Are Feminists Genuinely Serious About Their Cause?

In case you don’t speak Portuguese nor Spanish, the video above is a declaration of love from a girl named Sara Winter to her fiance for a Valentine’s Day Contest promoted by a Brazilian clothing chain, which is celebrated on June 12th in Brazil. It looks like any other Valentine’s Day video: she says he is her best friend; that they are engaged even they know each other for only four months; that she’s leaving behind her family and her company to go to another state, because there’s where her fiance works; and that she made a tattoo because of him and had his name written on her chest through scarifications.

That passionate girl you see in the video was the leader of FEMEN’s Brazilian branch not long ago. Sara Winter is a good example of the kind of woman behind these feminist movements. Ex-prostitute and far right supporter. She supposedly got her pseudonym, or war name, as she likes to call it, from Sarah Winter, a British Nazi supporter during the 30’s and early 40’s.

She got expelled from the group in May, accused of being dishonest and a liar by the Ukrainian branch, because she didn’t use the money FEMEN sent her for their intended purposes, like funding the protests . When asked by a Brazilian journal, Alexandra Shevchenko, FEMEN’s co-founder, said that “Sara didn’t respect the group’s ideology” and that “she wasn’t capable of doing what was necessary and wasn’t ready to be part of FEMEN”. It makes you think how she got there in the first place.

Anyway, now you might be thinking what Sara couldn’t do that cost her position. That was defacing the statue Christ the Redeemer, known as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The Ukrainian branch ordered Sara to rent a helicopter to go to the statue and deface it. That’s how serious feminists are about their protests and about what they are capable of doing to get what they want.

Behind The Protests

Most of the feminist groups’ leaders are like Sara Winter. They use whatever means they can to be at the commanding position of the local group. They protest seeking “support”, most likely money, from bigger groups and non-governmental organizations, to get attention from media and more importantly, to affiliate with politicians, who sees supporting these groups as a way to get more votes.

That’s the simple reason behind those loud protests: money and power. As leaders, they are the first to touch the money they get from their supporters. And just like Sara did, they take part of the money for themselves.

There are so many feminists groups out there that it’s too hard to know where and with what they are spending that money. That’s why we don’t see many news about feminist leaders using the money with their own things. Unless they spend so much with their things that it gets attention from the media. When that happens, it’s just a matter of time to watch who is going to accuse who, since no one wants a bad reputation to their movement. Just like Alexandra Shevchenko did to Sara.

After The Fall

And what should you do when those that you supported turn their backs against you? It’s simple! You turn to you beloved beta husband looking for stability through his money and career as if your past didn’t exist at all. That’s how serious they are about their movements when problems arise.

This kind of behavior may not be new among them, but seeing one of them going from protesting naked in the streets to leaving everything behind to be dependent on her husband made me think, again, how this whole thing they call feminist movement is a lie. It serves no purpose other than gaining money and inverting society’s values and making slutty women look like they’re an ideal catch.

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34 thoughts on “Are Feminists Genuinely Serious About Their Cause?”

  1. No news here. Seems quite logical when you look at it.
    I think it was someone on The Spearhead who commented that the FEMEN girls have similar ulterior motives. They show up half-naked, usually near powerful politicians and professional athletes. The subtext? Subtle prostitution by showing their tits so that one of these guys will notice and take care of them. At least they do the guys a favor by showing how mentally unstable they are.
    The lesson is clear: they go where the money is. I just hope that this chick’s beta dude wakes up before it’s too late.

    1. Indeed, she simply swapped one source of support and money for another when source number one dropped her. Far from being unusual, thats quintessential female behaviour.

  2. I am continually irritated by people calling Nazis or nazism part or the “far right.” Fascism is an offshoot of MARXISM. The Nazi party name translated to English is the national socialist party. Nazism Is an extreme socialism and is a far LEFT political philosophy. The continual effort to link it to the political right is filthy slander and propaganda.

    1. I don’t like the sound of there ‘ere “boncentration bamps”.
      (The emphasis was on the nationalism part, not the socialism part. They didn’t define socialism the same way the left does.)

    2. National socialism is often misnamed because it’s neither left nor right. It draws the collectivism from the left in the form of national and racial identity yet maintains an air of individualism and personal achievement from the right.

    3. I think its more of a circle rather than a left-right line. Both far left and far right groups want total control. The Nazis were more concerned with nationalism/racism and conquering other nations while socialist countries were more concerned with economic control.

      1. That’s a very fair comment. There is a lot in common with far right and far left factions, although they do consider each other to be enemies.

    4. Youve got it backwards. Classical liberals and libertarians are on the left, conservatives and populists are to the right, and communists, socialists, fascists, etc. are all to the far right of conservatives and populists. Thats why its ironic to see Marxists to constantly use the phrase “extreme right-wingers” to denigrate opponents.

    5. “Fascism is an offshoot of MARXISM.”
      Congratulations, that’s the single most retarded thing I’ve read all month. Fascism, and Nazism in particular, were a response to Jewish Marxism. Facism and Marxism are polar opposites; in a way, Nazism was born to combat Marxism.

      1. Fascism can be left or right. The important question is which is more beneficial for the nation?

      2. Fascism is the stage reached after socialism has proved to be an illusion. This happened in both Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany.

    6. Go pick up Richard Evans’ trilogy about the Nazis: The Coming of the Third Reich, The Third Reich in Power, and The Third Reich at War.
      In one of the books, I can’t remember which one, he collected election returns from the various voting districts in Germany, and broke down electoral support of all the various parties across various demographic groups. Guess what he found? The Nazis were primarily supported by conservative middle-class Protestants and far-right nationalist groups like the Steel Helmets.
      The Nazis preferred to have women in the home raising children to support the Reich; Marxist countries encourage women to go work and fight alongside men.
      The Nazis allowed private enterprise and profit; the Marxists abhor this.
      Nazi ideology tried to recreate some mythical past; the Marxist want to leap forward into the future.
      Lets learn a little history, ok?

    7. Bullshit. The Nazi party didn’t partner up with the leftist parties to form their (originally democratic) government.
      Go tell a neo-fascist that he’s marxist and see what he has to say about that. Holy shit at all your up-votes.

  3. Sara get’s my respect for being civilised and not defacing the Christ redeemer.

    1. She loses my respect for being an ex-prostitute supporting a bullshit cause, then running to her pussified husband when the sh*t hit the fan.

    2. It may not have been morals that made her make that decision, but instead just a desire to spend the money the group gave her on something else.

    3. You respect her for not doing something she shouldnt do which serves no purpose to her cause?
      What kind of fucked up logic is that?

  4. If by feminism you mean getting men to pay for women’s entitlements, then yes, most women are militantly serious about their cause.
    If you mean true equality, then no, they are taking the pi55.

    1. True equality doesn’t exist and feminism’s goal was never equality anyway. It’s one of the oldest myths still surviving today.

  5. Most women are not ideological, they will go with whoever gives them more cookies with less accountability.

  6. When I first saw this was written by Whiskey, I got excited thinking it was by the infamous iSteve commenter. The lack of HATE HATE HATEs in the article and its generally sound argument made me realize I was mistaken.

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  8. Cut them some slack.
    FEMEN is now considered a fringe group by mainstream feminists for protesting against Islamic countries (an oppressed minority!) instead of solely bashing Western societies. So, let them fight each other.

  9. Are Feminists really serious about their cause? If youre talking about the “useful idiots” of Feminism, namely the vast majority of those who advocate for Feminism out in public, then what they are primarily interested in is the power, influence, freedom from responsibility that Feminism can offer, and the gimmedats which result. As soon as Feminism is no longer seen to be an easy effective route to achieve those goals, then they will drop it like a hot stone.
    Very few Femnists are actually interested in actual equality with men. Some of them talk about actually taking on mens responsibilities as well as their privileges, which is at least somewhat to their credit, but most are the hypocrites we are all so familiar with.
    The power mongers behind the scenes of Feminism are a different story altoghether though. It was never about helping women for them, and all about the use of Feminism as a tool to break down some of the key pillars of western society in order to replace it with something else. Those people will be serious about Feminism until it has fulfilled the goals they had set out to achieve with it, after which time it will no longer be needed.

  10. Great job, feminists, employing people who change their mind at the whim of their vagina. Real solid leadership role models you have there.

  11. There are no atheists in foxholes, as the old saying goes.
    There are no real feminists in the presence of alpha (whatever that woman perceives as alpha).
    “Strong and independent” melts away like butter provided she deems the man worthy of her submission.
    Feminism, as has been pointed out so many times before, is nothing more than the best-organized shit test ever devised.
    Feminism is nothing more than the female idea of what civilization should be.
    Men dreamed of democracies, republics, kingdoms, public works, infrastructure, etc.
    Women dream of alpha fux beta bux. This is why tearing down the mythical slut/stud “double standard” was one of the key planks in the platform.
    If feminism turned the bulk of women into hairy-legged bowl-cut fuglies, it would lend more credibility to their stated mission.
    Feminism has turned into nothing more than a price-fixing mechanism for the marginally attractive. It’s just a barrier to free trade in the SMP.

    1. This is pure gold – “Feminism is nothing more than the female idea of what civilization should be. Men dreamed of democracies, republics, kingdoms, public works, infrastructure, etc. Women dream of alpha fux beta bux.”

  12. Feminists could watch a rape victim being stoned to death for the crime of ‘adultery’ right in front of them and would wax poetic about what a lovely religion Islam is.
    Femen haven’t sold their souls to PC. And b/c of this, ‘regular’ feminists hate them with a burning passion.
    So frankly, I don’t care about their funding or the money/media thing. That’s kind of how feminism operates. That’s kind of how it’s managed to demolish men’s rights over the past few decades.
    But I think about which tyrant I’d rather live under, feminism or Islam, and I choose feminism in a heart beat. I don’t know. Call me crazy.
    Besides, the mere fact that Femen are driving regular feminists nuts is enough to put a smile on my face. Seriously, feminists hate Femen. They think they’re “racist and Islamophobic” and they hate the way Femen takes off their clothes.

  13. Some feminist wake up and take the red pill. Others are 2 weak to wake up from their bullshit feminist beliefs! It just proves to me how weak women really are if they never wake up!

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