Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women Over Their Own

My previous article talked about 10 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Superior To American Women. I thought we would perhaps like to enlarge on that and explain more about why masculine Western men like feminine foreign women.

At it’s essence, the masculine energy seeks a balance with the feminine energy. The masculine energy is characterized by strength and power while the feminine energy is characterized by softness and healing ability. The majority of American women I come in contact with during my life does not embody the feminine energy. Rather, feminism has brainwashed them to want to be equal to men, an utter impossibility. But in their desperate and misguided attempts to try to be equal to men, Western women embraced masculine qualities instead of embracing their natural feminine qualities. Hence, the trend of women acting like men.

Such masculine women will forever be disappointed, because no masculine man could ever tolerate such women. No, the only kind of men they will ever attract are the beta feminine men, whom they don’t respect and therefore can never be satisfied with as a long-term partner.

Asian women 3

By now, I am sure a lot of unnaturally masculinized Western women’s mental hamsters are running in full speed. Some of them are probably saying, “Well, how can we be feminine in a society that enforces gender equality? How can we find a masculine man?”

If you are looking for a masculine man, the first thing you must due is give up all traces of arrogance in your personality. There is nothing more foul in a woman than arrogance. Second, stop trying to emasculate men. I find it very amusing how Western women are constantly saying “Where are all the real men?” but they are too stupid to realize that they themselves are the cause of this problem. If they would stop trying to emasculate men at every opportunity with man-hating feminism and political correctness, maybe men wouldn’t have been trained to be such spineless pussies.

Radha 999

It is very difficult to find a truly feminine Western woman, and thus if you are a masculine man, the only real option is to go abroad. Foreign women obviously haven’t been raised in the feminist Western countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia (these four countries are the satanic axis of evil of feminism). Any Western man who has ever experienced a foreign woman knows this truth. Once you’ve tasted a superior product, it’s very hard to go back to a vastly inferior product. If you taste a 50-year-old fine wine, you will never want to drink a low quality $2 bottle from Trader Joes. Once a man experiences a foreign woman, he loses all desire to associate with Western women anymore.

Feminism Before and After

In this globalized world, Western women are simply incapable of competing with foreign women, who are vastly superior to them in all qualities. And instead of trying to improve themselves, so that they can compete with foreign women, Western women want to simply shame men for pursuing such women. Essentially, Western women have been ruined. And it’s very difficult to regenerate a woman once she has become ruined. Once a woman has become contaminated, it is not possible to save them in the current generation.

Foreign Women 2

You ladies can go be “big strong independent” all you want. An ever growing number of Western men don’t give a damn anymore. They could care less what you do. After all, we have options. You do not. We can go to foreign countries and find good feminine women. You can also go to foreign countries, but the men there will simply see you as a whore and use you as such. I’ve traveled to many countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia, and I’ve talked to many foreign men about how feminism has ruined Western women. And guess what? 90 percent of the men agreed with me and told me they feel the same way, that Western women have no benefit besides the sexual. The only option Western women have anymore is to just get pumped and dumped by alpha Western men and alpha foreign men. What a pity.

In the end, one thing is certain, and that is that this modern society simply cannot keep going on the way it has been. People can either voluntarily decide to change and or else people will be forced to change as society collapses. And unfortunately, it seems that the latter is inevitable, as the majority of people are simply too brainwashed and ignorant and refuse to change. That is fine, change is coming either way, and because people refuse to voluntarily change, a very painful process of change in the form of societal collapse has already begun. You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

Woman Upset Calling Internet Police

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674 thoughts on “Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women Over Their Own”

  1. This is a fallacy that occurs quite frequently among men in the so-called manosphere- the fallacy of the “foreign woman.” I agree that non-Western women’s attitudes may be somewhat more palatable, due to them being the product of a less toxic culture, but strip away the layers of cultural/social conditioning and all women are fundamentally alike. Briffaults law and hypergamy apply to ALL women.

    1. I want to agree with you, because you’re right in theory, and I live in the US. Then I think about the best girlfriends I’ve had: 1) Polish, with strong family background and cultural ties. 2) Ballet dancer literally forced to be feminine 8 hrs/day, lived in Russia 3) Asian, with very strong traditional background. So, in my case, the most fun girls to spend time with, LTR up, had more in common with foreign women than American women.

        1. Evil? Shiva is one of the kindest and most compassionate deities ever to have been archetyped. He is Yogeshwara, the god of yoga.

        2. A “tranny”? Because of the long hair? He’s a very masculine deity archetype. The ultimate male. The god of maleness.

      1. Well if you had picked a girl for example from the Midwest states in the US you would also get a girl with a strong family background and cultural ties. It’s more of a city and backcountry thing than anything else, especially when it comes to Europe (including Poland) and the US

    2. Well because there is some truth to it. Alot, actually.
      Western women see men as ridiculous, below them, pitiful and it’s our own fault. They have lost all respect and now you have to be total alpha+billionaire celebrity to earn their respect..
      If you are just an ordinary guy they know your type come by the droves and can easily be replaced,..a quick visit to the pub will give her more sexual offers than you will receive your entire life.
      Thats why western women will always see you as inferior..unless you are some kind of celebrity..because then she knows that you have the same sexual worth as her.
      In other countries, this is reversed and man is seen with value again. Why ? I dont really know its complicated.

      1. I’m a Western feminist woman and I don’t think that way about men at all (and I’m also not fat, loud, ugly or sloppy and I do wear dresses and heels when I go out). I don’t see men as inferior, I place no value on how much money they do or don’t make, I don’t care if they’re “alpha” or “beta”, I only care about whether or not people are good or bad. I wish you all would stop generalizing and assuming that we’re all alike, just as you wish we wouldn’t assume the same of you.

        1. True story! It really makes me nauseous to always read on this page that “Western” women always are fat, ugly and man-hating, because it simply isn’t true. I am from Germany, and here the ideal of beauty is to be thin, same as basically everywhere in the world. But this counts the same for women as for men.
          And ok, having been to every continent at the age of 20 now, I have met Asian, Arab and South American women who might be more conform to the “traditional” ideal of feminine women. They marry early on, rarely sleep with men before marriage and totally rely on their partners for everything. But as a result, you have a girlfriend/wife that basically has no brain on her own. All they see is status (way more than Western women who have learned how to earn status themselves), it basically means everything to them, and what their friends/family think about them and their men.
          If you want a foreign woman, she probably will be more shallow and uneducated than any Western woman you could meet. Of course it’s “easier” to lead a relationship with such a woman, but, personally, I prefer a partner who also meets my intellectual demands, not only my physical ones.
          If that’s beta, I really pity you, because then your intellect/academic background just cannot be that high.

        2. Every time I engage a self-proclaimed feminist such as yourself in a discussion, the rationalizations come out for entitlements for women. Every time. Because that’s what feminism is: defining the world in terms of pleasing women. Sociopaths see the world in the same way.

        3. From Quintus article today he wrote
          “And it is just when a woman is trying to be helpful, trying to “save” a
          man, that she is at her most dangerous. Beware that woman who wants to
          “save” you. She may truly believe it, and she may sincerely want it.
          But beware her just the same. Because deep down, in her innermost
          heart, the most secret and cherished desire of every woman is to see a
          man dethroned, and rolled in the muck.
          Im going to save that classic phrase and post it anytime some female comes here trying to “save” us or “help” us…

        4. For a lot of guys on RoK, a woman who “meets my intellectual demands,” as you prefer, is not a real woman but is a female version of a man.

        5. “and here the ideal of beauty is to be thin, same as basically everywhere in the world.”
          we were not questioning the ideal, but rather how many women actually live up to that ideal. you do not need statistics to know that the VAST majority of western women fail to rise to that level.
          personally, i want a woman for her looks and her affection. for intellectual stimulation, i have (man) friends and cherry-picked corners of the internet where i can still mingle with reasonably intelligent people.

        6. Bitchshielding and reading facebook on smartphone while holding stupid startbucks coffee is not meeting anyones intellectual demands.

        7. Maybe you dont see them as inferior…but you know damn well that he is so easily replaceable and he will have a damn hard time finding someone new. Whereas you can go straight to the disco and get 100 phonenumbers from thirsty guys or off facebook from your orbitters.
          That skew the whole dynamics in your favor and it will make you look at yourself as “worth” more.

        8. I have never met a western woman that meets my intellectual demands. They dont read. They have no real skills. They have no knowledge of the world outside reality shows.
          They have never been tried in any kind of hardships. They have no personality and are basically copies of each other.

        9. I posted a long comment and it disappeared. Boo.
          In short, we’re not all the boogyman.

        10. But why would I want to replace him? I actually place value in forming mutually beneficial relationships and I don’t just throw them away because “I can”.

        11. Very, very few and far between. They do exist, but very few men have ever seen one. They’re starting to attain the same status as bigfoot here in the states. You can go looking for one, but usually the closest you get is some vague rustling in the bushes… lol

        12. Not saying you will. Im not talking about you, I dont know you. I say most women think like that.

        13. You’re not all the boogyman but at best, your ideology is worthless. Some more mad money for middle class white women to spend at the mall until the cost of living soars and wages decline and nothing was gained anyway for anyone.
          My working class father in the 1950’s was able to pay off the family home in 20 years. It was huge. Vacations for 2 months out of the year. He wasn’t even in a union. I am not impressed by the forced entry of women into the workplace.

        14. You don’t even know what my ideology is, because you think that all feminists are about man-hating/shaming.
          Feminism to me (and to any real, non-extremist feminist) is not about entitlement or de-throning or emasculating men. It’s simply about equal opportunity.
          In my opinion, it would make more sense to equate entitlement with women NOT trying to improve themselves and expecting a man to provide for them just because they have a pretty face and make good pies. It just seems like flawed logic. And what happens when her looks fade and she’s traded in for a newer model and left old, broke and skill-less (hypothetically speaking, of course)?
          I am self employed, quite successful and provide for myself. To be any other way would make me a burden to society and a drain on the resources and finances of others. I’ve worked hard to make a comfortable living for myself, and I don’t understand how this is seen as a negative thing.
          That said, when I’m with someone, he is “king”. I wait on him hand and foot, cook, clean, do all of the things traditionally “expected” of the female role. But I don’t do those things because they’re expected of me (and in all honesty, I would never nor could ever be with someone that actually expected those things of me), I do them because I enjoy doing them, and more so I love to take care of the people that I love and give them whatever they need. I submit in certain ways because I want him to be a man.
          I just have more than my looks and domesticity to offer. Is that really a bad thing?
          And as far as emasculation, that is not the fault of feminism. If you really think about it, no one can “take” your masculinity from you. You may give it up due to manipulation, but it’s never taken from you. I happen to be 100% FOR masculinity as it plays a huge role in attraction. But to me, masculinity isn’t about anything having to do with man vs. woman and everything to do with simply man. Embracing sexuality, exuding confidence, etc. Just like femininity on the other side of the coin.
          I know we will never agree on these things, but I wanted to offer a first hand account, and I’m really only trying to understand why you think the way you (collective you, not YOU you) do.

        15. I think perhaps you’re hanging out with the wrong women.
          Genuine curiosity, where do you meet most of the women you converse with?
          I read (only non-fiction). I have quite a few skills – in fact I’m one of the best in the world at my professional craft. I’ve traveled America and Europe. I’ve suffered my fair share of hardships, which I won’t go into here because nobody cares, but I will say they made me a much better more caring person. I don’t watch TV, much less reality TV. The majority of my friends are similar to me in all of these ways.
          Yes, there are vapid women, but there are vapid women everywhere. It seems like a lot of self fulfilling prophecy…

        16. I have discussed this issue for as long as many people here are alive. Feminism isn’t “simply” about equal opportunity since it’s called feminism and therefore about seeing things from the female point of view. It would be like me saying that selfishness to me is about caring about other people. It’s a literal paradox.
          I’m always amused when I hear about feminists improving themslves. Read the blog: American women are spoiled, selfish, helpless and dependent upon affirmative action, “child” support and welfare, etc. And when they do supposedly support themselves, that’s pretty much all they do. Patriarchs support themselves AND THEIR FAMILIES (most of the time, of course) and communities via taxes (equal pay for equal work, but imagine if feminists called for women paying equal amounts of taxes per capita and also getting their benefits cut to match mens…) Yes, it’s nice that a few feminists maybe earned their jobs on ability and paid their own way. Amazing. For her. But for men, not so much.
          Regarding doing things because you “want to” rather than have to. Again, that’s a worldview in terms of the world revolving around pleasing women rather than equality. Life is about obligations. Men are told to start “liking” to pay the bills and mow the lawn, or just shut up if they’re not happy, because that’s what women expect of them. That’s our world. Feminism is good at one thing: If there’s a goodie they are missing that men aren’t giving them, they are QUICK to notice and start griping for it. Yet, simultaneously, women should just do things out of the goodness of their heart or if they’re in a good mood.
          I agree with you that feminism doesn’t emasculate me or other men since I regard feminism as an artificial construct set up by chivalrous white males to begin with (or as useful dupes of anti-western socialists).
          I’m certainly willing to answer your queries and assertions as well but after 25 years, I have a collective history of discussions with feminists as well. Back about to half that time, I pretty much figured them out. You haven’t surprised me that much. Feminists sometimes say they aren’t anti male and then the rationalizations begin. Sometimes they don’t bother with the pretense of not hating men and just rationalize their goodies and gimmies from patronizing white males. I find that rather refreshing even if it is still them biting the hand that feeds and rescues them.

        17. You must be one of those NAWALT women..because sure as hell dont see anyone of them around there.

        18. This is rather sad, then.
          Coming from Europe, and never having spend that much time in the US, I can assure you that many women here read. Of course, there are also reality tv shows, but all my former gfs and as well my female friends in school and university rarely watch TV, and if so, it’s the news or some really good movie. It really depends on the part of the female population you want to hit on, whether it’s the one with a decent education that wants to have a degree or the one that quits school after 8 years on order to become a simple worker at the post office. But there is variety, that’s for sure.
          And what is a “female” version of the male? Just because a woman is intelligent, reads, has a university degree because her highschool education woke her curiosity for more knowledge, this doesn’t mean that she’s “masculine”. It has been scientifically proven that women possess equal intelligence to men, although it might be more advanced in the language area whereas men usually cope better with technical stuff (but even this varies from individual to individiual). A “feminine” woman, after your opinion, who is intelligent, beautiful (because this occasionally exists) and everything, should restrict herself to something her brain capacity definitely indicates she is not, just to please a man?
          Who would force a person he cares about (and if she’s your gf/wife you better care about her) to such an existence? Not even force, but expect this from her? Who would like to spend his life with a human being that constantly is restricted in her abilities just because others think it’s more convenient to have someone at home who does all the cooking and his available for a fuck whenever convenient?
          I also have male friends (even in the US), and our conversations differ much from the ones I have with my female friends. But the number one difference is that usually, with the females I have way better intellectual talks than with the male ones, even when drunk. And the difference in these conversations – how these girls approach politics, philosophy, art, or social problems – draws out real feminity to me, and I would never want to miss this.

        19. mein lieber Freund, i have lived in Germany myself. I know german women, so your anectodal evidence does not sway me.
          Hell, i pray you are right and something has magically happened to better the women in the meantime, since i’m heading back there in a couple of weeks..but unless i see it for myself, i’m gonna be skeptical of your frauleins 🙂

        20. Where did you live? And where did you go out meeting women?
          I am not only talking about German women, as I currently live in France, and here things are just the same (cannot judge for Paris though, only for the more rural areas I’ve been to)

        21. Halt dein Maul, pinker Pudel. Mit zwanzig weißt du einen Dreck, Jungchen. Naives Geschwafel.

        22. He has no clue. Western German women are ALMOST as shitty as the creatures in the US. Only East German women are good.

      2. They have lost all respect and now you have to be total alpha+billionaire celebrity to earn their respect..
        Or a pimp

      3. Are you sure you’re not just approaching girls who are way out of your league? I mean, if you’re only going after girls hot enough to be models, and you’re just average, you expect that they would treat you with contempt. The top 1℅ of girls are naturally looking for the top 1% of men.

        1. Even the ugliest women here is “out of my league”..or anybodys league.
          Not that they really are, they just think so. And if enough think so, it becomes the truth..hmm

        2. Every guy here seems to want a 5+ (even for a ons), and I’m sure not all of them are 5+’s in terms of looks and money. I’ve been rated anywhere between 7/8, and my boyfriend is a 7, but he is 100% my type (secret +2).

        3. My point is, again (fucking learn to read) that even the 3s think they deserve Brad Pitt.

        4. That’s why they all end up in relationships with other 3’s? You don’t see them walking around with Brad Pitt.

        5. You have already spouted that garbage here before cunt.
          Can I ask…
          Why do you keep coming back here??

    3. I suppose it depends where in the West you are. Chicago has a very decent selection of sweet, feminine American women as well as foreign cuties. Dating both groups has been a delight so far.

      1. Anyone else here from Chicago besides you that can back that up?
        Otherwise, im calling bullshit

        1. So far I’ve been rather disappointed by the lack of morbidly obese people, only seen a handful in the past year. I still get ridiculously excited when I see one though – it is like seeing a beluga whale at the aquarium. I’m sure I’d find more if I venture south or west into jungle territory

    4. absolutely correct. woman`s true nature is the same the world over. however, the plight of modern man was never about AVOIDING PAIN, but rather making the pain WORTH IT. you have to fight to make it work with any woman on the planet, sure, but i`m sure any man would feel better about his struggle if he received the love and attention of a feminine woman, instead of busting his ass to please some entitled cumbucket with princess-syndrome. all the pain of making a relationship work is more palatable alongside a sweet woman, is what i`m saying.

    5. yes, it’s all too easy to fall in love with some touristic elements of a country and think you can live there full time, where in reality the locals are several tiers lower than you realised, and once you actually enter their world which is very different to the visitors ‘heaven’ .. you find more not less of the same games you thought you’d avoid by leaving home, plus the squalor, crime rate, pollution, poor medical care, infrastructure etc. etc. etc. gets to be a pain in the ass… and so does being treated like a dumb ass tourist for years on end…. to many locals : whitey = tourist

      1. it’s a fair point to make, however one would be letting himself down if he were to never even try to make it happen. failing is ok, not trying is not.

        1. well i did 4 years in latin america and it was crap… and all the ex-pats were feeling the exact same thing, they were just too invested in it to leave… feed them enough beers and they’;d all admit the disadvantages outweighed the advantages, but the lazy ass lifestyle made it hard to leave….. when i came to pack up.. NOT one single person said a word… they just looked on with envy and respect….. that i had the balls to do what they were not doing….
          the emperor has no clothes…. living in developing countries sucks ass and that is why all the inhabitants are desperate to leave…. think about it….
          you don’t have to make that mistake yourself you can take it from someone who made it….
          it’s not just about pussy….
          maintaining a holiday home in a cheap ass place like thailand could work… going back and forth… 3-4-6 months a year… but i would never leave my ‘home’ country permanently …. sometimes you just want to step out on the street and not be harassed by taxi drivers and pick pockets and general filth and bad organisation…. for me that sometimes is pretty much 365… hahahaha…..

    1. I am so honored you continue to think about me and mention me in unrelated posts. I changed my name in hopes that we can get off to a better start. Although “Guest” doesn’t say much.

      1. Honestly, you add nothing to our site.
        And your veneer of false sincerity is getting a bit tarnished.
        Maybe you and you hubby could find some new interests besides haranguing and belittling us men here on our site.

  2. Another article on magical unicorn land? I never have trouble finding feminine women. Are you sure you guys are doing this right?

    1. Maybe YOU could submit an article to RoK and “show us how its done”?
      Um. Yeah. Thought so.

        1. You know I heard there is a nice new “mom and wife approved” masculine website called The Art Of Masculinity.
          Maybe you want to go check it out?

        2. Do you seriously think this is a good article? Did you acquire a new educated perspective on anything from it? Does this kid sound like someone you’d like to emulate in your life as a man? Writing like a disgruntled high school freshman isn’t masculine, it’s juvenile. This article is trash; it has no credible content, and you’re an idiot for buying it.

        3. I thought it was ok.
          The comments sections are the best though. Its a trollfest jubilee . Love RoK.

        4. wtf? Do you get this mad at the literally thousands of blue pill MSM articles declaring how awesome Western women are?

  3. I don’t understand why you show all western women as fat, loud etc…as in the photographs above?? This is only a small portion of what’s out there. Seriously, and you don’t think that fatties don’t exist in other countries??.. If man is a alpha chick magnet, he’ll score whatever he is. Period…

    1. Well even the beta guys scores in the countries mentioned. And since 90% of all men are beta soo..

  4. I don’t like this language that pits the sexes against one another. Competing with one another is part of the reason we’re in a spot like this. We’re not supposed to be trying to one-up and dick-measure one another; we’re supposed to be cooperative forces, not competitive.
    Stuff like this only fosters more contention, not less.

    1. I’m sure you say the same thing while trying to rationalize your girlfriend bending you over with a strap-on…

    2. I don’t view it as pitting so much as understanding. Let’s drop the touchy feely nonsense. Groups of people have special interests and they need to find ways to either compromise and make things work with other groups or have a conflict. But being a “nice guy” and not wanting to strike back when the other person slaps you in the face is an invitation for abuse. That’s the lesson of the playground.
      And for feminists, a society of hyper chivalry that worshipped women (for whatever reason) combined with a liberalizing western culture was a witches brew that encouraged women to become bad. I won’t even blame the individual women as being monsters. If you raise a child in the Kardashian household, it will become a monster. They still have free will and should be held responsible, but it’s the culture that’s bad.
      And this doesn’t behoove women. Not only are American women selfish and nasty and usually worthless but also miserable. Like Veruca Salt, they’re miserable and angry even if all of their demands are met. Because being nasty and miserable is what they have been taught to do best.
      I find that healthy women handle being confronted much like men do: They may get nasty in the short run, but they don’t go nuclear. They think about things for a while and find a compromise. They then respect the man for standing up for himself. If he’s a nice guy though…. you know what happens then.

      1. To sum it up.
        Females want “ultra-chivalry” from 99% of American men.
        The 1% they actually want to fuck can get away with anything they want.
        Us here ar RoK?
        Its simple.
        DTF or GTFO

        1. I am friends with some alpha males. Life isn’t perfectly easy for them either. Sure, they can be dorks and still bed women but then women might go psycho on them. One story:
          A super good looking professional man (let’s call him Dan) went to the Pittsburgh area for skiing every year with his buddies. He met one of the girls who works there at the bar and beds her that night and for the rest of the trip. After the trip was over, he drove down south back home. She called him and he said he wasn’t interested in a relationship. He didn’t think much more about it.
          Next year, he and is buddies go back and everyone at the resort are wearing “FUD” buttons. He asks what’s up and the bartender says: “This nice girl who works here, Jennie, was dumped by this jerk Dan. So the buttons says F’ You Dan!”
          Dan told me he wanted one of those buttons, fast, and put it on! He then gets a kick out of hearing how all the betas and gammas are bashing this guy “Dan” based upon something Jennie said about a guy she hasn’t heard from in a year. He finds a sympathetic guy and explains the situation to him and laughs and pretty soon, he’s one of the most popular guys at the resort. “Jenny”, to this day, will turn around and face the wall in disgust if she sees him.
          While that’s a funny story, it could have gone the other. way. She could have said he raped her. Or that he beat her up. She could have gotten some chivalrous puds to beat him up or trash his car. Or she could have scratched his car herself. Hmmm, this reminds me of the Jodi Arias case.
          She thought that her “rules” of relationships should apply to Dan: That if SHE wanted him, he should present himself but if she didn’t want someone, he should just go at her command.

    3. the women started the gender wars, it only makes sense that we stick together in these dark times. we men never asked for women to become the feral beasts they are today, but this reality has been shoved down our throats by (primarily) feminazis and traitorous manginas, white knights, and politicians willing to sell out their gender for a couple procent more votes.
      we never asked for a gender war, but goddamn it`s on now!

  5. Not a bad article but jeez, we already know ad nauseum that many men hate Western women. Move on. Fresh material would be great, Roosh.

        1. It’s all a matter of supply vs. demand and quality vs. price.
          Same thing happened in the Auto industry. Many US domestic companies had a monopoly and through hubris didn’t adapt or change for the US consumer when Japanese and German cars entered the market. They thought they could continually screw the American consumer.
          We all know what happened. GM getting bailed out twice by tax payers (No such thing as free) and morons still don’t learn.
          If you’re an American consumer too ignorant or stubborn and pay $100,000 for a POS Ford, GM & Chrysler when you can get a BMW, Mercedes or Audi for $50,000.
          It’s your own damn fault when your car leaves you stranded on the highway in a blizzard and takes half your net worth in maintenance.

        2. …can’t get that by just kicking tires. You need to pay real money to receive real value.

        3. don`t we all? but be realistic. the writers here are not proffesionals PAID to write, so you can`t honestly expect a gem of an article every day. you get a quality article every few days, with some filler inbetween. for a free site, that`s all you can ask for. don`t forget also that this site is a bastion of red-pillers, where else on this fem-infested internet can you find HONEST articles about the shitty women of today? without being shut down, i mean.

      1. No don’t see churchgoers complaining to the preacher, “We’ve had enough of this Jesus thing, move on!” 😀

  6. When you say Western women you can add the entire West Europe as well.
    As a Spaniard and being traveled to the adjacent countries I can say without the shadow of a doubt they are as obnoxious as the americans.
    If not more, because something something local drama.

      1. Well, guess forget about Spain then. They sound as bad as americunts and aussie skankazoids

      1. There is no such thing as Western European culture, there is only European culture. The West is restricted to the Anglosphere only (that’s almost universally what people are talking about when they talk about “The West”) and the rest of us Europeans want nothing to do with it. “The wogs begin at Calais” remember?

    1. I can vouch that many Dutch women still have some feminine qualities, fat is still frowned upon as an example. That being said, I’ve debated going to Eastern Europe to find a suitable woman.

      1. Dutch women are probably among the worst in the world. Even other women from Western countries are shocked at the dour and masculine unpleasantness that the quarrelsome Dutch women radiate.

        1. Couldn’t disagree more. I find Dutch women to be rather pleasant to be around. If i had to use a word to describe them it would be “nice”. The problem with Dutch women is the fact that many of them are build like NFL players. Extremely tall for women (6” foot + isn’t an exception), broad shouldered, strong in the face etc. Problably the agrarian heritage? They are indeed masculine if we’re talking about their physique but their personality – i must say – isn’t to bad. What i do think is a huge problem is the fact that Dutch women have a very short shelf live. After 24 they’re pretty much done.

        2. guys, are we honestly gonna argue over subjective impressions? there are fugly chicks and cute chicks in every country, maybe the percentages differ from region to region. overgeneralisations rarely bring the conversation forward.

      2. “Eastern” European women are not that different from “Western” European women and in fact many times are as feminist as women from the Netherlands and probably more feminist than more religious countries like Spain or Italy…

    2. Western Europe (especially Italy and Spain ex. Scandinavia) is indeed bad but not as bad as the Anglospherian countries. But i fault you men for that. Years of blowing smoke up their asses has made them arrogant. Spanish guys must be the most moist of ‘men’ i have ever seen – crazy hairstyles, tight pants and overal extremely effeminate behaviour. That being said; both Italian and Spanish women still got their feminine ways – all is not lost, like in the case of Anglo women.

      1. on surface value in italy it might seem that the men are still the bosses… but the reality is once you step inside the home life of many families (i’ve lived several years in italy) you find fatty housewives beating on their husbands and ruling the roost….
        it’s really only in asia where women are women and leverage being female and embrace that polarity…. latin women are turncoats…. they seem to offer a sensuous female, but they know the dynamics of homelife only too well and will leverage it at the first opportunity… (frying pan on your head… bang!).

        1. On the other hand, it is also not only accepted, but expected that a man has at least one mistress.

  7. This is such a shitty article I don’t even know where to start. You shouldn’t be writing for this site.

      1. all you fellas do is bitch. write a better article if you have the capacity to do so.

  8. With my first girlfriend ever, I loved that she was a “good strong woman”, putting her career first. Unfortunately, she was definitely the one in charge and I was emasculated in the relationship. I was in the dark about how it could be. She broke it off after 4 years.
    Fast forward: I am now a more red-pill, masculine (leading) man. One of my recent girlfriends was 19-year-old Colombian girl, who was feminine in every way. It was an amazing experience, the polar opposite of my first relationship, and I have since decided to move out of Toronto once I can hire managers to handle my business’ affairs.
    The exodus from the West continues.

    1. becareful for several reasons… firstly the inefficiencies, mess and difficulties of living in a less developed country only become apparent as the novelty lifestyle wears off… there is a good reason why most of latin america is trying to jump the border…
      second when you go to your girls home country to live…. as I tried once… you have a tendency to lean on her for support and language and etc. and on her home turf you are no longer the guy to be looked up to … that’s offering the local knowledge…. but her guest… suddenly she has cause to start comparing you to all the other men……
      there’s also a lot to be said for the basic rule of law in english speaking and european countries…. you can get things done and don’t have to look over your shoulder at every turn… .in latin america they treat gringos differently, you will consistently be short changed in shops, restaurants and gas stations… you will be treated like a tourist even after living there years and speaking good spanish….
      and in time the whole thing will wear thin and as it does, of course she will identify with that as your failure… when in truth it’s simply that the country sucks ass….

  9. This is the kind of article im coming back for. Not for all the “game” articles. They dont interrest me. Why ? because “game” only does one thing in the west, inflate females ego even more because of the non stop approaching from gamers. If it worked so well why didnt Roosh stay in US ?
    He basically went to a country where only rudimentary game is necessary.
    I do not deny game but it hurts more than it helps.

    1. Tinder, POF, OkCupid, those are all things that inflate female egos. You have chumps spam messaging frumpy women hoping for a easy lay. Yeah, you can go to a bar and see guys approaching like the world is going to end at midnight, but women can sense who has their shit together and who doesn’t. These guys only get in far enough to be friend zoned or earn a spot as a orbiter.
      As for Roosh, he never sugar coated his struggles. He ran game in the DC area, which I frequent myself, and obviously was not a fan. The plus side is that DC served as a “boot camp” for him to hone his skill. He spells it out in a lot of his blogs posts that running game and realizing what worked at what time and what condition lead to his success. So saying he ran rudimentary game I have to disagree with you on that one.

      1. Never said he ran rudimentary game. I said rudimentary game is all that is needed in these countries. (not US)

        1. If your goal is quick sex then US women are easier to game then Brazilian women but from a relationship standpoint then less game is needed in Brazil.

    2. I see your disconnect. As the old adage goes, a “weakness is a strength that has been pushed too far.”
      Game, as you call it, is an anachronism that is suppose to help men experience in a false sense what men in generations past “WOULD” have had had the generational upbringing of men from several generations of family men had been teaching theirs, and their family’s sons since time immemorial.
      In other words, a reliable set of guidelines to learn and mature with, followed by a very real, and more than just symbolic “test” to signify their coming of age.
      Feminism, and it’s earliest intellectual ancestry has done it’s absolute best to ensure that systemic upbringing was totally annihilated!
      Though I sympathize with your position, I would not judge as harshly yet. Men as a whole, though few can articulate it very well, feel this hole inside. And they do not know how they lost it.
      “Game” is merely an attempt to re-discover something we lost.

      1. Game’s been around a long time — as in Ovid’s “Art of Love” and the weighted scale Pompeiian frescoes.

        1. Good point, maybe I may have put out the wrong impression. Casanova and all, I get it. However, Casanova, Ovid, and others were often criticized by those who felt the sting of traditional values. I know, I know, two words never to be uttered here. I merely use them to convey a point.
          Now, Ovid, and Casanova, are our heroes here. Feminism is the ancient contempt of women weaponized by government administration.
          Game, and it’s modern resurfacing are more of a reaction is my point. For the longest time, father/uncle/grandfather’s passed generations of knowledge to their sons/nephews/grandsons. That intellectual lineage has been under the most brutal attack.
          I feel game, though more than this, is the often sought after piece of the puzzle men will use to overcome their current predicament.

        2. Your impression was true and correct. Multi-generational male knowledge is crucial to full male development and is sorely missing nowadays. Game can somewhat fill this void, but it’s only a partial fix and lacks the depth, strength, and sureness of familial wisdom. Civilization will cave in without male-to-male guidance and knowledge.

        3. the problem with game is the focus has a tendency to be solely on getting laid, and if you are not careful that simply ends up being masturbation using a woman’s orifices…..
          there is also a problem with this concept of being alpha, and having to have a certain attitude….
          game has more to do with personal development, money making skills, social skills, technical skills and so forth…. and also has a lot to do with male camaraderie and keeping each other’s backs…
          the alpha attitude is a goal and a result of having good game and good lifestyle, rather than something you can put on like a cloak….

      2. I agree with the posting. Most american women are contaminated and crazy. I beleive this generation of western women is beyond saving. Its just a sign of the decline of this society, a generation of lowclass sluts.

    3. “If it worked so well why didnt Roosh stay in US ?”
      i do think you`re overthinking it. why struggle for scraps in the usa when you can escape to EE or SEA and get nice poon for a fraction of the effort? any sane man would have done the same as roosh.

      1. Most menz are pansies and stuck with awesome beautiful smrt career womynn like me!!!!!!!!! Like OMG u think u deserve anything better? Psh self improvement? lol Get back so work u slave!
        Now man up and pay for my birth control. Free Obamacare rox!! Yellen and Hilary is going to make life so mcuh betta.

        1. man, i don`t even wanna think about what would happen if hillary gets the keys to washington. shudder.

        2. Sweet jesus Yellen is going to kill us all. OBAMA IS GONNA KILL US ALL. when are the objectivists of this world gonna walk away from this all, and create our own society? who is john gault?

        3. so much better until the parties over … then see mad max for lifestyle tips…. you’ll find being female somewhat less pleasant in that scenario….

        4. American women are too stupid to even know what feminism has done to gender relations. Men dont like the average western woman, if the choice is available men will choose foreign women. Women have zero respect for men and dont give a dam if men drop dead.

        5. If Obama was as bad as all you jackholes have been saying, the Earth would have exploded by now.

        6. I am a woman from the U.K. But I can tell you, women here are little better than women in the US.
          As I said, i am British, but I am also of Filipino heritage as well.I honestly do believe that Asian women are (generally) more feminine than Western women. I tend to be very feminine, myself. I act like a girl, I talk like a girl, …and yes.., I THROW like a girl.
          The thing is.., I don’t WANT to be masculine. And it truly blows my mind that so many western women (particularly in the US) DO want to be as manly as they can get by with.
          I bring up my own femininity, because, I have absolutely NO problem attracting men! A few years ago, I began to notice something. While my more feminine girl friends and I always seemed to have boyfriends, the more masculine of my female friends rarely had boyfriends or dates. And not because they were ugly, either. Some were/are rather pretty, superficially. BUT… They behaved in a mannish way. The more masculine any given one of my female friends were/are the fewer boyfriends they got/get.
          I am little and cute, myself, but some of my girl friends look like fashion models. But they cannot get a boyfriend, much of the time.
          I really do think it’s high time for western women to do a bit o soul searching. Time to stop blaming “Men”, if we are not found sufficiently attractive.
          I’m sorry, my fellow females. MEN ARE ATTRACTED TO THE OPPOSITE SEX! (heterosexual ones, anyways) The more you behave as men behave…, the less attractive men are going to find you.
          You can’t blame them for this. They naturally find attractive what they find attractive. JUST LIKE WE DO!
          I’ll leave everyone with some examples of women. One type feminine, one type masculine.
          perhaps any men reading will tell me which they find more attractive.
          Especially take notice of hand gestures, and body posture, as well as demeanor and facial expressions.

        1. no, you were asserting that game contributed to today’s mayhem – a point which has some validity, but i felt like you overlooked the obvious. game is a tool, and just like any other tool it can be used for either good or malicious ends. the fact that roosh chose the change the playing field should not reflect unfavourably upon the act of gaming chicks.

      2. The problem is that Roosh’s actions are intellectually inconsistent with his claims. The justification for becoming a PUA and attracting lots of women for short term relationships and casual sex is that those women are not worthy/capable of long-term dedicated relationships. The justification for going to EE or SEA is that those women are more feminine with traditional values. So as a response to the proliferation of hypergamous, self-centered, career-oriented tramps, Roosh goes to the place where there still are traditional feminine women and treats them like hypergamous tramps. It actually makes perfect sense, but only with the admission that PUAs aren’t some sort of political counter culture. They’re just men out to screw hot women.

        1. American women re good enough enough to screw and not to marry? That makes him a whore who would cheat on his foreign wife!

        2. The problem is the attraction that men loved about american women is tarnished and faded, like a used up old skank. It is a supply and demand world if you have something of value then you will be wanted, other than a screw what else you have to offer?

      3. Whatever “Eastern Europe” is, the women there ain’t less feminist than “Western Europe” or the US. Barring the fact that “Eastern Europe” is a misnomer, women in countries like the former Czechoslovakia have traditionally have had more rights than women even in countries like the US, not mentioning traditionally backwards countries like Italy, France, Spain, or Switzerland. Women in CS could first vote in 1920 (same as the US) and way before the “Western” countries mentioned above. However women in the US could not legally be lawyers until 1971, a right which women in CS already have had for a long time.

        1. “could not legally be lawyers until 1971”. I’m not sure what that legally/hedged qualification means, but women have been lawyers in the USA since 1860. Since this URL:
          Swiss women as backwards? Hahahaha! Yes, technically women can’t vote in a few provinces but it’s not a big deal for them and they have amazing benefits and standard of living that American women would envy. And that perhaps brings up a bigger issue:
          Having all the US presidents being men, for example, means NOTHING when it comes to how a country treats men. Even before women could vote, the country pandered towards men (The Titanic didn’t announce men and children first).

        2. The thing with eastern european women is that they give a damn how they look and are proud of it. They will get pretty, even for going to the groceries store next door. Not because they might meet mister right, but because they owe it to themselves to be at their best.
          They are actually pretty strong women that know what they want. IF you think a nice Russian girl will be pushed in submission, think again. They value family values, true… but they are no cats to be handled without gloves.
          Speaking from experience…

        3. The RMS Titanic was a British ship. Your critique of American misogyny is about as accurate…

        4. Depends how you describe a feminist.A CZ
          woman may be every bit as equal as a man
          and have as many rights but it is actions which count larger than words.As long as the country concerned does not do away with male rights
          and everybody is treated the same I fail to see the argument.It is a woman’s attitude and how she respects her man that is the main concern in the west.The problem in the west is that women are taught to hate men.

    4. “If it worked so well why didnt Roosh stay in US ?”
      i do think you`re overthinking it. why struggle for scraps in the usa when you can escape to EE or SEA and get nice poon for a fraction of the effort? any sane man would have done the same as roosh.

    5. Because that’s only thing you can do in west. Spam approach until you find a 6 or above that is horny.

    6. If you like the thrill of the hunt then gaming’s great and good for you. If you’ve got looks and money you don’t need it though; the pussy comes to you. I’ve always been lazy with women, as I’d rather concentrate on work than waste time at bars. I’m getting to the age where looks don’t work for me anymore, and even if they did there’s really nothing in my age range which interests me. But a mere 24 hours of traveling time and I’m swarmed with 20-something hotties and life is good again. 😀

      1. every relationship has an ulterior motive on both sides…
        the trick is to keep that in check – which naturally happens when you aren’t married to a foreign girl and she likes what you have to offer … thus you offer her incentive by default…. you have leverage by default…
        women are very cynical about thinking into the benefits of being with a guy….. they are also rather good at leveraging what they have and even taking over…… but i don’t think that should make men bitter…. men just have to be smarter and keep the incentive firewall up (and the correct ports open on her router)… hehehehe….
        lest the femware virus gets installed and cause all kinds of problems to both parties operating system.

    7. I don’t understand this ‘game’ thing. We don’t hear about it in Singapore. The last time I visited the US many years ago, there wasn’t such a thing. What is it?

        1. Hmm. Let’s put it this way. My man likes me slim, I stay slim. My man likes me in dresses and skirts, my wardrobe comprises mostly those. My man likes me to be affectionate, he gets extra hugs and kisses when he takes care of me especially well.
          This forms the dynamics of a relationship. When a man takes care of a woman, he gets what he wants. At least that’s how I see it. It keeps him happy and I want him to be happy after all that he’s done for me.
          It’s just a small sacrifice – if we can even call it that – in exchange for being doted on by a loving man.

        2. Agree.on the other hand western women see it as a “right” to be taken care of without giving anything in return.Hence western men don’t find western women attractive.And also western women are not feminine enough

        3. Not sure what men define as feminine : )
          To be fair, I’ve had a guy or 2 bashing me too 😛 Sometimes it’s easy to see why western women get offended 😛
          But there’re different ways of reacting to the bitter and angry folks: retain dignity and don’t engage them or fight with them.
          Mostly, what results is fighting, isn’t it? : ) I’m not sure why. After all, if these bitter people’s parents didn’t teach them manners, they’re just not worth anyone’s time. One can leave them to their unreasonable opinions and focus on people who’re polite and civil : )
          Western women behave a little differently, maybe?

      1. Game: A set of skills with the purpose of gaining a favorable outcome in male / female interactions.

    8. I HATE “game”, it is a feminist construct to make women act stuck up, and hurt the men. Everyone loses.

  10. This article is horrible. Who is doing the moderation for this website? It has the same tone as an angry 12-year-old after his teacher gave him detention for clowning around in class.
    Acting like going overseas will fix things is just stupid. You just have a different set of problems. I’ve lived in Asia for 11 years and the women here might be thin but they are head cases in their own rights.
    And I really didn’t appreciate getting eye-raped by the topless fat chicks. Fuck you, “John Doe”.

    1. The guy obviously frequents 4chan. Read his comments on every other article on here and tell me if this is a guy who should have his opinions taken seriously on a site like this.

    2. It’s true that there are different problems overseas but there FEWER of them. With American women, it’s a perfect storm of spoiled, materialistic, lazy, man-hating, poor grooming, and shallow. I remember before I thought of going overseas that one of them remarked: “Maybe you shouldn’t date. You don’t like women very much!” And I thought to myself, being open minded, she had a point. I stopped dating for a while until I could figure it out. I realized I wasn’t gay (not that I was homophobic or anything, I just was sexually attracted to women) and I genuinely like women when they are being nice (I even have lots of women friends albeit older and/or married ones). So that left me asking whether I should try something new just to get a new perspective. At the time, I thought America was a perfect place to live.
      Then basically as I was getting on the plane, I realized: “Holy crap! I really have a lot to learn!” It was shocking to me how messed up America is. Not just culturally between men and women but politically and even today economically as well. Yes, other places sure have a lot of problems but again, a perfect storm here in the states. I still live here because this is where my work is but beyond that, I’m not impressed by the place anymore and the women least of all.
      And if you think about it, this is not entirely unreasonable. People used to say American cars were the best. Go out and drive. How many people with 2 pennies to rub together want to buy an American car? America has fallen behind in many ways. Let’s face it and move on.

      1. I guess for 99% of us American males that basically all American females find unattractive – they just want us to become asexuals and not want anyone because rape culture ya know.

        1. There’s an old saying about watching how your date treats the waiter because that will be you in a few years.
          The same goes for how people treat less than desirable members of the opposite sex. Because marriage is about better or worse (if things were great, why marry? Just shack up and have fun!) Marriage and relationships are about dealing with hardship when you’d rather leave and seeing the big picture.
          So the shallow alpha girls who treat betas with contempt are not going to treat the alphas much better when they’re down and I have alpha friends and they tell me this is what happened. One had his wife cheat on him. Just for the fun of it. She wanted to see if she could land other men.

        2. So the shallow alpha girls who treat betas with contempt are not going to treat the alphas much better when they’re down and I have alpha friends and they tell me this is what happened. One had his wife cheat on him.
          I’m sorry, but your “alpha” friend became a beta the minute he proposed. Probably the main reason she cheated on him.

        3. well not really no…. in theory you start any kind of partnership for the skills that both sides bring to the table and it should be (in theory) and was in the past possible to be able to rely on that person when the shit hits the fan – in the long run there will always be battles to face ….. otherwise you don’t have a partner you have a liability and no one wants one of those….
          if navy seals just ran away and saved their own asses, when things got tough in battle the squad would be useless… the same goes for marriage…. if she gets pregnant or is out of work, or wants to do 3 years training – you support her on the basis of a partnership that she might support and assist you if things are rough on your side….
          but these days a super alpha that gets a head cold or a parking ticket seem enough to turn the average female into a hypergamous slut…. but i do believe there are women left in the world that don’t think like this and the trick is starting with the right person and also keeping them in check…..
          you are supposed to be investing in each other…. but most women don’t see their side of the equation as an investment… they only want you investing in them…. and when they see that investment waning, they jump ship….. hell even a fortune 500 company has to abide by its investors to some degree….

        4. This was nice and all, but exclusive relationships are simply unnatural. Only a beta male would demand a mutually exclusive relationship. The very act of proposing is an act of submission. Men gets on his knees, begs woman for commitment while simultaneously giving her possibly the most expensive gift he has has ever given
          to anyone, including the woman responsible for his very existance. What kind of beta bullshit is this??? Women should be the ones proposing to men. They have more to gain from the bargain. Once an alpha male pledges that he will limit his infinite mating potential to one vagina, he loses some of his power.

        5. not if you see the wooing stage as a marketing ploy on behalf of the male…. which is what it was originally… once i’ve snared you girlie you will have sex with me whenever i want, put up with whatever lifestyle i can generate for both of us and take care of me when i get old…..
          now while someone opened the escape hatch for women, not all use it or even want to use it…. so it’s simply a question of persuading her that she’s better of staying put once you have her under your roof… that requires a combination of protecting your assets and showing her the carrot and stick….

        6. Everything you’ve described is still possible without the state being involved or a mutual exclusivity agreement. Believe it or not, traditional marriages only lasted this long because men were not expected to be faithful to their wives. It was agreed upon that men could have as many mistresses as they wanted as long as they were trusty providers.

        7. Just look at the Twilighjt moms and 50 shades of gray events, the moment feminists truly takes power, rape would le legalized.
          All the fat sows now decrying men dating younger women would line up to rape younger men, that is the price of failure…

      2. Good comments, Polish. It’s great you got out into the world for awhile; too bad more guys don’t do so. There’s nothing like making observations and drawing conclusions from your own experiences.

      3. The funny thing about the US is, that people even in big cities like LA and NYC never really consider anything outside the US…. I suppose so much of what they watch on TV is fiction, that the rest of the world probably seems like a cartoon to them as well…..

        1. Per cent of U.S. passport holders: 30
          Per cent of Canadian passport holders: 60
          Per cent of U.K. passport holders: 75

      4. “” I realized I wasn’t gay (not that I was homophobic or anything””
        Just FYI. No grown man who doesn’t break out in a fear based cold sweat and panic attacks over the thought of homo’s should use the word “homophobic”.
        It was a shaming word coined by lefties to pathologize the average heterosexual males natural revulsion toward deviancy.

        1. I wanted to emphasize that this feeling I had was due to my own personal preference and not out of (supposed) bigotry. But sure, you’re right. I shouldn’t have to emphasize that fact.
          Believe it or not, I don’t think homosexual men are the problem. Now listen to me for a moment here: Provided they respect my boundaries I can be cool about theirs. It’s radical feminist bull dyke lesbians that sought to make it a crime, or at least a fireable offense, to approach a girl at work and ask her out. Simultaneously, the notion of women having equal rights conflicts with most heterosexual women’s natural desires for a breadwinner, protector man. Feminists will chuckle: “It’s not OUR fault that these men feel emasculated” but in reality, it’s not the men who are feeling that the men are emasculated but the sexist women who crave domination and are at conflict with their urge to be housewives versus a hobby job.
          Most men are cool (many would say on this forum too cool) with relaxing and letting women earn money and take care of things. The notion of the male chauvanist who won’t let his wife work is a joke. It’s the tough guys that don’t pamper women and tell them to sit at home and eat bon bons.
          Most modern American women are seething with hatred towards men not due to feministic notions of denied equality but rather that the men aren’t living up to her traditionalistic desires anymore. Feminism has hurt women in this way just as much as men. Perhaps moreso since in undermining women’s own desires they claim to be acting on their behalf.
          Feminists hate women just as much as they hate men.

    3. I guess my experiences were different. I found the majority of asian females highly approachable, friendly, positive and charming.
      Sure beats “Bitch Shields” and “Staring at smartphone while holding stupid Starbucks cup”
      But, hey if you dont like his articles I hear there is a great mom-approved masculine website called “The Art of Masculinity”. You might wanna go swing over there and check it out…

      1. “Staring at smartphone while holding stupid Starbucks cup”
        Have you ever been to South Korea? Starbucks and Samsung everywhere…well sort of.

        1. well duh, wealthy countries the world over suffer from the same problems. as i said before, having it too easy breeds weakness. it`s not an american problem any more than it is an asian one. it`s a sad fact of life – people slow down when they`ve ‘made it’. that`s why you always gotta stay hungry and prefferably go to countries that are still developing.

    4. Good catch, though I don’t feel the author deserves such a twist of his nose. A mild bleed maybe, but not the thrashing.
      My wife is from a very third world country. She has some of the taints of feminism. The men from there, both traditionally and in our modern era, have quite literally been thrashed through war, poverty, and feminism. A horrific trifecta if ever there was one.
      In fact, feminists the world over rejoice after calamity, as the WHO put it after the Haitian earthquake: ….”is a perfect opportunity to elevate women.”
      Then, they only gave the titles for the homes that were rebuilt to the women, and the tickets for food. Yeah, talk about putting a target on their backs. Anywho…
      I agree, foreign women can be just as bad..if not worse. However, and here is where I agree with the author..a man has a significantly higher chance at marital contentedness with a foreigner than a western woman.
      Just try and live back home in the West for as short a stint as possible. Feminists have an ugly pension for brain washing your foreign spouse to hate you the same way they do for marrying her. They victimize her, to further harm you with their hatred.

      1. where is your mrs from? sounded like india until you mentioned war so i assume middle east? since the feminst influence is present. (itll expalin why those women mouth iff an have materialidtic princess mentslialities

      2. there’s no doubt that some of the poorer countries in the world are very matriarchal… maybe not on the surface but in reality when you live there a few years you find the women rule the roost… much of latin america is incredibly matriarchal when it comes down to it and has been for centuries…. the cliche mexican wife, bashing her husband on the head has been around since the 1800s…. and while latin macho men, try to make up for it by acting so proud, the truth is that across latin america, they go home to their gibbering wives who offer the pretence of a soft loving woman, but the reality of a mother superior in the nunnery

    5. I have to agree with Harland.
      I’m an Asian raised and educated in the West since age two but have been living in Asia for 15 years.
      I have a LOT to say about this but it will just sound like sour grapes from a reject so I will be brief.
      There is NO sense of Western humanism, equality, fairness, etc. here. You take what you can get at your place in the food chain and the only asset women here have is between their legs.

  11. I was just reading this and I have two things:
    John Doe, this is Sarah88, but I wanted to change my name to be gender neutral. Plus, let’s be honest, we didn’t get off to a very good start. I had no idea you were a writer on here! That’s so neat! I feel privileged to have… interacted?… with you. Congratulations. In this article, you spelled due wrong, but other than that it’s a great article. I thought you were just a lowly commenter the other day, but you’re a contributor. So that’s cool and good for you. And as I look over these comments here I see some of these guys are STILL talking about me, which is so strange. I thought crazy women came on here all of the time and ranted about how lame you guys were. Was I really that memorable for being especially extreme and obnoxious?
    I don’t want to fight anymore- I have some begrudging respect for the back and forth, but for this article your picking the extremes. Not all western women are heinous and entitled, and not all foreign women, even from Asia and Eastern Europe, are lovely and submissive. I agree that American women can be pretty awful sometimes, but to say it’s their fault men act the way they do but to not take any responsibility yourself for your behavior- that’s just obviously inadequate. PS American feminism is spreading and will change these isolated women from other cultures anyways, so I guess you better get them fast before they take their own red pill.

    1. Anybody can contribute an article. This guy’s a fucking hack. That said, you should still shut up. Nobody’s talking about you.

    2. If entire world gets infected by american feminism, there’s no reason to live anymore. World would go under because of mass suicide among men.
      Then shortly after women would enter mass hysteria because who would then manufacture and make apps for your iphones ?

      1. You can forget it. Truely feminine high estrogen women cannot live without male energy. These women hate feminists as much as we do because they’re threatening what is most precious to them. I’ve never seen a fertile, feminine and physically attractive feminist. Cute girls only become feminist when they get fat and want men to love them for who they are. Trust me, women know damn well that real men like feminine girls and you’ll be surprised how fast the mask drops in the presence of a worthy man.

        1. exactly!! all women desire to be thought of as hot, but in lieu of genetical fortune, they default to trying to lower the bar for all humanity so that they can be at least thought of as ‘average’. face it people, nobody wants to work more than they absolutely have to. for an ugly chick, it takes way less effort to bitch on tumblr about how there are no good men left, than it takes to put the goddamn fork down and go running or whatever.

    3. “And as I look over these comments here I see some of these guys are STILL talking about me”
      Attention whore.

    4. You spelled “you’re” wrong. And NAWALT is a lame argument. Not all western women are like that…but most are. This isn’t about saving the world from stereotypes, it’s about saving people from unhappiness and bad decisions.
      I’ll give you this point though: American men SHOULD take responsibility. The more men who stop putting up with feminist b.s., the faster feminism and atrocious American female behavior will diminish. In the meantime we have options. The market’s shifting, babe.
      My $.02, not going to argue beyond that.

      1. The trouble is we’re competing against each other for the same thing, the very thing we should unite together and boycott: entitled women with horrible attitudes. That’s so ironic I just heard a hipster’s head explode! Deck…

    5. “And it is just when a woman is trying to be helpful, trying to “save” a
      man, that she is at her most dangerous. Beware that woman who wants to
      “save” you. She may truly believe it, and she may sincerely want it.
      But beware her just the same. Because deep down, in her innermost
      heart, the most secret and cherished desire of every woman is to see a
      man dethroned, and rolled in the muck.”
      Quintus Curtius.
      Get the fuck off our site Sarah88. And, no, dont flatter yourself.
      As far as the typical annoying females trolls here – you were average at best.
      But keep up the snarky attitude . Your IP address will be banned by the Mods soon.

      1. Wow, you’re going to block people who boost web traffic to this site by keeping people constantly coming back to reply?
        I may have had my doubts about whether you guys really are just focused on men’s interests before, but I am now a believer.
        Well, it’s either that or you guys are just really dumb.

      2. Don’t get mad. She is just seeking our attention and approval. She just wants us to like her and know that she isn’t like these awful american women.

  12. How many times are we going to preach to the choir about this? Yeah it’s a shit sandwich but guess what? We all have to take a bite of it don’t we. Us western men have jobs, homes, bills, our own family all here. Getting up and moving to Asia somewhere just isn’t in the cards.
    Work on your game, fitness,finances, make new friends, be passionate about a hobby. People are getting laid here in the West, you have to learn how to play the game by your rules that is all. Telling everyone to get up and move to Asia isn’t really the solution.

    1. I found a traditional Filipina working here in Canada and I’m extremely happy. I’m sure there are plenty in the US too… If you use google properly, it will direct you to some Filipino dating sites.

      1. I know. One of my employees is a real proper Filipina sweetheart who goes to church every Sunday and has a shrine to Jesus in her room (I give her free lodging as well as salary). She’s got a Filipino boyfriend though (lucky bastard).

        1. You are naive. She will not stand in the way of the boyfriend when he dreams up his chance to steal from you.
          If you had ever actually LIVED and DONE BUSINESS (& I don’t mean your gf’s sari-sari store that she talked you into financing), you would know that the most frequent cause of house robberies in the Philippines is: Maid opens the door for her boyfriend some night when Sir & Ma’am are out. Sir & Ma’am come home, find the place cleaned out, maid disappeared.

        2. No sir, I am not naive. I am fully aware of the risks of living and doing business in Phils, but I am not living and doing business in Phils, nor will I ever want to be. My employee, nor her boyfriend, is not going to risk her Canadian Permanent Residency and be deported. Besides, there are good Fillys; they’re not all whores; most are whores, but not all. 😀
          But you are right. If you live in a gated community in Phils you run the risk of the guards robbing and killing you. That’s why when you’re there you act low-key and financially unimpressive. I’ll be staying at a cheap sleazy hotel, primarily because I like cheap and sleazy! 😀

    2. I’m Asian. You are right. Its not easy, even if you come here, you would find it hard to find the right women as they don’t like to go in circles where foreign men hang out.
      Most women in Dating Sites, Bars are looking for a meal ticket and a shelter NOT REALLY A MAN….Also, you will have extreme corruption, treated as a nobody, but a walking ATM by the locals.
      90% of human race is already at the wrong place in wrong time line. Unless you make six figures…have plenty of free time or better a millionaire… DO NOT COME TO ASIA…Sure there is a thrill but the ride is short lived if you don’t have MONEY in Asia…

      1. Articles like this make people believe there is a great pussy paradise somewhere else and all we have to do is get up and go there. Point being if you can’t run game in a city near you then buying a plane ticket to Asia isn’t going to cure that.

        1. the main thing about living outside the US, even in Europe is that things are WAY MORE EXPENSIVE…. sure in Thailand and Mexico and places you can get a cheap beer and smokes cost less….it’s all so fantastic for the first couple of months…. some things cost less, but in the end to maintain a good standard of living is much more expensive… you miss being able to compare prices online and sometimes you just plain get stiffed for simple things that are imported or bribing some policeman over a speeding fine etc. etc. basic stuff like getting a fast internet connection or even hooking up a phone line can be a complicated fuss…. all in a foreign language and on and on it goes… until 6 unproductive and frustrating months have disappeared along with a chunk from you bank account…. then you realise things weren’t so bad back home after all….

        2. The fuck it wont. There actually ARE other countries in the world where females actually act like females and not men like american women. They smile. The can hold a conversation. They can be charming and have a sense of humor. A lot of these guys have no idea what a real female acts like.
          But hey, ‘run game” on the smartphone staring, bitch shield cunts here in the USA all you want and save a few bucks.

        3. Unless you have visited Asia, you have no grounds to make such a
          statement. I am from the UK (a similar situation to US). My success with
          women was pretty limited In my early 20s however this all changed when I
          visited China and Thailand. The experience didn’t persuade me to
          permanently move to Asia, however it did open my mind allowing me to
          understand why swarms of westerners choose to start a new life there.

        4. I get your point, and I believe that learning more about women and truths about the world are important before you embark on the trip, but as long as you’re white, you can fall off of the plane in Asia and get laid easily. I’m not white so I don’t know if you’ll get played eventually if you allow yourself to forget that AWALT, but you will get your dick wet.

        5. Well running game in a bar with 10 thirsty, aggressive guys and 2 stuckup women starring at their iphone is different than running game in a bar with 4 happy guys and 15 smiling beautiful young girls.
          First bar you need super super super game. Second bar you need come as you are.
          So stfu with your stupid game. Of course it will help buying a ticket to Asia.

        6. It has nothing to do with being white. A friend of mine is from Pakistan and he had no problems in Asia.

        7. Who cares about game? If you’re fat, ugly, over the hill, why give up 20-something skin? If all it takes is a few peso, count me in! 😀

        8. “They smile. The can hold a conversation. They can be charming and have a sense of humor.”
          I’m from Canada, and there are a lot of women here who do all of that…
          What is it that Western women are doing that isn’t “feminine”, and making them less desirable?

        9. Just join a gym, and you’ll meet plenty of feminine women (who aren’t hard core Crossfitters)…just be a gentleman, and you’ll meet them…It’s not that hard..

        10. I know this is a year old now, but I couldn’t help but comment. Guest here is absolutely 100% correct. I dated a Vietnamese girl in the states and took a 1 week trip to Colombia. The grass is really greener on the other side. It feels so much more natural, dating is actually enjoyable, not a chore as it is in the U.S.
          I’ve also been talking to a Venezuelan girl who lives in the U.S. right now. I think most of the people perpetuating the idea that all foreign women want to jump on a western man’s back and get a free ride to the states have either fucked themselves out of this opportunity by marrying domestic or are just clueless altogether. Remember, there is nowhere else on the planet that fosters a culture more materialistic and consumerist than the U.S.

        11. Those Some Of The Bitchest Females In The World (The One’s Who Workout In Gym’s)

      2. “No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women
        No fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it’s dark
        Everyone around me is a total stranger
        Everyone avoids me like a cyclone Ranger
        That’s why I’m turning Japanese
        I think I’m turning Japanese
        I really think so” — The Vapors
        Seriously though, it’s dangerous to just go to a country to try to pick up women and come back. But even so, it still has a greater percentage rate than typical American women. It’s much better to immerse yourself in the culture and, of course, have a guide. If you have locals looking out for you, that makes it a lot better.
        But even then, sure, there are American women that can be had. Aging biological clock tickers often are good game. They often have a lot of money and sometimes they realize that they need to change their attitude and start having a family. Since they lack “game” to find a high quality man, it’s easy to punch above one’s weight (A guy whose a 5 can, with a little effort, land an 8 biological clock ticker.) Be prepared to basically walk these naive, frightened women through a relationship but it’s doable. Don’t expect them to be like adults because if they were, they wouldn’t be biological clock tickers. But with a great prenup, they can be quite nice. They’re easy to find: Costco, shoe stores, office depot, among others. But by the time I could land one of them, my tastes had changed.

        1. So what your saying is marry washed up sluts who are not attractive enough for the cock carousel anymore ?
          Then everything is going according to their “plan”.

        2. The lyric is actually “psyched Lone Ranger.” That whole first Vapors album is worth listening to as a soundtrack to what we’re discussing here. Songs are about the decay of Western culture (“Prisoners”), shallow women (“Spring Collection”), and generational/cultural divides (“News at Ten” and “Letter From Hiro”). The last title might be the best song the band ever did.

        3. LOVE that SONG! Ah, the GOOD old days. Pinstripe jeans, fuzzy sweaters… the girls were not yet poisoned by their feminist mommies. Told they were princesses perhaps, but not yet rotten to the core… the good old days indeed.

      3. What country are you from bro? Because thats some pretty stupid advice you gave there. Most of us American dudes are pretty smart. Ive been to Asia 10 times. Pretty sure you dont need to make six-figures or be a millionaire to have a great time.
        You just gotta be “not asian”. LOL

      4. lavista is correct… it’s not worth it to come here. You will gradually become more Asian (i.e. corrupt) and once you get savvy to this place you are no longer a novelty and even Asian women will shun you.

      5. O rilly? ‘Cause I’m in Asia too – been here a number of years now. Was pretty easy for me the moment I touched down, and has stayed easy for me. The great thing about not being rich is that you don’t get the gold digger or green card hunter chicks, either.
        There are some parts of Asia where this is more prevalent… e.g., Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines. If it’s a clear third world country, yeah – people will scam the bejesus out of you every chance they get. Including the girls if you aren’t careful.
        What your comment really reads as is, “Stay out of my continent, you woman-stealing white devils!” Which… is silly; even if 20,000 not-Asian men move to Asia after reading this post (and it won’t be 20,000; it’ll be more like 6; the other 19,994 will just talk about how “Someday, I’ll do it, and Western woman will rue the day!” and then they’ll go marry a chubby American girl anyway), that’s such a drop in the bucket it won’t even be noticed. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but 60% of the world’s population are Asian… I don’t think you’re in any danger of running out of Asian women to meet.

        1. “What your comment really reads as is, “Stay out of my continent, you woman-stealing white devils!””
          Lol, yep. Over-paid, over-sexed and over here…

        2. Sorry the comment “over-paid, over-sexed, and over here.” originated from Austrailia during WW2, about the american GIs who were banging their daughters left and right, all the while spending American cash like crazy. IOW I was referring to the phrase’s origins more than the commenter.

      6. “Also, you will have extreme corruption, treated as a nobody, but a walking ATM by the locals”
        I love corruption; I can buy myself out of petty crimes. Sure, there are scams which involve underage girls who work with police to fleece foreign idiots of their money, but if you’re going after underage girls you deserve to rot in a Philippine prison.
        I like anonymity, so I couldn’t care less about being a nobody; besides, that’s what expat bars are for if you get lonely: comrades in arms.
        As for a walking ATM, all you have to do is say “NO!” What’s so hard about that?
        You don’t need a shitload of money to go to Asia a few times a year for your jollies, just a decent job or a successful small business.

      7. I don’t believe half of what I’ve read here, but I believe this. Thanks for posting.

    3. “How many times are we going to preach to the choir about this?”
      “Work on your game, fitness,finances, make new friends”
      LOL. Great tips. Max. Lol.

    4. What’s a reason to play the game in the West? All you can get is yet another feminist who hates you. Fortunately I’ve never lived in the West and never will, but if I was, I’d prefer a doll of rubber. At least it doesn’t hate men, doesn’t make false rape accusations and false dv accusations.

      1. You are sorely mistaken. Women love and will always be addicted to male energy, especially the high estrogen ones. Are you aware of how much money women in the west spend on lingerie? Didn’t the huge success of thirty shades grey teach you anything? Feminist posturing is one big shit test to weed out the remaining alphas from the sea of castrated beta male and pseudo alpha pua wannabes.

        1. I don’t get it. If it’s all only “posturing” then what’s the deal with the current anti-family courts, alimony, child custody/support, false rape statistics, work place deaths and affirmative action?
          Maybe if you’re 18? and don’t really do anything it’s just all “feminist posturing”.

    5. Do you think marriage to a feminist-minded North American woman is a good strategy in this “game” of yours? Ask someone who has just been divorced, lost everything, paying so she and her new boyfriend can f*ck in his house, and now can’t see his kids anymore if this is a game. If all there is to life is “getting laid”, then I guess it’s just a game, hey?

    6. So, why do I have to play some silly games or do some other BS just to get a woman to be with me?
      I just want a simple woman who likes and accepts me for who I really am. If she cares about what I have or what I can do for her, then I would let her find someone else. I am not the right guy for her.

    1. And half the men chase after the first skirt that enters the room.
      It is unseemly, gentleman. If you wish to be kings comport yourself with at least a modicum of dignity.

      1. Kings? lol These pyjama boys are like the dwarf court jester.Except they’re not funny just pathetic.

  13. I think what you’ll find, particularly in expensive cities such as NYC, is that more and more women will cohabit w/ each other and fags — even to the point of sharing a bed platonically — for large chunks of their lives. Of course, there will always be the cats too… Poor creatures.

      1. So we’ve seen attention whoring, NAWALT, and now “women are not responsible for their whorishness; men are!”
        Hamsterbation hat trick, gentlemen!

        1. The evidence is infallible; the age of marriage is lowest in places where there are more men than women. Women are willing to commit when they have lots of options. Men are irresponsible and act like kids in a candy store when there are lots of women around. They’re mentally children.

        2. Yes, female whores are clearly part of the male patriarchy, whats the matter can’t you see that men are to blame for everything? Women commit when they have lots of options, which is why hot 16 and 18 year old chicks date older men and never marry. But when there options get large as their faces become beaten and worn down at 28, 29 they commit to men because their options have become more numerous and grow tired of the cock carousal. Whereas young men are rushing to the alter and when they get older and more appealing to women in their 30s they avoid marriage.

        3. The marital age is highest in places with lots of women, like New York, and lowest in places with lots of men, like Austin.
          So if women aren’t marrying where you live, you might want to take a look at the manchildren around you. There’s your answer.

        4. Not quite, we just see that its not wise to rush down and marry one chick. Its better to walk down and bang them all.

        5. Yes, riding the pussy carousel.
          Again, when women act like whores, it’s because of men. Which is all well and good, but then don’t bitch about women acting like whores when it’s your fault for being manchildren who refuse to settle down.

        6. i like that…”riding the pussy carousel”. I can envision it and it is AWESOME!!!!. Why would a man with many options of women settle down…its illogical.

        7. lol
          Again, that’s fine that you think that. I honestly have no problem with men being men (promiscuous, unfaithful, self-serving, etc.) My problem is when men deride women for doing that which they do themselves and MORE of.

        8. I know..double standards. It sucks…..but in WORLD SOCIETY, a man who bangs a lot of women is a stud and a women who bangs lots of men is a whore. I didn’t make the rules..but oddly enough…it makes sense.

        9. You are a nutcase. Do you know how many millions of single, hardworking, respectable, attractive guys are out there that cant even MEET a girl or get a DATE?
          But in your silly little mind we men are all “promiscuous, unfaithful, self-serving, etc”
          Respectfully, FUCK OFF OUR SITE

        10. The word you are searching for is “irrefutable.” And it’s not, by the way.
          Another, more accurate way, of looking at this data is that women are on their best behavior when the men are in charge.
          It’s pretty common knowledge that women generally slut it up in response to receiving encouragement, pressure, and positive reinforcement from OTHER WOMEN who have already been riding the good ol’ carousel.
          You go, grrrls!

        11. Doesn’t Lisa mean that the evidence is “infantile”? The age of your thought process is definitely in the 5-year-old range. Women like you should be committed for psychiatric study without the option of release. Mental health authorities have the responsibility in seeing that adults who act like kids should be put away. Women are so worthless when they have the mentality of children.

        12. Yeah, other Lisa has so much problem with hypocritical guys. The Taliban is full of guys like that. Lisa should prove how much she backs up what she says and take a flight over to where they are and give them a piece of her business. After all, the pussies over here are such weaklings compared to her.

        13. well that, in a nutshell, is you bitches’ problem. you can only see what the TOP TEN PERCENT OF MEN are doing. yes they fuck around. why? BECAUSE THEY CAN. any man alive would fuck around if he could. it`s our animal instincts.
          noone ever talks about the plight of the downtrodden males,though. and i do NOT mean the omega losers who couldn`t talk to a girl to save their lives. i`m talking about the literally MILLIONS of ‘nice guys’. the beta men who would treat your ass good if you only gave them a chance. there`s a truckload of those guys around, i see them all around me. and yet the most those guys can hope for, is some average-to-below-average chick who only wants to lease them for 10 years, pump out 2 kids, then promptly divorce their ass.
          where`s the fairness there, honey????

        14. look up books on evolutionary psychology. the answers are all there – esp. when it comes to the stud/slut double standard.

        15. now now admiral, don’t go around trying to inject logic into lisa’s argument, lest she throw a crying fit..

      2. This paper has issues because for political reasons it can’t address the reality that many young women, when they are in demand by men, don’t want to settle down but rather shag around. By the same token, and men should accept responsibility for this, many men supported man-hating feminism in the hopes it would make women more slutty.
        But the evolutionary paper can’t address feminism’s effects on women becoming more slutty and irresponsible because that would be unPC so it can’t be touched.

        1. SOME women when they are in demand don’t want to settle down, but they are greatly outnumbered by the percentage that DO want to settle down.
          Men just don’t notice those ones because they are only focussed on the most attractive third of women. OK Cupid results found that that’s all men were messaging! http://manboobz.com/2012/10/06/choosy-women-a-threat-to-civilization-itself/
          It is actually MEN who alpha-chase (with alphas being the most attractive women). When they accuse women of this they are projecting.

        2. Absolutely not. Women in high demand, as in those with the best looks, are not looking to settle down. They can get all of their emotional and sexual needs met by a variety of alpha males, and plenty of beta male orbiters. Of course men are focused on the most attractive women, just as women are focused on the most attractive men. But there are differences in what men and women find attractive.
          There are two problems with your cited article. First, it’s from a site called manboobz.com. Secondly, the article only compares what men and women thought of profiles based on looks. It attempts to portray women as morally superior to men because they were willing to give men with lesser looks a chance. However, this is a huge flaw because it overlooks one simple truth: women don’t care about looks in a man as much as men care about looks in a woman. Women care more about other things like social status, wealth, power, etc. Looks still matter but men are most certainly more ‘visual’ when it comes to sexual partners than women are.

        3. The bottom 2/3 of OKC women represent the bottom 10% of female humanity. “Making the cut” there means you are at least a 4. What a badge of honor.
          And you cite Manboobz? You really are new around here.

        4. Manboobz is like totally valid. It’s like the gold standard of proof. If you can find it on there, it has to be true. lolz. Dunno if it gets any lamer than that. Gives us Lisa’s a bad name.

        5. Ahhh, so you’re just a depressed little piglet who wants to complain. It really isn’t that hard for a women (especially in this day and age of mass obesity) to end up in the pool of “most attractive third of women”. Just get in shape and have a pleasant sociable personality. Shaming men for being attracted to attractive women isn’t going to help you.

        6. Men and women all want to “move up” when they find a mate. It’s only men who are vilified for it. When a woman does it, it’s “You go girl!”.

      3. you’re only as loyal as your options…alpha men have many. Alpha men don’t have to settle for scraps at the feminist table. We dine on the smorgasbord that are feminine attractive women.

        1. “You’re only as loyal as your options.”
          Incorrect. This is a philosophy of the morally bankrupt. So it is no big shock that it is mostly embraced by men.

        2. LOL, King Solomon is said to be the wisest man that ever lived….he had hundreds of wives and concubines (concubines in polygamous societies) a woman who lives with a man but has lower status than his wife or wives. Ah, the good ole days!

        3. I know. That’s what the “traditionalists” and “antifeminists” want. Essentially, they just want a return to the days when they could cheat on their wives shamelessly with no punitive measures because the wife has no job or roof over her head if she leaves.
          We egalitarians want the opposite of that. And we are winning.

        4. Actually, King Solomon was a KING. He was allowed to have many wives an concubines who all knew of each other an the role they played in his empire and life. He wasn’t cheating. An yes. that is what men want. Feminists aren’t winning anything….its silly to even assume so. This is but a small hiccup in the history of man. nothing more. If you look through the entire history of humanity. you will come to the same conclusion. Women speak from wounded hearts which ultimately mean nothing. No real damage is done. No one was assaulted, robbed or killed. Someone’s feeling were hurt. hardly something to get upset about.

        5. “You’re only as loyal as your options.”
          Correct. Lisa942 is solipsistic and morally bankrupt. So it is no big shock that her theories are embraced by her alone..

        6. Lisa knows only her fantasies. That’s why she needs to label those who don’t smoke her weed as “traditionalists” and “antifeminists”. Essentially, she just wants to believe that cheating is irrelevant when guys figure out that little babies like her are a waste of time. Fortunately she and her type don’t represent the greater part of the female population (not the attractive ones for sure.) Feminists like to think they are so in control yet all this trolling lets on that they know they can only act so tough because the Patriarchy protects them.
          Lisa should try her big talk in person on the streets of some third world country. Egalitarians are in big demand over there. 🙂

        7. has it ever occurred to you that morals are RELATIVE, sweety? you know what`s moral for me? whatever makes me happier. if cheating provides me with a boost of happiness, i`m gonna do it. morally bankrupt? neah, i think of myself as rational as opposed to encumbered by ‘feewings’.

        8. The feeling that deceit is perfectly acceptable is common among those who show dark triad characteristics (sociopath traits). Who is most likely to display these characteristics? Men.
          At least when women cheat they feel bad about it.

        9. i would rather be called names but be happy on the inside. go ahead, knock yourself out 😉

        10. Lisa the troll does not speak for all women. She feels so bad about herself that she thinks any attention is better than none. Trolling is far worse a trait than cheating will ever be.

        11. LMAO! Women who decide to cheat have their excuses made up and believe their own rationalizations before they even spread their legs! It’s called a hamster, darling, and every woman alive has one spinning around in her little head.
          Spin spin spin around the little hamster wheel goes!

        12. You can’t re-badge feminism. Nice try though. Women don’t want real equality. It’s been proven 1000 times over. Well, if “Egalitarian so long as I’m winnning” flies with the emasculated chumps you associate with, then I guess…

      4. Please go practice your Gender Studies coursework elsewhere before your IP address gets banned by the Moderators

      5. No, by the way. Men want women who suck like whores and not women like you, who just suck.
        Trolls like you are just opportunistic. You think you are getting the better of others when all you are doing is making your cause look more and more desperate. There’s no shortage to your tragedy.

      6. So – men are responsible for men’s actions and men are responsible for women’s actions too… Okay, so let’s form some logic from that feminist dogma of yours:
        Men: Always held responsible and accountable
        Women: Not so much.
        Yep, sounds like modern feminism to me.

  14. Why? Gee, um… “I remember the letter I got from my wife while I was in Iraq… she said she wasn’t ‘haaapy’.”:

    1. If you kill yourself over a woman, that’s your own damn stupidity.
      No, you don’t have to let the system make you poor: work for cash, start a business where you can control your ca$hflow, or work abroad. No, you won’t be permanently alienated from your kids; once they start thinking with their own brains and not their mother’s they will come looking for you and you have a second chance to build a relationship with them. The video was all self-pity and blaming others. Sure, he needed counseling, but really, you do not kill yourself over a stupid woman. I hate to sound callous, but it is what it is. If I lost everything today, I’d be right back working at it tomorrow.
      But it makes you wonder about today’s bitches. The women of the WW2 era stood faithfully behind their returning husbands. They were a much better breed. It’s a shame how far women have fallen in quality in just a generation or two,

  15. I’m surprised noone said anything about the $2 Trader Joes wine. I personally don’t like Trader Joes. I don’t think there’s anything impressive about it. If I want good, inexpensive exotic fruits and other goods, I hit the Asian markets and even the Hispanic markets. I have found some amazing bargains in wines at… Big Lots. Yes. Big Lots. Most of the wine there is pretty bad but some of it, wow. The key is I look at the label and see how it’s made. In the states, there are many fine Californian wines to be had at a good price. If you buy cheap Italian or Spanish wines, it’s likely most of the money in bringing them here went to the importers so what’s left for the wine? If you find a good Californian vintage though, it can be brought to your local store inexpensively.
    Another option is Costco. Have found some wonderful stuff there. But I agree, good taste is a curse. I can’t handle bagged teas anymore. I need it loose brewed or not at all.

  16. I’m 45 and still in shape and good looking, but I like 20-something hotties and always will. I gots to face the facts, I can’t get it anymore here in Canada, but it seems I’ll be swarmed by it in Asia. Someday it’ll get to the point where I’ll have to pay for it, but guess what? I don’t give a flying fuck. I’ll never move to Thailand or Phils permanently, but I’ll damn well spend 3 or 4 months of every year there. Gotta face the facts and set your morals aside: you pay for it one way or the other, so it might as well be with a slim little respectful hottie than some loudmouth cellulitey westerner.

      1. “Men don’t grow up.”
        I thought you learned that in a previous discussion.
        And don’t forget, saggier tits too.

        1. And saggier apple shaped pooch sacks that must make it impossible to find her desert dry center, after swinging from those wrinkled, wheel barrow necessitated jungle vine sacks to start said geriatric adventure.
          Ahh, choices, choices; do I take Viagra, and black spray painted goggles to the retirement home, reliving old memories to be tainted by urine-encrusted uterus with old embittered harpy attached, or commit suicide at a pre-determined age…that is the question?

        2. There’s a third option, my man: retire to Thailand and enjoy a soapy massage every day. No need to dwell on past memories of glory; make new ones every day! Suicide is an option only as an alternative to palliative care.

      2. We do?
        My balls have always just kind of hung there even since I was a kid.
        How do I measure the sagginess? A tape measure?

        1. You haven’t actually disproved anything I’ve posted. Only demonstrated the pathetic lengths men will go to when butthurt.

        2. As the troll, Lisa942 has to prove her point not the other way around. Everybody knows she has to go to these lengths because she is but-ugly-hurt already. Posting junk is not proving her point.

        3. Wow your responding to yourself now. I guess nobody else wants to talk to you xD

      3. if by ‘grow up’ you mean give up and give in to a life of servitude, then indeed the good men never grow up. and we like it that way.

      4. Where are you getting your information? I will be 57 in a few weeks and my scrotum is silky soft, housing two robust and brimming testicles.

        1. How did your get your scrotum silky soft? Maybe Im not using the right conditioner down there..

        2. It comes with age, Kid. As you get older, the skin collagen loses its elasticity, and your ballsack takes on the feel of a favorite old baseball mit or a finely aged bota’.
          Also, having your foreign wife gently massage your loins nightly will keep it soft and supple.

      5. Translation:
        *wide eyed*
        Please, please, please let me lick your balls. I’m a lonely troll…

      6. Women grow up. To be entitled feminists. Then they are useless.
        PS – Lisa: You’re wasting your pretty commenting in the manosphere. Get out there and get yourself a man or start collecting cats now…

    1. He’s absolutely right. And believe it or not, the USA and Canada are the least bad of the Axis. Aus/NZ, UK, and Ireland are far worse.

  17. Crappy article, crappy pictures.
    Like others here have said, simply moving overseas isn’t going to solve all your problems. It’s something every man should try, but you won’t necessarily get pussy handed to you.
    Also, taking the red pill means understanding how to attract women and becoming a better man. It doesn’t mean become bitter and angry, and start hating all women. It doesn’t mean start writing childish angry rants about women.
    Anyone who thinks this guy is a good example of masculinity, you are what’s wrong with this site.

    1. We anxiously await your upcoming article SillySil. Please enlighten us with your Red Pill wisdom on become non-bitter men.
      If that doesnt work out for ya – there is a new site that is mom and wife approved I guess called “The Art of Masculinity”
      Check it out yo

        1. Lol. Are you kidding? Dont associate me with that fucking nutjob.
          That being said, old John does grow on you after awhile…

    2. First step in Red Pill is becoming bitter and angry. Second step is improving yourself. When that only helps a little bit, third step is to travel.

  18. What do you consider feminine? I have to think back a few decades for a classic example, but Scarlett Johansson seems like a solid choice. It seems that femininity has a transcendental quality after you strip away cultural differences, upbringing, and social influences. Is a feminine woman more likely to fi d commitment from a man?

    1. You go quite literally go back to 93, and found a bit higher percentage of still very feminine girls that would be genuinely interested in hanging out with you, and get an ice cream or something. Yet the nineties were the decade that feminism killed the current generation of females.
      Better batten the hatches you young bucks, work hard, save money, and marry a foreign hotty untainted by feminist caprice when ready to settle. And only after the laws have changed!
      If not, try and find a open-minded enough woman to bear your bastard, and hopefully won’t think your money is hers, and hers is hers.
      Yeah, good luck with that!

    2. Frankly, it really isn’t a matter of feminine or non feminine for me. It’s a matter of skin color. The dark the woman’s skin, the happier I am. Maybe I’ll expat to Africa soon.

      1. Also, I am not racist against blacks. I got no problem with black people. It is mostly indians that I fucking hate. Indians and Pakistanis. The fucking subhuman filth of this earth that needs to be wiped away.
        I am praying to God or Satan or whoever for a 3rd world war. I REALLY, really want to see India and Pakistan blow each other to hell with their nukes.

        1. If India and Pakistan nuke each other, I am going to die : (
          Pakistan is worse than India. I’ve known people who’ve lived there and been there.
          I still have a lot of hope for India. Don’t count us out yet. : )

        2. John goddammit ! some of us are reading this block at work ! You cant post picture like that lol

        3. pakistan and india should be 1 nation again.Fighting each other instead of the brits is a retarded idea.
          @jon doe
          thought u liked south asians since you always post indian women?

        4. India and Pakistan becoming one nation again is downright impossible. Not gonna happen, no matter how hopeful one is.

  19. “This party is lame…I hear there’s an excellent party not far from here…but I’m staying here!”
    If you think foreign women are worth moving for, then what’re you doing here? Don’t buy a ticket to the game if you can’t stand the team. All right, I’m all out of analogies.
    But seriously- while 90% of American women are fickle whores, I think there are a few girls out there worth the investment. Luckily for men, we don’t have a wall and can accumulate money, power, success, AND age while being in no rush to find one.

    1. If 10% of American women are worth dating, that also means they have 10 guys each to choose from. Fuck that.

      1. Is it really that hard to best nine other guys to get a quality piece? Luckily in America, those nine other guys will go through life with no standards, picking women 25 years old+ with the most baggage possible.

  20. John Doe, you excuse of a worthless man, stop posting pictures of ugly fatties at the top of the page… There is a reason I packed my bag and left US… couldn’t stop vomiting after seeing so much blubber all around me.
    Put a bold RED Line Warning before you post those pics.

    1. LOL.. reading a John Doe article is like curiosity compelling you to watch the carnage at an accident site, and then vomiting over what you see!
      John, you do sound extreme and even bat shit crazy sometimes, but you hit the nail on the head with this one. The sheer lack of self respect and class of many western women today has become utterly revolting.

      1. I sound “batshit insane” for daring to suggest that 9-11 was done by Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad?
        Just like how 5 years ago I sounded “batshit insane” for daring to suggest that the government is spying on us all?

        1. get off your pedestal, man. as the old saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day. what i mean by that is that you’ve been spewing so much shit, you were BOUND to hit on one or two of those conspiracy theories – but that does not make you a clairvoyant. cmon.

        2. because if you were, you would have foreseen my criticism and proactively defended yourself

  21. John Doe, may I ask where do you find the pictures accompanying this article? I live in Houston, TX, I travel ALL around the city at various times of the day and evening due to my occupation (wait staff w/ a catering company) and I’ve never ever seen women behave in such disgusting, abhorrent ways I mean ewwww GROSS!!! (yes to despite Roosh’s NO WOMEN rule I’m here) and I’m embarrassed by the behavior you speak of. I have NEVER behaved like this and NO woman I personally KNOW has behaved like this, how NO CLASS

    1. They exist. The photos weren’t Photo-shopped.
      I’ve noticed a fair amount of women on RoK lately. Maybe Roosh has changed his policy — or is feeling mischievous.

      1. Jeb, I doubt Roosh would change his mind, however I may be wrong… I believe you when you say the pics weren’t photo-shopped but really how gross, no wonder U.S. men have no use for the “modern American womyn” I’m a woman and I’m shocked to see just a complete lack of class………..WOW as you can clearly see I am NO feminist…….. YIKES

      2. All these women are just alpha male attention whores.
        As soon as men start to give up on American women, the same bitches will re-double or triple their efforts to get men’s attention.
        Funny, because if we are all such “losers”, shouldn’t these women be HAPPY that we no longer want them? Rather, they come on here and try to get our attention. Strange.

        1. Judgmental much John Doe?? You called me an “attention whore” for agreeing with you? WOW and here I was thinking the RoK authors and readers were a bit more fair minded……..alas not so

    2. Well until you’ve been OUTSIDE of America, you have no idea what a real woman acts like.
      Once you’ve actually seen real women, then you’ll never be able to be attracted to the American woman ever again.

  22. “That is fine, change is coming either way. You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring it.”
    This ten thousand times this.

  23. The Superman-Kryptonian analogy really fits the bill with this article:
    Let’s say western men and women from any of these 4 axis of feminist evil countries are from Krypton. When a western man leaves Krypton and goes anywhere else in the world, his value shoots straight up just as the Kryptonians power does when they leave Krypton and come to earth. We are Superman abroad.
    However the opposite is true of a western female. When she leaves Krypton and ventures out anywhere in the world, her value goes straight down due to such sweeter foreign prospects.
    And so the western female needs to be reminded of her true value in relation to the western male. Unfortunately Krypton is as good as it gets for her, and just like in the comic, this society and Krypton are both sinking ships.

    1. Oh don’t worry. Western women living in Asia know full well how low-value people consider them.
      Here’s a few articles written by white women who are living in Asia. The common theme is “Why can’t we find a boyfriend here? Why does no one like us?”

      1. This is all quite true. Foreigners will tolerate single white women behaving as they do to an extent. But, I traveled with a typical American girl of Asiatic descent who was confused to be a local of all the countries we went to in SE Asia. She experienced disdain almost everywhere we went. We were basically stared at for 3 months, because they thought that one of their own was acting like a western woman. Lesson learned: other cultures don’t tolerate that shit.

        1. Foreign men immediately see American women for what they are- masculine, frantic, psychologically unbalanced people.

      2. Most Indian men want to have sex with white women as the general perception is they’re sexual freaks, up for anything. But no Indian man I’ve ever met wants to get married to one.

        1. I got a few indian friends and the men are all pretty disgusted with white women. Yes, they want to fuck them. But marry them? NONE of them want to marry a white woman.
          Unfortunately, these faggot indian men do not like to share their women with white men. Many white men are starting to see Indian/Arab women as hidden treasure, like gold.

        2. well men out number women there. Plus white men ruin women in general not just white women. The ones they have no problem for white men to marry are non virgin westernized ones. If you do get this indian/middle eastern girls they will start “acting like a white woman” because they know they can get away with it. White women are meant for playing but the brown was is for marrying and reproducing.
          I come from the middle eastern and indian background, we’ve got some white guys that married in to the family but they essentially got a white woman in a brown womans body(at least the white woman doesnt have body hair and get fat after having kid as much as the brown woman).
          YOu only see them as gold since you never dealt with them, they mouth and shit test like no tomorrow, when u act alittle beta she gets more alpha. Why do you think thses men are hyper aggressive their women? I did this with an afghan girl, the second I was nice she really got western woman x10 on me. Lot of work keeping them in line. Rather pick a cool minded asian woman, plus smooth bodys always slim and nearly eternal youth.

      3. Uh, the woman who wrote the first post in this list is married. So I highly doubt she’s wondering why she can’t find a boyfriend.

  24. For fucks sake can we please have a NSFW notice in the fucking title? Reading this blog is going to get me fucking fired.

    1. if ya wanna go the safe route, just use an ad-blocker and set it to block any jpg files on this domain. problem solved.

      1. Pete M, fired from his job as a stock broker, for looking at an article talking about how white women are fat bitches and asian women are sexy submissive thin little sexy slaves.
        See u in hell, /b/ro

        1. I was banned from Salon after some woman complained that I was “keeping a sex slave” in my basement.
          Pissed me off because I don’t even have a basement.

        2. HA!
          There’s nothing more hilarious than to troll white women by telling them how Asian women are superior to them.
          That’s why I keep writing these articles. Because I enjoy watching white women go apeshit.

  25. This is interesting. For you, “foreign” women are mostly Asian and Eastern European. I’ve lived in Asia, I’ve lived on the Balcans. The women there want a man to feed them, make them pregnant and give them money to buy shoes. Is that what you mean? They make themselves pretty and dress up nicely until they have such a man, and after that – well, then they have what they wanted.
    So I am (really, honestly) curious about how a woman in your world would have to be. Say, she’s 25, had a few boyfriends in her life, broke up with her fiancé after learning he cheated on her, and is now earning her own money and living in a rented apartment. What would such a woman have to do in order to a) catch your eye, b) earn your respect and c) be “feminine”? Is it all superficial, like wearing heels and make-up? Is it behaviour, like not getting drunk, not swearing, not expecting you to give her gifts? Is it a question of education, upbringing and expectations?
    I would really like to know the answers to these questions, just to understand more.

    1. to catch our eye, looking good is enough. to earn our respect, not being a dipshit goes a long way. to stick around though, is a different story. call me a cynic, but i do not think that human relationships can last. i see myself as swinging from branch to branch until i can swing no more and ‘retire’. and it’s not just men’s nature. as a woman, most would say that you should get a ‘nice guy’ – however that only ensures that in 10 years’ time you’ll be sick and tired of him and therefore ready to pack up and leave. should you get a real man (alpha), he’ll probably dump you long before you can dump him. not even considering the loser omega males here, as they`re the bottom of the barrel.
      well then, seems all of us are shit out of luck, at least as far as favourable odds go. how do you like the world now, feminists? even with the best intentions, because of your poison people cannot be happy with one another. great fucking job.

    2. In plain English, we are looking for a woman who is simply not a fucking complete bitch and is a pleasure to be around. And thus 95 percent of American/white women are disqualified.

      1. I think 95% is being generous. And by “not complete bitch” I assume you meant for that to include “poisoned by modern feminism”.

  26. “The masculine energy is characterized by strength and power while the
    feminine energy is characterized by softness and healing ability.”
    Healing ability? Healing ability? Read Florence Nightingale’s comment on women.
    (also, there is no such thing as “energy” in the sense used here.)

      1. Yeah, it’s bullshit. You got a snake at the base of your spine that uncoils as you do breathing and visualisation exercises. Why a snake? Well – why not! It’s long and thin, so that proves it!

        1. So you just blatantly reject something that has been talked about in many ancient religions?
          Westerners are such arrogant people, and you are arrogant in your ignorance. Although you foolishly think yourself to be so advanced. Yep, you’re advanced alright. That’s why your white women are out of control.
          Frankly, I am sickened by how stupid most white people are and am basically ashamed to be white. I think race mixing is the best solution to feminism. White men and non-white women get along very nicely. White women have been brainwashed from birth by the Jewish media to hate white men. There is nothing you faggots can do to stop this. Might as well just give up on white women and get yourself a nice Asian or non-white woman.

        2. I reject it as cheerfully as I reject smearing dung on wounds to make them better, or the notion that the world was created 6000 years ago. Fans of avuredic medicine should be made to go live in India alongside the poor people who can’t get into western-style hospitals.
          What’s arrogant is adamantly insisting that goat-herders thousands of years ago were right about the universe and that every single hard-won advance in knowledge since then has been wrong. Insisting that the world is made up of auras because math and science is all just too hard.

      1. idealistically speaking you are correct. reality however shows us that the vast majority of women are cunts. therefore feminine women are the exception and not the rule, and that was Paul’s point – the majority of women do not possess the ‘healing ability’ that the author was referring to. those that have this ability are exceptional and we would all be so lucky as to find one.

  27. And how about African women? Are they feminine? There’s less feminism to be found there than there is in Asia.

    1. me personally, i wouldn’t ever screw a black chick. not because i’m a racist but because of personal preferences.

      1. And I think that’s how the author seems to think about it to, since his description of what are obliviously Asian women comes straight out of the ads of mail order bride sites.
        The beta’s that import Asian women, get the used up skanks that are sent abroad by their families to collect money.
        It’s the pinnacle of consumerism, “”feminity”” as a product, produced at cheap costs in the slums of Manilla.

        1. only if you sit on your fat ass and expect the bride to be delivered to your door-step. if you however decide to be active, you go there and have your pick of women. the gist of the article was that, should you do that, you would be amazed at how much larger the pool of acceptable candidates is.

        2. Yeah, the sluts. Which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid by going here.
          The fabled flowers of femininity are not going to jump on the dick of some white guy who uses “”game””.
          That’s the contradiction of this whole article. If Asians really are that much better than us, why would they ever settle for a white man?

        3. wait a second. the topic was how foreign/asian WOMEN are better than american ones. also, i don’t think you can dispute that white men are typically better than your average (south-east) asian man. just a better combo of looks and money.
          hence, the best asian women would prefer white men, who in turn prefer asian women over their feral beasts at home. problem solved.

        4. First western culture is dragged through the mud, even declared subhuman by the author of the article, but then somehow this only applies to women? Degeneracy works both ways.
          If it is only looks and money that the best Asian women value, how are they any better than the western women who are being critized for just that?

        5. Oh how cute… poor wittle baby is upset because men are refusing to marry her. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

        6. in order to avoid retyping, i’ll just copy-paste a previous comment of mine, pertaining to a similar idea as yours:
          “absolutely correct. woman`s true nature is the same the world over.
          however, the plight of modern man was never about AVOIDING PAIN, but
          rather making the pain WORTH IT. you have to fight to make it work with
          any woman on the planet, sure, but i`m sure any man would feel better
          about his struggle if he received the love and attention of a feminine
          woman, instead of busting his ass to please some entitled cumbucket with
          princess-syndrome. all the pain of making a relationship work is more
          palatable alongside a sweet woman, is what i`m saying.”

        7. Is this ROK version of “”You’re just mad because you can’t get laid, shitlord”” ?

        8. The ‘best’ Asian women are snapped up by guys in their own country before you or I have thought about going. Most of em find the idea of dating outside their race unappealing, a lot of them that do are either desperate or wanting to get away from a stifling culture. The majority of Asian women you might meet on a trip abroad and who will get into bed with you have been run through by the whole local community of expats before you get your go. Then dopey mcwhitey gets diggin the hot Asian who plays the stereotype and him like a nintendo. And then their is the language barrier. How you gonna be a king (beyonnd a tourist getting ripped off) in a country where you cant even read a menu? Have you actually thought all this through?

        9. i did, actually. i’m not planning on a two-week tour but rather settling down there once i get my cash flow in order. that involves learning the language as well. i’m in this for the long haul.

        10. also, i plan on avoiding major urban areas so as to avoid expats and their corruption (used-up skanks being passed around). i much prefer the beach to any city’s skyline anyway.

        11. When my foreign bride arrived with the FedEx sticker on her forehead she had zero miles on the odometer.
          We live in amazing times.

        12. well of course she had 0 miles. she was flown, not ridden there.
          my bad. could not resist making a pun

        13. Actually, white men are held in high regard by those cultures. It’s strange at first but you get used to it.

        14. especially if you’re older. those are ancestor-worshiping cultures, after all. the older you are, the more you will be held in esteem. not a bad way to go out, i’d wager.

        15. There’s a lot of truth to what you’re saying, but at least in Asia a fellow can get laid by good-looking women. I’d rather have Pei (rating 7) or Misato (rating 7.5) that have been ran through by Chuck, Brad, and in the case of Misato, Cleon, than Mary and Jane (rated 1 and weighing in at 230 lbs) that have been ran through (hopefully it was in their hotter days) on top of being busted and gross.

        16. LOL delivered to your doorstep.
          My last mail order bride suffocated, when I opened the box, she was dead from lack of oxygen. So I had to send her back and get a refund.

        17. Yes, Asia really is a paradise for white men.
          In America, white men are demonized.
          In Asia, white men are worshipped and we can get hot young submissive sexy girls.

        18. True, and I mean Im out in Asia and my only regret so far is I managed to get into a serious relationship in country A before I hit country B. I used to work with a lot off foreigners in the UK and had to duck a lot of chat about different international standards of beauty as I was in a professional position. Cant deny what youre saying, my gf is 25 now and had one boyfriend and a couple of brief flings before me – imagine a single girl at 25 in the west being able to say that? That aside, Im just saying that Ive seen a few fellow western dudes walking blindly into some stupid situations cos they read an article on how Asian women are gonna worship them like some kind of Colonel Kurtz type God. For example I see total losers walking about with fine women every day, whilst one Canadian hockey player guy I know still hasnt got off the ground yet.

        19. sounds good, get your finances in order and choose wisely. also have a proper look at the place you go before you go, some of the countryside areas in Asia are like stepping back to the 1700s in terms of social development

    2. Personally, I am a white man with the jungle fever. I do not like white women. I cannot stress that enough. I don’t care if Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson is lying nude on my bed, I will not be able to get an erection for her.
      But give me a nice jungle bunny, and I can rock out like Rambo

      1. So you’re basically the male version of the coal burner who slams white men on tumblr.

  28. There might be a point in here somewhere but you let yourself down with ignorance. Or else I have spent too long abroad and have forgotten about western women. In any case, if we are talking about Asia, for example, where the women are less independent. If they are less independent they are more dependent on you. Which means you are financially obligated to provide for your woman. In Japan, for example, you may be expected to work a 50 hour week, commute 10 hours and after all that the wife is actually has authority over the bank account so you have to ask her when you need money for a beer. In the meantime, youre too tired to give a fuck about sex while wife might be off spending her free time with a toyboy and so on. Asian women might be submissive on the outside, and in the bedroom, but the home is often their territory. Just think of the actual word ‘independent’ and what it actually means.

    1. japan is an outlier, statistically speaking. their culture of dying-at-your-desk is what’s wrong, not some b.s. code of honor to support one’s woman. besides, in order to be able to relocate, a man would have to start an online business or something else that provides a cash flow without necessitating his physical presence. or work remote, i dunno. there are ways to make it happen. where there’s a will….

      1. I actually live in Tokyo. Perhaps one reason they have to work like that is because the woman is expected to quit her job to raise her kids so no chance of a second income? Women are often fired when their employer gets wind of the pregnancy. They stay home and raise the kids, you become a walking cash machine. Ive actually settled down with an Asian girl who is more westernized in her outlook, as it means I can live quite well on an English teacher’s salary and as she works for an American company now, will be able to keep that job if we decide to start a family. I was weary of going for th traditional Asian style woman as I know that if I am the sole privider and for some reason shit goes wrong, she’s gone in a flash taking the kids and whatever cash she can legally claim

        1. well, that is what you get for choosing the richest country in the region. my thinking is, if you can’t raise your income, lower your expenses. when my time comes, i will be aiming for the cheaper countries in SEA. so that i will not need my woman to work and provide that elusive 2nd income.

        2. yeah that’s cool, it’s generally good to aim for a good quality of life and going to a poorer country can ironically provide that, in the sense of your social pecking order can be somewhat higher. Just beware the stereotypes of Asian women are often misleading, and use your own judgement.

  29. 90% of american women who want to be married are married by the age of 40. between the ages of of 35 and 40 the number jumps by many percentage points. what this suggests that as the hard wall approaches, many of these women choose their beta ,who is only too willing and happy to supply himself, and tie the knot. that’s where this article errors by claiming that the american woman is doomed as far as meeting and keeping a husband. it failed to factor in the beta supply, which is a rare mistake for this site to make.

    1. and what do i care if the average 35-to-45 year old hag gets hitched or not? i only care about the man’s perspective. of course there will always be a steady supply of supplicating betas ready to save the damsel in distress, but the top 10% of men will always turn their backs to a disadvantageous position(staying put) and will look for ways to improve their odds(relocating). that is what the article was about, prefering foreign pussy to domestic. what happens to the domestic supply of pussy once i leave? why the eff should i care?

    2. You’re implying that I give a flying fuck about the beta males? Let them marry the used up whores. Any man who is dumb enough to marry an American woman DESERVES to suffer.

      1. lol, fair enough, but in the end the woman still “wins”. there is no incentive for her to change her behavior because she ends up getting exactly what she wants and on her terms. these sad betas, of whom i know a few, are the great enablers.

  30. My Russian wife was fantastic for 7 or 8 years until western bitches ultimately corrupted her. And no, she wasn’t a “mail order” bride. We met in person in Helsinki and we were both totally drunk at the time. Besides, I’m too cheap for postage.

    1. The worst thing you can hear as a Western man if you are married to a foreign woman in America, is to hear her say, “Honey, I’ve made some new friends today.” I basically wrote in a previous comment, that Western men have two options, to either stay single, use game and hire a surrogate mother if he wants children or go abroad and get married and never look back. No matter how good the girl is, you still have brought her back to a reeking cesspool of a country. It’s impossible to keep her pure when she’s surrounded by vitiated Anglo white bitches, the devil’s own.

      1. Amen! I wish I lived in a large city where I could have kept her in the Russian hood. 😀

      2. White women are evil bitches.
        Hell, I had been planning on marrying one chick and bringing her back to America (thankfully I did not), and one white girl told me “Don’t let her hang around me, I will corrupt her”. SHe said this as a joke, as if it was funny.
        Another white woman friend I used to have stopped talking to me after I told her I wanted to find a nice Asian woman.
        White women are SO fucking envious of Asian women, it isn’t even funny.

    2. Another option is to become immersed in the local Slavic community. But be warned, Russian women are not perfect either. Half of my wife’s Russian friends cheat on their husbands or are flakes as bad as American women. In addition, there’s no substitute for setting an example: If you act like an American man, you’ll get an American woman. We regularly go to Eastern Europe to connect with family and friends and this helps keep us grounded.
      In addition, it’s always worthwhile to explain to them how and why American women are miserable. If they have American woman friends, they’ll see in due time how their lives don’t work out.

      1. Meh. I had had enough of marriage anyway. The same hole gets boring real quick. 😀 And yeah I agree, Russian women aren’t perfect, but they’re hot as hell in their 20s and worth putting up with for a while. Of course there are butt ugly fat ass Russian women too, but they are a small minority.

    3. And this is why the only option is to either never marry if you stay in America, or else expat and then you can CONSIDER the idea of marriage.
      Only a completely insane man would think of marriage in America.

  31. Don’t forget that you make better kids when you mix your DNA with exotic DNA. Exie and I made a couple of super smart beauties!
    Since Nicole Scherzinger is part white and part Asian and she’s a very fine specimen of humanity, I’m going to do my best to make one or two of her. I’ve got fucking good genes; I just have to hunt down a hot Filly.

      1. My kids are mixed. Intelligent, healthy, physically strong… not scrawny and white with blue circles around their eyes. Then again, we feed them FOOD we prepare and not processed crap and McDonald’s all the time, and we get regular exercise, read to them, and teach them things. Not like so many of these poorly-fed underweight mouth-breathing white kids who sit playing games all day while eating pizza pops and kraft dinner and wieners.

    1. naturally. but if you`re gonna go through the motions anyway, at least have an attractive girl by your side to mitigate some of those pains.

    2. Food is food, but still a 20 dollar steak is preferable to a 1 dollar hamburger.
      Either way, I am vegetarian.

    1. Just had a look at that den of angry felines.
      It’s full of Thelma and Louise’s that are ever so brave with their cries of Misogynists! Not a single one of them has the fortitude of even the weakest man. Sure they will sabre-rattle and rebel-yell, but not a single one will ever engage in a civilized debate because they know what ROK presents is practically ALWAYS correct.
      Most know this and just stay on their little corner of “their Internet” and tell each other lies about how “strong” they are and how “wrong” “MRA”s are.
      Some are foolish enough to think they can actually debate their way to victory like “Lisa942” (formerly “Lisa546”). When those attempts quickly fail, they resort to the trolling and hate-posts that we all laugh at.
      What they all loath is the realization that without the protection of men, their defiant attitude would be quickly silenced. All cowards are brave when they feel that being “in yo’ face” will not have to be backed up.
      Carry on.

      1. Read a few of those comments too. Scary to think of the combined weight of those hippopotami and then think of the starving children in Afghanistan at the same time..
        Snarky fat cunts gonna fat snark

    2. Well that explains it then. I wouldn’t be surprised if SRS, Shit Reddit Says, linked to us too. They are the most vile group of tumblr feminist social justice warriors on the entire internet.

        1. Liberals, feminists, and atheists are beyond the ordinary rules for us mortals. They are untouchable.
          Frankly, I can’t wait for the day for Islamic Sharia to take over the West.

    1. you said it, elmer. by the way, are viet women all they’re cracked up to be ? you ought to know 😉

      1. Yes. They are cheerful, attractive, feminine, talented, and believe in taking care of their man.
        About 1% of the time they are freaking lunatics though so watch out.

    2. Foreign women are often professionals BUT they also understand that they need to be feminine. This is quite a burden for them and they acknowledge how tough it can be to live up to that double standard. But by the same token, they also respect men who earn a decent living and continue to live up to old fashioned standards. Most Eastern European women expect men to hold open doors and pay for dates BUT they aren’t nasty about it. They’ll simply ask him to please do it for them as a favor, and not as an entitlement.
      The problem with American women is the paradigm that a woman’s paycheck is hers alone and then the second she leaves work, she should be a 19th century housewife when it comes to male support. And THEN when cooking and cleaning needs to be done, the man should help out with those in an equal manner. I confronted these women about this as to whether this was both selfish and impractical and they told me: “Well, if he doesn’t like it that’s fine with me. I’ll just wait for a GENTLEMAN and REAL man who enjoys pleasing a REAL woman to appear.”
      And there were tons of beta males in the states who went along with that paradigm. At least for a while. The nastiness of modern American women is caused by them being in the grief cycle where they are at rage but not yet at bargaining or acceptance.

      1. You nailed it. It’s BECAUSE so many retarded betas went along with this shit, that women got so out of control. Unfortunately, there are still quite a lot of betas, and for the most part, 90 percent of older men are manginas, the baby boomers. Once the boomers die off, we will see the social paradigm change pretty rapidly. Boomers absolutely fucked up society, and feminism is one aspect of that.

  32. Sex with Western women is one step removed from pornography and masturbation. It’s still satisfying in the sense a McDouble is, but I keep finding myself wanting a more wholesome meal.
    However, I otherwise like life here, and am not willing to fly to Paris just to get breakfast at a nice café.

    1. Actually, I’d rather jack off than attempt to fuck one of these landbeasts known as American woman.

      1. I’m struggling with the same thing as we speak–I have other stuff on my mind, multiple women are hounding me to get laid tonight, and I just can’t get up enough motivation to drive over to any of their houses.
        They’ve all been forbidden to drop by my house, as I’d rather my home not become a den of whoredoms.

    2. part of its due to the massive amounts of land whales we have passing as girls, but a very HUGE PART of the problem is Americans cut off half the dick(the foreskin) of infant boys when they are born.
      this radically changes sex, and the boy suffers brain damage during the operation too.
      sex in general is infinitely worse for both parties involved, the man has now suffered brain damage. its no wonder most american men are beta. combine this with the culture of feminism and truly america is fucked. For america has raped and mutilated in broad daylight with absolutely no outcry, 150 million or more boys in this country over the past 100 years and no one has given 2 shits about it.
      theres a reason our sexual dynamics are all screwed up, and we no longer have any mighty men like that ones that founded our once great nation.

  33. One of the only solutions is to rip the heart of feminism by targeting its acolytes and disciples directly in reality and online.
    There must be a cyber war waged against camp feminism. N.O.W, Jezebel, and feminism’s many other outlets must be destroyed. With TOR and basic programming skills this is possible. The FBI, DOE, and DOD and other feminist enablers are powerless to stop it.
    I don’t mean DDOS the sites but permanently ripping them to the ground.

    1. Most of the original anonymous, the neckbeards who have the computer programming capacity to do something like that, are either all gone and grown up, or have become informants for the FBI. The modern day “Anonymous” are a bunch of faggot cocksucker social justice warriors.
      Back in the old day, Anonymous was just about fucking shit up for the lulz. Anyone remember when 4chan DDOSed Scientology’s website back in 2008? That was fucking hilarious.

  34. LOL I just googled my article’s title and found this blog, it is a brand new blog, The title is “Why Western women suck- my journey to find a foreign bride”.
    This should be interesting. I’ll be following this one closely.

  35. I agree with you bro but… Really? Falling for a shopped photo? You can see the goddamn blue outline on the girls shoulder for fuck sake.


  37. Yeah, I’m starting to see that the character and physique of western women has fallen sharply, all the while their standards have only skyrocketed. I always wanted to go to Thailand, when I talk about the prospect of meeting foreign women, I’m shamed by men who date fat chicks.

  38. its because western women are mentally diseased by jewish / liberal / feminist brainwash. their psychology is inferior and their bodies are disgusting and diseased from western food too.

    1. LOL! Finally someone understands!!!!
      It is a FACT that modern feminism is primarily created by Jewish women. The jewish scholar Henry Makow has thoroughly exposed this.
      Henry Makow is one of the good jews.

    2. “Wolfowitz”? You’re a brave girl to call out the misdoings of “your” people. Yes Jewish women played THEE leading role in the proliferation of feminism in the West. It’s poisonous psychology and ruinous to civilization.

    3. all one needs to understand about middle aged women is to watch “sex and the city.” if you want to understand the next generation of women watch “girls.”
      our society is truly fucked.

    Your SMV goes UP.
    It is not the country, it is you being different, because YOU ARE!
    I am from Argentina and I can tell you that we have our fair share of feminists cunts.
    Hey ,we have even elected a woman as president twice.
    This is a country where you can choose your sexual identity at will (no medical exams, no hoops to jump)
    See what Roosh said about middle class argentinian girls, he is spot on.
    I mean, I tend to think there are oportunities everywhere. Some will find it at home, some abroad.

  40. Degenerate white women will be the first to hang on the Day of the Rope

  41. I totally agree with the femininity of Eastern European women… There is no turning back after dating one of these women…. My Ukrainian Wife emigrated a year ago to Canada, and now she also understands the difference in the western woman attitude. Just my 2 cents. I urge my North American compatriots to try something new… There is no comparison……

  42. why do white women feel the need to look and act like elderly fat black men? what happened to being a woman?

  43. Look at all these fedora wearing faggots of the MRA
    They are entitled to pussy. LOL

    1. Look at the same old ad hominem once a troll’s attempts at debate are easily laid to waste. Typical femmie child. LOL.

    1. Troll comments are infested with fat-filled, forever a loser, virgin hater uni-brows. LOL.

    2. Tell that to the harem of hot Asian women I have on the next tab,.. uh i mean, in my room.

      1. You have no right to use my likeness above. Remove my picture immediately or I will post inane, whiny, pedantic crap over and over until you die from excessive laughter or boredom. Thank you.

    3. Fantasies of the man-hating feminist with the dried-out pu$$y…
      If I want a nice ethnic girl I can go online and meet one for coffee and talk about common interests.
      If I want a nice slutty white girl I go to any club, roadhouse or bar, flash a lot of cash, buy shooters, and drag any number of white sluts home for a one-night pump and dump and darling, all I need for that is a decent build, a tight shirt and a pocketful of money.

    1. You know that South Korea is the country with the highest percentage of plastic surgery in the world, right?
      And have you ever actually been to Korea? ‘Cause I’m here right now, and truth is, although there are many pretty girls around here, there are even more girls who aren’t that pretty at all. Plus, all the pretty girls I dated spend more than 2 hours per day doing their hair, skin…there are so many shops everywhere just for beauty care, for both women and men (because they expect the men here to be pretty as shit), it’s awful.
      So, no, it’s not that much better over here, trst someone who actually treid it.

      1. Yea I’ve been to Seoul, SK. It’s a pretty nice city, very clean, quite modern and so on.
        The point is, white men can get really hot women in Asia with pretty much almost no game at all.
        All this talk about “game” is mostly related to trying to bang WHITE women. As I do not have any attraction for white women, I don’t really need “game”.

  44. I hate to sound like a faggot virgin or a obese white knight neckbeard, but I found a woman that is more in line to our way of thinking and doesn’t like the image of the “modern western woman.” Were getting married this summer (yes she knows about it too lol). Good, old-fashioned woman are out there, the men just have to be patient and find them. It’s very easy to gauge a womens personality after talking to her for about 5 minutes. Obviously if she is divorced or has a kid, she’s got issues and you should move along. Don’t *ever* date sluts or become attached to them. If your horny, just lower your standards and focus on fat girls. Every young man should start building his network of f*ckbuddies and maintain those friendships till you find an actual candidate suitable for settling down with. Mark my words, fat girls are awesome in the bedroom and provide great practice between girl friends.
    Meowth out.

    1. “focus on fat girls”
      You are capable of getting an erection for a fat white woman?
      Jesus, and I thought I was screwed up.

      1. With the lights off and a mouth on dick plus some beer in my system so yes.

        1. Beer goggles to bang your own girlfriend or wife? What do the kids say nowadays? Oh yeah, WOW, JUST WOW…

    2. Fat girls. Another “shortcut” or sneaky work-a-round in the mating arena. And guess what. Instead of banging a good looking woman who turns into a miserable sexless b1tch and divorces you, you bang a fatty who turns into a miserable FATTER sexless bitch and divorces you.
      Pick your poison dude… I think whiteys in any size and shape are damaged goods thanks to feminism. The “isolated hillbilly” ones have been reduced to three women living in the mountains nobody has yet to locate.
      Even the Amish are all high-tech and “connected” now.
      The cancer has spread. Collect torches and drinking water.
      It’s end times brother…

  45. Lol.
    I suggest you to visit http://www.antibaba.org and ask why Russian men DO NOT want russian women and look for wifes elsewhere.
    Besides this brave usage of the word “western” over the “american”…. I have many flags and I can tell you that western europe has a lot of countries with amazing women.

    1. White women in general are very disgusting people. Obviously Russian white women are superior to western white women. But white women are soul-less, vicious, blood sucking monsters.
      Perhaps multiculturalism is a good thing. Perhaps the white race needs to be destroyed. After all, whites are the main ones supporting feminism.
      Sometimes, I feel disgusted and ashamed to be white.

        1. For example, this indian celebrity is 50 years old, but look at her. She is still hot as FUCK.
          White women age like shit. White women are FUGLY by age 30, at the latest.

        2. i gotta have the name and see for myself. …DAYM man the perfect woman looks good and cant get pregnant.

        3. Ya that woman is Sridevi she has 2 kids. Totally a GILF. But I was right she did have work done….sadly our women let themselves go to quickly…shouldnt have got too excited :(.

      1. John Doe,
        Your fucking awesome. I feel the exact way you do about white women and how this planet would potentially be better off without white people *and* jewish people.
        I love a good brah that I can actually talk to and be real with, not like all these f*cking fairy “friends” i have in real life.

        1. Well I could care less if white people (myself included) are all killed off because white people are shit. White men are faggots and white women are subhuman animals.
          If there are no more white people, then souls would no longer take birth in white bodies and would only take birth in brown and light skinned Aryan bodies. Brown women are so much more attractive than white women, it isn’t even funny.

        2. agreed.
          well white women handicap themselves on looks thanks to feminism. Dunno why they would. But its taking hold in India a month ago they had a “miss personalty” pagent. Only 2 were bangable….very sad to watch.
          wonder how latin america, asia and eastern europe are keepin feminism out?

  46. Having lived in Europe and travelling extensively throughout the world with my current job, I have to agree completely with this article.
    But for the love of all things good and holy it’s “couldn’t care less” not “could care less”!
    If you need an explanation about the difference between the two you are too dumb to understand it.

  47. “Once a man experiences a foreign woman, he loses all desire to associate with Western women anymore.”
    I think the most telling word in this sentence is “associate”. John Doe chose his words well.
    He would have used “date”, “fuck”, “talk to”..etc.
    But he chose the one word that truly sums up the repulsion that most of us expats feel towards western women.

    1. Yes, I used that word associate because I have ZERO interest in ANYTHING else, in fact I would prefer to not associate with western women at all. If I never saw a western woman again in my entire life, it would be too soon.

      1. White women associate “assholes” with higher levels of testosterone, more relationship drama, more (pathetic) need to “change the man”. Women (especially white ones) are attracted to a-holes because they represent testosterone and are alpha males. The lonely “nice guy” (beta male) has got it wrong too. My thinking (these days) is to have some beta skills and a good alpha foundation. Then swing back and forth from between loving and nurturing to sort-of-indifferent to borderline psychotic then horny and sensual and back to loving and nurturing.
        Seriously, if you’re nice all the time, she’ll get bored.
        If you’re an asshole all the time, she’ll get bored.
        But if she really does not know what is coming next, you couldn’t get rid of her with regular beatings.
        The female mind. It’s not a maze so much as a malfunctioning computer immersed in the mind-altering drug known as estrogen…
        Women say they don’t like “mind games” but it’s almost as if that is what they exclusively thrive on. If a woman is sitting at a table with five other gals and has nothing to say to them, no drama to report, she is probably thinking “Hmmmm… I wonder if Stan is REALLY THE ONE…. HMMMMMM….” And all Stan did wrong this week was abso-f*cking-lutely nothing.

  48. “Once a woman has become contaminated, it is not possible to save them in the current generation.”
    This is a lie, I know many recovering feminists including members of my immediate family. Feminism CAN be cured.

    1. Sure, a woman can lessen the disease. But to ever become fully cured? Simply not possible.
      Even a “recovering” feminist western woman can’t compete with even an AVERAGE foreign woman.
      Sorry ladies, but you done fucked up big time.

    2. Impossible! Once a woman has whored herself into the ground she cannot reclaim that lost virtue, she has simply seen and done too many things to ever get it back. Secondly, she’ll always compare you to the other dicks *cough* men, which she would have never done had she been a virgin (as our ancestors would have advised us marry). Lastly, she’s supported on multiple levels by a man, father and family hating legal system and media that will do all in its power to continue the destruction of the family. What this means, is that, the concept of her ever being comfortable with you being the patriarch of your family and her being a traditional woman, deeply repulses her. She is simply ruined. Stop fooling yourself, it’s a reason why the two centuries’ adage “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife” arose and why it’s still pertinent; you simply can’t. All you can do is live with them and hopefully suppress their promiscuous and hypergamous instincts.

    3. I disagree. It’s more like herpes. You can try and control it, but it’s always there, and it can always spread.

  49. Western white male here, I’m gladly spreading my genes with a Asian cutie. To bad those feminist are too fat and ugly to attract a man.

    1. Oh come on man, are you sure you don’t want a nice big empowered dyke femnazi wife?
      You must be one of those PUA/MRA shitlords.

      1. Don’t get cute with her? Pft. Yes, the friendzone IS a thing. Women talk all the time about the need for men to “accept the friendzone” and be used – not for sex but the mere PROMISE of sex! What do the kids say now-a-days? Oh yeah, WOW JUST WOW! Yeah, I won’t get cute with her but I’d have no trouble getting my ugly on…

  50. Men are going after foreign women, because western women don’t know their place today. Hence Homosexuality is on the rise, firstly political lesbianism which is formed out of psychotic feminazism which brainwashes women into not serving their biological function in procreating with a male to further the human species; and instead causes them become rug munchers fighting the patriarchy. This had lead to Emasculated Men,who have been brainwashed by social engineers to think it’s normal to have sexual relations with another of the same gender through statute law, education, media and constant nagging. This has led to an increase in deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS and has led to an increase in the sexual abuse of minors.

    1. Feminists thought the emasculation of men would be their deliverance. Instead, they find themselves, as a group (women), more miserable (and obese, and unmarketable) than ever before in human history. Why? Women need to surrender to their femininity and men need to surrender to their masculinity and we need to learn a way to be fair and decent to eachother again being who and what nature intended us to be. Not this vitriol and hatred – of our own kind, our own species, our own race, our own culture. Feminists have turned against mother nature and deemed what is natural to be filth, and try to pass of filth for something natural. I believe that unbridled feminization is no better than the (non-existent) unchecked patriarchy that the feminists can’t shut up about. In fact, it’s worse. Women have shown they do not handle power very well at all. When they win, it’s IN YOUR FACE. When they lose, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT and NOT FAIR. They want equality, but vehemently want to rid the world of all competition (an evil male attribute). They want to remove the scoreboards from school gymnasiums. They want less competition in the classroom, and less focus on grades and achievements. They want report cards to be a forum for students to report back how they FELT about their EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE. They say they want to work hard and have equal work for equal pay, but modern/rabid feminists are all socialists who believe in this mystical lesbian-run “complete automation” socioeconomic theory. They basically want to weave entitlement and social dependence on every human child, and lambast this evil capitalist patriarchal enemy, which ironically will be needed to FUND this totally socialist system of theirs. Where nobody competes, nobody loses, nobody hurts, and nobody feels bad.

  51. Really like the atlas shrugged quote on the impossibility of avoiding the consequences of avoiding reality, but you should take your own(her) advice, as she also said that “you are an indivisible entity of matter and consciousness. Renounce your consciousness and you become a brute. Renounce your body and you become a fake. Renounce the material world and you surrender it to evil.” America isn’t doomed from lack of spirituality, but from its renunciation of the mind.

      1. Presuming all white people live in developed countries (which they do), they put more crap in their bodies than us darker skinned folk. Processed food, drugs sold by big pharmas (all those hormones in their birth control pills WILL and DO harm women’s bodies in several ways), disgusting and fatty fast food, etc. They also have very sedentary lifestyles, not to mention that their media stops them from doing anything that can be considered self-improvement (fat acceptance, for example).
        Many westerners are under the delusion that Indian people get fat because of their high consumption of “Ghee”. This is completely false. Ghee is VERY good for the body, and doesn’t really make you fat if you have an active lifestyle. the problem of obesity in India started with the advent of processed foods, refined oil and fast food.

        1. Well that is true, ghee is very healthy. I would eat those ghee sweets called Pedda.
          And actually, indian women look good with a bit of meat on their body. I do not mean fat, but I do not mean bone thin either.
          White women can’t find a balance, they are either too fat or too skinny.
          Fuck the white race. Praise our almighty Zionist overlords. They are doing us a great favor by destroying the white race.
          If you are a white man? DO NOT reproduce with a white woman? If you feel the need to reproduce, reproduce with a nice brown woman.
          Let’s this disgusting white race die out once and for all. OH VEY!

        2. lol. Nawdude. Indian pehlwans have always looked like this. I know because some of my cousins have been bodybuilders and none of them ever took steroids. 😛

        3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_Z5O9ceVU4
          nope not unusual check the guy in the red loincloth. These guys dont even eat meat. Their diet is pretty medievel. Combine it with western trainin in the citys these guys would be awesome. google Sushil kumar the wrestler or dara singh.
          Dude that girl above is top tier indian girl, but is average among latinas. Indian women obesity in the cities are really going bad due to western influence(fast food and seditary lives)

        4. You’re right about the fast food. I’ve been educating a lot of my female friends about the perils of eating from American fast food joints here in India and they’ve begun avoiding all that crap!

        5. Fuck that shit, man. Taco Bell is god like, McDonalds, you can get the Big Maharaja Mac, the indian version of the Big Mac (they only use chicken), Pizza Hut (which sucks actually), KFC (which sucks but still it’s kind of okay, Veg Singer), and a few others I probably forgot.
          Even still, I’d rather have pav baaji or paani puri or chaat any day of the week over this american shit food.

        6. Well a lot of people seem to take them too seriously and get offended by them and call me an anti-semite. I mean fucks sake, it’s just a damn joke. Why is it acceptable to joke about men and belittle men in the media, but it’s not okay to joke about or belittle jews?

  52. Thank you for all your fine work if indeed this is your last article John Doe. This reminds of Kaiser Wilhelm II after all the betrayals, coming to the precipice of winning WWI with immense sacrifices on behalf of the German nation against 4 major world powers only to be backstabbed by socialists, anarchists, feminists (Rosa Luxembourg, who also led the communist movement in Germany) and Bolshevik Jews at home; he was summarily exiled to Dorn, Netherlands (or face execution like his Russian cousin Nicholas II) where he wrote in his journal that he was now aligned with the Orient against the Occident (The West). That the West, the Yankees, English and its Jewish cohorts had destroyed Western spirituality (Christianity), true art, true life, everything else that made the West more than the sum of its parts and the West would now be ruled by international finance and materialism (prophetic to this day!).
    For this reason, he was declared mad and even insane by his remaining friends and associates. He hated his English mother, and Bismarck even before his birth distrusted the very liberal propensities of English women (which would infect all Anglo/English speaking women). Of course you are not the Kaiser or even a Hohenzollern, but the Kaiser’s words and sentiments have proved prophetic to the men of our generation. We are living in the aftermath of the destruction of God’s natural order on earth, monarchy (yes I am an unapologetic monarchist, I don’t want to see paid elected puppets assume office) and the family life structured around the spirit and home. The Kaiser knew this, and today we Western men want to go East or South but anywhere but West to settle. Enjoy becoming one with the Spirit and God, and leaving this materialistic Western life.

    1. You are right, I am not the Kaiser. I am far, far greater than he ever was or could dream of becoming. I am a person who has understood the highest levels of enlightenment.
      I think we should name this site “Return of Gods”, because I feel like I AM a God. Many Gods are now returning.
      On Eminem’s new album, he had a song called “Rap God” where he said “Why be a king, when you can be a god?”

    2. “Enjoy becoming one with the Spirit and God, and leaving this materialistic and soulless Western existence.”
      Materialistic and soulless. Can anyone refute this? Anyone?
      I am afraid he might be right…

  53. I told my Mama I was going to the Philippines in the spring to have my jollies, and that it would be a regular part of my life from now on. She said, “Sammy, don’t do that, just find a nice woman your own age around here!” I told her that I didn’t want some fat, tattooed, loud-mouthed bitch, which seems to be the only available ‘women’ in my age range around here, and that why should I put up with lousy 35+ bitches when in just 24 hours of travel time I can have hot little 20-somethings swarming me like I’m Justin Timberlake (she had no clue who Justin Timberlake was, I should have said Kenny Rogers)?!
    Even my mother, who was pissed that I had to give my exie the grand old Victorian home I had (which is but a drop in the bucket compared to what I kept…it was a small price to pay to get a bitch out of my life 😀 ), wanted me to stay miserable here in Canada. She even suggested turning gay or remaining celibate for the rest of my life (yes, this is my mother….I feel sorry for my old man). She just couldn’t accept her 45 year old son leaving Canadian women behind and being happily romanced by slim young Island girls. Well Mama, as I’m quit fond of telling you, “Mind your own fucking business!” 😀

    1. And now you realize the truth, Sam. Western women are deeply evil people. Even YOUR OWN MOTHER does not have your best interests at heart.
      Women are inherently extremely selfish and women absolutely REFUSE to take responsibility for their own actions. Women literally are like dumb stupid animals. Now, what happens if you give an animal freedom? It creates havoc.
      The ONLY way to fix the problems of the West and to STOP feminism is to literally ENSLAVE women under Islamic Shariah.
      Women are dumb stupid cattle and must be treated as such.

      1. And the stupid betas who support feminism and ALLOW women to get out of control? As Roosh said, we need a new world war. World wars are good for reducing population. And right now, there are WAY TOO MANY useless people on this planet who are contributing absolutely nothing of value to the human race. It would be better if they were killed off in a war or something.

      2. Yeah, you’ve got to admire Islam for its control of women. Keeps them in their place. I used to resent the massive wave of Muslim immigration into Canada, but fuck it, bring it on! If I believed in religion I’d sign up to Islam, but fuck it, my only religion is a tight little tan body with rock hard brown nipples! Oh, and booze of course! 😀

        1. Well, you can get a tight little tan body with rock hard nipples thru Islam, bro. Arab/Indian women are the hottest.

        2. Latinos, Indians, Arabs, Asians, yeah, that’s what I love! Something about my white semen on their tan skinned faces! 😀 Imagine her long hard nipples poking their inviting silhouettes through the dark fabric of her niqab! 😀
          Never know, I might check out Columbia instead of Asia.
          From what I’ve seen of Arab women though, they’re fucking hard on the head though. Sure, you can cover them up with a niqab, but more often than not you want to shove it in their mouths instead!

        3. This indian celebrity is 21 years old but she looks like she is only 13 or 14.
          Non-white women age so much better than white women.
          White women are ugly as fuck by age 25. Peak years of attractiveness for a white woman is between age 13 to age 21. After that, it’s all downhill from there.

        4. The first one just oozes sex appeal; I’d love to find out if she were a squirter! Slurp! This one is cute but too virginal for my taste; good marrying material if one were to go by looks alone, as one should not. Looks like she might have some mammaries happening there! 😀
          From what I’ve seen of Thai women, which is limited to local restaurants, of which there are many, they seem to hold up very well. Now if they could only get a fucking grasp of fucking english. But on the other hand, I want a fuck toy, not a best bud. 😀

        5. You are getting fucked or you will be fucking?
          Sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying than dominating a young virginal girl.

        6. agreed about white women and aginng. Thye really gotta clean up theri diet and lifestyle since their lack of melanin works against them.
          This woman has got a bit of a man face, she does not look like a teenager. If indian women take care of themselves theyd look good tooo but after having 1 kid they blow up so fast sometimes even bigger then the husband.
          ps Jon doe..you indian by any chance

        7. @disqus_WMHqSYLqW4:disqus
          well thats top rate girls from her community(like top 10%), wish more of her are around. Most of the girls from india arent that good looking(western born are much better on average). But not that special now that latin girls are showing up here now. Latinas are fucking fine.Less body hair, more curves, better overall features(more symmetrical) and more open without the family drama. Middle east girls are either hit or miss. EIther they look manish and kinda rough features(usually a broad nose typical of iranic girls like daris) or super sharp beak nose and overall weak features. But arabs tend to perfer fat girls (afghans too).But when they look good they are stunnin. Those women are meant for wifing up only but latinas can be both for fun and wifeng up.
          best to go with south east asian you get the colour u like without the temper and attitude, even women in my community(Indian and middle east) complain about there men marrying out. I use to like dark skin, now I prefer fair skin after quitting porn. Guess its biological to prefer the fairer sex to be lighter. Latinas, eastern euro and northeast asian girls are on the radar

        8. It’s natural to find opposite features exotic and exciting.
          There’s a big Lebanese community here and whenever we’d hang in their areas the boys would stare and drool at my exie. Half the time I’d smile and think, “Take the bitch, puh-leeze!” There are lots of young Lebanese I’d fuck the shit out of, man they’re hot when they’re young!
          Hey, maybe we can help each other out, eh? 😀

        9. im down with that.
          But I think youre either located in Australia, USA or Brazil since they actually have a lebanese community.(plus they are more christian so lil more open then their muzzy counterparts). Curious didnt you get any major problems dating her, as in issues with her family or friends?
          Ya bet your ex mustve gave you a hard time. Big mouth and heavy princess mentalty I beat.

        10. Hey, second time I am responding to a post of yours. You must be intelligent because I rarely care what idiots think… (and you probably dont give a f*ck what I think but here goes…)
          You know, I think it’s insane that our choices for trying to have a societal “relationship” with women are a) total bullsh1t western feminism or b) Islam and complete ownership of women.
          I mean, for chrissakes its 2014. Can we not figure out a way for men and women to get along without turning them into monsters or just treating them like property – or dogs?
          No middle ground possible? Sigh.

        11. I think some of the most beautiful women on the planet are from the middle east. But I fear that checking them out might get them stoned or “honor killed” if i somehow dishonor their family! Westernized people are not that bad, but some come to North America and bring some pretty [email protected]$$ed beliefs along with them! Rare, but it happens.

        12. I’m afraid there may not be any middle ground. It seems that in relationships, as in life, you are either a hammer or an anvil. I hate getting hammerish, but I refuse to be an anvil either (my exie excepted as I gave her a lot of leeway before my patience with her finally ran out).

    2. “fat, tattooed, loud-mouthed bitch….”
      Don’t forget entitled, domineering, materialistic and chronically miserable… which will, immediately after your first date with her, be all your fault too…

      1. Yeah, I’m leaving it all behind. Well, I never really took western women seriously anyway, as I was previously married to a Russian for a respectable length of time. Next time it’ll be Filipina and I believe I’ve already met an entrepreneur who works just as long and hard as I do. I’m the marrying kind. I’m not an alpha player, but I don’t put up with shit from a woman anymore either. A good Filipina knows her place and that’s just behind me. And if it doesn’t work out, hey, she got her Canadian citizenship; what else could she ask for? Not much considering she’ll be signing an iron-clad prenup in both english and tagalog. 😀 And hey, I just noticed that we have “conjugal partner” immigration sponsorship applications in Canada now, so we don’t even have to get married, just fuck (and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck)! 😀

        1. Just be careful with Filipinas (or any woman from a third-world or near-third-world country). They are very very family oriented, which is good, but they will make getting their entire family over “here” a priority. If they have relatives who are in poverty, or other relatives who live “here” they can suck the life’s blood out of you if you let them. Also don’t fall for Filipinos and their pious and religious and god fearing and “sir/m’aam” kiss @$$ BS act. Some of the most shameful, corrupt and deceitful human beings I have ever met are Filipinos, DESPITE their ‘praise god’ and ‘jesus loves’ you BS front. Just be careful. Face it. Women are women, and women who are trying to get themselves and their family into a country will do SHAMELESS things to make that happen and chalk it all up to “did what I had to do…”.
          Look into Filipino immigration and nanny scams and have yourself a read… very sobering.

        2. Don’t worry, my guard’s up. Once I get over there and see all the young available skin I might change my tune. Any woman I get serious with will know from the get-go that I’m not paying to bring her relations here. Sure, I might agree to send $100 a month to keep them fed, but anything else, fuck it! I paid every year to send my Ex and our kids to Russia…..believe me, I’m not doing that shit anymore, though it was good for the kids to connect with their heritage and maintain relations with their grandparents.
          I don’t expect life long marriage anyway…if I get 5 years of good sex in I’ll consider it worth it, and if she pisses me off I’ll cut her loose! 😀 Sure, I have to pledge to support her for a period of time here in Canada, but it’s only 3 years I believe.

        3. You know Sam, I’ll be honest. I don’t know whether to applaud your attitude or feel bad for you about it. We’re taught this whole “marriage is about love and love conquers all” crap but when you look at it, and how marriages can end – and do end for a lot of people… it’s hard to take the whole thing that seriously!
          I say if you’re getting what you want and not hurting anyone in the process and they are getting what they want too, who can condemn?
          What I have a problem with is people getting into marriages or even relationships with false pretenses or agendas and using other people as a means to an end. Women are particularly crafty at this game, but men do it too.
          I’m kind of sad about the world today. Probably a bad day to get my opinion… on anything.
          I say do what makes you happy, and if you’re not stealing or hurting anyone in the process you’re probably doing better than most… life is short.

        4. Ha ha, one day I miss married life, the next I love baching it.
          I must admit, life is pretty damn good right now. I think I’ll just play for a few years in Asia before I fuck my life up again. 😀

        5. Hi sam, always liked your comments. The conversation with your mother that you described is ver batim my relationship with my mother right now. We’re closer, but she just can’t understand why I’d go to te Philippines to meet a foreign woman. And I’m just a young man too, it didn’t take long for me to realize the selection in my home michigan is a no go for me. As for the pinay, they’re great. I even have my gf tell me that she can’t get away with bullshit with me like she can pinoy men. Good luck to you

        6. Jumping back into the fray again now, are we? What’s that ol’ saying again? Can’t live with them…

  54. ahhh thats gross why u gotta put fat topless white hos on there. The japanese girl hella cute. the indian girl with the shawl aint all that if look through, really thin crooked nose and thick eyebrows basically a female version of me lol.
    Nut back to the article I had the same conversation with many foreign students and immigrants(and their western born kids). They all say those women are just pump and dumps and not mental for long terms. May as well go with an arrange marrage overseas or mail order bride when you want to marry. The west is just a fuckfest if u want to live the bachelor life. But whats funny thanks to the female foreign exchange students the local girls have to step up their game(but at the same time sabotage them with feminism).
    problem is feminism is growing in south asia and middle east and those women are getting hella mouthy. And these are the upper middle class ones not the villagers whom they say they fight for.

    1. nope western as in australia New Zealand, Cnada usa and western europe, countrys that were european colonies could have alesser effect.

      1. Also, western women generally means “white women”. South American women are not white. Feminism is mainly a disease of white women. White women are truly ruined.

  55. Jesus I threw up in my mouth when I saw that photo of the fatties at the top of the article… give a guy some warning for God’s sake!

  56. Wow-your paragraph about God was poetry. We need spiritual things not all this Madison Avenue and Hollywood mind control.
    Have you been to Eastern Europe yet???????

    1. Just remember who owns Hollywood and the media. And then you’ll understand who our common enemy is.

      1. Jews are prolific.
        You could as well make a diagram showing how much of them are male rather than female – that’s what feminists do.
        If Jews are so successful, then look up to them and stop whining.

  57. I absolutely agree with this article. I am mexican and I work, study, workout. I work in an international, very important company. I’m an independent, self sufficient woman but that does not mean I am a men-hater who feels superior than men. I am the last of 2 brothers, they were always taking care of me, we were raised and educated to have respect to each other. I love my brothers and they love me, and that’s how I learnt the importance of being respectful and considered with men. I don’t see any relation between being independent and self sufficient and getting fat, ugly, angry and turn into an enemy of men… That’s why my boyfriend is a foreigner (european and I will not say more) and he feels great with me, cause I treat him with love, I care of him. I want a partner for life, not a sponsor. And that’s what I got.

    1. Yes, American women seem to have confused being “strong” with being a total bitch. That is the way a spoiled little child thinks. A child thinks that they can get their way by throwing a temper tantrum.
      American women, especially white women, are just a bunch of spoiled little children. It’s like they never grew up and matured past the whole teenage cheerleader phase.

    2. Yarel, did you miss the part about RoK being a website for masculine MEN? You are a woman and you have no business being here.
      Now tits or GTFO, bitch

    3. Respect is lost on the modern North American feminist. The only love these women know MIGHT be self-love, or some abomination of it, otherwise known as greed.

  58. Equal with men? Equality in divorce court? Equality in sex offender punishement? All the dirty and dangerous jobs too? In that case you would be better off!
    They don´t want equality, they want one gender to have power over the other.

    1. 98% war dead men
      93% workplace dead men.
      90% incarcerated men.
      90% homeless men
      99% alimony payers men
      99% child support payers men
      Number of womens groups protesting the “oppression of the patriarchy” for the undrepresentation of women in these 6 groups..

      1. Yes!
        Until they ask for a 50% ratio in that, it is patently false to state they want equality.
        Also, they are hardly masculine, it is just an ignorant aping of masculinity that hides a living stereotype of the hysterical and/or overly emotional female.
        Russian women would be the more masculine, by the virtue of being a CEO while still remaining sane, earning the place through work instead of affirmative action.

        1. Funny how women screamed for equality for the past 40 years but did you ever hear the women demanding that women should also be forced to register for the military draft? Nope.
          American women are such psychotic pieces of shit, it is not even funny.

  59. You misspelled the word “do” as “due” in the 5th paragraph. Check your spelling before publishing. Besides that, I liked the article.

  60. Hey John, I read your upcoming article on the /pol thread but couldn’t comment cause I posted this gif in /tv in a lena hamsdone thread.
    I apologize the gayness of my gif but its the best I could do with the resources at hand.
    Also, your upcoming article is going to be really good. My only suggestion is to talk more about the master/servant friendship theme because that could also be a separate article in itself.
    Keep up the great work bro!

  61. I apologize for this gif too guys but this c u n t is foul and she inspired me to make this :/

  62. This anonymous idiot was allowed to write an article for RoK? I give this website a year max, then you’ll close with your tail between your legs.

  63. You can soon kiss thin Asian women good-bye. I just came across this comment:
    im appreciate that you make these videos ,it made my day 🙂 I’m Asian
    plus-size girl, its very hard and different here, not many Asian girls
    are fat… 🙁
    …. on the youtube channel below. Like I said, its these horny WESTERN MEN, not other women, who are encouraging global obesity.

  64. The problem, ladies, gentlemen and feminists, is that the VALUES associated with institutions such as marriage are completely lost on modern North American culture. We have “traditional ties” to marriage and nuclear families, but these institutions are all but obsolete. Even couples who claim to have real love for one another, they exhibit the same misery as the rest – they pay the price for rampant materialism and individualism. Even people in the same families compete with one another. Now, I am not a rabid socialist by any means, but this unbridled consumerism and greed is a big problem. We all want want and want some more, and the men are no better than the women. Yes, women marry up. Yes, women upgrade. Yes, women’s hearts are fickle and they are hot one minute and cold the next. Yes, there are bitter disgruntled woman haters in the manosphere who aspite to be PUAs. Yes, there are women who believe feminism has gone too far and lost it’s way, and admit freely what it’s REALLY all about nowadays.
    But my point is this: failed relationships, misogyny and misandry are a result of what we have “evolved” into. (sidebar misandry is an unknown word to the spell checker on this site). North Americans in general WANT too much. Too much quantity, and more and more acceptance of lower quality. Too much “living” – traveling, playing, drinking, partying. We all want the lifestyles of the rich and famous – this is the norm now, and we’ll even go tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to do it. This is the status quo now, and it’s not sustainable from an ecological standpoint (without question) and maybe it’s also not sustainable from a sociological standpoint.
    They say men and women fight the most about money. Why are they fighting about money all the time? Why does she always want more more more? And why do men pour gas on the fire and continually try to GIVE women more more more? Well, the short answer is because women are in demand, and the fact that a woman of a given “stature” (SMV, sexrank, etc.) is “worth more” (sorry, just MORE EXPENSIVE) is a simple matter of inflation. Inflation applies in the mating market – why is this a surprise? It’s a market after all…
    The trouble is that women are sought after, and men will continue to pay the price no matter how exorbitant. Feminists can deny this day and night until they are blue in the face (and I hope they do because I prefer it when feminists are blue in the face). Women can cry “We’re equal” but as long as women tolerate such lopside laws and court rulings in favor of women, they’re sitting back and enjoying the very kind of inequality that they claim to detest. Feminists don’t loathe inequality. They loathe anything that does not favor women, more specifically, women of their own race and socio-economic background. Even feminists from different race and socioeconomic backgrounds fight vehemently amongst each other – why? They all want the same extra-big slice of the same extra-big pie.
    So who do I blame? I blame WOMEN! hahaha. Why? Because women wield power – the power they have over men, aka the power that comes with being the sought after sex. Women should be sensible with their wants, and be reasonable. It’s women who have raised the expectation bar so high that no reasonable man wants to even attempt to appease a modern North American woman. The work is too deep, hours too long, the struggle too exhausting, the benefits too few, and the divorce is simply too painful and expensive. It’s just not worth it.
    Yet every day young men tie the knot. And compete in the mating arena. And jostle for their position to get the “best mate their sex value can afford them”. Why? Because men know (or should know by now) that unless we all unite and go on strike en masse there will never be change. So long as 75% of men or even 50% of men believe that they just need to “man up” and deliver the goods, those who protest will only be seen as wimps and losers who are “naturally deselected”. When a disgruntled man leaves the arena to join the manosphere for his new hobby of writing crap about relationships and mating online, or to become the rare and elusive GGTOW, there are three more men to take his place, smirking at him as they excitedly go into the arena to GET their GAME.
    So, since there will be no en-masse strike of all men (expect in the movie script I am writing), this inflation in the mating market will go on ad-infinitum. Except now we’re starting to see a ceiling – a point that is unsustainable. One interesting point though is this: women ARE responsible for their own happiness or unhappiness. They are in demand, and they are in control. They have gone totally off the deep-end with their long list of wants, they have ditched old (and good) values and become selfish and self important, and they are now more miserable and confused and frustrated than ever before in human history. Why?
    Because they have priced themselves out of a market, and men are not buying into the hype as much any more. And it’s getting worse, not better. So the same women who applaud the work of the modern feminist (man hating bigot) are the ones lamenting and wondering “where have all the good men gone”?
    Where? We’re still here. But we are asking ourselves, why be “good men” and do all the work that being a good man entails when the payout is being loathed, mistreated, used and then kicked to curb, possibly never to see his own children again?
    Feminism ensured women would get equal rights. Modern feminism has ensured women can do anything they want and treat others (and men) any way they want, act like [email protected] and still command respect, and then whine when the men won’t come out and play – by their f*cked up rules and one-sided terms.
    Unhappy angry feminists ranting about men online: You have reaped what you have sewn.
    Enjoy your spoils, darlings.
    That’s my view of the issue. Feminists: don’t bother replying to me. I don’t talk to or with feminists. It would be like talking to a parrot, or a severely retarded child.

    1. Fuck American women. Any man STUPID enough to marry one deserves to suffer.

  65. Lmao! You forget that as a white man, no foreign women want your misogynist, pansy-ass.
    LOL! You look like such a fool….lol…
    Also, I don’t know where you’re hanging out or who your friends are, but I don’t know many people who look like these people.
    Sleep well you weirdo.

    1. Oh really? Because as a white man, it is SUPER EASY to get foreign women.
      Foreign men HATE you white American women though. They will use you for sex and then throw you away like the piece of garbage that you are, Mary.

      1. Yes, hate equals sticking your dick in someone’s vagina.
        That makes so much sense.
        And was that “garbage” intended to hurt my feelings?
        Says more about the person uttering the sentence. Matter of fact, so do the ways you “hate”.
        Says more about the hater than the hated.
        So hate on.
        I wish you well from here.

  66. Great article. But considering the controversial topic and how much venom might be directed at it when sharing, it would have much more credibility if you watched your typos a bit more carefully.
    “the first thing you must due is give up all traces of arrogance”

    1. Bitch logic- point out a grammer mistake instead of addressing hte SUBSTANCE of an argument
      Go drop dead, you dumb worthless cunt

  67. suppose you’re the one-in-a-million american women who is actually feminine. What’s our option for getting a masculine man? 😛 because they, too, are rare in north america hehe

    1. Fuck you cunt. You American women have burned the bridge. Go fuck a nigger or something. No white man wants you.

  68. Probably because American women have such a horrible sense of entitlement & the men are getting tired of it?

  69. Because most men are getting sick of American women with their ridiculous sense of entitlement & double standards…

  70. One thing i love about this website is that it tells it how it is, Feminists are weak so they take it to heart!
    Is self control really that hard? Is looking after your body and having self respect not one of the most important lessons in life? What… did your feminist mum kicked dad out of home and was 2 busy working on her selfish career to teach you values???
    You don’t have to be stupid to understand if you abuse your body, it will make u feel physically and mentally like crap than stop working all together!

    1. Return of Queens is a bunch of dumb cunts, they are no friend of men, believe me. They are just as man-hating as feminists are. You’re a fool if you listen to them.

  71. Tried to read this with an open mind, but your notion of ‘femininity’ is very unclear, and the pictures just confused me. You’re saying we should stay slim and healthy, if we’re slim and attractive we can let our t**s hang out a bit but not all the way out (?), we should smile a lot and not piss in the street. Is that all there is to being considered ‘feminine’? Because I really don’t think that most of us ‘westernised’ women are like the ones in your pictures.

    1. Christina, stop acting like an arrogant cunt, SHUT your fucking mouth and become submissive. THAT is feminine.

  72. aw bless you little woman a fat mouth in a small frame.by the way little prossie us english women and us women are born here and have been for years. please feel free to take the english men your more than welcome as obviously your men arent good enough either,same as here. that you have to come over here for our rejects, fat ugly small etc. amusing really to see you lovely lades over here with all your kids shipping money back to your familys!. and no you arrogant cow were not all fat here in the uk even if we are what the fuck has it got to do with you. get over here and despite your little frame and the abilty to pop out kids when you walk down the rd you are arrogant and a bitch


  73. and by the why gorgeous are they your real boobs as you little ladies have small ones u been shaging about to buy them i bet u have shut up skank your discusting

  74. Lol. This article is very amusing.
    First of all – what does that foreign women vs western women pic prove? You do know that american is not synonymous with white anymore. Actually, it never was (something a lot of people cant seem to process) just because the two fully clothed women arent white doesnt mean they are not american. That was a shitty and ignorant example guy.
    The way this article describes feminine seems to be submissive and dependent. Like women should be dolls. Ill take feminist over brainless, speechless doll any day. And All feminist arent like that picture, those are extremist. what a major exaggeration. I guess u have to stretch the truth to make people think u know what you’re talking about huh?
    Idk why some men are so threatened by women being equal counterparts. Its kinda sad. Just because a woman is strong and independent doesnt make her a bitch unless you are insecure about your own strength. The only people who should be afraid of strong women are weak men. If you cant handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen, but then i guess this is exactly what this article is advocating. Well i dont think women give a fuck about you guys anyway. When they were asking where are the good strong men, i dont think they were talking about u anyway. Prob the guy behind u. Sorry.



  75. The coward hiding behind the mask and the name suffers from rejection overload! He’s an obvious control freak and no American women want him because of his negative attitude and his need to dominate! Run dog, run!

    1. Haha, Robin, you dumb bitch. You women are cowards because you depend on the GOVERNMENT, aka MEN, to violently enforce your feminist policies.
      Why not face me one on one, and let’s have a boxing match? Let’s see how tough you really are, little girl.

  76. Guys do you see that picture up there from the 1950’s? Before the feminist movement got rolling down hill like a snow ball. Women honored there husbands treated them with respect. You know God commands that a wife is to honor her husband, and the husband is to love his wife as himself and as Christ loved the church and this world “giving his life” over as a ransom for it. My question is this, why have they stop honoring there husbands? It might possible be because men stopped loving there wives.

    1. By the way American women love there American husbands, there’s nobody like our men anywhere in this world and when the chips are down theres nobody like our women we’ve proven that during WWii. If you have a girl love her and PROVE IT and you will have a partner who will take a bullet for you.

    2. Fuck you. Women initiate divorce 85 percent of the time. Women are the main ones responsible for destroying marriage.

    3. Lol. DO you realize that women arent the only ones with problems? The men are all jaded too. Look at the responses you are getting.

  77. This entire story is fucking hilarious!!!!!! BEST LAUGH EVER. Lonely guys making up fantastical reasons for their shit lives really do make me sad ;-D

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    1. So you use magic for material purposes? Why not try using tantra/magic for spiritual purposes? You’re a godless atheist piece of slime.

  79. Hey Interesting article. I agree that there is this great paradox in western society. Western women are often complaining about where the real men are, but then they want to pussify everyone as well.
    Any you guys interested in living abroad and teaching English to sustain yourself, check out my blog that I recently starting. Its got great info on just about everything related to teaching English abroad. http://www.jimmyesl.com

  80. ” but they are too stupid to realize that they themselves are the cause of this problem.”
    Feel pretty bad for the kid that wrote this. Most people are followers, if their following didn’t lead in the direction you wanted you aren’t a leader. Take a few years, find some positive role models and start realizing if you want to take command you accept responsibility for the consequences.

  81. John Doe is seriously lacking understanding of Asia Women. Asia women are in general a lot more controlling than western women. I have dated many women both in Asia and in the US, I can tell you that the only difference is the first few dates, where Asian women appears more feminine. After that, they are mostly a dragon lady. This article makes me laugh. John has been watching too many moives about Asia girls. These movies are fictional and were made to sell. Western men likes to have control so the movie director simply filled the needs.

  82. Lol you idiot white western trash men think us asian women or really anybody would be stupid enough to fall for assholes who have this vile shit floating around in their heads… We wouldn’t try to emasculate you if you weren’t so sexist and horrible and incapable of seeing and appreciating good things

  83. You have obviously never lived in Texas. But don’t bother moving, an @sshole like you would get beat up by most of the men around here…

  84. Articles like this are written by pvssies who can’t get women because THEY aren’t “man” enough. It’s not because the women aren’t “feminine” enough…
    Also, the premise behind this entire article is a false one. Know why the women in these other countries LOOOOVE western men? MONEY! Relatively, the author of this article is rich when in these countries. If you were rich in western countries, the women would become whatever you wanted as well.
    Losers…losers everywhere…

  85. It is hard to find even one woman who likes me as a friend. But, I can go to a foreign country and find multiple women who would fall in love and want to marry me.
    I would rather go the easy way and find myself a foreign girlfriend/wife. I want a better and happier life. I do not want to be treated like dirt or some slave to an unappreciative woman.

  86. First generation North American women with traditional upbringings can make good wives.


  88. I want to be like a foreign woman. Is there like something I can read? You know guys read this website. Are their tips for women?

  89. You have very poor arguements against western women. How about growing up and noticing not all women of one culture are the same.

  90. OMG, this is the best article ever, i have read on the NET, hats off and i take a bow to the writters opinion, LOVE you, spot on truth, my last “girl friend” had the “balls” to say she could kick my mothers ass, and she was only dead for 2 months, i opened the front door and bounced her ass out, so true, man this is so refreshing, American women have this hand out mentality, it is all about me, my needs, pay up or get out, they put this lable on you ” SO YOU FEEL LIKE A MAN NOW” excuse me B , you wanna know know how it feels to be man, lets roll, i have had it with American women, in all honesty it is like dating your sister, or aunty, like melted vinalla ice cream, sad buy true, who the hell do you think you are for dis in me on MANHOOD, serisouly? American women dont want us to be men, open the door, , car door, and pay the check, they want a double standard, feminism is butt ass ugly, MY mother was sucked into this crap along with my aunty and Great aunt and Grand mother, with no real man around i grew up with the Hate men mentality, i know first hand how much it sucks, when i was 18 i told all 4 of them to stick it, and left, for real it is a pathetic mind set, a way of life, that is and has trashed countless womens lives, women dress like hoes and want a mans power, and men truly dont respect them, little boys do to get some P, but real men just blow it off, it is only P, women just dont get it in America, and teen girls cry and moan until some little male show them attention or ends up preggy or some std, so sad, ya i get the foriegn woman issue, cause they got something american women dont have , adventure and wholeness, they bring to the table , healing, comfort, love, honor, and truth, and to be truly femine you understand your own mind, soul and body, feminist women are so much drama, drama , drama, it is hard to make threw dinner, look make up your mind, either be a chick with a dick, a dude, or a woman, but dont play both cause if your a dude, you can fight on your own, im not dieing for a dude, i will fight like hell and provide for a true woman, but if your a dude your on your own, pay attention ladies, you dont get both ways, men dont you dont, wake up , feminism is crap,

  91. When men leaves there wives, partners and whom ever to raise their kids alone or their boys to be men. Then a woman have to do what a woman have to do. Doesn’t matter if your male or female if your lights are $200 a month, rent is $1,200.00 a month, food is $500 a month, car note plus insurance is $400 and more that is needed to survive. The male or female will HAVE to pay that price in order to have these things and provide for their family. Which means equal pay! Nothing in life is free! If the American man wasn’t so greedy at money and status then it wouldn’t be so expensive to survive. It’s the men pulling the string still to this day in higher seats. More and more women have to be a father and mother to their kids. If she was on government assistance, you’ll have something to say about that too! No one is going to allow another person to treat them like crap whether be male or female. America is built on MONEY!!!! $$$$$$$$ Keep running to the poor countries to get a woman because yet again “MONEY” they don’t have a problem getting with you because you have something they want “MONEY”….to SURVIVE! That’s all that matters in this day in age!! There are women who are feminine out there but they meet crappy men. Look around you…ITS ALL ABOUT THE GREEN!!!! Men that do get good women have habits of cheating with another woman. If you want good woman, start being a good man. All you will ever get is karma no matter what country you go to!

  92. As much as I like ROK, you guys are hypocrites. You whine and bitch about multiculturalism, yet try to bang foreign women. Is it jealousy because foreign men, Muslims included, can still keep their women in line? It’s ok. We’ll take your jobs that you don’t want to do because we take real man jobs, your land, your benefits. You keep your ugly, obese tattooed women. We brought our own hotties.

  93. Western men are at fault for having pushed women to seek independent life. In doing so they (men) thought of getting rid of the responsibilities of women and family. But, that misnomer has fired back in the face of western men. Should they have followed their religious edict in right spirit there would not be one woman who is not will to take their position. God has bestowed equal rights to both men and women. But, we humans have always tried our best to escape those responsibilities and blame it on one another for some selfish gains. and so called freedom. What has the meaning of freedom have if the majority of women have to go through many forms of sexual harassment at different stages of their life in different ways. From the age of 6 to 60 year women are subjected to harassment of every type. In the name of freedom oh i forgot they don’t any right at all. neither to wear proper clothes to cover their modesty of even grow hairs on their legs and hands. Getting a stable man to support her and her future kids seems to be out of question. If the Western man takes his responsibility with complete sincerity then i hope Western women would be glad and readily take her position and support the men in their mission to happy and a peaceful family.

  94. As an American woman, I could not agree more with (most of) this article. However, what you’re saying goes both ways. Feminine women, who are traditional, do not want a man whore for a life partner. Perhaps your inability to find a decent woman in the West is because she will not have a man who uses women for his pleasure. That is the opposite of true masculinity. A masculine man is a moral man who respects women. You clearly have no respect for women based on your description of yourself (“having fun with brown chicks”). You are contributing to our societal collapse. If men believe that women are there for their disposal, to be used for fun, women will learn to become garbage. This is not spoken out of arrogance, but out of truth. It took me a long time to find a Western man who shared my morals and traditional beliefs. If you want Western women to become the ideal women that you are searching for in foreigners, perhaps you should learn how to become the ideal man.

  95. Russian female here. I think I am on the opposite side of the spectrum and could easily write similar articles on why I will never date Western man. Look man – you watch anime on your free time. I also hope you work out. Here is what happened to me in the US of A: I went to a bar with an American boyfriend at the time. Some dude would start swinging. My sweet American boyfriend would hide behind my back, so I would be forced to knock out the guy. Here is the thing: you think I don’t want to wear heels and nice dress when I go out? I can’t, because I need to protect myself, and most western men are either weak or fat. And apparently somehow it’s my fault – I demasculate them somehow. Believe me, if I wear heels, I would just have to use them in a bar fight, because just because I look more feminine, American boyfriends of mine wouldn’t protect me – they are scared. Everyone says – you are so snake and pretty, why won’t you date. Whom? A western weakling to produce a weakling? No way. No way. I don’t know about other women, but the way you western guys are, Eastern European women won’t stick around y’all either. Next time someone starts swinging at my stupid date at the time who gets scared, I’ll stick with that guy instead and let him swing, haha.
    Guys, you are just so weak mentally, psychologically and physically – I feel sorry for you all. When you come to me and complain, I just start laughing. Now, there are few tough guys here. But they so RARE while back in Russia they were on every corner. I’m immigrating back at some point. You guys are hopeless.
    And you know what’s funny, guys here find me attractive, because I’m a strong woman. That’s a subconscious longing for manhood. And I don’t have time to teach a grown man how to be a man – I am a woman and this is just redicilous. Too bad we don’t live in Sparta – drop all you weaklings, who blame their femininity on women from a cliff.

  96. God I have to deal with few rude,masculine, pain in the ass, rigid and unreasonable polish women at work. I will write a formal complain and will submit to my manager. These women are extremely bitter and have made me lost my faith in all Western women. I googled what I felt and this article appeared. Thanks a lot . these western women are incurable.

  97. People who criticize Rosh V’s methods do not realise he is providing environmental adaptation strategies. It’s hard enough to implement solutions let alone change cultural attitudes. The government is using feminsim as a family destabilization tool, hence creating a weaker more malleable society.

  98. Well… Tbh i find White, Black, latino men race that use women for sex well I can say all western country the only good guys these days that are faithful and nice are Asian guys I’m married with 1 and he is such a angel while other men races treat shit and like a toy to women I even changed of culture cuz of it I love Asian culture people are nice mostly men so ladies if you want a true relationship don’t waste on other shitty men and be with a Asian guy they respect women and most of them will accept any race doesn’t matter what race you are personality only matters on them my personality is cute and kind so that attracts them but yeah that’s a big advice they are now trash has other men good luck ladies have a nice day!

  99. There are several growing trends taht involve boycotting American Women. One is to stay single for life. With porn and the occasional hookup, who needs an American wife?
    Another is to marry foreign women. Being with foreign women is a good sanity check. It’s not you. It’s not all women. It’s only American Women who are broken. I moved to Europe and have access to foreign women.
    Some American men are getting mail order brides, but it isn’t always because he is a loser. Foreign women are more feminine and they are comfortable being feminine. Foreign women want to be treated as equals. They don’t want to be bossy like American women, and they dont want to be slaves.

  100. Miscegenation is just as nasty!! Most western white men prefer foreign WHITE women. Not “foreigners” from Asia or other places.

  101. The best life term advice a man could receive is to never marry an American woman and choose instead an exotic wife. Read “Marry not an American woman” on Amazon

  102. Feminists hate international dating sites for the same reason that Detroit hates Toyota and Honda.

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