he has written a few on economics which are great too! Here is Sowell in action laying down the truth of diversity to a moron.

    1. It’s an absolute shame that someone like Dr. Sowell has to explain to this self-hating white liberal Charlie Rose kunt, that he doesn’t need racial diversity programs to help him. Moreover, that racial diversity programs like Affirm Action and the like are in fact detrimental to his race and society in general.
      Diversity for the sake of diversity is classic tautological argument. It’s good’s good.
      Utter BS.

    1. True, but not helpful.
      When we talk like that, it is easy for leftists to paint us as low IQ people. Also think of people new to the red pill – they will be put off by usage of insults like “nigger”.
      We should try to (and can) express our points better.

      1. The leftist believe in magical fairy tales about ‘equality’. They believe that IQ is whitey’s evil juju magic meant to keep da brothaz down and no none, not even Nobel Prize winning Geneticists will ever convince them otherwise.

        1. Absolutely. We will never convince the leftists. But most people leaning to the left in the democratic process are not really leftists – they are just sheep, and they can be convinced to follow us when we talk to them in a way that they can accept. We will not reach them however if we come on too strong. With words like nigger and cunt you may be preaching to the choir here, but put everyone else off. The people watching from the sideline, undecided, are the ones we need to pull into our direction.

  22. I’m a racist by the very definition of the word. I believe that Western Whites- specifically Anglo Saxon, Germanic and Nordic – are superior to all other races. I also believe that Afro.mitive Action is legalized racism which was meant to give the negro something that he did not earn.
    With all of the above mentioned, I believe that 99% of people who bitch about AA or ‘reverse discrimination’ did not suffer from it; they simply weren’t good enough in the first place. The same goes for the victims of the “Patriarchy”, “Whitey bez Racist” , “Ageism”, and the like.

    1. High-quality people can figure out how to get their piece of the pie despite AA lockouts. But what is annoying about die-ver-shitty is that it lets a whole bunch of low-quality people in because of cultural marxist b.s., and because they’re worthless, they usually get added to the bureaucratic bloat plaguing our society and gumming up the works.

      1. I learned to game the system by talking about diversity in the interview for a job, especially when they are phone interviews for jobs far away. The white women who interview me only want to check the box for their masters, not actually hire diverse candidates. (The irony is that I am extremely diverse by every definition but look pretty white.)

    2. Affirmative action says that between two equally qualified candidates an employer may make the final choice based on factors such as race. The language does not even say that you can’t chose the white candidate in order to diversify a non-white workforce.
      However, affirmative action has led to Disparate Impact, which results in lowering standards for everyone, so that certain groups will be able to qualify.

  23. It wouldn’t bother me much if these professional Victim groups wanted equal opportunities for self improvement. The key phrase here being ‘equal opportunity’.
    But once the qualifiers or moment of truth period kicks in make sure you meet those requirements.
    If the owner of a vagina can get a particular task done to a high standard, then she deserves the job & benefits that come with it.
    What we’ve got happening now is institutionalized pandering to professional Victim groups based on victim category instead of the actual candidate being a right fit based on pure role specification. The priority of a certain protected category of person over quality of process & end product. They don’t seem to realize how this also hurts the few minorities who are actually able to pull their own weight without the ‘helpless victim group’ tag.
    Heh, i enjoyed the simplified scientific analysis & style in this article.
    Makes it difficult for some Gender Studies grad (Victim Group!!) to dismantle these points presented by a professional microbiologist.

  24. Diversity – (code): the sexual, racial, cultural, linguistic and psychological dislocation of societal bulwarks designed to dismantle a heterogeneous civilization through balkanization via academia, media and governmental conditioning.
    *Sorry I used all caps above but, I assumed if I did people would think I was a disenfranchised SJW female and give me a pity read.
    (If you disagree with any of the above, look at the beauty that multicultural diversity has borne in Paris, France these past few weeks…)

  25. since when did the minority tell the majority to change its ways because the minority was offended by something, where did the majorities backbone go to to kindly tell the minority to fit in or fuck off. how did it come to straight white males telling other straight white males that it’s bad to be a straight white male, because _________ minority group doesn’t want to be discriminated against and the majority will just have to change its ways to accommodate. this planet is doomed.

  26. Barack Obama got elected (twice) not for his skill, nor for the “content of his character”, but for “the color of his skin”.

  27. Multiculturalism is a way to destroy the unanimity of the people. Governments like that, because it is unanimity that has the power to overthrow them. (remember the GDR, or even French revolution?) You can see what happened in Europe since the 1960’s. More immigrants from poor country’s = more crime, more religious madness, more fraud, more government spending on social security, more violence and diminishing the unanimity of people. In the 1960’s you didn’t have to lock your front door when you went to bed. But after the mass immigration people became more suspicious of one another, more aggressive. Now how do you know that is due to immigration? I don’t know for sure. I think the economy and things like consumerism also are a reason, but it’s no wonder intolerance grows when you have people around you carrying weapons, saying you are an infidel, spitting on your sister and calling her a whore for not wearing a scarf and then break into your house when you’re away for an hour. Because that’s how the Netherlands looks like nowadays in the big cities. In the 50’s it was a paradise compared to today. This is all due to the socialist parties who, in their idealism imported hundred thousands of low IQ mainly muslim/African immigrants. And that’s contradictory you know. Importing muslims and then hope they will accept your progressive views on gays, women and secularism.
    Another lie is saying that people are equal. They aren’t. For the law: yes. But aside from that, definitely not. A criminal bum is not worth as much as a surgeon, A aspiring terrorist living on benefits is not equal to a roadworker busting his ass. It even goes so far as to saying a man and a women are equal. That is alsno not true. There are things men can do better than women and vice versa. The equality lie is also what forces the forced diversity in the job market. Government wants women in high ranking positions. Most women don’t even want to be in a board of directors, yet it is enforced by government. It’s called “positive discrimination”. Where somebody get’s the job because he/she is black, gay or a woman. No matter if there is somebody that is a better candidate for the job. This is discrimination in itself.

  28. Diversity is what the left does when the monolithic culture no longer supports their ideas.
    Why is it that the left always and consistently supports immigration, both legal and otherwise, of useless, worthless people who cannot and will not support themselves? It is because it is the quickest way to advance leftism. You get enough of these people into a country and even if they can’t vote, they’ll have a ton of kids (on your dime of course) who will, and since those kids will be raised on government cheese, and taught in government schools which openly indoctrinate rabid leftism, you easily and quickly cultivate a reliable leftist voting bloc.
    Of course it isn’t the only weapon the left uses, but expanded immigration by people who refuse to pull their own weight is sold under the banner of “diversity” and of course anyone who opposes it is a “racist.”

  29. Diversity = Tokenism.
    Come to a job interview qualified, eager and smoking any of the other applicants, you have the job.
    That is the intolerable reality.

  30. Roosh’s seamless transition from game tips to sociopolitical commentary continually proves that he is a cut above a lot of online figures. Mike Cernovich is also on that level.

  31. Diversity just doesn’t work. Certain group are undesirable, end of story. Blacks and muslims for example. They contribute NOTHING positive to any country they immigrate in. All they do is negative : crime, being on welfare, rape, complaining of being victims, rioting, etc… The countries they come from are shitholes and they bring the shithole mentality with them. I don’t give a shit whether they are oppressed or not. All I know is that they contribute nothing to my country and cause huge troubles.

  32. Equality and Diversity within the HR department is also a way of ensuring that institutional power remains in the hands of the left. for the purposes of recruitment and selection, particularly at the highest levels, it isn’t simply a question of hiring a man over a woman for instance, but of ensuring that those who are recruited are “pro-actively” committed to the ideology of equality and diversity. Its not enough for candidates to be the right gender or colour – although that may be how it works in part – at the higher levels the only way to get the top jobs is to ‘demonstrate what you have done to make the world a gayer place’ etc. David Hannan has demonstrated how this works with the judiciary:
    What this means perhaps is that equality and diversity will be focussed on all the strategic position (which is what we could call the march through the institutions) but may care very little about the non-strategic positions, even those that are quite well paid but are relatively un-influential. One reason for this might be because they cannot afford to be too successful. The entire edifice of equality / equality & diversity depends on being able to continue to point out what Roosh describes as structural discrimination, hence continued ‘inequality’ in areas that don’t matter can be adduced as further evidence of this. Thus the rationale is not threatened.
    I don’t have any statistics for this but I imagine if one could find some criteria for identifying politically strategic positions within politics, arts and business, the whole front of equality and diversity could be exposed for what it is.

    1. “for the purposes of recruitment and selection, particularly at the highest levels, it isn’t simply a question of hiring a man over a woman for instance, but of ensuring that those who are recruited are “pro-actively” committed to the ideology of equality and diversity.”
      Right. And this point is often overlooked. But across-the-board in government over the past forty years, you will NOT advance in your position (nor be allowed to keep your job) if you do not ‘achieve’ high marks in your Civil Rights portion of the employee review process.
      What this means in practical terms is that you damn well better toe the Feminist/Diversity/Equality totalitarian line while at work. And when The Grrls gather in their inevitable committees to ‘make the work environment a safer place’ and to ‘adopt speech codes’ and all the rest of their endless tyrannies, you had better genuflect to their demands . . . or else you’ll be downgraded as not conforming to Civil Rights policy.
      As the decades passed, these measures — along with endless beatdowns called ‘Employee Sensitivity Training’ and ‘Sexual Harrassment Seminars’ etc. — have ensured that all masculine males are purged from government employment, leaving only the most submissive and subjugated ‘men’. Not an accident, to say the least.

      1. “you will NOT advance in your position (nor be allowed to keep your job) if you do not ‘achieve’ high marks in your Civil Rights portion of the employee review process. …What this means in practical terms is that you damn well better toe the Feminist/Diversity/Equality totalitarian line while at work”
        They cleverly managed to bypass any kind of democratic check on this type of ideological control and indoctrination in this way. Your quite right about the committees of girls. I remember being on a training course with mostly female managers and just one other male manager and I made some completely inoffensive nudge nudge reference – the other male gave me contemptuous look and said something like “shush, they outnumber us” – it was the scared, conspiratorial way he said it that shocked me and became a bit of a wake up call: the world had changed and I hadn’t even realise it. In that company training was everything, and you didn’t question it. The re-education camps are open for business

  33. The United States of Disparate Impact
    I tried to pay my employees in gold but that was prohibited.
    I wanted to get a loan but the government said they didnt have any
    money because they had already given out too many bad loans to
    historically disadvantaged groups.
    I made more than the median income but I was not able to keep all
    that much because I lived in the same house with the woman I sleep with and live as a family with our children together.
    I was going to help a woman and train her at my business because I
    she needed help but the AAUW said I have to give her equal pay for
    equal work. I knew she wouldnt be worth what the AAUW thought was equal
    right away at least until she was proficient but the AAUW and I couldnt
    agree on the definition of equal work so I didnt hire her.
    It was too costly to give my employees health insurance because of government mandates so I didnt do it.
    I ended up losing my business to my competitors because the government bailed them out and not me.
    My wife left me and I lost my life savings paying child support despite
    the fact that she cheated on me. I had to move back in with my parents.
    I met a young women on public transportation. I like dating her
    despite the fact that she had 3 kids by 3 different men before the age
    of 21. I think I am going to stay with her until she gets her 9k earned
    income credit check in February. I dont know if our relationship will
    much longer than that, but her mom might be able to get me a job in the
    Obama Administration investigating companies that use IQ tests
    improperly. If they are caught they are subject to fines that go towards
    subsidizing bad loans for historically disadvantaged groups.

  34. Diversity is not diversifying a predominantly white place up with different races, if it were, diversity advocates would advocate for meritocracy. Diversity is diversifying up a predominantly productive place with unqualified, inferior workers chosen on a non-value. Diversity is mixing value with non-value.

  35. They want diversity and claim they are oppressed yet they are the ones oppressing white men. . White women are fucking themselves over. . White females are already being forced out of affirmative action protection and who are they gonna run to for help. White men. Lmao. The same impoverished, unemployed white men she and her Sisters fucked over in the past few decades fucked over by denying a family and good income to. Good luck ladies. I’ll never defend a woman and certainly not a white woman. There is a wall of silence now where white men increasingly won’t date white women. It’s just like the black community and how black men won’t date black women. . I have zero fucks given for people who devote their lives to denying me a life. Let them burn and suffer for their decisions.

  36. “Diversity is when merit, skill, and ability is downplayed in favor of a
    person’s race, sexual orientation, or other identity affiliation.”
    That’s why I call it “DiverSh|tty”.

  37. RooshV—> Still a pussy.
    For -years- literally years, we have seen the confluence of Game, PUA, MRA, Dark Enlightenment, etc. who *all* point to the same outcome. Destruction of the West.
    And yet what? In spite of all evidence presented before your eyes and your travels to places where that insidious poison of the Frankfurt School cultural marxist created (read: leftist Jew) road map for death never took hold, you still chanted the party line.
    Now that the we are drawing ever closer to coming off the rail globally you meekly imply that ‘uhh, umm, yeah diversity is like bad! Because umm, uhh, it was ok for unqualified ‘African Americans’ (dafuq?! read: zulus, bantus and hutus) to supplant more qualified Europeans for jobs, but it ain’t ok for white chicks!’
    You are the same sackless pussy as ever.
    <3 <3 -Jay in DC
    Here to help, because I cannot just talk shit @ CH all the time. When you find your sack mate, do the ‘real’ post about this that at least 50% of your commenters here have already stated.

  38. This entire article reeks of white supremacy; even one of the sites community beliefs (1) acknowledges the diversity of life, so how can an an associated writer be impervious to that which I consider as proof of an architect beyond our imagination? Please consider so-called minorities who’ve toiled the soil for generations to build the foundation for a system that for too long has remained exclusive in admittance of those largely responsible for its economic viability. For many of these individuals this happens to be the only nation that they’ve known; yet the hypocrisy continues to persist in our modern era. Does it stem from a sense of losing the grip of oppression? An insidious form of cruelty that only those of a diverse nature will come to understand.
    Diversity seems to threaten the power structure responsible for centuries of oppression. It’s baffling that the working white man without monetary backing placing him among elites thinks he’s superior to people of color based on a system notorious for using race as a divisional tactic. The elites who control world events do not care for race, for the soldiers sent to fight wars for economic gain are clearly not selected based on their skin color for bidding. From the comments that I’ve read, are white men that oblivious to their ancestors historical acts of oppression, the formulation of a rigged system that thrives off instilling an inferiority complex in individuals who are considered less in humanness due to a phenotype? Are white men of this site, and specifically those entrenched in the throes of mainstream society aware of the Dark Ages where if not for the Moors and Arabs that which is known as the age of enlightenment would not have been achieved? Are you even conscious of past civilizations that preceded anything of European origin as being the forerunners of a civilized society?
    Due to the Department of Education, and the untold amounts of currency poured in from organizations that relish on creating an underclass in our society, we have the fostering of a mentality reserved for those considered as undesirables by those in power. Imagine the United States, and Great Britain without diversity? How would the historical backdrop look as indentured servants were not genetically stocked to handle the rigors of slavery? Would the capital generated from that form of slavery pale in comparison to the gains off the backs of blacks for the duration of centuries? What would you make of diversity if removed from the highly profitable sports realm? Are those individuals with an abundance of melanin only equipped for the entertainment of the majority?
    Melanin is the essence of life, and if you’re unable to embrace diversity then maybe you should take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what is it that I am missing that makes me fearful of those with high levels of pigmentation? Why am I unwilling to embrace diversity and would rather keep the status-quo as is for the subjugation of those who are needed in order to foster a false sense of entitlement within myself?
    In order for diversity to be eradicated, there has to be a sinister plan in place because believe it or not, the global masses consists of more black/brown/yellow people than those who consider themselves to be white. Always remember where civilization began. For the technology argument, most of the advancements have recently sprung forth due to ancient discoveries not reported in scientific findings because it defies the progressive principle. I can debate with whomever on this topic for days, and I am more than willing to challenge anyone who regards diversity as a hidden evil which serves to eliminate an undeserving privilege based on skin color.

    1. I was about to light your ass on fire but you see it is -really- hard to troll with a DISQUS account newbie. Most of us came up in the days of true anonymity which is long gone. So the stupidity you are currently displaying with this— what? About I’m guessing 10 paragraph long ‘wall of text’ is just sad. #1 issue– The Return Key is your friend. #2 issue– you are NOT anonymous here, or anywhere. It is 2015 nigga, real talk. I’m Eurocentric One and Jay in DC all day everyday. Own your shit, or fuck off directly.
      Faggotry, in spite of everything you’ve been spoon fed in the last 2 years while loving the cock 100% is STILL not tolerated in a few places, sorry.

      1. You weren’t about to do shit with your calcified pineal gland…and strong username to post content.
        Come at me with something other than hate, or fuck off with your ignorance.

        1. I come at you with love— but with no need to countenance a slightly higher than average non-white and laughably inferior IQ.
          I’m going to leave you with a single webpage based on a -massive- amount of data to sort of tell you once again to fuck off directly.
          And as for your original post you cannot debate jack shit because you know nothing. Every single thing you use in your modern life from about 1615—>2015 came from who?
          Let me help you—

          I wonder if RooshV has sacked up enough to let this stand. 400 years of your savagery and lack of innovation brought 100,000 years into the future through the miracle of evolution, exploration, colonization, and more recently (sadly) recombinant DNA which RooshV knows -much- about from his former life. You are welcome.
          Another website that boils the other one out into a single page.

          Here to help as we always have been for the last 500 years darkie. Don’t go letting this modern faggotry, did I mention that before? Get to your mind. We are more than willing if pressed into a corner to send you back to your point of origin.
          Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Somalia, Congo, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Chad, Sudan. Need I go on? Any African living in the States lives like a king compared to his counterpart in the country of origin. You are entitled absurdly uppity and disaffected much like the liberal white women referenced in the article, and guess what? The gravy train is about to stop.
          True hardship is beyond you, beyond liberal fatty white girls, beyond most people in the West. So allllll you victim classes gather ’round—
          Faggots, Trannies, White Bitches (liberal slant only please), Darkies, Beaners, and especially recently ‘moderate’ Muzz (no such thing, it is a religion founded on conquest and death) etc. Please leave. Seriously. You are so oppressed here in the West. Take your collective asses out of here please.
          White boys will be left and we will just circle jerk ourselves into extinction except well, we won’t as you know. We would be banging Martian bitches in a hot minute if we hadn’t already throw trillions of dollars of ‘shit against the wall’ in the form of affirmative action, civil rights funding, head start, no child left behind, equal opportunity, and any other horseshit the leftist jews have been trying to use to destroy us for the last 6 decades.

        2. By the way, in spite of your -horrific- lack of using the Return/Enter key and comical attack of ‘whitey’ you DO make some points that are based on objective reality as experienced by well, all of us. Let me share
          “It’s baffling that the working white man without monetary backing placing him among elites thinks he’s superior to a minority based on a system using race as a division within society. The elites who control world events do not care for race, for the soldiers sent to fight wars for economic gain are clearly not selected based on their skin color for bidding.”
          You were doing -REALLY- good right here until your next sentence. Those ‘elites’ are very white, no argument there and have been for many generations so have almost nothing in common with the middle or lower class European. But do you know who is 2% of the population in the States and Europe but is ‘absurdly elite’. Nobody you are allowed to talk about but they sort of look like this in December.

        3. You’re a prime example of ignorance in the flesh, and you’re writing from a racist mindset that has no place in an ever evolving society. You’ll either adapt or succumb to forces outside of your control. There’s no way that I’ll ever accept any form of pseudo-science that justifies atrocities committed against people of color. Your concept of history begins in 1615; again the date provided just shows how infantile your thoughts are because you and I both know civilization started long before Europe was even civilized. These are simply facts. Nothing less than that. But start by reading about the Grimaldi of Europe and you’ll be shocked at what you discover. You would like for me to begin at 1615 because that’s when the subjugation began on such a wide scale, but I know better than to begin at such a late period of history. I know the history of thievery and brutalization that comes along with colonization, but more importantly I also understand a glorious past that stretches back further than 1615.

        4. I’m not attacking “Whitey”, but simply stating the truth. The truth is hard for some to bear, and I understand that. Also, I’m far from a racist, but I will not stand on the margins while I know I hatred is being spewed against people of color when there is a place in society for everyone to thrive and be a success.

        5. “Grimaldi of Europe”—> Nigga please. Two prehistoric africans managed to find their way into prehistoric Europa and what? It is a revelation? No sir. Not even a little.
          The historical record is -very- clear. You are right. All humans are ‘Out of Africa’ only a true racist would argue otherwise.
          HOWEVER– And this is a big however since I find myself once again wasting precious time with an Afrocentrist I just spent one hour of my life confirming what I already know but even moreso.
          The most recent theory is what? Neanderthals left WAY earlier, one hundred thousand years+, and went their own way into Europe.
          Cro-Magnon then encountered these rather large brained and large statured earlier men and decided to fuck them silly.
          So once again, your race stalled at about Homo-Erectus. 1.5 million years ago, give or take. No shame in it really if you stopped fighting it and wanted to evolve. But NONE of you will because your inferiority complex runs way to deep. You want to prove you are humans right? You are! I don’t disagree with the fossil record but you are humans who started to branch off our common genealogic tree 1 million years ago, for better, or (more accurately) for worse.
          The vast fossil record suggests you never cooked over fire and used simple stone tools most of the time. Modern chimps do the same. Meanwhile… Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal were both taming the wilderness, enduring the biting cold of the Ice Age, and fucking and killing each other into a master race.
          It is fairly well acknowledged now and a simple google search or wikipedia will tell you the truth. Europa was already highly colonized by neanderthals when cro-magnon man arrived tens of thousand of years later. The two combined produced modern Europeans and no race has ever come close. You are whining about 400 years? Dafuq? A more accurate measure is in geological age. 400,000 years so fucking stop.
          The only way you can ‘Come to Jesus’ and repent is to know that any European DNA will instantly bring you 50 to 100 thousand years into the future. Period. Full Stop. Let’s not delude ourselves here.

        6. I stopped reading at “nigga please”, and you’re just simply ignorant.
          No wonder you dudes go on bashing women all day, because you’re a lame at heart and no chick wants to be with a douchebag.

  39. Diversity is not so fantastic, but it is the ideology that underpins diversity – that white men are bad and participate in some collective original sin – that is the truly destructive force that needs to be repudiated, refuted, and then silenced.

  40. Translation: White males don’t like having to play on an even playing field with minorities because they didn’t used to have to and they want to keep it that way and they are afraid that if forced to they might come up short against a minority.
    These same racist White males hate on Minorities and bash Women all day and then they act surprised when White Women don’t want to have anything to do with them and they start dating Black dudes. Diversity is a direct threat to “White Male Supremacy” and that is why many White dudes on ROK are afraid of it. It was never about under qualified people getting positions they didn’t deserve.White dudes can say that over and over, but the reality is Who are you convincing? Everybody already knows your true motives, so you don’t have to keep trying to lie about what this is REALLY all about. If you ask me, there is nothing more Beta than being an ignorant racist POS.

    1. That is perhaps the stupidest comment on the internet. When merit, skill and ability are eschewed in favor of sex or skin color, that does not “level the playing field” and any fair minded person who loves his children or even cares about posterity would resent a system which downplays merit.
      Take your idiotic SJW opinions somewhere else, where you can find willing dupes who will bow to your shaming attempts as you expect them to. Here your snark has zero power.
      Begone, you fairy.

    2. Nothing wrong with diversity per se. It’s diversity for diversity’s sake that’s the problem.
      A workforce could look like a bag of M&Ms for all we care — as long as those M&Ms were chosen for their abilities and not their color.

      1. How do you know the people chosen are not qualified? Most minorities have to be extra good at what they do to get in these positions. You think a minority known for being a C student all of their life is just placed in certain positions based off of color? It doesn’t work like that. You’re still going to have to show and prove no matter what color you are; hardly a blind eye is turned to mediocrity in positions as such.

        1. Are you not aware that the most common practice to foster diversity is to *lower* admissions standards for the desired group? How exactly does that produce the most qualified individuals?

        2. I could care less about admission standards, because those standards are culturally bias and you know it. Are you familiar with The Bell Curve? The authors themselves tried to say that IQ differences are inherently genetic, and for higher education similar beliefs were echoed throughout academia for ages.I’m tired of opinionated beliefs being masqueraded as serious scholarship when it’s not based on anything factual.

  41. stop talking shit !!!.Your relatives and friends spend time plotting how to kill American Citizens through terrorist activities and you spend your whole time picking on some Indian or Asian or some woman or some old man who only wants a better life for themselves.Remember that your parents were migrants too . Basically shut the door on everyone else !! You dont like it when people call you raghead or terrorist but everybody else is fair game .You are supposed to be a great pickup artist yet there are no beautiful girls on your arm .Put photos up if you have the guts !!! Mate , you could not score in a brothel with a million dollars Loser !!!!

    1. Did you have logical or factual criticisms of Roosh’s article or did you just wanna call names like a fucking child? I believe there are sites already designed to be a playpen for unbalanced individuals to share their meaningless emotions. They’re mostly for women, but you could probably sneak in.

  42. Diversity policies were implemented in America because of claims that structural discrimination caused minority groups to lose out on
    opportunities in spite of equivalent or superior qualifications

    That should read “implemented ostensibly”. The real reason is that its just another of the Jewish Marxist programs to destroy America along with immigration, pornography and feminism.

  43. Let’s be honest, a white man blaming “diversity” for being a loser is like a PUA blaming his looks for not getting with hot girls. Sure, there may be a lot of unqualified minorities stealing jobs because of their skin color, but, you can’t assume that all non-white people are less intelligent and do not deserve to have the job he has.
    White males have ran the world for a long time, now it’s China, and it’s got nothing to do with Mexicans taking jobs in America. In fact, because the white population has been declining, its survival as a nation to encourage average, not excellent, people of color to enter the work force.
    Obviously, there’s no justice in any discriminatory practices, but who said the world is fair? Or at least that’s what black folks were told when they had nothing and no one to help them.

  44. Inclusion, has ruined Art. Transcendence is gone.
    Never let it steal excellence, because Men built civilisation. Men guarded it, and tended it.
    It needs progress, and without greatness in our men- it will continue its inevitable slide into decadence ( classical terminology ) and decay.

  45. Diversity is about equal opportunities, so if someone not male, white, christian is better prepared he/she can’t be discriminated. Your article totally twisted like if there was a supremacy of a race or something which is ludicrous and utterly appalling. Stop mnipulating ppl’s opinion with this kinda crap!!!

  46. The amazing thing is that “survival of the fittest,” evolution and merit/qualification-based achievement are beat into children when they show up at school full of values learned at their parents knee. That is soon replaced with “well, some people can’t achieve without help so here’s your participation ribbon and go stand over there while we give the position to someone less qualified but of the right demographics.”
    I know, I know, it sounds crazy. But it’s not my crazy, it’s theirs. “They” being the under-miners and destroyers of society & civilization.

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