4 Ancient Tactics For Modern Streetfighting

I don’t think I need to tell anybody about the decidedly Weimar-esque events that occurred in Sacramento, California a couple of weeks ago, in which fascists and communists battled in the streets-with the rightists managing to win a 10-to-1 underdog victory that, despite my disagreements with Matthew Heimbach’s political philosophy—to put it mildly—was frankly an inspiring and heartening one.

Seeing as we have apparently entered a cultural zeitgeist in which street fighting paramilitaries are going to affect political change through hand-to-hand combat, I thought it would be best to train ourselves in the event of attack (for purposes of defense of course, we at Return of Kings would never advocate aggression against our enemies). With that being said, the tips on general fitness and martial arts are just the first steps of forming an effective fighting force.

One has often heard the phrase “strength in numbers”, but as the events of the “Battle of Sacramento” showed, having mere numerical superiority will not guarantee victory.  Instead, what must be learned and trained is tactical superiority.

Tactics and Strategies

These are two terms that are commonly used in military, gaming, or sporting contexts, but are often misunderstood. To put it very simply, tactics are short term techniques for winning the battle that you are immediately participating in, whereas strategies are the techniques used to achieve a long term goal. To put it in Return of Kings-centric terms, disinformation was a tactic in Operation Medusa, wherein the long term strategy was to create discord in the ranks of Social Justice Warriors so Roosh could speak unmolested.

While the long term strategy for our victory over the Cathedral is perhaps in its embryonic stages at the moment, tactics for fighting the useful idiots don’t need to be invented, for they already exist, and have successfully been used for thousands of years

In my opinion, if you wish to learn how to fight as a unit of modern day  men-at-arms, don’t learn from the Antifas, the black flag, and any other organization of pseudo-rebellious bourgeois  manchildren. Instead, learn from ancient men whose lives literally depended on their ability to function as a team. Indeed, these tactics are still used by riot police today:

1. The Shield Wall

Probably the simplest of the tactics that will be discussed today—and that is of course a relative term—because it is a fixed fortification rather than a movement.

To start, you obviously need some shields, preferably ones that are uniform in size. Seeing as it is probably difficult to get proper shields (made either of iron or hard plastic), my suggestion is to create ad-hoc tower shields by cutting large cylindrical garbage cans or 55 gallon drums in half.


Once you and your motley crew have been properly outfitted, stand shoulder to shoulder and place your shields in front of you, each shield overlapping the one beside it.  An example of this can be seen in the famous Mesopotamian Vulture Stele below.

shield wall stele of vultures

As with most things, your group must practice this maneuver so you can draw your shields as one. With more practice, you will be able to move as one, and even swing blunt objects in united vertical swings (for obvious reasons, turning this into a phalanx with spears is to be frowned upon). But even without weapons, this provides a formidable defense—not to mention that the shield can be used as a weapon in its own right.

2. Flanking

Once you’ve figured out how to move as a collective unit, the question that arises is: where should you move? Preferably, towards your enemies, but the simple concept of “forward” can be improved upon with flanking. This is, as the name implies, maneuvering in a way that presents your front with the vulnerable side or back of the opponent (or, if you have the numbers, both sides of the opponent in a technique referred to as the pincer movement).

This is not a formation per se, but a movement that can be done in conjunction with formations such as the shield wall or the flying wedge detailed below. Speaking in hypothetical terms that assume a sufficient number of fighters, I would personally recommend the Zulu “buffalo horn” formation characteristic of Shaka’s imperial reforms of the 19th century: it creates a pincer movement AND a shield wall below the “pincers”, with auxiliaries capable of free movement wherever necessary


The major downside to this is that it will require much more drilling and training than the aforementioned shield wall.

3. The Flying Wedge

This is one you might actually see practiced today if you observe footage of riot police breaking up crowds of people. Or maybe you remember reading about it in The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar. Or perhaps you are familiar with it being banned from American football and Rugby due to it having killed several players in the early 20th century-a grim reminder of its efficacy.

This formation is of a moderate difficulty between the simple shield wall  and the more complex pincer maneuver, and the bulk of difficulty in training will involve getting each person into their proper place and forming the triangle shape. Once this is accomplished, moving forward will presumably be relatively simple.


This formation should best be done with the biggest, strongest man forming the point, with a commander in the back and various rankers in between. This champion will penetrate the lines while his sides are protected by the sides of the triangle. For added protection, you can link shields while on the run, or even link arms, as seen below in a picture of the 1896 Yale football team. Either way, the momentum of each person will push each other person forward and add to the power of the formation.

football flying wedge

4. Auxiliaries

In ancient times, what would often support one of these formations were auxiliary fighters, typically peltists, archers, or general support, as seen in the svinfylking variation of the flying wedge


As slings and bows are classified as deadly weapons, I would refrain from bringing them. Instead, have auxiliaries to carry injured people out of the fray or deal with the police and media.


It goes without saying that I don’t have much experience in team hand-to-hand combat-the closest I’ve come to it is playing football in high school. However, I chose the tactics detailed here because I have read of them being successfully used by men whose lives depended on them. As we enter turbulent times, this admittedly slightly LARPy article, combined with lots of practice of its insights, might give you an edge over a horde standing against you.

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120 thoughts on “4 Ancient Tactics For Modern Streetfighting”

  1. Or if your in close contact. The classic kick in the balls brings every punk down. Worked for me in Rotterdam some years back when a guy tried to rob me one night. It’s old world, but highly effective.

      1. not many people stand around in their wing chun stance with knees pointing together to prevent that very danger

  2. My Uncle taught me years ago, in a streetfight ANYTHING goes. Back in the 70s his best pal was jumped by rival football hooligans and beat the shit out of. He did relieve one of them of two of his fingers though, bitten almost clean off. Undignified but that’s how this shit goes down.
    The leftists promoting race war and public disorder in the media have no idea how ugly real violence really is.
    Streetfighting isn’t about cinematic left hooks and elegant karate moves, it’s some poor fucker getting his eye ripped clean out, skull stamped on, or having a testical ripped clean off (yep, I know of that happening)
    The SJWs pimping mob violence on Twitter should be forced to view their consequences close up

    1. Of course anything goes. But anything went on the ancient battlefield as well. Considering that these tactics were used for centuries, I think that they’re worth learning, if only out of necessity.

      1. My point is that the nature of mob violence is completely random. Being “good” at it is like being “good” at playing the lottery

        1. When faced with a mob:
          Go absolutely berserk and club people to death using limbs you ripped off them


        2. Keeping your wits is key. Example, if you are one your own or a small group, fall back to a position or building where your attackers have to enter through a narrow space and fight. Have guys go to the roof and drop bricks. Mobs are not known for cunning.

      2. Like the Battle of Bryn Glas which shakespeare mentions involved the soldiers defeated by owen glendower having their cocks stuffed into their mouths.
        Although many SJWs have probably been preparing for that eventuality all their lives

        1. LOL aside from the lesbians most SJW wouldn’t mind having each others cocks stuffed into each others mouths, so it’s not such an insult to them.

    2. Yeah this goes for both sides. Just because we think the enemy is weak and inferior, doesn’t mean they won’t shiv you in the ribs if they get the chance or you are outnumbered. Stay together, don’t get overwhelmed by mobs, and remember they will not fight fair. Expect dirty tricks. There was a video of some protestors bringing brass knuckles and possibly a firearm to attack guys coming to our meetups earlier this year.

        1. Not in Europe, with IRA, ETA, Brigate Rosse, etc.
          When things go overboard, expect everything from everyone. My trick is to sing Land of Hope an Glory inside my mind and start distributing crosses and uppercuts. It’s been a while, anyway.

        2. @John Sanders you are absolutely correct and based on what my relatives in Europe have conveyed to me, protesters in the USA really don’t stand a chance against ANY type of opposition (note, I am addressing the most COMMON type of protesters in the USA, I realize that there are others in existence whom are better equipped). I have a further opinion as to why that is so:
          I think surveillance tech, tightly controlled media and perfected subterfuge techniques are keeping ALL of us from knowing if new, SUCESSFUL, activist groups are springing up. I’d argue the government today, nips such movements in the bud, sending participants to jail will-nilly, affording little due-process, like they got in the 1960’s and in turn giving them horrible plea bargains. I think people ARE indeed trying to take action, but are quickly stomped out, rounded up by LEO’s and NONE of it gets to the media, including blogger and Instagram journalists.
          I’ll give a simple example of something I thought for sure I would see in the streets during riots, but have yet to see it happen. During Occupy, protesters from EVERY city were easily dispersed by tear gas and flash bangs. Why? Didn’t Occupy participants have knowledge that such tactics would be used against them? Did they not prepare to neutralize the effects, especially with some ex-military people participating and having experience dealing with such? The rioters in Greece and Spain were not as easy to disperse, in fact they were not dispersed at all by LEO’s.
          So, I’m supposed to believe that most protesters in the USA, NEVER, thought to prepare and have Goggles/eye-protection, shields, or safety/chemical respirators with them at all times? ALL OF THIS STUFF IS OVER THE COUNTER, but NONE of the protesters I have seen, not since the 1990’s, prepare with such equipment today.
          Another example, imagine if the UC Davis cop pepper sprayed the student protesters, found out that they ALL were wearing respirators and goggles. Would he have started beating them with his night stick, out of frustration, because he wouldn’t be able to effectively use the pepper spray? I would say, most likely, yes.
          If you know you’re going to get shot with rubber bullets and bean bag shotguns, a defensive formation like the Ancient Roman/Greek Phalanx should be Standard Operating Procedure, but nope, they just stand around until the SHTF and then start running in every direction, as if being shot at by LEO’s was an impossibility.
          So whats different about American protesters versus Europeans? My guess is anyone that could teach them proper tactics to counter LEO’s are quickly arrested on trumped up charges and threatened to never return to help the activists again “or else”. American protesters are so poorly organized that I can’t imagine them EVER having an ounce of success, but at the same time I think surveillance tech, tightly controlled media and perfected subterfuge techniques are ENTIRELY responsible for said poor organization and preparation.
          For example, the FBI said Friday it deployed about 100 agents to the St. Louis area ahead of the decision, in case demonstrators take to the streets.
          As noted in the above link, surveillance tech, tightly controlled media and perfected subterfuge techniques are keeping ALL of us from knowing if new activist groups are springing up across America.
          Here’s footage of Occupy Oakland protesters attempting to form a shield bearing phalanx out of makeshift shields

          However, in contrast, THIS image is much closer to a phalanx and I’ve NEVER seen it done this way, in ANY, American protest (note that nearly everyone in the crowd is also wearing civilian grade respirators):
          Here is the American version, standing single-file, with cut-up Rubbermaid trash cans, unprotected, cloth neck gaiter and hoodies:
          When it comes to effective protesting and HOLDING ground against ANY organized opposition, Americans don’t know squat!
          Respirators, Goggles and Safety Helemts, in that order, should be mandatory kit for modern protests. As for the make shift shields, intended to stop rubber bullets and bean bag rounds, in the case of the video, they are irrelevant, because first, the shields are too small and second a similar effect could have been gained by duct-taping padding all over their bodies (torn up phone books maybe). Tear gas and flash bangs should be less effective at dispersing crowds, than bean bag rounds or rubber bullets, but always sends Americans running.
          I understand when people run from the bean bag rounds and rubber bullets, but ALL protestors should learn to hold their ground for flash bangs and tear gas, which requires, AT MINIMUM, bringing Respirators and Goggles with you to the protests (ear protection and safety helmets are helpful as well).
          Look at these guys in Keiv, they know exactly what they are doing, they are even wearing construction hard-hats:
          http://rt.com/news/war-gear-ukraine-riot-084/ War gear: Weaponry & armor of rioters in Kiev
          We need more of this:
          and much, MUCH, less of this:
          Its freaking embarrassing watching Americans protest, they look moronic and spineless.

        3. You’re looking at the wrong protestors in the USA. The ones you need to worry about deploy with plate carriers and ARs

        4. @Luke Stranahan
          My comment was in reference to John Sanders comment about European protesters. It was not written to address EVERY type of protest strategy that a person may witness, just the most common. The majority of US based protests typically do not have participants with plate carriers and AR’s. It happens, but CURRENTLY is the minority.

        5. Very, VERY plausible observation. I am inclined to think this is not “by nature” of the protesters but rather due to a deeper, more extensive work of surveillance and preventive action by government forces. The material and human resources which are allocated to american “internal security” have no match at all in any other country of the West and even the world, maybe making an exception to North Korea or China. A legacy from the Cold War which was further developed after the 9/11 paranoia.
          Most of these movements are subject to “accretionary repression” methods. Groups under 20 people are only monitored. Groups from 20 to a 100 people will certainly be infiltrated by silent agents, regardless of their political nature, as they are possible strategic liabilities. Groups bigger than a hundred people will suffer active turmoil by “vocal” agents, while still containing other, silent agents. These repressive tactics are old (a known example would be Adolf H, a “vocal agent”, before transforming the NSDAP and changing allegiances), but much of them are now more effective than ever, with tools like smartphones or social networks, that provide means of 24/ 7 surveillance, which complement agents’ work, by making counter-repression by these groups almost impossible (if an agent is detected, “dissidents” will exchange that information by technological means and lose all the surprise effect needed to act, reason why successful islamic terrorists fiercely avoid technologies; however, if you avoid technologies too militantly, you’ll be deemed a dangerous individual just by doing so, and surveillance will target you selectively, it’s a blatant catch-22 situation).
          Much of this spinelessness and moronic behavior are logical consequences of the rotten kind of guidances these groups are allowed to have. At a level of individual freedom, I wonder if, in self-declared democracies, citizens were ever so obliviated of their active polical power and right of association. This fact is sometimes scorched as mere conspiracy theory by PC narrative enforcers, but if you look into symptomatic events like the ROK meetings initiative, you’ll see how continued efforts of repression have multiple tools and methods, and how some sociopolitical aggregations are no more than disposable puppets in the hands of major players like George Soros.

        6. @John Sanders
          I mentioned a variation of everything you noted above, on another ROK article and basically got called an “idiot” by people claiming to be “combat veterans”. Their rebuttals were pure fantasy, but the down-votes still rolled in for me, while the up-votes piled on for them.
          I believed then and believe now that they are paid shills attempting to discredit my points, so as to mislead people, whom are forming dissident groups, tricking them into complacency. The comments that those “combat veterans” made will almost certainly lead “potential dissidents” to falsely believe that the possibility of “being infiltrated by a government spy” is nothing more than a “conspiracy theory” and beyond the capability of government bureaucracy.
          Here is a link to article, where they tried to steamroll my comments (just search for my username):

          4 European Countries To Emigrate To If The West Collapses

        7. Not in Europe, with IRA, ETA, Brigate Rosse, etc.

          Those Commie, Marxist scumbags don’t have moral high ground if they had any. They are backed by (((globalist))) scum. But there is action and reaction.
          That’s why against red scum, Sturmabteilung was formed in Germany, Falange Española de las JONS in Spain, Iron Guard in Romania and so on.
          IRA is nationalist but antiwhite, commie, marxist organisation. They are against their own people, they support massive nonwhite immigration into Ireland.
          Modern extreme left is ethnomasochist, antiwhite.
          They will not stand a chance when SHTF, because they will not have support from compatriots.

    3. So far the sjw’s are just posing. If it comes down to real violence they will run like pussys. There are elements of the left organised and capable but on the whole majority at Trump rallies and BLM will run when shit goes down….

      1. In most countries the largest roided out beefmonsters are recruited into uniform. The moustache cop with sunglasses is a thing of the past. Today’s model police force boasts a frontline regimin of the bald bodybuilder types with bulk like a linebacker along with a few token pipsqueak 5’4” trigger happy women with their hair in a bun.
        Look outside any Gold’s Gym and the state police car parked belongs to the big bald guy and the local cop car is the short lady cop with hair in a tight granny bun. Have fun chatting the little bitch up in plainclothes. In the gym she spots for him.
        A bald head has no hair to grab in a street altercation. Try to pull the hair on a bald headed guy or bouncer. Very difficult. A sweaty bald head in a street fight is slipperier than a get a headlock when their neck muscles are as wide as the head. Your hands slip right off a bald head especially when it’s waxed and shined smooth to match the corfram shoes.

    4. “The leftists promoting race war and public disorder in the media have no idea how ugly real violence really is.”
      Are you saying a group of people that gets their feelings hurt when they dont get enough like votes on facebook dont know what real violence is like? Huh.

    5. SJW are like locusts : face them as a whole and you might have a hard time, but if you just cross one, even just a few of them, and they’ll piss in their pants.
      By the way, have you ever met a Male SJW who’s not feminized? Have you ever seen a single Alpha Male in their ranks?

  3. -Don’t wear gear that can be perceived as military/police-related
    -If you’re male, wear a cup.
    -Protect your head with a helmet. Bike helmet is good, low profile.
    -Cover yourself with strong (yet mobile) clothing.
    -Wear easy-to-shed layers.
    -Wear shoes that allow you to run.
    -Wear eye protection (but not contacts.) Thick eyeglasses with a headstrap.
    -Consider wearing sheets of protective material under your clothes. Sew or tape carbon fiber into your clothing to stop tasers.
    -If possible, wear a gas mask. Use a builder’s respirator when a gas mask isn’t possible. Use improvised mouth protections as a last resort.
    -Be prepared to change clothes.
    -Consider using hydrophobic sprays such as NeverWet to deflect liquids and gasses, as well as keep from seeping into your clothes.
    -Wear gloves that permit picking up and throwing hot canisters of gas.
    -Make a shield out of your protest sign.
    -Consider making a homemade tear gas rinse.

    1. Does anyone know of an effective way to hide your fingerprints temporarily? I thought of putting superglue on the fingertips to prevent being ID by cops after being arrested. Does superglue work, or will the cops just rub it off with acetone?

      1. Realistically there isn’t anything, but why do you want to hide your ID?
        Cops in my home town, and the one I live in now know who I am and for the most part do not really mind what I do.
        I used to go to bars a lot and basically ended up in a lot of fights with stupid and/or criminal people. Cops will pick you up for beating up some piece of shit but often they will drive you home instead of to jail lol.

        1. I just don’t trust cops. I have a lot of friends that are cops. I have some background in the community. I would never call the cops for any reason. They’re too likely to shoot my dog or my kids or me or themselves than bust the bad guy.

        2. I wouldn’t call them either for any reason. But people call them on me when I give a righteous ass whooping to mostly immigrant asshats.
          If I’m talking to a girl or two in a bar and Johnny rapefugee comes in between saying he’s Italian I’m going to fuck him up. This exact thing has happened lol.

        1. But that’s not temporary. Its important that i be able to go temporary dark because dark is light and wrong is right in this world.

        2. I’m not (by all means!) trying to convince you to do this, but I can say this method (if properly done!) allows you to recover your fingerprints after 3 to 6 months, depending on your skin rejuvenating capability (variable from person to person, reason why you should try it in a small hidden area before; you should know, this only works if you burn to the point, if less it won’t work, if more, you’ll have permanent damage to your fingers and/or chronic pain).
          For your information, this was used by spies of both the United Kingdom and continental powers, when they needed to avoid pre-capture compromise of their true identities (if capture was imminent at less than 15 minutes, it would be worthless). It’s HIGHLY painful (for 3 weeks, as I told you, and the pain doesn’t go away, you’d need constant local anesthesia). It’s important to note that people who did this had been trained to endure pain (as they could also be tortured; usually, one of the training procedures was the “fiery needles”, which is said to resemble the same algesic stimulus). Once again, you should not do this, as it is highly dangerous, and you’d be doing it without the knowledge of the right temperature and time frame. However, in a situation of despair, if your risk is higher than the possible damage, this is the ONLY method which is 100% guaranteed (remember, since DNA tests became available, fingerprints are more or less irrelevant).
          I hope noone of us will ever be faced with the need of doing a thing like this. Nevertheless, when younger, I was fascinated about this kind of knowledge and learned (also experimented) a lot of these, to become “strong and impervious” (Nietzschean «extreme» phase of my life, Thatcher years).

        3. There’s nothing to go back to.
          Get it? Haha, philosophy jokes, everyone loves them, a hit with the ladies too, try it some time, you can audibly hear vagina cracking as it dries up

    2. Why go so non-nonchalant? If your going to get into a melee do it with some style. What better way to represent our culture and history afterall.

        1. Watched it a few weeks ago. They got the battle scene right on the money. Most of the rest of the series I just watch to pass time. The battle scene in that episode was the highlight of the last season. They did their homework……

        2. OT, but that was an epic battle. I was almost rooting for Bolton, simply because his men were far more disciplined and well-trained than the half-starved rabble of the Stark’s. It was awesome the way they locked shields and edged forward, pikes thrusting, like a meat grinder closing in on the hapless enemy whose backs were against a literal mountain of their own dead.
          Also, Bolton played Jon Snow like a fiddle, making the stupid prick rush forward and destroy any advantage the Wildlings might have had. The only one I felt sorry for was the giant.. although if the big dumb bastard came swinging an oak tree like a club, rather than swiping at the enemy with his bare hands like a retarded T-rex, he probably could have decimated the Bolton army on his own.
          It was only the deus-ex-machina appearance of that cuck Balish and his cavalry that saved the day. You don’t have to love Ramsay Bolton, but his vastly superior strategy and tactics should have won the day. Fuck GOT for that.
          ps. As for Balish’s cavalry charge.. what do you get when mounted knights charge a locked formation of disciplined men with long pikes? A lot of skewered horses.
          That’s how the Scots beat the “unbeatable” English heavy horse.

        3. Yeah, Jon Snow was warned that Bolton would be manipulating him, and still he fell right into the traps. Pretty dumb. But I was happy to see Bolton fall. Bolton’s men were well trained, but considering his freely lobbing arrows at his own men, I wonder why they were really that loyal and fought that bravely for a guy who didn’t care if they lived or died. Balish does play an awesome dirty elitist cuck doesn’t he?
          The force at which the (I’m assuming CGI) cavalry was smashing against each other was incredible. It’s the first true warfare scene that I thought could be better (in some ways) than what Kubrick wanted to pull off in his never-made Napoleon. Of course the scale and scope of that would have been incredible, even better than the amazing 1970 Waterloo (this cavalry charge was never supposed to happen by the way!).

        4. Saw this flick during spring break back in ’71. It was awesome. Well attended in spite of the on going anti-war movement during that era.

        5. Well in the show the shield wall was skewing dudes that were surrounded and weren’t expecting cavalry to show up behind them, totally negating any benefit from the formation.
          Battle of the Bastards kind of reminds me of the Battle of Cannae minus the Baelish cavalry.

        6. Awesome. I wasn’t aware that such anti-cav tactics were utilized post-heavycav era. (Reminds me of the Tortoise formation from Red Cliff)
          I started watching this series called The Last Kingdom on Netflix yesterday. First episode is entirely relevant to this article.
          Here is a behind the scenes video talking about it and showing pieces of it (cant find any actual clips, show came out in Oct I blieve.. highly recommended – RED A.F. show so far)
          Notice how the use of superior tactical movement utterly overwhelmed their opposition (they moved the wall back slowly, allowing ambushers to charge from the rear and erect another shield wall in a modified pincer move)

          And of course, my favorite scene showcasing the power of the formation from Vikings
          Notice how calm and cool they all are. The enemy is struggling to contend with the wall, but they’re well-practiced and operate as a smooth unit, opening the wall for individual strikes as a team, whittling down the opposition while avoiding any losses.
          THAT is what squad-level drilling produces.

          Now imagine employing this not against blade wielding, professional armored warriors, but a bunch of faggots trying to bop you with their picket signs.

        7. However, massed cav formations are… entirely nonexistant in today’s urban environment. Interesting point you bring up though, because the same tactical effect could be achieved with any motor vehicle.
          As an intro article, I think these ideas are entirely invaluable. The day may well be on the imminent horizon that men need to organize into their own Martial Academies in order to protect their towns from the masses.
          As I’m sure you’re aware, there is a rock-paper-scissors relationship between any tactical devices one can employ against an active enemy, and against disembarked mobs of hostiles sans firearms, the shield wall is the best damn option I’ve ever seen in any old (or new) movie 😉
          Check out the vids I’ve posted a page down from here.

      1. Well you’ll need a squad. Practicing tactics like these makes little sense solo. Muscle memory will take over in the chaotic moment and if your team has its movements honed in, that’s an edge above the opposition.
        I wish I had some friends now…

      2. Meditate on falling off cliffs, being torn apart by dogs, burned to death etc etc. hagakure style.

        1. Accepting your own death is a huge benefit in a fight. Once you lose the fear of death much more is possible.

        2. That there is most of modern Western people’s problem, they deny death, afraid of of it. No one wants to talk about it.
          It might be the end of you when you die, make it count and take as many as you can with you.

        3. The people that cease to be afraid of death are the first ones to die in battle. A healthy fear will keep you alive.

        4. Not advocating to be stupid about it, no point taking a knife to a gun fight and expect to walk away from it. Common sense should apply,which is another component lacking in most people these day.

      3. Not sure what you mean. If you mean tactics and strategy then there are many books to read for such a cerebral pursuit, although tactics mixes the mental with the physical the most. (Strategy is your approach to a war as a leader of men. Tactics is your approach to a fight as a trigger puller.)
        If you’re talking about mental fortitude, then that’s a whole other ball game. Its an age old question. How to I prepare myself, or my sons for war? What does it take to make a good fighter besides strength and training? What was the difference between the Viking and the Saxon that won the day at Edington?
        It takes a certain natural disposition, good pain tolerance, mental discipline, and experience in fighting, both in a team setting and one on one. Other experiences also help, such as running a marathon or competing in other highly physical contests, strong man, tough mudder, etc.
        I find being a quick wit gives you a huge advantage in a fight, because most people freak out under pressure. If you can keep your mind clear and focused when the SHTF you’re going to have a serious advantage. That’s my number 1 strength I’ve found in a fight.

      4. I’ve been thinking about this a lot myself. Our environment continuously softens and warps us mentally. Haven’t found much good info on the subject.

      5. Bernard Cornwell’s “Arthur Trilogy” gives pretty good descriptions of the mental preparation for Shield wall/close quarters fighting. Plus, they’re a great read.

      6. You can’t prepare for battle by reading books. Join a martial arts club and spar regularly.
        If you are part of a political group, spar and drill as a group, set off smoke grenades and spar in the smoke, have a guy shout into a loudspeaker as you do it, set off a siren, recreate the atmosphere.

        1. This.
          In the Army today, they have you practice squad movements, bounding, room clearing (in both actual buildings and what’s called a glass-house), weapons checks/jam clearing procedures, night firing (tracers, NVGs), in basic you go through a CS gas chamber to teach you the value of your promask and how to use it right, simulated casualty eval and triage, rollover drills, wargames…
          I can go on.
          The point is, yeah, they give you a big ass fucking manual to read about how to do all this shit. ( Go look one up online if you want )
          Then they go out and actually DO IT ad nauseam.
          DO IT till you can’t fucking stand doing it anymore because you’ve DONE IT so many god damn times.
          Practice, with your squadmates. Then Practice again.
          And hopefully if shit hits the fan you all remember what you’ve done a thousand times.
          As I said previously, I don’t have any friends since I’ve moved, but I’m about to start planning a Gentleman’s Covenant because the only way to be prepared is to plan ahead.

      7. I’d argue that practice will do more than anything else-if you drill with tactics like these and spar as a unit, you’ll take away a lot of the fear that would come going into combat fresh and “unblooded”.

    3. I might add. Be prepared for an acid attack. Street fighting has borrowed somewhat from chemical warfare & a lot of this stuff can be bought or preferably stolen by your opponents. A gas mask is preferable to a respirator. My grandfather wore one throughout 11 months of trench fighting in WW1. Saved him in the long run!

        1. I’m 64. My grandfather was born in 1894 & made it to 91! Served in the 90th US Army Division during WW 1 (1917-19). My grandma was born the same year and lived to 103!!! My great-grandfather was born in 1850 & was a Civil War veteran. By the way, my family was in the plumbing & heating business for many years. Grandpa always thought pay toilets were hilarious!

        2. Haha! Now I know where your nick comes from.
          Cool story, my granddad was just above a toddler during WW2. The

        3. My grandmother came over from Ireland around 1916. Literally saw life go from horse and buggy to the space shuttle in her single lifetime.

    4. The eye rince spray bottle is a good idea, the rest I’m not so sure of. It sounds a bit too mad max for my taste.
      I just use a custom teeth guard and hoodie and jeans, and low trekking shoes.

    5. Good ideas. I was thinking a softball helmet- full coverage with earholes for hearing. Also, knee pads.

    6. Just bring an AR-15 or a modified glock automatic with a 30 round mag and do the job properly….. sooner or later these skermishes will turn into civil war……… i never get why there isnt armed insurrection at these riots… 2-3 guys with assault rifles could take out an entire police squadron…. that will be the game changer…. sooner or later its going to happen….. faluja comes to 90210……

  4. Learn to use the simple sling. Slings are easy to make..a loop of twisted cord. Ammunition is easy to find…any pebble or rock will do in a pinch. And if you have to dispose of it, you throw it on the ground and walk away. Cops wont know what it is, so if they find it on you, they will ignore it. You can call it a bracelet of a belt or something.
    Slings can be lethal…the spanish did not fear aztec arrows. They were very scared of Aztec slings which could smash their steel helmets and crush bones.

    1. I’ve actually tried slinging, it’s pretty hard to use properly. I’d estimate that getting really good at slinging requires more practice than fighting in formation. But it is a good idea-the IRA used “wrist rocket” type slingshots pretty effectively during the Troubles.

  5. Another thing..look at what our ancestors wore. Thick padded garments. You’d be amazed at how effective 15 layers of quilted fabric is at stopping cuts and blows. Big puffy shoulders and big thick puffy pants serve to armour the body in a cheap and effective way.

        1. Put an urban sombrero on him and he’d be the acme of style and sophistication.

  6. Number 2 could use a better explanation. I think I got it the second time I read through it. Remember though, flanking in terms of an army is different than flanking in terms of street fighting. You’re typically facing an unorganized group of individuals. They aren’t presenting a “front” per se, and they’re not likely to be using any sort of formation. Therefore, if you move around to the left to “flank” them, they will simply turn and the “flank” will now be the front. It’s not like they are repositioning shields or tanks, they are just rotating their bodies.
    For a proper effective flanking in an unorganized street fight, have the front engage first, THEN flank or pincer from the sides. The enemy will be engaged with your front, and won’t be able to react to the flanking forces, which will decimate them. This is basically what Napoleon did over and over with his cavalry.

    1. To me the best approach is to scream my head off while running in and just punch anything I can reach. The scream of course is “VICTORY OR VALHALLA!!”.
      People think I’m joking but my wife knows better lol.

      1. I like to use “mantequilla!” Sounds intimidating, but in Spanish it means “butter”. I used this to great effect in the military.

        1. Haha, I think next time I’m going to scream “Butter!!” And see if there is any difference…

        2. My advice would be to stick your dick in them if you can, understanding them is not the goal…
          I’m getting close to understanding them and I would say unless you married one don’t look there.

        3. Heh, the Tick. The battle cry of all battle cry’s, good throw back Knee. that’s my shit.

      1. GoJ suggested steel-toe boots as well so people can’t stomp on your feet, but yes, steel-toe boots would make a great offensive option as well. My biggest fear would actually be getting stabbed while in a large crowd. Is there any material that deflects knife stabs? I don’t believe Kevlar does and I don’t want to walk around in chainmail, heh.

        1. Vibranium has better protection but adamantium is more durability if that makes sense. Wolverine’s claws can’t penetrate cap’s shield but can stay perfectly intact in the middle of an atomic blast.

        2. Kevlar comes in three levels: I, I, III. They are specified for either edge weapons or ballistic. I.e. : maximum protection jail guards use level I-III body armor for edge weapons. Prisoners don’t have guns but can make a mean shiv/shank. Ballistic Kevlar is different because the weave is for high velocity entry not brute force slashing etc. so yes, you can get knife/edge defense armor. Good luck buying it. Elitist/NWO are banning the sale of body armor because they DONT want you to be able to withstand their bullets. If that doesn’t wake up the fence riders or even libertards, I don’t know what will.

        3. Get it while you still can. Though it’s expensive. There’s used cop vests though. And for a lot of riot type fighting simple motorcycle armor would work. Even a leather vest from a thrift store is good.

  7. If you want to learn good group tactics, just look at how Russian hooligans operate. Those guys got their shit figured out. If one thing communism did get right was instilling martial discipline upon the masses.
    Coming to think about it, seeing how the English got their asses handed to them by the Russians, maybe Brexit wasn’t that bright of an idea.

    1. Are they fighting about soccer? Damn, you can’t get people out of bed here when age-old constitutional protections are repealed, a trillion dollars goes missing or the pension funds get raided.

      1. At least they’re fighting for their nation, city, region, or at least a facsimile of it. That’s more that I can say for most Americans. They rather let the blacks shoot cops and let their 2nd Amendment rights rust in the sun.

        1. loyalty to a sporting franchise based on its geographic location and the coincidence of your birth always seems nuts and the scale gets worse as that loyalty starts to come in the form of full on violence.

  8. Timely article. Each one of us must prepare to be a general and not just a foot soldier. Learn to fight one on one, and deadly, but also to lead.
    Great intro article. +100 up votes.

  9. >>(for purposes of defense of course, we at Return of Kings would never advocate aggression against our enemies).
    Just FYI, this “war” will be a slow-losing affair until this attitude changes.

  10. Are you kidding me, if there is going to be a real risk of mob violence, and I am walking into it, that’s why open cary laws exist. I GUARANTEE, one shot in the air with an incendiary shotgun round and nobody is going to fuck with you. At least long enough that you can GTFO.

  11. I wouldn’t reccomend any of these tactics for ‘street fighting’. They are more conventional military tactics for professional armies. You may know some former soldiers to fill your ranks, but your drinking buddies wont be able to perform these manevers with any sort of practicality. Also, these maneuvers only work by strength in numbers. Your crew of 6 won’t have the desired effect. Especially using 55 gallon drum shields. Think how heavy and awkward that would be and how ineffective a dozen of you would be. Now take a few lightly armed guerilla style fighters, and the drum shields will do you no good. Study guerilla tactics for rapid, precision strikes, where you can blend back into the population. Much as they are reviled, read Mao tse tungs book on guerilla war. Che guevara’s. And NVA general Vo nguyen giap’s book. Also “war of the flea” is an excellent analysis of guerilla fighting

  12. I have seen street fights before ,and the toughest and most clever bunch of guys wins and I’ve found if the enemies leader goes down first ,they become less emboldened and with dumb leftist. They’re leaders are easy to spot! And I agree ,these tactics will be devastating to our enemies and as the bible says “there’s nothing new under the sun” so when the time comes. We will give our enemies a taste of history!

  13. Most important street fighting rule I know,
    be the most violent
    the most brutal
    the most vicious FIRST and FAST!
    If you are a peaceful man that wants to protect peace, you live a peaceful life, avoid violence, do no harm etc,
    you must be more brutal than those trying to destroy peace, when the time comes.
    In the Phillipines 4000 drug dealers etc just turned themselves in cause the Dude said it’s open season on drug dealers and junkies, you kill em’ I’ll give you a medal.
    SJW’s think they are as tough as the Hungry angry poor post ww1 circa 1917 people.
    Man they are in for a big spanking!

    1. SJW are the softest most pussy limp wristed anal prolapsing bunch out there. In the event you hear of some “badass” athlete, mma fighter, soldier who parrots their narrative, know two things; 1) they are doing it for the social benefits 2) if not, there are more red pilled badasses over them 3:1.

  14. I am not interested in street fighting. But I would like to form an armed community watch in our suburban neighborhood if some of these riots continue to get out of hand.

  15. Don’t assume these “social justice warriors” are harmless keyboard-jockey pussies (like I admittedly did). Three of them beat the shit out of me at the “meet-up” in February with remarkable efficiency and brutality. Lots of men talk a good game, but I don’t know any that can take on three at once with weapons while he is unarmed. That said, I’m not an easy target. I wouldn’t want to fight me. My point is that these people, whoever they are, are ready and willing to commit murder for their beliefs.

    1. I’ve noticed a lot of men nowadays whom you think would be red pill conservatives are actually complete liberal beta bitches when it comes to their world view. I am under the impression that this is purely a mix of low intellects combined with a mental state of slavery to pussy.
      Low and behold when one of those faggots you talked about girlfriend whispers in his ear how she loves his tolerance towards gays, remember those lips were just around a man like mine and yours shaft.

  16. In Germany they used to climb on the roof and throw tiles down on the people in the street.
    Autonomen trick

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