The Undeniable Importance Of Sexual Self-Regulation

If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by the self. – Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich

Balance is one of the core defining factors of all life in the universe. Without it, probably life would simply not exist to begin with. Since balance remains one of the greatest and defining secrets of a fulfilling life, its influence also extends to other aspects of life as well, and human sexuality is no exception.

There is a balance for everything around us, which when tampered with will produce problems. In today’s degenerate societies where unlimited sex is increasingly touted as a “self value” and happiness-validating ideal worth striving for, we’ve already seen how unrestrained sexual degeneracy and imbalanced modern sexual roles are destroying both modern women and men.

But even if men are endowed with comparatively longer sexual lives and drives compared to women, it becomes very important to acquire mastery over and regulate this incredible but finite power at our disposal—so that we don’t end up being slaves to our passions or dissipating it recklessly to invite unnecessary hassles which could threaten us in the long run.

When the pursuit of pleasure becomes an ensnaring shackle


The desire for sexual expression is possibly the most powerful need of man, due to its unparalleled creative potential, and thus has fascinated humanity since antiquity. However, unregulated use of it can undoubtedly threaten – if not destroy – a man’s health, mind, status, resources and even existence in the long run.

It’s undoubtedly easier to subdue others, but what can be said when one’s own lust becomes one’s own greatest enemy in personal self- development? Only a few lucky ones can escape unregulated sexuality’s limiting after-effects post-pleasure, but for the rest, there is no substitute for sexual self control.

But because men lack self control and wisdom in harnessing the incredibly powerful natural gift of sexuality, what we commonly find is the servitude of men to those who would provide the gratification of that need, which is aptly expressed by Chinweizu:

There are five conditions which enable women to get what they want from men: women’s control of the womb; women’s control of the kitchen; women’s control of the cradle; the psychological immaturity of
man relative to woman; and man’s tendency to be deranged by his own excited penis. These conditions are the five pillars of female power; they are decisive for its dominance over male power. Though each is recognized in popular jokes and sayings, their collective significance is rarely noted.

There is a joke which goes thus:
1st woman: The way to a man’s heart is through his belly.
2nd woman: Aren’t you aiming a few inches too high?

This joke pays tribute to how the womb and the kitchen control the feelings of men. A man can be controlled by the hunger in his belly, and by the other hunger which flares up just below his belly. Consequently, he can be manipulated by whoever controls the kitchen which feeds him, or by whoever carries the womb through which he craves to procreate. – The Anatomy Of Female Power

The message is simple and clear: barrage a man sexually enough to soften and enslave him. However, these conditions can still be effectively dealt with by taking the red pill and learning game.

Modern dating, just like life’s unfairness, constantly throws amoral power games which test a modern man’s mettle; thus to acquire mastery of over his destiny and freedom in that context, sexual regulation thus acquires paramount importance for him.

To release or not to? The tricky challenge of sexual regulation


Undoubtedly, one of the greatest battles a man wages in his own life is the one to seek control over his own lust. But sexual self-regulation need not mean unnaturally strangulating it completely, for there is no unnatural perversion worse than sexual self-repression. When pushed too far, this practice itself can be as unhealthy as unchained promiscuity.

At the same time, with the increasing failure of modern marriages – the erstwhile socially legal and traditional “channels” for sexual regulation – are itself eroding away, it then becomes increasingly important for modern men to learn game to create viable sexual options for their own sexual expressions.

Additionally, there are many factors which affect a man’s sexuality and its expression: age, health, intelligence, personal tastes, the quantity and quality of his sexual options, the societal environment and culture he finds himself in and how it indoctrinates him, and the personal evolution of his own masculinity through time.

Out of these factors, modern over-sexualized societies (and women) often excel in indoctrinating and baiting him to lose his sexual self control and wisdom.

For e.g. “Use it or lose it” – modern men are constantly barraged to this common societal shaming ploy which seeks to dwarf men to the state of human dildos who are programmed to foolishly yield to their own desires and submit themselves to sub-standard women, throwing both caution and personal sanity to the wind. But what are conveniently ignored is “when to use it”, and that the more a man foolishly yields to societal indoctrination to lose his sexual self-control, the easier it becomes for the modern societal matrix to control him.

Additionally, a lot of men shuttle between two extremes: either they dissipate their sexual power uncontrollably, or they simply keep frustrating their sexual expression by over thinking and over-analysis. This is again due to the lack of game knowledge and social intelligence, and again both these extreme approaches often contribute significantly to the growing modern phenomenon of male sexual desensitization.

The true secret of sexual regulation is that of detached wisdom, sexual timing, willpower and proper discretion. It is extremely important to acquire and imbibe these virtues, more so for the neomasculine man, since sexual self regulation is an important tool in his arsenal to outlast the evanescent self-destructing society which he often confronts.



A man who isn’t a slave to his own lust cannot be controlled effectively by women. And sexual gratification should ideally not come at the cost of one’s own freedom in the long run. Game helps men to determine which women hold the best prospects with the least threat to his freedom, and also how to sidestep the associated pitfalls, both prior to and post-sex.

Moderation in every aspect of life need not always be praiseworthy, but when it comes to a powerful, influential, dynamic yet finite source like sexuality, it becomes extremely important to understand as to why mastering sexual self regulation is so necessary, and how to master it—for failure to do so has been the cause of many failures of promising men throughout history.

Acquiring the art of sexual self regulation thus remains an undeniable asset for the man on the road of personal development, and his subsequent harnessing of his own personal power.

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72 thoughts on “The Undeniable Importance Of Sexual Self-Regulation”

  1. Good article on an important theme. Self-control & self-knowledge should be priorities for any man, but with respect to women, and increasingly society itself, continence, with respect to sex, thought, and action is key. While that’s true of any society its never been more true than in our modern ‘over-sexualized’ societies” which as the author says aim to “bait us into losing self control” as the means of controlling us. Lose the battle for self-continence and you will find yourself risk-managed by a society that see masculinity as a problem precisely because it wants to present male sexuality as ‘out of control’, dangerous, predatory, rapey or otherwise tending towards the criminal and pathological. In truth modern society is organised around a female narcissism that seeks to maximise its narcotic pull through the pornocratisation of culture while simultaneously obsessing about the imminent danger of rape culture. The anti-dote, and stake through the heart of this vampirism is sexual and emotional self-mastery. Its not going to happen overnight, but once it does the sexual vampires will turn to dust.
    Its worth remembering that this is ancient wisdom. Ghandi spoke about Swaraj, self-rule just as Aristotle and the ancients spoke of Enkratia. And of course there’s also the more colourful examples of doing battle against temptation in the Christian tradition including the example of St Anthony. Doesn’t mean sex is bad, but compulsions and addictions are bad.

    1. @michaelmobius1:disqus excellent.
      Men are visual creatures, and our sex drives are tied to what we see.
      Today, we have a society where it is deemed perfectly socially
      acceptable for females to dress like prostitutes, color hair, paint
      faces, and hyper-sexualize their appearance. Then you have porn which
      is easily accessible at the flip of a switch via internet in every home,
      and heck, accessible from phones as well. Even just advertising and
      regular shows on TV contain sexy female after sexy female after sexy
      female. Then you throw in the dynamic of the “true forced
      loneliness/MGTOW” types of existence that a lot men live in where they
      simply cannot find a girlfriend/wife and are single for years into their
      adulthoods. A single female can easily go and get sex whenever she
      wants. A single man can spend years going to nightclubs and fooling
      around the internet with no sex at all.
      The result? With a normal healthy raging sex drive, a lot of men become chronic porn watching masturbaters. <—–these men are victims and females are once again the perpetrators in society that constantly taunt men with the “in your face” “look at my hot yoga pants ass and pretty painted
      face, but you can’t have this” act they put on.
      We’re living in a matriarch society today. It’s a society where women have more rights, they pick their husbands & boyfriends, they are the ones that basically determine what is socially acceptable or not
      Hopefully there is a paradigm shift one day and all of us get to live to see that day arrive. It would definitely be one for the history books to show what happens to a society within a generation when women are allowed to vote. Ever since they allowed women to vote…..look what happened.

      1. “Men are visual creatures, and our sex drives are tied to what we see. ”
        If by tied you mean “associated” I would agree.
        A man should be a slave to no one, even himself.

        1. Not in this environment, but in a normal society men WANT to be “slave” to a virtuous woman and his family in general. We think we are programmed and driven by sex. I disagree. In the long run, all we want is a good deal in exchange for our commitment. Unfortunately that’s not possible these days, and then the fall back is as you said: no commitment, i.e. be slave to no one.

        2. no smart man wants to be a slave. a manager and provider perhaps, but not a slave.
          like a project. as long as you own it, good. you invest in it and make it grow and it’s hard work. but as soon as it owns you and you can’t walk away from it anymore, it becomes toxic.

        3. you know what I meant.. not slave in the true sense of the word. I meant we want to commit ourselves and our resources to a virtuous woman. Sex and appreciation is what makes a man want to produce more and more and be happy while doing that. As i said, that’s a fantasy today.
          Producing just for the sake of producing will not bring happiness. I do that every day, I have more than I need and I’m like.. meh..

        4. choose your words wisely.
          yes, i can imagine doing that, but definitely not with the current state of law.
          i actually considered something similar some time ago, ironically inspired by roosh’s article on evolution.
          the life purpose of spreading your genes. from that viewpoint, you don’t wonder whether a woman is subjectively attractive anymore. it becomes more like a strategic game: what kind of genes do i want to mix with. who will be a good mother for my child?
          not choosing the woman for yourself anymore, but for your child. the woman as an object to be used to create sons, only to be put up with for that reason.
          because, seriously, i can’t imagine binding myself to a woman just because. after 23 years of living with my single mother, NO WAY i’m keen on doing that.

      2. “Hopefully there is a paradigm shift one day and all of us get to live to see that day arrive. It would definitely be one for the history books to show what happens to a society within a generation when women are allowed to vote. Ever since they allowed women to vote…..look what happened.”
        The current paradigm (it is unsustainable) will eventually collapse. All artificially constructed paradigms do. It is not actually a question of if but when.

        1. The system will eventually collapse. But rather than being little faggots who complain about this and that, it’s better to think in terms of survival = ourself. That’s why most men nowadays should lift weights, have their diet in check, read books / educate themselves, work towards building a sustainable work/job, learn and study game, train in combat sports and grow a fucking beard. It sure requires a great amount of time and dedication to do all this but trust me you will be rewarded in the long run.
          Keep in mind that most women reach their peak much younger than we do. Don’t be depressed if you get rejected or fail at relationships and don’t lock yourself up in a virtual isolated world where jerking off and hating make you feel better. Instead, work on yourself and make friendship with your fellow comrades, we should help each other. Do that for a couple of years and you’ll see that when you reach your peak as a man, you’ll bang hotties 10-20 years younger than you and all the bitches that rejected you back in the days will be out of shape, divorced and with kids that they probably didn’t want. Funny thing is that although all this happened, they will still be looking for dicks and prince charming. Women are worst than kids, they never learn from their mistakes.
          PS: I believe that porn should be banned from the fucking internet. It is a way too easy shortcut for frustrated guys to remain in the little comfort zone. It’s too easy to jerk off on amateur porn and be afraid to talk to a girl in a bar. Porn promotes being a fucking pussy and in today’s society for a man this is an unacceptable behavior. It is very sad to see generations of young male teenager jerking off on the internet and playing videogames while the female teenager are already hunting for dicks in the clubs. Technology is not your friend, it’s your enemy.

        2. well, there are matriarchies, kinda. i’ve seen this documentary where men dress up and dance to be selected as mates by women. was a tribe in africa or something.
          it’s like with socialists. sure it works, but you end up poor, miserable, eating grass.

        3. First, it says a lot that I have to start this post with “I’m not racist, sexist, homophobic, or anti-immigrant,” but there’s a backlash going on right now.
          Average people are starting to rebel against the artificial norms being force on us. Common sense is making a come back in the social arena.
          Everyday the news talks about what some mysterious, unseen authority is saying is wrong or right. Politicians see their jobs as just to preserve their jobs, and knee jerk decide with groups that they think will keep them in office. They dont even stop to think if what these groups are saying is right or wrong or even fair. Thier job USED to be leading the country. Now special interest groups fund thier campaigns and tell them what to do.

        4. Great– another authoritarian who wants to control what men can see on the Internet. Fuck off

        5. I guess he was more or less talking in a philosophical way about banning porn. If you think about it he’s right. Million of men are using porn as a treatment for their chronic urge to have intercourse. All porn is voyeurism. If masturbation is the only way you ejaculate you are beta, no discussion. It may be the best option when deprived of a vagina, but it’s not a substitute in any way.

      3. You’re right. They are sexualising everything because of the effect it has on men, which is to the extent we respond to the stimulae, is a weakening one. The only answer is self-discipline, not abstinence, or (necessarily) MGTOW, but simple self-mastery, although this is something that has to be learned. As you say we live in an masturbatory society. A masturbatory society is anti-sex, not pro-sex. Its also enormously damaging to relations between the sexes, and whatever power it may give women will only make them unhappy in the long term, if not the short. We are not close to a paradigm shift, but the fact it is only now that we are becoming capable of articulating what is going on. They will try to stop that.

        1. Happiness is achieved by working for something and then being awarded through the hard work and struggles. A beautiful woman rarely has to work hard to get awarded with things. Most things are given to her at a young age. She never really had to earn it. This is why she will never be happy. Ever. Then when she grows old, things that were once practically given to her dries up, she gets bitchy and unattractive day by day until she grows up mentally if at all.

        2. this reminded me I owe God a Thank You for my testicles. Thank You for reminding me.

        3. that’s insightful – that might be worth an article in itself, especially with regard to solutions to that problem

        4. “A beautiful woman rarely has to work hard to get awarded with things”
          A beautiful woman knows that she is beautiful and therefore she knows that she is attractive. You would be surprised how well women know how to seduce a man and get literally everything they want. It is subconscious for them to seduce men, early on in their life they understand that by trying to “seduce” daddy, they can get anyting they want. Women are miles and miles ahead when it comes to human interactions and psychology. All these things are natural for them, it’s the results of years and years of evolution. Back in the prehistoric era, women exchanged their pussy for food and protection. They never had the physical capabilities and strength that men had to hunt and bring back food to the tribe. As a consequence, they couldn’t work and had to stay at the camp; the only way they had for their baby to survive (the future of the tribe) was to remain under men’s control. This is the very reason why society is fucked today, you just can’t change thousands of years of evolution in barely two or three decades.
          Anyway, all this to say that they might be stupid as fuck for logic and rational thinking but when it comes to seduction they are far superior than us.

        5. “A masturbatory society is anti-sex, not pro-sex.”
          Men masturbate, most women nowadays don’t need to masturbate, they have sex on demand. The anti-sex society you are referring to is for men, because most women even the uggliest fattest one have no problem getting laid. A guy from the gym I used to go is a brazilian jiu jitsu champion, good looking, tough and fit as fuck, you would be surprised to see how fat his wife is.

        6. I didn’t really mean by that, that people, both male and female didn’t have sex (but were instead masturbating). What I meant was that the culture itself was predicated on the masturbatory in a broad sense i.e. interested in promoting everything but actual heterosexual intercourse (and relationships). While I certainly don’t think sex has to be about procreation or marriage etc (I’m far from puritanical) I consider that as whole sex is increasingly being defined as pretty much anything but straight procreationally minded intercourse. If you look at porn (which obviously has a low tolerance for the vanilla) it inevitably gravitates towards masturbatory and fetichistic practices, towards anal and lesbian / gay sex, indeed seeking to ascribe equal or superior status to such practices. Likewise in the media we are awash with imagery that goes vastly beyond what once passed as titillating, yet which tends to marginalise actual straight sex, and indeed at the same time virtually criminalise it. Sex itself is being treated as infinitely elastic, when in fact it always refers back to straight-old-fashioned fucking, and a masturbatory culture IMO is what exists when that elastic is close to snapping point, pretty much as far away as you can get from that point of origin

        7. Just because he is tough as fuck against men doesn’t mean he knows how to handle a woman. That’s why I tend to agree.

        8. Exactly right. A woman having sex with multiple partners (often at once), in various holes, in various places, etc is celebrated and “empowering”. Males doing the same thing are shamed by society (alphas), while the other males who don’t have access to sex are relegated to masturbation where they are ridiculed, but controlled.

        9. Are you suggesting that there is some kind of shadowy conspiracy directing the sexualisation of society for the purposes of oppressing men? A very seductive idea but it seems unlikely.

        10. women synchronise periods. Groups synchronise ideas, attitudes, and perhaps even strategies. Society is highly self-organising so for the most part conscious conspiracies aren’t necessary to account for such things. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist though. But then again, what is a conspiracy? The reality would almost certainly be very different from what the image conjured up in your head by the word

        11. So a general idea rather than a central director? I can accept that but why feminism and not masculism? Why aren’t these “groups” pushing more masculine ideas?

        12. There are probably lots of reasons but I don’t think it’s hard to see why this is happening. The corporate / money system combined with government likes feminism because it makes money – we already touched on this. Governments like the taxes women make. The corporate world likes feminism because it can effectively pay less to a couple who need two wages to live whereas previously one wage sufficed. Standard of living has probably risen in fairness, but this reflects increased consumerism – arguably the means whereby we are being ‘enslaved’. And as we’ve discussed women may have influence (even if not ‘control’) on overall spending decisions. There are other perhaps more sinister reasons. Power and wealth is increasingly concentrated in the hands of the few – the 1% or the elite. You could relate this to hypergamy. The men at the top – they are mostly men – benefit from increasing hypergamy. Feminism can’t reach them so it punishes the men down below, which the men at the top are perfectly happy about. These men are effectively seeing off rivals lower down in the pecking order. Feminist men often occupy a very patriarchal position whereby they play the leadership role for the women they are supposedly ‘empowering’ – in some senses feminism is ‘good game’ but not so much for the hoi polloi). So promoting a wider matriarchal society keeps those rival males in check but not only sexually, but also in terms of the challenge they might pose to their power if for example each heterosexual family unit was a male power base. The sovereignty of the male-headed family is eroded for the same reason that the sovereignty of nations is eroded: the financial elites want to have the control that the head of the household or the leader of a nation-state once enjoyed. Feminism, is just of many ‘social justice’ causes which enable the elites to push trans-national government. Anti-feminism for instance is likely to be designated as extremism and potentially criminalised under the new legislation on ‘tolerance’ that Tony Blair is being tasked with pushing through europe as a whole /wiki/European_Council_on_Tolerance_and_Reconciliation#Efforts_to_pass_Statute_of_Tolerance.
          There is one final reason I would mention that is little understood. The traditional family, the traditional state, and the traditional religion were all patriarchal. The alternative ‘spirituality’ that is being advanced – one might call it the emergent tradition of the ‘sacred feminine’ (as in the Da Vinci code), is designed to balance and or subvert the masculine in favour of the feminine. It’s difficult to say how influential this idea is but I’d say it’s very influential indeed. When for example Madonna talks about Kabbalah, this is almost certainly part of the allure, but much the same ideas are percolating within Christian theology as well. Whether its progress, change, or ‘tikkun olam’ the elites no doubt see their politics as basically altruistic but at root its self-interested, and utterly undemocratic – that’s one reason why I support rather than oppose democracy. It’s the only weapon we have against the elites

        13. I think you need to be specific when you say the “corporate world”. My impression is that feminism is a pain in the neck for most corporations. I think your example of paying a couple less is weak. That would only make any sense at all in the context where both the husband and wife work for the same company, and even then, I doubt any one thinks this. That said, salaries are generally determined by the interplay of supply and demand in a particular labor market, not by whether you are married or not.

          Governments like the taxes women make

          Don’t they prefer the higher taxes paid by men?
          I think you speculate too much on the thoughts of faceless conspirators. Better I think to ask the following question: what do we expect to see in society when we reward the many who are weak at the expense of the few who are strong? In other words, what do you expect to see in a democracy in which the fundamental guiding principle is that all are equal?

        14. Re. being more specific about the ‘corporate world’ all I’m suggesting here is that at a certain level there are common interests which favour feminism, or for that matter any cause that can be turned into a new market. The banks are the most obvious candidates, not least because they are the driving force behind globalism / internationalism and cartel like behaviour, and with respect to feminism they are not threatened by issues like maternity / child care etc that can sink small firms. Re. the example of the couple being effectively paid less, I meant this in historical terms. I.e. in 1970 a man could work and afford a mortgage on his own, pay for wife and kids, whereas now it takes two people to do the same. Re. speculating on faceless conspirators, fair enough, but there is nothing faceless or necessarily conspiratorial about the example I gave you. There are certainly backroom meetings, Bilderberg type conferences where the elites determine how to run the world without reference to voters and most of them are entirely unelected. If they won’t open their meetings, or publish their minutes to the world its naïve to accept anything we are told at face-value? As I said earlier we are mainly talking about self-organising behaviour governed by shared interests and perspectives.
          As to it being better to “ask the following question: what do we expect to see in society when we reward the many who are weak at the expense of the few who are strong?” that’s perfectly fine. By all means avoid descending into the rabbit hole, and focus instead on practical solutions to the problem at hand, but I think it’s also important to make sure you have correctly identified that problem.

        15. Yes we do live in a masturbatory society. With doctors telling the masses that masturbation is healthy to the “sex education” children receive in schools, it’s all fucked up.

        16. I don’t think children should be made to feel guilty about masturbation but neither should they be ‘interfered’ with by being indoctrinated early on with ‘progressive’ ideas that may warp them.

        17. Yeah, children should not be made to feel guilty about masturbation. It happens to everyone during their puberty years. However, they should be told the negative effects of excessive masturbation. It can lead to the depletion of testosterone, kill the drive to achieve, swell the prostate, cause urination problems and can affect voice deepening and beard development in males and the “death grip” can damage the penis.
          What I hate is that the doctors and the society telling children that masturbation doesn’t cause any of these. Fuck, many doctors say that that you should masturbate daily. This is insanity. Teenage males should be guided that masturbation two times per week is moderate. They should be taught to conserve their sexual energy. Many teenagers get addicted to porn and masturbation, and this goes hand in hand (no pun intended). Years ago I was like that. I felt tired all the time. I didn’t want to socialize with others, just sit in my room and jerk off. And I slept a great deal. I missed so many opportunities to meet new people, do new things, and achieve something. Only when I began jerking off in moderation, I began to focus on my life, and began to really achieve something on my own.

        18. In my view, the corporate world is anathema to women. It is only through using the lever of government that women have made it more female friendly. For example, one of the reasons it was virtually impossible for women to get jobs in investment banking was because they get pregnant. This is a huge problem for a bank. So to change this, they used legislation. Now a corporation cannot ask if a woman has children, wants children, must provide a certain amount of paid maternity leave and hold her job (thereby paying two people for the same job) while she is away. This is a cost not a benefit to corporations.
          Second, what you said about the fall in real wages is true because this is because of inflation, particularly in housing. This is caused by the central bank fractional reserve banking system.
          I have worked in banking for years. Actually you might be surprised how non-woman friendly it still is.

        19. “I have worked in banking for years. Actually you might be surprised how
          non-woman friendly it still is” / In my view, the corporate world is anathema to women”
          EnglishBob, are you moonlighting on Jezebel of a sudden? I’m aware there have been some recent cases where women bankers proved to be a major pain in the arse when they underperformed then sued for discrimination.
          I already acknowledged the fact that women can be a liability for firms –
          I’d say this is mainly for small firms, but investment banking or any work hard / play hard environment is going to be poison to people who regard themselves as snowflakes. I think that’s an operational issue though. It doesn’t change the commitment of corporations to the ideology of f feminism / progressivism etc. which is currently central to the kind of image corporations want to project. Moreover if the corporate elites are
          increasingly buying into or pushing that ideology (which may or may not be the same thing) then I think we need to distinguish between their relations to women / feminism vis a vis the market thereby created (i.e. women as a powerful consumer group) and women as employees. Bankers may buy into the ideology of feminism while still being pragmatic about hiring women getting into jobs they can only cause trouble in. In other words if there is a cost to one department hiring women but a bigger benefit to the whole firm (or allfirms) hiring women then a cost benefit analysis will still result in: feminism
          “Second, what you said about the fall in real wages is true because this is because of inflation, particularly in housing. This is caused by the central bank fractional reserve banking system.”
          Lol that has to be the least conspiratorial take on fractional reserve banking I’ve heard but then I guess a bank’s internal training courses aren’t going to push
          that line are they? As for inflation
          accounting for a fall in real wages don’t central banks pretty much control monetary policy, and don’t the big banks usually have influence towards that end? Do you think Mark Carney has cut all his links to Goldman Sachs, the great vampire squid.
          Probably best to leave that one. If you’re still in banking I wouldn’t advise you to deviate from the official line

        20. There can certainly be negative effects, but I’d say for the most part, just leave kids be. You tell them about all the evils that can result (death grip lol made me think of Darth Vader jerking off Natalie Portman) and you’ll just produce a complex. Porn addiction is very real, and it does deplete energy / vitality, but that’s probably best dealt with holistically. In fact I think it would probably be best to teach kids about general principles of moderation, avoiding addictive activities, focusing on real things like game rather than not doing something because its unhealthy. The best thing I think is to encourage it to be seen as just one more bodily function. If you can’t get to sleep for instance masturbation has pretty much the same utility value as drinking a cup of cocoa or something

        21. Far superior? Speak for yourself homeboy. I let them know who’s running things and I go on my schedule. I don’t bow to pussy and I don’t exhange my leadership/power for this.

        22. Men are easily aroused by reasonable looks, unlike females are. They respond to other markers of good genes like a low voice, saying the “right things” or to earning potential and ambition. This is what disturbs the sexual market value in favor of women. Women are not better in seduction, they are solely engaging in economical protectionism of their one and only commodity: pussy. The perceived value of this overrated thing (that is sex) is still high, despite of it’s (unlike it used to be) low risk outcome: offspring. It is also distributed nowadays without the commitment of the man involved. So in this regard the pedestalization of sex is beyond intelligibility and men actually have to thanks themselves for the unbalance.
          Something else:
          Men should be point blank what they want as they start dating and why they are dating (I have needs and want a female in my life) They should demand regular sex as a term for a relationship and break up with a woman as soon as she starts witholding sex (female induced relationship stressor)

        23. Well, most decent looking guys could fuck dozens a women a year if they just approached more and kept their mouths shut after a certain point of time. The levels of honesty some men have in dating is backfiring their chances even within the first 5 minutes of the conversation. “Oh I don’t want kids”, “I make ok money” (with that disagreeing look on his face), “I don’t like pets”, That’s not my type of music”. “I like Star Wars”, “I like to scratch my balls”. Everything you say can and will be used against you.

        24. True. Grey hair on a man look significantly better on a man than on a woman. I have yet to see a woman age 50 without makeup and hair dye that doesn’t look like the wicked witch. Women just get old, men get distinguished. That’s why I like to read this article below to remind myself that sooner or later those 10’s will be powerless old hags.

          The 15 Magical Years of Womanhood

        25. EnglishBob, are you moonlighting on Jezebel of a sudden?

          Don’t be silly, I am just stating facts. The men’s locker room isn’t woman friendly either. Does stating that fact make me a feminist?
          I am not following your logic. Let me state it another way. I have worked in various banks in various functions for nearly twenty years. I know banks and I know bankers. Women generally work in the support function and not generally as bankers. Male bankers are not great fans of feminism, They are a beer swilling, strip club going, unPC joke telling bunch. Think highly intelligent car mechanics in suits. The last thing they want is to pay extra to hire a woman. The only reason they hire women is because they have to by law. I have had that said to me by banking professionals (when I first started) and seen it happen. You also have me as an example of one (i.e. a banker).
          Now you can believe what you want about it or you can believe the subject of your theorizing in your face telling you the facts.
          As for what you said about monetary policy… that’s kind of what I said rephrased. I tell people this all the time at work. Bankers are not a shy bunch.

        26. exactly. I have slept with over 100 women (I’m married now), most of that within a 5 year period. During one week in that period, I slept with 6 different women in 7 days…I never bought into this whole fake “Alpha” thing I’ve heard guys say, “I never lie, I always tell them I don’t want kids, marriage etc”. Every chick I banged was buying a dream-not that I am bad looking (I’m a solid 7, athletic power lifter). They ate the shit up, buying possibility, and gave up pussy regularly for it. Being decent looking helped, but if I had gone around pretending I was a playboy it never would have worked.

        27. “Male bankers are not great fans of feminism, They are a beer swilling, strip club going, unPC joke telling bunch”
          I’m not sure anyone has ever really thought differently. I imagine WYSIWYG when it comes to your ordinary city suits etc. But that has to do with the culture required to pursue money relentlessly. That may or may not extend to the board room I imagine, or even above that. And even if does, its clear that those who are sufficiently motivated can operate more than one logic, more than one set of values at the same time where necessary. Your George Soros (my favourite, but probably not typical) funds every progressive cause imaginable, but is currently in a legal dispute (which he predictably has won) against his 30 year old girlfriend, who by all account he used to treat like a plaything. So radical feminist, radical gay rights, human rights etc when it suits him, but when it doesn’t, he’s slapping (not literally) his bitches around like a bossman. And guess what, its been great business for him. Same with your Rockefeller I imagine. He’s got his foundation full of every shade of feminist mouthpiece spouting the usual rubbish about making a greener gayer world for everyone while the philanthropist in question keeps on accumulating more and more green and gay dollars (I presume). These are top tier guys, but I imagine at that level, you can afford to take the bigger picture. I imagine if you work your way up the ranks you’ll have to master a similar kind of internal dissonance.

        28. In my experience these women never grow up, they just get progressively more unhinged and detached from reality as their looks fall off the cliff. The exception is the attractive woman who found an equally attractive, devoted husband that she remained married to as they raised a brood of well-adjusted children. But these women are few and far between these days.

        29. At 46 I’m already there. I can’t tell you the number of my female peers whose beauty would have taken your breath away 25 years ago but now I wouldn’t fuck with your dick.

        30. Great to hear. I am getting more attractive every year. Losing weight, finally my beardgrow starts taking of. Don’t look boyish anymore. I’ve had girlfriends age 15-21 who looked wonderful, but now at the age of 25 already lost their shimmer. You know what I’m talking about. That moist skin, sparkling eyes, that relaxed impression they made. Tight bodies. All gone. You can already imagine how they would look when they’re 40. The older a man get’s the better he will be at predicting a women’s future I read yesterday on RoK. Well, that could be very true.

      4. I don’t necessarily agree with everything you said here.. Or maybe it’s the same argument from a different angle. I’ll just copy and paste one of my older posts describing why things are the way they are.. It was written on one of the other ROK threads. Women giving away sex, does not mean it makes them happy. As a matter of fact it makes everyone miserable. Women are not after sex, that’s what we’re after, in the first stages of a relationship that is…Sex should be carefully used by women to get our commitment.. In a normal society it’s a very simple deal: sex for commitment… but with some twists.. Anyway, here it goes..
        It’s very simple actually, and this has been discussed many times.. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Men are the gatekeepers of commitment. If women “let it in”, that’s what men will do… get it in; always, no exception.
        You can even think of it in terms of mechanics… If you take two average people, a man and a woman, it is a fact (due to biology, and how nature is organized), the woman can have sex with ANY man, whereas the man can not have sex with ANY woman, because the woman is the decider factor. This is why rape is punished so severely (and it should), because it takes this choice away from the woman (by force). Feminism, on the other hand is trying (by various means) to take away the choice of commitment from men.
        Following, we can not commit to a slut, because then we get cockloaded down the road. That is a an absolute certainty from a high notch count woman. There is no such thing as a reformed slut. This has been discussed at lengths, and the reasons why that’s the truth are common sense. Nothing complicated there.
        The implications are tremendous, and let me just state that you(not you, in general) are running an unacceptable high risk to spend your resources in rearing a child who does not have your DNA. Add to it the feminist legal system and it is a disaster for a man committed to a slut.
        If you analyse closely, this is exactly where feminism is trying to trick you. It’s what they hammer day in and day out (propaganda, campaigns, the SJW, the family court, etc),.. If they can make you believe sluts will make for a good wife, they win and you lose. Pay utmost attention to this subtlety…
        You can even see the nature of men and women in this stripped down choice dynamic: men-rape–>force, women-commitment–>cunning.
        Therefore non slutiness MUST come before commitment. Simple as that. We do what we’ve always done. We didn’t change, and we are not causing the sluttiness…The only mistake men did was give women free reign in the society.
        Women have been “liberated” by feminism, became sluts and thus this simple sequence is broken. Again, one can NOT come before the other and this is exactly the reason feminism will fail in the long run.
        Some time ago, when women were subdued, the Alpha males were stoned out of the village by the Beta crowd so things went both ways.
        Today, the Alphas fuck and the Betas pay and masturbate in the shower. Only Alphas win out of this deal. Everybody else is screwed, men and women included.

        1. You are wrong about the ‘decider factor’ contrary to the common perception, among mammals and other primates,it’s the male who drive the evolution not the females or atleast, that was the case before humans started colonizing.The ‘decider factor’ is usually the physically stronger gender species (Female is the decider factor in case of spiders For eg. the aptly named Black Widow Spider).This physically stronger gender species carved out the path for evolution. It’s not that ‘females choose men’ it’s the more like sturdier and stronger men ‘take females’ irrespective of their choice,since primordially it was the physical strength which was looked upon.

        2. Right. As I said. At the core of it it’s rape. I’d like to believe though, we’re one step above that. No?

      5. It was a learning experience in college to see below average looking females, 3s and 4s, all they had to do was act drunk and grab a guys crotch to get sex. If a below average looking male tried that kind of approach he could be accused of “assault”.

      6. No one ever said that women have to be the deciders when it comes to mate selection. Now that game has evolved and the female tick points have been deconstructed, men now have the upper hand and have more say in who WE want to have a relationship. basic game tests like “the cube” and finding out early about their relationship with their parents particularly their father are the Holy grail to finding out what they are about in short order.

      7. That would be a sorry soul who went to nightclubs for years and never got laid. Nightclubs are pussy factories. You literally just need to pull a lever and pussy is in your hand. Even in my darkest days of struggles with game I still got laid.
        Note that a lot of those pretty girls you see on TV and in advertising are for the benefit of women.

      8. The modern society is hyper sexualized. Years ago, when I was a blue pill man, I could never make out, as to why the society, deems it inappropriate to look at a woman’s cleavage, when women are allowed to flaunt their cleavage freely. Why does everyone (including men) shame men for visually responding to females who reduce themselves into sex objects. We get the blame for treating women as sex objects when they themselves do it.
        Whether it is songs, films, magazines, television shows, gyms, offices, everything has been sexualized to the point that a normal, healthy, heterosexual man craves sexual relief, and if he doesn’t know game, he becomes a chronic porn watcher and masturbator.

        1. Inferior beta males are not allowed to look. Hot alphas are.
          It’s that simple.

    2. The Renaissance was about much of what you sad, except for the idea of developing the body as a “proper vessal for the mind and soul.” Throughout history there have been resurgences of ancient and valuable teachings that make and keep us human. Philosophers (The serious ones educated in Europe and in the Greek language) are saying that we’re in another “Dark Age” where mankind had become “mass” and individualism is lost. There will be another golden age, but it comes when enough individual men (Women, for 8,000 have been considered incapable of it) regain the art of thinking for themselves and start examing who they are and their place in the world.
      Marcus Aurelius talked about the “inner fire” (Logos) that prevents you from being a puppet to the world and your surroundings. Those teachings used to be common for every educated school boy. They need to come back.

      1. Looking forward to that new golden age. It can’t come too soon. Post-modern thinking has of course been very anti-logos, with dire consequences for all

  2. Come on, where’s the Rachel Dolezal article? I want to see someone come in a tear apart all of these “trans” movements.

    1. Here, let me do that for you:
      She’s a deluded wigger and no matter how nappy she makes her hair, she’s still another white woman with a couple of screws loose.
      And the rest of the trans-weirdos hate their selves and belong in the asylum.
      Did I do good?

  3. As a Western Christian, I see the value of self-control. I’ve seen and heard my fair share of Leftists who are coming to the realization that maybe God didn’t just create rules concerning sex just to be some sort of cosmic wet blanket.
    He endowed most men, with the exception of asexuals like myself, with an innate desire for women. Unfortunately, too many of our gender have turned that gift into something it shouldn’t be and wind up like Chris Mackney.
    I don’t think that many of us that are going against the proverbial grain realize just how fortunate we are.

      1. In my case, the vast majority of women start to look alike after a while. I could probably count the number of times that I’ve truly lusted after a woman on the fingers of one of Mickey Mouse’s hands.

        1. well, they kinda do look alike.
          interestingly, the times i’ve truly lusted after a woman, i usually wasn’t needy about it. it was more like the other times when i tried to convince myself i wanted them, while i truly didn’t.

    1. Christianity demands either marriage or complete celibacy. That kind of bullshit belief has no place on a game site.

  4. This is totally random, but avoid Oklahoma guys, unless land whales are your thing

  5. good article. may i add: trust thy hand.
    from my experience the greatest mistake to make when trying to resist something is to repress the desire, causing it to become stronger. your typical “i don’t really want the piece of cake, it’s evil and i hate it”. you are only lying to yourself.
    letting the desire exist inside you, but simply not acting upon it, works much better.
    it seems to apply to all of emotional self-regulation. women just don’t get this when they say “listen to your emotions” as in contrast to “repress your emotions”. that’s why feminists should shut up about raising men to be more “in touch with their emotions”. frankly, i think men are more in touch with their emotions than most women.

    1. Great analogy about the cake. I agree that it is important to retain the desire without acting upon it. Self control is paramount. Further I do tend to believe that men are in touch with their emotions – as it were. Yet men tend to keep their emotions inside of themselves; on the one hand, so as not to betray their thinking to others, and, on the other to ponder and analyze those emotions before reveling them to others. Even the most rudimentary male mind does this. Whereas, women tend to verbalize and act upon emotions as they become cognizant to them. Spontaneity vs dilerbrate, release vs restricted emotion. The differences between the sexes.

  6. Good article. This can also be applied to each of the 7 deadly sins. They are really only deadly if you overindulge in them but a little greed and a little lust won’t kill you. Some days you may want to laze around but do it too much and you’re a sloth whose life will surely drown.

  7. see the eye is the widow to the mind, all one must do is control his eye. I used to be a voracious lust hound and still am on occasions. when I fail it is because I didn’t control my eyes I let them linger to long on the basically naked women in front of me every where. Then I thought wrong then I did wrong.

  8. Thanks for the good article. I am victim to my own lust for sex at times, I can totally understand the feeling of being a slave to your emotions and sexual desires. Fuck that.

  9. To quantify sex like that puts it in the same perspective as all essential things necessary for life, food, water, air. The essence of Dr.Maslow’s theory was just that. Sex is an essential element for life as depicted in Maslow’s pyramid.
    Consider shelter as essential. Depending on his prowess and will, a man may build for himself a palace or at the other end he may only have the drive to roll himself in cardboard in an alley. Both ‘dwellings’ would be suitably warm and dry enough to keep the person alive during the night and both provide at least the bare minimum necessary. The low end cardboard box dwelling would equate to sex with the hand or with some fag oozing with sores and with diarrhea. The palace dwelling would be the opposite, perhaps a undyingly loyal 9 on a mission to serve her masters will, tapping his nuts just the way he likes, not too fast or slow, with her warm and willing face and body to mule his little kings but who doesn’t look like a hairy mule, no games but just right and regulated like the other essential elements.
    Too much air hyperventilates. Too much ‘dwelling’ would equate to being confined in a prison box in a straight jacket which would be too much sheltering to thrive, or like a babboon mother smothering her son to death, or with sex too mutch pussy suffocating you. There’s a healthy middle ground for all things, drinking, vitamin suppliments, rest, on and on.

  10. I wonder how much societal norms and intiations play into this. We’re taught that being a man is about pursuing women for sex, and women are portrayed as being hard to catch. (And yeah, women are taught to hold out on sex to get what they want from men.
    This drama being played out as an example for us to follow “dumbs us down” and sex being a biologically driving force, ends up turning us into tightly focused, one-track thinking robots who can’t reason or cope with other issues. I mean, if you talk to a bunch of guys at a bar and say you’re not into chasing pussy and like to read, or do something else, then you’re considered strange, or even gay.
    What we’re told we absolutely need, yet is difficult to obtain, ends up putting us on a hamster wheel. And we go nowhere and our human potential is wasted.
    It’s time we stopped playing the game, and thinking for ourselves.
    Would that change our whole economy and culture. Yeah, I think so

  11. This article really doesn’t say anything. How should sex be regulated? How much sex is too much? What kind of sex should be avoided? What standard should be used to determine the answers to these questions?
    The article deals with none of these questions and is pretty much meaningless

  12. Women can’t control men, just as men can’t control women. An empowered spiritual being knows this as an intrinsict fact of being human. Not all human beings seek to control others. Not only ignorant, but woman-hating and because of this, equally man-hating. How sad…

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