“No Pants Day” Shows 4 Problems With Millennials

The new generation is going downhill and dragging the whole world with it, exemplified by nonsensical actions such as “No Pants Day.” This article will firstly discuss the No Pants Day “occurrence” (for lack of a better word) and then discuss wider issues with society caused by certain features of millennials and then offer a simple first step in combating the spread of destructive silliness.


This event consists of people wearing no pants when they go out in big cities or taking the subway without said pants in an attempt to, well, obtain attention and shock people; a quick definition can be found here.

This, in itself, is at best a laughable idea and at worst a blatant display of insanity because it serves no real purpose besides managing to disappoint serious, normal people who still had hope that youngsters today might turn into real, responsible adults.

The sole idea behind this action is to engage in one shocking activity (or rather, to omit the important activity of dressing normally) simply to surprise people in the public; however, the surprise is not a joyous or welcome one, rather it signals the lack of credibility on the part of the participants since they consider society, decency, and workplaces to be simple troll-worthy concepts.

The Millennial Businessman Who Drives the Economy

In itself, this whole thing would hardly be noteworthy; in a normal society, it would even be acceptable to blow a little steam off once a year and engage the childish, silly side of our natures, and we also have examples of other civilizations that decided to accept irrational behaviors. The Romans had the Bacchanalia, where they gave in to their most primal instincts while the Greek philosophers occupied themselves with theories about sports and running, which developed into the Olympics.

However, we do not currently live in a normal society (arguably, humans rarely or never did or did so imperfectly, but that is another topic entirely) and midway between absurdity and lunacy, No Pants Day is reminiscent of wider psycho-social issues:

1. Prevalent narcissism

Firstly, there is the issue of narcissism and a morbid need for attention; millennials today are not ashamed to unconsciously display this psychological disorder and their need for external attention or validation, of which No Pants Day is a perfect example. This has been discussed on ROK, so I need not go into details.

2. Immaturity is the norm

Secondly, there is the problem of arrested development where people such as the suited guy above are unable (or unwilling) to grow into the adult that they are supposed to; more worryingly, there is a massive discordance between the real person itself and the suited, respectable white-collar worker that he tries to impersonate.

This, coupled with the fact that those people will soon obtain (or already have obtained) positions of responsibility, leads to a decline in society itself as leaders become extinct. Seriousness and hard work will be replaced by fun and jest, and maturity is subtly scorned and dethroned in favor of playing out clownish fantasies.

3. They crave sensationalism

Thirdly, there is the excessive need for fame, sensationalism, and shocking others, which sometimes replaces efficiency and overrides any noble goals. As an example, a millennial herself confirms this in an Elite Daily article, where she says “We no longer see adulthood as the end of our childhood, but the beginning of something even more liberating.” or (point 20) “we have a f*ck you attitude.”

Interestingly, that article mentions (point 28) how millennials “want freedom more than anything else,” yet when Snowden released his information about the NSA almost nothing happened—not even a miniature Occupy. The main reason is that millennials were too engrossed in playing Candy Crush or talking about how much they care about freedom, the environment etc. without actually changing anything, riding on the wave of sensationalism.

4. The repression of sexuality

Fourthly, this is another display of the west’s repressed sexuality and the amazingly quick powers of undressing of youngsters when given the occasion, which is boosting the current sexual market deregulation.

At least some girls looked good doing it…

To fix this, a simple first step would be to denounce such events (not only No Pants Day but other ridiculous ones as well) on Facebook and on Twitter. Of course, this is a very simple solution that is only the beginning of something that MUST be done before millennials devolve into complete clowns.

On the bright side, No Pants Day shows that young people still have a minuscule trace of political activism left within them; it’s too bad that they use it for such ignoble, idiotic purposes.

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295 thoughts on ““No Pants Day” Shows 4 Problems With Millennials”

  1. If anybody that gets leered at excessively and then physically sexually harassed while doing this, while that would definitely suck, I won’t have a shred of sympathy for you.
    Maybe that’ll teach you to have some goddamn self-respect and to think of the future consequences to actions that only suit your immediate “needs”.
    This is where saying “You brought it upon yourself” would be the only justification for it. Period!

  2. Good lord… these people already made disastrous political decisions which have screwed over so many. We’re doomed when they get into positions of political power themselves.

  3. Actually I see an even brighter side to this.
    Nowadays firms check your social media footprint when you try to show them your resume to get a job there. And, so far, such firms are not run by these lunatics.
    It looks to me like the pantless idiots are making decent people a nice favor by idiotizing themselves out of the labor market. To a fleeing enemy, a silver bridge.

    1. The problem is, it’s more important to have a properly diversified workforce than an intelligent one nowadays. So all these females and ethnic minorities walking around with no pants, are not hurting themselves. They’re still the correct demographics to get hired.

      1. I’d hire a bitch on the spot if she showed up for a job interview in her panties. She can bring me coffee and answer my phone all morning.

      2. and that’s truly the sad part about our society. Today, we’re more worried about how everything appears or looks versus worrying about putting the best people in the right places.

  4. It’s just attention-seeking behavior. If there weren’t social media, no one would participate.

        1. ooops… she just lost your resume because you used the wrong “tone” when you answered the interview question about what’s your favorite color and why…

        2. How do you feel about Lego’s after hours to help the front office team better communicate. Said to an engineer working in a hydraulic oil pit.

    1. So I’ve been noticing recently in Toronto a growth in sex-show kinds of parties.
      What is strange about them though is they seem to be mostly catered to young women. Seems like women go up on stage in lingerie and act sexy like a burlesque sort of thing for other women.
      But the chicks are not particularly attractive… Like 6s or 5s… There is this whole SJW “We are liberating ourselves” kinda vibe about it… Are you surprised that photos of these shows are plastered all over Facebook? I highly doubt they are doing it to arouse each other and instead are doing it to arouse attention.

      1. It doesn’t surprise me. I think the barrier for female decency has been non-existent for some time now. Then again, maybe they are just trying to engage the film “Eyes Wide Shut” on a level they can understand.

      2. That is just an extension of club culture, where women dance in tight little wads and duck face sneer at any man that approaches.
        You should have seen the clubs in the mid 1980’s, man. No gender exclusive wads, and women vying to get a dance with the men there. They dressed sexy *for men*, proudly, and not for *myself* as they say today. And thin, in shape, no tattoos, only pierced ears and long hair. Man I miss that.

        1. Heh, yeah, sorry, got caught up in nostalgia. I have seen things you people would not believe. I’ve seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion…I’ve seen… Oh, wait…

        2. The club culture has changed a lot since social media and smart phones were everywhere as well. Its a whole different scene from even just 5 years ago let alone from 30-35 years ago in the 1980’s.

        3. Yeah, I know. One of the thousand reasons I prefer to hang with bikers. It’s like the last outpost of decent humanity left. Strange to say that about a group that used to be considered the thugs of the nation. Now, it’s just us and the Amish. Heh

        4. If feminism succeeds in a science-fiction future kinda sense…
          What are they gonna do exactly? What are they gonna gossip about? Why would they bother getting dressed up or put on makeup? Why would they go shopping?
          For some reason I don’t picture them building rocket ships and boldly going where no feminist has gone before.

        5. Putting an “Endlösung der männerfrage” into practice. Oh wait, it’s already happening.

        6. They have no purpose and are trying to invent meaning through sad, pointless acts. Their souls are void. They are lost.

        7. When I’m feeling the darkness around me, I cannot help but feel like the manosphere and the scant few masculine men left are analogous to Roy Battie and his band of rebel Replicants.
          I want more life…fucker.
          Then the darkness passes. Mostly.

        8. Honestly that’s not an entirely inaccurate picture of what’s going on. Decent Millenial women seem to have his huge Daddy thing going on and seem to go for older badass type men instead of their own demographic. Openly. Kind of weird really, but it does work a treat at keeping proper dread applied to Mrs. Jefferson.

        9. yeah my first girlfriend, came up to me on the dance floor and gave me a kiss without saying a word….. made life a whole lot easier….

        10. I was at a club in Texas around 1987 (was stationed nearby). Super hot French chick came up to me, surrounded by a small group of her friends who were all giggling and pushing her forward towards me, and asked if she could sit down next to me and chat. A hard 9.5, easy, and her friends doing the opposite of cock blocking, as she was rather shy and needed the prodding. Made for a fantastic relationship for the duration of my time in that state.
          A 9.5 was shy…and needed help to get up the courage to talk to a man in a club. Can you imagine that now?
          As heard told this is not something that happens any longer.

        11. I think one of the solutions to the current club culture predicament is planning ahead where you bring the women/group with you to the club. Me and a couple buddies have a group of ladies. There is a queen bee main organizer who sets up facebook events etc. but we always plan it to be close by on of our places for pre-party. The guys live in different parts of town and we are ususally the drivers to and from the pre-party site. At the end of the night post-party is always back at the pre-party site. (Besides they generally leave all their shit there- they have to go back).
          Bonuses are:
          1) Queen Bee always organizes her ladies
          2) Huge social proof walking into a place with 5-8 women
          3) Your Queen Bee knows how to get into places no cover (she always knows/fucks the owner)
          4) You likely shell out for providing alcohol at a pre-party/ food at a post party but a bottle bought from the store split between three guys is cheap and worth it (plus you won’t be paying any cover later). The women will get drunk at the pre-party and not as likely to try to get drinks out of you at the club. Also, other men at the club will buy them drinks and if they ask YOU for drinks, you can always tell them “you are soooooo drunk, you can’t drink anymore.” For food just have a jumbo box of tacitos in the freezer and some hot sauce. Bitches love tacitos when they’re drunk.
          5) There are pictures of you with good looking women all over their social media, and you will get immense pleasure from seeing beta guys tell them how “beautiful” they are, but you were the one grinding with her last night- getting a hummer in the bathroom post-club.
          1) Drama, and you always hear about it after they all went into the bathroom together
          2) You do spend a little cash, but altogether comparable/less than if you go out on your own
          3) One of them might try to “claim” you and lock you down. Use your game skills
          4) You get asked to take pictures all the fucking time
          The whole point is that you are all just one big group of friends. Sometimes stuff will happen with one of the girls in the group, sometimes with other girls from the club. It doesn’t matter though- everyone is just having fun lol.
          The one golden rule is not to kiss and tell, especially if it is with one from the group. They don’t want to look like sluts. Deny, deny, deny.

        12. this doesn’t shock me. I was at the grocery store the other day and I saw a tall, pretty good build guy, well dressed who was getting b*tched at by his GF who was a butterface in pajamas. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a guy, who is under 6 foot tall and not in good shape.
          The skewed sexual market is laughable now.

        13. Bullshit. You will be used by women pursuing their own selfish interests. A woman can never be a good wingman.

        14. I agree. Some women really like playing matchmaker and don’t like when their friends are single. Or, just throw their friends at you for random hook-ups sometimes. No harm, no foul!

        15. So you’re going cover door charge and drinks for some women to go meet other men, with the hope she introduces you to her ugly unfuckable female friends? No thanks.

        16. I didn’t say anything about “door charge and drinks” homie (I must have glossed over than part of the conversation), I meant in general. And if they were ugly and unfuckable, why would I have even brought them up to begin with? Who does that??

        17. Night game and day game are different. For day game I’d say its ok to use females friends for introductions to other females, eating lunch at college cafeteria, going to the beach with a car load of people, etc. But night game is different, female “friend” will be blowing some rando in the car in the parking lot, right after she “introduces” you to any wombat in the club to get rid of you.

        18. For night game I’d say you’re better off just saying you’ll meet your female friends there at the club that night, arrive separately. If you can use them for 20 minutes of conversation, or interface with other women in the club.

        19. yeah i have a cousin that was a major player in the 80s and 90s. from what I hear from his stories it was a lot easier to get laid back then because the only way women could get attention from men was to actually go out and interact with them.

        20. One of the things on my bucket list. Get a bike.. I’ve got the license, but life got in the way. One day, one day..

        21. The women dress exactly how you want them to. Long hair, short skirts, low cut tops, even in the Winter, heels. They dress like women with pride.

        22. Pretty off topic but couldn’t help but notice the Diocletian picture. How fucking good are they? Saw them at Maryland Deathfest last year. Would love to know your opinions about chicks claiming to be metal fans haha

        23. That’s good to hear. So not tatted up, only pierced ears, dressed to impress men and not “myself”, etc as well?

        24. That is exactly correct. On the flip side though, while you could get laid, there was more of an expectation that ONS’s were to be avoided if possible. While ONS’s were given to us by the 1970’s as a socially approved meme, it still hadn’t really taken much. You picked up a girl at the club or bar, but then went on dates to get to know her, then got laid, generally after establishing something resembling a relationship most of the time. ONS’s happened, clearly, but nowhere near what we see now with random chicks hooking up with guys whose name they do not know, in bathroom stalls.

        25. Been there, was revolted, continued walking on through. In my defense, I didn’t wander there on purpose.

        26. You do realize that you earn “homo suspicion points” by wandering through Soho? 😛

        27. Oh they’re amazing! Totally devastating and belligerent sound with great philosophical and occult-centric lyrics as well. Some of the best bands today are from Australia and New Zealand. Totally jealous you got to see them and also Pseudogod!
          I’ve met several women that are legitimately into good, real metal. You really have to engage them in a conversation to see where their breadth of knowledge and passion for it are (you could say the same for men too, though). Is there a “play dress-up” attention-whoring angle to it? Just like everything else, of course there is. You can often tell who the posers are after talking to them for just a whole minute and seeing where their tastes are.

        28. Yeah, the place was chock full of gay joints. Hence my question as to Liverpool. I beat a hasty retreat, needless to say.

        29. Yeah, believe it or not. Or perhaps better put, it used to be an accepted social convention that men bought into AND that women at least pretended to play along with.

        30. I see. LOL! Well you can purge all those points by going to Liverpool. And also, while I have not been, Newcastle is supposed to be even better.

        31. Next time I’m over I may have to take up your recommendation.
          London has always been a mixed bag. I get decent come ons near or around Islington (well, the non-Muslim areas anyway), given my “accent”, height, build and “look” but also seem to get the most beta-boy threats as well (in groups of course). Quite a brave lot confronting a yank when they outnumber him 10:1, but hey, I laugh at them and move on. Most of them seem to be bored office drone boys looking to puff up their chests knowing that violence is far more verboten in England than the States. The girls though, interesting.
          Another hot spot I’ve found for yanks are the remote Scottish isles. If you’re a well put together yank, you’ll pull in every girl in the pub if you hit Skye. I never have to buy myself a drink there, heh.

        32. Fuck no, we weren’t. Those women are going to look like train wrecks come the big 4-0 as is!

        33. Yeah the average Brit has a real bee in his bonnet about the “bleeding yanks”. But people tend to be friendlier the further North you go.

        34. I had forgotten! I’ll remember this. Every once in a while I catch myself thinking how much I thought the 80’s sucked. Big hair, bushy bush and powdered blue eye shadow wasn’t that bad.

        35. LOL, good point, us and the Amish.
          I remember back in 1989 I wrecked a Kawasaki and decided to buy a real bike, aka Harley, with the insurance money.
          I picked my new machine at the dealer in San Bernadino, and rode away. I decided to stop at the In N out burger in Redlands on the way home.
          I stopped, got off my bike,and did not get to walk 10 feet away from it, when a woman walked up and said” want to fuck ? ”
          I stopped and thought, dammit, all of this biker propaganda i have been hearing is true !
          No, I did not fuck her, she looked she had every disease know to man, and a few she made up herself, so I decided to pass.
          I pretended I did hear her and kept on walking.
          Keep on riding !

        36. Clubs are where women go to boost their egos and cause trouble for men. You don’t meet women there; at least not women you would want to meet.

        37. how true. Then Reagan was our President…so the nation was a lot better place, too.

        38. Maybe some women.
          I go to clubs to dance. Not to get hit on or to boost my ego… A few years ago I started attending gay clubs to avoid the come-ons but it seems the straight guys caught on to the trick, last time I was at a gay club I got hit on… more that a few times. -I don’t go to clubs to meet men there; at least not men I would want to meet.- I’ve NEVER seen a man at ANY club who made me think “Oooh have to get to know him!”.

        39. You making such a comment makes me question your character. In my experience, shitty people attract shitty people.

        40. The guy at the grocery store had handed his nuts to the nut in the pajamas. Don’t hate, instead use him for a mirror on how NOT to be. Hold on to your nuts boys.

        41. Yeah Pseudogod were fucking amazing! Do agree with you about the attention whoring bit but yeah, you do see the occasional genuine women. Speaking of which, I met this really gorgeous Indian chick at MDF. Too bad she lives in Australia haha

        42. Look to the rosters of Hell Headbangers, Dark Descent, and Nuclear War Now! for some of the finest bands in the game today.

        43. I like this guy the ghost…I smile every time i see em in the comments section.

      3. This goes on in Baltimore and DC too. I had to hide the Facebook feeds of the women who do it because the photos were so gross. It’s mostly fat chicks with drag queens. The occasional woman with the nice body is always covered in tattoos.

      4. Hey Clark, I live in Toronto as well. For all our freedom and liberation we are probably the most repressed society on earth. People talk about sex, they write about sex, they draw and paint sex, they have sex shows, burlesque shows, no pants day, bare your breasts days, pride parade, etc; but is anyone having sex? Judging by our complete social retardation, it’s probably not happening as much as we’d think.

        1. I honestly can’t answer your question because I know people that are cool but I also know a lot of entitled and up-tight people that probably never get laid (and I meet more every day). Maybe that is like every other city though? I do agree with you that our social scene is very very childish… Is all that exuberance and display about sex just an overcompensation?
          I think this blogger sums up how retarded Toronto’s social scene is the best.

        2. Yeah, overcompensation is the word. Like feminazis who go home and read 50 shades of grey. I like that you defended Toronto. Of course there are cool people here.

        3. Women in Toronto have really shitty attitudes and average girls have huge ego’s due to the swarms of pua guys hitting them up in bars and clubs.
          You should move to any of the smaller cities like Edmonton or even Montreal. Honestly coming from Toronto its like you’ve entered a completely different world.

        4. What is the difference socially? Do you have personal experience?
          I’m planning on moving out of here (at least for a while) kuz this place is seriously starting to grate on me. It is a very expensive city and now that I am done school I really don’t see what I am getting out of it anymore… I just wanna leave…

        5. The internet is everywhere, therefore social media is everywhere, therefore apps like tinder are everywhere…best advice is to buy a horse and buggy, and start cruising amish and mennonite country for chicks 🙂 No internet!!!

      5. when its a hit woman parading around;theylk call her a slut and say we are sexist mysoginsts obectifiying her which in turn is oppressing women. so they need to be “libirarted” from that and let fatties do it which is “empowering”.
        those dogs want to be objectified and hate to be ignored. so she trashes the hot competition and her admiriers so she herself can get the spotlight withou t earning.

      6. The sad part is that there are some motherfuckers that are so damn thirsty that they salivate on the stretch marks of a fattie doing a deplorable burlesque show

      7. After awhile, it’ll probably be a rape charge just for a hetero male to stand in the crowd and “view” such shows. HE LOOKED AT ME. I FEEL RAPED!!!!!

      8. This is what happens when a growing number of men check out of the sexual market. These women continue to parade around like the center of the earth, oblivious to what men think of them. What results is a “you-go” girl gangbang, with more women in the audience than a WNBA championship game.
        At what age will they wake up? Someday, they will have to admit to themselves, whether they like it or not, that men have sexual preferences. That what we want matters to us.

      1. As a libertarian, sure, I agree. The point was the action in a societal context, specifically, at least other generations of kids doing stupid shit to protest something were actually protesting something. Millennials are stuck on perpetual Beavis and Butthead adolescence mode.
        Exceptions of course for the truly intelligent in their generation.

        1. You are missing the context of the critique, I think. Kids have always done stupid shit, but always for some reason, even if it was a misguided one. Today…eh…not so much. It is now only for social media selfies and stupid collective snickering. They have no higher sense of purpose, if left to their own devices, unguided by aging former hippies (think OWS).

        2. I understand the context, I just don’t think it’s unique. In my experience, kids have always done dumb stuff just for laughs. If you are looking for kids acting up with meaning, witness the student riots of London a few years back.

        3. Doing dumb stuff just for laughs was for your group of buds. Now it’s a social media trend AND trying to be something more than a jerkoff fest. They are inventing fake relevancy in lieu of an actual purpose.
          Oh well, end of the day, no harm no foul. I shall enjoy mocking them and laughing at them openly if I encounter any in my travels. Freedom cuts both ways, heh.

        4. True, but the exception this time is that you have a bunch of millennial complaining about millennial and how pathetic our generation is. Frankly you will find no one who hates the millennial generation more than a millennial who doesn’t have their had up their ass.

        5. No, recent. I am sure there were young Romans during the waning days of the republic who complained bitterly about the sorry state of their own.

        6. No, just recent American. I am sure there were young patrician Romans bemoaning the sorry state of their own during the waning days of the republic.

        1. That’s nothing. In SF fat hairy gay men stand nude on the street corner for tourists to take pics.

      1. look at that loser’s eyes: “Father, how did I become like this?”
        Reminds me of the early 70s flick “The Wicker Man”…a hard core Catholic constable(perhaps too hardcore) goes to an island off Scotland to encounter a pagan/matriarchal society…the orgies almost drove him mad…

      2. every once in a while I’d see something of this magnitude at a college party and I would think to myself, should I laugh a little just to try fit in? I never did, but sometimes it feels like our culture is so degenerate that if you can’t fight it, join it. But I know it wouldn’t make me any happier if I did.

    2. You have hit the nail on the head. They just go out and wait for the looks and stares form people. It’s all a game to achieve the most value of their social currency of likes or comments. She who has the most, wins???

    3. Yes, the women are attention seekers and the “businessman” is playing along. His suit doesn’t even fit. He’s not a businessman , just some guy dressing up as one

    4. Hahahaha! This is very true.
      I went to a Color Run and was absolutely appalled. Nobody was running, fucking selfies in the middle of the track everywhere. Going through the color station while running was hazardous with groups of selfie taking bimbos right in the middle of the track right after the color station where you couldn’t see them.
      My kids have run in many races with us and couldn’t understand why nobody was running.
      If all cameras had stopped working that day, nobody would have gone.

      1. Those events aren’t “runs”, those are social gatherings and selfie opportunities (and they idiotic outfits, oh God, the outfits!!!). They’re fucking 5ks, you should blaze through them. Even my bulky ass can do them so easily I’ve had to resort to doing a good portion of them backwards or with 15 feet of chain wrapped around me to make them harder. You should see the looks that elicits from all of the ordinaries.
        “What’s with the chains??” to which I reply “What’s with the spandex??” with a smug look.

      2. People can’t even be present and enjoy the moment nowadays… It’s fucking sad. They’re either takes pictures or are glued to their phones.

    5. Just another sign rape culture is a hoax. If we all didnt lose control of our boners and attack girls in their panties, we must not all be racists. What a relief….

    6. If they light themselves on fire and post the video on YouTube they’ll get even more attention. What a great idea!

  5. A whole bunch of people are exposed for skipping leg day.
    These people could not be more blatant about advertising themselves as sex objects without being arrested, but they’ll be the first to complain when someone is looking.

    1. Oh I’m looking, I’m leering, and I’m taking pics if I like what I see. Think I give a fuck? >:)

    2. “A whole bunch of people are exposed for skipping leg day.”
      Those bearded toothpick-legged hipsters have never seen the inside of a gym. And never will.

      1. Yep. The only male millennials I see at my gym are veterans. I’ve spoken to each one of them, all small handful.

        1. Not as many convicts as there used to be. That was the 70’s and early 80’s. Not counting the 1%’er MC’s of today of course.

        2. Maybe it’s just the gyms out here in the oilfields. It has a prison yard vibe sometimes. Not that that’s a bad thing necessarily.

    3. Heh…yeah one thing is for sure if you are going out all naked like that you will be exposed for skipping leg day.

  6. One of things that hits me as part of the millennial generation is an excessive need to keep moving forward. I’m not saying this was an uncommon need throughout human history but for the millennial it is greatly intensified beyond belief. So much so that I think it is much more of a defense mechanism now, heaven forbid you slow down, look around, and think critically because then you’ll realize how fucked we are. So just move on to the next cultural degeneration and be done. Get your fix of outrage and move on, like gamergate, ferguson, etc., just get your heroin-like fix of outrage and move on.
    For those of us who have slowed down and had the balls to turn around and ask, “Why is society like this?” the answers have been mixed. But none of the answers I’ve found on the entire spectrum of political and social belief I’ve researched has ever sufficiently answered the questions other than maybe this blog and victor pride’s blog(which I’m addicted to now). So we can criticize the individual narcissistic displays of degenerate behavior but we need to understand that for the millennial man or woman, this is their coping mechanism. Face it, their life blows, it probably is always going to blow, unless they find and accept the redpill reality.
    But for those millennial men who are reading this and understand it, doesn’t it suck? I mean I feel like I’m operating now on an entirely different level than most of my male peers. While they’re stuck in the perpetual rat race, never quite figuring it out, never slowing down their rage, you’re stuck knowing the truth. Like the Greek story where you know the truth but no one will listen to you. I feel great, in some ways understanding it is wonderful but there’s other times where I ponder certain concept for hours on end. Has the truth set me free? Absolutely. But being in a world where you want to be free but everyone else your age accepts their slavery or wants a totalitarian socialist government to make absolutely everyone a slave is depressing to say the least. All we can do is make the money and get out of the West, that’s really your only option.

    1. There’s moving forward, which is a good thing for most, and then there’s people doing stupid shit like this because they either can’t make a good tangible difference in society, or they are unwilling to expend the personal sacrifices needed to do so.
      Anyone can walk around without pants. It doesn’t accomplish anything useful. It makes no political statement. It just confirms what most people think about most millennials, that they are vapid, superficial and self-centered.

      1. See you’re thinking like a sane and rational human being. I’m talking about people who think that not wearing pants is “progress” or some stupid shit like that. They believe they are the enlightened and progressive ones while simultaneously destroying society. What might seem to a sane person as “vapid, superficial, and self-centered” behavior, is a key crutch for the millennial rebellion and making sure they never have to deal with responsibility.

    2. Millennials like that because they are really smart, smarter and more educated than any previous generation. That makes them more receptive to ideologies, like Red Pill and MGOW, that don’t fit squarely into left/right terms. Then you have millions of millennial STEM majors who will no doubt improve or economy and living standards for decades to come. As evidenced by the huge success of The Big bang Theory and the popularity of scientist Ask Me Anythings on Reddit (AMAs by scientists and technology entrepreneurs typically get as many votes and comments as actors and athletes), a large subset of millennial, especially the smarter ones, think science is cool and look up to scientists and other smart people, compared to earlier generations where you don’t see that as much. http://greyenlightenment.com/?p=1835

      1. Yeah, y’all are so smart that you cannot do basic math in your heads, nor read a novel without moving your lips. And those thoughts, all under 140-is characters, are mind blowing.
        Every gen has its genius types, but the middle of the Millenial iq curve is several points lower than any other generation I have seen, bar none, and I knew people born in the 1800’s for goodness sake.
        Thinking science is “cool” is not the same as being a scientist, btw. And Marxists were famous for reducing everything to science, so I take your shallow boasting for little in that regard.

        1. I went through the entire public school system and used mostly mental math. I lost points on every assignment despite answering few questions wrong. “Show your work” they’d say… “the right answer is on the page, is it not? “

        2. It’s a pretty fundamental aspect of science to show how you arrived at your conclusion. This is so other scientists can check your work and repeat your experiments.

        3. Agreed, coming from a millennial that works in a STEM field. Science is great and all but there’s a giant vacuum when you replace spirituality/living for a higher purpose with the cold, concrete nature of “science”.
          For me, I do my job during the day, then come home and read my philosophy books in peace. Like Socrates said, I really have no desire to know any hard scientific facts outside of what is needed to do my job.
          (Let’s just forget about the fact that now, more than ever, people have to take pills everyday just to function and/or go to sleep at night…but, but science!)

        4. I can’t defend my fellow Millennials. But no other generation Boomers, “The Greatest Generation” , or any other really deserves to pat themselves on the back. It’s been all down hill for a while. The fact that we have “generations” at all is a sign of serious trouble. It’s a concept that didn’t exist much before 1900. In healthy societies, there is rarely much change generation to generation.

        5. I don’t think it’s any of the basic academic proficiencies that have declined so much as you say. It’s more to do with the simple ability to think for yourself and use common sense. Today we’re taught that textbooks are infallible.

        6. I don’t know if I agree with that. My two kids are Millenials, technically (I think?). The math they’re taught for simple addition and subtraction, rubricks, is absurd. Rather than memorize a standard chart and then learn to abstract and apply it, which leads to math in the head ability, they’re given these insane “draw slants across a straight line, align the numbers, move right/left, etc” things that make adding 1+1 into a calculus problem. And it shows. Ever see a Millenial give you exact change back without consulting some kind of electronic device, assuming we’re not talking a 5 cent difference? I haven’t.
          And God help them all if the electricity goes off. My son was all about debating me on philosophy, until I told him to put down the iPhone. Suddenly, without Google to reference every two seconds, he was lost. This of course was the catalyst which finally inspired him to pick up the heavier works of ancient philosophers, such as Plato. Good thing too.
          Nah, the minute there’s a blip on the Interwebs, Millenials, by and large (and with exceptions) become lost sacks of meat wandering meatspace like zombies.

        7. Sorry my friend, I am not being clear. It is entirely correct that you lost points on your mathematics assignments for not showing your work. Simply putting down the correct answer does not demonstrate your “aceness in mental math” to the examiner and additionally betrays a lack of discipline and procedural laziness on your part.

        8. You must be a teacher 😉 your ideas are correct I just don’t give a damn. . The way I learned is much more useful in my life. I can still do math out… helps in chemistry/ physics with correct units. But when I’m framing a house, speed beats a nerd lecturing me on the scientific method.

        9. Obsolesence has always changed things. Primitive human beings used celestial navigation. Do baby boomers know how to do that? Probably a very small fraction of a percent. Could most people build a Swedish style log cabin using only the tools and equipment available during the colonial era?
          Can most baby boomers create a pivot table in excel? Create a query in access? Probably not.

        10. You’re talking technology changes. I’m talking basic life skills. Nobody uses celestial navigation in daily life, but everybody uses math in real life, just some need an electronic crutch now for even basic addition. If you can no longer write with your own hand or do math without electricity, then something’s wrong.
          Never, ever trust your life, culture or future to electricity.

        11. I do appreciate your points, but you’re starting to sound like a ‘prepper’ now, which brings up another interesting topic. The problem with being a prepper isn’t that the idea is grounded in hysteria or coo-coo consipracy theories.. the threat is very possible and very real. Without electricity and countless other forms of technology that we enjoy today, we would not have the ecological capacity to sustain our current population. Imagining how our society would respond to losing running water, electricity, fuel, a means to heat our homes in the winter, etc. is terrifying.
          But if we ever do lose any of these things, it probably won’t matter how much you prepared for it. We’re all pretty much fucked. Almost no amount of knowledge could hedge against this kind of disaster. If someone finds out that you’ve been stockpiling non-perishable food, your house is getting raided by somebody. You may be able to protect yourself against a few with your arsenal of firearms and ammunition, but eventually someone will overwhelm you. Interesting topic, but I am very pessimistic.

      2. “Smarter and more educated than any previous generation” – In a matter of fact way, yes, but I would argue that the vast majority are not very smart. Why? Mainly failed homes and bad laws that divide families, it’s not a surprise that like 80% of men in jail were raised by single moms. Yes there is a very tiny percentage that can use technology to enrich themselves economically but for the rest of them it’s just another fix. The STEM majors will lose their jobs to Raj and Gupta with a H1B who work for 60+ hours a week for $30,000 dollars a year in America, or it’ll be outsourced somewhere else. Unfair to say? It’s reality.
        “As evidenced by the huge success of The Big bang Theory and the popularity of scientist Ask Me Anythings on Reddit” – The Big Bang Theory is such a mediocre show, I’ve watched like half a dozen episodes and I don’t care to watch any more of it. The show has way too many pop culture references(pandering) and a horrible laugh track that laughs every five seconds even when it’s not even remotely funny. The AMA science on reddit is not terrible though.
        I think the main problem I have with your post is not the specific content but it plays on the very common, “Science as savior” trope. That all of the issues that exist in society should just be whisked away because science will ensure our utopianistic future. This view applies it’s virulent tendrils in everything, “Peak oil…science will save us”, “resource use…science will save us”, “Global warming…science will save us”, “all disease…science will save us”. And so on and so forth. This response to any and all criticism to the issues we face or to the problems of the millennial generation is asinine and irritating. But yet you’ll believe, it’s what the mainstream media has absolutely fallen in love with, that since science has fixed x-problem before, it will fix x-problem in the future. The problem with that is of course normalcy bias.
        But just keep believing it, because millennials “enjoy science” more, that it will be enough to save us. Sure it will. I mean how is that different from people simply praying for things to change? Same concept, unless you worship individual people(like you have a shrine to Elon Musk or something). Some mysterious figure will come down and solve all the problems. While at the same time the glue that is holding modern economies and nations together is coming unstuck. Great. Enjoy the ride.

      3. More educated isn’t the same as smarter. More educated is more indoctrinated nowadays.

      4. You’re confusing more people having useless college degrees with being more educated and smarter.
        A ton of men and women graduating with degrees in Women’s Studies or Transgender Issues doesn’t actually make you more educated or smarter.

        1. The actor who plays the character “Sheldon” has potential to be a Robin Williams or Jim Carey type comedian. He has a fast mind but there are almost no roles in hollywood for a male typecast as omega / incel.

        2. he’s an actor, an empty vessel reading other people’s words.
          Jim and Robin wrote their own stuff, could improvise…I doubt sheldon could improv anything.

        3. That fucking Penny though. She’s embodies every fucking awful quality of Western women.
          Bratty, entitled, whiny, egotistical, pedestalized by pathetic betas like Leonard, acts like a slut, has money issues, her head’s full of pipe dreams, and under all of that is a tonne of insecurities about her low intelligence, lack of usefulness, sluttiness, and mental fragility- all stemming from, surprise surprise, her daddy issues.
          You need to know what Western women are like, watch Penny from Big Bang Theory.

        4. The chick who plays her did.
          She told some half-brained journalist that she never really experienced outright sexism and that she enjoys being a housewife to her man (because her own mother rightly raised her to be that way), and that she doesn’t consider herself a feminist.
          Of course, she took it back after she angered the social justice warriors and feminist harpies in the media, saying she hoped she didn’t offend anyone or trivialize the work of the feminists who gave her the opportunities she has now.
          I guess that’s what happens when a feminist-run Hollywood has one of it’s female stars not identify with the same if-you-want-to-work-you’re-a-feminist mentality.

      5. There is no way I could call them smarter. People are calling them smarter, they are calling themselves smarter, but in reality they suck a big cock of “mainstream” information and believe the hype that has been fed to them their whole lives.
        They think that they are getting novel information, but it is the same crap sliced 10 different ways.
        They think that they are special and unique, but advertising and care-bear culture implanted this idea in their heads. Their thoughts are unbelievably conforming.
        Their spine is almost too small to see, they are scared as fuck. Their hands are baby-butt soft.
        They have a unbelievable entitlement attitude. The world should change itself for their needs.
        They have no idea how to work, but think they should start out in management and making serious dough. Oh yeah, and they want to be spoon fed how to do their job.
        They don’t have the ability to think critically and have very little actual creative and novel ways of solving problems.
        Their conceit is their biggest fault, and keeps them from seeing truth right in front of their face, and keeps them from true self-improvement and growth. They are absolutely great just the way they are, and this my fiends is their fatal flaw.

    3. I think it’s mainly at college. It was in college that I became “red pilled” and I truly felt like a fish out of water. It was the strangest thing.
      Now that I’m in the real world, most younger people (who have to, you know, actually provide for themselves and pay their own bills) I encounter are more level-headed and make for better conversations. Even blue collar folks who didn’t attend college.

      1. Women women grow up slow nowadays. There basically princesses with the mind of a tomboy.
        Problem is, most women are not suitable for marriage IMO.

    4. Doesn’t it suck?
      Absolutely it sucks. It’s like being a lone human in a society of chimps.

  7. It’s a shame when members of society get ego boosts by the number of likes on their Facebook/Instagram. Back in the day a person’s self-worth was determined by his accomplishments, skills and experiences in life. Today it’s by an irrelevant number next to a thumbs-up

      1. All needs which are left ungoverned by virtue, reason or even basic common sense can become a pathology.
        Study more Aristotle, and listen to less social media.

      2. Self actualization is at the top of Maslow’s Pyramid, not mindless attention whoring.

  8. This is attention-seeking and immature, but it is one small symptom of a much larger and more serious problem. However, the answer is not Puritanism and hating our ‘primal instincts’. I’ve got news for you, we are as savage as the Romans and the ancient Germans were.

    1. Asking people to actually try to not be socially retarded is not “Puritanism”, chief.

  9. I’m confused. A woman walks around NYC for 10 hours and complains about harassment. She gets legions of yuppie, upper crust 20-somethings flocking to her defense. A few weeks later same females decide to stroll around same city in their underwear. Parts of this nation have truly lost their minds.

    1. It’s all about how the media(fem-nazi blogs are included in those) potrays it. Have you noticed something in the above pictures ? they only show people of a certain age group and people of a certain level of attractiveness.

    1. I would have accepted and shown up as a Spartan warrior. To think of it, I probably can’t help myself going 300 at those skinny millennials.

  10. Women enjoy feeling like naughty children who get away with bad behavior, in fact they are actually proud of it.
    I can’t wait to get out of the western playpen, and into a dignified culture. Where men are respected for character and achievement, and women know their place. Which is under the supervision of a sane person at all times.

  11. “Repression of sexuality?” Are you serious? There is no repression of sexuality. That is the problem. Keeping your sexuality to yourself and your partner, not even in a repressed way, but just maintaining a sensible level of privacy, is considered pathological and narcissistic people think that the solution is to show everyone their bodies. Pretty soon these retarded fucks on social media will be complaining about how Puritanical we are because we don’t want to see fat chicks using dildo’s in public parks in front of our children. “Repression” is not the problem. The idea that these narcissists are broadcasting their sexuality and identities to strangers in the name of “liberation” as opposed to doing it to indulge in their childish desire for more attention at any cost is the problem. “Stop oppressing me and LOOK AT ME!”

    1. I did not mean repression in the concrete sense of the word; rather, I was referring to how unconsciously, some girls are repressed sexually which leads to them making conscious displays of sexuality in order to escape their unconsciously-perceived shortcomings; think of it as inverse psychology where the unconscious says “you shouldn’t display sexuality like that, you shouldn’t be a slut” and then the conscious says “just do it! get naked, get with as many guys as possible, show everyone your body and your promiscuity”

  12. Sexuality can’t be repressed…it is either unleashed into constructive or destructive activities.
    We are much more on the destructive side of things during these times.

  13. Nothing short of the marks of a culture ready to descend into the iron fist of tyranny. History proves this. The burlesque was thriving while Hitler was laying his plans for control, the Romans were still heartily participating in the breads and circuses while the barbarians were invading from the north…and on and on it goes. Prepare now for hard times ahead, while there is still a modicum of peace. The day of reckoning for the West is on the horizon.

  14. Just more signs of an image obsessed culture devoid of any substance. There’s a British expression that says “all talk and no trousers (pants)”. Literally, in this case.

  15. Ha – no pants day was yesterday – they already had a no-panties day in the Philippines – as long as the girls look like this I am all for it. It should just be called – “no fatties on no panty day”:

    1. It almost looks like they are hoping for mr. Badboy McAlpha to come along, bend them over and give them the pounding of a lifetime. Almost…

    2. Agreed. No panties under mini-skirt is just another Sat night in any big asian city with no fat chicks or feminists. Totally different scene. Sigh.

  16. ROK is starting to sound more like a parent lecturing a child. Truly millennial females have the emotional maturity of 16 y/o high school girls. Arrested development. But identifying the water as “wet” isn’t going to change much. Instead how do we use this info to our advantage? That’s what I come to ROK to read about.

    1. We can use it to 1. educate young children whenever we can (starting with our own children) to avoid attention-whoring and to prevent them developing into either narcissists or slaves to peer pressure and 2. to diminish the importance of social media in deciding a young person’s happiness by shaming them whenever they use it to that end and whenever they try to make public such events.

  17. Like the hippies in the 60s, who ran around trying to “freak out the squares.”
    Such a sad grasp at attention.
    Of course, this is driven by SJW groups, mostly communists, the same who drove the 60s retards. They use it to both create an anti-social environment that discourages properly-behaving people from participating in society and appearing in public spaces—thus ceding the public spaces to the weird and antisocial SJWs—and also to give them cover for their more subversive and violent activities—-“what, weirdo, you think those underwear wearing, good hearted jokers are trying to destroy America? You tin-foil hat wearing old coot, lols! Grow a funny bone and lighten up, Francis. ”
    Whenever they show movies of cops reacting with extreme violence to protesters in the 50s and 60s and beyond, I always think 2 things: 1. Set up; what were the protesters doing to the cops for the hours before the camera clicked on; and 2. Then again, maybe that’s reaction is the reaction we should have to such filth.
    Sigh. I’m in a grumpy mood today.

  18. How about “no pan” shabu shabu?
    Seriously, though. I agree with the article that this is complete immature narcissism. Modesty is a part of maturity.

  19. The Millennials are the generation of eternal childhood. Being an civilized adult is actually above the capability of these people.

    1. In before naked fatties start popping up in the subway under the guise of “empowerment”. At least this may allow the transit authorities to put their evacuation protocols to test.

      1. The transit authorities allow filming and photography. However, now that the fatties and their allies are complaining, the dude is being “investigated” for following the law.

    2. i have never seen this shit happen on my travels in the El. stupid perpetual winter in Chicago crap.
      Btw as featured in the hotlinked article, the red line chick is decent. The blue line/purple line chick is meh. (Jesus I checked out his facebook page; this Jonathan Fin guy lives here and can’t even keep it consistent, the purple line goes past Howard dipwad, shoot up at Northwestern with that “model”) I guess it’s to be expected: Wicker Park, Bucktown, & Logan Square are all in the Blue Line and all have goofy ass hipster chicks with nose rings that are absolutely NOT attractive AT ALL!

  20. I’m normally on board with most articles on ROK, but not this time. Yea, this IS a dumb/stupid/whatever phenomenon, but….didn’t you ever do dumb shit when you were a kid? Don’t get me wrong, if any person i was doing business with showed up with no pants, we wouldn’t be doing business anymore. But c’mon, dumb kids do dumb shit. If this persists into the mid-20’s….then, yea, OK, I’m with ya.

    1. I hear ya…but, I guess its up to man’s taste. To me, there are stupid ideas or things that are funny, many times, hysterical, like Chris Farley but this, to me, is just worthless, which may make it stupid, but, it lacks in so many other key categories. Plus, it reeks of soc-jus…I sense the putrid air of entitlement echoing through this “day”, as in, I can do what I want and why do we even need to wear pants at all? Such questions are grating, like eating glass, because they were meant to tackle larger issues of existence not something as mundane as pants wearing. Also, consider that there are other ancillary “movements’ similar to this. In san fran there was, and probably still is, a move to walk around butt ass naked.

  21. 5. Groupthink… the restless search for ways to hop on the latest bandwagon while also to quenching a thirst for (1) narcissism and (3) sensationalism.
    IMO, this wouldn’t have happened without social media, because social media creates a demand for content. People are doing activities because they have to have something to post and tweet to their friends. To fail to do so is to shrink socially. Inevitably, a lot of the crap they come up with to do is going to be (2) immature.

    1. I like your ending analysis- social media requires input. . . apparently any input will do.

  22. “On the bright side, No Pants Day shows that young people still have a minuscule trace of political activism left within them; it’s too bad that they use it for such ignoble, idiotic purposes.”
    It’s not just kids. You should have seen Seattle this recent Sunday. Children being dumb is a small problem when you got a country of adult-sized children.

  23. Meh – who cares – my parent tried to see how many people they could fit in a telephone booth. Yup, im that old. As humans, we do stupid things – just because – the idea that it will “change the culture” or “bring awareness” is when the train derails into stupidity.

  24. Points 1 and 3 are pretty much the same thing.
    What bothers me is that they are desperate for attention while pretending they don’t want any.
    I say if you got nothing to show put your pants back on.

  25. Next will be no undies, then masturbation, sex, group sex, etc. Grown ups has no control on their kids and society lost all control

  26. Most political activism by young people nowdays is just done for attention an narciscism not for an actual cause.

  27. I believe the fact that my generation were exposed to the Myspace and Facebook phenomena is partially responsible for the widespread narcissism and thirst for validation.
    Sadly, the most rewarding part of travel for the majority of my Facebook friends is uploading their photos, collecting ‘likes’ and hoping that everyone thinks they are worldly. No time for actually being in the moment and making real memories.

    1. True. Culture lags behind technology. Technology induces new and yet more social and mental problems in humans. We’re winging it, our high tech ape species is playing with fire.

  28. Can you give a tangible benefit for my generation to grow up without the shaming language. There is no benefit to “growing up” into wage slavery for The Company like out parents in this day and age.
    No incentive = not going to happen.

    1. Incentive? How about “Get your crap together before the barbarians overthrow the cushy life you have and you have to fend for yourself with no skills.” Your future is wage slavery or actual slavery, until you can develop something that people value and will pay you for.

      1. Option A) wage slavery
        Option B) actual slavery
        Option C) none of the above
        The system is parasitic and corrupt. It won’t go down in flames, it won’t fall to barbarians, it won’t be conquered from outside. That which can’t be defeated by force will fall to indifference.

        1. Ah yes, those empires of indifference we’ve heard about so much about through history. Seriously, someone will come along and take what we have from us, because we have a generation of people who call advice “shaming.”

        2. Agreeing to work for somebody else for a given compensation is not “slavery”.
          You people have such a loose grasp of language and meaning that it’s embarrassing sometimes. Not you specifically, but everybody who tosses out “slavery!” and “racist!” and “Nazi!” for the slightest cause.

        3. Well you’re right Jefferson, agreeing to work for somebody for given compensation is not “slavery,” it’s more like “share cropping.” Of course, no one actually said slavery, the term used was “wage slavery.” Given your handle, I’d think you’d understand the nature of the corruption being implied.
          Two hundred years ago the U.S. had no income taxes, no corporate taxes and no sales taxes. If you worked for $100 you took home $100. If a company made $1 million in profit, they kept $1 million. With no income or corporate taxes, the U.S. had roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, police, fire departments, legal system and an army and a navy. Congress created the money that the government needed to spend, and they spent it to run government. They did not have to pay this back to anyone, they created if for themselves. They did not have to tax their citizens to finance their own operations. With the Federal Reserve coming into play in 1913, the creation of money went to private banks. Now the government needs to borrow money (with interest) to run their own affairs. Your taxes pay that debt to the private bankers.
          The system is parasitic and corrupt. Every dollar scraped off your pay check, every nickel you pay in sales taxes, every admin or licensing fee you pay to government is a testament to that. A man’s incentive to create and rise above has been looted and destroyed. Internet bitching about language semantics is nothing more than Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

    2. So you don’t like to eat then? Isn’t eating a benefit? How about housing, isn’t living with a roof over your head instead of under a bridge a benefit?
      Your question shows exactly the issue here, you seem to consider the necessities of life a given, they simply “exist” independent of any outside factors, ergo, why work? But you see, and I don’t mean this condescendingly, everything you take for granted comes to us by men going out and working, doing things, building, maintaining and, yes, “wage slaving”.
      If you don’t like corporate life, and I can’t blame you there, it’s horrible, then start your own business. Otherwise, suck it up and learn to deal with a reality where sometimes you have to do things you are not 100% pleased about.
      Me, I find not starving quite the incentive. YMMV

    3. Start your own business if being a wage slave sucks. Being immature and refusing to grow up screws over no one but you in the long run. If even 25% of millennials tried to become self employed it would change a lot for the better.

  29. I’ll still take millennials over baby boomers. Baby boomers inherited a postwar boom unlike any other in history, and managed to turn it into a country engaged in multiple useless wars and trillions in debt.

    1. Actually most of the voting that led to where we are today was on the watch of the Greatest Generation. But yes, Boomers exacerbated it quite a bit. Both generations were slavish statists, mostly.

  30. With mroe and more men realizing that the clubs are becoming increasinly sausage fest and not worth the trouble of going to (you spend how many hundreds of dollars just to get a $500 bottle that cost $25 in the store) and small chance of getting laid by slutty dressing but women who don’t put out, women are being forced to walk around in their underwear in public just for attention. Alot of men are going there own way, others going abroad. Other learning game and pumping and dumping and others just focusing on becoming better or turning gay. With all that being done the tide is finally turning and feminist are losing. Yes white knights still dominate but it is not going to continue this way forever.

    1. I could not believe it when I first heard about “bottle service” a little over a year ago. What kind of absolute fool would spend that kind of money for a $25.00 bottle of hooch, even if it’s on the company dime? That’s a staggering waste of resources and is NOTHING more than trying to status whore in front of strangers. The very notion of doing such an idiotic act like that could ONLY come from the brain dead cities.

      1. In cities like Toronto and manhattan, you have well paid mid 30 year old’s pulling in 100k-200k a year and have been doing so for decade so have alot of money to blow. They are the idiots spending $1000 on a purse if they are girls or $500 on a bottle. It is all about status whoring, they’d be far better off buying a 10 outright for $500 or two 9’s for $250 a piece

  31. Did anybody see this bullshit from last month? Not that she was anything special to begin with, but she gave herself a Billy Idol haircut and then wants to make calling someone “fat” illegal? Dumb fucking bitch, man! Silver Linings Playbook sucked, by the way. Not only was her football monologue in it cringe-worthy, the entire premise was simply “Hey, Sad Boy, get a new girlfriend to replace your previous one and your depression will go away!” Yeah, somehow I doubt that!

  32. as much as I love rok, I think the internet needs to crash and burn for at least a decade. The lack of constant communication and continuous approval through likes and comments would probably fix a majority of these dumb fucking children that are constantly connected to the Internet, know all of the information, but ultimately give up and think somebody else will take care of the problem. because all of the people of the internet are currently visible to them on Facebook and Twitter, they are aware that somebody will go in their place and fix the world.
    ultimately, because of this visibility stupid shit like no pants day gets more signal boosting just because there are too many fucking idiots thinking it’s a good idea and sharing it to their friends. It’s like, the psychological underpinning to understand what the fuck makes these people think stupid shit like this is a good idea strain my brain. It’s as though we need to build 15 Watson supercomputers just to find the proper answer, but we would ultimately burn out all of the computers because of all of the illogical contradictions hitting at one time.

  33. Its the hipsters fault that we suck. They are so numerous, so weak and apathetic, that they diminish all our other achievements. Whacking off to gay porn, spending all day drinking fancy lattes at the internet caffe, and following whatever social trends are in vogue (though they TRY to appear original!). Fuckin’ beatnik wannabes should be thrown in jail…

    1. Oh yeah, and the baby boomers are holding us down too. They have never been comfortable with their own mortality, so they refuse to pass the levers of control onto their children (for fear of their own obsolescence and replacement). They remain in power well past the point they should have succeeded the throne to us.
      And whenever they DO retire, it will be with the expectation that they get a pension and medicare (paid by us), in addition to their fucking gold watch! By the time millenials are ready to retire, the government will have already suspended these programs in an attempt to bail itself out. We are generation SOL.

  34. Yes, I never even participated in no pants day, even when I lived in New York, to me back then and even now it was stupid, a sad excuse for women to say “he raped me with his eyes” or “he’s harassing me by looking at my exposed ass” Even though that’s the reason they participated in it to begin with. Want to stop no pants day, don’t participate, and don’t pay attention to the people who do.

  35. How disgusting! I have too much respect for myself to run around in my panties and my husband would be royally pissed if I did stupid bullshit like that.

  36. Let’s do “duck on your head day”. To combat government corruption, let’s all get ducks to put on our head to show our solidarity.
    Millenials will take off their pants, run around naked, and do all sorts of weird stuff.
    But they’ll never participate in “give your own money” day or “listen to voice recordings that show how stupid you sound” day or “look at yourself in a mirror” day. (Yet they’ll do selfie day).

  37. Yeah, I don’t know. It seems similar to stupid stuff generations of young people have done before. I remember people putting on makeup like Marilyn Manson in the late 90’s. I remember people sagging their jeans. People dressing goth and punk in the 80’s. They did it for the “shock” value and also to fit in with their peer group. The only thing different is that it’s more widespread now thanks to the help of social media.
    Millennials have grown up with internet and now social media so it’s a norm for them. This kind of stuff is stupid but I don’t see how it’s any more stupid than any of the stuff our generation did when we were younger.

  38. I’m so glad I do not allow idiots in my friend zone.
    I prefer No Pants Fridays, we keep it off the streets and off the subways. Some things I need to be private.

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