Why Aren’t Disabled Athletes Paid The Same As Normal Female Athletes?

Women’s sport has more than a few problems. In addition to the pathetic wrangling of female athletes for “equal pay,” despite having separate gender-based fields that spare women from being embarrassed by superior male players, feminists do not mention how calls for equality completely ignore the grossly inferior remuneration given to disabled, mature-age, and even youth competitors. So, using feminist and SJW logic, in advocating for so-called women’s equality in sport, leftists and self-aggrandizing female athletes have condoned and perpetuated discrimination against the disabled, older people, and the young.

During the recently ended French Open, the able-bodied women’s events for this tennis tournament featured a total prize pool of €14,712,000 (ca. US$16,700,000), pretty much half of the nearly €31,000,000 handed out across all parts of the tournament. This was nearly 70 times higher than the meager €217,000 given to wheelchair tennis players across both the male and female fields. But why? What happened to equal pay for equal work? If anyone seriously suggesting that wheelchair athletes do not work as hard as female able-bodied athletes?

Here’s the catch, though: able-bodied women will never support equal pay for disabled athletes. Because of the number of very high-profile global or semi-global sports, mixed in with swathes of internationally-recognized athletes, it could be said we have reached a dead-end for sport-related financial expansion. If not, then at the very least the rate of expansion is slowing. If wheelchair-bound and other disabled athletes start to get the attention of their able-bodied counterparts, the able-bodied women lose and will have to sacrifice much of their own ignominiously-acquired earnings. They clearly sensed this from the start, as they never called for “equal pay” for the disabled when they were demanding the same as the able-bodied men.

The shifting sands trying to justify “equal pay” for women only bolster the arguments for paying disabled athletes the same

Why not pay this person the same as an able-bodied athlete? Or pay the same to a masters’ level (35-40+) or youth competitor?

The first “pillar” used to justify equal pay for women who do not compete in the same competitive field as men was (and remains) that “both sexes are equal, how can we pay them differently?” This completely sidesteps why women are playing amongst themselves, but it is the point that feminists and female athletes have banged on about for years. The contrived “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match, where still-playing female player Billie Jean King beat a long-retired 55-year-old man with a distinct paunch, was used to try and press this point of so-called equality. And here’s my own questions about equality: “Are disabled people not equal, too? If not, why are we paying them less?”

A second justification is the idea of effort. Women supposedly work as hard as men and this means they should be compensated equally. Yet a few major roadblocks emerge: we have no idea what the average male vs. female athlete level of effort is, effort can vary between male athletes and between female athletes and not just between genders, and effort itself is not directly rewarded in any sporting competition in the world. And if effort is a benchmark for financial reward, then disabled athletes should be paid the most of all. Instead of wallowing in their disability, they have gone out in the world, traveled with severe physical impediments, and chased a dream that currently offers little financial security.

The third pillar is a mass bombardment of popular media with exhortations that the public watch female sports, especially increasingly politically correct ones like soccer. If you don’t, you are in possession of some significant chauvinistic moral failings. Though the propaganda (and it is propaganda) is unmistaken, it usually stops short of explicitly telling viewers to support female athletes in the same way as men. When the popular media tries this with disabled athletes, the calls for viewership and other backing seem more patronizing and forced, as if the outlets just have to.

Finally, the concept of revenue comes into play. Feminists and their enablers are hoping to crank up the popular media propaganda to such a point that financial support for women’s sports equals men’s and they can say both genders deserve the same pay, despite grossly inferior female physical output. Of course, this outcome would be artificial. It is a method that relies on indoctrination and shaming of those who find women’s sports less appealing, rather than a proper appreciation for the merits of male and female sport compared side-by-side. At present, a mixing-and-matching process is going on, whereby the excuse fluctuates from the equality argument back to the revenue argument. There is no similar dexterity in advocating for disabled athletes, unsurprisingly.

All manner of “equal pay” permutations can be discussed

Why doesn’t he get equal pay compared to the able-bodied, adult-but-not-middle-aged women?

We have discussed disabled athletes here, but what about masters’ level (35-40+) competitors? Most notably when people hit their 60s, participating in sports is a choice we should be rewarding, not ignoring, It is amusing how feminists are willing to dismiss physical aptitude differences between men and women and demand equal pay in sports for separate gender-based fields, but act as if older athletes did not deserve equal pay because their physical abilities are in general decline. The same can be said of juvenile athletes, who frequently earn close to nothing, despite boys’ teams having beaten the women’s adult football teams of both the United States and Australia. Age cuts across the skills barrier as much as gender.

Sadly, you could bet your final dollar that the madness of “equal pay” will continue in its closed-off, selfish form. For the record, I am not for equal pay for disabled athletes. It is unfeasible and would, as I have suggested, necessitate a multitude of other fields divided by gender, age and level of disability, each of them entitled to “equal pay.” At the same time, however, female athletes’ own arguments require them to support equal pay for disabled athletes, not that they will.

It is much easier for feminists to pretend to stand for an ideal than to actually stand for it when it does not benefit them.

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78 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Disabled Athletes Paid The Same As Normal Female Athletes?”

  1. How about for differently abled athletes. I never could run a 4:00 mile.
    It always hurt my feelings to see other athletes run so fast!! Its just so mean of them.
    I should get some compensation for my efforts, not to mention the pain of losing.

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  2. The Battle of the Sexes: After crushing two dramatically better female opponents, an overweight, over the hill drunk man with massive gambling debts mysteriously loses to an inferior opponent when it becomes economically prudent.

    1. This long-standing premise of equality between the sexes demands that the world of sports also recognize, at minimum, four additional divisions based on the LBGT sexual orientations. For every sports, there must be male, female, L, B, G and T divisions, each getting their equal and “fair share” of the prize money, sponsorships, et al. The cultural Marxism of “we are all created equal” must extend to these four group if it already is applied to the binary concept of sex (aka gender).
      When it comes to disabilities, I say all disabilities must be considered equal as well. So, a cerebral palsy athlete must be included as much, and paid as much, as a war torn amputee, as well as those with all sorts of mental and emotional disabilities ranging from bipolar disorder to affluenza. And, since alcohol and drugs are a disease, not a choice, I suppose sports must also include those diseased individuals along with the down syndrome stricken.
      In the end, like all endeavors to be all-inclusive and all-equal, everything will be diluted to ZERO — zero meaning, and zero value.

  3. “The same can be said of juvenile athletes, who frequently earn close to nothing, despite boys’ teams having beaten the women’s adult football teams of both the United States and Australia. Age cuts across the skills barrier as much as gender.”
    They need to learn how to speak ‘equalese’. Boy’s teams should claim they are being discriminated against because they look like short-haired lesbians
    Outside of sport and played correctly such a strategy could provide a fast track from the paper-round to the boardroom

  4. yes, the French open does have a wheelchair division.
    If I were a disabled man I would demand equal pay.

  5. They should pay me what they pay female athletes for putting in the effort to watch and enjoy women’s sports. Remember, equal pay for equal work.

    1. It’s not equal work. It takes more effort to endure the boring spectacle of women sports…exception would be ice skating. Wink wink.

      1. In 30 years it wont matter. All athletes will be grown in vats and owned by the teams. No more hassle from player’s unions, if someone blows out a knee, he/she will be liquidated, a fresh player will be snapped off the vine…

        1. Today’s elite athletes will be buried in undisclosed locations for fear of DNA theft; in time, their descendants will come to see it as a money-making opportunity, opening up bidding for their dads’ DNA. Who in SF wouldnt want to see Willie Mays take the field again?>

        2. I’ll take a vial of Pete Rose to go. (I’m betting on the ponies this Saturday.)

  6. Feminists are bigots who ignore or oppress the disabled, just like homos ignore or oppressed single people when they lobbied for gay marriage privileges
    (Apparently Google or Samsung auto corrects “homo” into “Homosexual” with a capital H. Politically correct auto spell? )

    1. My Motorola Android device always suggests “Limbaugh” after I use the word “Rush”. Dunno how Google let that happen…

      1. It may have fermented one time when you typed “rush limbaugh”. Have you ever typed that before?
        In my case, no. It’s a new phone.

    2. Try a Google Image search for “black American couple”– looks pretty reasonable, right? Now try “white American couple.” Just a (((coincidence))), I’m sure…

  7. There will be a day when liberals tax professional white male sports and give it to the gals to be equal. .count on it.

  8. And why don’t fanfiction writers get paid as much as published authors? Some teenage girls spend months crafting their romance story between themselves and The Doctor, and do they get any compensation?
    Equal pay for equal work! Give Harry Potter fanfiction writers the thousands they deserve, in proportion to what Rowling got for her books!

  9. This scenario only just hit me:
    What will happen when the children being brought up as being special snowflakes grow into a society where everyone is supposed to be equal?
    Do they (a) explode in flames of cognitive dissonance, or (b) believe that everyone should be equal, but they, themselves are more equal. Thus, are victims of double-think?

    1. That is when reality hits and hurts. Some wise up and accept red pill truths, others go get advanced degrees (debt) to try to prove the real world wrong.

      1. Those degrees will only serve to fracture them more. Not only will they believe that simultaneously they are both special and equal to others but they will believe that they are both oppressed and have privilege as well.
        No wonder these kids are just confused.

        1. There is the paradox to their thinking. How can one be special and equal at the same time?

        2. Is this on purpose? Do the elites/social engineers want to psychologically fracture women in tiny pieces. To maintain these paradoxes to believe themselves to be:
          – both virginal and slutty
          – independent yet believing in affirmative action
          – special yet equal
          – strong yet need protection
          Is this so no one man could ever be good enough for them, leading to the breakup of the family, leading to control of their future children by the state?

        3. They are fed these lies all their lives and reinforced through media propaganda after they finish their education (indoctrination). In the real world, it is completely opposite what they believed. They then go into depression and are dependent on antidepressant medications for the rest of their miserable lives.

      2. This is why I like some of Evola’s right-wing ideas. Acknowledges that inequality is inevitable and offers suggestions on how to live well regardless.

      1. I disagree, it’s STILL funny…even more funny when the snowflake becomes “triggered”.

  10. anyone see where women’s soccer team is suing the organization for equal pay with the men’s team. they might actually have a case. if you don’t include the fact that the women negotiated twice for the safety of salary payments with benefits while the men took the riskier, but more lucrative option, of pay for play with no/little benefits. of course now the women want the best of boths worlds

    1. The women are comparing their WC-winning year with the slowest year of the 4 in Mens soccer. It’s adorable.

      1. judge better give them what they want, or that domestic violence abuser and thug, Hope Solo, might kick his ass….literally.

    2. They should give them more money than the men. It’s only fair. While the women are more accomplished in the national team area, anyone who knows soccer will tell you that in the end, it’s in the club area where money really matters. After all, while World Cups, male or female, take place only every 4 years, club soccer is basically year round. Just look at say, the Premier League. A team like the current champion Leicester City will play the League from August 13 all the way to May 21 2017. In between other will play both the League Cup and the FA Cup. And then, the Champions League. On the one hand, being the champion, Leicester City gets to skip th qualification playoffs and will go straight to groups. On the other hand, it just won it’s first domestic title, which means they are true freshmen to the best club competition in soccer, and perhaps the best soccer competition, period. Assuming they manage to survive the group rounds against prospective giants like Barcelona and Bayern Munich, they will slog it out to see if they make it to the final in Cardiff, Wales on June 3, 2017. Of course, at least they might still make big bucks. And all this has gone on for years now. Partly, tradition, but partly, the spectators, including women, want to see men. Ergo the argument. While the Women’s World Cup is more established, women’s pro leagues will never experienced that kind of popularity. Why? Simple. Not that many people want to watch women play soccer year round, unless, perhaps, they let Alex Morgan run around in a bikini, and judging by the Lingerie Football League, even that would get old. And they’ve had women’s leagues around, and they all have tanked. Just look at the WNBA. And at least women’s soccer is more fluid than its basketball equivalent. So yes, let the women take the bigger share of the national team circuit, and let them have their 4 year glory. We all know where it’s at. We’re good.

        1. Lol, my apologies. This was written via smartphone. I was too focused on trying to type on the touchscreen to focus on an orderly format. After all, I’m not a millennial, you know?

        2. If a comment will be long, type it in your phone’s notes app first so you can actually see all of what you are writing for proofreading purposes then copy/paste it here after.

    3. No, they wouldn’t have a case, even then, they are inferior. The organization should splinter off the womens’ team to operate independently, or just shut it down altogether and they can start their own.

  11. The only way to get rid of gender discrimination in sports is to get rid of women’s sports. The idea of separate but equal pay is hypocritical and it amazes me how many mainstream media outlets cannot see it and/or refuse to acknowledge it.
    This willful ignorance, along with the fact that female athletes are just not as good (hey, they’re better than you!!) is why so many people hate women’s sports.

  12. This is the results of the Self Esteem Movement kids growing up and raising the Participation Trophy Generation….because keeping score is bad.

  13. I wish we could just go ahead and put women on the field/court with men. So tired of the charade. Let Serena Williams field a few serves from Djokovic, Rousey go a few rounds with basically any male boxer ever, some WNBA girl trying to guard LeBron in the post, or God forbid a woman step on an American football field to do something besides blow a whistle or kick a PAT.
    Please. Just do it. I need a good laugh.

        1. well. Venus was 18 and serena was 17 at the time. Just to be fair. Tennis players peak around 22-30. Guy was 31 or something.

    1. Anyone who has seen the WNBA knows that a Division III men’s basketball team has a fair chance of beating any of the pro female teams. Heck, we could put one of the NCAA Cinderella men’s teams, like Stephen F Austin or Florida Gulf Coast, and they would have a chance of beating the UConn female team that apparently has gone undefeated six times, has a 1036-281 all time record, that makes a 78% winning percentage, and 11 titles. Definitely wouldn’t mind seeing them play a men’s team.

      1. Men’s HS teams are more likely than not to beat a professional WNBA team. A Div 3 team would crush them.

    2. I have heard of men’s club teams destroying professional female teams ie soccer teams or other sports teams. I think 16 year old males would beat a professional female soccer team. Serena Williams looks like she takes testosterone boosters, her voice is deeper than mine, she is like a lot of other female athletes.

        1. The club side I played for at under 17 level would have pulverised them also-we destroyed the champions of another state 5-1 and would routinely inflict astonishing beatings on other sides. We were effectively a gang-we would beat you in the score and beat you up physically (within the rules but that never stopped a full-blooded tackle or crushing an opponent with a shoulder block and sending them flying into their bench as I can attest to); we gained such notoriety we were called ‘The Gorillas’ and it was apropos considering we were as hirsute and angry as our cousins.

      1. It’s happened in the US, Australia, *and* Sweden. In Sweden’s case, it was the national women’s soccer team against a local club of under 17s who played one man down and still beat them 3-0.

  14. Cold truth is it’s economically infeasible for women to level the pay in pro sports — for most sports they’re too boring, they are clearly slower/weaker, and there’s not enough public support or turnout for games/matches. What they’re looking for is “athletic welfare credit” masquerading as a social justice power movement.
    You cannot force people to like this stuff. Nothing is normal, even or fair in the world of sport (as a microcosm of the real world).

      1. And the noble sport of ‘steaking’ where in skimpy outfits they grill me steaks and I grade them based on form, artistry, choice of attire, question and answer round, and quality of steak served up.

  15. Oh come on.. The good feminists have told us that gender is a purely social construct, whereas disabilities are the result of birth defects, disease or accidents. Besides, once they Smash the Patriarchy(tm) disabilities will be a thing of the past. /sarc
    The worst part of all this madness is, in junior & early school leagues the teams are all mixed, i.e. girls & boys play together. The result being the boys are told to “not play too rough”, coz girls. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say kids are being trained to view male & female athletes as completely interchangeable, as a wider part of fucking Cultural Marxism.

    1. That’s what my dad did-he told me ‘the opposition 11 regardless of composition are to be defeated-either go out there and beat them down or go home’/

  16. How about you simply not give a shit about sports and not pay attention the fortune and glory of others in the least?

      1. Horseshit, most people don’t like sports. They like sitting on their asses watching it which is a very different thing.

        1. I like the distinction you make and make such also-it is one thing to like watching and another to enjoy it holistically which entails watching as it does playing said sport-for me that’s soccer where I have played for over 20 years, watch intently and will take up coaching.

    1. Perhaps a rhetorical question, but I’ll give a straight answer– it seems to appeal to something deep in the human psyche. Perhaps it’s a way of sublimating the urge toward war/ direct intertribal conflict? Not always successful, though: Emperor Justinian was nearly overthrown in a revolt that began as a riot by fans of opposing chariot-racing teams. Seriously:

  17. I’d pay more to watch women’s gymnastics than I would men’s. Damn tight-assed little hussies make me rock-hard.

  18. Let’s forget women have additional medical problems if not for medical science today would be spending most of their lives at home. It made sense why women were relegated to household chores-it was because of their womanhood, PMS, many problems associated with ovaries, lower testosterone, thinner skin making them more susceptible to diseases, lighter bones, many dietary needs (women suffer more from hunger than men because believe it or not a woman’s body does attempt to find nutrients to start creating babies even if they’re not pregnant) and smaller muscle mass

  19. Didn’t even Ronda rousey also say something along the lines of “if you bring in money you deserve to be paid handsomely” so suggesting that the other women in her field who don’t draw the crowd don’t actually deserve equal pay just because they have a vagina. She seems to be advocating meritocracy.

  20. Liberals despise the disabled as “useless eaters” and ultimately plan to kill them off. Not improving their situation is a first small step in that direction.

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