Analyzing The 5 Main Alpha Archetypes

Over the years the red pill community has coined many terms that have become regular jargon amongst its purveyors and beneficiaries. We’ve got a language all our own. Though the blue pill masses are largely ignorant to pervasive red pill vernacular such as the wall, cock carousel, and hypergamy, it seems these concepts are slowly (albeit reluctantly) beginning to make their way into the mainstream. The most ubiquitous lingo of all, however, is the word “alpha.”

The goal of reaching the oft-opined alpha status is the root of all things manosphere. It is the basis upon which most ideas in this sector originate. This is a term that most people, plugged and unplugged, are familiar with but few actually have a clear cut definition for it because of the broad subjectivity it’s privy to.

Women are unable to describe it. They can definitely feel it in their southern regions when their radars pick up the signal but they are utterly incapable of putting into words what they know an alpha to be. Men, on the other hand, have many different definitions because there are many different types.

The human element is the reason for this diversity. We bounce opposing schools of thought off each other in an attempt to narrow down the definition which can cause discussions to become convoluted. This is perfectly fine because men generally try to learn from each other while immersed in discussions with multiple interpretations and points of view. In the end everyone usually comes out with a bit more dimension in the way of their own thoughts and opinions on the matter.

I’m not going to attempt to dive into the psychological elements of an alpha because quite frankly, I’m just not smart enough for that level of mental gymnastics. However, I will concentrate my efforts on the different breeds of alphas and try to paint a clearer picture on their lifestyles, motivations, and overall satisfaction with who and what they are.

I will grade each alpha using these metrics…

PUA game level: Approaching, text game, shit test efficiency, social skills, escalation, closing percentage, et al.

Natural game level: How their lifestyle and persona naturally attracts men and women.

Frame: Composure in the face of unrest.

Congruency: Who they really are behind closed doors.

Overall Satisfaction: Their genuine contentment as a man.

…on this scale.

1-Little to non-existent





So now that we have our parameters in place, let’s get to it.

The Player

Summary: Also known as a pickup artist or “PUA,” the Player has mastered the art of bedding women. He tirelessly studies all of the state of the art pickup techniques to maximize his sexual encounters in the toxic sexual landscape that exists in the western hemisphere. The Player draws the most ire from white knights and their fem-fat sisters because of his ability to accumulate notches without much monetary or emotional investment.

His reputation is well-deserved, as he is able to swat away shit tests quickly and efficiently, moisten a girl’s panties with a few well-timed texts, and effortlessly escalate the interaction toward sex with a brilliant mix of kino and charm.

His notch count is higher than most alphas, but only because pussy is his main goal in life. He understands that sex is a numbers game so he approaches day and night in any venue at any time to keep his pipeline full. He also takes full advantage the easy lays available on dating and hookup sites to minimize dry spells. His carefully crafted profile and razor sharp text game sets ‘em up and his superhero level seduction skill knocks ‘em down. Simply put, he’s a stone cold assassin and never feels remorse for taking down a mark.

The Player always makes damn sure he’s on the cutting edge of the ever-changing hook up scene and devotes most of his time to perfecting his technique. His mission in life is to tag as much tail as he can before his dick shrivels up, and even then he’ll be hitting on the orderlies in his nursing home until he kicks the bucket.

PUA Game Level: 5

The Player is a professional pussy pirate who plunders his way to massive amounts of booty (pun intended). His PUA game is air-tight, which translates to plenty of lays.

Natural Game: 3.5

While his confidence and charisma gets him plenty of action with the ladies and draws the adoration of men, being around someone who lives for pussy and talks about it constantly, while fun and educational, can grow tiresome. Being one dimensional in this manner can wear thin on both sexes.

Frame: 3

Players can maintain frame within the bounds of a set but aren’t usually as stoic when confronted with real world strife. Staying cool during a pickup is one thing—keeping your wits about you in volatile situations not involving the acquisition of poon is quite another.

Congruency: 3

His solid game certainly makes him look like an alpha within the context of a one night stand or a hookup but no one knows who the hell he really is when the lights come back on…sometimes neither does he.

Overall contentment: 3.5

Online PUAs preach outcome independence from set to set which is great advice. But when Players hit a slump (which is inevitable) their self worth takes a sharp dive which ultimately leads to lowering their standards. They often resort to banging fatties from time to time to shake themselves free of sexual stagnation and get back in the saddle (which doesn’t do their self esteem any favors).

This is the main consequence of making pussy their sole source of validation in their lives. His morale is only high as long as he’s slaying sluts on the regular.

The Hobbyist

Summary: The Hobbyist is a man who, by default, doesn’t put pussy on a pedestal because that pedestal is already occupied by his obsession to master his chosen craft. He has little time for watching sports, playing video games, or mindless social media scouring because he enjoys doing things that require him to get off his ass and out of the house.

He regularly engages in hobbies such as hunting, building, working on cars, practicing a martial art or anything else that requires physical exertion, dedication, and attention to detail.

Because his schtick often requires long periods of isolation and seldom involves interaction with the opposite sex on a social or interpersonal level, pickup game is not his strong suit. However, women are naturally drawn to men who are deeply involved in masculine activities. This is what gets the Hobbyist more than his share of female attention. And because he devotes more time to his passion than he does pandering to them they tend to stick around for a while.

Like any other man, he loves women and the sexual benefits they offer him. But if given the choice between engaging in coitus and finishing the paint job on that ’67 Mustang he’s restoring, he’s going to choose the latter more often than not. This is exactly what keeps his women hot for him.

PUA game level: 2.5

The Hobbyist possesses a minimal working knowledge of certain tenets of basic game so he’s not completely ignorant when it comes to dealing with girls. But he doesn’t overly concern himself with things like text game or how to deal with shit tests because he just doesn’t have the time. Most of his time is spent cleaning his guns or making sure his camping gear is in tip top shape for his next outdoor excursion.

Natural game: 4

As stated above women love being in the presence of rugged men who spend little time on their couches. The fact that he often chooses his hobby over her works as a natural shit test repellant making her all the more clingy. Further, men who share these hobbies have a way of finding each other so the Hobbyist has no trouble attracting both men and women into his world.

Frame: 4.5

Getting out of the house on a regular basis will physically and mentally test a man in many different ways. Surviving and ultimately thriving in these situations will temper him like steel resulting in near unshakable poise.

Congruency: 5

You can’t fake the funk in this neck of the woods as posers and wannabes are quickly exposed and discarded. The Hobbyist is the genuine article and his audience has no bearing on who he is.

Overall satisfaction: 4.5

The Hobbyist is very satisfied with his life. His morale is always high because women take a backseat to the adventure he seeks. He knows that a little more game would give him a bump in SMV and he would certainly like to have more but it’s not a priority. Game is more of a luxury than a necessity as far as he’s concerned and that’s fine with him.

The Asshole

Summary: Often referred to as a “douchebag” or a “meat head,” the asshole is brash, selfish, and is one cocky son of a bitch. He’s a ball buster extraordinaire and never hesitates to loudly call girls out on their bullshit as soon as he sniffs it out. His jerkboy game relies heavily on negging, teasing, and AMOGing, all of which are highly effective. He scores pussy at a high rate because as we all know, chicks can’t get enough of these guys.

Though the asshole doesn’t live for pussy to the degree the Player does, the disparity isn’t wide. If he sees a girl he wants he’ll walk right up and strike up conversation with her and will make no bones about what he’s angling for. His abundance mentality has made him immune to rejection. Blowouts don’t faze him in the least because after all, “There’s always other bitches out there, bro!”

PUA game level: 4

This guy runs asshole game to perfection. Plus his non-existent approach anxiety gives him more swings at the piñata, which gives him a substantial advantage. When girls sense he doesn’t give a shit one way or the other they drop their panties almost involuntarily.

Natural game level: 3

The Asshole can very difficult to be around at times. Men give each other shit as a matter of habit but this guy often doesn’t know when to turn it off. He’s also notoriously hot-tempered which can bring about unwanted trouble.

Frame: 2

A man who lets his emotions get the better of him is a man who has some growing up to do.

Congruency: 4.5

This dude is the same around men and women alike. Similar to the Hobbyist, his audience rarely affects his behavior.

Overall satisfaction: 4

The Asshole is pretty happy with who he is and if you don’t believe me just ask him. Though his impetuous personality can alienate himself from men outside of his inner circle (which he gives exactly zero fucks about), his act is a sure-fire vagina vacuum. And as long as girls continue to reward his cocksure attitude he’s not changing for anybody, nor should he.

The Conqueror

Summary: One word describes the Conqueror’s purpose in life: victory. This alpha loves the thrill of overcoming challenges no matter what they are. Whether it’s hiking the Appalachian Trail, acquiring a shit business and transforming it into a cash cow, or training a Level 3 Schutzhund German Shepherd, if it’s a mountain he has to climb it.

Slaying dragons is what this man lives for and that gives him time for little else. His lifestyle reflects his unflappable focus. His daily routine completely revolves around whatever his obsession is at the time. The moment he captures that flag he’s onto the next conquest because each triumph only feeds his insatiable desire to bring more Goliaths to their knees. He is fiercely competitive and his binary definition of life (winning and losing) is the fuel that powers his drive.

PUA Game level: 1

The Conqueror has better shit to do than play silly little texting games or tolerate the bratty behavior of a woman for sex. “PUA” game is something he has neither the time nor desire to learn. On the flipside, he’s likely to laugh at a shit test mistaking it for a joke which, ironically, is pretty solid game whether he realizes it or not.

Natural Game: 5

Scoring victories in life on a consistent basis requires many different traits. A high social aptitude is one of the most important. The Conqueror’s ability to be socially dominant in any situation commands the respect of men whilst generating seismic tingles beneath the undergarments of female onlookers. His natural game is far more effective than any pickup game out there.

Frame: 5

A man has who’s got a few hard-fought victories under his belt has no doubt experienced much adversity on his path to triumph. He has learned that keeping a level head is paramount to navigating his way through catastrophe. These battles have forged him into an immovable object, making him impossible to rattle.

Congruency: 5

His mission permeates every aspect of his life making his public and private demeanor symmetrical.

Overall satisfaction: 3

For all of his successful conquests the Conqueror is never fully satisfied with his life. He always wants more. He will briefly celebrate his victories and enjoy the fruits of his labor on occasion, but he knows that complacency leads to mediocrity. In order to keep his edge he must exist in a constant state of malcontent.

The Alpha Provider

family 2

Summary: If ever there was a male version of a unicorn, the Alpha Provider is it. For he is the one man able to fulfill both sides of a woman’s dualistic imperative, which is a near impossible task in this day and age.

He brings home enough bacon to provide his woman the kind of lifestyle that gives her validation and comfort, as well as providing for their offspring. Keeping himself in optimal physical condition assures his woman of good, masculine genes making her willing to bear as many of his children as he wishes.

The fabled Alpha Provider is the captain of his ship and has the genuine respect and adoration of both his woman and his children. He does not tolerate foolishness in his household and is quick to punish such shenanigans. But he is equally bountiful whereas he rewards his woman for the nurturing of his brood, her sexual loyalty, and the upkeep of his domicile and property. Though it took him quite a while, his patience and red pill wisdom allowed him to successfully find a woman worthy to be his first mate.

A man such as this is the object of every female’s desire and they seldom hide it, often openly flirting with him even in the presence of his woman. This is precisely what keeps her motivated to stay fit and feminine while keeping him sexually satiated and his domain in pristine condition.

PUA Game Level: 1

His pickup muscles have atrophied as a result of his current state and the fact that women throw themselves at him on a regular basis as a result of his…

Natural Game: 5

A true alpha exudes all of the physical and mental traits that make him attractive company to either sex.

Frame: 4.5

The one thing keeping him from a 5 is his children. Every man has permission to lose his shit should harm befall one of his children. Other than that he keeps his faculties under complete control.

Congruency: 5

A man who is able to build and lead a strong nuclear family in today’s world is incapable of being a beta boy outside the confines of his castle. He is an Alpha Male through and through regardless of his environment.

Overall satisfaction: 5

Having reached the pinnacle of alphadom, the Alpha Provider has all that he naturally desires (not needs) out of life: A dutiful woman happy and willing to embrace traditional sex roles, children to pass on his legacy, enough money for the upkeep of his investment, and the satisfaction that comes with accomplishing this increasingly difficult feat. A man like this truly has it all.


I’m sure this article leaves much for debate and, as always, I strongly encourage readers to voice their opinions and input. But no matter what you agree or disagree with one cannot deny the one trait every one of these alphas in common: They do what they want, how and when they want, and without apology. They are unafraid to be who they are and take what they know to be rightfully theirs be it money, women, accomplishment or anything else that elevates their lives as men.

We all have a little of every alpha type in us. Personally, I have a strong dose of Hobbyist with a dash of Player and Asshole if the situation calls for it. I’ll also readily admit that that I’d love to be the Alpha Provider and I’d bet my Jeep that better than 9 out of 10 men here would too if the opportunity presented itself.

The truth is, we are all hard-wired to want a wife and kids and I’m willing to concede that even though this country’s women have jaded me to the point where I’ve all but given up on that dream, my hard drive hasn’t been wiped of its original programming and men who are honest with themselves would agree.

So which Alpha(s) are you?

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311 thoughts on “Analyzing The 5 Main Alpha Archetypes”

  1. You forgot the artsy loser Alpha and the various stages of Dark Triad guys out there – from the low IQ drug dealing quasi-homeless (works only in youth) to other straight psychopaths. But I guess that they fall under the general Asshole umbrella.

    1. not really because a lot of alpha asshole types are actually incredibly insecure and only doing what they accidentally made work for them, by way of hiding their insecurities….. the alpha asshole is very emotionally immature, unreachable and can come unstuck later in life…. he’s like an asteroid, crashing into things in his path…. all it takes is a woman that has a little game and he’s a goner….
      the artsy loser isn’t necessarily good with women, but his talent / skill can land him in situations that make women flock to him…
      alphas are largely a put up job until later in life…. especially in this age where education lasts into the mid 20s…..

      1. Last “alpha asshole” I knew I almost put a bullet in him.
        And when he did crash and burn, when his luck ran out, he got plenty of time in prison to think about things.

        1. The asshole types I prefer to shrug off. They have some things going for them, but they’re so damned emotional and hot headed, at least the ones I’ve met, that I really don’t have time to deal with their effeminate tempers. Smile, laugh at their jokes, walk away before they get mad at somebody for rendering “dis-respec!”

        2. Amongst many “kinds” of men I have known, the “alpha assholes” has almost female levels of flake about them, never doing what was needed of them, or coming through on anything they said they would do.
          And they did it almost as a means to prove how “into the pussy” they were – very insecure. It’s almost as if this one guy would, when needing to get something done, go chasing after pussy instead just so everybody else would know that “well he was out chasing pussy again instead of being where he said he would be”.
          I hope he enjoyed being chased in prison.

        3. yeah, and also incapable of being alone… everything they do is for the external accomplishment of it…… often they are well built, physically intimidating and learned some small amount of frame / game by accident, as some sports jock or party clown…
          the hobbyist / vocationalist is also largely insecure, he’s basically the nerd that’s successful, but often mired in similar insecurities to the alpha asshole…. one finds his confidence in being loud, brash and the center of attention, the other hides in some pursuit but neither have much behind the curtain…

        4. I’ve worked with a few of these types of hotheads. They’re never focused enough to complete much. I remember one such guy who said it was his ‘time of the month’ as an excuse for screwing up at work. He never wore a shirt and would steal when he needed something. I let him crash at my place a few times and his pua was solid 5. He previously lived with two stripper room mates who had him in as their ‘house mouse’ or person who cleans and does their laundry when they are out.
          Looking back, I wouldn’t class these types as alpha but rather more like idiot savant like game skill with a mixed bag of assorted wild card traits. Emotional dildos and maybe a cousin to the hypergamous transgender affliction.

      2. I hate the alpha asshole types. My cousin happens to exhibit those signs. But he’s no alpha for sure…been with the same girl for 7-8 years and thinks like he has the world over other men. Has intelligence and doesn’t hesitate to be as brash and as possible to use it against you. Good thing he moved and I moved because things were coming to a nasty physical confrontation.

        1. there’s a confidence scale i read once, where a 6 is a total insecure, 7 is the alpha asshole that has to make lots of noise to hide his insecurities, 8 is relatively balanced but defensive at times (easily offended), 9 is the place to be, always room for progress and 10 is too successful and too arrogant…

      1. They are not unemotional – they just feel way less than the average man. Besides – it’s all on a rising mountain – going ever deeper into negative territory.

    2. I think under the Dark Triad category goes also the stoic lone wolf, not just crackheads and psychos.

      1. Stoic and lone is not Dark Triad. Some of them are certainly would fall into The Conqueror or Hobbyist definition as they are the functioning psychopaths. Actually some CEOs are psychopaths – never mind high level criminals who all have to function effectively.

  2. Thank you for NOT going with the “Hurr durrr! alphas are outlaws and betas are goodie twoshoes faggots! hurr durr!” misguided line that I see all too often.
    “The Hobbyist” I’m not sure about. I think the term is misleading because to such men, it’s no hobby. They are almost MGTOW. I would say these are “Vocationists”, men of vocation. Tesla comes to mind. Men like that will be the ones inventing warp drive (and then afterwards when they retire consider getting laid like Wilt Chamberlain but will probably find some other vocation to get hooked on)

    1. Excellent insight on it (see my comment), I think you actually separated two types there. I have respect for the MGTOW “Vocationist”, be it a guy who is in the workshop like Tesla, or trying to make better parachutes via self-testing. My issue with “Hobbyists” is that in our modern culture, a lot of them are fake. The type that do the all-paid, air-dropped in “hunt” in Montana with a professional guide, or non stop Crossfit (and talk the lingo all the time) about their workouts and calories, etc); or are spending 10 years to “rebuild that Mustang” in their garage. Maybe it’s just years of experience, but I’ve found a lot of these guys are phonies that have a need to appear Alpha. The opposite to me is interesting: My non-mechanically inclined brother, read the Time-Life books on remodeling years ago, and in about three months, added an extra room onto his house, with near perfection, and never did another single thing like that again. True Alpha. He came, he saw, he conquered for a purpose, for an actual goal, and never looked back.

      1. Interesting. It’s like the opposite of vocationist.
        I too have noticed these guys who will snowboard down a mountain at the edge of getting themselves killed or ending up paralyzed from the neck down forever but when it comes to standing up for their own freedom they are nowhere to be found.
        And people who spend 10 years restoring a car, but not just fixing it, but trying to make it “factory perfect”. A good historical endeavor no doubt, but every man I met like that in my involvement with car shows is so beta his dick is probably in his (usually fat man-jawed wife’s) purse.
        When I write of a “man of vocation”, I’m thinking of something closer to that of a monk, an activity with a real or higher purpose. Hence why I wanted to point out that to call them all hobbyists might be missing the mark. I hold a higher respect for the men of vocation, like those Irish monks and their transcribing who saved civilization (and then as Robin Williams once said, got drunk and forgot where they put it but that’s another story).
        Some of those men I’ve known (not monks though, but could as well be for the lack of poon but they never cared). Someone who spends all of his time on a gun collection is a hobbyist. The guys who are trying to get 3D printers to spit out guns in defiance of gun laws and global citizen disarmament are not hobbyists and we’re dealing with some very complex shit here. The guy who spends 10 years restoring a Mustang (makes my stomach turn: I can restore a car in 6 months and have done that several times) is a hobbyist. The guy who is trying to make cars run on hydrogen with the vision of putting oil tycoons out of business is a man of vocation.
        My point ultimately is to discern that there are “higher callings” – and indeed that has nothing to do with climbing a mountain as the posted image implies, which is certainly a “hobby”.
        Finally in my buzz-kill manner, getting laid is not a higher calling. In fact it’s the lowest calling. Go to Walmart and you’ll see that anybody can get laid.

      2. I agree with you, but I will point out a good restoration can easily take 10 years doing it alone with little money. Easily.
        With that said, if NO progress has ever been made in 10 years, the dude is a bullshitter. I’d love to post a pic of my ride, which did in fact take 10 years. I just don’t know how to post pics.

        1. I have a ride that I will work on for 6 months at a time. Complete with girlfriend wanting me to do something else and me telling her “I’m working on the car but you can come over and cook something if you feel like hanging around” – and she does! 😀
          Then I won’t touch it for years. I painted it 4.5 years ago, now I’m doing some restorative work on the suspension and frame down below. Two years before I painted it, I did a lot of upper body work on it, then left it alone. I have other projects to deal with, these “vocations” and working on the car is probably the simplest of them so I like to take a break from those other things that almost comprise a second job.

        2. Yeah, restoring a car isn’t a very important thing, hence why it took me 10 years. That, and being 15 when I first got the car, also had much to do with it. You sprayed your car almost 5 years ago, so I’m guessing you’ve been in the process for close to a decade as well, no?

        3. Had it since it was given to me for free in 2003. Only worked on it a third of the time. The rest of the time I drove it. Sometimes just to keep the engine from drying up.
          Used to race against this car back when I was 16.

      3. That’s interesting. I’d always looked at my tendency to kick out major projects and then move on to a new field (or use the skills learned in a new one) as a bit of a flaw or at least an oddity.
        As an example re my custom motorcycle project, I’d never done any vehicle work or machining before, but the bike has a (already successfully tested) custom suspension that only companies like BMW offer commercially. Its just how I roll – take on tasks most people think can’t be done and do them my way. My dad was the same. Usually the results look pretty weird to other people, unless intended for their use, because who gives a fuck what other people think?

    2. Great point. The Hobbyist is the title I wrestled the most with. Vocationalist more accurately describes that alpha.

    3. Agreed. Who is actually Alpha has more to do with Power, Status, and being masculine than anything else. Thugs and outlaws aren’t the only alphas out there.

    4. You are on the right track, but I still think Hobbyist works better in some situations. Maybe both Vocationist/Hobbyist. The later doesn’t account for what you say for sure. However, under the rubric of the larger category comes people for a passion for things that they aren’t doing to get paid, change the world, win fame or mark history. Think of someone who spends 2-3 hours in the gym a day despite working 40+ hours a week…someone who anon writes a blog because writing is something he is passionate about, someone who welds, or spends years building a sail boat or makes homemade wine and gives it out to friends and family. These are all people who have busy lives, jobs that they do to support their life style and still find time to be passionate about things. So yes, while Tesla would fit “vocationist”? better” some lawyer or accountant or car mechanic who also happens to dead lift more than 500 pounds or is building out an old hot rod etc would be more accurately described as “hobbyist.” However, the two of them both fit the category for OP

    5. I see myself as more of a Sigma than an Alpha, notch count of nearly 100 in my early 30s which includes at least several samples apiece from the 4 major races/ethnicities. I can turn on the charm if needed, but the difference between and Alpha and a Sigma is the Alpha seeks social approval while guys like me don’t give a fuck about it.
      People envy Sigma for his freedom and quality of life. Hate him for not being a conformist.
      As has been said…
      Alpha is dumber than Sigma. Alpha is rigid, Sigma is fluid. Alpha leads more dull life than Sigma. Alpha’s physical and mental health is shittier than Sigma’s. Alpha chews on blood-pressure meds, and later Viagra. Sigma chews on honey and walnuts. Alpha lives shorter, less GENUINELY exciting life than Sigma. Alpha’s pressure-filled days are spent defending his turf. Competitors and golddiggers constantly nipping at his heels. People envy Alpha because of his professional accomplishments. Feel sorry for him for his target sign on the back. Sigma’s days are spent on a metaphorical beach, in a company of a woman genuinely into him. People envy Sigma for his freedom and quality of life. Hate him for not being a conformist.
      Alpha’s kids don’t like their dad for not being there. Sigma’s kids like their dad for being there for them even if he isn’t there with them.

      1. That’s pretty detailed, but I can boil it down to one observation.
        An alpha is still playing in the gynocratic system because he’s all about getting laid and is therefore still a product of it. The sigma does not give a shit. So when the alpha is in the gym pumping iron, it’s to “get laid”. The sigma is actually there for his health, of which getting laid may or may not be a part of at any given time (and that can change from one day to the next).
        So I see your point. I’ve known many alphas and find them to be just as ridiculous as the beta simps.

      2. I appreciate your long winded explanation of sigmas vs alphas. “notch count of nearly 100 in my early 30s which includes at least several samples apiece from the 4 major races/ethnicities, and 3 kids (so far) from 3 different women from 3 different countries” completely negates any status of Sigma OR Alpha. Knocking up women from 3 different countries and not being there for your kids is pure bitch beta no matter how badass you think you are.THAT is nothing to be proud of. Any time you have to brag about who you are reeks of beta bitch mentallity. Someone once said if you claim to be alpha..chances are your not. That goes for this Sigma title too.

        1. Totally Agree with this. Banging dozens of chicks in dozens of countries is awesome. But leaving your own bloodline to fend for themselves, without a father and (probably) a dysfunctional mother is just fucked up. It’s not really what a dominant male would brag about. I grew up with a great father and I really appreciate that. I would never just abandon my kids and then brag about it.

      3. You don’t fucking have a clue what it really means to be an “Alpha” at all. I have to call bullshit on every thing you said. In my experience, every dude who talks as much as you do, brags like you do, while trying to say “I’m better than an alpha, fuck them blah blah blah” is usually full of shit, and wishes they were alpha.
        When I read your shit, all I see are excuses and delusions of grandeur conveniently used to rationalize the fact that you aren’t the alpha dog or nearly as attractive to women as you idealize yourself to be.
        “the difference between an Alpha and a Sigma is the Alpha seeks social approval while guys like me don’t give a fuck about it”
        Social approval, huh? Isn’t that what the fuck you are trying to do here? Why in god’s name would you go out of your way to make such a lengthy thing to talk about “how much more masculine” and how much more of an “alpha” you are than alphas in a fucking site like this, that gives ADVICE on letting out your alpha side? This is what we call Irony and hypocrisy.
        A real Alpha doesn’t have give a FUCK about other people’s opinions of him or bullshit. Some work hard to be able to stay an alpha, others do it naturally. A beta ALWAYS needs to work hard to the world that they are worth at least a DAMN.or be overlooked. If you were what you claimed, you wouldn’t need to pull bullshit like this.

        1. This x 100. Your clarifications are well stated.
          If someone thinks “sigma” is preferable to “alpha” …
          They either fail to grasp the concept of alpha, or are trying to rationalize why they are beta.

      4. I see your notch count has left deep scars in your psyche because few envy the sigma’s choice to leave the pack but frankly sigma’s don’t care what society thinks of them.The feeling is often mutual especially in cultural cliques like the USA. and Life is often difficult for the sigma because others find him at best eccentric and at worst insane. “Why would any sane person not want to be a part of the earths greatest civilization ” Matrix USA.”
        Bragging about notch count is validation seeking behavior something a sigma don’t do because at their core they are loners preferring the freedom over the group and they can care less what most people think about them.
        Sigma’s are the most likely not to have a primary focus but reverse is true too.
        So relearn your ABC’s and choose another letter. I do agree with you however that Alpha Type Males gain validation though their followers and his focus is on status ( fame/actor and power/ politician)
        Noticed I left out wealth which the primary focus is material gain, usually money.
        Other men primary focus is on a task or skillset (work, art, sports, PUA*) Some PUA’s are more interested in the process then sex while some artists crave fame more then art i.e. lead singer. Some men are hedonistic and focus on their personal pleasure a good example would be the Player/ PUA always looking to get sex ( Player/sex, addict/drugs, needy/codependent validation.) Most men have a primary focus and secondary ones especially in cultures like the US that prefers Guru’s to the Jack of all trades..

      5. “A real player doesn’t brag about how many women he’s fucked. A real gangster doesn’t have to flash his piece and talk about how tough he is”.

      6. > Alpha is loud and has superficial presence
        That’s usually a beta playing at alpha. Sometimes successfully, to variable degrees. Splitting the quiet, authentic Alphas off and calling them “Sigmas” is just semantics. By your standards I’m a Sigma, and it might explain my general disinterest in TRP / ROK (I just found a link to this one article, and was interested). But by defining such authenticity as outside the Alpha domain, you let the bullshitter and angry kid segments of TRP / ROK off to easily.
        > Alpha’s pressure-filled days are spent defending his turf. Competitors and golddiggers constantly nipping at his heels.
        Again, Beta playing Alpha. Alpha reflexively deals with the pressure in a way that shuts it down, or cuts those people out of his life. Or just likes having the pressure there and keeps it on hand for fun.

    6. Nah, hobbyist is cool. That’s my natural niche. When I was heavy into bicycling and some other shit, my natural game was hella on point. Now I’m transitioning to Provider (with some problems in the income end, but not awfully) and using some of the money to build a custom motorcycle (my main current hobby).
      You can be successful in your vocation and totally beta. Tesla’s personal life was a fucking MESS.

  3. Interesting that you nailed Alpha Provider. I won’t go further here because, while I’m an arrogant sonofabitch, you’ve basically described everything I’ve detailed about myself on this board over the last year, and modesty prevents me from assuming a label. Yeee haw.

    1. I like the part about other women flirting with him and how that keeps the alpha providers wife on her toes.
      That’s just perfect.
      Ever notice how, when a woman can eat like a nine year old at a birthday party every day and “get away with it”, they will? Almost like moths to a light? And all of those years of progressivism and feminism have not “enlightened” women enough not to be such gluttonous sloths.

      1. It doesn’t hurt when girls openly flirt around her, or she hears about it, that much is certain. Doesn’t hurt at all.

        1. Goes to show you that most of what a woman competes with is other women. This is why they need beta chumps because they can’t handle 2-front wars. They need a man they can walk all over so they can put their energy into gossip and backstabbing (which will happen no matter what they do).
          We all know the cliché of the “farmer’s wife” – who tends to be as heavy as the dairy cow except she’s milking the farmer. This comes from more remote farms because when she is “the only woman around” she will become fat as all get out and let herself go.
          Dealing with custom and pinup culture (mainly around car shows) is why I have a woman who though not young is in better shape than women half her age and she still wears dresses and heels and has long hair. She thinks I will get snatched up or get a side girl (one woman is enough trouble though but I won’t say so) through exposure. So she’s not going to take advantage.
          I learned this from my dad, who even when was old enough to fart dust, was still having flirtatious rapport with young women everywhere he went. He was not having to commit to anything nor be a clown, but it kept his girlfriend taking good care of him in spite of her own health issues (we’re talking about old people after all). Whenever I go to the store or run errands I practice this too, even if the women I meet I’m not interested in, most of them being fat or looking pretty darn unhealthy anyway but the practice is good and they can dream.

      2. Anyone mentions ‘gluttonous sloths’ and I have to respond.
        ‘Eat like a nine year old at a birthday party every day’
        I love it. My go-to line was always, ‘Eat like an unattended five year old in a candy shop’
        Any mention of obesity is welcome with me. The obesity of American females is the ‘elephant in the room’. Threads and threads of brilliant analysis at Rollo’s blog or here or there will often not mention obesity and it wearies me a bit. A true alpha would go “These bitches are ALL FAT. I’m leaving.” Ha ha. I just christened myself as an alpha. I think obesity is the root of 95% of all of these issues the manosphere discusses. I really appreciate the manosphere but sometimes I get the feeling that ONE guy must;
        -run their own accounting firm
        -race harleys on the weekend
        -rock climb on Friday after work
        -read all the time
        -become semi-professional level MMA
        -bodybuild as an afterthought
        -adopt the persona of a clinical sociopath
        -do a little time for badboy creds but not so much that your accounting career gets derailed
        -Develop the capacity to analyze text messages with the insight of Sigmund Freud
        -devote himself to glorious, impressive hobbies like paragliding (forget making models while listening to podcasts)
        -Get women while not needing them at all
        Anyway. I’m not bitching. I’m really not. It’s all fun to read and the knowledge can make you better. But why must a guy be such a superhero? It’s so simple. Only 2% of the female population above the age of 25 can be seen in a thong. Guys are under extraordinary amounts of pressure to be a James Bond/Jon Jones/Russell Brand/Cormac McCarthy hybrid. Go to Brazil or the Phillipines. Bikini bodies everywhere and half the guys will show up for a date with skid-marked basketball shorts on. Work out? Ha. Read? Ha. Don’t have to.

        1. I get what you’re saying, in a way, but how is maintaining your health (lifting weights, which any chump can do and watching your diet which again, see the whole “any chump can do” reference) super hero-esque?
          race harleys on the weekend
          Fuck that. You cruise on Harleys, you don’t race them. If you want to race, go the rice burner route, dude. heh
          adopt the persona of a clinical sociopath
          That actually bothers me as well, but I don’t think it’s the only route recommended. This article for example shows examples of alphas who are not sociopathic.
          read all the time
          As opposed to….what? Watching tele?
          Develop the capacity to analyze text messages with the insight of Sigmund Freud
          Fuck texting. Seriously. Men need to stop going down the electronic leash realm where women have all the advantages. Enough quality men drop their phones in the trash (as far as texting I mean) and women will adapt. They really don’t like those beta orbiters, so if betas keep on texting, who fucking cares?
          Get women while not needing them at all
          I don’t think that’s quite the case. I’d rephrase as “get women while not coming across as needy”.
          Only 2% of the female population above the age of 25 can be seen in a thong.
          Dunno, depends on where you live. I live 20 minutes (or less, depends on traffic) from THE Ohio State University and bikini-capable women are friggin’ *everywhere*. But yeah, if I lived in Jackson, Mississippi, pickin’s would be slim no doubt.
          Go to Brazil or the Phillipines. Bikini bodies everywhere and half the guys will show up for a date with skid-marked basketball shorts on. Work out? Ha. Read? Ha. Don’t have to.
          Fair enough. BUT…what if a well read, muscular man of the world showed up who was charming, interesting and well dressed? Would he do better, worse, or the same as skid mark dude?

        2. I was the well-read, well educated, world traveled, charming and interesting guy that showed up in the Philippines. I was old and not in the best shape, and bald. It also seems I was not that well-dressed. I thought I was, but my wife of seven years still laughs at how badly I was dressed. So, as far as the female perspective, I was not well dressed. It still was like shooting fish in a barrel. I had to block super-hot teenagers (18 and 19) to get them to leave me alone. The one that got the nod was 27 years younger than me, slim, and a virgin.
          The answer to your question is that the more of those categories you can tick off the better you will do. But it is important to tell the inexperienced in international travel American young man that it is much better outside the west. I was at the 64th birthday party of a friend and one of the women was shocked when she found out I was with this young girl (my wife, who does look like a teenager even in her 30s). She was super shocked to find out she was my wife. She then said, “I hope it works out for you.” This was a passive-aggressive insult so I said, “We have been married for over 6 years, so it seems to have worked out.” She was stunned for a few moments and then said, “How did you find a woman in the Philippines?” I replied, “I went there and was able to breathe.” It really is that simple.
          A few friends that have traveled around the world and I were reading an ad for a guide on how to meet women in the Philippines. We laughed for quite a while. No man with anything going for him needs a guide to meeting women in the Philippines. They will meet you. And what you have to have going for you is a lot less than what is needed in the west.

        3. I was having more of a goof than it may have appeared. I actually couldn’t live without a few of the things that I listed, women or not. I like all the articles about self-improvement and wasn’t trying to throw any real crap at any of the writers. Not at all. I even like learning about the psychological mechanics of the Dark Triad and then the next day I try to belly up to the cashier in the ‘5 items or less’ line with my six items. Ha. But the larger point I was trying to make stands;
          -The more men work to improve themselves, the more spoiled and slovenly the women become due to their easy pickings and then the MORE men have to step up their game, the worse the women get. I’m sure there is a type of finance term for a situation like that. ‘Diminishing returns’ or some such. The inverse happens elsewhere luckily. One story;
          In the states I worked with a girl who was a very attractive girl. Tall, long-blond hair, Slavic modelesque face, healthy, very cool, funny etc. Good for her and I respected her quite a lot. She was lean, cool, pretty and nice. Okay. But the specs on her fiancee were just silly;
          -young Tom Selleck in looks
          -MMA fighter
          -Afghanistan vet including the Jack Reacher style post-war backpacking trauma. Chicks turn into a puddle over that type of story too. His story of pained wandering made it into the papers of a good sized city because it led him to painting.
          -Professional artist but not just any artist. He was a type of zany, Dali-esque mega talent, super creative whiz.
          The guy was just running the table on the world. Gets himself a good woman. Good story. And that girl was cool so I’m not trying to disparage anyone. It just felt like “I want a good, lean woman. Well, I see what I have to do now. It’s simple. Just become a god on earth.” It’s like Russell Wilson. Super Bowl champ. Fashion icon, model, perfect Christian, overwhelming stud. Gets himself a mediocre blonde girl who later cheats on him. The lobsided-ness of our culture in terms of how good the men are versus the lowliness of the women is incredible. And the country’s naivety on this issue even moreso. I can’t get people to understand me on it and I’ve given up trying for the most part. Keep those Phillipine beaches clear if possible. “Nothing to see here boys. They’re all 200 pounds too. Stay in Cincinnati.”

    2. I don’t fit into any of these categories… but then, mild-mannered closet psychopaths are a statistical anomaly.
      I imagine I would enjoy being a serial killer… I even have my preferred rituals and victims worked out. I imagine Video games and anonymous comments sections have derailed a great many of us from a life of fulfilling homicide.

        1. True enough.
          Frankly, sex is not the end game… control is. mind blowing sex is not nearly as satisfying as a girl getting on her knees in public begging to be allowed to give you head.
          Although I guess you’d call it a mix of Player and asshole, people are the only things truly worth owning.

        2. That’s because control is not a psychological mandate for women. They THINK it is, but it is their ‘security’ psychological mandate… thus, like you say, they are scratching the wrong itch.

        3. I wasn’t sure how to articulate my thought initially but I think you got it.
          Having “security” is indeed different than having “control.”
          No woman is turned on when she can easily control a man (such a man is by definition weak)… But she is turned on when she can submit to a man that has control…

        4. Until you have played the game, you have NO idea… next time you are with a girl, hold her hands over her head with one hand. tickle her, tease her, whatever, hold off on actually having sex for a while.
          Make it transparently clear that you are stronger, tougher, and can hold out longer than she can… keep total physical control during sex, slap her ass to show control, and pull her hands behind her back and hold them there with one hand.
          I can guarantee it will be some of the best sex you, or she, has ever had, and you will probably want to take it farther some other time.. cuffs, scarves, whatever… but never EVER listen to the ‘that’s not fair I should handcuff you too” arguments…. that is a total shit test.

    3. Haha .. I immediately thought of you when reading the Alpha Provider part. And my dear late Dad.

      1. Does this mean GhostOfJefferson is like the father-figure to this group? Like the alpha male leader of his pack, imparting wisdom to the young whelps?
        I’m just trying to understand the dynamics around here a bit better.

        1. Yeah, he’s certainly one of the wiser, more experienced guys here..old school red pill dude and pater familias 🙂

  4. Excellent dissection. I’m the Alpha provider (6 kids, successful white collar professional, foreign/conservative wife, etc). But what I have FOUND is…it’s hard to be Alpha in more than one area. Also, right or wrong, I’ve always looked down a bit, at the the “Hobbyist”. I’ve done much of that (hiking, camping, MMA, hunting, etc), but I’ve always found it a bit weird when a guy is SO into something that it seems to consume his life. I have no right to judge him or his situation, but the guy who is ALWAYS talking about fishing or hunting (both of which I’ve done) at work, or wherever, always comes across as a bit fake, or overdone…like a women who spends all her time/efforts at beauty pageants. Maybe it’s the intellectual side of me pulling away from such focus on one or two things–perhaps unfairly.

    1. I suspect that Tesla always talked about electrons. It’s just a personality trait, they can’t help it I suspect.

      1. Ya, with a guy like that, you know it’s legit…I’ve just heard/seen too many guys who are “into shootin’” and stuff, and come to find out, it’s lots of talk, about something they went to a Saturday class on. For a few Saturdays.

        1. Yeah, they’re posers. I assumed Sharpshooter was gunning for the actual hardcore types, not the hipster-who-buys-an-old-car type who chews the rag about a vehicle he bought and couldn’t even change the oil on.

        2. Yeah a buddy of mine is a tech for a dealership and all he talks about is cars cars cars, but when I ask him for a hand in my garage, he’s fucking useless.
          What’s that? What does it do? They don’t have those on new cars? Kid doesn’t even know how to use a stone hone. He’s only good to grab me a tool, crack me a beer, or hold a flashlight. He’s a good guy, nonetheless.
          There is a saying in the armed forces: “those who speak the most, did the least”.

      2. Tesla didn’t believe in them. He considered it absurd that there were particles running through his wires. He was all about the fields.

    1. No, but there are some mods made for Skyrim you can get I hear.
      “I was an alpha like you once, but then I took an arrow to the knee…”

  5. From the way you describe these archetypes, it seems that a combination of Hobbyist/Conqueror with a transition to Alpha provider is the optimal use of time energy and resources. Theres something pathetic about being a pussy begging pua, and the asshole schtick gets old real quick when you’re around other masculine men.
    You missed and important one though. The creative artist type. Women love these dreamy pretty boys, and I wouldn’t exactly call them Hobbyists either, as their pursuits are geared towards artistic works, not just athletics or mechanics. Otherwise I enjoyed this piece.

  6. Right now I’m running at a mix of hobbyist (30%), Asshole (25%), Player (25%), and Conqueror (10%), Alpha Provider (5% for child only), and Other components (5%).
    I’m working on changing the mix towards more Conqueror, Provider, while maintaining the hobbyist and reducing asshole and player a bit. I need to create a better life for my child right now, but I won’t exclude women from my life doing so.
    Good Article, this is a solid division of roles of alpha.

    1. I too think I’m running at a mix of all, except Alpha Provider. I don’t think you can totally 100% be an Asshole, a Player, a Conqueror etc. One is always eclectic, syncretic.

  7. I agree with all except the alpha provider part. To my observations, all the alphas I know are actually the ones receiving the provision from the women that they are banging or in an LTR. The standard beta is the one who keeps trying to win one girl’s affection by showering her with gifts, meals and other expensive stuff but usually going no where with it.
    Perfect example? My old wingman who nailed himself a rich chick. She now pays his rent, his food and other goodies.

    1. I could not face myself in the mirror if I gave a woman economic control of my life, even if she didn’t know she had it.
      A man makes his own way in the world, his woman and family come along as accessories to his success. Laying about on a couch while some woman is out earning the bacon will eventually end in her coming to resent you and kicking your ass to the curb. And, frankly, it makes a man less of a man to be dependent on others for his sustenance.

      1. Well, unless you’re growing and hunting your own food, every man nowadays is dependent on others for sustenance.

        1. I mean for earning my own way in life, don’t be pedantic, I’m not suggesting every man is an island.
          If you can’t pull your own weight in life, or refuse to do so, then you deserve the society you’re helping create. This model is failing in inner cities across the U.S. and Ferguson, MO is its showcase for all the world to see.
          Besides, I hunt and fish.

        2. I was being pedantic.
          I don’t like the parasites-fat-hippies, neither the “self-made”-buisness man, living in a big city, wearing expansive suits, eating expansive food, being praised as modern times alpha, when he would die alone in the forest.
          The one the autor chosed to illustrate the modern idea of a “conqueror”.

        3. Seems what separates is the motivation.
          Player: Sex
          Asshole: Narcissism
          Hobbyist: Enjoyment
          Conqueror: Mastery
          Provider: Procreation

        4. It’s the current version of the conqueror, expensive suits and food may be shallow pursuits but nowadays the ability to make money is more important than the ability to survive in an empty forest.

        5. Being a millionaire who can do both though, has to rock. Ask Bear Grylls (or whatever his name is, and however you spell it).

        6. Indeed, and that is very sad to realize. It is an ersatz of the conqueror, I would say. A travesty.
          The ability to make money was dispised by the true conquerors back in the days.
          It is a sign of a very unhealthy society, when merchants are being idolized.
          Hopefully, when the shit hits the fans, a non mercantile elite will rise again.

        7. It depends, today’s conquerors are political beings as much as merchants. In a SHTF scenario, political skills may very well remain the most important ones.

        8. From what I read of history, the political skills usually come together with the military skills in such shitty scenarios.
          Anyway, it is sure in my mind that the political man who will be able to get his people to survive through the incoming storm , will be different from the white collar’style that we have now.
          It is, in my point of view, very possible that the money changers and merchants idolization will stop soon, before or during the civilisation turning to shit, and after that, any ressemblance with their lifestyle will be cast away from political life, such as luxury cars, expansive city clothing, and so will the idolization of entertainers.
          But that would be if we survive the hypothetic collapse. ..

        9. “I don’t like the parasites-fat-hippies, neither the “self-made”-buisness man, living in a big city, wearing expansive suits, eating expansive food, being praised as modern times alpha, when he would die alone in the forest”
          Good point. When an EMP hits, either by the sun or a weapon designed to zap the chips in al of our devices (and you can bet it is currently being developed) so when the grid goes down the office alpha will be quite helpless.

      2. Point noted. The price my old wingman pays is that he’s like a bird in a golden cage. Rich chick treats him like an investment and tries to curtail his freedom all the time. But still, the feeling of having a girl willingly be your provider and doing things for you is sometimes better than the sex itself.
        And speaking of which, I had a fuck buddy that I was once thinking of going into an LTR with her. The sex was amazing and she had the body of a 20 year old chick despite being 34. But she was utterly useless around the house, would keep wanting to find out at expensive restaurants, and couldn’t be bothered to help with the simplest stuff. Needless to say, I ended things with her. If I’m going into an LTR with a chick, I’m going to need her to commit on me as well other than just sex. Otherwise, it’ll be cheaper in the long run to just go to a hooker.

        1. In today’s world, a hooker is *always* cheaper than any other alternative, bar none.

  8. Not quite sure what the substantive differences between Hobbyist and Conqueror are (Hobbyist seems like a somewhat more laid-back Conqueror to me), but otherwise a good analysis.
    A more important point would be that all of us have to build up all five of these archetypes, or if we heavily slant toward one already, to build up the others.

    1. I’m an advocate of viewing myself as being only as good as my lowest common denominator, so to speak. I think the more dominant life roles like Alpha Provider, and Conqueror, despite having a low game level, are much easier to transition from due to resources and intrinsic foundations already established.
      The assholes usually wind up being quite beta in their later years. Their EQ usually can’t get past teen-aged levels of development.

  9. This is an interesting list. I have always been a Conqueror, at least professionally. Grew up in a poor family and always had a chip on my shoulder to succeed. Ended up getting several graduate degrees and working at a top law firm — and then walked away to become a professional artist. I’ve spent the past decade building mastery in my field, with many successes and a lot of failures too, but it makes me feel alive to keep climbing.
    On the other hand, I was an absolute disaster with women for most of my life. I was raised with a lot of blue-pill brainwashing that caused me to default to “nice guy” in my dealings with women. I kept getting access to incredible women through my professional life who were attracted to my alpha career behavior — and then I would manage to screw it up with beta relationship behavior. The manosphere (especially ROK and The Rational Male blog) have helped me wake up from my daze.
    I am now working on becoming a Conqueror in the realm of women, but it’s taking time. There is a lot of “unlearning” to do, as Yoda said.

    1. As with everything, it takes a lot of trial and error to master but once you get it….oh lord is it worth it

    2. I completely relate to this. I came from a similar background: Grew up poor and ashamed, had a chip on my shoulder, grabbed a couple degrees, went to B school, worked at CPA firm, walked away.
      I had a weird mix of The Player and The Conqueror types as it was my conqueror personality that made me insanely determined to learn game.

      1. That is exactly what is happening to me now. Once I took the Red Pill and woke up to reality, my Conqueror instincts kicked in with regard to women. As with anything else I have accomplished, the journey is one of making mistakes at the beginning and re-calibrating based on experience. Even though I still have a lot of work to do with regard to Game, I don’t doubt that the same Conqueror drive will help me master the art of seduction with time. I just needed to see the battlefield for what it was so that I could stop defaulting to the position of cannon fodder.

    3. I’m just glad someone realized that lawyers, doctors, and other professionals can be alpha in their own way just like your standard red pillers. You’re not beta by default just because of your job description. I’ve immersed myself in the goal of building up my law firm, and every time I take a case, I fight to win (and thus, although I don’t always win, I do it regularly enough to be satisfied with my performance level, though that only makes me hungry for the next challenge). Of course, that leaves me little time to play childish games with women. Like Hooligan Harry said a long time ago, I’m looking for women who can fit within my landscape. If they can’t work themselves into my routine, they get nexted. Since time immemorial, when corporations were formed, countries created, governments contrived, and treaties signed, a lawyer was there to put pen to paper and make it happen, so in my humble opinion, anyone who ever had to guts to pursue and attain a bar license, whether they’re current or past attorneys, are Conquerors.

      1. Lawyers enable the Social Injustice Warriors as well as create elaborate justifications for tyranny to the people. Yes, there are “alpha” lawyers the same way there were undoubtedly “alpha” Schutzstaffel men. They both make the world a worse place in exchange for paycheck.

  10. I want my face in pussy all day and night, all flavors, all sexy varieties. Welcome to The Fun Ship. We sail the seas of bars, night clubs, book stores, fast food joints in search of willing female participants. Long Live The Fun Ship!

    1. I guess. It would seem more fun if society were not on Easy Mode for getting chicks these days. There’s a lot to be said for the hunt, the chase, the real game as it were. Women today throw themselves naked on the first random masculine cock they see erect on the sidewalk. There just doesn’t seem to be much challenge, outside of locating non-fatties or non-tatted up skanks.

  11. Sharpshooter, my compliment probably values little but that little I declare as a variable of 10 units from a 1-10 scale. This goes solely to the fact that you’re pointing a higher peak that we can fight to attain. Good job with the article, especially making the referrence towards programming ( hard disk expression ).
    Anyway, I would describe myself as the striving to grow the last two ( Conqueror and Alpha Provider), it’s just that living in a Eastern European Country where the state is acting as a full time mafia- gangster is fucking difficult. People do try to change things here but change at a national level occurs in at least a generation; well fuck that ’cause I ain’t sticking around to, I helped enough people work out their problems, from now on, it’s looking out for number 1 and who so ever wants to follow me they are welcome to it.
    Cheers to a quality and milestone of an article!

    1. I still do not buy the whole Eastern European game that’s thrown around here like bad cocaine. I am Armenian, been to Armenia, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Czech , etc… the women in these places are better at putting up a front in order to get a Greencard. They love you for your wallet, not your penis. I would like for someone to explain how they are better than American women.

      1. You’re absolutely right. They are just better at playing the game of being feminine. Once you marry them they turn into babushka monsters and age quite badly.

        1. I can’t speak for Russians, but the dozens of Filipina women I know in the US, ranging in age from early twenties to their sixties, seem to age like fine wine. I work in the same building with a 52 year old Filipina that is in my wife’s circle of friends and she is still slim and hot. Another Filipina in our circle is 48 and has a body the average American teenager would kill for.

        1. Not right now, I have my judo session. I’ll think about it…
          But regarding physical appearances, the slavic women still have a great reputation abroad. At least in France.

        2. I’d only invade Russia with Armenians on my side, if you’re not too buisy with Azerbaijan.
          You people are great fighters, at least in hand to hand combat.

        3. we were mercenaries in the Bible too !
          now relegated to white collar criminals in Orange County/Greater Los Angeles Area.

        4. The armenians migrant that live here, are very well integrated in France though.
          You have a good reputation in my country, and provid us great atlhetes.

        5. be careful around Armenian women..some are vultures ! Assimilation is necessary and I encourage it.

        6. “Good grief ! What happened to Russia”
          Keep in mind that that health ‘statistic’ is from a USA media source and probably put through a feminist filter in some desperate attempt to try to make Russia look as bad as the States, but I know better. People are starving in Russia so it’s impossible for them to be fat despite the fast food restaurants that are there.
          With the exception of where America is on that chart (#1 and deservedly so) which I do think is correct, I would question the other listings. Russia does not even belong there.

        7. haha …I apologize for not spending the appropriate amount of time conveying my thoughts in a grammatically correct way.

        8. The same way a fattie wrestles with the temptation of a chocolate glazed doughnut. It’s character building 😛

      2. But at least they love you for *something*.
        Western women have, by and large, become dead souls. Voids. When a woman loves you for your wallet, she at least knows the wallet is attached to you. When a Western skank loves your resources, she feigns it long enough to divorce rape you and get on with her life of drinking wine, getting fat and collecting cats.

        1. and once they get the Greencard and the legal rights??? …..yup…. I see it all the time…Beta Hubby who found her on is working 12 hour shifts at the accounting firm while ‘perfect’ Russian wife is smoking/drinking at the finest steakhouses, fucking the Latin Love Machine gardener….Fast forward 5+ years, the feminazi attorney and the constable serves you with divorce papers.

        2. I wouldn’t particularly advocate bringing any woman over here actually. If a man is going to marry a Russian broad, move to Russia. Same for any other nationality. Bringing even the “best” of women to the shores of the West is to intentionally infect her with the disease of feminism, which you will long rue.
          A traditional chick in a traditional country where you move? Seems optimal. Should weed out the green card holders, you’d think.

        3. I don’t understand the distinction between the two. If the girl is a bottom-line bitch only interested in material wealth, regardless of where she comes from, she isn’t deserving of a any sort of commitment. The moment any adversity shows for those type of people, they are gone. And they’ll take everything they can.

        4. Some Eastern European women are like that. But to be honest, women there are VERY competitive for men, especially Western men. They know you are a “nice guy” and that’s exactly what they want. They want love and stability, not their wise-guy drunkards. They will tell you who the sluts are and which women to watch out for… because they are competing for YOU, not vice versa.

        5. I’m skeptical, but the fear of their parents and the culture in the respective country would force them to behavior better; doesn’t mean they are less devious.

        6. It’s a matter of respect. A fortune seeking old world woman might want your resources, but she’ll respect you for being a provider and fulfill her role as long as you do. Somewhat mercenary, but it beats the Western broads Divorce Rape treatment of men.

        7. Same with Brazil. Many women are intrigued by a guy who is decent, respectful and simply reads. Brazilian men think that guys who read are homosexuals. So the women have been flooded with buffed MMA type guys who practice fighting, drink, and watch soccer…ONLY. A lot of women are over it. They have a constant surplus of the bad-boy MMA tatted studs and they don’t care about them. That was the best thing about South American to me; you can be decent to a woman and she appreciates it. In the US, if you so much as absent-mindedly get the door for a girl on a date, you have to kick yourself for having blown it.

        8. They are all whores, but the ones outside the west are at least honest whores.
          What you want is one that will stick to the deal, no matter what. My parents had very old world attitudes (maybe this was just the old attitudes here in America as well) and looked on marriage as a business deal. You got married and stayed married, period. You stuck to the deal you made. The purpose was to form a two person company to get through life, and have and raise children. Love and fulfillment was nice if it happened, but not part of the deal.

      3. I wouldn’t trust most Eastern European women at all. I only have significant exposure to Ukrainian women, but they are straight mercenaries that are simply in it for the money. They seem more willing than anyone to divorce-rape a man. Maybe even more so than normal Americunts.

        1. Look at Kim Kardashian and you get a picture of “my people” .. the ArmeniaCUNTS.
          Russians – I had one married Russian chick hop on the back of my crotch rockets in Dallas and I rode her around for hours. Setup a first date too, but she backed out. If I kept at it, I would have nailed that greedy slooty skank.

        2. I’ve heard that. On the net someone once cased it like this and I’ve never forgotten;
          “A guy wouldn’t trust any of those track-suit wearing, gold necklace, violent criminal meathead Eastern European thug males, right? But then you show him the female version of that same ruthless, semi-desperate, cold-hearted survivor and it’s all ‘She’s got a heart of gold’. Like out of nowhere there’s all this virtue and innocence and naivety from the exact same ghetto in Gdansk or somewhere just because there are boobs attached.”

      4. I will vouch for Eastern European women. I’ve spent years there in total. They are a different breed. Their mentality is different. They are still women, but the culture they have been born and bred into is vastly different. They have a lot of humility. They make great efforts to be attractive and to remain attractive to men. Some of this is deeply culturally ingrained. Some is more recent, due to the nature of Soviet Communism and how militant it was.

        1. … that still does not explain how they behave once they have legal rights. If you are having sex with them and you are “something different” , then yes, use it to your advantage. I do not think they would make better wives and once they watch TV become a notch bitchier than American women.

        2. Of roughly 30 of my friends that have Russian and Eastern European wives, only two are divorced. The rest have pretty damned happy lives together. Marriages to foreign women have a success rate roughly in the 80% range versus like, what? under half for American women?
          That’s what convinced me. They are great there and they’d be great here too.
          Their foreign wives formed bonds together and do things together, rarely getting together with American women because they usually make fun of them for being unable to cook or clean.

        3. Seems to me that women from other parts of the world are proud to be women…
          Whereas it seems that the women here are pretending to be proud… and in fact are completely confused as to what the fuck they want…

        4. “Their foreign wives formed bonds together and do things together” – yeah I’ve seen that myself, 2 married Russians smoking and drinking in bars with their expensive outfits and accessories while the husbands are working the graveyard shift. Do these guys know where their women are congregating ?

        5. Yes. And none of them smoke. Like I said, 28 out of 30 isn’t bad with 10 to 15 years married each.
          Maybe my area just gets the better ones?

        6. where is your area? the Gulags in Siberia? about the only place I can see them behaving properly.

        7. I would be proud too, if an American making $100,000+ came all the way to Russia to marry me.

        8. I don’t want to make them seem like they are mythical creatures. They are women. As such, there are predatory women among them. There are useless women among them. But their culture doesn’t allow them to act like princesses – most of them. It’s worth going to those countries to see them in action. Many consider Western women, especially American ones, to be lazy whores. In fact, it was the Russian women that cheered the loudest when Pussy Riot got whipped by Cossacks, calling them degenerates.
          But there are caveats. They don’t understand the male culture here. Like with gaming and anime and stuff. They are used to guys that are wise-guys and drunks. Hence why they compete for Western men.

        9. I bet 15 of those 28 guys you know…yeah..their wives…they’ve been on the back of my crotch rocketing @ 130 mph on the Tollway with their arms wrapped around my waist, flirting with me at the bars……err.. i mean the malls… zdravstvuyte веселье !!

        10. I get what you’re saying and I see your point. Pretty sure all women the world over are hypergamous.
          But what I meant is more along the lines of… foreign women that I’ve dealt with don’t see it as a failure to care for their appearance, to know how to cook, to behave with a feminine and arousing vibe, to understand that at least some modicum of gender roles makes sense.
          In the West the women cut their hair short, treat good men like they’re a joke, are obsessed with themselves for no reason whatsoever, are incredibly fat, have no idea what they’re doing in the kitchen, hate doing feminine things (until they start hitting the wall), smoke like chimney’s, swear, dress like shit… I could go on…
          I bet most men hate the women of their own countries… I wonder if there are exceptions though… But I’ll tell ya, if I had to “settle”, I’d be much happier settling with an attractive Vietnamese girl who knows how to take care of me, then a ghoulish North American white-woman that lives for pizza delivery and late-night commercials.

        11. ..don’t get me started on the Vietnamese….there are boatloads on Plenty of Fish….no pun intended

        12. “But there are caveats. They don’t understand the male culture here. Like with gaming and anime and stuff. They are used to guys that are wise-guys and drunks. Hence why they compete for Western men.”
          I didn’t understand your point here but I’m curious what you meant. So the men in Russia are basically wise-cracking drunks and the women don’t understand the more wide-ranging cultures of western men?
          Why does that mean they should be interested in Western guys? Because they’re bored of the same old thing?

        13. the Russian guys don’t give them the time of day. The American guys give them the Checking ACCT#

        14. blue collar wages with overtime can be in excess of $80K far more than the average Russian man.

          “I found the women from the baltic countries very open sexually and ready to make love at the first meeting if they like you. Russian women wait a little bit longer.
          Pro: They enjoy high culture (classical music, ballet, literature…etc) and make most american women and many western european women look like retarded.
          Go to a symphony and a big part of the audience is either asian or slavic.
          – Conversations are interesting
          – They enjoy elegance and good manners
          – They are extremely beautiful, and radiate with a delicate sensuality
          Con: – Faithfullness is not their best quality. They like to sleep around and it is not a big deal for them.
          – They are materialist to the limit of Prostitution. A nice gift buy her.
          – They come from a broken society (communist) and would sell father and mother for a brighter future. They are as corrupt as the communist society.
          – A tendency towards negativity and melancholy
          Bed: Latvian are excellent lovers, passionate, active
          Russians are more passive, but enjoy sex…they may lack of tenderness a little bit…I would rate latinas quite higher for the quality of their passion”

        16. how do the guys know the women are not fucking around on them?
          you didn’t address my central point:
          “They love you for your wallet, not your penis”

        17. and I would like to know if these Russian women were all of a sudden attracted to the American men once they got off the plane?

        18. I am okay with being wrong, been wrong plenty of times. I am just asking questions. your situation is not what I’ve seen.

        19. and these women were all of a sudden attracted to all your friends and yourself? and they all spoke Russian fluently when they got off the plane?

        20. Fair enough. If you have bad experiences with Russians, there are always Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Serbs, Slovenes, Croats, Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians…

        21. Please do not say Armenians. How do you know these women are attracted to you when you get of the plane ?

        22. My friends met their wives here in the US. The girls already had a visa to either work or go to school. I’m not married but the ones I’ve met were from my various trips over there.

        23. I didn’t just get off the plane. I had business there and I traveled for pleasure. I mingled. But they immediately notice your different style of dress.

        24. Great post. Your rundown of American women was like listening to Mozart or something. One point; a lot of Brazilian guys I knew would always show appreciation for how awesome their women were. They knew.

        25. So are all Russians bandits?? Seems like they are all rogues to me. I dig them though I have a Russki friend but would never go into business with him.

        26. The Soviet Union, and to an extent the entire Eastern Bloc, was quite red pill, and quite socially conservative with regards to sex and sexuality. To them, socialism was about social and economic equality, not about socially liberal sexual liberation nonsense. The Soviet Union put women in space, it didn’t put them on pedestals. Nor did it empower them to act on their basest impulses, nor did it hamsterize excuses them with they did.

        27. This is true. I love how the women would describe how handsome the men were in the army especially when they’d come goose-stepping through town on a parade day.

        28. If I recall, Lenin was more like an SJW and Stalin was the complete opposite: demanding masculinity and that women to be wives of current socialists and to be mothers of future socialists. I believe that also included a ban on abortion and making it more difficult to get divorced.
          I also recall that effeminate men or manly women were seen as mentally ill. Degeneracy was also outlawed.

        29. “some were virgins” – so they aren’t unicorns?
          25….do they got their greencards yet?

        30. I wasn’t trying to suggest they were unicorns. And 25 is the average age. Some are older and are citizens already.

        31. so why did most of the Russian women then give up the goose stepping for Lui Vuittons ?

        32. I mingle at bars and coffee shops quite a bit too doesn’t mean a girl will marry me 10 minutes later. How do you know these women love you when you’ve barely spent any time with them? is it your money they love?

        33. ah, no, right after the USSR split, those people would spend their $$ on purses and cars instead of food.

        34. they were forced to be red pill, if at all. Underneath, they were heathens waiting to be freed to become immoral thieves and murderers. … and that is what we got when the “wall came down in Berlin”

        35. Let me add that the 2010 census data calculated the divorce rate for white American men married to Filipina wives (imported wives not Filipino-American), and living in the US, was20%. If you stayed in the Philippines the divorce rate was 0%, as there is no divorce in the Philippines.

        36. I doubt Lenin was anything like contemporary SJWs, but you’re right in that Stalin was, relatively speaking, a social conservative by Soviet communist standards. Lenin de-criminalized homosexuality and other deviances, but Stalin re-criminalized them.

        37. Not just criminalize homosexuality, but he also banned abortion and promoted a traditional roles for women as mothers and wives. By modern standards, he was literally Hitler.

        1. I do. However,, most of my life, I’ve been around the so-called Eastern European Unicorns all these guys keep talking about.

      5. Btw, I know lots of EE women. I don’t understand the fascination with them. They are pretty average looking.

  12. To me alpha means different things in different walks of life. I know a guy who has good game an can get girls but dresses like a hipster fag an didn’t wanna work a labour job when he was unemployed coz he didn’t wanna get his hands dirty an would get stomped in a fight. I know salt of the earth blokes who work hard physical jobs, are beefed up an handle themselves in a fight but have no idea about game an therefore don’t have huge notch counts. I know career guys who are successful with lots of money but are total betas with women an put them on a pedastal. Alpha is different depending on what you are talking about.

  13. ive known these asshole types, and to me their brains seem more wired like a womans than a mans. they consistantly seek attention, are just rude, immature and childish, no wonder women are naturally drawn to them, they like men with the same childish mindset like them.

    1. I had a friend who was exactly how you describe. Got a lot of hot blonde pussy from Russia. He got married, had a child, and now he’s in prison.

  14. Hmm.. great analysis! But I wonder if there’s maybe a sixth archetype that we could call “spiritual Alpha” or something.. like our old friend Brother Cui and/or men who pursue ideals higher than themselves or their own interests, or something like that.. just a thought,

    1. I think the apha/beta/omega paradigm works for the sexual market only and tend to get overused.

      1. Yes, quite so, sorta. Real alpha/beta applies outside sexual marketplace, but for how we use it, yes.

  15. Hobbyist with a strong conqueror streak. The way of the sage-martial artist, the warrior-scholar is at its heart conquering oneself.

    1. That would be me also. Although perhaps a mixture. I’ve been known to be a Player from time to time.

      1. Wait a second Bob, you stated above that a true Alpha passes on his genes. Are you procreating with all the women you game ?

        1. Yep! Every single one of them. I have more kids than Genghis Khan. Hell you might be one of my kids. You have my nose…

        2. the Armenian nose gets longer with age. Maybe we lie more than the English…. 🙂

    2. That’s how I see myself too, or at least trying to develop into that. With a bit of PUA thrown in for fun. And I have a son whom I try to do my best for, so also a provider.

  16. Sgt POG:
    PUA game level: 5
    Natural game level: 5
    Frame: 5
    Congruency: 5
    Overall Satisfaction: 6

  17. Anyone else here beta as fuck but browsing ROK hoping to absorb more alpha via osmosis by reading all the comments from alphas here? Tell me I’m not the only one.

    1. Yes, actually. Like the unicorn “good girl”.
      My DNA is going forward into the future Lance. Strong, red pill son and a feminine anti-feminist daughter with traditional feminine skills. Married 20+ years to a traditional old world woman that you simply cannot find in the U.S. any longer.
      What you got?

    2. “The Alpha Provider? Lmao… Yeah sure”
      My thoughts exactly. I stated as well that the author has no knowledge of the real world. This part reads like some douchie rhetoric one would read in men’s health magazine or something.

        1. Bob … the authors on this site also suggest to buy a wife in Russia. That’s not very alpha is it?

        2. Curious where you see them state to actually buy a wife. Rent hookers, sure, but buy a wife? Show me. And by show me I do NOT mean make analogies that conveniently fit your definition without actually showing me where an author specifically said “go forth and purchase a wife in Russia”.

      1. A true alpha doesn’t conform to anyone else’s normative notions of what he must do to be a real man.

        1. In other words, do whatever the fuck you like because the only thing that matters is what you think is a “real man”.
          That’s a bullshit cop-out argument man and an example of the feminist moral relativism that is pussifying men.
          Look at the strongest men in history. The Khans, the Kings, the Generals. How many of them left this world without an heir? Only the homos…

        2. I didn’t realize Kings and Khans are still in power. What country, that’s worth a damn, still has them ?

        3. Well you may note that the decline in manliness coincides with the end of monarchy and beginning of democracy. Democracy has a feminizing influence on society.
          There is no problem with marriage per se. It is the interference by democratic government that makes it such a deathtrap.

        4. so North Korea is the answer?
          women have been ruining marriages since Biblical times. The government does not force them into prostitution,force them to salivate over Aston Martins, or biologically force women to be jealous and manipulative.

        5. Yes but government neuters men and takes away their ability to manage women and children. Your statement about the Sixties is of academic interest only. The answer is getting government out of our lives.

        6. “Look at the strongest men in history. The Khans, the Kings, the Generals. How many of them left this world without an heir? Only the homos…”
          You have no clue how stupid you are. Yeah if I was a king and had all the power than certianly would have kids. But we are talking about advice for the average Joe living in 2015 Western world which is 10000% against him under the current zeitgeist. To have children today is suicide.
          Now FOAD.

        7. Stop being such a drama queen. Is life hard? Sure. But it’s a good thing your ancestors were more man than you otherwise you wouldn’t exist to sit behind your keyboard whining like a little bitch.

        8. On the contrary, I don’t recognize the very validity of concepts like “real man”, I see them for what they are, social constructs meant to shame men into conforming into someone else’s idea of what they should be like. I’m not going to conform to anyone’s normative notion of manhood. Not that of a feminist harpy who tells me to man up and marry a slut, nor that of a manly man on RoK.
          Interesting that you should mention Khans. I seem to reckon that the greatest of them, Genghis Khan, was rather unconcerned with whether Jochi really was his. He would even have made Jochi his heir, but his mongol minions wouldn’t abide it. It looks like Genghis didn’t give as much of a damn about your notions about “real manhood” as his minions did.

        9. You contradict yourself. In your first comment you gave your view of what constituted an alpha and now you say you don’t see the validity. Can you explain this?
          The concept of manhood stretches across millennia and culture. Every culture has this concept and there are many similarities. Most important are your ability to fight and your ability to impregnate women. From an evolutionary perspective this makes sense. If you cannot fulfill this function you are useless.

        10. You make the mistake of assuming that I used the terms “true alpha” and “real man” interchangeably and synonymously. I don’t.

    3. I was just reading a comment board where you were being completely fucking stupid and misogynistic.Go back to the Dark Ages. I wanted to say that you are literally the dumbest asshole I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across. Good day.

  18. Alpha provider ftw. Have a strong, united nuclear family and raising good children in this world of degeneracy is one of the most admirable feats out there.

    1. And precisely as pointed out in the article, if a man can accomplish this without being taken down by the feminine imperative in society writ large, in other words, without becoming a pastel wearing simpleton, without being divorce raped AND also raising red pill children, that is the exact opposite of beta.

      1. I’ve done most of that. I had 6 children (spread over 3 women). I didn’t avoid the divorce rape. I lost one child to the system and parental alienation. But I did raise other children to be productive citizens with their heads screwed on right. And I will say it was very hard and worthwhile to accomplish. However, I did this when things were much easier than they are now. I look at my sons and despair. They have tons of intelligence and drive, but they are in a rigged game. It was all up hill in my day, but it is now like climbing the north face of El Capitan.

        1. It is frustrating to know that a man can be the most bad-ass alpha provider the world’s ever see and he can still get divorce-raped. I’ve seen it happen.

  19. Still not sure why you berate non-virginal women, yet uplift guys who bed dozens pre-maritally. If you hate “promiscuous culture” so much, why not instead teach guys to take it slowly, especially with less/inexperienced partners, or save it for marriage? Promiscuous, libertine guys are only going to decrease the amount of virgins to non-virgins, so you’re enhancing the abundance of something you’re supposedly against.
    Even the hailed “alpha provider” unicorn’s description seems to suggest sleeping with many women before settling on a wife: “Though it took him quite a while, his patience and red pill wisdom allowed him to successfully find a woman worthy to be his first mate.”

      1. It doesn’t explain at all why you think it’s a good idea to willingly decrease the “value” you assign to women while expecting them to meet absolute criteria for your marriage prospects. Unless you’re having sex mostly with men, or kill a lot of men, telling men to sleep around as much as possible is going to drastically decrease the amount of women who might otherwise remain virgins until marriage.

    1. It’s the Tragedy of the Commons. The amount by which an individual man decreases the supply of worthy women by fucking around is negligible.
      It’s quite simple, really. The PUA faction of the Manosphere sees modern women for the sluts they are, and has chosen to make the best of the situation by using sluts for the only thing they’re good for. It didn’t create the current situation, the sexual revolution happened decades before there was a Manosphere, or even an Internet for that matter.

      1. Absolutely. Our highly moral families taught us to be decent men with morals. I was the nice gentleman with morals from the ages of 15-22. Then I realized that I would be lonely in America with that type of mentality; thus I found PUA, game, red pill, etc.

      2. But in assuming that all women have had lots of sex, or want to have multiple partners, you’re “tainting” the ones who are still virgins. You’re choosing to see all women through a misogynistic, simplified and crazily generalized lens so that you don’t feel guilty about giving them pleasure.

        1. we don’t advocate tainting virgins. Please provide a past post where you have seen such a statement.

        2. Having sex with someone you like isn’t being “tainted”, but that’s beside the point. The site advocates having sex with whomever you want and convince to want you, and discourages settling down or even, in most cases, LTR’s(except when used as a “break” between cycles of player lifestyle). I think the new interface doesn’t have a search bar, so idk how to find most of the articles, but here’s an example:
          Even though the author praises several qualities in “introverted girls” he then goes on to explain how to get them in bed, even if they’re your girlfriend(and not some one night stand). He seems to write the article in general more from the point of a relationship mindset(meaning he probably categorizes them in a group above one night stand-material), yet he appears to have no qualms about encouraging her to have sex with you in a “casual relationship”. Maybe they’ve got a bit of experience, but maybe they’re virgins. And if they’re virgins, it’s still okay to willingly decrease their societal value in your eyes because “wahh, my sexual needs are more important”. It doesn’t make sense.
          I could list other examples more easily with a search bar, but that’s a good example.

        3. if a woman is a good woman, she will wait and have sex with the guy she likes. again, your equating men and women in sexual roles. we are not equal. please leave.

        4. On the contrary, there have been quite a bit of articles on this very site about how to determine whether a woman is a slut, an entitled narcissist, etc etc. Which implies a frame that, well, as the cliché goes, not all women are like that. Something a significant number of the people here would disagree with, but hey, this isn’t an echo chamber, there’s actual debate and discourse going on here, just under an overall frame that is quite contrarian.

      1. I have before. It isn’t suggesting marriage for all guys, or denying the constantly spewed idea that it’s “good and healthy” for guys to have sex with lots of different women before marriage, if not forever.

        1. Would you rather have sex with an experienced guy or a inexperienced male virgin? Take a pick. Practice makes perfect. Too bad the same does not really apply to women.

        2. I’d rather be with someone just as awkward and inexperienced, so that I’d feel less inadequate and there’d be more meaning to it. From what I’ve heard, even if your first time is with someone purportedly “good” and “experienced”, it still tends to suck because the less experienced party is generally not as comfortable with their bodies, or the experience in general. So personally, even if don juans and casanovas APPEAR more desirable, according to media, in reality I think it’d be a more fun experience to be with someone on the same level. Because then, even if it’s awkward and dorky, you’re more on the same wavelength, and can communicate without feeling as weird about it.

        3. Most men can’t fuck though. You will fuck an experienced man and he will still be a useless lover. You’re women hating is strong darling. You’re worthless so I’ll leave you to it

    2. Damn it.
      ” A key that opens many locks is a master key, yet a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock. “

      1. You haven’t answered my question. It isn’t “why do guys like yourselves treat ladies like shit when they aren’t total virgins, yet permit yourselves to have lots of sex with different women”. My question is “If you think all women should be holy little virgins, and that what you call “slut culture” is so horrible, then why do you tell guys to enhance the amount of it in society by constantly trying to get laid with different women?”
        Assuming all of you are straight, both of the majorities of each sex have to sleep with multiple people for this to work.

        1. Why is this concept so hard for you to understand? Women find “bad boys” who have lots of sex and have lots of women around as the men they “want to change”, whereas we look at a woman who has sex with lots of men as an easy lay. All a woman has to do is walk into a bar and say “Who wants this pussy tonight?” However for a man to be a slut, he has to work for it meaning he has “game” , looks, some amount of social power, and personality. Do you get it ?

        2. I get grade school social dynamics, yes, but that isn’t the point. The point is that if you tell all men(whether through sites like this, the media, etc.) that it’s awesome for them to sleep with lots of different women, and they do it, you’re limiting the amount of what they’re then told are “ideal, marrigeable virgins”, because unless you’re seeking out gay sex, you’ll have to convince a lot of women to lose their virginities to random guys to fulfill your end of the “ideal” life. But then when you decide to get married, you’ll have to settle for the fact that most are no longer virgins as a consequence of your(meaning men as a whole’s) former actions.

        3. Well, because modern women are not “holy little virgins” so they get treated for what they are.
          A lot of men bang the western women with no respect for them, unable that they are to keep their panties on, (you’re the gatekeeper of sex and so responsible of whom you give your own virginity to, so men don’t enhance anything by trying to get laid) and go look for traditional women in traditional cultures when it comes to reproducing.

        4. Grade school? 50 year old rockers getting with a Victorias Secret model is not grade school. we don’t treat virgins like shit. It is the virgins who seek out the bad boys EARLY on in their lives and give up the virginity to BAD BOYS. Again, you’re missing the point.

        5. “Well, because modern women are not “holy little virgins” so they get treated for what they are.”
          But in doing this, you’re further limiting the amount of potential virgins. They might seem rare, but they still exist. I knew a lot of attractive, popular people in HS who were very chaste(and I still do) whose relationships didn’t go beyond dates/kissing.
          “A lot of men bang the western women with no respect for them, unable that they are to keep their panties on, (you’re the gatekeeper of sex and so responsible of whom you give your own virginity to, so men don’t enhance anything by trying to get laid) and go look for traditional women in traditional cultures when it comes to reproducing.”
          And if you think strict-ass gender roles are the way to improve society, then move, sure. But wouldn’t it be easier to treat each person like an individual, virgin or not? Some virgins don’t bond to people as much, or love these gender dynamics you seem to. Some of them want careers over families. Then there are some women who have histories, who you aren’t “the first” for them to sleep with, yet they make great life partners. If you didn’t overgeneralize, and looked for girlfriends/wives at less stereotypical places(ex. clubs, bars), you’d probably have a way better chance at finding what you would dub a “quality” mate.

        6. Again, men that pick women in bar and in clubs, don’t do it for relationships (at least the one in the manosphere).
          There is no overgeneralization.
          This all manosphere is about men sharing their experiences and what results is that we can see that non-virgin women, with a “history”, are damage goods, at least for long term relationships.
          Men have the right to choose the best partner for relationships (if they want relationships) following their own criteria and also the right to avoid the drama that often result from damaged women.
          And a “career woman” is the worst thing a man can have relationship with, so, virgin or not, wise men will avoid them.
          “But in doing this, you’re further limiting the amount of potential virgins. They might seem rare, but they still exist.”
          No, once again, the virgins and the ones that taught them to surrender at the first occasion are the only one limiting the amount.
          Now, wish you all the best.

    3. we only started being promiscuous after you sluts decided that “Bad Boys” were sexier and “hotter” than decent, respectable, educated, and nice guys. Now STFU and get lost. We like being male sluts now.

      1. “You sluts” you have no idea what my history, tastes or even preferences are. Take a chill pill and say something relevant or halfway intelligent.

        1. Name one “hot” or attractive girl that dates middle class, decent , respectable gentlemen. If you were hot you would show us. So put your money where your mouth is and not attempt to diffuse the points.

        2. I know lots of attractive people that aren’t celebrities, and get married to respectable guys. There are lots of beautiful people you never see on TV or in magazines.
          I could be ugly as a toad, or a Victoria’s Secret model. It wouldn’t change my points.

        3. Yes it does. An ugly woman does not make our penises erect, a hot one does. If you cannot figure that out, then do not bother commenting anymore on this site; your points become irrelevant to MEN. the Keyword here is “MEN”. Men on this site want hot women and to game or marry HOT women. We do not want fatties or care what fatties do with their bodies. Real simple.

        4. “If you were hot you would show us.”
          Are you asking for the names of the Hot Model/Regular Joe couple, or for Lilac’s photo, hoping that by insulting her she’ll send one your way? This is the comment section to an article – why would you expect specifics?

  20. I agree with the provider alpha, in that ultimately there’s nothing more alpha than passing on your genes. Survival of the fittest, the fittest being nature’s alpha in it’s purest form, since we first crawled out of the mud.
    And if you want to make sure your kids aren’t fucked up forever, then once you decide to have them then you have to stick around. The most important thing is choose the mother wisely. If it all goes to shit despite everything, keep trying and do your best for your kids. If you let your bitch ex-wife or the legal system beat you then your kids are lost. Even if they have to wait til they’re teenagers they eventually appreciate you didn’t give up on them. They need your influence in their life.
    The Asshole might have kids but he’s not sticking around to raise them. He’s part of the reason why there are so many single moms. So, fuck him. His genetics will be degenerate dickheads, much like himself. Your kids will hire his kids to clean their houses.
    Asides from that, I agree with the list.

  21. “The Alpha Provider…. The fabled Alpha Provider is the captain of his ship and has the genuine respect and adoration of both his woman and his children. He does not tolerate foolishness in his household and is quick to punish such shenanigans. But he is equally bountiful whereas he rewards his woman for the nurturing of his brood, her sexual loyalty, and the upkeep of his domicile and property. Though it took him quite a while, his patience and red pill wisdom allowed him to successfully find a woman worthy to be his first mate.”
    Give me a fucking break. The author has no knowledge of the real world. This part reads like some douchie rhetoric one would read in men#s health magazine or something.

    1. “The fabled Alpha Provider…” & ” If ever there was a male version of a unicorn, the Alpha Provider is it.” The words fable and unicorn implies that sharp may not even believe they exist himself as “unicorn” as we define it on this site don’t really exist. We can describe a unicorn but we all know they are very rare same as an alpha provider.
      Read the article and digest everything rather than flying off the hinge about knowledge about the real world and parsing words and phrases.

    2. What englishbob said. I’m one. My father, a former Marine Corp jet fighter pilot, retired military, Harley riding badass whose wife dotes on him like he was the last man on earth, is one as well. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are of in your philosophy..

    3. It sounds lame, sure, but in fact my father was an alpha provider and I am becoming one. See also: “Wolf Alpha”

  22. I loved this article.
    See, I knew there was more than the Asshole and the Player Alpha!
    I believe a true alpha is one who could be both an animal (asshole, player) and also rational (the conqueror, hobbyist, father).
    A supreme Alpha is both strong in the Mind and Body.

  23. Provider and Conqueror yes, but the asshole and players are not what I’d call alpha’s. More like scumbags.
    None of these are even actual leaders (except the provider for his family and maybe the conqueror for his employees.

    1. so you suggest that those of us who have been “wronged” by our first wives keep reproducing and neglecting the children we had from our previous marriages? .. or else we are scumbags?

  24. One of my best friends fits the provider type. We have known each other about 10+ years, his frame was great to the extent that he had ultimate control over himself, his image and a great deal about how others perceived him. Also he had that ‘salt-of-the-earth” character, which made it easy and enjoyable for anyone to connect to him, men and women alike.
    When we met he had a cohabiting LTR partner and 2 daughters. Because we worked together at the time, and his english wasn’t proficient compared to mine, I took to being his wingman. Just because of his presence and game (in less than 15 minutes he could talk casually to a woman in a bar or club, engage her, then escalate to the point of demanding privacy) and as a side effect, my notch count went steadily up. And this was on my blue pill days. lol. How wilfully blind I was.
    At home, he always mantained his frame between aloof, playful, and firm-wristed, and even with his many foibles (stubborn and not very educated) he was always in control of the household, providing to a fault to student/SAHM partner and kids. Impressive.
    His downfall in that LTR didn’t come from his infidelities (many of which I was privy to when not directly involved in, and his partner knew about a couple of them: it was due to her starting work, out-earning him, starting to try and control the finances, and him by extension. Things got gradually worse until he left.

  25. While the general assessment of the different types of alpha’s a pretty good, if a little rigid. However, I do not agree with the part about the Alpha Provider. Don’t get me wrong, I think all men, especially alpha ones want to pass on their genes, names etc, but that is something different than having your life goal being a monogamous relationship with a conservative wife, a few checks, and a pretty content life. And, while maybe 9 out of then men in general would love that, no way would 9 out of 10 alphas think of that as they life goals.
    If this is the definition of the most supreme and true alpha, the alpha provider, than every man in the small Eastern European village my father is from is an alpha provide. They all have this and never thought much about it.
    Somebody mentioned that Genghis Khan and other great conquerors, king etc. all had many offspring etc. For sure they did, but Ill bet my life that Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Augustus, Caesar etc., did not grow up dreaming about the life of the Alpha Provider that you described. Of course, they wanted a wife and offspring, but that was nothing special and no achievement in itself, it was just the norm and natural. Problem is that Western society has become so fucked up and our male standards have come down so low, that having a mate and reproducing, which is the most basic animal instinct and act, have somehow become ultimate alpha achievements.

    1. Did those conquerors have children who emulated them? I have never seen Genghis Khan the 18th Jr in any of my history textbooks. Being Alpha is a product of the environment, not nature.

        1. What I am saying is that passing successful genes to the next generation does not guarantee the offspring will be equally successful.

        2. I don’t necessarily disagree. What I was saying is that Genghis Khan passed on his genes almost as a side effect of his lifestyle or as a secondary thing. His focus was on himself, his achievements and conquests and not being a husband and provider.

  26. The player: mediterranean, middle-eastern, latin american men
    The hobbyst: germanic, scandinavian, mediterranean, celtic, asian, slavic? men
    The conqueror: mediterranean men(the love department), middle-eastern, slavic, asian men(making babies department)
    The asshole: mediterranean men, latin american men, any men with celtic ancestry
    The provider: Germanic, Scandinavian, Asian, men

  27. I disagree with the Hobbyist part a little bit. Because not every hobby requires extreme physical labor to deny a woman her power over you.
    The key is to make certain whatever hobby you engage in actually DENIES or, at the very least, lessens women’s power to make you obsess over them like the dumb, horny galoot you are.
    It doesn’t matter if your hobby is video games or the goddamn Hunger Games, the imperative is to lower the puss-ay on your list of priorities once and for all.
    I will always have more respect for the nerd or the geek learning how to program and draw anime and doesn’t care if the ladies don’t look his way than the wannabe Alpha who’s only learning about guns and cars to try to impress the ladies.
    The latter one is the real punk bitch, not the former.

  28. I wanted to see if anybody’s had a similar experience and how they handled it. This place seems to have pretty mixed thoughts on family. I never thought I’d even consider one, but I’ve found a good woman. I’m still not really thinking about it but I’m more open to the idea way down the road.
    She’s traditional. I took her v-card at 24. I was juggling her and other girls for months before and I had to fight for it. I’ve done it before and it was legit. I couldn’t get it in and when I did there was blood. I make the major decisions. She’s not feminist and is cognizant of social justice hypocrisy. Nonetheless she can get along with other women well but gets depressed because they tend to take advantage of her. She believes in gender roles and has been very helpful, brings groceries over, cleans my place, cooks when we have time, drives me to work in the mornings. She’s very attached to me, nursed me through a serious injury, etc. I’ve been told by many people that they’ve never seen anyone as in love as her. She’s caring and feminine – looks after sick folks part-time while going to school. She’s good-looking and puts effort into her appearance. Enough so that some douche usually ends up in my face if we go out dancing.
    She doesn’t make an overt effort to control my sexual behavior. The way she phrased it when we started seeing each other was that I would chase other women anyway so why try to stop me and then feel betrayed. I have messed around a few times but it clearly hurts her. I got her to have a threesome with a friend, which made her feel slutty and led to trouble with the other girl.
    Tries to be around me all the time although she respects my space when I tell her to go away. I know she does this partially to stop me from playing the field. Fragile, tends to crack under pressure. Bad family.
    The problem is that I’m young. I miss being single and playing the field, even though I’ve apparently found a rare breed. Yeah I’ve slept with others but it’s getting tougher and the logistics are complicated unless I’m out of town. Maybe that’s the trap. However, I also have a good job with career prospects, hobbies and quality friends and I don’t have time to play bullshit texting games for hours with flakes who are chasing cool and always sizing me up for what I can offer them while telling me I’m responsible for all of their problems because I have a dick. And the field wasn’t as easy for me as I’m sure it is for some of you studs. I’m above average-looking, in-shape and charismatic. But I’ve got some chronic health issues. I keep these to myself but they’re there. I’m also Asian and that puts one down a few notches in most girls’ eyes.
    Anyone been in this boat?

    1. approach our study of the white race like psychologists approach studying the psychological profiles of their patients. Psychologists like to know about the childhood of their patients because it gives them critical insight into the person’s social, emotional, and mental development. Historical information on an individual can not only shed light on their behavior as adults, but it can also be used to determine the type of treatment necessary to help the individual. The information can be used to understand and even predict behavioral patterns. And most importantly, the information assists psychologists in determining if the potential exists for the individual to be successfully treated. Depending on the severity of the circumstances surrounding a child’s upbringing and the depth of the impact on the child, there may or may not be potential for helping them adjust their behavior to peacefully coexist and live functionally in a civilized society.
      The same reality is true for the development of groups. If one examines the earliest history of a race, one can draw insightful parallels between how they developed and how they currently function in society. This history can also be used to determine the likelihood of them being capable of living harmoniously with the rest of the hueman family. It is imperative that we study the developmental history of the white race for this reason. In doing so, we will find that the psychological background of the white race is a study of severe pathology (sickness). We discover that a sexually deviant culture developed which promoted all forms of sexually sordid misbehavior. And based on their history, we can definitively conclude that whites do not possess the social, emotional, or the mental capacity to peacefully coexist with other groups of people on planet Earth.
      whites have left a detailed and thoroughly self-documented history which proves emphatically that so-called “homosexuality” originates with the white race. This history clearly demonstrates that the white race has a predisposition towards sexual aggression, depravity, and violence. Understanding this history is critical because it explains the circumstances that contributed to the psychological underdevelopment of the white race into the death monsters that the world is faced with today.
      When we look at the earliest known history of the white race, we find them roaming the caves and hills of europe, struggling for survival in a bitterly cold climate. Their natural environment produced little to nothing in the way of fruits and vegetables. Food and clothing were scarce, and violence was the order of the day. In fact, it was primarily through violence that the european managed to eek out an existence. Whether it was the barbaric murder of a rival klan member to take their food or the murder of a wild Mongolian tur to be eaten on the spot, european survival depended on their ability to conquer, exploit, and kill their rivals on a consistent, sometimes, daily basis. They ate their meat raw and cannibalism was a normal practice. They often munched on the dead bodies of their deceased relatives or rival klan members. It was a “kill or be killed” environment. If the white male was able to kill, he was able to survive. If he was not the predator, he often became the prey.
      Under these circumstances, killing became synonymous with survival and victory. Survival and victory became synonymous with bloodshed. whites became so accustomed to killing that they developed a freakish fascination with spilling blood. They ate all of their food (including other whites) raw, and they routinely murdered one another. As a result, blood took on an erotic and almost religious value. They became obsessed with the shedding of blood and acquired a taste for it that they still have to this day. In fact, at this very moment there is a blood thirsty white male about to reward himself with the delightful pleasure of biting into some barely cooked animal as he orders meat from his favorite restaurant “rare.”
      The relationship between the white male and the white female was a fascinating one; though by Afrikan standards it was sadistic and totally dysfunctional. The white female was the playground and sexual toilet for the european male. Her role was to watch the children while her male counterpart went out to hunt for food and to sexually please the adult white male at his discretion. She was never looked upon as having valuable input into any other phase of european existence. He resented the fact that he had to hunt for food while she waited in the cave expecting him to feed her. To a large degree, the european male viewed the white female as a liability.
      The european male was the embodiment of aggression and anxiety. He spent most of his time hunting for food, eeking out a survival for himself and his family. He could spend weeks hunting unsuccessfully for food. When he returned to his cave empty handed, he was furious. After all, he had a female and a child(ren) expecting him to feed them and he could not even feed himself. His circumstances coupled with his nature made him prone to extreme fits of uncontrollable rage, often resulting in serious injury or death for the female and/or their offspring. There were only two things that could quell this fury: a kill or sexual gratification.
      Over time, the white male developed a dichotomous feeling towards sex. On the one hand, it made him feel good. On the other hand, it produced mouths that he could not feed. It was under these circumstances that the european cultivated his intensely misogynistic (woman-hating) character. He loved the feeling that sex gave him, but he hated the result. This left the white female in a precarious position. She had to provide sexual gratification to the white male without producing more children. The birth of another child might be enough to push him over the edge and kill her. This is where the white female began to develop her sexually perverse appetite. She began to master the arts of anal and oral sex. She began to urinate and defecate on her male counterpart to give him sexual gratification. This was her way of surviving in the extremely intense and explosive environment of the european male’s “home.” Sex became a survival “game.” She indulged in all imaginable forms of sexual deviancy and often invented new ones. This included having intercourse with dogs and other animals. When there was only one female in the family, she acted as the sexual play toy for all of the males in the family. This could include her father and her sons. As a result of thousands of years under these sub-hueman conditions, the white female developed into the unconscionable whore she is today.
      The white male discovered through experimentation that if he only indulged in anal and oral sex with the white female, he would not produce a child. He discovered that he could also duplicate these types of sexual misbehavior with white males of all ages without producing children. Further experimentation proved that he could have vaginal sex with little girls before puberty and animals and still produce no children. This is how the european male became such a severe sexual deviant. He was able to satisfy his desire to feel good sexually without producing more mouths that he could not feed. He found multiple means to fulfill these desires, including sex with females and males of all ages, inanimate objects, and even animals. The following passage by Joyce E. Salisbury from The Beast Within demonstrates the european’s sexual desire for animals.
      Jonas Liliequist has made a study of seventeenth-century trial records for bestiality in Sweden[…] It seems that young boys who spent a good deal of time herding animals (particularly cattle in this case) treated bestial intercourse as a game. They taught each other the techniques; they performed the activity in groups as well as individually. As Liliequist notes, “It was a boy’s game sometimes growing into a man’s habit.” In studying twentieth-century American life, Alfred Kinsey calculated that 40 to 50 percent of all farm boys experienced some sort of sexual animal contact. (Salisbury 84)
      The simple reprimand that in spite of strict Eastern conciliar legislation, the Greek church never feared bestial intercourse as much as the West. It seemed no more disruptive to society and the marriage bond than other sexual alternatives […] (Salisbury 88 – 89)
      As evidenced by this passage, european sexual deviance has not improved since ancient times.
      During the earliest history of the white race, we also find that weaker white males often prostituted themselves, their females, or their offspring out to stronger males from other klans in order to feed themselves and their families. This is where male prostitution began. In fact, prostitution is probably the white world’s earliest profession.
      The severe misogyny (hatred for females) that developed during the earliest years of european history are prevalent in the world today. white males have always hated white females. At the very least, the way they treat white females exemplifies hatred from an Afrikan perspective. This hatred for women, and white females in particular, is evident in their horror movies. In many of these films, white females are the constant victims of brutal murders mostly committed by white males. whites make box office hits with plots that center around the sexual assault and murder of their own females. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Psycho,Halloween, Dressed to Kill, are just a few films that fit this story line. In the past, it occurred in the caves and hills of europe; today, it is shown on the big screen. Fundamentally, not much has changed.
      During their prehistoric development in the caves and hills of europe, whites had no concept of right or wrong, good or evil. They had no concept of love or happiness. They had no concept of respect for others. They had no concept of honesty, loyalty, or honor. They had no concept of laughter. They knew nothing of bathing or properly grooming themselves. They had no medicine and no formal language system. They had no understanding of science, art, spirituality, or religion. In fact, they had no God concept whatsoever. Walter Williams expresses this well in The Historical Origin of Christianity:
      Before the Greeks and Romans, who are one and the same, entered Egypt, they had no God, Goddess or gods. Nor did they have an alphabet. They were instead an agnostic, physical, psychopathic, illiterate, uncivilized European race of people who were not in-tune with the spiritual rhythm of the universe. (Williams 73)
      In short, they had no moral or ethical code to live by. They simply murdered, raped, and killed on a routine basis to survive in their environment.
      This is both sick and perverse in the minds of healthy thinking Afrikan people. It almost seems impossible for a group to interact in this manner. But we must remember that the european had no moral or ethical standards by which to live. In fact, they were not even aware that such a thing existed. Their death style was normal for them. And as inhuemane, barbaric, savage and brutal as this type of lifestyle (deathstyle) was and is, it makes since that it came out of the sordid psyche of the white race. They have lived on a barbaric level since they have been on planet Earth and have no alternative moral foundation upon which to build. The european was yesterday, what the european is today, what the european will always be – a barbaric race of sub-huemans whose inherent disposition is the destruction of all life.
      It must be clearly stated here that “homosexuality” is merely a byproduct of the traditional freakishness of the white race. whites have always viewed sex much differently than other peoples of the world. The earliest developmental stages of the white race produced a race of melanin deficient beings who have two driving forces that compel them to act: sex and aggression. From the Library of Congress Exhibition on Sigmund Freud, Conflict Freud & Culture, Section Two, The Individual: Therapy and Theory, Sexuality and Aggression website, the author writes:
      Enter Death and Aggression – In his book Beyond the Pleasure Principle, written in the aftermath of World War I, Freud speculated that there existed death drives in conflict with sex drives. This opposition, he thought, could explain much about the fundamental forces shaping individuals and societies, while also pointing toward explanations for their self-destructive and outwardly aggressive behavior. (par. 14)
      sigmund freud was a “nut,” by Black psychological standards, but he did study the minds of europeans. Therefore, his examination and insight into the mind of his own race is worth evaluating. He indicates that there are two basic motivating forces that drive europeans – sex and death (aggression/violence). He goes on to explain that these forces are in conflict with one another. Sex is the natural way in which life is produced. Death is the natural way life is eliminated. If these two factors are the driving forces in the minds of the white race, whites are in constant emotional and psychological conflict with themselves and every living thing with which they come in contact. This means that they will have two basic ways to relate to other living things – they will either rape them or kill them. This paradigm perfectly fits the european’s historical encounters with other living things. Here are some examples:

      1. •The Maafa is the worst example of hueman suffering the world has ever witnessed. The Atlantic slave trade was the heart and soul of the Maafa. It captures the sheer agony and depth of torture that Afrikan people have endured over the centuries. When we break the slave trade down to its core elements, we find rape (sex) and murder (death, aggression, violence) at the core. whites raped and murdered Black men. whites raped and murdered Black women. And whites raped and murdered Black children. Hundreds of millions of Black people were raped and murdered by white death monsters in unprovoked acts of war.
        •whites are the only group on the planet that routinely make a game of traveling the world and murdering off entire species of animals. The bald eagle was one of the most admired birds in north amerikkka prior to the european’s arrival. After being in this hemisphere for a brief period of time, whites made the bald eagle an “endangered species.” They hunted and killed bald eagles for “sport.” They did the same thing to the buffalo. Between 1865 and 1890, the whites in the united states decreased the number of buffalos from over 50 million to less than 1,000. (500 Nations) The annihilation of entire species, hueman and animal, are what whites call “sport.”
        •The white race is the first race on the planet to create a nuclear bomb. The only practical use for this weapon is the mass destruction of life: including people, plants, animals, water supply, vegetation, and so on. They are also the only race to have used it on another race.
        •Child rape is a staple of white invasion and white culture all over the world. Historically, whites have been the major perpetrators of child rape. Even in white countries that have legally outlawed child rape, the penalty for doing it often amounts to no more than a slap on the wrist. This morbid abuse of children is central to the theme of white existence. Look at the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, NAMBLA (The North American Man-Boy Love Association), and so forth. They are established and respected institutions in the white world and are well known to be supporters and participants in child rape. Furthermore, it is a well-documented fact that the greeks and romans used to encourage the mating of young white males with older white male sexual “mentors.” In some cases, pedophiles have even been known to kill their child victims after raping them. This is consistent with our their theme of sex and aggression. Today, european nations like sweden, holland, and denmark, are known for their heavy distribution of child pornography. The history of child sexual abuse in the white race is extensive and worthy of a book of its own.
        These examples establish a pattern of psychopathic misbehavior by the white race that has two major themes at its core – sex (rape) and aggression (death, violence). As we dig deeper into the pathology of the white mind and this phenomenon we call “homosexuality,” “sex and aggression” will prove to be a recurring theme.
        It is important for us to understand that “homosexuality” is not a characteristic of some whites, but rather an established cultural norm of the white race as a whole. As far as we know, white-sex is as old as the white race itself. whites credit the greeks with beginning western civilization because they were one of the earliest groups of whites to document their history. greek culture was synonymous with white-sex (sexual perversion), including child molestation, bestiality, and so-called “homosexuality.” The website The World History of Male Love, Male Love in Ancient Greece provides insight into the sexual nature of the ancient greeks:
        •The term “homosexuality” as it is used and understood today is not applicable to Greek antiquity for two reasons: […] most Greeks were bisexual […] and male love in Greece was love between a man and a [male] youth. (par. 3)
        •However, the relationship that was characteristic of the Greek way of life, accepted or even regarded as a social duty by the state, was intergenerational love. In its ideal form this bond was between a man (called the erastes [lover] in Athens, or the “inspirer” in Sparta) and an adolescent [boy] youth (called the eromenos [beloved], or the “hearer”, respectively). (par. 4)
        In today’s world, we often view “homosexuality” as a consensual sexual relationship between two adults. But when we examine the true history, we find that it is actually synonymous with child molestation. This is important because it dispels the myth that “homosexuals” are no more likely to molest children than normal hueman beings. By the strict historical interpretation of the practice, “homosexuality” is child molestation by definition.
        •The greek male was expected not only to marry and raise children, but also to be available for friendship and love with worthy youths, not to the exclusion of marriage but as its necessary complement. (par. 6)
        •That a man should be attracted both to lovely women and to beardless youths was seen as natural and normal […] However, young males were considered the fair sex par excellence; the greek ideal of beauty was embodied by the young man, a fact evident in all of greek literature and art from first beginnings to last examples. (par. 8)
        As evidenced by these passages, the greeks never saw a cultural conflict between marriage, “homosexuality,” and child molestation. Though many whites pay lip service today by expressing their dissatisfaction at the sexual violation of children, their history clearly demonstrates that it is an integral part of their culture. The molesting of adolescent boys was considered the “necessary complement” to marriage, making it spiritual in the minds and hearts of white males. Imagine a world where child molestation was considered necessary and even spiritual.
        •But when a beautiful boy from a good family cannot find a lover, it is a shame to him, because the reason for it must be his character. The boys preferred for abduction are especially honored […] (par. 14)
        Here we see europeans beginning the process of blaming children for their own violation, commonly referred to as “blaming the victim.” greeks created a culture in which white children were trained to accept the sexual advances of grown males as a natural course of their existence. The concept of sexually violating a child appears foreign to ancient greeks. It is as if they believed that children, particularly young white males, were made for the express purpose of satisfying the sexual desires of older white males. In this way, “homosexuality” and child molestation have become so deeply ingrained in white culture, that they cannot be segregated from any facet of european life. white-sex is a fundamental part of the european’s nature and can be found in every aspect of their existence – including religion.
        •All Greeks were familiar with the tales that told of Zeus [their supreme God] descending as an eagle to carry off Ganymede, the most beautiful boy on earth, to be his lover on Mount Olympus […] (par. 7)
        It is interesting to note that after whites adopted their original “God” concept from Afrikan people, the first thing they did was attribute european cultural and sexual values to him. The supreme “god” of the greeks (zeus) descended on planet Earth to abduct a young white male named ganymede for his sexual pleasures on Mt. Olympus. Obviously, greeks imagined heaven as a place where adult males could have their way sexually with the young white males of their choice.
        If this is not a proper ground for the indictment of the entire ethical and moral character of the white race, then there is none. How can we as Afrikan people accept any religion from a group whose god kidnaps and rapes little boys? As ugly as it sounds, our acceptance of white religion helps explain our affection towards Black entertainers that rape little boys today and then come back into our community for support. It explains why our women and daughters pack stadiums by the tens of thousands to celebrate grown Black males who rape and urinate on little Black girls and sing about white-sex. We love these race-traitoring freaks, just as we love white religion and white culture. Then we go to church on Sunday and ask God to forgive us for our sins. The entire scenario is sick and it is killing us!
        Let us continue to uncover the history of “homosexuality” by examining the book, From Sappho to De Sade: Moments in the History of Sexuality by Jab Bremmer. The author writes in Chapter 1 – Greek Pederasty and Modern Homosexuality that homosexuality and lesbianism are “a recent phenomenon.” In fact, these terms by their current definition did not exist before the later half of the nineteenth century. What we now refer to as “homosexuality” was called “greek love” or “Socratic love.” In ancient greece, homosexual relationships called “pederasty” were between adult males and adolescent boys (Bremmer 1). We also find within this text a report of a cretan initiation ritual by ephorus, a fourth century greek historian, which details a pederastic affair:
        They have a peculiar custom regarding love affairs, for they win the objects of their love, not by persuasion, but by capture [harpagei]; the lover tells the friends of the boy three or four days beforehand that he is going to make the capture; but for the friends to conceal the boy, or not to let him go forth by the appointed road, is indeed a most disgraceful thing, a confession, as it were, that the boy is unworthy of having such a lover. When they meet, if the abductor is the boy’s equal or superior in rank and other respects, the friends pursue him and lay hold of him, though only in a very gentle way, thus satisfying the custom [to nomimon]; afterwards they cheerfully turn the boy over to him and allow him to lead him away. If, however, the abductor is unworthy, they take the boy away from him. And the pursuit does not end until the boy is taken to the house [andreion] of his abductor. They regard as a worthy object of love not the boy who is exceptionally handsome, but the boy who is exceptionally manly and decorous. After giving presents to the boy, the abductor takes him away to any place in the country he wishes; and those who are present at the capture follow behind them and after feasting and hunting with them for two months (for it is not permitted to detain the boy for a longer time), they return to the city. The boy is released after receiving as presents a military habit, an ox, and a drinking cup (these are gifts required by law, nomon), and other things so numerous and costly that the friends, on account of the number of expenses, make contributions thereto. Now the boy sacrifices the ox to Zeus and gives a feast for those who returned with him. Then he makes known the facts about his intimacy with his lover, whether, perchance, it has pleased him or not, the law [nomou] allowing him at the time of his capture, he might be able at this feast to avenge himself and be rid of the lover. It is disgraceful for those who are handsome in appearance and also are descendants of illustrious ancestors to fail to obtain lovers. (Bremmer 3– 4)
        Bremmer helps us to understand that the pederastic relationship was in essence a rites of passage for the greek male. As far as the greeks were concerned, this relationship made “the boy into a real man” and “offered him access to the world of the social elite” (Bremmer 11).
        european history clearly demonstrates the simultaneous origin of child molestation and “homosexuality” as a cultural practice of the white race. The overwhelming amount of historical documentation would make a believer out of the most skeptical Black readers. “Homosexuality” and child molestation are one in the same thing and have been from the very beginning.
        It is clear that so-called “homosexuality” was not the exception in greece, but rather, it was the norm. All of their art and literature is replete with references to it. The greeks are recognized by most whites as the earliest representatives of white “civilization” and white “culture.” But as evidenced by their sexual deviance and freakish misbehavior, they were neither civilized nor cultured. They were a barbaric race of sub-huemans whose inherent disposition was the destruction of all life. Like many whites who came after them, they forcefully introduced their freakish, faggit-like ways on every group with whom they came in contact.
        roman history offers more documented proof of the sexual perversion of the white race. Paul Veyne in Chapter 3 – Homosexuality in Ancient Rome from his book Western Sexuality, details homosexual misbehavior in the roman (white) anti-culture. Veyne explains that when referred to in ancient roman literature, the love of boys and women were interchangeable. He writes, “the one was the same as the other, and what one thought of one went for the other as well” (Veyne 26). Veyne goes on to cite various roman and greek texts that overflow with references to this type of sexual deviance:
        Catullus boasts of his prowess, and Cicero celebrates the kisses he plucks from the lips of his slave-secretary. According to taste some chose women, some boys, some both. Virgil preferred boys only, the Emperor Claudius women. Horace repeatedly tells us he adores both […] (Veyne 28)
        Veyne, in his study of greek and roman sexual perversion finds that the evidence speaks to the “unnatural character of human sexuality” (Veyne 28). Of course to the conscious Afrikan, this type of perversion has nothing to do with hueman sexuality. It is strictly european perversion.
        Veyne’s research also supports the fact that sex and aggression were major components of roman cultural behavior. He does an excellent job describing the romans’ view of so-called “homosexuality.” Veyne points out more than once that the romans did not see a conflict between strong “manhood” and “homosexual” misbehavior. To the romans, the most important thing was to be the aggressor. As long as the male was the one doing the penetrating, he was considered “manly” – regardless of the sex of the victim. In rome, raping a victim represented the pentacle of white male bravado:
        The Fasti Praenestini, the 25 April in the roman calendar, was the festival of the male prostitutes […] This is the world of heroic bravado, with a very Mediterranean flavor, where the important thing is to be the ravisher, never mind the sex of the victim. The same principles ruled in Greece […] If the master was so oversexed that his girl slaves were not enough, he had to ravish the boys […]; […] a world in which one’s behavior was judged not by one’s preference for girls or boys, but by whether one played an active or a passive role. To be active was to be male, whatever the sex of the compliant partner. To take one’s pleasure was virile, to accept it servile […] The passive homosexual was not rejected for his homosexuality but for his passivity, a very serious moral, or rather political infirmity. Children were of no great importance, as long as adults did not allow themselves to be used for their pleasure and confined themselves to taking it from them. (Veyne 28 – 30)
        The individual being penetrated (the victim) was looked down upon. Here we see the romans adopting the attitudes of their greek ancestors as they further developed the practice of blaming the victims of crimes as opposed to punishing the perpetrators. In white culture, being vulnerable to attack by another is a crime. Therefore, females, children, and weaker males were looked down upon because they were unable to put off the sexual advances from stronger white males.
        This pattern of european savagery is consistent throughout history. Wherever whites go, they rape the people they find and thereby create entirely new sets of social problems for their victims to deal with. In many ways, rape and white power are inseparable in the european’s mind. Mwalimu Baruti confirms this fact in Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males:
        The sodomic [anal] rape of conquered men and boys was as characteristic of europeans as was the vaginal and sodomic rape of women and girls. In fact, the reputation of some countries in this practice is renowned. “The French always raped men first” after victory. (Baruti 116)
        We find this same type of pathology pervasive in the united states prison system today. Weaker males are looked upon as prey. And the predators do not view themselves as “homosexuals” even though they indulge in white-sex. They view themselves as masculine because they are able to inflict sexual abuse on others. Many of our brothers are involved in this sick cycle of abuse, and they have no idea that they are abandoning their Blackness and adopting the european’s sexually perverse ways.
        At this juncture, one point must be made clear – the majority of what we have covered about greece and rome is whites describing the history and psychological make-up of whites. They are speaking strictly about ancient white culture and european sexual misbehavior. Their demented perspective of sex must never be translated into the overwhelming feeling of the majority of the Earth’s inhabitants; nor must Black people allow ourselves to fall into the trap of accepting such deviance.
        Let us take another moment to examine the theme of “sex and aggression.” whites feel as though there is something “manly” and “macho” about raping or violating other men, women, and/or children. This is part of their cultural norm. It dates back to the days of the earliest white-sex practices. whites view sex as a physical act of aggression rather than an experience shared between a man and a woman. Hence, their rules of engagement are totally outside of the Afrikan worldview.
        whites did not, do not, will not, and cannot have an innate moral or ethical foundation as a race. It is not part of their genetic structure. They operate out of their inherent instinct to conquer, exploit, and kill anything that crosses their path. Consequently, it would be impossible for them to ethically confine sex to a consensual practice between adult males and adult females for any significant period of time. whites view sex as an act of aggression devoid of any spiritual or moral significance. It is a competitive sport. Sometimes their sports involve them feeding people to lions. Sometimes their sports involve them hunting and killing entire species of animals for fun. Often their sports involves them beating, raping and sexually molesting other living entities. No matter how we choose to explain it, whites view killing and raping as sports designed to satisfy their thirst for destruction. This is why the greeks and romans viewed rape as a strong masculine characteristic, regardless of the sex (or species) of the victim. whites view sex no different than they view any other form of aggression. One is either the aggressor or the aggressee. Most find it thrilling to be the aggressor and interesting from time to time to play the aggressee. Others prefer to play the aggressee on a regular basis.
        The history of the white race has decisively established them as deviants. They operate in a sexual zone of their own, where there are no rules, guidelines, restrictions, covenants or huemane principals attached. They simply do whatever feels good to them. Since they are death monsters, sexual acts that cannot produce life are often their favorite forms of enjoyment.
        If they were on a planet by themselves, this would not cause such a problem. They would simply kill one another off until there were no more caucasions in existence. But this world has many different people and the white race has created starvation, ignorance, rape, hatred, death, havoc and misery throughout the world. In particular, they have managed to subjugate the entire Black Race under white rule. And as long as there is white rule over Black people, there will be child molestation, rape, and “homosexuality” among the Black Race.

  29. Hey guess what? You know who never has to figure out how to be an Alpha Male? Men of color. The more melanin, the more alpha. The beta European has to try to figure out how to compensate for their natural deficiency which means murdering raping and pillaging every fucking thing he comes into contact with. Brown people. The ocean. the land. Economies. The lady doth protest to much. What a bunch of cunts

    1. white-sex
      What It Is and How It Works
      Pederasty: Zeus and Ganymede
      In the Pedophiliac “Love Story” of the Ancient european World
      white-sex is a term coined to describe the psychology of european thought and action. It provides deep insight into european thinking and a primary social reference point from which to analyze european culture. More than anything, it provides the most useful paradigm ever created to understand european psychopathology throughout history to include white aggression in the world today. Traditionally, Black people have discussed white sexual misbehavior separately and distinctly from white aggression and/or racism. For the first time in modern psychology, and perhaps the history of the world, a paradigm exists that can be used to comprehend white social misbehavior as a collective, organized mentality that governs the way whites behave in:
      white-sex is a term that defines white psychopathology (white social behavior) and associates their socially unacceptable misbehavior worldwide with their socially unacceptable sexuality. In this way, we connect the white race directly to their sexually-backwards practices while simultaneously associating their perverse sexuality to their aggression. These associations allow Afrikans worldwide to see, identify, and understand the white race in a collective and comprehensive manner for the first time in history. whites are what they think and do – and what they think and do is what makes them white.
      A simple definition of white-sex is:
      Any act of sexual deviance or sexual/gender aggression deriving from europeans that occurs between other than a consenting man and woman including rape, “homosexuality,” child molestation, bestiality, orgies, etc . . .
      As we look deeper into the rubric of white-sex (white psychopathology), we see a pattern of misbehavior that appears to be attached to the history of their social development in the caves and hills of europe. (For more information on the development of european culture in the caves and hills of europe, click here.) whites’ sojourn through the trying elements of the caves and hills of europe took them on a very serious psychological journey into sexual perversion. When whites have social, political, and/or economic control over another Race of people today, that people’s plunge into the depths of white-sex generally follows an order similar to the breakdown below:
      Misogyny (the hatred for women) is the core of european male white-sex(white psychology). It is also the first stage that men of any other Race/culture are subjected to when they fall victim to white rule. This is the root of white-sex.
      Feminism (the ideology that women are in a war with men and should fight to either rule over men or destroy them) is one of the primary characteristics of european female white-sex (white psychology). It developed out of the resentment created over thousands of years of being mistreated and brutalized by white males in the caves and hills of europe. Feminism is also used by europeans as a weapon to infect, undermine, and ultimately destroy the relationship between the men and women of enemy Races.
      Rape/Violence is the natural outgrowth of misogyny (and feminism to a lesser extent). Once a male internalizes a serious hatred for females, the next logical step is to do something physical about it. The most direct result of misogyny is violence and/or rape (the forced sexual assault of another person, often a female). In cultures where feminism takes root, it is followed by a steep incline of female molestation of young boys. This happens because females don’t normally have the power to rape adult males. As a result, they take out their hatred for males on young boys or adolescents.
      Rape and violence are used by europeans as systematic tools of warfare against enemy Races. They establish dominion (total control) and power over the oppressed group.
      Homosexuality & Pedophilia are the next level of white-sex (european psychopathology). They are listed together because they were considered one concept in ancient european societies. In other words, greeks and romans practiced something called “pederasty” which is the sexual rape of a pubescent or an adolescent boy by an adult male. This was considered “love” in ancient greece and rome. The idea of two adult males engaging in sexual conduct was not the norm in europe. “Homosexuality” as we know it today, during the early period in europe, usually involved an adult male rapist and a young boy victim. Hence, homosexuality and pedophilia were one-in-the-same concept.
      This progression was (is) the next “logical” step forward into the mental derangement of white-sex (white psychology). Once an individual hates the members of the complementary gender and has moved to the stage of violence and/or sexual aggression against them, the next stage is clear. They will seek to have a sexual encounter with someone who is not of the complementary gender. Since, there are only two genders in the known universe, the depraved individual is drawn into a sexual encounter of a member of their own gender.
      Homosexuality and pedophilia are used by europeans as tools of sexual warfare against enemy Races. The adoption of these practices demoralize the people of the culture and teach the children that their parents cannot protect them. As a result of the extreme psychological trauma caused by these perverse practices, foreign cultures are completely eradicated when white-sex invades their nation/culture.
      Bestiality is the next stage of white-sex misbehavior where the desire to exercise one’s sexual aggression moves beyond the point of sexually engaging with people to the point of sexually violating animals.
      Sadism and Masochism are the next stage of white-sex. Sadism is receiving arousal (often sexual) from bringing pain to others and masochism is deriving arousal (often sexual) from having pain inflicted upon oneself. The combined european practice of these (2) ideas is calledsadomasochism (deriving pleasure from giving and receiving pain). The bizarre thing about this stage of white-sex is that the drive for physical aggression and pain becomes so intense that it can often take place without any acts of sexual intercourse occurring.
      The effect that this particular aspect of european psychopathology has had on Afrikan people has been catastrophic. This personality characteristic marks the mental state of the lynchers who would routinely hang and burn Black men, women, and children in the South during the early 1900’s. The whites received sexual arousal and great excitement from the torturing of Black people; and they took particular pleasure in castrating Black men.
      Cannibalism is the nest stage in white-sex (white psychology). This is where the white desire to aggress upon and bring severe harm to another entity becomes so intense that the culprit works to physically consume their victim(s).
      Racism white supremacy is the next stage of white-sex. It is a broader and more sophisticated form of cannibalism. Where the cannibal focuses on devouring a single victim at a time, racism white supremacy is a collective organized system whereby whites agree to cannibalize other cultures and Races of people throughout the world. Once their process is done, the victim’s culture will be totally devoured. The victim group will have lost its language, its Gods, its interpersonal relationships, its family structure, its economic system, its security, its land, its hope and its future.
      Racism white supremacy is a system developed by whites (a barbaric race of sub-humans whose inherent disposition is the destruction of all life) to conquer, exploit, and annihilate all non-white people on planet Earth.
      Genocide is the final stage of white-sex. It occurs after the white race has cannibalized a group to the point that it no longer is in a position to pose any resistance to white authority or white aggression. Once the white race gets to the point where they no longer desire to rape the men, women, and children of the victim Race, and when the group can no longer defend itself, whites exterminate all of the members of the group and make mockery of their existence.

  30. I’m not an alpha. Unless I’m in a relationship, I only get laid like 5 – 6 times a year with 6’s. In fairness, I don’t put any effort into gaming or PUA because I don’t believe that I’ll get a worthy amount of happiness from the required amount of time, money, effort and general having to deal with western women. I try to live without an ego or need for validation. I get fulfillment out of things like playing guitar.

  31. My husband is a conqueror/provider hybrid.
    He’s the strong silent type who carries his power wordlessly. He also lives by old fashioned values which benefit both of us in many ways.
    I was a raging feminist before I met my husband. Now I am proud to be his Mrs. and submit to him.

  32. First time i’ve read an article on this site. I was suggested by a friend to check it out.
    I would definitely say I’m a hobbyist. I have some friends that are definitely assholes, probably where i’ve learned a thing or two about “neggingg”. Also, my humor is a HUGE part of me hooking up with chicks so i’d assume that would go under player. I have a best friend who is a conquerer and ladies swarm this gent. It’s funny, until i got to “Fabled Alpha Provider” i thought, ‘maybe I could be this guy’. Good to know he’s a mythical gnome haunting our conscious.
    I’d prefer to be the hobbyist well into my middle-age, and then…maybe i’ll find the right one. You guys have a new supporter. Great Read. Great Site!

  33. I have one question and one thought to contribute.
    First, with this new format, where are the authors’ names and bios? I really like to know whom I’m readig.
    And two, by your description, the father of the Duggars clan in an alpha provider to the max. He truly seems to have it all. A wife so totally content with him and the life he provides she will willingly let him bed her absolutely any time he wants, sons growing up to follow in his footsteps, daughters willingly accepting their roles as wives and mothers to a new generation of children, and plenty of money to support all his brood even before the television show. But I’ll bet the show was his idea. I’m impressed.

  34. The best article I’ve read on ROK. This is incredibly astute and perceptive. Thank you!

  35. From comments it is clear that not every woman wishes every man in the list. I wonder what are the analogies for women side.
    The asshole women are in the picture, for an extent you can get an idea about alpha provider image as well 😀
    What about others?

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