Don’t Look For A Girlfriend

Only strength can cooperate. Weakness can only beg.
– Dwight D. Eisenhower

My Experience

“There’s something we need to talk about.” I’m hanging out with a girl that I’ve been hooking up with consistently for the last two months. “What are we doing?” She asks.

She’s finally popped the question – a question that single men both love and hate at the same time. The question is of course can we become exclusive boyfriend and girlfriend. We love it because we’ve successfully attracted a girl who likes us so much that she wants to lock us down. It makes us feel proud – like we’ve done our job. We hate it because we must either commit to a long term relationship, or give up the sex we’ve been enjoying as of late.

But that’s all beside the point. I’ve never officially dated a girl before. At times I wanted a girlfriend. Those were the times I always had no luck, not even hooking up with girls. Other times, I just wanted to go out and have fun – or was looking for a hookup, but nothing more. Those were the times I would kill it. That’s where I am now, and thus this question is one I don’t want to answer. And so I put it off, as I always have. “I don’t know, let’s go get some food.”

But she brought it up again two weeks later. Stubborn girl, I thought. This time I accepted her advance. I’d thought about it, and decided to give the whole girlfriend thing a try, and see what it was all about. After making it through all of college, and avoiding the girlfriend trap, maybe it was time to test it out.

Honestly, so far it’s been great. I’ve dated this girl for the past six months, and enjoyed every minute I spend with her. Her femininity is refreshing.

The Lesson

The alpha isn’t needy.

It doesn’t matter if you want a girlfriend or not. The fact is that if you do, and this idea is present in your mind when you’re out meeting girls or hooking up with one, it will manifest itself in your actions. She will sense your desire for her – she will sense your longing. This tends to turn women off, because they want things they can’t have. They want a man they can’t tame. They want one that’s a challenge to lock down – one that puts his life missions over his women.

The outright desire for a long term relationship will spoil your game. It will bleed through in your words and your body language. Even if you do manage to hook up with and maybe even begin dating a girl while using this mindset, there’s a chance it will ruin the relationship. Successful relationships are based upon a strong masculine vs. feminine dynamic. The man must be in control. He must lead the course of the journey. If you start a relationship on the basis of you chasing her, this dynamic is all but ruined.

Take Action

1. If you desire a girlfriend, set that desire aside. You don’t have to convince yourself that you don’t want a girlfriend, only that you aren’t looking for one at this very moment in time.

2. Approach girls with the mindset that you simply want to meet them and have fun.

This is an excerpt from my book The Book of Alpha. It was released today on Amazon.

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220 thoughts on “Don’t Look For A Girlfriend”

  1. Spot on article. Here are the rules for being irresistible:
    1. Look at her like she’s a toilet seat
    2. Talk to her like she’s a child
    3. Listen to her like she’s background noise
    4. Never need her as much as she needs you
    5. If she walks away, NEVER CHASE
    Not only will they want you, they will plot to get and keep you.

    1. A “girlfriend” is just some silly chick who thinks you should NOT bang other chicks and pay for everything. What IDIOT would ever sign up for that?

    2. Great advice and 100% accurate. It works almost everytime. NEVER CHASE them! There is a saying. You’ll never get money chasing women and you’ll never lose women chasing money. Women are a side quest, treat them as such. Always mind on your money and enjoying your life. She can come along for the journey but she’s not the journey.

      1. “Women are a side quest, treat them as such.”
        The moment she becomes an emotional distraction on your life’s goals is the time to drop her out.

        1. I agree. A man should not have to live with constant turmoil and needless stress at home. His home is his castle. if a woman wants to cause strife, she can do it alone or with someone else.

        2. when my side tart starts to show some lite lip I freeze her for a week..cools her off into being docile again.

        3. “Enough. Courteous strangers, baby. That’s what we are. Peace.”
          That text will get you chased and your dick sucked if she’s making trouble.

    3. These rules only apply for six months. Past six months she will be looking for signs of commitment or she will overdose on dread and escape the relationship. Even alphas will give signs of commitment even if they have to lie. Heartiste writes about this and I have learned from experience.

    4. Catch-22.
      You worship them and they hate you and you’re in agony because of the constant rejection and indifference.
      You disrespect them, you treat them like crap and now they want you. And now, the whole song and dance looks ugly and dark and utterly vile and disgusting.
      It’s like you’re all, “Goddamn you for forcing me into this position >_< ”
      I don’t expect non-romantic types to relate to this, of course. But there it is.

    5. Yeah, if every man follows this set of ‘rules’, I’m not going to marry.

  2. Let da bitchez come to you (don’t answer phone on first ring, keep ’em waiting, etc. to show status)… looking for girlfriend is giving her power and reducing your displayed status to her. Make pre-selection (and her) work for you.

    1. This statement is fucking dumb.
      Definition of Try:
      1. To make an effort to do or accomplish (something); attempt: tried to ski.
      In the terms of achieving a title/social position/status marker, then if you are trying you haven’t achieved it yet.
      Some examples of your foolishness:
      ‘If you try to a pro boxer, you’re not a fucking pro boxer’
      ‘If you try to a rock star, you’re not a fucking rock star’
      ‘If you try to a millionaire, you’re not a fucking millionaire’
      ‘If you try to be jacked, you’re not a fucking muscular person’
      No shit dumbass that’s why you’re TRYING.

      1. Before calling someone a dumbass, you may wanna check your statements to see if they make any sense.
        “If you try to a pro boxer”
        “If you try to a rock star”

        1. ‘trying’ or ‘hoping’ essentially means attempting with the objective of failing…
          you don’t try or hope… you live it…. if you want to be a pro boxer… you start living it right now… just because you aren’t classified as a pro boxer and have a 100,000 fans and 5 titles….. doesn’t mean you can’t live it and believe in yourself internally until it manifests…
          being anything by ‘trying’ to be it is already a failure

        2. You’re still trying at the beginning. You simply just redefined the word because of the negative connotation you have of it.
          “1. To make an effort to do or accomplish (something); attempt: tried to ski.”
          The first step is to attempt and if it’s anything worth doing you most likely you fail for at least a little while.
          Trying and failure are seen as negatives because other people delight in guys’ misfortune and so the temporary misery is compounded by rivals. That’s the reason so few people actually attempt great things because almost everyone is against them and the pain involved is too great.

        3. I don’t know if I agree with that. I think “being alpha” is a state of mind. What do you do when push comes to shove? Do you make something happen? Do you take the lead? Do you take chances? Or do you just sit there and wait? Do you lead or do you follow?
          When those “oh shit” moments happen, what’s your reaction? Do you shit yourself or does the go button go off? In my view, that’s the difference between “beta” and “alpha”.

        4. that comes with practice and experience…. it’s not something you can ‘try’ to do…. it’s also not something that necessarily originates from the logical mind, it’s more a state of being
          you can tap into that instantly – even if you lack the skills initially to have success you can start to make space for that consciousness within your psyche……
          then you will see small and immediate success and thus you have a platform to build on and you are therefore not trying, but rather living it… right from the start you are doing rather than trying…

  3. Ah man. It’s funny because you can believe whatever misogynist bullshit you like and yet you still can’t take anything away from me. I’m 21, 5’6 and weigh 126 pounds. I have tattoos and piercings. I’m a feminist. I’m not ugly either. I’m dating a sweet, funny, attractive man the same age as me. Neither of us were virgins when we met each other. We have sex regularly. I treat him with the respect and love he deserves, and he treats me the same. He strongly believes in gender equality. I never plan on leaving him and will never cheat. So you can preach whatever you like about how women who aren’t virgins or are feminists or who have tattoos will never get a good man, or how women don’t appreciate good men and will only go for assholes, or how all feminists are fat ugly women who can’t get laid – because me and my boyfriend both know that isn’t true. And we’re so much happier than you. It sure feels good to not be bitter. 😀

    1. you’ll get tired of his obsequience in time….. and while you may not be bitter – if your life is so perfect WTF are you doing on this forum defending yourself ?
      you read the lines… we read between them honey… so go get yourself another tattoo and a clit ring and carry on with your head in the clouds…. the truth might sound bitter, but at least it’s the truth…

      1. I’m ‘just a little girl’? Really? I’ve read on this site that women don’t get any more mature past 18 which is why older men shouldn’t worry about dating older women. I guarantee if I was 31 I’d post on here and get a torrent of ‘lol you’ve hit the wall’, so which is it? If the truth really is the truth it’s a wonder I see mostly bitter whining on here yet I live the opposite way you do and have little to complain about. As to what I’m doing on this forum, it’s a Sunday night, the boyfriend is at work and I found this site on a whim. I could ask you the same thing – wouldn’t a real ‘alpha male’ be off getting laid and not on a forum?

        1. i write articles for this site, it’s sunday and i have a lot to do monday – thus not interested in chasing tail, not least since i already had sex three times in the last 24hours…. not that i have to justify myself to you….
          at 21 you really don’t know much about life, least of all about a long term relationship… and even if you last the distance and are still cuddling with beta boy at 90…. with divorce stats through the roof you would clearly be the exception not the rule…… sometimes you get lucky in life, and maybe you have that beginners luck, but if you don’t look for the pitfalls, then how will you know what to do when things get more difficult ?
          every relationship, even a business partnership has a honeymoon period that can least upto 3 years…. if you’ve passed your first 7 year itch then you must have been with the guy since you were 13, which is clearly not the case….
          so like i said the truth is brutal and bitter and might come across as a lot of complaining, but hey… if we hadn’t complained about the cold dark cave or the difficulty of catching meat on the plains we wouldn’t have supermarkets and apartments would we now ?

        2. I wouldn’t say I read it, I only discovered it a couple of weeks ago. I have chosen to comment because it beggars belief how the site purports to make men happier and improve their chances with women and yet all I see in the comments is misery and complaining.

        3. You living ‘the opposite way we do’ means jack shit as far as proving anything. Of course it suits you, cos you’re a woman. Of course you enjoy having a personal slave and beast of burden who treats you like a princess. That’s until you get bored anyway.
          We embrace the opposite way because while ‘your’ way may suit women (as long as they have use for it), it can be a living hell for men. Being at the beck and call of some entitled little princess? Fuck that noise. We put our own well being and happiness first.
          Now move along and go waste air somewhere else.

        4. It’s funny, I said that I treat him with the love and respect he deserves and to you that translates as him being a personal slave. I don’t have him at my beck and call at all, and he wouldn’t put up with any of my shit. I just don’t let him walk all over me. It’s interesting how you think your two options are ‘treat girls like shit’ or ‘be a personal slave’. Is there no medium for you?

        5. Well, two points:
          1) Of course there is a medium. What makes you think we are hell bent on treating girls like shit just for the heck of it? We just want to lead fulfilling satisfying lives free of needless bullshit. We enjoy the company of women who are worth our while and shun the rest. Personally when I spend time with a woman who treats me well, I treat her well in return and give her a great time. If she starts to bring stress in my life, I just move along. That’s all we are saying. It seems that just implying that men should be men and put their well being first (as against put some woman first) it means that we want to abuse women for sport. That’s bullshit generated by the femi-nazi brain washing. We just want to be happy.
          2) While equality sounds all well and good, ultimately someone must lead a relationship. And that someone better be the man, both for his and her satisfaction.

        6. 1) That all sounds perfectly reasonable but isn’t what the site advocates. The ‘needless bullshit’ men put up with according to ROK is girls not sleeping with a guy who thinks he deserves it (see the article about the school shooter), or the fact that fat girls exist (countless articles. you are aware you aren’t obliged to date anyone you don’t find attractive, right? if fat people repulse you, a feeling i can understand, then don’t date them. the only reason you could have for sending online abuse to someone innocent is because you want to make them feel shit for your own pleasure, something you say you don’t do, but which the site advocates with Fat Shaming Week.)
          2) I disagree. I don’t feel anyone ‘leads’ the relationship I’m in and we’re both satisfied. A truly satisfying relationship is one of compromise. I’ll agree to watch a film I hate with my boyfriend because I know he likes it, and I want him to be happy. He does the same for me. This is how we approach all aspects of our relationship.

        7. Apparently the doctor is giving you the wrong medication since it doesn’t appear to be making any of you better.

        8. You twisted both your cherry picked examples into straw man arguments. And/or just didn’t get the message behind them.
          No one here dreamt of saying the school shooter did right, or that anyone should kill people who don’t want to sleep with him. What crazy fuck would advocate that? The purpose of that article was to discuss what can lead a young man to do something so extreme. It pointed out how alienated some young men can feel when they aren’t taught how to be men, when they feel shunned and humiliated by girls and their peers, and when society puts them down for being losers or just for being men. If you read this site a bit more you will realize that the core of our message is for men to improve themselves first and foremost, precisely to prevent them from having to go through that hell and bringing other people down with them too.
          Fat shaming week was in response to the current idiotic trend called fat acceptance. Why? Because the fat acceptance movement is a delusional attempt by feminists to pressure society into a position of ‘every woman is gorgeous and perfect no matter what’ purely for their selfish gain and for pandering to their own delusions. Meanwhile this movement is only for the benefit of fat women (not men), who somehow still feel entitled to boyfriends who look like fitness models. And rampant obesity IS a problem for many other reasons which don’t need repeating.

        9. Then men should improve themselves first and foremost and stop blaming women for their problems. I hate to break it to you, but if people don’t like you and women don’t want to sleep with you, chances are you’re the one to blame and you’re the one who could fix that. Also, there was absolutely no evidence that what the shooter did had anything to do with not getting laid, that was entirely an assumption of ROK’s behalf, and a ridiculous one at that, seeing as statistically the majority of American men ARE getting laid.
          Fat acceptance, to me, simply means letting fat people do their fat thing. I don’t find them attractive. I don’t expect you to either. But I’m not going to abuse them for it, because I’m not arrogant enough as to believe that they care whether or not I find them attractive. Obesity is a problem, yes, as is smoking, but I’m not so self-righteous as to go around lecturing people on their unhealthy habits if all they are doing is harming themselves and not me.

        10. Are you seriously that retarded? If you want to track each of us over time to see who no longer posts, you’re welcome to, but frankly, it’d be rather creepy.

        11. “I hate to break it to you, but if people don’t like you and women don’t want to sleep with you, chances are you’re the one to blame and you’re the one who could fix that.”
          That is pretty much the number one rule, saying, mission statement, all-encompassing philosophy over here at Return of Kings. If you haven’t realized that by now, I seriously wonder about your reading comprehension abilities.
          This website is about men learning to empower themselves not by turning them into victims but by becoming the masters of their own lives.
          And also, smoking is harming you. Obesity is harming you. Every hospital bill and health insurance bill you pay is money coming out of your bank account to pay for their unhealthy lifestyles. Your state and federal tax dollars go to those people through various and multiple channels.
          And chances are, your boyfriend is alpha describing your state of happiness with him. You just don’t realize it.
          ” I don’t have him at my beck and call at all, and he wouldn’t put up with any of my shit.”
          This right here tells me the man you are dating is alpha.

        12. “No one here dreamt of saying the school shooter did right, or that anyone should kill people who don’t want to sleep with him. What crazy fuck would advocate that?”
          Actually, someone right here on RoK praised Adam Lanza for shooting up a school full of children and got thumbs-up from men. So that crazy fuck would be “your readers.”

        13. A random commenter =/= blogger.
          Why do women seem to lack basic comprehension skills?
          Stop twisting the words and making sweeping generalizations you stupid clam.

        14. What part of “your readers” was unclear to you?
          Commenters here and bloggers make woman-hating statements like “women are born without loyalty. Women are leeches, etc.” Commenters make statements that are worse and routinely receive 25 thumbs-up. Commenters make statements about killing babies and receive thumbs-up. This is the type of man who frequents this website; one who hates women and children. That’s not a generalization, that’s a fact.

        15. Again, a random commenter =/= blogger.
          Commenting section is open for everyone. This isn’t your feminist controlled website that kills any divergence from the dogma. You’ll get thumbs down, but you won’t have to spam sock-puppet profiles to make yourself heard.
          If you think that women are loyal and not leeches, you’re free to comment the reasons why you think so.
          So you think people reading misogynistic comments will become misogynist?
          Will I become a neonazi if I read a pro-neonazi comment on YouTube?

        16. I never said that he was beta. Other people made that assumption. I just said that he doesn’t treat me like shit, because I wouldn’t put up with that. He wouldn’t put up with it either because we both have self-respect. Rather than ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’, I think we are both just confident, emotionally stable people.

        17. Depends what you mean by red pill. He doesn’t behave in any of the manners this site describes, other than being fairly self-assured and not ridiculously needy. I showed him a few articles from this site and he found them hilariously stupid, as I did.

      1. Spoken like someone who does care, as someone who truly didn’t wouldn’t bother to comment.

        1. So you assume I’m lying, or do you just choose to deny the truth because it’s not what you want to hear?

        2. Commented elsewhere on this thread:
          >> I’m 21, 5’6 and weigh 126 pounds. I have tattoos and piercings. I’m a feminist. I’m not ugly either. I’m dating a… <<
          At 21, you are not dating, he’s fucking you occasionally. A hideous 21-year-old (like you) can give pussy away as easily as an 80-year-old-man can give money away. It ain’t hard to do — it’s no achievement to give out freebies.
          In five to 8 years, you will not be able to give your tatted, pierced, feminist poontang away even if you add vouchers for free trips to Vegas. Got it?

        3. You do realise that calling me hideous when having no idea of what I look like means as little to me as me saying you have a small dick when having no idea if you do or not, right? I already said I’m not ugly, if you assume I’m lying about that, might as well assume I’m lying about the whole thing and just ignore me.
          I don’t think we’re just ‘fucking occasionally’ considering we live together (which he initiated, btw) and have talked about starting a family. Also, it’s hilarious that you think any woman over 25 won’t be able to get laid. What the fuck kind of world are you living in where that happens? I have a 28 year old friend who is still getting laid regularly – admittedly she’s not that attractive and the guys she sleeps with aren’t that attractive either, but she still is. Sorry to disappoint you.

        4. Yeah, that really isn’t a good idea considering people on this site are prone to violent outbursts and abuse… I wouldn’t want you to be able to find my location from my picture.

        5. 7, an 8 to some people if I fit their niche (if they like tattooed/pierced girls, believe it or not, many guys do, especially in the circles I move in). Never been fat. Have no physical deformities. Excellent hygiene (no tolerance for people who don’t). Long hair. Dress well. Low testosterone level means I have wide hips and small waist. Flaws would be I have small boobs and slightly thin lips, you might find other ones depending on your ‘type’, but nothing noticeable or ‘eugh’.
          Like I said, I would post a picture, but I don’t want psychos trying to find my Facebook and messaging me abuse. Chances are you’d tell me I was ugly even if you didn’t think so just because you disagree with me haha.

        6. American women always feel superior to American males. Her “boyfriend” is just another thirsty simp – hangs with her tatted ass just to get some pussy.
          Think about it. If you were her bf – and you saw your gf writing these comments like she is writing – boasting she is an 8, about her great relationship, how great she is…
          dude, id be so embarrassed as fuck I wouldnt show my face on the Interwebz for 5 years. Solid.

        7. What circles do you move in? The ex-con, child out of wedlock, uneducated, welfare dependent circle? Tattoos are self-mutilation and so are rings, gromits and drill bits. Why don’t you get a staple in your head maybe you could attach reason to it.

      2. Why hasnt this cunt troll been banned yet? Pretty obvious she has a little vendetta going about the school shooting and fat shaming week.

        1. People should just stop entertaining her, and others like her. Two is my limit, then no more.

        2. Anything I don’t agree with? Quick, ban it, censor it, freedom of speech is only for things I WANT to hear!

    2. Young men take note:
      This harpy has tried in desperation to derail this conversation with totally irrelevant details about her lame life. Just put her and all feminists on ignore. They can label an experienced player like me ” bitter,” but the reality is I am the one truly enjoying life. Take this site seriously. Internalize game. Practice daily and keep at it. Rejections come but in a year you will be able to send out a booty call with less effort than it takes to order egg rolls.
      When I was 18 I wanted a girlfriend as badly as I’ve ever wanted anything. Now that I’m older I don’t want anything from anyone – yet I have a beautiful woman coming over tonight to clean my house, fix dinner, blow me, etc.

      1. Learning game was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was total shit with women in high school. I went off to college and learned game over the summer. I’m still not great, but I’ve improved the quality of my life drastically.
        I’m on winter break now, so every day I’ve devoted at least an hour or two to learning new stuff or simply reinforcing old stuff.
        I’ve found that there are two kinds of reactions. The people who improve with me or are already very good encourage me to learn more, develop more, etc. The people who feel threatened by my growth try to insult me, knock me down, call game a joke, etc.
        Then there are the people who think that you have to be a “nice guy” to everyone, whether or not he/she has earned it. Yes, be nice to people, but be nice after they’ve earned it.

        1. yes – there are two kinds of people in the world….
          1.) those that want to move forwards and appreciate other forward moving people
          2.) those that are moving backwards (stagnant is already moving backwards since you only have growth or decay in a 4 dimensional reality).
          you will find group1 will either be too busy to show you much interest or give you some positive advice or a hand if they can, or if they are on your level they might even work alongside you bounce ideas etc.
          group2 will go out of their way to ignore you – they are like the cars on the freeway heading the opposite direction. they want nothing to do with you…. if you try to push your information on to them or even expose their flaws or trigger their insecurities in anyway, they will be hostile, defensive, or simply try their best to belittle you with bully type tactics…. you find bucket loads of this in poorer neighbourhoods and poorer countries…. anything but move forwards….
          as you start moving forwards people around you, can even be close friends and family can easily expose themselves as stagnant people… they may not actively be slipping backwards, but at some point or another they gave up on a part of themselves… you expose that and they will fucking kill you if they have to… anything but admit the truth…
          the first law of progress is keep your mouth shut and only share with positive people that are involved or on the same path as you…. need to know basis only……

        2. Agreed. I tried to teach a guy who’s basically an omega game and he ended up bitching to his roommate that everything I said was wrong. Several of my fraternity brothers make fun of me for learning game and say it’s a joke.
          I try my best to surround myself with people who constantly move forward, and unfortunately, members of my family are not among them.
          Good advice, thanks.

      2. You say this, yet here you are replying to me. You do a good job of ignoring women you claim to not care about. Could it be that you possibly do care and maybe your life isn’t as perfect as you claim?

    3. Nobody is against gender equality, but equal has to mean truly equal. That means that men aren’t fucked if a woman cries “rape.” That means that the “equal pay for less work” people go away. Yes, I said equal pay for less work, because (as a whole), women work fewer hours than men. If you’re going to demand equal pay and work fewer hours, you shouldn’t get it.
      If you want to assume equal rights, that’s fine, but you have to assume equal responsibility as well. I’m registered for the draft, and if we were to go to war with China tomorrow, I’d be drafted. Women are now in combat roles. Why aren’t you registered for the draft?
      Believe me, none of us are bitter. We’re just getting progressively more tired with the passive-aggressive nature of feminists. I hate the whole “rape culture” idea that women have agency until they don’t, but men always have agency. I can be blackout drunk and still somehow have agency, but you can’t. That doesn’t make any sense to anyone reasonable.

      1. I’ll beg to differ and admit I’m bitter AND against equality. But this is due to age, wisdom, and honesty. Shallow people tend to focus upon bitter as a nasty thing to avoid at all costs but the reality is that bitterness is a worthwhile emotion and sensation. It forces you to be realistic and cognitive of experiences. If someone is not bitter and keeps thinking things will change if they do the same thing over and over again, they are a fool.
        Same thing with equality: Do you all want to give up your first world lifestyles and live like someone from a third world country in order to “equal” things around the world? Should we all get gold medals from the Olympics? Should nobel prizes be printed up like pizza coupons and handed out?
        What we see after 50 years of hardcore feminism is that women themselves, including the feminists, don’t want equality. Some want to bash men and others want goodies and special handouts. When it’s pointed out that they aren’t living up to equality, out come the excuses. People who REALLY want something…
        Don’t make excuses.
        Women have had choices for 50 years and they choose sexism. Feminism is itself sexism (which is why it’s not called egalitarianism.)
        So let’s be adult and honest about this. It’s not men such as myself that cause inequality. I’m just the messenger.

        1. yes exactly…. but redefine the word bitter….. people especially the feminists love to point the finger and call men bitter as if it’s some kind of flaw….. rather the truth is simply bitter….. so being bitter is simply being red pill and embracing the truth…. it’s bitter that’s all there is to it…. biting a lemon is bitter, it’s not good or bad it just is what it is….. people love to label things and put an emotional spin or connotation on to it…. once you detach the label you simply have the truth – if that is bitter so be it…

      2. ‘Nobody is against gender equality’ – look around you. Most people on the site openly say they don’t support gender equality. They believe women being subservient is how it should be. There would be nothing wrong with this site if yours were the views of everyone here.

        1. You do realize there is no such thing as equality…right? I mean in reality. Men and women aren’t equal. rich people aren’t equal with poor people. Strong people aren’t equal to weak people. smart people aren’t equal to stupid or retarded people.

        2. By equal, you’re assuming I mean the same. I don’t mean that we’re the same. I mean that we are of equal value and so deserve equal respect and equal rights and equal opportunity.

        3. I am most certainly not assuming you mean the same. Men and women are completely different. What rights are not equal in the untied states..please…tell me. If you are alive and in good health you have equal opportunity in everything that you do. No one said life would be easy or that there wouldn’t be adversities. It is up to you (women) to make your life what you want it to be. Work hard at what ever it is that you do be it happy home makers or in business. just realize what you sacrifice with each and be willing to accept it. Men and women are not of equal value…sorry. I can’t be politically correct and say things that make people feel good.

        4. Equal legal opportunity does not mean equal social opportunity. I also cannot understand how you don’t view men and women as being of equal value when both need the other to survive.

        5. Please explain how men need women to survive…if you mean as a species then yes but any other way, I can’t see how. If you want to go Biblically, man existed before woman.

        6. I don’t believe in the Bible, and even if you do, you should know the story of Adam and Eve is a fable not to be taken literally, as the Pope himself says.
          And yes, I mean as a species, but also I think we need each other for mutual happiness. I wouldn’t much fancy a world without sex. I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

        7. Baby girl, you are probably the only feminist who doesn’t confuse “equal” and “same,” if you’re telling the truth. So many of them do. Anyway, you already said y’all planning to have White kids, so I’m going to stick up for you. Bless y’all.

        8. This is one of the popular feminist semantic quibbles: “Equality doesn’t mean the same” except when it does when it suits them. What they really mean is “fairness” which, again, only matters when it suits them.
          Such a self-centered view of the world only works for 1st world white women because in the rest of the universe, and space time for that matter. without chivalry such women would last about 5 seconds. Feminism isn’t a rebellion against white male patriarchal chivalrous patronage, it’s an abuse of it like a spoiled rich girl smashing her Bentley up.
          Feminism is becoming irrelevant, believe it or not, as American and Western politics increasingly focus on race entitlements and economic collapse overall. When the CHUDs arise from the sewers, the Walking Dead arise, or the USSR falls, there also goes the handholding for spoiled feminists.

        9. There is your major error. true happiness comes from within. no one can make you happy. You make yourself happy. Which pope said that by the way…there has been so many of them. If you don’t believe in the bible the the story of Adam an Eve is moot. Sex isn’t happiness, its pleasure….great pleasure and fun but thats all.

        10. There’s a difference between equality and subjugation. I’m all for equality, but I’m against subjugation.
          As I said earlier, the issue is that the legal system unfairly expects things of men that it doesn’t of women. There’s a huge double standard when it comes to “does someone have agency?” There’s a huge double standard when it comes to rape laws. There’s a huge double standard when it comes to humor If I make fun of a woman in my work place, I’m going to deal with HR, like it or not. If a woman makes fun of me, I can’t do anything.
          My belief is equal rights for equal responsibility. I’m registered for the draft. All American males are automatically registered for the draft when they turn 18. This is the price I pay in order to vote. Women were allowed in combat roles about a year ago. The law still hasn’t changed to require women to register for the draft and doesn’t register them at 18, yet they’re allowed to vote. With every right comes a responsibility. Make no mistake, I think every citizen should be allowed to vote, but being given the same rights without having to assume the same responsibilities is wrong to me.

        11. ” I mean that we are of equal value”. Biologically, this is absurdly untrue. In fact, biologically, women are far, far more valuable than men:
          The first step towards renouncing left-wingism, as I did, is accepting the fundamental premises of biology as a science, which are immutable. Once you begin to accept the reality of the world, you can no longer ascribe to the lies of left-wing feminism-marxism etc with good conscience.

        12. You also need air to survive. How much can you sell it for? Nothing. It is literally worthless.
          You’re falling for a very common fallacy about value.

        13. Please tell me what you point is more directly, because I can’t deduce it from this rhetorical question of yours.

        14. My point is that you assume monetary value is the only type of value there is. You are right that you can’t sell air, that doesn’t decrease its value.

        15. I know only one concept that the word “value” refers to, or, in other words, I don’t think the word value has a false friend.
          I don’t think “monetary value” is a meaningful concept either. Those things of value you can sell can have a price tag, but you can’t all things that have value.
          That doesn’t mean there are two kinds of values. It just means that you can sell some things but not others.

        16. In particular, air is worthless. If it wasn’t (for example if we lived on a space station), it wouldn’t be worthless and you could, in fact, sell it.

      1. You’re all saying I’m an attention whore and that everyone should ignore me, yet I’ve managed to get more responses than any other comment – if attention was really all I was after, well done for giving me exactly what I wanted while telling others not to do the same.

        1. Then why are you here? If you’re so happy with your bf then shouldn’t you be entertaining him? You obviously wanted to make a scene.

        2. I wanted to make a scene yes, but not solely because I want attention. I could post tits on 4chan and get far more attention, and positive attention, too. I’m actually hoping to educate any decent guys on here who aren’t already too far gone.

        3. You are trying to cultivate pussy ass dudes who get friendzoned into a stall, that you can draw one out of when you cash out of the cock carousel when you reach the ripe old age of 30.

        4. I already stated I’m in a long term relationship – not really riding the cock carousel at the moment, and I don’t plan to leave the guy I’m with, but nice try anyway.
          Also, ‘friendzoned’. Lol.

        5. We’re not far gone, so to speak. If you had real beneficial advice you wouldn’t give us an autobiography most of us will ignore. Tell me,what advice do you have to give, besides NAWALT (Not all women are like that)? Exception fallacy is strong with you.

        6. It’s not ‘not all women are like that’. It’s more ‘no woman worth being with is going to treat you like shit, and why would you get upset over a woman that does?’. That’s basic common sense. I hear a lot of ‘women only go for guys who are assholes’ – do you ever consider that maybe you’re only going for women who are assholes? Most emotionally stable women are looking for a decent, emotionally stable guy who they can take care of and who won’t treat them like crap. I know this because I am a woman myself and I associate with women and know this is what they look for. Personally, none of the women I associate with date ‘assholes’, although I do know those women exist.

        7. Well, let’s see. You’re advertising your cosmetic (“tatoos and piercings”) situation on men’s site. Maybe that’s not an attention whore?

        8. ” … not really riding the cock carousel at the moment…”
          “At the moment”
          Makes sense but only for this moment, who knows what you did *moments*, days, weeks or years before this BF, or what you will do *moments*, days, weeks or years after this BF. Self-explanatory…
          You are just another Cock Carousel rider who decides –and worst-defines what and when to go for the ride. Immoral and double standard.

        9. Merely to prove that your narrow definition of what men find attractive isn’t the only way to get a decent boyfriend.

        10. Yep, I had a few sexual partners before him. So did he. We aren’t insecure enough to care about it. It also proves it doesn’t affect your ability to be faithful seeing as I’ve never cheated on any boyfriend, and never would.

        11. Should be 22. 27 is old maid territory. What’s the average age of divorce, being at 50%?

        12. Most emotionally stable women are looking for a decent, emotionally stable guy who they can take care of and who won’t treat them like crap
          LOL Take a look around treacle – after 60 years of unchecked rabid feminism “stable women” are very thin on the ground.

        13. ” … not really riding the cock carousel at the moment…”
          Honestly: How many cocks did you suck before you met him?

        14. Yes yes… it’s easy to act unashamed of your disgusting whoring past on an anonymous website, but I bet you won’t be mention your cocksucking count to the poor dumb sap you trick into marry you.

    4. Does it feel good to justify yourself on the internet?
      Well done for betraying the truth.

      1. The 10% of commenters on here that aren’t continually complaining about their lack of success with women spend it bragging about their supposed amazing success with women, so at least I’m in good company.

        1. To be fair I haven’t exactly explored the site to its full extent, but the vast majority of what I’ve seen in the comments is ‘girls only want assholes’, ‘tried treating women how they claim they want to be treated and it doesn’t work’, blah blah entitlement blah blah whining. A minority consists of men who claim they get laid with the techniques presented on the site, an even smaller minority of which appears to actually be genuine.

        2. That’s the poster board image – yes. There’s a lot more to RoK than that. While it is incontrovertible that asshole tendencies are beneficial to the idea of game, that is by far the primary purpose of the site.
          You have to look past the comment section, as that will always be a battlezone of warring opinions. I will tell you that I have never found it difficult getting laid. I was what you call, a natural. That made me lazy.
          It’s through the manosphere that I have further cultivated a different approach, empowered by a non-complacent attitude to self-improvement, and even if you put girls aside, it applies to all areas of life. From liaising with workplace colleagues to interacting with friends. Game is an idea that is built upon the modern equivalent of savoir-faire, and if for a moment you shake off the presumptions around this site, that will be evident.

        3. The couple of articles that I did read that related to topics other than girls seemed like good advice but mainly common sense, such as about not being a people pleaser and accepting that you have the power and responsibility to achieve your goals. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if the site didn’t also advocate the other bullshit I mentioned in my first post, because it is just that – bullshit. It isn’t real.

        4. It’s like gold panning. You’ll often end up with a handful of dirt, but every so often, a glint in the hand rewards the toil.
          You’d be surprised how often common sense eludes the intelligent.

        5. In that case I don’t know why you’d choose to read this site over any other self improvement site that’d give you the decent stuff without the crap.

        6. You might need to be a certain kind of man to understand that.
          Sure. You might be able to get the same advice elsewhere. In fact, that is without a doubt. You get it neatly packaged, in a PC format, or in an anodyne fashion. Perhaps marketed by a self-confessed player, or self-made superhero.
          Here at RoK, there is no fucking about, and no giving a fuck either. We can be philosophical, offer uniquely interesting historical lessons, and in the next breath I can also say that fat girls are repulsive to look at. There is no disingenuous trickery. Masculinity isn’t tame. It never has been.
          And we know it.

        7. That is what I have found about the site – it focuses too much on stirring the pot, tries too hard to be controversial, and in doing so scrimps on giving its readers quality content. However this doesn’t bother a good number of its readers as they are often mindless and sit giggling about how un-politically correct it is, like children giggling when they swap swear words in the playground.
          It is also one thing to find fat girls repulsive (I too find fat guys repulsive, so I can understand that), and another to send them online abuse for no reason (Fat Shaming Week). Just don’t date fat girls. Problem solved.

        8. Quality in quantity is seldom easy. RoK, for all its flaws, is never shy of being authentic.
          That, is a quality that isn’t too common these days.

        9. This site isnt for women. Take your silly anti-fat shaming week crusade elsewhere..go sign the petition and feel better.
          Seems you little roaches really came out of the woodwork this weekend.
          Must be the cold weather.

        10. If you want to her endless complaining about the opposite sex try visiting the thousands of fem-centric sights, they are full of whinging women.
          Only difference is that unlike the relaxed policy here they strictly censure any counter opinions.
          Women can’t handle the truth. The only way to deal with them is to Game’em.
          Game Works

        11. Any man who listens to women’s advice on dating/relationships is a fool.
          These are the same bitches who will advise a guy to “just be yourself” while she is wearing an inch of makeup, hair extensions, chicken filets, push up bras and all the other trickery they can con you with.

        12. just listen to this bitch pretending she is here to stop guys getting bad advice on dealing with women.
          Does anyone here really think that these fem-trolls have any interest in whether guys get laid or not? I wonder what other ways she is using her time to help guys get laid.
          They are here because they don’t like the idea of guys learning how they really operate and how to counter it by gaming them.

        13. Fool. I don’t really CARE if you get laid or not, I just don’t want you treating girls like shit and getting yourselves treated like shit in the process. If gaming worked, and it had worked on me, and it had made me happy (this website does claim women actually respond well to game), why the fuck would I be here?

        14. I just don’t want you treating girls like shit
          What, not even the shit ones?
          ” If gaming worked, why the fuck would I be here”?
          You are no more able to judge whether Game works, than a deer is to know whether guns work.

      1. Okay, I’ll let you know if that happens. (I’ve been with him over 3 years now though. Not bored yet.)

        1. They just don’t get it. A man can choose to be an asset, or a liability. Part of the reason I dumped my ex is because he was so useless, not because of boredom. Dating a drummer is never a dull day. But cleaning up after irresponsible pigs sure gets old!

        2. Haha, it’s funny because I’m dating a guitarist, maybe the messiness is a musician thing, because he’s forever leaving crap around the apartment. I don’t really mind though, I accept that’s just how he is and don’t try to change him. He does make up for it by doing his fair share of chores.

        3. Right. And I corrected my error and now have a good partner who contributes. He chooses to be an asset, rather than a liability. I agree; men who don’t do their share of the housework are a poor choice in men.

        4. If you don’t like doing all the housework, work hard and earn a lot of money and hire yourself a servant to help you out. You’re a liberated woman who is equal to men aren’t you?
          Don’t expect the person you chose to be in a relationship with to agree with you about who should do how much housework.
          This is your ex after you dumped him:

        5. I have no problem cleaning up after myself. A grown man shouldn’t have a problem doing that, either. If he needs a babysitter then he’s not a grown man, he’s a manchild. And yes, my ex was. Last I saw, he was living in a dingy basement apartment with carpets covered in his toenails.

        6. It is good that you appreciate your man, but you can’t speak on behalf of most western women. They are not like you.

        7. Well, the majority of western men are not like him either. Most of the ones I’ve encountered are lazy; all they want to do is play video games and get high on weed. A smaller subsection (the youngest millennial men) wants to get wasted and high on drugs like molly. So if women are treating them like they’re interchangeable (i.e. “the cock carousel”) I can totally see why; they are.
          I used to joke that all white men 30 and under like Family Guy and Metallica. They’re so devoid of distinctive personality, for the most part.

        8. Your “useless ex”, despite being lazy and a liability, still got a good bump out of you.
          So you dumped him, but I bet there is probably another skirt who took your place.
          The problem isn’t that men like to play video games and smoke weed, the problem is bitches like YOU, who will still put up, despite the fact they like to play video games and smoke weed.
          Where exactly should the motivation rise from for these men to get a good education, a job and an apartment, when your female standards are so effing low and when they can already get all the pussy they need without those things?

        9. They just don’t get it. A woman can choose to be a slut or a wife. Part of the reason men are advised not to marry is because the vast majority of women you’ll meet today have already sucked several dicks. Fucking hot chicks is never dull but do you really want that filthy skank mouth kissing your kids goodnight?

        10. American women have a world wide reputation for being fat self-centred money grabbing whores. Is it really any wonder he would rather play video games?

        11. You clean his shit up because he is highly pre-selected and so you perceive him to have a higher SMV than you.
          Musician = pre-selected
          Game lesson 101: Learn to project pre-selection/high value.

        12. Sure, I think he’s great. I certainly do think I did well to land such a good guy. But that isn’t why I don’t berate him for being messy. I don’t berate him because I don’t believe you should try to change a person. You either learn to live with what flaws they have or you leave them and find someone else.

        13. I’m gonna choose to be both and there’s fuck all you can do about it. Thankfully not all men are jealous, insecure hypocrites like you.

        14. sure you can be both but only if you never let your chump of a hubby get wind of your whoring past. And sure there’s nothing I can do about it – and why would I?.. Pumping and dumping deluded bitches like you is great sport for wicked cads like me.
          Unfortunately (for you) the only thing in any doubt here is what ant-depressants they’ll put you on.

        15. You landed him because you’ve neglected to tell him about your whoring past.
          Try telling him how many dicks you’ve sucked and watch his face drop.
          Stop kidding yourself. You are living a lie and as long as you insist on living this lie your relationship is 100% fake.

    5. So in the event of ‘Diversity’ riots with squads of culture enrichers roaming the streets with machete’s, or a zombie apocalypse, which one of you is in charge of home defence and which one is in the kitchen making sandwiches ?

      1. A zombie apocalypse? We both grab our guns and fight together. Sleeping of course, in shifts. We have The Zombie Survival Guide by our bed. We’ll be well prepared.
        (Fuck you if you think this isn’t tongue in cheek. The point is that we are a team, a partnership, in all situations – one does not lead the other)

        1. Ok, so what you’re telling me is your BOYfriend is incapable of defending you or the apartment.
          Naturally woman don’t appreciate a man who is capable of keeping her safe until the SHTF.
          I’m sure everything will work out just fine, until the next L.A riots or Hurricane Katrina or whatever……
          I suggest you man up and buy a shotgun, because your BOYfriend certainly won’t.

        2. Why not both?
          My boyfriend went to school to be a registered massage therapist taking an intensive program focusing on human anatomy for 3 years. But he found after working in the field that there was a lot of sexism towards males RMTs. So we decided that if there is sexism and jobs are divided along gender lines, then we may as well make sexism work in his favour. It’s unfortunate but it’s not like women don’t experience the same thing. We got him a job doing physical labour. He was always fit but now he’s ripped. And he’s 5’10. Anyway, he’s more than capable of defending the apartment (lol, yeah OK… like most apartment units need defending), but he’s also sensitive and well-read.
          This is what is wrong with the whole alpha/beta dichotomy. Humans are not pack wolves. Most of us are well-rounded and multifaceted, not one-dimensional archetypes.
          Anyway, it is far more useful to most women that a man be willing to wash dishes than use a shotgun. To the extent that women will actively avoid living with men in countries where they are perceived as useless:

        3. “it is far more useful to most women that a man be willing to wash dishes than use a shotgun”
          Nobody ever stopped a home invasion by doing dishes.
          Like most woman you no doubt live in the fantasy world were nothing could ever change or possibly go wrong, until it does.

        4. To be honest, I would imagine he is perfectly capable of defending me. He’s definitely taller and broader and physically stronger than me in any case. But I wouldn’t expect him to defend me at his expense since I don’t think that’s his duty to do so just because I’m female and he’s male. I thought that was what you so vehemently insisted on, that men should not have to risk anything for women just because they’re women.

        5. In which country are you located ?
          I would caution you to increase your security precautions in accordance with increasing ‘diversity’, ie increasing 3rd World immigration.

    6. “I’m 21, 5’6 and weigh 126 pounds. I have tattoos and piercings. I’m a feminist. I’m not ugly either. I’m dating a… ”
      At 21, you are not dating, he’s fucking you occasionally. A hideous 21-year-old-can give pussy away as easily as an 80-year-old-man can give money away. It ain’t hard to do — it’s no achievement to give out freebies.

    7. There was no need for you to get offended and post on here since you’re in such a content and happy relationship.
      Here’s something to ponder over: When you REALLY, TRULY, love someone, you do not give a fuck about what others think of either you or your relationship. You’re oblivious to it, you simply don’t care because you’re happy with your reality.
      Perhaps it’s time for you to think why you came to this website and read this post when you’re in your version of a “perfect relationship”.

    8. I’m 21, 5’6 and weigh 162 pounds.
      There you go. I fixed ur typing error. No need to thank me.

  4. a man and a real alpha is not defined by what he does but how he does it… thus a girlfriend doesn’t spoil anything…. unless he either slips and lets her start taking charge, or as the article says he already had a weak mindset to start with….
    game and pickup is all fine and good, but it is time consuming, so letting one girl ride along side you can work, but you have to be ever mindful of her taking over or shoe horning you into roles you don’t want (like watching rom coms. with her when she has her period).
    my advice if you want to rule the roost and you get to the stage of moving in together, is make her move into your place, and treat her like a guest… this dynamic can last for years…. brilliant !

    1. I don’t allow a woman to defile my home, and once they move in, they’re impossible to get rid of.

      1. try option 2 then…. make yourself at home in her place, and come and go as you please…

        1. Yep.
          One of my plates keeps griping about how she bought a more-expensive, bigger apartment so it’d be closer to my place of business and so I’d move in with her, and how it’s putting financial strain on her.
          I keep trying to offer her $20 for a fuck, but she keeps giving it up for free. What a slut.

      2. Yeah, if you value your freedom and independence it’s best not have her move in (as in living there), but letting a regular girl sleep over at your place a night or two a week can be a pretty good arrangement. Currently it’s working very well for me anyway.

        1. It can be acceptable provided she’s not crazy and understands her place in your rotation.
          But there have been multiple times this year when I was a glad a woman who seemed completely sane, didn’t know my last name or where I lived.

    2. “moving in together”…..could be the second biggest mistake you will make (other than getting married).
      It is SO wrong on many different levels!…Not least the legal rights that she may be entitled to after a while under the same roof….
      So if there is a lesson is in order of NEVERESS:
      1.Don’t get married.
      2.Don’t let her move in…
      3.Don’t be exclusive….unless it is for a short period of time.

      1. No shit, man. Back in my younger, dumber days I learned “don’t let her move in” the hard way.

  5. Few things make me want a girlfriend less than having one.
    Even worse: having more than one girlfriend.
    I long to be left alone (or at least I do until I’m horny, and then an hour later I want to be alone again).

      1. The key here is making sure you go to their house, not yours… it’s usually pretty easy to make a run for the door.

  6. What? I’m starting to think people get WAY too caught up in this alpha/beta dichotomy. I’ve yet to see a coherent definition of either, and I’ve seen conflicting articles describing both. I get the general point of what you were trying to say…I think.

    1. Alpha: living your life as you want to lead it. Dominating your own reality and being independent of people’s opinions, yet aware of them as well. Being internally validated.
      Beta: Not living your life as you want to live it. Not dominating your reality and letting society be your guide. Constantly worrying about what other people think about you and being externally validated.

      1. My father once said a good man could lose a fight and not lose face if the other guy has to go to the hospital, too. An alpha might be defined as a guy who, even if he loses the fight, does at least enough damage to his opponent to send him to the ER.
        This is a Zen truth; anybody feeling it?

    2. There really isn’t a rigid dichotomy, but that’s how many people (i.e., the lots of women you might want to bang today) take it… so, there you go.

  7. I am four whiskeys drunk and my beautiful wife just finished blowing me about five minutes ago as I was browsing on my iPad. She is now making me a salad as I type this. I am listening to Wayne Toups and going to clean a shotgun after dinner. This is a good day and a good website. Downton Abbey in an hour, niggas!

      1. Salad takes work and is, in a woman’s mind, a show of devotion. He’s onto something. “Make me a salad, bitch.” Sandwiches are too easy to phone in.

  8. Fucking cunt trolls. DONT reply to them.
    Please Please for the sake of this site make this top comment.
    The snarky cunt ruined the whole thread which is exactly what she intended to do.

    1. Very true, and I blame those who engange them in silly to-and-fros more than the trolls themselves. Trolling is legitimate, feeding them is weakness.
      For the sake of the site, don’t feed the trolls.

  9. I like women who “try” to catch me into a relationship. Telling them no is more fun than watching them stomp away in a tantrum.

  10. To Imaginethis,
    You said:
    ” … not really riding the cock carousel at the moment…”
    “At the moment”.
    Makes sense but only for this moment, who knows what you did *moments*, days, weeks or years before this BF, or what you will do *moments*, days, weeks or years after this BF. Self-explanatory…
    You are just another Cock Carousel rider who decides –and worst-defines what and when to go for the ride. Immoral and double standard to say the least.

    1. How is it a double standard? He had sexual partners before me too. I don’t lecture him for it. It doesn’t bother me. If you are a virgin and you want to date a virgin then do so.

    2. So having an ex-boyfriend makes you a bad person now?
      Misogynist thinking is oh-so-logical.
      And we are supposed to be dependent on men too right? No jobs? So that if they cheat on us and we divorce them, we are bad people for having had a previous sexual partner and are doomed to a life of celibacy forevermore for having been “ruined”?
      I love the catch-22 that you guys set up wherein women literally can never win.

        1. Maybe if you were a single man and every female you encountered, at work, at the gym, at the grocery store, at the coffee shop, at the club —
          Always had an indifferent look on her face, an apathetic attitude, a smug sense of superiority and wrapped up into one arrogant and snarky pile of flesh.
          Hope you come back as a male in your next life.

      1. Women who have had multiple sexual partners are worthless sluts.
        Men who have had multiple sexual partners are admirable studs.
        Feminism has spent 60 unsuccessful years trying to reverse this biological reality.
        (Unless you count producing a generation of unmarriageable skanks as a success)

      2. I’ve been both a dog and a doormat depending on the woman, and I have to say that, in the PUA universe, this website is pretty bogus. Attacking feminists is so boring, except that I do agree that women who insist on the potato sack approach to looks suck and aren’t doing either men or women any favors. Fact is, some feminists are often less hung-up about sex than non-feminists, and sometimes expect less financially.
        Then again, women don’t like doormats, even though older relationships often turn the man into the doormat because he’s either the provider, or shudder, in the modern world, the woman becomes one, then she really becomes intolerable. Then men do have to stand up to their women.
        Fact is, women are in it for the kids, not for the sex ultimately, so men and women’s agendas are not compatible unless they rise above and make an equal relationship work, with its many challenges.

  11. What happens if game and mere casual sex does not fulfill me? What if i DO want a long term relationship?
    I think one can still be “alpha” and be in a long term relationship. The key is that as the man you must be the authority of the relationship and never let the woman fulfill the role of the man.
    Women are attracted to an authoritative man and will do anything to be under his will.

    1. Correction, Women are attracted to an authoritative man and they will only be able to truly pour their emotions and love into an authoritative man.

  12. It’s all about your state of mind (frame).
    Instead of thinking: “I want this girl to be my gf”
    Think instead: “Let’s give it time and see if she is worth it to be MY gf”
    See you I flipped the script? You choose if she can be your gf, not the other way around.

  13. Ew. All these dudes posting probably grinning behind their computers. “Nah bro, that bitch can tag along on MY mission. Get it! Huh huh huh…….”

  14. I agree with this for the most part… I still think it’s important to have some relationship experience because that’s just another step in learning more about women.
    I absolutely agree though that guys need to stay away from the mindset where they can just find that one girl and just be done with it. I’ve seen that go down with some close friends… they date one chick in college for 4 years she tells him to fuck off. And now he’s stuck working his shitty job, paying off student loans, and pissed at all the missed opportunities in college.

  15. The alpha isn’t needy — the alpha isn’t reading this looking instructions on how to be an alpha

  16. Great advise… My casuals always want a relationship with me but the girls I want a relationship with don’t want a relationship with me where I never looked at why until after reading this article… Yeh I confess I became a little beta with these women!

  17. Just stumbled into this article and it’s 110% true and agree with it completely.
    Ever since I focused on getting my psychology and mental state in order, its become easier than ever to bring and keep women into my life. The reason is simple:
    “I genuinely do not need them in my life to feel good about myself”
    Because I was forced to figure out ways to make myself happy as a single guy in the past who was desperate to meet girls, It eventually became a strength and was able to find power out of a shitty situation.
    Through that, I built a busy and challenging life for myself where my mental energies were all focused towards working hard and achieving the goals in my life, with which I have many.
    So now, every fibre of my body is telling girls that “Yes, I find them attractive and want to fuck their brains out, but don’t care less either way if our relationship continues or dies.”
    You become a master of Game without even trying. Because everything you say and do communicates it in micro subtle ways that would otherwise be impossible to achieve consciously.
    I don’t even realise I’m even being shit tested anymore. They no longer have anything to hook their claws into.
    And this my friends is what defines an attractive man.
    If anything, it becomes harder to get rid of them when you have your shit in order.

  18. Sorry but the article above and the comments are complete and utter bullshit.
    1.) I dont chase any man, you either wanna be with me or you dont. Alot of women think this way. Also if you’re anything like the assholes who are posting these shitty articles. Sweetheart if we’re walking from you, we dont want you. We’re grown enough to know what we want. Chase us and we’ll hit you with some damn bear spray. Think pepper spray, but enough to take down bears. You’re not getting up. But me? I live in Texas, I can shoot and am licensed.
    2.) y’all need to understand that a relationship is a 50/50. My man established that himself at the start and honestly all the no go’s we’ve listed we’re in mutual agreement. If i cant sleep with another man, he can’t sleep with another girl and the idea of me sleeping with another man or woman horrifies him. He doesn’t like to share. But I’ll let him watch porn, and give him head and sex whenever he asks, which most of the times he’s shocked cause i pull down his pants so fast, head is a surprise to him that can happen 24/7 365days a year. Don’t be saying it’s because he’s “pussy whipped” either. Body building, gun range shooting, hunting, fishing, bearded, meat eatting, truck building, old fashioned AMERICAN morals, heavy duty construction MANLY MAN. Guy got hit head on by a truck and walked away from the accident.
    3.) also for the comment below about girlfriends just being someone that says you cant have sex with other women? THEN YOU BE THAT LONELY ASS PLAYER AND DONT GET ONE. The world works in equal exchange for everything we do and want. You have to give up something to gain something. A woman who you know is clean and will give you sexual satisfaction whenever or a one night stand that could leave you with a parting gift you cant get rid of.
    You guys all want threeways with another girl? But heaven forbid we want one with another guy and it’s as no go? It’s the same damn thing. No guy wants another man in HIS room in fear he’ll touch dicks with him, no girl wants some rached hoe in HER’S.
    You guys have dominance issues, so do we. My house, my woman. My house, my man.
    Y’all thinking we’re as different as a hammer and a saw.
    Also to prevent a possible loss in y’alls sex with miss beautiful friend with benefits. ESTABLISH IT BEFORE Y’ALL FUCK. You men complain about how women are so damn confusing and difficult. “Hi Pot. I’m Kettle.”
    You hypocritical dumb asses. Fucking man up and tell us what you want and are willing to go from the very fucking start!
    Y’all hide on this form spouting off masculinity and alpha beta bullshit but you guys can’t tell a girl out right that you dont want a relationship? And for you guys that do? There’s women out there who’ll not care what you damn do as long as you dont put your dick in another women. (Nothing comes for free)
    Grow a pair.

  19. A childhood of rejection has influenced my decision to become a monk. From an objective standpoint people only keep you around based on how you effect their path or current life mission.
    Women only enjoy my company when I don’t interfere with their mission and instead help them achieve it. The exact opposite happens when I challenge the platform she places her ego on. Especially if she doesn’t like criticism.
    In the past I realized I only really connected with my best friend because we both loved videogames. As I changed I lost the intensity of my love for them and as a result we naturally slowly spent less time around each other.
    Anyway. I have come to a conclusion that if I have any chances of meeting a female and courting her successfully, it’s when I am at the climax of my path. I hold this belief due to me being at a somewhat conversion of learning and application. It is very likely that as I increase my knowledge and application I will become involved in situations that place me in environments surrounded by females that also fancy my skill.
    So, I am young but, I know this advice is solid for consider this line of metaphorical logic when applying it. Birds of a feather flock together and they shall prey on the prey near them but, fear the predators as well in their area. Thus, it is best to be another bird who just happens to be around and is capable of attaining prey without help while also fearing no predators without forgetting the dangers associated with them. For the power of this solo flyer is equivalent to the entire flock so, nature and logic will meet causing her attraction to his attributes. For since she holds the force of nature itself, birth, and can offer nothing to this solo flyer besides it, she shall seek his company to offer because she knows what he offers by his display of control over his environment. The one her flock happens to be flocking in.

  20. The next woman to ask me if we are going to become “exclusive” boyfriend/girlfriend, is going to get the domination talk.
    What I mean by that is the I’m going to sit her down and explain to her that I was raised in the sense that the man is supposed to be in charge of the house/relationship and that she will comply as such. She will have to accept those terms to become “exclusive.” If not,
    Bounce bitch. And I go back to spinning my plates.

  21. With most women these days being very high maintenance, selfish and spoiled, certainly has a lot to do with it.

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