How Young Women Promote The Hookup Culture

People wonder why it is that the hookup culture has risen as rapidly as it has, with some still seemingly taken aback by millennial apathy towards dating. Too often, those concerned with these developments look immediately to blame men for the devaluation of relationships.

Men are dogs, some say.

“Young guys just want to play the field,” say others.

A few posit that “Men don’t value good women.”

Some just ask themselves (and society in general) “Where did all the good men go?”


The list goes on. Take a trip around Tumblr, Facebook or any mainstream media/social media venue online and you’ll see a host of critiques of male failure to uphold the relationship. These shortsighted arguments that look solely to the male sex as the source of the hookup culture’s rise ignore a crucial reality: the role of young women, and the conscious effort on their part to move away from the meaningful relationship and toward the more informal hookup culture.

Recently, Leslie Bell took the time to expose this reality on The Atlantic:

Ambitious young women in their 20s feel they shouldn’t want relationships with men at this phase in their lives…

…When I talk to real women, as I did in researching my book on sexual freedom and 20-something women, I hear young women’s mixed feelings about relationships. Some young women deeply desire meaningful relationships with men, even as they feel guilty about those desires. Many express the same sentiment again and again: “Why do I, a young and highly educated woman in the 21st century, value relationships with men so highly?” To do so feels like a betrayal of themselves, of their education, and of their achievements…

… Katie, a 25-year-old woman I spoke with as part of my research, confided that she worried her single-minded pursuit of a graduate degree might limit her ability to meet a man with whom she could build a life… She felt deeply ashamed by such thoughts, worried that they signaled weakness and dependence, qualities she did not admire. To put such a high premium on relationships was frightening to Katie. She worried that it meant she wasn’t liberated and was still defined by traditional expectations of women. I have heard Katie’s dilemma from countless young women.

Here rests my largest critique of modern feminism. Somewhere along the line, it began to preach a message that went beyond the mere encouragement of equal treatment and the maintenance of female choice. Instead, it began sending the message that to be a truly “empowered” woman in the feminist mold, females had to move entirely away from “old” ways (traditional relationships, marriage, motherhood, etc).


The end result? Women who feel guilty building anything meaningful with a male. They are more consciously working toward a model of “new femininity” constructed for them by modern feminism, and somewhere along the line they’ve been getting the message that they cannot get there with a man or by adhering in any way to more traditional models of femininity. The movement that claimed to be all about offering greater choice for women has, in the end, left them with only one real option—adhere to the new “independent,” career-oriented feminist model of womanhood.

And yet people wonder why so many have gotten the impression that feminism is anti-male. I mean, how could a movement that seems to have played such a large role in encouraging young women to view the maintenance of meaningful relationships with men as hindrances to their future and “betrayals” of their femininity be considered in any way anti-male?

But I digress. Continuing with the article…

Laura Hamilton and Elizabeth Armstrong, sociologists at University of California, Merced and the University of Michigan studied relationship patterns among upper-middle-class female college students, and they discovered that these women believed relational commitments were supposed to take a backseat to self-development. And that young women often found relationships to be “greedy,” demanding excessive amounts of time and energy that detracted from the main tasks of college—educational achievements and meeting people. Hamilton and Armstrong found that young women often sought protection from relationships that could “derail their ambition.”

And herein rests a key driver of the modern hookup culture. Many girls have become just as allergic to commitment as young men are often stereotyped to be. Women are now playing just as large a part as men in the perpetuation of hookup culture.

Many men are still asking young women out, going on dinner dates, calling, and adhering to the other “gentlemanly” rules established for them in a much older age and still outwardly pined for by certain female critics. What they’re finding is that young women are becoming less and less responsive to this behavior—the more serious the men get, the more distant the girls begin to make themselves, ostensibly fearing for their “independence”.


Given such a reality, what is the appropriate male response?

Quit going on dinner dates. Quit asking girls out in a formal manner. Don’t call. Cease all manner of “gentlemanly” behavior you may have learned as a child via your parents or the Disney Channel. Replace dinners and other traditional dates with bar/pong dates, and allow late night “booty-call” texts to supplant phone calls and traditional methods of asking a girl out. In short, do less.

And lo and behold, what do men find as they move to these more informal methods of courtship? Far more enthusiastic responses from their female peers and more sexual success. The girls may complain to their peers about a given man’s lack of commitment, but his low investment offers no threat to her perceived identity as a “liberated woman”, and is therefore more acceptable than anything else.


The adaptations we are seeing from men in the dating world are a natural response to female choice. The reality is that women have begun to vote with their feet. Their actions are sending the clear message that they do not want to be stuck in the trappings of traditional relationships, and they are running away from the men who threaten to offer them. They have fought quite vigorously to remove themselves from the confines of traditional dating, and continue to battle in order to maintain that distance.

We do not live in an age where the male retains unquestioned dominance/control over the sexual and social behaviors of his female peers, and it is for this reason that men have no choice but to respect these efforts and the decisions they seem to symbolize.

Girls not responding to traditional approaches about commitment and relationships? Well, you can’t make them want what they don’t want, so just don’t provide it to them. Problem solved!


Slowly, the reality of growing female aversion to commitment is dawning on society and more people are beginning to talk about it. Any discourse, however, will prove unproductive if people fail to acknowledge the fem-centric nature of the trend. Women are the gatekeepers of sex—men (at least in Western nations like the USA) do not get to directly control all aspects of female sexuality as they once did, and it is women who decide which men receive sexual companionship, when they get it, and on what conditions it is given.

Right now, those conditions are increasingly requiring young men to minimize investment. Female action has determined this, and only female action can reverse it. If young women want more male investment in relationships, then they’ll need to accept it more often when it is offered. Until such a time, men will just continue to do what works.

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102 thoughts on “How Young Women Promote The Hookup Culture”

  1. This article should be passed around the manosphere. Staying on this site alone would be a disservice.

  2. Great article but I have to believe the guys who still ask these women out on formal dates do it for a very clear reason.
    No guy gives it his all to be with one girl because he’s getting too much poon.

    1. Long story short, I tried to do an LTR once. The girl was the one who took longer to decide if she wanted to date or not. By the time she made up her mind i was basically over the concept and ready to be single again. Not because she wouldn’t be a good girlfriend, but because she had to debate whether she wanted to try commitment. In short, she sabotaged herself.

  3. Sad thing is, its all so entrenched now that young girls today can’t find their way back to a traditional setting when they occasionally attempt to… because not only do men no longer offer deeper investment because it drives the women away… but they also don’t offer it because of entrenched marriage/divorce laws that little 20 yr old girls had nothing to do with. Some guys today choose the low-investment route reluctantly, even with a more traditional girl in hand, because he knows it is only a matter of time before the culture dismantles them for swimming upstream.

    1. True, but if women for the most part are only interested in the guys who have many other women interested in them … and only want an “equal” relationship with a guy AFTER they’ve been burned,
      they’re asking new price for used goods.
      Meaning they don’t respect the last guy they’re with.
      Biggest reason why women initiate divorce: do you think they’d do that with a guy they really loved?
      And why do they only decided to get married and have kids at the END of their fertile period, surely as “relationship experts”(and they have so much more advice and protection on their end) … they’d choose better?
      Maybe the safety net society provides for them allows them to make stupid decisions without fully paying for them …

  4. This just proves that women are too gullible to be making their own decisions. Youd have a hard time finding a man who really believes being a paper-shuffling lawyer ought to be the highlight of his life.

    1. They’re getting everything they wished for, and they couldn’t be happier about it.

      1. Then why the fuck do they whine/bitch in a non-sensical, never-ending fashion on every form of media on earth?

        1. They’re women, nothing is ever good enough and no opportunity to bitch and moan about something is lost.

        2. They’re women. Nothing is ever good enough and no opportunity to bitch and moan about something is lost.

        3. Because they’re programmed to complain and never be satisfied. Doesn’t change the fact that they’re winning.

        4. Allerious no they are not winning. Haha. They are increasingly without children and support as they get older. Also though men don’t have the political or legal power they still have choices. There will come a time when women will really need men and I can tell you the men will not be there. Wymens victory is temporary or pyric at best. These cunts have destroyed the families from which they came and that is their legacy for the future.

  5. The funny thing is, I hooked up with a girl last night and this was precisely the vibe that I got. I simply do less and less and less these days, commit myself less and less and treat them like they are of no consequence to my life whatsoever.
    Our culture in general seems to be trending towards more and more shallow types of communication. As north Americans are increasingly singular individuals, we lose our tribal nature, which is a desire to connect with others meaningfully.
    I do not lament the hook up culture in any way mind you, but…I wonder where it is taking us.

    1. Since coming back from Europe and dating some American women I’ve noticed this too. The irony is that to get the girls you want in the West you have to not care about getting the girls you want. You put forth effort to get numbers, dates, bangs, etc. but you don’t care about any one girl in particular. Women get the raw deal in the end when they finally decide to marry in their 30s-40s their options are limited if not non-existent. A man who takes care of himself has the best options at that point, but he’s very unlikely to find an attractive girl with character in her 20s who wants to get married. If I get married it’ll be to an Eastern European girl, and I’m not bringing her back to an urban, U.S. environment.

      1. “You put forth effort to get numbers, dates, bangs, etc. but you don’t care about any one girl in particular.”
        IOW, the highest aspiration a progressively indoctrinated woman has, is to be treated as just one out of an endless, undifferentiated mass of female genitalia attached to largely irrelevant professional resumes.
        If there is an upside, it is that the mainstream is now so monocultural, that any decent looking SWPL girl in her teens/early twenties that actively wants to get married, is definitely one of a very elite group, indeed. Consider yourself lucky if you meet one.
        As long as men have the sense to avoid marrying, or offering any kind of commitment to banged up old former whores about to age out of suitability for prostitution, at least there is some semblance of sense in this world. An unmarried woman should at 30 (or is that 25) be given a peppershaker as a condolence for a great opportunity wasted; then promptly be forgotten about. There are plenty of younger and less banged up women in this world, to replace her with, that are vastly more deserving of a man’s hard earned resources.

        1. “to be treated as just one out of an endless, undifferentiated mass of
          female genitalia attached to largely irrelevant professional resumes.”
          {Insert mental image of sorting through resumes with vaginas paper-clipped to their upper-left corners}

  6. Women see real life like a game, I often notice. They wanna go do what the men are doing–going to college, getting a job, building a solid career, going from partner to partner–but see it as just one option. The other option in of course starting a family. This results in females often starting the whole career thing and then once their career might actually start to hit off, they decide they wanna have a family instead.
    The funny thing is that, sort of like children, these women whine and whine about wanting fair treatment while asking for special privilege after special privilege.
    “Stop slut shaming”
    = We want to act like disposable flings but if we don’t want to be treated like them.
    “You need to hire an equal amount of women”
    = We want to get the same things men work hard for. We deserve them because… Well we do. EQUALITY!
    “Our sexual past shouldn’t matter”
    = We want to have all the fun men can have in their younger years (hooking up) and all the fun women have later in their lives (raising a family with a high status male). The definition of having your cake and eating it too.
    “We want to have cake and eat it too”
    = It doesn’t matter how much we weight, you need to be attracted to our independence. Your wants come second to mine.
    You should never do anything but hook up with these types of women, if you ask me. They are not relationship material. I write about that on my blog in case anyone wants some extra reading.

    1. Yeah but there are double standards on both sides. Men are guilty of plenty as well. “Give me a total slut in bed but make sure she’s a virgin before she gets to my bed.” Etc…

      1. >> “Give me a total slut in bed but make sure she’s a virgin before she gets to my bed.” Incorrect.
        “Give me a bunch of total sluts to rent for the weekend then give me a chaste woman worth committing to for life.” Correct.
        Where’s the problem with the so called double standard? There’s a rental market, a leasing market, and a buying market. Most young women are rentals.
        From a man’s perspective, sometimes you want to rent a cow, sometimes you want to buy. Two different cows for completely different purposes. That you don’t understand this tells me you’re a woman.
        Men, for valid biological reasons, want a woman who is worth investing in. Quality guys with options don’t invest in rent-a-chicks.
        From a modern woman’s perspective, better to be a rental than to be owned. These precious beings “don’t need a man” because they are “strong and independent” and “sex positive” and “amazing” and what not. Awesome. Let’s party for a few hours then you can leave your number on the cabinet.
        As someone pointed out previously, women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers of commitment. If modern women choose to open the gates of poon to rent by the hour, what a bargain, let’s make a deal.

      2. Mark answered that really well for me. Double standards are natural since men and women aren’t the same and don’t want the same things. This fabricated equality trend that’s going around always leaves me amazed.

      3. Patently False. Sounds like a feminist trope.
        The reality goes more like this;
        Give me a total slut who wants to f**k all night and never see again.
        But give me a virgin i can take home to Mother!
        No guy is so stupid as to believe these girls can ever be one and the same.

    2. Yes, I quite agree with you… If women can time off to have kids and want equal rights with their careers, then men should be allowed to take a couple of years off to go back packing and live in a surf shack on the beach…… and be paid for it and then come back to find no employer can be prejudiced against them.

  7. Solution to this would be as easy as removing girls from the workforce. But nope it’s too blasphemous of an idea for the majority to swallow.

    1. Nah, that’s way too, dare I say ‘totalitarian’ and would set off a very dangerous trend. No, it would be better if having a family and being a married mother in one’s twenties was not seen as something primitive and regressive but an important role and a privilege. Slap yourself in the face for coming up with that.

  8. Awesome article. Especially the paragraph about “doing less.” I think a lot of that comes from the texting culture that we have nowadays.
    People are connected more through technology, but on a much shallower level due to impersonal forms of communication, i.e. no one talks on the phone anymore. This feeds into the do less mindset.

  9. I imagine a future where most of our children will be raised by government social workers. These social workers will be their parent figures and be called Guardians. Those who still want to raise their children themselves can do so, no problem. We’d stop arguing about which sex is better because obviously in both genders, there will be people who want to climb the corporate ladder and those who want to do social work, or art, or travel the world like a hobo, whatever. Success will be success, however you want to define it, but most importantly, you don’t have to define it according to your gender. What will happen to children in these times? How would growing up in this environment affect them? I don’t know. Oh, and there will be lots of prostitution or hooking up will be as easy as purchasing a drink from a vending machine. Eh, what’s the difference? Eh, why not?

    1. That would be awesome until the barbarians bust down the gates to Western Civilization.

      1. More like, “Still vaguely civilized Easterners, burning the Western Barbarians to the ground.” As has happened to descendents of formerly civilized peoples countless times before.

        1. Any culture that doesn’t treat its men like trash. And doesn’t treat its hos like gold.
          Throughout history, today’s barbarians have been tomorrow’s shining light on the hill.

    2. I suspect the childcare industry will morph into what you’re talking about. In the distopia I’m thinking about, feminism would have children raised collectively and won’t have fathers.. alpha harems will rise as women are freed from marriage to betas and in orwellian twist the kids will all be raised to be ‘good citizens’.
      I scare the shit out of myself sometimes.

      1. One way I can imagine how these kids would grow up would be, most of the boys would be betas because most of the social workers would be female or beta males. I guess women would dominate society and only girls would be allowed to have aggressive traits but boys would be punished for being boys?

        1. Pretty much. There was some article I read recently that human society was starting to resemble ants in a way, with the most guys becoming worker drones to collect resources for the ‘Queens’, while only a select few were selected to breed.
          Drugging and indoctrinating boys to become more complacent would definitely help with creating the ‘drone’ class.

        2. I think as humans we can pretty much adopt any animal trait we want. Some people are like snakes, others are like.. sheep? If you look at it, the human family structure is very much like lions. The male doesn’t really have any real power, the females just let him sit on the throne. But of course, as the strongest and the one capable of protecting the pride, he gets benefits (like fucking all day long). But I agree, as feminism gains more power, we’re becoming more like ants. The sad part is, women won’t really be liberated, they’d just work for some fat bitch called the Queen.

    3. You assume the government will have any money left to pay the guardians. State and federal welfare spending flew past $1.03 trillion a year in 2011 (not counting entitlement programs like social security, Medicare, veteran’s programs, etc…) and is projected to skyrocket 90% over the next decade (assuming no amnesty which would drive it up much farther and faster).
      All rating agencies have the United States with a negative economic outlook. We’ll hit 50 trillion in debt by 2023 and then the dollar just folds. 150 million people on welfare suddenly discover there’s no more money for welfare. Do the math.

    1. But according to this article, they love it too. So why are you bragging? Unless you disagree with the article.

  10. There’s a huge financial opportunity here. I foresee a boom in the construction of group homes for retired, unmarried career women. They’ll need to build even more than the current supply of retirement communities. Such amenity-rich and service-rich living arrangements are the end product for the mindset described in this article. Invest accordingly, guys.

  11. But there’s one problem i have with the theory about feminists and women controlling the males. Because they’re not in control, they are only given control by the establishment of globalists (and the rest of the diabolic movements). Just look at Pussy Riot, why are they seen as a freedom-movement? Is it because the women in Eastern Europe is under opression and west-media actually feel strong about Eastern European women or does it have to do with Putin and that they want to weaken Russia and him?
    Since the last summer i start to think of the scene from Batman where the feminine man stand and shout at Bane to obey him whenever i meet a girl who demands things. I know i pose a serious physical threat to her and that’s why you dont really have to listen to a woman who really demands things that you don’t like. Seriously, what is she going to do, attack you and end up beaten the shit out of her if you really decide to defend yourself or just leave you out of pussy?
    Loose commitments isn’t good because of several things. First, a people need to reproduce itself to continue to live as a people (no, citizenship doesn’t make you Swedish for example). If we are going with the route of loose commitments and still want to live on as a people then somebody needs to take care of the children. So are we going to let the burden be the women who needs to juggle nightly activity with a “career” and still take care and raise children or are we going to let the state take care of them much like kindergarden (asilo in Italian, go figure) today? Who are we then going to influence our own children and make sure that the state doesn’t have fucked up values?
    To return to the natural state of the genderroles and stop our society from decay we unfortunately need to do some drastic thing i will not mention here because i don’t know your countries laws.
    //From a swedish guy living in the feminist equivalence of Saudi Arabia.

    1. On a very fundamental level, noone gives a f about anyone not directly related to themselves. As the products of competitive genetic evolution, people cannot be otherwise. “Hiring” someone to raise ones children is just what CPS is today: an undifferentiated bunch of careerist pedophiles looking for the greatest possible access to molest children (physically or intellectually) that aren’t theirs, hence irrelevant to them.
      Cultures that care for their offspring, ensure said offspring gets the best possible start in life, so that they are well poised to do battle for resources with the offspring of others. These cultures thrive. Dsytopian, progressive dumps like the contemporary West, serve only as cannon fodder and someone to rape and throw bombs at for amusement. As evolution dictates that they must be. And hence, properly understood morality that they should be.

  12. Damn Roosh should throw Athlone some dollars for the quality of articles he is producing haha.
    Amazing article Athlone, this is 100% accurate.

  13. Athlone, you smashed it… Again. I agree this post needs spreading around the manosphere fo real yo.

  14. Let’s “Enjoy the Decline” minimalist style. Do less. Live more.
    Less traditional game. Less manning up and marrying them hos. Less contributing to society. Less consumerism. Less resource transfers. Less giving a fuck.
    Let the barbarians at the gate man up when they break through.
    Less is moar!

    1. There’re no barbarians at the gate. The barbarians are what the article is about.

      1. Oh, there ARE barbarians at the gate, rest assured.
        Just because there are savages inside our “civilization” doesn’t change the barabarians’ nature.
        Such is life…

  15. Two questions for red pillers:
    1. Having taken the ReturnOfKings style red pill or the ZeroHedge style red pill, if you were of military age right now, would you be more inclined to serve or less inclined to serve in a Western military?
    2. Have become more inclined to serve or less inclined to serve since taking the red pill?
    OK to move this question to a separate post.

    1. Look up rationalmale’s blog on Soldiers back in Feb 2013. TLDR bit as I saw it – conventional military service is at its core beta, with huge amounts of situational alpha on top as a disguise.
      fwiw look up Smedley Butler too.
      If I was of military age I’d go for the French Foreign Legion. And get washed out by week 3. Bummer.

        1. a) they’re original hardcore
          b) they look after their pensioners
          c) I like to sing

    2. There was a post about servicemen somewhere around the Manosphere that talked about how many of the soldiers were indoctrinated to serve in harsh conditions without complaint.
      When they went home they would sometimes endure massive betaisation and emotional abuse from their wives which they would put up with because ‘it was their duty’. This is on top of the rampant infidelity of wives and girlfriends within the military community. Many of these guys had to deal with this stuff on top of PTSD from their service.
      I’m usually pretty levelheaded, but as an ex-reserve serviceman myself this made me rage shitballs. It was quite the sight.
      Dannyfrom504 could talk all day about this and if you check his archives you’ll find more about it.
      As for signing up, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t just look at it from this side (which the tldr version is ‘no serious relationships or pregnancies while you’re in’), but from the real shit (eg PTSD) that happens. Ask Dannyfrom504 nicely and I’m sure he can give you some insight into the US military, particularly Navy (with a side of Marines).
      All that said, free college eh?

    3. I served, so did my father, his father and his father. Will my son be encouraged to fight for this new culturally Marxist mess? Not in this lifetime.

    4. I can only answer for myself, of course; almost 40 now, so here’s how I think things have changed:
      Vietnam vs. WW2: “Baby Killers” vs “heroes”. I was born 1975; you can do the math. Raised on WW2 propaganda/historic fiction. And the fallout films, Rambo specifically. Note the changes there. Note the history, too. Then we see Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Afghanistan, Iraq.
      I wanted to enlist. Found out I was medically unable (eyes). But I WANTED to be a soldier, even with the [email protected] from Rambo.
      Now? Talked to a few guys who came back, still love military fiction (wonder how much is propaganda). No WAY would I enlist at this point. If you’re not queer, you almost don’t belong in the military, you’re not PC. Our ersatz masters won’t stop until gay sex is MANDATED for recruits. If you’re not politically correct from Day 1, Birth, you’re not considered to be “Amerikan” enough.
      And if you do what is right – For example, retrieve your men from behind enemy lines – you WILL be court-martialed and “retired”.
      Why would ANYONE volunteer, if they had ANY other choice?
      This society is seeking destruction. Rules of reality cannot be ignored, any more than Gravity for example. You jump, you come back down. You get pussies and poofs to be your military, a bunch of grandmas with brooms will conquer you. End of story.

  16. “The end result? Women who feel guilty building anything meaningful with a male.

    Slowly, the reality of growing female aversion to commitment is dawning on society and more people are beginning to talk about it.”
    Sorry, but I don’t buy this crap for a second. It goes against everything I’ve observed every day for years.
    Girls are still overwhelmingly interested in relationships and this is never, ever going to change. It’s basic biology. No societal dogma will overrule it.
    Go on any dating site on the internet and you can easily test this for yourself. The VAST majority of girls indicate in their profiles that they are looking for relationships and a very high number explicitly state that they are not interested in hookups. Of the few girls who DO indicate an interest in hookups, most are overweight, ugly and undesirable. All legitimately hot (7.5+) girls on dating sites are looking for relationships. Every single one of them.
    To anyone who thinks otherwise, I would suggest going on there and messaging hundreds of girls for hookups. Then you can tell me how “female hookup culture” is working for you. You will get a 1% or less response rate and an acceptance rate of maybe .001%.
    The reality is, “hookup culture” only exists on college campuses, and even then it isn’t found everywhere. Here in puritanical New England, it is not at all uncommon for people to stay in LTR’s with one partner for the ENTIRE duration of their high school and college years. Yes, it happens far more often than you think. No, not everyone is using college as a sex fest. When that does happen, it’s only among a select crowd at a few select party schools.
    None of this goes against feminism because girls stand to gain far more from relationships than from casual hookups.
    The former empower females. The latter devalue them. And wimmin are not so dumb that they don’t know this.
    The only types of wimmin who feel empowered by hookups are aging, over-the-hill broads who take their cues from SITC. Cute, young, attractive girls these wimmin are NOT.
    This “hookup culture” BS is a bunch of hysteria dreamed up by old, sexless prudes who were terrified that kids were starting to have sex at an earlier age. So we got all this pseudo-science about “BJ’s being the new handshake” and all the rest of it. In reality, things haven’t changed nearly that much. Most females are NOT particularly fond of sucking dick and girls still want relationships 95% of the time.
    If you disagree, post evidence to the contrary.

    1. you’re wrong. I’m 26, and I’ve banged 54 different girls so far. a good portion of them, about 50-60%, I met online. the rest I met at college or at the bar. so I believe I have a pretty good sample that represents most of the 18-30 year old female population. in addition to banging these girls, I talk to nearly every girl I meet to feel out her attitude towards dating, relationship/sexual experience, etc. here is what I’ve learned.
      it is true that if you look at the online girls, they will say things on their profiles like they’re not into hookups, that they’re looking for something serious, and very few admit to looking for casual sex. guys read this, mistakenly believe everything they say, and they take a traditional approach to dating, ie take them on lame but expensive dinner dates, tell them they’re beautiful and compliment nonstop, try to buy them things and act chivalrous. the females string them along for 3-5 dates at most, enjoying the attention, compliments and free food/gifts, but they also have an extremely low opinion of these guys, to the point of making fun of them and insulting them online or to anyone else they talk to, ie me.
      then a guy like me comes along. I take them out to a bar, maybe buy them a couple drinks, then take them back either to my place or hers and fuck the shit out of them on the first date. I don’t compliment them at all, EVER. I’m not mean to them or anything, but I don’t treat them as anything more than a wet hole I want to fuck. I don’t buy them flowers or chocolates. I don’t buy them anything besides a couple drinks, and I refuse to buy them food. if they insist on dinner dates, I walk, because I know she doesn’t want to fuck me and will make fun of me afterwards to her friends or the alpha guys she fucks. all I do is touch her a lot, escalate in pretty much the same fashion guys like Roosh or other PUA’s describe, and basically small talk, again, using Roosh-like methods and routines. it’s remarkably effective, and the fact that it is so effective, that female behavior is so predictable, that it is so easy to gain access to their vagina, says volumes.
      I also have a remarkable ability to get women to open up to me about their sexual history. I basically just express an attitude that is sexually open. I tell them I like women who are sexually liberal, which is true; I like fucking them. I get girls who appear to be sweet innocent things telling me about how they blew the principal of a school in a cheap hotel after meeting at the bar and nearly getting in a gangbang with his friends, or how she took a random guy home from the bar and let him fuck her in the ass while dildo’ing her pussy. they will tell me about how when their boyfriends were gone, they went out and screwed random guys from the bar or random acquaintances. all their female friends do it too. they laugh about it with me and with each other. these girls show me text and online messages they get from other guy who are trying to date them, basically break down their approach for me. they also show me their online profiles. it’s fucking pathetic. while the girls are getting fucked hard, choked and swallowing my cum, these other guys are at home, not getting laid, sending them messages saying how beautiful they are and how they are a unique and innocent snowflake. they are buying them expensive gifts. the girls make fun of these guys mercilessly.
      if you believe anything a woman says, you’re a fucking retard, and that is probably the worst thing you can do to hurt your chances of getting laid. if you want to understand women and be successful with them, look to the guys who are successful, like Roosh, and figure out what they are doing. then do it yourself. it’s easy. otherwise, you can be a bitter guy who doesn’t understand why women don’t like him, and you can hate guys like me for getting what you can’t. it won’t make you any happier, trust me. just be careful. when you see their true nature, a part of you will die inside…the part that wanted a feminine, caring, attractive woman to have a relationship with and someday marry. you will never trust or love another woman again.

  17. Athlone- solidifying your role as my favorite contributor here so far. Good one, my man.

  18. I have yet to see a single person on the internet post direct PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence of hooking up with numerous wimmin in the highly-desirable, 18-22 year old age category. You would think that with all the millions and millions of amateur pics and stories floating around, someone would have done this already if it was nearly as prevalent as articles such as this one suggest. The reality is, even so-called “top tier alpha males” are lucky to hook up with 5 legitimately attractive girls per month. For most guys in college it is 1-2 at best. And outside of college? Forget about it. Remember, I am NOT talking about broads over 23. The game changes as broads start going over the hill. By their late 30’s, they’re the ones sending sexual offers to younger guys on dating sites. But hot 18-22 year old girls practically never do this.
    The only example that comes readily to mind is the Karen Own case and A) She wasn’t very attractive and B) She was an extreme outlier, as illustrated by the level of controversy that her powerpoint presentation generated. If “hookup culture” is truly ubiquitous among the younger generation, then why did Ms. Own become an instant internet celebrity upon release of that powerpoint? Wasn’t she just one of thousands of coeds doing the same thing? Of course not. She became famous precisely because of how rare her behavior was.

      1. Honestly I do, compared to most men. But that’s because I’m more attractive than most men, not to sound arrogant. It’s no accident — I basically devote half my life to looking good. It’s a 24/7 occupation.

    1. Given the odds of a divorce within the first 5 years of marriage increase 50% when women have one sexual partner before their husband, and increase by 100% when 4 or more prior partners exist, I don’t think your straw man construction of hookup culture requires verification before arguing that using college to ‘play the field’ rather than ‘find my future husband’ is virtually guaranteeing young women a divorce in their future. As men realise this, the likelihood of of a man marrying any college-educated woman is going to dwindle massively.
      I would point out, incidentally, that as a 46 year old man, in my college days a woman who had more than 2 partners a year would be understood as someone with emotional problems in forming attachments.
      Your downpage post on women wanting relationships is noted, but young women are competing against each other for a relatively small pool of ‘eligible’ men and generally the only skill they have developed to attract and maintain a young man’s attention is opening their legs.
      The entire FWB concept is a rationalisation by women of their inability to achieve relationship status with the men they think they deserve.

  19. almost nobody wants to settle down beefore their mid-20s. even my grandparents held off marrying until that point.
    since a woman is only attractive age 20-30 your target zone is much smaller than you think.

  20. This article should be required reading for every chump turning 18. This issue baffled me forever: on one hand American girls are supposed to be one of the easiest to pick up next to Norwegians and Dutch chicks – and on the other hand we all know about flaking and about this whole culture of pick up artists and gurus. So what gives? The answer may very well lie with this philosophy here. When a girl feels pressured into dating she feels this giving-up-something-more-important-for-this-guy pressure. But when she has a quickie in the backseat of a mustang she feels only pleasure. No pressure. Nothing given up.
    I’m buying a mustang.

  21. That girl Kathie, in another age she would have been confessing to a Catholic priest about how ashamed she felt about the way her natural urges and impure thoughts were preventing her from being a good and pure soul.
    Then again unlike many readers here I don’t sneer at her. She has been fed a lot of cock and bull about the joys of having a Mickey Mouse certificate and being yet another rat in the race and how empowering it supposedly is. Cigarette manufacturers tried to promote the idea that their products also symbolised women’s liberation, the degree industry is using the same trick to generate revenue.
    Girls like her end up making a tremendous investment of time and energy and would naturally be quite antagonistic towards anything they perceive as a pay off minimiser after all that hard work. Time is also far more precious to women than men.
    By all means, this is absolutely not an argument to discourage women from educating themselves, having interesting careers and being anything else other than baby machines and housemakers, not at all. Would be lovely if more of them chose scientific disciplines. This is intended to highlight how the importance of going to university is over hyped and the certificate industry in combination with other things is causing a lot of damage. Great article Athlone, as always..

  22. So women are being taught this because of feminism? What about “natural female hypergamy” etc etc…
    Make up your mind, Manosphere.

    1. Female sexuality aka hypergamy used to be restrained, just like males. Second wave feminism came along and told little girls to indulge in it. Now the boys are saying if girls’ hypergamy is unrestrained, then we will also unleash our base sexual drive. Thus we have pick up artists, unemployed slackers, Tucker Max clones and now all the abused sluts are saying “where are all the good men?” Basically, to the average hamster brain hypergamy is the drug, feminism is the enabler.
      Stick around and learn moar.

  23. Last paragraph hits the nail on the head.
    “accepting what is offered”…
    There is a saying, i think by 60, goes similar to “escalation is attractive”;
    There is also the feeling that i get today that “Wanting commitment is unattractive”; for the younger generation.
    He wants commitment = He doesn’t have the ability to bang multiples simultaneously = He must be unattractive.
    The hamster in his usual spin…
    For every girl that I hear “i don’t have time for a
    relationship. I am having fun/I am focusing on my career”, I hear men “I
    would like a relationship to have fun and support me in my career, and

  24. This is the most insightful article I have read in a long time. Living in a college town and regularly interacting with college-aged girls, I have found this disturbingly true. And not without consequence either as the college and local area have astronomically high STD rates. Including those wonderfully contagious super-resistant bacterias. Of course, your average college-aged American girl is so mindless that in the near future they will probably be convinced that contracting the super-bacteria is empowering.

  25. “In short, do less.”
    Young men..listen to this advice. it is VERY good advice.
    The harder you try to “please a western woman” the more she will hate you and dis-respect you.
    Interestingly a recurring theme I hear even from eastern european women is that they feel “trapped” in marriages and relationships. Even in eastern europe women are being brainwashed to see relationships is “trapped” rather than a really good thing. So? Don’t “trap” them in a “relationship”. Very good advice.

    1. This is so true. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard girls laugh to their friends about how a guy was freaking them out – simply by showing interest and wanting to do things like go see a movie. It dries up the pussy, trust me. Just be unavailable and cold, and they will come running. You have to have the mindset that YOU are doing THEM a favour by fucking them. That is the key

    2. been to eastern Europe. They feel trapped because the men suck in bed, don’t know how to satisfy their emotional or physical needs, and actively cheat as much as possible

  26. Pity the poor confused female. She’s been fed so much conflicting BS.
    Must have kids, must have a career, must be more female CEOs, Presidents, Entrepreneurs. You can be a great single mother and a successful career girl, all men are dogs, you need a man in your life, have sex, don’t have sex, have sex with other women, one nightstands make you liberated, have more orgasms, fake them too, It’s ok to be fat, but marketing says you should be thin. Small breasts are fine, but get a boob job….
    So much BS……..Feel sorry for them, they are bombarded with so much crap, they don’t stand a chance.
    As always it’s going to take some straight thinking, logical minded males to pull the poor women out of this funk….

  27. The feminists and cultural Marxists have been on a mission from hell to destroy the nuclear family and have had enormous successes since the late 1960s. They’ve created a situation where it’s more beneficial to men not to incur the massive risk and liability of marriage than to incur it. So a great many simply don’t. The author of this article looks to incorporate a subset of women (e.g. young women) into their gender war against men instead of working to restore something wonderful that people like them broke.

  28. This – aside from the fact that the person picking the illustrations does not understand Korine – is quite a smart and well written article, posted on a website which I usually visit for the laughs. If I were the author ‘though, looking at the semi-literate conspiracy theorists populating the comment section, I’d start asking myself whom I’m writing my well articulated thoughts for.

  29. Young women are a lot more inclined towards experimenting, and if they are not in a relationship they still want to seek out hook ups through the free dating and hook up sites like MeetOutside, it sort of gives them the required thrill, at times keeps the pressure of work away, if you are able to release the sexual tension inside your body, so works for both mind and soul.

  30. End result is all the more women around for having sex with …but not for having any serious relationships with.
    Just what a whole lot of men would rather prefer.

  31. This is a very interesting article. Feminism, supposedly about women’s freedom and choice, in reality has given them only one option: be a corporate slave, mindlessly consume, and reject any men who might limit your freedom. Of course, then in their mid 30s, they expect a knight in shining armour to sweep in and rescue them. Fuck that for a joke! The author correctly states women have indicated what they want, men have simply responded. Do not show any interest, do not be kind and considerate, just fuck them in a cold methodical way after a late night text. Men aren’t stupid, when they see that is what works, they never ask another girl out for dinner ever again

  32. aaahh FUCK this shit. the same website telling me women will try to trap me and steel my money and sperm and another article telling me women don’t want anything to do with me…

    1. lol. This article focuses on women in their 20s. They want to trap you when they are in early/mid/late 30s looking for a ‘settle down with supportive good provider’ type of guy or a ‘Mr near enough is good enough’ type guy with good career/savings so if it doesn’t work out then at least they can walk away better off.

  33. So hard to respond to this without just saying something like….”Pump and Dump, all day erry day”…all that pumping and dumping saps much needed energy from men that we can use to move our world forward in a positive way. Women are only the gatekeepers of sex because men keep walking up to the gate as if there is no other way to be.
    How about we walk away from the gate? How about we become the gatekeepers of sex AND commitment?
    At some point we as men need to be more mentally, physically, and emotionally mature and in control than women are. And that has to start young for us. We have to be smarter, realizing when we are being lied to or manipulated by women and other things to feeling that all we have to do is succumb to a PUMP AND DUMP mentality and lifestyle.
    Men should be past the point of destroying ourselves and letting women destroy us and our image. Let women destroy themselves…At some point there will be a new breed of woman that will realize how detrimental their species’ actions have been to humanity over the course of several generations.
    But we as men need to realize this now about our species…

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