Is The U.S. Military Run By Beta Males?

I watched from a distance the frustration of a field grade officer when he had to put on a helmet, belt and ballistic eye wear to enter an army maintenance yard. His face revealed his shock at having to follow the rules meant for common soldiers. Then it changed to curiosity as he tried to don his reflective belt. His first attempt covered up his oak leaf. His second attempt covered up his skill and combat badges. Finally, like Goldilocks, he found the just right median the third time draping his neon yellow sash over his shoulder. He seemed content that he found a way not to cover his rank or cool badges so everyone could see how important he was. He then began wandering aimlessly looking for ways to assert his authority. At this time I realized that the military is run by beta men.


I know if my boss told me to lay down next to a shot up corpse so he could gauge its living height, I would refuse. According to “Mark Owen’s” book No Easy Day, this happened after the Osama bin Laden raid. Admiral McCraven had one of the Navy Seals lie next to the body to guesstimate its height. For all the elitism and toughness of Navy Seals, this obedience was surprisingly immediate. Remember that this service member is the pinnacle of what  the “tip of the spear” in the US military is.

Remember all the retired generals that came out against the Iraq War? None of them spoke up while they were still in. That golden retirement at four stars trumps any form of disagreement with the political bosses. This same concept of “yesmanship” is apparent in other programs such as women in combat, weapons procurement, and other social engineering projects tried in the military. A great example of this would be the Marine Corps’ now dead Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle project. The generals behind that program did a complete 180 when it was cut and toed the party line that such a vehicle was unnecessary.


This betaness extends outside the realm of military operations and support. One has to remember that General Petraeus’ downfall was the result of generals doing favors for housewives. A  Tampa socialite got General Allen to write her a letter in a civil case. Another woman took offense to a perceived competitor for general officer access and began stalking. When the FBI got involved, it was discovered this other woman was a lover of David Petraeus. He resigned as head of the CIA. It would have been better if he stayed till he got fired. It would have been interesting to see him prosecuted for something he crushed so many soldiers in the 101st Airborne Division with his general letters of reprimand for adultery. Remember, these acts occurred while he was on active duty, and he is still drawing the retirement check so the Uniform Code of Military Justice has jurisdiction. But alas, such rules don’t apply to those with the shiny stars as is demonstrated here.


In conclusion, it seems the hierarchy of obedience is used by betas to exert authority they would never have in the corporate world. One merely has to see a commander get hen-pecked by his obese wife to see this. Even better are those whose wives are banging that alpha PFC who works in the motor pool. They really illuminate this concept.

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  1. Obama has been purging generals lately.
    He’s been claiming military budget necessity, but the budget isn’t going down.
    Pretty obvious that he’s firing all but the greatest loyalists to his cause… to convert the military into a liberal/feminist stronghold. That project is underway now.
    It’s not good for your career in an organization to stuck your neck out, especially when heads are getting chopped off.

    1. If this is true, he’s gonna kill us all! The military is no place for men who are weak. Our soldiers need character, grit, and brotherhood. You don’t get that with a bunch of feminist betas!

      1. The US has no military enemies. Hasn’t had for decades. He could reduce the military to a coastguard and you’d be perfectly safe.
        Oh, you have a bunch of muslims want to kill you, true. But the military cannot deal with them. Remember how eleven guys with boxcutters attacked the pentagon, so you sent an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf? Hysterical.
        Not only is war is obsolete in general, but apart from Spain and the Confederacy for the past 150 years the US has never had an enemy that it did not create.

        1. I’m sorry, but the US civil war was directly caused by northern provocation through excessive federal taxation of Southern ports.

        2. Current predictions (both Esoteric and Exoteric) are for a major war to occur between the U.S. and Russia during the 2020 timeframe.

        3. That’s not even a point. Instead of discrediting the source discredit the argument made.

        4. I was mostly being facetious. Convincing someone that their conjectures are oversimplified to the point of error (e.g. the American Civil War was caused solely ‘by northern provocation through excessive federal taxation of Southern ports’) is nowhere near as rewarding as making a joke at their expense. I would have replied w/due respect had HE provided context, in lieu of citing YouTube as a reference.

    2. “Obama has been purging generals lately… firing all but the greatest loyalists to his cause”
      What a coincidence! So did Kim Jong-Un.

    3. Obama is a manchurian communist plant.
      It all goes back to the KGB and Vladimir Putin, whose agency was behind the Soviet ‘collapse’ when in fact the USSR is playing dead so as to focus their goals on more subliminal aspects of cultural and economic subversion.

      1. Dude, Putin is totally Red Pill. No way he’s pulling Obama’s strings. He has made him his bitch though.

        1. Oh he’s been all about the red, his whole life.
          Not saying he isn’t a master tactician. It’s just hard to know whether these communists aren’t still pulling the strings.
          You not get a chance to watch all of Yuri Bezmenov’s seminar in a previous article on this site?

        2. there are several possibilities….
          1.) soviets genuinely collapsed and their subversive machinery is just running on auto pilot. ideals of socialism, feminism, equality etc. that were fed into western government and media by communist sympathizers post WW2 through 1980s… have been subconsciously adopted and are doing the harm that was intended, but no one is really running the show any more.
          2.) collapse was fake, “yield to your opponent” and communism is alive and well and about to make a big comeback.
          3.) soviets genuinely collapsed and their subversive machinery is being run by hardline elements – putin staying in power basically since the revolution is highly suspicious. that’s politburo / kremlin tactics right there…. (however USSR lost a hell of a lot of territory, so I think the collapse was genuine, not engineered.)
          it’s also possible that putin just wants russia to be strong and he’s not an all out communist…. BUT other ex-KGB or even British or American communists are pushing their hardline machinery and subversion actively.
          there is no doubt that the KGB heavily infiltrated the USA into high levels of government, universities, banks etc. etc. etc. that didn’t just stop when the cold war ended…. what happened to all that ?

        3. Putin wrote a number of works during his younger years about the inefficiency of the soviet economic system. The man is a nationalist but not necessarily a communist. He wants Russia to be powerful,respected, and feared. Frankly, I wish our own executive branch felt the same way about their country. No, Obama wants the US brought down to the same level as everyone else.

        4. you reminded me – i had a copy of it, but lost it…. putin actually wrote a thesis as a young man about how the soviet union having infiltrated the US, should pretend to collapse and then install communism into the US…
          nothing in the human realm ever runs smooth, but i wouldn’t mind betting that something and someone is trying to run some kind of plan like this from the ashes of the USSR…. there’s no doubt that the USSR folded.. it was economically, socially, morally and politically bankrupt.
          however the agents of communism are not defeated that easily.
          it’s pretty clear also that ex-nazis moved into the US system in a big way…of course the major players get taken out, but how many fanatics that no one ever heard of made it their business to keep the ideals running ?

    4. Nations with an emasculated military end up becoming pushovers. Putin once remarked at the Joke that the Swedish military has become

  2. Our military and our society is modelled on the Prussian System. It’s designed to churn out beta males because they make better soldiers. So, yes.

    1. It depends what is meant by better soldiers. If you mean more obedient, more docile, better at cleaning the barracks and wearing immaculate uniforms then yes – if you mean taking ground and spilling blood, then no.

      1. Yeah, but judging by the success of our last few wars, which do you think the higher ups care more about?

        1. The real problem with these wars has been the objective. The central conflict is that modern ethics do not- CAN NOT coexist with the ancient methods of occupying a nation. Our military is a broadsword, not a scalpel. It’s made for inflicting maximal death and destruction on foreign armies – not hearts and minds shit.

        2. Not exactly, it needs thinking men that follow orders to the spirit, not the letter.
          Not drones. Not philosophers.

        3. Problem is that the people who want that are generally extremely good at getting what they want for themselves, but are not that wise or that good at very long-term planning.
          Brigadon is right, but they don’t understand that.

        4. The military does need thinking men, unfortunately serving years as a mindless drone is a prerequisite to applying for a position as a thinking man.

      2. Pretty much. Think about this:
        1. Beta goes into an LTR which is a pretty raw deal. He might have wanted a steady lay or maybe all that rainbows & unicorns stuff we are expected to experience when we are “in love”. Then comes the usual “she rules the roost” (a staple of Prussian society)stuff, shit tests, head games, “making her haaaaappy” and all that. She becomes a monster while he self medicates and curls up in his man-cave wishing he were dead.
        2. Beta joins the armed forced for 4-6 years. He might have just needed a job or maybe a “cause” bigger than himself that military service can provide. Then comes the BS. Not the mind-games they play in basic training, also drawn from the Prussian system starting in the Revolution when George Washington hired a Prussian and that’s we it’s called “infantry” – “infant” is key word here. It’s the other BS – people in charge who got there by the Peter Principle or because they were too much of a loser to get a job in the private sector. People who will use the base legal services as a personal weapon waiting for the moment someone says the wrong thing (they exist, I’ve seen them in action). Actual combat? Yeah depending on the job of course but in the long run, whether you are fixing equipment or carrying a gun, you will start to notice things that go against any idea of “service to your country” and the pay sucks anyway. This LTR becomes more about serving in all the little wars the banksters want, and furthering our narco-terror state. Hence the “war on terror” being aimed at the Axis of Evil that oh just so happens not to be a part of the central Euro-controlled banking system. And how about those drugs? The Taliban was putting an end to poppy production in 2000 but when the US came in and sent soldiers to guard the poppy fields, by 2010 the Russians were pissed because their heroin overdose death rate spiked.
        Now every man who is alpha, or not a beta, is not going to stay in. Heck in my unit one of the guys had sex with one of the girls (it was consensual of course) but the girl was KNOWN bi-sexual and when her lesbo roommate found out (also in the same unit) she was the one who screamed RAPE and when they had the poor guy in handcuffs the “victim” even said it was not rape but the base police, in fear of “not responding” (more beta – not going to stand up for anything and “rules are rules” right?) said “well, we have handcuffs on him already so we gotta book him”.
        So, 14 months later, with the soldier to “weed and seed” around the base and busted to private, the case was closed on the notion that he indeed did NOT commit rape.
        But in the perfect showing of more beta-ness, the JAG wanted to send him to prison anyway because “time and money went into an investigation and that’s not enough to say we ‘did something’”.
        That “ruling” had around 2 dozen guys, myself one of them, throwing their hands up in the air and saying “that’s it, I’m not reenlisting! Fuck this shit”.
        Think you seen enough beta-ness? Hold on.
        The base commander, having seen enough, finally intervened and said “the soldier has had enough of this. Just give him an article 15 and give him his rank back and be done with it!”.
        Wait that’s not beta – the commander still had a pair but that’s not the beta I’m talking about….,
        When you got an Article 15 at that time during the drawdowns of the 90s, you got a choice to leave the service, even on a general discharge that could be upgraded to honorable later (they offered that sweat deal to get rid of extra soldiers as a lot of bases were closing or shrinking). Did the soldier take that? NO! He stayed in, and even said he planned on staying in for another enlistment term. He was indeed, in regards to his dealing with women, a bit of a beta (fucking a bisexual slut rooming with a skank lesbo in the barracks is indication enough and yes, everybody knew who was what but it was Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Clinton years you know.
        If that happened to me I would have closed the Article 15 process with “OK that’s done. Now give me my fucking walking papers”.
        (I’m no certified alpha but even I have limits)
        A further evidence of the Beta-ness of our armed forces can also be seen on how they marry the biggest fattest ugliest mother hen flightless blimp fatty McFatfat blobs you could ever see and kiss her ass but when on TDY and many miles away will cry in their beer on how miserable she makes him.

      3. Better at standing in ranks and firing smoothbore muskets in perfect unison at the enemy.

  3. A standing military force has no goals, no objectives, no end-game.
    No alpha in existence wants to stand still, they all work to accomplish something of merit. This is why true alphas in the military only exist in wartime.

    1. We need another war. I finally understand why my Grandfather’s generation used to always say this.

      1. Seriously, who is stupid enough to die for this society? No thanks. I’ll defend my home and my property and low IQ morons can go around fighting political and economic wars for the benefits of the elites. The U.S. hasn’t fought a war for national sovereignty since 1812.

        1. AMEN!
          The modern military is nothing more than slaves to the elites.
          People in the military have less freedoms than convicts yet the elites convince them they “fight for OUR freedom”.

        2. I served in the military – and I’m well on my way to being an “elite” so whatever.

        3. Why are our military bases gun free zones? These warriors our entrusted with defending our freedom (yeah right), but they cannot carry a firearm to defend themselves on what ought to be one of the hardest targets in America, a military base filled with trained men/women who know how to use firearms and are skilled at killing?
          What the actual fuck?
          If the military were really defending our freedoms, DC would be under siege right now, being shelled and strafed until the traitors residing there either surrendered unconditionally or were slaughtered to a man (or whatever you call that Pelosi thing).
          They hate us for our freedoms alright. But the real ‘they’ isn’t what you hear on TV.
          What group constantly legislates new restrictions on our freedoms as Americans, then enforces them with guns?
          The Taliban? Al Queda?
          No, think a little closer to home, somewhere north of Baltimore and south of NYC.

        4. When the soldiers are in theatre, they don’t fight for god and country.
          They fight for the men pn their left and right. All about survival then.

        5. I am well aware of “why” men fight. I don’t question the willingness to fight. I possess it myself and have survived multiple deadly force situations.
          What our military is fighting FOR is the problem. Our military has not fought for “freedom” since the revolution.
          The US military is the world wide enforcement arm of corporate interest and the NWO.

        6. cool story bro
          Those of us that have opened our eyes feel sorry for you living in darkness and will continue to extend the red pill to those in the matrix.
          You can not become an “elite”. You can only be born into it and the price of admission starts in the billions.

        7. Oh, okay. I guess I’m defining the jargon a bit more broadly then. By “elite” I mean wealthiest 1% of the country. Thats where I’ll be in 18 months. Funny thing though, I don’t think John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Oprah Winfrey were born in to the “elite” or am I wrong?

      2. Not necessarily.
        Space exploration would offer the same opportunities to Alphas, and would be better for all societies on earth as a whole. Unfortunately, global spending on space exploration has hovered below 1% (likely below 0.1%) of all worldwide gdp for decades.

        1. They better start developing some decent way of propulsion first, because no ‘alpha’ is going to sit on his ass crammed into a small space for several months just to reach Mars.

        2. We had good solutions in the works decades ago, we abandoned them in favor of the “space shuttle”. Politics decided to abandon high energy research (nuclear physics) and propulsion research.

        3. The way I see it, we need to be able to reach at least a decent fraction of the speed of light.

        4. That’s only if you must leave the solar system. Plenty of opportunities within the solar system, which would not require multiples of c.

        5. It would be nice if we could reach Mars within a few days or a few weeks. No presently known technology will allow us to do this, however. A decent sublight speed might, if only we had the tech.

        6. That’s not accurate.
          If we fleshed out and scaled up currently known plasma rocket technologies, Mars within weeks is actually doable.

        7. Both VASMIR and MPD tech is nowhere near fleshed out. The most optimistic estimate I´ve read is close to 5 weeks. We´re a very long way from achieving that.

        8. Not just space exploration but also space colonization. There are resource, territory and population problems on planet earth that we are told require radical solutions (Agenda 21?). Long term planning for limited colonization of space / oceans etc probably wouldn’t do much to dent those issues, but it might go some way towards moving us from a ‘reproduction’ is the problem mentality (which works to devalue the male sexual imperative) to an expansionary, go forth and multiply psychology.
          I want to see the day when the red planet is bursting at the seems and schwarzegger’s eyes are popping out on account of it

        9. As I said, “if we fleshed out” meaning spend appropriate dollars on the research. I did not say “they are fleshed out”.
          And yes, if you scaled up those technologies to megawatt and tens of megawatts, you could achieve speeds allowing Mars in weeks.

        10. I find it hilarious that you bring up space exploration as an alternative to a starting another war. I hope you realize the only reason people ever went to space was because it facilitated military intelligence against the Russians. NASA basically absorbed all the aeronautical work and funding done by NACA decades before. Going to the moon was more of a military move, the fact that it had a positive PR outcome was just icing on the cake.
          Realistically, the only way we’re ever going to see an interest in space exploration again is IF WE HAVE A WAR.

        11. And you should read even more history.
          What was the single greatest event in history that created a true need for masculinity? The answer is obvious if you actually know history.
          The opening of a frontier.

        12. What are the single greatest concepts in history that created a true need for motivation/competition/any true manly quality? The answer is obvious if you actually know history.
          RESOURCES (money, if you will) and POWER.
          Both of which, if I may go back to the original topic of discussion, are what’s required to actually get shit done like space exploration. I appreciate the sentiment you are trying to express, but it seems like your argument falls short because it doesn’t address WHY we explore frontiers. We explore frontiers to expose resources and assert power over others, not because it’s the masculine thing to do, although that is implied. Right now, space exploration isn’t happening because it’s not giving us the opportunity to really expose resources and power, so why would governments invest in it? To fulfill some ideological science nerd’s dream of living on Mars? That’s a joke.

        13. Resources and power come from the opening of a frontier.
          You can keep trying to pretend you understand history.

        14. Wow, you completely didn’t read my response. I suggest you re-read what I wrote and then re-read what you wrote so you can come to the realization that you basically just agreed with me (which I don’t think would be your intention since you are the other party in this discussion). Either that or you actually think that the means is more important than the end, in which case, I congratulate you on your flawed logic.

        15. >population problems on earth
          I think this is a fallacy. I remember reading if every person on the planet lived in the same urban density as a large city, then you could fit everyone on Earth in Oregon.

        16. there are a lot of contradictory figures out there, but whatever the truth there seems to be an ‘expert’ consensus that population growth will outstrip essential resources. All we can say with confidence perhaps is that such anxiety about resources, and the possibility that this might indicate a need for de-population strategies (no doubt selective) produces a psychology that problematises the ‘go forth and multiply’ imperative, which whatever it means in practice valorizes the principle of male heterosexuality. The reality on the ground will always be disputed ( the same time there are obvious economic problems for societies with birth rates inadequate to reproduce their populations) however it is the psychology of population management that seems to impact how we value strategies for reproduction (or depopulation). I.e. feminism, gay equality etc makes more sense when increasing birth rates are seen as a problem.
          Starting to think seriously about outwards expansion, doesn’t mean it would happen any time soon, but it would change the way we think about sex and reproduction as something which is effectively a problem rather than a solution

        17. Another fallacy is that everyone on earth would be healthy living in such a population density. Humans are not robots that live with Bender in robot towers. We’re a part of nature, and if people can’t, from time to time, get away from large crowds, they tend to suffer problems.

        18. I’ve heard that, but that’s true idiocy. space is not the space you occupy with a human body, it is the space required for the people and the liveable space plus required farmland per human

        19. No need for such a thing. It happens by nature.
          If you look at nations such as ROK or Japan you will see steep depopulation curves.

        20. nation of ROK! had to think about that. interesting experiment, although it has to be interpreted and although it makes sense, its not certain that the findings can be extrapolated to humans. If they can be though – then is depopulation recommended to avoid ‘equilibrium’ and therefore the last self-destruct phase? Or are the japs beyond that stage?
          Where we may differ from mice & rats is that the zeitgeist may reflect more than just our physical / demographic environment? Feminism may be a factor in population decline but both feminism and gay rights may still be rationalised by wider trends with respect to demographics (population increase generally) against resource demands (where consumption may reflect economic & cultural demands).
          Its all rather complex hence a mindset geared to space colonization is probably still recommended

        21. The fact that you just resorted to name calling without backing up your claim either tells me a) you’re a woman or b) not capable of complex discussion, neither of which is a type of person I’m willing to waste time on.

        22. I think we do have the energy, it’s just very hard to control. I think it would be a step in the right direction if we could harness nuclear fusion for a propulsion system. Instead of taking 500 days to get to Mars, it would only take 30, if we don’t blow ourselves up in the process.

        23. If we’re going to keep score on people who can’t argue like men, you take the prize, since your first comment towards me was both condescending and entirely missed the point.

          I find it hilarious that you bring up space exploration as an alternative to starting another war.

          But, of course, I’m the “woman” or “incapable” of complex discussion. At some deep level, you do realize that you started the pissing contest, so really you have only yourself to blame.

      3. There’s plenty of wars going on right now, and plenty of ways to show how alpha you are.
        It’s just that none of them involve foxholes and M16s.

  4. holy shit rok just realized this.”Our military and our society is modelled on the Prussian System. It’s designed to churn out beta males because they make better soldiers. So, yes.” I have never met a military man who was made more alpha by his tour of duty. The only possible exception was the character in the Hurt Locker, but he was somewhat fictional, and he was depicted as a terrible soldier.

    1. Wow…did you just reference the hurt locker? I don’t know how many people you’ve met who have done a combat tour or how many were infantry/SOF (which is what really matters) but I assure you- combat is ultimate gauge of a man’s courage, skill, and discipline. That said, I’ve witnessed some bizarre paradoxes where war heroes go home to fat ass cheating wives who spend all the money. It has always perplexed me

      1. I have two cousins my age who are in the military. I admit my experience isn’t that broad, but with family and being an eagle scout I have seen a bit. And I have noticed men come out of the US military tougher, but in my experience a lot of the toughness is because they’ve learned to follow orders at the cost of learning to man up.

        1. learning to man up? seriously?
          Tell you what, putting yourself between your family and an enemy that is willing to kill you to get to them is a hell of a lot more ‘man up’ than a civilian could ever even begin to imagine.

  5. Dude, this article has a lot of truth to it. I once banged a chick in the barracks only to later discover she was the daughter of a Lieutenant Colonel. I must admit I felt at once both a dash of guilt (just a dash!) and an overwhelming sense of cosmic justice. Of course General Mattis is about as Alpha as you get. He’s old school. The real problem is that during the 60s and 70s most of that breed was deliberately eliminated from the Officer Corp. Usually the only officers that are worth a damn are prior enlisted.
    Incidentally, I’m from Tampa and I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY when Petreaus was the CG there. Talked to him at Bo’s barber shop on 41A – the man is fucking brilliant. That a woman was his downfall should be a lesson to us all. If you play with snakes your going to get bit.

    1. The only officers that are EVER worth a damn came up from the enlisted.
      I’d trust a warrant officer over a commander any time.

      1. The only Enlisted who I’ve ever believed were worth a damn were those who joined for the sole purpose of slaying mother-fuckers. Most are borderline retarded who want a job with benifits to care for their fat wives and 4 kids.

      2. You are going on the deep end on with this comment, but I can understand why, still you can’t generalize an entire officer corps, especially when different commissioning sources and communities definitely play a part in the officer’s personality.
        i.e.: Service school officers, LDOs (who some make O5 and O6), ROTC, or OCS..and for small communities like pilots, SEAL, EOD, I have constantly heard praise for those officers.
        You have to remember when dealing with the personalities of say a warrant v a commander this is what you are getting..the warrant is in their retirement phase, so there is no such thing as “when keeping it real goes wrong,” worst case scenario they bolt with a check. The commander usually is not and to quote Emahray Trolle below “Most career military folks will not take any risks whatsoever that might hurt their future pension.”
        But believe me when I say I understand your frustration.

        1. Perhaps it’s just the navy. “It’s not an adventure, it’s just a job”
          but after 17 years, gator all the way, you begin to realize that the amphib navy is not the same navy as the rest of the Navy. And it weirds you out.
          To the rest of the Navy, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Somalia wasn’t a war. The rest of the Navy hasn’t had to shoot boarders in the face. The ‘other’ Navy never even saw the beach, let alone rode their boat up on it. The rest of the Navy wasn’t actually close enough to have the chatter of their CIWS be the only thing between them and a scud.
          The only officers that get assigned to the gators are monumental fuckups… who are either absolutely incompetent in every major way, or guys who came up from the ranks and just won’t put up with political bullshit. This is probably because, unlike the nuke fleet, Gator freighter officers can actually DIE.
          I figure gator freighters are the only ones that actually consider Marines bitches for COMPLAINING about hitting the beach… at least they could go to ground, we had to bob out there where everyone can shoot at us, easy shot from the shore. And the ‘air conditioned comfort’ of a gator was about 115 degrees in a steel can… remember, OUR boats were built in the 1950’s. And those gun mounts? We actually use them. All the time.
          So I will admit that my experiences may be atypical.

        2. That was some helpful insight, and now that you mention it, I don’t know many people with the Amphib experience on the O side.
          “It’s not an adventure, it’s just a job.” ROFL..I will be using this in the near future when trying to diffuse some office tension(s), when everyone’s feet is kicked up and no one is getting shot at.

        3. I watched ‘down periscope’, and like… half of my officers were marty paskells. seriously.
          Then again, so were half the Petty Officers (e4-e6). Except that they played the ethnic card pretty consistently. Part of the reason why I am so disgusted by anyone that uses victim status to get ahead is constant exposure to incompetent, english-abusing ignorant negroes using the amphib fleet to advance way past the limits of the Peter principle, and KILLING people in the process.
          Red pill starts early in the gator fleet.

        4. well, on the bright side, Most gator guys wound up marrying jap or singaporan chicks before it became fashionable… I looked up a few of my buddies a couple of years ago, and for the most part they were still happy with their women after 15 years of retirement.

        5. Victim status is a sentiment I can’t agree to no matter what the situation, race, immigration, class, etc. You have your hand, play it or grab a different set of cards.
          The funny thing about the red pill is that it can’t be force fed, which puts us in a compromising position ethically. Some days I want to help the hard heads see the light, other times I say eff it, less competition.
          It sucks to be in a position where you have the likes of marty, but it’s also the same reason why the good, qualified, petty officers, and JOs get out so early. They decide to not put up with the bs and see how undervalued they are paralleling the civilian world.
          Many of the senior ranks are made up of those who kept their nose clean and beta’d (new word ha) it out for their career, and bc of natural career progression, poof they have a leadership position.
          Don’t believe me? Look at the purge of senior leadership, officer and enlisted, of all the services. I am happy this is occurring, in fact these people should have never gotten as far as they did, but the people who could’ve stopped it from happening got out to receive a better quality of life.

        6. well, that’s why I am one of the few white guys that liked Malcolm X and thinks MLKjr was a sycophantic commie elitist.

    2. A sane military would have provided him a concubine so he could concentrate on his job.

    3. Mattis was a stud.
      I banged the daughter of the former CG of the air base I was stationed at. She told me she heard voices in her head? I let that one go.
      I think barry the potus is purging his military much like stalin did and that turned out really well for them (sarc). At least stalin’s purge didn’t have to include elevating homosexuals.

    4. Agree about Petreaus being brilliant. Petreaus is featured in a book called “Savior Generals” by Victor David Hanson

  6. “Is The U.S. Military Run By Beta Males?”
    This whole country is run by beta simps.

    1. I have to disagree. A lot of the country, yes, but not all.
      While I don’t fully support them or their policies, George Bush Jr. not giving any f***s in office, making decisions with seemingly disregard for others, and Dick Chaney’s hunting trips, make me believe that they are just playing the role to fit in with the beta counterparts, but their actions definitely say otherwise.
      Add the multimillionaires and billionaires in the mix (the people who really run the country) and watch how many of them operate (once again, giving no f***s about others) shows me we definitely have more alphas than perceived, some just keep it uncover for business reasons.

      1. “giving no fucks about others” is hardly synonymous with being Alpha.
        The way I see it Alpha/Beta is a function of how much personal power one has, and whether they are a naturally dominant personality type. Examples: A lot of Patch holders(and some of the non-career military types) are very much type A personalities, but would take a bullet for their “brothers” without hesitation.
        I don’t think I even need to give any examples of sociopathic, backstabbing beta males……like the kinds of men described in this article. That so many of them are that way rather than real Alpha males is part of why they’re on the path to destroying the country rather than controlling it.

        1. I can understand your point of view, but I disagree.
          I don’t see a dominant personality as doing the right thing (I would encourage it) as the basis of being “alpha.”
          Men who go about their life, not thinking of other cultures/subcultures aren’t necessarily backstabbing or sociopathic, they do what they want regardless if the outcome for others is positive or negative.
          Some type A’s choose to take that bullet, others may not. Either way they pick their decision and stand by it. I see that as alpha.

        2. LOL @ you. Bush took orders like every other President post-1900. The TRUE alphas are the ones the media does not tell you about; the ones who control the USA’s money, and therefore, Guv’mint.
          Lol @ Bush being alpha. Just lol, man. You should be smarter than that by now.

        3. Almost every American citizen takes orders in some way, shape, shape or form. Democracy is a belief of the people having the power and I highly doubt anyone can agree to every decision the “people” make.
          You are basically calling the Chinese Alpha, I shouldn’t have to explain why…
          If you have been privy to private discussions between senior leaders of our political and military landscape your outlook would drastically change. Some put their personal desires to the side and do what is asked of them “professionally” and others don’t.

      2. Bush Jr. was a pampered little boy who avoided Vietnam with the help of his daddy and got into office because of his last name and connections.
        Alpha? Lol! Hardly!

    2. Not so fast. Military is about obedience. There seems to be a lot of confusion, especially among people who’ve never been in the military, about what modern military actually means. Hint: It’s worlds away from some Spartan hoplite bullshit.

      1. In fact armies are fundamentally bureaucracies with a great deal of their members performing logistical tasks rather than combat roles… It is really funny see all those “conservatives” blast “government” while at the same time they stand in awe of the armed forces… which are simply a part of that “government” they allegedly despise.

  7. I’m just curious as to the author’s reluctance to lie down next to a shot up corpse? How is this a Beta move?

    1. Because it was to compare the height of the corpse with the height of the individual.. He finds it degrading

      1. Too bad. being a military man means you do not allow something petty like this to degrade you.

      2. They were trying to confirm that it was Bin Laden based on reports of Bin Laden’s height. I didn’t find the request for comparison to be degrading.

  8. I guess I’m not sure why it’s problematic for the Navy Seal just to follow orders and lie down next to the dead body. After all, the military would collapse if soldiers did whatever they wanted to do.
    But perhaps the issue is less with the soldier and more with the admiral’s stupid order.

    1. The point is that these navy seals care more about jumping at what their commander tells them to do than they do their own personal dignity aka not manly aka beta aka Get ready for a police state, because if they don’t care for their own dignity, how much would they care for someone else’s?

      1. if they are not willing to lay down their dignity, what makes you think they would lay down their lives?
        The problem with the military is not the enlisted grade men. They are of higher quality than ever before in history for a full time military. The problem is the officers.
        The problem in the military has ALWAYS been the officers.

        1. The problem with the officer corps is where the military pulls from, anyone can join ROTC or a PLC with any fucking bullshit Unicorns and Fairies Bachelor’s of Arts degree. These people will lead hardened non-commissioned officers into battle. This structure has to completely be eradicated. The Third Reich’s model was the best. The officer corps should either come from military academies or the non-commissioned officer ranks. No one coming out college should automatically become an officer. Not to mention women, I will refuse to serve willingly alongside women.

        2. I disagree with the military academies as well. They have become an enormous joke.
          Frankly, hazing sucked, but hazing is an important part of turning a child into a man. the career criminals coming out of academy are still children that think being an officer is about playing volleyball and getting paid lots and sniffed by hot groupies. They are basically rock stars.

        3. Yes, their leaders were better leaders, but they were NOT better strategians or tacticians.
          Most of Rommel’s fame was praise from his enemies… No one ever wants to admit that they got their ass kicked by a doofus who’s only strategy was ‘charge tanks there!’

        4. I highly disagree. The German officer corps, especially the Old Prussian General Staff fought the entire world at once and nearly beat them. The Germans during Operation Fall Gelb, were outnumbered by the French and the British Expendionary Force, but tactically and strategically beat the brakes off of them both. They had the option of annihilating something to the tune of 400,000 British soldier at Dunkirk at one point in history.

        5. They had excellent strategists and tacticians. Rommel, Guderian, von Manstein, etc etc. The problem was “armchair general” Hitler and his micromanaging.

        6. Are you seriously disregarding the enormous effect of technology?
          Hell, with the sole exception of America post industrial gear up, The Axis fighting was an awful lot like the British in Zulu Dawn. And they lost (and almost won) for much the same reason.
          Tanks. Superior aircraft. superior munitions. Superior individual firearms. I will NEVER claim that the germans are not superior inventors and designers… hell, the best AMERICAN designers and inventors were mostly imported germans.
          Germany almost won due to incredibly superior Logistics, not tactics or strategy. They were smart enough to build an enormous surplus of factories, materials, and weapons… and they lost because they ran out of stockpiles before they achieved their aims.

        7. Here here. I agree with that, even though, I am an officer that came from a small liberal arts college. However, I was enlisted before and studied economics. As far as women go…I can’t agree more with you. I’d flat out refuse to serve alongside them too.

  9. I hope the betas put more women, especially fat ones, in combat roles.
    Send them to Syria, Iran and Russia yelling “we can do anything you can do”.

    1. We the people need to establish women-only front line combat units: Buffy Battalions. It’s the only way to ensure that strong, independent warrior-womyn are not held back by Teh Patriarchy.

      1. perhaps we can make an addition to the geneva convention that countries only send out military squads composed of females… level the playing field …. and kill off a few hundred thousand feminist cunt bags with a huge 1940s style war.

      2. This is a good idea, for a different reason: any unit where the sexes are mixed, if men are in fact superior soldiers (as every whit of physical evidence suggests), they will be covering for the weaknesses of female soldiers. The purest way to compare combat performance of the sexes is to segregate them.
        Granted, a mixed force would probably do better than an entirely female force as well.
        And you can BET that the top brass in the military will be very selective about which women they pick for combat in the beginning, so they can put a shiny gloss on how good they are.
        Classic sales conman tactic. It’s like those fast food commercials where they have the best looking lettuce and tomato out of hundreds or thousands of samples. By the time you choose to try it out, you see it’s nothing like the advertisements and you’ve paid for it and can’t get your money back.

        1. “This is a good idea, for a different reason: any unit where the sexes
          are mixed, if men are in fact superior soldiers (as every whit of
          physical evidence suggests), they will be covering for the weaknesses of
          female soldiers.”.
          What this guy said. The brass will never admit it because they’re mostly yes men who don’t want to jeopardize their next promotion by saying something un-PC. Real life doesn’t work that way. My old jobs was as a crewman on a towed, 155mm howitzer. Part of the job description is manually hauling around a massive gun(the technically correct term), and you have to sling around shells that weight over 100lbs each.
          How many women are going to be able to do that job effectively? The only ones I can think of are your roided up female bodybuilders.

    2. Love the comment. BUt a more simple answer about whose running the show in the military from a vet is: “Do betas run the military?”
      Vet: “Yes. All of them, hard core betas, who like letting their past their prime primadonna wives spend their pensions for them.”

  10. You have absolutely no understanding of the concept of chain of command or the functioning of military organizations. You should refrain from commenting in such an ignorant manner on things you know nothing about. Do more research next time – you might actually overcome your confirmation bias.

    1. All heterosexual males understands these things intuitively. It is our birthright. Men self-organize into military structures. No research is needed, in fact it hinders action. Even morons know how it works.

      1. ^^^^Ha ha “butch haircuts”….Yeah the dykes like the “high and tight” haircuts

      2. LMAO…@ “Homosexuals think it is to provide an opportunity to dress in spiffy outfits and hold lavish parades.”

  11. Certainly making the argument that the PC/Mangina/SJW element has had a
    corrupting influence on the military, like most every other traditional
    institution in the nation, is an article that deserves to be written.
    I’m just not sure if this is it.

  12. This is nothing new. Just watch From Here To Eternity. Or better yet, read it. Great book.

  13. Oi, the article and the vast majority of discussion is clearly a bunch of faggots who have never been closer to boot camp than watching ‘Starship troopers’.
    You know why women are not allowed to comment? Because they have no viewpoint, absolutely no understanding of what it means to be a man.
    Frankly, this article and the vast majority of comments suffer from the same problem… if you have never been a soldier, or a sailor, or a marine, you have no point of view, no insight, no understanding, and your opinion is pretty much irrelevant.
    I’d sooner take driving advice from a 3 year old.

    1. I’d sooner take advice from a veteran who was actually in a war we won than you.

    2. Hey, I see your points. I was a marine and an officer and I’m an Iraqi war veteran. I agree with this article.

    3. I am a Navy vet of 22 years. This article speaks truth. Go see CDR Salamander’s blog and you will find multiple rampant examples of lack of leadership and general suck-uppery in today’s Navy. Salamander is also a Navy vet, with great cred amongst his fellow officers.

  14. Our military is a career gravy train, hence the clamor from civilian feminists to equalize serviceperson gender ratios at all levels of the armed forces.
    When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of labyrinthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.
    This guy has some thoughtful essays on the subject. His real estate and success books are quite good also.

    1. Funny you should link to him. I use his articles a lot in explaining to non-military types why the system is so screwed up, and in my experience that is still a largely accurate assessment of how the promotion system works.

    2. “Most career military folks will not take any risks whatsoever that might hurt their future pension.”
      This is entirely…true, unfortunately. Even at the junior officer level, those who have aspirations to stay in for 20+, willingly drink all the kool-aid offered, never once speaking up for what they believe is actually right.
      This disturbs me for two reasons. 1) The only logic and rationale many military officers and senior enlisted have to draw on is from a lifetime of military service, whether it be the enlisted sailor who joined at 17/18 or the officer who has been in a ROTC/Service Academy school from the same age on.
      2) This is how Hitler, Stalin, and other historical leaders that committed worldwide atrocities were able to do so flawlessly. There was never anyone there (or enough people) willing to question if their course of action was right.

  15. So many soldiers marry bitchy fat cows who do nothing but sit around all day and cheat on them when they’re gone that I have no doubt there is a lot of truth to the author’s observation.

  16. Today’s word is Dependopotamus
    A Dependopotamus is the ugly fat cunt that a Soldier/Sailor/Airman/ Marine marry when they are 19. You can spot the Dependopotamus loading their 4 kids from 2 fathers into the SUV with the “Army Wife: the hardest job in the military” bumper sticker.

    1. Actually, a lot of them were childless, but all of them were fat. As was mine.
      Marry a sexy, slender, submissive and self-sufficient woman, leave her alone for six months to two years while you go and deal with people trying to do their best to kill you, come back and find her replaced by an aggressive, shrill, whiny dumpling that wonders why you don’t want to stick your dick into her greasy, hidden holes anymore.

      1. Have you seen those “Expectant Mother” reserved parking Spaces? Fuck those worthless cunts. Those are no more legally enforceable than a “Whites Only”. I always had a front row space at the PX!

        1. Here in Oz, mall parking lots and multistoreys are private property. This means that the only legal recourse is to charge your ass with trespass, which no mall is going to do.

  17. This is absolutely true and precisely why we should re-enact the draft. The military tends attract some very strange and insecure people. Think about it. There are for sure some people who join for noble and idealistic reasons but these are the ones who leave as soon as possible because the way the military is run causes them to become cynical and disillusioned. Many join the military out of some childish desire to prove their manhood or based on some hollywood illusion of what combat is like. The military also offers EXTREMELY generous benefits and pensions and its not very difficult to ride out a 20 year career. Retirement implies that you are unable to work but a man could join at 18, “retire” at 38 and then start a whole new career, all the while collecting benefits from the government and essentially never having done anything particularly noteworthy. Rather than being based on merit, promotion occurs after certain periods of time. This contrasts sharply with private industry where an ineffective worker or employee or CEO can be fired on the spot. Not so for ineffective generals. They simply get re-assigned. It is the perfect environment for a beta schlub who is too lazy to actually contribute to society.
    For more insight into these ideas visit

    1. This is absolutely true and precisely why we should re-enact the draft.
      So we can fight more stupid Mideast wars? F*ck that.

      1. Actually a draft would probably result in less war, like with the Danish and German models. Were it truly universal, no deferments for college etc, it becomes a lot harder to rally support for a war when nearly everyone had relatives and friends in the service. It’s much easier to go to war when less than 1% from specific demographics are involved.

        1. Nonsense.
          There are a lot of useless people for whom putting their life on the line in some meaningless war is basically the only way up the social hierarchy. Those are the guys who are pro-draft.

        2. If that’s the case, why don’t they just join the volunteer military? A universal draft normalizes military service, takes the mystique away along with any social status one would normally obtain and takes would-be thugs off the street
          I find those who throw about terms like “meaningless war” tend to have a juvenile perception of geopolitics. The wars have meaning, your limited understanding of your own self-interest doesn’t make them meaningless.

        3. Of course wars have meaning, just not the ones that are usually thought of in popular opinion.
          I grant that the cold war was in my interest in the sense that I’m lucky and glad that the communist threat was contained.
          But containment could have been achieved much easier and without a draft in that and many other cases. That it wasn’t isn’t due to the actual threat, but the ego boost that many can gain involving others against their will.
          And to your first question: You want to stand out at something everyone has to do, or else you just get ignored and are alone.
          Did you ever hear some do-gooder bitterly wishing that “all should have to do some service xyz”, with xyz being what they choose to do? Same effect.

    2. Dude, what the f*ck military were you in? I did 20 years and here’s what I go: 40% of your pay as a retirement. But wait, wait, that’s not including any special pays, or housing allowance, or food allowance, just base pay. And if you get divorced, which is a 90% possibility in the SOF community, you can count on your ex getting 50% off that paltry retirement.
      Retiring at 38? You can count on your back and knees and shoulders being in worse shape than a 60 year old man. Thats what you get for eating homeless shelter food in the chow hall and then doing runs, rucks, or manual/slave-labor whenever directed.
      But you get paid disability if you’re busted up right? Yeah, if you’re completely busted up and can’t even walk, sure! you’ll get a couple grand a month! Otherwise, anything under 50% disabled doesn’t get you a cent. And just you try getting a decent job after military service. Can you say security guard? Sure so long as no one worries that you’re gonna get all PTSD’d out and shoot the place up. So much for being a fucking hero.
      So sign on up smart guy, and enjoy some of those EXTREMELY generous benefits. …jerk off.

      1. “And just you try getting a decent job after military service.”
        But you get all this training and education, right? Sure! Tell your next employer that you know how to disarm a land mine. Or if you are a tech, try telling your next employer that you can repair a X500-wtf-76.59.00 UHF repeater.
        It’s better for officers, right? You learn how to lead? Maybe you do – but only when your followers are legally bound to obey you or be court martialled. Negotiation with your subordinates, not so much. Heaps of stories out there about what kind of managers ex-military make.

    3. I’d rather die killing my “superiors” than let them sent me to my death on a battlefield of their choosing.
      I admit I doubt I’d have the balls, but I assure you, any draft will make me hate those who draft me way more than I could ever hate an enemy force.

  18. Pardon gents I’m only about 1/3rd through this post and was compelled to write a comment. I was an officer in the us marines, once upon a time. I was also an enlisted grunt aka InfantryMAN! My exact job was TOWgunner, hence my handle. Now, I suspect there are a lot of military and x-military on this site and in the manosphere…so, yes, 0311’s and something bravo’s (army), I know being a TOWgunner was skate, but, I’m still a grunt, so :)- .
    I got out in 04 because of all the bullcrap going on and namely because of the forced feminization. In the military I learned that working with women just sucks. women have NO place in the military, period full stop.
    My fearless leaders talked a lot of crap and made themselves out to be beyond reproach. Yet, all of them, let their precious marine corps succumb to political correctness etc, in fact, they all stood by and did nothing as a naked marxist assumed command over them.
    They would preach to us things like “unselfishness” and duty, and needs of the marine corp over personal etc. Yeah right, F”ing frauds…they all sold out the corps for their careers. Nothing can be more selfish than that!
    Is the military run by betas…um, duh, YES! But the Chinese, Russian and Indian militaries ARE not run by betas.

    1. Saw so many incidents in the Gulf War and after that which back you up.
      There were women getting shipped home for prostitution, for getting pregnant, etc… Our scouts watched a 1st MarDiv Headquarters WM getting fucked on perimeter guard duty through their night scopes. (Both got court-martialed)

      1. During the Gulf Wars pregnancies by active duty gals were out of control . It’s an automatic ticket home. I forget which service but a general got so fed that he put the hammer down and said you get pregnant you get court martialed

    2. “Is the military run by betas…um, duh, YES! But the Chinese, Russian and Indian militaries ARE not run by betas”
      Doubt that. The Russians live and die by their doctrine. Don’t know about the Chinese or Indians but I doubt a Chinaman is going to have an original thought.

      1. I mean to say that they train their men like men. Go watch a Russian military video on youtube. If they’re betas, they’re sh*tkicking betas.

    3. >Tow gunner was skate
      Hahahaha. Too true. Although, life in a weapons company in general is skate! Never once did I (0331) wish to be any part of the games played by the crunchies in the line companies. Haha, those poor fucks.
      It’s funny, I’m only 29 but I feel the time I served in (’03-’07) was the last of the “pure” Corps. I was with 7th Marines in 29 Palms and it was basically the wild west/Alpha land.
      * No smart phones, facebook, myspace. (I’ve never had any of those, a couple guys had myspace I think)
      * Caught drunk driving? As long as you didn’t kill anyone and you’re a halfway decent Marine… we need every swinging dick since men are fleeing active duty victor units. (not advocating drinking and driving, just don’t think it should be a career ender if no one was hurt)
      * Bar fight? Did you win?
      * Maybe one Marine had cable/internet. We spent our off time outside and either chasing tail on the beach or at the craps table in Vegas.
      * Desert cammies, sleeves down year round
      * Hazing. Although they started to crack down about halfway through my enlistment.
      * No political correct bullshit.
      * Marines looked out for each other and didn’t buddy fuck each other.
      * This might ruffle some feathers, but all white men in infantry battalions. There was many 3 or 4 out of around 1000, BUT those 3 or 4 had their shit together and were top notch infantry Marines. I’m not racist per se, BUT there is a huge problem with the “thug” culture in the military. I despised it when I was in. You’re representing your country, leave that thug shit back home.
      I miss the simple, rugged, times of early ’00’s 29 Palms.

  19. Let me also add this about our Prussian model of churning out betas and how that plays into the United States becoming what it is today. It’s not just about feminism and game.
    Here are two scenarios:
    NSA surveillance. Where is the geek squad? The geeks are working for the gov now. Why? They are maximum Betas. But, give a beta a little prestige and enough pay for a trophy girl and he’s like a politician living it up on junket rides and PAC money. He’ll do anything to keep it all, and he’ll even adopt a cynical “America is going down anyway so fuck it” attitude. If hacker geeks were alphas, do you think they could be bought off like that? This is why Edward Snowden has the gov pissed off. He had everything – the big pay and a pussy-and-chain to control him but he went and showed some conscience and principle anyway. You can’t run a surveillance grid like that. You have to make geek culture, through mass media, into this sub culture of hopeless para-gay ambiguous “no get laidoids” with the usual sprinkling of “slave to your balls”, “needing to get laid” and “if you don’t care it means you are gay” (while pushing also homophobia in the ranks for effect). In the end you get the geeks working for you and not against you. The think tanks earned their money on this one.
    The next scenario would involve advanced weaponry and killer robots. If you have plans for say, a flying killer robot, or how about a infrared (invisible) laser that will PERMANENTLY and FOREVER blind someone it hits, and take that to an Alpha or a Beta, what will the response be? Both ideas are deplorable (the latter even has international laws against it). Will a well rounded man with self confidence and even a shred of a human soul want to take part in that? How about the beta, who spent years as a neckbearded basement dweller hating the world because he based his esteem on acceptance by women?
    The “way things are”, when you connect them, stop being automagically standing alone and everything starts to have a reason. And that reason is not good.

    1. Correct on many points about geeks.
      But think about Ed Snowden. He didn’t reveal anything that non-lazy people didn’t already know. He didn’t name any big names. He didn’t mention anything meaty, really; he mentioned juuuuuust enough for the freshly-awoken to have their little hero, and for the uninitiated to buy into this “HOLY CRAP, THEY REALLY DO SURVEILL!”
      Where’s his info on the FBI, CIA, NSA connections to Mossad, Russia, etc? There is no-one these guys can’t touch. They would have him if he was genuine and flying across the world, exposing some high players via laptop. He’d be dead in 5 seconds. They’d be cells waiting for him at the airports and borders of any country he showed up in if they really wanted him buried. After all, they’ve taken out guys with far more juice than him and gotten away with it. He’s a nobody.

  20. Nope, it is not. No organization is anymore. Which is why we live in a dystopian hellhole, fit only for a thorough sacking by our betters, or a nuclear Armageddon.
    When you think Beta, think engineer. When you think Alpha, think salesman. Do you honestly think that, in the pathetic social structures created and championed by progressives, engineers climb the ranks while salesmen do not?

  21. The Commander in Chief is Obama. He lets Michelle wear the pants. POTUS definitely has some beta tendencies – marrying Michelle, surrounding himself with strong women like Michelle, Samantha Power, Valerie Jarret, etc. – for having the most powerful job in the world.
    It’s trickle-down betanomics.

  22. The military has simply become entirely too risk averse. God help us if a real conflict ever broke out because the decisiveness required to win them isn’t encouraged nearly enough.

  23. I was in the Marine ’89 -’95 including the Gulf War in an Infantry Battalion. When you get to new unit, you almost immediately find out which officers and NCO’s are shitheads and which you can trust. You develop an incredible ability to ID the assholes quickly.
    I guess the ones I trusted were alphas although I never thought of it that way. They were the ones who placed the lives of the men only below the mission – and put their careers well below both. They weren’t the petty assholes. They were the ones with brass balls.
    Marines will do fucking anything for a good leader. Anything.
    It is true that the good ones get filtered out mid-career. In the 80’s, Reagan had studs like Al Gray running things. Now it is strictly politics, not leadership that gets an officer stars.

  24. As a veteran, of middling rank, I couldn’t agree more. The other issue is that the betas in charge toss anybody who runs afoul of the feminazi enforcers “over the side.” Captain Owen Honors made a cheesy video as XO of the Enterprise, and the CO and Strike Group Commander knew full well about it. Years later he gets the shaft. These dicks later had admiral’s stars and said squat as his career was ruined with nary a violation of the UCMJ. Junior military isn’t dumb, they know rule #1 is now “cover your ass.” But, leadership by ass covering is going to get people killed. Glad I am now out.

  25. “Even better are those whose wives are banging that alpha PFC who works in the motor pool.” Sorry chief alphas don’t usually join the military as a PFC. joining the military as a PFC means somewhere, somehow you’ve screwed up or have no idea what you’re doing in life. As a matter of fact I’ve never met a true alpha come from the military officer or enlisted. every single ex military guy I know is a captain save a ho, opening doors for women, white knighting all over the place.

    1. The military is a microcosm of the rest of society. I’ve met a handful of “alphas”; but they’re as few and as far between as in the rest of the population. There are also some very sharp E1-E4’s out there that DO have an idea of what they’re doing in life.
      As far as the opening doors for women, it’s not JUST women that they tend to open doors for. We are expected to hold doors open for EVERYONE, which tends to result in a “Canadian standoff”.
      In summary: shut the fuck up about things you know nothing about.

      1. I know a lot vice and know many officers including my best friend from high school that went to west point. so I know more than you about them so as long as we are throwing big bad shit around, you shut the fuck up. you’re a white knight and you know it and probably right now you want to assault me or kick my ass because you’re ex military and don’t know how to operate in society. so you shut the fuck up. my father also retired from the navy after 30+ years…again shut the fuck up over things you think you and your infinite wisdom think you know.

  26. This probably does not a apply to this story but I wanted to state it anyway.
    I left the Army because it is not profitable enough for me. I came home from 15 months in Iraq with $70K in the bank. Fuck that.
    Let’s take Kuwait for example. Kuwait would be property of Iraq if it wasn’t for the US. Those little pussy mice begged for the US (and Allies) to come save them. Yet the average Kuwaiti has more than the US Soldier who saved them
    I believe that any country that needs the US to bail them out needs to pay .25GDP to the US and .25GDP/(# of Soldiers to each soldier who participated) to the individual soldier .
    Until that happens, I will sit on my ass and watch people die on CNN. I will do nothing for the Rwandas and Bosnias. I will do nothing to prevent the Takeover of the next S. Korea or Kuwait. I don’t care about genocide or “Freedoms” of inferior people. Freedom isn’t free, shit bags. You can pay the ‘Iron price or the gold price’ (GOT reference) or you can die.
    The majority of Soldiers in WWII and Korea were draftees. The US would not be able to mount a force large enough to fight those wars today. Don’t want to be exterminated, jews? What’s in it for me?
    Former Army Captain

    1. The first gulf war had more to do with Saudi fears than Kuwait (useful propaganda for getting liberals on board) and to prevent saddam from creating an oil empire in the Middle East, which would have been very bad for everyone in the west.

    2. I think Kuwait did give USA some cash for saving their asses but of course it didn’t trickle down to you … What is tragic is we don’t demand payment from these a-hole countries that we protect. Demand $$$ . Tell Europe we want some cash to guard your lazy asses. Ditto for South Korea. We should have made Iraq Texas and demanded complete control of the energy resources.

    3. The majority of people do not want freedom, and reject liberty in favor of perceived safety.
      These wars are not about protecting populations or spreading freedom – they are about shady backroom deals conducted by jewish criminals who have never so much as had a fistfight in their lives.

    4. positively goddamn right. I got home from deployment #6 and finally figured out the America I was “defending” only existed in storybooks; welcome to the new Amerika comrade.

    5. Don’t worry – they pay in gold. Collected by the IMF. They are already imposing so-called “austerity” on the Ukraine.

  27. You think America has beta army leaders? Check out the head of the Australian army.

    1. What the **** is going on over there?
      “Transgender Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor speaks out about abuse & support in the Australian Army”

      1. Everything basically falling apart in Aus thanks to political correctness.
        The beta herb linked above was going off because a few soldiers had sex with a female soldier and filmed it on skype.
        Instead of thinking about the consequences of placing a few female soldiers with a heap of horny male soldiers, they conducted a witch hunt for the men.

        1. Australia will be overrun the first day if anyone ever decides to attack them. I’ll bet those spiders and snakes over there will be a bigger deterrent than Australia’s transgender rainbow army.

        2. From the last article: “Australia has had a booming economy for almost two decades due to rising commodity prices and strong Chinese demand for its mining products”
          In other words, the Chinese are paying for their political correctness and other progressive nonsense.

        3. Dear God, I wish we could let India or China stomp a fucking mud-hole in that feminist cesspool of a country. At least in the US, there’s a manosphere. In Australia, the women are the worst on the fucking planet. The men are little compliant bitches. I would love to see them go up against crac Spetsnaz units a la’ Russe!

        4. one only has to look at the porn coming out of Australia to assess that the men are henpecked PC omegabois. Hairy, ugly fucking behemoth bitches that I wouldn’t fuck with Abe Foxman’s dick, getting paid to display their disgusting bodies. The men there must be extremely desperate if they consider that Abby Winters site to be whackable.

        5. Looks like I am an exception to the rule in Aus. Even the toughest of men I met are egalitarian progressives.

        6. Aus tags along because we are a protectorate of the USA. Everybody knows this. No matter how illegal your invasions of other countries are, we are obliged to send a few boys.
          As for the quality of the troops, you might be better off asking some of your guys who have served with ours what they are like, rather than just guessing.

  28. Yes, it is run by betas. I’ve made this assertion for years now. Furthermore, how do we get lockdown door-to-door searches through entire neighborhoods over the Boston event, or any other benign property crime taking place too close to some grade school or whatever? Two reasons.
    Firstly, most every home’s male inhabitant is Mr. Omegaman. So, any resistance at the grass roots level is null for the other mommy boys in camo showing up to make mom moist with their bug guns and purple helmets. After all, she’s going to bark hubby down hard if he speaks up about any warrantless search activity. It’s not his house at that point, he’s just the bitch. Most women are totalitarian by nature and rely on their surrogate protector in riot gear and tanks out front to mock their limp-peckered beta-hubbies with the ultimate phallus – a panopticon lockdown of the whole fucking matrix. So, mini-van dad in the North Face vest takes a seat in his Pottery Barn living room, while the jackboots take charge.
    And secondly, these kids in camo follow orders like the good little boys they were raised to be, many under fatherless or beta-daddy households. After all, a true alpha takes barking from another man for so long, so you are left with a bunch of betas following orders like a good bitch would.

  29. The U.S. military is as cravenly PC and fantasy-based as any liberal university campus in the U.S. Do you even need to ask the question?

  30. Bullshit, while there are problems in the US military (as in any other), being proud of the rank and medals you earned does not make you a beta, nor does taking your oath to the nation (and thus it’s representatives, “The political bosses”) make you a beta. The army is run on absolute obedience because when shells start falling about, you don’t need people who are critically able to judge the amount of ordinance being flung about, you need soldiers who will shut the fuck up and do their job.

    1. Then I guess that one man’s shadow that Modern American institutions and society is under, is nothing other than, Karl Marx.

  31. I once knew a guy who definitely thought of himself as alpha, and part of that facade was joining the military. Fucked his girlfriend while he was gone, far from the only one to do so. Idiot married her eventually.

  32. How is lying down next to osama’s corpse to try and make sure that you nailed the right guy “beta”? Its a quick and easy way to gain confidence that you nailed the right guy during what I am sure was a very high speed operation that involved a (minor) invasion of pakistani soil. This sight gets a lot right but the growing obsession with “is this beta?” is actually pretty beta in and of itself. Lying down next to the guy is an easy way to make sure that you actually got him, especially when he was shot through the face, presumably making traditional facial comparison to a picture a bit harder.
    As for the examination of the military brass and hierarchy sure there are a mix of people but I think that many of the writers here tend to have a strong independent streak and while they might think that “yessir” culture is beta I would encourage you too look at it through a lens of what makes a fighting force effective, namely timely coordination and unity of purpose. Yessir culture makes that possible.

  33. Special Forces candidate here. Currently going through the Q Course, and am happy to report that the vast majority of the cadre are total alphas. Calm, confident, to-the-point, and they take no shit.
    I was raised and surrounded by betas for my whole life, so coming here to SWCS is like coming to Paradise itself.
    The military as a whole is fucked, but even now there are some bright shining lights in certain sectors.

    1. Most of the SOF community is that way. I was an 18X in ’05 and of course they hated us then (probably hate 18X’s now), but every single 18X that made it through the pipeline was a straight meat-eater looking forward to going to their combat tour in Iraq/Afghanistan. Meanwhile, all the regular Army guys just wanted the easy TDY rotations to fuck LBFMs and collect per diem. Even in Group I encountered plenty of RA guys that were recreants.

    2. you mistake cadre for the ‘real’ military.
      Did you go from boot to an interim? or directly to SOF?

      1. I understand the difference, which is why I said the military as a whole is fucked.

  34. Remember all the retired generals that came out against the Iraq War? None of them spoke up while they were still in. That golden retirement at four stars trumps any form of disagreement with the political bosses. This same concept of “yesmanship” is apparent in other programs such as women in combat, weapons procurement, and other social engineering projects tried in the military.

    Is this article really making the case that military officers ought to start protesting against their superiors and elected representatives?
    Just what we need – feminism in the military.
    In fact, a great many countries HAVE militaries that vehemently protest their political bosses, frequently to the point of overthrowing them. We call these countries “military dictatorships” in their end stages.
    There’s a reason why a culture of following command is so deeply engrained in our military, and is has a lot to do with both how effective a unit comprised of rebellious soldiers is against a united enemy, and also how secure a society is with a military that thinks its better at making political decisions than the elected representatives of government.

    1. Playing politics with our soldiers’ lives is not a wise course of action to be advocating. The politicians may be better at making political decisions, but deciding who belongs in combat should not be a political decision. Comment FAIL.

      1. politicians have always played politics with soldiers lives. Hell, war is the penultimate form of political dissent.

      2. Your comment is overflowing with emotion, but logic-poor and guilty f casting a blind eye toward history.
        You advocate a non-republican system, and for the authority of Commander-in-Chief to reside directly within the military itself.
        Yet, the founding fathers of the United States of America specifically made the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. armed forces an elected representative and NOT a career military man specifically to avoid the military coups cyclically occurring all around the world in that time and before and continuing on down to modern times, in countries in which the civilian and the military spheres are governed separately, or in which the military holds no respect for the nation’s constitution.
        The unfortunate fact of living in civilization is that others “playing politics” with your and all of our lives is the price of admission; without yielding permission to others to do so, we would necessarily live in lawlessness. Whether the one playing politics was elected by the people, or appointed by the military, the politics will be played; the only question is are you with the founding fathers of the United States in believing that having the buck stop with the civilian government is the more prudent path, or are you not?

        1. eh, I guess you are right. I would reluctantly agree, though I never asked to be governed at all, and would actually prefer lawlessness over what we have today, I realize I’m a special breed.

    2. “We call these countries “military dictatorships” in their end stages.”
      And they are uniformly crap at the job of running a country.

  35. In this article and subsequent comments you find massive generalizations coming from silly civilians with ZERO military experience, who sound like the clucking hens on Oprah.
    If you haven’t served, please shut the fuck up about what is “alpha” or “beta” in the military. The military is a microcosm of the rest of society.

    1. Perhaps, but there are lots of our military men confirming the article below. Someone brought up the British adage “lions being led by dogs”… applies here.

    2. The (MY) US Constitution calls for civilian control of the military.
      So very many of the civilians (NOT citizens!) live (exist) their entire lives without a barking clue about what it means to SERVE. Try to remember that the very word “Samurai” means “to serve”.
      The last three presidents derived their concept of service from Star Trek reruns.
      Enlisted or officer, you can serve 16 years and be dismissed on whim without retirement. That “field grade” officer is witnessing deliberate destruction of the military that if pledged to “… protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” (Article II, Sec 1) He can go along, and minimize the damage to the best of his ability. Barring that, he can and will be replaced. His replacement WILL go along, with no consideration whatsoever for the damage.
      Jimmy Carter, William Jefferson Clinton, Barry Obama. Under each, life got worse for men in uniform.

      1. sorry, you can add GW to that list… he was a progressive marxist masquerading as a conservative. By his fruits shall you know him.

  36. I did 20 illustrious years in the world’s most politically correct military, and you’re pretty much spot-on. In the SOF crowd there are some gin-u-wine hard-asses that are willing to sit through the bullshit to do a job they’re good at. At the top though, its weenie-boys and yes-men as far as the eye can see. “Lions led by dogs” was how the brits.
    And if you don’t think the majority of the military would turn on the populace if told to, I got a bridge you might like; when your identity, income, family, and even desire not to be locked up are all depending on your ability to follow orders, you’ll do as you’re told.

  37. I have been saying for a while that men of all types – betas or alphas or whatever – should refuse to join the military.
    The US military is a projection of the power of the feminist state. These men might go into the military with ideas of doing something honorable, but it’s no longer honorable. The problem is that they just do not know this because nobody tells them.
    Then, they get deployed. Their wife fucks some other guy (or several other guys). They come home to a pregnant wife and get stuck with another man’s kid. In divorce court, they get raped by the feminist state. They get accused of unspeakable things, such as abusing their ex-wife and children. Then they are spat out into the civilian population.
    When the feminist state loses its military, that will be the day things start to change. It should also lose it’s male police officers.

  38. Lol so apparently a retarded self important spec4 thinks he’s better than a major that earned his badges n rank
    Yup all the PFCs with an attitude problem n tons of hours playing cod are alpha
    This site has become a bunch of boring bros beating their chests… It had so much potential

    1. Agree.
      People conflating masculinity with anti-intectualism and independence at any cost. Correctly pointing out the natural order of masculine dominance but then forgetting that humans evolved in cooperative communities that tended to exile the selfish and dangerous. Thus my moniker.
      In the right context, service is not a weakness. It takes far more strength than stubborn, single minded egomania.

      1. meh, it’s all about the alpha-worship.
        Sometimes I wonder if most of the dudes that use ‘Beta’ as an insult wouldn’t be happier having a ‘glistening, sweaty, muscular alpha’ pounding them in the ass.
        Sometimes RoK REALLY feels like this:

  39. Man, this has always been the case. Always. Read some Kipling, read ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’, listen to what any soldier says about the officers. The military was built on the european class system, a layer of nobility (the officers) commanding their unwashed peasants (the ranks).

  40. Still haven’t figured out why a man would head over to some middle east cesspool and be killed for said cesspool. Meanwhile back in the West, the same man may have been cuckolded or his wife with his kids has taken up with another man. At the same time, the State you may have been killed for will ass rape you until the cows come home with nary an apology. Fighting with guns and bombs is serious business….and yet these men come home to a system that would spit in their faces. It’s not alpha or beta…it’s just fucking stupid.
    What are you really fighting for???

  41. Every ex-military friend of mine thinks he’s alpha. A big part of their identity is “I fought for FREEDOM! I defended YOU!” They’re just too stupid to see that they fought for the whim of the elite and for shitty, albeit better than they could get elsewhere, pay. Its important to tell yourself you’re defending “FREEDOM” if your last moments are spent in some desert shithole defending the economic and ethno-political interests of the Chosen few. The absurd and pathetic reality of it is just too difficult for most to face.

    1. Actually, a big part of their identity is “9 out of 10 men cannot pull the trigger on another man face to face. I can, and have.”
      It’s amazing what confidence can come from knowing how easy it would be for you to end another man’s life.
      They tell you ‘I fought for freedom’ because it’s less likely to get them put in jail than telling you “Killing you would be easier than killing a dog, because I like the dog.”.

      1. The simple fact that you’ve given over you’re sense of morality to someone giving orders, doesn’t make you a big boy.

        1. and choosing to go your own way, refusing to be a leader or a follower, and being an absolutely arrogant, self-absorbed and narcissistic asshole in the relentless pursuit of special snowflake permanent victim status doesn’t make you a big boy either.
          learning to keep your word even in the face of that word being tested is the closest thing we have to a rite of manhood today. Failing that test simply proves you belong in the separate tent with all of the rest of the girls who are on the rag.

      1. Israel fights their own wars. When has the US ever fought a war that Israel was involved in? Of all of the idiotic antisemitic paranoid conspiracy theories, this one is the most odd.

        1. ..ever heard of the $10 billion we send to israel ever year? Thats ok Abe, make it about me.

        2. No, but I heard of this:
          “Currently, Israel receives $3 billion annually in U.S. assistance through U.S. Foreign Military Financing (FMF). Seventy-four percent of these funds must be spent on the acquisition of U.S. defense equipment, services, and training.”
          From Wikipedia, which also gives Israel’s 2011 budgest with 66 billion.
          So that’s what you call “America fights for Israel”.
          America could have easily deterred Israel’s enemies to make the six day war unnecessary, but they let them down and fend for themselves. They’ve proven their right to be there more than anyone else who is.

        3. Here again, a foreign nation is not America’s responsibility. Even if so many of Amerika’s policy makers have US-Israel dual citizenship (not to mention dual loyalties).

        4. As for money, in “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy”, John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt detail the US tax dollars going to Israel.
          Points of interest include that:
          -The US BORROWS the total sum a the beginning of the fiscal year to fund Israel up front, money which Israel can then invest in the US, thereby MAKING interest on the same money that we’re PAYING interest on.
          -Israel receives more foreign aid than any other country and more than the next two countries COMBINED.

        5. Which has nothing to do with the fact that Israel fights her own wars.
          You’re just detracting now.

        6. Well I went to Iraq twice and Afghan once, I never saw a single israeli doing any work in their own region. Just leaving it to the Americans. Nooooo thanks.

        7. Israel’s wars aren’t fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are fought on the Israeli borders.
          So basically you’re bitching about Israeli soldiers not doing enough for *American* wars, right?
          What a hypocrite.

        8. SO its Israel’s war if its on their border and America’s war if its anywhere else? Weird that its the israel lobby (AIPAC) that has the biggest hand in deciding who our policy-makers are…might explain why israel is suddenly “America’s holy responsibility”. Bullshit.
          And yeah, I’m always gonna “bitch” when my friends get killed in the interest of a foreign nation. Not that you’d know anything about that, sock-puppet. Sounds like someone’s got their “Birth-right” plane tickets all lined up, eh Ira? Your loyalties are pretty clear-cut, “israel first! fuck everyone else!”

        9. >And yeah, I’m always gonna “bitch” when my friends get killed in the interest of a foreign nation.Sounds like someone’s got their “Birth-right” plane tickets all lined up, eh Ira?<
          What’s ira? I’m German.

        10. They can’t fight shit without the billions of dollars being fed to them from our tax dollars.

      2. Israel and the US are hated for the same reasons and it’s natural to defend them for the same reasons.
        What are people who are pro-US and anti-Israel actually rooting for? It’s obviously not freedom.

        1. …don’t defend israel and you’re against freedom? Your rabbi tell you that?

        2. A look on Israel’s neighbours told me that.
          Are you fucking blind? Just look at what’s going on in Egypt right now. But I guess in your world, there surely is a Jew behind it.

        3. Well, America never had any enemies in the Middle East until we had israel as an “ally”.
          I also see whats going on on our own borders, but the Mexican and Canadian turnstyle excuse we have for borders don’t get nearly as much attention as Kuwait, oh sorry, Iraq, oh sorry, Afghanistan, oh sorry, Syria, oh sorry, Iran…
          …or maybe stick to talking about things you have personal experience in. Between the two of us, I’ll lay green dollars that I’m the only one with a wall full of friends who died to make the Middle East safe for israel.

        4. America had enemies even in Europe basically since it started to turn out to be any good.
          They hate her for being better than them, the same reason the snobbish European intellectuals hate her – which is also the same reason the snobbish American intellectuals hate her.
          It has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel.
          The only soldiers who die to make the Middle East safe for Israel are IDF.
          Germany is more of a friend of Israel these days than America is, especially since Obama has become president.

        5. “…they hate us for our freedom!”
          Spoiler alert: no one’s buying that anymore.

        6. Not for freedom, for making them look inferior.
          It’s people who are no good in their own personal lives who are the worst.
          A lost of people in the Gaza strip are no good.

      3. You mean, by proxy, fighting for England too, correct? After all, they did go medieval on Jews and used two World Wars as leverage to dupe the post-WWII international community into voting and ratifying Balfour 1917.

    1. something most major militaries would do well to learn.
      It’s not a matter of ’empathising with the troops’, it’s more a matter of learning ‘military red pill’. How things really work, instead of Academy bullshit. Having competent ‘working’ lower officers instead of schoolchildren with an entitlement complex.
      Not to mention that our military is so insanely, absurdly top-heavy that it’s no wonder the career monkeys own the place.
      Starting at the bottom you learn important lessons, like “Blacks, jews, and other minority groups can do no wrong… the more people they kill through incompetence, the faster they advance through the ranks.” and ‘competence never goes unpunished.’ “Sleep is more important than sex” and “After 5 months, men will crowd the rails to see even a fat ugly navy dyke over on a tender.” “.50 cals always Jam from salt when there’s a guy on a speedboat shooting an AK47 at you”, “Lifeboats are a joke”, and the most important lesson of all…. “reservists are the most useless piles of shit on the planet, and can wreck your career faster than smuggling a homosexual man whore and 50 pounds of crack onboard and stashing them in the captain’s gig”

      1. This is bullshit. While enlisted experience can forge great field officers, the qualities that make for a successful enlisted man do not make for a successful staff officer. The demands placed on both roles are very different, something you would know if you had a lick of experience as an officer.
        PS: Nice racism there.

        1. Spoken like a true product of class bigotry. “You see, the peasants are too stupid for a leader to rise from among them… They need us, the hereditary nobility, to lead them because only we understand what it takes to run a community.”
          I think it’s funny when someone talks about the evils of racism, and then turns right around and shows bigotry on a level even racists won’t grasp. At least racists generally admit that SOME black people are better, smarter, and more capable than others… You elitist fucks cannot grasp competence if it was perched on the end of your dick.
          Now, if you want to say something intelligent, how about you say “Tactical brilliance does not automatically equate to strategic brilliance.”
          Being an academy officer today does NOT mean you have any talent at strategic ability… what it DOES mean is that you are a master of kissing ass, sucking dick, and playing politics, and that virtually precludes any tactical or strategic ability save that required to advance.
          But, of course, in command school (and yes, I went, and dropped out of OCS, Not because I couldn’t handle the work, it was easy, but because the attitudes among the instructors were utterly retarded.) They try to teach you that you are better than the enlisted… Perhaps, 200 years ago, when the defining difference between ‘officers’ and ‘enlisted’ were intelligence and literacy, that might have been true… but today’s enlisted?
          Do you have even the SLIGHTEST idea what kind of qualifications are required for today’s enlisted naval ranks? It is a well-known fact that chief engineers are the dumbest brutes on the planet. Even your average fireman recruit has a better grasp on damage control, maintenance, and power systems than their commander.
          The entire ‘officer enlisted’ dichotomy is nothing more than an antiquated holdover from the days when nobility put men on ships, and the enlisted were press-ganged from the local tavern.
          I CHOSE my rating. I CHOSE to join deck department, strike out to gunnery, and then become a fire controllman. I CHOSE not to go nuke, and not to play the officer game. And if you know anything about the Navy in the 80’s, you would know that it is NOT the refuge of idiots… or anal intellectuals.
          Let me guess, you assume that a lawyer is better than an electrician, don’t you? Fucking loser. Go back to salon and play your ‘lets prove we are intellectuals’ circle-jerk with other dumbass overeducated idiots.
          And after 15, I was breaking arrogant little ensigns and lieutenants with that elitist attitude regularly. You don’t fuck with chiefs… and if you are still in, I strongly suggest you don’t take that attitude with an NCO… you will get totally fucked.
          Chiefs, gunneys, and Warrants are the only ones that could possibly hope to hold the military together if we ever got into a real war… those ‘staff’ officers are too busy sitting on each other’s ‘staff’ to actually have a clue how to deal with real violence.

        2. You milk a lot of blood from the stone. If half your claims are true, and I doubt they are, then you would know that most of the work officers do is paperwork and management, and most of the actual field work is done by NCOs. Did I say that officers were “Better” than enlisted? I did not, I said they both have different roles to play. But when it comes to managing a company or being part of the organization of a brigade, and weaving them through the bureaucratic nightmare that is the military, then yes, you need fucking different qualifications. I’m not going to discuss my credentials with you, but I sense a lot of the old hatred and jealousy coming from the enlisted towards the officers. Some officers are fuckwits who chase after medals, but some of us just want to do their job and earn their retirement check, while keeping their men alive.

        3. You were talking about ‘staff’ officers, specifically.
          I have plenty of respect for Line officers, when they come up from the ranks, but in my experience, getting promoted to admiral AUTOMATICALLY means that you have no clue whatsoever how to do your job… it means that literally you are nothing more than a salesman pretending to be an officer.
          Ifv you are talking about navigating mountains of paperwork, you need to realize that that is NOT AN OFFICER’S JOB. That is not even the job of the military. Every one of those jobs could be done better, more efficiently, and a thousand times cheaper by a civilian.
          Those people don’t even deserve to call themselves ‘military’, and they certainly do NOT deserve any of the respect that goes with having rank.
          It’s not ‘enlisted hatred towards officers’. It’s ‘active duty hatred towards ass-sitters, reservists that get paid for playing games, and politicians in uniform.’
          ‘Supply’ officer? don’t even make me laugh. Civilian in a uniform, nothing more.

        4. I was using staff officers as an example, but the fact is, if you’re part of the defence staff or you’re a major-general, you need different qualities than for example, an infantry captain, and the historical examples abound. Take Sepp Dietrich for example, great tactical thinker, terrible at staff work, which is why he surrounded himself with excellent staff officers. Same thing for Patton, whose success can largely be attributed to the great staff work his general staff put out.
          At least in Canada, most of the central paperwork is processed by Department (civilian) employees, but since you need unit paperwork and the copious amount of paperwork that a unit produces (transfers, promotions, pay related documents etc etc…) needs to be processed by the unit commander, any prospective leader needs to be able to navigate the bureaucracy.
          I disagree with your treatment of support and supply officers. These are the people who make sure we eat while we’re in the field and that our paycheck go into our bank account. They’re also all trained with the rifle and went through basic like everyone else, so they deserve their stripes just as much as the rest of us do.

        5. “While enlisted experience can forge great field officers, the qualities that make for a successful enlisted man do not make for a successful staff officer.”
          Man, too bad those chaps in WW1 and WW2 (and earlier) had so many line promotions from NCO to officer. They could have saved a lot of time and found quality “staff officers” instead of promoting talentless hack nobodies like Audry Murphy and such.

        6. You know “Audry” (Actually Audie) Murphy reached the rank of First Lt. right? Staff officers typically are captain and up, and concern themselves with the running of a larger unit. And the reason for more line promotions during both world wars was mostly because units saw a lot more action (And thus it was possible for a NCO to distinguish himself enough for a line promotion.) While NCO to Officer promotions still happen, they usually happen at the end of a career and the NCO doesn’t usually rise further than First Lt. or Captain. NCOs usually make great line officers, but very few NCOs have the qualities, education or even desire to run an entire brigade, let alone an army.

  42. the whole concept of government in the 21st century is a bunch of talentless middle management simps that wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the corporate world, but get to run the largest mafia in the history of the planet, raping and pillaging anything that won’t join their protection racket…. 50 years ago there was actually some protection and if you paid they left you alone… today as the debts build to the moon and beyond and the whole shithouse starts to crumble…. much like the USSR and Nazi Germany – if you so much as dare to speak up, you find the gestapo turning your house upside down.

  43. The Honor of the military died in ’94
    The navy celebrated this death by changing the ‘crossing the line’ ceremony from beating the shit and hazing with hot sauce, crawling on hands and knees from forecastle to stern over non-skid while everyone kicked your ass, to a bunch of grown fucking men sitting around singing faggot songs and drinking cokes.

  44. I do think a lot of the issue with tese higher ups and, well, anyone who values their future is that the military will completely fuck you over if you voice an opinion that doesn’t align with the hive mind.
    I’ve seen my share of stories/instances where someone will talk negatively about Obama or some other big-wig on Facebook, and they are promptly exposed by every military page on Facebook, and within a couple weeks/months they are getting a dishonorable discharge.
    Talking to the members who have been around for a while (like 15+ years) you can see the frustration in how they have to censor themselves and adjust to the new pussified service members that get their feelings hurt when someone chews them out for being stupid. There is so much catering and coddling.
    This kinder gentler military is disgusting in that aspect. I wouldn’t want to be in the combat zone with about 75% of the men and 99% of the women I work with.

  45. The whole military is a waste of tax payers money to the amount of a trillion dollars. This monster is threatening the whole world and passive aggressive betas are running it.

  46. You do realize that the dudes under the guys who are “running things” do whatever the fuck they say. So how exactly are you sparing them from being betas, too?

  47. Soldiers have become traumatized killbot robots, to kill other people in such a manner as the modern military is doing, the soldiers must go through a thorough process of being killed themselves. Very important video about this and its relation to military suicides (22 EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY):

  48. Military men everywhere are high in physical violence paired with high in obedience, and that is definitely not an Alpha mix of personality traits.
    Another point of view to consider is, to whom the military as a whole gives it’s loyalty. This is determined by the commanding echelon/s. Looking at the situation in the US specifically, the civilian side of government looks like a vast sea of extremely r-selected weaklings who often put on display obvious signs of insanity (not that the situation is much different elsewhere).
    Would an army commanded by Alphas stay loyal to such heap of traitorous and often insane riff-raff for a long time? To answer this question would also answer the question posed in the title.

  49. I am not an American but still gonna comment.
    I am against American military interventionism.
    Without that you wouldn’t have such a high inflation and FED printing all the money. More people could afford purchasing goods to improve their own lives.
    Besides military people rape because they’re not really alfas getting laid. They’re all the time with men FFS

    1. The article explains exactly why we’re heading towards sexless society full of ugly retards – because women get the opportunity to decide for us.

    2. Alpha is only used in PUA to denote those who successfully ‘simulate’ alphas.
      There are, indeed, no alphas (save for a few serial killers that come close) and never have been in recorded history. But there are ‘alpha traits’ that can be applied specifically to the hunt for pussy. Some men have a few alpha traits, but generally those traits, while great for the individual, are harmful for a species.
      That’s why I am supportive of ‘simulation’ alphas. They consciously create those traits that evoke ‘alpha seeking’ behavior in females… a very, very clever dodge.
      But true Alphas? If one ever appeared, I imagine he’d be killed very very quickly, since, by definition, he would be an animalistic psychopath.
      I prefer the terms ‘leaders’ and ‘followers’, or ‘dominants’ and ‘submissives’. They more accurately reflect the reality of humanity than attempting to apply dogpack terminology.

  50. I think this has been mentioned before but yes I will agree. I was a LT on a submarine and a lot of what I saw was pathetic. However, I always maintained my frame. I was told to do shit, but that shit was important. Lying down to gauge height was given to someone else of lesser value. My captain would scream at people and demean them on a regular basis. He did it to me three times. Twice it was warranted, the third and last, it was not. I stone faced looked at him and acknowledged what he had screamed with one pure thought “If you yell at me like that again. I will rip your fucking head off your shoulders with my bare hands.” My body language and face said what I was thinking because 2 years later I still never got yelled at. No one understood why except for a few alphas I worked with.
    Needless to say most of the officers who stay in are terrible. Most of the enlisted who stay in were terrible. The ones who weren’t don’t know any better. The ones who make flag officer are complete fucking pussy suck ups. This was not the case during World War 2. Specific to the Navy, admirals were people like Admiral Eugene B. Fluckey. He was the fucking man and his success showed it. He sank more Japanese ships in one war patrol then any other submarine commander. He got super creative and snuck up on to Japanese territory to blow up one of their train bridges. This was his own doing. Sadly he was only a two star which does not mean much.
    This is back when men used to be men. We are all fighting for that time again when men sacked the fuck up. The problem is social conventions of what “men” so often are supposes to be involves military, watching sports, drinking beer, having a “man” cave, being a fire fighter, etc… We all none of these things makes a person a MAN in any way. Who he is and how he acts is what makes him a man. The reason the military is chalked so full of pussy betas is because there are pussy betas everywhere. The military further encourages it.
    Another huge problem is these high ranking officers do not have anything important to do because there is not an actual war happening. They have to make their positions look necessary. They come up with stupid requirements and policies. I can’t tell you how many sexual assault prevention awareness seminars I sat through. It was a joke. I even mentioned at one of them (in front of about 300 people) the following response to the question, “How are we going to fix this problem?” I said “This is the military. We signed up to learn how to fight, kill, and defend ourselves. If a person can’t make their way through without becoming sexually assaulted then maybe they shouldn’t be there. I think we should acknowledge that we are never going to stop it and then those who join will accept the potential consequence.” That did not go over well but fuck it, I say what I want to say.
    The military only further emphasized why I have and always will choose the red pill.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
      Men back the 1930s/40s were tougher, I agree. It’s a shame that millions of them were so easily duped into two world wars by the ‘elites’.
      Being objective about it, however, I guess the only avenues of global affairs that were available to the general populace were rigged and biased newspapers. So it’s not really their fault. All the papers had to do is yell “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK! WE GON’ DIE! WAR IS COMINK!” and everyone just charged off blindly to die. F**king tragic when you think about it.
      Imagine if all that science, money, manpower and industrial might, throughout that entire period, was used for something more productive? Instead we have 100s of tons of weapons and most people live in crap conditions. We would’ve been so much more ahead technologically that it boggles the mind to think about it.

  51. Well, yes. From experience, anything above SFC in the enlisted ranks and Major or (maybe) LtCol in the Army are almost purely political appointments.
    As far as the SEAL thing went, he was given an order that did not violate any law, of course he immediately obeyed it. In the same situation, I would have done the same.

  52. Plenty of alphas in the military but…
    The Commander in Chief is the ultimate beta male.

  53. I am unsure if the military leadership is run by Betas. The civilian leadership is beta from top to bottom. Chances are the common volunteer grunt is not beta at all.
    Petraeus isn’t beta. He got caught because the civilian leadership wanted him out.

  54. A long time ago I was 11B. It’s one thing to tell your private sector employer to eat a dick. The worst that will happen is you’ll get fired. If a soldier tells his superior officer to eat a dick, he can be jailed or executed depending on the circumstances. It’s one thing to disobey an unlawful order or to resign your commission on principle. Believe me, I had to do a lot of Mickey Mouse bullshit, but for that stuff you have to suck it up and drive on. If you’re unwilling to do that, then don’t join the military in the first place.

  55. As a military vet(both enlisted and officer), I think the terms beta and alpha are a bit misleading in this case. Military brass displays qualities of both.
    A better description would be to say that the majority of them are process-oriented(ie, they care more about HOW things are done then whether meaningful results are obtained), petty, sycophantic, narcisstic, bureaucrats.
    They’re a lot like your average cop.
    That said, there’s also a lot of very intelligent, very capable leaders in the military. You can tell who they are because they usually leave for more lucrative corporate jobs at the first opportunity. These officers are typically those who got into the military without a lot of experience with it prior to commissioning and who consequently joined the military without really knowing what it takes to advance in it.
    I also make an exception for SF. I’ve known a lot of SF guys(I have friends in 7th group and SFMC from my days at Bragg), and most of those guys are outstanding. For whatever reason the culture in an SF units is largely one of “Fuck the system, we’re doing it our way!”

  56. As a current member of the military (former active Marine infantry and now National Guard officer) I was clicking on this expecting to be annoyed by non-military types crapping on the service. However, I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with the weak POGification occurring. I am a very egalitarian person and the gay/women thing didn’t mean much to me over the years but the yes-man wimpy culture is growing. Here’s one guy I admire though:

  57. As a active duty military member I can vouch for this, it seems that in the Air Force in late 2003 and 04 that the “3 year staff” exploded, basically people who got promoted to senior airmen became staff sergeants super quickly and with ease, unfortunately they did not have time to develop leadership skills and were thrown into supervisor jobs, resulting in a shit ton of new ncos with a power surge. Many of these guys were beta males who now could assert power over other airmen, fast forward to 2014 and theses staffs are now techs and master sergeants, and they are still shitty leaders with a napoleon complex, hence the fucked up military.

  58. So you wrote an article about the military being run by beta males, while using a picture of one of the baddest motherfuckers alive today?

  59. They now have to put on a Kevlar, eye protection and a PT belt “for safety” in order to go into the bulk property yard? (That frickin’ blows… )

  60. Is the author of this article a retard? If so, props to ROK for hiring the mentally disabled. The article itself is disjointed and all over the place. But if a non-retard was to summarize his argument for suggesting that the military is run by beta men is that these aforementioned beta men follow orders. I propose that a retard author doesn’t understand the idea of civilian control of the military and the importance of following orders. If your captain (or president) tells you to stand alongside UBL to get verify his height, you stand beside a dead arab.
    I’m assuming the author was part of the retard reserves. Let me break it down: when you are in the military, you follow orders. In the words of a truly gay, beta-male, Jack Nicholson: “we follow orders or people die.”

  61. A military organization is a reflection of the society that created it – there are going to be the same types of people in the organization as there are in the society – alphas and betas.
    Because you follow orders does not mean that you are a beta – it means you are doing your job. I argue that the leadership tends to be alpha. What better way to exercise your masculinity than by taking command in a position of real and measurable authority.
    Additionally, depending on the service and unit, military members go through some very difficult training. All service members go through some version of basic training. So the training makes the average military man tougher and more alpha than his civilian counterpart. Military service teaches discipline – mastery and accountability for your actions and the actions of those you command.
    You aren’t going to fully understand the dynamics of a military organization unless you’ve served in one. It is highly doubtful that the author has.

  62. To all the people who trashed this article cause they have a stake in the game “You aren’t going to fully understand the dynamics of a military organization unless you’ve served in one. It is highly doubtful that the author has.” (This is probably one of the most womanly things I have heard from what I can only assume is a jacked 20 something young man) I sort of saw were you were coming from, I mean military men are in great shape and they have steel in their eyes, albeit that steel only serves the purpose of whatever the government wants, but it’s still steel. But then I saw this

  63. Five years as a US Naval officer…. yes, 99% of them betas. Cowards. Care far, far, far more about their retirement packages than the US Constitution, their oaths, their honor, or your rights.
    Dare tell them that and they’ll knowingly hide behind “serving their country” and try and make you feel ashamed for questioning them or their noble intentions. Cowards, all. That’s why I got the hell out.

  64. A lot of military guys these days are hot-headed grunts. Some are honest, calm guys, but don’t even realise they are pawns.
    Being a soldier in the world’s most technically advanced military which invades countries which couldn’t even afford one of the invader’s fighter-planes is not a manly feat. It’s like hearing Mike Tyson call himself hard or begging respect after punching a 10-year-old to a bloody pulp. “B-but the 10-year-old was wearing pads!”
    Most of the military guys I’ve known are blue pill WKs. Sure,. they’ll be quick to get into a fight and shout at a guy. But put a 8/10 woman in front of them, and they behave like idiotic little boys, desperately measuring their dicks and being overly protective of her, even if they do not know her.
    Finally, there’s Kay Griggs. Nothing to add. Just watch this military wife:

    A sizable portion of the high ranking generals are fruity boys.

  65. My only problem with this article is the fact that it doesn’t recognize the legal culture of the U.S. military and seems to think any time you follow orders you don’t like or don’t agree with you are a beta. Not so.
    By law, our constitution no less, the military is under civilian control. That is why a mangina like Barrack Obama is the commander in chief even though he has never led anything in his life, never accomplished anything in his life. Also, no person in the military may speak out against any policy of the U.S. government while in uniform or do anything to give the impression their opinion is anything other than their personal opinion. When I was in the Air Force, it would have been a violation of the UCMJ for me to appear at a pro-life rally or protest in my uniform, even though I was a lowly sergeant. This rule ESPECIALLY applies to generals. As a member of the military you FOLLOW ORDERS or the whole edifice falls down.
    And if you think laying down next to the dead body of Bin Laden was the act of a beta, that following that order makes you a beta, you are an idiot! Seriously.
    The chain of command must be preserved at all costs. That is why generals do not speak out against policies they disagree with UNTIL they retire. Then they are free to go on Fox News or CNN or any other news program and speak their opinions.
    Might the U.S military in some near future see the need to launch a coup d’etat against an aspiring American dictator, much like the Turkish and Egyptian military have done? Perhaps. But until that threat becomes necessary prima facie, such an action would be quickly put down – by the rank and file of the military itself.

  66. McChrystal, Petraues, Gates, etc. All of them can take a short walk off the nearest skyscraper for all i care. They all supported the repeal of DADT policy which was itself a crack in the door created by clinton and meant to give homos a chance to push the door wide open later on. The likely bisexual obama was responsible for that last one.
    The US military heads aren’t just run by betas, they are more and more being run by atheists, muslim plants, and homosexuals who have the common denominator of swearing allegiance to the president, rather than the Constitution or the people it represents.
    When you have people in positions of power who have no personal moral allegiance to God, the allegiance they end up having is to everything that God opposes, hence their allegiance to someone as ungodly as obama.

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