The Elliot Rodger Massacre Marks The Beginning Of The War Against Us

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

I’ll get right to the point: the Isla Vista shootings are a hoax.  Anyone who’s watched Elliot Rodger’s pathetic videos and read his manifesto can see that he’s playing a character to some extent.  I’m not saying that he doesn’t have issues, but his delusions of grandeur are so over the top that it just rings false.  It’s like watching a bad audition for a D-list movie serial killer from someone who can’t act for shit.  You get the feeling that some Hollywood scriptwriter just created a character based on the “loser” template that feminists apply to all the members of our little community.  Socially impotent, whiny loser that’s addicted to World of Warcraft and can’t get pussy blames all of his problems on women and wants to kill them all due to his own inadequacies.

There’s multiple YouTube videos out there using the media’s own footage showing ridiculous inconsistencies and logical fallacies about this “massacre”, but I thought I’d condense and collect them here to illustrate that this hoax was perpetrated with only two goals in mind:

1. To once again try and add even more worthless and unconstitutional gun control measures, eventually leading to a government gun grab which will leave us with no way to defend ourselves against tyranny, and

2. To create in the minds of society-at-large a permanent, subconscious link between members of our community and psychopaths like Elliot Rodger, cementing into the collective consciousness that from now on any time someone is identified as a “PUA”, “MRA”, etc., they will immediately be lumped into the same crazy, pathetic pile as that fucking Martian.

The Art Of Crying Without Crying

Our first batter up is Richard Martinez, supposed father of supposed victim Christopher Michaels-Martinez.  Note the hyphenated last name.  Just like that giant walking vagina Jonathan Martin, here we have another feminist lawyer mother (Karen Michaels) involved in a major event who couldn’t stand to bend the knee and take her husband’s last name because patriarchy, misogyny, strong, indeblah, blah, blah.  Coincidence?  Methinks not.  Richie is a lawyer as well, and a proud alumnus of the Will Ferrell School of Acting, specializing in the “Burgundy Method.”

In the words of the illustrious James Lipton, “You are a DELIGHT.”

Who’s On Third?  Definitely Not A Man

Next, watch Abbott & Costello here seamlessly transition back and forth while reciting obviously pre-written statements.  Clearly the architects of this thing neglected to do any research, because if they had they would know that nobody that goes to UCSB is that eloquent.  You’ll notice that Costello keeps looking off-camera towards someone who’s clearly coaching her on what to say, and she even receives a nudge from Abbott when she fucks up her lines (e.g., 2:13).  I’m sure law school graduates such as our very own Lawdogger will recognize the anchor’s blatantly leading “questions”.  She’s not really asking them anything, she’s feeding them what they need to regurgitate back to her.

Clue #22 that these girls’ vaginas aren’t the only things fishy here is that UCSB was ranked the #1 party school in the western world by this very website, and I doubt they got that reputation with women like these.  Two of these things are not like the others.

Elliot Rodger, Living God?

Apparently Santa Barbara County, which is one of the wealthiest counties in America, uses a couple of Mexicans to clean up their crime scenes, as opposed to the legally required CTS Decon Teams they use everywhere else.  If you look closely in the video you can even see the 9mm bullet that their forensics team just left in the middle of a blood puddle instead of bagging and tagging it as evidence in a homicide.

Now, call me crazy, but I’m beginning to suspect that Elliot Rodger may indeed possess the divinity that he laid claim to in his laughable videos, because any other time a bullet flies through a human head, it usually keeps going until it impacts something solid enough to stop it, like a wall, or gravity drags it to the ground.  Elliot’s bullet, however, did not keep going.  It appears to have miraculously just dropped straight to the floor after exiting Christopher’s head.  Also, Elliot seems to have pulled off the world’s first Immaculate Murder/Suicide by blowing both his and someone else’s head off without leaving any blood, brains, or itty-bitty pieces of skull everywhere.

While whining like a little bitch about why his $300 sunglasses and a car that’s an average starter car for any teenage Southern Californian girl isn’t getting him Grade-A poonani, he demonstrates his divinity by once again buttfucking the laws of physics in the “hills of Montecito.”  His only mistake was getting a first-year USC Film School student to do that sloppy green screen work. (Ignore the shitty soundtrack.)

We all remember when green screen first came out in films and how horrible and fake it looked.  You could tell it just didn’t look quite right.  Your local weather girl gets better results than this.  Evidently, the people who orchestrated this farce clearly believe that most Americans are either too stupid or too lazy to catch the plethora of fuckups in this little production, because they really phoned this one in.  Unfortunately, they’re correct.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they have Elliot “resurrect” himself from the dead in a few weeks just to see who would actually believe he’s the Antichrist.

Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t After You

This is what they call an orgy of evidence.  It just fits together too nicely; perfectly supporting radical feminists’ public assertions that we’re all like this.  We here know better.  Our group is predominantly men who have crossed over and are learning self-improvement and discovering masculinity in order to GET women, not murder them indiscriminately.  Elliot Rodger and bullshit like is the world we’ve left behind.

Now I’m sure there are some of you even within our little brotherhood here who will look at what I’ve posted above and say that I’m paranoid or delusional, and that this is a site to learn game, not entertain conspiracy theories.  That’s fine.  To each his own and you don’t have to believe what I do; however, there is more to red-pill truth and masculinity than just learning game.  Much more.  Keep in mind, the namesake from which we draw the term “red-pill” was not a story about a man being pulled out of a dystopian fantasy world just to learn how to get some strange.  As with its inspiration, the classic Nineteen Eighty-Four, it was about opening your eyes and piercing the veil of lies and propaganda that keep you under control.

In truth, the previous videos relate more to the gun control issue that I stated earlier, but this is nothing new to anyone with their eyes open.  The primary issue we should focus on here is summed up in this conversation between Chris Hayes and someone who appears to be Glenn Quagmire in a wig.

You can see how they attempt to mock or trivialize what we stand for.  They put quotes around “Men’s Rights Movement”, inferring that it’s not to be taken seriously or even a real thing.  They refer to us as a “crazy subculture” and “macho dudes”, their voices dripping with snark.  They say the phrase Alpha Male and immediately laugh condescendingly.   You can tell by the fact that he won’t shut the fuck up and settle down that he fervently believes what he’s saying from the crown of his head down to his smooth Ken Doll nether-regions.  All of this tells the public that we’re basically a male cult, a bunch of loonies that should be at best ignored and at worst demonized.

Rest assured, the more they emphasize that our supposed misogynistic attitudes are fueling these women-hating losers’ desire to kill, the closer we will become to being considered a hate group.  As Roosh mentioned, we managed to make them run away; but make no mistake, they merely retreated to lick their wounds and formulate a new strategy with which to combat us.

You Gotta Fight!  For Your Right!  To Be A Man???

Personally, I don’t believe in the phrase Men’s Rights Movement, simply because it implies that our rights as masculine men are things we’ve never had and have to fight for or earn.  Wrong.  Our rights as men are INHERENT.  The moment you were born, you inherited dominion over this planet as a member of its dominant species.  Our forefathers tamed the beasts of the field, sea, and sky.  They developed technology which helped us evolve from Neanderthals that communicated with grunts and gestures to the advanced civilization we are today.  They unlocked the mysteries of the physical world with science and mathematics.  They built anything that was worth building or taking note of.

Our rights as men need not be fought for because they were already ours to begin with.  The only thing standing in our way is having the testicular fortitude to stand up and TAKE BACK that which is ours by birthright.

It won’t be easy, but what worth having is?  You must resign yourself to the fact that you will be hated.  You will be called homophobic, racist, misogynistic, intolerant, and hateful.  You will lose “friends”.  Your own family may turn against you.  Mine has.  Hell, you may even earn the honor of being named the “most-hated man on the Internet” and “The Web’s most infamous misogynist”, like our founder.  Should your nom-de-guerre be exposed and your true identity comes to light, you run the risk of losing your job or, if they get their way, even your freedom.

It is in these moments, when I feel the cognitive dissonance of rebelling against my programming combined with the fear of going against social norms and risking ostracization, mockery, ridicule, and persecution that I remember two simple truths.  The first comes from that patron saint of red-pill knowledge, George Orwell:

The further a society drifts from Truth the more it will have those that speak it


The more they hate and try to condemn us, the more secure I am in my conviction that we’re right.

The second truth comes from this alpha motherfucker right here:

lion sheep quote

*I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that all the alphas on that show are portrayed as evil bastards, while all the “heroes” are Fag-O-Trons, white knight manginas, or women; just another purple-pill show with blue-pill bullshit masquerading as red-pill truth.  Then again, what do you expect from an admitted feminist?

So drop your cocks and grab your socks boys, because we’ve been brought out into the light for the rest of the world to see, to be put on trial in the court of public opinion for what I’m sure will, if Godwin’s Law holds true, eventually amount to crimes against humanity!  Make sure to poke, prod, shame, and infuriate (whether online or in public) every fattie, commie, feminist, faggot, and incel (WTF?) hater you can; and when the white knights step up, put ‘em on their back pockets and move on.

Let’s get those feminist hamsters up to Warp 10 and run those little bastards until their furry little hearts burst.  Until next time, stay true to what you believe in and don’t concern yourself with the opinions of the sheep.  I’ll leave you with this quote from Bernard M. Baruch: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.”  Be well, men.

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493 thoughts on “The Elliot Rodger Massacre Marks The Beginning Of The War Against Us”

  1. The War against men has been going for some time now, but no doubt the Elliot Rodger incident will up-amp the agression against men a lot more.

  2. I think you are right, False flag, just like Sandy Hook, but for a different reason. The west is at war with strong independent men.

    1. Drop the strong and independent; it’s redundant with men and makes us look like inverse feminists (like Elliot Rodger).

      1. Would independent-minded be better? You still wouldn’t know what that is, skeptard.

  3. This was not a false flag event.
    Concocting wildly speculative conspiracy theories is not a constructive way to respond to this tragic event.

    1. Life of Blue-Pill Abundance, be prepared to get stoned. I’ve been compiling notes on this case and have come prepared to battle.
      For starters, care to address the 2nd shooter initially reported? (sounds familiar huh) (scroll down to near the bottom of the page for the initial report)
      Here are the minutes of the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transportation District for April 29. On page 25 of the 26-page pdf, there are notes pertaining to an “active shooter drill” that was scheduled for May 28 at the Santa Barbara City College, where Elliot Rodger was a student.

      1. There are always reports of multiple shooters during mass shootings like this, and the active shooter drill is a coincidence.

        1. Just like at Sandy Hook, 9/11, 7/7, Boston Marathon, etc.
          Complete coincidence.

        2. But what about the events you forgot: Times Square, Fort Hood I & II, Navy yard, Columbine, etc

        3. and the civil war and war of independence…. I mean those american terrorist’s that attacked the empire! 😀

        4. Your going a little to deep for em! This is some William Cooper shit that your going into. They simply ain’t ready for it like a Male feminist ain’t ready for game! Don’t be mad at em, just hope that one day they turn around

        5. Their ignorance is affecting my future as well as yours and everyone else’s, so a little vitriol is needed 🙂

        1. This is the sort of reply that indicates anger and denial. It’s part of the 5 stages of grief. Whenever you start digging into big news events like this, funny inconsistencies show up in the reporting and the so-called facts, as in this case the photo of the crime scene in convenience store. NObody has debunked the bullshit shown there.
          Instead the frightened sheople resort to insults because they’re afraid that our government might willingly hurt Americans and lie to them about it, to accomplish an unpopular political objective, ergo not letting a crisis (they created LOL) to waste.
          This pattern of governance has been present in the US since the conclusion of the Civil War.
          The bigger pattern is that people who want to believe the official story rarely use facts… they just use insults.
          It’s called an ad-hominem attack and it shows the lack of intelligence and lack of maturity in those who use it.
          That said, it will likely be you who sees the inside of a FEMA camp, much like the mangina Jews who allowed the Nazis to force them into camps.
          Men will resist with force of arms, manginas and women will do what they are told regardless.
          Here’s what a man had to say about those such as yourself:
          “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude
          better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.
          We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which
          feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget
          that ye were our countrymen.”

          Samuel Adams
          In olde English, that can be translated to “Kindly Fuck Off”.

    2. I agree that it’s probably not a hoax (lots of witnesses, person in question did actually exist, etc.), but damn, it could have fooled me. I agree with OP that there’s just something really, REALLY off about this whole thing. I read his manifesto. Numerous times he says stuff like, “I want girls, but since I can’t have them, I will destroy them.” That sounds way more like something others would say about him than something a murderer would say about himself. Why in the world is he psycho-analyzing himself in his own manifesto?

  4. Let’s not give our opponents ideas, shall we? No one is warring against us because of Elliot Rodger yet, but if we publish articles such as these, they certainly would.
    The articles that tried to implicate us have since died down. Please let it be that way. The war against men has been long extant. Nothing to do with Elliot.

  5. Thank you, Samson. Very much needed and the best article ever written on ROK. It’s not just the feminists and white knights after us, it’s the elites now. The stakes have been raised.

      1. Ok, one of the most important. It won’t get your dick wet but it will open your eyes more than any other.

  6. In Richard (Dick) Martinez’s first press conference, you can see him giving a hi-5 to someone after walking off the stage and then faking a spontaneous over the top “breakdown”. What a traitor. He is no Richard Karn though (lol). The eyes are too close together.

  7. WTF?…I don’t think its a hoax or conspiracy, and surely not a hoax pulled off in an attempt to marginalize or bring down MRA’s, Pick Up Artists and Red Pillers….that’s absolutely laughable.
    Ironically, the evidence you site actually pushes me in the other direction. In my experience, reality is usually messy and chaotic and often looks imperfect in its rendering. If this was really a hoax, the “evidence” and inconsistencies you site would not be there.
    The mere facts that Elliott Rodger comes off so absurd and akward, that the shadows don’t line up perfectly, that the two women in the video seem average looking, unattractive and unprepared, actually lend credence to the fact that this really happened and is not a hoax.
    If these were actors in a controlled environment, pulling off a carefully scripted hoax, none of these inconsistencies would exist, everything would look and feel exactly how you expect it to…..

  8. I think you are going a slippery road by publishing that article.
    In the end I’m sure it’ll backfire onto us.

  9. What the fuck is this shit? Who allowed this to be put up? It will backfire and be used against us. The author is just adding more fuel to the fire that will only hurt us instead of help us.

    1. I agree with Ruckus. I’ve been reading ROK for several months now and this article to like handing over a n-bomb to those against us. It’s fine to have alternative views of public events but this one is better left for the author’s personal blog or sites that publish such things. Now we’re going to be dragged into more unnecessary controversy because someone didn’t think through what would happen with such an article being published right now (or anytime for that matter but especially now with the event just having happened). Not much to gain and so much to lose. Take it down and call it a minor mistake or leave it and give more credibility to our haters arguments against us.

      1. Just for clarification I don’t agree with the username Ruckus’s comments in the threads below. When I posted the reply above to What the Fucking Fuck, their username was also Ruckus which has since changed to What the Fucking Fuck. There were two Ruckus’s with conflicting views of one another going at the same time.

        1. Am I the only one here who is glad that RoK is posting the truth about Elliot?

        2. 1) The shadows prove nothing, you’re looking at a 2D image of a 3D scene where point-source light can easily create different 2D angles on your 2D photograph. Learn some f-ing science before using your keyboard to ensure you look like an idiot for all time in Google Cache.
          2) That father’s use of his son’s death to go on TV and cry about Guns in his country is disgusting, but it’s proof of nothing. Some people are shameless in California, who knew? Apparently not the moronic conspiracy theorists who want to troll RoK.
          3) 24-hour news channels do coach the people they interview, they’ve done this for years. You know why? Because they look like morons if they put morons who are stuttering in front of the camera. If those girls were being coached, all it proves is that 24-hours news is 24-hour newsertainment, which any red-pill person with a brain already knew. Again, it proves nothing.
          4) The rest of the article is such poorly written cliche rah-rah-masculinity auto-generated-by-monkeys stuff, it makes Athlone’s posts look like Pulitzer-prize material.
          Go away you stupid fucking troll. I honest to god hope Roosh deletes this article, all your posts, and even bans me for replying to your dumb ass.

        3. I think you’re missing a couple dozen more evidence points to debunk.
          But then again, the skeptics have successfully debunked the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 evidence points relating to 9/11.
          You might want to ditch the binoculars and look at the big picture bro.

        4. And I think you’re incapable of questioning your own viewpoint when your major points are shown to be wrong. This makes you a simpleton.

      2. I wouldn’t worry about it. The news cycle moves so fast these days, the public doesn’t have time to process this stuff, let alone be outraged by it. The Elliot Rodger story has already been forgotten by the public at large. Justin Beiber news is more important.

        1. That’s true. However, now when anyone wants to discredit the more notable work done on ROK, this article gives them ammunition to use. Not because of it’s polarizing nature, but because the author makes a weak argument.

        2. @disqus_aPRN1Cq7TW:disqus
          We need quality control fast. We can’t publish articles that are not well argued whatever the viewpoint. How then are we to proceed in this endeavor?

        3. I personally think they are putting out too many articles. Fewer articles with a greater amount of attention on their quality control would receive my support.

        4. how indeed? i would be interested to know. wtf is this endeavor anyway? returning women to subservient, bootlicking, ass kissing sperm dumps?

          Protecting the 2nd amendment is a trillion times more important than fucking getting your dick wet.
          But hey, maybe you can run mad game in the FEMA camps.

        6. Boss quote! Nah bitches in FEMA camps will be either getting banged by the whole hood or in the arms of the men who own a gun and uniform! There will be very little middle ground for game.

        7. I’d agree. Except this article does nothing to bolster the cause for 2nd Amendment rights. What it does do is provide our enemies with material to cite and ultimately marginalize our other arguments. Arguments that aren’t illogical and baseless like this one. But I guess you didn’t think that far ahead.

        8. The whole point is to laugh at the MSM and not care when they try to “discredit” you

        9. You are some exemplary human beings. LOL. Never gonna happen though, so, sucks for you doesn’t it.

        10. Were they ever ? Perhaps you need to deal with your latent hatred of women in a more productive manner.

    2. Well, rok is a site for non mainstream views. We don’t censor. I must state that I disagree with the article, it’s claims are ungrounded.

      1. There’s a very vast stretch between not censoring out unpopular views and allowing anything to pass. Allowing dissenting views that are well argued does not mean one should not have any journalistic/intellectual standards, and upholding such standards does not equal censoring viewpoints.
        I’m not making a judgement call on this article, whether it falls into one category or the other, I just disagree with the notion that being alternative should mean that anything goes.

    3. I have an idea: Let’s complain about it. It’s up now and there’s nothing we can do about it. Let’s at least open an intelligent dialogue instead of crying about it.
      In that same vein, I’ve included a chronological list of school shootings in the United States from the 18th century onward. It’s pretty interesting to read the progression.
      Also, it seems as though Elliot Rodger isn’t the first of his kind:

      June 23, 1871: Lagrange, Indiana, Miss Anna Dwight was shot to death in front of her students by, Chauncey Barnes a rejected suitor at the Stone Lake Schoolhouse, after shooting Anne he then turned the small six-shooter on himself, and shot twice to the head [16]

      1. Lol, did you use the word “intelligent”?
        How’s the official version of 9/11 treating ya?

        1. Is he a troll? Or does he actually believe in his c theory? The danger is not spotting the real thing and allowing truthist to continue building his ungrounded delussion.

        2. Not at troll dude, just a rep pill man looking for truth who doesn’t give a fuck about popular opinion.
          Which is how we all should be. Not cockblockers for intellectually honest investigation.
          But maybe you’re on the gov’t dole and don’t give a fuck about the current direction our country is headed in.

        3. I wouldn’t put anything past our government and history is replete with governments resorting to desperate or amoral measures as a means of manipulating public opinion. Be that as it may, debating the logistics of a conspiracy theory, however factual it may be, will change none of the plethora of things wrong with this moral cesspool called America and it certainly doesn’t change the fact that’s you’re a absolutely a fucking troll.
          Want an intellectually honest investigation of conspiracy theories? Troll Godlike Productions. Here you go. Now GTFOH.

        4. Why don’t you go there? You might actually learn something.
          You will have to sift through the bullshit like everything else, provided you have the brains for the task. Do you?

        5. Did it ever occur to you,for even a fleeting second, that the only chance we have in America is to retain the gun rights?
          Were you even aware of the billions of ammunition rounds purchased clandestinely by random gov’t agencies? Rhetorical question, of course you don’t.

        6. And the minorities have their day in the sun. Who the fuck cares about the absolute lack of a future?
          I gotta getz me them white wimmenz and dat unemployment check!

        7. I understand the importance of the right to bear arms and yes I am aware of the DHS’s large ammunition purchase but as I said before…

          debating the logistics of a conspiracy theory, however factual it may be, will change none of the plethora of things wrong with this moral cesspool called America and it certainly doesn’t change the fact that’s you’re a absolutely a fucking troll.

          Accomplish something meaningful (with others) in the real world in lieu of gossiping about theories (alone) on the internet.

      2. wait a minute, he shot himself TWICE to the head? what, did he miss the first time or is he the Terminator?

        1. You’re taking your chances offing yourself with a gun. You’d be surprised at the number of people who survive and live the rest of their lives missing half a face and eating through a straw.
          Whiskey and morphine, a time honored classic.

    4. Gotta agree. Witness testimony is the most unreliable kind. Because the human brain has no separate read and write mechanisms it’s possible to modify a memory just by accessing it. Why do you think that game winning field goal kick gets longer and longer every time the kicker tells it? You can also incorporate stories that you heard from others into your memory as if it happened to you, and there’s always confusion after an event like this. Some people also lie or exaggerate what they saw so that they can get on television.

    5. Two more shootings- 1 in Seattle and 1 in Canada. In Australia after the Port Arthur Massacre all fun rights were revoked. No footage of the crime or motive. But the government crackdown on guns was furious, quick and calculated. 15 years prison if you have an illegal firearm. More than for murder in many cases. The crime may have happened but don’t let the govt take your rights.

    6. Some guy is shit scared the government is going to take away his mangina. Anyone who has ever done a cold read in their entire life. Knows that the tv people in videos above are acting far above and beyond what they actually feel. And whats his name’s video was definitely edited. Some people probably died though. That being said why the hell would you get mad at someone for pointing that out? This behavior fucking disgusts me. You’re like a woman with a masochism problem who keeps going back to an abusive alpha drug dealer. Except the drug dealer is the government. Im going to coin a new term, scared mangina logic, scared mangina logic: When something tragic happens that someone might associate me with, run into the arms of the goverment, scared mangina logic.

    7. If you object to the article do it on some sort of rational grounds and don’t point and sputter like and xojane junkie.

    8. Now they’re banning people for pointing out the obvious: that the article was a disgrace. Assholes have really jumped the shark.

      1. I think your understanding of point light sources and how they fall on slopes is poor at best.

        1. I think your understanding of Hazmat regulations are poor at best. Minimum wage workers are not supposed to clean up bodily fluids at a death scene, Einstein.

        2. But please, continue to attack individual evidence points while ignoring the big picture.

        3. As is the author’s understanding of bullet ballistics. Bullets are incredibly unpredictable after they hit any solid target.
          Anyone ever seen the NOVA episode on the Kennedy assassination? Oliver Stone can go fuck himself. Oswald was the only shooter that day. NOVA proved it to me with science.

        4. I think your understanding of real life is poor at best. Ever seen a paramedic clean up brains off the street after a auto accident. Those guys are lucky if they make $14 an hour. That’s why they clean up brains off the street. Stop watching cheap TV shows like CSI.

  10. Don’t take this article down.
    There was an active shooter drill scheduled for May 28 at SBCC (obviously it got moved up) and the initial reports of the incident said there were two shooters, not one.
    Active Shooter Drill (scroll down to the top of page 25 of the pdf)
    Initial report of Two Shooters in the Santa Barbara Independent (near bottom of page)

    1. And how in the hell does some 135 pound pussy STAB three people to death in a densely populated area with no witnesses?

    2. Yes, because initial reports during the chaos of a shooting are always accurate, right? During shootings there are numerous 911 calls. The dispatchers warn the police that there may be two shooters for the safety of the responding officers. It became quickly evident that there was only one shooter, moving through multiple locations.
      But if you’re gonna rely on initial reports to try and prove you silly little conspiracy theory, be my guest. Sounds like you’re just grabbing at straws.

        1. I’m not vicious cycle. I don’t know why he thinks I have conflicting points of view either. Review the material presented and make an open-minded opinion for yourself, as with all blue pill material.

    1. Aleenum
      False flag events happened before:

      Don’t think the government is above such incidents.

  11. There appears to be two Ruckus’s commenting with conflicting views of one another. Yet even more absurdity added onto the absurdity of publishing of this article.

      1. I agree with the author that this was a false flag event. I also think it needs to be disseminated and discussed.

  12. Oh by the way, the guy’s dad was (cough cough) a Hollywierd director who worked on the Hunger Games, based on the book by the writer (Suzanne Collins) who lives in Sandy Hook, where there is coincidentally also a branch of the Church of Satan.
    Small world, huh?

    1. Eurasian dweebs and black Muh dicking after white broads is a conspiracy. Elliot Rodger and Djokak Tsarnaev are just the results.
      Muslims in the US and Europe are a conspiracy, 9/11 was just a way to ensure they could migrate here as refugees.

  13. Whatever may be, one thing realized is that university going girls are definitely not the marrying type.
    I mean the top 10 colleges for getting laid are nothing but slut production units.
    I’d always ask a girl now where she went to college. If she belongs to any of the top 10 colleges for getting laid, I’d know she’s pump and dump.
    But to be fair to her, American women are all pump and dump type, today. Not worth risk investing a ring for a sperm toilets like them. Doesn’t depend on the ethnicity, all women here are shitty

      1. No, he’s healthy, just extreme. Few women here are marriage material due to the wealth of alternatives elsewhere who won’t make you raise someone else’s kids. And the terrible domestic divorce rate, coupled with the very low foreign woman US man divorce rate. American women *tend* to be sick, and while that doesn’t make them all bad, it does make discriminating against them a beneficial action. It’s like turning down a programmer from community college for a guy who graduated MIT…

  14. You’re an idiot.
    Instead of refuting your argument, I just want to point something out to you.
    So you really think that your guns are the only thing preventing government tyranny? You really believe that if we organized the American people, we would be able to defeat the USG? You really think that the government we would establish would be recognized by the international community?

    1. You think the police and troops will side with the gov’t if they know what’s up. Most cops and soldiers are essentially good people, not tyrants.

    2. Also, a decent amount of people at the top would also stand with us. I’m not gonna name anyone, but I’ve hear of several Forbes listers through friends who’d support us, not to mention that mainstream conservative leaders hold many of the views we do. Combine their economic influence, the backing of most of the US military (generals included), and a large mass of men armed with guns, and there’s little that can stop it. If you get rid of the militias, however, the mainstream media and government power elite would have sure victory. We’re the ones who they need to get rid of.

    3. The International community would be quick to recognize an American government that did not seek World domination and which pulled it’s troops from overseas bases and which no longer killed little kids across the World with drone strikes. Russia would quickly move to legitimize an American government that stopped trying to encircle it and which stopped trying to overthrow friendly governments in it’s region.

  15. How many Ruckus’s are there here in the comments section?
    It looks like the comments section is a Ruckus fest.

      1. I’m done posting here, let the readers make up their minds without influence of confirmation bias, only facts.
        Thank you.

        1. That’s the best comment you’ve posted all day. Please go away and do not return.

    1. Just one. But with the equivalent knowledge of several on this particular topic.

  16. this article is very far fetched. this is not a feminazi conspiracy against mra’s just like 9/11 wasn’t a conspiracy by the zionists. chill the shills

        1. Shadows indicate the sun is at his back. Why aren’t the hillside shrubs have shadows at the same angle?

        2. Because the terrain is going up and you are looking at a flat image. Thanks for proving conspiratards are unintelligent.

      1. We need a physicist for this. It looks fake based on the shadows, but we need a rigorous proof that sunlight can’t make shadows be cast that way in real life. Also; even if Elliot used as green screen- that doesn’t prove the whole thing was faked. Chris’s blood spatter could be from being dragged over there afterwards (unlikely, I know) and the wet spot on the seat could be the blood from Elliot’s head (if he shot himself so the bullet would leave the car after he died with an open door, although there should definately be more blood). Still, this is all starting to look very fishy, even though it could’ve been staged much better for the feminist/anti-gun agenda (Elliot could’ve been on rok or red pill subreddit, could’ve bought the gun from a dealer instead of passing background checks, etc)

        1. Masters in physics here…
          No, we cannot conclude that this is fake based on how the shadows look. This is the same argument that moon-hoax-conspiracy theorists use, and it’s baseless. Those bush shadows are on a hill, meaning their shadows are falling on a surface that is at a totally different plane than Elliots shadow. This means without significant image analysis, and perhaps going to that exact spot and measuring things, we cannot know for certain that there were 2 light sources. AT BEST, the conspiracy theorists can say, “well, it looks funny.”

        2. I’ll admit I was wrong on this particular point, but you don’t need a degree in physics to prove it.
          Walking outside right now where it’s 6:15 on the west coast, I observed the shadow of a lightpost on a hill with varying degrees of slope and the shadow does indeed change angle with the slope of the hillside.
          There is curious pixellation in the video as well which I will point out.
          One refutation of an evidence point does not prove the MSM’s story, however.

        3. pixelation is a normal side effect of poor compression, especially in the spaces of the video he showed with such different patterns and colors.
          Most of his theory is grasping. He starts with the assumption the shooting is a hoax and tries to shoehorn in supposed facts. All he ended up proving was that he lacks understanding of numerous things. As the great Mr T once said, Stay in school fool!

      1. 9/11 was indeed a conspiracy. It was a conspiracy by agents of Al Qaeda to hijack planes and fly them into buildings.

        1. No one could have predicted a Muslim Razzia after watching the US stomp and starve Iraq. Couldn’t geniuses like Wolfowitz have seen it coming?

        2. What the fuck is with the ignorant retards on this thread? They can’t all be shills.

  17. Reading Elliot Rodger’s manifesto, it seems very strange, to
    say the least, that nowhere does he even use the word “Feminist” or
    give any reference to the ideology of Feminism. Rollo showed that Susan Walsh’s
    graph about female-to-male attraction was known to him, and Elliot’s version of
    it showed his awareness of the Sexual Revolution’s influence. In other words,
    Elliot had known about the manosphere, known about its beliefs regarding
    modernity and Feminism, and yet made no reference whatsoever to the very
    ideology that brought so much misery to his life. It’s like he internalizes the
    Red-Pill and then deliberately ignores the whole thing. Likewise, it has been
    mentioned that homosexuality is completely absent from his writing, except he
    mentions that kids called him “faggot”. Hooking up with women who are
    not hot blondes is also out of the picture. Now, a high-IQ Aspergeric could definitely
    write a “manifesto” that omits anything that actually explains what
    “twisted” his world, but something just doesn’t smell right here. It’s
    just suspicious that “everything’s there”: addiction to WoW, having
    no friends, crying to mommy on the phone; it’s like he’s a malicious caricature
    of an Omega nerd as depicted by both Feminists and the Manosphere. Something’s
    odd here.

    1. Spot on.
      I would add, however, that the manifesto smacks of near-professional writing talent. Where is Rodger’s portfolio outside of this one 140-page (yes, 140 page) work?

    2. It does almost seem like he was a troll, but you could verify his reality through others’ observations of him over the years. Of course the full picture of what happened will never be publicized, if a full investigation is ever even done.

    3. The omission of feminism as a reference is striking. Given the rest of his babbling.

    4. Have you ever heard the guy speak, he was pretty eloquent. His writing skills should not be surprising.

  18. No conspiracy here but these spree killings will ALWAYS be exploited by the left and elites.

    1. Ok, I call bull on that. Any tragedy… All tragedies get exploited by everyone who could possibly stand to gain from that exploitation. Left, Right, it makes no difference. Conservatism and the pursuit of conservative goals is just as damaging as liberalism and the pursuit of liberal goals.
      Don’t tow the party line just because Fox News or MSNBC tells you to. Part of being a man is the requirement that you forge your own path and think for yourself.

      1. It’s not bull, it’s just one sided. The organized political left does exploit a crisis any chance it gets, but so does the organized political right.

    2. last thing we should be doing is resorting the crapy victimising tactics of the left. Using a tragedy, giving it spin and throwing it back as a conspiracy against us.

  19. America is a fucked up nation because of its women, not men.
    A slut culture. Colleges which promote slut culture.
    American men need to get the fuck out of there to procreate. The most stupid thing an American male can do is to procreate with slutty American women. Don’t waste time on them.

  20. Here is the best video I’ve found proving without a doubt a greenroom was used for Elliot’s “mountain road” video. I’ll try to take a screenshot and upload it, but for now if you go to the 5:41 mark of the following video, there is indisputable proof. (this is also in the thumbnail belo)
    Rodger’s body shadow angle is about 20 degrees above horizontal, while the shadows of the shrubs on the hill are about 40 degrees below horizontal.

      1. Notice the upward slope of Rodger’s shadow, and the downward slope of the bushes in the background. Different light sources, i.e. greenroom.

    1. The shadows on the hill could be below horizontal because they are falling on a slope as opposed to flat ground, not because of different light sources. These are the same arguments that moon-landing-hoax conspiracy theorists try to use. This evidence is all non-convincing.

  21. this kind of article makes me not want to read ROK. WTF, people died in this sad event. Take this article down.

    1. Whatever you do, don’t vote in the USA.
      Not that it matters much, but just in case the polls aren’t totally rigged…

    1. The author made his case. While I wasn’t convinced, I found it to be interesting. Better to consider all the possibilities than whinge about lunacy.

      1. There is such a thing as editing. What’s next, an argument about why the moon landings never occurred? The FBI killed Kennedy? The government orchestrated 9/11?
        Roosh/RoK can publish whatever it wants, but it sinks or swims as a whole. This is like shooting a hole in the side of your own ship. Once idiocy like this is published, the credibility of all the articles posted becomes suspect.
        It’s like what happens with Jezebel or HuffPo or Slate or Salon. There is valuable content, but the blather drags everything else down. I don’t even try to read them anymore,
        Whatever, it’s not my life. There is a difference between MGTOW and naivete.

        1. The editing was fine. The article was well-written. Overall the piece was publishable.
          “Roosh/RoK can publish whatever it wants, but it sinks or swims as a whole. This is like shooting a hole in the side of your own ship. Once idiocy like this is published, the credibility of all the articles posted becomes suspect.”
          No. This isn’t supposed to be a news site and I don’t think it’s trying to be.

  22. Elliot Rodger is a simple mad man who used incel
    as the reason for his killing spree. There was no
    justification for it. And evil needs no justification.

  23. This article is filled with factual errors and imagination.
    Conspiracy theorists are weak-minded fools not because they possess special insight into what “really happened” but because they cannot fathom the infinite randomness of the universe itself.

    1. Idk about this incident being a conspiracy or not but it is fucking stupid to believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy. So many wacky things have been proven to be conspiracies: The CIA involved in the drug trade, for example. To think that this could NEVER be the result of a conspiracy is just as stupid as thinking it was without evidence. You sound really fucking dumb when you say that “randomness” is the only thing guiding the universe. Powerful people do all kinds of crazy shit to shape the behavior of the proles; wouldn’t mean a thing to them to set up some shootings across the country.

      1. You are (probably intentionally) confusing real life plots with conspiracy theories. A conspiracy theory is an irrational explanation for evil events which responds to any contradictory evidence by enlarging the circle of supposed conspirators. For example, this particular conspiracy theory has already had to morph to include those two ditsy UCSB broads as part of the circle of elite g-men. lol.

        1. Attend any Court in the land and you will see conspiracy’s being proved on a daily basis, conspiracy’s do occur as you admit people do plot in in real life.

        2. And yet I just above explained the world of difference between a mere conspiracy and a conspiracy theory. Try reading it again.
          It turns out that the only conspiracy theory that may actually exist is the one that has taken hold of your brain and given you the impression that one should use apostrophes to make a plural.

        3. Again conspiracy’s are proven on a daily basis in Courts of law across the land. The police and District attorney have conspiracy theories which are investigated, many of these are proven correct and the conspirators are sent to prison.
          Why do you believe otherwise ?

        4. Let me try it again in language and grammar that maybe you can understand.
          Conspiracy’s and conspiracy theory’s are different thing’s. Conspiracy’s are run-of-the-mill plot’s that happen all the time. Conspiracy theory’s are an entirely different thing. They are an irrational explanation for evil consisting of hypothese’s that respond to contradictory evidence by enlarging the circle of conspirator’s.
          Did that help?

        5. Having a theory is a precursor to proving something. Every day in Courts across the land the police and District Attorney prove their Conspiracy theories before Judge and Jury.

        6. You used the term.
          It just means people breathing together. This happens all the time in situations both great and small.

        7. A conspiracy theory is not irrational by definition; it is just a theory. The thing that always amazes me is that people assume there would have to be so many people in on it; the girls in the video wouldn’t have to be involved, I think the point he was trying to show was the obvious coaching on what they were to say. Of course the news crew would have received their instructions as well and it isn’t like they would stop and ask their superior “but why do you want me to present the story from this angle if we don’t have all the facts yet?”, they just do as they are told like anyone else would. That is what you have to “get” to understand how conspiracies are pulled off – PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD. Follow the link below from a “credible” source.

          If you didn’t already know it to be true and someone told you that the government was experimenting on people by dosing them with LSD, you would assume that was an “irrational conspiracy theory” but it turned out to be true. My point is when you flatly deny even the possibility of a conspiracy having taken place, it is in fact you that is being “irrational”.

      2. … but it is fucking stupid to believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy.

        I don’t believe I said any such thing. Straw man argument is stupid.

        You sound really fucking dumb when you say that “randomness” is the only thing guiding the universe.

        Not really, I just sound like someone who, you know, actually studied quantum mechanics.

        1. So Professor, “randomness” is the only thing guiding the universe? People have no ability to impact their environment? Your field of study is nonsense.

        2. Oh, people have impact on their environment. Now, quickly, go predict where the stock-market will be tomorrow! Go do it! You’re the one trying to tell me there’s nothing random about human impact on life, so go predict where it will be tomorrow! Go ahead! Do it! It’s not random, right? So it should be no problem for you.

        3. So you think that just because you couldn’t predict something, it must be completely random? Idk what team is going to win the Super Bowl next year but one will and it will be the result of them purposely trying to win, not randomness. If this is your best argument for “quantum mechanics” then I stand by the statement I made earlier – your field of study is nonsense.

        4. ran·dom – adjective
          1. proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern: the random selection ofnumbers.
          2. Statistics. of or characterizing a process of selection in which each item of a set has an equalprobability of being chosen.
          3. Building Trades.
          a. (of building materials) lacking uniformity of dimensions: random shingles.
          b. (of ashlar) laid without continuous courses.
          c. constructed or applied without regularity: random bond.
          4. Informal.
          a. unknown, unidentified, or out of place: A couple of random guys showed up at the party.
          b. odd and unpredictable in an amusing way: my totally random life.

        5. Yes, randomness is a concept. It is not the only thing governing our universe though.

    2. Attend any Court in the land and you will see conspiracy’s being proved on a daily basis.

        1. zombiekiller117 knows movies aren’t real, they are a figment of feminists projecting light from their diamond encrusted manginas.

    3. The problem is that you are saying conspiracy theorist RiGHt oFF tHE BaT.
      Snowed as good as said that all the Info needed to snag the 9/11 gang was there in the NSA CIA FBI and MI5 and German organization. Is it that hard to imagine that Paul Wolfowitz might have been aware? He gave a speech to the Westpoint grads of 2001 that focussed on Pearl Harbor.
      The look on his face was staggeringly evil.

    4. If the universe is ‘infinitely random’ then science is impossible, SILLY

        1. Science works according to laws because the universe is not ‘infinitely random’.
          If the universe were infinitely random then science would be impossible.

        2. Jesus H. Christ, are you really this fucking stoopid or are you just pretending? Great men do not fill their brain with nonsensical hyperbole and “conspiracy’s” lol. Leave that shit to the women whose thoughts are like a fart in a whirlwind.
          Peddling wingnut ideas is far removed from what men of character, honor, and integrity would do.

        3. And the laws of the universe say that it is impossible to know exactly where a subatomic particle will be without simultaneously being completely unaware of it’s momentum in space. It’s called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and it’s effectively a law of physics. So yes, infinite random is part of science, and part of the universe.

        4. You believe that the concept of nature working according to laws is a ‘wingnut idea’ ?
          Isaac Newton would be proud of you……
          The truth is that police and the District Attorney prove conspiracy’s on a daily basis to Judge and Jury in Courts across the land.

        5. No, the universe is not infinitely random, if it were there could be no science, as science demands falsifiability ( the ability to recreate a reaction ).
          The Heisenburg principal merely states that humanity lacks the ability to track both speed and location at the subatomic level, it does not mean that subatomic particles are not subject to natural laws.

    5. yeah if you don’t believe any and everything presented to you on TV you’re a weak minded fool

      1. I didn’t say believe everything the MSM says, but that doesn’t mean going off and writing trash like this article, finding conspiracy with facts that got about as much thought as one of the authors farts.

  24. If Roosh et al want to keep this article up, they had better put a big disclaimer at the top.
    Otherwise this will be the end of RoK.

  25. hey everyone, who the fuck is “us”? Men, guys, dudes? I have a dick between my legs and im a proud feminist among other things. If you cant see that some toxic ideas of old school masculinity are not healthy and have to go then when can you join the rest of the world in 2014? “Men” are not being attacked, sexism, racism, homophobia and sexual assault are.

    1. …keep telling yourself that. At some point you’ll be standing in divorce court or summoned to HR try and explain some horrible offense to the fem-ocacy. Just tell ’em you’re on their side! You’re a card-carrying lady-man an they got you all wrong! See if they don’t hate you even more for it.
      Stickin feathers up your as won’t make you a chicken.

  26. I’d much prefer if this article had appeared somewhere else. False flag events have happened but even if there were plentiful evidence this wouldn’t be the right place to produce it.

  27. Well, we all know what David Futrelle will be writing about next. The headline will read “Manosphere denies shootings ever took place”! Thanks for making us canon fodder to our enemies.

  28. Bizarre article, but I liked this line:
    Clue #22 that these girls’ vaginas aren’t the only things fishy here is that…

  29. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not clear on what you mean by “hoax”.
    What are you saying happened, then?
    A.) No one was ever killed?
    B.) People were killed, but it wasn’t Elliot Rogers who did it?
    C.) Elliot Rogers killed them, but the government put him up to it?
    I don’t want to dismiss your claims out of hand, but it’s awful hard to tell what you’re saying.

    1. If past false flags are used as a model, then it is very likely a combination of B and C.
      And with point C, Rodger might not have been aware that he was “recruited” by any government agency. He may have simply been an “asset” covertly guided by agent(s) who themselves were operating under cover. This is standard operating procedure in spycraft.
      Here are two of the finest books on the subject:

  30. Actually, if anything here has been faked in order to attack the manosphere, it would appear to be this very article. Read through this, it just looks like the kind of thing someone would write if they were trying to tar the movement as whacko, out of touch geeks. The use of alpha and blue bill concepts here feels tacky and forced. And lionizing the most evil dude on GoT, while also displaying an affinity for Orwell? An 8th grader could see the contradictions. And finally, the “orgy of evidence” that this was all a hoax is thin, and laughable. No one sees the manosphere as such a threat that they would fake a massacre. BTW, who in god’s name do you think would have the resources and motivation to even attempt this? No no no… if there was ever going to be a false flag take-down of the men’s movement, it’s THIS ARTICLE.

  31. Preface: Posted this under the wrong blog by accident hence why it is a copy and paste job.
    Interim though since posting in wrong location 15 minutes ago: Chill out men. No one who is driven to this site by a feminist hater is all the sudden going to change their mind and not take the red pill. What it will do is bring those lost souls who are still able to think give them something new to contemplate.
    Begin original post —-
    If Roosh was trying to up the hit count to get a better July sponsor he is going to get his wish. From a PR standpoint this piece is obviously not the best one to publish given the current political climate (also have it follow a blog entitled “The Importance Of Cultivating A Killer Instinct” is sure to get some out-of-context mentions.)
    But, I’m glad some legitimate internet forums have the balls to publish even far out commentary such as this one though. We should not give into censorship, even if it is constructive censorship based upon speculative negative public reception. I like to think somewhere on the internet there is still a marketplace of ideas where even those with far out ones can find space to publish their views.
    If you think this guy is off his rocker, completely insane, then that is fine. Use your own independent thought and judgment to make that call. Don’t let hysterical cries of offense, etc. drive you ability to process information, develop a hypothesis, and make up your own mind. Just because someone has an “extreme” idea does not make it illegitimate. Lots of ideas that were once considered to be extreme by the vast majority of society have become adopted by an a vast approving majority in later generations. Want one recent example? Take gay marriage. Even as little as ten years ago it polled horribly and was considered to be politically dead. Now it looks like the US will have universal gay marriage within a few years either the result of a Supreme Court ruling or tide of public opinion swaying lawmakers and voters. (Just note I use gay marriage as an illustrative example without approving or disapproving of the policy. It is just an example of how the marketplace of ideas works when people are free to hear ideas and make up their own minds.)
    Think for yourself, encourage others to do so, and don’t let the masses tell you what to believe.

  32. This article is going to hurt way more than it could have helped. Why not just make the point that the event will be politicized and used against us? Now in addition we’re seen as paranoid conspiracy theorists.

    1. And where did you get that idea that conspiracy theorists were crazy? Just a few days ago while my daughter was watching Jessie, the character Luke asks Michelle Obama about there being a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Jessie chastises Luke with “Don’t bother her with your ridiculous conspiracy theories”. You’ve been mind controlled your whole fucking life.

  33. A hundred Elliot Rodger’s would be hard pressed to marginalize or discredit the manosphere as quickly and effectively as this moronic article.

  34. LMAO this is a joke right……Roosh are we beginning to grasp at straws now? I thought you all were a joke before but this solidifies it. You actually allowed this to be posted on your beloved site? My god this is pathetic. No war is necessary when you all begin shooting yourselves in the foot.

    1. Disagree.
      We are living in an era where it’s time for the truth, the FULL TRUTH and nothing but the truth.
      When it comes to truth: GO BIG OR GO HOME.
      I, for one, am glad that ROK has decided to GO BIG.
      Yes, this site will now take a ton of flak from the mainstream. But so what. The dam on Red Pill, MGTOW, etc. was bound to burst sooner or later.
      Might as well make it sooner and see where all the chips fall.

  35. This article was one huge brain fart.
    You have just given the feminists “proof”, Einstein.

  36. Hmmmm. You’re reaching pretty far on this one. Are you implying that Rodgers was some sort of Manchurian Candidate?
    ROK can do much better than this. I look forward to reading the comments of rational ROK readers who reject this nonsense. We are not sheep who can be led around by any dumb, foolish troll article.

    1. “troll” -adj. Anyone with a dissenting opinion that’s not compatible with group-think.

  37. It turns out that he wasn’t the first male feminist killer then…

  38. Who the hell approved this crap. The only thing suspicious is that interview video, which actually is very suspicious, but doesnt prove anything. The shadows are where they should be on the bushes.
    And the biggest hole in every conspiracy is “Why bother staging a hoax when its cheaper to just get someone to do it?” And if the government was really intent on scaring us into surrendering our guns, thered be school shootings daily.

    1. If you control all the players then you don’t have to worry about someone’s relative investigating and linking you to the crime, SILLY.

    1. None were inside jobs. Randomness exists in the Universe, and many humans are deeply flawed and will murder and/or follow murderers. Deal with it.

      1. Bali wasn’t carried out with 150 pounds of garden fertilizer. The public explanation doesn’t match up with the amount of damage done.

      2. You’re just scared because if you realized conspiracies were true, you’d have to get off your fat ass and do something about it. It’s much easier to go with your fellow sheep to the slaughter.

    2. Of course. Because, as we all know, it is impossible for any person to ever commit a horrific act against someone else without the help of clandestine Illuminati overlords.
      The reality-denying has reached critical mass among the conspiracy theorists. Their blue pills are bigger than feminists’. And that’s saying something.

  39. Elliot Rodger’s parents were divorced, and there is speculation that this may have pushed him over the edge.
    For American women, I suspect, the occasional mass murder is a small price to pay for the right to divorce your husband for cash ‘n prizes.

  40. Conspiracy theories are for weak minds with weaker souls who cannot accept that there is simply a lot of randomness and evil in the world.

    1. Attend any Court in the land and you will see conspiracy’s being proved every single day.

      1. What does conspiracy own in your mangled sentence there?
        In any case, as I have explained already, there is a difference between conspiracies and conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are irrational explanations for events which respond to contradictory evidence by enlarging the supposed circle of conspirators.

        1. The police and District Attorney offer irrational explanations for events when prosecuting people for conspiracy ?
          Conspiracy theories are proven true on a daily basis across the land in Courts of law.

        2. I don’t know how to make this any clearer.
          Conspiracies and conspiracy theories are two different things. I can conspire to steal office supplies from my job but that is not a conspiracy theory.

        3. If I suspect you and others are stealing office supplies then that is a Conspiracy theory. Having a theory is a precursor to proving a fact.
          Every single day the police and District Attorney go to Courts across the land to prove their Conspiracy theory before Judge and Jury.

  41. Sorry, this is bullshit. You really think the Big Sinister Conspiracy gives a fuck about you? Narcissist.

    1. Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones? They want to reduce the population to 500 million. They hate us dude. They call us “useless eaters”.

    1. Is it really so hard to believe that our culture is so fucked up that it causes men to act out and go on shooting sprees under their own fruition? It has to be a conspiracy? C’mon people. Our culture is dysfunctional. These guys have reached the breaking point. No conspiracy here.

  42. This is a very well-done satire, but if you read between the lines, it’s a little *too* well done. The author shows his hand in the over-the-top paragraphs about the “inherent rights of a man.” Way too goofy and unrealistic, it lost the humorous edge of the earlier section.
    The first part was a really excellent parody, though. Nice job for the most part.

      1. All right, we get it, you’re the next Jonathan Swift. This isn’t really the kind of biting social commentary The Onion does, but maybe you could try and submit it to Empire News.
        Actually, I’m 90% sure you’re really a woman trying to emulate the mindset. It doesn’t quite ring true as a genuine “masculine power” piece. Keep trying, though, there’s a lot of potential here.

  43. Ignore the skeptics..there are groups that have agendas and they don’t go around publicly announcing their intentions-that’s what a conspiracy is. If anyone thinks the emasculation of America is just a serious of coincidences…well, you have to live in the world that you allow. May your chains rest lightly upon you.

  44. One of the hilarious things about conspiracy theorists is that half the time they are pleading for me to “keep an open mind”, and the other half of the time they are telling me that some random grainy ass video proves something “beyond a shadow of a doubt!11!”.

  45. The main conspiracy that emerges during these quite rare shooting events is found in the press coverage.
    Like a 22 year old closet homo needs to read about pick up lines on a website: in order to stab roomies and shoot strangers.
    That’s the press acting in unison.

  46. I will give this caveat. “Don’t attribute to conspiracy what can be attributed to incompetence”

    1. I will raise you a caveat. “If you do engage in conspiracy, make damn sure it looks like incompetence.”
      Surely as a man who knows game you know the value of plausible deniability.

  47. Here are the google map coordinates for Elliot Rodger’s “Why do girl’s hate me so much?” video location (copy past into google maps and face north).
    34.447807, -119.608094
    Appears the google car last went by in Mar 2012 and Roger’s video is from 2013 sometime. You guys decide for yourselves about shadows.

  48. This article is complete crap. I assume it’s only purpose to provide more material for the “anti-manosphere” blogs and to bring in more traffic (the wrong kind of traffic unfortunately) because it certainly has nothing to do with this website is supposed to be about.
    I look forward to the next piece on how 9/11 was an inside job.

      1. Ah yes, 9/11. The inside job of all inside jobs! I especially liked the part when the government shot a cruise missile into the pentagon in BROAD DAYLIGHT without anybody noticing!!! And we know it’s true cuz there were no cartoon-like wing-shaped holes in the crash area!
        Smh at these conspiracy theorist Looney Toons. It’s hard to take their Acme U science degrees seriously.

  49. Watch out for gov’t shills in the comments. This is a rich target for them.

  50. Somebody needs to get acquainted with Sir William of Ockham’s most famous maxim – the law of parsimony certainly applies here………..

      1. my bad, it’s a girl. shouldn’t have replied. no surprise she’s intellectually lazy.

        1. You’re pretty lazy period if it took you two replies to realize I’m a girl. Don’t bother making a third reply, consider my response just a drive-by shooting.

  51. Regardless to what degree this event was a hoax, it’s obvious that
    1) there is an agenda to disarm the US
    2) the manosphere is under attack, and
    3) the gov’t is in the business of staging false flags (though not all shooting/terror events are staged)
    And these should be the overall concerns.

    1. A lot of good our arms have done us, however. The guns didn’t stop the Federal income tax, Prohibition, the New Deal, the Great Society, the “Let’s pretend blacks are as good as white people” legislation and other arguably bad things the U.S. Government has done to us in the last 100 years.
      For some reason Americans who think that guns protect their freedom don’t want to study why that didn’t work in Iraq. Under Saddam’s regime, ordinary Iraqis could own all the guns and ammo they wanted, but they still lived under an abusive dictatorship. Lew Rockwell, the libertarian writer, pointed this out to Bill Moyers on TV in the run up to the Iraq invasion. And the Christian Science Monitor reported on Iraq’s gun culture under Saddam here:

      1. HAHA! Iraqis under Saddam owned guns? Are you fucking kidding me? Your information is wrong. Christian “Science” monitor? That’s hardly a reliable source, friend.

      2. We gots the internets now though 🙂 A huge mistake by the elites /gov’t.

  52. The worrying part to note is the inclusion of Richard Martinez in this article.
    I mean that guy has managed to use public sympathy to get gun laws drafted .
    If this article was meant to expose a conspiracy theory, it shouldn’t have included him. Even if you felt that he’s been acting. It’s like you’re putting your hand in the lion’s mouth recklessly.

  53. If the Martinez guy is legit then he is one major piece of shit. Your kid gets killed and an hour later you’re on tv trying to champion some pissy political cause? Terrible human being.

  54. Haters – why are the two pictures of the Elliot Rodger crash scene so different?

        1. In pic number 1, the two black vehicles are at an angle to the street.
          In pic number 2, the two black vehicles are parallel to the dark grey line running down the middle of the street.

      1. They’re not different at all. The fence is visible in the top picture and it’s obvious the BMW being next to or behind the suv is just a matter of depth perception due to the angle of the photos. You just have to believe everything’s a conspiracy, don’t you?

        1. oh jesus fucker. how fucking stupid can you be? or better yet, how much are you getting paid?

        2. I hope for your sake you’re just a troll and not really this dumb. If you really can’t understand how things can look different based on the angle the photo was taken then it’s no surprise you’re a conspiracy theorist.

        3. I hope for your sake you pull your head out of your ass.
          The danger of me to you is a buzzkill. The danger of you to everyone else is the enablement of tyranny.

        4. I enable tyranny by not believing nonsense? I haven’t seen a shred of real proof that this was a conspiracy either in the article or anything you’ve posted

        5. It’s not in there because the angle of the picture doesn’t show it. Please tell me you’re not this stupid and you understand what angles are. Then again I’m not surprised you’re probably under 15

      2. Here are the web pages from which the pics are extracted.
        I have no problem admitting being wrong about the shadows in the outdoors video, because I’m interested in the truth above all else.
        Who else here is a fan of the truth?

        1. If you care about the truth you should try to get the camera and lens information used on each of the photos. That would greatly effect how depth can be perceived in photos and why you are mistaking where the vehicles seem to be in different photos.

        1. compare it to pic #2 above.

        2. it is to the right of the car out of view.
          If you really want the truth, go there and try to recreate the photos. I think you will quickly see you are mistaken.

      3. You must be blind and stupid. The photos are simply taken from 2 different angles. The fence is in both pictures, but I guess that’s not going to stop you from seeing what you want to see.

    1. Get back to the meth lab before it blows up.
      I’ve seen smarter cans of soup than you. The “evidence” is bullshit.
      This is likely the worst article in the history of RoK, and it damages the credibility of everyone involved in it'[s creation and publication. Just handing more ammo to the enemy to shoot with. Conspiracy fucktards are morons.

    2. Note the questioning present in all conspiracy theories (“why wasn’t this? Oh yeah? Then how do you explain that? What are the chances of blah blah blah?) rather than statements backed by evidence. You carry the burden of proof of what you would have people accept; no one carries a burden of refutation.

  55. good article/ if you believe this or not, Independent and critical thinking IS part of taking the red pill as is always questioning reality as it is presented to us. Remember who presents things to you? Leftists, liberals, and it always comes with their agenda cleverly hidden. Who gives a flying fuck if this draws attention to us? Time to man up and fight back for what we know is the truth and have no fear. Trust me, liberals and the left are NOT wired for a fight. We as K selected men dominate over them when we have the balls and courage to do so. Every man has a right to express his opinion and we should support each other. I may not agree with alot of you on here on some opinions, but I will stand beside you and fight for you against this feminism and PC equalism that is destroying our countries from the inside out.

    1. “Trust me, liberals and the left are NOT wired for a fight. We as K
      selected men dominate over them when we have the balls and courage to do
      – That is reckless and irresponsible thinking.
      First, Richard Martinez’s media witchhunt has managed to get new gun laws drafted. The NRA has been fucked over this. So don’t underestimate the gullibility of the American public. We’ve fought wars over doctored evidence, which was made to look as facts, and presented with emotional appeal to the American public. But people send their loved ones abroad to fight in those propaganda wars, some even lost them, and the evidence was uncovered years later. But that is what American public is all about, a bunch of emotional fools. Emotion trumps reason here. So thinking that this (even if it true by a long shot), will be accepted by people will fall on deaf ears, and defeat red pill purpose.
      Second, there are no facts to back up the premise. Conspiracy theories look good, but it makes no sense until you can prove them.
      Like this line from A Few Good Men,
      “It doesn’t matter what I believe, it only matters what I can prove”.
      And what we’re proving here is that we are as mentally retarded as Elliot Rodger.

    2. There were *NO* worthwhile critical thinking skills displayed in this article.

  56. Wow I can’t believe this is being posted as a serious article. There’s absolutely no proof that any of the victims are actually actors. Looking at some news interview and saying it’s “obvious” they’re reading off prompts is not evidence. Bullets take strange paths after impacting something quite often. And the green screen shadow thing is just dumb. The shadows look a little different because one’s on a slope.
    When did the red pill become about believing absurd conspiracies? Also, how many articles on Elliot Rodger do we need? Anyone else tired of hearing about this guy?

    1. That’s okay, there’s a new false flag in Seattle we can talk about instead. The shooting happened at 3:30, three minutes later there’s a full page article in the Seattle news.

        1. George Sodini off the top of my head. Most of the mass shooting pre-Coumbine.
          All the wars we are involved in have been contrivances though.

  57. “Our rights as men need not be fought for because they were already ours to begin with. The only thing standing in our way is having the testicular fortitude to stand up and TAKE BACK that which is ours by birthright.”
    Wow…at last someone in the game area actually gets it right about rights. Maybe some of you might read the declaration of independence where it is stated that we are endowed with our rights by our creator and they are inalienable….ALL of them.
    ALL rights are INALIENABLE. A right can be violated or waived. If you do not object to a right being violated then you have waived it.
    Gentlemen. I have screamed at the top of my lungs for SIX YEARS that your governments are criminal cartels. I warned you that they planned to create WW III. MEN called me a “nutter”, a “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist”. Well? With the situation in the Ukraine today? Does ANYONE believe that what is happening in the Ukraine is not planned and staged? Especially since it is a near identical repeat of how WW II was started?
    Because men would not listen to me about the fact their guvmints were criminal cartels working feverishly to get WW III going in a BIG way I decided that I would focus on a rather obvious criminal enterprise. The family courts. No one denies that men get criminally victimised in the family courts….no one. And yet, when I pointed this out and even video recorded my case and posted it to you tube what did men do?
    As usual they just talked among themselves about how to get laid because getting laid is obviously more important to most men than stopping WW III or stopping the mass suicide of men as a result of the divorce courts, right?
    I have been banned from nearly every place I spoke up.
    One question? How is that working out for your men? All this banning me and silencing me? Did that work well for you? Are things better now for men in the west than they were 5 years ago for all the banning of me, the slander of me, the lies about me? Hhhmmm?
    Of course not. Things are MUCH worse today for men than they were 5 years ago….and they are going to get a LOT worse if we do not minimise the effect of WW III. And when you men would like to help me minimise the effects of WW III? You know where to find me…..
    But while I am called “a self promotion troll” and a lot of other names? I think I will leave you men to try and sort out your own problems. After all? Men are so good at sorting out their own problems as they have demonstrated with the family law courts, right?
    As I have been saying for years now….men hate men much more than women hate men….and the hatred of men by men is something that I have made a great example of by being willing to be the lightning rod for a lot of hate by men.
    All that said? I think Roosh is doing a great job. I praise him and support him in what he is doing. I do not know if Roosh has read my books…but if Roosh would like to interview Bill Greathouse or myself….a simple question and answer session…and put it up on YT? I would gladly give my time to educate him a little and to educate the large audience of RoK as to what is really going on and how you might just save your lives.
    It is not enough to say “we should take back our birthright”..You actually have to have a plan….and as far as I know? I am the only man who has put a plan forward that has been shown to work. If you do not like my plan? You are welcome to create your own and I wish you good luck with that because you are going to need it.
    Best Regards

    1. Anybody else notice how this nut is back again, but posting under the pen-name “Guest”? I’m betting he was banned before, and for good reason. GET OUT PETER! You’re a loon! You make us all look bad.

    2. Get your EX out of your system. That’s what you need to do.
      Find yourself a woman. A good woman. And marry her.
      If you can’t, hire 10 high class hookers, rotating one for each week. And fuck their brains out. If you still can’t forget your ex, get yourself another 10 bitches for the next 10 weeks. Fuck so much that you get bored of sex and women. You’ll attain enlightenment.
      Your problem is that you’re not upset with the system. You’re actually upset with your ex. You want to make her suffer. You want her to cry. You want her to share the pain that she put you through. You want to assert your superiority on her. But you can’t.
      Fact is you can’ with hate. It will eat away your soul.
      If you really want to help men, it is fine. But hating women is not the solution here. Because women are a necessary evil in this world. We are all born from evil, if you look at that way though. We know they’re crooked, but the most we can do is tame them. Not destroy them. Destroying women will only be a pyrrhic victory for men. Even if you want to destroy a woman, use another woman for that. No woman tolerates another woman’s presence, especially if the other woman is of a higher value than her. So find a good woman, of a higher value than you ex. And parade her in front of your ex. That is enough to destroy your ex’s soul, if she ever cares – which I presume she doesn’t. You’re the only one suffering, she isn’t.

      1. Protect girls from their mothers and they won’t be reduced to evil demons by evil demons taking out the feared competition as a hatchet job for Society’s whores.
        That’s married whores. Don’t marry women and they no longer have a motive to destroy their girls to protect their entitlement to own exclusive male marital and filial slaves.
        You have to stop treating them completely or they’ll never stop perceiving an advantage in whoring themselves for treats / commitment / marriage.

  58. Sorry – not following – are you speculating that Elliot Roger is still alive and didn’t actually kill anyone? The only flaw I find with the hoax theory is: wouldn’t they have made all the victims women to prove their point?

        1. Pls ignore Sil.
          There is no fence in pic #1.
          The grey lines in the middle of the road are obviously different, between pic #1 and pic #2.
          Rodger cars between pic #1 and pic #3 are at different angles.
          In pic #1 the car is behind the black SUV, in pic # 3 it is abreast of it.

        2. Lol there most definitely is a fence in the first pic. You can see both the brown fence and the shorter gray looking fence just to the left of the BMW. You’re going to tell me you don’t see that?
          Of course a gray line in the road will look different based on how the light is shining on it and the angle the picture is taken. Also, you can clearly see that the BMW is further back than the SUV in the first pic. It’s just a matter of depth perception

    1. It could’ve made sense if the blame was shifted on feminazis, poor parenting, slut culture, lack of game or even his retarded mentality (Asperger’s syndrome) , as news feeds come in.
      Calling this a hoax is irresponsibly moving into dangerous territory. Because people indeed died, and a lot of people suffered emotionally and physically. It’s not gonna make them happy about this.

      1. Which do you think is more dangerous – having your pipe dream of the American Dream dispelled, or enabling everyone to live in virtual serfdom?

    2. You’re not Red Pill, simple as that. The point of this article is to rightfully express the concern that the Manosphere is under attack by the Elites/Illuminati/Gov’t.

      1. “the elites/illuminati/gov”
        i feel bad for you son if you use this vocabulary. it shows your frame and feelings of helplessness in life.

  59. I thought I was on GLP forum for a moment.
    Despite some valid points, I’d rather leave conspiracy articles on the sites that specialize in that genre.

  60. While we’re on the subject of false flags, is it cool if I declare that there is quite a strong possibility that Israel’s Mossad intelligence organization were behind 9-11? There’s a shitload of evidence to back up that claim. Google “Masters of Deception PDF”, it’s a 240 page ebook that describes Israel’s connection with 9-11 and also how top American Zionists were involved.
    inb4 good goyim start screaming “shut it down!”

  61. I do not agree with this post, however everyone is allowed an opinion. Personally, I think a disturbed boy was in a rage and acted out. The real ” cause ” of this was likely the shitty job this father did raising his child.

    1. It’s a pity mothers don’t give birth or raise children Right.
      It’s a pity we learn our father’s tongue.
      What a shame.

  62. @Samson Lamont
    Redo the article and come up with better arguments and evidence or delete it. So far the proof that you provided is unconvincing.

  63. As a UCSB student, I find this article incredibly disgusting. I personally knew one of the students who was killed, and to suggest that he wasn’t saddens me. I do think it’s obnoxious that some liberals are suggesting that this nutjob is representative of MRAs or whatever but calling this tragedy a hoax is sickening.

    1. Just a quick question, are the chicks in UCSB the most sluttiest as mentioned in this article?

      1. UCSB chicks really aren’t that slutty. SBCC chicks are, and they live in IV and give UCSB a bad rep.

    2. Do chicks in UCSB like anal sex? I’d love to buttfuck some white chicks there…

      1. Yeah Elliot’s manifesto says the same thing. He even moved to UCSB to get laid. But he couldn’t.
        He mentions how the girls there open their holes for all the guys on the weekends and especially on Halloween. Meaning UCSB bitches are all pornstars. You don’t need lube for anal with them, even plain water will work. Because their anuses are so loose from fucking around. Never make a mistake of marrying a chick from UCSB, because they’re all assfucked. One specialty of the girls there is that they’re the supreme experts among all university girls in the US when it comes to anal.
        UCSB: Ultra Cunt Slutty Bitch.

        1. ucsb girls are both smart and hot. unlike ucsd girls who are smart and ugly.

  64. LOL
    After reading this article, I wonder if you took too many red pills which resulted in retardation? You’re no better than Elliot Rodger, in fact you’re Elliot DODGER.
    Dodging the reality, with your twisted hallucination that the shooting was a hoax.
    If this was meant to be a satire, it was one sad joke.
    You’re like the Joker who goes out on dates with Batman as his wingman.You can’t distinguish between who is a friend and an enemy, what is false and what is reality.

  65. Well this article certainly spun up some chaos. I’ve never seen so many grown men in this group panic over an article. In the end, anybody can be right. We’re playing e-detective here and unless someone who was ACTUALLY there with photos or video of the crime scene and the people we’re going to have to unfortunately rely on what the media gives us.
    In reality, this shouldn’t even really be sensationalized. It should be kept down to the local area only so nobody gets any ideas. All this is doing is just making people trust each other less and eventually we’ll have new bills passed to “keep everyone safe” because we’re confused children in this country.
    if you want a comedic approach to all this, just take a look at some of George Carlin videos on YouTube. Seriously, don’t get so emotional over this.

  66. you know what? you’re really not that important in the grand scheme of things. i wouldn’t get too upset about this article. just go back to commenting on how women are good for nothing but a pump and dump, and women who abort their children should be executed, and all the other crazy bullshit rattling around in your brainless heads. nobody’s really paying attention to you anyway.

        1. Sup Hanu. We need strong and powerful monkeys like you to kick the living shit out of feminists and smash the modern feminist/faggot society to pieces, just like you did to Lanka millions of years ago.

    1. “women are good for nothing but a pump and dump, and women who abort their children should be executed,”
      Fuck! Are you Elliot Rodger’s ghost? Or are you Elliot Rodger’s resurrected avatar as the Antichrist?
      The author was finally make sense after all…
      By the way, next time you can begin as “Wow. Oh just wow.”

  67. UCSB Bitches are the ones to fuck. The supreme sluts among all university chicks in the US. All of them.
    So super slutty, that they could flood the roads of Isla Vista with their pussy juices.
    Man, you could hire each one of them for an amateur porno, or make one with them for free.

  68. I was a lot like Elliot Rodgers back in the day. Personally I blame the “men are pigs, women are angels” mantra that I heard all throughout my childhood. As a teenager I tried desperately to be the kind of guy I though women wanted… because only through the love a woman could I validate my worth as a “born to be scum” male. Of course my desperation just drove the girls away.
    I think what we need is to educate young men that life does not revolve around women, and that their worth as a person does not revolve around what women think of them.

  69. The manosphere may or may not be right but we are not born with any rights. This world is “win-lose”. Victory is not our right.

  70. Sigh. Arguing with skeptards about likely conspiracies is like talking to a woman about feminism.

  71. I’m going to go ahead and coin the phrase now: NASALT.
    First there was NAWALT, then there was NAJALT.
    And now, we have (or will have soon) Not All Skeptards Are Like That. It will be fun to watch their hamsters spin as the various mounds of evidence pile up.

  72. HOORAY, this is the best article yet on ROK, the ‘red pill’ faggots who attack it should be blocked and banned like the naive little girls they are.

  73. I think that the conspiracy angle is a little out there, although the basic idea that men do not need rights, we simply need men to stop pointing guns at us, is well founded.

  74. People should chill the fuck out here. So what if it’s something Alex Jones like? It isn’t the majority of the articles here.

  75. While I personally believe the shootings did occur, I appreciate the differing viewpoint in this article. I don’t understand all the comment panic attacks about our “image” being damaged. ROK is not a PR firm and is not representative of an entire ideology. We post information and opinions so people can decide for themselves what to believe.

    1. In Australia after the port Arthur massacre you had a few weeks to hand in all guns or face 15 years get less for murder in Australia. There was no proof of motive while a mentally unstable man was the scapegoat. America should be very careful not to hand in their guns as more and more liberties get chopped each left wing govt.

      1. So Roosh should beg for credibility from the mainstream? The better approach is not to care what they think.
        This article was interesting because it made me think. I like to consider all the evidence. In this case I am not convinced it was a hoax.

        1. As long as you have some healthy suspicion and don’t take the MSM word for things, that’s what counts.
          Blind dismissal of valid skepticism (of the official Rodger story) is the problem here exhibited by many of the posters.

        2. I don’t care about his credibility with the mainstream. I care about his credibility with me and similarly analytical people, which just took a major hit by peddling this idiotic yet simultaneously banal conspiracy garbage.

    2. Roosh, with great power comes great responsibility. You’ve built RoK into a red-pill/men’s-rights juggernaut. For many, RoK is the spiritual home of the movement. Thus, poor quality articles like this don’t just make the site look bad, they make the whole movement look bad.
      RoK has a chance to really change things and become a big player in the greater dialogue going on in society re: feminism, gender-dynamics, etc. But stuff like this will take away your credibility and reduce the overall impact.

      1. Nothings ever gonna change bro.
        They will keep getting worse though.
        Get real.

      2. Nothing ROK does will matter that much, in the USA at least, if the 2nd amendment is taken away due to widespread ignorance.

    3. There is a difference between “differing viewpoint” and “total retard”, and this article is so far over the line to the latter side that it just damages your and RoKs credibility on every other issue. When you are in a deep hole, stop digging.
      Now, when anyone wants to paint RoK in a bad light, all they have to do is link to this and say “See? These guys are fucking crazy lunatics, just read this and see for yourself!”, and they will be correct. That is much worse than just being attacked for having an opinion on social issues that some will disagree with.

      1. They will paint RoK in a bad light regardless. Man up and don’t be scared that the corrupt, decadent elite will paint you in a bad light.

        1. dude, I ain’t scared, and it ain’t going to reflect on me, personally. This is not a “panic”, as Roosh said, it is a simple statement of fact
          I am saying that this article just way-too-easily gives any who don’t like RoK all the ammo they will ever need to paint this site as just a bunch of fucking lunatics. And when those who have not yet formed an opinion read it, the vast majority will be repelled by its obvious total idiocy.
          Being “painted in a bad light” for having a controversial opinion is nowhere near as bad as being pigeon-holed as totally batshit moonbeam fucking reality-denying crazy. No sane person wants to be associated with that, except maybe you and your fellow flat-Earthers, like Ruckus for example. You going to argue that, after reading his comments, all his marbles are there?

      2. “When you are in a deep hole, stop digging”
        The rabbit hole of truth is deep, and some people can’t handle it.

    4. Shouldn’t *believe* anything from the MSM Roosh or the conspiracy world for that matter. ALWAYS keep both an open and skeptical mind no matter what.

  76. It is right to show some doubts regarding the narrative. Even Heartiste’s comments betrayed certain doubt regarding most widely pushed lone-man-attacks. We should not fear questioning the official narrative – of course everyone doubting weapons-of-mass-destruction in Iraq and other morsels of truth is a conspiracy theorist, since we all know that the media-corporate-political-complex has only the best interests of all men in mind.
    BTW – the report on CNBC is incredibly infuriating: MRAs inspired shooter according to that Jessica Valenti: Words like toxic masculinity, men obsessed with jaw-line-angles(PUAHate morons) and of course misogyny are all lumped together with a mentally disturbed gunman (regardless whether fake or not).
    Valenti a Feminazi, who recently married her Beta-Orbiter after 15 years of merry Alpha-carousel-riding. Hang in there future Elliott-Rodgers-wannabies – you can have this prime piece of ass too just before the wall hits her for good:

  77. I used to know a guy who died of a “heart attack” two weeks after he decided to protest his trade union and several others who have had death threats for less, so this doesn’t seem unlikely, some people will go extraordinary lengths to silence or discredit anyone. In some places in Europe a hit is worth less than $10 000 and there was recently a shooting where a police officer was killed while trying to do the mafia’s dirty work by shooting a former “businessman” about 3am. The police came out with a statement that the “businessman” has made a threat to shoot up a school so they had to take him out but couldn’t. Interestingly enough they arrested some of his relatives as well.

  78. That’s like posting an opinion that the world is flat and controlled by reptilians so that people can decide what to believe. Seriously, we need wise opinions, not every opinions. The view presented in this article is totally retarded and the author should be forced to be a reader of RoK, not writer.

    1. This is like feminists protesting and shutting talks by Warren Farrell or Karen Straughan–citing the exact same reasons. Don’t go down that road no matter how much you may disagree with it.

  79. Roosh, ROK is great and the range of articles you post helps make it great. People are hating on this article because:
    * Quality control – this one looks like it was rejected from some tinfoil hat Illuminati space lizards forum. It doesn’t offer any actual information or a well argued viewpoint, just cuckoo bananas nonsense. A good band has a range of songs to play, but they don’t pull down their pants and fart into their microphones just for the sake of letting their fans decide for themselves if that’s good or not.
    * Retard control – most ROK articles inspire lively debate and discussion. This one brought Ruckus out of his meth lab / doublewide to crapflood the comments.
    * Six people were actually murdered by Elliot Rodger. Saying that was a hoax is just shitty, even if the writer is blatantly trolling or has mental issues.

    1. You remind me of a TV host who said it is ‘blasphemous’ to question whether a terrorist attack is a false flag. These show killings happen for a reason and happen only in certain places. The general trend of attacks like Elliot’s seems to support a certain theory of gender violence, it’s the evidence that appears to prove the theory and it only appears in places where the theory is popular. A lot of coincidences and in the big picture there is also a lot of money involved in the whole process, istitutional feminism is a multi-billion dollar business. And we all know human life is not really that important to them, you don’t have to be Sherlock to connect the dots.

    2. “A good band has a range of songs to play, but they don’t pull down
      their pants and fart into their microphones just for the sake of letting
      their fans decide for themselves if that’s good or not.
      * Retard control – most ROK articles inspire lively debate and discussion. This
      one brought Ruckus out of his meth lab / doublewide to crapflood the

  80. This article has reduced the integrity of this site. It never should have been posted.

  81. Well, with active shooter Justin Bouroque shooting those five cops in Canada, just be prepared for more gun prohibition narrative to be pushed by the Government Media Organs, along with more shit being flung at the demographic found here.

  82. “A Man who worships strength, since it is strength that makes all other values possible.”
    – Brawn never beats brain.

  83. I said this right after it happened. Never believe anything in the media.

    1. This is the type of thread that separates the true red pill men from the purple pill ones.

  84. The real reason why this post sucks is because six people actually died.
    Three of them brutally, by a knife. And their families cried.
    If this is a hoax, then Elliot Rodger must be buttfucking a hot sexy blonde from UCSB over the past week to lose his virginity. And if he resurfaces, his next video will be on killing the women who gave him urethritis from sex.
    It could’ve made sense to blame anything else for the shooting, but to deny that it happened is itself a hoax.

  85. There’s one clear indicator whether an accident like this carries any hidden agenda or not – the amount of media attention it gets.

    1. Yep. Makes ’em look like a bunch of crackpots. Even the NRA told those yahoos to stop bringing long rifles into Burger King.

  86. Why the fuck would this new world order use a green screen for a video wherein he just talks to the camera in nature? It’s completely stupid and stuff like this is why I don’t take these ideas seriously.

    1. Serial Killers love to leave clues, and the Illuminati are no different. They have a deck of playing cards depicting societal ruin and false flags, and they lately have been shoving the occult down everyone’s faces.
      You don’t take these ideas seriously because it would hurt your brain and your feelings to do so. Feminists think the same way.

      1. Maybe you are part of the illuminati and you are doing their bidding by leaving clues?

  87. This is some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever read. I’m embarrassed for everyone associated with allowing this to be published. The sad thing is there are so many good angles to attack the response to the massacre; the media never mentions that the majority of his victims were men, his history of mental illness, some evidence that he was actually a gay man. But this shit is embarrassing and disappointing.

    1. True dat. Why would these “actors” subject so many people to unnecessary pain and suffering? They’d be persona non grata for the rest of their lives. Richard Martinez is a despicable human being, but yes, his son really died. Deal with it.

    2. He was a ladyboy but he was in denial.
      Ladyboys are imprinted with their mother’s mind, a bit like girls. In Thailand, where women are hilariously misandrist considering the number that have never worked a day in their lives (thanks to the men they hate), 1 in 5 boys are identifying as ladyboys. 20% of Thai boys are being imprinted with their mother’s minds.

  88. I hate conspiracy theories, the vast majority of which are total bullshit. I don’t live in that neverland. I live in reality. Why did you print this? The damage is far greater than deluding yourself into thinking that you are somehow protecting the first amendment. It truly is a bizarre world we live in now.

  89. I think the shootings did occur, but i like how the article ended and felt very inspired by the quotes mentioned on it.

  90. As unpopular as it may be, we do know that it’s not beyond what governments have done. Hell, Russia blew up an apartment building full of people to blame Chechnya, then hunted down and radiation poisoned the defector that told people the truth.

  91. Excellent analysis.
    I see guys here lamenting their awakening to ‘red pill truths’. Such as all the bullshit brainwashing we got as kids from Hollywood about relationships with women and how they should be treated… Discovering the hard way that they had been deceived.
    Now, turn that sort of awakening toward the history of these United States. You start digging and I guaran-goddamn-tee you won’t like what you find.
    Most of what we learned in school, the offical stories of various big events in US history, are bullshit. False flags and accidents have long been used by this government and others to enable unpopular policies and agendas to go forward.
    For example, on December 6th 1941, the majority of Americans did not want to get involved in WWII.
    Any significant research into the events leading up to PH shows without any doubt that the US government, specifically the Roosevelt administration, deliberately provoked the attack by cutting off US oil exports to Japan, then deliberately concealed intelligence that showed the Japanese were planning to attack PH. And it was merely a coincidence that the most valuable ships in the USN at the time, the carriers, just happened to be out to sea, and all that was parked in PH was a bunch of then obsolete battleships. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Much of the internal communications between the Roosevelt admin and Naval Intelligence (where the Japanese codes were deciphered) are well documented and show conclusively that then knew almost to the day when the attack would come.
    And the willingly sacrificed 3000 American soldiers and sailors to accomplish Roosevelt’s personal goal to enter the war against Nazi Germany and to support the Communists in the USSR, he himself strongly leaning in that direction.
    I’ll go one further and suggest that those skeptic here look into the death of General Patton. He was silence because of his truth telling. That the US could not trust the Soviets and that the war should have continued until the Soviet regime was destroyed, much as the Nazi regime had been.
    The worse things get in this country, the deeper the media, especially Anderson Cooper the flaming queer, has to lay on the bullshit.
    Anybody who takes ANYTHING that comes out of a television set or from a government agency seriously is suffering delusion due to the constant lies that burst forth from those entities in support of a sick and rapidly deteriorating status quo.
    The MGTOW movement is a valuable component in the overall awakening that needs to happen in this country.
    One thing’s for sure. It won’t be females leading the charge against this criminal cartel to protect and secure liberty. It will, as it always has been, be men like us.
    So goddammit, learn the truth. Decide what you think is worth fighting for. Define your beliefs and your principles an by God stand by them.
    Hear the voices of your ancestors and do what is right. Don’t wait for a woman or the feminist/zionist media to tell you what to think because they are agents of those who would destroy us.

  92. This assumes way too much. There are witnesses that are not on anyone’s payroll. Police reports, things that convey reasonable evidence. These United States have about 320 million or so people living in them. That means if there is only a 1/320,000,000 chance of someone creating a mass shooting event, then one may have occured on any given day.
    Rather than go to all the trouble of staging a hoax, it is much easier for the feminized left to stand back, wait for an event, and then start blaming others and things. If they had no other recourse they would say it was ease of access to guns despite California’s gun laws. In this case he made getting laid the center piece of his existence and couldn’t get it done, so obviously, using feminist logic, that becomes our fault. You notice they never blame psychotropic drugs or psychology, because then they would have to look in the mirror.

  93. An essential part of any false flag operation is the army of internet bots ready to swarm in and debunk any notion that an incident was a false flag. The response to this article is all the more reason to question the validity of this incident.

  94. I think it is hilarious how everyone thinks this will “ruin our image” or whatever.
    Why do people need to mindlessly follow a group to have self-concept? Are you all incapable of thinking?

    1. Hence the term “Skeptard”. Th majority of the posters here are only red pill about women, and purple/blue pill about everything else.

  95. Not a fan of this article, it belongs on godlikeproductions site.
    And sorry, Game of Thrones is hardly feminist regardless of what the author says. Women and children are killed brutally, stabbed in the stomach, etc. Plenty of alpha characters with ambiguous morals.

    1. Despite what you believe about the rodgers incident. The author of this article is spot on about game of thrones and I am a fan of the show.
      It is very blatant the dark, sinister and overall “evil” look in which they portray the most dominant male characters. It seems unless they are a full on faggot or at least bisexual like prince oberan all male characters wear the darkest and dreary looking clothing. While the fags wear more colorful “vibrant” (heh) clothing.
      Most all of the male characters would kill, rape women and children unless of course you are a life loving half faggot like prince oberan and apparently in his kingdom they “never harm little girls” but everywhere else does!
      The stories are framed in a way that is fantastical obviously but the take away points that it sends home to it’s ADHD speg tard viewers is that:
      Men(unless youve tasted a cock)=the root of all evil
      Women=just as powerful yet smarter, more charming and capable of ruling the world in a just manner.
      Please, this show is complete blue pill faggotry designed like everything else in the media to idolize women and demonize men.
      If you cannot see the glaring truth in the authors statements about the show then it is of my esteemed analysis as Cpt. Obvious that you are a fucking idiot.

  96. Can we reserve “war” for actual war and not for whenever you’re mildly pissed? See the Orwell quote if you don’t understand.

  97. Actually, I think that the Eliot Rogers case is being buried by the media.
    His dad was a a director for the Hunger Games, a major movie franchise starring an Oscar winner upon which Universal has bet big on.
    His stepmom is a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills (for French TV, but same franchise). His family life, where he is actually in the show but his family pretends he doesn’t exist is available for all to see.
    You would think that with the media on the lookout for white male killer, on the lookout or pretty girl victims… That this would be a big story. But… What’s on CNN?
    On CNN they are taking seriously that Slenderman caused two girls to stab another girl. Eliot Rdgers, the hunger games killer, is gone and forgotten.

  98. It does seem that Rodgers decided to sit down, and write the most outrageous things possible. In that sense, this may be a form of real life trolling, knowing his manifesto and videos will piss off tons of people and bring attention to himself. Why create them otherwise?
    That said, this is fodder for feminists. The shootings did happen, and the guy is clearly mentally unstable.
    Conspiracy theorists don’t intimidate leftists, ruthless nationalists do. Never forget.

    1. Which one did you know, and can you link to your facebook account or other social media to show this relationship existed ?

  99. This is a troll article that has generated mostly troll comments. Bottom line: Elliot Rodgers was the antithesis of everything I’ve read on ROK until now. I’m surprised this article passed editorial muster. All around fail.

  100. i discovered this site about a month ago and read a lot of cool shit, like a good 100 articles. but this elliot rogers shit is turning you into the trolls jezebel accused you of being. bad, bad shit to make light of (and fucking deny on top of it)
    just as the feminists are using it for agenda purposes, now you guys are. two wrongs don’t make a right.
    this shit’s gonna backfire.

    1. Hip-Hop fans are too busy celebrating whitey’s demise to give a rat’s ass about the destruction of our country.

  101. I found the analysis of the dad’s body language interesting. I don’t think it was a hoax either (though who knows?), but he seems like a total narcissist, who doesn’t even care about his son’s death as much as getting to talk about his pet issue on TV.

  102. Elliot Rodger is alive? Or do you mean the young man playing him is out there somewhere? What’s more, I thought this site already said he was the first feminist mass murder. But while reading that piece, it occurred to me, Seung-Hui Cho, the Virgina Tech shooter, could fit the bill as well. Though no one accused him of being a bad actor. And let’s not forget Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook never happened either. So if feminists want alpha males to look bad, they are going to have to up their game in casting. But make sure the victims are really dead. That’s what an alpha would do.

  103. So what do they do with the actors? ship them off somewhere in a remote island? Was there no footage of these shootings? That’s the power of the internet though, because sooner or later EVERYTHING will be recorded in real time, but all the guns will probably be gone by then and everyone will be enslaved. The shootings probably occurred, too many moving peices involved, along with too many mouths that have to remain shut, coupled with the fact that everyone is spying on one another so something substantial would have come out by now. There’s fucked up people out there, and they get ideas to kill others, it’s not that unbelievable that this shit actually happened for real. To be honest, im surprised it doesn’t happen more often….

  104. Do you seriously believe this shit? Is your big manly head so firmly stuck up your own arse?
    I truly do believe there are inequalities that need to be addressed in the family court. That’s an issue that affects everyone.
    But this guy truly hated women. Much like the men who represent the PUA and MRA, if not hate, have no care for women, gay men and transmen.
    If you truly beleived in your own cause, you’d be doing something. I believe in equal rights for LGBTQ in Australia, so I contribute and campaign.
    My Da used to hit my mother, my sisters and myself. He espoused the same ideology on this site. That’s not a ‘king’. That’s a small little man whom I pity.
    I ask: what would you do if your son was gay? Or your child trans?

  105. Many of those criticizing the decision to publish this article seem to view ROK as the headquarters of a formal movement rather than a site that publishes an assortment similarly-themed articles.

  106. “But always—do not forget this Winston—always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

    You can’t fight them.
    They’re too big. Too violent. Too psychotic. Too needy. Too “normal”.
    You can’t reason with them. They know all of knowledge. They know what they don’t isn’t worth knowing. They know nothing is worth knowing. They Know Best.
    Logic is meaningless to them. Evidence, data, proof, facts, truth; objective reality is just your opinion to them. We’re all entitled to their opinion. Their opinion is that you should die suffering to please them. Or they’ll kill you. They Know Best.
    Born. Suffer. Die. No reward. No meaning. No point. If they disapprove, you suffer. When they approve, they stop. Pain and pain relief. It’s not happiness but pain is confusing. It’s a common mistake. You will suffer to please them. Refuse and you will suffer for that mistake. Minimise your suffering. Do as they say. You cannot leave them. They care about you. Guards secure every exit. Try not to think too much. Sometimes it helps. They Know Best.
    Hope is hopeless. Evil has won. No one can save you. You’re on your own. But it’s all right, everything is all right, the struggle is finished. Amnesia is an infant concern. Mind your own concerns. Leave infants alone. It’s for the best.
    It’s alright. Everything is alright. For you, the struggle is finished. You won the victory over yourself. You love Big Mother.

      1. So if we can defeat the Zionists we’re good. Granted, 9/11 is an all-in poker bet for them and they’ll go down fighting, hopefully without utilizing the Samson option. Nukes can be disabled though 🙂

        1. The problem is mothers don’t raise non-conformists as non-conformist women tend not to live for very long. So any red pill line of thinking, no matter how obvious or supported by evidence (9/11 or Kings love their treason), is continually fighting against the masses who don’t merely value lying and deceit (as shrewd Toddler ploys to take advantage of the trusting Sane), they are conditioned by their mothers to recoil from truth.
          Until women value truth (as a virtue), I think we’re screwed. The Israelis worked out how to trick the world into ‘choosing’ or ‘wanting’ to cannibalise itself by tempting shamed women into preying on men > leaving them in a position of dependency in need of dependant slaves. Slaves breed slaves.

          Exodus 1 (KJV)
          12 But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.

          And the cannibalistic cycle of infantilised women deceiving and shaming toddlers for their DNA (to crush their independent streak and reduce them to dependants) rolls on and on. It’s biopolitics. Boys for war. Girls for sale.

          If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.

          A toddler’s face. A mother’s boot. You can’t fight Big Mother. 1984 depicted our dystopian early childhood.

  107. I can say that there isn’t a conspiracy for one simple reason: Why in the blue hell would the conspirators use a blatant Hollywood Leftoid who subscribed to PUAHate? It’s just way too easy for them to create a persona on ROK or some other androsphere site, even have them write a few articles, THEN go on the shooting with the purpose of blaming the truth-tellers.

    1. You can’t say with absolute certainty that it’s a conspiracy or not.
      This is the entire reason I troll people on this thread.

  108. On the video pointing out the shadows:. First let me explain a few things. I’m on the spectrum with an IQ that has tested as high as 142. On the visual spatial part of the the IQ test I scored perfectly. I also am an artist. I paint portraits and other difficult things, not abstract stuff. The shadows are fine. His head shadow, that falls on his shoulders and chest, matches the the other shadows. The reason the shadow on the road tilts a different way can be explained by an incline in the road that is not apparent from the perspective available, but is only revealed by the shadow falling across it, never the less, it is there. If the guy who did the little model would have tilted the lover level, the shadow would tilt with it. Try it at home if don’t believe me.

    1. I think you left out a few of your credentials.
      All you have to say is, walk outside in the afternoon and observe a straight-edge shadow as it falls across uneven terrain.
      Oh, and I have an IQ of 142.1043 🙂

      1. Sure, after I explained it to you. What’s the point of being a geek if I can’t over- explain things in order to sound smart. It’s like you want all the Manosphere blogs on the internet to just shutdown and instead post, “Bitches be crazy.”

        1. Your missing the point that the shadows is just one piece of evidence out of many. Don’t mistake one tree for a goddamn forest.

  109. Whether or not this was a hoax or not, I don’t know. I will however, state a few facts that can be sought out…for what it’s worth…and I know anything can be created on the internet….but facts that can be verified on the internet. How many mass shootings have happened since Obama was re-elected…since he “clinched” the deal and a resumption of power? The answer….a lot. Uncannily a lot…that kook in Colorado, the Virginia asia guy, this latest one…sandy hook….more, etc. Okay…second, there’s a lot of evidence at sandy hook there was a second shooter…this is from more than one witness there. Minimal research will yield this. Also regarding sandy hook….there’s some videos of a parent who had a kid killed ….laughing and joking…then when he realizes the camera is starting to get his reaction…he almost immediately goes to sad,crying face. Actor? just sayin…. More; we all know Obama is a radical anti gun semi tyrant. Steeped in the ways of saul alinsky. We know Obama has already many times used executive power to bypass congress…what many experts say is unconstitutional. We all know that an unarmed public would be much easier to control for the new world order…if it exists….which is possibly the puppet master of Obama. The red pill is about seeing the world for what it is. Is what I’ve laid out here…”the way the world is”. I’m not sure. But I’m also not blind.

    1. Obama isn’t necessarily evil, he might be the greatest hero Humanity has for all we know; only he and Evil will know how dangerously or skillfully or successfully Obama skates the fine line between [being a dutiful puppet for his controllers] and [being replaced as concierge of Empire hotel].
      Does the NWO want the guns? Of course.
      Is it worth fighting to hold onto the guns? I don’t think so.
      Logic: They’re going to get the guns off you one way or another. It can be the easy way or it can be the hard way, but they will get those guns because if they don’t, they’ll have to suppress a bloody rebellion.
      Forbes: 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammo for Homeland Security
      You don’t beat Power in games of power. You don’t beat Power on their turf. Give them the guns so they don’t have to kill you. Don’t give Massa’s plantation whores new life to enslave. Massa can only work with what you give him (and anything you give his plantation whores, you give to him).

      1. Massa isn’t the US gov’t, Massa is the Zionist cabal within it. Once the military figures out Mossad did 9/11 with the aid of dual-nationals within the US Gov’t, it’s game ova for Massa 🙂

        1. New Massa, same as the old Massa.
          It always has been, it always will be for as long as women breed life to betray.

        2. If you remove the Jew it would *not* be the same old massa. I appreciate your knowledge, but if we don’t fight for the guns…have you thought about what might happen?
          The Bolsheviks were also Jewish. Look what they did to Russia.

        3. I concede it’s a tough one. How can guns defeat the State though? It seems like a recipe for a bloodbath, is all. If Russians had guns, would that have stopped the Bolsheviks?
          I don’t know much about the global power structure, I’m merely a humble logician; but it’s always seemed to me that Western arms manufacturers placed Israel in the ME to generate endless conflict (a lucrative marketplace for arms sales). When you refer to the Jew, do you mean the Jewish people or the elite Jews who control the Western propaganda machine?

  110. Waste of space article, and undermines the truth that is often found at ROK. Just fucking stupid to publish something like this on this site. Terrible choice.

  111. Here’s why this was the worst fucking choice for an article on this site. I will now not be comfortable sharing this site with other men, because the first thing they see will be some tin foil hat “false flag” allegation about a mass shooting. I can stomach everything else on the site, including criticism of Jewish power in the media, etc. Calling this shooting a false flag operation is beyond the pale and it puts a really extreme and fucked-in-the-head face on the website. It will prevent other men from reading the good that is here. You can talk about “not needing approval” etc, but you should take this horse shit down. Its damaging, and if you can’t see why, then I gave you far too much credit to begin with.

    1. Fucking leave asshat. Your freedoms, my freedoms, and everyone else’s freedoms are more important than your panty-bunched feelings.
      Grow a pair and use your brain. Or leave the country. Are you eligible for Israel?

  112. 90% from the comments posted on the v-logs of Elliot stated
    “He is like stereotypical villain from movies”
    “I never thought that exeggerated anime villains exist in real life”
    “Noone is talking like that. His way of speaking it’s like taken out from a bad superhero movie”
    Just food for thought. Yes, there are killed victims, yes maybe Elliot killed them… but, you need to dig deeper.

  113. Disappointing that this got published.
    There are actually dead and injured bodies over this thing, and it happened in public. This doesn’t seem to be one of those things where reasonable people disagree. Returnofkings needs to smarten up.
    The advantage of dark enlightenment sites is supposed to be that they are more true and honest than the sea of leftist lies coming at us. From that perspective, this is a huge step back.

  114. With all due respect Roosh, this tripe should not be published. The mission of ROK should be to publish articles primarily about three things:
    1. Masculine self-improvement.
    2. The highlighting of historical events and masculine role models to help guide you along in that self-improvement.
    3. Cogent critiques of the anti-masculine (and anti-feminine for that matter), politically correct religion that rules our society and strangles self-actualization.
    ROK has become a major guidepost for a lot of guys. Stuff like this only makes their attack on us easier, which is something we shouldn’t care about in itself, but why make demonization of us easier, and for a stupid reason, no less? You’ve read the 48 Laws of Power Roosh, so I’m sure you can appreciate what I’m saying here.
    Tinfoil hat conspiracy theories just get in the way of the message we want to convey and bring us down to the level of Alex Jones, and thus alienates a lot of potential guys that can be helped.
    If anything, the Elliot Rodger incident only proves that our movement is needed. Now more than ever. That’s the coattail from this we should be riding.

    1. There is no Liberty or Libertas in a society where the Gov’t stages false flags for gun control.
      How is a False Flag aimed at the Manosphere NOT a historical event?
      Alex Jones is a Zionist Shill retard. Sponsored by Jews, he dares not mention their name. Ever.

    2. This is how you tell a valid skeptic’s opinion – when they demonstrate knowledge of the site’s content and viewership, and know the subject matter surrounding the site with in-depth detail.

  115. BIANCA DE KOCK (yes that is her name) was “shot” FIVE TIMES by Elliot Rodger.
    No surgery, and days later she is walking normally with only a bandaid on her thigh.
    Anyone have an objective (yes, objective) answer to this one?
    Nice acting De Kock 🙂

    1. My bad, I can’t verify that’s she acting. But if you’re not at least suspicious of this, I have a Nigerian cousin in dire financial straits who could really use some help. I have a Paypal account for donations if you’re interested.

  116. How did the guy hit 10 people while he was inside a moving vehicle, with almost little to no firearms training? Sounds to me like something only a highly skilled Mossad agent would be capable of.

  117. seriously, who’s this fucking idiot Samson Lamont? Get out of here, asshole, you should have been shot in place of one of these other poor innocent people. The problem is actually idiots like you, who promote bullshit, sarcasm and jokes in the face of something so serious, and infantile paranoia about your fucked up conspiracy theories. Grow up and get a reality check, idiot, you have been playing too many videogames

    1. This is how you spot shills – look for unsupported attacks rife with cliches and generalities.

  118. the idiot who wrote that post must be one of these infantile fuckers who suffer of conspiracy theory paranoia, who writes ‘FAKE’ on every video they see on youtube. Stop playing videogames and grow up and get a reality check, idiot, you ain’t no forensic science expert, just an idiot

  119. An unfired bullet on a shooting scene isn’t uncommon. These guys aren’t good shooters and will drop bullets or cycle them through the action unfired.

  120. An example of the difference between a shill and a genuine skeptic:
    manmade (no avatar):
    “seriously, who’s this fucking idiot Samson Lamont? Get out of here,
    asshole, you should have been shot in place of one of these other poor
    innocent people. The problem is actually idiots like you, who promote
    bullshit, sarcasm and jokes in the face of something so serious, and
    infantile paranoia about your fucked up conspiracy theories. Grow up and
    get a reality check, idiot, you have been playing too many videogames”
    libertas (avatar of founding father):
    “With all due respect Roosh, this tripe should not be published. The
    mission of ROK should be to publish articles primarily about three
    1. Masculine self-improvement.
    2. The highlighting of historical events and masculine role models to help guide you along in that self-improvement.
    3. Cogent critiques of the anti-masculine (and anti-feminine for that
    matter), politically correct religion that rules our society and
    strangles self-actualization.
    ROK has become a major guidepost for a lot of guys. Stuff like this only makes their attack on us easier, which is something we shouldn’t care about in itself, but why make demonization of us easier, and for a stupid reason, no less? You’ve readthe 48 Laws of Power Roosh, so I’m sure you can appreciate what I’m
    saying here.
    Tinfoil hat conspiracy theories just get in the way of the message we want to convey and bring us down to the level of Alex Jones, and thus alienates a lot of potential guys that can be helped.
    If anything, the Elliot Rodger incident only proves that our movement is
    needed. Now more than ever. That’s the coattail from this we should be
    See the difference everybody?

    1. Unsupported attacks with cliches and generalities – likely shill.
      Detailed, reasoned rebuttal with in-depth knowledge of site, viewership, and background topic – likely a valid, real-life skeptic.

  121. Well the term “Men’s Right’s Movement” is about fighting for the discrimination and issues men face today, such as suicide, educational gaps, no fault divorce, rights for fathers to see their children, mandatory child support, the demonetization of men, false rape accusations, ect. The quote about Valenti being “Quagmire in a wig is hilarious”

    1. Suicide. Suicide is discriminatory against men? I don’t know how your hamster brain even began to think that made any sense.
      And you’re turning intellectual inadequacy and lack of a work ethic into discrimination against men by calling it an “educational gap”? That is a new low. Although I guess you really do need help in school, considering all of your mistakes in this comment alone – including your claim that MRAs fight “for” the discrimination of men.
      P.S. False rape accusations make up less than 4% of all rape accusations. But yes, we should focus on those. Not real rape or anything.

  122. You know guys, God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.
    You do not have to go through life in a dismal state, it was never intended to be that way from the beginning. But everyday women are lied to and told they are supposed to be a certain way and act a certain way, while are men just sit back and allow it to happen. Wake up men and man up and fight for your women before this country is destroyed by us (women), love us women and “Prove It” so we can trust you, and then take charge in love and don’t back down when your women push back, we can’t help our selves sometimes we’ve been lied to for so long. Stay committed and faithful in this and obey God and you will eat the good of the land.

  123. There’s no evidence of green screening, although there is horrible compression artifacts. Furthermore just because the deli owners were cheap that’s not evidence of a conspiracy. We already know the police are incompetent, these are the same police officers that confused two old Asian ladies for 1 250 pound black guy.

  124. So hilarious to hear things like you call yourself ‘masculine’. When I read some stuff ‘for masculine men’ aloud in a bar, every single guy in there cringed like his back was going to break. Whiny little bitches describes all of you. To GET women?
    Really, its very easy. Dont you understand that women are far more sexually frustrated than men? Why do think every woman has a vibrator, or is having it off with her female friends? Because contrary to what you believe, women cant just go out and get laid. First, its hard to find a man with chemistry: has nothing to do with money or how ‘alpha’ …cringe…you are. Its just a mysterious thing you cant account for. Looks dont enter this either. So you meet some guy, seems nice, or whatever, soon as he kisses you, oh God, all bets are off, let me out of here. (You guys would do well to hire a hooker and say: teach me how to kiss. Hint: dont stick your tongue halfway down her throat, dont make a horrible circular movement like you’re trying to clean her teeth). So then we have to make some excuse and try and get away, and hope not to be raped. Men dont have to worry about this. Believe me, there is nothing more unpleasant than realizing that you could go ahead, because you feel bad about leading him on..but then you think, this is my body, why should I share it with a man who just wrecked his own attractiveness and is now squeezing my breast like he wants to rip it off and going “Yeah, like that, dont you, baby”…No. I dont like it, and now I want to leave.
    I mean, why should I? If I took off my clothes and revealed myself to be fat, I dont think the man would feel bad about leading me on and go ahead. He’d make an excuse…or just be openly insulting..and leave. His needs are important, but womens’ are not. To creatures like you.
    Go on, I dare you to tell me that you would ever consider the way a woman feels and do something you dint want to do sexually just not to hurt her feelings? Women do this all the time. We have sex with men that we really dont want to, because we implied we would, and we went back to your room. Then we found out the truth. You dont look so good. There’s no chemistry. You cant kiss. You are rough, you grope. We changed our you would.
    somehow, it seems its ok for a man to change his mind. But a woman is supposed to go through with it.
    See, not so easy is it. We face this all the time. Getting laid isnt simple at all. In fact, countless men are plain scared of a woman who just wants sex, especially if she is pretty. They start the old, ‘but I want to get to know you’ stuff.
    The next thing we face is the men treating us badly afterwards, calling us names and so on.
    Its very very easy. If you want girls to ‘give up the pussy’ dont call them ‘cum rags’. We dont like it. It is vile.
    Learn how to make love. Not ‘have sex’. Learn to evaluate each woman: some will like it rough, some like a lot of gentle coaxing, learn to respond, guide, listen.
    And if men changed…if men openly accepted women being sexual, you’d get all the sex you could handle. But you wont. You want to insult women who have lots of partners. You call them disgusting names. I saw a guy use the phrase ‘used-up cum sockets’ for girls of 25! Yes, way to go. That’s the way to get girls to want to have sex.
    Women are far far more sexual than men. Just look at any real porn, not fake acting porn…try Dane Jones. See what it is really like. We’d like to do that every day with lots of different men. But with men who are good at it, respectful ,and dont call us names, and they are very thin on the ground.
    If there is any woman that you know of who is having a lot of sex, why dont you examine the names you personally have called her?
    if you arent getting laid a lot, it is your own attitude that is to blame. You and all the rest of these red-pill idiots.

  125. I think you’re right about Mr. Rodgers and writing this article took balls, the kind of balls that men who worry about their public image don’t have.

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