Has Game Of Thrones Lost Its Magic?

It’s fair to say that the sixth season of Game Of Thrones has been divisive. Some fans have been enthusiastic about it, and it continues grip millions. However, there has been a growing mood of discontent amongst some. Many have commented that this has been the worst season in terms of quality.

Is there any merit in this? The season has had its moments. The Battle of the Bastards episode will go down as a classic, even if purely for the stunning cinematography. Likewise, the “Hold the door” reveal was highly emotional, and finally gave some payoff to the long-running Bran subplot.

However, these highs were punctuated with long stretches of superfluous and uninspiring storyline. Indeed, the overall narrative came across as disjointed. On top of this, character development was poor, certainly by the show’s previous standards.

Where did it go wrong?


The obvious difference is that this is the first season where the show has not had George R.R. Martin’s books to rely on. Without Martin’s guidance, the writers seem to have seriously run out of ideas.

This is apparent from the number of irrelevant and uninspired storylines. Namely, the Dorne story arc has been dire. Whilst the southern region took an integral role in the books, the show seems to have tinkered with and then sidelined Dorne.  The writers killed off the Prince, with the backdrop of a female cabal led coup. However, there was no serious effort to develop on this, not in this season anyway.

Meanwhile, Arya’s journey continued to meander along. Her long stay with the Waif and Jaqen in Braavos added little, and the regular beatings soon lost their shock value. It was a relief to finally see her back in Westeros, in the midst of the action. Obviously, the Braavos adventure was done with the intention of turning Arya into a skilled assassin, ready to take revenge on the Starks’ enemies. This piece of character development was done in the most ham-fisted manner, though.

That brings me onto the character development failures of the two big-hitters of the series: Daenerys and Jon Snow. Jon Snow’s resurrection was the source of great speculation and hype in the run up to the season. When it came, though, I couldn’t help but feel a massive sense of disappointment.

He was not the vengeful, dark, swashbuckling messiah many were expecting. Rather, he seemed meek, bland, and insipid. This is not simply a case of the writers accounting for a loss of confidence after Snow’s betrayal by his men. The writing for Snow’s character was just poor. He was ironically a moribund presence throughout.

At the opposite end of the scale is Daenerys, a character who has become so one-dimensional and over-the-top as to be a caricature of herself. The Mary-Sue archetype is a common trope—a character who can do no wrong. This is exactly what Daenerys has morphed into. She is perfect, a woman who inspires devotion in all she meets, the champion of the people, mother of dragons etc. In truth, her constant proselytization and self-righteous manner have become plain annoying.

She is also apparently indestructible. Many times she has found herself on the edge of failure, only to prevail thanks to a mixture of her own cunning and her dragons.  Admittedly this was awe-inspiring in season 3 when she dramatically took down Nakloz with the help of The Unsullied. But the writers seem set on shoehorning an imitation into every season. This time, it was her miraculous conquering of the Dothraki (she burned down the holy temple of Vaes Dothrak in the process). It was underwhelming, and it all seemed so overdone.

Essentially, Daenerys is now a character with no edge, a boring goody-two-shoes. This is a far cry from the books, where she takes on a much more interesting demented turn, mirroring the Mad King.

Where next for the series?


Perhaps I have been overly harsh. For all the flaws, Game of Thrones is still a good show, and there were moments to keep the fans going. After all, the audience continues to grow, as does the accolades and influence. It is just that this season fell short of the incredibly high standards set by the first few.

This is partly down to the fact that this has been something of a transitional season. The writers have had to take disparate story lines and direct them back to the climax in the next two seasons, which will be the last. In this, they have succeeded. All the main players are now in or on their way back to Westeros.

Hopefully, the next season is where it will really heat up, as the ultimate fate of the Iron Throne becomes a little clearer.

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93 thoughts on “Has Game Of Thrones Lost Its Magic?”

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    2. They’re the smartest characters but that’s clearly an attack on the regular healthy white guy. A midget and a eunuch c’mon now !

  1. All the best lines of dialogue in the early seasons were lifted verbatim from the books. Those moments are what made people into fans. Without that sparkle, the show can become just melodrama.

  2. I liked the books up to the third and the show up to season 3. When Robb Stark died, the only person I gave two shits about was dead.
    George R. R. Martin seems to mistake “killing characters” with “good writing”. Killing a character has an emotional impact on the reader *if you use it sparingly*. When all you do is kill characters for the sake of being emo/edgy, no one gives a shit about anyone anymore.

    1. Exactly he is a victim of his own success. How many different stories does this series have that lead to nowhere because George has a penchant for killing off characters. I think this his work is a classic example of scope creep.

    2. killing characters allows him to move on after he’s exhausted his interest in a character.

    3. Killing off a character CN be good writing . They just need to die well. Like Ned’s death was a good one since the reader/viewer could see it coming a mile away while still understanding exactly why his character made the choices leading up to it. Arguably Robb’s death was a decent one as well since it came as a natural consequence of his own hubris. Especially since it contrasted with his father’s. Acting far too honorably is something that will kill you but so is disregarding society’s rules completely.
      More recently though it’s devolved into deaths that are bad to just plain awful. Tywin wasn’t always father of the year to his ingrate bastard so he was shot while taking a shit. Stannis was literally fucked by God and then received a coup de grace at the hands of a freak of naturethat hated him for no good reason. Smirkfu just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s no lesson in those deaths and no emotional reaction beyond disappointment. It’s nothing but shit that happens to move the story along to its designated conclusion.

      1. Well, that’s exactly it: killing off characters whimsically is stupid.
        Robb’s actions made more sense in the novels (and his military victories were more impressive) because he was 16 years old, and made dumb decisions to please his dick/heart. In the novels, it makes less sense for a man in his late 20s/early 30s to be as immature as a 16 year old that lead to his betrayal at the hands of Walder Frey, especially given the period since men were considered as such at a much younger age and had greater responsibility at a younger age.

        1. It wasn’t just with Walden where he dun goofed either. He also completely neglected to keep the Roose from going loose.
          But you know what’s funny? When I watched the show I still imagined he was 15 or so. It just wouldn’t have made sense for him to put so much stock in his mother’s counsel otherwise. Especially not when it was her kidnapping that (transparently) transparently started the war in the war in the first place. You’re right, history is full of young retarded leader doing young retarded things. Meh, they pretty much had to bump all their ages considerably so I’m not going to complain. Nobody but Grrrrr Martin would have wanted to see Khal Drogo plowing into a 13 yr old.

        2. Agreed. I can respect GRRM for at least being authentic to a medieval period in the book: Robb would have conceivably led an army and been a Napoleon-level military prodigy (and failed at politics the same way Napoleon did) at age 15.
          As for Drogo railing a 13 year old, people forget that John Paul Jones, American War Hero, was found plowing a 12 year old prostitute in Paris. And no one really cared that she was 12.

        3. I can’t speak for anyone that lived in the 18th century but I can speak for myself. I don’t want to ever witness the statutory rape of children well below the age of consent. Yes that was often a reality of life in Medieval Europe, and yes there’s plenty of places where it still happens today. That’s just not a good enough reason to include it in a show that you want to have mainstream appeal.
          The amount of people that like sexy adult women > the amount of weirdo hebephiles that want to see (or imagine) 13 yr old girls doing anything but kid stuff like chasing after tomcats or being burned alive.

    4. Eh, part of it is also defying formula. It was all set for Eddard Stark to be the hero. Nope! Then readers were like: “Ahh, Robb Stark will avenge his father.” Nope!

  3. The TV series was like the book franchise. Shit after the first two books. I even got the idea that after the first two books, somebody else had been brought in to write them …… I’m thinking George got dementia and couldn’t write any more.
    TV Series all go the same way, plenty of sex and violence at the start of the series, then the sex and nudity gets eased out as it gains popularity.

  4. the show lost its bearing the moment Tyrion stopped visiting bawdy houses and instead of naked wenches jiggling on tables we got fire-breathing social justice dragons

  5. It’s just an entertaining little show where they westernized and SJW’d a masculine period of history into a cute little story. The fact that it seams the climax of it all will be a battle between two girls is proof that it’s fantasy with no attempt to accurately represent the physical struggle of the era. George R.R. Martin is a neck beard and a cuck, and I feel his work reflects that.

    1. I would suppress ‘entertaining’, but otherwise I agree 100% with your comment.
      There is plenty eyecandy, though: Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, Carice van Houten and Natalie Dormer (his face is a little like Miss Piggy, but still fuckable).

        1. But of course, all those bitches have had more than 1000 cocks inside all their orifices; but anyway they are hot.

      1. Carice van Houten has the best set of tits on the show hands down. Plus she’s shown them off a lot. The others have used body doubles for their nude scenes.

        1. Carice van Houten is one of those rare, rare females who don’t hit the wall; today at her 40’s she’s still hot.

      1. Still haven’t dived half as deep into his work as I’d like. Not nearly as pulpy as I’m used to – Larry Correia’s MHI series is more my usual speed.
        The Witcher books are good – better than the games, maybe. It’s a fantasy world, but life sucks, war happens, and heroes are all too rarely recognized as such.
        Brent Weeks’s works have been reasonably good, too. There’s a lot of interesting ideas in his works, some of them vaguely inspired by Christian history and theology, and his portrayals of women and the sexual dynamics between men and women are pretty realistic.
        Overall, there’s so much better work than Martin’s out there.

    2. I have a feeling that the climax war of the series is not a war over the throne, but rather the prophicised war for the morning, Basically the whole Azor Ahai reborn thing. At this stage we know prophecy plays a huge role in the story, and we also know Cersei’s prophecy means she will die at the hands of the ‘Valonqar’ and I suspect highly that it’ll be Jaime, not Tyrion who kills her. This being down to the fact too much emphasis has been but on the fact Jaime was born AFTER Cersei, clutching her ankle and the fact Cersei has gone and done exactly what Jaime killed the mad king Aerys to prevent happening some 20-odd years before the books/series started. We also know that there is a much bigger threat than Daenerys, her dothraki, her unsullied and her dragons coming to Westeros – the nights king and his undead army. And when you think about it really, a bitch fight between Dany and Cersei would be very anti-climatic, but seeing Jon Snow, the nights watch and likely a lot of Dany’s men, not to mention the men sworn to Jon as king in the north, fighting for the morning and potentially killing the nights king beyond the wall… now that would be an epic finale.

      1. Somebody knows their lore! Kudos to you, agree 100%. Iron Throne is irrelevant by now, who would want to sit at throne looking over world of ashes (Littlefinger haha).

        1. My theory is that Littlefinger gets his wish: Becoming King with Sansa as his Queen. And by this point, Sansa is so bitter, cynical and streetwise that she becomes the next Cersei.
          Indeed, there’s a chapter in book 1 where Sansa appeals to Cersei saying, I kid you not: “I want to be just like you when I’m Queen.”

    3. I must add though that women in the middle ages… were no snowflakes either. Noblewomen would take the armor of their husband if there was a need for defence of their castle and lead the militia, or guard if need be, while many run their own women only trades and businesses (dressmakers, cooks, washers, etc) they didn’t have the first position but they did stand firm and where there when you had a need of them, a serious one. Also a small note they were encouraged to wait even for years when their husbands where away at a crusade or a war.
      Still so many women leaders is a bit unbelievable, but it makes most of them as bad leaders at least. Still though never managed to get into it.

    4. Yes, he is a loser fanboy who has no idea where his own books are going. Vastly overrated author.

    5. The little bitch that Jon Snow turned into was really disappointing. His continued naivete, and his open mouthed awe struck demeanor was just annoying. Especially when he fell for the oldest trick in the book at the battle of the bastards, or more appropriately the battle of the jerk and the idiot. The Stark enemies really knew what they were doing when the assassinated Robert. Jamie and Tyrion are my favorites.

      1. Having not watched that seasons, and not ever intending to, why didn’t Ramsey have scouts? If a third army was less than a couple days away it seems almost inconceivable that he wouldn’t have known about it. Seems like more continuation of the show’s ongoing trend of randomly writing the designated villains as uncharacteristically retarded just so the heroes can win.

    6. I have not read the books, I don’t like high fantasy. The show is 100% soap opera by the definition of it, in a fantasy setting, filled with feminist sjw crapola. It is a trap.

  6. I noticed John Snow too; I wondered if he’d ‘lost a piece of himself’ like the forest dude the Hound killed mentioned about ressurection.

    1. That is exactly what happened. Jon was always brooding, cynical one, and what do you get when such a character dies? Even more brooding, what the fuck I care attitude character.

  7. The last two seasons were definitely the worst of the seasons, and the fact both were running low on source material indicates the series will not reflect the earlier series. While I think more plot twists are to come, sadly I fear it will be due to “Girl power” leading the way and being SJW inspired.

  8. The gay sex has gone from being revolting to just fast forward. Does anybody believe this is done to attract viewers? I have no issue with the power women as long as they’re hot. God I wish the Hound had knocked Brien of whatever off.

    1. I’ve never watched a single episode of this show but knowing that this is a big thing in the same makes me not want to watch.

  9. Martin’s background is mostly novellas and short stories. It’s easy to see how an epic multi-volume series got away from him. Reading his blog you can tell part of him wishes he could just run workshops, go to conventions, and not have HBO execs lighting a fire under his ass.
    The HBO adaptation’s pacing baffles me. Some of the time it feels too rapid and dumbed down. Like when you’re reading a Wikipedia article summarizing your favorite movie and the curt, matter-of-fact voice makes its plot sound stupid. Other times it slows down or goes on side-tangents as the article has noted. An army of ice zombies is approaching and we’re supposed to care about Sam’s family drama?

    1. GoT is a soap opera. Many build it up as something more than that, just as they do with Star Wars. But in terms of story structure they’re both fantasy soap operas with emotional themes, as opposed to deeper intellectual concepts for themes.
      Many people waste a lot of their time on these forms of entertainment, because waiting for soap operas to explore deeper themes of virtue or existential issues is something that’s never going to happen. Yet it can’t be divorced from reality entirely, or it would lose is emotional power and dramatic validity. That is its purpose.
      That’s why it feels dumb at times. Aside from that, from what I know of the novels and from what I’ve heard, they are legitimately dumbed down in almost every sense, starting when the HBO people take over and Martin loses creative control.
      tl,dr: Don’t expect any truly great fiction from a profit-driven soap opera in current year.

  10. Just imagine women in power to be men. It is fiction after all.
    But yeah, feminist narrative always sucks.

    1. Bob Smith, First of His Name, King of Males, Protector of Realm of Men haha
      Question: do you have somewhere collection of these pictures?

      1. I do not. I am thinking about creating one. Will let people know around here if I do it.

    1. No I want to take a brown lukewarm smelly dump on your hairy chest asian style and rub it with my baaals.

  11. Four black kids that act and sound exactly like BLM activists (but absolutely, positively, totally, categorically, have nothing what so completely, totally, freaking, fucking EVER to do with BLM) tortured and scalped a white Trump supporter…..
    And this site’s talking about Game of Thrones?
    Could this website have slipped back into the BerenSTEIN Bears universe (where the event, presumably, never happened) a couple of days back?

    1. Well, people here discuss civic nationalism (because race doesn’t exist, racists are losers, niggers are cool, and Trump is the saviour), selfimprovement (weighlifting makes you hot and helps to attract bitches), game (hey, whats more important than nookie? enjoy the decline!), and movies (GoT is the best show ever).
      The comments section is filled with people who despise ‘racists’ and ‘conspiracynuts’, ignore the Jewish Question (we are not ignorant natsies!), and think ‘natsies’ and ‘stormcucks’ are fat losers playing D&D and with resentment against the kikes because they are ‘the winners’.
      If you want serious political discussion, serious approach to race and the JQ go to Radix or Counter Currents….hell, even the Daily Stormer is more redpilled than most people here.

      1. You bros should feel free to contribute if you’d like to talk about something. ROK only has a few paid writers from what I understand.
        Many contributions are voluntary. I’m sure there will be something about that in a few days, especially when we have more perspective on the aftermath.

        1. “You bros should feel free to contribute if you’d like to talk about something.”
          Trouble is I’m so efficient at getting my points across that any article I wrote would likely end up consisting of only a few words.
          (Not intended as a boast. It’s just the plain truth. Actually a kind of curse really.)
          e.g. my ‘article’ on this event
          “In late breaking news four nonBLM members that acted and sounded exactly like BLM members scalped a white Trump supporter and later made him drink toilet water.
          Some officials said they’re just kids being stupid (not that BLM is mostly kids being egregiously stupid or anything).
          – IF – they are charged with a hate crime (indeed if they are charged at all) officials say it will only be because the victim is retarded and not because he’s white.
          Cuz everyone knows that while being white does not necessarily make you a full human being, being stupid does.”

      2. “If you want serious political discussion, serious approach to race and the JQ go to Radix or Counter Currents….hell, even the Daily Stormer is more redpilled than most people here.”
        I agree.
        But who can deny that a video (graphically) depicting a white dude having a piece of his scalp removed (revealing bone!) by a bunch of “fuck Donald Trump!” dindus is not exactly in the same league as a bunch of “fuck Donald Trump!” dindus tipping a cruiser and setting it on fire?
        Regards the commenters.
        Yes, there are many trolls here.
        Many likely left leaning.
        Some I strongly suspect are even paid shills.
        But do they publish here?

        1. That kidnapping and torture was way beyond the usual, even for dindus; the Head Nigger in Charge himself, the (((BBC))) and other mainstream media started to talk about it as a hatecrime, which is really unprecedented due to the only hatecrimes they admit are whites against niggers/kikes/whatever; which, let’s be honest, only happen in their minds and not in the real world.
          If you look at the big picture, this is proof N° 939.483 that the race conflict there in the States is escalating, and maybe, just maybe, we are going to witness a real race war. I pray for that day; the day when all accounts will be settled.
          About the commenters: I know for a fact that at least 2 Israelis hang around here; and I strongly suspect of a couple of accounts as paid shills from one alphabet agency or other in the States.

        2. You think it’s because in this case they went outside their designated plantations?
          Dindus attacking other dindus, good.
          Dindus actually bringing that shit to the suburbs, bad. It’s much easier to stay a smug rabble rouser when you’re able to pretend that you face any immediate personal consequences.

    2. Yes dude, we’re aware. The thing is we’re not machines. Our brains didn’t evolve to focus on warfare 24/7. There are times when some lighthearted banter about the pablum du jour is exactly what’s needed to recharge the old batteries.

  12. I love the books. I mean I love them as in I participate in multiple online message boards concerning theories and have maps of all of planetos at home. I obsessively love them. As for the show: season one was great. Season six 2 and 3 were ok. Season 4 sucked. After season four the show is objectively bad and impossible to watch

    1. You too call it planetos? haha
      Too me 5th was the one who sucked, 4th was boring, but 6th with last couple of episodes corrected “bland” narrative, like the author of article says.
      I am currently watching all leaks and spoilers and seems 7th season will be interesting.

  13. The books are full of dead ends and hundreds of pages of boredom. Martin is a very poor writer at times. If anything, the show is better than the books. He has diarrhea of the typewriter, and is incapable of finishing a book on time, so this is what we get.

  14. I watched the entire first season of this show. Aside from the blond dragon chick showing her tits a lot, I found it rather boring. I gave it a try, but just couldn’t get into it.

  15. I just visited several Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland, and I can say there is no shortage of magic on that island. It is stupendous.

    1. that’s about the only magic there is in the show. There was some brothel action in the previous seasons but that’s over now 🙂

  16. I can’t stomach the fabricated badass mother dragon bitch anymore. I’m done with this go-girl bs. Too bad SJW ideology ruined the show.

  17. I’m actually glad the GOT exists. If somebody likes it, that tells me all I need to know.
    Also, it would help if there was at least one.. ONE freaking attractive female. The girl with old lady hair is UUUGLY. It doesn’t help that almost every screen cap I see of the show has Ms. Ugly, Some other Ugly, or a really Ugly™ guy.
    I mean, the point of the show is t*** and a** while pretending to be “intelligent”. That way you can essentially watch light porn and still talk about it with other people because it’s “intelligent”. But they can’t even get the T & A part of that right!? 🙂

  18. If any character is going to take a demented turn reminiscent of the Mad King it’s Queen Cersei. Will it transpire that her and Jamie are Targaryens too? With Tyrion being the only natural-born son of Tywin Lannister

  19. I started watching this using Kodi. The first few episodes were good with a compelling storyline. It didn’t take long to see a drift towards the all powerful women role. This show is 100% converged for SJW. Variety magazine just did a feature on GoT featuring a picture of the “badass women of Game of Thrones.” I always fast fowarded through the Daenary’s scenes because the SJW drivel was disgusting. I finally gave up watching due to the constant warrior woman. Hell, I might as well watch Wonder Woman/.

  20. Game of Thrones is nothing more than Dungeons and Dragons on Steroids, and as usual the Steroid effect is wearing off

  21. Tywin, Stannis, Roose, and Margaery were the only characters I liked, and all were killed off in ways that ranged from unceremonious to downright retarded. With that being the case, why would I give a fuck about faglets that remain? Jon Snow still knows nothing, and Danny knows even less. A fantasy of wizo dragons and of encroaching ice zombies is one that I could get behind but the one it’s pushing now of designated heroes and of good intentions mattering more than hardened strength and wisdom is snake oil so toxic that even I won’t swallow it. If anyone is reading this that somehow missed the series do yourself a favor and stop after season one.

  22. Yeah the last season was the first I didn’t enjoy overall – as opposed to individual episodes I didin’t like in previous seasons.
    It’s a combination of increasingly sloppy writing and bizarre plotting (Arya’s subplot was retarded, Blackfish comes back to…almost immediately die offscreen etc) as well as pacing.
    Also it’s the first season that had blatant SJW themes shoved in your face. The ‘we are all children of terrible fathers’ scene between Daenerys, Tyrion and Yara (with Yara having been turned into a bulldyke, whereas in books she was straightforward hetero slutting it up with men) had me grinding my teeth.
    But more than anything else it was the absolutely retarded Battle of the Bastards which led to GO GRRLL morons squirting over how Sansa was the hero and a total badass – all because the retarded cunt had A) Initially refused Littlefingers Army of the Vale, B) Then changed her mind and begged him to come save her, C) Didn’t tell Jon she had an entire fucking Army en route and a matter of minutes away.
    Her idiocy led to most of the men Jon had gathered being slaughtered, withJon himself narrowly avoiding death, but yeah Sansa is totally a Machiavellian badass who outsmarted everyone smdh.
    Also the gratuitous scenes showing cock were blatantly in answer to the retarded SJWs complaining about lack of male genitalia on the show – of course the fact that the show has yet to actually show a single vagina (no, bush or mons veneris=/= vagina) is never mentioned.
    Hard to see the final episodes being any better now tbh. Only carrying on with the show because I’ve been waiting 20+ years (read first book on release) to find out wtf happens – and cos so far the depiction of the Night King and Others has been pretty excellent.

  23. It’s worth noting that Martin took a lot of inspiration from actual historical events (magic and dragons and warrior-maidens aside), particularly from the Wars of the Roses in England. For example, King Edward IV: was a heralded warrior in a bloody civil war for the crown; overthrew the existing weak, impotent king on a tenuous at best blood claim (through the maternal line); was well known for indulging in his vices of overeating, drinking, and women; went from a strapping young warrior-king to a fat, old drunkard of a king; died suddenly during a hunting/fishing trip; was known to some as “the Usurper.” Does that sound at all like Robert Baratheon from Game of Thrones? Robb Stark also draws some inspiration from Edward IV; both married in secret to a woman of lower social standing, screwing up potential marriage alliances.
    There’s also Margaret of Anjou, who was queen as wife of Henry VI. She was known for being very involved in politics and for being manipulative and scheming, somewhat like Cersei Lannister.
    I’m sure there are other parallels and other people that can give a more detailed comparison, but what I’m saying is actual history can be just as compelling as fantasy, if not more so. I’ve been reading The Wars of the Roses: The Fall of the Plantagenets and the Rise of the Tudors by Dan Jones. He does a pretty good job of presenting the historic events in a very readable, novel format.

  24. Has Game of Thrones lost its magic? No
    Has Return of Kings lost its magic? Most definitely.

  25. “The obvious difference is that this is the first season where the show has not had George R.R. Martin’s books to rely on.”
    All the major plot points are known by martin and hbo. Truth is, the books are probably finished, the hbo producers have already read them, and the only reason those books have not been released is that martin and hbo dont want to spoil the plot for the biggest show on tv.

  26. Thing is, I’m not so sure it’s the fault of the writers. Even Martin’s book 5 had some odd points. I don’t think Dorne worked well even in the books. And I dunno, Jon Snow always fell flat to me.
    I think Tyrion also got under-used in the last season. But probably what I found most irritating was making Yara a lesbian so she could have some Les-yay with Daenarys. Her character in the books (Asha) was both kinky and straight. The flip was… well, probably what they need today to appease the Rainbow Jihadists.

  27. Yay. Lets kill off all the Evil Male Leaders and only have Noble Women in Charge. Sounds like a good ending to a Mad Max Reboot.

  28. The best thing Martin could have done was let the dark horse character, Stannis come out victorious.
    It would have been unprecedented/original for a character like that to defy not just the dangers in the books, but fandom too.
    Could have had a strong, male leader with a sense of duty, but instead we get Tits McGee and her gimmicky lizards.

  29. Still stupid US guys make movies about somehow european culture without clue. 90% of the woman there are unrealistic.

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