How Donald Trump Is Inspiring A Masculine Renaissance In America

Much of the importance of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has come not from his specific policy positions, but what he represents. Much in the same way that Trump’s brash, outspoken style has helped roll back political correctness and shift American political dialogue to the right, his unabashedly masculine personality has (in the words of my friend the Bechtloff) been an injection of testosterone directly into the nation’s bloodstream.

The left has taken notice of this: in the past week, there have been a wave of MSM stinkpieces deriding Trump as a “mens’ rights activist” (a catch-all term for any anti-feminist man) and “sexist.” This past weekend, the New York Times attempted to lambaste Trump for acting like a normal, heterosexual man by publishing an “expose” of his relationships with the women he’s interacted with over the years:

Donald Trump and women: The words evoke a familiar cascade of casual insults, hurled from the safe distance of a Twitter account, a radio show or a campaign podium. This is the public treatment of some women by Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president: degrading, impersonal, performed. “That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees,” he told a female contestant on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Rosie O’Donnell, he said, had a “fat, ugly face.” A lawyer who needed to pump milk for a newborn? “Disgusting,” he said.

If any other conservative candidate was attacked in this manner, he’d immediately drop to his knees and beg for forgiveness. Instead, Trump has refused to apologize, and with the revelation that one of the interview subjects had her words twisted to make it look like she was attacking him, the story—and the New York Times—has been completely discredited.

Similarly, writing for New York Magazine’s new “Beta Male” blog (no, I’m not making that name up), Jonathan Chait attacked Trump for pointing out obvious realities of life for men in America:

About a week ago, Donald Trump managed to say something noteworthy even by Trumpian standards, and unusually revealing. “All of the men, we’re petrified to speak to women anymore, we may raise our voice — you know what, the women get it better than we do, folks, they get it better than we do.” This was remarkable not only in its ignorance of well-established inequalities between male and female pay and household burdens, among other things, but also in Trump’s bizarre political thought process. Trump had casually reverted to discussing men and women as “we” and “they,” as though he were addressing a men’s-rights rally rather than competing for an electorate in which women will compose some 53 percent. “Us versus them” is a standard trope for demagogues, but demagogues usually grasp that the “them” is supposed to be an unpopular subgroup, not a constituency that will cast a majority of the ballots.

Chait derisively refers to Trump’s vision of masculinity as a “cult” instead of what it actually is: the normal state of men in the world. For years, Return Of Kings and other anti-feminist sites have tracked the decline of masculinity and femininity in America due to leftist brainwashing and government social engineering, culminating in the rise of social justice warriors, transsexuality and other sexually dysfunctional subcultures. Merely by being a masculine man in a sea of whiny androgynes, Trump is inspiring a rejuvenation of manliness in America.

Cucked Up Beyond All Reason


One of the massive contradictions of mainstream conservatism is that while it purports to advocate for traditional values and gender roles, its leading figures are all sackless losers. An illustrative example is Ben Howe, an editor for RedState and one of the loudest voices of the slowly-dying #NeverTrump movement. Howe’s wife divorced him and flaunted it in an editorial for the leftist Huffington Post, which combined with his Tweet referring to Trump’s wife Melania as a “whore,” gave rise to the #CuckHowe hashtag on Twitter.

GOP cucksultant Rick Wilson is another fine example of the overly feminized nature of mainstream conservatives. Last summer, Wilson had a public meltdown, claiming that a Breitbart reader had threatened to rape his daughter after the site attacked him for his views on Donald Trump. After conservative pundit Ann Coulter made fun of Wilson’s hysteria, he responded by asking her if Trump paid her for anal sex, backing down after he was the target of an online backlash.

But no man better exemplifies the testosterone-deprived nature of modern cuckservatives than their standard bearer, former presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Cruz is by far the biggest whiner to ever run for high office, blaming the failure of his campaign on media bias and threatening reprisals against those who “supported” Trump’s rise. Similarly, Cruz’s cult-like supporters respond to attacks on him by acting like crybabies, sniveling about “bias” and acting like nerds who’ve been pantsed. Contrast this with how Trump supporters defend their candidate by trolling his enemies and making funny memes.

Dad vs. Mom


Trump’s masculine persona is an invaluable asset for the general election given the creatures that the Democrats are putting forth to oppose him. Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee, is a shrill harridan who irritates men and women alike with her obnoxious voice and phony persona. Bernie Sanders, her erstwhile opponent, is a sackless chump who lets angry black women steal his microphone and dumps a load in his diaper when protesters heckle him at his rallies. The contrast between them and Trump could not be starker.

In a country threatened by illegal immigration and Muslim terrorism, voters are looking to a strong leader to protect them, and Trump is the only one who fits the bill. Early polling showing Trump gaining on Hillary shows this. In particular, polls have begun showing that Trump has an unusual amount of strength among Hispanics, with one poll showing him winning a majority of Latino voters, his stance on illegal aliens notwithstanding. This shouldn’t be too much of a shock: anyone who thought that Latinos, steeped as they are in a culture of machismo, would vote in huge numbers for a shrieking termagent like Hillary Clinton is smoking something strong.

Again, while it’s too early to say how the election will unfold, Donald Trump’s shamelessly masculine persona has been a massive boon to the American social fabric. He may not be able to make America great again, but he’s helping make men great again.

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301 thoughts on “How Donald Trump Is Inspiring A Masculine Renaissance In America”

  1. I can’t wait for the Trump/Putin bro-down. It will be the perfect storm of shitlordism.
    Get ready for the mother of all pecker slaps, you commie faggots!

  2. Forney, I’ve come to expect, and almost welcome your Trump pieces…….You’re right on this

    1. In all fairness, the only person polled was Danny Trejo.

      1. He does count for like 30 Mexicans right? I mean not even that many Mexicans can take him down. At least that’s what Robert Rodriguez movies have shown me.

      1. All it takes is to get someone to read that first speech talking about the “wall” rather than listening to it along side commentary usually gets an “oh ok, that’s what he said” when I present it to a Hispanic. I had a convo with a young Latina that hated Trump and when I said “he was talking about illegal immigrant criminals” it took me saying it 4 times before she stopped hearing me as saying “Illegal immigrants ARE criminals”, I then pulled up the transcript of the speech and after she read it she had completely changed her tune. Took me all of 5 minutes.
        Go figure, the medicine for irrationality is rationality.. screaming back the antithesis of what they are screaming never gets you anywhere.

        1. What you witnessed is the norm. The public at large doesn’t hear or read the speeches and statements of the politicians. What they hear and read is what the MSM tells them. So, when Trump says something rational that the MSM and cultural elites (TPTB) oppose they selectively quote and twist with commentary. The public then believes that Trump said a bunch of hateful things that he never said. I takes a lot of work, sometimes like you one person at a time, to show people the facts so they can overcome the MSM propaganda.

  3. Trump is a strong alpha-male and the idea that he will influence young men to be more traditionally masculine scares the hell out of leftist/feminist types. They want carte blanche to wussify and feminize the next generation of boys. And Trump is an existential threat to that endeavor.

    1. Man I’m sick of that wussifying / feminizing you mention. It’s a critical mass thing, that’s why ROK and other such sites are important to empower those who think like us and increase their numbers

  4. I look forward to the day we stop fighting battles with hashtags and start using guns. I’m waiting to see what happens with the Trump election, with some hope that there is still a chance that we can address the leftist cancer without violence. I don’t see that as being possible, however.
    Let it happen while I’m still young enough to be any use to you. I’m already too old and out of shape to fight a ground war, but I’ll be risking my life on the home front just the same to protect white cities from the Jewish armies of the Nig.
    Men like George Soros will encourage their mercenaries among BlackCrimesMatter to stage a Category III Chimpout should Trump somehow out-Jew the Jew and still secure the nomination. It’s only going to continue to get more and more hostile the closer we get. I expect we’ll see some police cars set on fire, and liquor stores cleared out very soon, using the Freddy Grey trial rulings as the excuse.
    Cleveland during the RNC will be a major event. Soros is already planning a major riot. The Republjews inside are plotting ways to ignore the voters. There will be bloodshed as they unload busloads of angry organized “professional looters” to act as a human wall between themselves and the voting public outside. It gives them an excuse to deploy their own heavily-armed troops to protect the delegates.
    The appearance of a wall of armed and armored soldiers standing guard at the threshold of the RNC against the white voting populous would have been too stark, too bleak… but when the city around them is burning while the howler monkeys run rampage? It will seem appropriate. However, these troops will do nothing to protect the city. They will only protect those inside as they try to play out their plot.

    1. Globalists have planned for this and they will win the war if it happens.
      The response that is most likely to succeed is economic self realisation and independence and then changing the political sphere through peaceful means.
      It is much easer to do what Stalin did once that system gets into place – which it will if violence erupts – than to rig a landslide in a corrupt democracy.

      1. Remember what Stalin said (paraphrasing): “It doesn’t matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes.”

      2. If they’re going to win regardless we might as well fight now while it will still cost them. A few dead jewish elites is better than no dead jewish elites.

        1. The war cannot be won with bullets because the fundamental problem is that most people have biologically degenerated. Even if you kill all the elites, a new group of equally unscrupulous, soulless and immoral exploiters will rise to the top. This is the lesson of almost every revolution.

        2. The lesson from most every revolution is once you’ve collected enough people with the gonads to kill the corrupted elites, you don’t stop killing them until they’ve been wiped out entirely.

        3. Tons of people go around saying that violence never solved anything. They just expose their ignorance. Revolutions and violence have solved most fundamental issues. The French revolution eliminated the ruling aristocracy and brought in democracy. It was soon overturned by Napoleon into a dictatorship, but that didn’t last. WWII decided by violence that Hitler and the Nazis would not dominate Europe and most of the world. The Civil war settled that succession was not within a states rights. It also ended slavery in the US, as a side issue.

  5. I appreciate the backlash against this PC nonsense and cultural Marxism, but Trump needs to brush up on foreign policy (an area in which he seems woefully ignorant) and publicly distance himself from the openly racist alt right movement.

    1. I would appreciate a president who shuts the hell up about “foreign policy” ie trying to dictate to others what they should do, when don’t even have our own shit together.
      These candidates, especially the republican ones, but also hawks like Hillary, LOVE to talk about how they would murder and destroy other people in faraway lands, all at taxpayer dime, meanwhile they have no solutions for our problems. Trump will put America first and will stop the foreign adventurism. Whenever these pathetic assholes start blabbing off about foreign policy I want to punch them in the mouth. Just shows what powerhungry evil people they are, they would love to be at the head of a world government. Trump at least said he won’t consider Putin an enemy, which is enough foreign policy for me.

      1. But you have to factor in what Putin is doing, namely in Syria and the Ukraine. You don’t think he so casually brushes off Russia’s foreign policy, do you?

        1. What’s he doing in Syria other than fighting ISIS? Enlighten us.
          What’s he doing in Ukraine currently? Did you know that the vast majority of the people who lived in Crimea were ethnic Russians who wanted to join Russia, and it was only the EU globalists that wanted to force them to remain part of Ukraine?
          Did you know that prior to the 2014 annexation of Crimea by Russia, there was lots of pressure on Ukraine to (I believe) join the EU and adopt globalist policies? Putin was protecting the ethnic Russiand living in Crimea from all of this, because he puts Russia and ethnic Russians first.

        2. Ukraine should be part of Russia. It was until 1991 and the separation was meant to be setting up an EU style federal state – NOT total independence.
          Ukrainians who would prefer to fight their own brothers (Russians) to side with people who slaughtered them en-masse in the past (Germans) are insane.

        3. You ignoring the South Ossetian War? I’ll tip my hat off to Putin for taking a strong stance for his country and not needlessly bowing down like every spineless leader in the west, but any American (or anyone else in the west) has to be at least wary of Russia’s motives, given the 75 years of the Soviet Union and the millions who died under the hand of communism.

        4. Stalin (a Georgian) killed many more Russians than he did Ukrainians or Kazakhs.

        5. The Communists did that, not the Russian people. Blaming the Holodomor on Russia, when large parts of southern Russia and even Kazakhstan were just as affected, is dumb.

        6. He’s not fighting IS. He’s fighting anyone in Syria who is opposed to the blood soaked Assad regime, loathed by all Syrians except a handful of Alawites and other non-Sunnis. He is trying to make Syria safe for Iran, a nation that was never punished for the crime of taking Americans hostage from 1979-81

        7. I think that America has so many social, financial, and basic infrastructure/health problems right now that it can not afford to worry about what is going on in Syria and Ukraine. In most all cases this is for the best (typically American intervention is a horrible thing for everyone involved, and makes things worse for both parties), but occasionally there is the chance that America intervenes and actually stops something horrible from happening, or stops something bad from getting worse. We can only hope that there is no such incident which will brew up in the next decade or so, because America simply won’t be able to do anything about it.
          And another point about Putin’s foreign policy vs. Americas. Putin is rightly worried about his borders and his trading partners (Syria, Ukraine). America’s concerns in foreign policy should be focused on places like Mexico. Mexico used to be a fairly wealthy 2nd world nation with a growing middle class, and a great tourist destination, which is on the verge of becoming a narco-state. America could have addressed this problem in the past, but instead we appear to be waiting until we get our own Syria refugee crisis of our own here at home.

        8. I find that someone replying to you hating foreign policy talk by starting a convo about foreign policy is pretty hilarious and you took the damn bait.. cmon man! lmao

        9. ok, next time you’re in ukraine, let the ukrainians know that. doubtless, they’ll get over that little holodomor misunderstanding.

        10. Half of all people are of below average intelligence.

        11. indeed. there are people out there who think the USSR wasn’t just another manifestation of the russian empire, for example.

        12. “at least half of all ukrainians are dumb then, i suppose.”
          The Polish are thrilled that Ukrainians have become (or are becoming) the focus of jokes for being the dumbest of “white” people. However, the “Ukrainians” that are really giving the entire nation a bad reputation are mostly Polish and originate from parts of Poland annexed by the Soviet Union after WWII (huge mistake). Ukrainian nationalist = Polish forest Nazis funded (owned) as private armies by Jewish billionaires:

        13. “He’s not fighting IS. He’s fighting anyone in Syria who is opposed to the blood soaked Assad regime, loathed by all Syrians except a handful of Alawites and other non-Sunnis.”
          Assad is a moderate secular ruler and therefore doesn’t fit into Obama’s plans for a new Caliphate, thus “blood saked” Obama’s creation of ISIS/ISIL and the US backed regime change in Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc. Obama also got a wave of Muslim immigration from the newly created failed states into the EU and the USA, ensuring Europe will be gone in a generation, and paving the way for America to follow (filling up red states with Muslim “refugees,” but no Christians allowed, no escape can be permitted them).

        14. Yeah except Putin is far from a communist. He may have been a KGB agent, but that was his path to power. That doesn’t mean he agrees with the communist ideology (he clearly doesn’t).

        15. “American (or anyone else in the west) has to be at least wary of Russia’s motives, given the 75 years of the Soviet Union and the millions who died under the hand of communism.”
          The only people Americans need to be wary of is other Americans. For “real” Americans, there is no greater ally/friend than Putin and Russia. Russia has become the new America, and America has become the new USSR because of internal enemies.

        16. i’ve never heard a ukrainian joke like the pollock jokes that used to be common in the US when i was a kid. where is that happening?
          my point was that it’s a lot more complicated than “ukrainians should love the russians because they’re brothers.” if you’re trying to say that all the ukrainians i know who resent russia for the holodomor and the current donbass conflict and general meddling in ukrainian affairs are stupid and/or nazis, you’re just wrong and trying to simplify an incredibly complex situation. before you freak out, i’m not saying that joining the EU or NATO (as if that is ever going to happen) would somehow solve ukraine’s problems.
          out of curiosity, do you speak russian? have you spent any time in the former USSR?

        17. Assad is a “moderate” secular ruler?” HAHAHAHA! If by “moderate” you mean tortures and kills anyone who is even remotely a threat to his rule, then yeah, he’s moderate. Kim Jong Un is moderate in your eyes too.

        18. I think Trump should put missiles along the border of Poland/Kaliningrad-like Putin did…and a super-powerful radar in the Czech republic. Tit for fucking tat. Putin would respect that as an act with balls.

        19. annnd the Ukranians who teamed up with the Germans to fight the Russians during the war…I saw the graveyard in Lwow (Lviv)…

        20. Ukrain does NOT have its shit together when compared to Poland, not by a long shot. And its a shame. It has something to do with a term my historian wife -a Pole- uses. Homo Sovieticus…

        21. My undesrstanding is WESTERN Ukrain is much more European leaning, Eastern , more identify as Russian. Those poor people, divided and poor…

        22. Gee, taking out Saddam , a secular strongman, seemed like such a good idea at the time…NOT! Ask Trump, he was against the war about a week after it started, some say earlier, like Alex Jones in his interview with Trump.

        23. There are definitely Plusses and minuses with this Putin guy….but he DID bomb the SHIT out of Isis….and for that I am thankful.

        24. Upvote. Some truth in that. Poland is now far far freer than the USA…although the EU is trying to dismantle their new right wing government as “anti-democratic” when all they are really doing is cleaning house of cuck commmunists who yearn for the bad old days…and getting rich off of nepotism and corruption.

        25. I also think so, there seems to be some kind of force that wants an animosity between Russia and the west. Obviously visible in the MSM and the sanctions. Thing is it is mainly a white country like western Europe and the US and Christian. I’ve only spent a few days there but have met a quite a few of them. There is a cultural difference, and it’s mainly that the place is not into all this degeneracy stuff discussed on ROK.

        26. The Russians slaughtered more Ukrainians than the Germans. You should look up the Holodomor.

        27. Nope, not a communist, but also not a free market capitalist either. He seems to be OK with the Oligarchy as long as he can control the Oligarchs.

      2. You aren’t alone here, not by a long shot. Unfortunately, the game has to be played somewhat, in order to have a seat at the table. If you ignore talking about ‘foreign policy’, ignored by most you will be. If he does any of what he says, a lot more of his focus is on “home” than it is abroad. Where you have his rivals talking about how they will do this and that “with” this and that country. He points out how this and that country adversely affect business and life here. A lot of the foreign policy talk on his end is about shrinking deals outside of the US. His seeking for help is with Foreign RELATIONS, not policy per se. As he acknowledges we have enough to fix in the US that we need not be spending resources on other countries as much as we do…
        No candidate will be perfect, but shit, you would think he is the perfect candidate to gain support from the likes of us. His attitude alone will cause a shift in masculinity in this country if he is the commander and chief. Not matter how small the shift, its welcome and at least will stop the shift to femininity.

      3. I don’t understand “foreign policy” one bit. Why do we need to get involved in anything? When you think about it, Europe is being overrun by genocidal maniacs and it hasn’t changed anything besides my holiday vacation plans. Just make sure that no bombs or Muslims are being lobbed into my country.

      4. It’s sick having Putin as an enemy.. Suppose the US wants to stay #1 in the pecking order and there is the fear that if they relaxed, given the Russian nature, that they might lose their spot. There’s probably more important things for humanity as a whole than the US staying there. Also, it’s probably driven by a need for constant war and to keep the wheels of the related munitions industries turning.

    2. Oh, don’t worry he’s already taking lessons from the masters of globalism.
      The Washington Post reports that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is to meet with Bilderberg kingpin Henry Kissinger this week in order to tap his ‘expertise’ on foreign policy.
      Sources close to Trump told reporters that the two will discuss all aspects of foreign policy, but will particularly focus on China.

      1. So fucking what? Obama met with many republicans – does that make him a republican?
        Look at how Haas responded after Trump met with him and then delivered a soundly nationalist foreign policy speech.
        Listen to Trump on Morning Joe recently.
        He is shouting nationalism into the TV at 8 in the morning after winning the nomination! Can you remember the last time (if there has ever been a time) where a candidate’s positions have hardened AFTER winning the nomination?
        Trump isn’t triangulating. He is winning the argument and bringing people to see things his way. If Kissinger wants to get on the Trump Train, good for him. But considering what an incompetent fuck he was, I doubt he will.

        1. By their fruit you will recognize them.
          Trump says a lot things but often does completely the opposite. For example:
          “The hedge fund guys didn’t build this country,” Trump said at the time on CBS’ Face the Nation. “These are guys that shift paper around and they get lucky,” he said. “They are energetic. They are very smart. But a lot of them—they are paper-pushers. They make a fortune. They pay no tax. It’s ridiculous.”
          “I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him [Cruz]. Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton,” Trump said in one debate.
          And then he picked Mnuchin – a former Goldman partner and Soros employee as finance chairman.

        2. This. I want to believe Trump is the alpha con Forney boasts about. His decisions make me nervous.

        3. Does he have a choice? He can’t work alone. He has to raise money and he has to work with Goldman’s people, who dominate all major financial and economic networks. What do you propose he does, stand on the street and ask for donations?
          The world is a complicated and messy place, and one has to work with people one doesn’t necessarily like. It doesn’t mean that he is selling out, just as much as it doesn’t mean that a rightist student goes to a leftist university to get an education – these are means to ends in a complicated world (I.e. Reality).

        4. Yes, he does. All he needs to do is to take over money creation from the FED.

        5. He appointed the goldman guy to help fundraise for his campaign. He has called repeatedly for auditing the Fed, back several decades iirc.

        6. “Yes, he does. All he needs to do is to take over money creation from the FED.”
          Oh yeah, that’s so easy, look at how well that worked out when JFK tried it. To even get to the point where such a move wouldn’t be assured suicide, Trump or any other President would probably need to consolidate power and clean house (military and intelligence agencies) over a long period of time.

    3. Bullshit. Trump is best on foreign policy out of all the original candidates. He is the only candidate to suggest NATO might br obsolete. He’s the only candidate who doesn’t want to pick a fight with Russia and Vlaimir Putin. He’s also the only candidate (although he wasn’t a politician at the time) who spok out against the Iraq war back in 2003-04. Trump also understands the importance of securing the border and not allowing unlimited Mexicanan and Muslim immigration. So to say Trump is weak on foreign policy is just bullshit.

      1. He supports an isolationist policy in the Middle East (he had no idea what Hezbollah was or who the Kurds are), he’s constantly changing his opinions on Islam (he actually had the temerity to blame Americans during the draw Muhammad contest a few years back), and he thought Muammar Gaddafi was GOOD for Libya. Sorry, he needs to be a little more informed in that arena.

        1. Gaddafi was “good”. He kept the animals in his country. The state department ran a private war to overthrow him.

        2. He couldn’t have been too good orchestrating the Lockerbie bombing, seeing countless tribal warfare and other human rights abuses in Libya, and finally, being sodomized with a knife and horribly beaten to death in 2011.

        3. Gaddafi was good for Lybia and kept the sub-Saharan tribes from invading Europe.

        4. What is wrong with an isolationist policy in the Middle East? It’s the asshole of the world. We have absolutely no business getting involved there.

        5. If it wasn’t for the regressive, totalitarian, savage ideology of Islam, I would be all for divestment and an isolationist policy in the Middle East. Lest you forget, Iraqis were actually happy at an American presence during the Iraq War last decade.

        6. Islam can’t hurt us if we stop taking in Muslim “refugees” like the Somalis and Afghans who are constantly blowing up their own countries and making tearjerker Westerners take them in.

        7. I completely agree. But the U.S. does need a presence in that area so long as Islamism remains a global threat–and it certainly is.

        8. Muammar Gaddafi WAS good for Libya. Now over a third of the population of Libya lives in refugee camps and islamists run the country. It is a no brainer that Libyans were vastly better off with Gaddafi.

        9. Israel. Use Gaza as a naval base…that way we can prevent any stupidity in the Suez Canal.

        10. Amen. I also believe that the Arab states, despite saying otherwise, would rather Israel remain in Gaza; the “Palestinian” excuse is bluster. None of those countries give two shits for those wretched people.

        11. Gaddafi was a lot better than the radical islamists taking over lybia since his ousting.
          And as far as the Isolationist foreign policy in middle-east, how did Bush’s and later Obama’s interventionism work out for us? Did ISIS not rise in the wake of our interventionism?
          I think YOU need to be a little more informed in that arena.

      2. Putin is a modern-day Mussolini who needs to be put back in his box. If we allow a nation with a small (GDP smaller than Italy’s) dilapidated economy (cheap oil is killing Russia’s economy) and run down military to behave like an aggressive world power (annexing Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine, threatening the Baltic States, bombing Syria to keep a pro-Iranian butcher in power) we are sowing the seeds of major war down the road. Trumps “bromance” with Putin is disappointing

        1. “If WE allow a nation to…behave like an aggrsivd world power?” What gives us th right to choose who can do what?
          You do realize that our overseas interventionism under Bush and Obama is what gave rise to ISIS in the first place.
          Do you not miss Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi yet, now that radical islamists have taken over Iraq and Lybia as well?

        2. I believe in national self-determination. If the people of Iraq and Libya want to be ruled by Muslim wackadoos they have that right, no matter how we feel about it.

        3. I propose Trump wishes to stand up to Putin, hence get along and respect….not “wait until after the election and I can blow you.” like Obummer said.

  6. Here we all were, groaning that politics was going to continue on the same as it’s done our whole lives (loser GOP sellouts vs insane Democrats), and a nutter we saw on TV once announced his candidacy. I laughed.
    Then the nutter made enemies of all the people who’ve been waging war against us – the media, the politicos, the feminists, and the SJWs. I smiled.
    Then the nutter systematically destroyed every GOP opponent (despite underhanded tactics), brought back Hillary’s nefarious past, and discredited the whole of the media. I admired.
    Now he’s motivating people to start new businesses, defend American ideals, improve themselves, and rebel against the SJW creep that’s spread like the plague over the past few years. I follow.

    1. 100%. He has literally inspired me to start a business and be the change I want to see in the world. This is the kind of man that I would be happy to see as King and follow into battle, into the pits of hell, if I were white and American.
      He shows that even in an ultra feminised Christian-cuck country, a Strong Man can come to the forefront.
      If he can do it, we can all fucking do it.

      1. He inspires us to be the changes we want to see without the trite bullshit.
        Obamabots voted for “change” – forgetting that eggs rotting and decay are also change.

        1. The ‘Obamabots’ wanted “change”, alright — I wonder if they wanted the change to be for the worse?

        2. I suppose you can’t blame them. W had a disgusting globalist foreign policy and was a shit president economically to boot.
          Obama was, really, a necessary evil. He didn’t change any of Bush’s bad policies, and introduced a host of bad socialist ones. Without him, Millennials would never have realised that Democrat=Republican=Globalist cuck most of the time.
          Without Obama, there would perhaps much less likely have been a Trump.

        3. I don’t believe I ever saw them specify what change they wanted. It was just a vacuous hopey feel good campaign as far as I could tell.

        4. Bingo. This is “without Carter we wouldn’t have had Reagan” part two.

        5. I’ll never understand the visceral knee-jerk hate expressed against Bush. In the aftermath of 9/11 and the years to follow his response was robust, inspiring, focused, and non-ideological. The world, even now, is still not ready to see the cult-like evil of Islamic ideology, the explicit supremacist nature of it. The USA is still reactive and thoughtless in its condemnation of Bush, and I confess I don’t get it. Economic growth continued under his stewardship, and he gave dozens of warnings over a period of years about a coming contagion from the housing bubble, and was ignored. And this happens over and over, successful conservative leaders are destroyed and dismissed and their record ‘revised’. Though admittedly it’s much the same in Canada. Harper and Mulroney have been as thoroughly discredited as Bush has been. The Left is enraged that their destruction of Trump hasn’t caught hold yet. But in the end it likely will, either during or after his Presidency. It’s what the Left does.

        6. 9/11 was a false flag. Look up Steve Piczenik’s recent interview on the Alex Jones show.
          The economy stagnated and Bush continued Greenspan’s disastrous debt binge policies.
          He mired the country in a disgusting war – of his own creation – that created Isis and turned Muslims – dangerous at the best of times – psychopathically against the West.
          He bailed out the banks.
          He passed the “PATRIOT” act.
          Whatever good he did domestically (e.g. School vouchers) was vastly outweighed by his disgusting “Conservatism”. Most people understood that, which is why he got so badly decimated by Obama.

        7. Right the Reagan of Iran-Contra who NEGOTIATED with the guys who Carter didn’t!? As far as the Soviet Union, Senator Pat Moynihan predicted its demise long before Reagan because he too knew it was a flawed economic model.
          Carter – U.S. Naval Academy graduate, staffer for Admiral Hyman Rickover who gave us our Nuclear-powered Navy.

        8. It wasn’t knee-jerk. It was justified because he and his staff wasted lives and tens of billions with the Iraqi conflict. If he had just focused on Bin Laden in Afghanistan, the backlash would not have existed.
          Second, you are ill-informed about economic growth because the type of growth (huge real estate bubble) led to the financial system being on the verge of collapse! Thus, you had so-called conservatives having to swallow their pride and use government funds to bail out the banking system! Real conservatives would have let more banks fail; BUT that would have led to depression and global markets roiled further.

        9. Reagan destroyed middle America, no one has tried to bring it back. The New World Order, (the Elite Rich) want Clinton in because she will be a good corrupt peon. Trump would really fuck up the Globalist agenda. He may be a dick but an awesome Male dick who will level the field for men again. Feminazi’s are fighting as hard as they can because they are scared as fuck of Trump. Vote trump.

        10. Ok don’t even bring up 9/11, it was an inside job, no fucking way it could have been some half wit in a cave. The proof is so amazingly obvious. They even said they needed another Peral Harbour to introduce the policies they needed. Don’t forget Rumsfeld was talking about 3 billion missing dollars from the military the very day before.

        11. No he won’t. Trump has shown time and time again that his actions don’t line up with his words. On every single topic. If trump is what u aspire to be then shut down the site because that’s aiming low…Jesus u guys are as bad as salon

        1. Except it isn’t. allah may be a god to you and your fellow muslims but to the rest of the world, it’s not a God.

        2. Actually it’s the Arabic word for God. Arab Christians use the same word for God but they aren’t cucks like Western European and North American Christian. Feminism really emasculated you guys, huh? You sound very insecure, or why say a mean thing to a woman and minority you don’t know. Feminism is cancer. I mean there are almost no white alphas aside from Donald Trump. Alpha as in like Gorrilla silver back. It’s good that you are showing signs of teenage masculinity with its insecurity, instead of being a beta hiding behind mama’s skirt.
          In Taiz, we had baboons and we lived in tribes, close to nature. So baboons have an alpha, but not like you think, the alpha is nice to the babies, fixes disputes among females and is very calm. The human equivalent is a Sheikh. A Sheikh and an alpha are chosen for their strength and wisdom, they have higher number of alpha waves and lower number of beta waves – what you responded with was after clearly a series of beta waves, I can smell your fear, but at least you are doing something about it instead of hiding behind mama’s skirt. Alphas have a high level of testoserone and can beat any teenage monkey that crosses its authority. Superman is the comic book equivalent. They have a lower level of cholesterol or stress horomone, hence are “chill” “cool”
          Then we have teenage monkeys and betas. I’ll call the teenage monkeys gammas for gamma waves in the brain that control muscle. Beta and gamma monkeys have more beta than alpha waves. So first monkeys a little boys that hang around mama and make sure not to compete with the alpha, and appease him. They aren’t threats so alphas leave them alone. They try to befriend females who are all interested in the alpha in hopes of sex when they come of age. Females use them then brush them aside if they start courting. Eventually some figure out that this strategy doesn’t work. They notice that the alpha has another characteristic – aggression when challenged, and females aren’t. So they start being aggressive, the teenage/puberty faze. It annoys the mothers and older females…. so they kick them out to the perifery.
          Then teenage baboons form gangs. They will even kill a elderly female baboon in their territory or a human child just to show masculinity, like human gangs. In human equivalent, add alcohol and this is the domestic violence zone. Secure females don’t go to the edge of the territory. Insecure ones who go there wondering get raped. Thus they actually “get some” unlike betas. They don’t get the quantity and quality an alpha gets, nor the respect of the society. But eventually some grow some wisdom in addition to their strength, the alpha dies, one of them takes his place, and falls into the role. The testosterone rises, cortisone falls.
          In Yemen, when I was 12, some 13 year old boys discovered the whole mama’s boy thing didn’t work so they decided to throw cockroaches at girls and got in trouble at the principal’s office. It worked with an insecure girl, but 9s were just not falling for it. They even set the desk on fire in the science lab. Still didn’t get them above a 5. One Palestinian girl (their wormen are like tanks), who was a 9, all the right curves, hair between brown and blonde (all guys though it was exotic) exotic green eyes, very feminine, they tried the cockrach thing on her. She beat them up, both boys ended up in the nurses office. That’s when they began to fine tune their game, learned to flirt without cockroaches and number close. Suddenly girls started chasing them and even from other schools.
          In the west outside of Eastern Europe, white guys tend to be either beta, omega simp or teenage monkey, 13 year old in the rest of the world, gamma. A gamma has no problem getting laid with feminists, drunk sluts. But a Melania Trump type? Never. Trump is an alpha, he gives $100 tips, doesn’t look down at weak people, never said anything racist about Muslims or mean, just dealt with the security issue. Notice he still has businesses in the Middle East. But he’s really tough more than anyone on bad guys, like mainstream corrupt media, ISIS, Hillary and also tough on his rivals and those who challenge him like on Cruz and Rubio. He’s secure and confident in himself. I have been in his pageants – I have seen sexual harassment in other workplaces, but there was not one shred of disrespect towards women in the Trump organization.
          A model like Melania would never date someone mean to waiter or someone smaller than them, or they might get drunk one day and hit her or her kids. High value women look for a good father for their kids, and someone who might get drunk and beat them up and kill them in a fit of rage is not a good father. Feminists and land whales who are insecure… realize beggars can’t be choosers. Insecure women feel they can only resort to teenage jerks, and feminism makes women not understand how male attraction works (by protesting pageants, pushing for disgusting androgynous ugly women in fashion magazines) . No female is attracted to a beta at a gut level. If he has money, some may rationalize that better him than the guys that hurt them, but they don’t feel that attraction.
          An alpha has strong boundaries, is aggressive but channels his aggression to make money for example. A teenage gang monkey is aggressive towards the weak but kisses up to an alpha that will put him in his place. My mom’s miniature poodle is like that. SHe’s very aggressive and barking at chihuahua. A German shepard comes in, she hides behind my mother’s legs and kisses up to it. She loves riding the car, because she thinks it makes her a big dog and starts barking at all the dogs. Small dog mentality. German shepards on the other hand don’t bark, but if someone attacks their owner, they attack and can even kill the person – alpha strength.
          In the west few men are like a German shepard: calm, loving reserved, nice to kids, … but someone attacks its family/human guardian, they are dead. Most western are men outside of eastern Europe like a happy puppy or my mom’s poodle who barks at smaller dogs and kisses up to big dogs. It’s good you are at the teen stage, and this site caters to that, but there are more steps up that masculinity ladder. You should seriously go out there and observe and study apes like baboons, Gorillas, watch all documentaries you can. Good on you for not being a beta, and best of lucky being secure in your culture and faith.

        3. I really like this post and agree for the most part, but damn is it long. When I clicked “read more” I thought I’d just have a few sentences left. This is no reason of an article than a comment.
          The teen angst stage is necessary. A man has to be insecure about his masculinity before they can acknowledge that it needs to be developed.

        4. I’m not going to respond to the bulk of your post, but one thing I can’t let go is your comment that Arab Christians aren’t “cucks.” They’re in truth many times worse than that: they’re cowards. While European Christians fought against Islam for over a millennium, the Christians of the middle east allowed themselves to be subdued and destroyed, their culture and languages to go in perpetual decline, and their invaders to lead their children into slavery. In contrast, Europeans conquered by the Ottomans revolted about once every generation until they threw off the yoke. In the battles to come, I imagine they’ll be about as useless as they’ve always been. For how a real Christian responds, see the Cossacks letter to the Sultan (its authenticity is in doubt, but I’m an optimist).
          Also, know that Christians don’t reject Islam because we don’t like its culture, or because it is violent, or we think it is too foreign, or because we’re racists. We reject Islam because it isn’t true. Muhammad was a liar or demon possessed or both. Simple as that.
          As for you posting here, I don’t care, but if you’re going to complain that you’re being attacked because you’re a woman and a minority, cry me a fucking river, babe. White Christians are now strangers in a strange land, one that was once their own. None of us need you to tell us how to run our own civilization. But you should really ask yourself this: if Yemen is so friggin’ great why are you not there?

        5. A woman who is anti feminist. Are you fucking high? This whole comments section is nothing but betas who wish that they were alphas. Only castrated goons talk about masculinity. A strong man is simply strong. Trump’s obsession with power proves his fundamental weakness.

        6. My mom doesn’t have the equipment to penetrate you anally like you’re used to.

        7. Well let’s hope the aids kills you before you can do any further harm. I would say Satan will be butt fucking you in hell, but youd probably like that, so I guess they’ll be a bunch of vaginas flying at your face for eternity or something.

        8. Oh no! Not vaginas! My weakness! You’re gonna have to do better than that, weakling.

        9. You’re seriously obsessed with my sexual preferrence, huh? That’s weird, dude.

        10. You’re the one trying to flirt with me, nigga. How long have you been a homophobe?

        11. I am an Arab woman’s rights activist who is anti feminist. Really western feminism is that bad because it’s based on cultural Leninism, and overthrown the male bourgeoisie, and having and female and confused gender dictatorship of the proletariat. Actually the west is castrated, all of it. Look at how Obama left Syria and Ukraine to die, castrated by feminism. That’s why there is even a discussion about it. The soviet union took advantage of western democracy, thought it was stupidity and influenced what academics it could to be useful idiots for their failed social experiments. Like most politicians, Trump is obsessed with power. Those who are not are low energy and don’t fight all the way through.

        12. LOL. You sound like you never lived in the Middle East, and in Russian we call people like you a prison rooster, a weak guy who puffs up his chest at someone he thinks is weaker than him but takes it in the ass from the risk of the prison.
          I studied in Canada and married a Ukrainian and he has opportunities in Canada, and it would take a while for him to learn Arabic well enough. But its much more civilized in the Middle East, we don’t have to deal with barbarians like you aside from Houthi cavemen who should “death to America, Death to israel, damn the jews” then damn the blacks and so on. Houthi cavemen, like European barbarians are racial purists – that’s the characteristic of uncivilized barbarians. During the Roman empire, what matter was you followed Rome’s laws even if you didn’t speak latin.
          You sound like a 12 year old boy which is a good thing, because feminists completely emasculated your society, you need to start somewhere, after fall from debauchery comes the barbarian side of civilization. Do you sound like a millionaire doing business with China? You sound like a poor teenager who is doing shift work at minimum wage. If you were to land in office, you’d destroy the economy of your country, that’s why media is conspiring against you in the first place.
          But it’s still better than being a cuck. First boys are mama’s boys. Then they learn at age 12 they aren’t into that, then where I grew up some boys threw cockroaches at girls, kicked a couple girls and pumped their chest. A palestinian girl, a hot 9.5, long hair, thin waist, nice curves, beat them up good. They did get the attention of a pimpled shorted haired girl. Before that they had no attention being a nice mama’s boy. Eventually they had to learn to be assertive instead of aggressive and get along, as in walk up to girls, brush by them instead of kick them, and number close. It’s step by step.
          I was in Miss Universe Canada, and I can tell you, you aren’t going to get a super model because you sound so damn insecure about people you don’t even know like Muslims where Trump has his hotels. It’s really good you went from the beta stage to the jerk stage. Now find an older wise alpha mentor and fine tune your technique.

        13. Exactly and that’s what feminists are fighting as “toxic masculinity”, when its a necessary growth stage. Give an adult teenager alcohol, a job he can’t cope with,a boss he can’t cope with and a crying baby and the mother and child will be hit and there will be abuse. This is why to be a father, there needs to be patriarchy or a man to mentor the “teen angst” stage guy into an alpha.
          There were some guys here at the teen angst stage with me being insecure when I talk about Islam and immigrants and how feminism is a problem, and said kind of not nice things and I was so happy, because it means they will find a mentor who will fine tune having balls into being a man.
          It would be amazing if men write an article about that on your site and their experiences. Feminists want to cut of the not fun stage that leads to men. It[‘s like giving girls puberty suppressing hormones to remove acne and they don’t grow breasts and society wonders why immigrant who have breasts because they don’t do that practice in their countries get the guys but not the local white girls. If a cuck becomes a racist, it’s a step in the right direction, then they will become a man. I went through a similar evolution in the Yemeni civil war, went from Miss Congeniality having to fight for my country in a cyber. I used to see a broad group as targets until I got to know things well and narrowed it down to the bad guys instead of innocent bystanders, as my husband helped mentor me.
          I even find being a young racist is okay as a stage of development, the guy will grow up into figuring out not all Muslims are terrorists but have the balls to go after terrorists kill them dead. A cuck instead of fighting ISIS and draining the swamp, will bring a flood of migrants, 5% refugees, the rest militias, crooks and terrorists. I think what’s not okay is a young racist to stay racist as it doesn’t solve problems – like saying “all blacks even Oprah Winfrey” instead of saying “cultural marxism destroyed the black family so now we have gangs and have to fight cultural marxism”. Being mean to Oprah Winfrey for being black isn’t going to solve anything, dealing with cultural marxism is. But what leftists miss that being mean to Oprah Winfrey, or being aggressive, is an important stage of development that needs to happen for a cuck to grown into an alpha. Patriarchy and male mentors ensure that this stage exists, boys grow into men, without tearing down the society lol. A man knows when to let a boy experiment and when to tell him to knock it off, women, especially single mothers, can’t do that for a boy.

        14. I try never to type LOL but you really did make me laugh aloud. You are the first woman who has actually threatened to fuck me in the ass. Congrats. I guess I should respond at length since you took the time to respond to me after such a long time. I’ll just go point by point.
          The correct answer to my question is actually that you can’t go back to Yemen because your home city is currently infested with Houthi rebels who would slit your throat for not covering yourself. And I don’t take someone telling me I’ve never lived in the middle east as an insult. I don’t want to live in the middle east, and apparently neither do the people from there, including you.
          I’m not a racial supremicist (though I do acknowledge racial differences exist). I’ve found many Arab women I’ve met to be very feminine and pleasant, have dated women from the near east, and would certainly marry a girl from there if our families were compatable and she were of good character, but that doesn’t mean I want several million of your fellows to invade Europe en masse, leech off the socialist state, commit petty crimes and terrorist attacks, and practice a false religion on Christian soil.
          I’m happy you were a beauty queen, but your physical attractiveness, or lack of it, doesn’t mean anything to me, since we are unlikely to ever meet. I’ll just engage with your ideas, thanks.
          We agree on many things, and I’m glad you have praised the Latin Mass, but you, unfortunately, have the modern vice of believing two contradictory things. Muhamad cannot both be a prophet and the Mass be beautiful and true. The Mass is the reenactment of the sacrifice of the cross and glorifies Jesus as God in the flesh. As a Muslima, you reject both these things, as well as much else. Islam and the Church are mutually exclusive. There is no “universal tradition” that both adhere to. Either one is right or they are both wrong, but they cannot both be right. The social benefits of either one are irrelevant. Believe things because they are true, not for their utility.
          I encourage you to search your heart on this matter and do some research on the differences between Islam and Christianity. I’m assuming your husband is either Catholic or Ukrainian Orthodox. I don’t know how devout he is, but you may want to speak with him about it. I pray one day you’ll be baptized.
          Like I wrote to the last person I was talking to, I only really read this site for Aurelius’ articles, and he is taking a break, so you’re unlikely to ever hear from me again. Ave atque vale.

        15. Obssession with power is a sign of weakness, a strong man wishes to exert his power or to be free to exert it. He is not concerned with power itself. Weaklinfs are obssessed with power because it is something they do not possess.

        16. Because Donald Trump clearly bullies waiters because they are weaklings who obsessed with his wealth, lol. No he gives them $100 tips. Hang around millionaires and billionaires. I grew up around money. If you can’t afford it, I recommend reading Trump’s books like How to Get Rich 2004, Robert Kiyowaski’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad, and their combined book Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message, Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education in Business and Life.
          Seriously hang around successful businessmen who made their own money some time, not beta cucks who are slaves to some angry Omega feminist office boss passing down the shit to them, and they secretly rebel by being mean to someone they see is weaker than them a “weakling” like a waiter or a Muslim, while the feminsit Omega boss makes fun of her employees and sets them up for failure as she is scared and insecure of her own manager as she got the job because of a quota and connections/sleeping around and not her own merit. Think like a billionaire or millionaire, not like a feminist mad at the patriachy who wants to kill all men, too cuck to do anything on it, so takes it out on some poor wage slave beta male at the office for being a “weakling”‘.
          Another guy I highly recommend is Cernovich’s Gorrilla Mindset. The blog and book is a good intro to Trump’s stuff. I commend that you are going through the growth stage, leaving cuckdom behind and trying to figure out your masculinity. Trump is a good role model, read his books from before 2012 on money and how to get rich, it will change your life. There are also Rich Dad Poor Dad book clubs, I highly recommend joining one, it’s investment 101 and you can meet a lot of alphas there, and might find a good mentor. Cernovich actually has some great tips on how to find good friends and mentors.
          and totally start here to be able attract confident attractive quality women.
          Best of luck on your journey to being a man, and don’t listen to feminists, the teen angst stage is an important part of the journey. Feminists like cucks and alphas, but don’t recognize the teenage angst cowardly jerk stage that a cuck has to go throw to leave being beta to become an alpha, like you are going through. I wish you luck and wisdom on your spiritual journey, beautiful women and prosperity.

        17. Never ones that hated on beauty pageants and attractive women. It must be sad to be a red neck in a small town where your women got infected by feminism. May allah protect you and show your women the path to the light and guide them back to the church and patriarchy.

        18. I’m not a redneck. I’m more of a metalhead, and anyone who attempts to discredit my masculinity is blind, but I have no desire to subjugate women. Also, I am no fan of the church, as I am Satanist.

        19. Damn. Have you even read anything I have said? You are on the wrong side of this war, uncle tom.

        20. For the most part I agree, except I don’t like Oprah Winfrey. She is a major push behind feminism and lgbt. I’d say Mike Tyson is a better example of a black celebrity that is undeserving of hate.
          The acknowledgement of hate at a young age actually being a good sign is very mature of you. A hateful young man is showing signs of aggression, he just needs that aggression to be fine tuned away from bigotryand toward sonething more productive or worthwhile. A young man who just shrugs his shoulders will grow to be submissive unless a man teaches him better.

    2. Agreed. When he announced his candidacy… I barely paid attention. The more he angered marxist SJWs… the more interested I became. When he told Mr. Univision to shut up and sit down… I said a proud “fuck yeah!”. The more he illuminates the ridiculous crybaby snowflakes… the further aboard the Trump Train I climb.
      There hasn’t been a candidate more likely to end the snowflake culture we’re stuck in, which IMO is the #1 cultural problem we face. Not in my lifetime at least. He’s a modern day Teddy Roosevelt.

      1. How do you envision this playing out several years down the road?
        See, I’m not sure we can count on him to end snowflake culture. I think we can count on him “triggering” them at every turn. But they aren’t going to have some miraculous introspective revelation and conclude their whole belief system and lives have been a waste. I see them doubling down, becoming more shrill, and resorting to violence in certain cases. It’s going to cause some of the sleepy-but-otherwise-rational folks to take notice and discount the SJWs, but I also don’t see the cultural marxism propaganda put forth by the likes of Disney/ABC/ESPN going away, either.

        1. I think the president sets a tone… and right now that’s what’s been lacking. When the vocal snowflake minority see that a) the president will call them out on their bullshit behavior, but more importantly b) show others that it’s OK to do so as well… I think you’ll see a shift in the masses. Right now the majority of the country feels the same as Trump… they’re just fearful to say it. So we’ll go from a leader that openly chastises and ridicules the majority of the country… to one that says all the things they’ve been afraid to say for the past decade. And when the marxist minority realizes that the days when they can do whatever they want without accountability are over… their antics will clam.
          That or we’ll have a civil war… in which case I say let’s get it the fuck on.

        2. You end it by promoting a culture of traditional/masculine values, defunding any and all college departments having to do with social justice and cultural Marxist courses, getting rid of tenure for college professors, and abolishing the department of education. It’s a start, but we have to get rid of these people from academia first.

        3. We’re already there. The knuckle dragging morons are the indoctrinated, left-wing pseudo-intellectual trash that dominate our universities, fool.

        4. Sure. You guys are rallying behind a blatant snake oil salesman and I’m the fool? You’re a godamned clown, weakling.

      2. LMAO, he is NOWHERE near being Roosevelt. He’s articulated nothing specific. He is more “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”! I got a word for him “Blow hard”. He’s just competing against a bunch of p…..s. Teddy did stuff. Teddy LED the charge! Teddy ventured out into mother nature! Trump, are you KIDDING me!?
        You think he would get away with calling a guy from Compton, the Bronx or Philly, “little Marco Rubio”? They wait for him off stage and slap the crap out of him.

        1. You talk like you knew Roosevelt personally. How do you know he’s nothing like him??

        2. I talk like a man who knows Teddy was a warrior hardened in REAL life threatening combat unlike Trump who got his rich boy privilege of being in college to avoid Vietnam active duty! Teddy thigh like Trump a New Yorker chose to venture out from his roots while Trump hugs teet of Manhattan closely.

    3. Trump embodies something that has been lacking in America for some time: a true leader with the balls. You always got the sense from Bush/Clinton/W/Obama etc that they spoke a “good” game but I never truly believed them. The whole system, democrat and republican are terrified by Trump. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen a candidate that actually seems to give a fuck about America, traditional values, and making it well, great for the people who live there.
      We haven’t had a leader like him in some time, and I think its exactly what this nation needs.

      1. Trump is NOT a conservative. What traditional family values do you think he’s espousing?

        1. Stopped reading at “Trump is NOT a conservative.” Neither were any of the other GOP candidates. “Conservatives” failed to fight the Liberal agenda anyways So fuck them.

        2. Ah. You’re garbage people, then. Nationalism is short sighted drivel that does nothing but get a lot of people killed.

        3. Oh boy.
          I’m sure this open borders multiculturalism was a blessing. Blessed we are to witness the vibrancy of kebab kiosks and pedophile gangs as well as Taharush ceremonies, parallel justice systems, spontaneous border camps.
          I take my words back. Merkel was right – Hitler was wrong. Multiculturalism is beautiful. Hell, the British defense minister even says we benefit greatly from Sharia Law.

          How evil this nationalism ideology. You sir are correct. That was pure bigotry on my side. I promise to check my privilege from now on.

        4. Speak for yourself. I am a conservative AND a nationalist, but I don’t particularly care if Trump doesn’t fit the bill of conservatism perfectly. We put up with so-called “conservatives” like Romney, Bush, and McCain. We’ll make do with Trump.

        5. Conservativism is a Joker’s movement started by Bucket in the 50’s .
          They are for small government and constitution, but they are not somehow White Nationalists. Considering that Europeans are the only people with small government experience in their blood, unless you live in a White nation forget about it. All other races love big government.
          The only Conservativism could work is if we :
          1) Live in all white nation
          2) Jewish influence is removed
          3) Only a small pool of men can vote.
          Unless you remove women’s voting rights and multiculturalism, the so called “Conservative” movement will be a useless circle jerk over a piece of a paper which only a small group of men care about, while non-Whites will vote the likes of Obama to spit on the Constitution like there is no tomorrow.

      2. Trump is just an American version of the nationalist parties European countries have had for years.

      3. it is so easy to have balls when others are doing the dying for your cause.

    4. While Trump has definitely inspired men to be masculine again, males in the west need to seriously reassess themselves and the Social Contract they have voluntarily agreed to.
      Whether or not he gets elected does anyone with a functioning brain think for one second that the prevailing rulers are going to allow a divergent change in the agenda of genocide and degeneracy?

    5. I see the positive change Trump is inspiring in the USA and contrast that with the girlie-man loser, Trudeau, and feel a profound regret for what’s befallen Canada. Well, it’s good to see ANY Western nation rising out of the ashes. Politically correct depravity has gone on long enough. This is why there is such a ferocious relief in the US in having a candidate, finally! who expresses and embodies the opposite of what’s destroying every Western nation in the world today. The USA has proven itself exceptional yet again. LOL I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised at the soul-less cuckservative backlash. A version of the same was launched against Reagan, and failed. Hopefully it’ll fail again.

  7. The fact that there’s a blog named Beta Male in a major American magazine is quite possibly the most sickening thing I’ve heard this week.
    On topic, I’ll vote for Trump despite serious reservations about his sincerity, because to do otherwise is simply idiotic. I just hope he means what he says.

    1. I’m almost positive he doesn’t mean what he says (just look at his flip flops). But we live in a democracy. In a democracy the only political power you have is voting. It’s a shitty system, but they are all liars, and at some level you just vote for the one that tells the most appealing lies, and that sends a message.

      1. I already knew that nothing Trump says was ever going to happen with any other candidate. They still haven’t built the wall despite Congress passing a bill to do so. They’ve been ramping up immigration without scrutiny while treating Americans as criminals. They’ve presided over an absolute economic disaster that they created.
        Trump, at the very least, hasn’t proven he’s got no interest in fixing things. In a losing hand, he’s the only wild card.
        Heck, we’re already all in, so we might as well give it a try.

        1. Amen – he’s a politician now, his lips are moving, so he’s likely lying about something.
          If we can’t even count on his vanity such that he’s lying about stopping immigration, what have we lost? We already KNOW the rest will get on their knees and supplicate. They’ve done so over and over again, or worse, made completely ineffectual stands.
          Hell – Cruz went after Trump for the violence of the people protesting him, and the Michelle Fields hoax. He may have conservative creds on paper but he’s bought into the progressive frame.

        2. He was lying when he was a businessman too. Once a carnival barker, always a carnival barker.

        3. That’s how I feel. Hillary will continue the destruction started by W and Obama, and might see it to its ultimate fruition. We know who she is and what she’s capable of doing. Although I have my reservations about how much good Trump can do, he will at the very least slow the bleeding, and at best inspire a revolution of the current American mindset.

      2. Not quite, listen again to the way he says those ‘flip flops’, and you’ll see they are not really opposing what he said earlier just a a turn to the center… He used the word ‘suggestion’ which doesn’t apply in any way a flip flop… He’s very smart and reliable, I think.

    2. Something needs to advise the suckers how to take out the trash. Let them have the fatass tattoo sluts. Saves the rest of us the aggravation.

  8. What I love about Trump is that the when the Marxists, femminists, and Cuckservants attack him, Trump only gets stronger and they get exposed for the evil fools they are.

  9. If you guys want to see what it’s like to have an open feminist in the house of parliament, look no further than the latest scandal going on with Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau.
    The guy strutted through the house of commons to grab a conservative party member and accidentally elbowed a female representative in the process.
    Ever since then the whole incident has become national news. The female apparently was “overwhelmed” and skipped the voting process on that bill. All the shrill feminist cunts and white knights in the house then came out and attacked PM Trudeau on her behalf and have questioned his true allegiance to feminism. I admit to having a strong feeling of shadenfraude watching this event unfold… It gives me a warm feeling knowing that this snarky prick got to experience what the average Joe has to deal with working in the modern workplace. At the same time… This pettiness marks a sad day for Canada.
    Watch the video… It’s just like watching HR rain down on you at work for not towing the feminist line. Watch as Trudeau has to make a retarded public apology to maintain his feminist cred. The left eat their own… Even their most prized and influential representatives.
    So do you want to watch women bitch and complain about everything for four years, or do you want to give Trump a chance to make America Great Again? And if otherwise, enjoy the decline.

    1. I heard about it a few days ago and the only thing I could think after laughing my ass off was, they’re making a big deal over that? Holy shit, how fucked is Canada? They intentionally block his way and they get pissed when he has to PHYSICALLY force his way through them. I’ll admit this is quite enjoyable to see the left eat their own, but holy shit, get out of there Clark Kent.
      As a side note, whenever I hear a politician complain about physical shit, I just remember these two:

    2. This dumb schmuck had it coming to him. He was such a supporter for feminist agenda that one of his “opressed” came out and stabbed him in the back, so to speak.
      What a fool. And to publicly apologize for a blantant lie thrown against him? He is a cuck!

    3. It’s funny how it’s always the male feminists and white-knighting cucks that always get landed on like a ton of bricks for infractions against women. If Trudeau was a shitlord, the woman MP would have ignored it. (Heck, even Cruz got away with elbowing his wife in the face.)
      And yes, Canada needs its version of Trump. Right now, they’re apparently in an Obama phase after the Dubya phase under Harper, a few years behind us.

      1. Didn’t realize it but that sounds plausible. Already some Canadians (like the Council of European Canadians) are organizing against reckless immigration and other ailments of the mainstream.

        1. “The Council of European Canadians” what the fuck does that mean?

        2. It’s this organization to promote the interests of European-origin Canadians. I admit it’s still very much a fringe movement.

        3. It means there are way too many non-Europeans in Canada.

      2. You already have him….He’s even named Donald….Don Cherry. 😉

      3. I’m hoping for Kevin O’Leary personally. Don’t know his views on social justice but considering his views on money earned him public disclaimers from the CBC on his own show, I doubt he’s going to appease them.

    4. trudeau coulda been in the process of curing aids, the looming energy crisis, and providing potable water for everyone on earth, and you know what? It wouldnt have mattered, chick wouldnt have cared bc, you know, inadvertent elbow

      1. Remember that guy who landed a probe on a comet hurtling through space, and at the end of the day what was important? That he wore a shirt that offended feminists.

    5. Is this gal a tory/conservative or a lib?? This is a Michelle Field’s type “assault”… And women want to be in combat!!

      1. Pretty sure she was New Democratic Party, which is the party even left of the Libs in Canada. Not surprising.

        1. Again women demand to be allowed to be in combat and special forces but yet they decompensate over the slightest thing.. Thing is in her mind this event was a “thing” . Her reality was that this was an “attack” a “violation” an “assault” which of course it wasn’t…

    6. I’m sorry, CK, I don’t own a tv, and it’s quite a shock to me whenever I watch media after going without for a long period. And so after watching this video clip, I literally can’t believe this is real. I trust you are telling me the truth, and that these people are actual elected leaders of your nation. But it honestly comes off as trolling / comedy to me and I only view these people as actors. I simply can’t accept that “press conference” on getting elbowed as something that actually happened. Maybe I’m just ultra cynical, but I simply can’t accept that as something that actually happened in the world in 2016. If true, this is really scarey. Canada and the US are not that different. I may need to ramp up my escape plans.

      1. After the nonsense I’ve seen working in academia I’m not all that surprised. But you’re completely right about how unbelievably childish and petty it is. You might not come across this kind of stuff so much in your field, but I’ve seen this kind of thing play out on
        the professional level on the ground.
        You’re right to avoid paying attention to this media bs. I just couldn’t resist this story and how reflective it is of the direction things are going.

        1. What that woman did was like the drama soccer players act pretending to get injured so they get the referee to draw a penalty card. They pretend to be in excruciating pain when the other player barely bumped into him.

    7. This is even more of a non issue that the Trump campaign manager thing.
      The best response when confronted with this, if Trudeau had any balls whatsoever, would have been to say, “What? What the fuck are you talking about? Shut the fuck up or I’ll show you what a real elbow strike feels like. Equal rights, equal lefts.”

    8. I know it’s just politics and all, but where’s the guy that says “Alright, you got elbowed from behind by mistake, ease up and stop turning it into A Narcissistic Theater of Double Standards!” Better yet, another woman in the room should say it! But they don’t — fucking cowards are going to grind down that country.

      1. actually, Elizabeth May of Green party said exactly that right after it happened: it was unintentional and let’s move on.

    9. I saw that. Its worse than kindergarten… she had to leave omg did they call fuckin ambulance too for that crybaby bitch? I am disgusted by her behavior and is she from ndp or conservatives? Such a shame for canadians! On the other side canadians must stop to feel sorry for everything or soon theyre going to be sorry that they breathe…

      1. Pretty sure she was NDP.
        Yeah… This is such pointlessness and doesn’t actually deserve so much media coverage. But because it involved an upset woman it is an international news story.

    10. All I can say is, That is what happens when women have influence. Maybe if women are this fragile, the kitchen is a safer place for them.

  10. Doesn’t bother me to see Cruz’s doomsday cult followers pushed to the side. Republicans need to stop feeding the delusions of these Christian simpletons who believe we’ve reached “the end times,” with their stupid sermons, novels and unwatchable movies about the rapture.
    Their beliefs about Israel especially make no sense. They think of Israel as a land of deserts and goats, ruins and rabbis. But it more resembles a secular advanced civilization out of science fiction, where you can find companies which can break into iPhone encryption, for example.
    I have reservations about Trump, but I’ll vote for him for the trolling value. I’d like for him to take a tougher line with Israel so that it stops treating the U.S. as an overseas colony it can extract resources from at will by, for example, apparently blackmailing President Obama to make him appoint the Israeli banker Stanley Fischer to the Board of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Because Trump doesn’t have these nutty beliefs about bible prophecy, and he has gotten Red Pilled about Jews from his business career, I think he just might know what he confronts when he becomes President.

    1. Agreed. While I’m neither conservative or liberal, the doomsday cult needs to be seen for what it is and that is a cancer of American politics. The sooner they go away the better.

      1. What you say would seem to have outside appeal. However, maybe when doomsday is upon us a doomsday cult is the only sensible group to hang with.

        1. Hey and the Pope wants to maybe start Christlam. Christianity+Islam and start a one-world religion. I cannot make this shit up.

        2. nothing involving a portmanteau will ever succeed.

    2. We need a strong Israel as a counterweight to the depredations of Iran and Russia. And as for your cracks about the “End Times” it’s true no man knows the exact time. But if you saw a pregnant woman, you’d know she was bound to give birth in the foreseeable future even if you didn’t know the exact date. That’s the situation we are in now regarding End Times.

        1. I miss the Mexipocolipse of 2012 where Danny Trejo was supposed to smash the earth like a piñata. Fucking Mexicans really dropped the ball on that one.

        2. I do indeed. I actually made quite a bit of scratch on people’s stupidity.
          It was foolish optimism, but I was really holding out for the Mexicans in 2012 though.

        3. It wasn’t the Mexicans, it was the Mayans. Most of the Mayans live in Mexico but they are a relatively small ethnic group within that country.

        4. get the fuck out of here. They were Mexicans. In fact, I consider everyone who speaks Spanish and isn’t from spain Mexicans. I don’t have time for their absurd little soccer league. (side note: everyone who speaks Spanish and is from spain is French…I don’t have time for more than one western European country)

        5. Obviously you have never been to that part of Mexico or you would know that the Mayans speak mostly Mayan (how strange). they have some Spanish enforced onto them from the Federales, but they cling to their own language and culture very strongly.

        6. They can cling to their language, their culture, their cocks or their mothers….they are Mexicans afaic… are all of the people from central and south America.
          The Mexipocolipse of 2012 was a resounding failure.

        7. BTW, I speak Spanish and am not from Spain. does that mean I am Mexican too. And this is despite my red hair, green eyes, and long Irish lineage. And is it despite my ancestors having arrived in this country in the 1600s (probably as indentured servants/slaves).
          Also BTW, the Mayan calendar just showed December 21st 2012 as the end of the great cycle. Mayan astronomers only meant that it would result in the start of the next great cycle. Those who thought it meant the end of the world should worry every December 31st.

        8. If your family has been here since the 1600’s you are probably just an American. I don’t know. Am I If you come from a country that speaks Spanish prior to 1600 then you are an American of Mexican heritage.
          As for the Mexican calendar, I admit I don’t know how or if the Mexipocoipse was suppose to happen. I am still pretty sure it was supposed to be Danny Trejo smashing the earth like a piñata. I am pretty sure that everything the Mexican astronomers thought is pretty much useless.

      1. What a stupid analogy. (Of course that would have to come from Jesus.) Women give birth every day, so we know the signs of birth’s progression based on plenty of experience. But the “end times” by definition haven’t happened before.

      2. I’d say Israel is also needed in a way to draw the fire and keep most of the Muslim violence from hitting the rest of the world full force.
        Israel is the only thing that distracts them properly at this point.
        The other thing is that it provides a justification for a lot of meddling done by Israel on one hand and NATO on the other.

        1. “Israel is also needed in a way to draw the fire and keep most of the Muslim violence from hitting the rest of the world full force.”
          Israel’s not even useful for that. Israel hasn’t taken in a single refugee and they have strict immigration controls. Even though Israel meddles around the Middle East constantly and supported the invasions of Iraq/Syria/Libya that turned them into the chaotic hellholes they are today (all funded by Western taxpayers, not Israel). ISIS refuses to attack Israel and Israel is on their side in the Syrian Civil War. Then Jews around the world overwhelmingly support the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe and the US.
          Israel just inflames the Middle East even more and then tosses the garbage resulting from it at everyone else.

        2. I’d say you misunderstood me a bit, the refugees have no role in Israel, and shouldn’t anywhere outside of the Arab world either imo.
          The point was rear the mullahs and imams are who direct the masses, I’m not talking about ISIS or groups, but the masses.
          And so long as Hezballah and Iran have Israel to focus on, they are less likely of a threat to the rest of the world.

        3. Hezballah was formed in response to Israel invading and occupying Lebanon in the first place. If not for Israel, Hezbollah wouldn’t exist.

          And Iran hasn’t done squat against Europe/America in the grand scheme of things. We already embargo them as hard as possible and meddle endlessly to prevent from them developing a nuclear weapon, even though every other country in the world including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc are allowed to. Iran is also populated by the slightly-less-insane Shia Muslims and have the background of the great Persian civilization to their name. Saudi Arabia has done way worse to us considering it was their citizens on visas who caused 9/11, but we’re buddy-buddy with them anyway.
          As far as “drawing the fire”, Israel isn’t doing anything and is in fact making things worse.

        4. Israel and Turkey, which one is worse? Both are “allies”…just like those douchebag Saudi mofos….you are judged by the company you keep…and It think our company SUCKS, bigtime.

      3. I don’t see what horrible things would happen if Israel disappeared and Iran and Russia could expand their influence in the region. Their extended hegemony might even provide badly needed stability in that part of the world.

    3. Nah, I think the Jews have Trump by the balls. Did you see his AIPAC speech? He knows what he needs to do…

  11. I have noticed that it’s not just Cruz who is a nervous wreck. Most of his followers are too. The ill attract the ill.

    1. That explains why “Bipolar Beck’ supported Cruz to the point where Glenn had to lay off 40 people from The Blaze due to his loss of fans.
      The only Beck you should listen to is Jeff.

      1. What the hell is with these fools? How much under the table money did they get paid to tarnish their brand permanently?

  12. Household burdens? Are they honestly trying to say being a stay at home mom is even remotely difficult compared to having to grind your ass for 40 years 5 days a week? Give me a fucking break. If you can do your job in your pajamas, you’ve got it made.

  13. Ok. Sanders understands that the so called “free market” system is dying of its own internal contradictions. Failure to create livable employment, crony capitalism, “too big to fail”, continuous slow growth are all signs of this. Eventually we’re headed for a publicly owned economy whether we want it or not. As for “cultural Marxism”, all the depravities expounded on repeatedly on RoK are products of late-stage capitalism, where morality and decency go out the window and only profits (“mammon”) matter. The fight over that bathroom bill in NC is a good example of mammon vs morality. But assuming Shrillary gets the nomination then, yes, I’ll be voting for Trump, early and often as the saying goes. I could never vote for a Clinton. The depravity and lies of that degenerate bunch are well known.

    1. It’s not Capitalism…we don’t have a ‘real’ free market in this country…we have crony capitalism in which Wall Street and the Federal Reserve are engaged in a continuous circle jerk.

  14. America is already the Saudi Arabia of feminism. If Hillary Clinton and the politically correct camp of pacified, feminized corporate drones win another election, it will take a world war before the once leading country of the world can be a free land favoring creative enterprise and masculine ideals again…

    1. “Saudi Arabia of feminism”
      I think there are better comparisons: Britain, Sweden, and Canada, for starters. Trump is proof the USA isn’t.

      1. I agree these countries are equally emasculated, if not even more, but believe me it’s without a doubt America, as the once strongest country on Earth, set the clearest example for everyone else that you can systematically abuse and oppress men and almost totally get away with it through cultural propaganda, feminist indoctrination, brutal law enforcement and completely biased courts of law, where the vast majority of healthy and intelligent men even in the most liberal country of the world can be turned into docile effeminate servants within a matter of 1-2 decades at most…
        It’s a travesty that men in large masses haven’t already begun evacuating the USA and / or starting widespread riots escalating into a total civil war…

  15. #1 thing we should all love about Trump: he has balls… and he doesn’t take shit from people. Doesn’t matter if you’re a bullshit reporter for NYT who wants to discredit his history with women… or if you’re a bitchy scam artist claiming his people threw you to the ground… he won’t put up with your bullshit.
    Love it.

  16. I think it works both ways. Us commoners are fed up with all the bullshit/ Trump taped into something that’s been simmering for a long time.

  17. …Let’s not forget about Ben Shapiro, who let America watch as he went full White Knight over the Michelle Fields fiasco in real time.

    1. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian.

    2. It’s funny he went to war with his once direct report milo over the trump allegiance. When a flaming gay Greek man from the UK calls you a cuck…it’s bad. Such a shame, I respected Shapiro and even bought his books.

  18. He doesn’t make USA any less arrogant but man I fear for his life, he’s the only hope. Look what we got here in Cuckada, Mr Gaystin Trudeau.

      1. If James Sears were PM of Canada, there’d be no need for a wall. Go to if you don’t know who he is.

    1. you can only blame conservatives for this. with Harper as another choice, there was no other way but vote Trudeau.

  19. Trump understands that apologizing = death. The guilt-mongers hope to destroy his masculine aura by trapping him in a cycle of constantly apologizing for saying mean things and wringing his hands every time some washed up KKK guy declares his support.
    Just look at Mizzou if you want to see what happens when you kowtow to the Left. Disruptions by hordes of protesters, students transferring out, buildings being closed, cash flow problems…

    1. Mizzou is a perfect example. The president decided to be a limp-wristed bitch and quit, and where did it get him and the university? They catered to a bunch of lunatics who held the university hostage over vague claims of racial prejudice and got exactly what they deserved.

    1. nah, just not pandering to popular opinion. Also, after a while, pointing at a retard and yelling “retard!” is just bad form.

    1. Only if it’s something negative about Matt and his affection for Trump.
      *Ahem* not that there’s anything negative to even FIND about Matt, Matt’s opinions, or his affection for Trump…

  20. As an educated man of rational discernment, I cannot see any other course to take than to support Mr. Trump.
    The status quo is defunct, ineffectual and impotent.
    As a nation, our interest is to elect officials who will promote policy that is in our best interest.
    Globalism, by definition, is antithetical to the interests of a nation-state.
    And that is why I harbor such disdain for Progressives.
    That is why I no longer hold faith that Conservatives are going to conserve anything.
    And that is why I will vote for Trump in the attempt to make way for an American redux. In the ashes of the world’s most prominent democratic light’s dismantling, I wish to see us again rise instead of falling forever into the abyss of history.
    Because “I’m from Buenos Aires, and I say kill ’em all

  21. The SJWs have assigned him every single buzzword imaginable. It has done nothing to slow him down. Think what you may of Donald Trump, he’s at least exposing the left’s weakness. If he only does one thing, I hope he inspires more American men to grow a pair of balls and quit bending over for these hypersensitive, weak-minded, shit-eating, leftist scumbags.

  22. What does a Trump security guard have in common with the late Prince? … Pussy Control

  23. He is pretty alpha. When he announced I watched it and immediately supported him. I had been a reader of RoK for a year or 2 before that so I saw the qualities in him that we try to cultivate here.

  24. If Trump becomes President and makes America functional again, will Aaron Clarey write about enjoying the plateau?

    1. If the US government was made up entirely of ROK readers that guy would still find a platform to bitch about his failed life.

  25. I would love the irony if a successful Trump Presidency leads to people reacting to all the (((propaganda))) against him by going, “Hmm, we should read up on this Hitler fellow. He might deserve a second look.”

    1. I guess this is okay so long as, like Clinton, she enables any “extracurricular activities” you might engage in 😉

  26. Yes, he is definitely inspiring masculinity. More important though, when women see his daughters and his wife they will be inspired to be more feminine.
    The kardashian style of woman will be out of style by trumps second year in office.

  27. I liked best when he put “cuck” in the word of the thing he didn’t like.

    1. Reminds me of my dinner last night. Steak, sweet potatoes and cuckparagus

  28. “This shouldn’t be too much of a shock: anyone who thought that Latinos, steeped as they are in a culture of machismo, would vote in huge numbers for a shrieking termagent like Hillary Clinton is smoking something strong.”
    I definitely smoke a lot of strong stuff, but I’m sober now, and I still think that Latinos will vote Clinton in huge numbers. You actually think Trump wins the Hispanic vote? Please.
    I can say that Trump has inspired me to accomplish more than I ever have accomplished. I’m heading for my second STEM degree, pursuing my physical fitness with renewed vigor, and planning my financial future. A year ago I was down in the dumps, convinced that the U.S was ending soon. If Trump wins, I can at least hope for another 4-8 years of capitalism and semi-normal society.

    1. it will be a tight race. I look at it as the end of America if he loses. Grab your gun and you will need your fitness degree to shoot off the deadbeats looking to take it from you.

    2. All Romney needed to have won the last election was an additional 3% of the white vote. He needed no more than the paltry minority vote he got. Trump will get a larger portion of the Hispanic vote than you think, but not the majority. No one has said he will (other than one poll). He will get none of the black vote (no Republican candidate ever does). But he may have actually captured the voting block that has been ignored for decades; the white vote.

  29. Check any website/forum online that’s not run by the media and Trumps is fucking owning Clinton!
    Check any website/forum online run by the media and Hilary is winning.
    Media = bullshit statistics

    1. “Check any website/forum online that’s not run by the media and Trumps is fucking owning Clinton!
      “Check any website/forum online run by the media and Hilary is winning.”
      Maybe, but more and more Leftists are talking abut the election in terms of the below.
      Donald Trump is going to win: This is why Hillary Clinton can’t defeat what Trump represents:
      “The neofascist reaction, the force behind Trump, has come about because of the extreme disembeddedness of the economy from social relations. The neoliberal economy has become pure abstraction; as has the market, as has the state, there is no reality to any of these things the way we have classically understood them. Americans, like people everywhere rising up against neoliberal globalization (in Britain, for example, this takes the form of Brexit, or exit from the European Union), want a return of social relations, or embeddedness, to the economy.
      “The Trump alliance desires to remake the world in their own image, just as the class representing neoliberal globalization has insisted on doing so. The difference couldn’t be starker. Capitalism today is placeless, locationless, nameless, faceless, while Trump is talking about hauling corporations back to where they belong, in their home countries, fix them in place by means of rewards and retribution, like one handles a recalcitrant child.”

  30. “He may not be able to make America great again, but he’s helping make men great again” – that in itself may spur more positive action amongst men.

    1. Its and inside out proposition. The Men of this country need a role model, a mentor for maintaining Frame. We need this before our country is like Russia where its a long climb back. We still have a savable country, save from the big fall that is. A country full of men that can hold their own with a woman, whether it be sexually or socially or confrontationally and maintain frame throughout. No Policys or Trade reform or Law changes are going to fix this unless we as men become better men for this country. simple/

      1. Maintaining frame? What about maintaining game? Can’t help it. The terminology is too funny to ignore

  31. It’s a fucking beautiful thing to see the MSM referring to Trump as an “MRA”.. because it’s damned obvious they’re down to the very last arrow in their quiver, having already shot the “racist”, “sexist” and “Hitler” ones.
    Mind you, I’d imagine that Latinos (and other immigrants) who came to America legally, awaited their greencards, and then busted their asses cleaning toilets and mowing lawns, would be quite resentful of illegals pouring into the country and sucking on the welfare teat. It comes as no shock at all that they’d support a candidate who is finally going to shut the illegals out, and protect those who do the right thing.

    1. Is much the same in Europe once you’ve jumped through the hoops it’s not nice to watch when a small number of refugees but mainly a large group of opportunistic third worlders jumping on the bag wagon and walking across the borders.

    1. At least he won’t have to go to the Philippine Islands for his jollies.

    1. Extreme anything is a product of some sort of delusion. Capt. Obvious over here.

    2. So are racists who think white people try to control everything, such as yourself on your posting history.

      1. I’m white and grew up around both sides. There is a healthy middle, but the right wingers are most at fault.

  32. I am convinced that Men like what Trump represents, but I’m even more convinced that Women also like what Trump represents, who doesn’t like an alpha?… The one group I cannot understand are the African – Americans why they’re still being kept hostage by the Democrat machine and can’t seem to dig out of it, and the same goes for American Jews???

    1. Black people- Laziness and the hope against hope for free shit.
      Jews- Suckers for Tradition… if their parents did it, they must.

  33. I believe Forney is right that the Masculinity that Trump projects will reach wider than any laws that are rubber stamped by his administration or any acts or normal workings that are shoveled around by the many members of the greater political machinery. Pure politics is crap. Personality and alpha character trumps politics any day.
    I remember witnessing within months of Bama being inaugurated in ’08, many shitlibs, especially sjw and feminist types come out of their closets and begin taking swipes at people, attacking and provoking traditional families. It wasn’t always warranted. It just seemed like a contingency of sleepers was activated to begin a menacing campaign of judgement, snitching, dirty deedsterism, anything that takes a swipe at traditional culture. This I believe was the beginning of the sjw arm we see today, a menacing strain of upstarts and loose cannons in society that acts extrajudicially for the most part and acts without any direct official orders but with a blind eye from the administration.
    I used to think the president was a complete puppet and had no real impact on the core direction of the citizenry, but the radical, feminist forces sure seemed energized and were now taking hard pot shots at common folks. A fembitch could snap her fingers like she had some unseen legal prowess and summon white knight cops to swat a man like never before. And many cops behaved like they were under the extrajudicial voodoo of a bitchstate but they had their own options nonetheless. They could still easily be tripped or triggered to do dirty bitchdeeds. Not so much today eight years later. NOW the scales have tipped past center to the masculine side.
    Yes Trump will make a difference. Not so quick and confident will a femboob shitster be to snap her fingers anymore expecting her extrajudicial magic to work. Hold those fingers up like you did during Bama and ”SOMEONE WILL BREAK ‘EM BITCH” and serving up patriarch heads to the bitchtrain of agents locally, state and federally will be more like playing russian roulette with the citizenry. Respect can always be learned and relearned. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly or with the flip of a president or chairholder.
    You can’t take anything for granted. No one can. The party is over feminists. Trump has a lot of steam. Conservatism is one thing but true masculinity in the air hasn’t been smelled in the land for many decades. Men are on the rise. Masculinity is the dominant energy now.

  34. I’d wait if and until he takes office and starts to govern before heaping on praise but the media narrative on Trump s simply blown away by reality.
    For example the Huffington Post wrote:—death-ratt_b_9393428.html
    “Donald Trump: Death Rattle of Angry, Fearful White Men”
    Leftist angry white women cunts myth: Trump supporters all all angry white men.
    Watch this video of lazy scumbags heckling Trump rally attendees in New Mexico.
    What amazed me is that half the people walking in are black, mexican, indian etc..
    If Trump can swing enough of these away HRC is cooked..

  35. trump and masculinity? Dude was old enough to serve in combat during the Vietnam conflict but like pseudo toughies Ted Nugent and Dick Cheney found a way out.

    1. I probably would have served but not my first choice. If you can find a way out .. .you do. Bill Clinton found a way out.

  36. There will be a big problem for men if his idea of abortion for rape only is implemented. False rape allegations will increase dramatically!. He must change that view. It’s very important.

  37. I guess we all have or own perspectives. trump comes across as a scared little whiny bitch who gets away with it because he’s rich… That’s it. (Some) men are in pathetic positions if they think some spoiled brat who’s never grown up and only has his money to throw around instead of intelligence, knowingist, and gravitas represents manliness…Sad.
    I know women with more balls. His wife for one. I’m one of them – without being a ballbuster.
    Trump is a sad scared ignorant little man who’s so afraid no one will like him he lies and blusters and fakes toughness as he tests the waters to see what gets cheered. Boys and men need better examples than a trump. He’s old hat and as transparent as a pane of glass gone over with windex.
    He’s the kind that makes loving wives roll their eyes while they smile and pat him on the head, there, there, while reassuring what a man he is…So 1950’s… So sad. So pathetic.
    I guess you can try to emulate someone who was born with a silverspoon and repeatedly given money to eff up again and again and actually succeed and think it was all because of him. No, if you succeed. It’ll be because of *you*, not that whiny little bitch. Handed everything and still so unhappy.

  38. He sloughed off his manly duty of being a spiritual leader by letting his wife introduce his Florida rally in her first public speech as First Lady. Real men are spiritual leaders.

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